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Megumi Fushiguro x gn!reader
warnings: angst -> fluff, swearing (?)
notes: as usual, i don’t know what the fuck this is. comments and reblogs always appreciated. and ideas >_<. in a writing block and can think of nothing </3. send me your ideas :p
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“i know that, but you shouldn’t have to, megumi,” you say exasperatedly, “that’s why i’m here.” he sends you a cold glare from the other side of the room, running his fingers through his locks. “yeah? well i didn’t ask you to be.” he says with a cold stare, eyes boring into your own. “well if that’s how you feel, why are you still here then?” you exclaim, swallowing the lump in your throat as tears you’ve yet to let fall burn hot. he moves from his spot at your words, slipping on his shoes and opening the front door.
“wait, where are you going?” you ask weakly “megumi. don’t leave, please. can we just talk about this?” he scoffs at your words. “i’m done talking,” he says, slamming the door in his wake. the sobs you’d been holding in rip fiercely from your chest as you fall to the floor, hot tears sliding down your cheeks. you don’t remember how long you sit there crying, waiting for him to return. you don’t remember dozing off in your spot, as you watched the sun rise. you do remember, however the harsh words, the crying, the screaming, the yelling. it plagues your dreams as you wait for him to return. you don’t yet wake when he opens the door. nor do you wake when he picks up your fragile body, bringing you to lay in your shared bed.
when you do awake, you feel his warm body pressed against your own. his steady breathing and strong arms encompass you, pulling you in as you try to slip away. “don’t leave, please,” he echos your words from last night, causing the wound to be reopened. “stay with me, please. i’m sorry. i’m so sorry, baby” he says, pressing a kiss to the back of your head as you settle back into his embrace. your talk is far from over. but the conversation could wait, just a little longer, you think. for now, you’d rather be wrapped in him, “i love you, megumi,” you whisper. “i love you more,” he says. “i didn’t mean what i said,” he continues, “i need you. need you here with me.” and for now, that’s all that matters.
other works <3
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Valentino.. /Sukuna Ryomen x Female Reader/ .o3
Tumblr media
warnings: asshole sukuna, college prep. school (aka bitch u at an expensive ass school), former friends to lovers, slow burned love, yuji is sukuna's little brother, getting ignored by childhood crush (*gasp*)
reader: female reader; 23 years of age, college prep.
plot: It's been years since you've moved from country life, since you've forgotten about all the things you used to love about your hometown and where you grew up from... you didn't think it'd chase you to college in the city after almost a decade..
words: 1.397k
Tumblr media
fanfic masterlist: .o1 .o2 .o3 .o4 .o5 .o6 .o7 .o8 .o9 .10 (will be updated..)
Tumblr media
a/n:: I hope I can get the next chapter out soon, and I hope you enjoy this one! The next one is hopefully going to have more than just up to 1k words ><
Thank you for reading this bit! Enjoy~
. . .
After you had seen Sukuna for yourself just a few weeks ago, you heart still aches with confusion.
Didn’t he miss you after years of being apart?
Whatever the reason, Sukuna showed no signs of trying to explain himself. Removing himself from the room whenever class ended, ignoring all the women that were desperately trying to make their way into his path. It didn’t bother you much, other than the burn of your old memories.
Sukuna was so different from his childhood. What happened?
“And with that,” Toji’s cool voice suddenly snapped into your thoughts, making you blink and drop your pen. You were in the middle of class, thinking about your small-world problems. Could you be any more pathetic? 
“I’ll excuse you. But make sure to have your presentations and your names on them before showing me anything. I’m sick of group projects without both of your names.”
Oh right, group projects.
You normally didn’t need a partner, given that the uneven number of students in the class left you with no one. Toji, being a rather relaxed teacher, just handed out the F’s that were needed for the shitty projects and even sometimes handed out very low D’s to the three chicks that normally hovered around in the back when they presented. 
After about ten minutes, the bell for the end of class rang and you stood up, your eyes making their way over to Sukuna once again as he stood and grabbed his things. It was a note day, so he had to put in a few things, but his phone buzzed as someone sent him a text. 
You wondered who it was, but quickly grabbed your things and headed down to intercept Sukuna’s path. Though he didn’t care, he picked up his phone and hastily sent something to the other person and stuffed his phone into his pocket. But before he could walk away, your body blocked him, and a grimace instantly clouded his features.
“Yo,” You said, cringing at the small greeting and sighing. “Wh-What’s up..? D-Dude..?”
Note one: People skills need fixing.
“Yo,” Sukuna mimicked, a smirk on his annoyed face as he picked his bag up. “Are you done? I got Computers next.”
“I want to talk to you.”
He let out a sigh, pushing past you as he felt the teacher’s eyes bore into the side of his head. Walking towards the door, he looked back at you and scoffed. “For a smart bitch, you should get the hint.”
You blinked a few times, watching him leave as students poured out behind him.
What had gone wrong for him? Wasn’t he proud to have achieved his goals of getting into a top-graded school? Didn’t he want to talk to you at all? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch up, so why didn’t he want anything to do with you?
With a huff, you followed. Eventually finding Sukuna in a crowd and tugged on his arm. “Sukuna!”
“Let me go,” He snapped back, his voice dark as he turned his red eyes towards you again. “I’m not talking to you.”
“Then tell me why!” You said, your cheeks burning as the attention of some passerby students looked over towards you and Sukuna. “Just tell me, so I know. Please.”
Sukuna stared at you, the steady breath coming through his nose being the only noise you heard past the squeaking of shoes and then chatter of voices.
There were little to no one caring about the small argument that was going on between you and him, but there wasn’t any hesitation when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards one of the empty classrooms that no one really frequented unless they wanted to get busted with a cigarette on campus. 
“Agh! Hey!"
"Shut up."
The stern growl in his tone made you shut up, sighing with annoyance as he pulled you towards the empty classroom. Slamming the door once you were both inside, Sukuna pushed you away from him and released his hold on your wrist, a firm scowl settling on his features.
"Since you won't leave me alone," He muttered, pressing his back against the door, locking the door with an echoing click. "I'll just tell you before I get a fucking restraining order on you."
You sighed, "That's all I want. Just tell me."
Sukuna stayed quiet for a moment, looking you over with a grimace as if he hated your very existence. A deep rooted anger with you was what he had behind his glare and his distance, making sure that you didn't step closer. He didn't want, or need you, anymore.
No matter how pissed off or scared he was, he couldn't let it show.
"You wanna know that badly?"
You nodded, making his annoyance worse.
You should've guessed by now, or did you get dumber while he was away? "Fine. Sit."
While the air in the room got tense and thick, you sat at one of the desks and crossed your legs, arms crossed and staring at your former best friend. His eyes boring into yours with anger, clear and unchecked.
Does he plan on killing you right now?
"The reason I want nothing to do with you," Sukuna started, removing himself from his spot on the door and stepping towards you. The sounds of his books and pencils moving around in his bag make you hold your breath. "Is because you left me with nothing."
"What..?" Your breath hitched as Sukuna's fist slammed against the creaky old desk top, silence catching you once again in its tight embrace. His face was so close you could smell the minty concoction of his toothpaste and the cinnamon taste of his gum.
"No calls, no texts. Not even a letter with your name or mine on it," Sukuna answered, his jaw tight and his eyes wide with frustration. "You didn't try reaching out to me, not even asking how I was, or how Yuji felt after you left me alone. My deadbeat father caused nothing but pain and you weren't there to help me. Thankfully, he drank himself to the grave so I don't have to hear him screeching profanities in the middle of the night at some whore."
You were still in your seat, looking up at Sukuna with a great deal of sadness. Abandoned him? That what he thought you had done?
No.. it's what you did.
He was right when he said you didn't try to reach out, to help him in one of his darkest hours. No wonder he hated you and wanted nothing to do with you, you weren't there for him even though he was there for you since day one.
"You get it now." Sukuna huffed, his voice laced with pure rage. "Now, fuck off, Y/n. If I want to talk to you, I will."
Sukuna stood his breath heavy as he let out a sigh, his V-cut black sweater hanging loose from his shoulders and body. His tie looked disheveled and loose, much like his belt and pants. From what you could tell, he looked like your average artsy college kid, though what you felt deep inside your chest told you different.
The kid you remember from almost a decade ago, wasn't the Sukuna that was standing before you. He was different, in a weirdly intoxicating way.
Why was that?
"Okay," You mumbled, squirming in your spot as the male scoffed, turning to leave.
"I'll see you later then, in Toji's class." Sukuna commented, unlocking the door and exiting. His mind focused back on his classes as he walked down the hall, hearing the door from the classroom open again as you left too.
From where you stood in Sukuna's circle, you considered going after him but chose better. You walked in the opposite direction, towards the direction to your next class.
With all the information you learned today, you decided that you would listen and stay away.
Wait for him to come to you, to be patient.
That was until Toji called you both over to his desk later on that nest day and sighed with a bit more annoyance than normal. His green eyes searching you both while he tapped his red inked pen with a grimace.
"So, Y/n. When do you plan on giving Mr. Ryomen here his first lesson?"
Tumblr media
a/n: kjksjskjs finally chapter 3 has been posted! Hopefully you being Sukuna's tutor will get you closer to him, hmm? Maybe we'll get to know the older Sukuna and remember a few things from the past?
Chapter Song Theme: —Go Down Deh - Spice (ft. Sean Paul, Shaggy [Slowed] )
taglist: @mageyboo, @mzladyd, @mysticwonderlandangel, @sukunaspersonalfleshlight, @kawaiipenguin20, @k-indie, @okkotsufav, @cafeinthemoon93, @pulchritxde, @bontenbunny, @deepinballs, @kleeboomed, @fallenfeversstuff, @fiierytearzx, @wo-ming-bai, @ririkaxbz, @instantgalaxysheep, @watyousayin, @z3r0art, @sukunaobsessed, @lik0, @sukunasfirstlove, @princesstiti14, @nemoyr, @ladywolf44005, @cat-mak20, @coffee-on-a-rainyautumn, @hxlalokidottir, @instantgalaxysheep, @domainofmarie, @the-moongoddess, @dark-n-dirty-duchess, @agentdedf1sh, @sukunastoy, @lyn-soso, @bao-yu-sarah-morningstar-wang-9
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Just a quick fushiita and kugiita for kiss day, 23 May 2021
I also wanna bully Gojo a little
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Satoru telling Megumi that when he'll die, he'll die alone.
Also Satoru, making Suguru laugh right before killing him. Making sure he knew that he still had trust for him, somehow, and that he still didn't hate him the way he should have.
Everyone dies alone, but Satoru made sure Suguru wouldn't feel lonely in his last moments.
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Tumblr media
what's it? angst, no comfort allergen warning/s? n/a sugar level? 0.2k names for the order? gojo satoru, sukuna ryomen, fushiguro megumi regulars?​ @tahonet​ @hanayanetwork​
bon appetit!
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he'd tell you you're hard to love one night while you're fighting because of how busy he is and how he never spends time with you anymore. it feels like you're in a relationship by yourself, your boyfriend a ghost of who he used to be, how the relationship used to be.
does he mean it?
of course he doesn't. he'd never mean it because you're there everyday in your shared apartment, waiting until the early hours of the morning for his return. you're kind enough to reheat his dinner for him cause you know he's tired, even though you didn't have a good day either. you love him, take care of him, worry for him and if he thinks with his mind not fogged up with frustration, he'd come to the conclusion that maybe he's the one that's hard to love. but that regret comes later on when you sleep in the guest bedroom because you can't stand to be in the same room as him right now, when he finally gets some time to himself, much needed time to think and reflect about how he treated you tonight, how he's been treating you lately.
there are two roads he can take: he can swallow his pride and apologize, or he can ignore the issue and have the regret come in the form of you walking out of his life.
Tumblr media
i get: reblog
you get: chewing gum
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western cowboy AU | ride 'em, cowboy Megumi is a bounty hunter out to collect the reward on the infamous outlaw, Sukuna. But he instead runs into Yuuji who is facing charges due to the fact he looks like Sukuna. Megumi ends up teaming up with Yuuji then starts falling for him (while Sukuna third wheels-)
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Pairing: Megumi Fushiguro x f!reader
A/N: Reuploaded with a few new edits!
Contains: NSFW - Sex after missing each other, long term happy relationship for megumi cus its what he deserves, special appearance by the doggos!
Word Count: 2.2k
Tagging: @kuroosdarling @strawberrystepmom
Tumblr media
The dogs barking at the front door let you know that Megumi was finally home.
You were on the couch in the living room, working on some stuff for school when your head shot up at the sudden and blaring announcement of your boyfriend’s arrival. With a wide grin on your face you closed your laptop and got up to greet him.
It was late, almost 8pm, one of the latest days he’d gotten home for as long as you could remember. On top of that you didn’t spend much time together last night and he had left before you woke up this morning too.
Suffice it to say that you missed him.
“Alright, alright, that’s enough!” You heard him mildly shout at the dogs. “You know it’s me.”
He came into view a few moments later, both mutts still jumping and waging their tails, desperate for his attention.
It made you giggle as you reached out for him. “Hey babe.”
“Hey,” He set his laptop bag down and immediately walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning in to kiss your lips. “Missed you.”
You smiled and kissed him a second time. “Missed you too. But I think they missed you more.”
Megumi sighed as one of the dogs nudged at his leg while the other climbed onto the couch beside you in hopes of being pet first. “Yeah it looks like it.”
You laughed and snapped your fingers, immediately getting the canines attention. “Yuki, Kuro. Sit.”
Both sat before you on the carpet with their tails still wagging and their tongues hanging out of their mouths.
“Good boys.” You praised.
“Still can’t believe you gave them names.” Megumi mumbled into your temple.
“Well one of us had to.” It baffled you that he had gone almost two years of owning the giant fluffy dogs without giving either of them names. He said it wasn’t a big deal, that they both listened to him regardless. It didn’t take you long to give them nicknames of their own after the two of you moved in together.
You pulled in tight to kiss Megumi’s cheek. “I think they suit them.”
“They’re a little on the noise.” He said as he went back to the front door to take off his shoes. “How was your day?”
“Good! Finished my presentation, took the boys for a nice long walk after I was done, didn’t I babies?” You gave them both a scratch behind the ear. “Yes I did! Oh, and I got more of those soba noodles we had last week from the grocery store!”
Megumi chuckled as he came back over and laid down on the floor, allowing both Yuki and Kuro to circle him and start licking his face. “Nice. Sounds like a good day.”
You sat down beside him and began to scratch under Yuki’s chin. “How was yours?”
He let out a sigh and put Kuro in a headlock so he could scratch his head. “Long.”
“Yuuji almost deleted our entire thesis project this morning.”
“Then Nobara almost crashed the car.”
A beat of silence passed. “Why did you let Nobara drive my car?”
“She stole my keys.” Megumi mumbled as he let go of Kuro.
You couldn’t help but snicker at that, causing him to look over at you with furrowed eyebrows.
“Sorry.” You apologized and leaned down to kiss his lips. “That does sound like a long day.”
“Yeah, well.” He shrugged and wrapped his fingers around the nape of your neck to keep you in place. “It’s better now that I’m here with you.”
You smiled and kissed him again, practically stretching out on top of him while the dogs continued to hover around. Megumi wrapped his arm around your waist as you maneuvered yourself on top of him to straddle his hips.
“Really did miss you today.” He eventually breathed out, inches away from your lips as he stared into your eyes and brushed some hair out of your face.
“Me too.” You kissed his nose. “Especially since I didn’t get to see you this morning.”
“Sorry, I wanted to let you sleep.” His hands traveled down and gently ran over your ass. “But maybe, I could make it up to you?”
In that moment Kuro sneezed, causing you both to jump and for Yuki to bark at his brother in surprise.
Megumi sighed at the interruption and you couldn’t help but break out into giggles against his chest. “Maybe not in front of the dogs.”
“No, definitely not.” He mumbled, sitting you both up and wrapping his arms around your waist. “C’mon.”
He then, almost a little too effortlessly, proceeded to stand up with you in his hold.
“Megumi!” You squealed, automatically wrapping your legs tighter around him.
“Relax.” He smirked at your fear as he readjusted his grip on you. “I got you.”
He started walking towards the hallway to your bedroom, but unfortunately Kuro and Yuki were quick to follow. You could feel one of them licking at your toes, causing you to giggle and squeeze yourself tighter around Megumi’s waist.
“No! Go lay down.” He suddenly turned around to try and shoo the dogs away. “Go on, go!”
They both whined at the command but did as they were told, allowing Megumi to lead you into the bedroom and immediately close the door.
“Jeez,” He huffed, pressing you against it and kissing you hard on the lips.
You giggled and pulled him in. You had been longing for him all day and it made you needy, so you held on tight, never wanting to leave his arms again.
After a moment you could feel his hands roaming over your chest and you squealed against his mouth. He smirked and continued to do so before you were pushing your back off the door as a way of encouraging him towards the bed. Luckily Megumi got the message and a second later you were falling against your worn but comfy mattress.
He sat above you, straddling your hips, and peeled off his sweater before he swooped down to kiss you again. His hands found their way underneath your shirt and pushed it up and over your head, to his surprise you weren’t wearing a bra. He arched an eyebrow and smirked down at you greedily, silently inquiring about your choice to go without one today.
Despite yourself, your cheeks grew a little hot and you glanced away. “I might have been thinking the same thing you were.”
He chuckled and began to kiss in between your breasts, leading a trail up to your collarbone, then your neck, and finally your jaw before whispering in your ear. “Yeah? Been thinking about fucking me all day, babe?”
“Mhmm.” You whined and tangled your fingers into his hair. “Yes, ‘Gumi.”
He hummed as his hand trailed down into your shorts and found your cunt. His fingers teasingly brushed along your clothed folds before sneaking underneath the hem of your panties and rubbing at your clit. “Yeah?”
Your back arched as you moaned, probably a little too loudly for your neighbors liking, and you closed your eyes, high on the pleasure he always gave you without fail. With your vocal encouragement Megumi’s fingers continued, gradually getting faster in pace. His lips continued to trail around your jaw and neck, leaving light nibbles against your skin.
It wasn’t long before he was panting for breath, just as excited and eager as you were. “That feel good?”
You could only let out another moan in response as you nodded your head. “N-Need you in me, baby. Please!”
He chuckled exasperatedly against your neck. “Don’t have to tell me twice.”
His fingers then disappeared, causing you to let out a small whimper. Then you opened your eyes to find him pulling off his pants and soon felt the slap of his cock against your core.
You gasped happily, its girth oh so familiar to you, and immediately could tell that he was achingly hard.
Megumi hissed into your ear as his cock ran against your thinly covered cunt. “F-Fuck.”
He had always been sensitive, and you loved to use it as an opportunity to tease him, if only a little bit. So you reached down and gently squeezed the base of his cock, earning a groan from him, and you watched as his eyes sealed shut from the feeling of your fingers around him. “S-Shit baby… I’m too—“
His reply was lost in another groan as you squeezed him again and bucked your hips up to grind against him. “Hmm?”
“Fuck.” He breathed out, following you and rutting himself against your damp cunt.
You moaned blissfully, the feeling of his cock so close to your entrance only riling you up even more than before. “Fuck me baby, fuck me.”
“Mhmm.” He whined in return, stopping his movements to lean down and retrieve a condom from the nightstand. “Yeah.”
With a quick rip from his teeth Megumi had the condom unrolling onto his shaft, letting out a sigh from the sensation. Meanwhile you easily pulled down your shorts and panties, kicking them off onto the floor somewhere as you watched your boyfriend get ready to take you.
He lined himself up with your entrance and, after glancing up at you for assurance, slowly started to sink into you, gapping at the feeling of your walls tightening against him. “S-Shit baby, you always feel so g-good.”
Your fists grabbed at the sheets beneath you and you began to let out shallow breaths as he slowly proceeded deeper inside you. When he finally reached his end you sealed your eyes shut and let out a wanton moan. “Megumi.”
And just like that, the way you sang his name made him weak.
Any self-control he possessed was immediately crushed as he started moving his hips. Slowly at first, so you had time to get used to him, but he was picking up the pace faster than usual. He gripped your thighs tightly, groaning loudly with his eyes closed and his head rolled back.
His movement grew relentless, but you were too drunk on the absolute power it had over you to care. You sank back into the mattress with each trust, matching it with a lewd moan every time. The coil inside you wound tighter and tighter and you soon found yourself close to the edge.
“Baby I’m close—“ You whimpered, opening your eyes and reaching out for him. “I’m so close baby, c’mere.”
Without missing a beat Megumi swung down and kissed a quick trail up your chest before putting all his weight on his elbows and kissing your lips. He was practically vibrating against you, and you knew it was because he was close as well.
“F-Fuck baby I love you.” He whispered inches away from your lips. “I love you so much.”
You wrapped your arms and legs around him and cried into his ear. “I love you too baby, I love you—”
The coil deep inside you then snapped and you came with a breathless moan while your final words died inside it. Megumi pressed his forehead against your temple and began to stutter in his movements, he squeezed his arms tighter against you and let out a ragged groan, grinding his hips into you.
He dropped his full weight onto you a few moments later, panting in your ear and resting against your cheek. “Oh my god.”
You held him with your fingers lost in his hair, breathing a bit shallower now. “You haven’t verbally said that in a while.”
Megumi let out a breathless chuckle and sat up enough to look at you. “That’s why I just said it now.”
You giggled and kissed his lips. “Well it was lovely to hear it.”
He just smiled and kissed you again before rolling off of you to get rid of the condom. “Did you have dinner yet?”
“No,” You stared at his ass as he walked over to the garbage. “I was waiting for you but I don’t feel like going anywhere right now.”
“Well good thing there’s this thing called take-out.” He mused, reaching down to find his pants so he could retrieve his phone. “What do you want?”
“Hmm,” you made room for him to climb back into bed. “maybe pizza?”
“Oh yeah I’ve been wanting pizza.” Megumi agreed and sat against the headboard while still making sure that you were comfortable against him. With his arm around you he pulled up your favourite pizza place and began to run his fingers through your hair. You stared up at him and smiled, which eventually caught his attention.
He raised an eyebrow. “What?”
“Nothing.” You beamed up at him. “I just love you.”
He set down his phone and smirked at you before leaning in for a kiss. “I love you too.”
Just then a scratch came from the door, followed by a whimper.
Megumi sighed and went limp against you. “Never a moments rest.”
You giggled from underneath him. “I told you they missed you.”
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archersellier · 2 days
Saturday Brunch (Megumi Fushiguro)
Wordcount: ~1k
suggestive (but only if you think it is), VERY brief mention of food
somewhat college!au after they became sorcerer's, Fem!Reader, characters in their early twenties (so aged up as pretty much always if not stated otherwise)
established relationship, some fluff, some crack, probability of me projecting my need for assurance onto characters even if I risk making them ooc? yes. constantly.
Tumblr media
The sound of rustling of sheets and shuffling feet on your dorm room floor make you turn from your position at the desk. Megumi is sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing his hands over his face, slowly entering the waking word. One foot hovering over the wooden panels, in search of the slippers that were haphazardly kicked off after yesterday’s movie night.
The smile on your face is automatic. Watching him wake up is one of the best parts of your morning. It’s second to waking up together, but you still have an essay to work on, so you opted for watching him in the pauses you took in between writing and researching.
You love the faint lines the pillow prints on his cheek, how his voice sounds in the morning and how no one but you gets to see him like this. But the hair must be your favourite thing. Even compared to his normal style, the raven strands are in complete chaos, each of them seemingly adhering to their own gravitational rules, but still they look unmistakably soft.
He has long left boyhood far behind, far earlier than anyone should, but in mornings like these, you find the remnants of it on his face. There is a bit more gentleness, a bit less of the sternness he learned to wear like a shield. Only that his body doesn’t match the softness on his face as he blinks at you, and that is partially your fault.
You stretch in your chair as your eyes travel over Megumi’s figure, his exposed torso, the marks and bruises on it. The shirt he was about to put on hits you in the face. “Stop staring”, he murmurs, and your eyes snap up to lock with his.
You are glad for the morning sun filtering through the blinds, allowing you to delight in the blush on his cheeks and the tips of his ears. He stands up and you grin at him.
“I wasn’t staring. Just admiring.” Megumi frowns as he looks down at himself. “I fought curses that left me with fewer bruises.” “Ouch. Not a nice thing to compare your lovely girlfriend to.” He scoffs.
Since he used his shirt as ammunition, you get a few more seconds with a view as he makes his way over to you. He stretches his hand out for you to hand the garment to him. You pout. “Do you have to put it on?”
He glances back to the clock on your nightstand. “We have a maximum of ten minutes before Yuuji, Nobara and Gojo come barging in here for a brunch that you planned. Do you want to explain all of this to them?”
“Hmm.” You ponder the pros and cons. Nobara and Yuuji would tease, but Gojo would be an absolute pain in the ass. On the pro side, however-
Megumi narrows his eyes at you.
“Ugh. Fine.” He takes his shirt from your hands and shakes his head at you.
You don’t hide the disappointment in your face. Of course he notices and flicks your forehead. There is a slight crease between his eyebrows. He still takes a half-step closer, his knees touching yours, so it should all be good.
But- it did take a lot of time for you two to get this comfortable with each other, and you would never want to damage what you built by overstepping his boundaries.
Just to make sure, you glance up at him, gently placing your hands on his hips, careful not to touch his skin above the waistband. “If you want me to stop being so…flirty, just say the word.”
You wince at yourself for not being able to phrase it better.
Megumi puts the shirt down he was just about to pull over his head and lets it fall back into your lap to take your face between his hands.
“Hm? What do you mean?”, he asks. His voice is gentle and his long fingers are softly brushing through the hair at your nape. You suppress a shiver. “I mean- “ your fingers fist the fabric of his sweatpants, your eyes searching his face “I know this - that I - can be a lot. So please tell me if it’s too much, if you, you know, feel uncomfortable with any part of it and I’ll st-.”
“No! Don’t stop.” He says it a beat too fast and a few decibels too loud.
Your eyebrows rise. “Oh?” You begin to grin, and Megumi groans. He tilts your head up to him as he leans down to you, softly pressing his mouth to yours. “You,” he murmurs against your lips “are the absolute worst.”
With his hands in your hair and the heat of his body seeping into your skin, it sounds a lot like a love confession.
You would have been content to forget about your essay and all the other plans you made, and just keep kissing him. Doing nothing else but melting into his touch, until you don’t know where he ends, and you begin.
Unfortunately, this is not one of those days. So, of course you are interrupted by the door opening, the rest of the group being early to a hang-out for the first and probably last time in their life and barging in at the worst possible moment. You really should have explained the concept of an emergency key better.
“Hey guys! We just went to the bakery you recommended but I-“ Nobara halts in her steps and Yuuji crashes into her.
Megumi has his shirt pulled over his head in the split of a second.
Fast enough for Yuuji, busy rubbing the shoulder that knocked into Nobara’s back. But not fast enough for Nobara. And not for Gojo towering behind them, already grinning from ear to ear.
Nobara stares at Megumi, then at you. From the corner of your eye you can see Megumi’s ears turning cherry red at lightning speed.  “Guys. What the fuc-“
“Pillow fight.” You cut her off. “Megumi tripped and fell into the laundry rack.” You don’t break eye contact.
“So. The bakery. Did they have those croissants I wanted?”
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hhighkey · 18 hours
For your fav JJK characters again: flirting HCs, them wooing a crush! Please and thanks~
AN// ❤️ the way idk how to flirt even tho i’m in a serious relationship so i’ll be attempting this 😂 also sorry for the wait it’s sorta short!
JJK Headcanons
With Nanami, Fushiguro, Todo, and Inumaki
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento
def more ‘old fashioned’
him flirting means you’re always blushing
it means you know his intentions from the start and don’t have to worry
it means you’ll be respected and complimented… always feeling good about yourself
he doesn’t use pick up lines those are cheesy gross
his flirting is bringing you flowers or sending you your favorite food
i would say it’s much more like him courting you than anything
he’s not physical though
just kind words- telling you how beautiful you are
holds doors open for you in any scenario
stands on the outside as you walk
cooks elaborate meals for you
definitely helps you pick out an outfit if you ask
just who he is, how amazing of a man, is enough to have you head over heels
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Megumi
he’s gonna be shy about it
doesn’t wanna look stupid or have you judge him
it’s almost awkward in a way
attempts the whole ‘slyly putting his arm around you when watching a movie’ thing
like he doesn’t say anything about it or any of the ways he’ll touch you - definitely leaves you confused
buys you really thought out presents just to ignore you for a few days lol
just broods if you’re talking to another guy
takes him blowing up on a situation to confess to you
you always just say “gumi i had no idea you were even flirting with me that whole time!” just to see him pout
Tumblr media
Aoi Todo
blunt lol
you’ll know he’s flirting immediately doesn’t even try to be smooth or hide it
half assed attempt at pickup lines that end up with him bright red
definitely buys you lots of things
basically shows up wherever you are too
also begs you to see takada-chan with him once to confess to her that he’s all for you… whoops
so you’re his newest, probably life long obsession
but he’s a sweet heart and his flirting is almost cringe worthy… you know what he’s doing and it just makes you laugh, but enjoy it nonetheless
Tumblr media
Inumaki Toge
eeek love the headcanons i see about him and sticky notes
like yes he’s leaving them all over your stuff 
especially if you’re at jujutsu high- they’ll be super encouraging but also compliments
it’s his way of talking to you and it’s adorable
i think it’ll be hard at first to differentiate his behavior between normal playful toge and flirting toge
they’re pretty similar
he follows you around, always wants to train with you, practically swats people away so y’all can hang out
lotssss of game nights with his switch- never lets you win in anything
he’s cute when he confesses :)
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crimson-chains · 25 days
Tumblr media
The lads!! Was fun to draw these two animal hand boys ^^
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house-ad · 6 days
Tumblr media
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onyxstone14 · 3 months
Tumblr media
did the meme :D
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keraunography · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i miss my babies
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vipertouchdown · 12 days
Tumblr media
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99yikes · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
dogpile on megumi 📸
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house-ad · 6 days
Tumblr media
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