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Where Intimidation Meets Intimacy
Partially inspired by one of @the-modern-typewriter 's snippets (That I can not find for the life of me! Though hers was much less fluffy lol!)
Villain realizes they overdid the intimidation, causing the hero to have a panic attack. Now villain has to help calm them down. TW: Panic Attacks
Tumblr media
"Alright as-" the villain froze mid-sentence as they opened the heavy door of their interrogation room.
The hero was where the villain had left them, tied to their chair in the center of the room, tables covered in torture tools to either side of them.
They had NOT been mid panic attack when the villan had last left the room a few minutes ago, however.
For a second the villain just stared, completely unsure what to do. Should they... leave? Surely they couldn't just leave the hero like this?
It was there fault, after all. Seems they overdid it on the intimidation tactics...
The truth was that none of the tools in this room had ever been used. The villain had never had the stomach for torture. The worst theyd ever managed was leaving a captive in a room without turning the light off at night so they didnt get much sleep. And sure, that wasnt a *nice* thing to do, they weren't a saint, but leaving captives in an illuminated room with a fully made bed was a far cry from carving them like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween.
The villain clenched their fists. They reached up next to the door, dimming the bright light above the heros head until it was more of a soft glow.
The villain walked over quietly and began unbuckling one of the heros forearms. Their wrists were still strapped down which would prevent them from moving, but the villain hoped less buckles would make them feel a little less trapped.
The heros eyes shot up, a sharp gasp and violent flinch when the villain first touched their skin, like they hadn't even realized the villain was back in the room.
The realization only seemed to make breathing harder as the poor hero began physically shaking.
"Hey- no- that's not- it's okay," the criminal hushed gently, "shhhh, it's alright. I'm not actually gunna hurt you I promise" the villain continued trying to calm them as they undid the other forearm strap and slipped off the one on the heros forehead, along with some other ones, and even loosened whatever straps still remained. Their efforts didn't seem to make much of a difference.
The villain slipped out of the room, returning only a few seconds later with a heavy blanket, which they draped over the heros shoulders and arms, wrapping it around their back and then crossing the ends over their chest.
Then the villain settled themselves down into the heros lap, feeling a pang of guilt at the violent flinch it caused, watching the hero nearly choke on the sharp inhale of breath as they pushed themselves against the back of the chair.
"Shhh," the villain soothed, running their hands up and down their heros upper arms and shoulders gently, "It's okay, I'm not actually going to hurt you... just... try and breath..."
The hero forced their eyes open for a moment to eye the villain warily before pinning their eyes shut once again to try to regain control of their breathing.
The villain used a thumb to wipe away an angry tear that appeared, before their hands glided up behind the heros head, guiding it forward to rest their forehead against the villain's shoulder.
"Deep breaths, just match your breathing to mine.... in and out... there you go... slow and steady... you can do it..." the villain continued, one hand carding through the heros hair while the other soothed down over their shoulder.
"Why- why-" the hero gasped, whimpering slightly, but was cut off.
"Shhh, focus on calming down right now okay?" The villain urged quietly, pressing a kiss to the top of the heros head, who shuddered and nodded against their shoulder. The criminal traced their finger around the hero's ear, cradling their head gently.
The next few minutes passed slowly, with the only noises being the hero's unsteady breathing and the villain's quiet affirmations.
When the hero finally seemed to calm down the villain spoke again.
"Doing better?"
The hero nodded, still slightly shaky, exhaling slowly as they sat up before eyeing the villain warily, "why did you do that?"
"I don't actually want to cause you any pain,"
"Yeah right," they scoffed disbelievingly.
"*I don't*,"
"Says the person with an interrogation room full of torturing tools,"
"Its all for show," the villain shrugged, tucking a loose strand of hair behind the heros ear, stroking their cheek with their thumb to wipe away a residual tear track, "Intimidation and fear works wonders. Pain is rarely affective in getting truthful information,"
The villain nodded, "yeah, look," they started before leaning over from where they were still seated in the heros lap to grab a tray of tools off the nearby counter. The hero immediately tensed at the sight. "Easy," the villain soothed, placing their other hand on the heros chest, "just look,"
Slowly, very slowly, so the hero could track their movements, the villain picked up one of the tools using two fingers, only to set it down a few centimeters from where it had been on the tray, revealing the obvious tool shaped imprint in the dust.
"As I said..." the villain continued when the hero didn't say anything, just staring in disbelief at the tray. They took a deep breath before blowing on the array of tools, causing a plum of dust to fly off, "never been used, not even once,"
The villain leaned over to set the tray back down.
Tumblr media
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You know what, I think all villains have the funkiest socks under their awesome outfits. MINUS the Joker. Megamind? You know he has caterpillar socks. Bill Cipher? School Bus socks :)
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villain gets fed up with hero being a brat and gets very intense ("stop acting like you don't know you're fucking mine) VERY horny (is pancake anon taken? i think so. 🍧🍧🍧 ice cream anon is my title from here on out)
Judgement. Horny.
Tumblr media
Twisted Jealousy
It had been three minutes since the clock hit six. Three minutes and the hero still hadn’t shown up for their daily battle.
Hero was late.
The villain began to tap their foot by the second, increasingly annoyed with the lack of Hero’s arrival as they were forced to sit in silence and watch the minutes tick by.
Four minutes.
Five minutes.
“Hey! Sorry I’m late!” Hero stumbled into the alleyway, straightening out their ruffled hair and suit. Assuming their fighting stance, but Villain made no move to attack nor react to the Hero’s presence.
Villain blinked at their nemesis, watching the confused frown mask their features as they dropped their defence.
“What?” They swung their hands to their sides with a smack against the fabric of their suit. “Are you seriously mad?”
At that, Villain finally stood up, stalking towards their Hero in long strides, barely controlling their anger. It took every muscle in Villains body not to begin interrogating the hero like a concerned mother hen.
That wasn’t their post.
“Where have you been.”
The hero scoffed, sweat beading their forehead and a slight blush visible from under their suit collar.
“What are you? My mom?”
It was Villains turn to scoff as they lifted a hand to tilt Hero’s chin, forcing eye contact as they pulled them in close by their jaw. Analyzing the face of their enemy quickly, slightly redder lips, red tipped ears and their usually cool breath was hot.
Villain grinned, they couldn’t help it. Jealously and rage coiled together in their stomach to create a terrible twisting in their gut.
“Does Other Villain know that you were screaming my name in my bed last night? Or did you leave that little detail out during your… escapade…”
Initially, Hero tried to pull back, shocked and a little bit embarrassed about how well Villain smoothed over their obvious dig against the other. The truth was, Hero had been a little bit jealous lately because of how busy the villain had been.
Some terrible feeling of Villain finding someone new, someone better.
So, the hero had resorted to trying to make them pay. Kissing Other Villain in the heat of battle and showing up late on purpose was supposed to rattle Villain.
Seemingly, it did no such thing.
“Oh please,” Hero set their jaw, forcing their eyes to meet Villains. “Why would it matter to you? You’re always busy anyways.”
The villain smiled, their anger slipping through their teeth. “Stop acting like you don’t know you’re fucking mine.” They didn’t yell to show their rage, they didn’t have to. Villain mastered the art of keeping their collected front before their fire.
Hero crooked one brow, “You don’t have anything to prove that.” Matching Villains cool tone they continued, “No brand, no seal, no mark. Nothing shows that I’m yours and yours only.”
Villain leaned in even closer, moving their lips to Hero’s jawline. “Then let’s change that, shall we?”
The criminal latched their lips onto Hero’s jaw, kissing sloppily and slowly down towards their neck. Only leaving light bruises along their face, but sucking harshly otherwise.
Hero moaned, wrapping their arms around the other and pulling them close. Loving and losing themselves in the way Villains teeth scraped softly against their skin.
“You’re mine, Hero. The next person to lay a hand on you will find their head on a podium, got that?”
The crime-stopper moaned louder in agreement, barely paying attention to anything besides Villain marking them up. They had to admit, they were quite fond of the whole possessive shtick.
Hero let their hands wander a bit, squeezing Villains ass with both hands as they arched their hips towards their enemy, leaning their head all the way back.
“Fuck, you’re such a tease, Hero.” Villain groaned at the pressure from the hero’s hands, turning and pushing them against the alley wall. “I’m going to take you right here, right now and by the time I’m done with you, there won’t be a spot on your body left unmarked by my lips and my touch.”
A shiver of excitement ran up Hero’s spine as they felt the Villains adept hands began to shed their suit and kiss along their collarbone. Sucking and licking over every other bruise.
“Try to keep quiet like a good Hero will you? Don’t want to alert anybody else now do we?”
Hero could only moan in response.
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Protective, worried hero with a lovely, calming villain.
The villain set down the glass of champagne as the hurly-burly around them came to a new high.
“So, you hate parties?” they asked, studying the cute facial expressions of the hero.
“Not particularly,” the hero answered dryly. The villain could tell they were not having a good time. They’d looked like they were about to murder everyone and everything in the next ten seconds the whole evening. The hero could be unpredictable at times. Dangerous. Deadly if they had to.
So, the villain was on edge. They didn’t fear the hero but they knew not to underestimate them. Nor to mistake their protectiveness as a weakness.
“Okay,” the villain said. “Well, you can do whatever you’re doing here and I’m just gonna, you know, concentrate on the mission?”
“Pardon?” the hero said, looking at them with a cold gaze. Dark circles hung under their eyes, affecting their whole mood. Or so it may seemed.
Obviously, the villain knew about the hero’s sleeping problems — they were sharing a bed on this mission, after all. An insomniac who was too ambitious for their own well-being. It was sad, the villain just wanted to help them. The villain just wanted to hug them.
Unfortunately, they didn’t know the hero well enough to do that and to be fair, the villain was still a criminal.
“You’ve been looking pissed all night. We’re supposed to go undercover or did I misunderstand anything?” Of course, the villain had said yes to helping them. The poor hero was basically begging for someone to take work off their shoulders.
“No.” The hero took a sip of their drink slowly, as if they had all night.
“Okay, then I’m gonna have some fun with the target,” the villain said and in the same breath, they stood up.
“No.” Even though the air was more than thick, the word cut right through it, cut right through the space between the hero and the villain.
“Excuse me?”
“Sit down,” the hero said. But then, their voice got softer. “Please.”
“What are you talking about…? This was your idea, you wanted me to accompany you.” Without any force, the hero grabbed their wrist and pulled them onto their lap.
“I reconsidered,” they whispered into the villain’s ear as they pressed their bodies against each other. Probably as red as a tomato, the villain swallowed and tried to remind themselves how to breathe as the hero continued. “This mission has time and you’re too reckless.”
“Oh, are you worried?” the villain asked. They breathed in and out heavily and thus, thankfully, started to relax. Muscles started to relax, their mind started to clear up.
“Yes. Yes, I am. You are reckless. We need time. A plan,” the hero said. Maybe they didn’t realise it, but the villain did feel how they pulled them closer.
“You’re just inventing excuses to have me on your lap.”
“Touché.” The hero’s hand rubbed the villain’s thigh. “I don’t want you to get in trouble.”
“I’ll be okay.” The villain swallowed and wanted to stand up, however, their nemesis pulled them back onto their lap.
“Don’t. I meant it. This is dangerous and you’re not ready to do this.”
“Then why did you ask me?” the villain asked. At first they hesitated, but then, the hero spoke.
“I guess I need you. I don’t wanna be alone…”
“Oh, baby.”
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Thought #156
Hero skipped around the roof. Like they didn't care about their safety. Just... being reckless.
"What are you doing?" Villain said slinking out from the shadows.
"Nothing." Hero sang.
Villain tilted their head. Something was wrong. That sounded sad.
"Hero please come down here. I would like to talk to you." Villain motioned to the ground next to them.
"Why don't you come up here? The city is so pretty from up here."
"It's dangerous up there."
Hero changed from skipping to walking. "Can't you fly?"
"Yes. But you can't. Please come down. I'm worried about you. What's wrong?"
Hero sat at the edge of the roof with a huff. "Nothing you don't already know about."
Villain sighed and flew up until they were right in front of Hero. They looked Hero up and down. Hero had tear tracks running down their face and their eyes were puffy and red.
"Is this all because I stole the diamond from CEO?" Villain said sitting next to Hero.
"No." Hero said sharply getting to their feet. "It's about what you and your group did to my base. My team." Hero's voice cracked and they collapsed.
Villain jumped to their feet. "What happened? I don't know about any plan to attack your base. I was... too busy... stealing..." Villain's voice trailed off.
Hero screamed and clutched at their hair. "My team is in Supervillain's clutches because of you. They said you had ratted us out. I can't believe I trusted you. Loved you."
Villain knelt next to Hero. "I promise I never told them anything. You had sworn me to secrecy and I keep my promises. They must have found out some other way."
Hero looked up at them with tears streaming down their face.
Villain wrapped them in a hug. "I will get your team back. I promise. You can trust me. I will prove it to you."
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Short Prompt #43
“If you’re going teach your kid to pickpocket, maybe tell them to skip the guys with badges,” the hero said, tapping the sun emblem pinned to their uniform. With their other hand, they gripped a handful of the whimpering child’s hair.
“Take your hands off them before I smash you into hero paste!” Villain shouted, barely holding themself back from lunging across the gap and tackling the dogooder to the pavement. Hero could probably flick out that blade on their hip faster than Villain could cross the street.
They felt the tension at their back as Supervillain paced back and forth behind them, lip curled, steps deliberate, like a snarling animal in a cage.
Hero raised their brow. “No need for violence. I’m sure we can talk this out to benefit all of us. The kid might even make a good sidekick.”
“Give our baby back!” Supervillain roared suddenly, lurching into an aggressive step forward that made Hero touch the handle of their knife.
“Your baby?” Hero sneered, curling their fingers tighter around Child’s messy locks. Tears dripped off Child’s lashes and streamed down their cheeks, but they did a remarkably good job keeping the the brunt of their panic within. “Don’t play the innocents. Your baby is a villain. And whose fault do you think that is?”
Got villain families on the brain
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*weird laugh thing* Looks life ı have a weird thing for villians who love kidnapping~ Anyway, part 3 was amazing! Hope you can do part 4 for "A Bird In The Hand" <33
Don't worry lol. This is tumblr, we’re all into weird shit
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
A Bird in the Hand, Part 4
The civilian stared at the destruction on screen, and almost cut themself chopping vegetables.
Another office building had gone down today. There’d been an evacuation warning this time, but there were still three dead and dozens injured.
Then the villain’s face appeared on the TV. The civilian looked away, but they could still hear the villain’s cold iron voice.
“I trust that in time, [Hero], you will give me what I want.”
A shiver ran up the civilian’s spine.
The hero arrived not long after, with unfocused eyes and rubble dust in their hair. The civilian welcomed them home, and told them to wash up for dinner. But instead, the hero stood in the entryway, glaring at the screen. “Why is this on?”
The civilian followed their gaze. The news was showing a montage of photos – some of the villain, some of the wreckage – while the anchor interviewed an expert.
The hero snatched the remote and shut off the TV. “I don’t want to even think about that fucker.”
Why don’t you give yourself up? the civilian thought.
Then they stopped dead, and wanted to slap themself. What a horrible thought. A traitorous thought. Nothing should have terrified them more than the mental image of their partner in danger.
But how many people had died now? How long would it be before the civilian’s friends and family were among the casualties? The villain had never actually said they wanted the hero, but everyone could read between the lines. With every day that the hero prolonged things, more people got hurt.
And it’s not like the hero would actually be in danger. Even at their weakest, they were leagues stronger than the villain.
So why?
But the civilian looked at the hero’s exhausted stance, and they held their tongue.
“Do you think you could tell me about your day?” The hero sat at the table, put their face in their hands. “I need to focus on something else, for a bit.”
Talking always soothed the hero. So the civilian stuffed down their questions, and spoke.
After dinner, the hero placed a box on the table. “I got something for you.”
Inside were a row of cerulean blue darts.
The civilian’s mouth went dry. “These are . . .”
The darts were one of the hero’s inventions. Sleek, precise, poisoned. Lethal as gunshot, silent as air.
“Just, keep a few around the house,” the hero said. “Please. To protect yourself.”
The civilian met their eyes. “If [Villain] decides to drop a bomb on this place, a dart isn’t going to stop them.”
“[Villain] isn’t going to do that,” the hero said. The civilian wanted to ask how they were so sure, but the hero continued. “Just promise you’ll keep the darts. And try to not go out too often, at least for a little while. I worry so much about you.”
The civilian softened. “Sure,” they said. They took the hero’s hand. “I promise to stay safe.”
“So, what do you say?” the villain asked, a glint in their eyes.
The civilian resisted the urge to glance away. “I hadn’t thought you actually meant singing.”
The villain’s drawing room was elegant, and hemmed by large glass windows, blackened by night. Hell roared in the fireplace.
The civilian sat on a plush leather couch, their legs propped up on a pillow. Their wheelchair, a new gift from the villain, was parked within reach.
“I’m not a good singer,” the civilian tried.
The villain smiled. “It will nevertheless be breathtaking.”
“Does it have to be this song?” 
They held the lyrics to ‘Fly me to the Moon’ in their hands.
“I’d like that one, but no. You can sing anything you’d like.”
The civilian looked back and forth between the paper and the villain. They wished there was someone else here who could confirm that this was, in fact, insane.
But at least there were no knives in the vicinity.
The civilian sighed. “Do you have any Fleetwood Mac?”
And so, as the hours stretched on, the civilian sang. Dolly Parton. Gorillaz. Elton John. Mitski.
The villain rested in their chair, head back, eyes closed. They looked as though they were tasting heaven.
Eventually, the civilian needed a break. They weren’t sure whether or not to thank the villain when they were handed a glass of water.
In the end, they did. Better courteous than sorry.
“Any time, darling,” the villain said. They got up, and started to massage the civilian’s shoulders. “It’s nothing, considering how you’ve already made me the luckiest person alive.”
The civilian tried not to tense too noticeably beneath their touch. “I think I know why you’re doing this.”
“Yes? And why is that?”
“[Hero] has been your enemy for years now. They’ve stolen victory from you. Again and again. So you want to . . . want to possess what’s theirs.”
It was painful to talk about themself in this way.
“Interesting theory,” the villain said, fingers working into the civilian’s muscles. “But once again, you’re completely wrong.”
The civilian swallowed. “I am?”
The villain knelt down, and wrapped their arms around the civilian’s chest, placed their chin on their shoulder. Their breath tickled the civilian’s skin. “It is laughable, love, to think that you were ever theirs.”
The civilian closed their eyes. “I misspoke. I’m sorry.”
“You mention [Hero] a lot,” the villain observed. Their hands spidered up the civilian’s throat. “I hate the sound of their name on your tongue.”
“Say my name.”
The civilian blinked. Was the villain serious?
A slow, steadying breath. “[Villain].”
The villain held them, and savoured.
Suddenly, a security alarm began to ring.
The civilian froze, but the villain sprang into action. They lifted the civilian into their wheelchair. Tightened the straps restraining their arms.
The civilian’s mind whirled.
Could it really be the hero?
“Don’t look so hopeful, love,” the villain said, pushing them forward. “You will never be taken from me again.”
Wait. The civilian stiffened. What the hell did the villain mean by “again”?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Scarlet Witch
I don't often get commissions to draw characters I actually would draw XD but here's one I did for blatay09 ! With his permission, I put as a keychain on my shops! Ko-fi here: https://ko-fi.com/s/aba21c9b6a and Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1143426485/preorder-marvel-keychains
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Tumblr media
DC characters - The Joker
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Flashback: Ethan Douglas in high school
Behind the Masks MASTERLIST (In case you missed the Lore: Ethan Douglas was once Villain's name.) CWs: none!
Taglist: @pumpkin-spice-whump @octopus-reactivated @fanastyfinder @whumpy-arts-and-crafts @arsonfrogger @burtlederp @harri-00 @akito-fuckn-fear @potatoo-angst @sunflower1000
Miss Jones looked dumbfounded at her brightest student. The dark-haired teen stared up at her, a slight smile on his cheeky face. Like it was the most normal thing to show up on her doorstep.
“Hi, miss J! Is now a bad time?”
The teacher opened her front door a bit more, a frown on her face.
“I don’t know Ethan, do you think there’s a right time for a student to show up at my door?” She scanned the hall of the apartment complex. “By himself. Do your parents know you’re even here?”
At that, the boy shrugged.
“It’s for a good cause, I came to apologize. And, well..” his pale eyes dropped down. “..I am still expelled, so I figured I’d do it here.” The most recent trouble still showed on him, in both his guilty face and broken arm. It's a miracle he didn't get more hurt.
Miss Jones sighed.
“You know I can’t change the director’s decision; you’re not to go back to school until the matter is settled. You made a right mess, Ethan.”
The boy’s jaw set in defensive apology.
“It really truly was an accident! I promise! I just wanted to test what would happen, that’s all.”
“Yes, well,” Miss Jones said dryly, “the explosive exploded, that’s what happened. It was literally groundbreaking research, buddy.”
She regretted her tone slightly, but it did hurt to think she wouldn’t be able to teach chem lab for a while. Lord knew the school didn’t get the funding for anything decent, so she’d have to buy it herself. Again.
She did believe it was an accident. Hers was probably the only classroom Ethan didn’t want to blow up. He was bright, almost too smart for his own good. She had heard many an exasperated rant from other teachers in the classroom, about how the worst wasn’t his trouble making or lack of respect. It was the fact they couldn’t even punish him with low grades. Yet, where other teachers were annoyed, miss Jones was the only to actually try and reach him. She held a revolutionary approach in how she treated the kids in her class: like actual human beings. Once Ethan realized she not only tolerated his questioning, but encouraged it, he thrived in her class. And because he didn’t feel talked down to, she had turned into probably the first authority figure he genuinely respected.
She gave him a tiny smile.
“Look, I’ll pull whatever strings I can, okay? Go home before your parents find out.”
“Oh wait, no, I wanted to apologize properly.” Ethan swung his backpack off his shoulders and rummaged through it. He sounded excited. “Look, see, I made it right!”
He stood back up, holding in his hand a thick wad of cash.
Miss Jones blinked.
Ethan beamed at her.
She opened her mouth to respond, couldn’t think of anything to say, and closed it again.
Ethan grinned. “You’re welcome!”
Miss Jones took a deep breath and finally found her voice again.
“Where.. did you get that?”
The kid shrugged. “Don’t worry, it’s mine.”
She squinted. “…..Was it always yours?”
The teen mused: “Mister Clark from Economy says money is always in circulation. So, really, does anyone “own” it? If you think about it?”
“Ethan!” she took the money, trying to calculate how much it must be. Good grief, so much of it was 100 dollar bills. There's no way a 15 year old earned this within a few weeks, especially one from a neighbourhood like this.
“Be honest with me. Did you steal this?”
“I didn’t!” Ethan argued. “I just sold some items. But they were all ethically sourced, miss.”
Miss Jones could feel her hair getting grayer with every second.
“You’re expelled. They’re seriously debating kicking you out for deviant behaviour, and your solution is to show up with stolen money?”
“The money isn’t stolen!” Ethan blustered. “I earned it through a wholly legal transaction!”
“Pawning stolen items is still illegal!”
“Is it?” Ethan blinked, briefly caught off guard. “Oh. Well, then I should probably shut up.”
He picked up his bag. “I’m sorry if I made you angry. But I promise I didn’t take anything from anyone who needs it. And you need that money, to teach.”
He hesitated, and for a second, he truly looked like a teen who realized he’s in trouble.
“If you want, I can donate it to a charity or something? But I really wanted you to have it. I worked hard for it.”
This kid… Miss Jones leaned on the doorpost, gears turning and clicking in her head. She thumbed through the impressive stack.
“Okay…” she said slowly. “You’re going to head home, and you’ll make sure this money ends up in a good place. Donate it to charity, or give it back to the people you took it from, if possible.”
“I didn’t steal the-“ Ethan started again.
“Yes, I know, but it’s acquired through stolen goods. That’s the same thing. So I can’t accept this.”
She moved to give the money back, but then paused. Quickly, before she could think twice, she skimmed a couple of bills off the top. Just to take the edge off.
“This conversation never happened,” she urged the young man, who saluted her cheerfully.
“I’ve already forgotten who you are!” he joked.
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evilbuildingsblog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I am currently working construction at a new Amazon fulfillment center (650,000 sq ft). This is the fourth of fifth floor. That is fog in the background.
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creweemmaeec11 · a day ago
Pain Relief
Tumblr media
"Are you okay?" The hero asked in concern, watching their lover wince slightly as they sat down in bed.
"I'm fine," the villain dismissed, but the hero knew them too well; they could hear the strain in their voice. The way they spoke without taking a full breath.
"What's wrong?" They questioned, completely ignoring the previous response as they closed the closet door and took a few steps forward.
The villain tensed slightly, but whether from pain or the fact of being caught lying, they weren't sure. "Nothing! Really hun, I'm fine-"
"You're hurt," the hero stated more than asked, noticing how one of the villain's hands was cradling their side slightly, "why are you lying to me?"
The villain let out a conceding sigh, shoulders deflating.
"It's just not a big deal; I didn't want to worry you, is all,"
"I'm more worried you won't just tell me the truth,"
The villain sighed again, fingers raking through their hair, watching as the hero moved closer, slowly climbing onto the other side of the bed. They approached as if rounding on a wounded animal, slow and trackable- unthreatening.
"I just ran into one of my old colleagues earlier; we aren't exactly on good terms. We got in a fight- which I won, by the way- but that doesn't mean he didn't get a good hit or two in,"
The hero climbed onto the villain's lap gently, hand resting on their chest as they gently pushed them back to lay down against the pillows. They looked down at them with terribly soft and knowing eyes, eyes that made the villain feel so many emotions. They felt completely exposed under that gaze.
"I know you've dealt with being in a lot of pain in the past, but don't suffer in silence when relief for the pain is standing right in front of you,"
They made it sound as though they were hurting due to the villain's injuries. They sounded desperate, pleading. To sound as such on someone else's behalf, on their behalf, made the villain's heart do flips.
The criminal could also feel the warmth around the hero's hand, not normal body heat, but the warm tingling of their healing magic. Yet, it didn't spread; it just hovered, as if waiting for permission.
The villain smiled softly, head thunking back onto the pillow in defeat, "That's not fair; I can never say no to your puppy eyes,"
The hero on top of them smiled back, eyes shining, "desperate times,"
Slowly, the warmth of the healing magic spread, tingling slightly across their torso making goose bumps rise across their skin. They could feel the pain in their muscles melt away. Moments later, their injuries were healed.
Their relief was near palpable. The villain had been numb to just how much pain they'd been in until it was suddenly gone. Their entire body relaxed, muscles aching from being tensed for so long. They sighed again for the hundredth time that night, looking up at the hero through half-lidded eyes, a soft smile on their lips, "thank you,"
The hero didn't respond verbally and instead opted to lean down and kiss the villain's forehead gently. They could practically feel the villain melt underneath them.
"Next time your hurt," the hero whispered once they pulled away, "please tell me, there's no reason for you to continue in pain when I'm right here,"
"I know..." the villain conceded quietly, sleep hitting them like a truck, "I'm sorry..."
The hero giggled slightly under their breath, "I forgot how sleepy my powers make you," they teased; they always seemed to forget about the sedative-like side effect of their abilities, "don't be sorry, just go to sleep,"
"Lay down with me?" The criminal asked meekly.
Tumblr media
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gender-luster · 8 months ago
"he's evil" no he's not. he's just my lil man. ok, maybe a little, but he's still just my funky lil man. "he's killed people" okay, and?? he's just quirky that's all. but he's also got great style, and i think he'd give really good hugs :)
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epiclamer · 2 days ago
for the horny jail asks, how about villain’s first time?
maybe a wholesome n sweet horny?
Whatever you may wish for…
Cw: smutty
@save-the-villainous-cat you know it babes ;)
Tumblr media
One in Charge
The kiss only deepened as the night went on. Some stupid honour party for one of the older superheroes winding up some off-chance make out for the real hero themselves.
“Fuck- Villain…” Hero moaned, gently tilting the others head back to allow their tongue to explore the criminal’s mouth.
Villain could only hum in agreement, letting Hero’s hands slowly whisk their clothes away one by one onto the guest room floor. Feeling the way the mattress beneath them moved against the pressure of their bodies, Hero’s knees planted firmly by Villains hips, causing them to sink slightly.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this…” Hero sighed, pulling away from the kiss gently to shed their jacket on the floor.
Villain smiled, “If you ask me, you should’ve been the one on the podium. Not that other wimp…” Hero chuckled and their eyes gleamed when they met Villains once more. “You’d have to be a real teachers pet to get some medal of honour.”
The hero shook their head, finally shedding their shirt and trapping the villain between the bed and their lips in a longer, softer embrace.
“You have no idea, babe.”
“Mmmm, explains why they’re not married…” Villain gleamed as they wrapped their arms and legs around their lover, pulling them even closer and lingering in another kiss.
Hero smiled into the kiss, hands finally serving up the strength to begin their search for more under Villains final layer of fabric. Trying not to be too hasty, they slowly made their way under the waistband to Villains underwear.
The criminals eyes shot up, a little shocked at the coolness of Hero’s hands and a little nervous for what was to come.
Hero, having sensed the tense in Villains body and the slight stutter in their kiss, they pulled their hand away. Hero knew this was Villains first time, they knew they were nervous and they knew that Villain suffered from a terrible case of performance issues which couldn’t have helped the stress of the situation.
If Villain wasn’t ready, then Hero wasn’t going to push it. End of story.
“‘M sorry…” Hero whispered into their kiss, but Villain gently bit their lip to stop them, palming the hero’s crotch through their underwear.
The hero groaned, mumbling some sort of plea under their breath. Villain had teased them mercilessly before—Hero never wanting to instigate a good time didn’t stop Villain from pushing them to their limits.
“Don’t apologize, love.” Villains soft stroking turned harsh as they grabbed and squeezed between Hero’s thighs.
Hero shook, barely able to keep their composure and not just take Villain right then and there.
They needed the villain.
Every part of Villain infiltrated Hero’s senses and it made them crazy, the need that pumped through their veins was intoxicating and the hands on their body made them weak.
“I’m ready, Hero.”
The one in question blinked, the haze of lust clouding their eyes momentarily cleared.
They shook their head, trying to focus on their words with the distraction of the hand gently rubbing against them. “A-Are you serious???”
Villain grinned lazily at their flustered lover. “Yes baby. Now c’mere before I change my mind and flip us over.”
And without further ado, Hero’s hands were skillfully placed on the villains body, well enough to keep the pair up all night.
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save-the-villainous-cat · 9 hours ago
Hello, I really like your hero x villain writing and it's so entertaining scrolling through the tags and reading them! (Hope this doesn't come out as creepy omg ;-;")
If I can give a request... What about a villain who noticed poison in the oblivious hero's food/drink, then trade their meals, knowing fully well that villain will be the one who get sick? Thank you in advance!
“You,” the hero hissed, looking daggers at the villain without mercy.
“Me?” the villain didn’t even bother looking up from their newspaper, instead, they just continued to stare with the utmost boredom at their newspaper. They’d made it to the front page. Not really impressive, not really worth anything, at least of all their attention.
“You have held me captive for over a week now,” the hero said, their frown honest, their body language determined.
“A week? God, feels like a lifetime…” The villain seemed totally relaxed in this situation, totally content in public. They didn’t think the hero would do anything right now, right here. In fact, they knew the hero wouldn’t.
They would never ask anyone for help. Apparently they had this terrible mindset where they’d rather die than be a what they called burden.
“Let me go—”
“Eat dinner, darling. Or do you really want the most expensive steak in the whole country to be cold when you swallow it?” The villain put the newspaper away — they knew no one would read the news on a Saturday evening in a fancy restaurant but they also knew that they could do whatever they pleased by now.
Being rich had its perks.
As they looked at their grumpy nemesis, they reminded themselves that them being kidnapped would make them only richer.
Right now, a group of villains was roaming through the streets of the city and there was no hero to stop them. They’d paid the villain an incredible sum for that.
“Oh, honestly, I would love to see that look on your face when you get the check and realised that half of it was pure waste of money,” the hero said. They raised an eyebrow. Cocky.
“Do you think I care about money?” the villain asked with fake disinterest.
Initially, they had said yes because they wanted to get some information out of the hero but now that they saw a certain challenge, a certain play of power, they were more intrigued than ever. Of course, the villain didn’t want to show that, though.
They observed the hero’s food: the untouched steak, potatoes, the wine…
“Obviously you do. Why else would you dress like some rich ass banker?”
“Good taste?” the villain suggested.
“Oh, so you want to compensate your lack of character?”
“Your ability to speak is an insult to evolution,” the villain said. That wine looked funny.
“Oh really? Is running around being an arsonist a compliment to nature?” the hero asked. Oh, they were pissed. At least their red face and their fisted hands suggested that.
But the villain could only manage a sly grin as they leaned back in their seat.
“Actually, it is, darling. It’s lovely to spark a flame with my fingertips…it makes me hot.” They winked at their enemy.
However, they didn’t reckon with the hero’s reaction.
They rolled their eyes.
Let out a groan.
Grabbed the glass.
“God, sometimes I wish you weren’t.”
The villain’s periphery of their vision blurred completely. Time slowed down. They forgot to breathe. They started panicking.
And then, the villain slipped back into their calculating self.
Without a second thought, they snatched the glass out of the hero’s hand and downed the drink.
“Wow. What’s next?” the hero asked, somehow even more pissed. “I’m not allowed to eat? I’m the one who pays?”
The villain didn’t know what they’d swallowed but they knew it wasn’t wine.
“Sort of.” They needed to get home. “We have to leave. Someone knows who you are.”
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starredforlife · 11 months ago
new quiz y'all! worked on this until 4 am lol. reblog and tell me, what kind of supervillain are you?
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
Weird Al made a Christmas movie where he played a villain who was kidnapping Santa’s elves, but people thought it was real and he got taken to court over it. There were posts all over Tumblr and Twitter about how he was now problematic whether he did it or not because even if he didn’t he still ENDORSED elf-kidnapping by playing this character. 
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