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Illusionist Neopolitan wants to battle! 馃崹馃挜
Edit: Why the Pokemon choices under the cut!
Starter - Mimikyu. Hiding your true self under a 'mask'.
Ditto. Helps with shapeshifting.
Espeon. Wanna think this one can use telepathy, to communicate messages from Neo.
Vanillite. ICE CREAM!
Polteageist. Elegance with a twist.
Bewear. Cute but deadly, like her.
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yukinnn 2 days
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Just wanna draw an intimate and peaceful moment.
Time to keep going with my dgm wuxia shenanigans
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pond-child-edd 11 hours
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we back babey
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goncharov au
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snowydespair 1 day
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i'm so sorry for the lack of art our furnace broke so have a shitpost with the disaster twins as compensation
original: https://www.reddit.com/r/196/comments/mdnmbg/rule_but_also_homophobic_simon/
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piratefishmama 2 days
Soft acoustic guitar playing pop artist Steve Harrington vs Thrash Metal legend, Front man of Corroded Coffin Eddie Munson in a lip-sync battle with a twist.
The twist, as they're musical giants, being that they actually sing.
Eddie smashes sweet transvestite out of the park thinking he'll take home the win with shock value alone.
And then Steve saunters in with Pour Some Sugar On Me, shirtless dressed in ripped leathers and chains over fishnets, with smoked eyes and smudged lipstick on his face.
Eddie drops to his knees and proposes right there on stage to the roar of the cheering audience. They'd been married for 6 years already.
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Unsolicited 1
Warnings: bad self-thought/talk, bullying, insults, low self-esteem, money problems, more dark elements to come.
Wouldn't mind some feedback! Lloyd was driving me nuts so I had to do it. Thank you in advance 馃挏
Tumblr media
The glass cases and sparkling gems contrast your unbelonging as you step through the elaborately decorated entry. Your imposter syndrome nips at your neck as you twist the strap of your purse, the brown leather faded and cracked.
You swallow and look around. Unlike the rest of the mall, the shop is mellow and nearly empty.
You pick at your wooly cuff poking out from under your puffer coat. You go to the counter where a woman in a black turtleneck dress smiles flirtily at another customer. He looks like he belongs, though you're not a fan of the mustache. He chuckles as she helps clip a gold watch around his wrist.
"Does it bring out my eyes?" He kids as he puts his arm straight and pushes his shoulders back.
"They don't need help," the associate, her name, Kelsey, etched on her silver name tag, "it suits you."
"Mm, sure, you're not just saying that for the commission, are you?" He holds out his arm for her to unclasp the watch, his dark jacket is no doubt designer, if not tailored to his tapered torso.
You tune out their back and forth, the superficial exchange only adding to your displacement. You have a budget and a mission. You want to be in and out before you can dwell on everything you can't afford.
You peer through the glass at the Rolexes, casios, and Tom Ford pieces. Your eyes wander, looking for another employee to fetch your purchase. You don't want it to sell before you can get your hands on it. The silver watch with the sapphire face is exactly like the picture saved on your phone.
You lean forward trying to see behind the tall counter then pace to the corner and around the rear of the store. There is only the security guard at the door, watching shoppers mill by. You go back to the front where the customer continues his playful tet-a-tet.
You sigh and cross your arms, heat gathering in your thick coat. Your scalp speckles damply and you sway as your patience dwindles. The man browses the cufflinks as he asks advice on style.
"Ahem," you swallow your reticence at last, "sorry to interrupt鈥"
"And yet you did," the man retorts, "you can wait your turn." His sneer is derisive as he takes you in, head to toe, almost revolted by your dumpy attire. "That is if you can afford it."
"Excuse me, I鈥" your voice crackles and you shrug away the insult, "I'm sorry, just, when you have a moment."
You step away and drop your arms as you pretend to look at the earrings. The man scoffs and the associate gives a tinkly giggle.
"You know what would look good on you," the man says as you look out through the open wall into the mall, "pearls."
"Pearls?" Kelsey preens.
"Oh, yes, a nice little necklace around that pretty neck," he intones.
"I don't know, aren't pearls kind of鈥 outdated?"
"Not the ones I have in mind."
You cringe at his entendre and roll your eyes. You should just leave. You really don't have the money. A year of scrimping and saving and for what? Colin doesn't care if you give him gold or a card, he's just happy with whatever.
Still, he deserves it. You just want him to feel special. For one day. To feel like he didn't settle, like maybe, he got the prize.
"You hold onto those for me, sweetheart," the man's voice carries in the vacant shop, "I'm gonna have a look at the tie pins."
You turn your head to watch his figure from the corner of your eye. He sidles around the other side of the store and you spin around. You go to the counter as Kelsey puts away a tray of cufflinks.
"Hi, yeah, if you don't mind I wanted this silver watch," you point over to where you found it.
"Sure, sorry about the wait. We're a bit short staffed at the moment," she smiles, "um, which one was it?"
"This one," you shift over and point over it, "with the blue."
She takes out the watch and brings it onto the counter. "Is it for someone special?"
"My husband," you smile, "he needs a new one. He got a new job so鈥"
"Oh, how exciting, is this the one then?"
"Yeah, I think so."
"And were you interested in the insurance plan? It includes free cleaning and battery replacement."
"Hm, how much would that be?"
"For this price range, an extra one-thirty."
"Oh," you can't hold back the impact of the number, "um, what's the total for just the watch?"
You hear a snicker and a shadow blurs in your peripheral. Kelsey goes to the till and you move along to stand across from her. The taxes are more than you expect.
"There's a Wal-Mart down the road," the man mocks as he leans on the glass, "think they might be more in your range."
You don't acknowledge him, merely biting down. What an asshole.
"I'll take the insurance, am I able to split the transaction?"
"Sure thing, how do we want to split it?"
"I'll pay for the watch in cash and the rest credit."
You put your purse on the counter and search through your clutter of receipts for your ziploc of bills. You peel open the top and start to count through the twenties, tens, fives, and hundreds, apologising for it as you do.
"You could have a good time down at the strip joint," the stranger comes closer and you turn slightly as you try to block him out. "Aw, baby, am I hurting your feelings? Maybe you could take that money and get a manicure instead? Or sort out that rat's nest."
"What do you want?" You slam down your hand as you lose count.
He smirks as you meet his eyes, bold and sparkling with amusement, "that."
"Leave me alone," you start over, frazzled as a few bills slip and flutter down to the floor. You bend to pick them up and grit your teeth as you resume your count.
"It's okay," Kelsey says, "I'll count."
You look at her and nod, pushing over the loose money and the ziplock. You take out your wallet and slide free your credit card, for emergencies only.
You wait as the man lingers closer. You wince as you feel him touch your hood and you pull away from him.
"Don't touch me. What are you doing?"
"Sir," Kelsey says as she puts the cash in her till, "please, I鈥"
"Mind your business," he snaps and keeps his eyes on you, "I'm just tryna figure who would marry鈥 you?"
"Credit," you say to Kelsey as you motion with your card. She hits a button and you swipe.
"No wonder you're splurging, gotta keep him around somehow."
You key in your code and submit payment. You shakily place the card in your wallet and pack up your purse as Kelsey closes the watch box and slips it in an ivory paper bag. She tears off your receipt and staples it to the warranty.
"You gonna cry for me? Hm? Or maybe you can go home to the old man and tell him another guy actually noticed your fat ass鈥"
"Shut up." You snap as you swipe the bag off the counter, "I told you to leave me alone."
"Just one tear for me," he steps closer.
"Sir, please, I'll have to call security," Kelsey warns.
"You won't. I'm about to drop a month's worth of sales on you so you'll sit pretty and wait for me, dolly."
She flinches and curls her lip, fighting against her customer service smile.
"It's fine," you wave her off, "I'm leaving."
"Tell daddy you need a good fucking to get that stick out your ass," the stranger snorts after you, "if he can even find a hole."
You steam and puff your chest as you pass into the mall. Your lashes flick as your eyes sear. Just your fucking luck to run into the biggest douchebag in the place.
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My friend group is currently thinking about how Splatoon could鈥檝e been bunnies and obviously the conversation ended up going into Pearlina.
Pearl is a bunny, obviously, and Marina鈥檚 a hare ! (which fits her 鈥渇reakishly tall鈥 vibe)
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yuuzeart 2 days
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Espesseleine Tangled AU
At first I only wanted to do the hair cutting, because i love short hair Madeleine, and I think it's something that would be cool to happen in canon.
And then I remembered The Hug was in this scene too and so I had to redraw the whole thing
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(reblogs are better than likes!)
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madametamma 3 days
The Coronation Of The Dread Eldritch king
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ghost: 鈥淭his is quite normal.聽 The sudden influx of power usually drives the crown鈥檚 wearer mad temporarily.鈥
Jazz: 鈥淗ow long will he be like this?鈥
Ghost: 鈥淗ard to tell.聽 It鈥檚 different with each monarch. He should likely come to his senses anywhere between tomorrow and, oh say, two thousand years from now.鈥
I love Danny as a mad, Eldritch, ghost king.
I designed him with the crown of fire, frosted devil Horns, a ghost tail full of stars, Glowing hollow green eyes with a glowing Lichtenburg scar across the face, a smokey cape, a wreath of dead and dying blue roses around his neck, and frosted fingers. He makes it snow lightly everywhere he goes.
Feel free to imagine that:聽
Danny was saved when his friends knocked the crown from his head and he reverted back to normal, but there are some who insist that Danny put the crown back on.聽 He can鈥檛 become the true ghost king until he finishes going through this phase.
Or that he thankfully only spent a night or two in this form and got control of his new power quickly. No one back home in Amity park is aware of what he went through.聽 He鈥檚 the ghost king now, what鈥檚 one more secret on top of everything else in his life?
Or that he spent long enough in this form that when he finally came to his senses, everyone was a little bit older and he had to deal with that.聽 Danny Fenton was considered missing for years and now suddenly he just shows up again looking the same as he did the day he was last seen.
Or that when he came to, it was 2,000 years later and everything he ever knew was long gone. He鈥檚 a lonely immortal.
Or whatever you like
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samgelina-jolie 5 hours
That one scene in HIMYM where Marshall makes a bet with Barney that he can get Lily's number bc Barney doesn't know they're already together but Steddie.
Eddie's bandmates are joking around after a show about how Eddie never pulls after any of their gigs and Eddie is pretending to be offended when someone catches his eye. Steve is sitting at the bar, and Eddie immediately comes up with a plan.
He points Steve out and says "What about if i tried hitting on him? Think he'd go for me?". Ofc the bandmates all recognise him as King Steve and theyre like "not a chance." So Eddie makes a bet that he could totally get Steve to agree to go out with him. He walks up to him and the bandmates watch, expressions quickly changing from smug to shocked, when after only like 1 minute of conversation Steve pulls him in for a kiss.
A month later Eddie admits what actually happened and that they've been dating for like a year. Gareth is still annoyed about how convinced he was that Eddie was actually some kind of sex God.
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kkosmis 2 days
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Silly AU idea where Dark Choco is a half dragon
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rixitup 8 hours
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And that鈥檚 a wrap on chapter 2 馃槍馃悏
I hope you have enjoyed Virgil鈥檚 Calamity so far! It鈥檚 been so fun drawing and writing for this story- lucky for you it鈥檚 far from over >:)) unlucky for you- it is going on hiatus!!! It is finals season for me here at college and I honestly need December to study! Not to draw 馃ゲ so I thought this cliff hanger would be a great place to leave you guys 馃グsee you next year! (2023 or maybe late December)
If people are interested I鈥檇 like to do a character Q&A to answer any confusion- or to get the audience to interact with the characters- keep an eye out for that!
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klodwig 13 hours
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winter is almost here (in 2 hours)
Spirit of the Old winter festives!Kylo and spirit of the New winter festives!Hux
Kylo: I want sacrifices! Hux: Snackrifices
(fullsize on patreon in public post)
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