20o1 · 1 day
December will be filled with love.
December will be filled with joy.
December will be filled with peace.
December will be filled with blessings.
December will be filled with happiness.
December will be filled with healthier connections.
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ca-createart · 2 days
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vmordecai · 2 days
Feel like I have to remind you it's bad ethics to feed the ai the art of other artists without asking them if they are ok with that first. 
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bruiseology · 2 days
a little reminder since we're in the midst of the holidays, please be kind, please be thoughtful, reach out to your friends and mutuals, check on each other.
for alot of people, this isn't a happy time, they're either reminded of the family they don't have/talk to, dealing with trauma anniversaries or the holidays are just not for them.
and if you're one of those people, listen when I say : I'm proud of you. I know it's hard when we're reminded of the people we've lost, and the hardships we've been through. you're strong, you're smart and you're doing your best and that's okay. you don't have to be doing what everyone else is doing for it to be your best. please remember your body deserves food and water, take care of it even if you don't like it or want to. there are people who care about you, even if you feel alone there will always be someone who cares. if you don't have that right now, than I'm that person. I love you, I'm proud of you, and in spirit I'm giving you a hug.
if you need someone to talk to, please come into my inbox or dms, anon or not. I don't want anyone hurting themselves or others because they are alone.
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the-daily-word · 23 hours
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proship-survivors · 3 days
You do not and will never deserve hate for the fiction you create.
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During your healing, it is not your job to protect the feelings of others. You don’t have to care about the things they thing about you while you are healing. You don’t have to take into consideration their opinions on how your healing should look. You don’t have to abide by what they think your healing should be taking place. It’s your healing journey.
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deenbot · 1 day
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softdaisie · 2 months
maybe mediocrity isn’t wrong. maybe you don’t need to be the best at everything you do. maybe you don’t need to be the best at anything you do. it’s ok to simply do things because you enjoy doing them. its ok to not want to advance in your job. nothing has to be a competition. you don’t need to be better than anyone. you can do things just because they’re fun. you don’t need to read up on the history, and know everything about it. its ok to just exist. its ok.
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slfcare · 1 month
good things to pay attention to more often
the color of trees
clouds and how they look different throughout the day
the different colors the mornings can have. sometimes it's an orange hue and sometimes pink and sometimes it's too misty to tell
pretty color schemes in random places (the trees and your neighbors wooden patio and the color of their car)
the states of the vehicles passing you by, dents and scratches and the different trinkets suspended from their rearview mirrors
the sound of silence
the shadows the lights cast in your home, like how sunset looks different than sunrise, and the shadows the sun casts look different than those of your lamps and candles
pretty details in buildings and houses like certain types of windows or doorknobs or archways
the movement of things in the wind. flags, leaves, flowers, people's hair and coats
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20o1 · 3 months
September will be filled with joy.
September will be filled with love.
September will be filled with trust.
September will be filled with peace.
September will be filled with happiness.
September will be filled with blessings.
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bruneburg · 6 months
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beastly reminder
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lover-suggestion · 10 months
It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out.
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futuresabove · 6 months
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Jeanette Winterson on Substack
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the-daily-word · 2 days
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