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maybe i do: “welcome home, cheater” | kth. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary: when the news of ned fulmer from the try guys cheating on his long-term wife hits the internet, you’re quick to remind your husband exactly what will happen if he ever thinks about cheating on you. 
↳ part of the maybe i do series!
this drabble can be read as a stand alone, but it is highly recommended to read the series!
➵ pairing: ceo!taehyung x wife!reader
➵ genre: arranged marriage!au, established relationship!au, comedy, fluff, smut
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 8k
➵ warnings: swearing, itty bitty angst, so much floofy fluff though, dom!reader, sub!tae, pregnancy sex, restraint, bottom mid!tae 😏, rIDING, denied orgasm, hand-jobbing, oral (m. receiving), cum swallowing, cum play, overstimulation, dirty talk, slight possession kink, licking, multiple orgasms, agressive but then mushy sex, creampie as always <3
➵ a/n: please excuse the ridiculous word count, i’m attempting to work through writing a sequel for the maybe i do series, so these “drabbles” are just me experimenting with the content! i’ll provide more details when I can heheh <33 thank you endlessly to the anons who sent me mail and birthed this drabble!! i hope you enjoy and your feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
“Princess, I’m home!” 
“Welcome home, you goddamn cheater.” 
Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed faster than he could shrug off his coat, perplexedly pouting his lips. He removed his shoes and neatly stored them away, fitting into his house slippers as he ventured further into your home—he found you resting in the main area in all your 9-month, very pregnant cuteness. 
Your bottom lip was protruding, staring angrily at the iPad you had perched on your swollen stomach. Taehyung admired you wearing one of his wool cardigans that was entirely oversized, draped over a thin shirt that showed off your baby bump, cotton sleeping shorts hugging your hips.
Approaching you with a grin he couldn’t wipe off his face, Taehyung’s tone was mellifluously sweet. “Why hello there, beautiful wife of mine.” 
Scoffing, you rolled your eyes, expression crabby as ever.  “Hello, cheating husband of mine.” 
Despite your words, Taehyung was completely hung up on your grumpy little lips. Any other man would've gotten angry at such accusations, but Taehyung was far from irritated. He knew you too well—you’re simply upset about something else—so he lightly chuckled, set his things down on the coffee table, and seated himself by your hip.
He leaned over and planted a soft kiss on your cheek. “Princess, I’m gonna assume you’re playing a joke, because you know better than anyone I just spent the entire day working in my office, not cheating on you.” 
Grumbling, you bitterly folded your arms, mood absolutely trashed after what you read in the news today. “Did you know that Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife?” 
“The who did what now?” He asked incredulously. 
“Ned Fulmer, one of the guys from the Try Guys?”  
“The Try who?” 
“Ugh!” You huffed, shutting off your iPad and tossing it aside. “They’re these guys on Youtube, babe. Basically, one of the members cheated on his long-term wife with some chick at work. They even have two kids.” 
“Wow,” Taehyung’s expression hazed over with disapproval, clasping his large, ring-slated hand over the back of the couch. He leaned closer, shaking his head in disappointment. “How long was he married to his wife?” 
“10 years, honey, 10 goddamn years.” 
Your husband scrunched his beautiful nose. “He threw his marriage of ten years and two kids away for some workplace fling? What’s wrong with this dude?” 
You sneered, kissing your teeth. “Tae, you wouldn’t believe how common cheating is now. It’s actually sad; men and women constantly commit infidelity, whether it’s just a relationship or full-on marriage.” 
“You’re right, it really is sad now,” Taehyung lamented with a sigh. “That’s never happening with us, though, everyone else can stay safe.” 
You laughed dryly when Taehyung suddenly leaned forward to steal your lips. You blocked him, narrowing your eyes as his plushy petals nestled against your palm. “Excuse me? How am I supposed to know you’ll never cheat on me, lover boy?” 
Taehyung confusedly pouted, peeking up to find your gaze. “That nickname is precisely why,” he wagged his long, slender finger at you—funny to think it was inside you earlier this morning. “You know better than anyone I’m so in love with you I’d grovel at your feet every second of every day.” 
“Pft, and how am I supposed to trust your word?” You snipped, angrily tucking your arms back underneath your breasts. “This guy’s entire personality was made up of being head over heels for his wife and kids, and look what he did!” 
“Y/N, are you seriously comparing me to some Caucasian man on YouTube?” Taehyung complained. “That makes no sense.” 
“It does!” You yelped. “Trust is so fickle these days I’m surprised the world hasn’t slipped into chaos.”
Taehyung sighed as he grasped one of your crossed arms, speaking gently. “Y/N, you can always trust me, okay? I’d never cheat on you—you’re my baby.” 
“How am I supposed to know that?” You interrogated. “Did you know that Adam Levine also cheated on his supermodel wife? And she’s pregnant too!” 
“Alright, I get the cause for concern.” Taehyung contended, softly clasping the back of your hand. “But these men aren’t me, Jagiya. You know I’m different—you know you’re the most precious thing in my life.”
“I know,” you quietly whispered, despondency tainting your words. “It just makes you realize how little marriage and love means to people these days, Tae. There’s no defense against someone who could see your ring and simply not give a shit about me—people have just stopped caring about whether someone is married or not, anyone could try to tempt you.” 
“And you know I’d collect every star in the universe to prove to you how much our marriage means to me, Princess.” Taehyung reassured you, brushing his delicate fingers into your hair, thumb gliding across the apple of your cheek. “No other woman will ever tempt me, baby. I don’t care if she’s royalty or a damn supermodel, you’re all those things to me. Nobody compares to you.” 
His words manifested a soft, kindling flame within your chest, warming you from the inside. You sighed, knowing he’s telling the truth. Taehyung would never be one to cheat, but your anger at the world was just too overbearing right now, kissing your teeth. “Whatever.” 
Your husband exhaled with defeat, pulling his lips to the side with sympathy. He shuffled closer and attempted to wrap his arms around you, but you halted him. “No, I don’t want you to hug me right now.” 
Eyes widening, Taehyung stuttered. “But baby–” 
“And you know what? No sex until after I give birth to this baby. Fuck men and their callous need to stick their dicks into everything.” 
“What?!” Taehyung abruptly rose from the couch, gesturing with confusion. “What do you mean no sex?” 
“You heard me; come near me with your dick and I’ll chomp it off.” You accusingly pointed at him. “And just to be clear, if you ever cheat on me, I will tear off your balls and sell them on the black market.” 
Taehyung stood utterly flabbergasted, mouth agape. “Princess—” 
“In fact, I’ll run away with our child to some secret location and never contact you again, asshole!” 
“Wha–” Taehyung struggled to respond, utterly blindsided. “Wow, okay, so you really think I’d be the type to cheat and now you’re ruling no sex over some other idiots’ scandal?” 
“So what?” You scoffed. “Is that all you care about? The goddamn sex?” 
“No!” Taehyung indignantly shouted. “What I care about is you punishing me for something some other dumbass did. I’d never cheat on you!” 
“That’s what they all say!” 
Taehyung tightly pursed his lips at your comeback, left standing with, funny enough, his dick in his hands. “Okay, fine. But can we still do oral?
Chewing on the request, you decided to be bratty. “No, you deserve a full punishment.” 
“So you won’t let me eat you out?” 
“What about riding my face?” 
Taehyung clenched his jaw tightly. “Can I still finger you?” 
“Touch you down there?”
“Hold or lick your boobs?” 
“What the fuck!” Taehyung yelped, grunting petulantly. With his tongue tied, he felt powerless in diffusing this situation, only brewing with offense. He lifted a troubled hand to his forehead, sighing deeply.  “You know what, baby? I’m gonna go to bed, and I’m gonna let you cool down. Whether I wake up tomorrow morning with you beside me or not, I’ll respect your feelings.” 
Your husband huffed before grabbing his briefcase and turning on his heel as he mumbled incoherently, veering towards your staircase. You clenched your teeth tight enough your jaw began to ache, hating this. 
“I’m still gonna love you in the morning, Tae.” You quietly said, listening to his footsteps halt. “I’m just really pissed off right now.” 
Exhaling, Taehyung silently accepted your words before he ascended the stairs, frustration still running amok in his mind.
Tumblr media
11:12 PM: guys, i think im going to jump off the 56th floor of my building tomorrow
 dumbass jk: bro, what the hell happened??
 Jiminie: taehyungie, are you okay? what happened?
 Taehyung ran a stressed hand through his hair as he exhaled loudly, seated on his bed without a shirt, pajama bottoms hugging his hips, typing on his phone between his thighs. You still haven’t come to bed yet, and Taehyung felt his heart growing heavier by the minute. 
 namjoon-hyung: why the melodramatics today taehyung
 jin hyung: can you guys shut up? I literally just went to sleep 
 dumbass jk: just mute the damn chat, jin hyung 
 jin hyung: oh shit 
 jin hyung: you’re right 
 dumbass jk: dumbass move, jin hyung
 11:21 PM: the only dumbass here is you, jungkook 
 dumbass jk: you still have me saved as ‘dumbass jk’, don’t you? 
 11:22 PM: yes
 dumbass jk: motherfucker 
 dumbass jk: won’t be much of a dumbass if i send y/n an entire paragraph about how much i admire her, now would I? 
 dumbass jk: maybe i’ll call her right now and tell her her husband’s a jackass 
 11:35 PM: dude, don’t even, she’s the reason i might jump off my building tomorrow 
 11:36 PM: but i can’t even because our son is gonna be born soon
 11:36 PM: frickin’ kids 
 Jin-hyung: taehyung my bro, i’ll read this in the morning, i have to sleep right now but i hope everything works out between you and y/n, goodnight
 11:30 PM: no worries my bro, goodnight 
 Jiminie: taehyungie, what happened with you and Y/N? Are you guys fighting again? 
 11:38 PM: you say that like we fight all the time jiminie, we don’t 
 11:38 PM: you know how i feel about her :(
 Jiminie: i know, taehyungie, that’s why i’m worried about you 
 Jiminie: what happened? 
 Dumbass jk: yeah, they don’t fight all the time, they fuck all the time 
 Dumbass jk: watch them have 11 kids and be like those dozen cheaper kids 
 Namjoon hyung: the movie’s called ‘cheaper by the dozen’ jungkook 
 Namjoon hyung: maybe you really are a dumbass 
 Dumbass jk: shut the fuck up 
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: guys, you all know jungkook’s not really a dumbass 
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: the kid’s IQ is acc really high
 Dumbass jk: thank you, yoongi-hyung 
 Dumbass jk: but you know i don’t really talk about it >_< 
 Namjoon-hyung: why is nobody focusing on the fact that taehyung wants to jump off a building? 
 Jiminie: i am!
 11:47 PM: thank you namjoon!!
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: taehyung-ah, what did my baby sister do 
 11:48 PM: hyung, do you know who the ‘try guys’ are? I think they’re these american youtubers? 
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: who? 
 Jiminie: omg, is this about that guy cheating on his wife or something? 
 11:50 PM: yes! y/n’s pissed at me because she’s lost faith in all married/committed people because of him 
 11:51 PM: like who tf is this guy and how do i sue him 
 Dumbass jk: omg, same here. My wife saw the news and ever since she’s been in her ‘i don’t need no man, men are trash’ mood
 Dumbass jk: the woman told me to suck my own dick ffs
 Namjoon-hyung: damn, jk, your wife really is your match 
 Dumbass jk: damn straight she is
 Jiminie: okay but tae, what exactly happened? y/n’s mad at you because of this guy cheating on his wife? She thinks you’ll cheat on her too? 
 11:59 PM: yes! 
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: sounds just like my sister 
 12:00 AM: sorry for the tmi hyung but your sister is now claiming abstinence because she’s mad at me 
 12:01 AM: you know I’d never cheat on her 
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: i know you wouldn’t taehyung
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: i mean i’d kill you if you ever did
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: but my baby sister doesn’t 100%  know that. She just hates cheating, and she’s a hopeless romantic who overthinks a lot 
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: she’ll probably be fine soon. talk to her, try proving to her that you’d never cheat
 12:03 AM: okay, i’ll go check if she’s fine now, maybe i’ll call my flower guy and get her some peonies 
 Dumbass jk: somebody remind me to write y/n in my will 
 Jiminie: shit tae, i’m so sorry, maybe y/n just needs some space right now :( 
 Namjoon-hyung: yeah, just call it a night and maybe check on her tomorrow? 
 Namjoon-hyung: also, don’t know if anyone’s considered this but doesn’t y/n have trust issues from her last relationship? I remember her telling me at jungkook’s engagement party 
 Taehyung paused then, staring off into space as he contemplated his own stupidity. Of course you’d feel so strongly about something like this; you’re no stranger to being cheated on, and the trauma of that scarred you so horribly that you and Taehyung nearly didn’t make it as a couple. 
 Taehyung smacked his forehead. 
 12:38 AM: fuck… joon, you’re right 
 12:38 AM: how did i not think of that 
 Namjoon-hyung: it’s alright, i just remembered y/n telling me about her shitty ex that day and how she cherishes the way you make her feel completely safe and secure in comparison, like she never has to worry about how much you love her
 Namjoon-hyung: i remembered because it kinda made me jealous of your relationship, and i’d hoped my wife feels the same way about me
 Dumbass jk: oh shit, i just remembered too 
 Dumbass jk: y/n told me as marriage advice that i should make my wife feel the way you make y/n feel, tae
 Dumbass jk: i remembered she said loved, you make her feel really loved, bro 
 Jiminie: ah, then y/n’s upset because not only is it triggering her trauma, but it’s making her question how much you really love her, taehyungie
 Jiminie: she doesn’t hate you rn, she just hates the fact that she’s even questioning whether you’d cheat on her or not because of this guy’s infidelity? and maybe other people’s disregard for loyalty in a relationship altogether
 Namjoon-hyung: definitely, i suggest you give her some space for now, take it slowly with reconciling things
 Dumbass jk: yeah man, she may need time to deal with everything
 Yoongi-hyeongnim: just talked to her and yup, i’m not saying much but these guys are kinda on the nose 
 Sighing, Taehyung felt stupid for not having put the pieces together himself. Perhaps it really had nothing to do with himself, but rather your fear that your relationship could be destroyed by somebody else, and trigger your deeply-rooted trust issues—it wouldn’t be the first time, and the recent news of these supposedly committed men cheating must’ve only animated your fears. 
 With his shoulders drooping, Taehyung sent his last few texts in his group chat. 
 12:53 AM: thanks, guys, this really means a lot 
 12:53 AM: i’m gonna give her the space she needs
 12:53 AM: i’ll update everyone later, and jungkook, you better find a way to sue this man with me
 Dumbass jk: calling my mother-in-law and wife this instant
 Dumbass jk: will get back to you with a lawsuit homie <3
Tumblr media
  You were startled awake when the sudden crash of thunder tore you from your sleep. Gasping, you breathed heavily as you fearfully caught the sight of white lightning splitting through the sky, soon followed by another roar of thunder. 
 It was later that night, possibly around 4AM. You’d gone up to bed after having sulked enough about how shitty people can be, even waddled your way to your bed where Taehyung was sound asleep. You exhaled exhaustively as you settled in beside him, admiring his handsome face and shirtless body illuminated by the moonlight before shutting your eyes.
 You weren’t angry with him, not exactly. You were upset that your own stupidly anxious mind was conjuring up alternate scenarios where Taehyung may really not love you like you think, or could be tempted by the possibility of somebody else. Yes, he proved his love for you everyday, in everything he said and did, but you couldn’t help the doubtful voices weaving together convincing arguments in your head. 
 Love really is so fickle these days. Even if Taehyung would never cheat on you, there’s no guarantee another person wouldn’t tirelessly pursue your drop-dead gorgeous husband. Many people don’t consider a wedding ring to be a stopping point, rather an obstacle to overcome or a challenge they wouldn’t mind taking on—not to mention people develop feelings despite someone’s taken status.
 And considering how much of a catch Taehyung is? You’re positive enough people have fantasized about having him in bed. 
 You grimaced at that, having fallen asleep with the harrowing idea of anyone attempting to illustrate those thoughts, by subtly coming onto him or finding shameless ways to flirt. 
 What if they’re successful one day? And to think Ned Fulmer’s situation happened at work as well. What if people Taehyung worked with often attempted to seduce him? Lure him into their trap? Don’t care for his ring and plan to slowly tear him away from you?
 You felt a shiver trickle down your spine.
 You’re not sure when sleep overcame you, but you were wide awake now as your heart quivered in your chest, clutching your sheets to your naked top as the storm raged outside. 
 Turning over, you failed to find Taehyung in bed and only spotted the imprint he left behind, heightening your concern. There was no need to fret, however, when you suddenly heard quick footsteps outside your slightly ajar bedroom door, soon swinging open to reveal a pair of worried, coffee-brown eyes. 
 “Y/N, fuck, are you okay?” Taehyung’s voice dripped with concern. “That was loud as fuck; even I jumped.” 
 Still panting, you merely blinked, swallowing back your anxiety. “I… um, I don’t know. I just got scared awake.” 
 At this very moment, you felt like you stumbled upon a crossroads; Taehyung came barging into your room because he knew you were afraid of thunderstorms, and his beautiful chocolate eyes were melting with the utmost consideration for you. But after earlier today, you felt undeserving of his care—you all but told the man you had no faith in his commitment. 
 But you were yearning for his comfort right now, considering he always held you until you fell asleep on nights like this. Unfortunately, you’d dug your own grave and forced a wedge between you two, so you can’t go back on your word now.
 “Why… why are you up?” You observed the tousled nature of his cute, slightly curly hair, glasses adorning his striking face, his pajama bottoms still snug around him. “I thought you were in bed.” 
 “I was,” Taehyung fought back a yawn, removing his glasses so his index finger and thumb could rub his slightly puffy, tired eyes. “Just got a call from San Fran; had to take it.” 
 His husky, sleep-laden voice immediately lit a fire inside you, squishing your thighs together. How could the man manage to ignite your bones with something so simple? And when he was meant to be the object of your anger right now? 
 Sighing, you peered elsewhere, furtively subduing your arousal. Taehyung also fell silent as he quietly gazed at you, leaned against the doorframe, causing the pouring rain outside to be deafeningly loud. You shuffled in bed, fixing the covers you’d ruined, only to be frightened again by yet another thunderous blast of the storm.
 Yelping, fear flooded your eyes—you reached out your arms on instinct. “Taehyung…” 
 Taehyung didn’t waste a second; he removed his slippers and crawled into bed next to you, clutching you tightly into his warm chest. His fingers slid into your hair and began massaging through with a slow, relaxing pace. You tightly hugged his torso when another crash scared you—he squeezed you reassuringly in response. “Hey, shh, you’re fine. I’m here.” 
 Despite your anger, his affectionate, deep voice was like the sweetest of honey. You clung to him, face burying into his neck. Thunderstorms had always triggered your anxiety, but Taehyung’s presence was like soothing balm to an open wound, a warm fire on a frigid winter night, the embrace of a cozy, dry towel after you’d been soaked by rain water. 
 You melted into him as his ministrations caused sleep to beckon your conscious, eyes fluttering shut as your head lulled. 
 His chest became a resting place for your sleepy head, dozing off before you could acknowledge that your body went completely still, ridden of all fear. You sensed him kiss your hair somewhere between sleep and reality, and your heart fluttered, remembering the caress of your satin sheets as he laid you atop. 
 You didn’t know exactly when, but he fell asleep beside you, too. Warm arms cradled your swollen tummy in the dark, pressing your back into his broad chest that felt like home.
Tumblr media
  “Yes, you’re to keep Y/N’s ideas for this, I don’t care what Mr. Lim is saying. No, I won’t tolerate anything else. My wife made those plans with her goddamn heart and soul and I won’t have anyone messing with them. What the fuck? Absolutely not, like I said we’re not changing anything and I’ve always made it clear that this is Y/N’s building. We’re moving forward with her plans, they’re better than anyone else’s.” 
 The next morning, yawns attacked you profusely in your kitchen as you listened to Taehyung scold someone over the phone in the library. His conversation intrigued you—it was useless fighting back the smile on your face as he defended you so valiantly. 
 The only details you knew about his call were the ones pertaining to a board member vehemently disagreeing with your proposals for Taehyung’s new subsidiary. Mr. Lim preferred a much more strict, cooperate system that in your honest opinion, defeated the entire purpose of the subsidiary in the first place. Your ideas were avant-garde and bold, which was exactly what your husband wanted. The subsidiary was meant to be a place that nurtured young minds in an innovative, non restrictive environment. 
 In all honesty, you had a suspicion that Mr. Lim was acting all holier-than-thou and abusing his power simply because of your relationship with Taehyung. He was clearly prejudiced towards young people. You did not care, though—who better than to embody Taehyung’s vision than you, his wife? 
 It also wasn’t your fault you were extremely talented and damn good at your job, nor that you happened to be the CEO’s wife—you were your own person. 
 Despite the pride swirling within your chest listening to Taehyung however, you soon felt your heart become heavy—you started considering how horribly you’d been questioning his fidelity or being tempted by another possible lover. He clearly loved you, why else would he be gallantly defending you right now? 
 Sighing, you slowly mixed through your peanut butter jar as you recalled last night, devastated by the thought that Taehyung could still feel so deeply for you when you treated him so unfairly. You drowned in a myriad of thoughts; even in the middle of preparing your breakfast, your insecurities flourished, practically taunting you with the distasteful possibilities of any infidelity occurring in your relationship. 
 You and Taehyung had only been married for just over two years, who’s to say you’d both even make it to 5 years? 10? 20? People married for even 30 long years found themselves divorcing, only driving your optimism about this into the ground. 
 You kissed your teeth as you slathered peanut butter onto your bread, soon clasping the plate to transfer it to your island where the strawberry jam sat. You couldn’t take this anymore; all your overthinking mind would do is cause you to spiral out of control, eventually finding yourself in a goddamn psych ward. 
 Scoffing at yourself, you whirled around to nab the jar of jam, but in the process of doing so, baby Kim decided to wriggle about in your stomach. You softly exclaimed at his knees jabbed you, a hand nestling over your tummy. 
 The ache subsided, and so you continued, taking another step towards the island, only for the baby to unexpectedly kick you so forcefully, you groaned with discomfort. You lost some of your footing, soon losing your grip on the plate altogether when baby Kim unexpectedly struck your ribs so hard, you doubled over in pain. 
 The plate shattered all over your marble tiles, yelping as your hip crashed into the side of your island, struggling to stand. Your heart sped up numerous beats, panic invading your bloodstream. 
 “Taehyung! Taehyung!” You shouted with urgency, anxiously breathing through the sharp ache. “Taehyung!” 
 “Y/N!” You heard him holler. “What happened?!” 
 Taehyung ran into the scene of a broken plate and your weak hold on the counter, his eyes widening in horror. He immediately bolted to your side and curled an arm around your figure, the other supporting your hand to safely situate you on your feet. 
 “My God, Princess, are you okay?” He queried shakily, his vision landing on the plate in front of you, then your round stomach. “Was it the baby?” 
 Still recovering, you nodded, clutching your bump. 
 His expression revealed utter devastation. His kind hands cradled your stomach as he checked you numerous times, profusely asking. “Did he hurt you? Are you in pain?” 
 When you assured him of neither, he grimaced at the mess of shattered glass, your husband immediately transporting you several steps away from the shards. His features became etched with worry once he clasped your face between his palms. 
 “Did the glass hurt you? Did you step on anything?” 
 You shook your head as you peered up at him, hypnotized by his tender care. Taehyung ran another scan of you before suddenly spotting your leg—he kissed his teeth. He knelt down, gently stroking his thumb over a cut he found bleeding on your shin. 
 “Fuck, a shard nipped you.” He cursed, rising to his feet and clasping your hand. He allocated a seat for you by the dining table, taking another careful look at your cut. 
 His concentrated face honestly stirred something inside you, watching him and his delicate fingers with sincere admiration. His hands were so careful and nimble as they handled you, treating you with the utmost care. After inspecting your cut, he cupped your cheek, coasting his thumb across the apple. He studied your face again, possibly searching for signs of pain. 
 “Okay, it’s not serious.” He informed, stretching up to his full height. “Stay here while I clean up the glass, then I’ll take care of your cut, okay?” He cooed, affectionately running his thumb over your cheek before he sauntered towards the kitchen. 
 You watched as he casually grabbed a kitchen towel and wrapped it around his fist, squatting down to the floor. He carefully began collecting the broken pieces in his clothed palm. You couldn’t help but think he appeared so… manly, husbandly. He worked with such grace and care but a sexy amount of focus, tending to each broken piece with indescribable patience, and it reminded you of how he treats you. 
 With grace and patience; Taehyung has always treated you with immense care since the day you met him, and to think that very same man is now cleaning a mess of your doing in your kitchen, ensuring you were safe and pain-free before he did anything else. 
 Your heart swelled, gulping as you observed him. He’d foregone a shirt today, simply walking around in his grey Louis Vuitton sweatpants, causing your insides to twist at the arousing image. Your eyes followed him in awe, watching his taut muscles ripple in his back as he worked, or the beautiful network of veins sprawling down his arms.  
 You didn’t even notice when he finished and had grabbed the first aid kit, stepping towards you. He knelt down again, unearthing the necessary products. At that very moment, his phone vibrated in his pocket, indicating a call. Taehyung kissed his teeth and fished out his phone, sneaking a glimpse at the caller ID. It was Mr. Lim, but Taehyung declined it with ease, tucking his phone away.
 “Shouldn’t you take that?” 
 “Not important right now.”
 Taehyung then paid his undivided attention to you. Your pussy clenched and your lips curved, a hand of yours thoughtlessly weaving through Taehyung’s tousled, luscious locks in silent adoration—he smirked, but wet his lips as he scrutinized your injury. 
 Perching your foot on his thigh, Taehyung cleaned the cut precariously, comforting you with strokes when the alcohol stung you. He then softly applied scar ointment, fingers caressing you as though you were the finest sheet of satin. His touch felt electric, sucking in a small breath whenever he skimmed your inner thigh or left his heat searing into your skin—your heart was hammering against your chest. 
 After bandaging you up, he collected the first aid kit and stood to his feet, cradling your chin in his palm as he peered down at you. You stared back up at him with round, doe eyes, remembering all the times he’d treated any injury of yours—he’s always been so caring. 
 “I’ll make you breakfast.” He purred with a handsome smile, running his thumb over your bottom lip. His eyes lingered on your plushy petal as he lightly tugged on it, as though he were storming with the desire to kiss you. You watched him bite his own before he decided against it, slipping his hand away to end up fixing you another sandwich just how you liked. 
 You swear your heart was going to pulverize your ribs. 
 For the next couple of days, all you did was watch Taehyung, closely observing every little gesture, movement, and consideration he made for you on a daily basis. It was truly fascinating, like making observations for your own personal research question; would Taehyung ever really cheat on you? 
 And in fact… he wouldn’t, you thought, because the amount of affection that poured out of that man for you was astounding. Taehyung always tended to the mundane things you were required to do in a day; fixing a snack for you, cleaning up after dinner, even draping you with a blanket when it was across the room, all without you asking. 
 He had a habit of massaging you with lotion after you showered, and this time, despite the invisible barrier between you two, he still tended to your achy muscles as usual, silently ironing out the kinks. He accompanied you to your monthly appointment, picked up heavy things for you, ran your bath water for you, helped you put on your jewelry or brush your hair. 
 He never hesitated to bend down and tie your shoes for you either, or purchase your pregnancy vitamins, or silently join you and cuddle whenever he found you bingeing anime. He always prepared a fresh pot of coffee for you in the morning, tidied your art supplies after you’d used them, worked on his laptop in bed as his other hand massaged your scalp to rid you of your pesky headaches. 
 The man even came to you one evening when you were reading on your swing in your backyard. He was hesitant and awkwardly cute when he spoke, but endearingly thoughtful.
 “Hey, Y/N.” He stood in the doorway of your home, leaning against the frame.
 Eyes flitting towards him in his dress shirt and loosened tie, you raised a brow in question. 
 He scratched the back of his neck, pursing his lips as he timidly toed the ground. “Why don’t we, um… grab some dinner tonight?” He asked with uncertainty. “We haven’t gone out on a date in a while—we could go to your favourite place?” 
 It shocked you; you knew he was particularly busy and hadn’t talked to you much throughout the day because of it. “I thought you were busy today.” 
 “I am,” he peered elsewhere. “But that doesn’t come in the way of me making time for you.” 
 Chest pierced by a heart-shaped arrow, you swallowed, cheeks threatening to warm up. Slowly considering his idea, you… agreed. It was true, you hadn’t gone out with Taehyung much since you got pregnant, and he honestly kind of just charmed you. 
 Closing your book, you sent him a small smile. “I’d like that.” 
 For the rest of the evening, Taehyung treated you like a Princess, but not in an overtly manner, in a subtle, touching way a man should always treat his woman. He opened doors for you, offered his jacket to you, chose your favourite little restaurant and spoke to you with a heart-warming amount love and respect.
 The man also offered you the space you needed without having to tell him, and it felt out-of-this-world. He didn’t annoyingly pester you or bother you, nor push or prod you. He allowed you the time you needed to simmer down, mainly keeping to himself, but never letting it compromise the way he treated you. 
 Suddenly you could feel his love for you in his touch and behaviour, whether brief or all-consuming, and primarily felt it in his attentive, loving actions—that’s when everything fell into place. 
 This man genuinely was in love with you, and there’s no way in hell he’d ever cheat. 
 Even when Dr. Ing informed him that you two would have to take sex more slowly considering you’re in the last trimester of your pregnancy, Taehyung didn’t react with negativity at all, which even shocked your gyneacologist—she’d informed you that most fathers usually hated the no sex news. 
 But your husband wasn’t like other men. He didn’t berate you nor grimace at the idea of not getting his dick wet for a few months, no, the man actually suggested that the wait period be longer, that you’d both abstain from sex all together until well after you gave birth. 
 “But Dr. Ing, I think 4-6 weeks isn’t enough. I’ve read that a woman’s organs aren’t even situated in the right place by that time, not to mention other postpartum complications like Y/N’s mental health. This time frame seems too small for me.” 
 “You’re welcome to adopt a longer time frame if you’d like, Mr. Kim. I was only suggesting the regular minimum wait time since you and your wife are quite sexually active.” 
 “Sexually active or not, I prefer to wait longer—I’d rather my wife’s body and mind be completely healed before I think about sex.” 
 You were left utterly stunned; how could you think he would ever cheat on you? That he could be swayed by someone else when he so clearly treated you like the most precious thing in his life? He cherished your well-being more than his own pleasure, which is more than you can say for the majority of men. 
 Taehyung was not only a loving husband but a respectful, caring gentleman, and you must’ve been smoking a wild string of crack to wrongfully believe he’s capable of disrespecting your marriage with infidelity.  
 When you’d both arrived home after your appointment, you couldn’t stand for this stupid barrier you created in the first place. 
 As Taehyung unlooped his tie in your mirror downstairs, you felt your body react on its own accord, fuelled by days worth of tension and hating yourself for your idiocy. 
 The way his jaw sexily clenched as he scrutinized his tie injected burning arousal into your bloodstream, prompting you to approach him. 
 He was unbuttoning his sleeves now, driving you feral once you caught a glimpse of his veiny, breath-taking hands and fingers working away. 
 You snapped. 
 Grabbing his wrist, your husband turned to you confused, slightly tilting his head. “Y/N?” 
 You sent him to the most tenacious look in the world, clasping his tie, and turning on your heel, suddenly dragging Taehyung across the floor. The man reluctantly followed you, spewing numerous questions about your behaviour. 
 “Baby, woah, what are you doing? Are you okay?” 
 You led him up the steps, continuing to lug him down your corridor until you were inside your bedroom. You swung him into the center and shut the door behind you, finding Taehyung’s beautifully puzzled face. 
 “Princess, what's gotten into you?” He incredulously asked. “Is something going on?” 
 Silent, you marched up to him, locked your feline-like gaze with his, and shoved him onto your bed. Taehyung’s large body toppled backwards, his eyes wide once you approached him and forced his wrists against the sheets. 
 “Woah, babe—” 
 Within a second, you attacked his lips with a fiery kiss, shutting him up. Taehyung froze for only a second before he melted into your kiss, lightly groaning when your tongue begged to enter his mouth. You splayed yourself over his hips, clothed sex nestling over his crotch as you leaned down over him, devouring his lips. 
 Taehyung untangled a hand from your grasp and weaved it through your hair, deepening your kiss. He smashed your mouths together harder when you lightly grinded over him, feeling his length slowly harden underneath you. 
  His mouth moved with unbridled desire, tongue locking with yours to swirl around, tasting you. Once you started sensing him wanting control, you shut him down, grabbing his hand in your hair and pinning it back on the sheets, causing Taehyung to break your sloppy kiss. 
 “Baby, this is really hot, but what are you—” 
 “Get to the top of our bed. Now.”
 “What?” His eyes adorably rounded.
 “I said now, Taehyung.” 
 Pouting his slightly swollen lips in confusion, he obliged, shuffling up the sheets until he was by your headboard. He leaned back on his elbows, slightly dilated pupils observing you closely. 
 Without a minute to waste, you zipped the front of your maternity dress down until your boobs spilled out. You crawled onto the sheets and swung a leg over his delicious thighs, straddling him. With an eager lick of your lips, you instantly attacked Taehyung’s Gucci belt, unbuckling the pesky thing with haste before entirely ripping the damn thing from his waistband. 
 It clattered on the floor, and Taehyung perched himself into a seated position, his expression riddled with shock as his palms cupped your waist. “Woah, Y/N, are you going to do what I think you’re—” 
 Your husband was interrupted by you unzipping his dress pants and attempting to shuffle them down, Taehyung suddenly gesturing with panic. “Baby, wait, I don’t know if we should have sex when you’re this pregnant—” 
 Feeling too goddamn horny to think about that right now, you gently caressed your palm over his hardening bulge, and Taehyung twitched, his hands tightening around your waist. 
 “Fuck, baby.” He breathed, shutting his eyes as arousal coursed through him. “Don’t fucking do that to me.” 
 Smirking, you quickly tore down his pants and boxers, revealing his solid cock standing tall and proud. The mere sight of him ignited your bones, panties wetter than the Pacific. You hovered over his dick and aligned yourself with him, pushing your underwear to the side with impatience. 
 Taehyung’s eyes flew open, squeezing your sides. “Princess, I swear if you—” 
 Grabbing his shaft, you irrationally sunk down on him, groaning pleasurably as you pierced yourself over his thick, veiny cock. Taehyung’s thigh muscles jolted, letting a deep, chesty groan escape him. His fingers dug into your hips, watching with awe as he entered you. 
 You shoved him within you deeply, stifling your moan as he filled you to the brim. Your hands clasped onto his dress shirt, scrunching the material in your fists as you managed the size of him, your lips brushing his own. Taehyung breathed unevenly, your warm breaths fanning across each other’s wet, swollen lips. 
 “Y/N…” He panted, half-lidded, blissed out eyes flickering to your face. “Why—”
 Fed up with his questions, you tugged him towards you and collided your mouths, sweeping him into a spell-binding kiss. He groaned as you simultaneously lifted your hips and smashed down over him, squeezing his dick tightly through the process. He shuddered when your walls smothered him, and you dared to do it again, clenching your pussy so firmly he practically growled against your lips. 
 “Y/N… I swear to fucking God I will—” 
 But you shut him up again, smiling into your kiss once a scheme manifested in your head. You shoved Taehyung back down on your mattress, ensnaring his hands against the sheets with force. His eyes sparkled with awe, gazing at your body with insatiable lust. 
 “Babe–” And you lost all composure, using your position to elevate your hips before sinking him back inside you, even circling your hips to feel his elongated, hard member caress the inside of your velvety walls. Your husband groaned deeply beneath you, fighting your grip. 
 But you overpowered him, using your weight to trap him completely as you began fucking yourself over his dick, whimpering with pleasure that rippled throughout your entire being like currents. Your sex was aching, dripping with an abudnance of cum all over him. His monster cock slid in and out of you effortlessly, bouncing on him before you could rightfully relish in teasing him. 
 “Fuck.” Taehyung gritted beneath you, a string of curses and your name leaving his mouth. He attempted to drill into you from underneath, but you only asserted your dominance in retaliation, carnal eyes telling him who exactly was in charge . 
 “I don’t think so, Mr. Kim.” You tutted, gripping his chin and forcing him to look you in the eye. “You don’t rule this game right now, Tae. I do.” 
 Taehyung practically choked, laying there in absolute shock. You dipped down and kissed him hard, increasing the speed of your hips, skin slapping against his as you rode him into the goddamn sunset. 
 “Fuck, baby…” He shuddered, his fingers gripping yours firmly as he voraciously kissed you back. “I can’t hold back; if you don’t let me pull out right now I’ll end up a fucking minute-man.” 
 Proud of yourself, you simply leaned up and slowed your pace, but only to change your rhythm. You swirled him around inside you, manuevering your hips sensually, changing your pace, drawing out his bliss. 
 “Fuckkkk,” Taehyung cursed, tightly clamping his jaw. You were hypnotized by the sight of his sweaty skin, flushed cheeks, and hungry eyes. “Sexiest woman ever.” 
 Taehyung was clearly losing himself, fighting to fuck up into your pussy, but you denied him each time. His groans were heightening, increasing in speed, and close to tipping over the edge. 
 But you weren’t going to be simple, no. You instantly lifted off his cock and watched it throb as it stood tall and abandoned. Taehyung’s eyes flew open as though his soul was sucked out of him. “Princess, what in the mother of hell—” 
 Curling a hand around his shaft, you sent him a bewitching look before you began innocently hand-jobbing him, teasing him with squeezes to the head of his member. Taehyung actually lurched, profusely cursing as he battled to hold back his orgasm. 
 “Princess, you’re gonna be the death of me.” He pleaded, finding your mischievous, dangerous eyes.  Discerning the plea in his look, you granted him mercy by wrapping your lips around his red, leaking tip, tasting a combination of yourself and him. You moaned so seductively, Taehyung violently twitched, his hands burying into your hair and gripping it. 
 “Shit… Princess… you’ll have me on my knees if you suck me off right now.” 
 Playfully smiling with his cock in your mouth, you sank down on him, groaning as his thick length entered you. Your tongue wrapped around his girthy shaft, licking him for all he’s worth. The weight of him felt exhilarating, prompting evilness to overcome you. You dragged your tongue all over his cock, even daring to dip down to his balls, and Taehyung puffed out a long string of air. 
 “You goddamn, witch, Y/N, I’ll end up coming in your mouth—” 
 And you shoved him so far within your mouth, his tip nudged the spongy end of your throat. You instinctively gagged, feeling his cock throb dangerously inside you. Taehyung brokenly shuddered, his hips propelling upwards as his hands desirously pushed you down over him. 
 Tears subsequently pooled your eyes as you choked, swallowing around him for reprieve, and Taehyung in fact became a minute-man.
 His cum immediately shot the back of your throat, erotically sighing as his hot seed spilled all over your tongue. You swallowed most of him, pulling him out to let some of his cum trickle down his gorgeous dick, pumping him for more. You watched as the white rivers temptingly trailed over his veins, making your lady bits scream with need.
 Your husband peered at you between his thighs, his eyes utterly blown out as he stroked your hair. “Y/N… I’m seconds from worshipping you like a goddess.” 
 His inflating and deflating chest along with his sweaty skin drove your arousal, smirking deviously at him. You knew he was sensitive right now, and you swear the power of your position jacked up your sex drive. Positioning yourself over his cock again, you sent him a lascivious grin before sheathing his tip inside your cunt.
 “Oh fuck no, Y/N–!” And Taehyung had officially lost his shit when he entered you again, hand gripping your headboard above him as his other gripped your hip so tightly, he was going to leave indigo bruises. 
 “Y/N, holy shit holy shit holy shit.” Taehyung repeated. “Baby, I just came I can’t—“ Multiple curses left him as you resumed your previous rhythm, fucking yourself over him despite his orgasm. He barely even softened, still hard as a rock as you grinded on his thick length and rode him like your own personal toy. 
 Your mind was hazy with pleasure as you became drunk off your power, adoring the sight of him so clearly lost on cloud nine. Utterly consumed by him, you leaned over and clasped his chin, boring into his very soul. 
 “You remember this if you ever even think about another woman, Taehyung.” You hissed, but it wasn’t malicious, rather laced with sexual agression, something feral. “You remember that this is how I make you feel, that you’ll never find this with anyone else.” 
 Taehyung panted wildly as his eyes swam with sheer awe, marveling you in your confident, domme state. 
 “You’re mine, Kim Taehyung,” you gritted, shamelessly riding him. “understand that?” 
 Taehyung gulped, his beautiful Adam’s apple bobbing as his hands couldn’t help but wander your body, palm nestling over your pregnant tummy. “Baby, I would never—” 
 You immediately gripped his hands and forced them back, locking them above his head. “Say it.” 
 “I’m-I’m yours, Y/N.” Taehyung stuttered, expression completely overwhelmed with shock. “I’m only yours.” 
 “Always?” You urged him with a saccharine sweet tone, clutching his palms as you bounced over his cock that made a wet, sticky mess between you two, your face heated with lust.
 “Always yours, Princess.” He cooed with conviction, breathing unevenly. “Always.” 
 “Good.” You declared, leaning over until your lips brushed his. “Because this is what you’ll lose if you ever think about cheating on me.” You crashed your lips against his before he could reply, teething and sucking on his lips as raw, carnal energy possessed you. 
 Your speed became wild, spearing yourself over his fat, throbbing length until you were gasping for air and Taehyung’s features wrought with unspeakable pleasure again. He hissed and gritted his teeth as he fought back his orgasm, watching you freely fuck his cock into your cunt until your insides clutched him so tightly, you unraveled like a wind up toy. 
 You screamed as you climaxed, pussy palpitating with need so desirous that Taehyung actually spilled inside you a second time. You collapsed over him, his body heaving for air too as his slightly sweaty hair curtained his gorgeous forehead. 
 “Mother of fucking hell…” He cursed, hands encasing your flushed body, breathing unevenly. “Hottest… woman… ever.” 
 He shut his eyes as a sense of relief washed over him, swallowing dryly. “Am… am I forgiven, Princess? About before?” 
 Weakly smiling, you lazily kissed him, nibbling your lip as your nimble fingers slid down his arms and neck, eventually settling over his chest. You began undoing his buttons, trailing kisses down his jaw to whisper in his ear. “You’re forgiven, Tae, but I’m far from finished with you.” 
 Taehyung’s eyes blew out instantly, cutely stumbling on his words. “Wait, baby, what do you—“ 
 And without further ado, you restarted your merciless riding once again. You two relished in the hot, horny sex, feeling his cum drip out of you and smear all over your inner thighs and folds, but you didn’t care, driven insane by the perfect fit of his meaty cock inside you. 
 Your husband admired your baby bump, too, almost cushioning you with his large, protective hands just in case—it was utterly endearing. 
 Taehyung let out a throaty, deep groan you’d never heard before when you squeezed him as tightly as possible, nearly hearing him whine. “I swear to God, Y/N, you’re the only woman I’ll ever love. I’ll grovel at your feet and worship the ground you walk on everyday; you have me by my balls right now.” 
 “I’m glad,” you cooed, dragging your tongue over his lips and slowly licking his pillowy petals. “Cause they belong to me, and I’m getting every last bit of cum out of them until you remember exactly who owns you.” 
 It was entertaining to see your usually dominant, assertive husband suddenly so submissive and obedient, his eyes completely taken over by uncontrollable lust, in unbelievable awe of you. “Do whatever the hell you want, baby. You own my ass; I’m all fucking yours.” 
 Chuckling, you pecked his gorgeous lips before grabbing the hem of your maternity dress, stripping the annoying fabric off. You ripped Taehyung’s shirt open and yearned for his skin against yours, burying your lips into his neck.  You pampered him with wet, hot kisses down his pulse point, driving Taehyung so wild he wrapped his gigantic arms around you and embraced you in a tight, intimate hug. 
 He fucked into you sensually—passionately this time, thrusting into you with considerable care. He made love to you the rest of the night, letting you fondle his balls and tease orgasms out of him like it was a game. But this time, Taehyung enjoyed being the loser, kissing you with giggles and smiles as he slid in and out of you for hours. 
 You eventually fall asleep somewhere, Taehyung having cleaned you up like the caring man he is. He cradled your stomach as you both laid together, kissing your shoulder before he drifted off into his slumber, whispering that he loved you, and that he'd rather die than cheat on you. 
 You whispered it back, chuckling to yourself once you considered how utterly stupid you were to ever think he’d betray you and your relationship. 
 “So, Taehyung, say it again. Who owns your ass?” 
 “You, baby.” He tiredly mumbled into your hair. “Always you.” 
 “So the only person you’ll bow down to is me?” 
 “I’m your queen you’d serve in a heartbeat?” 
 “The only person you’d get on your knees for?” 
“Could you tell me who owns your ass again? I need to record it for scientific purposes.” 
“Princess, if you don’t go to sleep right now, I’ll show you who owns your ass.” 
Chuckling, you breathed a sigh of relief as you nuzzled into his chest, Taehyung’s arms cradling you like his baby. You slept that night with a wide, foolish grin on your face, glad that you had Taehyung to call home, and know that he loves you too much to ever jeopardize that. 
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vyduan · 2 days ago
Before Your Very Eyes: Ch 2
Tumblr media
Author: vyduan Pairing: Kim Seokjin | Reader, Min Yoongi | Reader Genre: fluff, maybe eventual smut, friends with benefits, slice of life, f2l, eventual poly relationship Word Count: 4.9K+ Rating: Explicit Warnings: misogynistic language, swearing, explicit descriptions of mutually consented and protected sex, missionary, f to m oral sex, kissing, breastplay, fingering, slight mentions of daddy kink and choking
Summary: You were getting all mad again and though you promptly dumped your pillow on the comfy couch in the common area, you tromped into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of chrysanthemum tea. As you waited for the electric kettle to heat, you dug out your favorite container of chrysanthemum blossoms, deciding that tonight called for two huge flowers. Fuck being cheap and trying to make the canister last longer. You would do what you wanted.
“Can’t sleep?”
You jumped, the metal canister lid clattering to the counter. “Jesus, Yoongi!” you shrieked. “Give a bitch a warning.”
Before Your Very Eyes Masterlist [IN PROGRESS]: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | AO3
For more of my fics, here is my Masterlist.
“Harder, Jinnie, harder!” you heard through your too thin walls. “Yes, choke me! Just like that, Daddy!”
Oh, ew. Ew.
You really needed to move your bed and find a new pair of noise canceling headphones. Your previous set had given up the ghost and you hadn’t expected to need them again so soon. You should have known that it was only a matter of time before Seokjin brought Kelly back home. After all, didn’t you and Yoongi already predict this inevitably terrible decision?
You checked your phone. It was 1am. Didn’t Kelly have any fucking consideration for other people? Granted, Seokjin was likely to blame, too. He could easily put his hand over her stupid mouth, but — oh, no. Now you had an all too clear image of Seokjin on top, pounding into you and slipping his beautiful hand over your mouth.
It was too late for this shit. He was not yours and never would be. (Not that you wanted him that way, of course.)
You got up, fumbled on your bathrobe, and grabbed your pillow and phone to head downstairs to sleep on the couch. You were happy for Jin, really you were. If anyone deserved a good regular dicking down, it was Seokjin Kim, roommate and friend extraordinaire. However. Couldn’t he have chosen a better partner than smug, cunty Kelly? She of the sugary, high pitched voice that made you want to vomit?
You were getting all mad again and though you promptly dumped your pillow on the comfy couch in the common area, you tromped into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of chrysanthemum tea. As you waited for the electric kettle to heat, you dug out your favorite container of chrysanthemum blossoms, deciding that tonight called for two huge flowers. Fuck being cheap and trying to make the canister last longer. You would do what you wanted.
“Can’t sleep?”
You jumped, the metal canister lid clattering to the counter. “Jesus, Yoongi!” you shrieked. “Give a bitch a warning.”
Yoongi regarded you with knowing, sleepy eyes. “I wasn’t exactly quiet, you know. You were just concentrating extra hard on your dead flower juice.”
“That sounds revolting.”
“It is what it is,” he replied drily. “I take it our roommate’s late night proclivities are keeping you up?”
You shuddered as you grimaced. “Can you hear him down here, too?”
Yoongi shook his head. “Not exactly. His room is only slightly above mine — though I do catch an occasional bed thump.” He grabbed a bottle of whisky and a tumbler from the cupboard. “I thought you had noise canceling headphones.”
“They died a few weeks ago. I didn’t think I’d need them again so soon,” you said.
“That’s our Jinnie, defying expectations.”
You did not want to think of Jin or his expectation defying bedroom antics. You sighed and poured the boiling water into your mug. “Well, if my back hurts from sleeping on the couch, he owes me a massage.”
Yoongi laughed. “Not if Kelly has anything to say about it.”
“Not by his own hands, idiot. He can pay for my massage at my favorite place — you know, the one downtown with the Chinese owner.”
Yoongi paused as he sipped on his whisky. “Not to interfere with free massages, but you’re welcome to sleep with me tonight if you prefer. I do have a queen mattress and there’s plenty of room.”
“I’m sure there are plenty of other people who you can proposition to keep you warm at night, Yoongi,” you snarked.
Your roommate snorted, his long, wavy locks tantalizing you with their movement. “Well, none of them are in my kitchen,” he shot back wryly. “I promise to keep your virtue intact.”
You resisted the urge to flinch. You did not know why his last comment hit so hard. What did it matter that Yoongi, a man who seemed to fuck any human who could consent, did not want to fuck you? As if you would want him. (But a tiny part of you insisted: you did not actually want him to respect your virtue, imagined or otherwise.)
As you were still considering his offer, your face must have betrayed some of your thoughts. Yoongi was looking distinctly more uncomfortable than he had just moments before his offer.
“It’s just a friendly offer, Y/N,” he said quietly, misreading your silence. “I don’t mean anything more than that.”
“When’s the last time you changed your sheets?” you asked.
Yoongi grinned. “Just the other day. And what do you know? No new conquests since.”
“What about old ones?”
He chuckled, dry and muted. “Nor old ones or any in between.”
“Fine,” you huffed. “Let me finish my tea first.”
“Wouldn’t dream of getting between you and your boiled flowers.”
You stuck out your tongue at your old friend, relieved that a potentially awkward moment had passed. You didn’t know what was wrong with you lately. All these landmines that had heretofore gone unnoticed were suddenly detonating left and right. It was disconcerting. You hated change — and these random sexual thoughts of Yoongi and Seokjin were a change that you both did not understand and did not want.
After the two of you had finished your preferred night caps, you grabbed your pillow and then followed Yoongi into his bedroom. It had been sometime since the last time you’d last entered his sanctum and you looked around, noting no big changes.
His queen bed was still shoved in the corner, leaving primacy of place for a desk that was mostly empty except for two large monitors, several top of the line speakers, and a keyboard with a few scattered notebooks. Yoongi had one of those fancy desk chairs, a large electronic keyboard (the musical kind) on a stand to the side, and a smattering of books about music theory and poetry on the floor. There were a bunch of carelessly tossed hoodies and sweats on his easy chair and his dresser seemed to be stuffed full, the top of which was littered with pocket change, several random bottles of cologne, little plates and bowls of bracelets, earrings, and rings.
All in all, very Yoongi.
“It smells like you,” you said without thinking.
Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you. “Are you saying my room and I both smell?”
You could feel the heat in your cheeks. “Not in, like, a bad way. And of course you have a smell, Yoongi. We all do, I’m sure.” You pointed to the bed in an effort to change the conversation. “What side do you want me to sleep on?”
“I don’t care particularly — although I suppose if you get up to pee a lot, you might want to be on the edge versus against the wall,” he said.
“Ah, good point. I’ll take the edge then. That way if I wake up before you, I won’t disturb you.”
“You sure you don’t hit it and quit it on the regular?” he teased. “Sounds like the voice of experience.”
You were glad he couldn’t see your face as you moved his extra pillow to make room for yours. “Just because my sexual exploits aren’t always trekking through the kitchen doesn’t mean I don’t have any. I just don’t feel the need to flaunt it.” You took off your bathrobe and threw it onto his office chair.
Yoongi grumbled his amusement as he turned off his lights and then climbed into bed next to you. “No one’s flaunting, Y/N,” he mumbled. “We just see no need to hide.”
You settled into his very comfortable bed, surprised at the quality of his sheets and duvet. “I’m not hiding anything,” you murmured, “just no one worth mentioning.” You yawned and settled even further, your exhaustion catching up with you all at once. If Yoongi replied, you didn’t catch it, the tides of sleep were already pulling you under.
When you awoke the next day, it was total darkness (and if you were honest, a non-zero amount of residual horniness from a rather racy dream featuring your two roommates; it was confusing). You tamped down that thrumming desire as you struggled to guess what time it was until you found Yoongi’s phone. It was only 6:30am. Even in the cave of Yoongi’s room, your internal clock was right on schedule. How Yoongi (let alone his one night stands) could ever crawl out of bed was a mystery. His blackout shades were amazing.
You risked a little stretch and that was when you realized that somehow during the course of the night, Yoongi had wormed his way to be closer to your body heat. He was uncommonly close and your stretch had knocked into his shoulder. Your housemate grumbled in his sleep and then threw an arm over you, tucking you neatly into the curve of his body.
He was so warm and inviting and it had been so long since you’d last woken in bed with someone — not that you and Yoongi had done anything the night before despite your subconscious’s best attempts. The blackout curtains made it really tempting to sink into his heat and go back to sleep, safe and surrounded by someone you trusted. Or at least that was until you suddenly realized that Yoongi’s very hard, very erect penis was pressed into the small of your back.
You slowly tried to remove his arm from around you, but Yoongi cursed in his sleep and pulled you in even tighter. So tight, in fact, that you could feel the entire (sizable) length and (thick) girth of his turgid member. Jesus, you had resorted to purple prose from romance novels of a bygone era. Slowly but surely, several of the steamier scenes from your nocturnal fantasies rose back into your awareness. Your desire came throbbing back with a vengeance and before you could stop yourself, a whimper escaped your lips.
“Y/N?” Yoongi blearily rumbled against the curve of your neck.
You hated how even that tiny action sent tingles of pleasure down your spine. You could feel Yoongi slowly wake up and the moment he realized his dick was pressed firmly into your lower back. He stilled even as his arm remained holding you close.
“Aw, fuck,” he muttered. “Well, so much for keeping your virtue,” he grumbled as he finally moved and lay flat on his back. You could hear him rub his face with his now free hand.
There was that word again. You blamed your erotic dreams and waking up against his erection for what came out of your mouth next. “You call that stealing my virtue? Surely, you can do better than a hard cock pressed to my back.”
He sucked in a jagged breath. “You sure about this, Y/N?”
“About what, Yoongi,” you replied innocently as you turned to face him. “Nothing’s happened yet — though I would hesitate to call your dick ‘nothing.’”
Yoongi quirked the corner of his mouth up into an almost snarl. If he didn’t kiss you right this moment, you would jump him. “Always wondered how you would go about this with me,” he confessed, voice all gravel and grit, hitting you straight in your cunt. He’d thought about this with you? “On brand and confounding as always.”
And with that last thought swirling in your mind, he pulled you flush against his surprisingly hard body — and no, you were not just referring to his dick.
“Last chance, Y/N,” he said, though he quickly amended his statement. “Well, I suppose that’s not true. Anytime you want to stop or don’t feel comfortable, just tell me. I never want to do anything you don’t want to do.”
“It’s cute that you think I’m such an innocent.”
“I’m just trying to be — mmph —”
You closed the gap between your mouths, his lips slightly chapped and dry. Even with the morning breath and awkwardness of a first kiss, Yoongi was everything you had hoped for (not that you’d hoped for this). He kissed you as if he had all the time in the world, as if you were the only person for him forever and always.
Though you knew it was just an illusion, you wanted everything his kiss seemed to imply and offer. Yoongi was a skilled kisser. There was nothing more to it.
“Open for me,” he crooned as he grabbed and kneaded your ass.
You sighed, sinking your fingers into his glorious raven hair and tugged lightly.
“There you go.”
Yoongi slipped his hot, wet tongue into your mouth and your cunt squeezed in response. It was ridiculous how responsive your body was to his ministrations. And to think that this was just kissing.
You could feel yourself slowly get wetter even as his kisses got wetter and dirtier. You sucked on his tongue, pulsing, tight, and needy. “Yoongi,” you whispered as his hands wandered up your shirt, shivering a little at how they were just a little bit cooler than your core body temperature.
“Shhhh, Y/N,” he whispered back, “you’ll warm me up right quick, right?”
Then he proceeded to nip and soothe your bottom lip, sucking on it just enough to make you writhe with impatience. When his thumb grazed your nipple, you arched into him more.
“Please,” you begged, despite knowing it was way too soon to be this needy.
Yoongi must’ve agreed, a tiny chuckle rippling through his body as he nipped you again. “Patience, Y/N. I’ve only just begun.”
You pouted but he kissed your pout away and next thing you knew, one of his hands was back to kneading your ass as his other was abrading your nipple, each touch sending matching jolts to your clit.
“But I’m ready, Yoongi,” you whined.
You could feel him smile against your lips. “Are you?” he teased. His hand dipped under the waistband of your panties and his long, knobby fingers slid confidently between your swollen labia. “Ah, I suppose you are.”
He dipped lightly into your entrance, spreading your mess around your folds. When his deliciously cool fingers glided over the heated center of your desire, you couldn’t choke back an overwhelmed sob.
“You like that?” he gruffed.
“Please,” you begged again. You palmed his crotch in an attempt to get him to the same state of desperate need as you.
He huffed amusedly at your efforts. “In due time, Y/N. I’ll take care of you, sweetheart,” he drawled.
You wanted to die at his endearment. You did not care that he likely called all his conquests any sort of pet names to avoid remembering their names. All you knew was that some deep part of you craved his attention. You would hoard all his lovemaking terms, cliché or otherwise.
You eagerly pulled down his flannel pajama pants along with his boxers, sighing in happiness as his hot cock twitched in your makeshift fist. You twisted your hand as you stroked him up and down in a rhythm old as humankind.
Yoongi hissed. “You don’t play fair when you want something, do you, brat?”
You leaned back slightly, lifting your hand to your mouth as you spat on it then licked it for good measure. He gulped. You put your hand back on his dick, resuming your previous attentions. If possible, he swelled even fuller.
“Need you inside me, Yoongi,” you rasped. “Wanna come on your cock. I need to come on your cock.”
“Shit, okay.” Yoongi tugged at your pajama bottoms and panties and in several awkward yanks, pulled them to your thighs. “The condoms are in the nightstand, Y/N. Do you want me to get them or —”
“I got it,” you said as you reluctantly let go of him, turned and bumbled about until you pulled open the top drawer and found a packet of condoms. You ripped one open and left the foil packaging on the table and brought the condom close to your face so you could see which way to roll it. Satisfied that you weren’t going to fuck up a basic maneuver, you scootched lower until his cock jutted proudly in your face. You could not resist lowering your mouth onto his cockhead, swirling your tongue along the tip and sucking lightly.
“Y/N, you don’t have to do this,” Yoongi gritted out.
“Shut up, Yoongi,” you replied. “Let me at least say ‘hello.’”
“Okay,” he replied faintly.
You kissed his frenulum lightly and then flattened your tongue, licking his underside from the base to the tip. You licked him a few more times and then sank your whole mouth down his fat cock. Yoongi groaned as you continued bobbing your head, relishing the way his dick invaded your mouth.
Fuck, your jaw was going to ache.
With your free hand, you massaged and occasionally tugged on his balls. But mostly, you concentrated on hollowing your cheeks and keeping your teeth from scraping him. Yoongi wasn’t very loud or vocal, but between his heavy hand on your head and the choppy, muted moans escaping his mouth, you could tell he was enjoying himself.
When he abruptly pulled out and then tugged you up, you tried not to sound too smug when you said, “Oh, Yoongi. Is this why you run through people so quickly? And here I thought it was because you had commitment issues.”
He barked a laugh and then kissed you roughly. “I swear, Y/N, the fucking mouth on you,” he growled.
“You sure it’s my mouth?” you continued. It soothed your ego to bring a man such as Yoongi to his proverbial knees.
“It’s all of you, Y/N,” he replied hoarsely. “It’s you, love.”
You did not believe a single word out of his mouth, but you supposed Yoongi had never lied to you. You did not know how to trust your ears so instead, you kissed him again.
“I never put the condom on you, Yoongi,” you mouthed, all humid and breathy, “and sucking your cock made me really, really wet.”
Without saying another word, Yoongi took the condom from your hand and rolled it on. He shifted a bit and moved you so that you were laying on your back. Then before you knew it, the bulbous head of his dick was nudging at your entrance. You kicked your pajamas off and spread your legs wide, reaching down to guide him deeper into you.
“Fuck,” he grated out as he inched into you. You relished the way your body had to accommodate him and savored the slight burn and discomfort. “Fuck, Y/N, you feel so tight,” he praised.
“Fuck me loose, Yoongi,” you said. “Fucking break me.”
“Shit,” he breathed again. “You’re going to ruin me, Y/N.”
You laughed, trying not to let your skepticism seep through. “Move, Yoongi.”
So Yoongi moved. He snapped his hips so hard, you knew you would be sore for at least the rest of the day. You met him thrust for thrust, your hands never stopping their exploration of his beautiful body. You sank your fingers in his long hair. You pulled and reveled in how he gasped and groaned. You dug your fingers into his strong back and shoulders. You held his hips and ample ass tight as he rutted into you, his pubic bone rubbing your clit just right.
“Sweetheart, are you close?” he gritted out. “I’m gonna come soon. I’m sorry, you just feel too fucking good, love.”
“Hold out just a little bit longer, Yoongi,” you gasped.
“What do you need?”
“Just kiss me,” you said even as you devoured his mouth. His tongue thrust in and out of your mouth, matching the pace he set with his cock. He ground his pubic bone into you more and you felt your coil of desire tighten. “Just like that, shit, just like that.”
Yoongi renewed his efforts, one of his hands snaking up to pinch and twist your nipple. “Love your pussy, Y/N. Could fuck you forever,” he harshed into your ear. “So wet for me. So tight and perfect. Wanna make you mine — claim you with my dick until you see stars.”
“Fuck, Yoongi,” you panted.
“Come for me, baby,” he begged even as he continued to snap into you. “Wanna make you feel good. Wanna paint you white. Wanna fuck your sweet mouth. Wanna fuck you ‘til you scream my name.”
You didn’t know if it was the filth streaming from his mouth, the way he grunted in your ear, the way his fingers were abusing your nipple, the way he was pounding into your cunt, or the gestalt of it all. All you knew was that the coil snapped and your cunt fluttered and your entire body was rife with pleasure. “Yoongi, fuck, Yoongi, I’m coming,” you wailed. “Please don’t stop, Jesus fucking Christ!”
“I’ve got you,” he rasped even as his pumping became more and more erratic. “Jesus, Y/N, gonna come.”
“Come inside me, Yoongi,” you breathed as you kissed him again. You felt more than heard his deep groan when he came.
He leaned his forehead against yours, his body still coming down from his orgasm. You smoothed his sweaty hair back. You did not expect the way he suddenly kissed you, still so full of yearning and desire despite him already finishing. You let him, all the while screaming at your heart to stay put. To not fall for a man who went through people like water. To know its place.
Yoongi was not for the likes of you. He wasn’t for the likes of anyone. He was his own and if you happened to have him for this moment, you would be grateful.
“You’re amazing,” he panted after finally letting you come up for a breather.
You leaned over and turned on the lamp on his nightstand. “I’m sure you say that to everyone.”
Yoongi did not respond and for a moment, you thought you might have hurt his feelings. But that would imply — well, it would imply things you did not care to examine.
“I don’t,” he said simply. “Usually, I find a towel or whatever to help them clean up. Get them some water and offer to let them sleep over if it’s too late. They usually leave before I wake.”
You cupped his face, willing some sort of lightness into your voice. “They leave before hearing your review? The nerve!”
Yoongi smiled, a slight wisp of a thing. The yellow light made him look unseemingly soft. “I’m easy to fuck and easy to leave, I guess.”
Oh. Oh. You had never thought of it like that before.
“Yoongi, that’s — that’s not true,” you said gently. “They’re all idiots.”
“Maybe they have the right of it,” he said, uncharacteristically morose.
“If they let you slip through their fingers, more fool them,” you insisted. “Seriously, Yoongi. 10/10 would let you repeat fuck me.”
He cracked a wry grin. “Yeah?” He swept a hand through his unruly locks. “I always knew you had a soft spot for me.”
“Lies. All lies,” you teased.
You pulled on your pants and underwear. Yoongi took that moment to remove the condom and tie it into a knot. He got up, pulled his pajamas up, and threw the used prophylactic in his wastebasket. He flicked his gaze at you and chewed on his swollen bottom lip.
“Did you mean it?” he asked.
“Mean what?”
He walked back to his bed and flopped against the wall. “About wanting to fuck again.”
You were not expecting this. “Um, I guess? I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”
“I really didn’t think I was your type,” you explained, “so it never occurred to me to consider what would happen after — let alone this happening at all.”
Yoongi swallowed. “Do you — do you regret it?”
“Oh, Yoongi. You’re hot and your stroke game is amazing. Why would I regret it?” You really were thrown for a loop. Of all the ways Yoongi could have responded, him being this soft and vulnerable was not it. Perhaps you had misjudged him all these years.
“Just because you had a great time doesn’t mean you want a repeat performance,” he reasoned.
“I wouldn’t mind,” you mused out loud, “but I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want to.”
“I really don’t know how to do this, Y/N, so you’ll have to help me out here.” Yoongi looked nonplussed.
You cackled. “And you’re asking me, the resident monk? I think you’re better off asking Jin.”
“I really should thank him,” he cracked, “or Kelly.”
“Don’t you fucking dare,” you hissed. “She’s not to take any credit for this.”
Yoongi laughed, his eyes crinkling. “You really hate her, don’t you.”
“She’s a grasping bitch.”
A flicker of sadness crossed his features. “Jealousy doesn’t suit you, Y/N,” he added.
“I — I’m not jealous,” you insisted. “It’s not like that at all.”
Yoongi nodded. “Right. So…” He cleared his throat. “If you ever want to do this again, I’m amenable.”
“Alright,” you agreed. “You, too. If you want.”
He nodded again. “This is weird. Let’s not make it weird.”
You laughed. “Alright. No making it weird.” You got up, wrapped your bathrobe around you and hugged him. “Thanks for the best wake up call I’ve had in a while, Yoongi.” You gathered your pillow and headed for the door.
“Same,” he agreed. “See you in the kitchen later?”
“Of course,” you replied.
Then, you hightailed it out of Yoongi’s room and through the kitchen, only to see Kelly there, sitting in your seat, using your favorite mug drinking coffee.
“That’s my mug,” you said, all civility out of your tone.
She eyed your mussed hair, your pillow, and the direction from whence you came. “Sorry,” she smirked. “Fun morning?” she asked.
You refused to dignify her comment with a response. You rolled your eyes at her and trudged upstairs to take a shower, only slightly regretful to wash Yoongi’s spicy and woodsy scent off of you.
And thus, the next few weeks turned into months and to your absolute surprise and mild disbelief, you and Yoongi had both managed to make it not awkward and to consistently have good, mind-blowing sex a few times a week. Not only did the nights not always coincide with Jin bringing Kelly over, you often spent the nights you didn’t fuck eating dinner together in the kitchen or in front of the television.
Of course, that wasn’t anything new. The two of you had been housemates for a decade after all. But it did not escape your notice that Yoongi rarely went out to troll bars with Jimin and Hoseok anymore. Nor did he bring people back to the house. You didn’t think that meant he wasn’t fucking anyone else — he was still Yoongi. Though you weren’t seeing other people, you didn’t believe for a moment that sex with you was enough for someone as insatiable as him.
If he did go out, he sometimes would ask you and if you were in the right mood, you would join him and a rotating roster of Taehyung, Jungkook, and Namjoon, with Jimin and Hoseok rounding out the rest. Seokjin never seemed to join the guys anymore and though they grumbled, they understood. They remembered Kelly and how she had always kept Jin on a tight leash.
You saw Seokjin in passing, usually with a cloying Kelly in tow. You often saw her in the morning, her simpering smile greeting you first thing whether you emerged from Yoongi’s room or your own. You despised the calculating glint in her eyes as she assessed you. She turned your peaceful morning traditions into moments fraught with tension and irritation.
It didn’t help that you missed Seokjin a frightful amount, but even when you or Yoongi asked him to join you for a night in, he would shake his head regretfully. You likely wouldn’t have minded if your friend had seemed more thrilled with being back together with Kelly, except he seemed to become more and more weighed down.
When you brought it up to Yoongi, he would clam up and change the subject. You didn’t understand why Yoongi always seemed to tense up when you brought up Jin, but you chalked it up to a guy thing. Maybe Yoongi already knew what was up, he just didn’t want to violate the Bro Code or whatever. As long as Seokjin had someone to confide in, you supposed you did not wish to intrude. But you missed him all the same.
Though it had been months, you did not allow yourself to get too used to the regular sex and intimacy with Yoongi. (That was a lie. Yoongi was often your only solace as you rued the gradual disappearance of Seokjin. You missed his squeaky laughter and his comforting, steady presence.) As it was, the two of you rarely discussed the state of your relationship other than the sporadic check in consisting of a mumbled “we cool?” followed by a fumbling nod or answering “we cool.”
Yeah, the two of you were really mature about it.
And then one morning, you were about to enter the kitchen when you heard Kelly’s piercing voice ask, “So what do you say, Yoongi? Wanna fuck me while Jinnie watches?”
You did not know what to do, but all the options that came to the forefront of your mind involved immediate and brutal violence.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTES: Yeah yeah yeah - scream at me in the comments lololol. I am pretty sure this is going to be a 3-parter, but it might end up being 4. LOVE ME ANYWAY, YES/NO? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Before Your Very Eyes Masterlist [IN PROGRESS]: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | AO3
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yoonia · 9 days ago
under the blankets (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
➬ Title | Under The Blankets
➬ Summary | Even in the mornings, it is always hard to resist him. His presence alone captivates you, yet there is something else that always catches your eyes, drawing you to touch him. Not so surprisingly, he shares the same sentiment, though he has his own way of showing it to you. And neither of you mind it when things escalate further into something else that is not quite so innocent.
Tumblr media
➥ Pairings | Tattooed boyfriend!Jungkook x Tattooed!reader
➥ Genre | PWP, Smut, Established Relationship au
➥ Ratings & Warnings | +18 / M for Mature; explicit sexual scenes, kissing, body (and tattoos) worshipping, sexual stimulation, teasing, edging, begging, hair pulling (Jungkook and his long hair), dirty talk, swearing, breast play, nipple play, nipple biting, biting, biting kink, clit play, fingering (vaginal/female receiver), oral sex (female receiver), hand job, morning sex, overstimulation, orgasm delay, rough sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, creampie, post-sex cuddling, aftercare
➥ Word count | 5,9k words
➥ Author/Posting date | @yoonia​ / Nov 17th, 2022
➥ Masterlist
Tumblr media
➥ Author’s note | I have no idea where this came from. This Jungkook just came to me while I was in the middle of writing In Motion and I just had to write it down before it would drive me crazy. Actually, I blame @hisunshiine​ for this. All thanks to that incriminating tweet that you shared.
Tumblr media
If you could list out all the things that you love the most about being with Jungkook, then you would definitely put small moments like this one right on the very top.
Waking up to his arm over your waist, his warmth pressing on your bare back, and his bare chest rising and falling against you each time he breathes. You have fallen asleep next to him right after having a long, intimate night. You can even still feel the shadows of your climax pulsing in various places in your body. With his body heat engulfing you as you are lying pressed to each other, bare skin against bare skin, you still feel every remaining pulse and the ghosts of his touch that he placed on you the entire night.
Still barely awake and slightly drowsy, your gaze is drawn to his right arm that is being laid lazily across your waist in his sleep. The sleeve tattoo that starts from the back of his hand and goes all the way up to his strong shoulder appears in contrast to your skin, and for some obvious reason, you find it hard to look away from it. There is an undying need for contact that suddenly overcomes you, which almost makes no sense to you at all, given that you are still connected to each other in a relaxed embrace, and there is also a need to touch the beautiful art you see on his skin, to run your fingers just to feel them under your skin.
Before you can stop yourself, your hand begins to move, and you start running the tip of your fingers along the inkwork on the length of his forearm, tracing every line, every curve, and then circling around the vibrant colours that are embellished on his skin. Entranced in what you are doing, you don’t notice Jungkook slowly waking up from his sleep until he slightly shifts, jerking a little when your touch seems to tickle him.
“Ah, did I wake you up? I’m sorry,” you whisper to him with your hoarse voice and glance over your shoulder just as his chest rumbles. He makes a deep, sleepy groan as he stretches out his limbs, though his arm around your waist tightens slightly to pull you back to him before you could even try to get away.
“Hmmm—tickles,” he mumbles against your skin as he presses his lips on your bare shoulder. “What are you up to?”
“Nothing,” you answer, and a giggle slips out of you when his lips come in contact with your skin in another kiss. “I just love admiring your tattoos. They’re so beautiful.”
“Which one do you love most?”
“I don’t know,” you answer him as your fingers begin to absentmindedly reach down, moving along the lines of ink leading to his wrist, where you can feel his pulse slightly rising under your touch. “I love every single one of them.”
Another groan comes from him when he lands another kiss on your shoulder, moving a bit closer to your neck this time that you inadvertently gasp. “I love yours too,” he says, before shifting backwards and turning you around until you are lying on your back, smiling when he can look at your face to say, “I love everything you have on you.”
Then he bends down, reaching as low as he could get to your hips when he murmurs, “Like this one that you have on your hip,” before planting a kiss on your right hip, where a drawing of a pair of birds is beautifully drawn with black ink. He kisses the art a few more times, making you feel warm inside and your body starts shivering before he moves up, tracing his lips on the tattoo of your birth flower which you had gotten done starting from your waist to the side of your chest. “And I love this one. So pretty,” he murmurs softly between the kisses that he keeps giving on your skin, as if he is returning the favour of tracing your tattoos, only with his lips. “Just as pretty as you are.”
He doesn’t stop there, even when he has reached the end of the line. He continues tracing along your skin with trails of kisses as he moves towards the underside of your breast, each kiss is followed by light nips that have your heart fluttering inside your chest. As your breath picks up, the heat in your body keeps burning and rising, Jungkook moves his lips up, not stopping until he reaches the bare tip of your breast. “But most of all, I love this one,” he murmurs with a groan leaving his lips, before he captures your nipple between his mouth and begins to suck.
“Oh, Jungkook—!”
Ignoring your cries, he holds your hips down with his strong hands and keeps sucking harder, pulling your nipple between his teeth and lapping the abused nub with his tongue once he hears your sharp cry. He is relentless, however, not showing any sign of stopping. As if the sounds of your cries and moans and the way your chest is arching up wildly to push yourself further to his face are only made to encourage him to carry on.
“That’s—” you gasp, “That’s not—oh, God,” you keep on moaning when your body pulses, as his touches and kisses have awakened your need. “I thought we were talking about tattoos.”
Jungkook only chuckles deeply. “Were we? I wasn’t sure. I was only talking about everything that I love about you,” he teasingly says, slowly moving his lips to the other breast, ready to start all over again and give it the same treatment until you start losing your mind. “I might have to add that I love the way you are reacting to me. Just like what you are doing now.”
With those words, he takes the other nipple into his mouth, sucking and scraping his teeth around it until it hardens. The moment you feel his tongue brushing against the abused nub, you immediately feel like you are ready to combust as the pain blends together with pleasure. Your body jerks upward, hips rocking with every pulse you feel stirring from the depth of your core.
Seeing your response encourages him to do more, to go further, and he uses this chance to move over you. With his mouth still latched onto your nipple, the hand that he isn’t using to hold your waist down starts making its way up, capturing the neglected breast that he had left behind. It only takes a brush of his palm on the hardened tip to send you rocking harder against him, and you start rolling your hips against his torso as he begins stimulating your nipple with his fingers, pinching and pulling it in between while his mouth begins to work the other at the same time.
Your eyes are closed shut with how intense the rush of pleasure he is giving you has become, yet your mouth falls open with a series of moans coming out of you. Jungkook keeps on working on your body, without giving you a chance to rest or escape from his ministrations until there is really nowhere else to go but higher up to your divine bliss.
But there is still something missing. Despite feeling as if you are close to plunging over the edge. Even if your body has turned into a bundle of exploding nerves, they are not close enough to ease the pulses inside you, making you feel empty when the muscles between your legs are contracting against nothing but an empty void.
Your hand finds purchase in his messy hair. His soft curls slip between your fingers as you give them a tight grip just to have something to hold on to. You have no idea if you want to pull him up and push him away when it starts to feel too much yet you need so much more, you just don’t want him to stop. Your hips rise up as his teeth come brushing across your nipple, and you quiver beneath him the moment your pubic bone comes in contact with his toned torso. Finding pleasure from the touch, you do it again, and again, repeating it until you find the perfect angle to feel each graze deep inside. Before you know it, you are humping against his body, skin against skin, slowly searching for a way to reach your climax.
But just as you are slowly finding your way to the edge, Jungkook stops. He unlatches his mouth from you with a pop and pulls his hand away. With a whine, you open your eyes, ready to scold him for denying your pleasure, only to find him grinning as he bends down, kissing the soft mounds of your breasts with a grin on his face before he starts making his way down.
“I’m not done yet,” he whispers against your skin as he keeps kissing his way down your torso, making a brief stop once again at the inkwork that you have on your hip. He gives it a light nip, causing you to gasp and finally release your hold on his hair as he continues to move.
Jungkook gazes up as he slides lower, his eyes looking dark and hungry as he stares deeply at your face, gauging your reaction. Your breath is caught when he hovers his lips over your throbbing center, his breath falling subtly on your folds as he stops there. Just when you think that he would continue and press his lips right where you are pulsing with pure need, he moves past it, crawling lower to the apex of your thigh when he finally lands a kiss on your skin.
You bite your lips to stop yourself from releasing a desperate whine and start begging him to come back, knowing what game he is playing. And he continues to take his time with it, as he trails his kisses down instead of moving up. The further he moves away from your center, the harder it is for you to hold back, until an animalistic sound slips out from the depth of your throat.
To the sound of your moan, his eyes find your face once again. This time, Jungkook begins to kiss his way up, moving even slower that your body begins to tense, anticipating, and eagerly waiting. This time, your reaction only urges him to tease you further. He halts once again just when he is close enough to your center and nips at your skin, leaving a final love bite at the apex of your thigh which causes your legs to start trembling around his head. It lands so close to your folds that you can feel the pulses of need within you rising, yet it still feels too far from the source of your desire that it makes you grow even more desperate, more needy, drawing a helpless cry slipping from you.
“Please,” you start pleading with him when you just cannot take it anymore, the words start coming out before you can stop yourself. “Please, Jungkook. Put your mouth on me.”
Pressing his lips on your skin, merely an inch upward from before, Jungkook softly chuckles. “Do you want me to taste you that badly?”
“Yes,” you answer him, and your body starts moving on its own. Your hips begin to rock on the bed, as if trying to get closer to his face. “I want your mouth on me. Your fingers. Anything. I need you, Jungkook. Please—”
At this point, you really have no idea what you are saying anymore. As if your brain has become a complete mush with how turned on you are. It doesn’t help that your body is still overly sensitive from the rough fucking he gave you last night. The ghosts of last night’s release have been awakened and turned into a need. They have been pulsing so fiercely from the first touch and have only been growing more and more intense since.
“So you want me to touch you—” he asks you with a whisper, lips hovering right at your center, “—here?” His soft breath falls on your folds just then, causing you to tremble. Not only have you grown sensitive with your need, but apparently you have also grown soaking wet with your arousal, and it is clear that he is enjoying the sight of it when he looks down, staring closely at your pussy with dilated eyes.
“Jungkook—” you gasp, feeling like you can barely think clearly that every other word you are trying to say simply dies in your lips.
“Is that a yes?” he asks, teasing you with a chuckle, while you have tears building in the corner of your eyes.
“Yes,” you answer with a moan. “Yes, Jungkook. Please, I want you to—”
Before you can even finish your sentence, Jungkook slowly leans forward and gently presses his lips on your folds, making you jerk against him. He pulls back, only to bring his hand up to touch your outer lips and start running his thumb and forefinger up and down. He starts with gentle strokes, keeping his fingers only on the outer side, yet you can still feel his touch everywhere. Each downstroke he makes gives a light pull against your clit without giving any direct contact, while each time his fingers come back up, he slowly spreads your folds open for him, briefly allowing your slickness to come in contact with the cold breeze of air.
Up and down he continues to stroke his fingers on your folds, each time moving them closer to the center, brushing against your inner folds and picking up your growing slickness. The steady movement of his fingers draws your body to react, your hips begin to roll against his touch, rocking at the same exact rhythm that he is making. Unable to find something to hold onto, you bury your fingers in the messy sheets lying beneath you, pulling at them stronger with each strong pulse that he ignites from your core.
“Oh, Jungkook. Yess—” you breathe out, moaning and gasping at his touch, letting him know how good he is making you feel. As your voice becomes louder, he begins moving his thumb over your clitoris, using your slickness to give it a few steady strokes. Up and down, then they come rolling in circles. He keeps switching his ministration to each reaction you are giving him.
He continues until the sound of your breath grows faster, and then he tenderly spreads you open, before his mouth comes to replace his fingers and captures your clitoris between his sinful lips. Your body grows still, yet your legs start quivering roughly on either side of his head when the rush of pleasure he gives upon contact goes straight to your head.
Just like how he worked his mouth and tongue on your breasts, he does the same with your clit, as he uses his mouth to suck your delicate petal, switching between gentle and rough. The pleasure that comes from each suck intensifies when you feel the cold touch of his lip piercing grazing against your hot skin, causing you to release a breathless cry whenever it happens. You feel yourself rising so fast once again, yet the more you begin to feel the pleasure increasing, Jungkook slows down and rolls his tongue around and over your clit to ease you back down. He constantly brings you up to bliss only to bring you down before your body could detonate into an orgasm much too soon to his liking. Again, he is teasing you, pushing you to the edge only to deny your release until the sound of your pleas starts echoing through the room.
With his mouth still latched on your swollen clit, he slips his finger between your folds, once again gathering your slickness with a few gentle strokes. You are too lost in your drunken bliss to notice him watching you with awe. He doesn’t take his eyes off of you as he finds your wet entrance and starts moving his finger in circles, teasing and coaxing your pussy until he is completely coated with your arousal to make it easier for him to slowly push his way in. He barely has the first knuckle penetrating you when your hips rise up from the bed, so he places his other palm on your lower torso to keep you down.
Your mouth falls open in surprise and your eyes flutter open to look down at him. He unlatches his mouth from you briefly only to ask, “Are you okay, baby?”
Unable to find your voice, you can only nod your head, biting your lip when you see him smile, his lips glow under the dim light with your slickness. “Relax, baby. Breathe slowly,” he whispers with a deep voice, and his face disappears between your legs as he comes back down to your pussy.
Your breath becomes slightly ragged with anticipation as you feel his lips brushing against your folds. But instead of returning to continue what he was doing with his hungry mouth, he simply leaves small kisses on your folds, your clit, while he works his finger in, pulling it out a little then pushing back in. He repeats it a few more times, going slightly deeper each time he comes back inside you until his finger is fully buried inside you. It feels so good that the insistent throb of your pussy pulses around his digit as if it was his cock buried deep inside.
Now that you are used to him inside you, he finds it easier to move in and out of you. He curves his finger a little to rub against your pussy walls, causing you to tremble and shake when he hits your sweet spot. Keeping a steady rhythm, he waits until your body is beginning to show him the telltale signs of your orgasm before he finally lunges forward, capturing your clit with his mouth in a tight clasp.
You let out a loud gasp right upon contact. "Oh god. Oh fuck. Jungkook, don't stop!"
You are sure that he can easily tell how close you are to the edge from the cries coming out of your lips, and judging from the intense way he is sucking you, his mouth and tongue working in the same rhythm as the strokes of his finger which keeps increasing its speed, you know that he is done teasing you.
“Touch your breast for me, baby,” you faintly hear him whisper against your pussy before his mouth returns to latch on to your clit again.
As if his words are a spell to entice you, your hand moves to cup your own breast and give it a light squeeze. Through your muddled brain, you almost struggle to find the sensitive tip of your breast, still slightly hardened after what Jungkook did to you. You cry out to embrace the rush that rocks through your body before using your fingers to stimulate yourself and start pressing your palm to knead your soft mound. Your other hand automatically makes its way down, once again finding purchase in his hair. The tight clutch you have on his hair is a complete opposite to the gentleness you give yourself, but it is enough to help you hold on as he takes you for a ride, when the work of his mouth and his strong finger in your pussy together is mercilessly pushing you to the edge.
Feeling desperate yet completely high from the pleasure, your hips begin moving in response to his ministrations, even matching his rhythms perfectly. You rise up as he sucks you roughly, and then you roll your hips down onto his face to ride out the wave that he causes when he softens up with his tongue.
“Don’t hold back, baby. Come for me,” you barely hear his words between the strong pulse of your heartbeat that fills your brain. But your body listens, and your entire being simply plunges over the edge. Right at the same time, Jungkook’s finger finds the spot inside you that triggers the epic release that has been building up from the very first touch. Wave after wave of nearly unbearable pleasure overtakes you, and you embrace it with a long wail while Jungkook helps you ride it out, the strokes of his finger continue with his mouth devouring your sweet release.
“Oh, God,” you whimper repeatedly between your ragged breaths as Jungkook slowly pulls away, easing you down from your high with soft kisses around your throbbing pussy. Yet the spasms of your climax begin to pulse into something more when he pulls out his finger, leaving behind nothing but a void. “Please, Jungkook…,” you find yourself pleading with him. “I need...just...something more."
A groan slips out of him. “More, baby?” he asks as he slowly climbs his way up. He is hovering on top of you when you slowly open your eyes. “Are you sure?”
Nodding, you raise your arms and wrap them around his neck. “Please, baby,” you beg him one more time, drawing a slow smile on his face that glistens with your release.
His tongue comes out just then, licking away the slickness on his lips with a hum, enjoying your taste on his tongue. “Tell me what you want,” he says, “Let me hear it.”
Your heartbeat starts pounding in your chest just then, and your skin flushes not with desire this time, but with bashfulness when you finally say, “I want your cock. I want you inside me.”
With a soft chuckle, Jungkook bends down, letting you pull him to you as he presses his lips on yours. The kiss begins gently, but it still draws a soft moan from you when your breasts incidentally brush against his bare chest, causing you to shudder beneath him. You let out a gasp into the kiss when he moves his hand, brushing against the underside of your breast that is still sensitive to the touch.
He takes the chance to deepen the kiss, pressing harder onto your mouth before slipping his tongue out, seeking entrance. You can taste yourself when your tongues brush against one another, which only turns you on even further. The feeling draws a muffled moan from you which he gladly swallows with his hot kiss.
Jungkook takes your hand and slowly brings it down with him between your entwined bodies. He pulls away from the kiss as he guides you to touch his cock. You are not surprised to find him already fully erect, and you love how hard and rigid he feels when you wrap your fingers around his width, feeling its sturdy weight against your palm as you begin to stroke him gently.
His head drops onto the nape of your neck as you stroke gently up and down his length. You enjoy the way he softly moans against your skin and when you feel his body shuddering with each stroke. It gives you a sense of pleasure knowing that you are affecting him so much, and you suddenly feel like giving back everything that he made you feel earlier.
“Damn it, baby. That feels good,” he groans against your skin. He catches your wrist to stop you before you could go further. “I thought you want this cock? Let me be inside you, baby.”
With the reminder of your plea, your pussy throbs. You nod your head and he pulls back, holding himself up with his elbow as he looks down, watching you closely as you start dragging the tip of his cock up and down the length of your slit. You know that he can feel your heat, and he clenches his jaw tightly as the slickness of your arousal gathers around the head of his cock, making it easy for him to slide between your folds.
His arm flexes as he pushes himself up and grabs hold onto your hips, ready to take over. Wrapping his palm around his girth, his eyes flicker to your face for a brief moment, making sure that you are ready.
But you have been ready. Spreading your legs wider for him, you reach down, using your fingers to spread your folds open and he follows through by aligning himself right at your hot entrance. Wasting no time, he pushes forward. You moan together as he enters you, becoming one as his cock slides into you with one firm thrust. Instead of feeling any pain or discomfort with the sudden fullness, your pussy walls throb against him, welcoming him home. It feels glorious when the waves of your previous climax begin to rise again, growing intensely quicker this time as if you had barely come down from your previous high.
With a groan, Jungkook begins to move. Rocking his hips at a steady rhythm, he slides his cock in and out of you, burying himself deeper and deeper before he slowly begins increasing his speed. Your body jerks wildly each time he pushes deep into the hilt of your pussy. Noticing this, he keeps repeating his movement, as he keeps thrusting against the very same spot until your moans grow into cries of pleasure.
Returning the favour and feeling like the edge is near, you push your hips up a little, giving him a new angle while allowing you to push back up, making it possible for his cock to slide in and out of you more fluidly. Your hands reach out to him, holding onto his hips to push him deeper with each thrust he is giving you.
It feels too good, so good that you can no longer hold back from crying out to him, "Harder, Jungkook. Harder!”
Your cries snap him into action and his hands move down to your bottom cheeks, holding you up to him as he starts pounding harder into you. Your head falls back into the pillows as you are suddenly overwhelmed by the sensation running through you. Your body arches with how intense it feels, and just how good the pain that he is inflicting on you from his rough pounding.
The pleasure feels maddening. But you refuse to close your eyes.
Blinking away your tears, you keep your gaze on your lover, capturing yet another moment that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Even in moments like this one, he is truly the most magnificent-looking human being you have ever met and come across. The way his arms are flexing as he is holding you up, how his strong fingers would feel silky smooth when he runs them up and down your curves, yet he would still hold you with a possessive grip when he is holding you up to him like this. How the beautiful inkwork on his skin sometimes looks as if they are dancing with every flex, every contraction of muscles., and with every subtle movement that he makes when he is drawing you even nearer to the peak of pleasure.
You look down where you are joined, watching how his hips move so effortlessly in his constant thrusts and how perfect he feels inside you. His toned torso flexes with each jerk of his hips, and you love the shudders that appear on his body when your muscles flutter around his cock with each deep thrust. Your gaze moves upward to his chest which is glowing with the thin coat of his sweat. You feel the urge to run your fingers up his chest and shoulders, needing to feel his heartbeat to see if it is beating just as intensely as yours.
But you keep your hands on his hips, gripping harder with your nails buried into his skin as you take every pounding, embracing every wave of pleasure that he is giving you. He cries out and tenses for a moment under your tight grip, yet his thrusts never truly stop. His jerks become unsteady for a brief moment but he holds himself together to keep his pace, quickening and giving it harder to you when he starts again.
At the sound of his voice, you look up at his face and your heartbeat flutters. His long and messy hair has fallen over, curtaining his beautiful face. It somehow makes him look even more ethereal, and captivating, especially in the way he is clenching his jaw while he is making love to you.
The moment your gazes meet each other, your gaze finding his eyes looking back at you with clear desire, something inside you snaps. The muscles in your core begin to coil, tightening and constricting around him right as the spasms of your climax are starting to make their appearance, pushing through the fog inside your head until you find yourself clinging to the edge. Jungkook moves his hand down to where you are joined. His fingers slip between your parted folds, finding your throbbing clit where he gives a gentle brush, causing the first wave of your orgasm to rise from within.
"I think...,” you gasp out. “I’m…close," you try to say in between breaths, just as your body trembles beneath him, ready to erupt into bliss. “I’m going to…”
“Yes, baby. Cum for me,” he growls breathlessly through his rapid pounding. “Cum around my cock. Let me feel you.”
With his words, you let yourself go. Wave after wave of pleasure comes rushing through your body, erupting in the most intense way. “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck!" you cry out as your body convulses, and your body jerks against him once, twice, three times, until his final thrust puts you right at the peak of your climax. "Oh god, oh Jungkook, oh god.”
Between your cries of pleasure, you can hear the sound of his voice, crying out with a voice so deep that you barely recognise it. An intense shudder rocks through his body as his cock brushes against your convulsing walls, triggering his climax on his next thrust. You lift your hips one last time and push against him just as the length of his cock pulses and he immediately erupts inside you. His hips continue to buck wildly against you as an unending stream of his climax pours into you. You can feel its warmth filling you up, and together you ride the waves of both of your pleasure as the spasms inside you repeat again, and again, each one coming to you a bit less intense than the previous, until they finally come to halt.
With one last shudder and a deep exhale of breath, Jungkook’s hips slow down to a full stop. He releases a deep gasp as he finally releases his hold on you and falls over your body, exhausted and sated. Still buried inside you, Jungkook wraps his arms around you. Being pressed against his chest allows you to feel his rapid heartbeat, still racing in the aftermath of his orgasm, while you feel your own subsiding into its normal state when you feel his body heat pressing against you.
“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” he softly asks you, and you slowly shake your head.
“Absolutely not. That was so good. It felt amazing,” you say to him as you look up, admiring his beauty. The afterglow of his release is clear on his face, and his eyes are now glowing with so much love that it brings a new sense of warmth inside your chest. You bring your hands up, brushing his long hair back so you can see his face more clearly. They are completely soaked with his sweat that some strands are plastered to his face while some even get stuck on his lip piercing before you brush them away.
Your small gesture draws a smile to his face, then he turns to press his lips on your palm, kissing it as he gently sighs with a sense of relief and pride. In return, you wrap your arms around him, pulling him down until your lips find each other in a deep, longing kiss which lingers a bit too long than what you expect it to be.
As you slowly grow lax beneath him, Jungkook continues kissing you, doing it a bit more gently this time until his breathing returns completely to normal. Then he moves to trace his lips across your chin, down to your neck, before he buries his face in the nape of your neck where he releases another sigh. Wordlessly you lay there, body pressing against body, arms and legs entwining together, all while the sounds of your heartbeat join into one rhythm. You feel his smile growing against your skin when you try to shift, feeling the discomfort from his cum pooling inside you while his cock softens as it remains in its place.
He breathes in the scent of your hair one last time before he finally pulls out of you, taking a few drops of his cum in his exit. He is quick to find a forgotten shirt to help clean you up, then make a quick work of tossing it away before taking you back in his arms again as he collapses into the bed. Just like always, he pulls you to him with your back pressed to his chest, his arm resting lazily on your waist.
“So—” he says, breathing in your hair deeply before moving to kiss the nape of your neck. “What are you planning to do today?” he asks with his lips pressing into your ear and lazily nipping at your lobe.
“I don’t know,” you answer with an exhausted chuckle. “I think I might need a short nap. You’ve completely drained me. No, wait—shower. We need a shower,” you say to him in your drowsy state of mind, not realising that your fingers have somehow found their way to his arm again, and that you have begun tracing the inkwork on his skin absentmindedly while you are thinking deeply.
You don’t notice what you are doing until Jungkook moves his hand, cupping your bare breast until you gasp at his touch. “Shower sounds good,” he calmly says, as if he isn’t deliberately rising the shivers in your body with his touch. “I’ll help,” he adds, “I haven’t got the chance to kiss this tattoo you have on your back and the new one you just got on your thigh, have I?”
As if making a point, Jungkook presses his lips right at the back of your neck, about an inch above where your back tattoo starts. You nervously laugh, knowing what would entail if things continue to be how he wants them to while trying to hide how he is already triggering your body to react to him. A flutter rises in your chest as he kneads your breast gently, and it begins to surge downwards, past the trails of kisses he is leaving on your skin and ends right between your legs where a pulse rises back up again.
“Oh, boy,” you sigh, knowing that there is no stopping him. Not when your nerves have been awakened to make you want him so badly as well.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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not my fault | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: After sparking a sinful conversation on a dating app, you vow to yourself that you won’t give in to more the notorious college fuckboy Jeon Jungkook might have to offer. That is, until he rings your doorbell just one night later – and it’s truly not your fault that he’s so damn hard to resist.
➵ pairing: Jungkook x female reader ➵ rating: 18+ ➵ genre: classmates to lovers, college!au; fluff, smut ➵ warnings: sexual tension, flirting/teasing/provoking, banter, a dating app :’), she has a crush on him but won’t admit it, grumpy roommate joon, crack dialogue, fuckboy!jk who wears glasses in class, idk that much about pharmacy i apologise; explicit sexual content: sexting, he makes her horny in public, petnames !!, fingering, edging, oral (f. & m. rec.), dom and big cawk jk wbk, he’s SO cocky, spanks (ass & clit ones), some choking, praising, messy but protected sex, she swallows his load <3, jk rlly loves her ass <3 ➵ word count: 12.6k ➵ a/n: been itching to write a lighthearted college au for so long and here we gooo !! @missgeniality​​​​​​​ thank you for enduring me and making this better and for not k*lling me yet, love thou, kitty <33 enjoy y’all – feedback is always appreciated !! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What’s with the constant yelling on this goddamn campus?”
Namjoon is not a friend of noise and crowds – as a self-declared claustrophobic, the cheers around him sound eerie and mind-numbing, and for once, you can’t blame him. Because every usually silent corner of your university is exploding, and you’re sure a few windows are already cracking at the shrill blow of the constant screams.
“What’s with you?” you ask back, nudging his elbow playfully as you clutch the strap of your bag tighter.
You want to make him laugh, but your friend is as gloomy as ever, not quite ready – or awake – to give into your jokes just yet. You figure he might be once he gets ready for bed.
“Those cheerleaders,” he points to the group of girls, and you think his voice, calm and low on other days, is close to breaking. It’s hilarious – it reminds you of his adolescent days. “They sound like this creepy sorority video on YouTube. Make it stop.”
You shudder, because you know exactly what he’s talking about. If he hadn’t shown it to you on a dark, quiet Halloween night right after watching Sinister and It, it might not be engraved in your mind like some daunting, unsolved supernatural mystery.
Pouting, you stare to the ground, tucking back your hair. “We should’ve watched Buzzfeed Unsolved instead.”
The campus has been extra noisy these days – because not only is the semester coming to its end, but your nerves have been buzzing due to the approaching exam season, too. On top of that, the college is finally bidding farewell to its local sweethearts as if a group of renowned scientists is letting go of its strongest pioneer.
You guess Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok were somewhat trailblazing after all – athletic, attractive, top of their classes and the talk of the school for literal years.
But with them leaving, the attention is shifting; and with the already continuous excitement, there’s one other hot topic left – a thriving fuckboy who shares quite a few classes with you and will still be here next semester. Very likely to corrupt innocent girls’ minds; to charm someone new at the very next frat party he might crash.
And he’ll do it next semester, too. And the one after.
A piece of advice – pharmacy really isn’t the major for you if you opt to finish in the required or recommended time. Seems like Jeon Jungkook’s existence will still roam the campus like a plague, make you roll your eyes back into your head for a while longer.
You don’t care about such things, you always say. You’d much rather focus on your education.
Right when your thoughts begin drifting off, a girl walks past Namjoon and screams into the warm summer air, and her voice still rings in your ears when you hear him complain, “Jeez, what the actual fuck.”
“A few more steps and we’re off campus grounds.”
“A few more steps and we’ll enter an apartment with my books scattered around.”
You shrug and sigh, admonishing him, “Hey, I told you to start with your shit on time.”
Namjoon stares at you as if he’s attempting to annihilate you with his gaze, shooting invisible lasers at you before he mocks, “If I had a hot girl I’m crushing on cheering for me in class, I’d be just as motivated as you are.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you state, your demeanour calm and clueless, your shoulders shrugging so often they might get stuck in place.
“I’m talking about the grand nerd slash fuckboy extraordinaire who–”
“He’s really not that great.”
“He’s fucking top of his year… will get awards and honours. It’s the college equivalent of a valedictorian.”
Your steps slow down, and you slide your hands into the pockets of your jumpsuit, squinting at the polished car that reflects the sun as you breathe, “Speaking of the devil.”
In a far corner, you watch Jungkook stand near the road with the door of his vehicle open, presumably letting out the hot suffocating air that has collected inside. He’s talking to some girl who’s pushing herself uncomfortably close to him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Because in the next moment, he’s smirking back, tilting his head before she gets into the passenger’s seat.
“What you staring at?” Namjoon questions before he follows your gaze, coming to a halt when you do.
“Missing dick.”
He laughs and shakes his head, kicking the grass underneath his feet before he utters, “Here we go again.”
“What?” Jungkook’s car drives into the sunset, very 90s movie style, the delicate, grinning heroine next to him laughing, and you turn to Namjoon to stare at him. “Do you know how long I’ve been under this dry spell? I–” you wave your hand in dramatic motions, cocking an eyebrow, “I feel my virginity growing back.”
“You know what I’m gonna suggest.”
“Kim Namjoon.”
“Listen,” he exclaims, a full-lipped mouth falling open, “dating apps exist for a reason. If you won’t do it, I will.”
“I…” Perplexed, you wait, closing your eyes for an exhausted moment before you sigh and nod. “Sure.”
But in all honesty – perhaps you’d rather embrace your regrowing virginity instead of giving in to the last resort that are dating apps.
Tumblr media
The nightly wildlife chirps even in this part of the city – you for one are happy to be connected to nature somehow, even if it means to open your window to mosquitos every other night.
You think the clock might strike eleven soon, but you don’t give it much of a thought as you stroll along the streets, your mind still fogged from grinding for your exams. The summer breeze feels nice – clears your head a bit.
Thumbs hooked in the pockets of your shorts, you take a deep breath, peeking at the stars for a brief moment before you hear the sound of music crawl closer. You think you recognise the song as an early Lindsey Stirling track. You’re sure the neighbourhood appreciates being woken up by the rhythmic melody of dubstep and violins.
A car pulls up next to you and comes to a stop, and the driver turns the music down before leaning in and revealing himself as the popular wonderkid par excellence.
“What are you doing out here so late and alone, love?”
The nickname makes your insides palpitate, and you think his voice elicits goosebumps where it shouldn’t. You attempt your best to keep your cool, brushing your tresses out of your face before you question back, “What are you doing here?”
“I, uh, live nearby?”
“And you’re alone, too?” you add, your eyes darting to the backseat and back to him. “Didn’t you pick someone up just this afternoon?”
He flashes a poised smirk at you, his eyes crinkled and full of mischief as he chants, “Oh, you noticed that?”
You shrug your shoulders, balancing your weight from one leg to the other when he asks, “Done with homework and studying?”
“Yes, boss,” you answer, stepping closer to the edge of the pavement, “internalised every bit of information related to quality control and whatnot.”
“Want me to give you a lift?”
“I literally live in that block over there, Jungkook,” you clarify, pointing to the complex three streets away, and the movement of his head follows your finger.
But he doesn’t cave in just yet, calloused fingertips tapping at the steering wheel as he suggests, “Let me drive you around a bit then.”
“What if you kidnap me?”
“Well, first of all, you’ve known me for years, and second, you’re not a kid anymore. It’d just be napping, and you’d be crazy not to want that.”
You wish you didn’t laugh at his lame joke. Now, you suddenly don’t understand how his other chicks fall for his humour this fast, because he’s obviously out of juice, and won’t be able to swoon you.
…Into falling for him.
But luring you into his car? Sure.
“Fine,” you say, puffing out a breath before you get in.
He glances at the street, checking for intruding traffic before he drives off and you ask, “What are you doing so late?”
“Just went for a drive. It’s a pleasant night.”
You press onto the button next to you to let the window shift down further, basking in the gust of the gentle night. You can taste the summer from where you sit, delicate and flowery, and you let a soft smile play around your lips before you inquire, “Why don’t you go for a walk instead? To save Mother Earth and prevent global warming and stuff.”
“I do usually go for walks,” Jungkook defends, swaying slightly to the song that you recognise yet again. “Just missed her.”
“Mirage. My car.”
Of course he’d name his car.
You sigh. Maybe you’re overgeneralising; putting him in a drawer filled with files of every playful fuckboy and frat boy in existence. But Jungkook does seem nice – he’s always been nice. And he’s not a frat boy either.
You sit up in your seat, smiling at him before you point at the radio and tell him, “I didn’t know you were a Swiftie.”
“Oh, I am!” he notes, singing along a few words of 22 before he adds, “I actually have the tape version of Red! It’s somewhere… in the cracks of the backseats, though, lemme…”
“Oh, you really don’t need to–”
But before you can argue some more, he’s pulled into a parking lot swiftly and stepped out of his car. He re-emerges in the backseat of Mirage, sifts through the slits with a grimace that suggests he’s touched something he didn’t want to, and then cheers, “Found it!”
With a sigh, you grab the vintage cassette and follow his instructions as to what to press or not, and when one of Taylor’s songs chimes, you leave the car, stretching your muscles and then opening the door to the backseat.
You make yourself comfortable next to him, immediately bobbing your head in unison with his and the song’s rhythm before you realise how close you two are. In hindsight, you don’t understand why you came to sit here at all – he would’ve come back to the driver’s seat anyway.
The whole encounter doesn’t make much sense, but you guess it’s too late to overthink now – so you begin a conversation about your favourite songs on the album instead, and you act as if you don’t realise that he’s side-eyeing you. Squinting in amusement.
And before you can blink twice, he’s shifted closer with a hand on your thigh, giggling. You let him obliviously, licking your lips, and when both of you go quiet and let silence between you settle, you swallow thickly – there’s a clump in your throat and it’s not dissolving.
Out of nowhere, he looks down at your grey clothing, the series of happenings lacking logic once more as he comments, “Nice shorts.”
You steady your breathing with anticipation jabbing your overworking mind, telling yourself that it’s okay, that there’s no need to be nervous. And so, you wet your lips, telling him, “Glad you like them.”
“I do like quite a few things about you…”
“Oh? What’s that?”
Jungkook hums in thought, and for a moment, you’re certain he just said it to charm you. After all, he doesn’t know you all that well. He knows you’re quiet in uni. Knows you share classes with him. He knows you stuff your mouth with desserts any chance you get, because he caught you a few times and possib–
“The colour of your hair,” he finally lists, and you listen attentively, “your skin. I do like your pretty little mind, too. Got a lot in there, gotta admit.”
“The genius himself is praising a peasant like me?”
He chuckles, obviously taken aback by your choice of words. But then he catches himself, his tongue darting out to the corner of his lips before he confesses, “The genius himself has never seen a peasant this sexy, though.”
Did he really…
And is his–
Yes – his hand is definitely shifting up, your skin shivering; and he’s moving closer, his lips parted – and suddenly, the colour of your shorts has changed and your hair is in a ponytail when you were sure you were wearing it down before, and…
You awake with a smack of your lips, blinking as you adjust to the darkness. Damn vivid dreaming. Damn Jungkook humming Taylor Swift songs in classes often enough for you to remember his taste in music.
You’re sure he would’ve taken you right there, but not before pushing you to oversensitivity and tears, nibbling at your shoulders while you squirmed in his grip.
No. That must be your interpreting imagination talking.
It was a dream? A long ass, detailed, elaborated one, too? His lame humour was your own?
How pathetic. When you said you needed to get laid, you really did mean it.
But instead of letting his undoubtedly monstrous, skilled cock fuck you to insanity, even if just in a dream, you find yourself between the dull walls of your room, wrapped in a cold blanket of pitch darkness.
Your blinds are shut and no beam of the streetlamps comes seeping in as you clutch your phone tight with only its light illuminating your face… and the ache between your legs is palpable. Like dream-Jungkook metaphorically blue-balled you and left you to starve.
What if you called Jimin again? It was nice with him, wasn’t it? But no – he has a girlfriend now. And the college jock Baekhyun? Would he be up to go on another date after you ditched him last time? Probably not.
Okay, and what if…
Is there really no other option left?
You reckon not.
You open your phone again and slide to the app you dreaded, one that Namjoon has been suggesting for months on end now. You won’t let the truth sidle to him – the one about you having downloaded the app ages ago, but dipping right after configuring your profile and finding no one remarkable or interesting on there.
You think their bios are crucial in what your choice settles on, but the lack of personality and terrifyingly sassy profile pictures left you shuddering and grimacing. You decided this wasn’t for you.
Now, no offence to anyone indulging in the pleasures of dating apps, but especially after tinder swindlers and alarming news, you weren’t always all that fond of the opportunities such a phenomenon brings.
But now, you do cave in, revisiting your account in a haste as you half sit up, pulling up the pillow and leaning against the creaking headboard.
For a while, you keep swiping – the most obscure descriptions catch your eye, much as expected. Just for a second, you feel your pussy clench in ache enough to swipe right to absolute idiots.
Let's match and maybe I'll send you a nude on Snapchat?
got money n time so why don't we share some of it?
"Oh my fucking god," you exclaim in exasperation.
You're speechless. Other than those attempting to catch fish with flirts they most likely found on the internet, there are people who have stated nothing but their height on their profiles. Or a phrase in a different language, or, wow, "Hey there. I am using WhatsApp" on a dating app?
And then… the biggest miracle in the history of miracles happens. Crop circles and sightings of UFOs are nothing compared to it.
Because it's him. 
A mirror selfie stares back at you, his hand half buried in his pocket – but you can still see the veins popping. His hair is a mess, but he’s still so undeniably attractive; and to your misery, even his bio is harmless and basic, no nauseating cockiness.
He’s not only chasing and haunting your dreams, but appearing on this app, too. You don't consider the fact that it gives you optimal matches in your near proximity – no, for you, this is a sign of doom, of certain and ulterior conspiracy.
You take a deep breath and curl your fingers into a tight fist, and with closed eyes and a clenched jaw, you do something utterly reckless and stupid. You might regret it later… or maybe it won't affect your life at all.
But when you swipe right, you bite your tongue, and when you release your breath and open your eyes again, you're ready to watch a new name and face pop up when suddenly…
It's a match!
You clap your hand over your mouth, the sheer volume of your voice so unexpected that you almost feel your bed rattle. A myriad of jumbled thoughts jostle for attention, and your eyes flick from one spot of your phone to the other.
Letting the device fall, you cross your legs, cracking your fingers as you try to make sense of what the hell just happened. But once the truth finally creeps in, you pull your phone closer again, holding it with your fingertips as though you just fished it out of your toilet.
You open the chat of the dating app and stare at it for a full minute, your thumbs drawing circles in the air as you bite into your lip. You’re not certain what to do with the situation – not sure what you’re doing at all; not quite able to foresee how he’ll react.
But then you collect air in your cheeks and let it out in a puff, opting for courage before typing a simple, tiny “hi?”. And then, you lock the device immediately as if Jungkook could catch you staring if you touched it any longer.
You wait ten minutes. Twenty. And when nothing comes after thirty two petrifying minutes, you place your phone on your bedside table, tugging the thinnest blanket you own over your head as if the summer isn’t in full bloom outside.
And at some point tonight, you doze off eventually.
Tumblr media
It’s not until the alarm clock blares and shakes you awake that memories of last night come crashing back. You think you might’ve had two damned vivid dreams, surely hoping that you didn’t truly experience the quiet, brief horror movie with you as its main cast.
But when you unlock your phone, your hope evaporates and consorts with your soul somewhere in hell, and your body falls limp against the headboard when you see… a response.
You feel the weight of his sarcasm crushing you already when you click on the chat. With a singular glance, you understand that Jungkook likes to shorten his words. Might use emojis sparsely? Definitely has the first letter of his sentences capitalised, though.
Jungkook: Hi…? R u not sure about ur greeting or
You’re not sure about anything – if you only knew, prodigy Jeon.
You: good morning.
His response comes almost immediately; as if he was waiting for you, eyes fixated on the chat, bored enough to converse with you rather than doing… whatever a Jeon Jungkook usually does.
Jungkook: Morning. U were awake late, huh?
You: couldn’t sleep. had a nightmare.
And it consisted of nothing less but his presence. His moles and soft, fluffy hair are still engraved in your mind that you somehow managed to memorise in the years you’ve known him. You wonder if he ever noticed you staring at the dark dot under his lip. Or his nose. Or at the veins of his arms… the thighs, oh god, the thighs–
The nightmare drenched your panties and shook your body until your guts were where your heart belongs.
Jungkook: Ohhhh wanna talk about it?
You gulp.
You: I’d rather not
The situation is almost comical. If you weren’t shaking in your non-existent boots, you might have laughed. But instead, you type away, cannot believe that you’re truly here, about to flirt with Jungkook like it’s a casual Thursday morning. But how could you not… he’s clearly waiting for you to bite, because…
Jungkook: Sure. So… weekend. What are u doing 2day?
He really does abbreviate the simplest words.
You: nothing. studying. you?
Jungkook: Not much either. Talking to u hopefully?
Sly, Jeon… very sly.
You: don’t you have stuff to do?
Jungkook: Yeah but… matching with a pretty girl is more fun
Is that a conversation he has every other day? Is this his tactic, his method to sing people to his form like a siren just to swallow them whole afterwards? Most importantly – if all of this is a possibility, why does your face still warm like an oven at his words?
Confidence – it’s easier through text. So you give it a shot; even if it boosts his ego – it does the same to you.
You: Jeon Jungkook thinks I’m pretty?
Jungkook: Jeon Jungkook thinks a lot of things about you
Did he not say something similar in your dream? There must be courses on witchcraft you could attend if you wanted to…
You hate him – but not really.
You: what does he think?
Jungkook: Well… he thinks you should text him in your DMS, bcos u have his number
Jungkook: Nd he thinks you should go out with him nd grab some lunch this noon
Just when the opportunity slithers close enough for you to graze it, something in you deflates. Like a red siren blaring warningly, reminding you that, despite your undeniable attraction to him, you don’t necessarily know if you want to involve yourself with him.
You matched with him. You texted him. You’re flirting – but what’s this uneasy feeling still? Perhaps you just realised that if you give in now, you’ll have to deal with his stolen glances and potential rumours until you graduate.
But somewhere inside, you do wish to be more to him than just a possible hook-up.
You: I… don’t think so
Jungkook: Woah. My heart just broke like never before
You contemplate what to answer, digging deep into your thoughts to find a part that’s not overthinking and/or flooded with a hundred different personas of you. They all want something else – can’t you dip your toes in calm, still water instead of this hurricane twirling in your brain?
When you don’t answer, Jungkook double texts; two simple words but somehow still dripping in a timid tone.
Jungkook: Why not?
You: you… I don’t think you matched with me to get LUNCH
Jungkook: Ah. Why did you swipe right on me then?
Even if his intentions were beyond fucking, genuinely attempting to take you out on a harmless, joyful date, you don’t think yours were – initially at least. And the way you know him – or as much as you do know him – you’re sure he’d jump onto this train, if you wanted to.
But something’s still holding you back… something that didn’t last night. So you answer–
You: guess I was curious to see what might happen
You: but you’re known for sleeping around. and I don’t wanna be a dick-wetter when you’ve so many people to do so… even tho you do seem nice
Jungkook: Cute. Also weird. Could’ve sworn you like me
Your heart thumps a little faster against your ribcage, and despite every word you’ve already exchanged, his newest confession turns you upside down. You’re not sure what your emotions consist of – and you wonder whether it’d be worse to have him think you like him or to actually like him.
Raising your eyebrows at the device, you admire his confidence, and despite the fright his message brought, it makes you smile a bit. It’s a rare trait – refreshing to see.
You: how would you know?
Jungkook: U swiped right, woman. Can u rlly say that u’ve never thought about me naked before?
You chuckle, an airy, goofy laugh filling the room as you pull your legs closer and tilt your head. He’s brave – you want to be, too.
You: and if I did?
Nothing comes back.
You wait for a moment. Perhaps he’s gotten up to fetch himself a drink or take a shower… it might be anything.
But then, this anything turns out to be something incredibly more intense – because suddenly, your phone is vibrating, and you almost screech, blinking at it as you ponder what to do.
You let it ring for a while, nervous to pick up – and when you think the last rings are chiming, you clear your throat and exhale, emptying your head of the thick mist before you press the green button.
You don’t get to say anything at all, because he’s already chuckling, his voice sweet and mellow before he questions, “You sure you don’t wanna grab… lunch?”
The pause sends your mind into another overthinking episode, but you brush your worries aside, suggesting instead, “Why don’t we talk about pharmacy instead? Happy drugs and blissful painkillers.”
Your mouth falls open half in amusement, half in surprise, the shit eating grin growing wider when you argue defiantly, “I’m not a coward!”
“Prove it then.”
Oh… his voice fell lower; you imagine a hooded gaze, a smirk scurrying over his lips – it’s an image too dangerous for your brain. If he doesn’t stop putting it there, you might drive over, and then no one will be responsible for your misdeeds but you.
The higher deities are toying with your patience.
“I don’t need to,” you tell him, shrugging one shoulder, though he can’t see anyway. “Nice trick, though.”
“Okay, but hear me out,” he immediately says, the sounds of him shifting crackling through the speaker. Jungkook is losing his chill and you’re loving it, “What if I swiped right, because you’ve been catching my eye since we first met?”
You want to call bullshit – his voice sounds genuine and devoid of mockery and games, but you still squint your eyes, asking, “Really?”
“Yeah, you’re just. Too intimidating to ask out.”
“I’m… intimidating?”
You’re scared of bugs. You dislike heights. You once screamed when Namjoon walked out of his room casually, his cheek covered in strawberry jam, because he’s too clumsy to eat properly, cleanly. He needed multiple tries and exclamations of defence to convince you that it wasn’t blood.
You can’t possibly seem intimidating to him.
“This is absolutely weird,” you admit, and when your eyes dry, you realise that you must not have blinked in minutes. The dust floating around you must be getting worried.
“I like weird.”
“You… what do you want, Jeon?”
“I…” Jungkook begins, but then silences, humming and clicking his tongue. And then, he speaks up again, suddenly shy and uncertain as he says, “If I told you what I want, you might cut the call.”
“Now I wanna know more, though.”
He sighs, and you think you can hear an odd sound accompanying his occurring hums, as if he’s tapping against a wooden object. His voice is gravelly and quieter when he speaks again, and you press your phone further against your ear.
“Alright. Sure. Nothing to lose, I guess.”
He lets you wait again. He knows how to build tension – knows how to turn you into an impatient puddle of molten composure.
“I can be sweet or,” he says, and you lean forward, “or talk you to filth. What do you want?”
To filth?
You shiver.
Albeit intrigued, you wonder – if he tried to be sweet, would he be telling you the truth? Or just try to swoon you? You don’t want to be a pawn in his game – don’t want this crush or whatever to advance. He’s a charismatic, compulsive charmer, right? What if he wraps you around his tattooed finger just for you to wonder if he meant any of it?
So you say politely, “Second option, please.”
He breathes out. He sounds a little disappointed.
“Alright. Remember when you wore that floral dress last summer and our professor told you to adhere to the dress code we don’t even have?”
“Yup. How could I forget?”
“Well. I was this close,” you imagine him bringing his forefinger and thumb close, turning his big doe eyes into slits, “to telling her off. Her Victorian morals don’t have a place in this century. Wanted to tell her that she can’t let out her lack of confidence on you. Because,” he pauses; then says, “you can do whatever the heck you wanna do.”
This isn’t filth.
Rather, elaborated, detailed sweetness – you didn’t expect this level of observation and depth, didn’t know a simple dress and brief conversation last summer affected him enough to remember his thoughts for this long. You’re glad he can’t see, but you’re pouting, and you’re sure your eyes are glittering, the stars in your pupils flickering.
And as sweet as he can be, his sexiness never falters. Because.
“You looked so fucking hot.”
He says it hushed – almost whispers it, and you feel your sanity dematerialise and your insides burn. The little spark evolves and turns your guts and lungs to ember, and your cheeks flame up like you’ve been stuck head-first into a blazing sauna.
“...Go on,” you plead, and you nearly hear the smile in his words when he obliges.
“Been wanting to… to touch you since that day. Slide my hands across your body and pull you closer by…” He laughs, smacking his lips, hesitating before he mumbles as if he’s saying something blasphemous. “By your tits.”
Hell. What the hell.
“And goddamn, your ass, I… want it close enough to me that our bodies meld, and okay, yeah, that– that sounded weird, but–” You hear him gulp, and you swallow at the same time. “I imagined ripping that dress off of you like, not even kidding, a few dozen times? And… are you still there?”
“Too much?”
“Nah. It’s fine.”
“Is all that weird?”
“Maybe a little,” you breathe, but you must admit that you have been in the same position with him before. Imagined how it’d be if you were one of the girls he fucks. “But… guess we’re both weird.”
“Shit, you can’t say that…” Silence descends for a moment when he understands the meaning behind your words, and he clears his throat before he continues, “And right now… shit, just the thought of you sitting on your bed or couch, possibly in shorts or a nightgown drives me fucki–”
You feel your heart lurch into your throat and then fall, scrambling your insides before you confess, “I’m… in my panties. Just a shirt… and panties.”
“Oh fuck.” He waits. “Okay. Can I–”
But you never get to hear what he wants to ask, because from behind your closed door, Namjoon knocks suddenly and rapidly, startling you on the spot. You catch your phone mid-fall, breathing heavily, shaking your head when your roommate yells, “It’s your turn to make breakfast, byotch!”
You shake your head, hurrying to whisper your goodbyes to Jungkook who you briefly catch complaining, “Seriously?” – but you tell him you’re sorry, that you’ll see him tomorrow morning, because you’re class-free today.
Namjoon, however, does need to rush to uni, and you promised to make him something today before he left for his linguistics course at noon.
You spend the day munching on leftover breakfast, studying as much as your mushy thinking organ allows. But your thoughts drift back to the monstrum repeatedly that doesn’t call you back or text you again for the remainder of the day and night.
Tumblr media
When you enter the lab the next day, Jungkook is already there, staring at your form entering through his glasses as he manspreads on his seat. You try not to look down, but avert your gaze instead, sitting down in a far corner of the room despite the fact that you’ve sat next to him more often than you can count.
From your peripheral sight, you catch that he’s still staring at you, but you try to focus on your unkempt and idle professor as you slip your arms into your lab coat. Seems like your teacher’s in a bad mood, because he wipes his tired eyes, waving you off nonchalantly before he mutters, “Produce an ointment. Any kind you want. You can work alone or as a duo.”
You learned to make ointments years ago. But okay – at least an easy task that doesn’t require the brainpower you don’t have today.
You decide to work alone – but as it seems, Jungkook has different plans.
From afar, you overhear him decline a girl or two and a boy who offer to get into a group with him; but he utters some convincing excuses and walks over to you instead. You feel him step closer, and your chest tightens.
Your body isn’t a blooming forest – the butterflies need to get the hell out of there.
“How are you?” he asks once you acknowledge him with a nod, putting on his lab coat and gloves before he grabs some ingredients from your hand, dividing the work.
“Good. How are you?”
You looked so fucking hot.
His words repeat in your mind like a broken record – by now, you’ve memorised the tone he whispered them in, the rise and fall of his voice, the casual confidence he put into it.
Shit. You should’ve worn that dress today.
“I’m okay,” he answers, dabbing at his forehead that shines in the slightest sheen of sweat that the summer causes, “was wondering what ointment you’re making.”
You mumble something so quietly that he doesn’t grasp it, and he leans in with furrowed eyebrows, asking again. Raising your voice, you control the volume of your sentence, telling him, “Burns. Against burns.”
His lips form an O before he licks them, tsk-ing and smirking as he states dramatically, “Apply it to my heart then.”
“Was wondering where you went yesterday.”
Oh. You didn’t think he’d care this much – makes you want to care even more.
He interrupts you, waving calmly and reassuringly as he says, “I can totally let it go if you want me to, though. It’s cool, I promise!”
“No, I–” Okay. Stop stuttering. One more stutter and you’d slap yourself in front of him. “I made breakfast for my roommate.”
Jungkook nods as though he knew, his conversing tone jovial and cheerful as he asks, “Your roommate? Namjoon, was it?”
Jungkook measures the powder used for the ointment, gazing at it carefully and focused. A crease carved between his eyebrows, he looks incredibly sexy, staring over the edge of his glasses, the tip of his tongue peeking out. The coat hugs his body perfectly, and his muscles flex each time he angles his arms.
It’s almost too much.
And then, he leans back, exhaling before he notes, “Damn. If you were my girlfriend, I’d make you breakfast every day.”
“I’m not his girlfriend,” you defend immediately – why, you can’t quite say, “but you knew that.”
“No harm in making sure…”
When his skin brushes yours, you think he’s doing it on purpose. You draw a sharp breath, so sure that he’s decoded your tense and freezing stance – but if he did, he doesn’t say anything. Acts like he’s concentrating on the task on hand while his shoulder keeps bumping against yours lightly.
And soon, he’s looking at you, his hand on the white table, fingers drumming against the handle of the water tap, and starts, “Hey, do you…” He nibbles his lower lip, dimples appearing on his cheeks as deep as your embarrassing nervousness. But he’s being shy. He’s being shy? Again? “Are you doing anything today? After class?”
“Oh,” you voice, not quite expecting his question, though a part of you hoped he’d ask something like this, “why?”
“There’s a place I wanted to show you. A castle kinda thing, and there are super many cherry blossom trees? I thought you might like it there, ‘cause,” he stops for a fleeting second, his tongue dashing along his lower lip, “I remember you once told me it’s your favourite flower.”
You’re baffled beyond imagination – not even your former boyfriends ever remembered, always bringing you a bouquet on Valentine’s day and your birthday, because they ”didn’t really know which one you like most.”
Is Jungkook this observant or is he just the genius you already see him as?
“You still remember that?” you ask, your eyes wide, your lip jutting out.
“Of course. Yeah. They’re my favourite, too.”
I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Neruda’s quote has never rung this true – whatever emotions the pink petals inspire in you, they border on cheesy, sappy romance. If Jungkook is anyhow on the same wavelength as you, you might liquefy.
God, you want to say yes. If only to find a pretty tree and make out with him under it. No, scratch that. Just to be in his presence and see what he’s like when he’s not chasing girls. Or complimenting your ass.
“I’d love to, but… I can’t,” you tell him, and his face falls a little, sweet and tender; not the kind of fall that indicates a decreasing ego, but the type that resembles genuine chagrin. “I have to attend this study group with Yeosoo, and… it’s the last session before one of the exams, so…”
“Ah, it’s cool. Don’t sweat it. I just thought I might try.”
“All good, cutie,” he says with a wink, returning to your task while your fingers fiddle with the rest of the ingredients, brushing the bottle of oil. “I’ll just keep admiring you from afar in the meantime.”
Within a moment, his eyes blow wide, his features flinching, and he grabs your hand tight when you take one wrong step. He pulls you closer until your palm is gripping his firm bicep – that you’re sure he flexes when you touch it – and almost falling into him.
You realise too late that he’s saved you from dripping oils that you somehow managed to spill, but his breath against your scalp and his chest against yours create a ferocious and frantic chaos behind your ribs.
In the silence of the moment, you see your classmates watching you, but Jungkook snatches all your remaining attention, his nimble fingers sliding along your waist and settling there to straighten your posture.
With your breath stuck in your throat and blue fire burning behind your cheeks, you apologise bashfully, breathing out the muddled up ball of air. You sit back again, frantically starting to clean up the mess, and the teacher strolls to you lazily just in time. He comes to a halt at the other side of your table; and when he leans in to inspect your progress, you wince.
Your professor doesn’t notice, but you’re perishing inside – the hand on your thigh belonging to a certain someone who’s started explaining how your ointment is doing shakes the last crumbs of sleep away.
He’s the downfall of you. You’ll be writing your will tonight.
A muffled question registers in your brain, and you don’t decipher it as a worried, “Are you okay?” from your professor until Jungkook nudges your arm and tells you the man is speaking to you.
Jungkook draws an endless circle on your skin; then proceeds to touch your knee – and the blood in your face is downright smouldering. You side-eye him for a moment, acting oblivious; attempting your best to answer your teacher’s question appropriately.
But the impish touch of your classmate’s treacherous fingers, sneaking up your leg and to the fabric of your shorts leaves you stuttering over simple words. He’s evidently trying to get back to you for vanishing so abruptly yesterday – who knew Jungkook’s way of punishing someone was this blatant?
You don’t push his hand away, because you don’t want it gone – in fact, you want this lesson to end and pull him into a spare, empty storage room. Want him to fuck you raw until the bottled ingredients clatter to the ground.
But then, he retracts his hand when your professor nods and walks on, and when you breathe a vexed, “Asshole”, he pats your shoulder playfully, his idiotic, silly smirk returning as he says, “Pity that you’re busy this afternoon.”
Tumblr media
He put an extra cautious emphasis on afternoon, stressing the word like he was using it for the first time.
When the doorbell rings near 10 pm, you let your novel fall, crawling off the sofa that you pulled out to a bed and rushing to the wooden entrance. You didn’t expect Namjoon to return home this fast – something must have happened on his little trip.
You ready yourself to mock the life out of him, eager to meet his wasted eyes and listen to his drunk rambling about the night he just experienced. But when you unlock the door and rip it open with your lips curled upwards, you find leaning against the frame… someone entirely else.
Instinctively, your hand descends to the hem of your shirt, covering at least a mere inch of your bare thighs as you stare into Jungkook’s amused face. He cocks an eyebrow at you, and your heart leaps; you act as if you don’t notice that he’s checking you out from head to toe.
You know he lives nearby – but you’re still surprised that he remembered where you live, too.
“What are you doing here?” you question, lowering your voice, focusing intently on keeping your voice steady. For now, you might want to stay very still – you know you’ll stammer if you don’t.
“I wanted to come by and say hi.”
“Are you… are you drunk?”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, leaning in closer as he regards you with a firm gaze and asks, “Do I look drunk to you?”
He makes sure to speak close to your face, and when you take in the scent of his minty breath, devoid of any hint of inebriation, you let your jaw fall shut. You were close to the climax of your book – in fact, you had planned to finish it to start the movie adaptation of it this Friday night.
You were entirely prepared for it: your hair arranged in a messy, cosy bun, your favourite long shirt draped over your body – or at least your torso – with the taste of your favourite ice cream flavour still lingering on your tongue.
You didn’t expect an interruption in the form of… him. But the way he stands there, confident but quiet, smiling at you in a way that should be illegalised and written into every book of law…
What was your novel about again?
“May I come in?” Jungkook asks, peering past you, and you blink once – twice.
Manners have always been your strongest trait, but it seems that Jungkook has turned your brain upside down and replaced coherent thoughts with ones of a clapping monkey toy. You gulp, and then step aside, apologising under your breath.
“No need to be sorry,” he says as he looks around, hands in the pockets of his joggers – oh god, he’s wearing joggers – and his voice low.
There’s a kind of groan in his words, one that usually accompanies his conversational tone; he must not realise what effect it has on people. Or maybe he does. You wouldn’t be surprised if he did.
“Why’re you really here?” you ask again, attempting to sound as polite as possible and not as though you’re scheming to throw him out again. Anytime soon.
“I was thinking of you.”
How is this so easy for him?
He’s leaning down to inspect a vase of yours, for crying out loud – how can he say such things so casually and expect from you to remain relaxed and collected with a steady heartbeat and a mind that doesn’t go into a frenzy and–
“Really?” you question, feigning calmness, hiding that the lower part of your body has entirely different plans.
You step further into the room and watch him scour his pockets as if they’re miles deep, and when he plummets onto your couch/make-shift bed, he’s holding a small plastic canister in his palm. He stretches his arm towards you and you take the object with questions etched between your eyebrows.
Turning the lid, you ask, “What’s that?”
“Open it.” And when you do and understand, recognising the smell and quality, up to par, he smiles, nodding as if to confirm your thoughts and says, “Ointment against burns. In case there’s ever a cooking accident or something!”
Flashing a smile back, you close the canister again, wrapping both your palms around it before you nod and say, “Thank you.”
“No worries.” Jungkook shoots a look at the discarded book, and then back to you, taking in the quietude of the apartment before he wonders, “Where’s Namjoon?”
“Joon’s out with Hobi and some other friends. They went bowling or something.”
“And you didn’t go with?”
You shrug, taking a seat on the other side of the couch, almost as if you’re dodging his emanating aura by putting a distance between you. God knows what you might do if Jeon Jungkook got too close. And after this morning’s events, you’re more nervous than ever before.
“Nah,” you respond, drawing patterns on your couch before flattening a hand over its material, “I’m bad at bowling.”
“That just means you haven’t been often enough.”
“No. Believe me, even Namjoon can confirm that I’m bad at it.”
“I’ll take you there sometime,” he promises, shifting until his body hits the back of the sofa, legs crossed over each other, “I refuse to believe you’re bad with balls.” Your lips part. You silence, looking at him in disbelief – and then, he laughs and adds, “That was a bad one.”
Both your laughter erupts in unison, and his eyes crinkle again when he chuckles, and his tattooed hands are adorned by veins, and his sounds are so soft and sickening and… this is becoming a problem.
As the last bits of your giggles subside, you scratch your jaw, mumbling, “When it comes to that, Namjoon won’t ever make fun of me.”
“That wasn’t nothing.”
Your cheeks warm when you remember your early days as Namjoon’s roommate, and when a toe-curling memory returns in bits and pieces, a faded grey and dull, you grimace. Licking your lips, you look at Jungkook, attempting to sound casual when you admit, “Just. Well, freshman year, uh. Let’s just say Joon knows I’m… good with balls.”
You gulp the moment you utter the last syllable, and something resembling bafflement flashes across his features. He raises his eyebrows in disbelief, one corner of his lips twitching before his voice, dropping deeper, confesses, “I’d love to be him.”
His eyes are flaming, you think – a hint of possessiveness is dripping from them, and you feel your thoughts somersault as you dare to ask, “Why? You get something all the time.”
“If I was so pumped about just something, I wouldn’t be here.”
You wait.
He makes you restless. Your inner little self is chewing off its nails in your brain, eagerly awaiting his next steps, wondering what’s going through his head. As each second passes, his gaze cracks your mind a little more, and whenever he speaks, you feel pieces of yourself split in half.
You think perhaps he can see the hot air, steaming and cloudy, evaporate right over your head.
In reality, however, his thoughts are at an entirely different place.
Because his gaze is scanning your taut but simultaneously somehow confident demeanour. Brittle in some sense that you sit so far away, uncertain what to do with him or yourself. But your arms are folded beneath your breasts, pushing your tits up as if on purpose, and… he thinks he recognises that you’re not wearing a bra.
Don’t stare like that, he tells himself, but…
Bare legs built to seduce him… ending in the alluring curve of your ass. Your tell-tale shifting on the couch – the one he has experienced so many times with other girls before, a sign for silent yearning. And you’re avoiding his eyes, hands clasped between your thighs, as if to let your body whisper to him what you want him to do without saying a word.
Jungkook’s joggers and heart tighten when he speaks again – and your own heart revolts.
“Can you come closer?”
Your body tenses and your limbs become weightless – but somehow, you still manage to oblige, albeit several seconds later. You want to hum and ask what he wants; there must be some semblance of your irritation and sass left.
Jungkook pushes himself off the back of the couch as you draw closer, leaning into you as soon as you plant yourself next to him. You’re so close that his thigh could be touching yours if he killed the distance a little more.
But instead, he opts for something far more fatal: he lifts his hand, looking at you with a smile, and wipes a stray hair strand off your face. His touch is warm on your skin, his fingers soft and pleasant.
You realise he’s staring at the goosebumps on your neck and legs when his smile widens, and he doesn’t give you a moment to settle nor to think when he asks, “Would you wanna go look at cherry blossoms sometime?” His thumb strokes your jaw, and your heart jumps when he adds, “With me.”
You shut your open mouth, nibbling at your lower lip as his eyes follow your action before they dart back to your stare; and you question back, “You really want that?”
“I really want that.” He’s whispering, his pupils flitting to and fro, and you think that even his brain malfunctions for a moment when he finds nothing better to state than, “I think they’re pretty.”
And he thinks they’d look better with you underneath them. Perhaps you’d also realise that he’s not all that bad. Speaking of which.
“I promise I don’t ask this every girl,” he tells you, easing the dozen questions marked between your eyebrows and in your orbs, “I hardly ever go on dates at all, so…” His fingers wander to your chin, then trail along your jaw again, settling under your ear. “So I’d love it if you said yes.”
You’ll pass out. Right here, right now, on the spot, and you hope he catches your form, hope that he knows he’s the cause of your system error.
Is he really–
Damn it, you swore to yourself, you wouldn’t give in. Not to him. But it’s not your fault that he knows his way around words this well, that he can wrap you around his finger like it’s as easy to him as breathing.
Good for him. Because your lungs have apparently forgotten how to operate.
Dizzy and delirious, you manage to speak up, even if your answer contains nothing more but a measly, meek, “Okay.”
“Yeah…” He moves close enough for your breath to hitch, his own grazing your face before he freezes the blood in your veins. “May I – can I kiss you?” Searching your eyes for defiance without meeting any, he states, “Really kinda wanna kiss you.”
Deep inhales. Deeper exhales. No butterflies flutter in your stomach – a whole jungle roars.
And then, with his hand on your face, he leans in, planting his lower lip between your parted ones. His thumb brushes against the apple of your cheek, and he angles his head slightly before his mouth starts to move.
His hand travels down to the small of your back, pulling you closer, and his lips part yours further when his tongue darts out to glide along the seam of your mouth. You hiss, and he swallows the sound immediately, endlessly more eager when your tongue meets his halfway.
A soft moan collides with your own, and before you know it, he’s shifted you half onto his lap. You move keenly, resting your ass on his thigh, and draping an arm around his neck to pull him closer.
Your breathing accelerates when he places his hand on your left inner thigh, prying your legs open, never leaving the heat of your lips. But when you back away, whimpering just a little, you catch his hooded stare for merely a moment before he’s turning you in his grip.
“Fuck, that was…” he whispers, pressing your back against his chest as your legs fall apart and next to each of his reflexively, “the best kiss I ever had.”
His palm touches your knee and then moves up to the hem of your shorts again, his fingers tugging at the knotted strings as you joke, “You’re lying.”
“Believe me… I don’t lie about such things,” he assures, still pulling at the strings, “so hot, and we’ve barely done anything yet…”
He opens the knot and roams your stomach, his mouth caressing your neck as he calls your name and mutters, “May I?” Digits sneak underneath your shorts and touch your pelvis, and an arm wraps around your torso as he adds, “Can I touch you, pretty?”
“I… I’d be mad if you didn’t.”
Jungkook’s chuckle reverberates in your head before his face nuzzles the crook of your neck. Once you grant him permission with another moan, his hands hurry to pull down your shorts and panties in the gentlest way – and when you find yourself bare on his lap, you shut your eyes tightly.
From his point of view, he can’t even admire your pussy properly – but having you spread in his grip, your chest heaving, drives him insane within a moment.
He draws lines on your tummy and your waist, drawing closer to where your cunt aches for him, and when two pads of his fingers press against your clit, you dig your nails into the material of the couch.
“Easy, sweetheart,” he coos, starting to move his fingers in circling motions.
His free hand grabs your jaw and moves your head to the side, allowing him to explore more of your neck and your shoulder. You’re not certain what it is about the movements of his tongue, but his touch lights up one spot after the other. You might be glowing at the end of the night; a burning torch in the dark once the sun has set.
His cock, filling with blood and eagerness, presses against your ass when you squirm in his hold, and he flattens his fingers over your clit before he rubs them along your pussy. He spreads your folds apart, teasing your entrance with the tip of his fingers as he says, “Talk to me.”
But you don’t; you keep wiggling, lifting your shirt, baring your tits – not covered by a bra as deduced. And as he stares, his eyes nearly fall out of their sockets, and the moment you pinch your nipple between your fingers, he plunges his between your aching walls.
“Oh, fuck,” Jungkook mumbles, furrowing his eyebrows when you throw back your head and arch your back. You look divine like this, and he can barely even see your face. “Talk to me, I said.”
“Not… enough.”
“What isn’t?”
He digs his digits in up to their knuckles, impressed by your dripping arousal, and brings his other hand to where he massaged your clit earlier.
“Need your dick… please.”
“Shit, you’re begging already, I–” He shakes his head, kisses a trail up your face, halts at your temple. “All in due time, okay? Lemme just…”
His fingers work skilled and agonisingly around your heat, alternating between slow and fast – and right when the coil in your stomach threatens to dissolve, his hands retract. You let out a breath you were – apparently – holding, and your palms shoot down to your pussy to keep the lack of touch minimal.
“I was gonna–” you exclaim, whining, trying to complete the job he didn’t to not let your approaching high disperse.
But then he grabs your wrist and pulls your arm aside, leaving your pussy begging and screaming as he says, “I know. Not yet.”
With your orgasm fading, you curse under your breath, wrestling out of his grip before he lets you go voluntarily. He brings his inked fingers to your mouth, breaking through the seam of your lips before you register his silent command and start sucking.
You twirl your tongue, collecting saliva, drenching his digits as he praises, “Jesus… you really know how to use this big mouth of yours, huh?”
A combination of hums and moans leaves your throat, sucking for a moment longer before he pulls out again, throwing a cocky “thank you” your way before he’s spreading your spit between your nether lips again.
He remains there for just a moment this time, and then stops, telling you, “You’ve no idea how bad I wanna taste you.”
As if he wasn’t fingerfucking you stupid, your thoughts derail and a power outage shuts your brain. The image of Jungkook eating you out… holding you down…
Where are you? What time is it? What’s your name?
“Got a condom for me, baby?”
Your inner self keysmashes, and your mind goes bbbrrrzzz for a moment before you gather your thoughts, embarrassed and dizzy, and tell him, “My room,” you point at your door behind the couch, “bedside table… second drawer…”
Jungkook plants a tender kiss at the corner of your lips, and then pushes you onto the couch gently. He stands with a giant, fat bulge stretching his joggers, and you ogle at it for a second, half naked, before he brushes a hand through his hair and says, “Take off your clothes. I want you fully naked and on your knees once I’m back.”
Amidst the hazy atmosphere, you somehow find the courage to roll your eyes, and he laughs sweetly, indulging in your cuteness before he walks away. You hurry to drag the shirt over your head, shifting to bend over the arm of the couch as you wait; and before you can do anything more, he’s back, impatient and hurried.
He throws the package next to you, ridding his body of his shirt and his joggers smoothly. You crane your neck to look at him, and lower your torso, lifting your ass until you hear him hiss and remark, “Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“Pressing your ass into my face, brat.”
“I’m doing no such thing. Just did what you told m–”
A harmless but firm slap rings in your ears, eliciting a gasp out of you as his knees hit the couch. He crawls closer before he pulls his underwear down; and by all deities above, if you’d known what was coming at you, you would’ve started all of this so much sooner.
Because you can’t stop staring. Standing erect and rock hard, his leaking cock inches closer, its sheer length and thickness so overwhelming that you almost turn around and ready yourself to drool around it.
But Jungkook grabs a handful of your ass again, slamming a palm against your flesh before he warns, “Behave, will you? You wanna be able to walk tomorrow, don’t you?”
“I…” you begin, your eyes rolling back when he spits into his hand again and palms your cunt. He shoves his fingers into you once more, curling them for a moment before he pulls out and you continue, “I don’t wanna be able to walk tomorrow.”
“Want you to… fuck my brains out,” you admit, pressing your cheek against the sofa arm before you add politely, “please.”
“I… I won’t be able to hold back, if you keep saying that.” A sound of foil ripping echoes through the room; for a moment, it’s silent, but then, he moves closer, the head of his cock prodding your entrance. “I might just wreck your shit.”
You move your ass towards him some more, provoking, “Do to me whatever you wanna, Kook.”
Damn it.
His nickname falling out of your mouth is so ridiculously cute; but the rest of your sentence is coated with coarse vulgarity. 
“Fuck, that filthy mouth of yours… it’s gonna kill me,” Jungkook whispers, holding your hips in place when your movements don’t stop, “stay still for me, baby.”
But you don’t need to stop your hips from provoking him further, because when the tip of his cock pushes in, your body becomes light as a feather, trembling, voiding, as though he punctured the tyre that your torso is. The more he buries of himself, the more you think there can’t be more to fill you up.
Jungkook, however, keeps going, and when he finally stops, he dares to say, “Gonna take it easy, okay?”
And he does – begins with a soft groan that vibrates through the sound waves of the air, his hands still on your waist as he moves in and out slowly. Breathing heavier, you clutch the couch, broken moans falling off your tongue as he fucks you with half his cock still out.
“How’s it feel?” he asks, snapping you out of your daze.
Trapped in a cubicle of carnal lust and yearning, you swallow, muttering, “Good… you can,” you press your lips together when he plunges in again, mewling, “you can go faster.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes… please.”
On second thought, Jungkook wonders if his question was required at all – because you’re sucking him in anyway, a waterfall making a mess of his length, as if the walls of your pussy are dragging him in incessantly.
So he obliges, and his motions change, moving faster and just a little harder. More of his cock disappears into your cunt. His eyes jump to the way your ass adjusts to his ministrations, pressing against his hips; and he squeezes it once, groaning in exasperation before he says, “I’m usually proud of my stamina.”
You let out a shaky exhale, attempting to look at him, and voice, “Huh?”
“Just dunno how long I’ll be,” a sharp thrust and your body reels forward, “able to hold back today… with you.”
He clouds your senses without mercy, and human language becomes a mirage that dissipates whenever you think you’ve found words to utter again. You think you wouldn’t mind being fucked by him for the rest of your life; you wouldn’t even be opposed if he decided to break you in half, if it meant you get to experience one more pounding session with Jeon Jungkook.
He’s still not balls deep inside you until he stops abruptly, taking a second to admire your form; but that second stretches too long for your liking. Keeping your balance by holding onto the couch tighter, you push your ass back, not stopping until you feel skin against yours.
You’re amazed just how easily he slides in; how easily your pussy swallows him, eager to feel every inch of him. And once you start fucking yourself on him harsher and with more force, Jungkook exclaims, “Oh my fucking god.” Waits a little, brushes his damp hair back, blinking before he carries on, “Aren’t we cock hungry?”
“Y-your cock… yes…” You hate stroking his ego, but you can’t detect a single lie in your words. And so, you add, “Feels so good, Jungkook.”
Clenching your jaw, you open your eyes, the door of Namjoon’s room in front of you blurry when you feel tears of pleasure build along your waterline. You whine and cry out, taking him all in. His cock pierces through you with tantalising rubs, and you think that if you’re not careful, you might feel him in your guts all too soon.
“You look good enough to eat, y’know?” Jungkook praises as he watches you engulf his cock whole, hard, fast.
You blend out the sounds coming out of you, ones you’re sure you’ve never heard before, and tell him, “Thanks. I’d love to– to see you too, though.”
Your attempt at leaving him motionless and speechless comes to end when he wraps his palms around your shoulders, hot skin colliding before he slams into you out of nowhere. Once and twice, meeting your actions; and then, he stops as fast as he began, suddenly pulling out and leaving you empty and pulsating.
Another – harsher – slap lands on your ass, and you’re close to buckling and turning around before he pushes your rear up with his hands, leaning down and attaching his lips to your pussy.
His tongue moves in figure eights, the wet muscle, soothing and soft compared to his solid dick, lapping up your juices, gathering extra spit on its surface until the saliva is dripping onto your sofa. He wraps his mouth around your clit, sucking gently and with just the right amount of force.
The groans vibrate through your body, and he whispers unintelligible words that you can’t quite make sense of. You know he’s tilting his head when he pushes your ass cheeks apart some more and digs in further, tasting you thoroughly. He hums deep into your pussy, and only emerges with a smack when your eyes have already rolled back into your head.
“As much as I like your taste,” he then murmurs. You continue to keen and moan, pressing your cheek against the couch, overwhelmed from the sensation; and when he plummets against the back of the sofa, he orders, “Ride me, doll.”
“You know…” you start, meeting his hungry eyes as your quivering limbs carry you closer to him, “on any other day, I’d laugh if you called me that.”
Jungkook laughs before he traps his lip between his teeth, observing your every movement; breathes out deeply when you straddle him. As you plant your hands on his chest, his fingers bring his cock back to your entrance, and he questions quietly, “And today?”
“Today… you could recite the entire periodic table and I’d find you,” you lower yourself onto him, closing your eyes with your tits trapped between your arms, “so fucking sexy.”
“Perhaps… later then, huh? Let’s see which element we make it to.”
Number 8.
You need oxygen – he’s too smug; too much. You might lose your mind, if you don’t focus.
And so, you smile down onto him, and the lewd mess that you’re living through suddenly becomes a dream to him – admittedly, one that he imagined differently. Not this sudden. Not this good.
He bottoms out each time you fall back onto him, your hips drawing patterns of eight, feet digging into the couch. Your tits bounce with each descend of your body, and you rub your clit against his pelvis any chance you get.
Blissful and lost, your fingers skid along his abs, grazing the ridges, and then come back to his firm chest, sweaty under your touch as you admit, “You’re crazy hot.”
Jungkook’s eyes shimmer at the sudden compliment; he presses into your thighs harder, earning a fierce scraping of your nails against his skin. He’s sure you’re leaving scratch marks – he reckons he’ll probably die when he finds them light red and faded the next day once he glances into the mirror.
With you on top, he shifts a little, gathering his energy in his muscles once more before he places a hand at the nape of your neck and pulls you down to him in a swift motion. His parted lips crash against yours, all teeth and tongue; but the kiss is less a kiss and more a battle for dominance.
Your moans gain on volume when he begins jackhammering into you, arms pressing you down until you’re flush against him. Nearly screaming into his ear, you wrap your fingers in his hair, registering every sweep of his teeth and tongue along your neck as you shriek, “Oh my god, just like that, ple–”
“Such a good girl, being vocal like that… taking me like that,” he drawls, fucking into you powerfully, “my good girl, aren’t you?”
An ocean of rippling desire courses through you like ecstasy, and you scold yourself internally for swallowing the drug that Jungkook is this fast. But who are you to deny that you’ve finally found answers to your hitherto barred questions? Once wondering what exactly makes him so charismatic, so flamingly intriguing… now you know.
Still processing his praises, he pulls your drowning mess out of your vertigo. And then, he flips you over effortlessly, still balls deep inside you as he comes to hover above you. He leans down and catches your nipple between his teeth, alternating between nibbling and crude sucking as his hand fondles with your other breast.
Wet hair falls like a dark curtain around his face, and your nerves go haywire when he pushes into you deep. Pinned against and fucked into the cushions, his mouth on your tits sends a current through your body. Once he emerges, he seeks your gaze, fingers on your jaw as he asks, “How do you feel?”
“I… so much better than… I imagined.”
A question mark forms in his eyes, but he smirks vainly, bringing his face to yours until his breath is smogging your mind once again. But then, you revoke your statement, claiming, “It’s nothing.”
He stares at you quietly before he chuckles, still not convinced, and smacks your tit. His hand settles around your neck slowly, carefully as he commands, “Spill.”
You nearly choke on your saliva when he presses into your neck gently, lifting your head. Capitulating, you wail before you confess, “Had a dream… the night we– we matched.”
“Yeah?” Jungkook whispers, his tongue gliding along your lips. “Elaborate.”
“I– wanted you to fuck me so fucking bad, but… you ass never did.”
“Dream Jungkook is a damn jerk then. I would never,” his pounding slows down, his legs tired, and he waits a moment before he continues, “I thought about it, too. Don’t know why but…”
Another pause, significantly longer this time.
“Always kinda thought of kissing you in the rain and stuff…”
He murmurs it like he’s embarrassed of the revelation; provides one hard thrust as if to veil his softness behind his devilish actions. But you laugh lightly, still not used to his inked hand around your throat as you tease, “How sappy.”
“I can be, okay?” he argues, his free palm raising your leg up his torso. You hum and call his name as he speaks, faintly hearing, “As in… wanna tell you how gorgeous you look with my fingers around your neck. Like… like a pretty necklace.”
“Romance isn’t dead, huh?”
“Well,” he answers, chuckling before his palm vanishes, holding your hips instead, “I don’t think about kissing in the rain with just anyone.”
“And now…” you breathe, your arms snaking around his neck, “can you kiss me now, too?”
It takes a mere smile and a closing of distance to give in to you, the kiss soft yet messy somehow. Barely any time passes before you’re rubbing your clit and creaming his cock, the orgasm so intense and mind-numbing that your entire body shakes.
Your legs grow weak, your soul ascending – it takes you a moment to open your eyes and look at him again, but when you do, he’s staring at you in admiration. Like he’s seeing you for the first time. And then, he says, “You’re… the fucking hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”
And coming from Jeon Jungkook, this must be the compliment of the century.
Not soon after, his movements become sloppy and unsteady too, and when his voice falls a few octaves, you know what’s happening before he says it, “Gonna come, I–”
He pulls out, ripping the condom off; but before he can jerk himself off, you sit up straight, surprising him pleasantly when you grab his cock and take him into your mouth as much your throat allows. His shaft hits the back and triggers your gag reflex almost immediately, but you don’t falter as you begin to bop your head back and forth.
Your tongue swirls around the smooth skin – and with him already on the edge, it takes barely a minute before his cock twitches and he calls your name. His body shivers, his hand in your hair; one more suck and… you close your eyes.
Breathing through the nose, you swallow every rope of cum he spills inside you, his hips stuttering as much as his voice – and then, he’s done, his chin resting against his chest. Sinking back into the couch, he pulls you with him, chuckling a little as he says, “Now that was. Really unexpected.”
“In a good way, I hope.”
“Are you kidding? In the best way.”
You fall onto his torso softly, placing your hands under your cheek as you look up at him and catch your breath. The room is sex-scented and hot, but the heat doesn’t compare to when Jungkook meets your gaze gently.
He smiles at you, wiggling his eyebrows as if to ask how it’s going; and you laugh, telling him, “That was crazy. Pinch me, so I know it happened.”
You think he’ll oblige, if only to tease you – but instead, he pulls you closer, pecking your lips once as he confirms, “It happened.” He bites into his lower lip, watching your eyelashes fall timidly before he adds, “I… listen, I know what you think of me. And you might be right about most things, but…”
No matter how much confidence he exudes on any other day, he seems to stumble over his words a lot when he’s around you. You wonder what it is today that has him struggling this way.
“But that was a great deal to me,” he continues, gulping, “and I’d like to do it again. Not just fucking you, but like… spending time with you. A genuine date.”
“I believe you,” you finally muster to admit. After the gazes he threw at you, the touches you shared and the words you exchanged… there must be some truth. You reckon he wouldn’t bother to say those things if he was just toying with you. “Where’s that cherry blossom park then?”
“I’ll take you there!” Jungkook chimes optimistically, his arms around you squeezing your body once.
You’re laughing about god knows what and talking about the most obscure topics, bare, sweat-soaked and slightly shuddering. And then, out of the blue, he clicks his tongue, shaking his head as he remarks, “Can’t believe you dreamed of me.”
With heated cheeks, you pout, hiding your face a little before you take it a step further and say, “I also imagined you taking off your glasses and kissing me…”
“In uh… class.”
“Woah. That’s not even dreaming anymore.”
“It hasn’t happened that often!” you defend, slapping his firm bicep playfully while joining his delighted, amused snicker.
He pushes you to your back, pinning your wrists to the couch to stop your gentle attacks. His nose brushes yours, his lips a hair’s breadth away as he whispers, “Really not?”
“No.” He cocks an eyebrow, and you shrug. “No! I didn’t!”
“If you say so.”
And then, he’s leaning in more, kissing you gingerly; and when he pulls back, you smile, your eyes falling to the mole on his neck as you say, “By the way. Can I ask you something?”
“Would you ever name your car – and if yes, then what?”
Tumblr media
When Monday morning rolls around, you show up in class wearing the dress from last summer. It’s cute and cosy, hugging you at just the right places. He’s right – you should’ve flaunted it and yourself more.
And apparently, he loves it just as much as before, because he grins when you walk in and occupy a free seat two rows behind him. He turns and looks over his shoulder, smiling at you with a slight nod that you return in kind.
His eyes look soft and sweet; his stance relaxed and comfortable – and before he turns back, he takes off his glasses, licks his lips and winks. Shamelessly, intriguingly.
You make a mental note to ask him where the dress looks better; on your body – or on his floor.
Tumblr media
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taleasnewastime · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: You were just going for a tattoo, or so you thought. Turns out the hot guy you’ve been speaking to for weeks is incredibly turned on by the placement of your tattoo, and, well, you can’t let him have all the fun.
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: PWP; smut.
Word count: 5.3k
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, oral (m receiving), Jungkook calls reader pet names (baby, good girl etc.), safe sex, penetrative sex.
Authors Note: This came from a drabble request (you can read the original here though it’s literally just the start of this). A part two was requested – several times – but it’s taken me a hot minute to post. I sat on it, unsure what to write next, then actually wrote it and wasn’t 100% about it, then came back to it and thought whatever I may as well put it out into the world. So here it is, I hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
“It’s not going to hurt.”
Jungkook laughs, his eyes looking fond as you stare up at him.
“I promise,” he smiles. “You can hold my hand, if you want.”
You frown, Jungkook laughs again. You can’t tell if he’s taking the piss or not.
“Won’t that impede your skills?”
“My skills, huh?”
You flush even though you don’t know why. It’s not really an inuendo and of course you think his tattooing skills are amazing. You’ve been talking for a few weeks over messages now. You found his work on Instagram and messaged him almost immediately about getting some of his art on your body. This is the first time you’ve met, the day of your tattoo. It’s your first one, and though it’s only small, you’re still nervous. Excited, but nervous.
“It’ll be good,” he reassures you. “I promise.”
“I know,” you force a smile. “I’m just being a wimp.”
“You’re not,” he says flatly but firmly. “A lot of people get worried. But it’ll be fine.”
You nod. You trust him, you realise. A few, albeit long, chats online and you already know you’re in safe hands.
“Right, if you just want to hop up onto the table and take your top off.”
You flush again. It was something you expected, you’re getting your tattoo done on the side of your ribs after all, it’s just hearing him say those words does something to you. You can’t deny that Jungkook is hot. He’s not got many pictures of himself on his Instagram, most of them dedicated to his art instead, but you knew what he looked like. Seeing him in person, after getting to know him even a little, is something different.
You step towards the table, climb up onto it and turn to face him. He’s looking directly at you, but when your hands go to the hem of your top to lift it over your head he turns away. You swear you see his throat bob as he takes a seat on the rolling stool. When he looks back at you though he looks the same, composed. You guess he does this a lot, probably sees a lot of different parts of different bodies.
He rolls towards you, his eyes level with your stomach and you fight the desire to cover yourself.
“You’re, um, probably going to have to take that off too.”
It takes you a second but then you realise he means your bra. You should have thought about that, should have worn something that could have covered your modesty while also letting him access the spot you want the tattoo. It’s too late now though,
He doesn’t turn around this time. Watches as you unclasp your bra and then place it with your top. He swallows again, this time you know it’s not your imagination and his eyes look dark as he looks up at you.
“Do you mind?” He lifts up his hands.
You nod, end up widening your legs for him to slot between as he rolls forward. This is a bad idea. You should have gone with someone else. You should have at least worn something else or picked a different location on your body. Your forehead would have been better than this.
You look up over Jungkook’s head as he gently places his hands on your waist. You jump a little, knew to expect the touch but are still surprised. Jungkook gets the wrong idea, quickly removes his hands and blows into them.
“Sorry, they’re a little cold,” he mumbles.
His ears are bright red, you realise as you look down at him. He gives you a soft smile before reaching out to touch you again. He’s more sure with his touch this time, places his hands a little higher and firmer. Calloused skin runs along your ribs as he turns you a little to the side to get the right spot.
You’re fully aware of your leg pushing into his solid thigh. Can feel his left hand subconsciously going higher and higher, nearly skimming your under boob. You feel like you can’t breathe.
“Is here where you want it?” His voice is husky, and you can feel his right hand faintly tracing a spot, but that’s the last place on your body you’re currently thinking about.
You hum out, aren’t aware you’ve completely ignored him, are just trying to concentrate on not getting too wet and leaving a pool on the table.
You look down at him. His eyes are dark and his lips are popped open. His hand is definitely skimming your boob now, almost cupping it and it feels like he’s rolled a little closer to you. Your eyes dart away from his, but they go in the wrong direction. You were hoping to avoid more awkwardness, but you end up looking down at his crotch and it’s hard to miss the bulge that has formed there.
You swallow and look back up at Jungkook. His hand definitely gropes your boob now.
“Is this ok?” He asks and you find yourself nodding.
You supress the moan that bubbles up in your throat as his hand ever so gently squeezes the skin under your boob. You’re still not sure if this is how he treats every customer, it’s not like he’s touching your nipple or completely feeling you up, it feels more like he’s squeezing you to get you into the right place. But surely, he doesn’t pop a boner every time he does a tattoo. You can understand someone liking their job, but not that much.
“It’ll look good here,” his voice is low and husky as his right hand continues to trail the spot on your side, his left hand still cupping your boob. “But are you sure it’s you want it?”
You look down at that, notice a mischievous glint in his eye. You’d discussed the placement of the tattoo before coming today, told him you liked rib tattoos and he’d sent examples of his work. So why is he trying to change your mind now?
“I just want you to be sure,” he says. “You know you can’t go back when it’s done. I could draw the pattern on just to make sure you like it? Maybe we could check the other places you thought about?”
His right hand disappears from your side, his left hand moving from your one boob, twisting you so you’re sat face on and not twisted away at the waist. You’re still looking down at him, unsure what he’s about to do, still trying to control the ever-growing dampness in your pants.
“You spoke about the possibility of your arm,” his finger runs down said arm, his eyes trailing after the invisible line he draws.
“I thought we decided my ribs would look the best.”
He ignores you though he obviously hears you given the way his lips struggle to stay straight at the way your voice comes out so unsteady. His hand trails the length of your arm, down to your fingers, sparks ignite along every point he touches.
“Maybe you want it here?”
His finger has moved to your leg, delicately scraping your calf, slowly moving inwards. His other hand has moved from your boob down your side to your hip. His eyes are still trailing the movement and though you’re wearing jeans you feel as if you’re completely naked in front of him.
“Or what about here? That would be pretty.”
His finger stops on the inside of your leg, elbow resting on your knee, body fully between your legs so you can’t close them even though you really want to. His eyes flick up to you, all wide and innocent even with his hand is between your legs.
“I have stretch marks,” you manage to stutter out.
He nods, his finger almost subconsciously stroking along the inside of your thigh. Even though you think it’s supposed to be an innocent reaction to your words and though it’s through your jeans, you still feel yourself clench around nothing, have to clamp your teeth to stop from making any noise.
“That’s ok,” Jungkook says, eyes flicking down to his fingers before going back to your face. “I could have a look just to see if it’ll work?” When you don’t immediately answer he’s quick to carry on. “Or not. If you don’t want to.”
It takes a second but then you’re nodding. Jungkook’s eyes stay on you for a second as if to determine if you mean it. He must decide you do because then he’s helping you out of your jeans. Lifting your bum off the table, he pulls them down your legs, has to awkwardly tug your shoes off before he can fully get rid of them and situate himself back between your legs.
He hums, hands go to your knees and pushing them further apart. It feels like his eyes are firmly on your pants and the wet patch that you have no doubt he can see. But then he speaks and you’re not as sure.
“I think it would look good here.”
“Will it hurt?”
He looks up at you. “It’ll be fine.”
You swallow, his hand moving up from your knee to splay across your leg. It feels so different now there’s no material between your skin.
“How do you know?” Your voice is raspy as your eyes flick to his trousers. “Do you have any tattoos there?”
His lips curl upwards. His fingers tighten around your leg.
“Want to see mine?”
You nod. Eyes subconsciously going to his legs but he doesn’t go for his trousers, instead he goes for his top. The material scrapes along your legs as it goes up and then he’s shirtless. Sat in front of you, abs out, muscular arms now pressing along your legs. He holds his right arm out in front of him, stretched out across your legs. You’d seen glimpses of the tattoos up his arms, seen more on his Instagram, but sat basically naked in front of him, with his tattooed arm resting on your lap, your breath comes out of you funny.
Your eyes travel the words and the patterns and the pictures that decorate his arm. From his wrist up to his shoulder. A few of them are coloured in, others just black. It’s incredibly beautiful while also being incredibly hot. You want to ask what all of them mean, ask how long he’s been getting them done for, you feel like you’d happily talk about them all for hours.
“You can touch them if you want.”
You flick your eyes to his face, see his eyes already on yours, that same small smile on his lips.
“I thought you were going to show the ones on your leg,” you shoot back.
He lifts an eyebrow, surprised. You glance down at his legs, the view is obstructed by his arm but you can still see the bulge straining in his pants.
“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took them off?”
He doesn’t move immediately and while you think maybe you’ve gone too far, you’re quick to remember how little clothing you’re currently wearing and how much he’s been happily touching you. It’s only fair he remove some more clothing.
Your hand goes to his arm, despite his muscles you can easily push it off your lap. It only takes the slight movement of your legs for him to roll slowly backwards on his chair, just enough to give you space. His eyes are pitch black as they follow you, first off the table and then down onto your knees in front of him. He doesn’t give you much of a hand as you pop open the buttons on his trousers and then do the zipper, only lifts himself up enough so you can slip the material off him.
His boxers are straining, but that’s not what you focus on.
“You don’t even have any tattoos on your legs.”
You look up at him, still sat on your legs, feelings betrayed. Jungkook looks lost as he looms over you and you find yourself look back down at his wide legs and fingers trailing patterns on his thigh much like he was doing to you before.
“How do you know it doesn’t hurt if you’ve not had one there?”
He hums, the noise showing he’s unsure. You smile at his leg, feeling giddy with the switch in power. Your finger moves up and then drifts inwards. Jungkook’s leg jumps before a low sound rumbles in his throat. You bite your lower lip continuing your movement upwards to the bottom of his boxers.
A hand slaps down on yours, stopping you before you get any further.
“Are you sure you want to?” The concern in his voice at least implies this isn’t something that he does with all his clients.
You look up at him. “I want to.”
“Ok,” he says with a small nod, his hand going loose on top of yours.
Are you really going to do this? You came here to get a tattoo and yet you’re about to give the guy head instead.
His cock is hard as it springs out of his pants. The sight so mouth watering that you become awkward with your movements, the boxers getting stuck on his knee and taking longer to pull down than they should. You hear a light chuckle above you, the noise quickly becoming a hiss when you grasp his length.
“Fuck,” Jungkook hisses. “I haven’t got any lube. Can you … spit on it?”
You shuffle forward, his legs widening to make room for you. He obviously doesn’t expect you to swipe your tongue from his base to the tip given the expletive that leaves his mouth, his hand flying to your hair. You lick along the slit at his tip before doing as he asked, spitting onto his length and then using your hand to work it around. Your lips go around his tip, your tongue trailing circles on the end of his cock while your hand continues to work up and down.
His hand tightens in your hair as you take more of him into your mouth. Hands on his thighs you feel his muscles go taught as you slowly bob up and down, take a little more of him in each time. He’s not that long, but he’s thick. If you kept going you’d be able to take him all but stop just before your gag reflexes kick in. Flattening your tongue against him you start to increase your pace. Jungkook moans out above you, his legs relaxing as his hand combs through your hair.
It's not long before his hand becomes a little more forceful. His fingers tightening between your locks, making you stay down longer on his length and then when you don’t complain he begins to thrust slowly up into you.
“That’s it, fucking take me.”
You hum before you gag around him, the vibrations causing his legs to stutter below you and a low hum to ring out around the room.
He forces you down. Tip touching the back of your throat for a few seconds, cutting off your air supply. It’s worth it, given the noises he makes above you. But all too quickly he’s dragging you off him.
“Ok, ok.”
His hand goes to your shoulder, pushing you back so that he falls out of your mouth.
“Don’t look at me like that,” his chest is rising and falling as he looks down at you.
“Was it not good?” You ask innocently making him laugh and shake his head.
He stands up then bends a little to help you onto your feet. Pushing into you, your bum hits the table and his chest comes to yours, cock still erect pushing against your stomach.
“You know it was so good,” he mumbles. “Just want to be in you.”
You realise this is the first time you’re kissing, the taste of him still on your lips as he pushes his tongue into your mouth. Your moan is lost in his lips as his hands go to your hips, pushing you further into the table.
His hips start to move against yours, his cock rubbing between your stomachs. His lips still moving against yours, his tongue disappearing as his focus goes onto the movement of his hips. You smile, would laugh if his lips would allow it.
You shimmy as much as you can as your hand goes between your bodies. Jungkook’s movements slow a little when he’s unsure what you’re doing and then he shivers when your hand goes around his cock. You guide it down as you stretch up, place it on your still clothed core so now when he moves you gain just as much pleasure.
“Oh,” he smiles, lips going back to yours. “You like that? Huh?”
You nod, your lips bouncing from his to his nose and back again. You feel his smile as his knees bend a little, hands tighten on your hips as he puts a bit more effort behind each thrust. He’s not even in you and yet you feel like you could come with the way he keeps hitting your clit.
Your weight collapses backwards onto your elbows, Jungkook pulls away from you, his eyes closing as he continues his steady rhythm.
“Have you got condoms?”
He ignores you, completely lost in his movements and watching the way his cock looks between you. His breathing’s laboured, his lips popped open, his eyes so heavily lidded they look closed.
“Jungkook,” you laugh, your hand going up to cup his face. His eyes open as his pace slows to a stop, he looks a little lost as he searches your face and you have to bite the inside of your lip to stop the fond smile; he looks so innocent. “Have you got a condom?”
“Oh,” he twists to look around the room, his cock slipping and moving along your leg as he does. “Uh, yeah, probably. Let me check.”
You shimmy out of your pants as he walks off to look in some of his draws. Throwing them on the heap of clothes that has formed you look back at Jungkook and catch a glimpse of the draw he’s in. There’s a half empty box of condoms in there and as he pulls one out and rips it open you bite back the thoughts that go through your mind. Maybe you aren’t the only customer he does this to. Maybe this is some weird kind of scam. God, you really hope there are no cameras in this room, because even if you stop now, you’ve already gone far enough.
“Uh, I just want to be clear, this isn’t normal for me,” your eyes go to Jungkook, his eyes wide and his ears crimson as he stares at you. He must be able to read the panic on your face. “We can stop if you want. But honestly, they’re not mine.”
You cock your head to the side and your face must reflect the fact that his statement only makes you feel more alarmed. He takes a small step towards you, his eyes going impossibly wide and his face getting incredibly redder. It’s really a sight to behold.
“Oh god, no. I just mean they’re my colleagues,” his voice is raised in pitch, his words coming out faster and though he seems to only be getting more worried, it’s surprisingly making you feel calmer. You believe him. “He goes out a lot. Like a lot a lot. And he said I could have one whenever I want. But I don’t use them. Never have. Well, that’s a lie. There was one time when I had a date after work and I took one just in case. But even then it wasn’t like this and I just want you to know that this isn’t normally how I treat my clients, but there’s just something about you and when you took off your top – fuck. I can understand if this has gone too far and if you want to stop and you probably never want to see me again and the tattoo, you definitely –”
“Jungkook,” you cut him off, your voice light with an air of a laugh. How he could go from that cocky, confident guy who was groping you to this, you’re not sure. “It’s ok. I believe you.”
He seems to expel a large breath, his body relaxing.
“How do you want me?”
His eyes flash across your body. His throat bobs when his eyes are back on you. There’re a few beats of silent where he seems to make up his mind. His face hardens, eyes blacken, and your stomach clenches in preparation.
“Turn around and put your hands on the table.”
You don’t move for a second, relish in watching him roll the already opened condom down his length and then step towards you. His hands are on your hips when your halfway round. Then a hand goes to the arch in your back to force you lower, ass up in the air.
His hand moves along the skin of your back, slow and smooth. Before he even gets to your ass you’re arching up into him. And as he smooths his hand over the curve of your ass you arch even more. Shove your head into the table, push your feet firmer onto your feet and straighten your legs.
“Such a good girl.”
You’re not expecting it, wouldn’t have put him down as a someone who’d be into that. You can’t lie, it takes you a second but the word sink in, you love it.
Jungkook’s hand is still stroking your ass, pulling the skin so that your ass opens up to him only to push it closed again. He’s taking his time, maybe after that awkward conversation he wants to ease back into the heat from earlier.
“Right here would be a good spot for a tattoo too,” he whispers, his hand still working your ass.
You groan, annoyed. “Really?”
“Just thinking about how much I’d love to see this view again. Tattooing it would be a great excuse.”
“We’ve not even done anything yet,” you huff. “You might not want to see it again. Can you just get on with it?”
He chuckles, a low reverberating noise, before you hear him shuffle closer.
“This what you want?” He mumbles, placing the tip of his cock a little further back then your entrance, a little too close to your rear entrance, the feeling makes you clench before he pushes forward. “Yeah? This what you want?”
“Uh-huh,” you breath out, his cock thick and hard all across you.
“As if I’d never want this again,” his movements are slow as he works his way from your clit to your entrance. “Not even in you yet and I already know I want this again.”
“Uh-huh,” you repeat, moving your hips backwards to try and increase the pace as well as the pressure.
“Such a good girl,” he whispers softly.
“Jungkook,” you grumble. “Can you just get in me?”
He doesn’t listen for a second, either wanting to feel like he’s still in charge of this, or just enjoying this too much to stop. But he does stop, tip right on you, just not quite in you.
Jungkook hums. You try to push back so that he slips in. Jungkook’s hand become firm on your hips stopping you. You groan.
“Patience,” he murmurs. “The best things come with a little time.”
Despite his words it only takes a second before he’s pushing in. Slowly, inch by glorious inch. Until he’s fully in you, hip to hip, thigh brushing along yours, knees bent into the back of yours, hands grasping your sides, his balls brushing against you. You fall forwards onto your folded arms, close your eyes and take in the feeling of him filling you up.
“See,” he breathes, his fingers drawing small circles on your skin. “So fucking good.”
“Yeah,” you agree because it does feel so bloody good.
It feels even better when he pulls away from you, his cock dragging along every bump inside you right until it’s only his tip inside you. Then, just as slowly, he pushes back in, a low and long moan ringing out of him.
His grip tightens on your hips at the same rate that his pace increases. Slowly, with each thrust he gets quicker and quicker until the table is slamming into the wall, making some noises that aren’t the healthiest and your head is sliding off your arms onto the table.
“See, knew you’d feel amazing,” Jungkook says behind you.
Another moan escapes you. You could definitely agree with that. Your hips push back, skin slapping against each other, his balls clapping against your clit. The tables squeaking beneath you, a distant part of your mind is worried it’s not going to withstand the pressure, but it’s such a small part that you don’t think too hard.
“That’s it,” Jungkook mumbles.
His pace changes, going from long slow to quick deep thrusts back to long and slow. It feels kind of jarring, but it also feels great, the difference between the two paces in such quick succession drawing out the pleasure.
You don’t have time to even feel like you’re coming. The feeling doesn’t creep up on you like normal. The sharp thrusts causing so much pleasure that when he slows down it gives your body enough time to process it and the feeling just explodes all over you.
You gurgle a noise, possibly more a scream, the noise distorted with your head pushed up against the table. Jungkook just keeps pushing into you, slower than anything before, mumbling words that only become audible when your bodies calmed down and the noise has died in your throat.
“– squeezing me so tight. Want to do this all day. Want to feel you squeezing me all the time.”
You’d agree with him if you weren’t so fucked out, your mind still feeling like mush. And honestly you don’t think you can give him much more after that. Already you can feel the sensitivity creeping up on you.
A small whimper leaves you as he pulls out of you. Half from how sensitive you feel, half because you weren’t expecting it.
“Just a bit longer. Just give me one more,” Jungkook says. “Come down here.”
His hands guide you, twisting you away from the table before he’s kneeling in front of you. Your eyes go wide, ready to stop him before he’s guiding you down over him.
“Want to see you ride me,” he explains as he lies down on his back, looks up at you spread over him.
“I don’t think I can.”
“I’ll help.”
Your eyes flick between his while you decide. You really think your legs will give out. You can hardly feel your legs as it is let alone the hard floor digging into your knees. But he looks so desperate lying below you. Looks like this is a moment he’s dreamed of for weeks even though this is the first time you’re meeting.
“Ok,” you decide it’s worth a try at the least.
Jungkook’s face lights up at the word, his hand already going to his cock to line the tip with your entrance.
Your head lolls back, your eyes close as you sink slowly down onto Jungkook. It feels so much more than before. You’re not sure if it’s the fact you’ve already orgasmed once or the sensitivity or the angle he’s pushing into you but he feels so much bigger like this.
“Fuck, I really don’t think –”
“You can, you can,” his hands run up and down your sides, soothing you. “Just give it a second.”
A breath in through your mouth, another out through your mouth. You try to relax. It’s hard with Jungkook impaling you, especially with those hands running up and down your sides. Especially when they stop at your hips and even more when they move to the skin on your ass. Pulling and squeezing and pushing your cheeks together. Even sat still on him it’s enough to get you moaning out in pleasure again. Small mumbles that build up longer hums of joy.
His hands on your ass start to move you. Small movements back and forwards with him still deep in you. It doesn’t take long for you to deepen the movements, his hands only sitting still on your ass now, you doing all the work.
“That’s it,” he whispers. “Such a good girl.”
You hum, the nickname spurring you on, your movements becoming quicker. You start to rise and fall as you go back and forth. His cock slipping out of you an inch only to slip back in.
“Keep going. Doing so good baby.”
Your hands slip on his sleek chest, struggle to find purchase as your pace increases. Your knees ache, hair falls into your face, body still hurts. But it feels so fucking good.”
“Sit up,” he mumbles, hand pushing on your shoulder to show you what he wants. “Want to see your tits bounce.”
He definitely hits deeper now. You don’t pull far away from him, his cock stays fully inside you, but you slam back down on him so hard that your eyes roll back into your head. Jungkook’s on hand tightens on your hip while his other grips under your boob, feels every time it moves down onto him. Your eyes flutter open, try to concentrate on how he’s looking up at you. While you feel fucked out, head almost unable to function on anything but his cocking hitting that one spot, he doesn’t look like he's fairing much better. His eyes are black as they look at your boobs bounce, his hair splayed like a halo around him, sweat making his skin shine.
“Oh fuck.”
You groan as you close your eyes, pretty sure that Jungkook’s mumble is due to you clenching around him because of how he looked lying beneath him. You can’t believe you’re about to orgasm so quickly after already having one.
“That’s it.”
Jungkook’s hips start to match your pace. The hand on your hip helping to make sure that he knows when you reach your low point so he can reach his high.
“Keep going.”
Even with Jungkook’s words, it’s more him thrusting up into you then you down onto him. His hands almost force you to stay where you are as his hips piston up into you. Your voice gurgles as you moan out. Your body shaking. Your mind purely focused on the point in that Jungkook is entering and leaving. His balls clapping against your ass.
“So close, I’m so fucking close.”
The words spur you on, make you start moving your hips a little faster to meet Jungkook’s. Your bodies clashing together as they slam into one another.
After everything, you come first. White blooming your vision, body spasming, nails raking along Jungkook’s chest. You scream out, an echo going ringing around the room.
You collapse on to him. Are about to complain about the sensitivity of him still thrusting up into you when he stops, hips as close to you as he can, you can feel his cock pulsing inside you even if you can’t feel him spilling into you.
Your body is ringing and pulsing, your chest heaving, your breath laboured. You feel sweaty and sticky. But fuck, if that wasn’t the hottest sex you’ve ever had.
Jungkook runs a hand down your back. You’re still lay on the floor.
“Want to look at that tattoo placement now?”
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kithtaehyung · a month ago
forfeit (3tan) (m) | myg
Tumblr media
title: forfeit (m) pairing: 3tan!yoongi x reader(f) series: masterlist | three tangerines | fireworks | house party | basketball | stay | sidewalk talk | friends | dalo | like that | anytime | sundress season | yoongi’s interlude rating/genre: m (18+) ; angst , fluff , smut ; brother’s best friend au, implied age gap au summary: something is up with yoongi. note: alright, y’all. i won’t say much here, other than thank you. thank you all endlessly for the support that you’ve shown me and this series thus far. it’s been one heck of a ride, and a huge part of that is bc of all of you. i will leave the rest of my mushy thoughts for the end bc the wait for this has been long enough!  note 2: if you haven’t read the three tangerines series yet, read the other parts first! it will all make more sense. lastly, this chapter wasn’t beta’d bc i wanted it to be a surprise for everyone!  warnings: pov switch (just one), cursing, house party, yoongi in glasses<33, angst, choking, crying, pen*tration, studio talk, jk is here and he is blond lmao, BRO REVEAL FINALLYYY, hair/head pulling, hitting from the back, protected s*x, uhhhhhhh 34+35 l o l, oral (f/m rec), rough s*x, kissing (yes, this is a warning and i’m warning u that it’s a warning), a struggle, spanking, assss play, yoongi is rude, overthinking, did i say angst?, alcohol, weed mention, spitting, manhandling, cowgirl, the chains!! stay!! on!!, body worship, obligatory ‘yoongi on the phone’ warning :)) drop date: october 25th, 2022, 7:17pm est word count: 22.6k holy hell
“You in all day, too?”
Yoongi nods, holding some coffee in one hand and what was supposed to be food in the other—car keys being the useless substitute. Since he was so caught up in his headspace, he completely forgot to make food, stretching the already long day just a bit longer.
If you were there, you definitely would’ve made sure he didn’t go empty-handed.
Fuck, he needs to focus. 
But it’s getting hard for him not to be relieved to see you later. Not after how cute you sounded on the phone after the party. Not after seeing you in a sundress. 
Not after legitimately missing your company.
Fuck. Seriously, he needs to quit.
The guys are already back to work, listening to the same five second snippet he heard when he opened the door. As Yoongi puts his stuff down, he observes from the back.
It seems they’re not satisfied with something they hear. At least, from their neck rubs and folded arms, he bets that’s the case.
Another replay. 
Damn, they’re in the zone. Aside from asking if he was in all day, neither of them have said a word to him. 
Well, he’s fucking beat anyway. They can ask for his input if they need it. For now, he’s planting himself on the back sofa and resting his head while he can. 
Namjoon stands resolute before coming to some decision. “Again.”
Both of them listen intently until the playback stops, their agitation visible in shoulder raises and slow steps toward the console.
“You hear it?”
“Yeah.” Hoseok deepens his brows for a pass before tilting his head, tone just as low as Joon’s. “The hell is that?”
Yoongi hunches forward, resting elbows on his knees.
Who is he kidding? He didn’t come to the studio to rest. He wants in. 
Interrupting with a raspy morning voice of his own, he asks, “What’s up?”
Namjoon doesn’t turn as he bends to operate his mouse. “Something sounds off, but.” He tsks. “When we try to adjust, it sounds worse.”
“Run it back.”
Yoongi perks his ears when the snippet repeats again, staring at his shoes instead of the screen for maximum focus.
And he hears it: the subtle hint of something extra. Unwanted sound. “The hi hat?” 
“Lemme see.” 
They get what he means, fiddling around with the workspace and isolating each track to see what’s up. Sounds like it could be feedback or whatever, but he’s not too familiar with drums yet. Not as good as someone that’s not present.
Speaking of. “Where’s Kook?”
Hoseok lifts his head before answering, “Out back. Taking a call.”
“About time.”
“I know, right? Haven’t gotten shit all weekend.”
It’s true. Yoongi not only didn’t hear from you until your adorable text, but he also hadn’t heard from the studio. Not a single word from Jungkook. 
Wait a sec. “Hold up. Now? This early?”
“Time zones,” Namjoon notes. 
The only messages he got were from both people present, with one asking if anyone else got updates and the other quadruple texting out of nervousness.  
And he understood. The silence was a bit worrisome considering the timeline. But Yoongi knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it personally, so it was easy to deal with. 
“Ah,” Joon whispers with a triumphant fingersnap. “There.” 
“Damn bleed from another drum.” 
Nice. So Yoongi knows that he at least got some hold of it. Sucks that they didn’t catch it during the recording session, but. They don’t have time to do any overdubs unless the kid can somehow swing it. “Should we toss it?”
“Lemme check.”
All of them turn to see Jungkook enter, a bit out of sorts as the door closes with a solid click. 
Hoseok beats anyone else to the question—though Yoongi moreso asks in his own head, “What’s up, dude?”
Knitted brows aimed at the floor, the boy sighs, “They’re gonna call back later.”
“You were out there for awhile,” Namjoon points out, already looking back at his monitor. “What was that about?“
Jungkook scoffs while grabbing a bag of chips from his backpack, “I was on hold.” When he straightens, the ring on his chain swings into his chest. “Then the call dropped, so I called back.”
Amusement leaves Yoongi in a puff. “You didn’t throw your phone?”
“If I didn’t fall asleep, I would’ve.”
“Probably why they hung up.”
The kid shoots affronted brows at Joon. “Nu uh! It dropped, it dropped.”   
“This isn’t good for me,” Hobi quickly comments, nerves sprinkled on his words. “Aren’t we behind schedule?”
It’s possible that they could be if things aren’t moved along soon. But it’s not like they can do anything to speed things up.
“Wouldn’t sweat it now,” Joon advises while clicking a few other things. “At least when this part isn’t up to us.”
“I know, but. Still.”
“Focus on this, Hob. Don’t let it get to you.”
“Uh huh.” After a second of silence, Hoseok finally nods, exhaustion evident under his eyes now that nerves aren’t keeping him alert. “Okay.”
Before Yoongi can get up, he sees a hand enter his vision.
Damn, this kid looks stressed as hell. Is he sleeping? 
He greets with a dap before scooting over to make room on the couch. While Hobi and Joon make more headway on the project, he gets pulled into his own conversation.
“Thanks for coming.”
The blond opens his chips, and the crinkling makes Yoongi think back. Back to all the late nights the kid would tag along—always had a snack wherever they went, from gas stations to abandoned buildings to rooftops. 
The slight hum of early morning still coats the room, and Jungkook’s groggy tone adds right to it. “You good if I nap for a bit?”
Yoongi’s head bobs once. “You’re the one that just opened the chips.”
Joining his amusement, a sleepy laugh whooshes into the bag. “Ah, wasn’t thinking straight. Just wanted to grab something, I guess.” 
Definitely stressed. And more nervous than usual.
Not that anyone can blame him. If anything, Yoongi’s proud of the kid for even getting them this far. You can’t pull a whole studio out from near shutdown unless you had a certain amount of grit.
Not that they all don’t have plenty. Jungkook’s just the one molding all their raw talent into something worth buying.
And he stubbornly wants to do it alone.
“Give it,” Yoongi quietly orders, taking the food from a hand that doesn’t move. “Go nap.” 
Without blinking or turning, Jungkook nods, letting seconds pass before he actually vacates the couch. 
When he’s at the door, Hoseok turns, 
“When you wake up, can you help us out with the drums?” 
“Yeah.” He yawns, long and wide, before agreeing. “Hit me if I sleep for too long.” 
After he leaves, Yoongi stashes the folded bag before standing behind the others. Pocketing his hands, he tries not to think about anything else besides what’s in front of him. 
If you can focus on your work shit, he can, too.
“Run it again.” 
Tumblr media
The rest of the day is full of project time. Aside from the occasional restroom break or beverage run, they’d made steady progress. 
In a stroke of good fortune, they were also able to figure out the true source of the sound bleed, and a more awake Jungkook was able to redo the drum parts they needed to toss. 
After that, it was even more smooth sailing, and the production was starting to shape into something everyone liked. 
Even Hoseok, the most picky of them all, slowly but convincingly started to run out of critiques. 
It was during a playback that Jungkook’s phone rang and, as soon as he saw who it was, he quickly excused himself and left the room in a rush. 
Which is where Yoongi finds himself an hour later—quiet, contemplative, and hungry. 
How long are these calls? Do they always take this long? 
Hoseok checks out the door while he mirrors his sentiments, “Where is he? I’m starving.”
“I don’t know,” Namjoon responds from his chair, head resting on knuckles while he scrolls through his phone. “Feel like he should be back by now, though.” 
“Also, are y’all going on Friday?”
“I’ll be there,” Yoongi answers first, wondering if that came out a certain way. 
Hobi responds right after, “Yeah. I missed out on Sunday.” 
“There was something on Sunday?”
“Bro, you were invited!” 
Namjoon looks thoroughly shocked before he dives right into his messages, and Yoongi shoots him a small look of pity to go with a bubbly laugh. 
“Oh, shit, I was.” 
“All that reading and you couldn’t read an invite.”     
“Wow. Okay, Yoong.” 
Hoseok bursts into laughter again—
Yoongi looks toward the swinging door with the others, taking note of the look on Jungkook’s face. 
And the mood immediately changes.
It’s Namjoon that speaks first, brows furrowed. “Good fuck or bad fuck?”
“Never had a bad fuck in my life. But it’s—I dunno. I can’t decide.”
Decide what? Yoongi goes back to working on the console when Hoseok repeats,
“You can’t decide? What’d they say?”
Immediately, Jungkook waves off the question, “Oh, no, I’m not talking about that.”
“Uh. Why not?” He laughs, and Yoongi bets he’s rubbing his chest because he sounds anxious as hell. “I can’t stand waiting.” 
“Call went fine. They’re almost done. But! That’s not important. I saw her.” 
Her? The hell is he talking about now?
Maybe Yoongi’s just missed a lot. Not like he can think of much else other than—
“Kook, you’re doing it again,” Joon comments, back to working on some adjustments. “We don’t know what you mean.”
“Sorry, I’m just…” The sound of rumpled leather reaches Yoongi’s ears, and when he swivels his chair a bit, he catches Jungkook sitting on the back couch—food container in his hands.
He looks starstruck.
Must’ve been a celebrity or something. Though Yoongi doesn’t know why anyone would be coming around unless they booked a session. And they haven’t gotten one in a minute. 
“Ah, never mind. I’m good,” the boy proclaims, heavy shoes thumping on the ground. “But yeah, the call went fine. Everything should be finalized in two weeks.” 
“Damn, that’s cutting it close.” 
“The closest, actually.” 
“Holy shit, though,” Hoseok whispers in excitement. “That means we did that shit!” 
“Fuck yeah, we did! Never doubted us for a second.” 
“Okay, maybe a few seconds.” 
Yoongi huffs before shaking his head, mind racing with the possibilities this could bring to their doorstep. What was once just something he could imagine is taking shape, and he doesn’t know how to feel. 
Is all this what having a future is like?
As the room rides the high of Jungkook’s announcement, Yoongi decides that he wants more of it. In a lot of other aspects of his life. 
“Wait, did you get food, too?”
Hoseok’s question comes out part-curious, part-jealous, which makes Namjoon snort.
“Ah, this?” Jungkook pauses for a second, and Yoongi wonders if he just doesn’t wanna admit that he did, or he’s gonna come up with some excuse. 
It’s both.
“These are leftovers.”
“Uh huh,” Hoseok deadpans, adjusting his snapback while the boy laughs. “Well, I’m gonna get something before I pass out.” 
“Hey, get me some, too,” Joon requests over his shoulder. “Nothing expensive, though.” 
Yoongi’s quick to point out the obvious. “It’s downtown. You know everything’s overpriced.”
“I got us!” 
He said what?
Both of them give Hobi a look, and Yoongi spots Jungkook stuff something in his mouth that looks a lot like mandu. 
“You sure?”
“Hell yeah. We’re about to get paid, right?”
Yoongi huffs once while Namjoon sighs. “It’s your money, I guess.”
Hoseok gives them a wink and thumbs up before heading out, and Jungkook’s laugh has to push through food.
“That was different.”
“He’s awake now, huh.”
After the rest of them get back to work, Jungkook takes Hoseok’s place, standing to provide his input from time to time. 
But he’s quieter than usual. 
Which is as curious as the way you haven’t sent any texts yet.
Tumblr media
An hour later, when Yoongi finishes his bathroom break, the first thing he spots in the hall is Jungkook. Next to their vending machine. Staring hard at the chained ring in his hand.
Something happened when he was out.
He’s been completely different ever since he came back. Even when a few girls stopped by, he shooed them off so quick that it was comical. 
And he never turns chicks away.
When Yoongi nears, he decides to stop, leaning against the opposite wall with hands stuffed deep in his hoodie. “You good?” 
Damn, the kid didn’t even know he was there. “Oh. Yeah.”
“You sure?”
After a quick purse of his lips, Jungkook shakes his head and instead glares at the glass-guarded food. “Nah.”
Interesting. Yoongi knows that this guy can get moody, but this is a whole other level. It’s like his mind is on a completely different planet.
At least, a further planet than the one it usually runs off to. 
“I see,” Yoongi mutters, feeling like he’s done his due diligence in asking. “Well. If you’re gonna stand there, lemme have a drink.”
Jungkook huffs a small laugh before stepping over. “My bad. I just…” He stares at the ground before asking, mostly to himself, 
“Have you ever loved someone?”
Can he go now?
Instead of answering straight, he decides to dodge. “Have you?”
“Yeah.” Jungkook looks down the hall. “But, uhm. It’s only happened once.”
Yoongi’s surprised it’s happened at all. 
“Thought you never got past one night shit.”
“I wasn’t always like that.” 
“Mm.” He can relate. There was a brief time in his life where that was the case. 
“But I’d”—Jungkook fidgets, messing up his hair without even realizing—“I’d give all that up for her.”
Damn. “Serious?”
“If she ever wanted to try again? Yeah.” 
“Who? Feel like you’ve run through the whole town at this point.”
At this, there isn’t a response right away. Or even after a few moments. 
The silence pulls Yoongi’s eyes toward his companion, and he furrows his brows at the look he sees. 
Is that embarrassment? Disappointment?
It’s regret.
Who the hell did he run into that’s making him so new? 
“Nah, it’s not—uhm. Not anyone…” Jungkook’s smile is small, a thousand memories stored in that melancholic bend. “It’s just someone I didn’t think I’d see again.”
“You might remember her. Actually, yeah! You know her brother.”
Don’t say your name.
Not with that face. 
Not with all the stars you saw that one night in his eyes. 
Right after the one name he didn’t wanna hear comes out of Jungkook’s mouth, Yoongi feels everything... 
“When I saw her? Fuck, my heart almost stopped.”
Hope is what leaves him first. But oxygen follows close behind, getting harder and harder to consume. 
How did you even see him? Why are you downtown instead of—
Were you coming to the studio? Is your interview somewhere close? Do you even know what the studio is called have you been talking to… 
You said you remembered Jungkook.
But you never said anything else.
What all did you remember? What does he not know?
All you told him about were your relationships in university. Was Jungkook before all of that? What happened?
He’s touching the ring again.
…Did you love him, too?
“Everything was coming back to me and I just. I probably scared her with how hard I hugged her.” 
As Jungkook nervously laughs, Yoongi feels himself shutting down. Slipping, falling, plummeting back into the dark. Below where he was before, which was already considerably cold.
You were able to pull him upward.
Is he really about to let go?
Say something. He has to say something, right? Why can’t he bring himself to say anything? 
“Anyway. Sorry for dumping all that on you. I know you don’t care about that stuff.”
He doesn’t even have you.
So why does this feel like a loss?
“It’s all good,” Yoongi lies, heart lifeless next to his shoes. “Just unexpected.”
“Fuck, I know.” Jungkook rakes through light strands. “I had no idea she was back.” 
Maybe this is the sign he needed. The sign to finally stop playing pretend. 
Because who the fuck is he kidding? Being with you didn’t exist beyond his dreams.  
Besides, Jungkook’s a good kid when he needs to be. Responsible enough, clearly successful.
And above all else, it seems like he’s willing to drop everything if you give him another chance. 
What does he have? Not much. Just a history of getting around and a bruised as fuck heart.
You deserve someone better than him, and who more powerful to agree than the universe itself?
With eyes shutting in defeat, Yoongi realizes what Jungkook was eating earlier. Just the icing on the fucking cake.
She was right. 
Everyone will eventually leave him. 
And he’ll end up alone. 
Jungkook sighs again, giving his ear a tug before going silent.
“Nothing. Just…” He smiles again. “She looks incredible.” 
Feeling his chest cave in, Yoongi responds with a hum.
“And I don’t even mean that in like, a shallow way, you know? She looks… I dunno. She looks like a million bucks.” 
Yoongi looks at the floor before he realizes that his lips form a sad smile, and he covers how he really feels by shaking his head and giving him shit. “A million bucks?” 
“Shut up,” Jungkook huffs, smiling like he just got caught staring at his crush. “I’m just shocked.” 
“I see that.” 
“Yeah… Guess I’ll try again on Friday.” 
“You going? Thought you had plans.” 
“Nope. Not anymore, if it means I get to see her.” 
Jungkook slips a card into the vending machine before selecting two options. When they drop, he fishes them out, handing one to Yoongi.
“Keep it,” he mutters. “Not hungry.”
“You haven’t eaten yet.”
“I will later.”
“Well, more for me. Let’s go back in there.”
Tumblr media
After the longest day in years, Yoongi heads out, taking note of the sky that’s getting darker a lot quicker lately. 
On his way home, he wonders if you’re still coming. Knowing that it’s stupid to think about since you haven’t said anything otherwise. 
But the dumplings…
Shit, something that trivial shouldn’t be able to affect him so much. But it does. It affects how he’s been on autopilot ever since Jungkook uttered your name. It affects how he’s in a foggy mood on his way home, taking in the light clouds and thinking about how you’d probably say how pretty they are. 
It affects how he feels sick that he’s gonna end things.
But on the flip side, it’s almost making him feel relieved. 
Because one, you’d be in good hands. Jungkook looked ready to give it all up and, with his determination, Yoongi truly believes that. 
And two, which is the much worse point: how would things have worked between him and you?
Even if it happened, there’s no way it could actually grow into something. Especially with your brother not knowing shit up til now. To go from nothing to you saying you’re seeing one of his friends? 
He would beat the shit outta him.
And who could blame him? Certainly not Yoongi. Hell, if Yoongi himself found out you were seeing one of their friends, he’d show up at their door in an instant.
So what’s with all the hypocrisy? 
Yoongi rakes his hair back, looking out the window while the war inside of him dwindles, both sides realizing there’s no reason to fight anymore. 
In the end, it doesn’t matter. 
It doesn’t matter because—
Hustler: Incoming Call
Yoongi darts eyes to his phone before answering, focusing on the road and not on his tightening chest.
He didn’t even know his shoulders were tense until he heard your voice. 
After a beat, he silently sighs. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of hearing you over the phone. 
But how long will he get to do that? Which call will be his last?
“What’s up?”
“You at home?” 
“On the way. How’d it go?” 
“I’ll tell you when I get there.” 
Wait. You’re still coming over?
Why did his stomach flip its shit?
“Tease. I’ll make shit up then.” 
“Oh, yeah? I’m listening.” 
“I’ll tell you when you get there.” 
“I hate you.” 
Yoongi pauses before saying something, and he makes a decision on the fly, 
“I’ll keep that in mind when I’m cooking.” 
“Wait! You’re gonna make food?” 
If he’s gonna bow out, he’s gonna do all the shit he wants to do first. One last time before reality fully severs the string that shouldn’t have tethered to your heart.
“Yeah. Did you eat already?” 
“No! I just, umm. I’m bringing a surprise.” 
A surprise? “Bring it anyway.” 
“Okay. Are you sure you want me to come over?” 
More than anything. “Yes, doll. I wanna see you.” 
“See you soon.” 
Please say his name a lot tonight. “Hmm.” 
“I wanna see you, too.”
Tumblr media
The interview went great. 
But it could’ve gone better if you weren’t so thrown off before it happened. 
“I just need to remember what it’s like to kiss you.” 
At the next red light, you hang your head on a steering wheel that has taken the brunt of many hand grips. A wheel that’s seen many tears and will not see more today.
Why the fuck did he have to be there? Of all places?
Yoongi did say the studio was downtown. But he didn’t specify where at. 
Whatever. Don’t let it trip you up. Do not. There’s still time to calm down before you start a night you desperately need. 
You’re glad you made arrangements with Yuri before you saw Jungkook. Because she would’ve suspected something was very wrong if you called her after that encounter. 
Now you gotta call your brother, knowing he’ll be less likely to pick up trouble in your voice. 
You roll forward when the light turns green. And your call is answered on the second ring. 
“Hey! How’d the interview go?”
“Oh, umm. It went really well, actually?”
“Nice. Is there another round?”
“Yeah, next week.”
“Uh huh…”
“Oh, nothing. It’s just. You sound pretty damn good about it already.” 
“Yeah, I kinda do, huh?” 
“I was gonna make fun of you but I’m too shocked.”
“Good! Make fun of me later; I’m still nervous as fuck.”
“Fine. What do you want for dinner? Seokjin’s back in town so we’re gonna hang at the house.”
“That’s also why I was calling. Don’t wait up tonight.”
“I’m…” You thought you could do this without remorse, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t feel a bit bad. Especially after the conversation you had with him yesterday morning, head still spinning with Jimin’s run through of what went down at basketball. “I’ll be at Yuri’s.”
“Again? Damn, okay.”
“I know. If I stay over then I’ll be back tomorrow.” 
“K, keep me posted. Rohan! Don’t—”
You flinch from the sudden yell, cursing when he shouts something. Always a damn habit. “Okay, bye.”
“—the chips. Hey, are they coming on Friday?”
“I know Yuri’s going. I dunno about Jia.” 
“Alright. Well, lemme know.”
“Can’t you just ask h—”
The line cuts, and you half-laugh, half-scoff at the road in front of you. 
You knew your brother had a thing for Yuri’s older sister—and frankly, you don’t blame him—but to see how flustered he always is when it comes to her? It’s too good to ever pass up. 
Then you wonder.
If it was Yuri instead…
Something in you stirs, and it’s a creature you don’t think you like. 
Your wheel suffers another hard squeeze.
Tumblr media
There’s a bowl of water next to his unwelcome mat. 
And you can’t help but smile at the contrast.
Huffing out a small laugh, you remember what it was like coming here that very first time. 
Wet. Cold. With virtually nowhere else to go and no backup plan. 
If you could go back in time to that version of you, would you tell them anything? Or would you simply watch as they stood at this door, hand raised to knock for so long that their elbow got tired at its bend? 
One thing’s for sure: their whole life would transform simply because they tried. They’d enter a phase of their life that they’re always going to remember, intertwining with a man they’re never gonna forget.
Something falls from your face, and you realize that it feels like rain. 
Shit, how long have you been standing here?
Shaking your head, you swipe unfallen tears before knocking, and you vaguely wish you still had a key so that you could’ve skipped all this nonsense. 
The door is opened seconds later, glasses and dark hair greeting your wide eyes.
Because there are many ways he can dress that have you stumbling over nothing. But when he’s at his most comfortable is when you really can’t handle things. You’re almost positive he’s wearing the specs just to mess with you. 
“Hi!” You give your best smile, trying to meet his gaze but failing in record time. “I brought you tangerines.” 
There’s something in his expression, like he can’t decide how to react. But you can’t blame him because you probably look a little too happy to just be presenting fruit. 
“It’s been a year.”
You know. 
But you don’t wanna think too hard about that. 
Brushing off the feeling in your stomach, you scoff, “And?”
Instead of letting you in, he leans against his doorframe while holding the knob with a smirk. “Feel like I should ask for interest.”
“Excuse you,” you huff. “This isn’t all I brought, you know.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“Yeah.” You pout, lowering the bag and surveying the ground, wondering why he hasn’t let you in yet. “Where’s your cat?”
“It’s not mine.”
“You gave it a water bowl.”
“It looked thirsty.”
“Uh huh.” You melt at how the dish really is just one from his cupboards. “I’m just messing with you, you know. I think it’s sweet.”
Yoongi offers a look before pushing off the partition, letting you inside and closing the door. 
Something in you flutters, knowing you’re finally here and free to stay. You don’t know how it’s easier to breathe in his place rather than out in the world, but explanations aren’t needed—not when you’re just glad to be back. 
Shoes seem to scold you as they’re flung off your feet, and you happily pad to the dining table to dump your bags down with dull thumps.
Of course, there’s a possibility that Yoongi’ll be super opposed to the idea of you staying the night. But on the off-chance that he allows it, you want to show him how serious you are. 
Perhaps putting yourself on a limb can wait, though. Best not to do it this early, lest you get pushed off by feelings unrequited so soon. 
Damn it. Don’t be negative.
Instead, you go and crush him in a hug, nestling your head in his shirt and feeling immediately comforted by his cologne. 
Yoongi doesn’t say a word, though, arms slowly wrapping around your shoulders after a strange, questionable freeze. 
Huh. That was interesting.
“I missed you,” you confess into his clothes, and you feel his hold tighten just a bit. 
“It’s only been a few days, doll.”
“Hey,” you pout. “You’re supposed to say you missed me, too.” 
He exhales through his nose, and you melt into the warmth his body gives. “Missed you, too.”
You don’t wanna think something is wrong. 
But something seems off.
Of course, this could just be another byproduct of your worrying, so you blaze past it. No more of that, remember? He’s proven himself over and over that you don’t have to second guess.
Lifting your head, you move to kiss him on the cheek. “See? Wasn’t so hard, huh.”
You see him react, but he seems… Distracted? Holding back? 
Something is definitely up.
Pulling back, you attempt to uncover the truth, first scraping the surface where it’s safe, “Long day?” 
While you half-expected that kind of answer, you don’t expect him to retreat, too. 
As you watch him walk back into his active kitchen, your hands hang like anchors, lowering you back down into a muddy sea. 
Cautious, you slowly make your way forward, pausing at the high counter that separates his cooking space from the living room. 
He’s just making food at the stove. 
So why do you still feel weird? 
This isn’t doing anything good to your mind. The whole day has been a whirlwind, and you were looking forward to finally having some peace and, quite frankly, a good ass time. 
Awkwardness buzzing along your limbs, you take one step, two steps, one step more, ending up right next to his side. 
Looking at the pot instead of anywhere else, you fear the answer but question anyway, 
“Yoongi… What’s wrong?” 
He keeps stirring, but the swirls gradually get slower and slower. 
“You know you can tell me, right?” 
He hums, hollow. “I know.”
“It’s nothing, doll.”
He is lying. 
Yoongi—the one that always tells you to say what you mean and the one that swears he’ll tell you the truth—is lying. 
So this must be serious as fuck.
But you cannot just give up. No way. Not when you told him he could tell you anything, that you’d be there if he wanted to talk. Not after he did all that shit for you without asking for anything in return.
Something is bothering him and whatever you can do to help, you’ll do it. 
Keep trying. 
“Well. If you won’t tell me what’s wrong… Can you tell me what you’re thinking about?”
There’s a flash of something across his face. “Using those hustling skills, huh?”
“Business tactics,” you puff out. “And stubbornness. Both of those usually do the trick.” 
Yoongi softly breathes before stirring once. Twice. But nothing expels other than the drift of aromas, prompting a sinking suspicion that something is legitimately wrong with the one creating them.
You don’t like it in the slightest. 
Even though he said he wanted to see you, and even though he seemed amused when you came inside, you feel almost…
Something inside of you is picking up signals that you haven’t had since that very first day you came here. 
Signals that are telling you to leave. 
Damn. All the excitement that you were harboring the whole day seems suddenly ponderous, weighing your shoulders down before plummeting to kitchen tile. 
With a heart so heavy you think you’ll crumple forward if you aren’t careful, you whisper, 
Yoongi turns. 
“I can leave.”
Seconds pass. And seconds more.
When your offer isn’t taken nor refused, you lift your eyes to regard the one person holding your soul in his hands. 
And give him full reign to destroy it.
“Do you—” 
“Kook said he saw you today.” 
Air leaves your lungs, and you can feel your body tensing at every joint. 
“Oh.” You gulp, wondering why he sounds eerily closed off. “Yeah. I ran into him before my interview.” 
Yoongi faces the stove again, and you’re wondering if that was because of the food or the topic of conversation. 
“He says he misses you.” 
“Ah,” you sigh, assuming that it’s definitely the latter. “Seems so.” 
He’s not looking at you, and a thousand and three scenarios fly through your mind. 
What does he know? What does he assume? Fuck, he could be thinking so many different things if you don’t confess outright why Jungkook said that. 
You didn’t realize they were that close. They must be if Kook said that much to him. Yoongi asked if you remembered Jungkook, but did they also hang out back in the day? You don’t remember that happening too much while you were seeing him, but that could’ve happened. 
“I didn’t know you were a thing. My bad.” 
Planted on two feet, you feel like you’re falling.
Does he think… You and Jungkook, he doesn’t—Oh, fuck, you gotta tell him.
He doesn’t know.
What the hell did Jungkook say?
“Yoongi, I—” 
“He said he—”
“Told him I’m seeing someone.” 
He freezes.
A second passes.
He turns.
“Yeah.” You think to reach for his hand, but opt for resting nervous fingers on his forearm. “That’s what I told him.” 
“I see,” he murmurs, and he watches your nails on his skin. 
Why is he being so distant? Something seems different than before, and you really don’t like how he sounds… 
Did you just make him uncomfortable? 
Fuck, that’s entirely possible. You knew he doesn’t do relationships anymore and yet you wedged him into this position without even telling him. What a dumbass. 
Why did you tell Jungkook you were seeing someone? Why did you have to let that slip? 
Is it because you didn’t wanna open any wounds from the past when things were going great?  
There’s a sea of silence. You feel like flotsam. Jetsam. Riding the rather calm waves before heading into less favorable waters. 
“Who’re you seeing,” Yoongi suddenly asks, shifting so that he’s facing you completely. His face gives nothing away as he regards you, but there’s a hint of something in his voice when he adds, “Someone I know?” 
Does he really need to ask? Why is he so fucking attractive even like this? 
He didn’t say no. He didn’t say no. Don’t assume anything and just follow his lead. 
Because holy fuck, he didn’t say no.
“Maybe,” you say, tracing your finger along his veins to focus on something other than his gaze. “Pretty sure.” 
“At least, you’d probably get along.” 
“Is that right?”
“Yeah.” You weakly flick him. “You’re both mean.” 
Yoongi puffs the smallest cloud of amusement, and you finally raise your gaze to see him still looking down. 
He didn’t say no. But he didn’t say yes, either. So keep going. 
Smile faltering, you trudge into the muddy part of the conversation. The part you really, truly hope you get out of in one piece. “There’s just one issue with him, though.” 
Yoongi immediately furrows his brows. “Just one?” 
“Well. The biggest issue right now.” 
He just slides his eyes up to regard you, silent and waiting for you to continue. 
Nerves vibrating, you swallow. 
“I dunno if he’s seeing me, too.” 
You sigh, slipping your hand from his sleeve. “It’s, umm. I know he may’ve kinda said it before, but. I dunno if that was hypothetical, or.” Don’t shake. Stop shaking. “Anyway. There’s a million reasons why he wouldn’t. Or shouldn’t. But…” 
Fuck. Your heart suddenly pangs. And you can’t bring yourself to look anywhere but your hand. Your voice shudders when it expels, and your throat gets smaller by twenty sizes. 
“I’d at least like to know.” 
Yoongi cradles your chin, bringing you close to his awaiting expression. 
“I could answer for him.” 
He runs his gaze along your features, and you know he’s stalling on purpose. 
Tension envelops you as you wait, but you don’t want to tempt an answer in fear of shattering into a million pieces. 
What is he gonna say? Is this really about to happen? You thought you were sure, but now faced with the final answer, doubt is climbing up your throat and grappling onto your brain. For all you know, the answer could be— 
“But you should probably ask him straight up.” 
Goddamn it. 
“Wait a minute!” 
He laughs while going back to stirring the pan. “Try him after dinner.” 
All he does is hiss in laughter, the space around you expanding beyond the box you encased yourself in. 
Oh, you hate him. Where are your boxing gloves? 
Maybe you should pretend to leave again just to see if you can tug the answer out of him. 
When your pout reaches a handful of seconds, you spare a slow glance at your past and current and future annoyance.
And your heart crumbles at his expression. 
You’ve never seen him look like that.
You blink and turn away before he can see your staring, and you feel strange and guilty all over when you make your way to his table.
Slowly gripping the top of a chair, you exhale again. 
He didn’t say no.
But he also didn’t say yes.
You take a much needed breath before going into the kitchen, need for distraction coming out in the form of a question. “You need help?”
“Nah, I got it. Almost done.”
“K.” Going for the cabinets, you pick the one that houses his humble supply of dishes. 
A few plates and bowls rest next to each other, and you wonder if he ever had more before. 
Then you set the table before he brings the food, and you sigh in relief. “I haven’t eaten all day.”
“Why not?”
Did he see the dumplings you gave away? You were gonna eat those, but when you saw Jungkook… 
He looked so depleted. Running on past empty. You offered without thinking about it.
Hopefully Yoongi didn’t see that. You were gonna share them with him instead.
“Too nervous.”
“Mm. No talking until you eat then.”
You scoff. “Yes, sir.”
He only hums while putting stuff on his plate. 
After you take some bites—marvelling at how good the food is—you fall silent. The meal goes like that for a little bit, too. And it’s only until you’re pretty satisfied that you stop. 
“I can’t lose to you,” you blurt, repeating what he said to you after you made him food for work. “But I kinda don’t mind if this is how you beat me.”
He smiles—a small one, but it’s there—before finishing his bite. 
After that, you tell him how everything went down. 
The conversation is more one-sided than usual, but he listens intently, huffing when you tell how you made your interviewer sweat, and encouraging you when you mention the panel interview coming up.
Even though he’s attentive, you still can’t shake the feeling of awkwardness. Like he’s just counting down the minutes until you leave.
And that catapults you back into a state of worry that you worked so hard to get out of.
Before long, the food dwindles down to scraps. Both of you have stopped eating, with you moving your leftover bits around and Yoongi leaning back in his chair.
Suddenly, words are the hardest thing to come by.
The whole time, Yoongi hadn’t said a word about your earlier admittance. Only focusing on your day, he successfully directed the entire conversation away from himself. 
You wanna know about his stuff, too. 
“So… How was your day?”
He looks at you for a moment before staring out the window. “It was okay.”
You slowly gnaw your lip.
Well, if that didn’t work, what will? 
Remembering what you spoke about before, tucked away in your bed after a night you wanna forget yet always remember, you ask something more specific.
“Did you ever get those calls? For the album to be finalized?”
Your stomach drops when he just flexes his jaw, shifting in his seat before staring at his plate. 
“Yeah, we did.” 
Grasping. You’re grasping at something that’s fading. 
This is your fault, you suppose. It’s one thing to tell Jungkook you were seeing someone. Because you didn’t say who it was, and to him it could be anyone. 
But to tell Yoongi what you said, knowing damn well you know he knows who you mean?
You basically admitted everything under the Sun. 
Without even knowing if your feelings would reflect off the Moon.
Fuck, you feel guilty. Embarrassed. Why the hell did you spring this onto him without even asking? That’s gotta feel strange, if not awkward as hell.
You said it yourself: there’s a million reasons why he shouldn’t. Reasons you should’ve considered. Like if he figured you were temporary, or what the fuck would happen if your brother found out.
And as much as you feel for Yoongi, you should’ve kept your brother in mind. This is someone he’s known for years. Someone he considers family. A man he trusts. 
A person he loves.
If they stop talking because of you, a day wouldn’t go by without you feeling like absolute shit.
You think back to what you thought in the car, wondering what you would do if your brother ever saw one of your friends without you knowing.
Just the thought—a thought you didn’t think you’d ever have to consider—makes your stomach roll and keel over. It’d be so weird. You would feel so… betrayed. 
Maybe this is why Yoongi didn’t answer you right away. To give you time to sit and think about what you’re doing, just like he did last time with the stupid fruit that you just paid up. 
The irony is not lost on you in the slightest.
You stew in the discomfort you created, staring at the table before your gaze wanders to the bag you brought. 
Hands on autopilot, you reach inside and take something out. Something small that has come to mean so much to you. 
Realizing that the last conversation you’ll have here mirrors the very first.
“I’ve practiced a lot since then,” you admit, more to the tangerine instead of anything else. “I was so bad at it before.” 
You break the skin with your nail, slowly peeling it enough to get a good amount in your fingers. “But I’m much better now. A year later.” 
As you unravel, it doesn’t take you long to have it all off in one piece, and you gently set it on the table before placing the naked slices on top. 
A rueful laugh escapes your throat, and you don’t look away from the vibrant, colorful swirl. “Crying over tangerines.” You feel a burn in your throat. “Who does that.” 
“That guy… I don’t think I have to ask him anymore.” You look up, and your heart clenches when you see he’s already staring. “I dunno what I was thinking.”
What’s that you said about tripping before the finish line? 
Air hurts on the way out. “How stupid,” you whisper to your plate, hoping it was the only one that heard you. 
Yoongi doesn’t say a word.
It’s okay. Your steering wheel can witness all your tears on the way home. Or maybe not home. Wherever you decide to go. Tae’s? Reia’s? Dom’s? Yuri’s like you said you would? Any. Any of them really.
“Thank you for the food,” you rasp out. Bolder yet still on the verge of collapse, you vacate your chair. “Looks like you win.”  
Usually, people rush away during these goodbyes. You see them flee in a whirlwind in order to not get caught, to not be pulled back. Which makes for great theatre. Great openings for closure. It even happened to you that very first night. 
But that won’t happen now. 
Because if he hasn’t stopped you already? He’s already made his choice. You can walk as slow as possible and he will let it happen. 
Not like anyone’s counting, but ten and a half steps later, your feet appear next to your shoes. 
And for once in your life, you absolutely hate that you’re right.
Because there isn’t someone pushing you up against a door this time. No one asking you to give them a good luck kiss. 
No one telling you to stay. 
You know things were good while they lasted. You wanna tell yourself to cherish everything that happened the way they did. 
But all you can do is mourn all the shit that won’t happen anymore. Like stealing moments like tonight. Or finally sleeping well. Or making memories in kitchens…
You don’t wanna go.
Spinning, you head right back to the table, legs moving as slow as you run in your dreams.
You don’t acknowledge how Yoongi’s still sitting. You don’t think about how he’s still staring. You don’t pay attention to your heart bearing down your chest like a weight. 
“You know what, I can help clean before heading out.” 
“I got it.” 
“No,” you plead, swallowing hard to hold back the sting of his rejection. Shaking, you hastily gather your dishes before he can say anything else. “I can do it.” 
Your name leaves him in a quiet whisper, but you ignore it as you rush into the kitchen. There’s a few clinks as you set your stuff next to the sink before going back to the table.
Where Yoongi hasn’t moved at all.
You don’t get his stuff, but rather the serving dishes next, using both hands and fighting back tears because he says your name again. 
You don’t wanna go. 
Because if you leave? 
You know you’re not coming back. 
The serving dishes are set next to yours, and you turn the faucet on instead of going back to the table. You’d rather do anything else besides that right now. 
Grabbing the cleaning materials Yoongi has—trying not to believe you’ll miss even his sense of organization—you start scrubbing. Washing. Doing your damned best to wipe every piece of porcelain and cutlery clean. 
But it’s getting real fucking hard to tell how good of a job you’re doing with your vision this blurry. 
Guess you’ll have to stay here and scrub forever. And ever. What a shame, really.
The water cuts. 
A hand closes over yours. 
You clench your teeth, eyes aflame at the rims when you whisper, “I’m not done.”
How dare he. 
A small sound escapes your lips, and you finally let up.
Holy shit, how hard were you clenching your cleaning wrist? It’s almost too painful to unravel. 
But when you do, everything is slowly taken from your fingers, the sink filling with stray drops from both the faucet and your ducts.
“Look at me.”
You shake your head, knowing that you aren’t gonna last if you do as he says. 
“Oh, wait,” you whisper, the words pushing through teeth. “Almost forgot.” 
You tear away from him, retrieving what you peeled in one piece. Swiping it from the table, you’re a flurry as you head back into the kitchen. 
Right for the trash before it happens all at once. 
Your wrist is clutched before you struggle, eyes leaking as you fight to get your limb back. When you move your body forward, it’s held before being spun around, backed up against a fridge with a hard clank.
And the last defense you have around your heart shatters.
Lungs on fire, you pant harsh air in the space between, needing to gain control before you sear an entire bridge. But confusion and hurt twists your thoughts into anger, so you lift welling eyes and scream in silence for him to counter you.
Of course.
Of course he’s staring at the ground. Hiding anything and everything from you as if you never told him that he shouldn’t. 
“Look, I know I read this all wrong. You don’t want me like that. I get it.” You heave. “But goddamn, if you want me gone, just tell me—” 
Fingers tighten around your wrist. “It’s not like that.” 
“Yes, it is.” 
“It’s not—”
“Yes, it is, Yoongi!” Tears rush out of your eyes, and you can’t decide if they’re from pain or frustration or everything in the red spectrum. “Why am I here? Why did you even tell me to come? Ever since I got here you’ve been wanting me to get the fuck out.” 
Fucking hell.
He’s not even gonna answer. 
He hasn’t even looked up from the fucking floor.
“I get it,” you whoosh out, straining your arm and still not escaping his grip. “I should’ve known better.” Another heavy exhale. “Me seeing you of all people. What a joke—”
“He still loves you.” 
Time stops.
Just for a moment.
And Yoongi sighs. “That’s what he told me.”
As he finally releases his hold, your arms float down to your sides, and all the thunder in your mind fades away.
Jungkook said that?
No. Impossible. You were the one in love with him not the other way around what the fuck? 
He’s the one that broke your heart.
But your mind quells because everything makes sense now. Why Yoongi’s been so distant. Why he’s been so quiet. Why he didn’t stop you almost leaving with an unbeating heart. 
And why wouldn’t he? Jungkook probably talked about that damn ring he has on his chain—the same one you still have in your bottom drawer. 
You do admit that it was a surprise to see, but all of that’s over. He made his choice a long time ago. 
“So if you need to end this, I get it.”
This old, silly man.
A man that really needs to follow his own damn advice.
“About that.” Clutching the fruit still in your hand, you swallow. “He broke up with me out of nowhere. Right before I left.” 
You stare at his hoodie, fighting off the memories that are threatening to spill into newer and better ones. “So yeah. Dunno why he would say that.” 
There’s a moment of silence before he pockets his hands. “I’m sorry, doll.” 
“It’s okay. Got into some pretty shit relationships after him, but. I’m still here.” You try to catch his eyes, but he’s still not looking anywhere near your face. “And all this led me to you.” 
While you’d much rather do this in his bed, you don’t think you’ll be able to handle that. Because you know your heart will refuse to leave. And you’ll have no choice but to leave it behind.
You press fingers into his chest, and he lets you bunch his hoodie. It isn’t until you nick his vein that he growls your name in a warning, but you keep going as you palm his length. 
Strange. Yoongi can’t hold back his groan, but it’s strained. And his hands haven’t moved.
Ignore it. 
You grip him while tugging his chest closer, but though he groans, he doesn’t do anything else.
This what he wants, right? Clearly you weren’t invited over for food. Or conversation. Or to fucking confess that you saw yourself having some semblance of a relationship with him. 
“It doesn’t need to mean much. Seeing someone,” you surrender, shoving all your uncalled for feelings to the side. Feelings that you’ll pluck from yourself one at a time. “It can just be this.”
Because unlike the fruit in your hand that will haunt you, they can’t all come off in one piece. 
You let it fall to the floor. 
And shaky fingers slip under your shirt. 
“Doll, stop.”
The burns around your eyes flare while you freeze, wanting to fling yourself out of his apartment and right off the goddamn grid.
Yoongi sighs, closing his eyes before regarding you again. 
“This isn’t what I want.” 
So he’s done done. Jungkook’s admittance snapped him into making a decision and your alarming confession sealed the deal, huh?
You feel so fucking embarrassed and all you want to do is hide.
When you reply, you think you say words, but it’s all syllables doused in defeat, as jilted and jittery as your movements, “Oh. Fuck. Shit I’m so sorry I’ll just—”
“I want all of it.”
Time halts.
The world stops.
What does he mean?
What does he mean?
You look at his eyes, afraid to say anything that will destroy this moment, or make him take back what he just admitted.
He looks down, looking defeated as you’ve ever seen him. When he lifts his head again, he finally explains, 
“This isn’t… This isn’t just about sex.” He looks at your eyes. “I don’t want you thinking that’s all I want from you.” 
Your breathing is shallow, and fast. 
What is happening?
“But I feel like that’s all I can give,” he continues, and you snap your jaw shut. “All that other shit you should have?” 
Your heart squeezes when he looks away. “The way things are, there’s only so much I can do.” He looks down, and you wonder if he’s looking at the uneaten fruit next to your feet. “You don’t need to be seeing a guy like that.”
“Besides.” His little huff of laughter stings. “I’m fucked up, doll. You deserve a lot better than me, anyway.”
Whoa, what the fuck?
“Baby. Stop.” 
Determined, you reach out to cradle his head in your hands, forcing him to meet your gaze. “Okay, what is going on? Where is all this coming from?”
He keeps breathing. But he says nothing. 
Something in you switches immediately. Because this isn’t about you anymore; something is up with Yoongi. 
Instincts kicking in, you bring his forehead into the crook of your shoulder. “Fuck, I’m—I don’t think any of that is true. I just figured…”
“I know. I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s—It’s okay.”
“It’s not.”
“I don’t need all the other shit,” you whisper before resting your cheek against his head. “I’ll take what I can get with you.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of.”
Yoongi leans away. “Because I’ve settled before. You’ve settled before.” He stares. “This would be the same thing.”
No. No, it wouldn’t. It wouldn’t.
Why is he assuming all this?
“But… I”—you choke, feeling so conflicted it hurts—“That’s not true.” 
And Yoongi’s brows tick up. 
“I’ve been settling because I didn’t know what I wanted. What I was supposed to want. But you…” There’s so many things you want to say, all of them rushing up and rendering your throat useless. “You changed that.”
When he doesn’t respond, you confess,
“And I’ve never wanted something more in my life.”
He looks at the ground. “Even if it’s not enough?” 
“What?” Why the hell is he running? Don’t let him back away so easily. Not when he’s finally opening up. “You’re more than enough.” 
His curve is full of regret. “I’m not, especially not now. I keep fucking everything up.” With a shake of his head, he glares at his dining table. “That dude at Dalo? What happened to you? That’s on me.” 
“After you left that day…” 
He sighs, and the sound alone plunges your lips into a frown. “After you left, that guy said some shit about you and I”—his head turns—“I just reacted. And it all lead to that.” 
He stops.
“That’s not true.”
“It is.”
“No, I mean… He told me everything.”
He doesn’t move to look your way completely, but his eyes do slant down to your legs, as if he wants to be corrected but fears it won’t help.
It will. 
“The morning after you told me, I asked him about it, too.”
“What’d he say.” 
“He told me you got into it with some dude, but he’s the one that swung. He even apologized, because he knew things were his fault, if anything.” 
His tongue pokes the inside of his cheek, but he still doesn’t meet your gaze. So you push forward. “No one blames you. And honestly? I would’ve done the same shit if someone said anything about you.”
Finally, you get his eyes.  
“You wanna know why?”
He stays silent, and you touch his chin, sacrificing your shyness because he needs to know what you truly feel. 
“Cus no one’s gonna talk shit about someone I care about,” you vow, a declaration you would repeat to the world if it meant driving the point home. “Only I can do that.”
Yoongi’s curve is subtle, yet sadly restrained. “Who’s this I’m talking to?”
Your smile tries to make up for his. “Whatever you think I feel, or whatever you think is going on… I’m gonna tell you the truth if you’re wrong.” 
“I’m just not good for you, doll. I can’t give you everything you deserve.”
“Yoongi,” you halt him, looking from one eye to the other. “It’s not about what I deserve right now. It’s about what I want. Right?”
He doesn’t say anything, so you press your forehead to hide, eyes already welling. “Can I say it?”
For a beat and two more, he doesn’t move. You don’t even know if he breathes. 
But eventually, he offers a nod to continue, and the words almost catch in your throat on the way out, 
“I wanna be happy.” 
Something moves in his hoodie.
“And I want you to be happy, too.”
It’s strange, really. What you truly mean by that. 
Because even if this ends—when it inevitably ends—you still want… You still want…
You feel your hope dwindling. Fading fast with each second that he doesn’t speak. “But that’s just what I want,” you continue, unprepared for a second plan and packing up your proverbial baggage. “I know it’s not that easy.” 
Take a trip. Leave. Go anywhere but here. “I get it if this is too much, if—if we have to…” Fuck, get it together. “Even if we stop whatever this is, I still want—” 
“What about it?”
There’s a pause before he speaks, voice on the brink of defeat,
“If I end it. Right now.”
A vice grips your heart. 
“What then?”
Your voice cracks as your stars burn out. Your universe collapses in on itself, plunging into your throat and choking you in an instant.
It’s a good ass question. Because you currently can’t even form a single breath of an answer.
But you knew it could come to that, right? You knew this could only be temporary at best. He’s just presenting it in the rawest form and you do not wanna swallow it.
Shove all your anxiety to the side. 
The you from a year ago was brave enough to come here in the first place. You’ll be damned if the you a year from today wonders what could’ve happened if you stayed. 
If he still rejects you after this, you’ll just have to deal with the feelings that grew. Feelings that you’ll pluck from yourself one at a time.
Because unlike the fruit that will come to haunt you, they can’t all come off in one piece. 
Just try.
“Then I’d ask to be your friend.”
His eyes open.
“Because I still wanna be there for you,” you choke out. “Even after you decide you’re done with me.”
So much for plucking everything you feel one by one.
You said everything you shouldn’t have and more, unraveling your shell and baring your intentions on the table—knowing they can end up in a bin.  
Because if you were more truthful with yourself, what you feel for Yoongi isn’t finite. There’s no shell, no number of pieces. No set definition.
What you feel for Yoongi is endless. An ocean. Deep, and blue, and vast, and terrifying.
And you’ll be okay. No matter what happens now, you’ll brave those waters. 
At least you knocked the first time.  
At least he—
“Fucking hell, doll.”
Hard lips cut off any other syllable you were gonna utter, smushing them into the back of your throat as you’re pinned flush against steel. 
Something solid pushes into your nose before he stops, tearing his glasses off to kiss you straight into another plane of existence. 
The clunk of them on a counter syncs with a strained sob, and your arms fling around his neck to hold for dear life. 
You’re dragged to the side, positions switched before Yoongi bangs into the countertop behind him, both of you clinking teeth from how hard you connect again, and again, and again. Something tumbles and rattles as he throws a hand back to brace himself, his other fingers clutching the back of your head as you breathe him in.
More. This isn’t enough. Not for you. Not for him.
Suddenly, you tug him across the space, beautifully crushed between his body and a sink that bruises your back, held so tight that his arms are squeezing emotions out of your eyes. 
And you let the rivers run. Run and run and spill onto your clothes that you don’t feel are on you at all. 
You kiss him as if it’s your last. You kiss him as if this is the first of many. You kiss him until your lungs burn and your lips bruise and you only have capacity for him. 
While you keep gasping his name, Yoongi’s not saying anything. 
But, in his own way, he’s telling you everything. 
As you pull him in impossibly close, a thought pierces through you like lightning. That maybe—just maybe—he speaks through actions, because his mind already says too much.
If that’s the case, you understand. And you now make it your mission to listen to it, too. 
When you can’t feel your lips anymore, that’s when you both break away, chests heaving in tandem and tension draining onto kitchen tile that almost saw the last of you.
Only the sounds of your breaths can be heard—an exhale, an inhale, a swallow, a sigh. 
He didn’t answer. You know that. But at least he’s not kicking you out for now, and you will take every second he allows. 
Trembling, you slide a hand up his face, pressing your forehead against his once again. Eyes shut. Heart open. Hoping his will eventually be the same. 
“Hi,” you whisper through your rain. “I brought you tangerines.” 
And you smile in pure relief when he gets the point. 
He gently straightens, mouth rubbed raw and brushing against your forehead before your hand is held, and your sniffles are led out of the kitchen. Past your favorite table. 
And into his room. 
He guides you to sit on the bed before giving you another kiss, and you expect this to lead to what it usually does. 
But he doesn’t do what you think. Always keeping you on your toes while simultaneously knocking you off of them every time.
He’s sitting in his chair. He’s unlocking his—
Hold on.
Wait a second.
He doesn’t say anything, still clicking around until he brings up a file, then exiting out before clicking another one.
And he plays it before standing, your eyes watching his nervous pacing and noticing his hands stuffed in his hoodie. But your attention is snagged before you make something of it, because you can’t believe what’s filling the room.
It’s the song from before. 
And it’s… he sounds…
Like a natural.
You can’t seem to take your eyes off the screen, watching as lines of colorful boxes keep scrolling by, drinking in his voice layered above a stunning instrumental. 
It’s got everything. Rapping, singing, a great assortment of instruments in the background to help move the song along. 
Did he do all of this? How long did this take? 
Does he know it’s giving you chills?
It reminds you of good times, it reminds you of him. With each passing second, you feel like you know him more, like you’re meeting the real Yoongi through a musical medium.  
You’re so overwhelmed that you don’t even know how you’re physically reacting.
“That bad?”
“You’re crying.”
Fuck. “Oh, I’m—” You hastily swipe away your tears, embarrassed to hell that even your cheeks are wet. “Fuck, I didn’t even notice.”
You keep staring at the screen. Because you still can’t believe that you’re sitting in the same room as someone with this much talent and potential. 
Finally, you turn to him, hating how he looks as if anything you say will break him. 
Why the fuck does he look so nervous? He has absolutely no reason to be. You’re so shocked that you aren’t even aware of what you say.
“Your dick is big and I wanna suck it.” 
Immediately, Yoongi shuts his eyes tight in a loud laugh, his head throwing back while you cover your face from downright embarrassment. 
Dear god.
Of all the things…
That’s what you go with?
Where did that even come from!
You can’t even face him when he regards you again, instead saving yourself by going with a more appropriate compliment,
“No, but really. You’re so fucking cool.”
Yoongi folds his arms before shaking his head, curved eyes finding the ground as he tries to hide his amusement. “It needs a lot of cleaning. This is just the draft, but… Yeah.” 
“Yoongi.” There’s so much you want to say. So many things that you can’t even begin to articulate. Getting up, you walk over to the man you don’t think you’ll ever fathom, no matter how many seconds, days, years you get with him. “This sounds incredible. I didn’t even know you sang.” 
He laughs to himself. “I can’t. I’ll need to get someone to do those parts.”
“False.” Sparing a glance at the software, you offer, “You want real advice?”
His answer carries surprise and intrigue. “You got any?”
“Yeah. Just sound more confident.” The irony of the situation isn’t lost on you, so you already suspect the look you receive. “Yeah, yeah, me telling you that, but. That’s all I can think of. The rest sounds damn good.”
“You really think so?”
“Yes. And I know you think so, too.” You huff as you give him a shoulder nudge. “You wouldn’t have shown me otherwise.” 
“Mm.” Yoongi looks proud, but you can’t tell if it’s because of what you said or because of what he showed you. Probably both. He should be proud regardless. 
“I’m so serious,” you say, walking back to his chair. Before you take it, you turn and blurt, “Can I play it again?”
His eyes crease immediately as he asks in disbelief, “Again?” 
“Yeah!” You plop into his chair, rolling up and excitedly controlling his mouse. “I wanna do it. Just tell me what to do so I don’t fuck anything up.”
There’s a laugh behind you—one of the soft ones that have become your favorites—before a warm, big presence joins your side. When Yoongi leans forward a bit, you can feel his body heat as he points on the screen where to press.
“Hit this one first.”
“K.” You do, and it shows the beginning of the track instead of the end. 
When he instructs you again, his closeness does wonders to your brain. “Then Spacebar.”
“Spacebar,” you whisper as you hit it, and you’re immediately greeted by the beginning notes again. 
It really is mesmerizing. The beat slowly building with horns, the record scratches, the little adlibs he throws in—all of it has you bobbing your head and getting so into it that you don’t even realize a few things. 
Like one, you’re sitting in a chair that he’s probably had for years. Two, you’re getting to listen to something that he’s kept under wraps for what feels like centuries. And three, the fact that he’s still very much there. 
Remembering the last one, a small curse flies out of your mouth before you stop and swing your head. “My bad, I was—”
And you only feel the softest press of lips on your own. 
Time bends when you’re pulled into the most tender kiss he’s ever given, and everything around you melts away. The song fades to background noise, but it’s still wonderful, hearing his distinct voice on recording while feeling his lips in person. 
Your body swivels the chair to face him fully, and he hums into your mouth before tilting you up for a fuller kiss. 
When you’re slowly pulled out of his chair, you’re guided once again to his bed, the two of you falling into sheets you missed for days. 
Nothing matters right now. Not the way you said everything, not the way he hasn’t outright said anything in return. None of that truly matters at the moment because, right now, you feel like you’ve been given an answer to something.
Yoongi finally stops to hover above you, eyes roaming over your face. “Thank you.”
“I should be thanking you,” you whisper. “For showing me.”
He continues to trace your face with his gaze, as if he’s looking for answers to questions he hasn’t asked yet. 
“I’m serious, you know,” you comment, hand coming up to hold his arm. “This isn’t just me saying it to say it.”
When he waits, you say your next sentence with the most confidence you’ve ever conjured, knowing that you’re gonna stick with this sentiment forever,
“The whole world needs to hear that.” 
And Yoongi seizes your lips in what you think is another thank you. 
His fingers find your hand, planting it near your face and causing your thighs to rub. Sighing, you deepen the kiss, shyly lapping at his entrance to let you in. 
When he groans, you lick inside, loving the way he breathes from his nose and positions himself above you. 
The last time this happened, you were overflowing with emotions, and they all come flooding back as you remember what all transpired in your bed. 
You admitted a lot of things that night. Big, scary, wonderful things. 
But you won’t say them tonight. Partly because you don’t want to overshadow his vulnerability, and partly because there’s still a slice of you that needs a little more assurance.
“Mm.” You break the third kiss he gives—or ninth, you aren’t truly counting—with a hand to his warm chest. “As much as I want you right now, we don’t have to.” 
His look of utter confusion is adorable. “You said it’s not all about… you know. I’m saying I’m good with that, too.”
“You sure? We can before you need to head out.“
Wait. That’s right. 
He doesn’t know what you planned. 
“Oh… that’s another surprise.”
There’s a specific feeling people get when they’re about to reveal something big. Anticipation mixed with glee, nerves mingling with the joy of reaction. 
And you feel all of that in your belly when you tell him you’re staying.
To which he responds with a smirk while looking adorably puzzled. “Don’t lie.”
“I mean it! If you’ll let me.”
“What about—”
“I said I was at Yuri’s. She knows.” Reaching up, you play with one of the strings of his sweater, focusing on the strand because you cannot admit the next part to his face. 
“I just wanted to sleep here. Even if just for tonight.”
When he doesn’t say anything, you slide your eyes upward, wondering if you’re being too needy or clingy. “Is that okay?”
Yoongi simply holds your nervous digits in his, bringing them up to his lips before softly kissing their ridges—once, twice, the third longer than the others. 
Then he leans down to capture your lips instead. And if you’re being needy and clingy, maybe he is, too, and you figure that it’s okay to be that way for now.
“Hold on.”
“If you’re staying”—yet another peck—“Lemme get my phone.”
He grips your hand a bit tighter before letting go. When he vacates the bed, you inhale his scent from his sheets, feeling so refreshed it’s unbelievable. Legs slide along the cool material, and your head finds a comfy nook in his pillows. Feeling content. Safe. At home. 
Behind you, the mattress dips.
“Come here.” 
You hold back a smile before you turn, letting Yoongi bring you against his solid chest. When you angle your head to look at his phone—
“Oh, my god!”
No, he is not! 
Yoongi clicks on a video, enlarging it to show none other than Holly walking around a room. 
Your squeals aren’t held back as you bend your knees in glee. “So big!”
“He’s so heavy.” 
He then scrolls to another video of the little one in bed, messing with the covers and flopping around. To this, you don’t even know what to say, a hand coming up to cover your wide grin.
“I wanna snuggle, oh god.”
Yoongi’s voice reverberates under your cheek as he easily surrenders, “He’d probably prefer you over me anyway.” 
“Umm, yeah,” you huff. “He’s got good taste.”
Yoongi laughs before showing you more pictures, and with each passing second, peace covers you like a blanket. Just lying down while he lets you into his life makes you happy, and you wonder if he’s doing this just to show you, or to lift any low spirits from before. 
The latter wouldn’t surprise you. 
After all, there’s no doubt he’s always looking out for you. No matter what. No matter how.
Sure, maybe this is temporary. Once the ride gets to be too much for him, you can step off. 
Like Taehyung said: he doesn’t do relationships now, and you don’t wanna force him into something he doesn’t do anymore. If he doesn’t want more, it’s okay.
Lifting your head, you whisper in quiet acceptance, “Thank you.” 
“For uhm…” Your sudden interest in his nightstand isn’t surprising. Looks like that’s where he keeps an extra chain or two. “Not being done with me yet.”
“I know it has to happen at some point. I’ve got him to think about, and. I don’t wanna get between y’all.” You timidly place an arm around his stomach, loving how he feels so pliant, yet so strong. “Besides. I’m probably keeping you from other people, too—if you aren’t sleeping with anyone else now.” 
That one kinda shaved a year off your life.
“But…” Sighing, you hold him a smidge tighter, bracing yourself before admitting what you’ve been saying all along. “I really like you, Yoongi. And I’m gonna love every second you give me.” 
You let out a sad chuckle before looking back at his phone. “God, he’s so cute I wanna see him so bad. Oh, wait! When are you going back? Call me so I can see him for real…” 
Your voice tapers off as you watch his movements.
Why is he putting his phone down? 
Why is he quiet? 
He wants to kiss you again. 
Your eyes slip shut as he presses you into soft sheets, hand easing behind your head to add depth to the contact that makes your toes curl. 
When he buries his head in your neck, he breathes you in.
“I know I haven’t said my piece.”
There’s nothing else uttered. Followed by more of the same.
Which means he’s stalling. 
Which means this won’t be what you wanna hear. You already feel your soul break piece by agonizing piece, chipped away by each second of silence you don’t breathe. 
Although sometimes. A pause precedes an unforgettable moment. 
And this moment will be one you’ll always remember, long after every fragment of you is given back to the stars.
“But I’m really fucking into you, doll.” 
“I have been for a long time.”
Your breath halts, and you’re pretty sure your heart fails and thinks the only way to go is through your eyes.
“You’re just off-limits, so. I knew I couldn’t push it.” He laughs to himself, faint and full of unspoken words. “I say that, but. I almost didn’t give a shit in your kitchen that d…” 
Your vision swims, and Yoongi must have felt your tears on his cheek because he stops to check on you. “What’s wrong?” 
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It feels right, if anything, and that’s what is starting to frighten you. Voice almost indiscernible, you can’t help but ask what he means.
His stare is long. “You don’t get it, do you?” 
“Get what.” 
“What you do to me.” 
He’s wavering in the blur of your gaze. “What do I do?” 
“That’s what I don’t get. You don’t need to do anything, I just… You make things make sense.” 
“And you…” He sighs. “You make me feel safe.” 
That’s not what you expected. At all. 
Brows furrowed, you blink, big drops of tears falling from their perch. “Me? I feel like this should be the other way around.” 
“I don’t, umm. I don’t mean it like that.” 
He doesn’t respond, long enough for a weighty silence to slowly pour into the pocket he made. 
But you’ll wait. You’ll wait, and understand, even when he drops his head back into the crook of your shoulder. Even when his silence turns your head. 
Even when his words pierce your chest.
“I meant from myself.” 
His name cracks out of your mouth, and fingers waste no time in holding him close. The deepest instincts you’ve ever had kick in, and suddenly every synonym of protectiveness exists in your hands.
That took a lot to say. 
Holy fuck, what else has he been screaming without a word? 
He said he caused everything that happened to you. He was so attentive after Dalo. He kept trying everything to push you away in his kitchen. How the hell did you not see it before?
Your throat depletes in size. What has he been going through this whole time? What other destruction has he been inflicting on himself? Where is this darkness stemming from? 
He had a past, but he’s so different now. He has to see that, right? Right?
You had no fucking clue. This whole time, he had been perfect. 
And you didn’t have a single clue. 
The ocean rolls out of your ducts in waves. An apology forces through sorrow, tangled, tangled as it comes, “I was an ass earlier, I’m—I’m sorry.”
“I called you a coward. I was so mean, I—”
“Called me the fuck out,” Yoongi corrects, his voice a beautiful rockslide on your skin. “Nothing bad about that.” 
“But I could’ve gone about it a better way.” Don’t sniffle so loud in his ear, goddamn it. “I’m really sorry.”
His arm dips into your stomach a tad. “This is why you’re too good for me, doll. I’m just fine being an ass all the time.” 
“Don’t get me wrong, I can make a bitch cry,” you point out through another sniff, feeling his huff in your neck. “But only if they really deserve it. And you don’t.” 
After his hum, he flatly counters, 
“Depends on who you ask.” 
And you still before expelling a soft laugh, relieved that he’s okay enough to offer jokes. Reaching up, you run a hand over his head, smoothing his locks and pressing his heart tight against yours. 
“Ask me,” you whisper. “What I want.” 
He inhales, slow, before obliging.
While you’re no stranger to overthinking, you know when you’re being unreasonable. And though you have been thinking badly about yourself ever since university, this man taught you to quit that shit. 
The same man that’s doing a thousand times worse than you are. 
So you’re gonna help him. And you’ll start by finally listening to what he’s been trying to drill into your mind. By saying everything you’ve wanted but never had the guts to say, clutching him like he’ll disappear if you let go.
“You.” A tear rolls. “All of you.” 
You know he felt it fall, and you swallow before continuing. “I wanna call you every morning. I want you to be the last one I hear before I fall asleep.” 
His hold on you gets tighter, and you feel the warmth of something sliding down your neck. Your tears are plenty tonight, it seems.
“I wanna give all the good luck kisses you want. I wanna… Fuck, I wanna cook with you, talk about what’s bothering you, I…” 
You hold him tight. Because your last confession is the one that requires the most courage, carrying the weight of a thousand sentences in a mere seven words.
“I wanna watch fireworks with you again.”
And you think he’ll hide, because you think that you would do the same. 
But he doesn’t. 
As soon as you loosen your hold, he pushes upward, and you realize with a visceral burn that those tears you felt weren’t yours.
Raw at their edges, just as welled, his eyes hold the heavens inside as he continues to regard you like you’ll still run. 
But why? You hate, hate, hate that you don’t know. But you feel just as delicate as he looks, and you silently vow to protect him from everything that he can’t fight alone.
With your final touch, you whisper, “Is that too much?”
And as a man that speaks through actions, Yoongi responds with a kiss reminiscent of moonlight. 
Soft in the way it makes you protective. Bright in the way it makes you glow. 
Telling in the way it lets you know what he’s thinking. Overwhelming in the way it lets you know exactly what he means. 
“Whatever you want.”
Deep. Blue. Vast.
“It’s yours.” 
Your arm bends so you can clasp his hand on the side of your face, and you know he feels your tears collecting in his palm. Solidarity in vulnerability. Comfort in absolute silence.
You kiss until he falls into you, and you stroke his head once again, running calm fingers through his strands and brushing them down with each pass. 
So incredibly, wonderfully afraid. 
Soon, the whole night feels ripe with new life. You don’t have to hide things or question a million. All that’s left to do is bathe Yoongi in the calmness you harbor, hoping it washes away any torment he’s self-inflicted over worries he manufactured.
Because he did the same for you. 
“Hey… There’s just one more thing.”
Smiling, you crack the mood with a joke, feeling sparkles pop from your eyes,
“Show me your cat and I’ll shut up.”
Yoongi puffs laughter next to your ear, his gravelly, raspy response sending delicious anticipation up your spine,
“How about you show me yours first.”
He laughs again, fuller before giving your neck a kiss so strong that it slides you across his pillow. “It doesn’t have to take long,” he comments as your eyes swirl. “Come on.” 
Thrilled that he’s right—and happy that he’s okay, because he can always be with you—you chuckle. “If I show you, I want it to take hours.”
“Oh, baby girl,” he warns through a smirk you mercifully can’t see. “You won’t last if I go for hours.” 
“You don’t know t—” 
Your nipple is tweaked on a dime, snapping your back in an arch without warning and yanking a high moan out of your throat. 
When the fuck did he move!
“Yeah,” Yoongi tuts. “There’s no way.” 
When he props himself up, his eyes are still red, but he cradles your face and offers a smile as warm as his palm. “But you really wanna? Right now?”
Rendered speechless from his beauty even in strife, you can only nod. 
“Okay…” His fingers slowly, softly, tenderly outline your jaw before fuck a chokehold. “But if you tap out, I won’t be shocked.” 
Eyes sliding down your nose to regard him, you croak out a backhanded compliment, “Cocky ass.”
Of course he only cocks a strong brow, smile in a stupid slant. “Show me up then, baby girl.” He pats you twice on the cheek before clutching your chin again, lowering lips to your ear,
“Show me what a year did to you.” 
“I will cus I wanna,” you bite, stomach fluttering to hell at his switch in demeanor. Wasn’t he just angelic? Is this devil the same person? “Not cus you want it.” 
“Doesn’t fucking matter to me.” A hot tongue licks a confident stripe up your neck. “I can get you to do what I want anytime.”
Fucking hell, you agree. You do you do you do. But you aren’t gonna give him the satisfaction of agreement that easily. “As if.” 
He puffs amusement against your skin before latching on, and your moan floats right up to his ceiling. 
Before it fizzes out at the top, though, Yoongi whispers for you to kiss him, and you’re halfway through your second press to his lips before you pull away with a curse. 
“Too easy.” 
“Fuck you.” 
“You’re about to.” 
But despite all the bravado, all the confidence, he settles into a quiet demeanor. Leading you out of the bed. Standing toe to toe while his hand touches your chin. 
“It’s easier like this.” 
You nod.
And though he’s wearing the same thing he wore a year before, this time is vastly unlike the first. Hushed, not hurried; tender, not tense. While you help him, he undresses you, and you admire his skin as freely as he does yours. 
A shirt here. A jacket there. Pants next. Insecurities last. 
When you’re stripped bare, you feel no different. Because you already felt that way. Layers and layers already torn in scraps on his kitchen floor. 
“So beautiful.”
“So unfair.”
He kisses you again, hands roaming along your shoulders before molding you into his front.
If you aren’t mistaken, he’s still holding back, and you wonder if it’s because of all the conversation from before. 
So you show him that you’re okay with a deep lick of your tongue, tell him that you’re ready with hands clawing through his hair. Because he will always wait for your lead, and you’re starting to understand and love that more and more. 
You smile when you break away, tugging him down with you as you collapse onto his bed. 
“Please, baby,” you whisper to his lips. “I’ve missed this.” 
“Same, babe.” He nicks your neck. “Fucking same.” 
After you sigh, you offer in a wisp, “This isn’t just about what I want.” His kisses on your column almost distract you, but you continue, “So don’t hold back.” 
Yoongi simply lowers his mouth, leaving a trail of fire from your ear to your chest. When he captures a nipple in his mouth, you arch on instinct, hands finding purchase in his hair and offering encouragement on their own accord. 
His arm snakes behind you before he moves to kiss the other, sucking and slathering until it’s just as drenched. Awash with sensation, you start to feel all the want in your center build, alarmed that you’re already this prepped with very few motions. 
But it’s him. You know that nothing he does here should surprise you. 
“Bring your ass up here.” 
And yet. 
He chuckles deep and slow while he thumps down beside you, removing the pillow behind his head while smirking. “Up here, babe,” he explains. “Put it on my face.” 
This is what he wants? Just like that? 
“Right now?”
“Uh huh.” 
You’re already embarrassed to hell whenever he eats you out. But to have him smothered in your… You haven’t quite done it like this yet. 
But it’s what he wants. Who are you to deny him?  
Struggling even thinking about how to go about things, you slowly get to your knees, gulping when you realize Yoongi’s not gonna tell you what to do. 
It’s simple enough. The courage part is what’s missing. 
Screw it. Just do it. He clearly likes or doesn’t care how you look down there, so what’s the big deal having it so… On display? 
Your knees make hard divots in his mattress when you get close, and butterflies scurry about your stomach when you catch him watching you with amusement. 
Okay. You can do this. Just lift your leg and—
“Uh uh.” 
Shit! You halt mid-motion, falling forward a bit and catching yourself on his headboard. “What.” 
Yoongi puffs mirth while smiling, patting your ass while making you turn cold, “Turn around.” 
This is definitely something you haven’t done before. If he asked you to do this the first time, you would’ve heartily refused without a second thought. 
Is that why he’s doing this now? Because he figures you would be game? 
“You don’t have to, babe.” 
“Oh, no, I’m good,” you assure him, “It’s just, umm. New.” 
“I know.” His hand soothes the dip of your back. “But we don’t have to until you’re ready.” 
Always so considerate. He was then, he is now. 
Exhaling for strength, you smile before nerves lace your words. “Fuck it.” 
He just laughs, neck bobbing wonderfully with his hair as you gather confidence to swing your leg over him. When you face a computer that put itself to sleep, you can somewhat see your reflection. 
Damn, you really are presenting your ass so close to his—
Yoongi hooks strong forearms around your thighs, dragging you backwards and kissing your cunt without a second thought oh fuck!
Your moan is deep as you fall forward, hand landing on his thigh while the other digs into the bed. 
Oh. His dick is so perfectly positioned. You’re surprised your mouth didn’t swallow him on the way down. 
As you’re getting worshiped from below, you think this placement might become one of your favorites. Because, while you may have lost once tonight, you can show him there’s no way you’re letting him win here. 
A groan escapes as he suckles on your clit, and you push back while taking his cock in your fingers, wasting no more time in licking around the tip before giving it a cheeky kiss.
You hear him chuckle in satisfaction, and you fight back a whimper feeling him licking a stripe up your folds. Your lips get to work themselves, taking his head in and sucking before your tongue lathers him deeper in lust and saliva. 
So connected. Fulfilled. How something like this can be so intimate despite allowing zero eye contact is beyond you.
“Fuck, doll,” you hear more from his chest than his filthy mouth. “Like that.” 
You’re swirling, dipping, rubbing on him so intentionally. But It’s so fucking hard to concentrate when he’s making you puddy on his tongue. It’s shooting bolts down your limbs, and you feel so overcome with passion that you can’t think to do anything but take his meaty head in again and again. 
Drool runs from your mouth in globs, and you moan around his length when you feel a wet kiss to your clit. At your reaction, Yoongi reacts himself, rocking up into your throat and causing a sudden gag. 
Rough fingers reach down to fondle a nipple, and you buck back in shock, eyes rolling from the flurry of sensations he’s wreaking on your body. 
When you hear him groan, you don’t know if it’s from your taste or your movement. 
So you rock your ass again against his mouth.
And shiver at his sinful, slow snicker. 
Sucking on his pretty tip to gain confidence, you start to swirl your hips around, shooing away any lingering shyness because you feel so fucking sensual. 
You always do with him, even if you don’t think you are, even if it starts with you doubting yourself while holding a headboard. Yoongi brings out the darkest parts of you, showing you that they can be the best ones.  
When his praise rings out beneath, something in you growls to life. “I knew you’d be nasty here, too.”
Do even better than your worst. Make Yoongi himself surprised as fuck. 
Eyes lidded, you release him with a pop before diving right back on, throwing your ass while his cock stretches out the deep recesses of your mouth. 
Fuck, he’s keeping his tongue out why is that so fucking hot. 
You feel it as you keep bouncing, thrusting back and forth while he slowly laughs in utmost shock and satisfaction. One of his hands comes up to slap the side of your ass before grabbing as much skin as he can. “There’s no way.” 
You hum high around his dick in a question.
He spanks you again, hard enough to make you flinch off his length with a sloppy whine. “No way you’re still hustling me.” 
“I’m not.” Fuck, is that your voice? You don’t even recognize it.
“What a fuckin’ lie.”
“It’s true—Fuck.”
His tongue flicks your clit to cut you off on purpose, and your grunt only makes him laugh. 
“Could make a whole movie with you, goddamn.” The dip of your back is gripped with two hands before he hauls you backward, and he launches into sucks and kisses so wet that you turn shy all over again. Your thighs shudder around him as your arms seem to drain of strength, and you arch your back in a moan before swallowing him like it’s habit. 
Oh. He’s feasting. He’s feasting a little too well because you’re starting to tremble, winding hard hard fast in your center while your lips puff around his sopping length. 
It’s too much. It’s too too much. Gasping for air, your cheek squishes onto his thigh while you whine his name through your teeth. “I’m so close.”
The world tilts, and you don’t realize what’s happening until your back flops onto the bed, wide eyes watching as Yoongi smothers your drenched lips with his own—your essence swirling with his as you breathe every heady scent in.  
When you cry out that you were close, he cuts you off with another kiss. When you try again with furrowed brows, he only shoots you an impish smile while traveling across the bed to his nightstand. 
“Damn you,” you bite out, legs sore at their bends and your center aching like hell. Fuck, you almost wanna finish on your own—
“You remember me taking your drunk ass here? That one night?” Yoongi asks through a lopsided curve. 
Wait, when did he get a condom? You didn’t even register a drawer opening. 
Suddenly confused why he’s bringing that haze up, you shake your head. “I don’t remember shit.” 
“Well, I do,” he snickers before opening the wrapper in a smooth motion. “Everything you told me in the car was adorable.” 
As he wraps himself, you slowly shield your face with both hands, every feeling suddenly irrelevant. “Oh, god. Do I even wanna know?”
“Don’t care. I’m gonna tell you anyways.” 
He smothers your body with his, and you relish the feeling of his jewelry against your chest and his abdomen against your stomach. Even if you both lay just like this, you would be content. Present. Fully in the moment. 
“You said my dick was pretty.”
Nope moment over time to go.
Agony heats your fingers on the way out, “Oh, my god.”
You’re unfortunate enough to catch his smirk before he keeps going, gleefully driving the stake of embarrassment further into your soul,
“And you only wanna fuck if I keep the chains on.”
“That is a lie!” you shout in horror, stricken as Yoongi’s teeth fully show with his staccato laugh. It’s only after you moan at the weight of his necklaces that you downright disintegrate. “I did not say that.”
He pushes up in a kneel, his beautiful physique towering above you. “Why would I make that shit up?” 
“To make me cry.”
“Nah. Not when I can do this.” 
You’re about to fuck he’s slapping your cunt with his cock, the slight hits melting into pleasure as you flinch beneath him. When you pout, he only winks, and a layer of you melts into his sheets. 
Yoongi slowly spreads you without a drop of shame, and you suppress a whine when he hums, “Yeah. Gonna eat you out again later.”
Again? Your blink is slow. “Later…?”
“When you’re half-asleep,” he simply explains, running a finger along your sensitive folds before languidly swirling. “I know for a fact you’d love that.”
You’re only half-coherent now, too, slowly being controlled by his lone digit prepping your growing impatience. “Okay,” you agree, syllables chipped. “Later then.”
“Damn, you almost gone already?”
“No no.” You hum, the feeling of euphoria strangely close and far, like he’s purposely keeping it within arm’s reach while barring it from your desperate clutches. “Just wanna come.”
“Almost got me for a sec,” he drones. “I know my girl can last longer than that.” 
Your mind blanks, instinct jolting you back to life only when he starts sliding his cock against your folds. 
“Uh uh,” he tuts, and you can both hear and see the smirk in his voice. “No reason to be shy.” 
Breathing rough, you rasp, “You’re just big.” 
So big. It could be your thousandth time with him—an impossible number—and he would still make you breathe through your mouth on the way in. You love it you love it, the slight ache a beautiful burden before paradise. 
“Relax, baby,” he soothes, and you try your best to obey while feeling stimulated to hell and back. Why does he have to be so good with his tongue? 
But he starts penetrating in earnest, the two of you groaning at different pitches when he makes his way in with a squelch. “Holy fuck, you feel—fuck.” 
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp, making bunches of his sheets with hard fists. You pulse wildly as he moves in and out, letting your lips adjust to his length and sinking in more, more, deep. “Yoongi.” 
Brows knit in concentration, he looks like someone painted him with love, giving him definition with sharp strokes and modeling his jaw after a god. Or maybe they painted him and then the gods became jealous. That would be more likely.
Either way, you’re worshiping him with your very being, chanting his name and his name only while he delivers divine punishment between your folds. 
“Missed this pussy,” he grits, and you yelp at the way he gathers your legs with a growl. 
Lifting them high, he grips them against his shoulders while upping his pace, groaning when you dissolve into a mewling mess beneath him. 
Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. The only two words you know, repeating like a broken record while you feel his hips smacking deliciously into yours with the same rhythm.
You react with a groan when he spanks your ass, but he spreads your legs before you can say anything coherent.
“Hold these up. All the way up.” 
“Oh, fuck,” you push through spent teeth, brain still on the same track. 
“Uh huh.” He still finds the strength to pin you with a grin, lopsided and taunting and thoroughly devastating. “You asked for this, baby girl.”   
Shit. You don’t know how this is gonna feel, but you know Yoongi’s about to fuck you senseless anyway. You’re about to feel him all the way up in your goddamn mouth. 
While you muse over all of this, his hands grip the other side of your legs, and your thoughts are cut with a cry as he sinks inside of you again. 
He only smirks, laughing and rubbing the back of a knee with a thumb. “You got it, babe. Relax for me.” 
“It’s so—oh, my god,” you wheeze, biting your lip because it’s something you have to adjust to. Heat clings to you as you exhale. Inhale. He’s praising you for doing so well. Exhale. You wanna say you believe him. Inhale. But you can’t. 
Overestimating. Yoongi is very much overestimating you. With a soft whine, you still try your best, fingers slipping on your sweaty thighs but holding on as his thrusts get deeper and fuller. 
He’s not going fast, so maybe he’s estimating you just fine, and after a nice—oh, that stroke was good—your body is starting to accept the newfound pushes with hunger. As you start to lean into it, he groans low, voice dripping with pride and joining the sweat on his chin, 
“There you go.”
“Feels… so good,” you sigh, arms shaking as you hold on. “You can… Go faster.” 
And you only get a single hum in warning before you yelp at his ceiling. Because he starts ramming into you, and you can’t decide whether to keep your head on the pillow or lean forward to watch him spear you, again and again and again and again—fuck! 
“Your tits, holy fuck.”
You feel them bouncing with your movements, and you can only imagine how you must look from his point of view. How he sees you lose control from above. 
Because from where you lay, he’s a king. 
Maybe your drunk self had some points about the chains.
Encouraged, you release your thighs to grope your chest, squeezing your breasts tight and just now hearing the headboard smacks above you, your whole body rocking with rough thrusts. 
And Yoongi lifts his head back with a satisfied smirk before watching you with pride, slamming into you and hitting a spot that has your eyes rolling into your head. Oh, he’s in deep. Oh fuck he’s still so deep it feels so perfect. 
You cry out, arching and hitting any pitch that your mind can halfway-think of. 
“God, you sound so—”
You offer up another moan, feeling your orgasm teleporting to the edge before he growls,
“You gonna come?”
“Gimme that mouth.” You feel slick fingers snag your chin before his command rips from his throat, “Open up.” 
You do. So obediently, so wide, getting rewarded with spit flying from his filthy mouth into yours, and your groan comes out so guttural that you don’t even think it’s you.
“Good girl.”
But it is. It’s all of you and you’re suddenly snapping with the whip of pleasure, milking him with a force that has him losing some self-control of his own. You don’t see him throw blown out eyes to his spackled ceiling, but you certainly hear him, definitely feel his cock squelching deep inside as you pulse and squeeze and grip.
“Holy fuck, babe.”
“Yoongi.” It’s still going. Your denial of ecstasy stockpiled into the gush of a volcano, erupting everything that you weren’t allowed to before. Light flashes as your limbs lock impossibly hard, and you almost pass the fuck out from how overwhelmed you become.
But the waves do subside, the tide of his storm receding and uncovering emotions you hope bury back into sand. Your legs thump onto the mattress, and his slow laugh is too attractive as he smacks your hip. 
“You good?”
Thoroughly spent, you throw him a look. “Better than you,” you weakly challenge, smiling at his knowing laugh. 
“Gonna prove it?”
You nod. Holy shit, your skin is sweaty as fuck. 
“Then ass up, baby girl.” 
Oh, fuck. This may be where he ends you completely. 
Your body is molasses as you roll over, burying your head in a pillow and inhaling the mix of your scents with proud greed. When you’re told to lift your back, a cool pillow is slid underneath before warm, slick hands roaming over your back before ouch. 
“Oh shit, doll.” Yoongi stops as soon as you wince, softly touching the bruise you definitely felt on your back. 
“Where’s this from.”
“Me,” you mumble, heart clenching at how he sounds. Sharp, protective, promising things that have your toes curling. But you’re so spent that you can’t really speak, “Me. My fault. Sink.” 
You don’t see what he does when silent, but you feel his jewelry slide against your ass when he leans forward to kiss the sore spot. “Careful, love,” he wisps into your skin. 
“It’s”—you breathe—“It’s okay, baby. Really.” You turn enough to regard him with a single creased eye. Because you’re so satisfied and safe that your body is just limp, pleasure replacing your bones. “Who do you think I am?” you rasp. 
Hissing laughter, Yoongi leans forward to plant a wet kiss on your sweaty forehead. “Mine,” he simply states, like it’s been fact this whole time. 
Maybe he’s right. 
After checking if you’re okay, it’s only in his nature to make you the very opposite. 
“But just cus you’re mine doesn’t mean you don’t get fucked like a slut.” 
“Please,” you plead with a head containing nothing. “I want it.” 
“Oh, yeah? That’s what baby girl wants?”
You can only push a moan through pressed lips, nodding into his pillow before he tells you to bite it. 
Wasting no time, he rubs his thick head against your folds before sliding in, and the stretch alone raises your back on instinct. 
“Keep that shit down,” he orders, a large hand holding you down with finality. By your hip, of course, not your back. Because he remembers. And he accommodates. “Like that.”
And you do, curving up and holding it steady, proving that a year did change you. In more ways than one. 
As he fully sheathes, a flat thumb teases your asshole, and you wanna snap back at the feel alone. Don’t. Do not. 
When he chuckles, he pushes in deeper as a test, and you can’t take the feeling of feeling full in both ends without writhing. 
Maybe a year didn't change this part as much as the others. 
But you take both the welcoming intrusions, eyes skyward as you feel lifted from the ground entirely. Your knees start to give when your body wants to quit, but you hiss at how good he fills. Stretches. Molds you around him like a tight sleeve. 
“So big,” you gasp. “Fuck.” 
Not just big. He’s long. So long that he’s already hitting spots that have you blanking completely, and you whine his name as your body just moves on its own. 
Why is he chuckling? Why does he sound so satisfied? 
“There you go, baby girl.” 
He’s not moving you at all.
Fuck, you’re fucking into him and he’s watching, his hand on your ass gripping light as it bounces with each one-sided thrust that would have your past self slackjawed if they witnessed you now.
“Filthy girl.” 
You feel hot fingers slide over your hips before they find purchase in the dips above your thighs. Fuck, you love when he grips there—“Yoongi!” 
Without warning, he thrusts himself fully into you, shoving you forward and flinging an outright cry from your mouth. 
“How are you still so tight.” With a gravelly hum, he takes the reins, slamming you backwards repeatedly until you feel like puddy, melting onto his sheets until you feel permanently attached. 
Your thighs burn as you try hard to keep yourself upright, and he’s just gonna have to deal with the drool sliding into cotton because you really can’t keep it in. Not when his balls smack your clit like that, not when he’s groaning like that, not when your tears are rolling out like this. 
The only thing that you’re missing is him. Which is silly to think, but you want all of him. To see the way he reacts just like he can witness your downfall after downfall. 
You want it.
When you throw a look over your shoulder, you strain yourself so hard your neck stings. 
But it’s worth it. You’ll stay this way forever. If this is what it takes to see Yoongi like this, you’ll freeze for eternity. 
Because you have never seen him regard you like the way he is now. 
Dark. Electric. Possessive. A million emotions flash across his face, and your breath is taken away by half of them. 
The other five hundred thousand are ripped from you as he breaks eye contact, brows focused as he grits teeth at his thrusts instead. 
Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck he’s tearing you open in the most magnificent way. Your body goes completely limp as you’re split in two again and again and again, mind lost as you escape into the deep ocean above.
“You like it, huh? Proving you can take this dick.”
“Shut up,” you grit, as if you didn’t just see bursts of light and color in his eyes. “I can take more.”
Your scalp is pulled without prompt, and you throw your head back as he pistons in hard, screaming through teeth so clenched they may crackle and break. “Fuck!” 
When he wraps his hand around your throat instead, the moan you release is nothing but erotic.
“That’s right, baby girl,” Yoongi growls. “Tell me who’s pretty cunt this is.”
“Yours, oh fuck!”
“Uh huh.”
“Wanna see you,” you gargle out. 
With more force, you whine, “Wanna see you.” 
You fall forward as he lets you go, ripping himself from your cunt and launching you into the hot snowdrifts you made of his sheets. 
“All you have to do is ask,” he reminds you, and you wonder when he settled so close to your side. 
Overcome with passion and lust and a fierce need to stake a claim, you let ferocity launch you onto him, slinging an exhausted leg over him with adrenaline alone. 
Your lips swallow anything he was gonna utter, because it’s irrelevant. You want him. You want him more than you ever ever have and you don’t know why. You’re so wrapped in your haze that you don’t even realize you sheathed yourself without hands.  
“Hustler,” he praises between kisses.
“You like it.” 
“I love it.” He grabs the back of your neck while a hand slams your hips onto him, commanding with pride when your jaw flops. “Take that dick like it’s yours.”
Eyes striking, you thrust down with vigor. “It is mine.”
He slams up again. “It is.”
You fuck him without further prompt, bouncing your ass and loving how his ridges rub against you, the scent of sex and cologne and need permeating the rest of his apartment. Somewhere you tend to find yourself, even in your dreams.  
When he sucks on your nipple, you release a whine; when he grabs at your curves, you know not to think bad things. Your thighs sear right down to bone, but you power through because there is something in you that just cannot be satiated right now. 
What’s happening? Why are you feeling so fucking greedy?
While you’re a storm, he’s a quiet force. And he’s looking up at you like you’re an angel committing beautiful sins, him the mere mortal fortunate enough to witness.
More. You want more. 
As soon as his slick throat is in your fingers, condescending laughs pierce your heart through.
“So cute.”
What the fuck he’s quick. Your throat is clutched in a sweaty hand before you even realize what happened, your own digits thrown to the side as he turned the tide. Fuck, it feels good. Shit, he’s really choking you.
Your eyes roll high when he squeezes, command snapping your body into obedience,
“Keep going, slut.”
You will you will you will. Even when your airway depletes, even when his upward thrusts launch your soul out of your body. 
“Yoo—Yoong—I—” Your words curdle as you try to speak, and he mercifully releases you before everything hits you at once.
Brightness wipes your vision as you cry out, nails digging into Yoongi’s shoulders as you fall into his neck. You’re shuddering when you feel flipped again, and you can’t help but sob into his lips when he strokes with a tenderness you’ll think about for ages. When he thrusts one final time, you realize he’s coming, too. 
Tears rush out of your eyes as your third overlaps with the second, so caught up in your torrent that you don’t hear the words against your cheek. Feel the fingers interlacing with yours. Register the way they’re pressed into the bed near your head. 
All you expel is his name, wondering if it now exists permanently in the lining of your lungs. 
“Breathe, baby,” is the first thing that rings clear, and you lift up to take the very words right from his lips. Only then do you look at him fully—tethering your soul to his with no regrets. 
Slowly, everything ebbs. Heavy breaths fill the room, two at a time, as you descend from your erratic high.
Inhale Inhale. 
Inhale again. 
Exhale again. 
Sliding your hands up his flexed arms, you breathe him in. Again. And again. 
While he simply stares, you revel in his heat, ghosting your nails across his back and over his broad shoulders. While you used to feel caged in this way, with Yoongi, it’s more like a shelter. Another safe haven, and the very thought builds the confidence you have in your decision to say everything you couldn’t before. 
“I’m not seeing anyone else.” 
Your eyes flicker. 
“Like I said. I wouldn’t do that to you.”
You don’t know why that’s the first thing he decides to say. But you don’t know what you would’ve said in the moment either, content on simply watching the meteor showers in his eyes. “Okay,” you finally whisper, thoroughly spent, physically and mentally. “I can’t stop you if you do wanna see anyone—”
“I’ve been yours.” 
You blink.
“That’s it.” 
The meteors exist in yours now, flying high above the birds fluttering in your belly. “Oh…” 
What do you even say? How do you respond when you’ve had days, nights, summers when you’d see him and wonder? Wonder what it would be like if he gave you a chance? 
“Well, shit.”
Yoongi grins as he breathes out, slowly removing himself from your sore folds and gingerly vacating the bed. As he rids himself of protection, you question to his perfect ass, 
“What now?” 
He turns. “Hmm?” 
Your eyes find his. “What do we do now?”
When he comes back, he settles next to your tired bones, chains slinging down with gravity. “Up to you.” 
“Yeah. I thought about saying something after Dalo, but I didn’t wanna put that on you.” 
He what? Blinking at his jewelry instead of his face, you feel like you’re floating all over again. “After Dalo?”
“Yeah. But I knew I didn’t deserve you. So I didn’t.”
“It’s all good,” he mutters. “Don’t worry.” 
What would he have said? To your brother, of all people, after Dalo? You can’t even fathom telling him at all and here Yoongi was thinking of outright saying it with his whole chest. 
But you have to be careful. This isn’t something you can just mention in passing. No matter how he’s informed, you know your sibling will go on a warpath, eyes blazing and fists clenched. “Fuck, I don’t know… I don’t wanna ruin anything between you.”  
“He’ll get over it.” 
“Will he?” 
“…I dunno.” 
“Same.” You sigh, tracing his necklaces and suddenly appearing in front of his door again. 
That day, your brother called Yoongi to ask where you were. He also told you to call Yoongi if you needed anything, that morning he left for his trip.
…Are you overthinking this, too? 
Is it really as farfetched as you think? To believe that he would be so against what’s transpired between you and his best friend? 
Most likely. The hope you feel seems false, like a Sun that you can pretend to clutch in your fingers.
Maybe it’s better to keep it on the downlow for now. “Let’s wait. At least until after Friday.”
“Whatever you want.” 
And the silence that settles is comfortable, with both of you breathing in the space between and offering tiny touches that like your soul aflame. 
The finish line is right up ahead. You’ve been through the mud and the rain, but you haven't been alone. 
Because Yoongi has been running with you the entire time, picking you up when you needed it, and removing obstacles you didn’t even know were coming. He’s been here, here, here, watching you take every step every inch of the way. 
“Gonna warn you now: you might get tired of me, doll.” 
“I’m already tired of you, the fuck.” 
And he gives you a grin that will burn into your memory forever, searing into multiple pages that it will take you years to turn over and forget. 
“That’s my girl,” he murmurs, giving you a kiss that curls your toes. When you regard him with moons in your eyes, there’s a touch to your forehead, too. A touch that has become synonymous with home. 
“Come shower with me.”
Tumblr media
Wednesday and Thursday couldn’t have been more ideal. 
Yoongi did exactly what you wanted, calling in the morning even if he didn’t need to be up, and waiting until you called at night to talk until you slept. 
He’d tell you about his day after asking about yours, and you listened with closed eyes whenever he’d leave you on speaker while working. Or cooking. Or simply lying in bed while cheekily saying you should be there instead.
As much as you wanted to see him, you knew you couldn’t push it. You had the house party to look forward to, and you knew you were gonna have to fight to keep your hands and feelings in check.
It’s Friday morning.
And you already seeing yourself failing.
You will never get tired of hearing his voice this early. “What’s the plan today?”
You chuckle as he shifts his phone, yawn interrupting his own answer.
“Work. Then we’ll… lock up early and head over.” 
“Who’s going?”
“All of us.” 
You don’t know exactly what that entails.
But you at least know that means Jungkook’s going.
Another thing to mentally prepare for.
“K. What are you wearing?”
A set of subtle hisses crackle through, and you join him because your question is quite silly indeed. He rarely ever decides ahead of time.
“Why? You got a request?”
“Yeah,” you muse before deadpanning. “Please look unattractive.” 
There’s just a faint chuckle that tickles your ear. 
“Sure, baby girl.”
Ah, shit. 
“See you there.”
Goddamn it.
“Yoongi, I swear to—”
The line cuts.
And you groan, complaining into your pillow,
“He’s gonna look hot as fuck.”
Tumblr media
A whole workday, one hell of a cooking storm, and several houseguest greetings later, you discover with a choke of your drink that you were right.
It’s when you’re mid-conversation with your friends that they all come through the front, three guys exuding an aura that have people staring from down the hallway. 
Of course you know the man in front sporting all black like the demon he is. But you also vaguely recognize the other two from way back when, one now built quite solidly and the other decked in shades and dripping swag all over your wooden floors. 
Right? They also ran with your brother for a bit, didn’t they? Gotta be the case if your recognition went off.
Wait, are they the ones from the studio? Yoongi said they were shutting it down then heading over. You can’t remember the other guys’ names, but you’re kinda glad that Yoongi’s working with people he knows, if your assumptions are correct.   
Your sibling pops into the foyer with wide arms, unfazed by the way their entrance made things just a bit quieter. “Y’all finally made it!” 
Welcoming them all, he ropes them into conversation while guiding them to the kitchen, and you have to tear your gaze away because even the way Yoongi clasps hands in greeting is driving you mad. 
Especially in that shirt.
With those chains.
Fucking hell, you’re gonna fight him.
“Who the hell were they?” Dom asks, hiding her growing and growing curiosity with a solo. 
“His studio guys.” 
“Studio guys?” Yuri questions with a neck crane of her own. “You know them?” 
Shit! You aren’t supposed to know about Yoongi’s job, much less anything surrounding him. 
Dom gives you a warning look while you stumble over yourself, “Oh, uhm. My brother does.” You take a much needed sip while feeling heat all over, pulling an assumption out of your ass. “They’ve all been friends for awhile now.”
“They look expensive.” Reia looks into a cup that seems very light in her hands, nose scrunching. “Mm. I need a refill.” 
“We’ll go with you,” Yuri chirps, and you inwardly brace yourself because you know exactly where you’re going to get one. 
Focus. Don’t make anything a bigger deal than it’s supposed to be. If you happen to talk to him, be fucking normal. 
Having Dom’s death glares in mind will help, you think.
As your friends lead you into the kitchen, they keep your previous conversation going—the one that was rudely interrupted just seconds before. When you nod along, your feet cross the threshold into the kitchen. When you break into a soft laugh at something Reia says, you force yourself not to look at the other people in the same space. 
Conversations and music fill the house like normal, and the cup in your hand has already been finished twice. 
Which dulls the nerves when your name is called. Though it doesn’t quite quell them completely. 
Damn it. 
What can your brother possibly want right now?
Your friends are still filling their solos and talking while you turn, sucking in a breath when all four pairs of eyes are directed at you from the other side of the island.
“You remember these guys?”
Temporarily thrown, you just tilt your head. “Uhh…” May as well tell the truth. With a half-wince, half-smile, you admit, “Not really, sorry.” 
Fuck, don’t look at Yoongi’s eyes creasing over his cup. Do not.
“Awhh, come on, princess!” 
You don’t know if your friends are looking, but you for sure know that the rest of the guys snap their gazes to the one that just spoke. 
When he realizes no one understands, he lowers his arms and looks at them, hand touching his chest. “Wait, does she not remember?” He smiles at you, taking his shades off. “It’s me! Hobi?”
“Oh, shit!” Shock from instant memory rushes you around the island, and you let him crush you in a hug. “How did I not know?” 
He lets you go immediately and prattles on, days of when he’d be nice enough to keep you company when no one else wanted to running through your mind. Whether on the outside courts or anywhere else you were dragged to, he was the one that stayed behind when everyone ran off. 
Because you’re a princess, he would say. And every princess needs a guard.    
“How’s your sister?” you ask, most likely the main reason he would be so protective. God, you really can’t believe you just forgot. Is it because he looks so damn different? Or is his aura the main thing that’s changed?
“She’s good, she’s good. Travels all the time now, though,” he laughs. “So I barely see her.” 
“I can somehow relate,” you say with a look at your brother, who immediately raises his hands.
“Not for awhile now, don’t worry.” 
You didn’t know that. 
Did Yoo—
There’s a flurry of shouts from the back game room as he continues, “You remember Namjoon, too, yeah? Joon?” 
Gaze moving to the taller man, you smile, finally remembering with the mention of his nickname. Though he was quite boisterous whenever you saw him back then, he seems to have matured now. 
Both of these two seem so different. “I do. How are you?” 
“I’m good,” he says through a beautiful smile, and you melt when he asks right back. 
“Not bad. I’m tired as hell from getting everything ready, though.” When you check to see if your friends are still in the kitchen, you hold back a laugh seeing them huddled by the fridge. “Didn’t even get ready how I wanted to.”  
“S’okay,” he assures. “Could’ve fooled me.” 
“Easy,” your brother jokingly warns while Yoongi looks away with a smirk. 
“What? I’m saying she looks nice!”
Hobi can’t help but laugh, putting a hand on the man’s bicep before stating, “We know.” 
“I’m just saying. Nothing wrong with being honest.” 
You smile, appreciating the forthcomingness while feeling hot under Yoongi’s gaze, wondering what he’s been thinking throughout all these exchanges. “Thank you, Joonie,” you say. “Don’t mind them.” 
Deciding that it’s a good time to go back to your friends that are definitely gonna grill you soon, you say your goodbyes. “I’ll leave y’all alone now. It was nice to see you again!” 
“Where’s my hi?”
You flicker your gaze to Yoongi, brain wracking for a single ounce of a reason he thought saying that was okay. 
“Right?” Your brother—your brother?—adds on, “Not even a hi, damn.” 
Are you the only one feeling the air get a bit heavier? No? Hopefully it’s not affecting anyone else because they will most assuredly catch on. 
But maybe… Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe telling him about Yoongi will be somewhat okay.
“My bad,” you start, hiding behind what you usually do when thoroughly overwhelmed with his presence. “Didn’t see you there.” 
Everyone else erupts while Yoongi fights a grin with a cheek prod, and Hobi surprises you with his memory. While he smiles at them, his finger wags at you, 
“Still like this, huh?” 
“So savage,” your sibling tuts. “I dunno where she gets it from.” 
They all laugh again, knowing that all of them have contributed to your upbringing in some way. 
You’re really glad to see these two again. If they’re the ones Yoongi’s working with, no wonder they finished what they needed to on time. 
Of course, there’s still one other person that’s responsible for that impressive turnaround. 
And thankfully, you haven’t seen him yet. 
As you finally rejoin your friends, you think to yourself that it’s the best option. Maybe he decided to skip out on tonight. 
“Oh, hey!” 
You turn with remnants of joy still lingering, and your brother’s smiling.
“Jungkook’s coming, too.” 
“I didn’t tell him you were back. He’s gonna flip shit.” 
There’s a falter in your smile when you dart eyes to Yoongi.
“Feel like y’all can pick up where you left off.” 
Feeling the heat of multiple stares—from both in front and behind—you nod with your lips in a line. Because you can’t bring yourself to say a single thing in response.
Suddenly, your plan of telling your brother about Yoongi gets delayed one million years.
Tumblr media
Back in the almost-quiet of your room, you hide yourself in folded arms while your friends speak with concerned faces.
“He didn’t know y’all broke up?”
“You mean Jungkook broke up with her.” 
“Yeah,” you sigh, sitting on the very edge of your bed. “I never said anything about that.” 
“Why not?”
Offering Dom a rueful smile, you shrug with half your heart involved. “He really liked Jungkook at the time. I didn’t wanna cause any drama before leaving.”
“You were miserable as fuck,” she shoots back. “How did you even hide that from him?”
“He just graduated and started his position right outta school,” you explain. “And all the family stuff was finally… He was going through enough crap already.” 
Lolling your head to the side, you stare at your manicured toes, briefly wondering if you should’ve gotten a different color. “We didn’t really talk about that stuff anyway.” 
They respond with varying levels of hums. 
“We can just stay in here all night if you want,” Reia offers as a fix, because that’s simply what she does. 
But as much as you wanna take that and run with it, this is a problem you don’t wanna flee from. Better to face it rather than letting it fester and grow into something worse. 
Someone in this house taught you that.
“It’s okay.” You don’t meet their stares. “If he wants to talk then we’ll talk. It just won’t be what he wants.” 
“Wait, what he wants? How do you know?” 
Shit. You didn’t tell them. 
Your eyes slide up to regard Dom before lowering back down to your floor. “I actually saw him already.” 
She doesn’t say a word as Yuri and Reia react. 
“You saw him?”
You were so caught up in the good shit happening with Yoongi that you forgot what led to that night. The catalyst for everything finally falling into a beautiful mess. “Yeah. I ran into him before my interview.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
There’s shouts outside the door and names being called, and you all realize that can only mean that Jimin just arrived. 
“It wasn’t a big deal,” you assure them while wondering if Tae’s here, too. As your gaze pans to your nightstand, you make it a point to not touch the bottom drawer for a long time. “It didn’t last long anyway.”
You don’t know why you lied.
“Well, let us know if you need saving,” Yuri says, voice softer than usual. When she wants you to know that she’s really serious. 
“Not me.”
All of you shoot eyes at Dominique, inspecting her nails in a chair that’s usually topped with laundry. 
When she looks up, she cocks a brow. “I’d do more bad than good.” 
No one disagrees.
You’re grateful, but expel an empty laugh. “No, he’s…” You lean forward a bit, hearing the front door open and your brother’s loud ass greeting. “He’s different now. Matured.” 
“Well,” your friend sighs. “Matured doesn’t necessarily mean better.” 
You nod before standing. “We can go back out,” you offer, dusting nothing off your clothes. “I think he’s here.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook is indeed in the house now, saying hi to everyone and having his blond hair suffering multiple head nudges. 
When you present yourself, you wish he wouldn’t regard you with those eyes. Eyes that you used to think about every night and every waking moment. But you remain polite as he brings you in for a gut wrenching hug, vowing to stay strong when he whispers,
“Can we talk later?”
“Yes,” you respond in return, “We should.” 
He nods before releasing you, offering some politeness of his own as he immediately turns and gives you space. “Hey! What’s up?”
“You’re so big now!” 
Your shoulders drop in a sigh as you watch him go about the front room, getting happy greetings from all around while he predictably wanders into the kitchen. 
But something he shouts has your spine snapping straight. 
“Yoongi! Where’s your date? Are they here?”
Wait, what?
Multiple voices fight for top volume when Yoongi looks at him from the island, expression thankfully not giving anything away. 
“Wait a minute.”
“You never told us!”
“I fucking called that shit!” 
Panic sets in at your brother’s shout, knowing Yoongi’s gonna have people clawing into his throat for answers the entire night if he doesn’t do something miraculous.
“Not seeing anyone, Kook,” is all he says, to which he gets doused with a wave of disbelief.
“He’s lying.” 
“I’m telling you, I was right.” 
“No wonder he’s looked so happy lately.”
You don’t know why you can’t breathe. Would it be obvious? He’s not seeing any of their friends. And this town is big but it’s not the biggest. Who would they start suspecting, if not you? Is that ridiculous to think that can’t be it right there’s no way—
An arm swings over your shoulders and rushes you out of sight, and you smell cologne and leather before you recognize who it is.
“Loosen up, babe,” Jimin instructs, voice so firm that you automatically reset. “There we go.” 
“Fuck. Thank you.” 
“Even had me shaken up.” He releases you when you get into the safety of the empty hall, thrilling conversation spilling out of the kitchen and onto your heels. “But he can handle himself.” 
“I know,” you whisper, repeating it to yourself in some sort of mantra. “I know.” 
“They’re in the game room.”
You join them with buzzing thoughts, all of them watching Yuri’s sister compete in a speedy card game. 
“Hah!” Jia yells as she slaps the fold-out table in triumph, rapidly beckoning people to give up money after what you think is another win. “Gimme my money, chumps. Who’s got next?”
Yuri yells from your corner, “How much you got?”
“Enough for those shoes I want!” 
“Let’s go!”
Laughing at the chuckles and groans, you still can’t believe the sisters’ dynamic is this strong, this different. It’s refreshing as much as it’s strange, tearing your attention away from your fears in an instant. 
Broad shoulders enter the room from the kitchen entrance, and Jia calls them over immediately, 
“Ah, Seokjin! Hurry up and eat so I can take your money, too.” 
“No chance!” He looks at the bills next to her cards. “Earn some more so I can take it all.”
More raised conversation springs to life as they banter like always, and you’re about to say something to Reia when your phone vibrates. 
Slipping away into the hall, you hope it’s who you want it to be.
It is.
Yoongi [10:02pm]: You gonna be ok?
Good. Looks like he got away in one piece. 
Briefly, you wonder where he is, whether it’s in the house or out back. If your brother went to go take a hit, they’re probably lounging in the backyard by now.   
But then again: would he text you in front of him? Just like that? Not after that eruption in the kitchen. Impossible, right?
You [10:04pm]: yeah
You [10:05pm]: i didn’t expect kook to ask that
When he responds right away, you think he may be alone. 
Yoongi [10:06pm]: It’s all good. I got us
You [10:06pm]: i know<3
You [10:07pm]: but im mad.
The hallway is somewhat occupied with people, friends of your sibling that you recognize in various ways. Music bursts through the house still, getting more lively as the night decides to finally kick-off. 
Yoongi [10:08pm]: Wait why?
You [10:08pm]: u look hot when i said not to ☹️
More shouts blast from the game room, and you look back to see that Seokjin has indeed started to join the gaming fray.
You need to be somewhere quieter. 
Making your way to another, less traveled corridor in the house, you sigh as you lean against a familiar wall. Full of conflict and new fears that you didn’t consider before. 
You don’t wanna go back out there. 
When you check your phone again, you get a text that you don’t get to read.
Here goes nothing and everything.
“Hey, Kook,” you whisper, locking your phone and turning around. 
Never one to wait, he asks without any prelude, “Got a sec?”
And you nod, hoping that this conversation will be one you can get through. 
Wanting nothing more than to rest in the comfort only Yoongi’s arms can give.
tbc. <3
Tumblr media
for the bro reveal: this was one of the very first 3tan bro questions i got<3 and i’ve stuck with it since the very beginning!! (it’s not any of the members!)
Tumblr media
a/n: well. here we are. how was it? are we okay? was it good oh god i hope it was all worth the wait.. but what i’ve been wanting to say was this: thank you so much for being here. whether you’ve been here since the very beginning, or you’re just now joining, thank you thank you thank you. i’ve been having the most fun with this series, and having this connection with y’all has been such a blessing. there’s heart invested from both sides - mine and yours - and that’s something that i will never take for granted.  a/n 2: if you haven’t heard, i am officially taking my break from the main storyline in time for the holiday season! we’ll still have fun with the asks, games, drabbles, theories, other projects, etc. :D 3tan10 and onward will just make a return when my break is over<3 please feel free to talk about the series still! oh gosh, that is what will keep me motivated as hell over the break period. for sure. my inbox is always open! ++ feedback box: ⇥ of course, any reblogs/comments/messages are appreciated! ⇥ for the ones that are too shy to reblog with a review, comment on this, or send a message, i went ahead and made another anonymous form where you can send in what you think! ⇥ no emails collected, no need to put in a username. it’s literally just a comment dropbox :D feedback can be as short/sweet or as long as you’d like! ⇥ here! ++ ⇥ masterlist
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yoonieper · 5 months ago
Helping Hand | JJK
Tumblr media
Sometimes all you need is a helping hand.
Tumblr media
♡ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (also a teeny bit of Jimin x Reader)
♡ Genre: Roommate AU, Best Friend AU, Best Friends to lovers, Smut, Fluff, Angst???? 
♡ Rated: D for Down Bad 
♡ Warnings: Lotte concert 2019 Jungkook, PTD concert black swan Jimin (yes these are warnings), Y/N needs some dick, jk is also pretty down bad, mentions of past substance abuse, mentions of depression, mentions of character death, very brief and vague mentions of su*cidal thoughts, this fic is heavy and horny please beware, jk a lil bit of a dummy, masturbation, semi public sex(ish), grinding, car sex, cumming in pants, fingering, oral (m + f receiving), overstimulation, protected sex (follow they lead kiddies), gets cute towards the end I promise~ 
♡ Word Count: 23.4k
♡ Summary: A double blind date was your suggestion. Everything about it should make him happy, but this sinking feeling just won’t go away. All he wanted was to get it over with. 
♡ Now Playing…: X by Tinashe, Backseat by Khalid, and Good Days by Sza 
♡ Author’s Note: A story from the vault of the 2020 works I started but never published! This was meant to be posted on Valentine's Day, but life got in the way so I’m just posting it now instead of keeping it for another year. Let’s just pretend 🤡 Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there, and for all my singles, we’ll get ‘em next year 😩✊🏽 Also a big thank you to @kth1 for the graphics and @jessikahathaway for reading over this for me! 
No reposting, modifying. Translating is not allowed unless given explicit permission. Thank you so much :D
Tumblr media
Fuck everything.
It was dismal that these were the first words that came to mind as you stepped out of your last class for today. 
To put it frankly, this day has not treated you kindly. 
These feelings of deep anguish were all caused by the simple fact that it was Valentine's Day. Couples everywhere were trapped in a lovestruck trance by the holiday, wanting to do anything and everything to celebrate. You had nothing against it but you were not in the right mental state to handle all of the affection. It made going anywhere unbearable, promotions for the perfect date spots all over campus, posts all over social media about your friends going out with their partners, every corner you turned you couldn’t escape it. 
After your classes, you were tired of it all. It just made the journey back to your little apartment even more exhausting. Lovey-dovey couples holding hands, kissing, being together everywhere you looked had made you so riled up to the point where you were even considering calling your ex, Incheol, to help fill that void. 
Why were you so hot and bothered? Sure all the PDA can get to any single person, especially on Valentine’s Day, but what got you to the point of even considering going so low as to call your ex again just to get some dick? 
It’s just been a long year.
It’s not that you wanted to go this long without sex, but it just ended up that way. After your break up with Incheol you really just weren’t in the mood to look for anyone else. 
When you first started college, you couldn’t really be tied down. You partied and whoever held your attention long enough was yours for the night. Unintentionally, you started a bit of a crusade with different guys around campus because of this. You didn’t want to, but you were just too busy for anything more than a one night stand. It was that way until you met Incheol. He was your first serious boyfriend and it was a nice, satisfactory relationship. You made some really great memories together, even the break up was clean. 
It sounds amazing on paper, but it made it hard to jump back in and start seeing other people. By the time you were even considering going out on dates again, preparing for law school began to take up all your time. 
In turn that left you with no dick for a year.
You swear if you see one more couple stuffing their tongues down each other’s throats, you might actually go insane. Lucky for you, your apartment wasn’t too far from campus, an 8 minute bus ride was all it typically took to get back home. It wasn’t too long before you were busting down the door ready to break something.
“Jungkook!!” You called, a strong sense of agitation in your voice as you kicked off your shoes, knowing you needed your best friend for support. 
You two had been friends since high school. It was when you both got accepted to colleges in the same city, after talking it out a little, you decided it would just be easier to share an apartment when you moved to Seoul. Now it’s been a little over 4 years since you’ve moved in together and became the best friend and roommate dynamic duo. 
You were first greeted with the sight of his shirtless back, the tattoos all along his right arm on full display, his fluffy hair was sticking up in all different directions, telling you he was likely just getting up. 
Jungkook was hunched over the counter eating his cereal, nothing strange, but you were in no condition to see him like that. 
“Jungkook?” You questioned seeing the peculiar state he was in. You hadn’t even seen his face yet and you could already tell he was exhausted. 
“Oh Y/n you’re back…” He sounded so drained. 
“Yeah classes are over for me, you didn’t go today?” You wondered, though the answer was pretty obvious. 
He shook his head and laughed tiredly. “Not after the night I had.” Hearing that all you could do was roll your eyes. You knew exactly what happened last night. 
“And whose fault was that Jungkook, you were the one who had to play and I quote ‘just one more round of cyber hunter,’ which judging by how you look now, wasn’t just one more round.” You recounted. 
See the two of you, though you were best friends, have some things about you that are just polar opposites. Jungkook was creative, you used logic. He liked the cold while you liked it warm. He was neat, you were oftentimes a mess despite your love for cleaning. He liked to procrastinate everything to the last minute, and you always made sure you were never behind schedule. Polar opposites in some cases, but over the years you’ve learned that it can be beneficial at times.
“Do you have to lecture me? I'm still like half asleep, it’s too early for this shit.” He sighed, eating another spoonful of cereal. You were not really in the mood to fight him, you needed someone to rant to anyways. 
You kept your mouth shut as you took a seat at one of your bar stools. “So did you finish?” You finally questioned. 
He nodded slowly. 
“2 minutes before the deadline, I've never felt so stressed in my life.” He chuckled lightly. You almost fell off your barstool. 
When you had asked Jungkook about his project when he was playing cyber hunter instead of working, he would always brush you off and say “It’s not due till before class starts, I have plenty of time~” The fact that he finished 2 minutes before means that he was working until 7:58 this morning. 
“Jungkook what did I tell you–“
“I know, you’re right, but I had things under control until I fell asleep color grading… it set me back like an hour and–” he rubbed his eyes “–and then you–” Jungkook’s eyes widened realizing what he was about to say and stopped himself real quick. 
He must be out of his mind or more exhausted than he thought, thinking about telling you about last night. “I– I uh got distracted…” he simply put, not wanting you to know how complicated his feelings were right now. 
Seeing you in front of him now already had his mind remembering the events of last night.
Jungkook put his spoon back in his bowl with a loud clunk. He only got a mere 4 hours of sleep after pulling an all-nighter, he was beyond tired. You could tell.
“And this Jungkook is why you should stick to the schedule I make.” You pointed to the board on the wall beside you. 
In efforts of organizing your assignments and remembering the countless deadlines you had, you started writing everything down on this whiteboard. You found it extremely helpful and when Jungkook, after seeing you use it when he was hanging out in your room, pondered the idea of doing it for his own work. Well, you took the initiative of buying a bigger whiteboard and sticking it up in the kitchen so you both could use it. 
Jungkook fell into the habit of writing everything down a lot quicker than you thought he would. He said it was helping him out but complained about still coming too close to deadlines that you decided to help him out by giving him advised deadlines in order to combat procrastination. It worked a lot better at first but despite your efforts you still found him in his room rushing to get things done last minute more often than not. 
“I know you’re right, I’m sorry,” he sighed.
Your brows furrowed. “You don’t need to apologize,” you tried to laugh. You were expecting a snarky remark, not an apology. 
“I’m still so out of it I’m sorry, I can’t think straight at all. Anyway, did you need something? You sounded pretty angry when you walked in,” he chuckled weakly. 
You were still a bit worried. “We can talk later if you’re not up for it…” 
Jungkook shook his head. “What’s up?” You eyed him suspiciously but you decided to continue. 
You took a deep breath. 
“I’msofuckinghornyI’msorryIknowthat’stoomuchinformationbutit’sbeensohardgettingthroughthedayandIthinkI’mthisclosetolosingmymind.” You sobbed. 
Jungkook nearly choked on his cereal. 
“You’re— You’re what?!” He coughed, somehow understanding your convoluted sentence. 
“It’s been hell, Jungkook. It’s Valentine’s Day and all the couples on campus have been all over each other and—” you laid your head on the counter. “I’m so lonely.” You whined.
Oh, did he know.  
Jungkook’s been trying his best to tell himself that last night was just a delusion, so tired and out of it that he imagined everything that happened in the wee hours of the morning.
His eyes had been heavy, the lights in his room all off besides his computer screen sitting righting in front of him, sharply illuminating his features. He was barely awake at that point, his eyes glassy, and probably had a concerning red tint to them, but he was determined to work hard to make sure every scene was colored the way he wanted it to be. 
It had been faint at first. His noise canceling headphones drowned out most of the sound, but he swore he could hear the faint buzzing sound coming from the wall in front of his desk. It wasn’t until the moans started that he finally took them off and understood what was happening. 
His face had flushed realizing what he was hearing. You were… 
He told himself it was just out of pure human curiosity that his ears tuned into the sounds next door. Even without the headphones it was faint, but it was just enough that he could hear the little groans, moans, even the way you whined, fuck. It was enough that something scary started to stir inside of him so he quickly put back on his headphones to drown it out. 
Jungkook tried to get back to work, pretending that everything was normal, but even with his headphones on he could hear you. His fingers typed away on his keyboard, his leg bounced restlessly, because the more time passed the tighter his pants seemed to get.
He tried not to think about it but with your moans growing louder, the longer he couldn’t pretend. 
You sounded so pretty. 
It was awful, you were his fucking best friend. He could have easily turned on some music, or actually listened to the contents of the project he was working on, but he never did. The more he listened the harder it was to ignore the quickly developing problem in his pants. He was so fucking hard and you sounded so sexy. 
At some point, lust took control, completely forgoing the morality of the situation, he found himself throwing off his headphones, forgetting about his project, and slipping his hands in his pants. Any sense of self control out the window. 
At first he tried to reason with himself and say he was just trying to ease the ache but as soon as his hand wrapped around the shaft, he was a goner. 
With a hand over his mouth, Jungkook pumped himself hard and fast, your pretty moans on the other side of the wall made it way too hard to try and control himself.
So many thoughts were bouncing around his head. He imagined how you might look on the other side, a toy between your legs, as you tried your best to get yourself to cum. He imagined going over to your room, helping you, fuck would you want that? He knew he could make you feel so good if you just let him. Thoughts of getting the chance, oh he knew you would feel so good around him.
It was disgusting, you were his friend, but the tabooness of the situation turned him on even more. He should have been ashamed. 
He was, but in the moment he didn’t feel it at all. As the sounds of your moans grew relentless, he couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t long before his orgasm was hitting him like a freight train, he spilled all over his hand, shirt, and pants. He had never come that hard before and all it took was the sounds of his best friend behind a wall. 
As his breathing slowed, the regret was quick to creep in. 
What the fuck did he do? 
What was the worst though was that little voice that told him it was real, and how much he truthfully enjoyed hearing you. 
He must be down bad too because he crossed some serious boundaries last night… 
Jungkook felt his face heat up at the thought. 
“—and so now I’m like, what should I do?” Jungkook suddenly fazed back into your rambling. 
“I was saying what should I do? Here I am single on Valentine’s Day, hornier than I should be admitting… Like Jungkook, it's seriously been a year!” You cried and you didn’t miss when he mumbled “You’re not alone” as he was sipping up the last of the milk in the bowl.
You looked at him wide eyed. “You too? I thought for sure that...”
Jungkook shook his head. “I’ve been trying so hard to get back on track that I… I didn’t want to get distracted.” You slowly nodded, understanding. 
Jungkook had been through a lot this past year to put it lightly.
It started back in your first year. While you were going around enjoying the party scene, hooking up with pretty much anyone you could, Jungkook had managed to get himself a girlfriend soon into the year. 
You remember they were pretty much together all the time. He was hardly at your shared apartment and anytime he was, she was right there with him. Yoona was her name. You were honestly convinced that they would get married someday, the couple seeming to be the perfect pair. They lasted for nearly two years. It was up until one day you came home later than you normally would, to hear the two of them arguing inside. 
You were nosy and a little tipsy, so you began eavesdropping behind the door. You were shocked at the words thrown at each other, and you’re almost sure you heard your name come up in the mix (though you chalk that up to the alcohol). Whatever happened Yoona stormed out leaving you to deal with an upset Jungkook who was on the brink of tears. 
You still blame yourself for convincing him to go over to her place a few weeks later to talk to her. You remembered being surprised by Jungkook being back so soon, but what you remember even more was the slam of his room door only seconds after. It took a good week to get Jungkook out of his room and tell you that he found her with another guy, who was a close classmate and mutual friend apparently. 
Things just kept getting worse. 
It really was the day right after he told you that he got a call from his parents letting him know his uncle, someone who he had been so close to all his life, who had inspired him to pursue a career in the film industry, had been in an accident. You can’t say much from there because that’s pretty much all he told you before he was on the next train back to Busan. He called you a week later after you began blowing up his phone (you were worried) that his uncle had passed and that he needed his space. 
He was gone for about a little over two months. 
It was also around this same time that you started to get involved with Incheol. He was there when the apartment felt so empty and honestly he was the one who really helped ground you and get your priorities straight. It was a match made in heaven.
You were cuddling up with Incheol one day when you heard the knock at the door. You still can’t forget the shock that you felt on the day that Jungkook came back. 
He was back, yes, but the moment he seemingly brushed right past you, paying really no notice to you or Incheol who was looking confused on the couch, was when you realized he still was elsewhere and hurting. 
You tried to be there for him, you really did, but any attempts you had of getting close and talking about any issues failed every time. 
He was distant. 
You blame yourself though for not trying harder and letting Incheol sweep you off your feet the way he did, but it’s like you started seeing less and less of each as the days passed. 
You had no idea about what he was getting up to, where he was most of the time. It really didn’t feel like he came back from Busan. 
Any remnants of your friendship seemed few and far between until nearly halfway through your 2nd semester in your 3rd year. You had been getting ready for a date with Incheol later that day when you heard him come back, he was clearly disheveled and honestly looked so stressed. You decided to try once again asking him to talk to you and it was then that all the hardships of the last few months came rushing out. 
He told you everything. 
He told you how hard it was dealing with Yoona and his uncle’s passing at the same time. He told you the only reason he came back was because he missed you so much and that he had missing assignments starting to pile up. Apparently though, even after coming back to Seoul he just couldn’t seem to pull himself back together. 
Jungkook started doing shit he wasn’t proud of. He was partying, carelessly sleeping around, hanging out with people he knew he shouldn’t have, and he said he did things that he wasn’t even comfortable telling you (and he’s normally fine telling you everything). He let you know that he was also so behind in assignments that he had a meeting that day about them suggesting he drop the semester and that he risked getting kicked out of programs he worked his ass off to get into. He even said they were considering to expel him because of his sudden disappearance even after he explained the situation. 
It was that day when things began to take a turn. You assisted Jungkook in talking with his administrators to create a plan and helped him catch up on his assignments to finally get back on track. 
You were there with him through the dark days, trying your best to be by his side. You knew he wasn’t telling you everything that happened while you two were distant, at times he would completely isolate himself and shut you out. 
It was obvious there was more going on. Jungkook would sometimes lock himself in his room and you could just hear the torment that was happening behind that door. Sometimes all you could do was knock occasionally to make sure he was ok. You made him food and would stay by his door to try to let him know you were here for him. Other times he would tell you openly about the depression he was battling and would just want an ear to vent to. He was always vague, but you made sure you were a shoulder he could lean on. You even helped pay for him to get professional help, sensing he needed it, and the fact he wasn’t working at the time.
It was a rocky road, but after some time Jungkook started to convalesce. You started to see the life in Jungkook’s eyes that you didn’t realize you missed so much until one day when you randomly started crying when you both decided to take a break and watch a movie together. 
He was just critiquing the movie as he usually would, but it just made you realize that he was back. 
This whole thing did have some consequences for you though. As you were busy helping Jungkook, you started having less and less time to balance Jungkook, work, school, and a boyfriend. After a while it was decided that you and Incheol were drifting apart and it was best to just end things. 
As much as you knew it was the right decision, it still hurt because you really did care for him. You found yourself in Jungkook’s arms more than once as you cried your eyes out, binge watching your favorite series over and over again. 
Since then though, it really has just been you and Jungkook. You both would sometimes hang out with your other friends, but after everything that happened you just seemed to not be apart too often. 
“Well I guess that means we’re both desperate, am I right?” You chuckled lightly. 
“Too right,” he sighed. 
Silence seemed to come in between you two, but your mind was busy trying to come up with some sort of solution. 
“Wait… I have an idea.” You enthusiastically got up from your bar stool, a habit of needing to stand whenever you were working things out in your brain. Jungkook smiled when he noticed.
“What if we set each other up?” You looked at him but you could tell he was still very much so confused. 
“Listen listen listen. So what if we set each other up with some of our friends, like maybe you have a friend who would be interested in me, and I know I definitely have a friend who likes you. We pick a day to meet up and…” You voice got all sultry, trying to hint at the result of your glorious plan. 
Jungkook didn’t miss the way his heart tightened at your proposition. 
“Like a double date would be perfect. We could have fun and go out together which I think we desperately need. I could meet with one of your friends and you mine. We could hang out together, separate later in the night and, if things go well, we both get laid. Jungkook, I think I really might be a genius.” You bounced around, your eyes trained on him to see what he thought. 
Jungkook was just waiting for that sense of enthusiasm to hit. It was a great idea, but the more he thought about it, the more that tightness in his chest seemed to get worse. Why wasn’t he excited? He should be as happy as you were. 
Maybe it’s just because it’s been awhile? 
Jungkook forced a smile. “I’m down.” 
You smiled. 
“Ok so let's surprise each other. I already have the perfect girl in mind. She’s your type personality wise, she’s really pretty, and I know for a fact she likes you so you can have full confidence in me that you’ll have a great time, ok!” You reassured him. 
“That sounds nice.” Jungkook didn’t mean it, and he didn’t do a good job of hiding it.
“Do you have anyone in mind for me?” You questioned, honestly a little curious.
There’s that weird feeling again…
“Ummmm I think so, I’ll have to check with him though…” Jungkook shyly rubbed the back of his neck. 
He did for a fact have someone in mind. He had no doubt that he’d make time to come and he knows that you’re his type. 
Jungkook shouldn’t be feeling like this at all. He’s helping out his friend and you’re helping him out. And it’s not like he isn’t horny, because if last night proves anything, he definitely needs to get laid. 
He couldn’t seem to pinpoint why he would rather spend an evening with you watching another season of the Great British Baking Show than out at a club for an easy hookup. 
He was never the type to hate parties. Sure he was definitely an introvert and you’re the opposite, but he’s always had a great time going to them secretly whenever you would drag him along. Especially with the circumstances, he should actually be excited for this… 
Definitely something was wrong with him. 
Maybe it’s the lack of sleep? 
“Ok! Let me know as soon as you can so I can start planning~” He couldn’t stop smiling this time at how enthusiastic you get about planning. The look on your face had him feeling all warm inside. 
“Anyway, I have work to do so let me go ahead and get a head start!” You smiled, grabbing your bags. 
“Go get some sleep, I’ll fix dinner later so you don’t have to worry.” Jungkook felt his heart warm, a fluttery feeling spread throughout his body. 
He was undoubtedly the better cook between the two of you. He usually took it upon himself to fix dinner and sometimes even lunch if you were around. It’s not like you were horrible, it’s just the difference was that Jungkook liked to cook, and you did it because you had to. He would know certain spices, recipes, and would always add that ‘love’ to your dishes that had your eyes watering with how good they were. It was because of this that Jungkook took up cooking for the both of you pretty much every night. You would never hesitate though in taking up that duty whenever you were needed. 
“Thank you~” He meant it. He really couldn’t ask for a better roommate. 
And with that you were off to your room. 
Jungkook quickly put his bowl in the sink before scurrying off to his room. 
Only a little bit of light was shining in from the crack he put in his blackout curtains. The dim mood had him both sleepy and confused as hell. 
His mind was busy playing the events of last light over and over again. Your moans were still echoing in his head clear as day. 
This and the discussion he had with you had him realize just how horny he really was. 
It really has been a little over a year since he’s even been touched in that way. 
Maybe that’s why he was thinking about you so much, why last night he wanted to watch you, would have liked even better to help you. He needed someone badly because his best friend should not ever get mixed up in his sexual fantasies no matter how desperate he is. 
This thought had Jungkook quickly shooting a text to Jimin about them hanging out tomorrow. He’s got to make this happen if he’s ever going to get you out of his head. 
That’ll solve everything. He’s sure of it.  
❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜
“That’s your roommate?!” The loud exclamation seemed to reverberate throughout the spacious apartment.
Jungkook tried to shush him. 
“And best friend, yes, yes she is.” 
They had paused the game they were playing together when Jungkook finally brought up the question he came to ask. His hyung was quick to ask for a picture and Jungkook pulled up your latest post on your Insta.  
Jimin looked at the phone and back at Jungkook, absolutely baffled. “Are you sure?” 
Jungkook rolled his eyes.
He sighed, a little confused why that was so hard to believe, and switched to a picture of you two together. It was the day you went out to celebrate finals being over last year. 
Jimin brought the phone way too close to his face tryna see if he saw any signs of editing. “Either this is the greatest prank ever or Jungkook your best friend is…” Jimin did that thing where he rubs his thumb over his nose and a giddy smirk couldn’t seem to leave his face. 
“Double, triple yes to that double date thing.” He quickly agreed.
Jungkook noticed the way his heart seemed to do a tug of war. That weird feeling he’s been having ever since you suggested this plan was back, but he was happy this means that he is closer to the end of this madness. 
While Jungkook was out of it, Jimin already had managed to get your Insta and switched to his phone so he could shamelessly stalk. 
“You guys hang out a lot?” He questioned. 
“Huh?” Jungkook snapped out of it. 
“You’re in most of the pictures she posts.” 
Jungkook smiled at that thought for some reason. “I mean yeah, we live together and we’re best friends.” 
Jimin nodded. 
He managed to scroll all the way down to a photo session you had when you and a friend went back to Busan for a beach trip. Jungkook felt his face warm at the sight of you in your simple black bikini, but his attention went more to Jimin who was enjoying the sight a little too much. 
Jungkook snatched his phone. 
“I’m right here.” Jungkook scoffed. 
“I was just trying to find pictures where you weren’t in them.” 
“But do you have to look at her like that?!” Jungkook didn’t even realize the words that came out of his mouth until Jimin’s face started to morph into something unreadable. 
“Jungkook… Nothing ever happened between you two?” He finally questioned, sensing something suspicious was going on. 
Jungkook shook his head, almost appalled that he even thought that. 
That seemed to connect the dots in Jimin’s mind. “You sure you don’t like her or something?” 
Jungkook felt his face heat up. “N-No-No, why would you even say that?” The accusation made him more flustered than it should. 
“Jungkook I’m not an idiot, you guys spend so much time together so I’m sure you guys get along well, she’s very very pretty, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t like her…” To Jimin it honestly seemed more strange if he didn’t like you. 
Jungkook turned toward the window, the city shining bright down below as the sun continued to go down. “We’re just friends.” His voice was static, but the words still affected him for some reason. 
Jimin looked at him questionably “Right... so you’ve never liked her?”
Jungkook turned back to his hyung “No-Well, I mean…” 
He leaned in intrigued. “That’s a yes, now tell me.” 
Jungkook sighed. “I mean… Back in highschool—“  
“HIGHSCHOOL?” Jimin nearly screamed.
Jungkook tried to shush him again. “I told you about how I moved right before my second year?” 
Jimin nodded. 
“Well it was when we were just getting to know each other. I’m pretty quiet so it was a little hard for me to make friends, but she was there and we got close and—“
“You caught feelings?” Jimin finished.
Jungkook nodded hesitantly 
“And how long was this for?” 
“When we moved in together. We had our separate lives so we weren’t as close as we used to be, plus I started dating Yoona around that time so–“
“Wait wait wait wait… so you liked her for 2 years?” 
“More like a year and a few mont–“ 
“Jungkook I don’t care about specifics, that wasn’t just like a little crush that went away, you liked her for a long time.” 
“It was highschool.”
“Highschool my ass, feelings are feelings. Now are you sure you don’t like her, or better yet, those feelings ever even went away in the first place?” 
“Yes I’m sure.” Jungkook noticed the way his voice wavered. He didn’t expect that to come out like that…. it made him seem so unsure of himself. 
“Ok then give me back my phone, I’m Insta stalking your cute friend or should I say my cute date~” 
Jungkook hesitantly handed his hyung’s phone back. 
A weird feeling buried deep somewhere spread throughout his body as he watched his friend oogle you. 
He must be going insane…
❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜
“Wait wait wait, you’re kidding?!” Eun Ae nearly screamed in the middle of the cafe. 
You gave her an ugly stare telling her to be quiet. 
“Sorry, but I never thought I had a chance with your “roommate.”” She sat back in her chair, amazed. 
“What do you mean? You’re totally his type.” You said remembering the girls you’d see Jk hang around when you used to party together. “And what’s with the quotations? You know he’s my best friend.” 
Eun Ae burst out laughing “I thought you guys were together or something if I’m being honest.” 
Your heart did a flip. “Why’d you think that?” 
Eun Ae put down her latte. “I see you guys leave together sometimes and I thought you were dating!” She rolled her eyes at your confused look “I see the way you look at him, I seriously thought you were in love.” 
“I mean of course I like him, he’s my best friend, but nothing more ok.” You chuckled nervously.
“Hmmmmm, if you say so.” She looked like she didn’t believe you but decided not to push the subject anymore. 
“Anyway we should go out and get some things for this weekend.” You smiled liking the idea of that, it really has been a while since you’ve been out. 
“Yeah, I’m free tomorrow if that’s good with you.” You mentioned.
“Yeah that works for me.” She responded by taking a sip of her latte. “By the way, where did you get your necklace? It’s pretty.” 
You looked down at the small heart shaped diamond and smiled. “Jungkook gave me it yesterday so I have no idea, I can ask for you though.” You saw your friend’s eyes widen. 
“He gave that to you? On Valentine's Day?” She looked at you a little funny and it had your cheeks warming up. 
You thought back to it. Jungkook had finally come out of his room later that evening after you told him dinner was ready. You were shocked to find him coming out with a velvet box in hand. 
“It’s nothing too special, just wanted to give you something after all you’ve done for me.” He opened the box to reveal the little Diamond. You had to admit, your heart fluttered at the gesture. 
Eun Ae just laughed. “And you’re sure there’s nothing going on between you two?” 
“Yes.” Looking at it now, it did look pretty romantic. But no, this was Jungkook who gave this to you, he would never see you that way.
“And you’re sure Jungkook doesn’t like you?” Eun Ae asked, putting her hands on the table. 
“Jungkook?” You just laughed. “No, I don’t think he’d ever be into me.” 
“You don’t think? Maybe you’re just an idiot and can’t realize that her best friend is seriously crushing on her?!” Eun Ae practically yelled. 
“Yah!” You tried shushing her, realizing people were starting to look over in your direction. 
“I don’t know Y/n this is pretty suspicious if you ask me. But whatever, I’m still down for the double date. This still just seems like a bad idea but…” She raised her cup.
“To hoping we get lucky~” She smiled and you held your cup as well and clinked it together.
❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜
The weekend came quicker than expected. It was weird, but Jungkook tried to get as excited as you were. He would see you happily bouncing around the apartment, counting down the days, but he wasn’t feeling the same way whatsoever. As the big day finally approached, the more that weird feeling seemed to get worse. He just wasn’t into it as much as you were, part of him wanted to tell you to cancel but he couldn’t ask that seeing how happy you were. 
Instead he just tried to keep his eyes on the prize. Make it through the date, maybe get laid, it’s Sunday. He had no doubt in your pick, he knew this date wouldn’t be an absolute dumpster fire and hard to get through. You wouldn’t do that to him. 
Why did he feel so weird? Maybe it’s just nerves about getting back out there? That became his next excuse he latched on to. It really had been a while. He wasn’t the most social guy so things like this can be a bit nerve racking. 
That had been his mantra. You’re just nervous, you’ll have fun once you get there. Over and over again, he would try to tell himself, but that didn’t make it go away. 
The day still came and he couldn’t escape the sinking feeling he felt as he drove over to Jimin’s apartment. You had decided it would be better if you would arrive separately, making the meeting an even bigger surprise once you all would make it to the club. 
When his hyung made it downstairs, as he was getting in, Jungkook felt the strangest mix of emotions. He was nervous, extremely nervous, and that sinking feeling was there. Why couldn’t he be excited? At the very least this was still the first time he was getting out in a year. The only thing he could think about was you. 
“Ooooo Jeon Jungkook. You clean up nice~” Jimin awed after he got settled into the car. This was also going to be the first time he was going out with Jimin. Jungkook would come over sometimes to mostly hang out at his place, but they never have gone anywhere together. 
Jungkook looked down at his outfit. He was wearing a suit accented with thin sparkly stripes and a simple black button up tucked into his pants. He permed his long hair a few days ago and now it was filled with these loose curls. It was a look for sure. 
Jungkook just laughed. “Y/n did most of this actually…” He cheesed remembering you pretty much took control the minute he questioned what he was going to wear. 
His attention turned back to his hyung who was looking at him strangely. 
“What?” Jungkook questioned. 
“You got that look on your face…” Jimin pointed out. 
“What look?”
“When you said her name, your face got all funny.”
Jungkook looked appalled by the statement. “What are you talking about?!”
“You were like, Y/n did this for me~~~” Jimin said in a mocking tone, exaggerating the smile he noticed. “What’s up with that?”
“Nothing! You’re the one making it a thing… I don’t even sound like that.” Jungkook mumbled, turning away. 
Jimin just looked at him, and then turned away. “I still think this is a bad idea. You obviously like her.”
“Don’t even try and deny it, I’m not dumb.”
“I don’t.” Jungkook said calmly, but he sure didn’t feel that way. His palms were sweaty and all he could focus on was the way his body reacted when his hyung put so plainly that he liked her. He made it seem so easy, but that couldn’t be it. 
You were his best friend. Any and all feelings were left far back in the past. He couldn’t like you. It was out of the question—
“Alright I’m not fighting you on this anymore. If you don’t want to see it then whatever, I’m enjoying tonight.” Jimin sighed. 
That would be impossible. You were best friends, roommates, nothing more. Yes, he liked you in the past but that was then. You both have gone through life and over time he just didn’t feel the same way for you anymore. You were his best friend—
“Jungkook, are we gonna go? We’re already late…” Jimin finally asked, seeing the way he was just sitting there staring off into space. This finally got his attention and he started the car back up. 
That feeling was just getting worse and worse the closer they got to the club. At this point he really was only going because of you. Everything in his body was telling him to drive back to the apartment and sleep away whatever’s got him feeling this way. Was he sick? Maybe that was it… 
It wasn’t too far away from Jimin’s apartment and so they were pulling into the parking garage before he knew it. Too fast in his opinion. 
It took them a little while to find a parking space, the garage filled to the brim with cars on each level. Jungkook could already tell the club was probably going to be packed today, but it was to be expected a week after the infamous holiday of love. So many new couples, new romances, new flings all celebrating the start of a brand new journey. Love was still in the air here in Itaewon. 
As soon as Jungkook pulled in he noticed the giddy smile on his hyung’s face. In this moment he decided what he was feeling was envy. He wished he had the same excitement.
“You ready?” Jimin playfully slapped his arm. He was beaming.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Jungkook’s voice was shallow and monotone. The difference in energy was uncanny. You wouldn’t think they were going to the same place.
“Where are the girls?” Jimin questioned reaching in his back pocket.
“Y/n texted me and she said they were at the front waiting for us…” Jungkook’s attention turned to his hyung who had taken out his wallet, looking through its contents. 
“ID… card… cash…” Jimin mumbled to himself, checking that he had everything. Jungkook was hardly paying any mind, too focused on trying to pep himself up for this date, until his eyes spotted the condom in one of the pockets. 
Jungkook’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. That sinking feeling seemingly exploding to new heights. 
“What’s up with you?” Jimin noticed the way Jungkook sighed and the way he wasn’t even looking at him anymore. 
“Nothing… just hurry up please.” 
“Ooo, is Jungkookie excited for his date?” Jimin tried to tease, but there was no laugh, not even a chuckle from the younger one. This was just getting depressing at this point. 
“Jungkook. Are you sure you’re ok?” Jimin’s tone turned to concern. 
“Yes, I told you I’m fine.”
“It doesn't take rocket science to see that you’re obviously not.” 
“What’s wrong?”
“Is it Y/n?” 
“I told you it’s not about her!” Jungkook’s voice was a little too high saying that. 
“Then what is it then? You’ve been all mopey since you picked me up.” 
“I don’t know why I feel this way.” It was annoying, he was annoyed at himself. He was already ruining the fun and they haven’t even left the car yet.
“Hey.” Jungkook felt Jimin put his hand on his shoulder. He was surprised to see him look so serious. 
“I know you’ve been through some rough times and this is the first time you’re going out in a while. Do you think it may be that?” Jimin was truly concerned at this point. 
Jungkook sighed and looked out the window. 
“I know I’ve been making jokes about you and Y/n but if this is really about you being out again…” Jimin’s eyes were full of worry as he started rubbing small circles across his back. “Is that what it is?” 
“Maybe,” He was definitely nervous about doing this again, there was no doubt about that. “But don’t worry about me.”
“Are you sure?” 
“Yeah, I just need to get used to being back. I’m pretty sure it’ll go away as soon as we get inside. You just focus on your date with Y/n. She’s been excited to meet you.” He tried to force a smile. 
He noticed his hyung’s giddy smile at the thought. “She has?”
“Yes, now don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I’m sure I’ll have a good time.” He was trying to convince himself more than Jimin. 
“Alright, but let us know if it gets to be too much.”
“Ok ok ok ok, let’s go! Didn’t you say we were late?” Jimin asked as he opened the car door. Jungkook took a deep breath before doing the same. 
“Yeah we are. We should probably run or Y/n’s never going to forgive me.” And with that the two friends made their way out the garage building and across the street. 
It only took his eyes a second of searching before he spotted you and your friend already in line to get in. Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and pulled him to catch up with the both of you. 
“Y/n!” Jungkook called out and your eyes immediately met with his. You smiled and waved them both over. By the time they made it to you, they were noticeably out of breath. 
“You finally made it…” You sighed in relief. Your eyes trained on Jungkook checking over his outfit, noticing he put on what you picked out. He looked good, well good would be an understatement, but he wasn’t your date tonight. 
Your eyes traveled over to the slightly shorter man who was standing right beside him. You smiled eagerly, silently thanking Jungkook, he knew your taste exactly. 
His black hair was parted right down the middle, his long bangs cascading down his face and framing it perfect. Despite the cool chill of the February air, he wore black pants with a matching blazer held together only by a single button, a shirt underneath nowhere in sight. You even noticed the chain around his neck that continued down his body. If you didn’t know any better you would have sworn Jungkook’s friend was a Greek god or something. 
While you were gawking at Jimin, Jungkook’s eyes were glued to your form. He hadn’t seen you get dressed before you left. You were wearing a simple, tight-fitted, red dress that showed off your curves perfectly. Jungkook could hardly remember the last time he had ever seen you this dressed up. He didn’t try to show it but he was shocked. You looked really good… 
He certainly wasn’t the only one who thought so. 
His eyes went to his hyung to see he was shamelessly checking you out, before happily smiling at you. He was already putting on that natrious Jimin charm. His gaze then went to yours who had that same giddy expression that for some reason made him want to punch a wall. 
“Hi, nice to meet you~ I’m Y/n!” You extended your hand to the handsome stranger and he eagerly grabbed it. 
“I’ve been excited to meet you beautiful~ I’m Jimin~” Jungkook felt his blood run cold at the nickname and the giggle you let out as a result. That wasn’t even funny, why were you laughing so hard? 
Too caught up with his own thoughts, he was a bit shocked when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and in that moment Jungkook remembered why exactly they were here in the first place. This was a double date. 
“Jungkook!” You came over and put your hand on your friend's shoulders. “Sorry I almost forgot, but this is Eun Ae and she’ll be your beautiful date tonight~” You smiled before returning back to Jimin’s side. 
Just as he knew your taste you also certainly knew what he liked as well. She was absolutely beautiful. Her face was round, the curve of her nose accenting her features, the red tint to her lips lured him in. Her skin was like porcelain, contrasting perfectly with her long black hair and dark eyes that held a sultry gaze that made him shiver. Her body was decorated with a gorgeous short, silver dress wrapped around her curves, the back low hanging down her body, making his simple brain lose it at the slightest piece of exposed skin. She really was just stunning. 
Maybe this really was exactly what he needed. 
He never doubted you when it came to picking his date, but just seeing how on the nose you managed to get it had him feeling all funny inside. You both really knew each other so well. 
“It’s nice to finally meet you. Y/n talks about you a lot.” Her voice was sweet and he liked it. Maybe this won’t be so bad, he could at least try and enjoy himself. But his growing hope dwindled when eyes traveled back over to you and Jimin who had his arm already wrapped around your waist. The two of you were already smiling, laughing, and the more he looked the more he wanted to leave and never come back. 
It wasn’t too long after that the four of you made it inside of the club. As he predicted the place was indeed packed, wall to wall was just a sea of people drinking, dancing, having fun with each other. It brought back a lot of memories. 
The times you would bring him out and you would party together. It feels like so long ago at this point. It was just yesterday you went to your first party as college students. He remembered how he watched you go crazy on the dance floor from the corner of the room. You had pestered him to dance with you, but he was shy and cared way too much what the sunbaes all around thought of him. That didn’t stop you though and he couldn’t stop the smile enveloping his face as he watched you and you watched him, still trying to get him to join you.
Jungkook shook himself out of the memory when he realized he had fallen behind the rest of the group. 
All of you talked and quickly came up with a game plan for the night. You all would eat dinner together real quick, hit the dance floor later, and sometime after that you would split up your double date for some alone time. 
With a little more waiting you all found yourselves in a circular booth, Jimin and Eun Ae got in first with you and Jungkook sitting next to them on the ends. You all ordered soon after.  
“You didn’t want a drink?” Eun Ae asked after the waiter left. Jungkook just shook his head. 
“This idiot thought it’d be a great idea to drive here.” You playfully teased. 
“Yeah I meant to ask you why didn’t we just take an Uber or something?” Jimin questioned. 
“What’s wrong with wanting to drive here?” Jungkook pouted and you instantly realized the reason. 
“Ah I got it. You just wanted to show off your new car, didn’t you?!” You pointed your finger at him and knew the way he started getting all shy that you got it right on the nose. Everyone at the table started to laugh. 
“I worked hard for it…” He tried to interject but everyone was too busy laughing to pay attention. He didn’t fight it though because as always you were right. After working many different part time jobs over the years, doing odd jobs for friends, and saving everything he ever earned, Jungkook was finally able to buy himself a pretty nice car a few weeks ago. A sleek black higher end Hyundai was what he got for the fruits of his labor. 
What’s so bad about wanting to show off a little? 
It wasn't the only reason though. Driving his car gave him an easy excuse to not have to drink. With a history as recent as his, he didn’t want to chance going back into that dark depressive hole that encompassed him for a few months. It’s not like he hasn’t had one since that time, but especially with how odd he’s been feeling these days, it was better not to chance it. 
The last thing he needed anyway was to drink himself into a hole. He didn’t want to do anything stupid in front of everyone. 
The waiter arrived soon with a plate full of brightly colored drinks and Jungkook’s club soda. 
“So Jimin… I guess an easy first question… How do you and Jungkook know each other?” You were honestly curious. 
“College. We were in the same psychology class his first year and we’ve been friends ever since.” Jimin smiled thinking back to the shy kid that came up to him all those years ago.
“Jungkook, you need to tell me about your friends more often.” You reached across the table and hit his hand. How dare he keep this beautiful man from you for almost 4 years? 
“Look what happens…” Jungkook mumbled but there wasn’t any way anyone would be able to hear him with the loud music playing. 
“Tell me about yourself then~” You turned back over to Jimin with doting eyes. Even in the dim light Jungkook could tell his hyung was already flustered. 
Oh no. 
“Uhhh well, I’m Park Jimin. I grew up in Busan just like you both. Um, I went to the same college as Jungkook. I was in the dance department though and—“ 
Jungkook felt a tap to his shoulder. “What about you Jungkook, what do you study?” Eun Ae asked which made his own cheeks flush. It wasn’t for the same reason as his hyung though. 
“Film Production.” He answered back shyly. 
“It was one of my last shows I did before I graduated that I was scouted for the show I’m currently doing.” He watched as you gleamed with excitement. That look on your face was exactly why he was embarrassed. Jimin was accomplished. 
Not even 2 years since he graduated yet and the man’s already made a name for himself in the modern dance world. Jimin landed himself a great gig as soon as he was free from college. It was a big production that was directed by someone Jungkook remembers was enough to get his hyung to squeal when he found out that they wanted him to play the lead role. 
There are billboards around Seoul with him and his dance partner, it was a really big show and he’s seen many of his classmates and many other people on various social medias talk about it. You could even say that it’s gone a little viral— a young, hot, talented lead dancer in this production. People were definitely going to tune in. The one show alone managed to get him enough attention that he doesn’t even need to worry about what happens when production ends. Jimin told him how he already had a long list of coordinators who were wanting to have him in their next show. He was definitely still up and coming but he’s captured the eyes of the people, experts in the field, and best of all, a variety of directors. 
Jimin was accomplished, the most probably out of everyone graduating in his class. A few months ago he was even able to move into this really nice apartment, no roommate needed whatsoever. 
Jimin ended up explaining this to you all and Jungkook felt that sinking feeling continued to grow more and more. He hated seeing that look in your eye or the way you subtly would move a little closer as he kept adding more and more impressive stuff to his list. Jungkook grabbed his cup a little tighter, taking a long swig. 
Maybe he really shouldn’t have driven today, this wasn’t strong enough. 
“Ahhh! I knew you looked familiar!” Eun Ae smiled. “It took me a minute to place your face but a few of my friends have seen your show! I wanna go see it now.” Now even his own date was getting swooned by the amazing Park Jimin. 
How could he compete with that? 
All he had to his name was his Hyundai and student loan debt. He suddenly regretted bringing him here. 
Everyone’s eyes for the most part remained on Jimin even after their food got here. He continued to talk about his life, typical first date topics but Jimin was charming you and he knew that. You had that same stupid look that he remembers you had on your face whenever your ex was at the apartment. 
Jungkook was hardly there to see it but there were moments he remembers coming home to the two of you in the living room, your eyes gleaming as he talked, that weird laugh you would do whenever he’d make a horrible joke, or the way your hands had a habit of resting on his thighs. All he’s come to realize were telltale signs that you were in fact down bad. 
Jimin also had that same dopey look with you. You made sure to engage in any of the stories he would tell, adding your own anecdotes here and there before the conversation changed to be about you. You talked about your journey preparing for law school and Jimin had that same sparkle that you did in his eyes.
This was a match, Jungkook really nailed it with this one.
Sometimes Eun Ae would try and spark up a conversation with him, but usually they were all relatively short lived. It wasn’t like it was hard to talk to her, in fact it was quite the opposite. She would try and ask him general first date questions and a nice back and forth would get going. She would laugh and that would make him happy, he would as well sometimes. It was nice. 
But somewhere in the middle his attention would always drift back over to you and Jimin. Eun Ae would notice and the conversation would die out before it hardly began. He hated it. 
By the time everyone finished eating Jungkook wished for nothing more than to go home. The whole time that sinking feeling he’d hoped would go away only seemed to escalate further and further, this double date harder to get through than he could have imagined. He was too sober for this. 
It was you who suggested that you take your party over to the dance floor. Popular songs everyone knew were playing as the four of you made your way to the rainbow colored floor. Couples, friends, and singles all were having a blast moving their bodies to the sounds of the music. 
Your party made it through the thick crowd and managed to wedge yourselves in between everyone. You danced all together for a while, jumping around screaming the lyrics for any of the songs you guys knew. It was the first time Jungkook was fully able to enjoy himself, hoping this was finally the turn around he needed. 
It was that same feeling he used to have whenever you dragged him to parties when you both were in your first year. He missed it so much. Spending time with you and actually enjoying himself at places like this. 
That was until the DJ decided to switch it up. Instead of the fun, hype songs for everyone, the DJ announced that the next set was for all the new couples from Valentines Day. The songs transitioned perfectly, they were a little slower with very clear and obvious sexual undertones. 
Oh no. 
Jungkook watched as you smiled at him and Eun Ae before you decided to wrap your arms around Jimin’s neck. He wasn’t bothered by this at all and placed his hands on your hips. Even in the dim light he could see the flirty exchanges, the longing glances, and subtly touches. 
Taking him out of his dazed stare was Eun Ae grabbing his hand asking to dance with him. He tried to smile and pulled her close, but his mind was elsewhere.  
No… no he wasn’t gonna do this anymore. 
Jungkook turned them around so he couldn’t face you and Jimin and turned his full attention to the beautiful lady who was his date tonight. This seemed to be just what he needed to focus. 
The two of them talked, finally having an ongoing conversation. It was nice, very nice actually. Jungkook liked her, she was funny, pretty, so pretty actually. When the songs changed to slow dance he couldn’t help but pull her even closer. His arms were wrapped tightly her waist, his head buried in her shoulder. Jungkook was already planning the next time they might be able to meet each other. This is really all he needed, alone time, away from the others. He was happy.
But that didn’t last long. 
All it took was one glance over to realize they had turned around. In Jungkook’s peripheral he saw you two… You were just inches away from each other, your faces so close he had to look twice to see if you were… your arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, your fingers gently running through his hair, and Jimin’s grip on your waist had lowered even further to grab at your ass. He saw red.
Jungkook felt sick.
He quickly apologized before running to the bathroom. His heart was practically jumping out his chest, his skin burned with fire. As soon as the door closed he headed straight to the sink to splash some cold water on his face, hoping to soothe whatever this horrible feeling was. 
Jungkook looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t even recognize himself anymore. What was wrong with him? Was he actually sick? 
Jungkook thought back to you and Jimin and it took everything in him to not throw something. It was obvious at this point he was upset at the sight but why? He couldn’t even explain it, he should be happy for you?! You were his best friend and you were clearly having a great time. Fuck he hated it. Why him? Why was it Jimin? He couldn’t stand seeing the two of you together. Just the thought of it had him balling up his fist. 
Why was he so angry? Jungkook let out a loud sigh, not even caring who was in here with him. It hurt so much, that sinking feeling making him scrunch up his face tightly hoping he could just stop it. 
How far was tonight going to go for you? Would you smile at him the same way that Jungkook knows lights up a whole room? Would you laugh at all his jokes, no matter if they’re not funny or not? Would you let him make your heart flutter, that feeling of excitement that always comes from a new romance? Jimin was a great guy, of course you probably fell into that trap. Would you let him kiss you? Your hands pulling him close to feel your sweet lips, a heated desire that you couldn’t allow to continue any longer. 
He remembered the condom in his hyung’s wallet. 
Would you let him touch you? Your fervent hands grappling, touching, pulling, needing to feel each other closer than ever. Would you let him make you cum tonight? Your desperate pleas on the verge of release, ready for him to relieve all that pent up tension from the past year. 
Jungkook’s back hit the wall, the thoughts becoming overwhelming. This was his fault. All of this was his fault. If he wasn’t so pitiful last year you wouldn’t even be in this situation, you would probably still be happy with your boyfriend. You wouldn’t need to crave the touch of Jimin. 
But he didn’t want that either. 
Jungkook just wanted to go back to the way things were before. Just you and him. 
At this point he considered leaving right now. How could he go back out there and see you out there with him? He couldn’t. But that wasn’t fair to you and it certainly wasn’t fair to Eun Ae.
Jungkook sluggishly made it back to the main area of the club, instead of going back to the dance floor he just took a seat at the bar, resting his head at the counter. It was probably a second before he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Eun Ae. 
She smiled at the shocked look on his face and went ahead and took a seat right next to him. It wasn’t long before you and Jimin were making their way over too. Jungkook hardly realized though, too focused on the way your hands were intertwined. 
“I guess this would be a great time to split up?” You smiled at them and Jungkook felt sick all over again. 
Eun Ae nodded. “You guys have fun~ We’ll just be over here.”
“Ok then…” Your gaze turned toward Jungkook. “Treat Eun Ae nice ok~” 
Jungkook tried to smile and he nodded. He really should have just left.
“We’ll be at the other end of the bar, bye guys!” Jimin beamed pointed to the opposite end. Everyone said quick goodbyes before Jimin was leading you off for some alone time. 
He hated this. 
“Sooooo…” Eun Ae started, but Jungkook was hardly listening, his mind swirling with too many thoughts.
He didn’t even notice when she ordered herself a drink or when she tried having a conversation with him. Jungkook would try his best to focus but his eyes would drift over to you and Jimin at the end of the bar.
He felt a tape on his shoulder. It was Eun Ae again. 
“Jungkook.” She sounded annoyed, her arms crossed. She had every right to be mad at him. “Is there something going on?” 
“What are you talking about?” 
“You’ve been looking at Y/n all night.” Eun Ae sounded less annoyed this time, in fact her grimmer turned into a smile. “It really isn’t hard to see that you like her.”
Jungkook felt his blood run cold. 
“Ahhh I should have seen it coming, you guys are so close and a guy like you is never just single.” She sighed, taking a swig of her drink. 
“I don’t like her.” Jungkook tried to say as dryly as he could. His words said one thing but his actions said another as his attention focused on the way Jimin took your hand and started leading you back into the sea of people. 
Eun Ae laughed, it was a hardy laugh like it was the best joke she ever heard. “You’re joking right?” She was wiping her eyes, trying to calm herself down. But Jungkook looked like he was dead serious. 
Her face fell. 
“Do you think I’m dumb?” She playfully hit his arm. “Jungkook, you've been looking at her all night. I don’t mean to brag but…” she gestured over herself “I look amazing tonight yet you haven’t been able to take your eyes off her! I can’t blame you though…” 
“We’re just friends, I’m serious.” Jungkook sounded so dejected. He surely felt that way. 
“Oookkkk, well go over there and confess, change that right now!” She pointed in the direction you left with Jimin. 
“But I can’t! I don’t like her like that, I can’t like her like that! She’s my best friend, that’s it.” Jungkook was a little too emotional in his words. Eun Ae just stared at him, accessing what the issue might be, but she finally realized the problem here. 
“Alright. Ok. Jungkook, you know it’s ok to have feelings for your best friend right? It’s Y/n too, she’s beautiful, funny, smart, you guys are best friends for a reason. Why are you treating it like it’s the worst thing in the world…” 
“I can’t lose her. Feelings make things complicated and the last thing I want to do is make things complicated with her.” Jungkook had no idea why he was spilling his guts right now. “But I really don’t like her like that so that doesn’t even matter…” He tried to save himself but Eun Ae was seeing right through it. 
“I understand these things can be scary. I know you guys have been friends for years now, taking that leap can be difficult. But Jungkook, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. It’s hurting you… at some point there will be a ‘too late.’” 
Too late…
Jungkook couldn’t resist at this point and ordered himself a shot of whiskey. It wasn’t enough whatsoever to get him drunk but he enjoyed the warmth as it went down his throat. He held his face in his hands as the reality of her words was starting to make things obvious. 
Just imagining you and Jimin together made his heart ache so much it made it hard to breathe. As much as he tried to convince himself this was all a product of just being a little too close over the last year, he would actually have to be stupid to realize it wasn’t that. 
But admitting it was a different challenge. Making it an issue he needed to address was terrifying.  
He didn’t say anything. Eun Ae didn’t either but rubbed his back gently. 
The revelation was horrifying. He was jealous, so so fucking jealous. Jimin had everything, but the one thing that was his Jimin had to come and take that too. 
“I don’t… I can’t like her…” 
“I don’t mean to be that person, but Jungkook… turn around.” Eun Ae pointed out. Jungkook turned around and it felt like his whole world ended. 
You and Jimin were in the far distance, even in the dim light he could see your back against one of the pillars in the club, your arms wrapped around Jimin as he kissed you passionately. 
In an instant he felt his heart shatter into two. It was like the end of his perfect world, the lie had come crumbling down and he was facing the consequences. You weren’t his, nothing about this scene was wrong, but the longer he looked the more his heart pounded in his chest. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, it was too much. 
Without thinking Jungkook got up to his feet and looked at Eun Ae.
“I’m sorry—“ 
“Go! I’m rooting for you!” She cheered and Jungkook was pushing himself through the crowd. 
He couldn’t think whatsoever, his heart being the one that carried his feet over to the two of you. Furry, anger, sadness, it hurt so bad. He could hardly breathe. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he can’t be too late?!
As he got closer the more he got sick. He could see the way Jimin eagerly ran his hands down your sides, grabbing anything you could, he could see the way your tongues danced around, the more detail the harder it was to look. If he didn’t get there soon he knew his hyung would be dragging you out of a club, inviting you back to his fancy apartment a few blocks away. 
The thought had him speeding up as he made it up the stairs and behind the two of you. He pulled Jimin off of you as quickly as he could, an obvious agitation and roughness to his actions. Immediately Jimin turned around, a little shocked to find Jungkook there, but he could hardly process it before Jungkook was grabbing your wrist. 
“What the–” 
“Sorry, I need to talk to Y/n.” He didn’t elaborate at all and, maybe a little too roughly, started pulling you toward the exit in the back.  
“Jungkook what the hell?” You were clearly mad at him and honestly you have every right to be, but Jungkook didn’t pay any attention and quickly led you to the doors at the back of the building.
He forced them open, the doors parting violently, as he led you down the ramp. Outside was an alleyway, a dim light over the door that would flicker occasionally, it being the only thing lighting up the area. The sounds of the loud music from the club faded as the doors shut behind you, but the violent booms of the bass in the music continued to bleed through the brick walls. No one was out here but the two of you. 
“Jungkook?! Hello?!” You called out and he abruptly let go of your wrist. He started pacing back and forth, seemingly very distressed. “I don’t know if you noticed but I was clearly in the middle of something!” You said even more annoyed that he wasn’t saying anything.   
“Did something happen?” You asked a tad bit of concern in your voice this time, but all you got was more silence. 
“Jungkook, talk to me please!” You begged, getting even more frustrated. He just dragged you away from Jimin for seemingly no reason and all you got was silence. You were pissed, you wanted him to say something… anything. 
You didn’t know how the silence seemed to grow even louder. 
You had enough of his games.
“Ok… If that’s how you wanna be then…” You were mad and you made sure he knew that. 
You started heading for the ramp but a hand on your wrist pulled you back, suddenly your back was against the brick wall and Jungkook was closer than you remembered. A lot closer. His grip on your wrist was still tight and you both just stared at each other, your breathing heavy.
Your heart skipped a beat.
Jungkook didn’t give you much time to think about it because before you could process anything his lips were suddenly on yours. He didn’t know what he was doing, he didn’t know why he had brought you out here. You were with Jimin, but he didn’t want to think about that right now. Your lips were so soft and his entire body lit up with a fire he had never experienced in his life. 
This was it, everyone was right. 
The kiss didn’t last very long, he finally came to his senses to realize what he had done. 
Jungkook pulled away slowly, waiting for you to push him away, waiting for you to scream, waiting for that look on your face that told him you’d be moving out the next day, but none of that happened. Jungkook saw the look of surprise on your face for a split second. He searched your eyes for any indication of what you were thinking, but you didn’t give him much time to look because you used your hands to pull his face to yours again. 
Jungkook was shocked but was easily able to melt into it, him bringing a hand up to tilt your head so he could kiss you better. He had never felt like this before, the adrenaline was pumping through his veins making everything even more heightened. Your body, your lips, your hands, oh fuck your hands. They had moved to pull at the long strands that covered his head.  
Jungkook knew at that moment he couldn’t be your friend ever again. He liked this way too much for that to be possible.
You were so good, so beautiful, how had he not seen that before? Why hadn’t he done this before? 
Jungkook used his other hand to rest on your waist and pull your body closer. It just wasn’t enough, nothing was enough at this point, he wanted you so much closer. 
Jungkook sent you further into the wall, needing a better angle. You both got more antsy, fevorant touches all over, your lips hastily moving together, the tension that’s been building for years finally… he’s finally…
Jungkook pushed you even further, the hand on your hip going to your thigh and traveling up your soft skin, pushing your dress further up your leg. He needed you now, the desperation becoming too much at this point. 
Jungkook broke away from your lips to dive straight for your neck, planting hurried kisses along your burning skin. You gasped at the feeling and Jungkook ground into you at the sound. He wanted you to keep making pretty sounds for him. 
He decided to suck a little harder this time and the moan you made had him hurriedly chasing his hips into yours as he moved back to quiet you and himself. 
He could have cried at how much his body was screaming at him to have you.
Jungkook had zero regard for the fact they were still in this alleyway, he didn’t care whatsoever. All he wondered was how soon he could get inside you.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jungkook’s mind was hazy and the thing he could focus on was how nice your lips felt and how good it felt to rub himself along your thigh like this. You wouldn’t mind right? If he takes you right here and now…
Fuck, your lips, your skin, your body, so good, you were so good, so amazing. Everything happening and he just had to–
Before things progressed any further, both of your attentions turned back to the door that led to the club. A couple, smiling, laughing together, who were likely heading home walked out. You saw the way their smiles dropped when they quickly noticed they were interrupting something. They both tried not to make eye contact as they came down the ramp and headed down the alley. As they passed it was obvious they were talking about the two of you, them hushingly complaining about PDA these days.
Jungkook couldn’t even look at them, knowing what might have happened if they hadn’t interrupted. The awkward encounter didn’t sway him whatsoever though and as the couple made it out the alley, Jungkook turned to face you to see a pained expression on your face. The both of you knew what you wanted.
“Car?” Jungkook rushed out hurriedly and you nodded. You were about to make your dash for the car but you felt his hand pull you back and you looked at him confused. One glance behind you was all you needed to see to notice the very obvious problem that you had made.
Jungkook looked around, his face flushed, a sense of embarrassment clouding over him as he pulled you close. If you didn’t feel it before you certainly could now. It made you even more excited. “Don’t walk too far ahead…” He whispered and you got the picture. 
As quickly as you could you made the dash across the street and up all the stairs to the parking garage. Somewhere in the back of his mind he silently thanked himself for bringing his car with him and laughing at anyone who decided to make fun of him for doing so. There wasn’t any way he was making it back to the apartment like this.
When you finally made it to the car he couldn’t resist and pushed you into the door. He kissed you hard, not being able to stand being away from you any longer. The little bit of extra privacy and desire to feel you made him bolder, quickly snaking his hand up your thigh and grabbing a handful of your ass. 
“Jungkook—“ You whined way too loudly considering where, instantly having him chase his hips into you. He hurriedly picked you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist, as he leaned you against the door. The new angle allowed him to practically fuck you with your clothes on. Jungkook kissed you desperately, touching and grabbing everything he could, as he rutted into you. 
Fuck, he needed you now. 
“Jungkook— I need you so bad please—“ You whispered right in his ear. Your words triggered something primal inside of him. If he didn’t get you both inside soon, he wouldn’t give two shits anymore. He was fucking you on his car.
He felt like a fucking teenager all over again, you were literally right in front of the door. 
Jungkook racked his cloudy brain trying to remember where he put his keys. At the same time, your lips started trailing down his neck. You quickly found a spot that instantly had him moaning for you, a particularly hard thrust assuring you that this was the spot. As soon as you figured it out, you kept going, kissing and sucking, getting such pretty whines to fall from his lips. 
“If you keep doing that shit we’re not gonna make it into the car.” He groaned, so fucking tempted to just take you right now, like this. 
Where the fuck did he put his keys?! 
He haphazardly searched through his memories, trying to pinpoint when he had them last when it suddenly came to him. They were in his suit pocket. It couldn’t come soon enough that he reached his hand into it and just like he remembered, he managed to find the fob. 
He hastily pulled it out and unlocked his car. 
He sat you down and hurriedly opened the door. Jungkook climbed in the back seat and you went right in after, climbing straight onto his lap, and slamming the door behind you. 
Jungkook just stared at you for a second, his mind unable to process the beauty that was in front of him. Oh fuck…
You didn’t give him too much time to admire and pulled him back into a kiss, this angle making it so you could easily grind yourself against him. The friction made the both of you moan out, your bodies brushing against each other in a rush to feel. He wanted so much more. 
You broke away from the kiss and focused your attention on kissing his neck right on that spot, enjoying the soft sighs of pleasure he would let out as his grip on your waist tightened. 
Jungkook was going to lose his mind. He tried to come back enough to pull your dress up back over your ass. His hands were quick to feel, making you groan softly. 
That’s it. Foreplay was nice but it’s been so long and he needed to feel you now, his whole body screaming at him to take it up a notch. He wanted to feel you around him, make you his and his alone.
Jungkook hurriedly tugged at the thin strings of your thong. It took him a moment to remember the fact they were in his car, with how cramped it was back here, it would take you way too long to try and get them down your legs. Instead, he moved his hand and used his finger to gently massage your clothed bud, instantly earning him a gratifying moan from you as a reward. 
You were already so wet for him, the lacy fabric soaked and he could have just died right there. You were enjoying this, you were enjoying his touch… Did you want him as much as he wanted you? Has your body been longing for him, waiting for this day to happen? His mind was fuzzy so he didn’t think about it too hard, but it just made him that much more eager to finally be inside you. 
He got a little braver as he pushed your thong to the side, letting his fingers finally slide through the slickness of your folds. 
“Jung–Jungkook, fuck please…” You begged, throwing your head back in pleasure. Maybe in other instances he would have been more inclined to tease you a little but he couldn’t be bothered with you begging for him like that. All he wanted was to please you. 
Jungkook watched your face intently as he curled a finger into you, the both of you moaning out in the process. His whole body reacted, you were so warm, tight around him, so fucking good. If you felt this good around his finger just imagining you around his…
Jungkook couldn’t help rutting into you at the thought. Just wait till he fucks you… 
He eagerly got to work, a finger in your hole while he used his thumb to rub circles around your clit. It wasn’t his best work since he didn’t have too much room to work with, but that didn’t matter whatsoever. 
He marveled at the pretty sounds you would make, he could even feel your arms shaking as you held onto his shoulder. At this point he added another finger, hoping you could take him soo—
Oh my fucking gosh… In an instant he remembered a very important item he left in his drawer in his room. 
He didn’t bring condoms.
They weren’t at all a top priority in his mind since he really didn’t think he was going to have sex tonight. He was so disheveled about the date there wasn’t any ounce of him that considered he could very well be having sex at any point, but fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. This was the worst possible time he could have forgotten to bring a condom.
Jungkook took out all his sexual frustration of the situation on you, turning it up the notch in making sure he can at least make you cum. He added another finger and his attention focused on your neck till he managed to find the sweet spot that got you to whimper for him. 
You quickly used your hand to cover your month, the only one the tiniest bit aware of the fact that you were getting fingered in a public parking lot. But your efforts to keep quiet didn’t last for too long, Jungkook’s fingers brushing past the spot that made you practically a mess on top of him. 
“There there please!” You tried to whisper but it was no use. Jungkook already knew he found it and you buried yourself in his suit jacket. You were going to scream at this point, your body on fire for a touch you’ve longed for for over a year. 
“I wanna hear you…” He said it so softly you barely caught it with the way your mind was spinning. 
“Fuck— but we’re in public,” you ended up moaning out. You were gonna cum soon at this rate.
Jungkook quickened up the pace of his fingers sliding in and out of your soaking pussy, this angle making it so he hit that spot over and over and— Your back arched instinctively and a moan you just couldn’t contain escaped your lips. He wasn’t going to let you be quiet. 
A fire seemed to burn brighter and brighter inside you, your whole body tingling and ready. You were so close. 
“Fuck fuck fuck, Jungkook please I’m so close!” You cried, throwing your head back. You didn’t care at all who heard you anymore, all you wanted was that sweet release. 
Jungkook’s breathing became heavier as he watched you fall apart on his fingers. The feeling of your warm walls soaking his fingers and the beautiful moans you would let out had him spiraling out of control quicker and quicker. He wanted to fuck you so bad. 
“Please—“ Your moans got louder. You were close and he knew that. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you were so close. His grip on your hips tightened and his hips hastily came up to meet nothing. Why did he have to forget condoms? He was moaning along with you. Fuck.
Fuck, fuc—
It will forever be ingrained into his memory, the time you came all over his fingers in the parking garage in front of the club. Every single detail. The way you looked him right in his eyes, that look as he saw you reached that sweet release, your moans stopping, the moment so overwhelming you couldn’t even scream. The feeling of the way your walls tightened around his fingers, soaked beyond belief at this point. The way his heart swelled because you were so fucking pretty like this. What made this even more memorable was the result. 
Right in that moment he felt it too, hitting him like a freight train, his whole body shook as he felt that sweet release right along with you. 
You both stared at each other, trying your best to come down from that high feeling. Your breathing was heavy but your body buzzed with excitement, you wanted to feel him, no, needed to feel him at this point. 
You were about to reach down to grab at his belt but your attention focused on the way he hurriedly looked down between the two and back up at you with panicked eyes. 
Confused, you looked down and you saw the issue. The only lights in the car were the little ones bleeding in from the neon signs outside, but the angle was just right for you to see the wet stain that painted his pants. 
“I’m sorry! Fuck, I’m so sorry.” It was clear he was embarrassed, you were almost sure in the darkness you could see his cheeks turning a brighter shade of red by the second. 
You couldn’t help but giggle. 
“Don’t laugh!” He cried, getting more and more flustered. 
“You’re so cute! No need to be embarrassed~” You tried to reassure, but you weren’t really helping. 
“I don’t even know what happened…” Jungkook was in disbelief. This has never happened before and of course of all times it did it had to be with you, the girl he wanted to impress the most. 
“Don’t worry about it, I’m serious Jungkook…”
“I know we couldn’t go all the way but fuck I just had to—“ He was ranting but you quickly interrupted, wondering what he meant by that. 
“I forgot condoms…” He sighed, hating to admit the fact but was still shocked when he felt the light slap on his shoulder.
“How could you forget condoms? We literally went on dates today, it’s a date Jungkook, you always bring condoms on dates.” You were flabbergasted by this fact. You knew you should have helped him pack for the date as well. 
The mention of the fact that you both were in fact still on dates with other people had an awkward tension arising and words that needed to be said became even more obvious. 
You were about to say something but Jungkook shushed you. 
“Not here, while I’m like this…” You knew what he was referring to so you just shut yourself up and moved off top of him. Jungkook’s eyes hung onto your form, a worried expression on your face, before he was pushing out the car door and getting out. 
Jungkook tried to hurry and get to the door in front, as it was extremely obvious the minute he stepped out what the two of you were doing in his car. The stain on his dark gray suit was a dead giveaway, but your lipstick was smeared all over his face and neck, and you could even see faint marks of hickeys.
You resisted the urge to laugh as he struggled to get the door open. You were quick to follow him and got in on the passengers side. 
“Uh— we should probably text Jimin and Eun Ae letting them know we’re leaving.” Jungkook pointed out and you felt horrible realizing you already forgot about them. You were actually terrible. 
You and Jungkook sent quick texts to the friends you brought along and Jungkook was pulling out of the parking garage on the way back to your apartment.
Not a word was said to each other on the way over, the silence loud enough to leave your mind spiraling. What the actual fuck did you just do? 
When you both made it back, you both still didn’t talk then, Jungkook immediately headed to the shower before you could even attempt to bring it up. Your mind was flooded and you ended up turning to what takes your mind off stress best and that’s cleaning, more specifically you decided now would be the perfect time to do laundry. 
You just had sex with your best friend. You had sex with Jungkook?! Jeon motherfucking Jungkook. Your best friend. 
You just crossed a line you knew you were never going to be able to come back from. That platonic barrier you tried your best to hide behind was gone and there was nothing you could do about it. 
The fact you both haven’t even talked about what happened made you even more worried. Did he like you? Were you a desperate attempt at a quick fuck? Were you about to lose your best friend? Your mind was so clouded as you loaded clothes into the dryer, you didn’t notice when Jungkook came up right behind you.
“Hello?” Jungkook asked and you nearly screamed. Your body reacted on its own and you turned around to start swinging, or rather more so waving your arms around hoping it’d do something. 
“Hey wait—“ He tried to say but you didn’t even process the fact it was just Jungkook until one of your swings actually did a little damage, a firm slap right across his chest was enough for him to cry out and you finally opened your eyes to see your friend right behind you. 
“Oops” You mumbled already feeling that guilt start to creep up. But Jungkook didn’t look mad whatsoever, if anything he looked amused. He thought you were absolutely adorable. 
Instead of saying anything about it though, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a hug, resting his head on your shoulder. “It’s me stupid…” He mumbled into your skin.
You couldn’t help but melt into his embrace, that fluttery feeling spreading all throughout your body. He was so warm and you enjoyed the sweet scents of his body wash. “You should have said something sooner..” You pointed out. 
“I did, I kept calling your name but you didn’t hear me.” He retorted and it just made you feel worse. 
Silence passed for a little while before you finally muttered “I’m sorry…” Jungkook didn’t say anything but pulled you tighter against him. 
“What are you doing by the way?” He finally asked and let you go. You got back to working on getting the clothes in the dryer. 
“Laundry, you know when I get stressed I start doing chores…” You muttered. 
“I know that, but why are you so stressed?” He chuckled and you quickly turned around to face him again. 
“Because you’re my best friend and you know what we just did in the back of your car! We just crossed a whole lot of lines and I’m confused—“ You were stern but your eyes couldn’t help but take in his appearance. His long hair was damp and still curly, a white shirt hung loosely around his frame and he had on those strange, bright blue shorts underneath. 
He was absolutely breathtaking.
Jungkook sighed but leaned forward so his hands were back on the washer, caging you in. He was so close. 
“I’m an idiot, I'm sorry…” He sighed as his eyes focused right on yours. You were intrigued, waiting for him to continue. 
“This whole week I’ve just felt off, you know? Ever since you brought up you wanted to go on a double date… I tried to convince myself that it was all because of the fact that we were going out again after all this time. I knew deep down and apparently others did as well, that it was because I liked you…” His words made your heart do a backflip.
“I couldn’t accept it for a while because feelings are complicated and the last thing I wanted to do was make the relationship with the person who’s been by my side even during my worst times complicated. Losing you…” You noticed it, his eyes were a little glossy. 
“I couldn’t lose you.” You could have just melted into the floor right there, trying to fight the tears that were threatening to spill over. 
“But when I saw you and hyung together…” His eyes turned away. “I knew I couldn’t pretend anymore… I had to do something before it was too late.” He tried to smile but you could hear the pain in his voice. 
“I’m sorry if I was too forward, I just had to do something before you walked away… I didn’t even ask how you feel…” He finally met your eyes once again and he was shocked to see your eyes filled with tears. 
“How do I feel? You really are an idiot Jungkook…” You tried to laugh but you were getting choked up. He looked utterly confused. 
“I’ve liked you since highschool! I spent all this time thinking you didn’t like me back. You never made a move back then, but then we came here and you got a girlfriend pretty quickly. I thought it must have been one-sided, you know? I started dating Incheol but when you came back… I had a little hope over the past year, but when you agreed to go on a double date, I thought it was finally time to give up.”
If Jungkook wasn’t so consumed in questioning his own feelings for you he would have noticed the signs. The way you meticulously analyzed his face when you suggested a double date, hoping he would hate the idea, or at the very least show some disdain to it. He would have noticed the way you slammed the door after he agreed to it and cried silently to yourself in your room at your silly feelings for your best friend. He would have noticed long before the event of Valentines weekend the look in your eyes whenever you spent time together. He would have guessed maybe he had something to do with you and Incheol breaking up. You tried to put on a brave face, at this point thinking Jungkook really didn’t see you that way.   
“What…” His voice was small and he was just staring at you in shock. 
“I think we’re both dumb—“ Jungkook hardly let you finish your sentence before he was pushing you against the washer and finally closing the distance.
The kiss was soft and nothing like what happened at the club. It was just pure passion that had years of negligence behind it. It was a little scary taking this step with Jungkook, you couldn’t lose him either, but you were glad that you were. Your heart was full and you wanted nothing more than to have him closer.
He lifted you on top of the washer, the angle allowing him to pull you closer.   
Jungkook pulled away slowly, the pull of your lips way too enticing but he had something to say. His hand came up to caress your cheek softly before 3 words you’ll never forget left his mouth. “I love you.” His voice barely above a whisper but you heard it loud and clear.
“It’s probably too soon to say that but I just needed you to—“ You didn’t give him time to finish before you were pulling him back, kissing him hard. 
“I love you too…” You probably could have cried in the moment but the words lit a fire in you and you needed him closer. 
Your words sent Jungkook to a new level of insane, he needed to be inside you. You certainly felt it too, the nudging against your thigh made it obvious. 
Jungkook broke the kiss, your breaths were heavy and he was eagerly playing with the hem of your dress. ”Y/n do you wanna—“ He didn't need to finish, you were already nodding your head. 
You were suddenly lifted off the washer, laughing as Jungkook practically sped his way over to your room, kicking in the door and throwing you onto the bed. 
You both giggled but the moment was not lost, Jungkook quickly climbing on top of you and finding your lips once again. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer, you needed him closer. Your body was on fire and all you wanted was to feel him. 
Jungkook pulled away slowly, hand trailing down your body, and his eyes staring right into yours.
“You’re so beautiful…” His words were soft and had you melting on the inside. 
His eyes scanned over you once more. “We should have done this sooner…” He chuckled lightly, but he was serious. This whole evening wouldn’t have been necessary if he was just honest with himself sooner. 
Jungkook started kissing you lightly down the neck making you gasp. 
“We’re dumb, aren’t we?” You replied breathlessly as he started to suck a little harder. You moaned lightly, knowing this was likely gonna leave a mark. 
“Extremely…” He was hardly paying attention anymore, his full attention now on making you feel good. He wanted to devour you, make you his and his alone.
Jungkook’s attention focused on your eyes as he started pulling your dress up. “Just think about it… instead of all this sexual frustration we could have been— oh.” You couldn’t even finish at the way he rutted into you. 
“We’re so fucking stupid… I feel like I’m gonna explode…” He said bashfully.
“You did earlier...” You playfully teased and could stop yourself laughing at the way his mouth dropped. 
“I hate you so much.” He mumbled, trying to feign being upset but you could see the smile on his face. 
“Says the man who just confessed he loves me~” You giggled and at this he couldn’t help but laugh along with you. Jungkook sighed knowing it’s true. 
You didn’t miss the way he started moving down your body, in between the commotion your body lighting up at what you knew he had in mind next.
He eventually got to the point he was staring right at your long ruined thong and took a shaky breath. He wanted to taste you so fucking bad. 
Jungkook looked up at you. “Please?” He asked hurriedly and you nodded. With your permission he quickly pushed up your dress even further and tugged your panties down your legs. 
“You’re so pretty.” He said absentmindedly, like you weren’t supposed to hear. You chuckled at his words making him look back up at you. 
He flushed realizing he said that outloud but smiled because you did. His shy demeanor quickly shifted as you saw the mischievous glint in his eyes. 
“Who were you imagining the other night?” Jungkook asked suddenly as he moved a finger through your slick folds.
“What are you talking about?” You questioned, but his finger now circling your clit had your mind elsewhere. 
“That day I was working on my project. Valentine's Day.” 
Silence passed for a little while until you suddenly sat up realizing what he was talking about. Jungkook laughed at the look on your face. 
“You put too much faith in the walls, my desk is right on the other side.” Jungkook had a slight teasing tone to his voice, an adorable bunny expression on his face like he wasn't fingering you right now as he admitted to hearing you play with yourself. 
You laid back down, embarrassment creeping up making your face hot. 
“No need to be embarrassed.” Jungkook recounted back to the words you told him earlier. You just groaned, somehow that made it worse. Jungkook chuckled, but his attention turned toward what he was doing between your legs. 
“I’m serious though. It was hot… really hot.” He smiled. 
“Stopppp…” You cried, both in the way you still couldn’t even look at him, but also his finger started picking up the pace.  
“You were the reason I was up all night trying to work on it.” He chuckled darkly. At this you finally peered down at him. 
“You sounded so pretty, I wanted to come over and help you. I thought you would never be down for that but after tonight, I can’t help but wonder who it was you were thinking of to make you sound like that?” His face was just as innocent as it normally was, but his words were dangerous. 
Your embarrassment in the situation faded immediately and instead a cocky grin spread across your face. 
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” You laughed. 
“Tell me.”
“Make me.” You retorted back quickly. You were playing with fire at this point but you wanted to see what he would do. 
Your words were a challenge, a fire alighting inside.
His sweet smile disappeared as he turned back to your soaking pussy. He smirked and with that challenged head tilt he always did, he said nothing more as he dove straight between your legs. You hardly had any time to react before he was spreading your legs and taking one long lick between your folds. 
Your body reacted on its own, a fire spreading throughout your body and a soft moan escaped your lips. You looked down at him a little shocked but you were a little surprised to find him looking up at you. You saw him smirk quickly before diving straight back then, this time with full intent on making you scream. 
You never really knew what you pictured Jungkook to be like during sex. You never saw anything weird when he was dating Yoona and when you were still dating Incheol you and Jungkook hardly ever ran into each other. You were over at his place mainly, but you would occasionally come back to your shared apartment to hang out. You can still remember all the times you would be lying in bed awake to the sounds of girls moaning their hearts out in the room next door. It wasn’t the quiet guy who had been your friend since high school, but you knew whatever was happening next door was good. 
You finally found out today what all the fuss was about. 
Jungkook was skilled as he swirled his tongue around your clit. Your hands quickly found their place in his dark locks, your body being set ablaze at the pleasure. 
“Oh fuck–” You whinned.
His movements got faster and the more you wanted. “Jungkook, please…” You pleaded. 
He pulled back at your words and smiled. “Tell me then, who were you thinking of that night?” His fingers got back to work teasing your clit. 
“Just forget that and make me– ohhh gosh.” You cried as he moved them to finger your clenching hole. With experience in the car he was quickly able to find the spot that had made you a mess so quickly for him. 
You whined. “Jungkook, fuck, please.” You were practically begged, needing more. 
“I said tell me.” His voice was calm as he looked at you already a mess for so little. The work of his one finger alone was enough to have you brushing against the edge. If anything it made it worse, you could almost taste the release. 
He made sure to speed up the pace pushing over that same spot, maybe it was the drought that made you so sensitive, but you moaned, your back arching at the feeling.
“Tell me Y/N–” Jungkook said again. 
“It was you!” You cried, you couldn’t play the game anymore. “It was you Jungkook!” You made sure to say it again so he heard. Suddenly he stopped. Confused and a little annoyed you looked down to see a stupid smile on his face, both in the fact that he won and you had thought of him like that. 
It was just like this almost, him between your legs as he ate you out for hours, was the fantasy your brain had chosen to go with to try and soothe the ache between your legs. 
“I can promise you I’m better in person.” Jungkook suddenly said and you just playfully rolled your eyes. He already proved that to be true. 
“I’m sure you are, now get back to work, we’ve been deprived way too long for you to try and edge.” You giggled and he laughed at that. 
“What’s wrong with taking our time a little? I like seeing you a mess for me.” He cheesed and your heart swelled. You loved him so much. 
“Jungkook…” You warned and at this he finally took the hint and got back to work. 
He eagerly went to add a second finger inside and his tongue was back to suck on your clit. The combination had that flame quickly returning. His fingers curled inside you and he made quick work of his tongue, not having any shame in making it messy. He groaned against you, an added pleasure he quickly could tell had an effect. 
Jungkook thought you were absolutely beautiful, so pretty and all for him. The sight had him quickly reminded of the fact he didn’t get to finish the way he wanted to in the car and how much he wanted to fuck you. His hips unconsciously collided with your mattress trying to chase some sort of pleasure. It hurt at this point but his attention remained on you. 
He saw you hastily pull down the straps of your dress to play with your tits, and one hand coming back to tangle in his hair. He felt the gentle tugs whenever it just felt so good and he could have died happy right there in that moment. Right between your thighs.
“Fuck, I’m so close–” You hastily cried out. Jungkook took the hint and took it up just a little more and it was more than enough to have you quickly spiraling toward the edge, your orgasm hitting you like a wave. Your body shook and your thighs clamped around his head. As you slowly came down from the experience he continued to devour you until you pushed him away slightly from overstimulation. 
He finally sat up, his face wet from your juices and a big smile on his face. You smiled back at him. Your eyes though quickly went from his face to the obvious tent in his shorts. Jungkook didn’t give you much time to think about it before he was back on top of you and hastily kissing your lips.
If you didn’t see it before you definitely could feel it now, the tip nudging right where you wanted him making you even more eager to finally feel him against you. But you had other plans first…
You made quick work of flipping you both over, leaving you on top and in control. He looked at you a little confused before you kissed him on his cheek, making him smile. 
“What are you doing?” He chuckled lightly as your kisses trailed back up to his lips. You kissed him with a heated passion, wanting him to know how much you loved him. Jungkook was quick to get in the groove, his hand coming up to cup your cheek and pull you closer while his other hand trailed down your back. 
You finally felt him reach the hem of your dress and attempted to try and pull it back up but you pulled away and looked him right in the eye. If he wasn’t confused before he definitely was now. 
You smiled at him and leaned so you were right next to his ear. 
“Not yet, let me repay the favor first.” You whispered and gently took his ear between your teeth before moving to his neck and sucking on it lightly. 
Jungkook was speechless for a little while, the pleasure your mouth was bringing made it hard to think, wanting to just get lost in the pleasure. 
“I don’t know…” He eventually chuckled, the grip on your waist tightening. You finally moved to look at him again. 
“What’s wrong?” You asked a little confused. 
“Wanna fuck you so bad, plus… you looked too good while I was eating you out. I don’t know if I could make it.” His face was flushed, clearly embarrassed by the confession. 
At this you smirked. Oh you were definitely going to repay him, not only for the orgasm but for teasing you earlier. 
You let your hand travel down his body till it rested on the waistband of his shorts. “You sure you wanna say no?” You questioned playfully as you slipped your hand underneath grabbing a fistful of his length. Your antics got an immediate reaction from him, a moan quickly escaping his lips. 
You made quick work and slowly pumped your hand slowly over his length, watching his face scrunch up in bliss. He was so fucking pretty. 
“I–” He couldn’t even finish his sentence as your thumb traced circles over the tip, you could already feel the precum leaking from the tip. 
“Y/n please…” he eventually cried out, making you smile. 
“Do you want me to stop?” You asked teasingly. 
“No, fuck– please.” He finally peered over at you and saw that teasing look, knowing this was probably because of earlier. 
With the go ahead you moved down the bed, helping him pull his shorts down and tossing them somewhere around your room. The both of you giggled before you found a comfortable place right in front of his cock. 
You stared marveling at what was in front you. His dick was already making your mouth water, the length, the girth, the slight curve, the tip was a flaming red, and precum sliding down the sides. Of course, what more should you have expected from him.
You wrapped a hand around him, right at the base. You wrapped your mouth around the tip, sucking it lightly, enjoying the delicious moan Jungkook let out as a result. You popped off quickly though, earning a groan of annoyance. 
“What happened to no teasing?” He questioned breathlessly. 
You just smiled at him before diving back again. You had every full intention of teasing him just a little longer, but you felt Jungkook’s hand on the back of your head, clearly intended to keep you in place. 
Oh so he wants to play like that?
At this you finally started to take more of him, getting about halfway before you let your hand do the rest of the work at quickly pumping him. You felt him grab your hair tightly and you’ll never forget the way he whimpered, clearly not expecting you to do that. 
It wasn’t long before he let go and you popped off with a smile. You won this time. 
“Y/n please.” No playfulness to his voice anymore, he was begging you. 
You couldn’t resist and you got back to work. You grabbed him again and pumped him quickly and got to work gently massaging his balls. At this you instantly had his arm coming over his eyes, a long groan falling from his lips. 
“Y/n oh fuck, fuck fu–” He was so fucking sensitive. 
He hadn’t been touched in a year, plus your little rendezvous in the car, and now here you were going down on him. Every little flick of your tongue or jerk from your hand had him speeding toward the edge, but he still wanted to take you. 
Your mouth came around him length once more, doing your best to make him feel good. Jungkook couldn’t resist looking, he finally glanced down at you and moaned instantly. You were taking him so well– fuck fuck. 
“Y/n…” He finally moaned. You could already sense what he was about to say. At this you sped up your pace. 
“Oh fuck, you feel so good– but– ohhhh” He cried, his hand coming up to grab at your hair again. 
“If you keep doing that I’m gonna–” He could have cried. The image of just cumming down your throat made him want to let you continue. 
He was so close. 
“Y/n I’m gonna cum…” He sighed, honestly a little embarrassed at how sensitive he was but you were just too good. 
His words didn’t sway you and if anything you upped it a little more. 
“Shit wait wait!” For a second he thought he wouldn’t even be able to tell you to stop, his orgasm so fucking close for a spilt second he wanted it to happen, but right along that edge you popped off and took your hands away. 
His body cried out at the lack of contact and he had to take a second to get himself to calm down. When his attention finally went to you, smiling up at him.
He couldn’t even joke around at that moment and sat up to pull you up so you were hovering over his cock.
“Please…” He was breathless and his desperation was starting to affect you. You pulled down the zipper on your dress and pulled it over your form, you also saw Jungkook hastily ripping off his white shirt and throwing it across the room.
He grabbed your hips and attempted to try and guide you down but you stopped him. He looked at you confused
“Condoms, remember?” You laughed and he did as well realizing his mistake.
“Please hurry…” He whined playfully, watching you reach over to your nightstand, shuffle through its contents, before pulling your hand out empty handed. He was once again confused.  
You stared at him in horror and it had him instantly wanting to commit a crime. “You don’t have any?” He asked in disbelief. You just stared at him.
He tugged on his hair in frustration. “Do you think that the convenience store down the street is still open?” He was trying to come up with some sort of solution. “I don’t even know if there are any in my room, do you think we can find some at this time of night, fuck fuck, why does this keep–” As he was trying to find a way at of this predicament you went back in your drawer and pulled out what he’s needed this entire evening.
“Just kidding~” You cheesed, watching the look on his face. If he wasn’t so horny right now he might have tackled you, but instead he laughed at your antics and he playfully rolled his eyes as gestured for you to put it on.
You ripped open the packaging with your teeth and hurriedly slid it down his length. He was so sensitive from earlier he made it difficult trying to put it on, bucking himself into your hand in search of any type of friction. 
Once you managed to get it on, you wasted no time and lined yourself up before sinking slowly down his dick, enjoying the way he filled you up. 
You both moaned at the feeling. Jungkook hurriedly grabbed your hips at the pleasure. You were so warm, wet, and tight around him, you felt so good and looked so pretty on top of him like this. Oh this isn’t gonna last long.
You sat there for a second, allowing your body to get adjusted but you could tell Jungkook was antsy at the way he subtly ground himself into you for some sort of friction. 
“Y/n– fuck, you’re so–” He cried and you chuckled at his reaction. 
“Does it feel good?” You asked. 
Jungkook just smiled at first, wondering how that was even a question at first. “So go– engghhh fuck…” He sighed as you slowly started to move your hips. You watched him intently as his face scrunched up and you felt the way his grip on your waist tightened. 
With new motivation you finally allowed yourself to get lost in the pleasure and just enjoyed the way he felt inside of you, steadily speeding up your pace.
Jungkook just stared up at you. Ever since he met you he never would have imagined himself in this position, you on top while you worked to please him so well. Yesterday he was so adamant he felt nothing but platonic feelings for you and today… He had spent so much time trying to lie to himself, if only he had been honest with himself from the get go you could have done this so much sooner. 
His heart swelled at the thought. He was so stupid. How could he have tried to tell himself he didn’t want this? You bouncing yourself happily on his cock, looking so pretty while you took him so well. Fuck, he was so happy. 
With the way you teased him earlier it didn’t take very much for him to feel that ache once again. Jungkook grabbed your hips and took control, he watched your face turn to one of shock before you melted into the new pace he was setting.
You moaned and he could have sworn he’s never heard such a beautiful sound. He wanted to please you, make you feel good, and in a weird way, repay you for all you’ve done for him. 
“Jungkook, shit, hghhh–” You cried.
Fuck he was close. 
Before you even knew what was happening, suddenly you were on your back, staring Jungkook right in the eye. 
He was quick to set a punishing pace, you could have screamed at the sudden pleasure. Jungkook buried himself in your neck and you could hear all the little grunts and moans he would let out and it was almost too much. So good, you were getting close.
Jungkook could certainly tell, the feeling of your walls gripping him even tighter– fuck. He couldn’t take it anymore. He kissed you sloppily, wanted to feel you even closer. You wrapped your arms around his neck moaning into the kiss, sensing what was happening. 
It didn’t take much time till he was pulling away and burying his head back in your shoulder, a glorious moan spilling from his lips. A wave of pleasure washed over him as you felt his hips still and his whole body shake lightly.
You rubbed his back softly as you helped him work through it. 
You thought this was the end of your game, but you were shocked. Jungkook immediately turned to your nightstand, opening up and shuffling through the top drawer. 
“What are you doing?” You asked breathlessly. 
It was almost immediately that you got your answer when he pulled out another condom. “I’m not done with you yet.” He said as ripped open the packaging with his teeth. 
You were left stunned as you watched him swiftly throw away the used condom and put on a new one, before quickly pushing himself back inside you once more. 
You saw the way his face scrunched up, likely at the pain of overstimulation. His pace was slow, but he continued with deep strokes that made it so he was hitting your clit each and every time, making your toes curl.  
Oh so he was a freak?
For some reason you knew this wasn’t the first time he’s done this. You should have known the way he nearly fucked you out in public in that parking garage. 
Jungkook’s full intention was to make you feel good. He was quick to get back at a moderate pace and then he turned his attention to kissing and sucking on your neck, making sure it was going to leave a mark. 
As much as he wanted to pretend that the rage he felt in the club watching you and Jimin together was far in the past, now that everything was all said, it fueled him even more to want to tell everyone that you were his and his alone.
And just to think, if things didn’t go the way they did his hyung would have probably been in this position… Just the thought of him seeing you like this pissed him off more than it should. 
He wanted to prove himself, that you made the right choice. 
Jungkook was eager to make you cum around him, he needed to feel it. The breathy moans you would let out motivated him, you were so fucking pretty.
Jungkook looked you right in the eyes as he fucked you. Oh you were close. 
“I love you.” He moaned quietly. Oh you were a mess, three little words were enough to send you to another dimension. 
“You feel so fucking good and all fucking mine.” Jungkook groaned, fucking you a little faster. 
For some reason Jungkook getting all possessive while he’s buried deep inside you was so hot, the feeling in the pit of your stomach growing more restless. 
“Jungkook, please, I’m so close.” You cried. 
The pleasurable sting from overstimulation made that fleeting feeling return all too soon for Jungkook as well so he made quick work of finally pushing the both of you over the edge. 
“I love you too, Jungkook, love you so much.” Jungkook had no idea if you said that just because you were close, but the confession was enough for his orgasm to come crashing over him, not once did he slow down though, if anything he went a little faster. 
His efforts were enough as with just a few more strokes you moaned and he was feeling your walls tightening around him. He watched intently, now with the better light, he saw the way you crumbled in his grasp, so pretty as your third orgasm of the day hit you even harder. 
For a little while, it was just the sound of your labored breaths as you both tried to recover from everything. It was peaceful, almost like the calm after a storm. After the exhausting year you’ve both had, it finally led to this moment, together in each other's arms at last. When you both calmed down, Jungkook smiled as he kissed you gently, you couldn’t be happier. 
He was quick to throw away the condom and snuggle up next to you. A moment of silence passed before you both giggled. 
“This day was something…” You smiled. 
“It was, wasn’t it.” Jungkook responded absentmindedly, too busy tracing your features with his gaze. 
You both still didn’t say anything for a while, choosing to let the events of today speak for you. Jungkook was just so enamored by you, happy that everything finally made sense, happy that he was able to be with you like this. For some reason it had his mind going back to the previous year.
The newly revealed sentiment of how much you truly cared for each other made him think back to the dark days and how you helped him through it all. Without you, would he really be here today? You really were there for him, never once asking any questions. As soon as he told you he was struggling, you never left his side and helped him navigate through the path that seemed so endless. 
Even to this day he never really explained himself and you never asked what happened.  
“Hey Y/n.” He finally said, getting you attention. “Last year… I don’t think I ever told you what I was really going through during those months, did I?” He asked suddenly. 
You were a bit taken aback by the question but you answered nonetheless. “Not in much detail.” You noticed his gaze changed from you to peer straight up at the ceiling.
He took a deep breath. “I want to tell you what happened...” It only seemed right, before you take this next step in your relationship, all the cards from his past he kept hidden from you should be laid on the table for you to see. 
He was scared though. Would you still want him after he tells you? 
“Is that ok?” He turned back to you, his gaze unreadable. 
You couldn’t lie and say you weren’t curious. On the day Jungkook told you he had been struggling you knew he was keeping the details as vague as he possibly could, for a reason you had no idea about. You didn’t want to pry, you knew that he had gone through a lot over the last few months so you were content with him telling you anything. All you knew was your friend needed help and you were going to be there for him through that process. 
“If you’re comfortable telling me, I’ll be here to listen,” you settled with saying. 
Jungkook noticed the look in your eyes that told him it was truly fine for him to continue. 
Would you hate him, ridicule him, shame him? All of these were outcomes he wanted to avoid. It’s why he didn’t tell you back then. He was ashamed of himself. 
“At the end of our first semester as you know Yoona and I had a big fight. It all had to deal with you, funny enough. She was upset at how close we were, the fact that we lived together, and that she thought I could have been cheating on her with you. At the time I was upset that she even thought that was a possibility, I was with her, you were my friend and that was it.” Jungkook had to pause for a second knowing the irony of the situation.
You couldn’t hide the look of shock on your face at the information. You thought you were just so drunk that you had somehow heard your name come up in conversation. It had been about you entirely. It stung a bit to know that you had gotten in the way of their relationship like that, but the one detail you did know about this story made that guilt dissipate quickly. 
“We said some pretty hurtful things to each other, with her eventually leaving and that’s when you came in. I really liked her at the time so I wanted to do my best to try and repair the damage that had been done, but when I saw her… when I went to her apartment and saw she was actually cheating on me, it really really hurt.”  Jungkook didn’t even have the words to describe how much pain the revelation brought him. For a while he blamed himself, that he was such an awful boyfriend, an awful person, that it led a girl he would have never in a million years thought would ever do something like that to him, to anybody really. It only made the next unfortunate event even harder to bear. 
“I can only say this now in hindsight, but I didn’t understand at the time how much I relied on her. My mental health wasn’t the best for various reasons, a difficult semester taking its toll, life, I don’t really know the root cause but as soon as I knew she was cheating on me, it all came crashing down harder than I thought it ever could. I shut everyone out, it was too much, but if it couldn’t get any worse I got a phone call from my dad about my uncle.” You could hear the slight quiver in his voice, just at the mention of it. 
You remember the exact moment it happened. You had just woken up. You had been in the kitchen trying to figure out what to have before you head out to your first class. It was nearly the end of the final semester, finals were coming up and you had a whole day of studying planned. Despite your packed schedule, you had also wanted to have enough time to try and be there for Jungkook since he had just gone through a pretty rough breakup, you having gone to bed early as a result. It’s probably why you didn’t hear when he got the phone call late the night before.
You had been making a little breakfast when he suddenly came bursting through his room door, a duffle bag slung over his shoulder. You noticed immediately he looked frantic, his face was red, and you could see his cheeks were still stained from tears. He looked like he hadn’t slept all night. 
Jungkook ran straight to the door, but you stopped him concerned and a little confused about what was happening. 
He was barely able to explain to you that his uncle had been in an accident and that he was going back to Busan, tears just were streaming down his face. Without thinking you had pulled him into a hug, Jungkook completely just broke down in your arms. 
He was out the door before you truly could say goodbye. 
“I went back to Busan and tried my best to process everything, hoping that this sinking feeling would pass and I could get back to some level of normalcy. Weeks started to go by and all I could feel was nothing. I didn’t cry anymore, I wasn’t angry, nor was I ever truly happy, it was just gray everywhere I looked.”
“Christmas came and went and the new year started. All of those holidays only made it worse, seeing how happy friends and other family were, the fact that it was just nothing made me even more desperate for anything.”
Jungkook had to stop again, knowing what was coming next. 
“It was around the time we were supposed to start heading back for the spring semester that some friends had called me and asked to meet up. We talked and I ended up telling them things have been hard lately so they invited me to a party to try and cheer me up. I was desperate so I said I’d be there, hoping it might help me feel anything. I drank a lot, tried to have fun, but again things just became worse when nothing helped.” 
He couldn’t even look at you anymore.  
“They invited me to another one, this time I thought maybe sex might help, it didn’t, not at all and left me feeling more empty than ever. It was sometime after this that I started having some pretty scary thoughts bouncing around my head.” It truly had gotten so bad so quickly. The depression had quickly consumed him and any effort he made to try and make things better only seemed to make things worse. He felt trapped, that there was no way out of this hole. 
“I was desperate for anything at that point so when those same friends called and asked to meet up again… this time… this time they offered certain um… illegal substances. I should have said no, I know, but I was looking for anything to make it better so…” For some reason Jungkook was waiting for you to say something, to scream at him, anything, but you remained silent as his words hung in the air. 
He didn’t have the courage to face you to see your expression. Instead he kept going. 
“It wasn’t perfect, but for a little while I finally felt ok, better than ok even, but the crash was horrible and I felt the regret starting to take hold. It was only once when I was in Busan, but by then the semester had started and I needed to get back. That’s when I came back to the apartment. I wanted to tell you everything but then you opened the door and I saw Incheol with you… I didn’t understand why at the time, but seeing you with him… It made me so angry so I just shut everyone out.”
“Before I left my friends gave me the number of a friend they had in Seoul who carried and so instead of focusing on my work that I should have I turned to chasing that high and dealing with an even worse low. I stayed out as much as I could, I didn’t want to see you with Incheol, plus I was ashamed what would happen if you saw me like that. I didn’t want you to see me like that.” Your eyes were teary and his was as well, a couple had even begun sliding down his cheeks. 
“Jimin hyung saw the worst of it actually. Too many times would I head over on something and he would yell at me but he would always help me through it. I was also at his place a lot dealing with sober thoughts and he kept my mind occupied so I wouldn’t do anything rash.”
“It wasn’t until that day I got the message from my advisor telling me how bad everything was that I snapped out of it enough to try and look for help. That’s when I told you. Besides the work you helped with, you were just being there for me without asking too many questions… It was more sympathy I deserved considering how weird things had been since I left. You brought me back and I can never be more grateful.” It was only then that Jungkook finally looked over at you, your face was stained with tears and you were trying your best not to make too much noise so you didn’t disturb his story. 
“I mentioned this now because being here… I should have known after all that what I felt for you was more than just being my best friend. I didn’t want to lose you so I tried to push away the obvious and tried to just keep being just your friend. I’m so happy I can be here with you now, like this, together. And I wanted to thank you for the millionth time, you pulled me out of a dark place that I never thought I was going to come back from. I’m just so happy.” He tried to chuckle but seeing you crying made this difficult discussion that much more emotional.
It felt so good telling you. 
You quickly pulled him into a hug, finally letting the emotions spill over. 
“I wish I was there for you more, you struggled so much I– I–” You sobbed, absolutely heartbroken that he went through this. “If only I had noticed, if I wasn’t so focused on Incheol I could have–” 
“Don’t say that. You were happy, I didn’t want to burden you with my problems.” Jungkook said, trying to wipe away your tears.
“Burden?! Jungkook, I was your friend, don’t think you would ever burden me.” You sobbed, the tears continuing to stream down your face, making more and more go down his as well.
“Fuck, I love you so much, of course you would say that.” There were no words in any language to accurately describe how much he cares for you and how he will eternally be grateful for being there with him. 
You both smiled and Jungkook reached over to grab some tissues to wipe your faces. You both tried to make light of the situation and giggle at how messed up you truly were. Between the sex and now the crying your makeup had smeered all over your face. 
“Jungkook, truly though. If you ever go through any sort of hard time again know I’ll be here for you ok.” You reassured him.
“If you ever go through a rough time, I’ll be here for you and then some.” He smiled. 
“Don’t be afraid to lean on me, life gets hard but at least we have each other.” You leaned in to kiss his cheek, but he moved to make sure you hit his lips instead. 
You both laughed, but quickly went back in for another.
“You actually can’t get rid of me.” Jungkook giggled as he started peppering kisses all over your face.
“And I don’t want to.” It was just love, you loved this man. 
“By the way, I wanted to ask whose room should we stay in? Should we just get a new apartment?” Jungkook questioned, kissing down your neck.
You thought about it for a second.
“We could move after graduation. We could figure something out so that it’s a little closer to my law school, or maybe something closer to your job, whichever one you decide to take.” 
Jungkook was pretty talented in his field, over the years managing to work as assistants for camera operators and editors in movies and various kdramas. He already had a promising resume. He worked a ton of jobs, did various commissions for friends, peers, even his school had him shoot something. He also was working some type of internship most of the time, the only time you can remember him not working was when he was going through that hard time. 
It was certainly going to be impressive to the production companies. With all the jobs he applied for, Jungkook’s professors and advisor assured him that he was bound at least to make it to the interview stage and was probably going to end up with multiple offers. 
His achievements were certainly amazing, but he had a tendency to downplay them.   
Jungkook nodded, the plan made sense. “For now though, you could move to my room. It’s a little bigger, maybe you could keep your clothes in your closet, but you could sleep here most of the time if you want.” You added. He just nodded along, until his brain actually processed what you were saying.
“What, aren’t our rooms the same size?” He recounted what you told him all those years ago once you decided to move here. 
You cringed at the mention of that. “5 extra square feet makes you do some crazy things.” You chuckled weakly. 
“Yah wait– what did you just say?!” 
“You never noticed!” You tried to defend but it was too late and he was already tackling you back down to the bed. 
Was he mad, not at all, if anything this was just an excuse to get you in this position. It’s strange what a year does to your libido. He couldn’t get enough of you. 
Jungkook kissed you all over your face and neck, making you laugh at the way it tickled. 
“I love you.” He said between kisses. 
“I love you too.” You made sure to look him in the eyes when he said it. You wanted him to know how much you meant it.
You were so happy. 
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jimilter · 3 months ago
put it on me (m) | p.jm. | one-shot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you signed up to model your cleavage for a jewelry commercial, no one bothered to tell you it wasn’t gonna be a solo shoot. It’s unfair being blindsided and you want to protest, but A-list model and flirt extraordinaire Park Jimin’s steel-cut abs have you kinda tongue-tied. And then you get kinda too busy thinking of other ways in which you’d like him to shut you up.
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader rating: m (18+) genre: smut | humor | pwp | a-list model!jimin | freelance model!reader warnings: swearing + lustful musings + explicit daydreams + reader is boobacious + reader is also a horny bitch + explicit sexual situations (dom!jimin, sub!reader, body worship, sweat kink, dirty talk, degradation, strength kink, praise kink, oral (m&f), throat fucking, vaginal fingering, clit biting, semi-public sex, hints of exhibitionism, humiliation, begging, rough sex, penetrative sex, cum play, breast play, jimin loves her tiddies and she loves his tiddies, Big Dick Jimin™ bec he’s literally canon, orgasm denial, overstimulation, restraints, biting, marking, a lot of licking ugh) + i am slightly ashamed of myself for going so feral, but very very slightly :| word count: 8 k note: hi, guys. welcome to filth on crack. no fr, if i were to put smack (smutty crack) in a dictionary, i would define it with this fic. idk what chemical exploded in my head. but i am very sorry for what you’re about to witness. believe it or not, this didn't happen solely due to the pictures, tho. @missgeniality bullied me into writing this, sending me pictures and filthy scenarios, to the point where i cried and sat down to do this. any yells and/or notes of gratitude to be sent to her, please. oh and @jeonjcngkook shall also shoulder partial blame for spamming me with different zoomed in angles and versions of the pictures without break. smh. ily both <3
hope y'all enjoy this while i go dunk myself into some holy water~ 😩💜
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Tumblr media
“I wasn’t told there was a… male model in attendance as well?”
The Director rolls his eyes at your words – rolls his fucking eyes as if him turning your solo shoot into a couple one should not make you ask questions. You never should’ve let Hoseok’s meddlesome ass rope you into this. You don’t have an agency for a reason, you need to stop letting your model friends affect the projects you sign. What's the point of managing your contracts yourself if you’re gonna be an idiot about them? Ugh. 
All this heavy, clunky jewelry on your nearly naked body—well, you have a white, crochet bikini on, but it feels close to nothing due its plunging v-neck and the tie-up thong—and now you won’t even be the center of all attention.
What is the fucking point?
“It’s a last minute addition because the company thinks this chain will look better on a male torso.” The Director flashes all his teeth at you, but you fail to make out any humor in this situation. “Besides, the male model is kind of an A-lister.”
Wow, even better. They signed freaking Sean O’Pry or the likes and now you’re gonna be used as a prop, probably made to lay over the dude’s body like a snake or something while you awkwardly make bedroom eyes at him and he looks off to the side and awkwardly avoids touching you inappropriately. Great. Just great. You swear the moment you talk to Hoseok again, you will—
Hold on a fucking minute.
Who the hell is that?
Your jaw slowly unhinges, falling wide and wider as a guy steps into your view, talking to the annoying Director you were contemplating punches a few minutes back. 
Oh, he’s not a guy, for fuck’s sake. This is Park Jimin – face of more brands than you can count on both your hands. With a jawline sharper than a knife, pouty lips, half-lidded eyes and a solidly built body that he must be living in the gym to maintain, he is the most sought after model of today. If a brand needs some delicious display of naked male chest or abs or thighs? Park Jimin’s their guy. No, for real, man takes off his shirt at the drop of a hat. Pants too, for that matter.
Not that you’re complaining, though, no, far from it. He looks like a whole snack in that floral printed jacket that he’s got on without anything underneath. His abs are so defined, you can literally count all six of them across the twenty feet’s distance between you two, and his dusky pectoral muscles bulge tantalizingly. 
A five-course meal is shooting this commercial with you.
Now you want to be used as a prop and lay across his body like a snake and make bedroom eyes at him and, fuck, you hope he touches you inappropriately. Which you probably won’t have to hope too hard for, given how he’s always in the news for sleeping with everyone he works with. Damn, you need to send Hoseok a gift basket after this. 
Fuck, he’s looking your way.
Short, slicked back hair bares the entirety of his forehead for your viewing pleasure, and the strong line of his brows immediately has your breath hitching. He isn’t just beautiful or sexy, Park Jimin is handsome. And ripped. Fuck, he’s really bulging with muscles with every step he takes; your strength kink is quaking. You are staring but your gaze is also jumping around his entire body because you really don’t know where to look – there’s so much to take in between the clenching planes of his abdomen, the heaving pair of his pectorals, the thick pads of his shoulders and those thighs that seem to want to tear through his pants. 
There is jewelry on him, identical to yours with regards to its make. But contrary to the single thick chain that’s adorning your cleavage, he’s got two shorter, choker-like necklaces as well, sitting prettily on his sharp collarbones. He’s also wearing earrings, which you didn’t have to because they were covering your ears with hair.
You’re so lost in sharpening your focus, that you barely even realize he is nearing you. Plump lips thin out around a straight line of teeth and hooded eyes squint in humor. 
His smirk is devastating. You’re down bad, you’re down fucking bad. 
How to ask him to fuck your throat without offending him? You don’t really care because you’re about to be very crude about it. You might get thrown off the set and kicked out of the project, but you’re willing to risk it all by going tongue-emoji eggplant-emoji on him. Shit, is he emanating pheromones? Are y’all werewolves? What is going on, why do you keep getting this urge to climb him up and rub your body all over his? You…are in love with this man. That’s the only logical explanation. Or maybe it’s your pussy that’s in love with him, but because she pretty much represents you right now, it is nothing but undying love you feel flowing from you to him.
“My pussy’s in love with you.”
Jimin’s eyebrows lift up high and higher until they reach a point where they’d be off his forehead if he was a cartoon character. 
And you get it. That was too direct. And too soon. You could’ve at least waited for the dude to finish his damn greeting. 
“Uh…” His eyelids flutter rapidly over rounded eyes, and fuck, how does he look adorable on top of being sex-on-legs? Quickly looking around the two of you, he sidles a few inches closer and lowers his stunned – and stunning – face to your eye-level. “Come again?”
Oh, you will. You surely will come again but you need to come for the first time before that. And you need to introduce yourself to him like a normal human before that.
“I mean, hello, Jimin. It is nice to meet you.” You try to put on a smile as you give him your name. Your eyes glide down his throat to land on his pecs again. A wistful sigh makes it past your lips. “You’ve got nice tiddies.”
And this is when Jimin finally snaps out of his reverie to cough out a bewildered laugh. Soon after, his face is morphing back into the panty-melting smirk you saw him wear earlier and he’s laughing with his whole body, allowing his shoulders to jump and head to shake.
His laughter is kinda cute.
You still wanna climb him, though.
“Hello, sweetheart,” he finally says to you, his words more of a wondrous exhale than actual speech. “Thank you for the compliment. Although they’re more than just nice, won’t you say?”
Your back meeting a cold metal has you hissing, and you blink in surprise at the realization of how easily he walked you back towards his trailer without you realizing. His tiddies distracted you.
“True.” You nod, tilting your chin up to fight back a shiver when your bare back meets icy cold metal once again. “They’re sort of amazing.”
Jimin’s grin turns filthy, gaze wholly unabashed as it scans your own chest. You know your nipples are pebbled because you can feel goosebumps running across your entire body. He lifts a ringed hand and very carefully places the tip of his index finger in the hollow of your neck. Dark gaze catches yours again as the digit begins a fiery journey down your sternum, running past the chain resting there, and easily fitting between the tight cleavage of your half naked boobs.
A deep gasp leaves your chest, body arching to invite further invasion from him. And he complies, bringing his thumb up to softly rub it over the skin of your exposed boob, between the edge of the scrap of crochet that’s holding it in place, and the metallic jewelry advertised over it.
"Yours, too," he mumbles suddenly, eyes glued to the tip of your breast protruding against the thick fabric of the bra.
For a second, you're lost. Because how are you supposed to keep track of your conversation when the entire set around you has faded away and all you can see, breathe and feel is Park Jimin?
But then it suddenly registers that you'd complimented his…well, tiddies, which means that he's now complimenting yours. Oh, wow. Is this supposed to flatter you? Turn you on? Or make you wanna laugh? Somehow, it's doing all three.
Coughing through a snort, you bite down on your bottom lip and shake your head. “Just amazing? I expected a higher praise.”
“Oh yeah?” Jimin's gaze comes flying up to clash with yours, mirth swimming in his brown eyes. “But I haven’t seen them naked like you did mine. This is the best you get on these unfair grounds, baby.”
Fuck, fuck, you don’t breathe for a whole lot of seconds after that. 
Wide-eyed, you trace the way Jimin’s tongue peeks out of his mouth to scrape against his bottom lip. It’s wet and soft and so red, you wanna taste it. Breathless and delirious, you’re tilting your head and inching towards him when – his other hand comes up to cup one of your tits, placed firmly against the globe in such a way that his thumb makes an easy swipe of your hard nipple.
His lips quirk up at your gasp and he erases a few more inches of distance between you two, this time nearly molding your soft curves against his solid planes.
“I would very much like to, though,” he murmurs so close to your lips, you can almost taste his breath. It is chocolate flavored. “If you’d allow it?”
As if his smirk wasn’t fucking distracting in itself, his thumb’s relentless back anf forth motions over your nipple is wiping all thoughts out of your head. Oh, God. This guy is sexually hypnotising you. Next thing anyone knows, you’ll be on your knees, ready to suck him off in public. 
Snapping out of the daze Jimin put you in, you peek around his broad body. To your relief, everyone is still running around like headless chickens and no one is so much as looking in the direction of the two of you.
Still. You might be horny enough to let go of a shoot in favor of bomb sex with the sexiest guy you’ve ever seen. But you’re not horny enough to be sex-taped by an entire studio full of people.
“Not here, of course,” he reassures you in the same low, husky voice he’s been using all this time. 
Either he read the horror on your face, or he can read minds. Maybe you’re right about Jimin’s hypnotic abilities. Wow, is this why people keep falling into his bed left and right? Ooh, or maybe he just has a strong dick game. Well. You can’t wait to find out.
“I…” You clear your throat, suddenly a bit conscious about both his hands using your boobs as stress balls out in the open where anyone can see you. You’re still destroying your bikini bottoms with warm arousal, but your brain is slowly catching up on how crazy your life will get if you made an accidental soft porn sex tape with Park Jimin in the middle of a shoot. “I’ll meet you…here? After the shoot?”
Jimin looks at you with amusement infused incredulity. “After the…” He sighs, shaking his head with a fond smile. His hands come up to cup your cheeks. “Sweetheart. There’s no afters in my life. I’m offering you my dick now – as a one time offer. It’s not a bookmark now and read later scheme, okay? So either you say yes, we slip into my trailer and I see how much your pussy actually loves me. Or you say no, we finish the shoot and forget this interaction ever happened.” He removes his hands from your face and crosses them across his beefy body, while one of his eyebrows shoots up in question. “Which will it be?”
Your jaw is currently on the floor. This guy is dangerous. He literally propositions sex as if he’s making a business deal! 
You want him.
Instead of saying it, you try to show it – grabbing the lapels of his jacket and allowing a smirk to curl upon your lips. “Yes.”
His eyes sparkle with excitement and dark promises and teeth dig into his bottom lip. “Jeremy!” he suddenly calls for your Director, and for a moment you fear he trapped you into a seductive conversation to have you kicked off set on grounds of sexual harrassment, until – he continues with a, “Take a break, my dude! I’ll be back in a while!”
Some shuffling, rustling and grumbling echoes around you. Jimin never breaks eye-contact even as he punches the code to unlock his trailer right next to your head. His gaze is so fucking intense, he makes you wetter just by looking at you.
“R–right, Mister Park! Do… do we arrange for… spares?” comes a scream back in your direction.
“You know it, Jer.” Jimin grins and you frown in confusion.
“Our outfits.”
Oh. Oh. Park Jimin really is an A-lister, huh?
You don’t get to think much on it when he unlocks and pulls the door to his trailer open and guides you in, walking you backwards up the stairs while he locks you two in. A gust of air-conditioned air washes over you when you reach the floor, sending a shiver through your entire body. But because Jimin hasn’t stopped walking, you move further until the backs of your legs knock against what feels like a chair. Knees buckling, you fall into a cushy chair and thickly swallow at the daunting sight of Jimin standing over you. You’re almost at the level of his crotch. Perfect.
But before you can even get your hands to move from their clutching of the armrest, Jimin drops to his knees and lines his face up with your boobs. Oh. Yeah, this works too. This is what he was focussed on, anyways.
“May I?” you teasingly question, looping a thumb beneath one of the straps at your shoulder.
Jimin looks at you in faux disappointment. “That color looks amazing against your skin, sweetheart. Feels like a crime to take it off.”
You blink in confusion because, um. What else are you supposed to be doing, then?
The man before you answers your unasked question with his own hands, reaching towards the cups of your bikini top to pinch the edge of each between an index finger and thumb, and pulling the cloth away from your skin. 
His eyes look into yours. “This okay?”
You’re about to splinter the wood of the fucking armrest with how much sexual tension has accumulated in your body because of his ass, and he has the audacity to still ask? Like. He’s obviously asking for your consent and it is sexy as fuck. But it’s also inconvenient as fuck because he isn’t hurrying up the way you need him to!
Nodding as quickly and rapidly as you can manage, you exhale a breathy ‘yes’ along with it, just in case he’s one of those guys who are anal about “verbal consent.” You quite possibly are an embarrassment to feminists and healthy sex advocates that keep preaching “communication during sex with your partner” and all that jazz, but – you’re a very basic bitch, right now. Tongue-emoji eggplant-emoji. 
Why’s he being so artistic about it?
And then finally, finally, the crochet is tugged away from your breasts and your twin globes spring free, literally tumbling into Jimin’s face as he eagerly leans closer. His nose presses against one of your hardened nipples, and you watch the brown in his irises bleed into black within a moment. 
Both his palms nearly scramble to lift the weight of your tits in them, fingers squeezing into the soft flesh, the intensity of which increases the louder you moan. The pads of his thumbs flick at your nipples a couple of times, until your back arches and head is tossed back. That is when Jimin releases one of your boobs to cup the back of your neck and pull your gaze back to his. The tip of his thumb scrapes around your sensitive areola, all the while his fiery gaze stares into your soul.
And then, to run your sanity completely off the track, he lowers his face to the neglected mound and, slowly releasing the back of your neck, brings his other hand to cup the curve of your breast. His dark gaze never leaves yours when his lips make contact with your nipple, but yours leaves his when he envelops the nub into the warmth of his mouth as you clench your eyes shut and cry out.
“Mm hm,” he hums around your flesh and runs his tongue across the hard peak as if he’s licking up ice-cream. “You like it, baby?”
“L–love it, Jimin…”
Humming again, he gets to work, sucking on your boob with all his might. His other hand resumes work at the same time, massaging the other tit while his thumb presses against the nipple and twirls it around in an agonizingly pleasurable motion. His teeth make no delays in joining in on the torture, brushing over your skin slowly, and then when Jimin opens his mouth wider to wrap his tongue around the entirety of your bud, they press into the flesh just above your areola.
“Fuck fuuu~k!” 
You can barely formulate any coherent thought at this point, Jimin’s occasional grunts barely registering with you, especially after he changes sides and lets his tongue lap at the other nipple he’d been abusing with his thumb.
“Jim—in,” you whine, twisting up in your place – whether to escape the torturous fire in the pit of your belly or to delve further in it? You have no fucking idea. “Please… please…”
The guy responds by engulfing as much of your boob as he can in his mouth. You scream his name this time, and he responds with a deep grunt, placing both his hands on your waist as if to ground himself. Well, he’s grounding you too, because your head is among fucking clouds.
Sounds of wet, sloppy kisses fill the space around you, making it extremely difficult for you to open your eyes. But this is the opportunity of a lifetime, so you fight against the brain-melting pleasure to pry your eyelids apart – and take in the sight of Park Jimin's mouth working on your breast. His eyes are shut and brows are scrunched up in concentration. The graze of his plump, reddened lips against your skin is the most erotic sight you have ever seen in your entire life.
One of Jimin's hand journeys down past your hip to grip onto your thigh, while the other travels up to wrap around the back of your shoulder. He pulls his mouth off you with a wet plop, giving you barely any time to react to the shivers that his warm breath against your nipple sends through you, before he is smacking open mouthed kisses up your chest, tongue running over your collarbones, until he buries his face in your nape.
Your own hands shakily move from the chair's wood that you've definitely made a dent in, to brush through his hair and glide down his back. He still has his fucking jacket on, which annoys you but also makes you moan against his shoulder because he's gonna be coated in sweat and you'll get to lick it off his body.
"Hold on tight," Jimin suddenly mumbles into your neck.
And just as you've clutched one of your hands in his jacket and wrapped the other around his neck, one of his own folds a leg of yours around his waist and the other pushes against your back to heave you off of the chair. You're barely in the air for three seconds before he presses you against the wall of the trailer, fingers digging into your thigh and nails raking a path up to the ties of your bikini bottom. When he gets there, he slips past it to grab at your ass, though, not once detaching from where he's sucking at the skin of your neck. 
"You're so fucking thick," he groans against you before pulling back to stare at you with lidded eyes. "And so fucking soft, baby."
To emphasize, his hand obscenely squeezes at your ass cheek. You jump a little, immediately whining when he chuckles at your reaction. Pulling him closer by the hand you still have around his neck, you press your crotch up against his and grind, making him hiss at the friction.
"And you're so fucking hard," you tell him in the same wonderstruck voice he used, "baby."
Not allowing him much time to react, you spin the two of you around so that he’s the one pressed up against the wall. He looks surprised but you don’t miss the jump in his throat. And now. You lean away and admire Park Jimin in all his sweaty, sexy glory. Droplets run down the line of his slender throat, settling into the hollow above his collarbones. Some escape and hang on like precious gems from his nipples. Others, the quickest of all, race down the ridges of his tight abdomen.
It is your personal mission to collect every single one on your tongue.
Pressing your bare tits up against his damp chest and ignoring the cold from his jewelry, you fuse your lips to his neck, slowly running your tongue down the corded muscles there. Jimin’s hands hold your waist, fingers digging hard every time your teeth meet his skin, in time with the whiny breaths that escape his throat. You take your sweet time lapping up the salty liquid gathered around his collarbones, relishing the flavor of his skin at every inch you cover. The two chains that fall across his clavicle get in your way, and so you shift them away with your lips to press kisses to the skin beneath them quickly, before you move downwards.
Pushing the edges of his jacket away to shove it off of his body, you swipe your tongue across both his nipples, one by one, and then follow the rivulets of sweat down his abs. At one point, you seal your lips over tight muscle and suck like a starved bitch.
“Fuck, baby, love that…”
Oh, does he? You’re gonna bite your way through his abs.
Sitting on your haunches and eventually kneeling between his legs, the smoothest course of action to take from here is focusing on the straining length right in front of your face. One of his hands is braced on your shoulder, while the other rests softly atop your head.
You look up to find his lips parted and chest heaving. Delicious. And then you pull down his pants and then his boxers in quick succession. His dick is thick, long and leaking precum. Fucking delicious.
Wrapping your lips around the angry tip, you don’t need any prompting from Jimin to swallow this gorgeous, curvy length. He meets the back of your throat with ease, massive fucker, and his fingers immediately clench in your hair.
“Like that – just like that!”
You suck on him like your life depends on it, working your mouth up and down his girth, tongue massaging the velvety skin. Jimin tries to help by guiding your head with a hand, but he’s mostly too busy groaning your name in the sexiest of tones you’ve heard him use. The sounds have the pool of arousal in your panties growing at a continuous rate. Your hands take support from his sculpted thighs, and despite the entirety of your brain being driven to worship Jimin’s dick, the firmness of the muscle in his legs still manages to register with you. 
Is this guy all muscle on bone? Given the amount of muscles you can see, he’s gotta be really fucking strong. Fuck, you just got wetter.
You go deeper, this time actually swallowing when his head is lodged in your throat, and Jimin breaks into curses.
“I’m gonna—fuck, fuck, I’m gonna fucking come—”
You grant him the littlest of refuge by decreasing the depth of penetration, but your tongue still works on him tirelessly, until you feel the guy trembling against you. That is when you bring one of your hands up to cup his balls, softly massaging the tight sacs. 
“Ahh—I – fuck, fuck, fuck – b–b–baby, plea—ah! I’m—I’m gonna—”
Biting back whimpers of pleasure that rise up your throat at the desperate mess of broken moans escaping Jimin, you pull a little away and relax your throat to push him into the constricted depth again. And you move your head on him like a maniac, having him fuck your throat because you need it as much as he does. You need him to come like this – you need his thick release flooding your mouth, rolling down your throat. You need to fucking choke on his cum the way you’re choking on his cock. You need to swallow every single drop of it.
Another knead of his balls, and Jimin is hissing your name, his body stiffened but his cock pulsing. And one – two seconds later, spurts shoot out of his length, both his hands on your head to control the force of the jerks he makes against your face. 
He doesn’t know you don’t fucking care that your nose is pressed against his pelvis because your throat is busy working the thick load of his release down its channel so that nothing leaks out of your mouth. It’s a difficult feat to achieve given how much he’s spilled, but you’re euphoric cleaning it all up.
So euphoric, in fact, that you don’t really notice when he pulls you up into a standing position and takes your lips in a messy kiss. It’s only when Jimin tangles his tongue with yours with a groan that you realize the fact that the first time you kiss those dreamy lips is with his cum coating your tongue. But if he doesn’t mind, neither do you.
But you do need to catch your breath, so you’re the first to pull away. Jimin looks at you with actual hearts in his eyes. You grin at him.
“Best suck of your life, or what?”
Rolling his eyes, he pushes you onto the bed right behind you. You fall back, spread eagle, and he climbs up your body like a predator. But his eyes hold a distinct look that you can’t place. Is this afterglow? Or was this really the best suck of his life?
“Dude.” You nudge him when he’s straddling your thighs and stroking your stomach with his tongue trapped between his teeth. “Don’t fall in love with me.”
“Too late. My dick’s already in love with you.”
Warmth floods your cheeks, at both the compliment and the callback to the first ever sentence you said to him. It still holds true, though, so you don’t protest, not even when he smirks at you.
Jimin then picks up the chain lying haphazardly across your breasts to press it against one of your nipples. And then wrap it around the nub. When you gasp in pleasure spiked pain, he pulls the jewelry away and gives the nipple a comforting suck. You hold onto his hair with a hand, the other reaching up to clutch the sheets. At the same time, he works on untying your bottoms.
The moment the crochet falls off, Jimin descends your body, pressing hot kisses down your stomach. And then he’s licking a stripe down your clean shaven mound, to slip across your clit.
“Fuck! Jimin!”
“You’re so fucking wet, what the fuck…” He groans aloud, two fingers pulling your pussy lips apart. Your breath catches at the sight of him gazing so obscenely at your wet center. “Such a tiny pussy…and it’s fucking coated with your slick, baby…”
That is the last of his audible words before his lips latch on, tongue gliding past your entrance. Your back arches clean off the bed with that first stroke, rounded lips open on a silent scream. 
“You like that?”
“Fucking love it, Jimin…”
He’s chuckling against your thigh, nose nudging at the soft skin, before his mouth is back to your folds, pillowy lips making their way through the slick skin to press a suckling kiss to your clit.
“Oh, right there!”
Jimin flicks his tongue against the nub at your gasp. “Here?”
And he’s totally messing with you now, because before you can respond, his tongue slips past your slit again, satiny soft warmth against your labia that turns into cold stiffness when it’s inside your heated channel. Then he quickly pulls out and plants a light, closed mouth kiss to the hole he just exited.
“Or here?” 
A gurgle rises up your chest at the tease, and unintelligible words tumble out of your mouth.
“Ah, what’s that, baby?” he breathes against your wetness, voice loaded with humor.
“Every… everywhere,” you manage to heave out between your tumultuous breathing.
“Fuck,” comes a hiss from him, and a hand tweaks one of your nipples while the other rearranges your body to push you further up on the bed.
Trembles run through your legs when Jimin’s hands brace against the underside of your thighs to push them apart. He delves in with teeth this time, nipping at your turgid bundle of nerves before he pushes his blunt front teeth up against its hood to allow his tongue complete, unobstructed access to wrap around your clit. And you sob, breathless and shaking, your mind a blank slate, at the precipice of exploding with blinding pleasure.
Jimin shifts his focus, then, running his teeth past your clit and making you shriek in surprised pleasure as if it's nothing, and pushes his tongue in you again. This time, he is rough and strong, plunging deep into your heat with that long tongue of his, and licking up your juices from inside of you. The motion sends your mind spiraling through a frenzy, which combined with the rhythmic bumping of his plump upper lip against your clit, has you at the brink of your release in no time.
Whimpering, you reach out to fist a hand in the tuft of his thick hair, and brace the other one on the forearm he has wrapped around your thigh. You blink down at him through crusty, wet eyelashes, moaning loudly at the lewd sight of his head pressed up between your legs. Alerted by your touch and sounds, his eyes flutter up, meeting yours across the span of your body, through the valley of your breasts. They house molten desire, thick and swirly, and all you can do is shudder uncontrollably when that gaze pushes you off the cliff.
“F–f–fuck, I’m coming, I’m—oh fuck!”
The walls of your pussy clamp down on his tongue, convulsing as they push out your juices all over his mouth, while your entire body breaks into gooseflesh, warm spasms wrecking you from head to toe under the weight of the climax that crashes into you.
Jimin licks you clean through it, and by the time you’ve stopped shaking and can recollect your brain which feels as if it has been spilled all over the place, he’s kissing his way up your body. Tongue licking a line across your lower tummy, he sucks a bruise into your waist.
“J–Jimin,” you call for him, weak and desperate, but with no idea about what you want from him.
He responds by biting into the flesh right beneath your belly-button. “I got you, baby…”
Does he? He probably knows what you want.
Slowly crawling up to hover above you on his hands and knees, Jimin entire focus is on the chain that dangles from his neck and drags up your abdomen, the small cold spherical metallic pendant cutting a line of goosebumps across your sternum, to rest snugly in your collarbones. But Jimin isn’t satisfied with that, so he moves himself a couple inches lower, rolling the metal ball down your body and running it up the slope of one of your breasts to rest it next to the bunched up bikini top he's got tucked beneath your boobs.
"Nah, this needs to go," he suddenly muses out loud, grabbing at the fabric along with your chain that’s entwined with it, and pulling them above your boobs, prompting you to raise your arms as he rolls the material away from your head.
Just as the fabric and chain combination touches your wrists, though, he stops. Tilts his head to a side to observe it, squinting at your wrists with a dark gaze, and then he does something that tightens the cloth and metal over your wrists. 
Oh. You're – oh. He's tied your hands together. They now rest against the wall above the pillow on his bed, and damn, it shouldn't be as arousing as it is. But the intensity of Jimin's stare when he scans your naked body from top to bottom has your breath catching and mouth drying up.
"Such a beautiful, beautiful body," he slowly whispers, his words condensing in the heated space between you two. One of his hands reaches up to paw at your boob, while the other grabs at the flesh on your hip. "So fucking responsive," he hisses when your nipple hardens within seconds, and swoops down to lick a wet strip across it. 
You shiver, proving his words, and blink up at him in anticipation. You must’ve released nothing short of a lake of wetness on his covers at this point, and every little ministration from him is just turning it into a sea.
Removing the hand on your hip to relocate it between your legs, Jimin brushes his finger lightly through your swollen folds. His gaze stays steady on yours, while your eyes roll into the back of your head.
"Look at all these juices this sweet pussy keeps leaking," he sighs, bringing his hand up to show you his glistening digits that you are able to focus on with much difficulty. "Soaking my fingers when I haven't even entered you yet, baby?"
He pops them into his mouth, shutting his eyes to clean them up with a lewd slurp. Then his lids part again, heavier than before, and his fingers return to your center.
"This is the pussy that's in love with me, huh?"
Surprised at the question – more like shocked at the realization that he hasn’t let go of this, yet – you gape at him cluelessly. That is all it takes for his hand to clench in a rough squeeze on your boob in punishment.
Oh fuck. Oh fuck. You're going to die if this man doesn’t fuck you soon.
"Y–yes, Jimin," you whimper.
"You were so ready to throw yourself at me outside, baby," he mocks you in a sweet voice, quite opposite to the rough thrust his fingers make inside of you at the same time. "My pretty little slut… Would’ve let me fuck her out there if I wanted… Ready to let me strip and bend her over in public because she was dripping, huh? Such a pretty little slut…”
His fingers smash against your g-spot at a bruising pace, cleansing your mind of all thoughts that don’t comprise the pressure building your abdomen, Jimin’s dark eyes and his clenched jaw. 
Tunnel visioned and unilateral minded, you do not catch the context of his next question at all: "Aren’t you?"
Your body jumps with each rough push of his index and middle finger inside of you, and your brain refuses to cooperate.
Jimin’s hand on your boob jostles you, eyebrows furrowing as if in anger, but then he clarifies, "Tell me you're my pretty little slut.”
"I–I–I’m your… your lih–little s–s–s–slut!" you struggle to formulate, brainlessly parroting his words while your eyes seal shut and tears accumulate at the corners.
"Pretty!" he admonishes, reminding you of the word you missed by twisting your nipple.
You jump, whimpering in pain but moaning in pleasure because Jimin’s warm mouth is right there to lick the sting away from the sensitive bud. Roughly swallowing past your dry throat, you frown to focus on the instructions given to you, and try again.
"P–pretty… pretty little slu–slut!"
"Whose pretty little slut?"
Oh that you do know. "Yours! Jimin's!"
"Look at you, fuck.” Jimin groans and you hear some rustling before he’s hovering over you, a hand braced next to your head, his bulging bicep next to your face and his lips skimming up your jaw. “Do you wanna come, baby?”
"Yes! Please, Jimin! Please make me come!” 
His nose nudges against yours before his tongue licks at your lower lip. “You want it that bad? What will you do for it?”
You seriously do not have any braincells left to come up with crazy promises, so you settle on, “Anything!”
“Oh? Is that so? You’d do anything to come for me?"
And you’re just nodding, accepting his kisses despite the burn in your lungs, literally risking it all to just have this knot behind your belly-button explode into a mind-blowing release.
“Should I open the doors? Invite the entire set to watch what a filthy whore we have here, hm?”
You have never in your life considered yourself to be an exhibtionist in any capacity, and so his words make your eyes flutter open in confusion. But – what confuses you more, is the sudden clench your pussy gives at the prospect, making both yours and Jimin’s eyes widen. You tug at your restraints when he grins, shaking your head to clarify that you’re not actually a whore, this is probably just an ego thing because being pressed between Park Jimin and his bed is an honor. 
But just then, he is pulling his fingers out of you with a loud squelch, leaving you shrieking, gasping, stunned – bereft. “Jimin! What—I was so clo—mmph!”
His wet fingers shut you up, sliding through your lips to settle on your tongue. Then he raises an eyebrow. “Whores don’t get to come, baby. Only good girls do.”
You try to speak with his fingers literally in your mouth and a garbled bunch of nothing comes out. Jimin chuckles.
“What? You’re a good girl, now?”
You nod your head, wide-eyed and empty-lunged. 
“Oh, sweetheart.” He presses a messy kiss to the underside of your jaw, smiling so wide, his eyes squint. “A good girl cleans up after her. You wanna be a good girl?”
Eyes rounded further, you nod harder.
“Lick my fingers clean.”
With a gusty inhale through your nose, you lick over and around his digits. Spit dribbles down the side of your mouth, but neither you nor Jimin care, your gazes trained on each other. His own mouth parts after a while, tongue resting at one corner as he slowly extracts his now clean fingers. Wow, you did a good job.
Smacking your lips, you puff up your chest and flash him a smile. But the action presses your breasts up against his chest, and Jimin snaps. Shuffling around the drawer next to the bed for a foil packet, he’s quickly covering his stiff cock in rubber. He’s so fucking hard again, you’re in love with his dick.
And then he has your thighs spread and fitted around his waist, while his strong hands press into your forearms to keep them in place above your head, and – fuck. 
His necklace is dangling between the two of you.
Swinging daintily, seductively, from his body to yours, the pendant skims your heated, sweat soaked tits with its cold, smooth surface. And Jimin watches that movement in transfixation.
“Need you to fuck me…”
His gaze slowly rises to yours, lips twisted and eyebrows lowered. “Do you, baby?”
“Are you a good girl now?”
You nod vigorously. “Very good girl, Jimin.”
He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. “Mm hm. We’ll see how good you actually are, sweetheart…” Lining himself up with a hand, he begins to push inside of you. “Tell me if it hurts.”
Catching the serious look on his face, you give a quick nod. He’s an attentive lover and it’s amazing of him to be so aware because he’s fucking huge down there. But. Right now, you think it will hurt you more if he doesn’t enter you.
Gradually inching in until his thick length is all the way in you, he moves one hand to hold onto your makeshift handcuff, while he braces the other on your ribcage, beneath your boob. And fuck, he fills you up so good. 
After he’s made one – two – three experimentive, light thrusts, he picks up pace. And then he fucking rocks your world, going hard as hell to pound against that one sensitive spot withing your channel that is normally elusive to your lovers, but this man apparently has a superpower of locating with every appendage of his. 
Sweat builds, collects and then drips down his body, as it does yours, and the entirety of the trailer seems to shake a little – but the way Jimin’s necklace dangles between you two occupies all of your focus. You stare at the strangely seductive sight, mesmerized, until the pressure in your pelvis builds again and forces you to shut your eyes.
“Ah, what’s this?” Jimin pants into your ear, flicking his tongue over the earlobe. “Are you close already?”
That sounds like a trick question, but you can’t really lie when he is literally inside of you and can feel your walls tightening. “Yes…”
“That doesn’t sound like a good girl to me, baby… Didn’t you say you were a very good girl?” He clicks his tongue, brushing his lips over yours to breathe out, “You gotta wait for me, sweetheart. Good girls wait.”
The promise of praise has your entire body locking in itself to contain the surges of pleasure from flowing to the last of your nerve endings, but it's hard. Because the way Jimin is leaning over your body makes his hips meet yours such that they press up against your clit with every stroke. 
You give up and sob, bleary eyes opening to look at Jimin’s concentrated face. “I’m very—ah! V–very close, Jimin… C–ca–can’t—”
“You can’t hold it?” he snarls, expressions morphing into one of determination. “Whores don’t get to come, remember?”
And you predict it before he even makes the move, so you dig your heels into the plump cushions of his ass, keeping him from pulling out, with a whine of, “No~o! No, please, I’ll – I’ll hold it! Promise! Just – just don’t fucking stop, Jimin!”
He nibbles on his bottom lip, forehead in a crease as he looks at you, movements slowed down but not stopped. “I really don’t wanna stop, baby,” he tells you with a pout, grabbing your jaw with his fingers digging in on one side and thumb on the other. “So you better not fucking come.” With gritted teeth, he lifts your hips off the bed and fucks you harder. “Ah shit! Look at how good you take it, fuck… Tight fucking pussy – so sweet!” 
He then buries his face in your boobs, licking up and around the globes, while you clench your eyes as tightly shut as you can, gritting your teeth to stop the fire from spreading through your body. 
After one particularly hard thrust that seems to reach your womb, though, you’re at the verge of breaking. You will either explode in an orgasm or fucking die of depravation. And so you shake your head, sobbing so hard, your tears spill on to Jimin’s hair.
“I–I–I can’t, Jimin, I really really really—please let me c–c–c–come! Please please ple~ase, Jimin—”
“Fuck, baby,” he moans against your nipple, lifting his head to look at you through troubled eyes. “You’re fucking killing me with that begging—so fucking delectable!”
You’re still blinking in bewilderment when he reaches up to pull your lips in a kiss. Teeth biting into your lip and tongue licking against yours, he pulls back within just seconds and tips his forehead against yours.
And then, in a soft whisper that feels more intimate and softer than anything you’ve shared with him so far, Jimin tells you, “Come for me, my good girl.”
Your pussy gets the message before your ears do, and it clamps down hard on his dick – making Jimin gasp with his puffy lips perfectly rounded and wide eyes looking into yours. It loosens that grip just the next moment, though, delving into a series of convulsions that churn out Jimin’s impending orgasm out of him, too. Your eyes close at some point, too lost to the electricity flowing through your veins and the explosions happening in every corner of your head. With your legs still locked around him, you both shudder through your orgasms together, twitching and whimpering for a while after the waves have rolled over and ceased.
Catching your breath is harder than you thought, and opening your eyes is something you don’t even wanna do. Jimin pulls out from you with a muted curse and you feel him leave you alone on the bed. Then, too, you keep your eyes shut, drained out of energy.
But you do open them eventually when you feel his hands untangling yours from the confines of crochet and metal. And it’s embarrassing how the sight of his naked chest, inches from you, sends a spasm through your body again– when you’ve just had your world knocked off its axis by the force of the orgasm he gave you.
“There,” Jimin tells you in a rasp, sounding fully fucked out, but just as delicious as before. “Your hands feel okay?”
You pull them down, wincing a bit at the tug in your elbow, but then nod. “Yeah, they’re okay. Thanks.”
Jimin sits back with a smirk, holding your bikini top in one hand and the jewelry you wore for the commercial in the other.
Oh, shit the commercial. 
You quickly sit up in horror, bracing a hand against your head when it spins. “Jimin, the shoot! We – we ruined our outfits… and the product…”
He offers you a bottle of water, chuckling. “Which is nothing to worry about at all. These are just samples,” he clarifies, raising the hand with your chain in it, “and I already told Jeremy to arrange for spare outfits.”
You take a few sips of water and look at Jimin in awe. You’re very tempted to ask him how regularly he does this. “You prepare for everything, huh? Impressive.”
Tossing your clothes and jewelry aside, he runs a hand through his hair – a sinfully sexy gesture that makes you sigh – and wiggles his eyebrows at you. “Almost everything. I never could’ve prepared for the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on telling me her pussy is in love with me.”
Hissing a breath out, you narrow your eyes and punch his firm bicep. Jimin just giggles and rolls away to the foot of the bed to duck. “You’re the worst, you know!”
“Ah ah – that’s not what your pussy was saying a few minutes ago!”
He’s standing up, now, correcting his pants, and you look around for something to cover yourself up. A purple hoodie lands next to you. You look at Jimin with your eyebrows raised in alarm.
“Relax, I’m not tryna be couple-y.” He rolls his eyes with a scoff. And then smiles. “Wear this until they get you a change of clothes. You look like you came here in a cab and not a trailer.”
You nod, a little bashful and a lot grateful, but very careful about your boundaries. This has been the best fuck of your life – but Jimin is still an A-lister, serial-fucking his way through the industry. 
It’d be kinda nice to be friends with him, though.
“You know for what it’s worth,” Jimin says after you’re done settling into the piece of clothing he loaned you, “I’m in love with your pussy, too.”
Nope, it won’t be nice being friends with him, at all.
Your affronted gasp echoes around the space, immediately followed by loud giggles that belong to Jimin. You toss a bottle at his head – but you’re laughing, too.
Maybe you’ll send Hoseok an actual gift basket, after this.
Damn, what a day.
Tumblr media
© jimilter | 2022
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dntaewithluv · a month ago
Private Lesson | myg
Tumblr media
Your little sister finds it odd how you've been taking private lessons from her piano teacher for over a month now, but she hasn't heard you actually play even once...
🎹 Pairing: pianoteacher/pianist!yoongi x reader
🎹 Word Count: 5.5k
🎹 Rating: 18+
🎹 Genre: Friends with benefits to lovers, piano teacher/pianist au, smut, fluff, minor drama/angst
🎹 Warnings: Y/N is lying to her younger sister, explicit language, we love secretly hooking up with our sister's hot piano teacher 🤩, making out, biting/marking, Yoongi has some dom tendencies, groping, there's an actual piano lesson and it's wholesome until it's not™️, Yoongi plays his sabotage card 😈, explicit sexual content, lots of teasing/taunting, rubbing, fingering, multiple orgasms, cum eating/feeding, oral (f receiving), hair pulling, scratching, brief handjob, unprotected sex (pls be safe), sex on top of Yoongi's first love (the piano 👀), it's fluffy and wholesome at the end, Y/N lets Yoongi keep her underwear, really the only drama/angst is because they're hooking up in secret oof
A/N: Funny how I forget this man owns me until I see him again and then it's painfully clear 🥹 This was inspired by and spiraled into this™️ after the YTC concert this weekend. It felt really good to be inspired and motivated to write something again, so I really hope you enjoy this if you decide to check it out 🥰 Thank you as always for your patience and kindness and support I purple you always 💜
Tumblr media
“Okay, Faith, I’m heading out.” you called out as you made your way towards the front door, “Should be back in an hour or so.”
Your fifteen-year-old sister, seated at the kitchen table, looked up from her phone, “You know, I really just don’t understand why you don’t just sign up for one of his classes. I know he offers them specifically for adults. It’d probably be way cheaper than whatever you’re paying for all these private lessons.”
You laughed at her remark, trying your best not to let your nerves show.
“I told you, I don’t feel comfortable playing in front of other people. Too much pressure, and too many pairs of eyes on you. Having one person there makes me nervous enough.”
Your little sister stared back at you, seeming to search your face for some answer to whatever she was looking for.
“Yeah, but, Y/N, you won’t even play in front of me. And I’m your sister. You’d think after six weeks worth of lessons, you’d at least be able to do that. Wouldn’t it be cool for us to be able to play something together sometime?”
You felt a twinge of guilt pierce you at her words and the look on her face. You nervously chewed on your bottom lip as you wracked your brain for a response that would satisfy her.
“Tell you what, Faith. I’ll ask Yoo-I mean Mr. Min to teach me one of the pieces you guys are working on in class, and we’ll try to play together soon. Sound good?” you proposed, hoping it would suffice for now.
Faith’s expression shifted, and you were grateful to see that she didn’t look nearly as upset.
“Yeah, okay, sounds good. Have a good lesson.” she said with a small smile before turning back to her phone.
You waited to let out your sigh of relief until you were on the other side of the door. Well that had been fucking close.
Your anxiety only grew more heightened as you pulled up to the familiar condo. No longer feelings of guilt, but of excitement and anticipation. You felt yourself walk a little too fast up to the door, finger immediately reaching out to push the doorbell. You held your breath as you always did when the door was being swung open. And then there he was.
It was truly unfair how hot he looked today and every time you saw him. He had a plain white tee tucked into a pair of high waisted black pants, a single silver chain hanging from his neck. His long, dark, gorgeous locks cascaded down either side of his handsome face. Every single part of you was buzzing.
“And here I was starting to think that maybe you were going to stand me up for our lesson.” he greeted you, eyes giving you a very obvious once over.
Heat washed over you.
“You know I would never.” you voiced, a hint of playfulness in your tone, “I need the practice, and you and I both know it.”
An amused smirk took over his features, “You know I’m always more than happy to oblige a student in need. Please, come in, and we can get started.”
You sauntered past him and into the condo, feeling his gaze on you all the while. No sooner had he closed the door behind you, than you were being pushed up against it, Yoongi hastily crashing his lips against your own. You matched his urgency as your mouths moved together, and your hands slid up into his midnight strands.
He was always more worked up, more rough, anytime you were late. Anytime you had kept him waiting. Today was no exception as he practically swallowed you, his fingers surely making imprints across the skin of your hips from how hard he was pushing you against the door.
His teeth nipped harshly at your lips as his tongue tangled messily with yours. That wild look you had come to know all too well over the past six weeks was present in his dark eyes when he suddenly pulled back from you.
“Well, shit.” you rasped, laughing slightly, “I missed you too.”
Yoongi’s response was to begin hungrily kissing down your neck, and you sighed out as you held him against you.
“You were all I could think about all fucking day.” he murmured as his lips seared against your skin.
“Mmm, you might’ve crossed my mind a time or two.” you teased back, and Yoongi growled against your neck before sinking his teeth into you.
You cried out, your head falling back against the door. He pushed one of his legs between yours and pressed his thigh against you, making you let out a whimper as his tongue simultaneously soothed the spot on your neck. His leg pressed harder and you gasped sharply, “You really wanna be a brat today? After you were already late? Think carefully about your decision, darling.”
It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to be honest. And you knew you would struggle to come up with a reason to explain to Faith why you couldn’t walk the next day…
“No…no. I’ll be good, Yoongi.”
He kissed you just behind your ear, hot breath hitting your skin, “Smart girl. Looks like I’ve been teaching you something these last several weeks after all.”
He immediately went back to sucking color into your neck as his fingers slipped beneath your sun dress and began trailing up the inside of your thigh. His other hand roughly pulled down the strap of your dress to expose your shoulder and some of your chest. Your mind was starting to go fuzzy. The way it always did when you were with Yoongi. But the mention of his teaching reminded you of your promise to Faith.
“Yoongi.” you tried, but it came out as a moan from the way his teeth scraped against your collarbone.
His free hand groped at your breast over your clothes while his fingers started to dip between your thighs. It wouldn’t be long before you would be lost in your pleasure. Lost in him.
“Yoongi, wait.”
You’d actually managed to find your voice this time, and Yoongi was immediately pulling back to look at you as his hand retreated out from underneath your dress.
“Darling, what is it?” he queried, concern briefly flashing across his handsome features.
“It’s just…it’s my sister.”
Yoongi’s eyes went wide, “Wait, does Faith know about us?”
“No, no.” you reassured him quickly, “At least I don’t think she does. But, she is starting to wonder why after six weeks of lessons that she hasn’t heard me play. Like, at all.”
You watched as Yoongi processed this information, and marveled at how cute his thinking face was. You desperately wanted to be kissing him again, but it would have to wait for now.
“So, what you’re saying is, that you think our weekly “piano lessons” should actually be used for piano lessons?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you.
“I mean, we can definitely still have sex. But I do think I should at least start becoming more familiar with the piano if we wanna keep this under wraps like we have been.” you explained further, looping your arms around Yoongi’s neck as you talked.
His hands came to rest on your hips once again, “You know, darling, I think I have the perfect solution.”
This time you lifted your eyebrows at him. You knew he was fucking with you, but you still decided to ask anyway.
“Oh, and what solution is that?”
Yoongi gripped you harder, making your dress bunch up slightly in his hold.
“I could fuck you on my piano. That would definitely help you become more familiar with it.” he mused, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.
You rubbed your thighs together before you could stop yourself, and Yoongi, of course, noticed immediately. You quickly tried to defuse the rapidly mounting tension.
“Yoon, I’m serious about this. It’s really important to my sister, and at least this way what I’m telling her won’t be a complete lie. Just teach me some of the basics so I have something to show from all these “lessons”. Pleeeeeeease Yoonie.” you pleaded sweetly, and the piano teacher revealed his gums when he smiled at you.
“Alright, alright. You’re right, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. And if anyone’s gonna teach you, it should be me.” he relented before taking both of your hands and leading you over to one of the many pianos he had in his luxurious condo.
This particular one was displayed right by his wall of glass windows. Sunlight filtered through the panes and fell on the inviting instrument. Yoongi gestured for you to take a seat on the bench, and you let out a slightly nervous giggle before sitting down. You only missed his warmth for a second before he was right next to you, hip bumping against yours.
His fingers hovered over the keys with such a natural grace, and all you could do was stare at him in awe for a moment. He belonged here. That was clear as day. He positioned his foot on the pedal below, closed his eyes, and began to play. The notes were soft and delicate, as was his touch against the keys.
He looked so beautiful like this, and you felt your breath catch in your chest. It was as if he and the instrument were one and the same, sharing the same soul. He was lost in it, and the music was lost in him. Out of everything you and Yoongi had done since the two of you had started hooking up, this, this, felt the most intimate.
You were overcome with the sudden realization that you were starting to fall in love with him, and nothing had ever scared you more in your entire life. Yoongi’s eyes suddenly fluttered open, and you weren’t prepared for the calm intensity in them when he turned to you. Without taking his hands off the keys, he leaned over and gently brought his lips to yours.
You felt yourself flush furiously because this was a different kind of kiss. Not the kind that had heat surging through you and craving more, more, more. The kind that made your heart stutter in your chest and sent every part of you fluttering. A kiss that made you think that maybe, just maybe, he was starting to fall for you too.
The two of you broke apart, but the closeness remained.
“I don’t know if I ever told you,” Yoongi began softly, warm breath hitting your lips, “but the piano was actually my first love.”
He grew shy suddenly, cheeks heating at the admission as his hands froze over the keys. He had really shown you something so precious. Something that was at the very core of who he was. All you could think about was how honored and lucky you felt that he had chosen to share it with you.
You smiled warmly at him, “Well, then, I’m honored to meet her. Thank you for sharing this with me. You really play so beautifully.”
He blushed deeper, and his gums poked out when he grinned bashfully back at you. The moment felt as delicate as the notes he’d just been pulling from the piano. You found yourself wanting to stay in it for as long as possible. But then Yoongi suddenly cleared his throat and brushed his hands nervously over his pants.
“Okay, your turn now.”
“You really expect me to follow that up?” you questioned back, the nerves beginning to settle over you once more.
Yoongi chuckled, the sound dancing in his eyes, “Of course not. I’m just gonna show you some basic scales.”
You playfully bumped his shoulder with your own.
“Show off.” you remarked teasingly.
“Don’t act like I didn’t just woo the fuck out of you with my piano skills.” he quipped back, flashing you a cocky smirk.
You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face, betraying you.
“Okay, fine. Consider me wooed. I guess you can court me now or whatever. After our lesson of course.” you reminded him, and Yoongi swept his hand over the top of the keyboard as if to say “All yours”.
As promised, Yoongi taught you some of the basic scales. It was honestly so hard to concentrate though because there was something so sexy about when he went into teacher mode. Especially once he covered your hands with his own to guide them over the keys. Your brain just went completely blank anytime his hands were on you.
“You know, you could always just join one of my classes. If you wanted to.” he voiced as he helped maneuver your hands.
“Yeaaaaah, something tells me I wouldn’t be able to learn very much. I’d be too distracted by the hot teacher.” you replied cheekily.
Yoongi’s grip on your hands tightened briefly, and you smirked to yourself. But then he switched to teasingly trailing his fingers over your hands and up your arms and back down again, sending shivers through you with his phantom touch.
“I don’t think I’d be able to concentrate either.” he started, his mouth right next to your ear, “There’d only be one thing I’d want to have my hands on…and it wouldn’t be the piano.”
He pulled your ear between his teeth, and you squirmed next to him on the bench. His lips traveled along the length of your jaw, warm and hungry. You sighed out as you leaned into his touch, “Well I feel properly educated for the day. You were a great teacher.”
He hummed, and his mouth vibrated over your throat.
“Mmm, I want you to play the C major scale I showed you before we finish up our lesson for today.”
You pouted even though he couldn’t see it.
“Yoonieeee.” you whined, his teeth grazing your skin in response.
“Play the scale, and then we can start our real lesson.”
You hesitantly raised your fingers over the keys, trying to remember what he had literally just taught you. You pressed down on the first few keys, feeling a tiny victory at the familiar sound. You felt a little more confident going forward now. Until Yoongi sabotaged you by sliding one of his hands over your shoulder and down the front of your dress. He squeezed your breast, and you cried out as your finger struck the wrong key.
“Yoongi.” you scolded him, but he paid you no mind as he continued to knead your soft flesh and bruise your skin with his harsh mouth.
His thumb flicked over your nipple, and you jerked on the bench.
“Start again.” he said simply.
Fuck. This was going to be impossible.
Your hands were shaking this time as you positioned them back over the keys. You willed all your concentration and focus to be on playing the right keys in the scale, and not on Yoongi’s other hand, which was now starting to slip under your dress. You held your breath, making it about halfway through before your hands slammed down on the piano from the feeling of his fingers dipping beneath the waistband of your panties.
“How in the fuck do you expect me to do this?” you demanded in frustration, your body beginning to tremble slightly.
His long digits glided through your folds, teasing you, and your hands curled into fists against your knees.
“Focus. Start again. Play the scale.” he pressed, the words searing against the skin of your shoulder.
Maybe if you just got through the scale as fast as possible. You discovered, however, that when your speed increased, so did the speed of Yoongi’s fingers as they rubbed over your aching core. Your head had nearly slammed down into the keys. You whimpered and started again, slower this time. Yoongi immediately slowed down with you. It took all of your strength and willpower to block him out, but soon you had reached the second to last note in the scale. You prepared to play the final note, but suddenly shot up from the bench when one of Yoongi’s fingers pushed inside of you, “Yoongi, fuck!”
He used his free hand to push you back down and hold you in place before inserting a second digit, making you writhe on the bench.
“Again. You almost had it that time.” he taunted you, and you could see his wicked smirk out of the corner of your eye.
He opted for just watching you this time as you started the scale again, but his hand didn’t cease its movements between your legs. His fingers plunged inside of you, crooking and twisting in a way that was nothing short of sinful. You had reached the last few notes again, you were so close. Yoongi’s thumb brushed over your neglected clit, and you yanked your hands down to your lap to keep from playing a wrong key as you nearly let out a sob.
“Oh, darling, you’re so close. Finish it.”
Your hands were shaking so violently now, but you still somehow managed to play the last few keys without any more errors. All the built up tension and pressure had you releasing all over Yoongi’s fingers as soon as your hands left the keys, and he hissed next to you.
Your body was still trembling in his hold, and you panted heavily as you struggled to regain your senses. Yoongi reached out with his clean hand to pull the cover back over the keys before withdrawing his other one from between your thighs. His coated fingers were slipping past your lips a moment later and pressing down on your tongue. You were still feeling hazy, but you sucked them clean without needing to be asked, Yoongi humming in approval.
He stood up from the bench a moment later, and reached down to lift you up and perch you on top of the piano, your head still spinning. His hands slid up your thighs, fingers digging in slightly. He pressed a kiss to the inside of your knee before slowly moving higher, the feeling of his wicked tongue making you grip onto the sides of the piano.
His fingers twisted into your waistband before pulling your panties down your legs and setting them on the bench next to him. Yoongi pushed your dress up to your hips to expose your dripping cunt, and his eyes blew out at the sight. His gaze flicked up to meet yours, and you could see the desire, the hunger, pulsing through him. You clenched around nothing.
“Lay back for me, darling.” he instructed calmly.
Your heartbeat was deafening as your back met the wood underneath you. You let out a yelp when Yoongi wrapped his arms around your thighs and yanked you to the edge of the piano.
“Fuck. You have no idea how much I’ve been dying to taste you again.” he rasped out, and your fingers scratched against the wood.
He dove right in and started cleaning up your release, your back arching off of the piano as you gasped sharply. Yoongi ate you out messily, his grunts permeating the air while his face was buried in your cunt. The things he could do with his mouth, his tongue, had to be some kind of artform. A skill he had finely tuned much like his talent for the piano.
Your hands reached down to tangle in his long, fluffy hair as his tongue fucked into you. His nose kept bumping against your clit, making your nails scrape over his scalp.
“Oh my god, Yoongi.”
One of his hands snaked its way up your writhing body to roughly grab at your breast. Your body twisted on the wood when you felt his mouth suddenly envelop your bundle of nerves.
“Fuck. Fuck! Yoongi!” you cried out as he vigorously sucked at your clit, tongue flicking over the bud in quick strokes.
He always made you come undone with his mouth faster than anyone ever had, and today was no exception as you felt your high speeding towards you. His fingers dug into your skin harshly as he continued to eat your cunt like he was starving for you. You pulled hard against his dark strands, and Yoongi growled before grazing your clit with his teeth. Your desperate, breathy moans filled the air as you practically convulsed on top of the piano.
“Close…Yoon…” you panted out.
“Come for me, darling.” Yoongi coaxed, voice husky and dark, “Wanna feel you on my tongue.”
He nipped at your bud again, and you sobbed his name as you fell to pieces. Yoongi kept devouring your cunt until you were shivering in overstimulation and whimpering feebly. You felt him finally surface, and it took all your strength to even lift up your head to look at him.
His breathing was ragged, hair wild, chestnut irises nearly black, and his lips glistened with your release. You moaned softly as you watched his tongue swipe across his mouth to finish cleaning you off of his face. He looked absolutely wasted off of you.
“Always so fucking delicious. Could stay buried in your sweet little cunt all day.” he remarked, and you were caught off guard by how fucked out he sounded.
“I think I would die if you did.” you offered back weakly, making Yoongi laugh, his gums peeking out adorably.
“Alright, darling, watch out. I’m coming up there.” he said, and in your post orgasm haze you really thought he was joking.
But within a few swift movements, he had hoisted himself up and was hovering over your shocked figure.
“Wait, are you… You’re, you’re actually gonna fuck me on your piano?” you asked incredulously as you blinked up at him.
Yoongi shifted so you could feel just how hard he was as he brushed against you, “Wanna know a secret? It’s actually always been a fantasy of mine.”
You let out a small gasp as his admission washed over you.
“You mean, you’ve never done this? With anyone? Like ever?” you questioned further, genuinely feeling dumbfounded.
“Never.” Yoongi answered, flashing you a shy smile, “What do you say, darling? You wanna be my first?”
Your heart constricted in your chest at his choice of words. The fact that he wanted to share this first with you. That you would be the one to fulfill this fantasy for him. Warmth spread over your entire body.
“Yoongi Min, I would be honored to take your piano virginity.” you tried to say as seriously as you could manage, but as soon as Yoongi started chuckling, so did you.
“Please, taking you on my piano is my honor.” he voiced thoughtfully before leaning down to kiss you.
You immediately came to life beneath him, your hands finding their familiar home in his hair. You could taste yourself on his tongue as he devoured your mouth. Growing impatient, you made a grab for his pants. Yoongi smirked into the kiss as his hands joined yours to help free him from the confines of his clothes. He sat up momentarily to slip his white tee over his head and sweep his messy locks back from his face, top half bare except for the silver chain laying against his skin.
You shamelessly ogled his broad chest and defined muscles, your eyes trailing down his body to his achingly hard cock that bounced back up against his stomach.
“God,” you whispered as you reached for him, “you are so fucking hot.”
Yoongi flushed at the compliment, letting out a hiss when your eager hand wrapped around him a moment later.
“Like it’s seriously unfair.” you whined as you began giving him a few teasing pumps, and Yoongi groaned beautifully in response.
“What’s unfair is how unbelievably sexy you look right now. Fucked out on top of my piano, just waiting to be stuffed full of cock. Begging to be aren’t you, darling?”
God, he was so fucking hot when he was cocky. You needed him so bad, there was no point in delaying things any further. You released your hold on him and stretched your arms out above your head, inviting him with your eyes, “Do your worst, piano man.”
“Oh, I am going to wreck you.” he growled out before descending on you, and you let out a squeal as his body pressed down on you.
He intertwined his hands with your own, keeping them pinned above your head as his tip prodded at your entrance. He gave them a tight squeeze as he began pushing further past your walls, both of you moaning out at the sensation of feeling him inside you again. You arched into him at the stretch, and Yoongi placed a kiss on your shoulder.
“Always so tight, darling, fucking hell. You take my cock so well. Love fucking you open like this, feels so good.”
You preened at his praise, your head shooting up suddenly to connect your lips. Yoongi groaned into your mouth, finally bottoming out inside of you. Your legs came up to wrap around his waist as you kissed him furiously. Yoongi squeezed against your intertwined hands while he slowly drew back out before slamming all the back in with a harsh thrust that knocked all the air from your lungs. He quickly created a rhythm, driving his cock between your walls in swift, but powerful movements, your body sliding further up the piano with each stroke.
“Fuck…Yoongi.” you moaned brokenly as you lost the energy to keep kissing him.
He breathed hot air into your mouth as he continued fucking the life out of you. You held each other’s hands so tight it hurt, but it also served as an anchor to this moment and to each other. Yoongi grunted, hips snapping roughly with every thrust. Your head was starting to go fuzzy again, and you knew you wouldn’t last super long after he’d already pulled two orgasms from you today.
Yoongi released your hands suddenly, his fingers immediately snaking into your hair, tangling and pulling at the strands. Your hands latched onto his broad shoulders, and dug into his skin as he reached the deepest part of you again and again. Yoongi let out a snarl, “Fuck. You gonna scratch me up again today? Love when you leave your mark on me. A reminder of just how good I fuck you. Isn’t that right, darling?”
But you were beyond words, only able to respond with moans and whimpers as you clenched around him.
“Your perfect little cunt is squeezing me so tight, shit. You gonna come for me again, darling?”
Tears blurred your vision. Everything felt too good. Yoongi felt too good. His cock dragged inside of you at an agonizing pace, making you feel every inch of him. You bit down hard on Yoongi’s shoulder as your nails raked down his back, pulling a string of moans from him in response.
You felt one of his hands leave your hair and trail down the length of your body. His fingers strummed across your aching clit, and you let out a scream as everything inside of you snapped. Yoongi swore loudly as you came all over his cock, and he began fucking you with renewed vigor. You just held onto him for dear life, body shuddering, as he chased his own high.
He fisted your hair tightly in his free hand, groaning and panting as he continued rutting into you. His other hand gripped your hip hard enough to bruise, like he was holding onto you for dear life too. His thrusts began to stutter, and he leaned down to clumsily kiss you.
“Ah,” he moaned against your lips, “ah fuck.”
He twitched inside of you, and then he was coating your walls with his own release. Yoongi practically collapsed on top of you, his hair tickling your face as the two of you fought to catch your breath.
“Well…your fantasy…was it everything…you’d dreamed of?” you managed to ask, threading one of your hands through his fluffy locks.
You felt Yoongi smile against you, and your heart skipped in your chest.
“More…it was more. Reality topped fantasy…hands down. You topped fantasy.”
Your face warmed at his words, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Yoongi.
“I mean, technically…I actually bottomed fantasy.” you quipped back, and he nipped your neck in response, making you giggle wildly.
“Brat. I was trying to be sincere with you. I really like you, Y/N. And I hope we don’t always have to be a secret. I know you’re worried about everything with Faith, and I get it. But, at the risk of putting myself out there and sounding like an idiot, I want the day to come when I can be your boyfriend, and not just your little sister’s piano teacher that you fuck once a week. I want something real with you, and I want things to be okay between me, you, and Faith. Now would be a good time to tell me to shut up and stop wishing for a fantasy. That this is just sex, and that’s it. Just please, say something.”
You felt frozen beneath him, your tongue heavy in your mouth. One wrong word could shatter all of this. Or the right words, the true words, could be the start of something real and beautiful like Yoongi had said. He was laying so close to your heart, and the way it was rapidly pounding would probably end up giving you away anyway. He had taken the leap for you, and to you, Yoongi was more than worth the jump.
“Yoongi I, I’m falling for you. And it terrifies the hell out of me, but it also makes me feel excited, and hopeful. Being with you these last several weeks…it’s the best I’ve felt in a really long time. There definitely would have to be a conversation with Faith first, but I really want this, us, to be something real too. It’s not just sex for me anymore, and I don’t think it has been for awhile. I get butterflies when I think about seeing you. Not just fucking you. But seeing you and getting to be with you, even if it’s only for little bits at a time. Any time I can get is worth it to me, cause you’re worth it to me.”
You waited anxiously for his response, which came in the form of him covering your lips with his own, his hands coming up to cradle your face. It felt like the kiss at the piano earlier, only more sure, more confident. It was like you could feel everything that he felt for you, and you kissed him back, hoping that he could feel the same.
The two of you laid there for some time, just lazily tangled up in each other and in the fragile moment. Yoongi groaned loudly when you finally spoke up and mentioned that you should probably be heading back before Faith started to worry. He had the cutest pout on his face as he climbed down from the piano before holding out his hand to help guide you back to the floor.
“I can’t wait until you can finally just stay, and I can fall asleep next to you.” he voiced softly as he straightened his pants and retrieved his white tee from the floor.
“Me too.” you agreed, pushing up on your toes to kiss his cheek, and Yoongi immediately blushed.
“Hey, do you think I could hold onto this?” you added, gesturing at the shirt in his hands.
He gave you a gummy smile, “That’s not really keeping things a secret now is it, darling?”
“I’ll be careful with it. It’d just be nice to have a little piece of you with me.” you told him sweetly.
“Alright, it’s yours.” he said, tossing the shirt to you, “Can I keep these then? As something to remember you by.”
He bent down to pick up your panties from the floor and raised a mischievous eyebrow at you.
“Yoongi!” you exclaimed in shock, your cheeks burning.
“I’m kidding! Well, kind of.”
He flashed you a cheeky little smirk, and you shook your head at him, laughing.
“Well, if I just so happen to leave here without them, then I guess that really can’t be helped now can it?”
Yoongi hummed before stuffing the garment into his pocket.
“Yeah, guess not.” he agreed nonchalantly.
You felt your face heat once more, and you briefly turned your gaze to the piano, Yoongi’s eyes following yours.
“Shit!” he cursed suddenly, and worry immediately overtook you.
“What’s wrong?”
“It just occurred to me that I’ll never be able to play at this piano again without getting hard.”
You busted out laughing because you definitely had not been expecting that answer.
“Well, then, I guess you’ll just have to fuck me on every piano you own so that this one doesn’t feel singled out.” you quipped back as you gave him a knowing look.
Yoongi’s eyes were darkening immediately, “I think you better text your sister and let her know today’s lesson is running a little late.”
You grinned wickedly back at him, rising to the challenge.
“Whatever you say, piano man.”
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caelesjjk · 2 months ago
sanguine - jjk- part one
Tumblr media
⟶title: sanguine
⟶au: vampire au, arranged marriage au, royalty au
⟶ pairing: vampire king!jungkook x human queen fem reader
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ genre: romance, kinda slow burn?, smut, angst
⟶wc: 10.5k
⟶warnings: some swearing, mentions of blood, lots of sexual tension, one kiss, a bit angsty, reader is a badass. No smut for this part my fellow horny bitches, but there is certainly smut in the future.
⟶ summary: Marry the vampire king. Save the kingdom.
Your father is the king of a rare human kingdom that has been plagued by famine and sickness. And in a last ditch effort to save the kingdom, he has arranged for you to marry the vampire king to the north. Your hand in marriage in exchange for his help in saving your kingdom.
Everything you swore could never happen between the two of you begins to unfold as you spend more time in the vampire kingdom with its king and his subjects. Can you learn to love this place and it’s beloved ruler?
⟶ authors note: hi friends. this has been a whirlwind of a fic and this is only part one lol. it’s my baby in a way because I’ve had this idea for so long. I started writing it long before my king decided to actually grace us all with his vampire concept for his folio. that only encouraged me more to get this done.
A few shoutouts need to be made because without these people I don’t think I’d ever finished this. @jeonjcngkook jords, not only did you beta the shit out of this, but you’ve been there for me while I’ve written it and listened to me whine and cry for weeks. u have no idea how much it means. @haliiimede for reading through and convincing me that it wasn’t trash and giving me such lovely feedback. And also a huge thanks to @tea4sykes for reading through and encouraging me the whole way, ur the best Kay. @missgeniality siya, you absolute angel, I literally owe you big time for this amazing banner. and thank you for making me a new one when jungkook dropped all the vampire content lol. It’s so stunning.
(Vows found at vampireweddings.blogspot.com)
Alright enough blabbing, please enjoy! Send me all the feedback!
Tumblr media
For the good of the kingdom.
For the good of mankind.
That was what your family kept telling you…no, they insisted that this was the only way.
Your father’s kingdom had become wrought with sickness, famine, and the people were starving. All of the resources available had been drained, there was nothing left.
And so, in a desperate plea for help, your father went to the vampire kingdom in the north, with whom your kingdom shared a border. And while the vampire king was willing to help, he wanted to make sure that this alliance was official and binding. He asked that you marry him to join your kingdoms, and that way there would be no reason for any type of betrayal.
You hated the idea. You fought it with everything that you had. The vampires disgusted you with their lust for blood and their strange habits. It was the worst thing you thought could happen.
But your father was right, it was the only choice your kingdom had left, and you had a duty to the people.
With that realization, is how you find yourself under this gorgeous oak tree in the middle of the night. The stars and moon and a few scattered candles are the only light to be found in this open field.
“Welcome one and all, witnesses to both His Highness the King and ______, princess of the human kingdom to our South, as they pledge their dedication to walk the night together. From the night we come, to the night we go, Cursed or blessed to walk the moonlight alone.”
The wedding dress that is chosen for you to wear is dark crimson, a bloody reminder of just who exactly is standing before you. With full lace skirts that drag against the ground, it’s light, airy even. It feels incredibly soft against your skin as your finger tips brush against the fabric but none of that matters as you still feel like you’re suffocating. It’s the absolute opposite of the dress you imagined yourself wearing on your wedding day but it is tradition here in the vampire kingdom for the bride to wear red.
“Sometimes another soul walks our path, Then two become one, in love everlasting. Come forward, Children of the Blood, And welcome this couple to your brood, Within each other, these two are found, Bear witness as their souls are bound.”
The hardest part of this is that it needs to be believable, and at the same time, the subjects from both kingdoms wanted you and the king to hate each other. So the wedding had to be done with official vows, ones that made it sound like the two of you were in love. It makes your stomach churn as the priest continues to speak.
“Please bring your left wrists forward towards me.” The priest said with a soft smile. Though it was gentle, his fangs are still visible, sending a shiver down your spine.
He takes out a red sash from his pocket and gently ties it around both of your wrists, Jungkook’s cold skin brushes against yours and makes you jump slightly. Though it’s as cold as stone, it’s also as soft as cashmere.
Finally, you allow yourself to look up at the man standing next to you.
You hate that he is so beautiful. Possibly the most beautiful being you have ever seen. Soft, thick, black hair slightly smoothed back away from his forehead, eyes almost as black as his tresses and lips that were sharp and hued pink.
When he catches you staring for a bit too long, he merely smirks and turns his attention to you.
“Sorry.” The king mouths to you, no sound coming from his mouth. You look back towards the priest quickly. He holds out a golden goblet beneath your bound wrists.
“Stand now as ye will stand forever, Like this crimson cloth your hearts are tethered, This goblet's contents are your symbols of devotion, So take the rings from the Goblet.”
Your hand shakes violently as you reach into the cup to retrieve the silver band that is to be placed on Jungkook’s right finger. You swallow thickly as you toy with the silver band in between your fingers, your pulse quickening because you know that not only can Jungkook hear the beating sounds of your heart, but all the other vampires present as well. Jungkook does the same with your wedding ring but with more confidence in his motions.
The ring he holds for you is a silver band as well, but it also contains a dark shaded ruby, cut into the shape of a blood drop or possibly a tear in the case of this marriage. But even then, it was stunning.
“______, please repeat these vows after me:
I will stand by your side, hunt at your back, and fly within your Soul. I will stand between you and all which would harm you. I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh. I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul and my Life.”
These vows had been written hundreds of years ago, meant for two vampires binding themselves together…not a vampire king and someone like you who is so very human. But you say them anyway, your heart still hammering in your chest as you turn your body towards the king and take his hand into yours, noticing just how soft his hands are before you slip the ring onto his awaiting finger.
“I will stand by your side, hunt at your back…” You pause when your voice shakes for a moment, “and fly within your Soul. I will stand between you and all which would harm you. I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh. I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul and my Life.”
You place the ring onto his finger and release the breath you have been holding the entire time. Jungkook smiles and takes your hand into his.
“King Jungkook, please repeat the vows to your bride.”
Jungkook waits a moment for you to look up at him, his eyes hold yours and his thumb rubs gently over the back of your hand. You wish you could pull it away…even more, you wish you wanted to pull it away.
“I will stand by your side, hunt at your back, and fly within your Soul. I will stand between you and all which would harm you. I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh. I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul and my Life.” His voice is alluring and even, as if he isn’t nervous about this at all. He slides the ring down your finger and lets it sit perfectly against your warm skin.
The priest hands the goblet to one of his assistants and turns back to the two of you after you’ve both finished.
“Above you are the stars, below you are the stones. As time passes, remember, like the star should your love burn brightly, like the stone should your love be firm. Be close, yet not so close that you restrict one another. Possess one another, yet grant each other the freedom to grow. Be understanding and compassionate, and have patience with each other, for storms may come, but they will quickly pass. Be free in giving affection and warmth. Fear not, lest the ways or words of the unenlightened give you unease.” He clasps his hands over your joined ones before he finishes the last part of the ceremony.
“As both your arms and the cloth form the symbol of eternity, may your love endure through this life and all others. As the Gods and the old ones are witness, with those of us present now, I proclaim them Husband and Wife, and thus are they bonded in Blood. The Two are now one. I present to you the Blood King Jungkook and Queen ______ forever bound, eternally free! You are husband and wife for all eternity. You may now kiss each other to seal your eternal bond of love.” The priest opens his arms and presents the two of you to the guests.
A kiss…was it necessary? Would they believe you if you didn’t kiss him? Would he be able to resist biting you? Would he taste of blood on his lips? So many thoughts plagued your mind in the moments before he cupped your cheek and tilts your face towards his.
“It’s just a kiss.” Jungkook whispered, only loud enough for you to hear. Your eyebrows scrunch together in confusion at his gentle touch.
“One kiss.” You step forward and wrap the arm holding your bouquet behind his back as he leans down to mold his lips against yours.
You weren’t expecting the softness of them, assuming that their appearance would be deceiving. His cool hand on your cheek brings you just the slightest bit closer as your lips brush over his once…twice…three times before your brain catches up with you and you remember who you are kissing.
There are whispers amongst the wedding guests who watch the scene unfold in front of them. Some with disgust. Some with curiosity. However even with the divided opinions in the crowd, they all share the same opinionated attitude. You try to ignore them as best you can.
Your lips separate from his a little too quickly and your hand immediately flies up to cover your mouth and the gasp that escapes you. Jungkook smiles, a flash of fangs when his lips pull back, and gently touches the veil hanging from your head and cascading over your shoulders. He takes your free hand in his and turns you both towards the guests, who clap but don’t seem to be pleased.
“And now the crowns.” The priest turns back to his assistants and picks up the crown that belongs to Jungkook first. The king bends slightly at the waist and the crown is placed gently atop his head.
The crown looks too perfect on him, black and silver metal twisted into spikes with small red gems at the base. It’s as if he has always worn one, perfectly designed with Jungkook in mind. And maybe he has, you don’t know how long he’s been the king after all.
You hadn’t actually seen your crown until this moment. The priest picks it up from a black silk pillow and presents it to you to observe. Like Jungkooks, it too is also made from black and silver metal twisted into even more dramatic spikes. Large, jagged diamonds and rubies cover it in its entirety. It looks ridiculously heavy, and when the priest places it on your head, you find your assumption to be correct. Heavy and cold.
From somewhere nearby, horns and trumpets start to play, signaling the end of the ceremony. Jungkook takes your hand again, and the two of you make your way back down the makeshift aisle your father had nervously walked you down less than an hour ago, and already things feel so different.
You’re quickly whisked away by carriage. The space inside doesn’t feel big enough, you can’t get far enough away from him, but he simply stays on his side of the bench seat and doesn’t move towards you on the ride back to the castle.
Once you’ve arrived, you’re met at the doors by Jungkook's advisor, Namjoon, who you had met a few times beforehand during meetings with Jungkook and your father. He has a kind face, gentle like he could do no harm, but that did not change the fact that he is a still a vampire. Standing next to him is the Captain of the vampire kingdom's army, Yoongi. You had also met him previously, but he doesn’t speak much unless it’s to Jungkook regarding the royal army.
“Did everything go accordingly?” Namjoon asks as the two of you ascend the stairs to the castle.
“It was my wedding, Namjoon, not a transaction.” Jungkook moved to the side and motioned with his hand for you to walk ahead of him through the doors.
“Is that not exactly what this is?” You hear Namjoon say just before you’re inside, Jungkook sighing as he follows.
“He’s right.” You grumble.
“Beg your pardon?” Jungkook says from beside you, his hands clasped behind his back as the two of you walk towards the great hall where the celebration and dinner is being held.
“It wasn’t a real wedding. It’s part of a bargain.” You stop to face him and he does the same, looking at you bewildered.
“Perhaps the circumstances aren’t ideal, but the wedding was real, my queen.” He bows to you, and you’re sure the scowl on your face is as deep as they come.
“Let’s get this night over with.” You grab the skirt of your dress in your fists and begin stomping off towards the great hall. You can hear Jungkook laugh quietly, but you choose to ignore him.
You’re forced to mingle, your hand wrapped through Jungkook's arm as the two of you make rounds through the room. You absolutely despise the whole experience. But soon enough, you’re thankfully seated at the head table and wine is poured into your cup.
You notice that yours and your parents' place settings are the only ones with plates. But of course they would be, no one else in this damned kingdom eats food.
Downing the first glass of wine in one gulp, you signal for an attendant to bring you another one. You can feel Jungkook's eyes on you as you down one glass after another, unable to bring yourself to care about what he could possibly be thinking.
“Do you want any?” You finally ask him after your third glass. A very unladylike hiccup following.
“I think you know the answer to that question already, my queen.” He smiles softly but his jaw is tight with annoyance.
“I’m not your queen.” You say a little too loudly. Some of the guests begin turning their attention to you.
“You have every right to be angry, _____.” Jungkook tries to say under his breath, but you scoff loudly, reaching for the bottle of wine and rudely snatching it from the attendant.
“Angry? That does not even begin to cover it. I am outraged.” You take a swig from the bottle and laugh bitterly. “I am disgusted…and I am not your queen. You and your people are just…fucking vile.” You look up from the bottle of wine to see a look of horror on your father’s face from where he sits at the next table. You know you’ve said too much. You’ve been cruel. “Jungkook…” You start to correct yourself but he cuts you off by standing up from his chair with so much force that it flies back against the wall, causing the guests to look up and stare.
“One thing you are not going to do is insult my people. You can say all the terrible things you want about me, but not them. Not when they’ve given up so much so that your people can live.” He grabs your wrist and pulls you to your feet. “Let’s go.”
“Let go of me.” You try to pull your wrist away, but it’s no use against his inhuman strength. “Release me this instant!” Jungkook continues to pull you towards the door, your legs wobbly from wine and the heels on your feet.
“The evening is over. You need to sleep it off.” He pushes open the door and drags you into the dimly lit hallway.
“I am not sleeping with you!” Even though it’s futile, you scratch and pull at the sleeve of his embroidered jacket.
“As if I’d expect that of you.” Jungkook scoffs and swings you around to face him. He maneuvers your body until you’re pressed against the wall with your arms above your head, one of his hands pinning your wrists there.
“Let go!” You try to kick at him but he dodges every time.
“Whether you like it or not, my queen, this is your home now and these are your people. I have and will continue to do what’s best for everyone involved, including you.” His eyes are almost pitch black, a deep red threatening to spill into the iris’ as he speaks through his clenched teeth.
You must stop forgetting that Jungkook is a monster.
“You know nothing of what’s best for me.” You begin moving to spit in his face, but he knows what you are about to do before you have even finished the thought. His free hand comes up to cover your mouth, leaving you to glare at him without being able to talk.
“Listen carefully, my queen.” The grip on your wrists tightens slightly. “You are not the only one making sacrifices around here. So when you decide you want to act like royalty and not some drunken heathen, by all means come to me.” You jerk around in his hold, you just want him to get the hell away from you. He seems to understand your request as he slowly takes his hand away from your mouth.
“I fear you’ll be waiting a very long time, your highness. Possibly until my death, but I’m sure you’ll find that day ever so joyous.” You use your body weight to push at him once more and he finally releases you, but stays in close vicinity.
“Don’t assume you know anything about what I find joyous.” Jungkook looks over his shoulder towards the guards who are standing near the doorway to the hall. “Escort her majesty to her chambers, she’s not to leave them for the night.” Jungkook straightens his shirt and jacket, and begins making his way back towards the dinner hall.
“You can’t just lock me away! Do you hear me?” One of the guards motions for you to walk towards the opposite hallway.
“No more talking tonight. Go to sleep.” Jungkook says over his shoulder before he disappears into the dinner hall. You scoff loudly, taking off walking as fast as your drunken legs will allow you to go.
“Stupid, ignorant, pig headed blood sucker.” You grumble under your breath as you continue down the hallway. The dim lighting from the candles doesn’t allow you to see much, but you can see there is art on the walls that you would rather enjoy if you were not so pissed off. And if they did not belong to the most ridiculous man you had ever met.
The guards lead you to a winding staircase where you quickly find out that in your drunken state you are unable to climb them unassisted. At the top of the first set of stairs they split, one set going left and the other going right. The guards gesture for you to head to the left.
“And where does the right go?” You ask with a hiccup.
“To the king's chambers.” One of them replies. Jungkook had not been lying, he really had prepared your very own chambers. You reach the doors to your bedroom soon after.
One of the guards opens the door for you to enter the room. You cross your arms over your chest and practically stomp inside, turning around to face them.
“Your king is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can lock me up for the rest of my life. I’d rather die.” You aren’t sure what you expect them to say, but they merely bow before shutting the door.
As soon as it clicks shut, you grab the skirt of your dress into your hands and begin ripping the fabric apart, tossing the pieces around the room.
“Stupid, ridiculous, hideous dress.” You screech, grabbing the sleeves at the shoulders and ripping them apart too. You bend down to grab the heels off your feet, stumbling around before yanking them off and chucking them as far away from you as possible.
Your chest heaves with short breaths as you feel yourself burning with rage. Reaching up into your hair, you hastily pull out as many of the pins holding it into place as you can. You start to walk towards the wardrobe when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror on the far wall. You look like a forest witch. And not the good kind.
Changing your mind about finding other clothes, you begin to notice that there isn’t much in your room. A few vases with fresh flowers and a bed with soft, silky white sheets. There’s a white fur rug at the foot of it and a very large trunk atop that. There’s also a small fireplace in the corner with a few small logs in a basket nearby. The room was otherwise quite empty.
Looking through another set of double doors, you find the washroom. There’s a claw foot tub in one corner with several shelves of soaps and oils on the wall behind it.
As badly as you want to bathe, you need to find ways to protect yourself. Weapons. You need to learn the layout of the castle so that you know where all the exits are at all times. And you also need to find some food. Food in a castle full of creatures who don’t eat it. You sigh loudly, almost tripping over some pieces of your skirt on the marble floor.
Looking down at what's left of your wedding dress on your body is almost laughable. It’s mostly just the bodice and a few pieces covering your lower region in a tattered disarray. You cannot bring yourself to care, this dress was a mistake. It was all a mistake.
You walk out onto the balcony and see a ledge that looks just big enough for you to make your way over to the next room. Wasting no time, you swing your leg over the side, feeling a bit dizzy and suddenly remembering that you’re still quite drunk. But there is no time to sober up now, you have missions to complete.
Still barefoot, you balance onto the ledge and carefully side step your way along the stone. It's only about ten feet from your balcony to the next one.
You get a little too ahead of yourself and almost slip just once, but manage to climb over the railing of the next balcony successfully. You slink over to the window and peer inside, seeing what appears to be an empty guest room. Trying the handle for the doors, you’re overly pleased to find that they are unlocked.
Once inside, you press yourself against the wall and move towards the bedroom door. You pray that once you open it, there will be no vampire guards waiting for you. You have yet to secure a weapon and this might be your only chance to do so when so many of the castle's occupants are still at your wedding reception.
Slowly, you open the door, poking your head outside to see the guards are still occupied with watching over your bedroom door. You silently thank the gods, tip toeing into the hall, you're able to make a mad dash as soon as you’ve rounded the corner and gotten out of the guards sight.
You run until you find the winding staircase that you had come upstairs on. Its familiar shape lets you know that you’re going the right way. Eyes darting from side to side, you descend the stairs, making sure there are no vampires lurking about in the halls.
With absolutely no idea where you are going, you take the hallway to the left, and to your surprise, you smell food. The scent gets stronger and more distinct the further you travel down the hallway. You notice a swinging door, the sounds of clanging pans and a soft voice coming from inside. You brave a peek inside the small round window on the door, the person inside has their back to you for a moment, but when they turn around to face you, you almost cry.
You shove open the swinging door with all your might, jumping onto a very unsuspecting Hoseok, who screams bloody murder at the sight of you. He almost falls backwards, but catches himself on the corner of the counter.
“Get off of me, witch!” Hoseok yells, reaching for a frying pan in hopes to knock out the creature currently hugging his torso.
“Oh, Hoseok, I’m so happy to see you.” You cry into his chef's coat.
“______? Is that really you?” He grabs your shoulders and moves you back to get a look at you. “My god, it really is you. What the hell happened to you?” He picks up a piece of your dress from the floor that must've fallen off in your rush to get to him.
“How are you here? Why?” You sniffle, tears streaming down your face.
“The king asked me to come stay here and be your chef…since you know, they don’t eat food and you do.” Hoseok pats the top of your head affectionately.
Hoseok is your closest friend. You had grown up together back in your father’s kingdom. His mother had been a long time servant of your parents, the most loyal that you could ask for. Hoseok had inherited that particular trait from her. He began cooking as you got older and soon became one of the best chefs in your kingdom. You were very surprised when you heard your father was so willing to let him go.
“My father let you come? Who will make him those banana pancakes he loves so much?” You laugh, wiping your face so you can get a better look at him, making sure that he’s really here in front of you.
“No, not your father, I meant King Jungkook. He apparently gave your father a rather large sum to make sure that I came here to cook for you.” Hoseok shrugs his shoulders and smiles widely.
“Why would he do that?” You hiss.
“I don’t know, _____. Maybe he just wanted you to be comfortable here.” Hoseok gives you another small hug, then moves around you to continue what he was working on before.
“I find that hard to believe.” You scoff.
“Do you want to explain why the hell you look like a swamp witch?” Hoseok is packaging some food and placing it into the cold room that was filled with ice.
“I…may have gotten drunk at the reception…and got sent to my rooms like a child. And I may have thrown a fit of rage about it.” You plop yourself down on a wooden stool in the corner of the kitchen. You learned a long time ago not to get in his way when he was working.
“You? Throw a fit? Could not imagine such a thing.” He laughs before closing the door to the cold room. “So you haven’t eaten?”
“No. I’m starving Hoseok, please make me food.” You whine to your friend and he rolls his eyes in response.
“You’re lucky I don’t beat you with this plate of food. I made this damn dinner for the reception and they brought your plate back to me untouched? You’re on thin ice my friend.” Hoseok pulls a plate of food from the oven that he had been keeping warm there and sits it in front of you.
“Have I ever told you that I love you?” You don’t bother waiting for him to hand you any utensils as you grab the food with your hands, dismissing the fact that it’s too hot to be eating. You’re too hungry to care.
“One day in the vampire kingdom and you’ve already lost your mind.” Hoseok places a fork beside your plate, but still, you ignore it.
“Do you have knives in here?” Your face lights up, looking around the kitchen.
“I’m a little hesitant to give you any sharp objects right now _____.” Hoseok looks at you with concern reaching his face.
“It’s for protection, Hobi. We’re the only two humans for miles, aren’t you a bit concerned about that?” Your mouth is half full of food as you speak and Hoseok looks disgusted as you stand up and start rifling through his kitchen.
“Of course it’s a little…unsettling. But the king isn’t going to let anything happen to us. Especially you.” Hobi walks behind you, picking things up as you make a mess. You scoff at the last part.
“He cares about me as much as I care about him, which is not at all.” You finally find the drawer that holds the kitchen knives. “Finally! Why didn’t you tell me where they were?”
“Because I think you’re slightly insane.” He puts his hands up in front of him in surrender when you turn around to face him, knife in hand.
“I’m not insane. I’m being…prepared.” You close the drawer and move back towards the kitchen door, peaking out into the hallway through the circular window. You don’t see any movement.
You aren’t sure where to keep this knife if you finally managed to get your hands on, looking around the kitchen for something to use.
“Here, just use this.” Hoseok sighs, handing you a long leather string. “Wrap it around your thigh, that's what all the female warriors do.”
Looking at Hobi inquisitively, wondering how he could possibly know that bot of information, you take the string from his hand and wrap it around your thigh until you can tie it. You’re able to secure the knife between the leather well enough for now.
“Do you even know how to kill a vampire, ____? Is a knife even going to work?” Hoseok crosses his arms over his chest as he looks at you.
“Father told me once that you have to remove their heads.” You don’t look at him, just continue looking into the hallway.
“And a kitchen knife is going to remove a vampire's head!? I’m going to pretend you didn’t get that from me if anyone asks.” Hoseok motions towards your knife with his head before he goes back to cleaning up the mess you had left in your wake.
“I’m going to go look around some more. I’ll come find you later.” You look at him now, as he picks things up off the floor.
“Please don’t.” He teases, crossing the small kitchen to stand in front of you. “Be careful roaming around this castle.”
“I’ll be fine, Hobi.” You wrap an arm around him and he does the same to you, giving each other a much needed hug. He kisses the top of your head before he lets you go.
“Go on then, Blood Queen. I’ll bring you your breakfast in the morning.” He shoos you away.
“Do not call me that.” You glare at your friend. “Eggs and lots of coffee?”
“As you wish.” He rolls his eyes again and you can’t help but smile.
Pushing open the swinging door, you carefully step out into the hallway, keeping your back pressed to the wall as you follow it through the castle.
There isn’t much to see. Some extra bedrooms, one room that looked like a study and one door that had led to a small patio. You mentally mapped that door in your head and hoped you could remember it well enough to write down when you got back to your rooms.
As you approached the end of the hallway you began to hear voices. You knew you should turn around but your curiosity was too much to battle with. So instead, you made your way to the double doors that had been left slightly ajar.
Inside, the room was full of vampires seated at a very long table. Jungkook is sitting at the head of it, his fingers adorned by silver rings, stroking his chin with worry. You aren’t sure how you know that he’s worried, but you just know. Namjoon paces the floor behind him, babbling to no one in particular it seemed. Yoongi, who is sitting to his right, still appears to be his quiet and stoic self. Not much different to how you saw him for the first time.
There are several others present around the table that you do not recognize. But the real question is why are they here instead of attending the wedding reception?
“Is this a threat we need to be prepared for sooner rather than later?” You finally hear Yoongi say, his voice deep and rumbly.
“We knew taking on the human kingdom was going to cause issues with Taehyung. Because not only did you agree to help them, you married the fucking princess.” Namjoon says, distaste thick in his voice.
“They required protection. This was how we gave them that.” Jungkook doesn’t bother looking up, he merely sits back in his chair and crosses his legs.
“At what cost? Why are we paying for their ignorance?” Namjoon continues to pace the floor behind Jungkook's chair.
It surprises you how Jungkook continues to defend your kingdom when he clearly did not have much reason to. It isn’t as if you had married him on happy terms. The only thing he is really getting out of this arrangement is land, and it isn’t like there is much of it to give in the first place. You’ve been so angry that you really had never taken the time to consider that.
“Excuse me for a moment.” Jungkook says, abruptly standing up from his chair.
You feel panic rise up as you notice that he’s heading towards the door that you’re still standing in front of. You look around the hall frantically, seeing a large statue in the corner to your left.
You dash towards it, trying to keep the sound of your bare feet padding across the marble floor as quiet as possible. You hear the door creak open all the way as you fling yourself behind the statue, flopping against the ground with a thud.
“Shit. Shit that hurts.” You whisper, trying to right yourself into a sitting position.
“Has anyone ever told you that you have the mouth of a sailor?” Jungkook is suddenly standing above you, making you jump with fright, banging your head against the statue that had apparently done nothing to hide you from him.
“Has anyone ever told you that it’s rude to just appear out of nowhere like a damn ghost?” You rub the back of your head and manage to get to your feet to stand in front of him. Jungkook scoffs, trying to hold back a laugh.
“What in the world have you done to your dress?” He asks, reaching towards your torn up skirt. Before he can touch them you slap his hand away, making your hand sting at the contact.
“I had a moment. Not that it’s any of your business.” You attempt to smooth out what’s left of the skirts at your waist.
“You look like a swamp witch.” Jungkook can’t help the smile that graces his face and you want to slap it away for being so beautiful.
“I do not!” You shove past him, stomping back down the hallway where you had come from.
“Would you please stop for a moment?” Jungkook calls after you.
“I will not.” You refuse to give him any further satisfaction. He does not seem to take the hint, his footsteps following after you.
You’ve had enough of him for one night. You reach into the band you had made and wrapped around your thigh to hold onto the kitchen knife you had gotten from the kitchen, spinning around and pointing the sharp end of the blade right at Jungkook’s throat, making him stop in his tracks in front of you.
“Where did you get a knife?” Jungkook dares to ask, an eyebrow raised in question.
“That is also none of your business.” You move the knife so close to his throat that the slightest movement could make you cut him.
“Were you keeping that knife strapped to your thigh?” Jungkook's voice lowers as he slowly raises his hands in surrender. You choose not to answer him, only stiffening your stance. “Incredibly violent…” Jungkook smiles and his fangs extend slightly, making you feel bewildered at his reaction.
“Why are you smiling?” You poke the tip of the knife against his skin.
“Because I like that you’re beautifully murderous.” Jungkook is suddenly out of your sight, making you whirl around to find him, only to be pressed roughly against the wall, the hand holding the knife anchored above your head.
“Get off of me!” You move to knee him in the groin but he’s too fast. Inhumanly fast.
“I want you to be a part of this, you know. I want you to help us help your people.” His grip tightens slightly the more you move around.
“Why?” You seethe.
“Because you’re the queen. My partner in this life. Why is that so hard for you to understand?” The look on his face is so sincere that it makes you halt your movements.
“Jungkook…this is not a real marriage. Why are you so convinced that it is?” With one last push, he releases you and takes a step back.
“I’ll spend the rest of my days trying to make you see that it is.” Jungkook tells you with a quiet sigh. “But for the time being, please just come inside and listen to what we’re speaking about. You should be a part of it too.”
You feel the tiniest sliver of hatred melt away from your heart. It makes your chest feel lighter, like you can breathe a little easier. You don’t understand it. You don’t understand him. But you can’t deny that you want to know what’s going on in that meeting room.
“Fine. Let’s go.” You rip your eyes away from his face before it becomes too noticeable that you were looking at him at all.
“Do you perhaps want to change first?” Jungkook asks. “The dress has become rather revealing.”
You glare at him before propping your foot up against the wall, exposing your bare leg to him. You slide the kitchen knife back into the homemade holster on your thigh, adjusting it slightly and letting your foot slip back to the ground as you keep direct eye contact with the vampire king.
“No. I think I’ll attend the meeting just as I am.” You can’t help but smirk a little, pointing your nose to the ceiling before making your way into the meeting room. Jungkook laughs quietly in disbelief, but follows you inside.
All the eyes in the room are suddenly on you. One of the men sitting at the table visibly chokes on air as he watches you walk into the room and takes in your appearance.
“I suggest you get yourself together, Seokjin.” Jungkook walks ahead of you to pull out the chair to the left of his for you.
“Apologies, your highness.” The man named Seokjin splutters slightly, then straightens in his chair.
“Were you attacked, my lady?” Yoongi says, his voice low but still holding a bit of concern.
“No…I was…it's nothing. Don’t let my clothing distract you from the discussion.” You move around the table, choosing to ignore the chair Jungkook has pulled out for you, but instead decide to move to his chair at the head of the table and sit down there. “Shall we?” You ask, a smug look on your face.
“Incredible.” You hear Jungkook mumble under his breath, only meaning for you to hear it, but obviously all the other vampire ears in the room do as well, making everyone shift uncomfortably in their seats.
“Does the queen need to be present?” Namjoon remarks from the seat next to Yoongi.
“Yes, she does. And I won’t hear another thing about it.” Jungkook makes his point clear and moves to sit in the chair he had originally pulled out for you.
“Fine then. We need to start preparing for a war with Taehyung. And we also need to consider that in order to avoid it, we should give up the human kingdom. We don’t need it.” Namjoon is very monotone as he speaks about giving up your kingdom to an apparent enemy.
“Absolutely not.” You say without thought.
“No disrespect, your highness, but I was speaking to the king.” Namjoon dismisses you and you can feel anger start to bubble beneath your skin.
“You say that you mean no disrespect, but you’re sitting there suggesting that we turn over my kingdom, full of innocent people, to your enemy.” You lean forward in your seat, eyebrows scrunched in confusion as you look at the king's advisor.
“I’m not sure you understand the ramifications of going to war with Taehyung, your majesty. He is not to be underestimated.” Namjoon leans forward as well, meeting your gaze with a challenge in his eyes.
“Perhaps someone could explain to me who Taehyung is, and how he has become such a threat to the most powerful kingdom in this realm?” You don’t let your gaze fall from Namjoon’s, challenging him right back.
“If you two are finished with your vicious little disagreement you’ve got going, I would be honored to get the queen up to speed on the situation.” Seokjin says from a few chairs down. His voice makes you look away from Namjoon with a scowl on your face.
“Please. Tell me what you know.” You give Seokjin your attention, ignoring the mumbled curses Namjoon says under his breath.
“Taehyung is the king of the werewolf kingdom to our west, your highness. And I…well I know more than most about werewolves as I myself am one of them.” Seokjin looks up at you then, a golden glow flashing across his eyes when they meet yours.
“I’m confused. If you’re one of them, what are you doing here?” Your curiosity is peaked at this very unexpected bit of information.
“Well you see, my lady, I owe my life to your king. Many, many years ago he had mercy on me and I have pledged my loyalty to him until my dying day.” A smile plays at the corner of Seokjin’s mouth as he looks from you to Jungkook, who also shares the same smile of fondness on his face.
“He saved your life?” You ask, enthralled by this story. A vampire saving the life of a werewolf is unheard of, the two of them becoming friends is even more unheard of.
“He did. And now he has me at his side, even if he wishes I wasn’t at times.” He laughs a little and Jungkook’s smile grows wider.
“You’re too humble sometimes, hyung.” Jungkook says, sharing one last fond smile with Seokjin before he looks back at you. “Seokjin is vital to the way this kingdom is able to live and operate on a daily basis. Don’t let him talk lowly of himself.”
You wish their story wasn’t so endearing. That you didn’t feel a pang of something in your heart for the fondness they share for each other. But no matter how hard you try to bite back your smile, it betrays you, pulling your lips up slightly.
“I am happy to meet you, Seokjin.” You say, sharing one more look with him before the moment is interrupted.
“Could we get back to the point?” Namjoon says, obviously annoyed by the friendly conversation. Why was he so frumpy?
“Of course. My apologies.” Seokjin sits back in his chair with a small bow of his head.
“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a sour puss?” You say to Namjoon, almost causing Yoongi to choke on a laugh.
“My lady, this is not a joke. If you’re insistent on being involved, I beg you to take this seriously.” If Namjoon could blush, you suppose he would be at this point.
“I’m listening.” You roll your eyes a bit and turn to Jungkook, who is watching you with a smirk on his face.
“Taehyung isn’t happy about this…union. He believes your land should be his and we are almost positive he isn’t going to sit back and let it go.” Yoongi takes the initiative to explain this time.
“And for now, as I’ve said before, we double the guard at the border but we don’t engage. I’m not starting a war without reason.” Jungkook speaks now, everybody forwarding their attention to him. “And perhaps we need to set up a meeting with Taehyung.”
“A meeting? What do you hope to come of that, your majesty?” Namjoon looks with disbelief on his face.
“I’m avoiding a war at all costs. I won’t bring unnecessary danger to either of the kingdoms.” Jungkook stands up. “And this discussion is over for now. I’m sure the queen would like to sleep.” You nod, quickly being able to tell that Jungkook is done talking for tonight.
You stand from the table, bowing to the others who stand at the same time as you do to bow deeper in your direction. Jungkook motions for you to walk ahead of him with his hand as you take one last look over your shoulder at the men sitting at the table. More monsters than men…but it was easy to forget such a thing.
“I’m glad you joined us.” Jungkook's voice startles you from your thinking.
“Yes well…I won’t let anything happen to my people. We can’t just throw them to the wolves.” You hope he detects the seriousness in your voice.
“I hope that you can see that isn’t my intention. It never was.” Jungkook walks next to you, his arms crossed behind his back.
“As long as that is clear.” You reach the bottom of the stairs that lead up to your separate bed chambers, stopping on the bottom step and turn to look at Jungkook.
“Loud and clear, my queen.” Jungkook steps up closer and you almost trip over the step trying to create space. “Where is the knife now?”
“It will be in your chest if you do not step away from me.” You growl through your teeth, making Jungkook grin wickedly, fangs appearing under his lip.
“Beautiful and violent. Where have you been all my life, darling?” Jungkook steps up onto the stairs, making you stumble up a few more to get distance.
“You’re some kind of masochist, aren’t you?” You put your hand down onto the handle of the knife. Jungkook throws his head back in laughter. The sound is…certainly not what you expected. He seems so human as he laughs and tries to compose himself.
“Would you like to find out?” He takes one more step up towards you and you’ve had enough.
You lift your bare foot from the wooden stair and press it into the middle of his chest as he stands two steps down from you. You watch Jungkook's eyes as they take in what is happening, roaming over the exposed skin of your legs and thigh.
“Stop flirting with me.” You push slightly against his chest with your foot. “It’s very annoying.”
“Your heart is beating so quick, I’m not sure that you mean that.” Jungkook says in a low tone. The sound of his deep voice tries to pry its way between your thighs, but you won’t let it. “I think you rather like it, actually.”
“You’re not amusing, your highness.” You try to remain unfazed.
“You can’t lie to me. I can hear the blood rushing through your veins…and your breath struggling to even out.” Jungkook tries to take a step up but you push him back down with your foot.
“You’re delusional. Whatever you are hearing is simply because I am fending off a vampire, not because I find that vampire to be maddeningly beautiful.” You wish you had said that differently…surely he will know you’re lying now.
“Why do you fight it?” He questions.
“Fight what?”
“The attraction between us.”
“Because there isn’t any. None. It is nonexistent.” You shove your foot into his chest once more but he doesn’t budge of course.
“Liar.” Jungkook says quietly, you can feel his breath on the skin of your leg. His cool fingers come up to ghost over the skin of your ankle, allowing goosebumps to find home on your skin as your body betrays you even more. “Shall we test your theory?” Fingers continue their featherlight touch up your calf.
“You’re…it’s not affecting me at all.” Your voice shakes slightly as you fight to keep your eyes open.
“More lies, my queen.” When his fingers get to the inside of your thigh, your brain suddenly remembers what’s happening. You kick him in the chest with more force and Jungkook stumbles slightly, giving you a chance to jog up a few more stairs before you speak to him again.
“No more of your unrequited flirting. And especially touching. None of that.” You yell down to him, wishing you could smack the grin on his face.
“As you wish.” He bows to you.
“Goodnight, your highness.” You pull the knife out of your holster and point it towards him as you back your way up the rest of the stairs, making Jungkook laugh out loud again. You don’t look back this time as you dash your way down the hall to your bed chambers where the two guards are still standing. “I’ll be going to bed now.” You huff past them and into the room as quickly as possible.
You press your back against the cool wood of the door, trying to catch the breath you had not realized were holding . He was absolutely infuriating. Ridiculous. Egotistical. And yet… soft and endearing at times. Like when he was speaking to or about Seokjin. It is something you never expected to see.
Looking down at your hand, you see the wedding ring he had given you just a few short hours ago. Shaped like a drop of blood and every bit the color of it. You had forgotten all about it and now you aren’t sure you wanted to take it off. You and this ring have been through a lot already.
Finally, you bring yourself to move towards one of the tall armoires on the other side of the room. Perhaps it’s time to finally change out of your tattered wedding dress.
You look through some drawers until you finally find some silky night shorts and matching camisole. It seems revealing for pajamas, but you also don’t have the energy to keep digging for something else.
With a sigh, you head into the bathroom and make a beeline for that glorious claw foot tub in the corner of the room. You look around and notice the gold crusted faucets at one end of the tub.
Running water. The vampire kingdom had running water for baths. This was not a luxury that you had back in your human kingdom.
“Something decent has come from this.” You mumble to yourself as you turn on the faucets and watch the crystal clear water start to fill the basin of the tub. You grab one of the first glass bottles of soap that you can reach, breathing in its scent and finding it to be lavender. A scent you missed about the gardens in your father’s kingdom. You pour a plentiful amount into the stream of water and watch the bubbles begin to form and you can’t help but smile.
Stripping out of what’s left of your wedding dress, you toss it away and carefully step into the tub. The water is so warm already, instantly loosening your tired muscles and cleanssng your dirty skin. It felt like heaven.
Once the tub has filled you turn off the faucets and sink down into it. You let your head dip beneath the bubbles, letting it washclean your hair and , making it easier to pull the rest of the pins out of it.
It’s quiet in this washroom. Almost too quiet. So you decide not to dawdledauddle for too long, getting yourself cleaned up and grabbing a robe from one of the hanging hooks on the wall.
Making your way back into your bed chambers, you dress into the pajamas you had found earlier and climb into the bed. You feel alone all at once. Too alone with your thoughts.
How would your life play out now that you’re here? Married. To the king of vampires. Jungkook. The blood king.
You want to know more. Need to know more about him and this place.
In order for you to do that, you have to change your sleeping schedule. You need to be awake at night when everyone else is awake.
It took some time for you to get used to but after a couple of weeks you are able to get up and join the vampires during their meetings regarding Taehyung.
You are also able to explore the castle and its grounds more thoroughly. Finding it full of vast libraries and art from different centuries…different worlds it seemed.
Most recently though, you had discovered the gardens. Gardens that had been somewhat neglected by visitors if you were being honest. They were clean and well kept, but they were mostly empty. Not many flowers and things to fill all the spaces in between the manicured bushes and small trees. You wondered if it was because no one could come out during the day to care for them. And the more you thought about it, the sillier it seemed.
You love walking around outside nonetheless. Sitting on the stone benches and watching the fountains. But your urge to do more is constantly bouncing around in your mind.
Tonight, you find yourself changing into a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater. You had decided you were going to start digging around in the gardens, whether it is something a queen should do or not, you didn’t care. It would busy your mind and give you something productive to do.
“Where are you off to?” Hoseok calls behind you as you make your way to the back doors.
“To the gardens. I think I’m going to start digging around. Maybe plant some new things.” You turn to see the bright smile on his face. One of the few bright things here.
“There are groundskeepers for that, you know?” Hoseok teases as he approaches you, taking in your very unqueenly outfit.
“I am aware, Hobi. But I’m bored and I need to find something to occupy my time.” You wave him off with a sigh.
“Do you know where the gardening equipment is?” Hoseok asks, hands moving to his hips as he looks at you expectantly.
“Well…no. But I assume that you do?”
“Perhaps. What’s in it for me?” He continues to tease.
“I’m the queen, you have to tell me if I ask.” Your arms cross over your chest.
“Oh now you want to be the queen? Only when it benefits you, I see.”
“Come on, Hoseok, pleeeeease?” You’re growing tired of his antics.
“Let me use your bathtub twice a week, and I’ll tell you where it is.” He puts his hand out for you to shake.
“As if I would deny you that bathtub.” You laugh a little and shake his hand. “Come on then, to the gardening tools.” You jump onto his back as he turns around to lead the way, making him carry you.
“I don’t remember carrying your spoiled ass around being in my new job description.” Hobi laughs, adjusting you on his back so he can walk with more balance.
“It’s in your best friend job description, check your paperwork.” You place your chin on his shoulder and squeeze your legs tighter around his middle.
“Ridiculous.” He laughs louder, making his way towards the back doors to show you where to find the gardening tools.
Hoseok takes you to a small building outside the castle, inside of which are plenty of gardening tools for you to get started with your plans. He doesn’t stick around though, making his way back to the castle to finally get some sleep. Hobi is having a harder time adjusting to the new sleep schedule than you had.
With your arms full of shovels, rakes, and other tools you may or may not need, you find an area near the fountains that you plan to start with. The dirt in this area seems a bit dry and sad looking, so you think if you dig into the soil, you’ll be able to bring the good dirt to the top.
You spend a few hours tilling the soil and sure enough, it already looks so much better than it did before. And even though autumn is in full swing and you’re working by the light from the moon, you’re still a bit sweaty.
“I think digging your way out of here may be a bigger task than you bargained for.” A now familiar voice says from behind you, making you jump at the sudden sound.
“Will I have to live out the rest of my days here wondering when the next time you’ll give me a heart attack will be?” You place your hand over your hammering heart while Jungkook smiles.
“Apologies, my queen.” Jungkook walks closest to where you’re kneeling on the ground, his hands behind his back. “What is it that you’re doing exactly?”
“I’m gardening. Is that not obvious?” You sit the small shovel down and wipe your hands off on your thighs.
“Yes. But why?” He asks curiously.
“Something to do? A hobby? I’m tired of wandering around this castle like a ghost.” You look up at him when he comes to stand next to you. “Is that something I’m allowed to do, your highness?”
“You’re rather snarky for a queen.” Jungkook smiles again, the sharp points of his fangs showing behind his lips.
“I have been called much worse.” You huff, standing up from the ground, wobbling slightly from being in that position a bit too long.
Jungkook is inhumanly fast, gently steadying you on your feet. One hand on your hip and the other on your shoulder. His skin is so cold it sends a shiver through you, goosebumps covering your warm skin.
“So long as you’re here, no one will dare to call you anything less than you deserve.” His eyes are almost black as they meet yours. “Are you okay to stand?”
You shake away the trance you feel when you look at him, stepping back slightly and out of his hold.
“Yes, I’m fine.” You awkwardly stumble over the shovel on the ground, righting yourself before Jungkook has a chance to try and help you again. “Thank you.”
“Shall I help you with this?” He asks, bending to pick up one of the rakes.
“Oh…that’s not necessary, I can manage.”
“I’m well aware that you can manage. But would you like some help…and some company?”Jungkook almost looks shy as he asks. “I think it would be good for us to spend more time together.”
You aren’t sure what to say. Part of you despises the thought of spending time with him. But a bigger part tells you that you long to know him more. To hear his infuriating tone when he teases you.
“Fine. But you start over there, and don’t crowd me.” You point towards an area a few feet from the one you had been working on. Jungkook laughs quietly.
“As you wish, my queen.” He bows at the waist and makes his way over.
“I’ve asked you several times to stop calling me that.” You sigh, pushing some hair away from your face before you continue tilling the soil.
“Why does it bother you so much?” Jungkook gets down to his knees, the brown slacks he is wearing meeting the dirt.
“I am not a vampire, Jungkook. Being the Blood Queen seems like I’m pretending to be something that I’m not.” It bothers you. All those vows that you took about protecting each other are just lies.
“You don’t need to be a vampire to be the queen here. No matter what you hear or what you think, you only need to try and understand.” Jungkook’s quick hands are making much faster work of things than yours ever could.
“Understand what?” You ask.
“Will you let me show you some time? It will be much easier to show than to try and explain it in so many words.”
You don’t understand what he means, but the look on his face tells you that he’s sincere in what he says. And even though you should probably say no, you’re too curious not to indulge him.
“Okay.” You simply state. Jungkook smiles softly and continues his digging.
Another week passes, and Jungkook joins you out in the gardens every night. He brings you new tools to use and lists from the florists in the kingdom so that you can pick out flowers to plant wherever you please. You choose as many as you can find that grow at night, because though they carry all the usual things that flourish in the day time, you know you won’t get to enjoy them as much as you will the ones who bloom at night.
You spend hours in the many libraries within the castle researching the plants and what they need to live well at night. Jungkook joins you there often, following you through the stacks of books and listening to you babble on and on about the flowers.
As much as you wish you didn't enjoy his company, as much as you don’t want to be fond of the sound of his voice, you are very much beginning to.
“_____?” Jungkook says quietly, closing the book that you’re holding in your hands. He doesn’t call you by your first name often, it’s a strange feeling that follows it.
“What is it?” You slide the book back onto the shelf in front of you, turning your attention to him.
“Would you please do me the honor of accompanying me into the kingdom tomorrow night?” His hands are behind his back as he speaks, stepping closer to where you’re standing.
“May I ask why?” You try to pretend his close proximity does not affect you. Jungkook is still a vampire after all.
“I told you I would help you to understand why being human does not mean you cannot be the queen here.” Jungkook brings a hand from behind his back and reaches out gently, brushing your fingertips with his.
“What are you going to show me, Jungkook?” You slowly pull your hand back from his touch, making him smirk at your stubbornness.
“Everything, darling.”
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chemicalpink · 2 months ago
Oxytocin | Jeon Jungkook (M)
Tumblr media
 ❂ The Secret Garden
⁂ Hosted by Professor Dia through @bangtansorciere
⤐ AU Type/Trope: Summer Nights Dream - Arranged Marriage AU
⤐ Theme: Mutual Pining + Age Gap
⤐ Kink: begging, exhibitionism, clit spanking, blindfolding, delayed orgasm, overstimulation, light bondage, cum play, impreg.
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x reader
Genre: smut | fluff | humour | frenemies au | nepo babies au
Word Count: 5.8k
Warnings/Tags: infidelity, grey-ish morals, horny but vanilla-sih, squirting, oral (f. receiving), slight degradation talk, 10 year gap (JK is in mid 30s), lowkey Yoonmin are a thing, lots of bickering, idiots in love tbh.
Rating: 18+
Summary: You don't ever seem to be able to stray too far away from each other. There's no way to backtrack once it's been set in motion, as long as you're both still breathing, you don't even think of leaving. What would people say if they were to listen through the walls?
A/N: Happy JK day I guess. This piece is- something else. Hope you enjoy! See you in a few days with another fic!
Tumblr media
Jungkook has proven to be a heavy sleeper, if the way you are able to roam around his whole penthouse was any indicator of that.
There’s barely any light outside the window as you collect your discarded clothing from around his bedroom’s floor, making quick work of getting it on you before looking at yourself in the mirror, deeming yourself presentable enough to catch a ride home. It wasn’t as much of a secret as everyone else would have thought it would be. Both of you got yourselves a privilege like that. 
It wasn’t even planned as much as you had regularly wanted your hookups to be– something that had been deeply rooted for by your publicist, something along the lines of keeping the family image. Letting loose wasn’t exactly something people like you get the opportunity to do without risking more than there is to win out of those types of situations, so you refrained from it. But Jeon Jungkook was similar to you in that way, although a few years older than yourself– almost ten, as he is in his mid thirties, he too, had grown up in such an elite family, drowned by rules and responsibilities that limited the way he interacted with those around him. The ability to ruin his reputation with a hookup was as much yours as it was his, something akin to keeping a knife at each other’s throats waiting for a misstep to happen. 
It was supposed to be a fun and harmless night out, a bunch of your college friends and yourself going out for drinks and dancing to celebrate all of you getting into your desired Masters’ programmes– you suppose they really had something other than money and power to celebrate for their achievements. 
“You don’t look too happy for someone who managed to get into one of the most exclusive business administration internship programmes” Yoongi casually comments as he reclines himself in his seat, throwing whatever was left of his whiskey back. He had always been like that, quietly manoeuvring his way through, loud about his distaste for the system– you couldn’t help but always have a bit of a wall up around him. He smirks a knowing smile at your hesitation, one that you are never sure if it’s mocking you or himself “You don’t have to be so terrified of me you know? I won’t unnecessarily call you a rich asshole, Y/N. We are friends are we not?”  
You groan at his remark, feeling like perhaps just for today you could leave all care down the drain, allow yourself that much. Yoongi would never be the type to hurt you after all those years– not with everything you had witnessed him put himself through in your college years, yet the what ifs can’t seem to leave your mind. You take a gulp out of your drink, feeling the alcohol burn your throat “Look at them! They actually have something to celebrate! My dad just made a few calls and now I get to shadow Jeon Jungkook in his company duties for my dissertation. I wouldn’t exactly call that hard work, would you?” 
“So perhaps all of us worked harder to get where you are, but whatever work you actually put into it, is all yours, YN” you feel a whine ripped from your throat at that “Y/N, you know, the only reason I’m your friend, over the bunch of other rich kids at our school is because you are actually aware of the privilege you’ve got, and that speaks volumes about you deserving such an opportunity. I can’t even get mad at you for getting it instead of me” 
You feel your cheeks get redder at the thought of him trying to get into your programme only to be disposed of it because of a call your dad made. “God- I’ll quit and give to you Yoongi just-”
He dismissed you with his hand “I’ll be around, I got into Kim Namjoon’s programme, couldn’t ask for a better option, have you seen the man?”
You can’t help but laugh “I don’t know what Jimin would have to say about that”
“He would agree with me, now go ahead and leave me be, go dance a well deserved dance with your friends, Y/N”
 And you had really  intended to do just that at first, at least for the whole thirty seconds walking up to the stage until your eyes caught a much too familiar frame– speak of the devil, Jeon Jungkook.   He wasn’t that much of a party-goer, whatever lame excuse you had already heard tumbling from his lips at one of those high end business dinners your dad is constantly dragging you to– some mix of interests  and being already too old for it, all while the rest of men lounging out and about laughed politely, greying hairs on their heads as they encourage him to  still be young and enjoy life. 
“Didn’t think I would see you on such a low budget scene, are Jeon enterprises doing well?” you stand behind the much taller man, drink in hand and you can almost see the roll of his eyes before he even so much as turns around– your interest in the man is no secret to anyone, not even himself as he constantly declines your offers, claiming the ten year gap to be quite a deterrent, having only stopped once his engagement to a foreign heiress closer to his age was made public. 
“Miss Y/N, I’ll have you know the business is as prosperous as it could be” he’s holding a drink of his own as he signals for you to follow him to the secluded area he had most likely arrange for himself just down the bar, being quick to take a seat right after you did “If anything, it is you I would be surprised to see here”
You try to shrug it off, not really the one to bring up your rather costly upbringings into what you deem your daily life “I’m a college student after all”
“I heard you got into your desired Masters programme, congratulations on that” there’s something else sparkling in his eyes– a way in. Whether he would blame it on the alcohol later on, let you down slowly for the uptenth time, whatever glimmer in his eyes show up as he sips his whiskey, tailored suit begging to be ripped apart, was nothing but a chance you refuse to let go. 
You move yourself closer to where he’s sitting, purposely touching his thighs, rock hard under your touch as you feel him twitch, gaze stoic as usual, one of his large hands finding rest on the small of your back as you lean into him “I’m thinking your place, before any of us put much thought into it”
The man is quick to set up something right there and then from his phone, quickly getting the both of you to your feet, guiding you outside and into an awaiting Mercedes which is pulled up to an all too familiar curb. The walk inside is distinctly Jungkook. Quiet and appeased before the door is slammed closed, hands all over your body, trying to rid the both of you of your clothes. 
The tips of his fingers rest on the back of your dress “Can I?”
“Why do you alway gotta be so poised, huh?” you take over his hands, ripping the fabric, exposing your naked body to him before you’re pushing him into the couch, gesturing for him to do the same “We’re going behind your fiancee Jungkook, treat me like the slut I have every right to be treated like'' 
His lips find yours in the lewdest way possible as you straddle his lap, already glistening folds undoubtedly staining his underwear as you rock yourself against him in need for any type of friction as he grows harder by the second, one of his hands coming to your hips to halt the movement “What is it that you want from me, Y/N”
“Anything” you lean yourself towards him, lips brushing his as your breath fans his mouth and you’re almost sure he could miss the words that tumble from your lips “Everything”
“God Y/N you can’t just go and try to collect all of father’s friends like this, what would your parents say huh?” his hand on your hip has started to redirect your moves against him as he has freed the tip of his cock just enough to let it graze against your folds– barely teasing “I’m ten fucking years older than you are– I am about to be your motherfucking teacher for godsake” 
“Oh-Oh god I’ll have you anyway Jungkook, don’t you- ah, don’t you get that?”
One of your hands comes down to rid him of his underwear, you wouldn’t even need to pump him hard as you position your cunt against his cock, letting barely the tip slip inside, both your hands resting atop of his biceps, feeling his heart thumping against your palms– a dream come true. “Even if it means me getting married and having to fuck you at the weirdest times? Huh? After having told Areum I would stay at the office working late? Wouldn’t you just love for me to fuck you while I blatantly lie to my wife?”
“Ah- fuck Jungkook, yeah” you close your eyes in delight at the way that your hips meet his in an unpracticed movement, letting your mind run wild at the way he seems to really have thought all of through “We could- we could always have the new years’ gala for ourselves, business trips, whatever, just fucking- treat me like the whore I’m meant to be– your whore” 
“What if an article goes out huh? Your father would ruin me” 
His pace picks up and you’re almost left out of breath as you struggle to find the words of whatever thought you try to voice “It’s not like I couldn’t buy off every reporter that could ruin me-us”
“What if Areum were to find us?” You feel him shudder, cock twitching inside you as soon as the words leave his mouth– can’t help but wonder if the thought itself is enough to have him let go inside you.
You open your eyes to look straight back at him, your walls clenching around him at the same time as you feel him starting to paint your walls white, a smile drawn on your face. Checkmate “Oh but isn’t that the best part?”
Tumblr media
Monday morning doesn’t seem to come quick enough as classes start once again, not even the breezy morning can seem to scratch the smirk off of your face as you watch Jungkook walk into the lecture building, fitted pants hugging his thighs deliciously, black dress shirt nicely tucked in, hair styled back gently ruffled by the wind– has you wondering just how much greater he would look all fucked out like he did just a few days prior. You can’t help but wonder now that things have settled down and he’s about to be your main tutor– would he fuck you in his office? Leave the door the tadest bit open so anyone could hear, hands all over your body, grading papers long forgotten. 
It’s Jimin’s voice the one that takes you back to reality, incredulously sipping his morning tea “I still can’t believe you ate that”
“Oh I didn’t do the eating, that’s for sure”
“TMI Y/N!”
Jungkook’s Master programme basically consisted of a general lecture– which you are grateful to attend next to Yoongi, along with the evening set apart for the internship and research part of it, quite unsure of just how exactly it would mean, although rather stoic and uninterested, the man himself is the one to pull you out of the questioning.
Class had just been wrapped up as Jungkook found himself collecting his materials, head hanging low, barely glancing your way as he spoke “We can take my car to the office, I’ll just need to have you sign the internship contract and you’re good to go for the day” 
You hum noncommittally, quickly changing the topic, hoping to catch him off guard “Would you call off your engagement if I asked daddy to drop the lawsuit against your company?”
Jungkook is soon looking at you quizzically, glasses barely slipping down his nose “You can’t just say those things out loud, Y/N” He makes do of going back to organising his papers “What if someone hears? And please don’t call your dad like that” 
You stand your ground as you get close to where he’s standing, pressing yourself against the desk “Why? Want to keep the nickname reserved for yourself?”
His eyes glimmer with something akin to want– even if he makes the greatest effort of not looking as affected as you guess he is, even more so as he approaches you even further, lips barely above yours as his fingers keep your chin in place “You’re about to learn how the world moves outside that pretty little head of yours, Y/N”
Tumblr media
Day at Jeon Enterprises prove to be much harder than you could possible picture them being beforehand– it was really no secret how Jungkook’s company rivaled your family’s, which would have been expected of him to torture you with work even the slightest, perhaps in terms of personal amusement. 
“Hey Jungkook, I can’t seem to reach the supplier for-” Jungkook clears his throat twice, making you raise your gaze to look at the room you had just entered, fully engrossed on the papers you were holding as part of yet another extremely complex task you had taken upon just to prove it to yourself, eyes falling on the one person that could cause you such heartache– Areum, Jungkook’s fiancee. You’re quick to backtrack and try to mend the correct politeness you’re supposed to keep while working “...sir”
Jungkook’s voice is stern as he sits across from his partner, eyes unable to leave your figure as he does so “It’s fine, Y/N, just leave the papers on my desk and I’ll get to them on due time” 
You can’t even force a smile to paint on your face as you bow down dismissing yourself from the room, retreating in an effort to not let each and every thought about actions and consequences cloud your mind enough to have you messing up. 
“Did daddy’s money buy her a place on your programme?” Areum mentions once the door is closed behind you, a sting to her voice that has Jungkook sighing tiredly “I wonder how many pants she’s gotten into since she got here” 
“That’s my student you’re talking about, Areum” his stoic demeanour is enough to  bring the comments to a halt, even more so as he raises from where he was previously sitting, back facing her as he goes through the papers on his desk “That would be all then” 
Tumblr media
The wind picks up as soon as you’re stepping outside the coffeeshop, two containers in hand. You can’t seem to grow accustomed to the brief walk involved in having to come into the office after class hours. The whole debacle seemed uninteresting for the mere twenty minutes it takes to walk from the library to fetch Jungkook’s evening coffee, and into the building. Uninteresting, at least until your phone dings with a message from Jimin as soon as you make it into the elevator. You can’t help the bubbly laugh that escapes your lips as soon as you read the headline to the link your friend had sent. Renowned CEO of Jeon Enterprises, Jeon Jungkook, calls of engagement to heiress Kim Areum via Official Press Release. 
It is no news to see Jungkook hunched over his desk, glasses perched on his nose as he annotates whatever newly finished document has been left on his desk– you can’t help but wonder how exactly does the man manages to keep an unresponsive character even through something as grand as his recent breakup, yet you guess you owe to give it the same amount of importance.
You place the freshly brewed cup of coffee in front of him, apart enough from his documents so as to not cause an accident and you can’t help the words slipping from your mouth, the tingling sensation of hope taking over your whole body “Congrats on the newly found bachelorhood” you make your way to stand behind his chair as he turns around to look up at you with veiled amusement in his eyes, the smallest of smirks on his lips “I’m sure you’ll soon make it back to the number one spot on the ‘Most Seeked After Bachelors’ ” 
Jungkook fixes his glasses before once again turning his back to you, diving straight back into work “Not that it is any relevant” 
You can’t shake the misplaced emotions that the knowledge of Jeon Jungkook being single produces within you– no stranger to the nature of them after the awkward dancing around each other you two had a history of. Can’t even wipe the smile off of your face as lunch break comes around and Yoongi takes a seat beside you in the company’s cafeteria. “Now that you’re technically one of us, and not your rich self, will you be attending the fundraising gala?” 
Just as you’re about to answer, Yoongi’s advisor walks up to your table, nodding in acknowledgement “Ms. Y/N, mind if I steal Yoongi for a few minutes?”
You wave your hands in dismissal “Oh- there’s no need- I’m here as an apprentice too, Namjoon-ssi” 
Tumblr media
Attending the fundraising gala is as much of a chore as anything else pertaining to any company duties is– you guess it most certainly loses its sparkle if you’ve been an attendee most of your life. Press conferences, networking, dull tasting finger food and a dash of old money entering a metaphorical dick measuring contest. For years on end the only excuse to attend such things had been the chance of getting to greet and mingle with Jungkook– although unnecessary now that the nature of your relationship had changed, there’s a certain nostalgia that accompanies the act as you quietly bow to him as soon as you get inside, your father long gone from sight. 
“It’s a great way to take advantage of such networking events- standing here in the corner” you point out teasingly at the way Jungkook keeps to himself, nursing a glass of whiskey that is mostly just melting ice by then. 
“Eh I was entertaining myself as I waited for someone” there’s a smile on his lips as he places the glass down on a nearby counter, large hand reaching out for yours, caressing the inner part of your arm, lips pressed to your exposed shoulder as he gets himself closer to whisper in your ear “The downstairs bathroom seems appealing enough for today” 
Your father’s voice can barely be heard from downstairs near the garden, Jungkook’s presence, lips and cologne all occupying the most of your mind as he makes work of ridding you of enough clothes to gain access to your cunt, two fingers quickly lapping up your wetness and spreading your lips enough to insert themselves, a moan escaping your lips that is cut short by his own “Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to interrupt your father’s speech with the way his very own daughter is begging for dick just a floor below, huh?”
“A-ah Jungkook just move or something” His fingers halt their movement as he pinches your clit, earning a hiss out of you, his eyes shimmering teasingly at the way you keep on clutching tighter to his bicep. 
“Oh? What was that? Hands over the counter?” Jungkook barely makes an effort for you to comply, hands resting atop of the marble counter, legs spread as soon as his leg comes in between, cunt raised in the air for his own enjoyment. You can look at yourself in the mirror, feel yourself blush at the image of your exposed body, his figure fully dressed behind you as you rest your head against your arm once he continues his ministrations. You barely register the way he hitches your leg up next to your hand, gaining better access to the way his fingers curl inside you, against your walls as he thrusts his fingers deeper in a faster motion. 
“J-Jungkook just- p-please, I need-ah” 
“Need what, baby?” he retreats his fingers in favour of his palm brushing against your folds, a breeze of cold air has you shivering for a fraction of  a second before he brings his palm forward, slapping your clit twice in the motion, a grunt from him and a whine from you and he’s bringing his hand to spit on it before doing it once again, eliciting the same response from your body, knees threatening to give out “What is it that you need, Y/N?”
“Ah- just please please anything- you” You barely miss the lewd image from the mirror as Jungkook kneels down behind you, lapping up your juices teasingly, not going as far as a teasing kitten lick at your folds before he reclines back, a breath in your voice “I need you, Jungkook, please”
Jungkook buries his face in between your legs, tongue pushing inside you as his deft fingers continue to nip at your clit, esporadically slapping the bud in an effort to work you up harder, movements combined enough to have your juices staining most of his chin, ruining the top part of his tailored suit as he fixes your dress, hoists your leg down and holds you close, completely fucked out as you regain yourself when he plants an open kiss to your mouth, letting you taste yourself on his lips. “God, you’re so beautiful like this” 
Tumblr media
“I didn’t know you were signing a merger” you try to keep your tone casual as you walk up to your father, club in hand as he stares back at his game– golf had become a family activity for Sundays as soon as you were able to take over some of the company’s assets, serving as the only time you could talk with your dad– or at least as he half listened to you, mind and eyes glued to the ball. 
“Well you would know, had you not disappeared in the middle of my speech back at the gala” 
You can’t help but feel yourself grow warmer at the memory, clearing your throat and hoping your father has got no idea of the implication of your actions “I just thought you hated the Jeons” 
“As much as any other member of our family, sweetheart” Although always rocky, your family and the Jeons’ had always hold a great amount of respect for one another, able to see past petty familial matters and opting to recognise the business abilities that lie within, all the more reason to be certain that rumours were surely spreading out about the merger. Having grown up within such an apparatus, you had become accustomed to how things were supposed to be handled, business first, personal life second. “Jeon Jungkook breaking up his engagement couldn’t have been better timed as we seek for a perfect excuse that won’t cause our investors to grow suspicious”
“I’m not sure I follow, dad” 
“Marry that Jungkook kid, Y/N. I know you’ve got a soft spot for him” he is soon moving on to the next spot with a pat to your shoulder, no room for discussion. 
Tumblr media
You don’t even bother to knock on Jungkook’s private office’s door as you let yourself in, finding him reading over documents as usual. There’s no true rage behind your actions, merely– confusion. Surely Jungkook had already known about it. Had to agree to it beforehand. Fucking around was nice, thrilling, the chase between the two, no use denying that you two shared something. Yet the talks on marriage were on a whole other level of whatever it was that you both had built as months went by. 
“So I’m guessing you’ve heard” Jeon Jungkook, poised as ever, barely half an emotion on his face, rids himself of his glasses as he motions for you to take a seat across from him. 
“I had no idea a man in his mid thirties could still be roped into an arrangement” 
“Marrying someone ten years younger– from a rival company, was most certainly not in the handbooks” he ditches his seat to hold himself near where you are seated, hands resting on his desk as he smiles down teasingly “Yet here we are” 
He leans down to hold your chin in between his fingers and you can feel yourself relax at the familiar way his mouth works over yours, the room becoming too stuffed the longer the both of you spend making out, hands working over clothes until they are promptly discarded, his shedded tie taking home around your eyes all the while.
His hands work the wonders you had already been a witness to as you feel a familiar tugging at the bottom of your stomach, only to let out an indignant huff as he removes himself, your orgasm at a grasping distance, taken away from you with a smile on his face; he positions himself on one knee as he slides himself in after pumping himself a few times, slipping a condom on his hardened member,  lips locking with yours, reclining against the cushioned expanse of the chair, your legs kicking up and around his torso as you grant him a better access to thrust into you before he is soon dragging you by your hips to straddle him, his mouth nipping at your breasts as one of his hands comes down to nip at your clit alongside the thrusts of his cock, holding your hips in place before– without much effort, he’s hoisting you up against the wall, thighs around him, a moan escaping your throat  as he continues to fuck into you– you can’t even find yourself being mad at how yet another orgasm is taken away from you at the movement. You don’t even seem to care the way that most of the blinds are drawn– even if you both are so high up it would be nearly impossible to see, the thought is right there. You can already feel your knees buckling before he’s pressing your back into the floor, ass up as he slides into you once more and you feel like it is too much, thighs trembling, sore clit, even as you feel yourself gushing once again at his ministrations. Jungkook is soon enough collapsing against your back, movement still as he finishes off inside the condom with a few deep thrusts, hands caging you in a futile attempt to keep the both of you from collapsing. 
His voice is close to your hair, gentle hands wiping you down even as you can swear you still see stars behind the dark velvety fabric around your head. “Don’t go expecting the work to get easier just because of this, Y/N” he’s helping you up and inside your clothes by the time he presses a kiss on the crown of your head before he retreats to his desk “You’ve got an engagement dinner to attend once you’re done with work for the day” 
You struggle to find your voice, the information barely registering “T-tonight?”
“Keep it up, Y/N, I’m supposed to be the old one between the two” there’s something else in the smile he throws your way, his sight never leaving you even as you cross the door to continue your duties for the day. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s penthouse living room was packed with people from the office, along with a few familiar faces both from yours and his extended family, time had seemed to pass at an incredibly fast pace as you get congratulated, handed gifts and kept on getting questioned about a story you have yet to come up with. Not even the top tier champagne flutes have seemed to help ease the unsettling yet giddy feeling   in your tummy, feeling especially overwhelmed after Jungkook had delivered your outfit for the day inside a high end luxury brand box at the end of the day in the office, offered you a drive to his home and had gone as far as giving up most of his commodities for you to get ready in record time as he hosted the people that were already making their way to the celebration. 
“You know, when Namjoon said we had a company dinner, I most certainly did not expect to hear my best friend was getting married” Yoongi mentions as soon as you approach him, standingly idly beside a particularly costly piece of decorative art. 
You take yet another gulp out of your glass “You and me both”
Jimin is soon standing next to him, smile plastered on his face as he holds what you can only guess is his upteenth champagne flute “For someone that is being forced to marry a dude 10 years older, I don’t see you complaining much”
“The sex is great, Jiminie” his face is rapidly contorting into a disgusted feature that has you laughing out loud, a pair of hands coming up to hold you close to a body you have come to recognise as Jungkook’s, you barely turn your head towards him to watch him acknowledge the pair in a silent greeting. 
“Mind if I steal her for a second?”
Your hand is on Jungkook’s as he drags you down the hall to a rather familiar room, even as you hear Yoongi calling after you “She’s all yours now!”
It almost feels like a deja-vu, the way Jungkook’s lips are on yours as the both of you stand before his bed. Wandering hands all over both of your bodies, grabbing at all the right and already familiar places, as you separate yourself with a teasing smile on your face “Shouldn’t we wait until our honeymoon?” the mere phrase earns you an incredulous look from the man in front of you “Well- now that I know I’ll be getting one” 
Jungkook throws most of his body weight on you to sent you tumbling into the bed, kissing alongside your jaw as he discards your clothes with your help “God I can’t get enough of you, Y/N”
There’s a teasing glint in your eyes as you push your hips into his, asking for more friction “Then don’t” 
His lips are on yours in an instant, hands gripping yours as he– ever so carefully, secures them above your head with whatever piece of clothing had just been laying around. The dance is familiar in a way it hadn’t been before even after all this time, somehow even more intimate than it had ever been– even as the smallest fraction of your brain processes the fact that there is still a party going on downstairs, the tell tales of music barely reaching you as Jungkook absolutely ravishes your body, his member hard against you as the tip of his cock keeps on teasing your entrance, barely breaching only to be retreated once more “Ah-God Jungkook just put it in!” 
“So desperate for my cock, Y/N” he slaps his member against your clit a few times, enough to have you whimpering, wishing to undo the restraints in your wrists so you could position him and get it on with. He doesn’t seem to be in the more for any more teasing as he starts fucking into you, deep and hard, just the way he mostly does. This time around he doesn’t miss the chance to work himself quickly– you can feel him pulsing against your walls even more so as you clench down on him, earning an almost guttural groan from him as he cums inside, eyes closed, head resting hanging low, a pouty kiss on your lips “Ah- God- I can’t wait to fill you up with our kids”
“Ah- please Jungkook just-” you can’t help the whine that overrides you as some of his cum gushes out, only for him to gather it up and push it back inside with a few languid thrusts. 
Tumblr media
The woman sitting across from Jungkook's office's coffee table is well put together– nothing that you wouldn’t have already expected for someone like him. She’s got what seems like a million papers inside binders, a practised smile plaster on her face as soon as she sits down. “So, what type of wedding are we thinking about? Summer weddings are-”
Jungkook takes your hand in his, a mischievous smile on his lips “Next week”
“Excuse me?”
The woman’s mouth is barely hanging from a surprisingly veiled expressing as soon as the words leave his mouth, yet Jungkook– much in Jungkook’s fashion, refuses to relent “I’m marrying Y/N next week”
“Mr Jeon, with all due respect, the costs and availability on such short notice-”
“I’m sure you’re aware, money is not an issue” 
One week later– not a second earlier or later, you’re standing at the altar, gorgeous white dress on your body, hands in your soon to be husband ones as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. 
“...You may now kiss each other.” 
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s personal assistant is quiet in the way that she briefly knocks on his office door before announcing herself “Mr Jeon, Y/N’s father is here, per your request” 
“Great, let him in”
Jungkook fixes himself a few times too many as your father takes a seat across from him at his desk, the image quite bizarre on its own, even more so as the two CEOs are seen talking in office hours, a feat not ever foreseen. 
Your father’s eyebrows shoot up at the request– the matters at hand. “You want to marry Y/N?” 
“I’m sure you understand how beneficial such a union would be for the both of us” Jungkook’s infamous poker face slips from a fraction of a second, long enough for your father’s interest to peak at the action as he continues to talk “I’m willing to throw away my three-year long engagement for Y/N”
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chateautae · 20 days ago
stretch you out | knj. & jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
banner by the lovely kiri @rkivian !! <33
Tumblr media
➵ summary: you have a plan for your crappy, diabolical ex who’s set on ruining your life; making him jealous by snagging a raunchy photo with two hot employees at the gym. what you didn’t have a plan for? befriending the mischievous pair to aid in your revenge and ending up underneath not just one, but both of them.
➵ pairing: gym employee!namjoon x f. reader x gym employee!jungkook
➵ genre: college!au, strangers to friends to lovers!au, porn but with plot :), the dIRTIEst smut, fluff
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 24k
➵ warnings: swearing, toxic masculinity (the ex), heavy making out, sexual tENSION, explicit sexual content, threesome <3, dom!namjoon & jungkook, sub!reader, big dicc!namjoon & jungkook, praising!! with a side of humiliation/degradation, use of slut, breast fondling, dirty talk, size kink cause this features our bIG BEEFY VIRGOS, delicious amounts of teasing, lots of ear-licking/sucking, pussy fondling, pussy-eating, clit play, finger-sucking, oral (m. receiving) x2, spanking, hair-pulling, ball-fondling, deep-throating, face-fucking, fingering, swallowing, unprotected sex (pls be safer!!), begging, roughhh sex, voyuerism, exhibitionism, slight possession kink, facial hehe, multiple orgasms, cum-eating, face-sitting/riding, double penetration, spitting, creampie, aftercare <33
➵ a/n: YAYYY it's here!! this was supposed to be me namkook september birthday gift but ugh life really got in the way! pls forgive me and enjoy, your feedback means the world to me <3 ALSO thank you endlessly to @rkivian for creating this pretty banner for me!! (pls excuse mistakes i did not have a beta pFT)
Tumblr media
“Hobi, you know I’m not gonna do that.” 
 “C’mon, Y/N, it’s the only solution.” 
 “Hobi, I love you, but I am not going to get revenge dick.” You scold your beloved best friend Hobi over the phone as you saunter towards the gym, babbling to him through your headphones. 
 “Oh c’mon, Y/N, this is literally the only way. If Jack’s gonna be an ass about this, then you get to be an ass, too. I’m so sick of that loser talking shit about you and thinking he’s getting back at you by hoeing around.” 
 Hobi’s defensive words touch you, entering your campus gym with a lighter heart. You smile politely at the desk workers once your membership is swiped, making your way towards your usual equipment. 
 “He can hoe around all he wants, Hobi, but getting revenge dick isn’t fair to the guy I do it with. That’s using someone and I don’t wanna stoop to Jack’s level.” You rebuttal, seating yourself with a plop on a bench, tying your shoelace. 
 “But that’s because Jack’s not letting the other girls know. If you have a willing partner who’s down for a revenge scheme, then you’re not using them at all.” 
 You guffaw at that, starting your first set with a shake of your head. It’s no secret your ex Jack Lowen has been the epitome of a devil’s spawn lately, enough that it’s a hot and juicy rumour campus is devouring. To say your break up was messy was an understatement, your break up was a disaster, enough that Jack transformed from a sweet, loving boyfriend into a 14-year-old bully with a wounded ego. 
 Your break up was on the grounds of a shitload of things; jealousy, incompatibility issues, lack of ambition, but the one factor that pushed Jack over the edge was the absolute unavoidable; you thought the sex was medicore. 
  “You’re fucking with me, Hobi, there’s no way anyone would just be down for revenge sex with no strings attached.” You were right in saying that, except, you’re also knowledgeable of Jack’s recent escapades to demonstrate he, in fact, wasn’t mediocre at sex. Whether it was to prove something or genuinely improve himself, you’re unsure, but Jack has disgustingly sworn nearly every female he’s banged into secrecy, or at least, lying to preserve his reputation.
 He’s become the very definition of scum, and your heart only goes out to the women he’s manipulating and using.
 “Hey, first of all, many people would be down for meaningless sex with you; you’re hot.” A small smile finds your face despite the shitty situation, but not because of his compliment, because Hobi’s an ass.
 “Thanks for lying, asshole.” 
 “Damn, and I thought my sarcasm wasn’t detectable.” Hobi kisses his teeth. “Well, anyway, the second part of my speech is that I never mentioned sex, I just meant that if you ask, there are people that can totally help you with making someone jealous. It doesn’t have to be something drastic like sex.” 
 Intrigued, you let the idea simmer. While Hobi may have rambunctious ideas that have once landed you drunkenly fishing your leg out a frozen lake, this may be one of his moments. “What do you mean?” 
 “I mean that Jack’s ego is the size of Russia and he turns into a little bitch when it’s threatened, Y/N. If he even sees you with another guy, he’ll be shitting the bed.” 
 You cringe. “That’s disgusting.” 
 “And in fact true; why did you date this guy again?” 
 “Because as shitty as a guy he is now, he was never like this before.” You answer in argument, but it’s not long before disappointment taints your heart. It truly upsets you to see how much Jack has allowed something so small to entirely destroy his once kind-hearted character. He was pure and good and kind, he was everything a girlfriend could’ve asked for, he just simply needed to take some pointers on his game. 
 Turns out questioning a man’s game is the key to triggering his fragile masculinity.
 “Bleh, forget him. There are plenty of guys who are everything he was and actually know how to fuck. You’re literally at the gym right now. Go hit on some muscly dude and get his number.” Hobi suggests, and you have to snicker, clicking about on the elliptical and setting it to your needs. 
 “What does being at the gym have to do with anything?” 
 You hear Hobi scoff as you begin exercising, his tone ever-so matter-of-fact. “Guys that work out are much better at sex, duh?” 
 Your eyes widen, dryly laughing. “Hobi, there’s no way I’m going up to a random guy at the gym right now and asking him to fuck me. That would literally be the equivalent of me being goddamn Jack!” 
 “Y/N, like I said, it doesn’t have to be sex. Start with something harmless, maybe get a number and either post something on your story or send something to Jack.” 
 You furrow your brows together, attempting to map out where exactly there’s a good idea in that. “Hobi, that would be adding fuel to the fire.” 
 “You’re only adding wood to the fire with something small like this, Y/N, not goddamn kerosene. Jack needs to know you’re not taking this sitting down, he’s been bragging about having silenced you for weeks and I’m fucking tired of hearing it.” 
 Hobi’s protectiveness brightens your face, sighing when you see his point. “Alright, you’re right. I can’t have that asshole thinking I’m crying into my pillow every night over him.” 
 “Exactly, be a boss bitch and show him that he’s not even phasing you.” 
 Feeling empowered, you speed up your elliptical, letting Hobi’s words and your newfound determination drive you. “You’re fucking right, Hobi. He’s the bottom of the goddamn barrel and I’m not fishing for scraps.” 
 “Hell no you aren’t, now go grab a sexy mofo and do something about it!” 
 You and Hobi giggle together before you end your call, endlessly thanking him for being a wonderful friend. You were genuinely grateful Hobi has always looked out for you; being an active member at your school’s athletic center meant he knew nearly every athlete on campus, but also knew the “locker room talk” any of the teams had. He’d always thought of jocks as diseases and wanted you permanently immune to them. 
 But alas, Jack wiggled his way into your life when you found out he was your co-worker’s brother at a work dinner, and the rest is now horrible history. You’d think a volleyball player would be incredibly professional, well-mannered and poised, but jocks are jocks, and he and his friends are pretentious pricks. 
 You roll your eyes recalling the way they all immediately turned on you, despising their hideous culture of mob mentality. Anyone that became your friend was now an enemy fuelling Jack’s idea to fuck any woman willing to have him—you shiver at the thought of such corruption. 
 Nevertheless, with Hobi’s advice now frocling about in your mind, you get to thinking. ‘A piece of wood, not kerosene’ you think, attempting to concoct something subtle. Outwardly fucking another man would only stoop you to his level, but you wanted to be crafty, tasteful, make Jack’s blood boil as he slowly witnesses how little of a shit you give about him. 
 Submerged in deep thought, you survey the gym, getting a look at the pile. You conjure a mental list of the men you found attractive, and ruled out anyone far from your type. 
 That was difficult, though, because a campus gym was usually filled with self-centered athletes who advertised their muscles for a fuck—not your type at all.
 Sighing, you flicker towards the receptionist area when you hear noise, brushing over the usual workers until your jaw quite literally drops. 
 You spot the two most gorgeous men you have ever seen in your life.
 You nearly choke, almost slipping up on the elliptical until your brain begins functioning again. You only started hitting the gym a couple weeks ago, and have never seen these two here before, but by the looks of their attire they’re definitely employees. 
 They weren’t just brawny, they were deliciously tall with striking features individual to each. One was dressed in a grey t-shirt and had mesmerizing dragon eyes. He was certainly wider, indicative of someone who works out often, but his smile is utterly to die for when you detect dimples on his face. 
 The other was lethal, too. A sleeve of tattoos sprawled up his arm as he sported a silver chain and a loose black t-shirt. You noticed his cute eyes and button nose pleasantly complemented his small, pink lips. The cute features on his face funnily contrasted his bulky body, though—he must do some form of boxing or vigorous training. 
 Smacking your chest to breathe, you blink multiple times and focus on the gym mirror in front of you. You tell yourself no; these gorgeous men are totally out