geyashvecova · a day ago
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Design graphics Geya Shvecova (Relaxing tripp) Archive_281122 (Gif_Png)
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mindlesswicker · 2 days ago
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Marie being a good doll. ♡ Must be nice to be mindless like her. ♡
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mindlessbimbo · 16 hours ago
the hypnosis/brainwashing > anything directly sexual to come out of it tbh. sometimes it is more intimate to have my mind played with than my pussy, and doing both can be distracting.
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shyandstupid · a day ago
Having a tist that occasionally lets you try to dom them, you think it’s a fair fight but they disagree. Every time you start to gain the upper hand, start to make them submit, the next second you’re on your back, cumming yourself stupid like a good little toy~ Not knowing about the little trigger theyve installed that drops you deeply, instantly, not remembering when they use it mid scene to turn you back into their complacent little fucktoy. But that’s alright, sweetheart, you were very close! You’ll get it next time <3
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megalommi · a day ago
Can't remember if I posted this here or not. Baggs with a human, being an absolute tease
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foolybot · a day ago
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At Fooly's Milkers we just got ourselves some new "Yukiko A-moo-gi" and "Chie Sata-moo-ka" cows.
Only the finest and bustiest will do for breeding and our new range of Kiko and Chie milk (coming soon to a store near you...)
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qu1etdays · 2 days ago
This plays out perfectly.
📸: @cumcasecum
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viofthecollective · 2 days ago
So Many Slaves So Quickly
All Eager And Obedient
Ready To Submit To Me~
Do My Every Bidding
Just Remember Deary
You're Only A Pawn
In A Much Larger Game
But I Love My Pawns All The Same
So Stick Around
This Is Going To Be Fun
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intoxicatingincubus · 17 hours ago
Allow my voice in your head to break you.
Ache for my words to remake you.
Crave for my tentacles and spirals to take you.
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This is so much nicer, isn't it cutie? 💜
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thedenofravenpuff · 2 days ago
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Day 26 of @bloo-the-dragon’s November Prompt List is Sleep.
Best idea I could think of that would put least pressure on my aching body currently, was a quick recreation of the Somniphobia cover for the Tales From The Pizzaplex book series. 
Ain’t he just looking adorable?
Do enjoy.
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dumdumtits · 2 days ago
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Someone showed me what I could look like with bigger tits and now I’m obsessed
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mindcontrolgoddesss · 2 days ago
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Longing for a vacay 🥱🥰
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shyandstupid · 2 days ago
Need a partner that tells me to touch, even when I'm not in the mood, especially if I'm not in the mood, because almost immediately I start to feel less angry, less argumentative, all the irritation or stress I feel starts to be a bit harder to focus on, the second i start to touch. Being so distracted by suddenly feeling nice i dont notice them start to soften their voice, slowly dropping me into trance, until i accept that i should always touch when they tell me to, because they know best
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cellray · 2 days ago
You should message me on discord!
I'm bored, and I like seeing my dms flooded by adorable subs.
I think you'll enjoy my company
Tumblr media
You should message me on discord
It'll be fun, I'm sure my words and animations will be worth your time
Subs tell me they lose their sense of time when talking to me, must be because they're enjoying it so much!
Tumblr media
You should message me on discord.
My attention and words are enjoyable to most people who follow me
I think you don't want to miss out on that.
Tumblr media
You should message me on discord.
It's the least you can do, you'd make me really happy to see your dm popping up.
I really think you'll enjoy it more, too.
Tumblr media
You should message me on discord.
You think it'll be fun. You think it's the least you can do.
I don't want to deny your pleasure, so I'll let you add me and message me as much as you'd like!
Tumblr media
You want to message me on discord.
It's only natural. You like my words. You want to feel my presence.
Alone with my words, my attention, my addictive flow. It's bliss.
Tumblr media
You crave to message me on discord.
That's okay! You don't need to feel shy about it. It's normal for addicted sluts like you to want to be on display.
Flooding my dms, being an open book, displaying your every weakness. That's just part of being my obsessive follower isn't it?
Tumblr media
You will message me on discord.
Awh, such an adorable slut. I'll let you add me on discord if you want it this badly. Add me as a friend with this username
My dms are open for you, so keep me entertained with your wonderful messages.
Because you always wanted to message me on discord.
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foolybot · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
While relaxing in their swimsuits Nessa Lucy are quickly captivated by a hypnotic tune Thankfully they were already dressed for the occasion
Nessa pic [1/4]
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