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luminalunii97 · 2 days ago
Iranian people are going through a traumatic event, risking their lives, and losing their lives to overthrow 44 years of dictatorship. so the most decent thing you can do is to not abuse Iran's current situation to fuel your islamophobia or guard against us because you think it's islamophobia!
the protest that is going on in Iran is not a new thing. once upon a time Iranians wanted a true democratic republic and we almost had it when Mosadegh got elected as prime minister. that ship sailed very fast because he wanted to take the oil industry back from Britain and it didn't sit well with the old fox. so MI6 with help of the CIA orchestrated a coup against that government (it's not a conspiracy theory, the CIA admitted to it and then apologized for what they did in the 1950s. look into 1953 Iranian coup d'état on Wikipedia)
that failed government slowly lead to the 1970s revolution to bring today's Islamic republic of Iran government as a lousy substitute for what we lost. but guess what, this revolution which was corrupted from the beginning got worse and worse throughout the years and ended up in the disaster we have today.
today's protests started by the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini and the misogynistic act of violence added enough anger to all the other previously done f up sh**. this government had been failing for more than 40 years. this government is a circus of lies and oppression and theft and embezzlement. this was never what our fathers and mothers intended to have. this government put a religious front but religion is just a tool of oppression and control. They don't believe a thing they force on people.
just three years ago there was another mass protest in Iran that ended up in a massacre. they shut down the internet completely for over a week (in some states for a month) and then killed approximately 1500 people in like 3 days. because it happened so suddenly, no one was prepared for such violence and our voice didn't have a chance to reach the world. that's why we're so afraid of the internet being cut down today.
to wrap it up whether you're Muslim or not, just being a human is enough for you to be on our side in this fight. it's a fight against misogyny, patriarchy, racism (look into IR vs Kurds), dictatorship, terrorism (IR has a long history of doing terroristic attacks all over the world), and basic human rights (no minority is safe in Iran, from religious minorities to ethnical minorities to queer folks). so raise your voice in our defense.
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txttletale · 2 days ago
[extremely european world leader voice] its simple. the more we make ordinary russian people suffer the LESS entrenched their nationalist militarist government will become. ive never read a single middle grade history book but i assume thats how it works. now let me take a big sip of water
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guerkchenseb · a day ago
I hope I am not just a mutual to you but also someone scared of how many votes (far) right parties are getting in every European election
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whydidisavethistomyphone · 22 hours ago
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lordandgodoftheobvious · a day ago
Today 8 million Cubans are voting to enshrine a new family code, LGBT+ rights, and more in their new constitution; that is over 70% of their total population (11.33 million).
Back in the 2020 elections 158 million USAmericans voted out of a total population of 329.5 million--less than 48%.*
The number of Cubans voting right now is, weighted for population, nearly half again the number of Americans who voted in our highest-turnout election ever.
Remind me which country was the democracy, again? ____________________ * The 57% figure you may have heard only counts registered voters; many USAmericans are barred from voting for reasons legitimate (too young) and not (convicted criminal). Thus it is more legitimate to adjust for total population size, assuming similar breakdowns of the relevant demographics (age bracketing, mental health).
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swan2swan · 19 hours ago
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kaelio · 20 hours ago
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Saying "voting doesn't matter" might reach your younger peers online but it certainly hasn't reached Clangus Hargbarg who was part of the kkk in 1951 and still sends in his ballot. He hasn't missed a one.
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masteracewindu · a day ago
Hey y'all im back with horrible news
Just wanted to say things here in iran are trippy. There are protests in all cities but only at night, because that's our only protection. The access to internet is very limited. Mobile data is 100 percent unusable. Only wifi but even that's restricted. We are basically cut off from the world. Every time we go out, it might be our last day. We need help. We need your help. Please, spread the word. Raise awareness. They're killing us
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tadviv · 2 days ago
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luminalunii97 · 21 hours ago
Why is Iran's current regime dangerous for not only Iranians but the world (why you should care and be our voice)
Someone in Iran made an interesting argument about how Iranian politicians don't know or don't respect political ethics in international affairs and it got me thinking... As you know the united nations conference was just held in New York where all UN leaders were invited, including our current president, Ebrahim Raisi. Even though he has a criminal record due to his involvement in the mass murder in 1988 (He was one of the four people on the prosecution committee that sentenced thousands of people to death, among them innocent men and women: link) he still got a safe pass (I am critical of this, I'd be very happy if he got captured there but the message here is that they promised him a safe pass and they held up their end of it).
But If the role was reversed and if it was say Biden who had to travel to Iran there would be no safe travel for him. Islamic republic plays dirtier than western politicians. Lying and deceiving is how they kept ruling Iran for such a long time.
A western politician wouldn't be safe in Iran and they know it. Hell, a western citizen won't be safe in Iran and by that, I don't mean "they don't like American tourists and they will give them a hard time". What I mean is that the Islamic republic has been kidnapping, jailing, and torturing western tourists and holding them for ransom for a long time now. Here's the list of all those poor souls who came to visit Iran but ended up going through the worst trauma of their lives: link.
The Islamic republic also has a history of direct terroristic operations in other countries. And let's not talk about their known support for some terroristic organizations. This is beyond my point but I thought I add this as an honorary mention: link.
So next time you or someone you know though Iran's situation is not my business, consider these facts.
P. S. As I was writing this I realized the side stories I used to support my point were more horrifying than the actual point. So you must check those links for this post to be fully understood. Spread the word.
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mysharona1987 · a day ago
Ron Desantis: Human trafficking guy. I did not realize being the bad guy in a Taken film could get you elected these days.
This is bad.
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useless-englandfacts · 4 hours ago
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here’s jeremy corbyn playing a version of doom that allows you to kill margaret thatcher (credit)
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odinsblog · 2 days ago
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After President Vladimir Putin announced this week that Russia was conscripting some 300,000 reservists and military veterans to reinforce its war effort in Ukraine, international flights out of Russian cities quickly sold out. This latest wave of Russia’s exodus included Anton Shalaev, a 38-year-old senior manager at an IT company, and 15 colleagues.
On less than a day’s notice, these men of military age all left their relatively comfortable lives in downtown Moscow to fly to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Because of Putin’s war, Shalaev tossed a book, an iPad, and a laptop in a backpack and got out of Dodge.
Shalaev and his co-workers are true tech geeks, producers of high-value computer games. They represent their country’s brightest and best, members of a tech elite that was the economic foundation of Russia’s new middle class. In a last selfie from Moscow, Shalaev brandished a coffee mug that bore the slogan, not today, satan.
Anna Nemtsova: Why didn’t you want to be drafted to fight in Ukraine?
Anton Shalaev: On the day Putin declared the war, I knew I would never fight on behalf of this new Nazi Reich. They are my personal enemies: mercenaries who steal my country from me, occupy foreign territories, and kill innocent people. Putin’s army commanders have had plenty of time to turn down their contracts; instead, they are recruiting more cannon fodder now.
So I chose to help Ukrainians suffering from this horror—pay for shelters in Kyiv with cryptocurrency and write antiwar posts on social media. To encourage Russians at home, I said: “Guys, look, I am writing this from Moscow.”
Nemtsova: What was your escape like?
Shalaev: Unlike state-owned companies such as Yandex or the Mail.ru Group, which are making their employees stay, we were independent of government funding, so we made an immediate decision to relocate.
The atmosphere at passport control in the airport was quiet but tense; men waiting for the flight around me were exchanging alerted glances. I had bought my ticket right before the announcement—we were already hearing rumors of the mobilization—so it cost me only about $300. But my colleagues got their tickets the next day, and they cost more than $1,000.
The departure was super stressful. The border guards took each of my friends aside into a small room, interrogated them, asked if they had ever served in the military, and if not, why not. And you know that type of sly border official making their little jokes: “Aha, you are leaving on the day of conscription.” Of course, they checked whether our names were in the database for the mobilization.
Nemtsova: Did you do military service, in fact, when you turned 18?
Shalaev: No, I entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, which had a military department, so that released me from the service obligation. I studied political science, and dreamed of becoming a Russian diplomat—Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was a graduate there. For a long time, I considered myself a Russian patriot, ready to serve.
When I enrolled in college, in 2001, there was some ideological diversity: We had a neo-Stalinist who taught us about how “Josef” ruled with an iron fist, but the next class would be with a professor telling us about liberal values. Today, the school recruits students for the secret services. And lately, I heard that the dean has urged students to call for Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to surrender.
Nemtsova: What do you think of the Kremlin’s decision making?
Shalaev: A few old men and an army of zombies are leading us to hell. I say that because people around me in Russia behaved as if they had been bitten by a zombie, dragging my entire country into a dreadful war. All I saw was Russian loser husbands beating their wives, while the entire rotting house of the state system has turned my people into an army of the dead.
They are my enemies.
Nemtsova: What do you know of the situation in Ukraine?
Shalaev: I constantly follow the war news in Ukraine—and I seek out the best, most objective analysts. My main sources on the atrocities are Ukrainian refugees from cities bombed by Russian forces.
I realize that I would rather go to prison than go to fight against the Ukrainian army. I openly embrace my antiwar position. I urge my social-media followers to donate to Ukrainians. This entire war is a crime against humanity.
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bravagente · 8 hours ago
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whatevergreen · 21 hours ago
Italy seems to be in the process of electing a fascist government complete with descendants of Mussolini.
Oh good, because things aren't already screwed up enough on this spinning ball of garbage.
The only good fascist is a dead fascist.
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thealexiscowdell · a day ago
Liz Cheney: I'll 'Do Everything I Can' to Stop Arizona Republican Kari Lake
Outgoing U.S. Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY), who was thumped in her Republican primary last month, vows to "do everything [she] can" to stop Arizona voters from electing Republican Kari Lake to the governorship. from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/gv0oewL
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