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Hey hi hello could you please maybe write about a hero teasing the villain and the villain being very needy but hero not giving it to them? Love your writing
I could maybe.
Tumblr media
Sticky Situation
The hero hummed, happily watching the villain’s cheeks progressively grow redder. Who knew that a criminal so downright awful, could be so damn needy?
Hero considered that their teasing was excused because of all the trouble Villain had caused them and the city in the past. This was payback.
“Please, Hero…” The villain whined, pitifully looking up to the other for some sort of salvation.
The hero chuckled and shook their head. “No, darling. I said you had to wait. Didn’t I?”
The villain whined even louder, reaching forwards again to try and hide their face in the crook of Hero’s neck or even at this point bold enough to use their chest. But the hero stepped away cruelly once more, depriving Villain of their touch for the third time in the last five minutes.
Adorable wouldn’t have been a bold enough word to describe the villain’s state. They looked the cutest a hardened criminal could with puppy dog eyes and a heavily blushing face. Absolutely stunning.
Hero just wanted to gobble them up, they couldn’t ignore the ache it caused them to have to stand away from the other, refusing to make contact until the villain handed over their bomb. Of course, that was the problem, Villain had a bomb.
The criminal had assured them it was okay since it was in their pocket, therefore if the timer went off accidentally they could throw it away from them. Unfortunately for them, Hero cared equally about their safety as well as civilians.
Throwing an explosive into a city as the timer ticks away impatiently, isn’t protecting the innocent.
“Herooooo… but I worked so hard on it…” the villain stuck out their lip in a pout.
“I know, sweetie. But I can’t just let you walk around town square with a bomb in your pocket. It’s—”
“Crazy?” The villain asked solemnly.
“Unethical. And my job, to protect this city.”
Villain simply huffed, fingers playing with the flap on their pocket that covered their explosive. It was true that they had worked hard on this model, after so many failed attempts they were excited to show it off. Maybe play a little hot potato with it, but nothing too harmful…
“You’re no fun.”
“You asked me out.”
At that, Hero couldn’t help but smile, it was true that Villain had made the first move, but Hero never lacked in confidence. They just wanted to see the pretty villain blush and stutter over their words.
The hero stretched out a hand, motioning for the villain to hand over their goods. “I won’t ask you again, sweetheart. Hand it over. Then I promise you can have all the cuddles your heart desires.”
The villain huffed and crossed their arms, staring down their lover as best they could. Giving it one last shot before they groaned and reached their hand into their pocket. Producing the small black explosive and tossing it lazily from hand to hand.
Causing Hero to have a miniature heart attack, catching it midair when Villain almost missed their pass. Breathing a sigh of relief, weapon secured.
Thank god.
They slipped the small bomb into a protective holder, locking the lid tight as they could finally release the tension in their shoulders. Their eyes now flickered to their partner, a small smirk playing on their lips at seeing the other still flushed.
“So obedient, hm?”
That remark did not help the villain’s case.
“Someone’s needy… just couldn’t help yourself, huh? You’d do anything for my touch and we both know it.”
The hero stepped forward, finally meeting the villain in the centre. Lifting their chin gently with one hand as they grinned, lips hovering mere centimetres apart.
“Take what you need, love. You did such a good job for me. Now’s you’re time to be greedy.”
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nightfurmoon · 5 hours
LOTS OF THINGS ARE HAPPENING. 2023 IS GOING TO BE GREAT. Here are the highlights of the conference, which will be linked below! I’ll start with the biggest... :D
Alan thanks us for being patient because things haven’t been easy for animation lately. Changes within Warner Bros. Discovery delayed production, BUT there’s AMAZING NEWS! WBD showed A LOT of interest in Villainous, and MORE NEW EPISODES are coming!! Apart from the second half of the first season we all know it’s already made, they ordered more episodes!! And Alan said it’s a ‘really nice quantity’ of episodes!! He asks us to be patient though as they’re going through some changes within CN as well. So stay tuned y’all!
Alan really enjoyed making Flug's logbook because he wanted to explain how Flug's gadgets worked. They aren't just magic, they work for a reason, and the substance H3x introduced in the books is that reason. It is a core part of the story of Villainous.
The decoder found in Flug’s logbook will be used to decipher secrets in the show as well, not only other books. It is also an important part of the story, as that language is extremely old and closely linked to Black Hat.
Alan reiterated the importance of the books in the lore as they have tons of information. They will be relevant for the new episodes.
AI Animations is opening a merchandise store, with official products from Villainous and more!
Audiobooks of Black Hat’s completely harmless books, with Alan as the narrator (and BH obviously). Kaleb’s voice in that will be official and used for the show as well. The audiobooks will also have extra surprises! They showed a small sneak peek of the audiobook in the conference.
NEW VILLAINOUS BOOKS: BHO’s handbook for villains (the one seen in one of the orientation videos), that will teach you how to be a proper villain, AND a Miss Heed book that will tell her story of how she became so famous, her past at the academy, how she met GoldHeart… Miss Heed’s book will be extra important as it links the events of episode 6 with the new episodes!
There will be another book that’s non-villainous related and it’s about Axo, an AI Animations project with axolotls. This book will be more oriented for little kids.
The image below shows the villain handbook that will be coming soon! It’s the green one.
Tumblr media
And here’s the conference:
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ebeedrawing · 2 days
Tumblr media
Can't believe it's been 1 year already!?!😭 Thank you for such good memories and music, Villains will be with you for many many more years to come💖
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hotchocolatewriting · 19 hours
You felt that, didn’t you #2
Part 1
Most of the night was easy enough. Hero managed to stay asleep for hours despite their sick body. Though when they woke up, their body felt heavy and every muscle was on fire. Beside them, Villain was still asleep. They lay at the edge of the bed with their back turned towards Hero. Somehow it was surprising to see that they hadn’t gotten up and walked away as soon as Hero had fallen asleep. Hero struggled to turn themselves on their other side and closed their eyes. Originally they had hoped to get out and wander around for a bit, see how far they would be able to come. But with a body as sick as theirs it was better to save some energy and not participate in some needless fights. Especially not now that Villain seemed to trust them enough to bring them here.. their room. Hero opened their eyes and tried to look around for a bit, wondering what they could find. But the curtains were closed and there was barely any light in the room. Hero could make out a big desk with lots of things on it, one shelf on the wall with books and a closet with a mirror on it. The rest was too dark to see.
It didn’t take too long for Villain to shift and turn around too. Hero had been trying to fall asleep, without any success but they didn’t move when they heard Villain and they didn’t when they couldn’t anymore, wondering what they were doing. Villain’s hand touched their forehead like they had done the other day and then stroked through their hair, gently, caring. The touch was light and felt good despite the fact that Hero’s head was still pounding. Then it stopped, just as Hero wanted to lean into it. They heard Villain mumbling to themselves, “Probably shouldn’t.” “But it was nice,” Hero said, turning their head to look at Villain who visibly jumped to sit straight up and then froze in place looking at Hero in utter shock. “Can you stop pretending to be asleep when you’re clearly not?!” Hero chuckled. “Not if that means you stop being adorable. Besides, I was.. well half.” “I am your enemy, you shouldn’t be calling me adorable,” Villain said as they got up and turned their head away. Hero turned around once again to watch Villain who opened the curtains now. Even with their back turned towards them, Hero could tell they were nervous. They could see Villain fidgeting with their shirt and knew they had barely looked them in the eyes since the kiss. Hero could even see a little bit of their face and ears that were bright red. It made them smile. Hero nestled themselves a bit further underneath the thick covers. Villain’s bed was actually very nice. Now Villain watched them, a small smile playing around their lips. “How are you feeling?” “Like I have been hit by a truck after running a whole marathon and more. Everything hurts.” “I think your fever has gone down at least,” Villain said quietly. “You didn’t feel like you were burning up anymore.” “I’m also not as cold anymore, thanks to you. Thank you for staying and.. for holding me.” Now it was Hero’s turn to blush as they realised what they were saying they had done. Villain grinned now, but they didn’t go into it. Instead they opened the other curtains and walked towards the door. “Would you like for me to prepare you a warm bath? I have bath salt that should help with your cold.” “That sounds nice,” Hero said. Villain nodded and stared at them as if they wanted to say something else. Doubt shimmering in their eyes just before they shook their head and walked away. What are they thinking? Hero wondered. Not much later Villain had guided them to the bathroom and given them a new stack of clean clothes. Again they had looked at Hero with such an intense gaze, opened their mouth to say something and then closed it again without letting any words pass. Somehow they gave Hero a confused impression, a sad one even, but Hero couldn’t quite figure out what it was. “What’s wrong?” Hero asked as they sat down on the edge of the bath. “Nothing, it’s just..Would you.. Nevermind it’s fine.” They turned away once again and all Hero wanted to do was throw their arms around them to comfort them. The only thing stopping them were their own morals, the knowledge that they had already taken this way too far. But once again Villain left and Hero sighed. Hero wished they could just push it on being sick, delirious even, but that wouldn’t be fair to either of them. Because even though it was stupid to fall for the villain that was keeping them locked up in here and probably got them sick in the first place, they had. Hero liked them and they wouldn’t have known, wasn’t it for Villain liking them back so obviously. For their friend, Hero did feel comfortable enough to call them that, to care so much. To worry about them, kiss them and be so damn gentle and sweet. Hero let their head rest on their knees as they sat in the hot water. “Dammit I fell for them,” they cursed to themselves. They’re way too nice for a villain, but then again they were also keeping them here, but they also comforted them way too many times and they had fun together anyway. And their meals! The meals were perfection! Hero smiled at the ridiculous thought. What does that have to do with any of this? They still killed people, only the bad ones according to Villain. They were a danger for everyone for the people of the city. But then the same people weren’t even trying to search for them. Those same people had hurt them and caused Villain to comfort them with everything they could have needed. Made Villain sad upon seeing Hero like that even. Villain might be a criminal, they had never really hurt them, not like that. And maybe that one day had been the start of this all. When Hero was fully rimpled and the water turned cold they finally decided to get out. Their muscles were still hurting, but the pain was a lot less and thanks to Villain’s special bath salt they could breathe through their nose. Villain was nowhere to be seen. Normally they would wait before the door or somewhere further in the hallway, but this time Hero didn’t see them. It gave them the opportunity to walk around and explore for a bit. When Hero made it to the living room Villain was still nowhere to be seen. The door to the outside garden wasn’t even that far away now. Hero still didn’t want to break Villain’s trust, knowing they could maybe use it to escape later with more chance of succeeding. “Less chance at breaking Villain’s heart too,” their mind screamed. But Hero was curious and wanted to breathe in some fresh air. They could just sit outside in the garden and wait for Villain to come back. Maybe walk around the house a bit and explore, get some sun even though it wasn’t that warm. They had only set two steps outside when they heard Villain’s voice from behind and froze. “I knew you would come here,” their voice was soft and there was not a single trace of anger or disappointment. Instead Hero felt a blanket being thrown around their shoulders. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to break your trust.” Hero said, turning to face Villain. They sat down again, their back against the wall. “You didn’t,” Villain said. Somehow those words were a bigger relief than they should be. Villain seemed to notice and gestured for Hero to sit down too. “It’s only fair. I didn’t realise how long you’ve had to miss this because of me.” Hero looked at them but Villain didn’t look back. They still had that frown on their face, that sadness and doubt in their eyes. So Hero didn’t say anything and let their head rest on Villain’s shoulder. “You know you’re only here so you wouldn’t stand in my way, right? Not because I want anything from you or to hurt you.. gosh I hate to see you hurt.” They fumbled with the cords of their hoodie. “I know I should have done it sooner, but then we started to get along even more and I enjoyed our time together. I was scared that it would go away. Selfish, I know. I’m your enemy, I know.. bad and all that stuff. But I should have let you go because I like you, not keep you all to myself because of that.” Villain looked at them. Hero hadn’t moved from their shoulder and only moved their eyes to look back at them. “Would you be able to.. forget.. well not forget, forgive is a better word I guess. Would you be able to forgive me if I-” Villain sighed and looked back at their hands. “If I turn everything around? If I try to do things differently, maybe I don’t know, help you?” Hero sat up now, surprised at Villain’s question or request even. “You want that?” “I know it sounds ridiculous. Sorry.” “No. No! It doesn’t!” Hero said. “I mean it’s unexpected but if you would want that, we can figure something out. But why?” Villain took both of their shoulders and stared them in the eyes, then slowly brought their face closer, closing their eyes and lightly pressed a kiss on Hero’s lips. When Hero looked at them again they saw a very shy, very red version of Villain staring down at their hands, then looking up at them again. “Because I would like to have a fair chance with you. If you are okay with that of course.” “Of course!” Hero said, taking Villain’s hands in their own so they would stop fidgeting. “As long as you want to be my personal cook too.” Villain laughed. “Sure, I can do that, my love.” “Love you too,” Hero said, kissing them back.
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kairenn-n · 6 months
must a villain be redeemed? isn't it enough that they're bitter, evil, and most importantly, hot?
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gender-luster · 10 months
Tumblr media
another fav trope
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starredforlife · 1 year
new quiz y'all! worked on this until 4 am lol. reblog and tell me, what kind of supervillain are you?
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Every morally grey villain:
Tumblr media
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whatmikamakes · 4 months
I see a morally ambiguous middle-aged woman who's a menace to society and suddenly my knees just give in
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abd-illustrates · 3 months
Crafting Curses for an Old Story | Concept Corner: HEARTLESS #5 (FINALE)
The time has come!  Today I am closing the book on the “Heartless” chapter of Concept Corner by delving into the dark powers and potential pasts of the story’s villains, the Wonders! I hope you’ll look forward to what’s in store for the future of Concept Corner as much as I am; but for now, get comfy! and get ready! for the villainous conclusion of this “Heartless”-centric speedpaint saga! 🖤💛
(And - (even though I said as much in the video already) - thanks so, SO much again for showing this silly lil’ video series so much love! I really hope this conclusion to the “Heartless” era of Concept Corner could spark as much joy for y’all who’ve been kind enough to follow it all this time, as y’all’ve sparked for me in making them 😊💖
It’s wild to think how long its been since this series started, but I can’t wait to see where it goes next! Hope you’ll drop by again next time 💖)
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laststandx3 · 1 year
Unredeemable to YOU, I on the other hand have very flexible morals
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strictlytaboo · 23 days
With all of the money Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. has, you would think one of them would become Batman or Iron Man or something... Instead they're all Lex Luthor.
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youseeingthis · 8 hours
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tikkety-tok · 9 months
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theesnakebitch · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rogues on the brain yet AGAIN
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holywyrm · 1 month
Villain things I want to see more of
Actually funny. Not making jokes at other people's expense, not the butt of the joke, just villains that have absurd senses of humour and top-notch intentional comedic timing,
CHARISMA!!! Please, can we have more charming villains, villains that can sway a crowd, villains that get away with things because their too polite, too well-spoken, too funny to possibly to evil.
Respected. Villains whose villainous deeds have led them to success and made them widely respected members of society. To be clear, this isn't respected person who is secretly evil. No. I mean, the bad things they've done are the reason they're respected.
Let them win. Let them win because their plan succeeded. Not because the protagonists fucked up, not by pure luck. Let them earn their victories.
Supporters! Lots of them. The more powerful your villain is, the more supporters they are going to need. If the evil king is unpopular with everyone he's not going to stay king for long. He needs allies, lots of them, especially if he's a tyrant.
Knows how to play the game. Manipulative villains who say whatever they have to to get their way, chose their allies and enemies carefully, bribe and blackmail, play the victim, the hero, or even the innocent when it suits them. Make it hard for your protagonists to convince anyone they are a villain at all.
Cold Steel. Give me villains that don't get angry easy, that laugh things off, that kill because it's efficient and for no other reason.
Clever and creative. Strategists who always have a trick up their sleeve and problem solvers with personal flare.
Show other characters reacting with fear. Nothing rams home how terrifying a villain is quite like watching other powerful characters fall to their knees--fast--when they walk in the room.
Irredeemable despite their tragic backstories. For the love of god people, tragic backstories do not justify a villain's actions. You can have empathy for what they've endured while still expecting them to take responsibility for what they've become.
Unconventionally attractive. Take this however you want. I, for one, would like to see more tortured bad boys who aren't white and shredded. But also, villains whose attractiveness lies in how they talk, their body language and facial expressions, and their outfits. Why do y'all think smirking is such a popular word??
Love. Let them love their spouses, their children, their friends. Not in an abusive way either. Let them have healthy relationships with their still living wives, daughters, sons, comrades in arms etc.
Kind. Give me villains who tip well, who put their own garbage away even though the servants could do it, who remember their henchmen's names, who are good with kids, who donate to charity and not just for the tax incentives
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kairenn-n · 1 year
yes, babe, you’re sick and twisted, will you come back to bed- what? yes, of course you’re evil and irredeemable. now can you please cuddle with me
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