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thepenultimateword · 2 days ago
Long Prompt #89
Hero’s armed were beginning to throb. It had been over half an hour since they’d snared themself in this back alley, wrists bound together and raised straight over their head, like some sort of trussed pig ready for the roast.
Usually they would have dodged it. Usually they wouldn’t have tripped it in the first place, but they’d been so… Desperate wasn’t the right word, maybe adamant? …so adamant about finding Villain that they had barely noticed the thing, it’s glinting wire body lurking in the shadows of the buildings.
They probably should have called for help by now…But the thought of being found like this was, well, more than a little humiliating.
“Hero?” a rich, velvety voice purred. “In one of my traps? Now I’ve seen everything.”
Villain sauntered into view grinning. They weren’t in their usual costume, instead sporting an tricolored sweater in blocks of brown, orange, and cream. They also had a large Tupperware tucked under one arm.
Well, it looked like Hero found them but not under the circumstances they wanted.
“Awww, you’re blushing!” Villain cooed.
“Shut up!”
“Aren’t you always bragging about your super intuition and lightning fast reflexes?”
“I said shut up!”
“And of all traps, a little snare meant to keep door to door salesman out of the lair. What are you even doing here?”
“I— Wait. What was that second to last part?”
“Oh, don’t worry, they learn fast. I actually haven’t snared one of those in months. Now, little egoistic heroes with pretty blue eyes on the other hand…” They grinned wider. “That’s the catch of the day.”
Hero squirmed a little in their bonds, wincing at the way the the pin and needles under their skin stung as they rubbed against the bindings. “Can you just let me down?”
“Reasons first.”
Hero glared but after a moment they finally relented. “I was…looking for you…”
“Aw, I’m flattered.” They circled Hero, sharp eyes studying the tight squeeze of their bindings. “But it’s a holiday. Probably not the best idea to assume I was at my workplace.”
“Er…that’s the thing. I was thinking… Since you don’t have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with, maybe you could come over to my place and—“
“Who said I have no one to spend Thanksgiving with?”
The rest of Hero’s sentence froze on their lips. They knew that they were staring too long, but they couldn’t seem to shut their mouth. Or blink.
“The other villains and I get together every year. Supervillain makes a mean pumpkin pie.”
“Oh,” Hero said finally. It was the most they could get out.
Villain suddenly narrowed their eyes, those daggerish pupils boring right through their skull.
“Hero, do you not have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with?”
“I… Of course I do! I was just… You know, there’s so many people coming over later that I better finish up my preparations. Gotta…clean the house, make the…er…stuffing. In fact I think I left my turkey in the oven! So, could you let me down now?”
Villain’s grin had all but disappeared. The ghost of it still weakly clinging to the curve of their mouth, a forced ugly thing that made Hero feel small.
“Please?” they added, a little harsher than they intended.
“Hero… Do you want to come to my Thanksgiving?”
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Short Prompt #1045
"I thought you were supposed to be heartless? Caring only about yourself?" The superhero questioned with a raised eyebrow, crowding their enemy into a corner. "Was that not what you told me?"
Supervillain's jaw was clenched tightly shut in both rage and something they had not felt in years.
They took one quick look at the frightened young hero hiding behind them, whom Supervillain had adopted just six months prior.
Perhaps they had taken the kid in for selfish reasons.
Perhaps they had wanted a loyal weapon.
Perhaps... they had changed their mind, and snarled their teeth as their kid clung to them tighter.
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gingerly-writing · 2 days ago
Prompt #3281
"Love gods," the villain cursed. "When I get my hands on them, I swear-"
"Oh, come on! Being in love with little old me isn't so bad."
"We're enemies! Arch enemies!"
The hero shrugged. "And now we're hopelessly in love. It makes a change of pace if nothing else."
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black-rose-events · 2 days ago
Fruit pancakes 🥞
Hero: Can I have the fruit pancakes please?
Villain: The what? There's nothing on the menu called "fruit pancakes".
Hero: Th-the fresh fruit pancakes.
Villain: Huh...
Hero: Th-this one... [points to menu]
Villain: Say it.
Hero: What?
Villain: Say. It.
Hero: I'd like a... r-....rooty t-tooty....
Villain: Say it like you mean it.
Hero: [starting to cry] I-l want a r-r-rooty t-tooty f-f-....f-fresh n... n fruity...
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nixylubouv · 2 days ago
💫Writing Prompt #56
Villain has two souls sharing their body. They’re usually pretty much in tune but recently a point of dissent has occurred. Hero. One of the souls thinks Hero is pathetic and weak. The other soul is in love with Hero. And Hero is getting whiplash whenever they battle Villain.
“I would never hurt you!”
“But you just freaking drop kicked me?!”
“I want you to go jump off a cliff.”
“And straight into my arms.” “Okay what in the hell is going on.”
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just-a-few-prompts · 15 hours ago
Villain’s unrequited love for hero, except hero really doesn’t mind all the kidnapping and flirting. They both know hero doesn’t really feel the same way. Of course they wouldn’t. It would interfere with their work to mix personal feelings and work engagements, after all. Besides, hero and villain have reached an agreement that it would be unprofessional for them to have a relationship anyways, since they’re publicly enemies.
Villain is forced into an early retirement. Their “work” relationship fizzles out as a result.
Now, as Civilian - an identity hero may or may not already know - Villain figures they could try at least ONE more shot at winning Hero’s heart. This time, as… themselves?
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random-writing-thoughts · 2 days ago
Can you please add to 171.5?
I want to see what happens next
I’ll give you a cookie 🍪 any kind of cookie
Thank you for the cookie!! My favorites are snickdoodle so that's the kind it is 🥰🥰
Thought #171.5
Warnings: talk of injuries
Villain ran, no sprinted, to Supervillain's base. They held the book tightly to their chest. "I'm coming Hero."
They reached the hidden door and knocked on it frantically.
Supervillain opened the door. "Did you do it?" They asked with a yawn.
Villain glared at Supervillain and pushed the book into their chest. "Where's Hero?" They asked angrily.
Supervillain rolled their eyes and moved away from the door looking at the book. Villain followed them.
"Hero's fine." Supervillain said sitting in a plush arm chair. "I'm sure they will be happy to see you. I can see why you picked them."
"Where are they?" Villain said walking around the room.
Supervillain rolled their eyes. "Let me look through the book and make sure it's real before you grab them. I have to make sure you did your job right."
Villain huffed and folded their arms.
It took forever for Supervillain to look through.
Page by page.
Sentence by sentence.
Supervillain eventually closed the book and smiled at Villain. "You can see Hero now."
Villain sighed and followed Supervillain through the base until they were standing in front of a concrete room.
The door had three locks on it and there was a window to their right. Villain looked through it and saw Hero pacing.
Hero had a black eye and a split lip. They had blood on their shirt and their pants had rips in it showing scuffed up knees and bruises starting to form.
"What did you do to them?" Villain asked angrily.
"You picked a good one. They managed to pick the lock twice which resulted in some discipline. You understand don't you?"
"Let them out." Villain said softly.
Villain turned and glared at Supervillain. "You promised."
"Oooh, now that's where you're wrong. I said you could see them. I didn't say I was letting them go." They wrapped an arm around Villain.
"I did everything you asked for." Villain said angrily.
"Wrong again. I asked for the original copy of Shakespeare's plays. You brought me, and I will say it was a very nice try, a copy. So you did not hold up on your end of the bargain. So I don't have to hold up on mine."
Supervillain smiled at Villain.
"You're a monster." Villain said pushing away from them.
"Yeah yeah whatever. Think what you want to, but you still have to successfully complete a mission in order to get Hero back. So," They shrugged, "it's really up to you how long they stay with me."
Villain glared at them.
Supervillain waved them off. "Have fun."
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mouthsewedshut · 2 days ago
"Hello beautiful~" Hero purred at the Villain, landing on a nearby rooftop and sat on the edge in a mocking pose; in which in return were given a glare by their nemesis - their grip to their weapon not letting go.
The criminal rolled their eyes at the Hero in return as they raised their weapon to their face with an intimidating smirk "That was my line, y'know~ Pfft Heroes aren't supposed to steal.."
"Well guess you can try to find another line then." Hero smiled back and in cue they grabbed their own weapon from their belt. Oh this is gonna be fun..
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thelocalnemesis · a day ago
Hi could you continue thething where villain drugs hero for their own good t h a n k s
Yesss ofc I can! Thanks for the request ;;;;
Part 1
"Look, I know you're mad." The villain stopped toying with the fork and picked up the apple from the tray they had set on the bedside table. "But please..." They tossed it back and forth a few times then looked at their captive sideways. "You've got to eat."
Just for show, the hero tugged at the handcuff tying their wrist to the bedpost. "The chains had me lose my appetite."
"Right. Well, you kinda forced my hand. Thought I'd be nice and let you roam around the house freely but what was my thanks? A punch in the sternum and a broken door. You're lucky I caught you in time."
"So lucky," the hero muttered.
"I wish you'd understand. The longer you were going to stay in the League, the harder it would've been for you to get out. I did you a favor."
"I never asked you to."
"Oh, but you did." The villain leaned in, eyes narrowing as they stared into the hero's dark pupils. "You did. Every time I saved your sorry ass from Superhero learning about how strong your powers really were. Every camera footage I deleted, every move I covered, every breakdown I helped you through. You knew what they would do to you. How controlling the League was."
The hero didn't blink. "They're just trying to protect everyone," they countered.
"Are they?" The villain cocked a taunting eyebrow, their mouth twisting into a vicious sneer. "Is that why you never told them about your shadows? The telekinesis part, sure. Small immaterial tentacles, who cares, right? But the rest of it?" They clicked their tongue. "No. Because you know they would've locked you up and picked you apart to make sure you wouldn't hurt anybody."
This time they couldn't help but flinch.
They had seen it done. The League locking people away in their underground labs, experimenting, never letting the subjects see the light of day again.
They had tried to ignore it. Tried to make it make sense in their mind. It was for the good of the population. Superhero knew what they were doing.
"My friends wouldn't let that happen to me."
"Are you friends aware of everything regarding your powers? Or did you leave them in the dark, too?"
The pun was spiteful. The hero's silence stretched around them for long seconds before they turned away with a clang of the restraints.
The villain straightened slowly, keeping their gaze focused on the hero. "Something to think about." They pushed with their palms over their thighs and stood up with a sharp sigh. "I have business to attend to, I'll be back in a few hours. Eat something, okay? For your own sake. You look like you're about to pass out."
Though they did feel faint, the hero waited a long moment after the villain had left to finally take a bite out of the apple.
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thepenultimateword · 2 days ago
Short Prompt #88
Villain threw their head back against the couch with an exasperated sigh, wincing as their muscles twinged with pain. “Fine.” They patted the space beside them. “You can come up and cuddle… But I’m still mad you!”
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Short Prompt #1041
“I need you to take things seriously for once,” The villain said, holding the hero by the shoulders. “Just because you can’t die doesn’t mean you can fuck up this mission for the rest of us.”
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gingerly-writing · a day ago
Prompt #3282
"Oh," said the supervillain. Quietly. Too quietly. "I see. Kissing me was just a distraction."
"No! Well, yes, but...it's not like that!"
"Oh? So explain how it is. Quickly."
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defectivehero · 13 hours ago
cw: this piece contains explicit romance elements [not nsfw though]. I'm putting a warning here cause I don’t typically write these kinds of pieces. I got inspo, somehow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  not gonna question it.
“Well, this is unexpected,” the villain remarks, staring at the hero’s back. Their enemy immediately swivels around, a grimace on their face. The villain takes a moment to take in the scene before them. There’s a body on the ground and blood slowly seeping into the cracks of the pavement. The hero stands over the body ominously. The villain’s eyebrows furrow as they notice the bloodied knife in their enemy’s hand. 
“Oh, hey,” the hero says casually, as if they're not holding a blood-soaked weapon with bloodstained hands. They stare at the villain, uncharacteristically silent. It doesn’t take long for the villain to connect the dots. 
“Did you...?” They feel the need to ask, even though they already know the answer. They dig their heel into the pavement, feeling a sudden need to establish an anchor to reality. The villain has seen similar scenes in their dreams, but never in reality...
“Yeah,” the hero admits, staring down at the body with an unreadable expression on their face. There isn’t outright violence in their eyes, per se, but there is a shadowed darkness that hints at their undoing. The villain hesitates to call it an undoing- especially since the hero in front of them seems more calm, collected, and composed than they were before. They look clear-minded and resolved, strangely enough. “Going to do anything about it?”
“Of course not,” the villain huffs, resisting the urge to let out a loud cackle. Why would they be bothered by killing? Hell, they do it all the time. Having a problem with this particular scene would be incredibly hypocritical. “Did you expect me to?”
The hero shakes their head silently. Their focused gaze still doesn’t falter. There’s a brave determination that steels their shoulders and tightens their posture. The villain’s thoughts are running rampant. Their bewilderment must show on their face, because the hero laughs. As they smile, their enemy’s lips part to reveal crimson stained teeth and the villain’s heart sings. 
“There’s blood on your teeth,” they remark dazedly. The hero tilts their head to the side and grins wider. It’s completely unrestrained, feral. The villain feels an unfamiliar feeling stewing in their chest. Their skin prickles. They clench their fists at their sides, feeling the sudden need to grip something. 
“You alright?” the hero asks, evidently noticing the villain’s strange ailment. Of course they noticed. The villain pinches the bridge of their nose, wracking their brain for answers. Do they have food poisoning? Maybe they have the flu or something. No, that’s not possible- they’re always in peak condition. So, what is this feeling? It’s as if their heart is hammering in their chest and they’re nervous, anticipating something- Oh.
“I have never been more attracted to you,” the villain blurts out, because they’ve never quite had an inside voice. They wait for the hero to scowl in disgust, for that pretty, malicious smile to slip right off their face. A few seconds pass and nothing of the sort occurs. The hero's shoulders shake and the villain realizes that they’re laughing. 
“Want to do something about it, then?” The hero says, crossing their arms over their chest. The villain stares at them for a long moment. Did they just hear what they think they heard? They look to the hero’s posture and expression for cues, but there’s... nothing. The villain blinks at them. The wind rustles their clothes and the occasional honk sounds from afar, but there’s silence in the side street where they’re standing. Their enemy shoves their hands in their pockets casually. The gesture almost looks inviting- as if they’re challenging them to do something. 
When this comprehension dawns on them, the villain finds themselves surging forward before they can quite control themselves. Their hands twitch to grab at the hero’s shoulders, wrists, anywhere within reach. They resist the visceral urge to touch and stand at a distance far too small to be considered appropriate.
“You’re going to regret saying that,” the villain murmurs, their eyes catching on a small gash on the hero’s cheek. They reach a hand out and touch it. The hero lets out a shuddering breath and the villain knows the unfamiliar feeling roaring inside them is only growing. 
“Am I?” The hero asks genuinely, raising an eyebrow. The villain takes a moment to contemplate that statement. Sure to their word, the hero remains stock-still and relaxed despite their proximity. They stare at each other. Time almost seems to freeze. The villain brings a hand to the nape of their enemy, rival, something’s neck and yanks them forward. Their lips meet. The hero’s knife clatters to the ground, as their hands scramble for purchase until they fall to rest on their enemy’s hips. The villain’s fingers clench in the other’s collar, tightly enough to draw a startled hiss from their lips. 
When they later break apart, the villain’s mouth is overrun with a coppery metallic taste. They wipe at their lips, somewhat pleased to find more blood. Their heart is racing out of their chest and adrenaline is coursing through them, but it’s not an unwelcome feeling. 
“You’re crazy,” the hero laughs, having watched them wipe the blood from their mouth. The villain feels an immense satisfaction at seeing the crimson stains that mar their skin. 
“We both are,” the villain acquiesces. They extend a hand for the hero. For a painful time, the hero doesn’t move. They stare at their open palm as if it’s a great mystery. Just as the villain is about to retract the offer, the hero’s hand clasps theirs. Their hands intertwined, the pair walks out of the side street and onto the main path. 
©2022, @defectivehero All Rights Reserved. 
endnotes below!
me: i hate pieces with romantic subtext so much, they make me want to vomit. also me: *writes this*
sorry i haven’t posting very often, folks! it’s been kinda hard for me to find motivation to write hero/villain stuff. plus, the semester is starting to wind down and i have written finals to finish too. writer’s block... it happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  nothing you can really do. it’ll pass, i'm sure.
on an unrelated note, i got aa dual destinies and spirit of justice! i finished dual destinies in like two days (...oops) and it is fucking AMAZING. blackquill is my spirit animal tbh. apollo is so transmasc and autistic that i want to cry tears of joy whenever i see him. anddd athena is a badass. anYway...
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faeruine · 2 days ago
Snippet IV [Part I]
tw: mentions/descriptions of blood, gunshots, mentions of knives
The villain huffed in annoyance, trudging through the snow. As a creature of fire, they didn’t entirely apprecaite the beauty of the scene before them — bright streetlights, saving the villaing from complete darkness, lighting up the streets between the houses, snow falling gently from the swirling masses of gray clouds, covering the town in thick, white sheets that almost glowed from the lights lining the streets. “No two snowflakes are alike, my ass,” the villain grumbled, walking faster as they pulled their jacket tighter around them. “They’re all united in their mission to destroy my day.”
The villain heard a soft click behind them, instincively whirling around and moving to unsheath a knife. They squinted between the houses, trying to place where the sound had come from, but seeing nothing. The only sound now was the music and uproarious laughter that could be heard from one of the nearby houses. They sighed, turning back around and continuing their walk home, full of loathing and self-pity. They stopped to glare at the house with the music, muttering a colourful string of profound obscenities at it, as if it would make it stop when they heard the click of the gun.
And the gunshot.
The world around them blurred as they fell to their knees, dark blood seeping from their chest, soaking their jacket, and dripping onto the snow. As if their day wasn’t bad enough already.
They muttered a string of incoherent words as they forced themself back to their feet. There was no way they would be able to make it home without first bleeding out. And there was nowhere they could go — they didn’t have anyone to call nor ask for help. Of course, there was hero but—
The villain shook their head, dismissing the idea immediately. The whole idea in itself was utterly preposterous, ridiculous, nonsensical. Why had they ever even considered it? It made no sense whatsoever. They were a criminal — they couldn’t go to a hero of all people for help. But what other choice did they have?
The villain cursed, turning back around, and dragging themself slowly along the block. The world grew blurrier around them, as they reached the hero’s door. They raised a shaky hand, knocking feebly on the door.
The villain hissed in pain as they knocked harder, silently begging the hero to answer. What felt like and eternity later, the door cracked open to reveal the hero tiredly rubbing their face, before they registered who was there, their eyes widening in shock. “Villain? It’s three in the morning, what are you—” they started, confusion evident in their voice. ”Didn’t have anywhere else to go,” the villain said faintly.
The hero stared blankly at the villain a moment, before they collapsed in front of them, dark scarlet blood seeping draining into the pristine white snow.
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puddleslimewrites · 19 hours ago
Tradition (Snippet #4)
"Come on, it'll be fun! And it's tradition."
"It's tradition to invite your nemesis to your family dinner?" Villain gave the hero a skeptical look.
Hero laughed a little. "Yeah. It's weird, I know, but pleeeease?"
Villain heaved a heavy sigh and Hero knew they had won.
"Villain, come on-"
"It's not that bad." No matter what Hero said, Villain refused to reenter the dining room.
"Your grandparents are Superhero and Supervillain. How does that even work?"
Hero chuckled and rubbed their arm awkwardly. "Supervillain's my step-grandparent, actually-"
"You say that like that makes this better," Villain deadpanned.
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kaiwewi · 19 hours ago
Oooooooo part three of choice misfits please?
Choice Misfits #3
[Masterlist: Choice Misfits] [Part 1] [Part 2]
Synopsis: Sidekick wants Former Villain to be their mentor. Superhero and Hero try their best to change the kid's mind.
Former Villain coughed and sputtered, half-choking on the remnants of the gummy worm they’d been chewing. About a dozen other gummy worms tumbled from their hand and dropped onto the table.
Wheezing, they gaped at Sidekick. “You … what?”
There was no way Sidekick had actually said—
“I want you,” the kid repeated, “to be my mentor.”
Yeah, no. Ridiculous. Outrageous. They must have misheard that, again, somehow. Clearly, no upcoming hero would ever want a former villain as their mentor. Sidekick didn’t even like them. There was no way the kid would ever want them as their mentor.
Besides, the other heroes would never allow it.
Oh. It was a prank, wasn’t it? It had to be. And the whole team was in on it. They’d all start laughing, any moment now.
“Okay, yeah, funny.” They forced a chuckle. “Good prank. Almost fell for it.”
Superhero also started chuckling, reluctantly followed by a bunch of other heroes. No one seemed genuinely amused though, and the blatantly artificial laughter died a couple seconds later when Sidekick’s expression remained serious.
The kid patiently cocked their head to the side and crossed their arms.
Ah, fuck.
Superhero’s interview-ready smile returned full-force. The twitching muscle in her cheek only made it look even more fake than usually. “Sidekick, could we talk for a moment?” When the kid didn’t move, she added, “In private?”
“Why can’t we talk here?”
She stared the kid down, to no effect, then dropped the smile. “All right. Fine. I’d like you to reconsider.”
“Former Villain can’t be your mentor.”
Exactly! Not gonna happen. It was ludicrous. They couldn’t mentor some kid, and most definitely not this brat.
“Why not?” Sidekick asked and now they were the one smiling rather sweetly. “You said I could pick any member of the team.”
“Well, yes, but—”
“Are they not part of the team?”
“They- yes, of course they are, but—”
“But you don’t trust them.”
“I did not say that. I—”
“You said everyone on the team is like family. Was that a lie? Or is this the kind of family where you can’t trust each other and exclude everyone you don’t like? – Because that’s not the kind of team I want to be a part of.”
Silence. Superhero seemed at a complete loss for words.
Hah, wow. Sidekick had destroyed her.
Someone should take a picture; that face she was pulling should be a meme: Superhero.exe has stopped working …
Hero neatly took over then, with another bullshit excuse. “Kiddo, it’s not that we don’t trust Former Villain. They simply aren’t qualified to mentor, yet. They’re still new. They’ve only joined 13 months ago. You'll have to pick someone else.”
Sidekick’s eyes fixed on him like a cat’s would on a fat rat. “Someone like Other Hero? When did she join the team again?”
About 11 months ago.
Damn, the kid was good …
Under other circumstances, watching Hero and Superhero losing an argument against a teenager would have been a moment to savour. If only Sidekick wasn’t so keen on becoming the next bothersome chore on their already tight schedule.
Hero nodded. “True, Other Hero is new here too. But the time on the team is irrelevant. She has worked on another team before and already has leadership experience.”
“I see,” the kid said, and for a moment everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But the smile on their face didn’t falter. “Then Former Villain should make a great mentor. They used to lead a group—”
“A crime ring. That's not the same thing. I’d hardly call leading a small criminal organisation valuable life experience.”
Okay, rude. They shot Hero a dark look.
“I was an excellent team leader,” they grumbled, “and you know it.”
And why the hell were they backing the kid up?! – This wasn’t the time to pick a fight with Hero. They should be on his side! But their erstwhile nemesis (now least favourite co-worker) was practically fuming, which, admittedly, made for a way too satisfying sight.
Urgh, they should get their stupid priorities straight ...
“Shush,” Hero hissed. “You’re not helping.”
“Because you’re discrediting me.”
“I’m only trying to keep kiddo over here” – he thrust a thumb in Sidekick’s general direction – “from making a huge mistake.”
“Oh? A mistake, am I?”
“Yes. The worst mistake anyone could make. Ever. So please shut up and let me handle this.”
Superhero stepped between the two of them. “No, you’ll both shut up.” She heaved a long-suffering sigh, then addressed Sidekick again. “Why does it have to be Former Villain? Why not pick Hero? He also has 2 powers. He’s even got another trainee you could team up with. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”
Sidekick walked past her and Hero, strolled over, and snatched the discarded bag of gummy worms from their table.
“No, it does not sound like fun,” the kid said, mouth half full with stolen candy. “I want a mentor of my own. Hero has a sidekick already. You have a sidekick already. Former Villain has free time, experience, and 2 powers.”
They scoffed. Free time? Yeah, right. Lately, their schedule hardly afforded them the odd extra hours they needed to pursue their hobbies.
Superhero hummed. “I’m sure arrangements could be made with the other trainees—”
“So, you'd drop your other sidekick for me? Then how can I trust that you won’t replace me, too, the second a more promising recruit turns up?”
“That’s highly unlikely.”
“Because of my powers. Yeah. That’s why you want me to join, why any team would take me in.”
Superhero squared her shoulders. “Our team has an exceptional record. Our program has the highest success rates in the region, and—”
“Any team would take me in,” Sidekick repeated, sneering. “Apparently, having multiple powers outweighs any other aspect of a person’s identity or history.” The kid darted a quick glance their way, a little less scathing. “Even when the person used to be a villain.”
Bull’s eye!
How was the kid this astute? Part of them wanted to cheer and applaud. Their powers truly had been the main reason the Agency had given them a chance in the first place. It seemed even a former villain was more potential asset than risk if they came with two powers.
“Here’s the deal,” Sidekick said, and didn’t appear at all intimidated by the scowls on the heroes’ faces. “I will not reconsider. I want Former Villain. If I can’t have them, I’m leaving. Your choice.”
For my other stories, visit my [MASTERLIST] ♥
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