anastasiamaru · 19 hours ago
🇬🇪Georgia 🇺🇦
Near the Georgia border crossing into russia, protesters are playing the Ukrainian national anthem and trolling the russians who are leaving.
‘In surveys, most of you support the war. So why now are you leaving?’ reads the sign carried by the man draped in the Ukraine flag.
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itsokaytobeme · 8 months ago
I'm not sure if this will come out right but:
Being loved is NOT a reward for being beneficial or useful in any way. You don't become less deserving of being loved if you aren't productive for a day or if you have a bad day and can't get out of bed.
I promise. Being loved has nothing to do with how you "help" the world or those around you.
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hamodi-7 · 6 months ago
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- While the media calls it the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian invasion, on the other hand, the resistance of the Palestinian people to the Israeli occupation is called terrorism.
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friedunicornstudio · 3 months ago
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Happy Pride Month! I know things are rough out there, but we have each other, and we have each other’s backs.
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limonsuggestions · 10 months ago
you are lovable, even if:
someone didn’t love you in the past.
someone doesn’t love you back.
someone said you weren’t.
you believe you aren’t.
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archerinventive · 3 months ago
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🏳️‍🌈 Happy Pride Month to all you Pride Knights out there. 🏳️‍🌈
Here’s a list of a few resources you can use to help the LGBTQ+ community this month, and for as long as it takes for us to rid the world of Bigotry.
Lots of love and well wishes to you all. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜
The Pride Foundation
The Equality Federation
Transgender American Veterans Association
National Resource Center for LGBT Aging
A  huge shout out to my wonderful crew Abie Eke, Calla  Parmly, Dawn Vice, Josephine Chang, Lexi the First, Rae, Taze Campbell, and Xero Nazarova, for being such amazing Pride Knights! ❤️ 
“Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.” -Walter Winchell
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furiousgoldfish · a month ago
May you find someone who is gentle to you. May you get a person who sees you and figures you out, only to be consistently kind and understanding to you. Someone who finds it easy not to prod you where it hurts, and to respect that some things are uniquely painful to you. Someone who has the patience for all of your triggers, without trying to fix them. Someone who lets you take all of the steps in your recovery on your own, but cheers you on, on every step of the way.
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sonicrainbooms · a year ago
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Hey, Americans! Support fast food workers, don’t cross the picket line. No fast food on Feb 16.
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anniespositivity · 7 months ago
You're not lazy, you simply need to rest. You're not stupid, you simply have gaps in your knowledge that can be filled. You're not ugly, you simply have a wrong perception of your reflection. You're not naive, you simply believe in the good in people and in the world. You're not unlovable, you simply haven't recognised your own worth yet. All of these negative thoughts you may have in fact disguise a positive truth - a truth that you have to learn to believe. You, my love, are simply wonderful the way you are.
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melodiesforyouandme · a day ago
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It’s dropping to below 5 degrees Fahrenheit tonight pls help if you can even a couple dollars helps me to go inside somewhere to warm up.
I got a coat Thank you to everyone that helped me. I think I need to get a home, this is warmer but I am not going to survive the winter out here. Please continue to Reblog I need help to get a roof over my head.
Please Boost , I have been out here in the cold every night for the past few days trying to get into a shelter, it’s hard to stay in the line because my anxiety makes me leave. They can only let so many people in and the line up is so long. If anyone can spare just a couple dollars so I can go into a coffee shop and warm up. pls REBLOG anything helps please help if you can, any amount helps.
Please help a non binary person who hasn’t been able to find work and is homeless, broke and hungry. I don’t want to go back into SW to survive. I feel trapped. Winter is coming where I live and I need a coat and boots to help keep me from freezing, while I stand in line, trying to get into a shelter to sleep for the night. If you see this please REBLOG it, I am desperate. I am asking for help to anyone who might be able to spare a bit of change if you can. Please so I can at least go inside a coffee shop to warm up in the night. Please help if you can. I’m out here alone trying my best.
P @ y p @ l: [email protected]
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b0bthebuilder35 · 3 months ago
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fictionalgirlfrend · a month ago
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staff · 5 months ago
Login Troubles? We got you.
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Contact Support if you need help! The more information you can provide, the better.
[Detailed image description here]
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soulswimmr · 9 months ago
Cannot WAIT for samsung’s next ad campaign being “if you download tumblr on our phones we’ll let you say #girl”
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limonsuggestions · 4 months ago
look at you, doing things you never thought you'd ever do. you strong motherfluffer, i’m so proud of you.
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eggdesign · a year ago
How to help Hurricane Ida victims
While the hurricane is finally weakening, the victims are going to be impacted long after it passes. Please avoid donating to the red cross as they have been known to misuse funds. The salvation army also has an extensive history of homophobia and transphobia.  Here are some groups to support that will directly benefit local communities!
https://www.imaginewaterworks.org/ is another local organization for mutual aid and disaster prep. They’ve put together resources like the Queer/Trans Guide to Hurricane Season, Covid-19 Guide to Hurricane Season and lead the Mutual Aid Response Network
https://mutualaiddisasterrelief.org/ has a sign up form if you are able to volunteer including options that can be done remotely!
https://wck.org/ provides emergency food relief and is in New Orleans making food for shelters
https://southernsolidarity.org/ is a group that organizes food delivery, medical resources, and more services for unhoused citizens in New Orleans
https://anothergulf.com/ida/ has a frontline resource page specifically for Ida as well as a mutual aid response fund for vulnerable families
Another Gulf also has this list of indigenous communities to support:
If you have been affected by the hurricane and need support, please add your own donation links! I originally linked the cajun navy here, but some groups within the cajun navy have been linked to white supremacists. There isn’t one formal organization for the cajun navy (the two links here before were separate, unrelated groups), but because I’m unsure, I’ve removed both for now.
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intrepidsstuff · 3 months ago
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Because Abortion Should Not Be Your Only Option
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