songpasserine · a day ago
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Oscar Romero, December 3rd 1978
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proship-survivors · 2 days ago
It’s okay if you aren’t perfect. It’s okay if you fail time and time again. You’re human and that’s okay.
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bruiseology · a day ago
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daily reminders !
please reblog, you don't know who could need this.
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you do not have to earn food, it's a necessity and you don't have to work for it.
eat something even if it's just some crackers or chips, and drink something ! preferably water but anything works.
you're not annoying for talking about the things that make you happy.
you're not childish for liking content made for children.
there's nothing wrong with being sex positive, there's nothing wrong with being a virgin, there's nothing wrong with having alot or a little experience.
your writing is better than you think! we're our biggest critics.
your body is beautiful, no matter how it looks. skinny, tall, chubby, short, disabled, you're beautiful.
you're not your illnesses. you're more than that, you're what you love, you're what you create, you're what you put out in the world.
you are NOT your intrusive thoughts.
you're deserving of love. you're deserving of care. you deserve to be happy.
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infernalaltar · 2 days ago
you are the most important part of your worship. not candles, not offerings, not devotional acts. remember to take care of yourself.✨
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wvterways · a month ago
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angelnumber27 · 11 months ago
For most people, life doesn’t truly begin until they’re 26-30. The way we romanticize and obsess over youth is super harmful. Your life is not over at 21, I promise you. It’s just beginning
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slfcare · a month ago
good things to pay attention to more often
the color of trees
clouds and how they look different throughout the day
the different colors the mornings can have. sometimes it's an orange hue and sometimes pink and sometimes it's too misty to tell
pretty color schemes in random places (the trees and your neighbors wooden patio and the color of their car)
the states of the vehicles passing you by, dents and scratches and the different trinkets suspended from their rearview mirrors
the sound of silence
the shadows the lights cast in your home, like how sunset looks different than sunrise, and the shadows the sun casts look different than those of your lamps and candles
pretty details in buildings and houses like certain types of windows or doorknobs or archways
the movement of things in the wind. flags, leaves, flowers, people's hair and coats
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writethatdown · 11 months ago
this is your reminder to start slow and gradually lean into consistency rather than to change your entire routine one fine day. it's okay to start wherever and whenever you feel ready. please don't compare yourself to the highlight reel of people on social media. i promise it's never too late to work on your goals. you don't have to make a drastic change just because it's a new year. time is a social construct and i want nothing more than for you to truly enjoy life at present without worrying too much about the future. you are completely able to achieve goals you have set for yourself, but take it step by step. please avoid burnout and please take rest. wishing you all the best!!
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akindplace · 8 months ago
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These are a compilation of tweets I found and saved on my phone as reminders for when I feel like I need to feel validated or reminded that I am a worthy person no matter what and I thought you guys might need those too (part 3)
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notabled-noodle · 3 months ago
learning to stop hating yourself isn’t something that happens overnight.
it’s a series of negotiations you make with yourself over your whole life. it’s making one less self-deprecating joke. it’s looking at yourself in the mirror with a little more generosity. it’s forgiving yourself for that little mistake.
it’s not one thing and then you’re good. it’s many small choices you can make that slowly make your brain and body a little less uncomfortable to live with
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positiveseed · 11 months ago
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catscafecomics · 4 months ago
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I am making progress!
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midnightmothnest · 12 days ago
if you can’t eat a whole meal, eat half. you ate, that’s what is important.
if you can’t get out of bed, try and sit up instead of lying down. it’ll be better for your back and your blood pressure.
if you can’t shower or have a bath today, try and brush your teeth and clean your ears. it’ll keep you a little cleaner, and we often forget those areas. 
if you can’t get dressed today, change underwear and use some deoderant. it’ll leave you a little fresher until you have the strength to change fully.
and remember, i’m very proud of you. your best will look different every day, and that’s okay.
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memeuplift · 19 days ago
Hey! Chin up! You are doing Great!
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kindnotestoself · a month ago
Just because you’ve done something once does not mean you are obligated to do it again. You can say no. You can set boundaries. Do not push yourself until you break.
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glasswriter1 · 8 months ago
daily reminder that if you create it, it’s art. it doesn’t have to be perfect. it just has to have bits of you in it <3
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