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bts fic recs: hyung line
Tumblr media
welcome to my promised fic rec collection for the hyung line!! their list isn’t as long since i hadn’t managed to read that much in the last month.
this list includes one shots, series + the hyung line
most of them have smut ;)
fic recs masterlist
Tumblr media
stuck with you (smut, angst, christmas, s2l)
@taleasnewastime — one shot
serve me (smut, fluff, angst, forbidden romance!au, rich kid!au, age gap)
@chateautae — one shot
mold a pretty lie (smut, college!au, toxic relationship, professor!jin)
@blog-name-idk — ongoing series
Tumblr media
monachopsis (smut, angst, fluff, tattoo artist!yoongi)
@personasintro — ongoing mini series
look down on me like that (smut, e2l, slow burn, coworkers!au)
@here2bbtstrash — ongoing series
hard liquor (smut, boss!yoongi, business!au, age gap)
@chateautae — one shot
heart haunting (smut, ANGST!!, boyfriend!yoongi, ex!jin)
@jamaisjoons — one shot
dating advice (smut, fluff, angst)
@taleasnewastime — completed series
late night telephone (angst, established relationship!au, boyfriend!jin)
@hobisonlyhope — one shot
Tumblr media
suncity (angst, fluff, smut, s2l, vacation!au)
@jamaisjoons — one shot
party on you (smut, fluff, idol!hobi, f2l)
@here2bbtstrash — one shot
heaven sent (fluff, smut, angst, roommate!au, bff2l)
@aquagustd — one shot
all in (smut, angst, massage!au, s2l)
@dreamescapeswriting — one shot
Tumblr media
class act (fluff, smut, college!au, jock!namjoon)
@jvngkook97 — one shot
park and ride (smut, car sex, fuck buddies, idol!namjoon)
@here2bbtstrash — one shot
forever bound (smut, angst, fluff, public sex, infidelity)
@jamaisjoons — ongoing series
Tumblr media
happy reading!! :)
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Love Language - Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Summary: Just Yoongi and his love language. 
Warnings: kissing, heavy making out, fingering, mentions of squirting, unprotected sex (please don't), Yoongi's long fingers, big dick Yoongi, mentions of Namjoon third wheeling. Porn with plot but mostly porn. Marriage au.
Words: 3.8k
Authors Note: hie! I am back with a drabble. Give it some love people hehe~
Seeing him in those black sleeping shorts and the incorrectly buttoned up white shirt you tore off of him last night sends a tingle between your legs. You almost throw your head back in need when he puts on his glasses, pushing his hair back trying to find something on his desk.
Waking up on a Sunday without your husband's warmth around you makes you whine into your pillow. You turn around to feel his side of the bed, and you feel it's still warm. He must've woken up not long before you did. You go down the stairs to find him in his study, busy on his phone, probably talking to Namjoon according to the dongsaeng-but-formal tone he is using. 
When he sees you standing there, he hangs up telling Namjoon he will call him after he finds whatever he was trying to find, hanging up he smiles at you. "Hey, have you seen the black binder you gifted me some months ago?" He asks with his eyes and hands busy on his table.
Lifting his head he notices your confused expression so he stops to explain with his hands. "Yay big and yay high, it was gold plated on the ends?" You look at his description and immediately recognize the binder, the one you gifted him for the aesthetic of his file drawer. Black and gold. 
"Yes that is in the bed room lemme get it for you." he nods at your statement smiling and you run and bring the binder back. When you come back you see him clutching his hair in his hands and oh his hands. 
The veins, making you want him to wrap his hands around your neck while he fucks you- No.
Get it together Y/N, its 10 am in the morning! Although the morning pound down doesn't sound bad, he seems very busy.
A kiss doesn't sound bad though.
You walk towards him bringing his file behind your back with a smile, he hears your footsteps and turns towards you with a smile.
"Thankyou baby." He says in his oh-so raspy voice and you melt. He reaches out to take it from you but you lift both of your arms to wrap them around him, the file still in your hand. He giggles and kisses you, his hands finding their way to your ass. Squeezing your flesh to make you moan with him still attached to your lips.
"Good morning to you too Y/N." Speaks a bored voice from the speaker of your husband's phone and you detach from his face with wide eyes trying to get away but he pulls you towards him with a lazy smirk on his face. You hit your husband playfully but embarrassed and also answer the greetings from your friend.
"Hey, u-um good morning Joon. Didn't know you were on a call and I'm sorry I should probably go."
"No no nothing so urgent that I should be a cockblock. Call me later hyung. Happy humps." Without giving your husband a chance to retaliate at the hump comment he hangs up and you smile guiltily at your husband.
"Yeah. I'm gonna smack this little motherfucker's head for this mmph-" you cut him off his rant as you kiss him again, giving him the lead as soon as he slips his tongue in. Moaning at the way he grabs your hair at the nape, biting onto your lower lip making you gasp. 
He traces his hand down your spine to reach the hem of his oversized T-shirt you borrowed last night and he swears it's hotter taking it off than any of the dresses he's ripped off of you. 
He lifts it up to your waist and ties it in a knot, you watch his long fingers make a knot just below your breasts and then trace them along your waistline "Wanted to fuck you in my T-shirt but didn't want it to come in the way so." He shrugs at the end of the sentence and you chuckled before being cut off by getting turned and bent over the desk suddenly. 
He bends down to the level of your cunt with a knowing smile and keeps one of his hands over your lower back to keep you in place. The cold desk wood under your tummy makes you hiss, but it turns into a short moan when he spreads your ass cheeks and runs his index finger between them over your damp folds.
He pushes his finger with pressure to tease you over the cloth making you squirm in place. Your heels rise making you tip toe when he drags his fingers towards your clit with the same pressure. 
"Fucking ready. Every fucking time." He grits out to himself and you let out a small whine at his delay, squirming in place. He scoffs at your impatience and pulls your underwear down, slow and teasing. 
"Baby, please" you whine at his slow movements but he suddenly slaps at your clit making you jolt. 
"Impatient huh?" You nod and breathe shakily at the sting but feel more wetness drizzle out, moaning at the feeling. 
"Look at that" he pushes two fingers in you and you both groan at the same time. You feel like you will curl up due to the feeling his fingers give when he twists them and rubs them around like he is trying to find something and oh-
He does. He fucking does. 
Your knees buckle when he finds that spot and you start panting when he keeps rubbing the spongy area. Cooing at your whimpering self, he picks up his pace, rubbing and jabbing your spot making your head go dizzy at the pressure. You try lifting yourself up but his hand's pressure tells you to take it just like he is giving it to you. 
A vibration causes you to flinch and you see him get up and flip his phone towards him to check the caller id. Panicked you pull yourself up to convince him to not pick up the phone, making him slip his fingers out in the process. 
"Yoongi don't you dar-" but before you could finish your sentence, he motions you to stay silent with his finger on his lips. You shake your head knowing you couldn't stay silent while he talks if he goes anyway further than his fingers still hovering over your entrance.
A voice booms from the phone on the table which kinda replicates yours, but with a different reason of panting. You guess he is running around. 
"Hyung, I am so sorry but you need to call and decide the order and topics for the four presenters for tomorrow.." the rest of the voices go deaf around your ears when Yoongi stuffs his fingers in your pussy and covers your mouth at the same time, muffling the gasp. 
He scoffs in your ear and whispers in his low raspy voice, "Pathetic little slut." Jabbing his fingers harder at every word. He changes the angles of his fingers making you clench and roll your eyes back. You hold his wrist over your mouth for dear life while he holds your body in place. 
You feel tears brim in your eyes as he hits the spot again and again and again. Your legs shake and you tighten around his fingers and he chuckles at your ministrations, he knows you like this. Every time Namjoon speaks you try to keep your voice in and it gets you wetter at the thought of getting caught. 
You snap out of the daze when he speaks addressing the younger business partner, "Joon I requested Y/N to attend the party next week and I think she wants to come" he licks your earlobe at the end of the statement and you nod vigorously.
Bringing his hand to the front he rubs your clit with three of his fingers, making you spread your legs out of instinct. You buck your hips and try grinding on his fingers chasing your high, the rush in your ears blocking out any kind of conversation around you. 
You start feeling the telltale of the upcoming orgasm and your body shakes and twitches when the heat passes out of you. Your eyes roll back to your head when he bites on your earlobe, removing his hand from your lips and you watch him hang up. 
You have no clue when the conversation ended but your shaking body falls on the table and you cry out. He slows his hand down to let you ride your high while you grind on his fingers absentmindedly rolling your hips, eyes squeezed shut as you breathe heavily. 
He removes his hand and smiles at you when you turn your head to glare at him, breathing heavily.
He helps you stand up and hold you by your waist when your knees buckle and has this shit-eating grin on his face. Pulling you towards him he gives you an open-mouthed kiss but you push him away panting. "Fuck you, Min. What if he heard something?!" He chuckles and grabs you by the waist tucking your hair behind your ear, tilting his head to make better eye contact. 
"Then he would hear how I make you cry when you come." His low and deep voice sends cold shivers in your lower back.
"I gotta work now baby, or Namjoon will physically come here and make me do it." He pats your butt to get you going but you raise your eyebrows at him before nodding down to the boner he has. He laughs and holds your cheeks making your lips pout. 
"As tempting as you sucking me off sounds, I would rather fuck you." He gives your pouted lips a chaste kiss before letting you go but you step forward and kiss him while grabbing his dick over his shorts making him growl in your mouth. 
"Fuck me good babe. I'll be waiting."
"Oh I will." He grins, shaking his head while watching you turning around, knot still above your ass and you make your way out of the room with your ass on full display. Groaning he turns his head towards his desk and then looks at his dick. 
Yeah. A cold shower. 
You gave him the whole day, trying to distract yourself with the work you had left incomplete and sending it to your HR, changing the bed sheets, sending your blazers to dry cleaning since it was a sick leave for your housemaid, buying grocery and bringing him his usual box full of tangerines and snacks with some beer to store in for football-match-with-the-boys-wuhoo! As Jungkook said.
It was 5:38 in the evening when you were cleaning the kitchen after having your second cup of coffee when you see him enter the room rubbing his neck. You felt really bad for him when you made eye contact with his tired ones, he took a shower and changed his clothes into a clean pair of black sweatpants and a white T-shirt.
He padded across the room to reach towards you to kiss you. Kissing him back you giggle and pull away, asking him softly, "Have you even eaten anything, baby?" He immediately nods to your question and lists the amount of frozen food he microwaved since you were not home.  
Shaking your head at him you say, "Yoongi, you did know I made some shrimp sandwiches for you? I texted you about that too."
He looks back at the kitchen counter and finds an oven tray covered with plastic wrap filled with some sandwiches. Chuckling he lets go of you and sits on the black stool matching the breakfast counter.
"Sorry, I guess I was distracted with work, I just finished the sorting process for tomorrow's meeting with Namjoon, and he was constantly making sure that he was making the right decisions. This deal means a lot to him and I merely got 5 minutes of time when It hit 2:30 and I was horny, hungry, and exhausted at the same time. Wanted to fuck you so bad, baby, but then I didn't see you at home so I had to suffice my other biological needs..." rolling his eyes he continues. 
"Sorry I couldn't eat the sandwiches." He looks at you with guilty eyes and you couldn't help but smile at him. He didn't need to explain anything but he elaborated the reasons why he couldn't eat the sandwiches?
You did marry a gentleman.
You step towards him and kiss his cheek. Flicking away the long hair that was coming into his eyes as you say, "Listen, baby, you don't need to explain anything. I know how much this means to you and Joon so please don't apologize. I just wanna know you're resting enough to not get exhausted. Okay?" He nods at your statement and you bend to kiss his lips while standing between his knees, his hands automatically coming up to your waist. 
You don't realize when the kiss became hungrier, was it at the first groan you let out? Or the moment he pushed his tongue in and took control in his hand? Neither of you care about what led you to jump into his arms when he took you to the master bedroom removing your summer dress and his t-shirt in the hallway.
Laying you down on the bed, he hovers over your red flushed face. "Gonna make you cum so much, we would need to dry off the mattress." You chuckle at this and he gives you an open-mouthed kiss, making his way down licking and kissing all the way down from your neck to the collarbones, through the valley of your breasts, tweaking your nipples a couple of times before taking them into his mouth. 
Gasping at the warmth from his tongue around the bud you grab the sheets beside your head with one hand and the other finds home in his hair making him growl. He leaves your nipples and traces his way with his tongue over your clothed pussy. 
Instead of teasing this time he pulls the underwear all the way to your ankles before throwing it into some dark corner of the room. The dusk hours make the yellowish brown lights reflect on your honey skin, leading him to bite into your thighs while pressing his thumb over your clit. 
Your impatient whine makes him determined to make you come hard, he loved teasing you but loves to watch you fall apart for him. So he digs in with his tongue tracing patterns all over your folds and your bundle of nerves which you couldn't decipher due to the soon entering fingers inside you, the cold sensation of his ring, and the stretch feeling heavenly, you know you wouldn't last long this time. 
He finds a rhythm in which he feels you tightening around his fingers and lets out a chuckle at the way you were clenching. "I know you're close baby, come for me. Make a mess on my fingers." And as if on call, your body spasms and he rubs your clit with his other hand making your body curl up. He stares at the way your cunt flutters and almost drools after he pulls his fingers out, watching it drizzle your sweet slick. Bending down he licks up a stripe over your pussy making you gasp. 
"Yoongi- s-sensitive. P-please." You gasp but still roll your hips trying to match his tongue. He hums pushing his tongue inside you and you almost feel it in your stomach. Your body arches as he swirls his warm muscle inside your hole and Yoongi groans at the taste and the thought of you clenching on his cock.
You feel the heat building up again at the slow pace he is licking you up at, not overwhelming your nerves but instead making them feel at ease and when he sees your limbs shaking he looks up and smirks at you who was already watching him eat you out. He winks at you and increases the pace of his tongue flicking at your clit.
You gasp at how he is making you feel the heat in your ears and toes, stretching your feet and tightening your muscles to reach the orgasm faster, your hands fly in directions to hold on to something.
"F-Fuck, don't stop-don't stop-don't stop. Fuck b-baby!" You cry out grabbing onto his hair with wide eyes, mind focusing on achieving that high. His groans make you reach it faster.
The constant flicking along with his long firm fingers rubbing your folds with pressure without entering, just massaging it to make it feel the pressure and pleasure makes you come and he pushes his tongue inside you at that exact moment making your eyes roll back. Your legs try to snap shut but he holds them open. Your legs shake continuously and you feel yourself ooze out a little bit of your soul. 
He gets up with a gummy smile on his face making you laugh and you both start laughing when he hovers above you. "You really boost my ego baby, coming so much. I must be doing something right?"
He sounds cocky but you know he is saying the truth, nobody has ever made you feel like he does, emotionally, physically, and mentally safe. 
"Wanna taste?" He asks you with mischief in his cat-like eyes and you nod with dizzy eyes, making his eyes darken, keeping eye contact he dips one of his hands and pushes inside you making you gasp a little which he mocks by gasping in a high-pitched voice and smirking later at your wide and embarrassed eyes.
He lifts his finger up and spreads it apart to show you the strings your slick creates between his fingers, you push your tongue out and he smirks, proud. "My filthy baby." He pushes those fingers in your mouth rubbing the taste of your cum on your tongue. Groaning at the taste you swirl your tongue around his digits, which he watches with dark eyes. 
He pulls the fingers out and wipes them on your cheeks, grabbing your face with his fingers he opens up your mouth. "Now for the main course." Spitting in your mouth he watches you moan at the feeling and gulp it in, which he kisses you, proudly. 
He gets up and removes his sweatpants and you feel your mouth water at him pumping his dick while watching your cunt leak. He smiles when you spread your legs wider and hover above you, tilting your face towards his, making eye contact, he enters you slowly and you feel your body arch at the girth of his cock. 
Min Yoongi has been the best dick you've been fucked by, with the perfect length, perfect width, and the prettiest features. Pretty, just like him. He knows you have a thing for eye contact, he observed this in the first 3 months of the relationship when you couldn't hold his stare, he knew it would turn you on while he fucked you, he loved seeing you squirm so it made his dick hard too. You proved his theory when he fingered you in front of the mirror making eye contact and making you watch yourself come undone for him, surprising him by squirting on his fingers. Just Perfect. 
Your eyes widen and he shakily exhales. "Fuck. You're so perfect and so wet. Reminds me of your mouth. You're warm on every end, baby." He grits through his teeth but none of his words reach you when his hips start hammering you into the mattress. 
He fucks you slow taking in every expression, watching your eyes roll back, dragging his cock slower making you scratch his back with your nails. Groaning in your ear his strokes getting hard and fast, hard and short, he tries every angle he loves seeing you twitch in. He pulls up both your legs over his waist, still fucking in at a slow-hard-deep pace and you whine loudly making him grab your thigh at the control he is showing not to bust at your voice's high pitch and neediness. 
"Fuck Yoongi, right there. Right there. Faster, please. I'm gonna die if you don't go any faster. Make me come please make me." He looks at you and you clench, growling at the tight grip you have around him, he gives you what you want. Faster-harder-deeper. Your body jolts back at every stroke but the expression on your face makes him lose his control, he grabs both your hands and pins them beside your head.
Your body arches into his, your nipples touching his bare chest, you cry out in pleasure, walls spasming and tightening around him. 
"Gonna come. Y/N fuck baby" he growls in your ear while you say his name like a mantra, digging your nails in your palms. You both come at the same time making you tremble in his hold and feet digging in his lower back. He bites your neck when he feels you lifting your hips meeting his strokes to reach the end of both your highs. 
Slowing down when you whine in overstimulation, he pulls out. You both stay there watching the lights on the ceiling which were never turned on and you realize, it's dark outside. Checking the digital clock you see it's been more than 35 minutes since you entered the room. You laugh at the heavy breaths you and your husband are letting out but soon you cringe because of the sticky sheets under you. 
"You need to change them this time, I just did them in the afternoon, Min."
"Let me breathe a second woman? Why are you so bossy?" He gets up feigning annoyance but you hear the breathy chuckle he lets out. You roll your eyes at his accusations while he helps you get up, laughing at the faces you make when you feel the warm sheets mixed with the weird temperatured cum. 
After-care with warm showers and thigh massages was an important part of the sexual routine you and Min Yoongi had, but the best part? The best part was when he feeds you the food he cooks with so much love and furrowed eyebrows due to the concentration he has in that apron with a cat with its middle finger out, the intense amount of attention towards the dish makes him unconsciously poke his tongue out through his lips while he plates the dish. 
Bringing you a pair of fresh wooden chopsticks and wine, his face smeared with flour as he made you some fresh and greasy kimchi jeon. You know he loves cooking you food but would never admit it. 
So, not wanting you to do much after the sweat session, he just cockily said 'Don't strain you're already jelly-like legs, you tiny human.' Which secretly means, rest because you're sore. He is not very outspoken about his feelings so he might seem a little concealed, it's just that, he has a different language for love, he just needed somebody to decode it.
Luckily, it's you.
Tumblr media
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sugar | myg
Tumblr media
pairings » ceo!yoongi x f. reader
genre » strangers to lovers, neighbours au, fluff, smut
summary » desperately in need of sugar to make coffee in order to ease down your headache, you find yourself knocking on a strangers door who happens to be your best friend’s friend and the finest man you’ve ever encountered.
warnings » drinking, swearing, kissing, pool party, cold yoongi, dom!yoongi, sub!reader, foreplay, blowjob, fingering, dirty talk, making out, some nipple play, begging, praise kink, orgasm control, hair grabbing, penetration, teasing, just yoongi being hot
word count » 11k
a/n » some italics part indicate past dialogues and some indicate personal thoughts.
Tumblr media
You had just finished placing the last few boxes in your new apartment with the help of your friend, Hoseok.
“Thank you so much Hobi! I don't think I could've done this without you.” You said, smiling at him.
“Are you crazy Y/N? Don't thank me, what are friends for?” He retorted, being offended by the fact that you thought he wouldn’t have helped you, whether you asked him to or not.
“No it’s just that you’ve been busy and I didn't want to bother you. I'd feel horrible knowing you can’t rest the one day you’re free just because of me.” You explained, feeling a bit guilty.
“Hey, it’s all cool. I'm glad you finally found yourself an apartment though, it's nice here.” He replied, looking around the place as you can see how satisfied he was with the amount of sunlight approaching the room.
“Indeed it is.” You nodded, agreeing with him.
It finally feels like home, your home.
“Better treat me to a nice dinner later missy.” He joked making you chuckle.
“Of course mister. After I set up the apartment properly that is.” You joked back.
“Do you need help with setting anything up? You know I can always jus—“
You sighed before walking up to him and intertwining your hands with his.
”Hobi, I'm fine. I want to do this all on my own now. I really appreciate your help though, you’ve been nothing but a hardworking and supportive best friend. Thank you so much for always being there for me, I love you.” You blurted out.
“Now, should I take that as you officially confessing your love for me Y/N?” He smirked.
You rolled your eyes, “As friends Hoseok, but seriously, thank you so much for everything.”
“Of course, anytime, I’m just a call away you know.” He said, wrapping his arms around you to pull you into a hug.
You hummed, instantly giving into his warm body with your head resting on his chest. Both of you stayed like that for a couple of minutes until the sudden ringing of a phone made you two pull apart. Hoseok fetched his phone out from the back pocket of his jeans and widened his eyes looking at the caller ID.
“Shit! I need to go Y/N. Sorry, I forgot I had to meet mom today.”
“It's fine Hobi, thanks once again and tell your mom I said ‘hi’.” You replied, leading him to the door.
“Will do.” He asserted, opening the door to walk out.
“By the way my friend lives in that apartment. If you need anything you can ask him, I'll let him know about you.” He said, pointing at a door across the hallway to which you nodded.
“Alright thanks Hobi, bye!” You beamed.
“Bye Y/N,” and with that he left. You went back inside, closed the door and leaned your back on it. You admired your apartment space and tried to figure out where to start setting up from.
After 10 long hours, you finally sat down on the sofa you had just finished arranging.
“My head hurts now.” You whined.
Knowing exactly what you need to ease it down, you made your way towards the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. However, you realized that your plan of getting groceries today didn’t work out and you didn’t have any sugar left in the house.
A sudden thought of calling Hoseok to bring you some came to your mind but you quickly dismissed it knowing it’s 10pm. You didn’t want to bother him anymore. That's when your mind clicked, recalling Hoseok's words before he left.
His friend.
For a good 7 minutes, you debated on whether you should knock and ask for some sugar or not before finally concluding your decision. You definitely need a cup of coffee or your headache will get even worse and you know you won’t move a single inch to finish setting up the left bit of the apartment.
“Fuck it!” You mumbled and quickly slid a purple hoodie over your tank top before leaving your apartment.
Standing in front of a door similar to yours, you took a deep breath before knocking on it. You don’t even know why you’re so nervous, he’s Hoseok's friend and your neighbor. Neighbours help each other right?
Not getting any response back the first time, you knocked again. Still not getting any response, you decided to leave but the door suddenly opened. You stood there in shock, seeing such a handsome man standing by the door. He was wearing an oversized white shirt over black track pants with a white towel wrapped around his neck. It looked like he just came out of the shower and was trying to dry his wet locks.
“Yes?” He questioned in a deep voice, staring straight into your soul.
“Umm hey, I don’t know if he told you yet but I’m Hoseok's friend that moved in. I ran out of sugar and I needed it this instant, so is it okay if I can borrow some? I’ll make sure to give you bac—“
What the fuck. Did he just slam the door on your face? What does he think of himself? Of course you just had to encounter another person with good looks but a shitty personality. You never knew Hobi had such a rude friend. You scoffed and started walking back to your apartment but suddenly heard the door behind you click open again.
“Where are you going?”
You immediately turn around only to spot Hoseok's friend standing, peeking out his door.
“I thought yo—“ before you could complete your sentence you saw him walking towards you.
“Take the whole pack, I'm not wasting time taking out only a bit.” He stated, handing over a whole 2kg bag of sugar.
“Oh I don’t need that mu—“
“Just take it. Pay me a quarter back later.” He retorted, pushing it further to you as you took it.
Guess he’s not that bad, just a man with a cold personality.
“Uh okay, thanks—“ before you could even ask for his name or say anything, he was already walking back to his place. You watched him stop in-front of his doorway and reach his hand out to twist the door knob, before briefly glancing at you.
“It’s nice finally meeting you Y/N, I'm Yoongi.”
It's been two days since you moved in and had that encounter with Yoongi. You remember ranting to Hoseok about it yesterday which only led him to erupt into laughter.
“He’s just like that Y/N, at least he gave you some sugar. He was probably tired from work so don't think too much. Yoongi doesn’t talk much but he’s nice.”
Although he has good looks you wish to never face him again, but here you are. Hoseok’s words ringing in your head as you once again find yourself standing in front of his door. Before you could even knock, the door opened itself revealing Yoongi. You can see that he was also in the same shock as you. I mean why wouldn’t he be? He definitely wouldn’t have expected you out of everyone to be standing by his doorway, first thing on a Monday morning.
“Good morning! I just wanted to return your pack of sugar and pay for it, here’s the money.” You said, extending the quarter and the pack of sugar to him.
“Oh, thanks.”
Your eyes then finally travelled down to his outfit. He was wearing a black blazer with a white shirt underneath, neatly tucked into his black dress pants as one of his hands carried a pair of shades. You looked back up and noticed how his hair was neatly parted through the middle.
Fuck he looks hot.
One thing about Hoseok, that man has some really good looking fucking friends. You’ve met three of them before Yoongi. If you may recall, the three being Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin. You don’t think you have ever seen a friend group consisting of such good looking people, to be honest. He hasn’t introduced you to the other two yet but you’re sure they’re probably hella fine as well.
“Do you need anything else?” You didn’t realize that you had been staring at him so his voice slightly made you flinch.
“Huh? Uh no sorry i’ll take my leave now, thank you once again.” You smiled to which he nodded, and you left.
“Mom you didn’t have to, you know?” You said to your mom as the two of you were in the elevator, going up to your apartment.
“Don’t be ridiculous Y/N. My daughter bought her own apartment with her own money for the first time and you think I wouldn’t come visit?” She retorted.
“I don’t mean it like that, it’s a 2 hour drive away and dad is sick.“
“Your dad is fine now and just recently started going back to work, don’t worry too much.” She assured, as the both of you had walked out the elevator and made it in front of your apartment door.
“Alright, I'm sure he didn’t come since he would be busy catching up with work so I’ll go meet him at the company sometime this week.” You said, opening the door with your keys.
“Of course, he’ll be so happy to see you.” She beamed.
When the two of you stepped foot inside, your mom began scanning the whole place. Going through the whole apartment, she kept the same look until the two of you had sat down on the sofa.
“Oh my god Y/N, it’s beautiful, I love it!” She exclaimed, making you chuckle.
“I’m glad you liked it, I worked hard on arranging everything nicely with the help of Yoora of course.”
“It looks wonderful! I'm so proud of you and speaking of Yoora, how is she and Hoseok?” Your mom asked, holding your hands.
“Yoora and Hoseok are both fine, just busy these days. They sent their greetings to you though,” you replied.
“Make sure to send my greetings back, tell them that I miss them and am very thankful that you have friends like them.”
“That would definitely boost their ego but will do,” you said, making the two of you laugh.
You spent almost 4 hours talking to your mom and even facetimed Hoseok and Yoora in the middle. The two complained about how busy they were with work while you were lucky enough to have 2 weeks off. The three of you have been best friends since you were 5 so all your parents loved the three of you like their own children. Your mom and the two had the time of their life talking to each other after so long. It was almost around 8pm when you heard knocking on your door. Who would it be at this time? You wondered.
“You had someone coming over?” Your mom asked.
“No but I think the parcel I ordered came in. Let me go check,” you answered as she nodded.
You got up and walked towards the door. Once you opened it, you were greeted by the sight of a huge brown box and a man dressed in a simple black hoodie and jeans. His hair was fluffy too. Very boyfriend material of him but he wasn’t a delivery man—
“Uh hey, you actually had this box outside your door this afternoon and you weren’t home so I took it to my place in case someone takes it.” He nervously explained.
“Oh my god, thank you so much!” You exclaimed.
“It’s a bit heavy, let me help you carry it inside.” He insisted, seeing you struggling to get the box in.
“Oh thanks, I'm so sorry you had to carry it to your place.” You apologized thinking of how he might’ve struggled to carry your huge and heavy parcel to his apartment. Hoseok was right, he is nice.
“Right here is fine Yoongi, thank you once again,” you said, finally placing the box down.
“It’s fin-“
“Oh my, who might this young man be?” You heard your mom ask.
Oh shit, you completely forgot she was here.
“He’s just my neighbour, don’t assume anything mom.” You declared before she could say anything more.
“You know you don’t have to hide anything from me right?” She smiled as you saw how Yoongi's eyes widened, understanding what she meant.
“Mom. I’m not hiding anything, he lives across the hallway we met just a couple days ago.”
“Well then invite this handsome neighbour of yours for dinner at least.”
“Mom!” You whined showing her exactly how embarrassed and mad you are.
“It’s nice to meet you ma'am and thank you for your invite but I’m afraid I can’t accept it as I have other plans and need to leave sorry.”
That was so formal, he sounded so nice.
“Oh I see, such a respectful man. Please come next time when you’re free, I'm sure Y/N can cook you some delicious food.”
“Uh of course ma'am, have a goodnight, I’ll take my leave now.” Yoongi stated before locking eyes with you and walking out the door.
As soon as you heard the door shut, you immediately locked it and rushed towards your mom to rant about what just happened and how embarrassing it was.
“We should go eat Y/N,” your mom said, having enough of you rambling on and on.
You sighed, “you’re right. I'm very hungry, let's go eat!”
You were now walking back to your apartment after dropping off your mom by the car your dad had sent for her to go back from. She left a little while after having dinner and made sure to convince you to befriend Yoongi and possibly start dating him.
There’s no way you would. You two don’t even know each other and he’s too rude sometimes.
Speaking of Yoongi, you need to apologize to him about your mom. You know there’s no way you’d face him after the embarrassing situation that occurred so you texted him instead. Surprisingly he texted back in just a few minutes.
[y/n] 9:38pm: Hey, this is y/n
[y/n] 9:39pm: I just wanted to apologize for how my mom reacted. I’m so sorry, she’s just like that, I hope you understand and forget whatever happened.
[yoongi] 9:43pm: it’s okay, I already forgot
[yoongi] 9:43pm: but how did you get my number?
[y/n] 9:43pm: from hoseok
[yoongi] 9:45pm: alright, well I gtg
[y/n] 9:46pm: oh ok bye goodnight
[yoongi] 9:46pm: gn
dry texter but whatever, now that that’s cleared, you can peacefully sleep.
“Yoora, I’m on my way to meet dad right now, I’ll call you later okay.” You said, eyes focused on the road ahead of you.
“You better call though, I have some important news to share.”
“Okay okay don’t worry, I will. I need to know your tea anyways.”
You heard her chuckle, “trust me you would love it.”
“On second thoughts, tell me now.” You retorted, getting excited about the ‘important news’ she wanted to share.
“Nope, call me later bye!”
“Yoora no!” You yelled but she hung up already.
You wondered what happened in the span of 3 days that got her so excited. The last time you talked was when your mom was here. She was completely fine and normal so something big definitely happened. Thinking about Yoora and her important news, you didn’t even realize that you already reached your dad's company.
Parking the car and walking inside the tall glass building, you were greeted by the two beautiful receptionists who immediately recognized you as the chairman’s daughter.
“Hey, is dad free?” You asked the receptionist at the front desk.
“He’s in his office Miss Y/N, but I’ll call him and let him know you’re here.” She responded.
“Uh no! I actually wanted to surprise him so there is no need to inform him. I’ll just go.” You protested.
“Alright but he has someone over right now.”
“It's okay, I'll just wait outside his office till he’s done.” You said.
“As you wish Miss Y/N.” She respectfully bowed.
You returned it and walked towards your dad's office being all excited to meet him and ready to scold him for getting sick. Once you reached the hallway to your dad’s office, you were surprised to see a familiar figure and someone you thought you would never meet here of all places.
“Yoongi? What are you doing here?” You questioned as you walked up to him.
“Y/N?” He raised a brow turning towards you.
“You two know each other?” Your dad beamed in.
“Dad!” You exclaimed and jumped into his arms.
“Hey sweetheart, how are you?” He asked.
“I'm all good, how are you now?”
“Much better, especially now that you're here.” He replied, ruffling your hair as the two of you chuckled.
“Anyways back to my question, you two know each other?” Your dad asked once again.
“We’re neighbours.” Yoongi and you retorted at the same time.
“Dad, how do you know him and why are you here Yoongi?” You questioned both of them.
“He’s the CEO of Min Productions, we just finalized a deal and collaboration.” Your dad proudly announced.
You were beyond shocked. Yoongi, Min Yoongi, your neighbour, Hoseok's friend, he is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in all of South Korea.
“I was going to tell you about him to help with your work but good thing you came. Maybe we can just discuss all that right now. If that’s fine with you and Yoongi of course.” Your dad said, eyeing the two of you.
“Sure, I don’t have any other schedule for today.” Yoongi confirmed.
“Perfect! How about you Y/N?” Your dad asked.
“Oh yea sure.” You replied, still baffled about the new information you had just learned about Yoongi.
With that, the three of you went inside your dad's office and discussed a few deals, details and designs you could all work on. Your dad had two companies and you were working in the other smaller one. The companies were known for their great interior house designing. Yoongi's company being the biggest and most famous one in that field.
“I want to do something big this time.” Your dad heaved out. He was sitting on the couch beside you and in front of Yoongi, deep in thought about what he can do.
“What do you mean by that dad?” You muddled.
“Maybe a showcase-like exhibition.” Yoongi remarked, ignoring your confused state.
“Perfect! That’s a great idea, we'll do that.” Your dad happily exclaimed.
“Wait, so we’ll hold an exhibition with our new designs? Like how Ikea has those fake displays?” You asked, amazed by the idea.
“Something exactly like that.” Yoongi confirmed.
“Oh my god, you’re so smart. I’m sure this will benefit all our companies ” You exclaimed jolting up from your seat, making both Yoongi and your dad look up at you surprised.
“Uh sorry I just got a bit excited.” You murmured and sat back down making your dad chuckle.
“Yoongi, do you have any set date for the exhibition in mind?” Your dad asked, looking back at him.
“How about 4 months from now? Our company is low on furniture stock right now so it’ll take about a month to get them and 2-3 months to set all the designs.” Yoongi replied.
“Hmm, I think that’s great. Within the month you guys get furniture we can make the presentations with selected designs and a location to display the exhibition.” You suggested.
“Yea sure, we can have another meeting to discuss that later.” Yoongi said to which you and your dad both nodded.
A few minutes later your dad’s words were interrupted by a spam of text messages on your phone.
“Sorry Dad, I'm just gonna check to see if everything is fine.” You said, pulling out your phone to which he nodded and continued talking to Yoongi.
[yoora] 2:13pm: are you done yet???
[yoora] 2:13pm: please tell me you are
[yoora] 2:14pm: it’s been almost 4 hours
[yoora] 2:14pm: I still need to share my news
[yoora] 2:14pm: it’s important.
[yoora] 2:15pm: pleaseee Y/N!!
[yoora] 2:15pm: reply or i’ll never tell you.
[y/n] 2:16pm: jeez woman you need to stop spamming!
[yoora] 2:16pm: fucking finally!!!
[y/n] 2:16pm: and fyi, it’s only been 3 hours
[yoora] 2:16pm: same thing
[y/n] 2:17pm: anyways, i’m almost done here so tell me where to meet you
[yoora] 2:17pm: my place.
[y/n] 2:17pm: alright, see you soon
[yoora] 2:17pm: okayy see you soon!!
“Dad I actually have to leave right now.” You announced, closing your phone screen.
“So suddenly? Is everything okay?” He asked, face frowning with concern. Yoongi was staring at you as well.
“Yes dad everything is fine. I just need to go drop by at Yoora’s place.” You responded.
“Oh I see, take care and send my greetings her way.” He said standing up.
“Will do, I’ll leave now and please take care of yourself.” You said, hugging your dad. Your eyes then landed on Yoongi.
“Uh it’s an honour to be working with you Mr. Min.” You said professionally, extending your hand towards him.
You heard him chuckle, showing off his gummy smile before responding to your handshake. “Just call me Yoongi.”
“You have a what!” You yelled, choking on the water you were gulping down.
“I have a boyfriend.” Yoora stuttered out, playing with her fingers.
“Oh my god Yoora, this is huge!” You exclaimed, putting aside the glass of water and holding her hands.
“I know, he’s actually coming over in a few minutes.” She said, making you widen your eyes.
“Why did you call me then! Do I know him? What’s his name? How long have you been dating?” You bombarded her with questions.
“Y/N calm down, I wanted to tell you before anyone and I don’t think you know him but you’ve definitely heard of him. He’s actually one of Hoseok's friends.” Yoora said, making you frown.
“Really? Who?” You questioned.
Before she could even reply, the doorbell rang.
“I think that’s him.”
You watched as Yoora walked over to the door, opened it and got crushed by a muscular figure hugging her.
“Hi babe, I missed you.” You heard a deep male voice, followed by a chuckle and a “I missed you too.” from Yoora. You smiled at that as you were beyond happy for your best friend.
As the couple walked in, you stood up from the couch and finally saw the man's face. Hoseok's friend huh? Once again very good looking.
“Hey you must be Y/N. I’m Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, It’s nice finally meeting you.” He introduced himself, extending his hand towards you.
“So you’re the man that stole my best friend's heart and my other best friend's car. It’s nice finally meeting you too, Jungkook.” You joked whilst shaking his hand.
“I— let’s not talk about the car incident. Hoseok still hates me for that.” He nervously laughed, making both you and Yoora chuckle.
“Anyways how and since when have you two been dating?” You asked curiously.
“Uh we’d been talking for 7 months after the party we met in and started dating 3 months ago.” Jungkook said, making you squint your eyes at Yoora. She told you about meeting this hot guy at the one party you couldn’t attend, but never told you that they had been talking afterwards.
“I’m sorry, I know I should have told you sooner but we wanted to be sure about our relationship before telling anyone and don’t be mad, you’re still the first one to know anyways.” Yoora apologetically retorted and you immediately softened your eyes.
“It’s fine, I’m so happy for you both. Jungkook please keep her happy and never break her heart or I swear I’ll kill you.” You threatened him.
“I swear I won’t, I love her too much.” He confessed looking at Yoora. You saw the love he had for her in his eyes and how flustered Yoora got.
He’s definitely the one for her.
“Well I guess I’ll leave you two be, don’t want to to be a third wheel.” You laughed.
“No no please don’t. I know you’re free today and we haven’t been hanging out a lot lately. Jungkook doesn't mind, I already told him.” She pleaded. Your eyes wandered off to Jungkook for confirmation and he nodded with a smile.
“Are you sure?” You asked, still having second thoughts.
“We’re sure, we can watch a movie if you’d like.” Jungkook suggested.
You sighed and smiled. “Alright, sounds good.”
Yoora squealed and stood up, “I’ll go get the popcorn and some drinks ready!”
“Why don’t you two catch up and choose a movie while I go get that hm?” Jungkook insisted, leaving a peck on Yoora’s forehead before heading towards the kitchen.
As soon as he left, you immediately hugged Yoora.
“Oh my god! He’s so sweet and good looking, literally your type.” You quietly exclaimed.
“I know right! I’m so glad I didn't ditch that party Hobi took me too that day. The guys there and Hoseok's friends were so nice and hot. You would’ve found yourself a man as well.” She excitedly whispered back.
You quietly chuckled, “I admit Hoseok’s friends are really nice and hot but you know why I couldn’t come.”
“Right, speaking of that, I forgot to ask how it went with your dad. How’s he feeling now?”
“Much better, he’s been taking all his medications on time and started working again. Dad also sent his greetings your way.” You smiled.
“That’s great! Make sure to send my greetings back to him,” She replied, making you nod.
“Of course! Well, let's choose a movie now.” You said, grabbing the remote from the table.
“Marvel!” The two of you exclaimed.
“Spider-man!” You jumped up, causing you both to laugh out loud.
“I heard Marvel and Spider-man, I’m so ready to watch.” Jungkook beamed, coming out of the kitchen with popcorn, drinks and other snacks in his arms.
“Jungkook, you're a Marvel and Spider-man fan too!” You excitedly asked.
“No shit Sherlock, who isn’t?” He cockily responded, making the three of you laugh.
“Okay, okay, let’s watch!”
You didn’t even realize when the three of you finished watching 3 movies before ordering a take out and leaving her place. It was really fun and Jungkook was an amazing guy. You’re so happy for Yoora.
“Y/N please come to the party!” Yoora whined over the phone while you were cooking yourself some pasta for dinner.
“No buts, you’re coming and that's final.” She stated.
“I’m not sure about it though.” You sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Oh come on, Jimin literally called and personally invited you.”
“I know but we’re not so close.”
“So what? Me, Jungkook and Hoseok, we’re all going to be there as well.” She retorted, trying to convince you for the past 15 minutes now.
“Fine, but I don’t have a—“
“Don't even worry about that. I have a sexy black one piece you could wear. Just decide on a suitable dress or some shorts and a nice top to go along with it.”
“Okay, thanks.”
She knows you too well.
“Don’t thank me, you know our rule.” She said, trying to sound mad.
“Right my bad.” You chuckled.
“Oh Jungkooks here! I'll call you tomorrow and drop off the one piece.” She exclaimed.
“Yeah sure.” You replied.
“Perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye.”
“Yeah see you, bye.” With that, the two of you ended the call.
Jimin had called you three days ago, inviting you to his house for a pool party which was being held on Saturday. You weren’t sure if you’d go since you’d only met each other once and weren’t too close. However, now that Yoora had successfully ended up convincing you to attend the party, you realized it wasn’t such a bad idea. You could spend some time with Hoseok, Yoora and some other friends.
It had also been a little over a month since you had started working on the exhibition with Yoongi. As promised, you did all the research on possible locations and compiled various interior designs to use for display. You’d definitely be using this pool party as a way to unravel and celebrate the successful presentation you gave a few days prior. You’d been quite nervous as you didn’t want to disappoint your father or Yoongi. Despite your nerves, you decided to go ahead with it. Turned out that you had done remarkably well, impressing Yoongi as a turnout.
Today was Thursday, meaning you’d only have a day to prepare yourself. Most of tomorrow will be gone as you know you’ll find yourself drowning in work. The party is in the evening of Saturday so you’ll get everything ready the morning prior.
You stood by the edge of your bed, staring at the pile of mess you just made. You were frustrated and confused as to what to wear to the party later in the evening.
Not wanting to spoil your whole mood, you decided to facetime Yoora and let her decide. As you were about to call her, something clicked in your mind.
You totally forgot.
You knew it’d be rude to call her in the middle of this so you decided to break it down to two outfits. You took pictures wearing both and just sent her the pics.
[y/n] 12:18pm: Yoora I know you're having lunch with Jungkook and his parents but when you have time please choose which one I should wear.
*insert image*
*insert image*
After you quickly sent the text, you ran to the kitchen to grab some food to eat. You were really excited about the pool party. The one piece Yoora gave was indeed sexy and fits your body perfectly. You sure were going to have fun tonight.
As soon as you sat on the sofa with a bag of doritos, you received a notification. You smiled and clicked on it knowing it’ll just be Yoora but—
What the fuck!?
[yoongi] 12:23pm: Y/N? this is Yoongi, I think you’ve got the wrong person.
[y/n] 12:24pm: oh my god! I'm so sorry I think I misread yours and Yoora’s name.
[yoongi] 12:24pm: Oh it’s fine
Your heart was beating so fast right now. You accidentally sent two pictures of yourself to Yoongi. It took you about a good six minutes to calm down but as soon as you were okay, you received another notification
[yoongi] 12:32pm: If you're open to receive another opinion though, I'd say the second one.
You blinked your eyes and kept staring at the text. Not gonna lie, that did something to your heart. You felt butterflies in your stomach.
[y/n] 12:35pm: oh alright thanks
[yoongi] 12:37pm: np:)
[hobi] 5:56pm: hey I’m downstairs
[y/n] 5:56pm: give me two mins i’ll be down
[hobi] 5:56pm: okay I’m waiting
You quickly fix your hair, put on your wedges and give yourself a quick glance in the mirror before leaving your apartment.
You are going to go to Jimin's party with Hoseok today. It’s been a while since you last met him considering his sudden trip to Chicago for two weeks.
Stepping out of the apartment entrance, you saw Hoseok leaning against his silver BMW. He didn’t notice you as his eyes were too focused on his phone.
“Hobi!” You beam, running up to him.
“Hey Y/N!” He beams back, trapping you into a bear hug.
“You look nice.” He compliments, eyeing your blue jean shorts and black off shoulder crop top which show off your belly piercing and sharp collarbones.
“You don’t look too bad yourself.” You retort, eyeing his white shorts and blue striped shirt.
“I never look bad.” He states whilst adjusting the shades resting on his head, making you roll your eyes.
“Anyways, how was Chicago?” You ask.
“It was amazing! I met a girl there actually.” He answers, making your eyes widen.
“Oh my god what!” You exclaim, causing him to let out a chuckle at your reaction.
“I’ll tell you on the way, get in the car first or we’ll be late.” He remarks, already walking towards the driver seat.
“Oh yea let’s go.” You say, opening the car door and settling yourself in.
Once he starts driving, your curiosity grows bigger.
“So?” You start, staring at his side profile.
“So what?” He asks, taking a quick glance at you before staring back at the road. You know he knows exactly what you’re referring to.
“Jung Hoseok.” His name comes sternly out your mouth.
“Fine fine, her name is Aera. She's actually Korean and is currently studying at a law school in Chicago. She still has a year to go and then she’ll come back.”
“Stop, that's so cool. So you’ll wait till she comes back?” You curiously ask.
“Yeah we both seem to like each other and we’ve been talking ever since I got back.” He shyly replies.
“Hobi, that’s great! Omg I'm so happy for you.” You squeal as he thanks you before turning on some music.
“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d be available to pick you up tonight so I was going to tell Yoongi to bring you along with him.”
“Wait. Yoongi’s coming?” You ask, horror evident in your eyes.
“Of course we’re all friends, he’s Jimin's friend too, did you forget?” He laughs, eyes still focused on the road.
Great, just great. Now you have to face him after accidentally sending him your pics. Can this get any worse and embarrassing? You know you had to face him on Monday for work but within 5-6 hour after the incident…
After about 15 minutes, you see Hoseok pulling up at a parking lot with a huge mansion behind it.
Jimin lives here what the fuck!
“This isn’t Jimin's house, it's his family farm house.” Hobi confirms, as if he read your mind.
“Oh I see, it’s really pretty.” You mumble.
“It is. Now quit staring at it and let’s go in, I'll finally introduce you to Taehyung as well,” he says, making you nod. You follow him to the door and watch him ring the bell. When the door opens, the two of you are greeted by Jimin himself.
“Hoseok! Hey bro.” Jimin pulls Hoseok into a hug before turning towards you.
“Y/N hey! Glad you made it, it's been a while huh?” He exclaims, reaching in for a hug which you gladly accept.
“It sure has, thank you for inviting Jimin.” You beam a smile at him.
“Of course anytime, we’re friends now.” He smiles in return.
“But she’s my best friend.” Hoseok speaks in between, making you playfully hit his shoulder.
“Yeah yeah anyways, come in and make yourself at home.” Jimin says, guiding the two of you inside.
As soon as you step in, you are hit by the smell of alcohol as the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars blasts loudly through the speakers. Of course the first thing you notice is the beautiful interior of the house, you were amazed by it. Then you notice people scattered all around the house.
Jimin takes it upon himself to lead you and Hoseok to the backyard even though Hobi seemed to know the way. Once you reach, you see many more bodies dancing around, drinking, smoking, making out and playing in the pool.
“The bar is right there, you can get whatever you want. Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask for anything else, I'll be around.” Jimin says, pointing at the bar where people were sitting and bartenders were serving drinks.
Jimin definitely seems rich. I mean, his family owns Park Motels after all.
“Yeah, till everyone actually gets here at least. We all know you’d be hooking up with someone soon Jimin.” Hoseok snickers whilst you press your lips together to try to hold in your laugh.
“Shut up! Don’t embarrass me like that. Geez don’t listen to him Y/N.” Jimin replies.
“It’s totally fine Jimin, it’s your party of course you’ll enjoy.” You assure.
“See! Y/N is so kind, not judging me unlike someone else here,” he says, glaring at Hoseok to which he responds by rolling his eyes.
“Hey Jimin!” the three of you look back to see Namjoon, Seokjin, Jungkook, Yoora and this other man you don’t think you’ve ever met walking towards you.
Maybe he’s Taehyung?
“Hey guys!” Jimin and Hoseok beam as Yoora comes and hugs you.
“Y/N! It’s so good to see you again.“ Seokjin politely says as Namjoon agrees and passes his dimple smile towards you.
“Likewise. How are you guys?” You ask.
“Perfectly fine. How about you?” The two say in return.
“I’m fine too.” You smile and wave at Jungkook who waves back.
“Oh and I believe you two haven’t met. Y/N this is Taehyung and Taehyung this is Y/N.” Jimin adds, pointing towards the man you’d assume was Taehyung indeed.
“Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you Y/N,” his deep ocean-like voice speaks as he motions his hand forward to you. You blink your eyes and immediately shake his hand.
He looks so dreamy and handsome.
“I could say the same Taehyung, nice to meet you.”
Soon enough, the 6 boys are chatting amongst themselves and you quietly start whispering to Yoora beside you, “How the hell are his friends so good looking?”
“I don’t know. Well let’s see, Namjoon and Seokjin have a girlfriend while me and Jungkook are together so Jim—“
“Really!” You exclaim louder than you thought, once knowing two of them have girlfriends. This makes the 6 men snap their heads towards you and Yoora.
“Any problem girls? You okay Y/N?” Namjoon asks.
“Uh yeah actually, me and Y/N are going to head to the pool now, is that fine?” Yoora asks, hooking her arm under yours.
“Of course have fun! The changing room is right there.” Jimin says, pointing to a door beside the glass window leading into the house.
“Got it thanks!” Yoora beams before holding your hand and dragging the two of you towards the change room. Of course after making sure she gives Jungkook a quick peck on his lips and cheek.
You can feel the gazes being thrown at you. You’re not even complaining because damn right you look sexy and amazing tonight. Yoora told you a thousand times before the two of you stepped out of the changing room seconds ago.
Making your way towards the pool, you already see Hoseok and his friends in there, shirtless. You look away spotting Jimin making out with a girl in a hot pink bikini only to find Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook talking to one another in the corner while Namjoon and Seokjin were each talking to a girl. Maybe it’s their girlfriends.
When you get into the pool, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook swim towards you and Yoora, making sure to splash some water your way on purpose. As a reflex, the two of you bring your hands forward to block the water and look to the side.
“My girls are looking sexy.” Hoseok beams, snaking his arms around your bare waists. The two of you don’t mind knowing it’s just Hoseok and the three of you are very much comfortable with each other. I mean, you’ve practically known each other for twenty years now.
“Don’t we always.” You two retort as Hobi gives you both the ‘as if, I've seen you at your worst’ look.
“Anyways, we are going to start beach volleyball in the pool, wanna join?” Taehyung asks in between.
“We’d love to!” The two of you exclaim and so everyone gathers up to play.
After two long hours of playing around and having fun in the pool, You and Yoora decide to come out and dry yourselves up. You received a few drinks in the pool but the two of you needed to sit down to talk whilst enjoying another nice drink.
The two of you dry yourselves up in the change room before running towards the bar stools. You make sure to wear shorts over your one piece before you do though.
“One Margarita for me!” Yoora exclaims before turning to you, telepathically asking what you’d like.
“I’d like the same,” you respond, making the bartender nod and leave to get your drinks ready.
They served it in just seconds, wow.
“So how was lunch with Jungkook's parents?” You start, clinking your glass with hers.
“Oh my god I was literally nervous for no reason, they were like the sweetest people ever,” she coos.
“Really, that’s amazing! Still can’t get over how gorgeous you look tonight by the way. I bet Jungkook won’t be able to keep his hands to himself, not that he was in the pool anyways.” You tease your best friend who showed up in a yellow and purple two piece, paired with an off the shoulder, floral white dress to go over it.
As if on cue, Jungkoook makes his way over to the two of you and stands beside Yoora.
“Hey Y/N! Can I steal her from you for a bit?” He asks whilst licking his lips.
“Of course, take her for as long as you want. Have fun you two.” You sheepishly grin, glancing between the two and notice Yoora glaring at you while Jungkook stands there with a smirk plastered on his face.
“Oh we will, thanks.” Jungkook replies, eyeing your best friend before snaking a hand around her waist and taking her inside.
As soon as Yoora and Jungkook leave, you order another drink and patiently sit there while staring at the crowd. Half of them are in the pool and the other half are dancing.
“Mind if I join you?” Your eyes widen as you immediately jerk your head up to see Yoongi staring down at you.
“Uh no not at all,” you respond, fidgeting with the glass of red wine the bartender had just served to you.
“Great. A single malt scotch whiskey please,” he orders, taking a seat on the stool beside you which was previously occupied by Yoora.
For a moment you both sit there in silence while taking sips of your drinks. From the corner of your eyes, you feel Yoongi's eye on you so you slowly move your head to take a glance at him.
“Do you have something to say?” You ask, trying your best not to stutter knowing you are under his sharp gaze.
“Yes well, we have a meeting on Thursday, just a reminder.” He states to which you quietly nod.
“Right. Thanks for remin—“
“Y/N! Yoongi! Come on, don't sit around, let’s go dance.” Hoseok excitedly exclaims as he wraps his arms around the both of you before dragging you two to the dance floor.
Hoseok twirls you around before showing off some moves of his own. Taehyung being the gentleman he is, greets you before grasping your hand to sway you around a few times. You laugh and find yourself dancing along to the music. Such a nice and fun guy.
Yoongi stands there watching the three of you, well mostly you. Unknowingly he feels his heart racing. It was something about your exposed legs, collarbones, the belly piercing and wet hair. You look beautiful under the neon lights flashing over your face, swaying your hips perfectly to match the rhythm.
Soon enough, many more bodies start to join, making the space become tighter. Yoongi then realizes that your body was now pressed against his. Your hands are resting on his shoulder in need of support while his hands just stay by his side, not daring to touch you.
The two of you find yourselves lost in an intense eye lock. The loud music blasting in the background, starts fading away as Yoongi finds it harder to resist himself.
“Don’t look at me like that.” Yoongi growls, not taking his eyes off you as you don’t either.
“Like what?” You mumble, enough for him to hear. You make sure to squeeze his shoulders and biceps before slowly trailing one of your hands down to his chest. You don’t know where you got this sudden confidence from but you’re going to blame the alcohol for it.
“Fuck you’re gonna regret this,” he mumbles back, lightly flicking his tounge over his lips which you find super hot. You feel intoxicated with the tone of his voice, his strong breezy cologne and his not so minty but alcohol scented breath.
Your bodies are pressed against each other yet his hands are still not touching you. It was driving you crazy. He was driving you crazy.
You didn’t want to but you find yourself breaking the intense eye contact before moving your eyes down to his wet plump lips. You take your index finger and slowly trace it down his Adam's apple which you watch go up and down, indicating how hard he gulped from your movement.
“Y/N.” he warns. His voice, low and stern.
You look back up to meet his eyes, only to see them glued onto your lips. You were so desperate to have them pressed against his pink wet ones that you didn’t care about anything else at this point. In a swift moment, you grab his collar, pull him closer to you and smash your lips onto his.
Your eyes shut close as you feel Yoongi's lips perfectly mould into yours as if they’re only made for you. They were warm and soft just like how you’d imagine.
That’s where you finally feel one of his arms wrap around your waist and the other around your back with his hand tangled up in your damp hair. You secure your arms around his neck and slowly guide your fingers up to play with his long fluffy hair.
When you feel his hands move down to your hips giving it a little squeeze, you almost yelp and immediately pull out from the kiss.
Fuck you just kissed Yoongi.
He slowly caresses your cheeks and lightly brushes his thumb over your lips.
“You wanna take this upstairs,” he whispers, making you nervous. You may have planned on getting laid tonight but certainly not by Yoongi.
Yoongi feels your uneasiness and sighs. “Only if you’re okay with it. I’m not going to force you Y/N. We can forget whatever happened if you think this was a mist—“
“No!” You exclaim.
“I…I just…fuck. Okay fine let’s go!” You stutter and whine, being all frustrated with yourself. You know you’re overthinking but this might only be a one night thing and nothing else.
“Y/N once again I’m not—“
“Yoongi, I want you,” you cut him off, looking him in the eyes. You see them go dark with the same lustful gaze he held before the kiss. He clutches your hand and walks the two of you past the sweaty bodies to get in the house. From the corner of your eyes, you spot Taehyung and Hoseok happily dancing amongst the crowd.
They didn’t see the kiss, thank god.
Once Yoongi’s free hand slides open the glass door to enter the house, he leads you up the stairs as you mindlessly follow behind. He comes to a halt in front of the furthest door from the stairs and opens it, gesturing for you to step in.
Once you do, you feel his grip on your hand go loose as he leaves it to lock the door with his broad back facing you. When he turns around, he pauses and stares at your figure for a brief second before moving closer. He snakes his arm around your waist and quickly yanks you towards him so that both of your hands are pressed against his chest.
“You’ve been driving me insane all night Y/N,” he whispers, giving your hips a light squeeze.
“Could say the same Mr. Min,” you tease, knowing damn well how much he hates it when you call him that.
“Fuck Y/N, you sure you want this?” he asks, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Yes.” You breathe out.
“Are you clean baby?” He asks while opening the drawer beside you with one hand, possibly searching for a condom.
“Yes and I'm on pills so no need to look for a condom.” You assure, deeply staring into his dark orbs before locking lips with him again.
This time it was more rough and rushed. Both your tongues fighting for dominance and teeth clashing, leading into a messy make out session. His hands roam all over your body as yours begins to unbutton his black shirt and slide it off his built arms.
You yelp when he lifts you up and gently places you on the bed, hovering over you. Your hands make their way from touching his bare upper half to the back of his neck as you both continue to salivate each other’s lips.
“Yoongi please,” you whine, pulling out of the steamy kiss.
“Please what? I need words princess.” He speaks in a husky tone, making you even more weak and wet than you already were.
“Please touch me. Please fuck me, I need you in me.” You beg, receiving a quick low chuckle from him.
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you senseless hm?” He says, slowly caressing your thighs.
“Yes please.” You plead.
“Tell me exactly what you need then.” He demands.
“Need your dick in me fuck Yoongi just—mmph.” Your whining gets cut off by his lips that smash onto yours once again whilst his cold veiny hands begin to trace all your curves.
“Can I?” He pants, playing with the hem of your shorts. You nod and he immediately slides them off, throwing them somewhere on the ground.
He goes down to your thighs and spreads them apart, leaving wet kisses around the inner part before eyeing your clothed area. You were still in your one piece.
Yoongi hovers back up to lean over your face, gently holds your head and lifts your upper half off the bed so that you’re smug in arms. He unties the knots on the back of your one piece before sliding the straps off from both sides and completing discarding it from your body. Yoongi eyes your naked figure from head to toe and bites his lips before leaning down to your neck.
“I always knew you’d be beautiful in and out.” He whispers, biting your earlobe before leaving a trail of wet butterfly kisses from your neck, down to your pussy. You shudder at the feeling.
“So fucking wet for me aren’t you princess?”
“Hmm only for you, now take this off,” you mumble, pointing at his pants as you can already see how hard he is. Yoongi immediately obeys and takes it off along with his boxers, letting his hardened cock spring free. You almost gasp seeing his length, he was huge.
“Like what you see baby?” He smirks.
Fuck you want him. You want him so bad!
“Yoongi go on alread—shit!” You whimper, feeling his cold fingers rubbing circles over your clit.
“Need to stretch you out first.” He says, inserting two long fingers inside you.
“Yoongi oh my god.” You cry out in pleasure, pulling him closer.
“You like that baby?” He asks, groaning when you clench tightly around his digits.
“Yes Yoon— '' You moan out as he quickens his pace, fucking his fingers in and out of your dripping cunt. When you feel your orgasm approaching, you squeeze his arm.
“Fuck im so close,” you hiss as he hums in response before pulling his fingers completely out of you.
“Yoongi why’d you pull out!” You whine, feeling the sudden emptiness of his fingers in you while you were close to finishing.
“Cause I want you to cum all over my cock.” He responds, palming his member and stroking it before positioning it to your entrance.
He looks at your naked frame beneath him to ask for consent, to which you eagerly nod. When he enters your wet heat, the two of you let out a deep groan and whimper.
“Shit! You’re still so fucking tight baby. Should’ve eaten you out too,” he groans, feeling the burn as every inch of him stretches your walls to their limit.
“Fuck Yoongi, just move already.” You plead, extremely aroused by the dirty words he was throwing at you.
He is quick to oblige and nods before thrusting into you slowly. Once he catches his pace, you become a moaning mess under him. His name being the only thing coming out of your mouth while you grip his hair and sheets tightly. Yoongi loved it, loved feeling you squirm and be a mess under him, loved the sound of both your skins slapping filling the room while you chant his name over and over again. It was like music to his ears.
“You feel so fucking good baby.” He groans, using one of his hands to play with your hardened nipple before latching his mouth on, to suck it.
“Fuck Yoon you’re so good, shit right there.” You moan, rolling your eyes back while gripping Yoongi’s hair tighter as you feel him hit your g-spot. You only earn yourself a low groan from him.
“Shit shit shit so close Yoon fuck!” Yoongi hates to admit it but the way you were calling him ‘Yoon’ was making him go crazy.
“Fuck, you’re gonna cream my cock princess yea?” He asks gritting his teeth, nearly pulling out all the way before slamming back into you again.
“Yes! Please go faster!” You shriek, bucking your hips forward to feel him more.
“Faster? shit you’re making me go crazy Y/N.” Something about the way he said your name along with the amount of pleasure he was giving you almost made you dizzy.
“Gonna cum Yoongi!” You screech, shutting your eyes tight as you feel the familiar knot in your stomach again.
“Will cum all over my cock like the good girl you are?” He emphasizes each word with controlled thrusts.
“Yoongi yes fuck, please just— cant hold it.” you cry out.
“Cum for me then.” He murmurs, leaving a sloppy kiss near your jawline before pulling out of you to let you cream his cock. You wince and cry out at the feeling as your orgasm washes over you.
Yoongi surprises you when he gives your slit a nice long lick. “Just wanted to taste you,” he beams, plopping his sweaty figure beside you.
“You didn’t cum,” you remark, sitting up as your chest still heaves up and down.
“It's fine.” He mutters, still lying down as beads of sweat drip down his chest and forehead.
“No it’s not, you’ve been working so hard for the exhibition, I think you deserve a treat Mr. Min.” You retort, looking down at him and giving his veiny cock a nice deep stroke.
“Fuck, I told you not to call me that but you’re right, I do deserve a treat. Think you can give me a head?” He jerks up, brushing his hand through his hair.
“I’d love to, Mr. Min.” You respond, your tongue reaching down to lick his pink tip, precum already leaking from it with your own cum smeared over as well.
“Don’t fucking tease baby.” He grunts. You dip your head down and take him in your mouth, moaning at the sensation as Yoongi tries to fight back a moan himself. You swirl your tongue around a bit before bobbing your head up and down to suck him off and take as much of him as you can. Only Yoongi knows how pretty you look right now and he’d do anything to see you like this for the rest of his life.
“Fuck you’re taking me so well princess.” He hisses, gripping your hair and moving it out your face so that it wouldn’t be in your way. It only makes you suck him harder.
He groans and throws his head back, “Not gonna last long fuck.”
After giving him a few more sucks, you feel his dick twitch in your mouth. You knew he’d cum anytime soon so you already prepared yourself.
“Shit, gonna cum.” He curses before shooting his hot cum straight down your throat. When you pull out, you start coughing and your eyes were glistening with tears.
“Shit sorry, are you okay?” Yoongi apologizes, worriedly reaching down to cup your face.
“I’m good, just tired.” You tell him with an amused smile.
“Let’s get you cleaned okay.” He says, pecking your forehead and lifting you off him to lay you down on the bed.
Was this the same man a few minutes ago?
You watch Yoongi wear his boxers and go into the bathroom to bring a damp towel in order to clean you up. Once he is done, he gives you his black button up to wear and tucks you in bed before slipping under the sheets, right beside you.
“Yoongi if we sleep here, I'll need to tell Hoseok not to wait for me.” You mutter, instantly realizing and moving closer to Yoongi's body so that you are facing him.
“I’ll text him, don't worry, just sleep okay.” He replies, cuddling you while playing with your hair.
“Don’t tell him that we—“
“No way I would, I'll never hear the end of it.” He adds, to which you both let out a chuckle.
“Thank you for tonight, goodnight Yoongi.” You wish him, eyes closed as you’re already half asleep in his embrace.
Yoongi smiles and mutters back, “night princess,” before falling into deep slumber himself.
It’s been 3 months since that night. Neither you nor Yoongi had the time to talk about that certain topic or anything else other than work. Things had been really hectic and busy with the exhibition being just around the corner. In fact, It was going to be held tomorrow so you were really nervous yet excited at the same time.
You were seated on your kitchen counter stool, skimming through some details on the designs you will be presenting tomorrow, when you hear a sudden knock on the door. You sigh and walk over to open it, only to find Yoongi standing there.
“Hey Yoon—“
“We need to talk.” He says in a serious tone, making you worried. You let him in and close the door behind you.
“Is the display fine? Should I change anything? All the designs are okay right? Did something happe—?'' Before you could say anything more, he cuts you off.
“I can’t anymore.” He mumbles, staring at the floor.
“Cant what Yoongi? Are you okay?” You worriedly ask him, trying to catch a glimpse of his face.
“Fuck I just— I think I’m in love with you.” He confesses, looking up at you. You were too stunned to speak at the moment. The two of you stand there in silence for a few seconds, if only he knew how fast your heart was racing right now.
“You’re what?” You question him, making sure whatever you just heard was right.
“I’m in love with you. I know we haven’t gotten the chance to talk much after that night but I can’t stop thinking about you. I was actually attracted to you from the beginning and I slowly started liking you as a friend and a colleague but that night, I just knew I liked you more than that. So can we like…you know, will you be my girlfriend?” He nervously confesses.
“Is Mr. Min nervous?” You tease him, flashing him an amused smile.
“Y/N. I'm serious.” He almost whines. Seeing such a side of Yoongi apart from his cold demeanour that he has when working makes you so happy and giddy.
“Well, I’d love to be your girlfriend.“ You giggle in response as he stands there in shock.
“Yoongi,” you call out. He hums in return, eyes boring into yours.
“Just kiss me already goddamn it.” You whine, tugging on his shirt collar so that you could press your lips against his.
When your lips meet one another, It starts off as a slow passionate kiss which gradually turns into a rather hungrier one. Yoongi being Yoongi, squeezes your ass and tumbles you both over onto your couch so that he is hovering over you.
“How about you pay me back for borrowing some sugar that day, by letting me taste your sweet little cunt.”
“Oh my g— Yoongi!” You widen your eyes and lightly slap his arm. How did he go from being a stuttering mess to being so confident?
“Oh come on, I know you’d love it.” Yoongi mumbles, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“I would but I love you more.” You giggle pecking his cheeks.
“Not more than how much I love you though,” he retorts, pecking your lips and nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.
“Tomorrow is a big day.” You whisper, hooking your arms around his nape.
“I know, but you did amazing. You worked so hard on this and I loved all the designs and presentations you gave.” He replies, gently holding your hand and rubbing circles over your knuckles.
“You’re just saying that because you like me.” You retort, making him lean up to face you.
“This is part of the reason why I actually started liking you baby, I couldn’t be more proud of you.”
“I should be the one saying how proud I am of you. You worked even harder on this than me. You even skipped meals and went home at like 2 am,” you respond, brushing your fingers through his scalp.
“Oh, were you observing me princess?” He asks you in a teasing manner.
“Hmm couldn’t stop staring at my handsome and hot neighbour. No wait, I mean boss, or is it colleague? Or should I say boyfriend.” You reply, not even denying it.
“Whichever you like,” he chuckles in response before getting off of you and lifting you up in bridal style.
“Yoon what are you do—“
“Getting you to bed. We need to get some good sleep to survive tomorrow.” He states, walking to your bedroom and placing you on the bed.
“Nice room.” He compliments whilst looking around. He’s an interior designer himself, of course he’d say something about it.
“Thank you, wanna stay over?” You ask, reaching to the side to turn off the lights from your bedside table.
“Would love to.” He responds, sliding under the sheets beside you. You switch off the lights, embrace yourselves in each other’s arm and fall into deep slumber.
The next day, your morning was occupied with last minute touch ups needed to be done for the designs. You kept wondering how your boyfriend was putting up with everything. When the two of you were having breakfast, he informed you that his parents were going to drop by as well. The news had made you even more nervous than you already were. I mean, the two of you just started dating yesterday and you were already going to meet his parents.
Anyways, the overall day went by really fast and fairly well. The exhibition went smoothly and a lot of people showed up including your parents, Hoseok, Yoora, their parents and Hoseok’s friends. When you met Yoongi's parents, they were really nice and looked so happy to meet you. When you told your parents, they weren’t even surprised, especially your mom.
“I knew you two would have something going on, the moment I saw him at your place that day.” These were the exact words your mom had uttered to you with Yoongi by your side.
Hoseok, Yoora and the others were very surprised. Jungkook and Jimin obviously couldn’t keep their mouths shut and exposed Yoongi by telling you how he kept asking them for some girl's advice.
“Never knew you’d be into Yoongi but at least we can go on double dates now.” Yoora had whispered to you.
“Can’t believe that even when you and Yoongi would talk to me everyday, I couldn’t figure it out.” Hoseok had beamed.
You are currently in Yoongi’s black Palisade, on your way back home from the restaurant Yoongi's father had made a reservation for. It was a fun day and nice dinner with both your families and friends. Both your parents got along very well.
You were staring out the window, recalling all the events of today when you suddenly feel Yoongi’s cold hand on your thigh.
“You know my offer from yesterday still stands.” He says, making you frown.
“What are you talking about?” You question him.
“Don’t act so innocent baby, you know what I’m talking about.” Once he states that, you knew exactly what he was referring to.
“Yoon, I already paid you back.” You reply, deciding to tease him and stretch out the conversation a bit.
“Hm, but that wasn’t enough.” He retorts.
“What do you mean I gave ba—“
“You made me fall for you. Never knew I'd fall for the girl that showed up at my apartment late at night to borrow some sugar. You stole my heart so make up for that.” He claims, looking at you when the traffic lights turn red. Your eyes immediately soften.
“I love you so much.” You confess, leaning in for a quick kiss before the lights turn green again.
“I love you too.” He responds, kissing you back before you pull out and properly sit back on your seat.
“Also, I’d like to accept your offer Mr. Min.” You assert, intertwining your fingers with his as his hand was still resting on your thigh.
“Oh my love, I hope you know you’re in for a long night then.” He smirks, squeezing your hand and taking a glance at you. You look away being all flustered so he wouldn’t notice you turning red.
Tumblr media
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kth1 · 3 months ago
Welcome Home [MYG]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟶ Welcome Home [Yoongi x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: 18+, PWP, Marriage Au, Smut, One Shot ⟶ Warnings: father!yoongi, kissing, blow job, unprotected sex, you guys have a child, etc ⟶ WC: 5.6k+ ⟶ Summary: After picking up your husband at the airport, you greet him with what any lonely wife would in the comfort of your shared bedroom. ⟶ Beta: Miss riddle tiddle, @taegularities​, thank you for reading through this when you found the time. And also dealing with my constant shenanigans when I write aimlessly and you’re trying to clean up my act for me. lol ⟶ Author’s Note: Based on the notorious Yoongi 220529 airport photos. This pwp is nothing fancy at all, just love and thirst. :] I’m also in love with my banner.
Tumblr media
You roll the stroller to the perimeter of the off-white bland walls of the baggage claim area in the airport. Parking typically is terrible, but you managed to swing through some loop-holes to find yourself the absolute perfect spot – right in front of the elevators of the garage. It gives you and Haneul, the eager 3 year-old boy wiggling in his seat, the chance to greet the man you’re supposed to be picking up right now.
Husband and father, Min Yoongi.
Haneul pestered you all of last night about wanting to run straight into his father’s arms the moment he spots him among the crowd of strangers. Even with Yoongi being gone for months on an international book tour, Haneul would recognise his dad in an instant. The creative kid even sketched an adorable drawing on a piece of paper, ready to hold up carefree and in plain view.
His feet kick back and forth, his frustrations untamed under the straps that buckle him in. But you fully understand your son’s happiness. Excited and completely impatient in wanting to see Yoongi. 
You’ve kept up with him nearly every day, primarily through video calls and brief texts. Yoongi always requested a new photo of Haneul every other day, fearing of missing out on any monumental moments Haneul might make in his absence.
Only once in a while would he request more of you. To see more than what he already does with the casual facetime events between the two of you. When he was alone and not distracted with the business of his tour, grieving to himself with a small glass of whiskey and empty side of a hotel bed. 
Of course you gave him exactly what he needed to keep him entertained. But you always held back the juiciest of details on purpose. To keep him interested and on his toes, to tease and taunt, yet show him a smile of nothing but innocence. The words “you can see more once you get home,” never left his brain. 
But his mind is not straight into the gutter when he first walks off the plane and follows the crowd down the escalators towards the designated baggage claim area. No, not at all.
It’s the binds around his heart which pull tighter the more he thinks about seeing the joys of his life, the people he holds closest to his love. With yearning and longing to see the people who help are vital pieces of his family. 
You help Haneul out of his seat as you straighten out his jacket. You double check if both of his shoes are strapped on securely before allowing his feet to hit the tile flooring. He is already tugging on your arm to beg you for his photo in which you happily fish out of your purse and unfold it for him. 
He checks it over, proud of his own work but also squinting as if he’s pondering the work itself. The facial gesture cracks a smile on your face as you recognize the resemblance between him and his father. The stern concentration yet the complete composed emotion.
You brush your hand through his hair, pushing the disarray of fluff off his forehead as you check for any dirty stains across his mouth and chin. Thankfully you only spot a few crumbs from some cookies he ate in the car, but Haneul is wiggling away from not wanting to be touched.
“Where’s daddy?” You chim with a softer tone, gaining your child’s attention in a flash.
His eyes expand wide with excitement as he looks around the area. You feel bad for a second when Haneul looks disappointed, but you know you are just preparing him for Yoongi’s entrance.
“Da-da?” He walks around you, keeping a hand on your leg while the crowd of people around him spook him.
You check your watch for the time, knowing that Yoongi’s plane has already landed and any minute now he should be waltzing right in with the rest of the travelers. 
“Soon, Haneul. Do you have your picture ready?”
The little boy nods frantically, pulling the piece of paper straight across his chest to display it. He continues to search around for his father, the excitement blazing in his eyes.
The first line of people begin flooding in the doors, several looking exhausted and in their most comfortable airport-wear. They all shuffle one by one until they fan out into the wider room, a few instantly gathering around the carousel. 
“Haneul,” you warn as the boy begins stepping closer to the crowd. You slowly trail behind him as you grab hold of the handle of the stroller.
“Stay close,” you express with a stern tone. “Wait for him.”
You glance up to the entranceway with hidden enthusiasm, eyes flickering through the throng of people until you see him.
Yoongi walks in the room carrying his expensive Hermies Birkin bag with a small twilly scarf you personally picked for him. It contrasts with the baggy blue jeans with ripped holes in the knees and the tucked in white t-shirt and light beige button up hanging off his shoulders – but together everything looks perfect.
Even with a mask covering his face, you can tell he’s yawning the second he walks through and examines the area around him. Your heart flutters momentarily, witnessing the way his fingers shag through his dark tendrils of hair and unintentionally make it appear fluffier. It swoons your heart as the sight before you unwinds, nearly making you lightheaded with a rising fever.
It’s as if it is the first time you’re laying your eyes on him; a love at first sight moment. Though you’ve known him for years now, you've seen nearly all sides of the man who you call your husband. 
But today hits you harder, somehow.
Whether it was the pining to see him – a growing hunger that slowly consumed you the longer he was away – or the sudden thirst that develops the second his forehead exposes as he makes eye contact with you, you cannot pinpoint where to blame. There is something utterly magical about the way your husband looks at you, like the world is empty of anything but the three of you.
“Da-Da!” Haneul yells with excitement, surprising you and everyone surrounding you. 
He treks quickly in a straight bee-line from where he stands. His arms out in excitement, waving in the air as he keeps them wide open for Yoongi. A soft smile grows on your face as your heart tightens over the cuteness overload. You notice how Yoongi’s eyes squint with happiness the moment he spots Haneul running to him. Everything inside you knows he is smiling wide under his mask.
Yoongi drops to a squatting position, prepared to envelope his son in his arm while he pushes his bag behind his back. Haneul dives face first into Yoongi’s chest, his arms clinging around his neck and holding on like a happy sloth. Your husband nuzzles his head into Haneul’s hair as his arm wraps around the little boy's frame. He lifts him up with one swift hoist, letting the boy link his legs around as Yoongi adjusts his stance and looks back at you.
You bite back a smile, but the glow in your eyes and cheeks give away your mirth. There’s nothing in your world that looks better than the sight of seeing your bundle of joy in the arms of the man of your dreams.
Haneul is grabbing at Yoongi’s cheeks\ as he walks over to you, turning his head to face him so that he can place his forehead against his father’s. You never question the act your son picked up out of the blue, but both you and Yoongi assume it’s his expression of love. And when Yoongi responds to his son’s gesture with the same exact scrunched up happy face, your smile completely cracks open.
You take a few steps to meet Yoongi the rest of the way, opening your arms wide enough to hug the both of them. With all the events happening, you and Yoongi had completely forgotten about his traveling publicist who awkwardly stands back to retain from involvement in the family reunion. 
“I missed you,” he says as he places his head against yours.
You smile with the confession, pulling back just enough to spare a few inches between another and stare into his eyes. Without asking, you lightly pull down his mask. Pushing your lips against his, you feel the warmth you’ve been missing out for the past five weeks. 
“I missed you, too,” you reply softly.
Haneul begins pushing at both of your heads, wanting to get himself in the mix of the innocent kisses. The two of you chuckle and cave in, smiling at the way Haneul lifts his picture for his dad with the utmost pride.
“I drew meow-meow!”
Yoongi looks at the sketched out orange and blue cat on the paper that his son holds up. He pulls a surprised face, eyebrows raised and everything. 
“For me?” He hums with his deep toned voice, “It’s wonderful! Good job! Is that Jae?”
“Has he been good?”
Haneul giggles, nodding his head excitedly, “Mhm!”
You back up enough to grab hold of the stroller again, pulling it over to where Yoongi starts turning towards the carousel. He nods towards his publicist who finally walks over and joins the group.
“And how was mommy? Was she good too?” Yoongi asks Haneul as he glances over to you.
“No,” Haneul drawls.
Yoongi fake gasps as he stares back at his son. It forces the kid to start giggling, and both you and Yoongi know he’s playing around.
“No?” You walk up and raise your eyebrows at Haneul. The boy laughs even more, wanting to hide away into his father’s neck. “I haven’t been good?”
You place your hands on your hips as you tilt your head. You try hard not to give into the bubblicious laughter that erupts from your son, but you cannot help it. He’s way too cheerful to stay too stern.
“Oh no…” Yoongi laughs back. “I guess mommy needs to go to timeout later, huh?”
Rolling your eyes, you pivot to your stationary stance. Shifting your weight to one leg as your hip pops out, one hand on the hip as the other holds onto the handle of the stroller now.
“If i’m not good, then that means we shouldn’t have bingsu tonight.”
“No!” Haneul protests with a whine.
Yoongi shifts him in his hold, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you bingsu. Mommy doesn’t deserve any.”
You quirk your eyebrow up as you glance at Yoongi, skeptical at his words. There’s a hint of mischief laced on the corner of his lips and the crinkle of his eyes. Whatever he has going on inside that head of his, you’re sure you’ll hear about it later.
Tumblr media
It’s lazy the way Yoongi’s plump lips mold onto yours. He pushes himself into you, backing your body up against the nearest wall. His hands grip onto your arms softly, trailing them down to your wrists to bring them above your head. The heat of his skin presses onto yours as the two of you tangle your tongues with another.
“Good thing you took a nap earlier,” you mumble into his mouth.
He exhales deeply through his nose as he hums with acknowledgment. He grinds his pelvis into you, pinning you tight against the wall and giving you little room to wiggle.
“I needed the rest,” he chimes in. His mouth trails kisses down the edge of your jaw to the length of your neck. Yoongi’s teeth nip at your sensitive skin, instantly soothing the sting with his soft kiss. “And I needed the shower as well. But you have me now.”
“I love how long your hair has gotten,” you comment as you desperately try to move your hands. But Yoongi continues to pin your wrists with his hand above your head. “You should keep it like this for a bit.”
The dim lit bedroom illuminates the area just enough to give a sensual vibe. Dusty tones and sweet smells – courtesy to the lit candles –  help set the mood for your late night evening. Haneul knocked out fairly fast after enjoying his favorite dinner, sashimi, and getting his quality dessert time with his father. Yoongi took the honor of placing the child to bed, making sure to have the house pet, Jae, keep him company while he reads him a nighttime story.
“Yeah?” He smirks as his fingers tighten around you, “The length is a bit too long for me to maintain.”
His eyes meet you with a dark glint. Yoongi licks his lips as he admires the lines of your face.
“I’ll help maintain it,” you smile as you lean towards him, puckering your lips.
Yoongi allows your wrists to slip from his hold, giving you the opportunity to slink them around his neck and brush your fingertips against the base of his neck. Your nails lightly threaten his skin, scratching only enough to earn a low growl from him.
You step forward into your husband, clutching onto him as you anchor your weight. He steps back, ushering you along with him as he travels towards your shared bed. It’s tidy and barely touched, but that is soon to change the moment the back of Yoongi’s knees hit the edge of the bed.
Cautiously, Yoongi sits himself down as he drags your face with his. He nips lightly on your bottom lip, enjoying the sweet sucking noises exchanged between your greedy mouths. You lean forward, taking him in like an addictive drug – in some ways he is your penicillin. Treating all your lonesome and sorrows with everything you need.
Attentiveness. Physical touch. Kindness.
You’ve missed him and it shows.
It shows with the way you practically grab him possessively when you finally get him alone. How your body slots perfectly in position between his legs as your hands fumble over the button to his jeans. Your knees press into the carpeted floor as you shuffle Yoongi’s pants down. 
“Y/n…” Yoongi sighs as your name leaves his tongue.
His hand laces behind your head, gathering up any piece of hair in a fist. His cock springs from its confinements as you yank the rest of his bottoms down to his knees. They fall listlessly as he widens his legs, sprawling out before you. His dick luls heavy to the side, stiff from the riled up make-out session. 
“Let me,” you insist as your head levels with his cock. 
You waste no time in gripping the shaft with your palm, standing it up to prepare yourself to take him in. Giving a few small strokes with your fist, you feel the smooth underside of his cock glide easily inside your hand. It makes your mouth water with thirst and you’re feeling incredibly parched.
Lowering your mouth, you place a delectable kiss to the tip of his cock. The bitter saltiness from the leaking precum greets you with a blast of flavor. Your tongue rolls out between your lips, enough to kitten-lick the slit of his head and earn the first stifled groan of the night.
“S-Shit,” Yoongi involuntarily twitches his cock in your hold. The sensation must be delightful for him. His hand tilts your head to see your lips, wanting to watch the way you part them for an open-mouth kiss to his cock. “Yeah, baby. Just like that.”
The light praise grooms your pride like a pat on the back; making you feel like an accomplished wife and valuable woman to your man.
“Anything for you,” you nearly purr with enthusiasm.
Yoongi huffs a quick laugh, his mouth parting into a small smile, “Everything for me, eh?”
You grin while widening your lips and grazing your teeth lightly over his sensitive head. It visibly makes Yoongi shudder as the grip in your head reinforces its hold on you. He tilts his head to the side as he looks down at you between his spread legs. It’s a devilish scene to admire from below, but it screws your insides as you stare up at him through your lashes.
Your tongue swipes across the underside of his cock as you sink further down, keeping eye contact with the man who stares under hooded eyes. The tip threatens to edge itself near the back of your throat and that’s your point of retracting; choosing to bob your head slowly and shallowly. You pinch your lips around his dick as you suck feverishly, enjoying the flavor of his skin and arousal against your tastebuds.
God, you really did miss this.
You angle yourself better – even with the strong hand guiding you – to take more of him when you’re prepared. Hollowing your cheeks, you focus on breathing through your nose. Inch by inch you sink him further into your mouth, feeling the bulbous head press against a sensitive spot in the back of your throat.
You hum when Yoongi pushes your head down. His cock lodges its way through the entrance into your esophagus. Your eyes swell with a layer of tears, but they don’t break the brim. Instead, they glisten as you stare up at your husband with determination.
Cracking a smile would break the suction of your lips, so you give Yoongi the gesture of sucking harder to urge him on. 
“Good girl,” he whispers in a low voice. 
His head tilts back on his shoulders, exposing his Adam’s apple and thick neck. He groans and sucks his breath in between his teeth, letting you lazily blow him off. 
“You’re so good to me,” he comments in a more desperate voice.
You feel pressure of his hand pushing you further; an indicator that he’s nearing the peak of a mountainous cliffside where he’ll dive straight into the abyss of pleasure.
Saliva drips out of your mouth and down his shaft, making the glide of your mouth easier once you slide him as deep as you can. Nose brushing straight into his tamed pubes that smell like his lingering body wash. Your mouth is full with the capacity of his entire length, focusing hard on swallowing him just the way you know he likes.
Above you, Yoongi huffs into the air. His head tilts to the side while his legs twitch at your sides. 
He moans softly, speaking under his breath, “Baby, I’m going to… I’m almost there.”
His urgency shows in the way his chest rises and falls frantically and in the tightening of his abdomen. Even the slow roll of his hips cannot be contained when Yoongi tries to wedge himself in your throat. Pushing himself in to –
“-- Ah! Shit, shit, shit!”
His creamy white ropes of cum surpass your tastebuds and shoot straight down your throat. His cock twitches with delight once you gag around his member from the erratic movement, though he appreciates the noises you make as you attempt to retain yourself. Yoongi holds his breath when his orgasm washes over him, rough bouts of air escaping his nostrils while exhaling deeply.
When he finally releases his grip on you, his fingers hook under your jaw. His spent cock slides out of your mouth and drops against his skin as he raises you up from the ground. 
You smile with warmth, letting him guide you straight back to his mouth, swallowing the last bit of his semen.
“I love you,” you murmur right before your lips meet his.
His hands roam your body, finding the corners of you to pull you in closer. Begging your body to climb around him and settle on his lap. Your legs surround his frame as he makes room for you.
“I love you more,” he confesses right back. 
Yoongi’s fingertips dance around the edge of your sleepwear, a dainty little night dress you purposely wore to tease him. The nearly sheer fabric barely covers your body but adds just the amount of illusion his eyes need. He shifts the material up and over your thighs, revealing to him how you failed to wear any form of underwear and left yourself bare just for him.
He hums to himself, giggling along with you as your lips press into another. His featherlight touch tickles your skin, digits traveling up to your hips. Once he shifts you closer to him, bumping your privates against another, he takes in the amount of arousal dripping out of your core.
Like sap, your slick coats his shaft the moment you rest on top of him. Your hands help tug off his loose t-shirt to rid him of the last piece of clothing, exposing his toned chest and pale collar bones. With grace, you roll your hips against him – using his shaft like a toy while you run your sopping pussy across the length of it. Each time your clit flicks over the lump of his cockhead, you clench with excitement as Yoongi breathes harshly into your neck.
“Baby, go slow –”
“– just missed you so much,” you admit.
Yoongi winces when your hips press harder into him, his voice uttering a hushed plea when his hands grip your waist.
“Still sensitive, baby. Slow down. You have me now,” he reminds you in a sincere voice. “I’m not going anywhere.”
You’re in anguish over him. As if he’d been stripped away from you for centuries, but in reality it's only been a few weeks. You smell his scent lingering in your nostrils. This whole time you have missed the way he cradles you against him, holds you impossibly close during times of intimacy. Even the pheromones remind you how much you yearned for his return.
Would it be cheesy to admit that you’ve never had a love like this before?
You rake your nails up the back of his scalp, running trails up the roots of his hair before you squeeze your fingers into small fists. His locks glide through so soft and tender, fluffy from how they naturally dry.
As you continue to roll your hips on his lap, making sure to lube his cock up with your natural essence, Yoongi breathes hot air against the side of your neck.
“I haven’t even gotten to touch you yet, baby. How are you so worked up?”
“I don’t need it. I just need you,” you pant, focusing on how to expertly rub yourself on him to gain the exact friction you want.
Yoongi’s lap feels warmer, wetter, in seconds. His fingers crumple the loose material that falls off your shoulders by thin strings, gathering it up higher so he can admire the view between the two of you.
“Please,” you beg as you pull his head closer with your hands. “Please, Yoongi. I want you to fuck me.”
He groans while his arms circle around you, pulling you flush against his chest and halting your actions. Yoongi’s lips peck down your skin as the two of you breath labored breaths.
“You’re so needy. You don’t want to wake Haneul up,” he calls to mind the sleeping child resting in the other room. “Gotta stay quiet, baby.”
You nod your head frantically, head nudging against his once you press down into him. 
“Fuck me,” you whisper like a secret made for just the two of you. “I’ll be quiet.”
Swiftly, your body moves with Yoongi’s as he turns with you. Your side hits the bed before he’s slipping out from under you to stand. With sincere guidance, he pushes your frame into the bed, forcing your front into the mattress below. You feel the way his hands roam across the edges of your back as a smile grows across your face.
Your head twists to the side just to try and see him as much as possible. Playfully, you push your ass towards him when you prop it up in the air for him. The fabric falls down and pools around your waist, exposing your ass and dripping core to him.
“Oh,” he hums as he sees your naked backside. His palm grips a piece of your cheek and squeezes playfully, pulling it to the side and appreciating the view.
With his other hand, he holds his cock and lightly taps it against your ass. The light slap resounds in the room around you but unfortunately, you can only feel it. You know it must be “waking” back up for a second round. It always takes Yoongi a few minutes to recuperate after shooting his load, though it never stopped the endless rounds of sexual rendevuous.
“Baby, fuck me,” you whine and wiggle your ass to him.
“Remind me the next time I travel to take a longer trip,” he speaks with a teasing tone. “Seems like the further away I am the more thirsty you become.”
You huff with a roll to your eyes, “Don’t make fun of me.”
“I would never dream of that,” he hums with a soft smile.
From behind, Yoongi shoves your face into the blankets as he lines himself up at your entrance. He does it in an aggressive manner, but you know he does it with utter kindness. Slowly, he inserts himself into your awaiting hole, feeling how you eagerly suck him in like an open invitation. He glides smoothly, descending each inch of his cock into your cunt. He doesn’t pull back and ease himself like he does usually; instead, his hips press flat against your ass in one fluid motion.
Your empty deprived cunt instantly filled with the entire length and girth of your husband.
You moan, but it’s muffled with the suffocating blankets surrounding your mouth. Cunt clenching around the favored intrusion, you cannot help the overwhelming feeling of being full – finally.
Even though you might be full of your husband's cock, unable to think properly, you cannot help but to think of how much you love the man who is stuffing you. How every bit of him falters the second Haneul cries for help and how each moment you catch him sneaking a glance at you when he thinks you wouldn’t notice… small signs of his genuine and kind nature breaching his hard and cool exterior makes you weak at the knees. It’s the little things which Yoongi writes out through his mannerisms and the way he says things which threads a rope of love around your heart. 
It tightens each and every day; continuing to reel you in like a hopeless romantic who is lost at sea.
He pulls back, drawing his entire length out and leaving just the tip. With firm fingers, he spreads your cheeks even wider and tilts your hips to arch your back. There’s something with the way your cunt fits around him that he cherishes. Along with the fresh gleam of slick that coats him like second skin; Yoongi fancies the appearance as he forcibly thrusts his cock back into you. 
Watching the way it disappears from plain sight. Loving the way you twist and moan from the rough pleasure he gives you. Even hushed by the fabrics below you, Yoongi commands you to make all the noises you want to make with the next hard thrust.
“Shh, shh,” he nearly laughs at the way you whine. 
He knows it’s ridiculous to ask you for silence; especially when you’re in such a predicament, but he wants to be sure you two don’t suffer the consequences if either of you fail. 
So attentive with the way he gyrates his hips into you, power-drilling his cock into the deepest crevices of your cunt, Yoongi is also cautious with how present the headboard is against the far side wall. It taps lightly at first, sometimes not even hitting the sheetrock, but your moans continue to rile him up. Melodic tunes tugging at his eardrums and fueling his confidence and ego as he continues to rail his cock into you in long strides.
You choke on your own tongue when the words fail to fall out of your mouth. The trapped heat of your breath only makes your face warmer when you attempt to breathe fresh air in between the moments of having the wind knocked out of you. Though you enjoy every juicy second of your husband’s cock traveling to the hidden area of your walls.
Shuffling your arms underneath you, you manage to prop your head up just enough to release a silent moan. Your head lobs with the jolts of his body into your backside, his lap tapping into the back of your thighs as his palms secure themselves around your waist. You bite down on your bottom lip hard, pinching your eyebrows together in concentration while you inhale deeply. 
You want to moan, you want to tell him how amazing you are feeling with the babbling mess of words that want to escape your throat. Your fists grip the blankets harshly, tugging them closer to you each time Yoongi’s cock threatens your g-spot.
“More. More!” You call to him desperately, keeping your voice low. 
Your ass ripples like water with each thrust, flesh shaking like jello from the momentum. 
Yoongi surprises you by pulling your body off the bed with a hoist. You arch even further to accommodate the new position. With a firm hand, Yoongi slides a palm across your mouth and tilts your head back to lean against him.
His stance behind you widens as his free hand grips you by the hip to drag you back into each thrust. Yoongi’s strength holds you perfectly to him. 
It blocks the next moan that was just about to release out your lips. His face buried into the side of your head, his mouth panting against your skin and forming goosebumps with how possessively lewd it sounds to you.
“Finish for me,” he requests with a gruff voice. 
Deft fingers slide across your front and push down on your lower abdomen as he trails further. They find the slit of your nether lips and spread them to reveal your clit. Your knees nearly buckle from the onslaught you’re enduring with his cock and now with the magical press of the most sensitive nerve “button” on your body.
Your hand finds purchase on his arm and the other reaches back to grip his leg. Your nails dig into his skin with anticipation and in need of holding onto something, anything.
Mouth opened wide for a moan, it is stifled by the palm that latches over your lips. The ragged breath exhaling out of Yoongi only turns you on more. You’d give anything to see the way his face scrunches up with focus as his nostrils flare. The imagery already seems lewd enough to egg you on when his fingertips swirl around your clit.
“Mmf!” you cry into his palm once Yoongi relentlessly refuses to give up; his cock dragging out of you only to plunge straight back in again.
It feels heavenly with just the right amount of pleasurable pain to twist your insides and spin that coil that’s buried deep within the pit of your body. In one simple earth-shattering snap, the string that holds you together finally breaks. Worn down from holding that blissful orgasm away from you unless your body is ready for its full release.
Your body fights to close your legs even more, which is quite impossible when your knees already cross over another. Yoongi holds you as your body trembles from your orgasm; like rapids flowing down a river bend. 
Unpredictable and irregular, always keeping the two of you on your toes.
Your hand tightens around his arm until you descend from the clouds. Yet Yoongi doesn’t waiver from his long strides for a second. His hips slap into you with purpose, battering your cunt with how ready he is to release again.
He pulls out far too soon for your liking. Globs of sweet white cum shoot out of his cockhead onto your backside. Yoongi pushes his cock against your skin, trapping it between your two bodies. 
His voice comes out raspy and out of breath, “The was fucking amazing. Felt so good.”
Neither one of you mind the slow dripping cum touching your bodies. Even the arousal trickling down between your legs just makes you feel filthier, but unbothered completely. The two of you stand there as you catch your breath; tame your beating hearts while aftershocks of your orgasms run rapidly through your nerves.
Even your own cunt flutters with the filthy afterthoughts of what more the two of you can do.
Slowly, Yoongi cages you inside his arms once again. His lips pepper butterfly kisses across your shoulder blade to your neck. He sighs delightfully as he rests his chin in the crook of your neck. Soft hands lace around your front and hug you, hold you.
“How are you feeling?” He quips the question after a few moments of silence.
You begin rubbing your own palms along his arms in a tender way, touching his heated skin and seeking his fingers to interlock with yours.
“Amazing,” you gleam. He can hear the charm in your voice, the satisfied tone setting him in a better mood. “You’re amazing,” you nudge him with your head.
“Not as amazing as you,” he huffs a laugh. 
The two of you hum with lighthearted amusement. But you’re being distracted the moment you hear feeble knocks at your door. A high pitched, curious whine comes from the other side – snapping both you and Yoongi out of your intimate trace and back to reality. 
“Mommy! Mommy!”
The small voice of your child chants your name as his fists continue to hit the wood of the door. 
Yoongi curses under his breath once he peels himself off of you. Together you shuffle throughout the room as you frantically call back to your in-need child. You’re searching for a towel that hangs off the master bathroom door, quick to wrap yourself before seeing your husband rummage through his drawer for a pair of pajama shorts to slip on.
“I’m coming, Haneul!”
Tumblr media
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purpleyoonn · 5 months ago
mean kitty, soft kitty
Tumblr media
Summary: Your injured form was the last thing Jin had expected when waking up one morning. But after healing you, and watching you leave, he wished he would wake up to you again, if only to see if you were okay. The rest of his home felt the same way, and when a storm comes, it brings you back to the men who made you feel safe.
Genre: hybrid au, bts au, polyamory relationship, bts x reader
Pairing: Hybrid BTS x Hybrid Reader
Word Count: 6.4k
Warnings: mentions of past abuse, past trauma, mentions of heat, mentions of knot, smut, 
Note: Thank you guys so much for 2,000 followers! I truly appreciate each and every one of my followers❤️
The morning air was crisp when Jin woke up, untangling himself from Taehyung who had somehow turned over and nearly suffocated him in his sleep. Making his way out of the rom and into the kitchen, he began making breakfast for the rest of his boys. Before he could start cracking the eggs into the pan, he heard a small whimper, the window above the sink open slightly to let the cool air into the house.
Jin thought he was hearing things at first, but when he heard it again, he rushed outside, looking around for the source of the pained whimper. When he couldn’t find anything, even after walking around the outside of the house multiple times, he began his trek back inside only to hear it again.
You were curled against one of the side beams, almost hidden against the brown cabin walls with your fur, matted and mangled with what looks like hints of blood around your tail. Despite your whimpers of pain, you wouldn’t let the man near you, no matter if he smelled good or not.
You watched as he moved forward, hands raised to try and get closer but every time he did, you hissed at him. You had your fair share of human treatment and wanted nothing to do with it. You watched the pretty man turn back around before hearing the door shut again, hoping that he would leave you alone.
But to your dismay and disgruntlement, he returned with a bowl and a cloth, not caring now if you hissed at him or not. He moved forward, sitting only a foot away from you now, and looked pained at the sight of you.
Noticing his movement, you went to hiss at him again but was too slow, his hand now scratching behind your ears making you let out slight involuntary purrs, your chest rumbling ins pure pleasure at being pet.
Jin watched as you slowly unraveled right before his eyes, your mean demeanor quickly becoming soft kitty behavior.  
“See, you’re not a bad kitty. You just needed your ear scratched before falling far me, huh?” His words had you huffing, trying to move away from the confident human. The man just tutted at you, shaking his head at your act.
The man waited a couple more minutes for you to feel comfortable with him, despite your outward grumbling and huffing, before he started for your tail. You let out another hiss before he was scolding you.
“Oh, hush you big fluff ball, I need to get a look at the wounds on your tail. You don’t want to lose your tail now, do you?” Your eyes widened at the man’s words, hesitation clear in your eyes. You didn’t want to lose your tail, but you also still didn’t trust this human, even if he smells good and gives good head scratches.
Turning your nose away from him, you curl around yourself even more. You had been lied to before, had heard promises of good things and hope, until it all came crashing down, time and time again.
Jin’s heart breaks a little at your actions, your mistrust in him evident. He wonders if a human is the reason for your current injuries, wonders if they are to blame for your pain. Reaching forward again, he stops when he hears a pair of giggles from the bedroom, his two youngest mates clearly waking up.
Noticing your ears twitch at the sound of his youngest loves, he smiles at your curiosity.
“My youngest mates are always giggling, especially when with each other.” You move your head slightly towards the man, his words catching your attention. 
“Jungkookie is a bunny and he loves affection. Any chance he gets he will lay over me like a blanket. I swear that boy loves to watch me struggle!”
Your nose twitches as he talks about his mates, how the tiger hybrid needs to cuddle something to fall asleep, how the fox hybrid may act like a tease but is really a baby who loves praise and forehead kisses. His oldest mate, however, reminds him of you.
“Yoongi was such a mean little kitty when I found him. He hissed at me just like you did. The mean kitty almost bit me too!” You listened as the man spoke about his hybrids, not even realizing how the man held your tail, bandaging it and then also bandaging the newfound wound on your side, his hand wrapping a gauze around your middle.
“But he is really just a soft baby, I tell you. A hand in his hair and you have him wrapped around your finger.” Just like you, he thought, seeing you nudge at his head for more pets once you realized he had removed his hands from you.
The giggling coming from in the house had grown louder, movement coming from within the kitchen as they seemed to look for him. He knew it was only a matter of time before they started to call for him, their voices growing louder until the front door slammed open.
Turning around to scold his young mates, he went to move back to make sure you were okay when he noticed you were gone. The sound of the door slamming open had scared you, your heart stammering in your chest at the sound of others coming to where you and the man were.
Jin sighed out; he was hoping to get you comfortable enough for him to bring you inside, to take care of you further and make sure your wounds wouldn’t get infected. He knew that Jungkook and Taehyung had scared you off, even if it was unknowingly.
“What’s that smell hyung? It smells like lavender and eucalyptus. It smells so good!” Jungkook asked, nose scrunching up in happiness as the smell wrapped itself around him.
“Was there another hybrid near here?” Taehyung asked, moving closer and resting a hand on his eldest mate’s broad shoulder.
Jin nodded his head, scanning the surrounding trees in search of any sight of you, his shoulders dropping once he couldn’t see you. Standing up with the help of Taehyung, he turned back around, bowl and the rest of the gauze in hand, completely unaware of your eyes watching the entire time.
The man confused you. He had been different than every other human you had come into contact with. Human were mean and selfish, taking everything for granted with a swipe of their hand. They would pillage and wound, no care in the world that hybrids like you had souls; had emotions and felt pain.
You couldn’t understand how or why the man cared for you, had bandaged your wounds like he truly wished for you to be better. You felt kind of bad with how you treated the kind human. Hissing at him when all he wanted was to help you.
Over the next couple weeks, your guilt of leaving before giving thanks to the kind human had gotten to you. While the forest was vast, filled with many different animals and plants, the laughter surrounding the human’s home was prominent, could be heard from probably miles away. It had you coming back multiple times, often leaving nice flowers or pretty, smooth rocks you had found on the porch of the house for the nice human.
You would even bring some of the pretty trinkets you had found over the years, the pile within your nest soon becoming smaller as you tried to show the human your kindness and appreciation. You had really hoped that he liked the things you brought for him.
It was morning time when you usually brought out the gifts for him, sunlight barely encroaching through the trees when you moved through the grass, trying not to be seen or heard as you held the small sunflower in your mouth. 
Sunflowers didn’t usually grow in your part of the forest, and it was a nice surprise to see one so close to your nest. You had thought it would make the tall man smile, so you plucked one with your teeth and made the trek to the human’s cabin.
Slowly climbing up the steps to the front door, you noticed a bowl of milk and a plate with some meat on it, laid where you usually placed the gifts. You understood immediately that the food was for you but were nervous to take it. What if it was a trick? What if the human’s mates didn’t like the gifts you were bringing for him?
Frozen, you began to take steps backwards, flower now dropped on the floor as you began to retreat. When you were about to go back down the stairs, you heard the door open.
“Wait! Please wait.” The voice was soft, and made you want to listen to his every word. Slowly, you turned around, hunching down low to the ground so as to not threaten the man.
The man who stopped you is large, his chest almost bulging against the t-shirt he was wearing. He appeared as tall as your human, if not taller. When he smiled down at you, two dimples appeared in his cheeks, making you want to nudge them with your nose.
Raising his hands up in the air, Namjoon lowered himself to the ground slowly, trying his hardest not to scare you. Jin had told him you were skittish, scared of humans it seemed. Sitting down on the floor behind the food, he watched your form.
“Please don’t be scared of me. I just wanted to talk to you.” The man’s voice was so soothing, full of hope as you laid down where you were, your eyes flickering from him to the flower only a couple of feet away from him. Namjoon took that as a good sign.
“My partner has spoken highly of the cute little kitten he bandaged up. Has put all of the gifts you have brought him on a shelf in our living room. He cares for you a lot and has made all of us curious about you as well.” The man’s voice was calm, and you could tell he held a lot of love for his pack.
The way he held himself made you think he was the alpha, even if you could sense he was human. However, he played with his hands in a way that made you think he was nervous about something. You could only think it was you making him nervous, something you would have never expected coming from a human.
“I promise we did nothing to the food. In fact, Jimin was very particular about what food to leave out for you. He wanted to make sure it was something you would eat.” Jimin, you remembered that name, the fox, you think.
“It would mean a lot to my pack and I, especially Jin and Jimin, if you ate some of the food. Think of it as our own gifts to you.” Namjoon hummed, trying to show you that he and his family meant absolutely no harm to you. His hybrids, in fact, were so sure that you were also a mate to them, your scent so enticing to them that they often searched the forest for you, wanting to bring you back to nest, to make their own home smell like you.
You couldn’t possibly understand what you did for the humans to want to give you gifts, but your hunger and thirst took over and you made your way to the bowl and plate resting in front of you. You kept your eyes on the large man the entire time, making sure it wasn’t a trick and that he wouldn’t take the food from you.
Once you were done, you nudged the flower forward, pressing your nose against the man’s lower leg for a second before turning around and bolting from the porch, back to the edge of the forest where you hid within the tall grass, out of sight from the man who held your flower, a dimple smile on his lips as he looks down at his very own gift.
Over the next couple days, you had gone to leave more gifts, only to find the same bowl and plate of food, each morning holding more and more food for you. Sometimes little notes would be left by the plate, ignored by you because you couldn’t read. However, you didn’t want them to feel bad, so you would sometimes dip your paw in the mud by the first step and would press your print onto the bottom of the paper; an acknowledgement only you could give.
This morning, you were so used to being the only one outside, that you didn’t look up when you were crawling your way to the door. There were two hybrids waiting for you, the bunny and the fox. They held something in their hands, the normal bowl and plate by their legs as they sat leaning against the wall of their cabin.
They appeared to be waiting for you, their eyes lighting up when they noticed your head popping up as you moved up the steps. Their smiles enlarging as they noticed the bundle of flowers in your mouth. Once you saw them, you froze, eyes wide as you realized you had been caught once again.
“Hello little kitten. My name is Jimin and this bunny here is Jungkook.” The fox started, his voice light and soft as he spoke.
By his scent you could tell he was an omega, the sweet peaches and cream unknowingly helping you to relax, as well as the other omega’s soft apple scent. You didn’t know if they were pushing out their scent to help calm you, but that’s exactly what was happening.
You were subconsciously moving closer to them, trying to get more of their scent, causing them to smile and push their scent out even more. They were glad they were able to make you feel so safe and calm. 
Jungkook was practically bouncing in his seat, wanting to scent you and have you scent him. He had been thinking about your lavender since he first smelt you that morning and has been wishing to see you again since then.
Jimin felt the same way, maybe even a little more. He just wanted to keep you under him in the nest, make sure no one could even find a way to harm you. His protective instincts were in overdrive once he had heard from Jin what had happened while he was sleeping. He had never felt this way before, even with his mates.
“We uh, we heard that a storm was coming and got worried. None of us know where you are staying or, or if you are able to stay warm and we made something for you. Well, Jin did.” The bunny, Jungkook, holds out the bundle in his arms, a knitted blanket made by Jin a couple of days ago when they first heard about the nearby storm.
Jin and Namjoon had become worried about you almost immediately, with Namjoon even enlisting the help of the younger ones to find your nest to see if it would withstand the storm and keep you safe and warm. When they couldn’t find it, your scent littered everywhere around their home, they became frantic.
Jin had spent almost three days knitting and reknitting the blanket for you, trying to make it perfect for his kitten. Over the months you had been leaving little gifts for Jin, and then for Namjoon, you had won over the hearts of the entire household. Yoongi especially was curious about the mean but soft kitty who reminded Jin of himself.
Jungkook and Jimin had won rock-paper-scissors to be able to visit with you this morning, try and convince you to join them in the house. Unfortunately, their words didn’t work, the blanket draped over your back along with the sweater that had been scented by everyone in the house for your nest, courtesy of Yoongi (even if the cat would ever deny his involvement), as you made your way back to the tree hole your nest resided in.
That night, you curled up against your nest, the new items incorporated nicely against where your head lays. The sweatshirt was your favorite, you decide. The scents left you feeling so relaxed and safe, enough so that you wish you had the real things to nest with. You wondered how nesting with them would be like, even if you had only met four of the pack members.
You had wanted to accept their offer, the warmth they gave you just by smiling down at you was something you hadn’t experienced before. You actually wanted to shift, wanted to be embraced by them and scented. You wanted to experience everything they had to offer.
The storm was expected to be the worst one the region had seen in years. Once it started, well even before it started, Jin stood by the window in the living room that overlooked the front porch, hoping for even a glance that you had changed your mind.
Not the first nor second day of the storm did they see you. They continued with leaving out the milk and food for you, but each time they went to fetch it, they were still full. This worried the men, knowing that food was going to be very hard to come by in this storm.
When you had woken up the third morning, you were soaked. The tree you resided in had broken in half due to the raging winds, knocking down a few trees neighboring your own. You knew you couldn’t stay there any longer but didn’t know where else in the forest you could go. You knew the two hybrids, and probably the rest of their pack, had opened up their home to you, but you were still scared, still had some doubts in your mind about them.
But it didn’t seem you had another choice. You just hoped their offer still stood. Grabbing the things you could, you made your way to their home. It had taken you longer than you had hoped, having to maneuver your way around the damage the wind had caused. You had even almost been blown away a couple of times yourself. But after what you guessed was hours, you finally made it to their porch, dragging yourself through the grass.
Jin had seen you coming, had yelled at everyone in the home to get things ready for you; a hot bath, warm towels, even Jimin was remaking the nest for you to climb in when all clean. The door opening had scared you a little, but once you had seen Jin running for you, you relaxed, letting him pick you up in his warm embrace.
Jin had rushed you inside, down a couple hallways until you reached a steam filled bathroom. Setting you down on the counter, he tried to pull away the items you still had your teeth sunk into to keep hold of them.
“Pretty girl, you need to let go if you want these to get clean and dry.” You still refused to let them go, not wanting the washer to take away the scents embedded in the cloth. The items you grabbed happened to be the blanket and sweatshirt that Jimin and Jungkook had given you, making Jin smile wide.  
“Sweetheart, if you are worried about the scent, I can have the boys re-scent your things, okay?” If you were in your human form, you knew you would be blushing big time at being caught. Letting go of the items, Jin headed to the door, handing them off to someone waiting outside before closing the door behind him.
“Now, let’s get you in the bath and all cleaned off, okay? Afterwards, I know some excited babies who are waiting to cuddle with you and help you get warm.” You just look at him, not wanting to let him know how excited you are at the prospect of being cuddled by the hybrids you knew he was talking about.
Picking you up gently, he brought you over to the large tub, filled only a couple inches with warm water, enough to clean you. Jin was very gentle with you, scratching at your fur and running his fingers through it to unknot it. You relaxed into his touch, even purring at one point causing him to smile again.
“You’re such a good kitty. Your fur is so soft now, I bet everyone’s gonna want to pet you.” His words have your purring even more, his praise making your heart melt.
Once you are all clean to Jin’s standards, he brings you out of the bath, wrapping a soft towel around your body and carries you out the door back into what you assumed was the living room.
The first thing you noticed was a thumping Jungkook in the entryway, his sight set down the hallway where you were coming from. Once he caught sight of you, his thumping got faster to the point where he was almost jumping on his feet. He had won the game again and got to be the first one to hold you, and consequently help dry your fur off.
You noticed, that despite his extreme excitement, he was very gently with you, making sure he wasn’t hurting you in any way. He was careful with you and held you close to him as he dried you off, scratching behind your ears and down your back.
The sound of your purring had gotten louder the longer Jungkook held you, Taehyung and Jimin noticed. They were jealous that the younger had won the game, but this meant that they got to nest with you instead, so, Taehyung thought, who was the real winner here.
Begrudgingly, Jungkook let go of you when Jin came back in, letting you know your things were in the dryer, and that dinner was ready. He brought you into the living room and sat you on his lap as he fed you off his plate. 
The meat was so good, you were almost licking at Jin’s fingers, wanting to get more of the delicious taste on your tongue. (When Jin had later mentioned your actions to Yoongi, the poor cat was blushing, hiding his face in his older mate’s shoulders)  
Once dinner was done, Jimin and Taehyung were practically bursting at the seams, ready to take you into Jimin’s nest and cuddle with you. They had been waiting all night, pouting at any of their mates that would look their way. Even you had noticed their actions but couldn’t say anything to express your confusion.
Taking you from Jin’s arms, Taehyung had started running down the hallway into the nest room, ignoring Jin and Hoseok’s yells of concern and discipline. Jimin rushed after the younger, ready to incorporate your scent into his nest.
You were in awe of the room, having never seen a nest so big before. The entire room was drenched in the pack’s scent, your body almost instantly relaxing once again at the feeling of safety that wrapped around you.
A small rumble sounded from your chest, the sound of approval causing the two hybrids to smile at each other before climbing into the nest. The two shifted quickly, their clothes abandoned on the edge of the nest as their animal forms curled around you. The tiger’s large form almost completely covering you and Jimin, his tail moving to hold you close to his side.
Sleep was pretty much guaranteed when in the situation you were in, wrapped in warmth and covered in sweet peaches and chocolate.
The sound of the roaring thunder had woken you up from your sweet slumber. Stretching out, you accidently kicked the edge of the bed, causing you to sit up. You had somehow shifted back to your human form in your sleep, your naked form slightly trapped between the still sleeping fox and tiger hybrids and now joined by a sleeping bunny. 
Covering your chest, you looked around for something to wear, only to find the familiar sweatshirt resting on the edge of the nest. Reaching forward, you almost squeal in happiness when you realize it had been re-scented.
Pulling the garment over your head, you feel the purrs rumbling in your chest at the feeling of the soft material against your body. It takes you a little while, but you manage to wiggle out of the tiger’s hold before climbing out of the nest and making your way to the door, but not before grabbing the blanket Jin had knitted for you.
Your feet make little pitter-patter sounds as you try to make your way to the living room, where you had heard some voices coming from. The same pitter-patter is what alerted the four men of your presence, Hoseok moving to get you a mug of the hot chocolate Yoongi had made only moments ago.
Entering the living room, you notice the four men still awake, drinking from some cups as they sat in front of the fireplace. You subconsciously tugged down the sweater, trying to cover yourself even if the garment went past your knees.
Turning around expecting to see their small kitten, they were shocked to see you standing there, wearing Yoongi’s gifted hoodie that they had all scented again for you. Namjoon’s jaw had even dropped a little, stunned by your appearance.
“Hello pretty girl.” Hoseok had walked back out of the kitchen, breaking the awkward silken that ensued in his absence. He was still stunned by your human form but knew better than to ogle at you when you were so clearly uncomfortable. Handing you the warm mug, he smiled at you before making the bold move to kiss your forehead.
“It’s hot chocolate little one. Yoongi made it with extra love.” Hoseok winked at you, smile on his face before moving back to his spot by the fire, patting the spot next to him. Blanket still in your hold, you sit down next to the man who had yet to introduce himself and covered your lower half in the blanket.
Watching everyone else take a sip from their mugs, you deemed the drink safe, taking a small sip from the warm liquid. You were immediately shocked by the taste, moving to drink more only to burn your tongue in the process.
“Careful little one. It’s called hot chocolate for a reason.” The man next to you scolded you a little, before taking the mug from your hands and placing it on the ground by your feet.
“Hoseok, don’t just scold her, go get her some water!” Jin scolded back from across from you, his back resting against Namjoon’s large form, his arms wrapped around Jin’s waist.
The man you now knew as Hoseok had just laughed before moving to get you a cup of water from the kitchen. This meant that the man sitting on the couch who made the hot drink was Yoongi, the cat who you reminded Jin of. You watched him as he rested his head back against the cushion, eyes closed as he sat there.
You were moved out of your observing by a nudge to your arm, Hoseok sitting next to you again with a smile to his lips, water in hand. You blush a little, looking down as you grab the cup from him. You didn’t notice Yoongi’s lips turning up into a smirk, nor did you notice the adoration in Namjoon’s gaze.
The entire household was wrapped around your fingers by morning, their gazes tracking your every movement, searching for any sign of distress or being uncomfortable. But they also watched as you smiled at certain things, Jungkook’s nose scrunch causing lots of cute expressions as you tried to mimic him.
The storm was still roaring outside, seemingly moving past as the thunder became softer. You had been given a pair of sweatpants and boxers from Jimin, with Jin promising to go into town once the storm was over and buy you some clothes.
You didn’t even realize that the offer to come inside their home was a permanent offer, one that they had hoped you would take. You had thought that you were just to stay inside until the storm was over, that you were lucky enough they allowed you to come inside during the storm. When Jin had offered to buy you clothes, you had hugged him so tight that he almost doubled over by the force of your embrace.
Later that night when everyone was laying in the nest, Jin had cried to Namjoon about your reaction, not understanding how the prospect of clothes had made you so happy. Namjoon almost didn’t want to tell him otherwise, fully understanding where your excitement had come from.
You had grown attached to the seven men who saved you. You had felt the indescribable bond with them, that made you feel safe and comforted. You didn’t understand it, but you embraced it. If you had to describe it, you would say it felt like Jin’s warm hug as Jungkook laughed and ran around the room away from Hoseok, the older human holding up a wooden spoon as he chased.
It felt like Jimin’s smile, his body falling onto the floor as he laughed at some joke Taehyung had told him. The way Yoongi always made sure you had enough meat on your plate to satisfy your cravings. The way Namjoon’s large frame would cover your own, keep you safe from the past demons ruining your dreams as he held you close to his chest.
It felt like home.
It was getting closer to wintertime, meaning your heat was fast approaching. You hadn’t told the boys about it but knew they had probably guessed already.
You had spent the past couple of days nesting, moving around your nest in the room you shared with Jungkook. You had built and broken it down a couple of times, not seeming to get it perfect enough. You had practically emptied out the boys’ closets, needing to incorporate their scent into your nest as much as you could.
Your scent had even gotten sweeter, lavender completely overtaking the eucalyptus. It frequently had the boys moving closer to you, scenting you and laying you under their bodies, their instincts screaming at them to protect and provide.
Yoongi and Taehyung especially were acting out, covering you with their bodies and not allowing anyone but Jin near you. Their feline instincts were telling them to breed and mate you, to fill you with their kittens.
When the first stage of your heat started, your entire body was filled with cramps, the touch of one of the boys being the only thing that seemed to soothe your body, to soothe the ache of absence you felt in your core. This meant that you always had one of the boys in your nest with you, Yoongi being especially possessive as your biology’s were the closest out of the three feline hybrids.
Yoongi was by your side most of the night, rubbing circles into your back as you curled closer to him. The hybrid could tell by your scent that your first stage was breaking, meaning the second would be starting soon. He could feel the heat pooling under your skin, could hear your soft moans as he massaged the skin close to your core. His chest was rumbling with pride, his alpha self proud at the fact that he was taking care of his mate.
The door opened, Jin’s head peeking through the opening in the door. Your sleeping form only stirred a little at the presence of another mate. You had finally fallen asleep when your body stopped aching, sleep much needed for the upcoming activity you were about to receive.
You had always gotten hazy and disoriented when in heat, unable to remember most of it as you would go in and out of your headspace. So, when your body finally adjusted to the heat under your skin, you couldn’t hold back your inner desires any longer.
“Alpha.” You whined, pulling Yoongi closer to you, hooking your leg over his hip and bringing him as close to you as you could.
“Alpha…it hurts.” Your whine physically hurt his soul, mind pushing him to comfort and help his omega. Moving you underneath him, he begins to slowly remove your clothes, trying to keep as much physical contact with your skin as he could.          
“Don’t worry my omega, your alpha will take care of you. Alpha will knot his baby, mark up your skin like I know you want.” His words help a lot, your chest purring at his assurance.
“Alpha’s gonna take such good care of you ‘mega.” You both were naked, your hand reaching for him, for any kind of relief. You whined again, mind unable to form any sentences in your current state, only broken speech. He was prepping you, fingers thrusting in and out of your core, stretching you open for his knot.
“Alpha, knot.” You reach for his dick, trying to bring him to where you need him only for him to chuckle in your ear, whispering something about you being greedy before giving you what you asked for.
Your mind goes hazy as he slowly enters you, your walls squeezing him as he moves in and out. The pleasure is almost too much for him, his dick quick to begin swelling at his base. He moves quick, needing to bring you pleasure before he could even think of reaching his own.
This was about you, about your own pleasure.
The next couple hours were a blur to you, the feeling of pleasure so intense. When you come back to, it was Hoseok thrusting in and out of you, his hold on your hips bruising as you presented for him. Your moans were loud, but his growls were louder. He didn’t have a knot, but that didn’t stop him from bringing you to the peak of pleasure, cumming around him as he emptied his seed into your womb.
Your screams were drowned out by his lips, tongue fighting against yours as he licked into your mouth. Even though you just came down, your body was quickly heating back up, your body arching more as you cried out for Hoseok.
When you came to again, it was Jungkook sating you, his bunny biology able to keep up with your heat. It was decided early on that he would be the one to help you the most, even if the omega couldn’t knot you, his thrusts made you dumb as you laid there, eyes open and drool leaking down your chin as he pushed your head into the pillow, making you arch your back to get a deeper thrust.
 When your heat broke, the haze slowly disappeared as you laid against Jungkook’s chest, Yoongi behind you with his knot still locked inside your core. His hands were rubbing up and down your hips while Jungkook massaged your back. They could both tell by your scent that you were finally out of your heat.
“Hey pretty girl.” Yoongi whispered, leaning down to press a kiss to your naked shoulder, his mark sitting proudly against your skin. You just purred in response, not coherent enough to form words yet.
A knock sounded at the door, Jin opening it while Jimin carried a tray of water and fruit. Their smiles brightened at the sight of you aware, your own smile growing to match theirs as they moved closer.
 “Hello darling. It’s good to see you like this but you need to eat and drink something. Jiminie here even made the tray, just for you.” Jin brushed the hair away from your face, Jimin setting up the tray on the bed with a growing blush settling against his features.
As Jin opened one of the water bottles, Yoongi’s knot finally went down, pulling out of you before moving to grab a wet rag to clean you up with. You whine only a little bit before Jin shushes you, Jungkook helping to sit you up while Jin brings the bottle to your lips.
Helping you to drink, Jin coos softly, praising you for doing so well during your heat. “Such a good girl for her mates. You took all of us so well. Did so good for us, baby.” You blushed under the praise, moving your face to hide in Jungkook’s neck. His laughter made you even more red, his hold becoming tighter around your waist.
When you were dressed in Yoongi’s clothes, you laid against the couch cushions in the living room, Namjoon’s arm around you as he anchored you to him. Your body was aching, legs and hips tights as your muscles adjusted. Noticing your discomfort, Taehyung moved over, adjusting you do you were laying your legs on his lap as he began to rub at your muscles.
Namjoon followed suit, rubbing away the knots in your hips as you relaxed into the touch of your mates. While you rested on the couch, you listened to your other mates moving around in the kitchen, Jin deciding it was a good time to make a big meal, “to help replenish energy” as he put it. He had enlisted the help of everyone he could, but past incidents left Namjoon and Taehyung excluded.
Neither of the boys were complaining though, as this meant they got to spend more time with you. Loud laughter from Jungkook could be heard, followed by the scolding voice of Yoongi. Namjoon’s chest moving as he tries not to laugh at the scenario playing out in the kitchen. He has a feeling Jin and Yoongi are gonna kick everyone out soon.
Nothing else mattered to you though, the sound of Jungkook’s laughter being the best part of your memories, the sound of pure happiness. It was the sound you imagined whenever you were down or being drained by your past. You knew that, as soon as Jungkook began laughing, everything would be right in the world.
And you were glad that the sound of Jungkook laughing was the first thing you had heard that morning before Jin found you, otherwise, you don’t know where you would be.
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writeformesinpie · 26 days ago
Late Night Assignment
CEO Jungkook x Fem!Reader 
Summary - Your boss asks you to stay late even though he knows you have a date. Things end up getting heated. 
Genre - Office AU/Smut 
Warnings - Smut, flirting, slight degradation and name calling, vaginal sex, nipple play, language, teasing, unprotected sex, cream pie, etc  
Word Count - 2.7k
Tag List - @kpoptrashlord-007 @justanotherstarlightmonger
A/N - Oops, this was meant to be posted for Jungkook’s birthday - I’m only a couple of days late
Tumblr media
    Desperate taps against the keyboard. Stolen glances at the computer's clock. A quick wave with a tight smile as your last coworker bids you farewell.
    You shouldn’t be here. It’s already too late. One more email and you’ll pack up.
    Nimble fingers glide across the table, one hand typing out your final salutation as the other digs into the drawer. Hooking a finger around the strap of your handbag, you press send and watch as your message disappears, on its way to another company, someone else’s problem.
    “There you are.”
    Your thumb hovers in front of the power button, your body leaning across the desk to reach it. Resisting the urge to run you instead take a deep breath of the office’s stale air. Closing your eyes tight, you compose yourself.
    “I wonder if you could help me figure out the Johnson case.”
    “The Johnson case?”
    Sitting back down you swivel in the black chair to face your boss. He’s smiling. Of course he’s smiling – he’s always smiling. His slicked back hair has loosened from the product he used this morning, his dark waves tumbling free to sweep across his face, giving him a more relaxed look.
    “Yeah, I need someone to bounce some ideas against.”
    “I can’t tonight. I told you I have a date.”
    “Oh?” There’s a flicker of amusement in his eyes before his face stills into a frown. “Was that tonight?”
    He knows it’s tonight; you told him last week and you reminded him this morning that you needed to leave on time. Why is he acting like this now when just this morning he seemed so uninterested in the whole conversation? It’s just like him to change his mind at the last minute. Something tickles at the corner of his brain about the advertisement mere hours before the company is due to arrive for the scheduled presentation leaving destruction in his wake. Every hand on deck. Or worse, when much like tonight, he decides to change something right before you’re about to log out for the weekend.
    “Well, I’m sure he won’t mind waiting.”
    “Who said it was a he?”
    Jungkook gives you a onceover before letting his eyes focus on your face, his features tight and unforgiving. “I’m sure they won’t mind waiting.”
    “Are you seriously asking this of me right now?” There’s no point in asking, he’s already turning away, beckoning you with a flick of his wrist, not bothering to turn and see if you’re following. You punch the air a few times with tight balled fists before pulling out your phone and sending a message of sincere regret. The career you fought so hard to obtain is destroying your dating life. If you don’t leave this job soon you may very well end up a spinster.
    Dragging your feet, you take your time, dawdling towards Jungkook’s office. Pushing the door all the way open you waddle over to the furthest chair with a pout on your lips, resigning to sulk until he finally lets you go home. What a waste of a Friday night.
    “You don’t have to stay if you really don’t want to.” When you shoot up and take a step towards the door, he continues, “I guess I’ll just do it myself. All alone. It’ll take twice as long but that’s fine.”
    This time you give in to your inner urges, your eyes rolling so dramatically you’re afraid they might pop out of your skull. Shuffling closer you sit in the chair in front of his desk, grabbing the file and browsing its contents.
    “What do you need? It looks like everything is in order,” you say as you turn the last few pages. It looks like it’s been read at least fifty times, the pages creased with a few coffee stains littering the crisp white paper.
    “So what’s this date of yours like?”
    “Excuse me?”
    “What does he do? How long have you been talking?”
    Your knotted brows ease as you realise what this is all about. “Are you jealous?”
    “Jealous? Of course not,” he says leaning back, arms crossed in front of his chest as he snuggles into the plush chair. “I just wanted to make sure you’re not dating some loser.”
    “Oh? You’re worried about me?” you tease, a smirk adorning your lips.
    “Worried about the company. It’s inconvenient to have to deal with the mess that comes from a bad relationship. Or worse, a good one.”
    “What mess comes from a good relationship?”
    “Marriage. Taking time off from work for the honeymoon. Then children usually follow and that’s maternity leave. You might as well just be a stay-at-home mother at that point.”
    “What?” You laugh and shake your head. Is he being serious?
    “Kids are always getting sick. They carry viruses. They’re practically a walking disease. If you’re not taking off time for them you’ll be taking time off for yourself. Years of illnesses and for what?”
    “A life changing experience filled with joy, unconditional love and new life lessons?”
    “No. After 18 years–no, let's be serious, these days it’s well into the 20’s–after all that time and effort you put into raising and loving them they just up and leave. After all that sacrifice you are simply abandoned.”
    “That’s what the spouse is for.”
    “Unless they leave, too? Probably for a newer model.”
    “A newer model? What are we, cars?” Scrunching up your face, you lean over and pat him on the shoulder. “Who hurt you?”
    He looks from you to your hand (now rubbing his shoulder) then back to your face, his fierce eyes betraying his poker face. Dropping your hand, you ease onto the edge of his desk in an awkward attempt to make yourself look relaxed. Instead your skirt ends up tangling up under your butt, the fabric pulled tight against your thighs, leaving nothing to the imagination. As you try to pull your skirt back down to an acceptable length in a nonchalant way you rock back and forth and end up knocking a stack of papers off of the desk.
    Jumping to the floor on your hands and knees, your arms flailing out in every direction, you scramble to collect the paperwork, jumbled in a puzzle of white. You have the worst luck. Jungkook clicks his teeth behind you as you mumble an apology and start the tedious process of piecing the piles back together.
    After a few moments, while wondering why Jungkook isn’t at least pretending to help, you sneak a look over your shoulder. Heat licks your cheeks and you snap your hand back around, pulling on your skirt. How could you be so stupid? The silky material of your skirt got caught up as you jumped to the floor exposing god only knows what to your boss. The way his eyes bore into yours with a distinct glimmer of lust makes you think he may have caught a glimpse of your lacy thong underneath.
    Scooping the last pile of paper together the heat of embarrassment spreads from your face to your core as you remember the look on his face. Raw. Animalistic. What is he thinking? It takes every ounce of your self respect not to turn and crawl towards him.
    The second hand ticks louder than before, bringing your attention to the large moon-shaped clock up on the wall. You’ve been here for only fifteen minutes yet it feels like an eternity.
    Standing you mutter, “Excuse me,” under your breath as you place the last stack back on the table. Refusing to look at him you instead hang your head as you continue, “Well, if that's all…”
    “You’re leaving already? But we haven’t even started.”
    “I think that’s enough humiliation for today,” you say, trudging towards the door.
    Before you can reach it however, you hear the familiar sound of paper plopping against the ground. With a snap of the neck you turn back towards Jungkook’s desk, your feet carrying you to the scene of the crime before you realise something. You were nowhere near the table when the new mishap happened and judging from Jungkook’s lazy grin as he continues to lean back in the office chair either was he.
    “Did you do that on purpose?” you ask from your half-squat position. Standing, you take a step back as he does the same, his steps quicker than your own, each stride bringing him closer until he is close enough to touch.
    “And what if I did?” His brow lifts on the last word as you back into the wall behind you. “Do you think I don’t notice your pitifully obvious attempts to catch my attention?”
    “What do you mean?” you practically scoff, turning your head to look away from him.
    “The slutty outfits.”
    “Slutty outfits! What outfits?”
    “The way you sashay around the office.”
    “We call that walking where I come from.”
    “The intoxicating perfume you adorn yourself with,” he says, his fingers twisting around your wrist to hold you in place as he leans close, his lips against your neck. “Every scent you wear is more exhilarating than the last.”
    His fingers dig into your flesh as he litters light kisses up your throat that leave a trail of fire against your skin, the rough and sweet a certain torture to your erratic heartbeat. A heartbeat that echoes under his very touch.
    This isn’t how you imagined him finally making his move. The slutty outfits, the tempting struts around the office, the scents. You had started to think he wasn’t interested. Who would’ve thought all it would take for him to notice was giving up?
    “Do you like it?”
    “Hmm?” His fingers entwine with yours above your head as he nibbles on your ear.
    “Today's perfume.”
    “I can’t get enough,” he says, a sly grin on his face as his fingers trace down the length of your arms. “You smell like spicy whipped cream. I want to take my time tasting every single inch of you but I can’t stand not having you another moment.”
    His teeth dig into your neck and you moan out from the pleasure and pain. Lifting you up he carries you over to his desk, leaning you against the edge as he shoves everything to the ground with a carnal growl. Papers flutter in the air and before you can fret about how long it’s going to take to get everything back in order your back knocks up against the cool mahogany wood beneath you.
    Agile fingers make quick work of your blouse. With a quick inhale of breath he takes a moment to drink you in as his hands explore your exposed skin. Your nipples perk up both due to his touch and the chilled breeze swirling down from the vent above Jungkook’s desk.
    “Is it always this cold here?”
    “I’ll warm you up,” he murmurs against your chest, one hand snaking under your skirt while the other cups your breast. While sucking on the supple skin, his fingers find your panties, damp and clinging to your throbbing cunt. His tongue glides across the rim of your nipple before rolling it gently between his teeth.
    Arching your back you grind your pussy against his fingers. Desperate for more you push against the constricting fabric as far as you can. He drags your lace thong down to your ankles and leaves them dangling on one foot as he turns his attention back to your core. His fingers trace messages against your clit as he continues to dine on your swollen breasts.
    “Stop teasing me, Kookie,” you moan the words, ignoring his raised brow as he kisses his way up the middle of your chest. “Just fuck me already.”
    “Patience is a virtue, beautiful.”
    “I don’t want to be virtuous,” you say, shifting back and forth under him. He pulls his fingers out from under your skirt and you let out a whine.
    “Suck,” he commands, his fingers hover in front of your mouth. Parting your lips he slips them inside. Your tongue glides against his digits a few times before you clamp down sucking on them like they’re an ice block. Almost as delicious. “Good girl.”
    Pulling them back he ignores your pout, shoving his hand back between your thighs. Biting your bottom lip you watch as he slips one of his fingers inside. Slow. Controlled. He has the power and he refuses to let it go. Not that you mind. You try to keep your eyes glued to his but by the time he slides in the third finger you’re writhing under his touch, the cool air from the vent no longer enough to keep the heat building between you at bay.
    “It’s okay, baby, you can come.”
    “No,” you sob, the pleasure continuing to build as he quickens the pace of his fingers. “No, I want you inside. I want to come with you.”
    He pulls out his fingers with a chuckle, the slick sound of your excitement quickly followed by the clinking sound of his belt buckle and the pull of his zipper. He stares down at you licking his fingers with a hum, his dick nuzzling up against your pussy before he pulls back. Before you can complain his lips are on yours, his hands in your hair pulling you closer. Bruising kisses follow tiny nips then his tongue dances along your lips before he pushes inside you, his full girth filling every inch of your cunt.
    “Oh my God,” you sputter out the words and it comes out distorted as he sucks on your bottom lip. He doesn’t give you time to adjust before he thrusts his hips against yours, his thick cock propelling deep within your tight walls.
    The musky smell of his sweat combined with the sweet aroma of his cologne fills the room as the sound of skin on skin rebounds off the walls. Sweat trickles down the back of your neck as his pace quickens. Raking your nails up the bulging muscles of his arms you toss your head back and forth unable to utter a word. Breathless.
    Savage hunger burns inside as you buck your hips up in time to meet his. Frantic desire fills you to the core, seeping out of every pore. It’s not enough. You want him to fill you more.
    “Don’t you dare stop,” you say, the words practically a growl from between clenched teeth. He smirks down at you but he doesn’t stop, instead his pace increases. He drills deep inside, each thrust eliciting a guttural moan.
    Curling toes and fingers digging into the taut flesh of his shoulders hint at your climax and somehow he hastens the velocity of his movements. You blink away tears as your body erupts into liquid fire, a demonic spark of pure ecstasy rippling waves of fire across your skin.
    You allow yourself to drown in the pleasure as your body jerks in unison with Jungkook’s soothing movements. His cock throbs and pulses inside of you, his body tensing as he cages you within. He rocks back and forth a few more times before he relaxes against you, pinning you under him. Panting you wrap your arm across his back and kiss his neck, the smell of his skin easing you back into a comfortable rhythm.
    “That was hot,” you purr against his ear, raking your fingers through his black waves. The mess on the floor catches your eyes and you make a move to get up.
    “Where do you think you’re going?” You motion towards the paperwork and office supplies scattered across the floor. “Leave it.”
    “It won’t take long to–”
    “It’ll just end up back on the floor again,” he says, his lips trailing across your neck down your throat.
    “Are you trying to fuck me until I can’t stand?”
    “I like the sound of that,” he says, a grin spreading across his face. He pushes his cock back inside with ease causing both his come and your previous arousal to drip down your cunt. “But don’t worry, I can carry you to my car when we’re done.”
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bebejungkook · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
‧✧̣̇‧ The Art of Hating You
‧✧̣̇‧ Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
‧✧̣̇‧ Genre: one bed situation au, one sided enemies to lover aus, smut, fluff, angst.
‧✧̣̇‧ Warnings: jealousy, I mean it the jealousy in this bitch Is crazy, YN is seriously a bitch to Tae, cussing, alcohol, smut; unprotected sex, cream pie, begging, dirty talk, monster cock Tae, Rough sex, rough mouth fucking, clit biting, orgasm denial, dom!tae, restrained during sex?? Queen of Bratty subs reader, tae bends the fuck outta YN.
‧✧̣̇‧ Summary: You hated Kim Taehyung with a passion. You don’t know why, you just know that you hated everything about him, his smile, the way he laughed, his gorgeous face, the way he was so friendly to everyone. You find out he was also invited to Jimins birthday vacation, you tried to avoid him but somehow Jimin mixed up the rooms so now you and Taehyung shared a room. Oh and there’s only one bed, what could possibly happen?
‧✧̣̇‧ Word count: 7.4K
A/n: I’m unashamedly begging for feedback <3 this one was my biggest worry to post so reassurance would be nice🫶🏽
Park Jimin was, in your own words, stupidly rich. It’s almost like he didn’t know what to do with his own money, except on his birthday of course. That’s when he pulled out all the stops. This year he planned a week-long birthday bash during spring break, Jiminchella he called it. He reserved the hotel and private plane his father owned, all so his friends could enjoy his favorite holiday.
Of course you said you’d go, everything was paid for plus, no Kim Taehyung. He was going to be at his girlfriend's beach house for the week, so you rejoiced since he was the very thorn on your side that just won’t leave you alone. You were too excited for this vacation. You packed days early and had a whole spa day so you would be glowing. You were ready to have the best vacation of your life.
When you arrived everything was taken care of. Your luggage was taken to your room and the poolside was sunny and ready for you. You thanked yourself for having your bikini under your clothes already, so now you can enjoy your time, basking in the sun. You were barely there for a couple hours and you were already having the time of your life.
But all your good feelings were tragically ruined when you spotted the familiar curly bunch of hair in the corner of your eyes. You ignored it hoping, praying, begging that it wasn’t him.
But then you saw his obnoxious blue Hawaiian shirt and your blood ran cold.
No it can’t be.
Please god, don’t let it be him.
That is not Kim Taehyung.
But it was in fact Kim Taehyung. You groaned, wiggling in your chair like a child who just got told no.
What was he doing here?!?
And why was he coming over here?
Taehyung has two drinks with him which you assume one's for you but you don’t care for his kind gesture. You’re just mad that he’s here and ruining your vacation.
He goofily stands in front of you, trying to hand you a drink.
“What the heck are you doing here?” You grunted as Taehyung motioned for you to grab the drink but oh no, not on your watch, you won’t accept anything from him even though you absolutely loved pina coladas.
“Jimin invited me.” Taehyung smiled, and shrugged before he started sipping on his drink leaving yours on the bar counter.
He watched you fold your arms across your chest like the very brat you were. Taehyung smirked, thinking that he really wants to see if you’re this bratty in other situations.
“What do you mean why? He’s my best friend.”
You groaned,” I know but I mean weren’t you going to go to your girlfriend's family beach house or something?”
You scoffed, now he was just playing with you, he wanted to rile you up,” what are you? stupid? Your girlfriend! You were supposed to go to your girlfriend's beach house!”
Taehyung smirked, he had no girlfriend. He was invited to go to his friend’s beach house but ultimately chose not to. The way you seemed so annoyed bringing her up made his heart race with an icy feeling that he finds only you were ever capable of making him feel. Taehyung leans closer to you, so close you could smell the sweet sappy scent of his drink laced into his breath. It tickled your neck and raised the hairs on your arms, you sat frozen never having felt this tingly before.
“Oh? Is precious y/n keeping tabs on little ol’ me? How sweet.”
“I’m not!“ You blushed, finally moving away from him before he got too close. Taehyung sipped on his drink before clicking his tongue and cooing at your adorable pout.
“Don’t tell me you’re jealous sweetheart.”
“Jealous?!? Of what?!”
“Of my nonexistent girlfriend.” He smirked,” I’d much rather be here with you anyways so don’t worry baby I’m all yours.”
Taehyung winked and you felt something in you snap.
Your patience maybe.
“Shut up Kim Taehyung!” You shot up from your chair and grabbed the drink he brought, your cheeks were heavy with blush and your chest spinning with annoyance,”Why would I be jealous?!? Who would want to date a big headed weirdo like you anyways! Now leave me alone!”
You turned on your heels and walked off, drink in hand because you weren’t one to let a free drink go to waste.
Even if it was from your worst nightmare.
Maybe you were being an asshole, but you just couldn‘t stand Kim Taehyung. Something about him made you cringe and shutter, maybe it was his smile or the fact that he was always so happy and giddy around you, clumsy even. He would never act normal and it made your skin prickle with hatred for the poor man.
He was also insanely hot which angers you even more. How dare God make him so hot? What was the reason? Just to piss you off?
It was definitely working because you felt your blood boil as you watched Taehyung flirt with a girl in a skimpy bikini. Completely forgetting that you called him a weirdo just a second ago.
Who was she even?
She’s not even that cute.
You crossed your arms laying back down in the tanning chair. You just needed to relax, soak up some sun and forget the son of a bitch who makes it his life mission to torture you. You sighed, snuggling up in your chair, at the tip of relaxation. Any second now you’d feel completely cool and calm.
But then something big covered the beautiful warm sun from hitting you. Interrupting your state of relaxation. You prayed, again, that it wasn’t Taehyung, but God made sure you knew you were not Gods favorite.
“Want me to put sunscreen on you sweetheart?” Taehyung cooed, hoping to get on your good side, but nothing could get this caveman on your good side.
Not even his cute smile.
“I don’t want your slimy hands on me Kim Taehyung,” You kept your eyes closed,” now move you’re in the way of my sun.”
Taehyung bit his lip before pulling up a chair next to you,” you can just call me Taehyung you know, taetae is okay too.”
“There’s lots of things I want to call you but TaeTae isn’t one of them.”
Taehyung relaxed in his chair, he found you so undeniably sexy and he had the nastiest urge to put you in your place.
“We’ll see about that now won’t we?” Taehyung licks his lips as his eyes dance all over your body. He took in every curve and mark, memorizing it for his own lewd dreams.
He was too excited for tonight, when you’d find out just who your roommate was going to be. He just hoped you won’t be too upset.
You open one eye to see if Taehyung left since he was oddly quiet but there he was, laying back, shirt off and thrown on his lap very badly hiding the massive tent that was there. You shook your head, you won’t let your love for monster cocks catch you off guard. You don’t care how delicious it looked in his pants. You won’t slip up, no matter how badly you wanted it to destroy you, especially because this one was owned by the very man you despise.
The same man whose body was making you tremble. His tan skin looked almost golden under the sun, a little dewey from his sweat but your primal instincts wanted you to lick off each drop of sweat from his body.
You need to get laid.
You huffed causing Taehyung to open one eye to glance at you.
“You want some sunscreen now?” He said in a serious tone which upset you because how dare he try to be so caring?
He barely knows you.
You shutter and turn your head to ignore him again. This time though, he sighs and gets up from his chair. You sneakily watch him leave, his broad shoulders and tiny waist make your mouth water.
Why does he have to be so sexy?
You’re upset again and act like the lonely feeling in your chest was one of victory. Taehyung never actually did anything to you. He just existed but you felt like that was cause enough for you to hate him. His stupid smile and his gorgeous eyes sometimes met you in your dreams, glowing just for you.
But you hated it. You hated thinking about him and the weird stupid feelings you got when you did.
“Stupid Taehyung.” You grumbled when you saw him walking to sit prettily next to Jimin at the bar, unashamedly staring back at you.
Jimin was Taehyungs best friend since kindergarten. Bros until death do them part. He prided himself in the fact that Taehyung looked to him for advice or help when it came to his love life.
And he would be proud right now, except Taehyung asked him to do something that he knew would get him in a lot of trouble with you. He hated that he couldn’t say no to Taehyung when he really wanted to because Jimin does not want to deal with the flame of anger that is you.
“You owe me so bad, she’s going to absolutely tear my ass open.” Jimin rubbed his face as Taehyung watched you with those stupid lovey dovey eyes that Jimin knows, makes Taehyung do the absolute most for the person he’s smitten for.
“Yea yea whatever.” Taehyung waved him off, you weren’t so scary.
You may act tough but Taehyung knows better, he knows how sweet and warmhearted you are.
Of course not to him, but he’s seen you give your freshly bought sandwich to a homeless man and then run inside to buy him a drink. He’s heard you console a friend who had been broken up with and Taehyung thinks you were an Angel with the kindest heart he’s ever known.
Except once you saw him you turned into a demon that demanded to know why he was even looking at you. It was like he was the bane of your existence. But Taehyung saw this as an opportunity, he wanted to get you alone and finally find out why you hated him so much. He wasn’t going to force you to stay with him, he made sure Jimin had an extra room just in case but it tore him apart knowing that the girl he loved hated him.
And for no reason whatsoever.
Taehyung stared at you and stopped himself from going to ask a third time if you wanted sunscreen. He just wanted to touch you and be near you, he wanted to press his fingertips against the flesh of your thighs. He wanted to feel your collarbones, and feel the way your breasts feel against his hands.
“She’s going to fuck you up Taehyung,” Jimin reminded him, breaking his train of thoughts,” you’re so dead.”
“I know,” Taehyung smirked,” I can’t wait.”
You didn’t see Taehyung for the rest of the evening. You rejoiced and used the massage coupon that Jimin had so graciously gifted you because he claimed you were his best friend and he needed you calm and relaxed for the big party. After your massage you basically glided to your room, head empty and body numb from the deep state of relaxation you were just in. You opened the door and saw the lights were turned on.
No biggie, they might have turned on by themselves.
You walked in and dropped your towel on a chair to start taking your tshirt off not noticing the man that was laying on the bed, watching Tv, patiently waiting for the mess that was going to ensue.
“Hi sweetheart.”
You shrieked, hiding your bikini even though he saw you in it a couple of hours ago.
“What the hell are you doing here?!?” You yelled, but Taehyung was unphased. He smirked, eyeing your body that looked even better in this lighting.
“This is my room.”
“Oh hell no.” Your stare made the ache in Taehyungs heart hurt no less than before.
But he pushed through with a greasy smile.
“Oh hell yes.”
“This must be a mistake,” You gathered your towel and your bags that you just now realized were already inside the room,” wait how-“
“Come sit YN~ let’s watch a movie together.” Taehyung patted the bed next to him and that’s when you again just realized that there was only one bed.
One bed.
One big comfy bed.
You felt anger burst from your toes ripping ever seem in your body until it reached your head.
“Get out.”
“Get out! You big-” you huffed,” you big stupid monkey! This is MY room! See how there’s only one bed?”
“Yea we're supposed to share sweetheart,” Taehyung again patted the empty spot next to him,” promise I won’t bite,” he smirked,” unless you want me to, then I’ll bite you all over baby.”
Taehyung winked and you felt like a volcano burst in your chest, hot angry lava squeezing out of you.
But instead of yelling you closed your eyes and turned around.
“I’m going home.” It was the only solution since you knew Park Jimin had this entire hotel booked.
“Wait YN! I was kidding,” Taehyung shot up from the bed, almost tripping on the blankets so he could get to you, his eyes wide and anxious,” I went too far! I’m sorry- y/n-“
You ignore him and gathered your luggage, you were oddly calm on the outside but on the inside you wanted to kick and scream.
“Y/n please don’t go,” Taehyung grabs the luggage from your hands, forgetting that he was the stronger one from you both,” please don’t go.”
You looked at him, pouty and heart racing. You don’t say anything but you let him talk.
“I promise I won’t be weird, you can have the bigger pillows and- and- I’ll get up early to get breakfast for you tomorrow.” He pleaded, he really didn’t want you to leave.
And something in you didn’t actually want to leave.
“Please stay? Jimin would be really sad that you’re leaving- we- you’re going to miss the pottery class..” His voice trailed as he internally cursed himself for pushing you too far.
“…how’d you know about the pottery class?” You asked since Jimin had multiple events planned his guests could do and Taehyung seemed to know about the one you were most excited about.
“I- I just figured, since you like art and stuff,” Taehyung lied through his teeth, he won’t tell you that he suggested it to Jimin just for you,” you won’t want to miss the big party either.”
Something about the way he spoke to you made you ease up just a little. You looked into his eyes and felt calmer, maybe it was just a mistake. Shit happens, Jimin might have messed up but Taehyungs right he’d be sad if you left now. Plus you would miss pottery night and you really didn’t want to do that. You sighed loudly before letting him take your luggage,” I get the side next to the ac.”
Taehyung smiles and wants to hug and kiss you but goes against his heart's wishes since he’s already been pushing his luck with you. He’s decided to let you do your own thing but it got harder to not bother you after you came back from taking a shower. The air was thick and silent, adding pressure to the weight in his heart. You wore these tiny shorts and button up pj shirt that made him want to rip them off of you, especially since he can tell you had no bra under. The way you breasts seemed extra pillowy and bouncy, you definitely had no bra on and he wanted to shove his face in them and suffocate on their taste. Taehyung wonders if you had any panties on either. He couldn’t help but feel so lustful for you, you just looked so sexy brushing your teeth while watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.
Aside from making his cock harder with each sound you made, his heart beat like a drum in a marching band. You seemed calm and okay with his presence so maybe now was his chance to finally ask you why you hated him so much. He waits for you to finish your night time routine, when you snuggle under the blankets, right next to him. His fingertips felt numb from tapping them along the bed sheets, his heart welled in his chest but he had to do it.
Do it.
Ask her.
Taehyung turns the tv off making you grunt and look back at him but his eyes avoid yours,“Yn why do you hate me?” Taehyungs voice is low and calm, like he’s been practicing this same question for days now.
He catches you off guard since you didn’t expect him to ask.
“You act all goofy, it’s- it’s annoying,” you whispered, causing him to laugh, not chuckle or giggle but a hearty laugh that has you blushing.
“Why- Why is that funny?”
“Seriously because I act goofy?” He chuckled.
“Do you know why I act goofy?”
“Because you’re annoying?” You snorted, wasn’t it obvious?
“No silly, I act goofy because you make me nervous.” Taehyung explains hoping you’d get why.
Okay. You obviously didn’t get why. He takes a deep breath before looking right into your eyes, the brown swirls of your irises make him want to get lost in the sweet aura of them.
“Because I like you YN.”
“I like you. I have a big fat nasty crush on you.”
You stayed silent, mouth open and heart racing. You didn’t know how to respond so you decided not to.
“I’m going to sleep now! Stay on your side.”
You swiftly moved under the blankets, hiding from his confession. You didn’t feel him move but you felt his eyes on you, making guilt sweep through your body. You finally heard him sigh, which broke your heart, but then he laid down turning the lights off before whispering a sad’ Good night.’
You tried to sleep but aside from the ache in your heart, Taehyung just wouldn‘t stop moving and sighing very loudly. You snap at him because you’re supposed to be up and early tomorrow for a shopping spree, courtesy of Jimins mother.
“Oh my god Taehyung go to sleep!”
“I can’t.” Taehyung muttered and you hear the heartbreak across your mountain of pillows.
“Just close your eyes!” You suggested but you knew he had them closed, you just wanted him to shut up.
“I am,” Taehyung slowly says and each word is like an arrow into your heart,” but I still can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because I can‘t stop thinking about you,” he sits up,” You totally broke my heart.”
You scoff and snuggle into your blankets to bury your feelings in them,“You’re being dramatic.”
“I just confessed to you and instead of kissing me you go to sleep. I get to be dramatic-“
You quickly sit up, almost offended that he expected a kiss,“Why would I kiss you?!?”
But the next few words he speaks drive the steak right through your heart. Obliterating whatever was left of it.
“Because you like me too.”
“What?” He smirked and you wanted to smack that sexy smirk right off of his face,” You self absorbed asshole- what makes you so sure I like you?”
“I just know, you don’t actually hate me, I just make you feel things you don’t understand.”
Taehyung shrugs, he had you stunned again, how dare he imply that you like him. You feel called out, embarrassed that he’d read you so easily.
No way.
You hate him.
But he does make your heart race a little?
And you do like the way he smiles.
What did he do to you anyways?
You racked your brain for even just a small memory of him doing something but nothing comes up. You try to sift through the reasons, but now they don’t seem so bad anymore.
They seem cute and justified.
Because he likes you.
You liked to win but you weren’t a sore loser, you could admit when you were wrong. Okay, you were a sore loser, you couldn’t admit it but Something about the way Taehyung was being vulnerable with you made you want to show him that side of you too.
“M-Maybe my anger was..misplaced,” You played with your thumb, pouting and avoiding his eyes,” maybe I don’t hate you like I thought, maybe it’s the opposite or whatever.”
You shrugged feeling a tremendous weight lifted off of your shoulders. You finally looked Taehyung in his eyes and you were not disappointed with his reaction. Taehyung was grinning from ear to ear, his ears red with love for you.
Taehyung took this opportunity to close the gap between you two, destroying the pillow wall that so cruelly separated you from him. His hands cupped your cheeks as his lips molded so beautifully against yours. Like a puzzle piece that finally found it’s missing half, a kiss that felt like a complete piece of art. Then you felt his tongue pressing against your lips, you savored his taste, you memorized the texture of him against you.
The kiss was a lot messier and hotter than planned, Taehyung takes it to the next level when he pushes you against the bed. His body so hotly on top of yours and hands pinning your arms above you so his mouth could peacefully paint a mosaic of hickies on your neck, you whined trying to grind up into him but his heavy hips stopped you from getting any friction.
“Taehyung,“You grunted when his teeth nipped just a little too hard.
Taehyung lifted his head and you saw his whole being change right in front of you. He was no longer going to be soft and so giving. Taehyung was going to teach you a lesson.
“Oh?” He smirked,” look at you, whining for me when just a second ago you were calling me an asshole. But now you want me?”
“Do you think you can just get whatever you want so easily? Where’s the effort y/n? Where’s my apology? My confession?”
You groaned,” I confessed already!”
But Taehyung wanted a proper confession.
“Doesn’t count, apologize and tell me you love me.” Taehyung smirked, this would be your one chance for redemption, and it was tempting since his cock felt so heavy against your pussy that it made you want to renounce any feminism left in your body. But you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of an apology.
Not yet at least. You wanted to play just a little.
“Fuck you and your apology.” You spit out, smirking when Taehyungs smile turned sour.
Something tells you, you probably shouldn’t have said that but you couldn’t help it. It was in your nature.
Your heart and pussy waited for what he was going to do and you think you don’t have to wait long because Taehyung clicks his tongue in disappointment before getting up from his position to let go of your hands. He sits up on top of your thighs, and sinfully licks his lips while untying the strings of his sweats. His eyes hooded and dark with lust.
“You know what y/n?“ Taehyung spoke as his slender fingers pushed sweats and black Calvin Kleins down to reveal his thick aching cock. He strokes himself, grunting when you try to sit up.
But no, he was in charge right now, you weren’t going to have your way,” I’m going to give you one last chance. This time think about what you’re going to say sweetheart. Really think about it.”
You don’t think about it, you just let the words slip from your lips.
“Fuck you.”
Taehyungs had enough, he decided right then and there that he was going to ruin you. You deserved no mercy. He moves on top of your body so his cock now hovers your face. Taehyung smoothed his hand down his cock before growling out his command.
“Stick your fucking tongue out.” Taehyungs jaw
clenched as he messily rubbed his tip all over your lips, you looked up at him with hooded eyes before obediently opening your mouth to lewdly stick your tongue out for him. His dark expression quickly shut you up, but also excited you.
“Good girl.” Taehyung rested the head of his leaking cock on your outstretched tongue and slowly rocked against the warmth and wet of it. Spit gathered on the corners of your mouth, waiting to be collected by him.
“Take a deep breath.” Taehyung breathes out a moan before feeding more of his cock into your mouth. You close your eyes and huff, you've wanted to choke on him ever since you saw his bulge earlier.
You understood now, you didn’t want to just rip his dick off, you wanted to rip it off from coming on it so hard.
It all makes sense.
Taehyung doesn’t care if you’re ready for it or not, he reaches the back of your throat and you gag on him,”Baby, Ah, your fucking mouth-“
The feeling of your throat around him has his hips diving deeper into your mouth, fucking it softly for the time being.
He enjoys the way your hands claw at his ass, pulling him deeper into your mouth until your nose touches his skin. You gag repeatedly, brain begging you to do the sensible thing and take it out.
But a hot combination of his hitched moans, and the way he stutters your name makes you want him to live in your mouth. He fucks harder and a little faster like it wasn’t your mouth he was fucking. You breathe through your nose like you’re a pro but you love the way he suffocates you.
“You look so good gagging on my cock yn,” Taehyung moans and pulls out so you can breathe, you practically gasp for air but quickly lick the tip that he so lewdly smacks you with. Arousal shoots down your spine directly in your pussy, making it sticky and impatient,” you’re driving me crazy.” He whispers as his cock makes itself comfortable in your mouth again. His hand threads through your hair as he continued his harsh pace but Taehyung feels his edge coming at an alarming rate. Maybe it’s because its the added love in his bones but he pulls back, cooeing when he sees a string of saliva and precum connecting you two. It snaps against your lips and he wants to lick you clean.
Taehyung hastily removed himself from your chest to get rid of his clothes, excitement surges through your body so you wait patiently.
“You okay baby?” He asks when he sees you cleaning the corner of your mouth.
You nodded, feeling shy that you couldn’t take his cock like you wanted to. You wanted him in the deepest part of your throat but your gag reflex was your worst enemy.
“You did really good,” Taehyung lays on top of you once again to kiss the ghost of his love bites that bruised your neck ,”do you want your reward?”
“Y-Yes please.” Your voice was rough, making your blush harder than you already were. Taehyung harshly undresses you, ripping open your shirt to reveal that his suspicions were true, you had no bra underneath. He throws it somewhere you absolutely do not care for at the moment, you squealed when his hands yanked your panties off, nearly dragging you along with them. His lips quickly wrapped around your nipple, sucking on the bud so softly it contrasted to his other hand that pulled on one harshly. You whined but he doesn’t stop until your nipple is swollen and glossy with spit.
Taehyung slowly leaves kisses on every inch of your body until he reaches your pussy, it practically glowed with arousal. He placed sweet kisses around you, until his arm reached over to uncover your clit and wrap his lips around it. He didn’t give you the satisfaction of even just a tiny bit of suction, he just wanted to feel your clit on his lips.
You looked down at Taehyung, whining and silently begging him to do anything but you weren’t prepared for the soft, wet tongue on your clit. You gasped and arched your back, burying your fingers in his hair. He pulled back from your clit to nip and bruise his art on your thighs,” I’ll never get tired of this.”
Taehyung wet his lips before his jaw dropped open to lick your slit in one slow motion, you wanted to call him a pervert but he stopped the words from coming out of your mouth. You whined again pulling his curls to get him closer, deeper in you but his arms anchored you around his head as his plush lips wrapped around your clit once again but this time giving it the sweet suction it wanted.
You sighed before closing your eyes as Taehyung dived down to lap at your hole that was practically leaking. Taehyung feels like you haven’t learned your lesson though. You haven’t apologized or even told him that you felt the same way he feels for you. Taehyung wants you to yelp in pain, he wants you to push his head away from your glossy cunt so he cruelly pulls away from your pussy to very lightly bite down on your swollen clit. You do exactly what he wants and squeal from the pain, you're calling out to him asking him what he’s doing but he repeatedly bites down, dragging his teeth until the word ’stop’ sits on the tip of your tongue. And as you’re about to scream out, he suddenly pulls away from you. Taehyung settles on top of your body once again to kiss your swollen lips.
“What’d you do that for?” The tears on your eyes bring him satisfaction.
“I'm sorry baby you didn’t like that?” Taehyung kissed the tears that formed because of him.
“I’ll make it up to you~” he cooed and traveled down your body once again to kiss your clit in apology. You winced in sensitivity but felt your edge a lot closer because of the pain.
“I’m- I‘m gonna cum Taehyung-“ You huffed, fisting the blankets when you feel his tongue softly lap at your clit. Your pussys pulsating, wanting its release, you’re so close, so close. You feel it glowing at the tips of your fingers.
But Taehyung feels you clenching around his tongue and that’s when he decided that he was done.
“Well that’s too bad isn’t it?” He smirked.
“Taehyung!” You pulled his hair so his face hovered over your very abused pussy but he pushed your hands off to crawl on top of your body to face you. His lips are shiny and puffy as he licks them clean, you whine when his tongue licks the underside of your jaw, over your lips and cheeks. Taehyung spreads your essence all over your face which makes your pussy glow with want for him.
You wanted more though, you feel like you deserve more. You’ve been good, you’ve been listening to him and not talking back.
So why isn’t he touching you?
You decided to risk it and guide his hand that’s on your hip, towards your pussy, swiftly moving his fingertips against your drenched folds,” feel how wet I am Taehyung.” You whisper hoping to convince him to touch you but he only scoffs.
“Ya I just made you that wet.”
You push one of his fingers to play with your clit, eyelashes fluttering to convince him more,” you can make it even wetter if you want.”
Taehyung clicks his tongue before nipping at the spot right under your ear.
“What a selfish, needy brat, trying to take something without giving back.” He scoffed,” I’m not fucking you until you admit that you like me.”
“Taehyung I can’t,” you whined, humping his hand that was between your legs,” it’s embarrassing.”
“Why?” His fingers teasingly rubbed circles around your clit, never giving you the pleasure you craved,” you weren’t shy about gagging on my cock but you can’t tell me about your feelings?”
You huffed against his neck, he was right but you felt your whole body blush just thinking about confessing your feelings.
Feelings. Yuck.
“Ilikeyou.” You quickly muttered, feeling satisfied with it you moved to kiss his puffy lips.
But he wasn’t having it. He wanted to hear you say it, he wanted to memorize the way the words sound coming from your beautiful pout, like a poem that swoons his heart.
“Nope,” he moved his head away,” Loud and Clear, exactly like how you were moaning my name earlier.”
Taehyung smirked, watching you with hooded eyes as you brought his hand from your pussy up to your mouth. You both stare at the string of your release connecting his fingers. You wanted him so bad, you needed him. Lust took over all of your senses so you didn’t think twice before licking all over his hand. The wet of your saliva replaced the wet that shined from your pussy, making him groan. Taehyung stared at your mouth, and the way you lightly sucked on his finger. His mouth agape and occasionally cursing from how good it felt.
“Fuck turn around,” Taehyung quickly lifted himself from your body leaving you cold and aching,” get on your knees.”
You do as he says, now believing that he won’t give you what you want unless you’re good. You wiggle your ass for him, hoping he’d just tear your pussy apart but Taehyung scoffs and slaps the flesh of your ass. It leaves a red mark of his hand and he gulps, but he won’t slap you a second time.
He spits on his cock and watches you reach behind you to spread your lips apart for him. Taehyungs tip hovers over your clenching entrance like a cute sort of kiss to you. He almost wants to giggle but your whine brings him back and he roughly thrusts the very tip inside. You wince but love the pain that gives you goosebumps. He slowly feeds you more, totally getting off on your moans and whines. He feels on top of the world right now, he’s dreamt of this moment for years and now here you were the woman of his dreams begging him to fuck you into oblivion.
Your clenching feels delicious on his cock, it leaves him speechless. He won’t speak if it means he gets to hear you wanting him. Taehyung pulls out just so his tip is in you but then suddenly rams his whole cock back inside. You have to hold on to the wall in front of you otherwise his thrusts would send you into a concussion.
“Is this what you want Y/n?”
“Yes! Oh fuck-“ you choked on your spit as Taehyung rammed into you, his pace hard and rough,” Taehyung oh my god-“
“You like it sweetheart? You like my cock?”
He hands gripped at your ass, nails digging into your cheeks.
“Tell me how much you like it, Y/n.”
The bed frame starts to smack into the wall but neither of you care. You only care about the feeling of his cock stretching you, making you see galaxies.
“Y/n,” Taehyung smacks your ass, this time with a heavier hand,” talk to me baby.”
“F-Fuck me,” you moaned as you arched your back so you can get that extra stretch from him,” Harder- please-“
Taehyung abruptly pulls out, you whine for the millionth time that night because you were so close and he just had to pull out now? He flips you over as his hands find the back of your thighs. He pushes them to your chest so your pussy was completely vulnerable to him. Taehyung thrusts his girthy cock back inside of you but this time your pussy is a lot more welcoming to him.
He’s a lot slower with his thrusts, but they were still hard and heavy. The sound of his cock hammering inside you brought a deep blush in his chest, he loved it more than he should. The slick noises and skin slapping against each other made him a lot hornier than he was already.
Taehyung feels impatient now, he wants to feel you cum around him. He wants to see your eyes roll back in ecstasy.
He needs it.
Taehyung towers over you so his cock hits deeper into you. His necklace dangling in front of you, moving back and forth but you're distracted by the finger on your clit that's smothered with his touch.
“Cum for me baby.” he whispers and you feel your orgasm rip you apart, spreading goosebumps all over your skin. It leaves you silently gasping, fingernails digging into his forearms to ground you.
“So fucking beautiful. Fuck!” Taehyung doesn’t stop his pace, instead he moves just a little bit faster. You’re numb from your orgasm but you feel his hips stuttering and fighting through your tight clenching.
“I’m gonna cum-“
You rub his arms and Taehyung falls on top of you, letting go of your thighs to wrap his arms around your body. He pulls you in closer, tits pressing on his chest and the cold of his necklace burns on your skin. You want him to cum in you, you almost needed it.
“Cum in me taetae.”
Taehyung chokes on his spit as he takes in the way his nickname rolled off of your tongue. His cock pulsates inside you,“Ah shit, fuck, baby-“
His cum feels warm and thick inside you, if you weren’t so damn tired you would be fidgeting from the weird feeling but you stay still, letting him fuck his cum inside you. He moans one last time before he makes sure to empty every last bit of cum inside you. He doesn’t want to pull out but he wants to see his creation. He wants to see the mess he made, the mess he made because of you. Taehyung catches his breath before holding himself up with shaky arms. He sits up, pulling his hips back as his cock hits his stomach with a wet smack. You whine from sensitivity, but you clench knowing what Taehyung wanted to see.
His cum drips out of you, and Taehyung intensely watches it. He licks his lips, very tempting to fasten his mouth back on your swollen pussy but doesn’t because he knew you’d fall asleep and he wanted you awake and noisy.
Taehyung does, however, kiss your clit before going to the bathroom and getting something to clean you with. He comes back and you wince when cleans the drops of cum from you.
You feel your heart swirl with love, maybe now is the perfect chance to give him what he wanted.
“Taehyung I’m sorry,” you sleepily whisper,” I love you.”
Your simple confession and apology was like a silver bullet, excruciatingly piercing his heart and absolutely killing him. He wants to clench his chest but he keeps cleaning you, kissing your sleepy pout.
“I love you too.” Taehyung finally says, with just a little bit of shakiness in his voice. He’s waited for this for so long but now he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Should he run to Jimin and tell him everything or keep you in his arms until you push him away? He decides cuddling you would be a better option. Besides Jimin is probably having in orgy back in his room and Taehyung would hate to interrupt.
A couple hours later, the sun wakes you up, you groan burying yourself in the warmth of your blankets. Your hand reaches out to Taehyung hoping he’d get the hint and squeeze you but you find the other side of the bed empty, no sign of him. You thought he might be in the shower but when you laid quietly the room was completely silent aside from the hum of the ac. Maybe it was a dream, you think, but the ache between your thighs and the bruises that cover your body were evidence that last night really did happen.
You fucked Kim Taehyung.
And you told him you loved him.
You squealed, completely embarrassed about last night but then you heard a tiny knock on the door and immediately the butterflies in your tummy fluttered all over. You felt nauseous, shaking with an emotion you used to mistake for hate but now know it was love. You groaned before getting up to open the door, you grabbed a robe that was courtesy of Jimins care package. You opened the door there he was balancing three plates filled with different food in his hands with the room key in his mouth. His heart swells and aches seeing you, his hickies on your neck and your pretty face puffy from sleep. Taehyung swiftly walks in before setting the plates on the desk inside. He kisses your cheek before fixing up breakfast.
You’re left to sit on the bed, questions floating inside your head. You figured you won’t get any answers unless you ask them.
“Taehyung what happens now?”
“What do you want to happen now?” Taehyung stopped setting up the plates so he can give you his undivided attention since he knew your mind must be going into overdrive with questions. He pushes you back so you’re laying down, he towers over you, hands on each side of your head. His necklace dangles in front of your face and you have to stop yourself from putting it in your mouth.
“I don’t know,” you huffed,” what do you want to happen?”
Taehyung chuckled, seeing you shy like this was giving him the biggest heart boner,” I want to be in a relationship with you.”
Your eyes grew wide, blush blooming from cheeks to your ears.
“Like…girlfriend and boyfriend?”
“Yes,” he pecks your glossy lips,” girlfriend and boyfriend.”
“That’s so embarrassing.” you whispered which made Taehyung chuckle because of how cute you were.
“Totally embarrassing.” He kissed you once again but this time didn’t hesitate to deepen the kiss. His hands untie your bathrobe and you feel all tingly again.
You and Taehyung let your breakfast get cold because Taehyung decided that he’d rather be eating you but you weren’t going to miss the bottomless jimimosas that were promised for lunch. So you pushed Taehyung and his dangerous lips away from your swollen clit to get ready. You were nervous since everyone would ask why you both were gone. Everyone knew you hated Kim Taehyung, it was your brand.
You decided to pretend like nothing happened, maybe no one would even notice. You brushed it off and finished getting ready for Jimins lunch buffet.
No one will even notice.
Except they definitely did notice, everyone at the table stopped what they were doing just to gawk at you two. It was so obvious what had happened, and Taehyung, again, didn’t care to hide the obvious. He wanted to flaunt you, he wanted everyone to know that you are his now. He had his shirt halfway unbuttoned, showing off the artwork you left on him. You stood by Taehyung fidgeting and hoping no one would make a big deal but Taehyung never cared about what anyone thought so his fingers easily found yours and laced them together making you blush even harder than you were before. You didn’t push him away which made the scene even weirder to take in.
No one spoke but watched you follow Taehyung as he served your plate. You stayed close to him, feeling incredibly shy. Which was very, very uncharacteristic of you. Usually you’re a social butterfly but now you avoided everyone and even snuggled into Taehyungs side because they just kept staring. Taehyung noticed and kissed your pouty lips. You swore you heard a couple gasps and whispers. That’s when Taehyungs head snapped towards everyone, heart beating with annoyance.
“What?” Taehyung spoke to everyone at the table,”I can’t kiss my girlfriend in peace?”
Jimin chuckled, biting his lip since he expected you to be the one with the fiery response,” Kiss your girlfriend all you want taetae.”
Taehyung grinned and kissed your cheek with a greasy smile. You whined and nudged him off of you but you exhaled the anxious cloud that built up in your chest, you felt glad that everyone there accepted this change.
Yourself included.
A/n: 🫣🫣🫣 this took longer than expected 🫶🏽 sorry for taking so long to write it but also let’s all flood my Sam @justanotherstarlightmonger with love because without Sam????? This fic would still be in the drafts….
Please leave a comment and tell me if you liked it this fic took a lot out of me so it would mean a lot to get feedback
🏷: @azula-karai-27 @raezzii @seokondeeznuts @dylan-kai2008 @seokjennieee @quoffnicity-blog @jjkeverlast @anila127 @hey-itslulu @i-dont-give-a-fok @sweetempathprunetree @soeur-de-ame @quoffnicity-blog @pamzn @supernoonanyc @tofc-bts @shyna-s @dearlyjmn @parkdatjimin @amourtae
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kpopfanfictrash · 9 months ago
A Holiday Snowdown (M)
Tumblr media
Author: @kpopfanfictrash as part of the Happy Ho-lidays collab with @floralseokjin , @suga-kookiemonster , @sugaurora , @underthejoon, @winetae​ and @btssavedmylifeblr​
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader (female)
Genre:  Enemies to Lovers / Ski Resort!AU / Snowboarder!AU
Word Count: 36,333
Rating/Warnings: 18+ for sexual content. Fingering, oral (female receiving), hand job, mutual masturbation, breast play, some face riding, dirty talk, orgasm denial, clit smacking (is there a non plural form of this?), cum shot on chest
Mentions of past death (does not occur during story). Ankle injury (non-graphic). Yoongi is an enthusiastic MC. Bam is adorable. Jungkook has both lip and eyebrow piercing
Summary:  The Inn on the Hill is in trouble. Or that's what your boss, Namjoon, says during the last-minute All Staff holiday meeting he calls. You need money, and you need money fast, or his parents are planning to sell the resort. When no one can think of an easy solution, Namjoon proposes his parents' idea: a weeklong social media blitz with a celebrity guest. The celebrity? None other than Jungkook Jeon himself: two-time Olympic gold medalist, world-class snowboarder and the nation's sweetheart. What's the problem? You happen to have met Jungkook Jeon before, and sincerely hoped you'd never see him again.
Tumblr media
Friday, December 19th 12:49 PM
“You don’t want to do that.”
Fingers freezing above the door handle, the words slowly sink into your muddled mind.
Uncertain, you turn towards the disembodied voice. Bodied voice, you correct yourself. Breath frosting in midair, you squint at whoever has the audacity to keep you from entering your house.
“Who’s there?”
A soft voice laughs, followed by said person stepping into the porch light. Blinking once more, you conclude you must be drunk.
Well, yes. Very drunk, based on the curling nausea and six Moscow mules you had at the bar. The fact that this guy looks like two people is simply further confirmation of the fact.
Lifting a hand, you shield your gaze from the porch light. Odd. You thought the light burnt out the night prior – oh, well. Maybe your friend and roommate, Taehyung decided to fix it.
“Why shouldn’t I go in my own house?” you demand, although it comes out more like, “Why shoul’n I go’n m’house?”
Both the guy’s heads turn towards the door.
“Because that’s not your house. Unless you’re a new roommate of my friend, Yugyeom… which I highly doubt.”
A beat passes before you turn and realize the door’s a sickly teal color. Not the gray-brown of your split-level.
“Oh,” you say dully, unable to think of a response. “Right, then. I’m going to go.”
Swiveling around, you nearly trip over the first step of the porch and fall.
Reacting quickly, the stranger lunges forward to grab your arm. “Whoa,” he says, keeping you upright. “Careful.”
Hazily, you glance up and notice how close he is. His face wavers, nothing more than a blur but for some reason, you think that he’s handsome. Something about his height and his voice scream attractive face. The stranger also happens to smell of peppermint.
You love peppermint.
Still, this is very embarrassing, and he’s still holding you tightly.
“Unhand me,” you say, stepping backwards – somehow, you manage to keep your balance.
The guy’s upper lip quirks.
“Alright, m’lady,” he says, releasing you with a bow.
You nod, attempt to stride past and nearly trip again. “Okay – never mind,” you blurt, grabbing the rail. “Hand me.”
A quick, surprised laugh escapes him. Stepping near, he grips your forearm but keeps himself carefully separate. You would find this endearing if you didn’t feel as though you were about to hurl.
“Ugh,” you moan, turning around. “What was in those mules?”
“Ginger beer. Vodka. Oh, wait – you’re not being literal, are you?”
“No.” Shakily, you exhale. “Gonna barf.”
“Fuck. Okay. Let’s get you off this porch, then,” he says. “Bambam just painted it.”
Many questions arise at this – does this guy know a lot about home improvements in the area? was the ugly door color chosen on purpose? – but all this is overshadowed by the sudden urge to vomit. Keeping your lips pressed together tightly, you concentrate solely on making it down the steps.
“Where do you live?” the guy prompts.
Trying to be subtle, you glance at your companion. Which means – drunk you swings her head sideways in a gigantic arc. The guy is still holding your arm, painstakingly helping you down the front steps.
“18 Ribalt Ave.” As soon as you say this, you freeze. “Unless you’re a murderer. In which case, I live uh – there.”
You point in the general direction of a dumpster and the guy starts to laugh. He has a nice laugh, you think, and the peppermint smell cuts through some of the nausea. Your stomach roils once in protest, then falls completely silent.
“Not a murderer,” he answers. “And you’re in luck – 18 Ribalt Ave is literally two houses down, so you were close.”
Obviously, I was, you say to yourself. I’m super smart.
“I’m sure you are.”
Startled, you glance up. “I… said that out loud?”
The guy’s lips twitch again. “Not if you didn’t want to.”
“Oh, good. Then – no, I didn’t”
The two of you walk a bit more, and upon reaching the sidewalk, you start to turn left. Gently, he steers you in the opposite direction. A couple of steps later, your ankle wobbles and his grip on you tightens. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re realizing this night could have gone in a very bad direction.
When you left for the bar, you didn’t intend to get this drunk. Well, maybe that’s not true. You did text your best friend, Leslie, that you planned on blacking out so hard, you forgot all about the dismal Christmas waiting at home.
“What’s so dismal about it?”
Startled, you realize you’ve spoken out loud again.
Your drunk savior waits for an answer and whatever filter you normally have while sober has completely disappeared. This is a big University, and if the two of you haven’t run into each other before, what are the chances of running into him after?
It’s the type of logic only a drunk person would find convincing.
“Nothing, really,” you hear yourself saying. “I’m just… not looking forward to reentering the pit of despair. That’s what I’ve been calling my house since my dad died. It’ll be my first Christmas without him and just… yeah.” Exhaling roughly, you watch your breath frost in the air. “I know my mom will be sad.”
Your stranger is silent, long enough for you to wonder if you’ve spoken out loud. Maybe your drunkenness has reached an unforeseen level where your inside thoughts are out loud and your outside ones, inside.
“Won’t you be sad, though?”
Startled, you wobble again and his grip on you tightens.
“I guess,” you say after a moment. “But… I don’t know. When my dad was alive, he created a buffer, you know? My mom and I don’t always get along, but he knew just what to say to cut the tension.”
Hearing what you said, you clamp your jaw shut. Sometimes when you drink, your filter disappears, and all the years of repressed emotion comes pouring out.
Snow crunches beneath your feet, so you concentrate on that. Shivering slightly, you wish you’d worn a coat to protect against the air’s frigid bite. The constellations above are blurry, resulting in double and you think they might be more beautiful than reality.
“Did your dad laugh a lot?”
“Yeah.” Still staring upwards, your lips twist. “All the time. If I’d made that pit of despair joke last Christmas, he would’ve quoted Miracle Max, or something.”
“Get back, witch!”
“I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!” you say, automatic. Surprised, you glance over at your blurry savior. “You can quote The Princess Bride?”
His smile widens, distracting you for a moment.
“Of course,” he says. “That must be hard, though. Losing your quote buddy.” After a moment, he lowers his head to groan. “Ah, I’m sorry. That was supposed to be supportive, but it just sounded stupid.”
Oddly enough, you find yourself smiling.
“No – not stupid,” you say quietly. “You’re right. It was – well, is – hard.”
Silence falls, not as awkward as before. You continue walking and all too soon, a familiar house rises from its surroundings. You recognize the discount Frosty the Snowman (for legal reasons, named “Icy”) standing on the front lawn, holding a sign asking for people to remove shoes before entering. The sign was supposed to be cute, but drunk college kids broke the end of Icy’s broom and as a result, he looks kind of threatening.
Excitedly, you point at the door. “That’s my place.”
Your stranger double-checks the number. “Looks like it.”
“Rude,” you mutter, lowering your arm. “I know where I live.”
A pause follows, as though your drunken savior doesn’t want to contradict you. The silence makes your lips twitch.
“I’m just kidding,” you say, slapping him once on the chest. Shit – that’s firm. “I know, I’m kindaaa drunk.”
“Sure. In the same way Rudolph kindaaa saved Christmas.”
Your smile widens. “That was nerdy. Are you nerdy, Christmas ghost?”
He bursts out laughing, and for a moment the world freezes. You’re still drunk, so everything seems kind of blurry – except for his laugh. You think you might remember that laugh on your deathbed. You hope you remember it sober.
“Christmas ghost.” Although he’s no longer laughing, the guy still sounds amused. “Is that what I am?”
“You have a halo,” you say, pointing at his head. The streetlights behind him create the drunken effect. “A drunk halo. Ha-ha.”
“You know that’s an angel, right?” he asks, also smiling.
“Yeah. And… well, you asked me if I was sad.”
Now he’s quiet, and you wonder what your Christmas ghost is thinking. You also wonder what he looks like – maybe if you squint harder, you’ll be suddenly un-drunk and the world will come together.
You squint at him – emphatically – and nothing happens.
“Don’t do that,” he says, noticing your expression. “You’ll pop an eye vessel. Has…” He hesitates. “Has no one asked you if you’re sad yet?”
He sounds genuinely curious, and you suppose you can’t blame him.
Lamely, you shrug. “I don’t think most people know how to talk about it. Not many people our age have lost a parent. I get a lot of ‘I’m sorry.’ A lot of ‘he’s in a better place.’ I don’t know,” you say, your voice cracking a little. “I kind of think being with us was a better place.”
Fuck it, you’re going to cry.
Abruptly, you turn around to stare at your house. Taehyung must’ve fallen asleep with the holiday lights on – no matter how much you scold him, he does it every time you go out. Now though, it helps because you have something to look at while you dry your tears.
“I’m sorry,” you sniffle, then laugh. “Fuck. Now I’m the one apologizing.”
“Don’t apologize,” he says quickly. “I – I’m the one who should be sorry. I’m not good with words, and I don’t want to say the wrong thing. Not like all those other people.”
Turning, you give Christmas ghost a watery smile.
“I doubt whatever you said would be the worst thing,” you say. “My aunt told me to stop crying at the funeral so we could take a photo. I bet your thing was better than that.”
“Holy shit.” He sounds vaguely horrified. “Okay, yeah. My thing wasn’t that bad.”
“Or another time,” you say, this topic of conversation making you oddly chipper, “a professor asked, ‘at what point I’d be done grieving’ so I could take the midterm.”
“I… what the fuck.”
Christmas ghost sounds angry, which makes you smile. You’re imagining a tall, dark-haired Christmas angel swinging his fists in your honor and for a moment, you nearly forget the reason you’re sad. Of course, this makes you remember all over again, and the humor slowly fades.
It was longer than last time, at least.
The two of you stand there another moment, and again, you wish you were sober. Well, no you don’t. The alcohol numbs the pain and, although you try not to make it a habit, sometimes it’s easier to forget. Alcohol helps with the forgetting.
“What were you going to say?” you ask, tilting your head.
He hesitates. “I was going to say… I’ve never lost a parent, so I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through, but anyone who raised a daughter cool enough to quote Miracle Max sounds like an awesome guy. I’m sorry you’re sad. If it wouldn’t be totally creepy of me to offer help, I’d –”
“You already did,” you say softly.
He stops, and the two of you stand facing one another again. Long enough for your lips to tremble, this time from the cold.
“Well,” you say, using your sleeve as a tissue. “I guess I’d better go, Christmas ghost.”
He softly laughs. “Is that what I’m going to be from now on?”
Shrugging, you turn away from his smile – strange, how the whole night is blurred except for that – and begin walking up the sidewalk.
“Yeah!” you call, not turning around. “I think you will be.”
“As you wish!”
You can’t help but laugh at the Princess Bride quote, unlocking your door. Stamping your feet to get warm, you hurry inside and find Taehyung seated in the kitchen, books spread before him. His finals aren’t over until tomorrow, with psychology taking the dreaded Friday afternoon slot.
When he sees you, he exclaims and jumps to his feet. Through chattering teeth, you tell him about your Christmas ghost and Taehyung’s expression brightens (“I’m not drunk, you idiot! Let me see him!”) Giggling, the two of you return to the front porch –
And find the yard empty. Nothing but swirling snow, streetlights, and the drunken yelling of two kids down the street singing, All I Want for Christmas is You.
Your Christmas ghost, whoever he was, has disappeared.
Tumblr media
Friday, December 17th 11:04 AM
Ever since you were little, you’ve always had a nervous tic. In grade school, it was biting your fingernails. Once your mom bought anti-bite polish, you switched to leg-jiggling. Then, after a particularly embarrassing final exam when the TA asked if you had to pee no less than five times, you switched to pen-tapping.
The habit has held ever since.
Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap tap tap-tap.
“Y/N.” Namjoon swivels to face you at the head of the table. “Please stop tapping Jingle Bells. I’m going to jingle burst a blood vessel up here.”
Immediately, your pen ceases and you sink in your seat. Across the table, Hoseok – the Inn’s sous chef – gives you a sympathetic look.
“Stop picking on Y/N,” Hoseok scolds, turning to Namjoon. “Just because the ski lodge is about to go belly-up doesn’t mean you need to take it out on us.”
Exhaling roughly, Namjoon rubs at his temples. Honestly, you get it since it’s exactly how you feel. As the general manager for the Inn on the Hill, you’ve been trying and failing all year to increase sales. The fact that Namjoon is here at all is mostly your fault.
The Inn on the Hill is a tiny ski resort nestled in the Rocky Mountains, largely overshadowed by the bigger, fancier commercial resorts up the road. It seems travelers, once they land at the airport, only have the appetite to travel in a one-hour radius. Driving the two hours to reach your lodge means people don’t book despite the Inn’s superior ski slopes and views.
Namjoon’s parents have owned the Inn since he was a child, but they also own several other properties scattered over the globe. Currently, they’re in the Caribbean taking care of a different crisis, so Namjoon is here to lend his expertise. It’s a test of his leadership as much as your own, so you understand why he’s testy. If things don’t turn around soon, everyone here will be out of a job.
Twirling his pen, Jimin clears his throat. “What if,” he says, squinting up at the screen, “we did a children’s Olympics? Races and fake medals and all that fun, family stuff?”
Trying not to smile, you glance at the table.
As the Inn’s children’s coordinator, nearly all Jimin’s ideas involve more kids on the premises. Although you love children – and family ski trips provide most of your income – you don’t love the mess they tend to leave behind.
Neither does Yoongi, based on his expression. Min Yoongi is the hotel’s concierge and if he had things his way, Namjoon would make the resort eighteen and up. That’s not to say Yoongi doesn’t like kids – he loves them – but Yoongi has a very specific vision for the Inn which doesn’t involve sticky lollipops.
“Right,” Namjoon says slowly. “Except we already did a children’s week last winter and it didn’t go so well. Remember the Zhangs?”
Jimin’s smile fades. “Oh. Right.”
Across the table, Seokjin mouths, who are the Zhangs? and you furtively shake your head. Seokjin joined the Inn at the start of the season as your snowboarding instructor, so he wasn’t here for last winter’s debacle.
Nothing gets past Namjoon though and, upon seeing Seokjin’s face, he exhales.
“The Zhangs,” Namjoon clarifies, and Jimin slumps in his seat, “were a very influential family who intended to stay at the Inn but left after only three days because their son got lost for five hours during the winter scavenger hunt.”
Jimin winces. “He should have followed the map!” he complains. “Everything was clearly marked, and parents were supposed to go with their kids, but –”
“It wasn’t your fault, Jimin,” Namjoon says gently, butting in. “The Zhangs messed up, but they gave us a terrible review and made sales plummet for a month. I think we should try and steer clear of kids' events for a bit longer.”
Nodding, Jimin sits back and Namjoon’s gaze travels the table.
“Any other ideas?” he prods. “Anyone else?”
When his gaze lingers on you, you shrug.
“I don’t know what you want me to say,” you sigh. “There’s the winter festival in town, but we’re already promoting that in our marketing. We could try another round of feel-good posts on Instagram? It’s hard to do social media though, with Jisoo being fired, and all.”
“Jisoo wasn’t fired,” Namjoon corrects. “She was let go.”
Yoongi lifts a brow. “Isn’t that the same thing?”
“There’s a difference,” Namjoon insists. “One implies they were released with cause. We didn’t want to fire Jisoo, but there’s no room in the budget and Y/N minored in graphic design…”
“Yeah.” You grimace. “With straight C’s.”
“Regardless,” says Namjoon. “We need new ideas, and we need them now.”
The table falls silent, with everyone purposefully avoiding eye contact with Namjoon. The projector behind him flickers and dies, plunging the All-Staff room into darkness. You find this oddly fitting, considering the circumstances.
“I have an idea,” Seokjin offers.
Reaching out, Namjoon flicks on the light. “I swear to God,” he warns. “If you say Boys Gone Wild one more time…”
“Why not?” Seokjin bangs a fist on the table. “It was an incredibly lucrative franchise for years. And now, we have the chance to let women in on the fun!”
Most of the table laughs except Yoongi, who doesn’t seem to be listening. Seokjin has been proposing Boys Gone Wild once a week since his arrival and it’s yet to catch on.
Namjoon looks at the ceiling. “Pass. Alright – if there aren’t any other legitimate ideas, I’m going to have to go with my parents’ proposal.”
This catches your interest, and your pen stills in your hand. Namjoon would typically run prospective projects past you before the All-Staff meeting. The fact that he didn’t doesn’t bode well.
“What’s your parents’ idea?”
Namjoon doesn’t look your way. “It’s a promotion that had good success at their Hawaiian resort. You remember the one – so far off the beaten path, no one wanted to go. Until, of course, Timothée Chalamet vacationed there.”
Jimin’s eyes go wide. “Timothée Chalamet is coming here?”
Immediately, Yoongi closes his laptop. “I’m ready,” he declares. “We just got these new sheets which I swear, feel like you’re floating in the womb.”
“Ew.” Hoseok looks repulsed.
Namjoon blinks, unsure how to respond. “Uh, no. Not Timothée Chalamet – he’s way out of budget. I’m thinking of another celebrity,” he explains. “Someone who you’d expect to see at a ski resort. Someone who’d entice other skiers and snowboarders to visit.”
Taking all this in, you nod. Everything Namjoon says is making sense, which leads you to wonder what he could be hiding. There must be something if he didn’t tell you beforehand. Maybe it’s the cost.
“It’s a good idea,” you say. “Even a lower-level celebrity will be expensive, though. Are your parents willing to chip in that kind of money?”
Namjoon nods, still not meeting your gaze. “Yeah. This lodge has sentimental value for them, so they’re willing to pay. In fact,” he says brightly, “they already have someone in mind.”
“Oh, really?” you ask. “Who?”
In the corner of your eye, Hoseok exchanges a quick look with Yoongi. Jimin has become suspiciously silent, staring out the window and Seokjin, normally disruptive, has nothing to add. Perhaps this should have clued you in, but Namjoon has never given you a reason not to trust him before.
“Um.” Namjoon shuffles his papers. “I don’t want to say.”
Immediately, your eyes narrow. “Why not?”
“Because.” Namjoon sighs, looking up. “It’s Jungkook Jeon.”
Your vision goes momentarily white.
Jungkook Jeon. The name alone is enough to make your fists clench. Jungkook is a professional snowboarder – no, he’s the professional snowboarder. Gold medal champion in the last two winter Olympics and national heartthrob.
He also attended your university and broke your friend’s heart in the process.
It was junior year when Leslie dated Jungkook for three months – barely a blip in the grand scheme of things, but long by college standards. Around Thanksgiving, Leslie mentioned seeing someone new but was coy on details. You found out why after New Year’s when she named the guy as Jungkook, ridiculously talented snowboarder, and future Olympian.
Obviously, Leslie was excited but cagey about people meeting him – including you. Jungkook was private and didn’t like people making a big deal out of who he was. You could understand, so you didn’t press the issue and the first time you two met was mid-January. It was your dorm formal, and without a boyfriend, you decided to take Taehyung as your date. Leslie brought Jungkook and you all went for dinner before.
You were the first one to arrive at the restaurant. Taehyung was running late, working a double shift at the college bookstore before it closed. Leslie came straight from her theater troupe. You, being you, arrived five minutes early. Seated at the table, you jiggled your leg until the bells above the door rang.
Glancing up, you locked eyes with Jungkook.
Your first thought was holy shit, he’s attractive. Obviously, you’d known this – Jungkook both is and was extremely handsome. With dark, messy hair and a sharp jaw, Jungkook could’ve been booking modeling gigs instead of snowboarding.
So, it wasn’t strange that you froze when you saw him – the strange thing was Jungkook also froze.
He stood framed in the doorway, snow whirling behind him. Jungkook stared long enough for the hostess to speak, which was when he jerked to life and shut the door.
You slowly sat at the table, unaware that you’d risen. This was Leslie’s boyfriend, you reminded yourself as Jungkook approached. By the time he reached your table, you’d managed to plaster a smile on your face.
“Hi,” you said brightly, sticking out your hand. “I’m Y/N, Leslie’s friend.”
Jungkook stared, glancing down as something wordless crossed his expression. You continued to hold out your hand, feeling more and more silly. Just as you began to pull away, he came to his senses.
“Jungkook,” he said, grasping your hand in his. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”
You shook, then sat down at the table. The two of you weren’t alone for long, since Leslie arrived quickly thereafter but you couldn’t shake the feeling you’d missing out on something. Maybe food had been stuck in your teeth, and Jungkook was too polite to say. Taehyung called your hair a mess later that night, so maybe that was it.
Either way, you met Jungkook in January and a month later, he broke up with Leslie. It came as something of a shock, since you’d hung out with them several times and they always seemed good together. Jungkook was quiet but funny, and Leslie was the life of the party. When she stormed into your house and declared their relationship over, you were stunned.
And when she said the reason why – well.
Leslie’s exact words were, “I walked in on him fucking someone else, so I guess we’re done.” Leslie was upset, but she put on a brave face and tried to move on. Apparently, Jungkook thought they weren’t exclusive – despite having introduced Leslie as his girlfriend the month prior. Leslie was devastated but started going out with a basketball player the next month, and that was that.
You’d seen behind the mask, though and knew how crushed Leslie was. The two of you bonded over it, promising never to date one another’s exes. Especially not slimeball cheaters like Jungkook.
It’s been a long time since then and you and Leslie are no longer as close, but the sentiment stands. Jungkook is a terrible person and working with him would go against everything you stand for.
A fact Namjoon knows, given you’ve spent each Olympics since cursing the screen each time his name is mentioned. Jungkook Jeon is a dick; this is a well-documented fact. It’s something everyone else at the table knows as well, based on how few are willing to meet your gaze.
“Absolutely not,” you declare.
Namjoon exhales. “Y/N –”
“No,” you blurt, half-standing from the table. “Why can’t we get someone else? There must be some other washed-up snowboarder looking for publicity. Or a skier!” you add. “I hear skiing is coming back in style. Pick someone else, Namjoon. Anyone else.”
Although Namjoon’s expression looks pained, he refuses to budge.
“I can’t, Y/N,” he sighs. “My parents know the Jeons, which is how we’re able to get him at such a low price. And Jungkook is like, ridiculously famous. There’s no way we’d be able to find someone as good for so little money.”
Helpless, you glance around the table. “Come on – is everyone else really okay with this?”
Jimin gives a small shrug. “Maybe it’ll be okay, Y/N,” he says, trying to make the best of the situation. “If Namjoon’s parents approve of Jungkook, maybe he’s not that bad?”
“Oh, he’s that bad,” you respond. “He just hides his Satan horns during the day. They’re nearly invisible beneath his man-bun.”
Hoseok snorts. “Isn’t that all we care about, though? We just need this guy to appear nice long enough to save our asses. It’s only for a weekend, Y/N.”
Namjoon holds up a finger. “A week, actually,” he corrects. “Jungkook arrives tomorrow afternoon and is staying until after Christmas. It’ll be a week-long publicity event.”
Incensed, your head swivels his way. “Tomorrow? That seems awfully soon for a project we’re voting on now.”
Shifting his weight, Namjoon seems embarrassed. “I… may have already told my parents we’d do it.”
“You what?”
Before you can commit bodily harm against your boss, Seokjin cuts in.
“Is this really our only option?” he asks Namjoon.
Glumly, Namjoon nods. “Yeah, it is. That’s why I started this meeting with a brainstorming session. If anyone can think of a better idea” – he looks pointedly at you – “then I’ll call the Jungkook thing off, and we’ll go with that. If not, though…”
He trails off, leaving the implication hanging.
Silently, you seethe because objectively, you know Namjoon is right. You don’t want to be objective, though. You want to be bitter because Namjoon, a boss you’ve always admired, has made an important decision without your input. Worse, he made the decision specifically knowing you’d vote against it.
Surprisingly, Yoongi is the one who speaks next. “We all know Jungkook sucks,” he says, looking at you. “But if I had to choose between going out of business and working with someone I don’t like, I’d pick the latter.”
Yoongi has a point, but you can’t help wanting to make a final stand.
“Is it worth compromising our morals, though?” you challenge. “The Inn on the Hill has always been a family-run, independent ski lodge. A boutique experience, standing apart from the amoral, corporate resorts. Won’t hiring someone like Jungkook go against that?”
Namjoon and Seokjin exchange a look.
“Tell them,” Seokjin says lowly.
Jimin’s eyes narrow. “Tell us what?”
Namjoon adjusts his tie. “Even though it contradicts our philosophy, it might be worth it.” He pauses, a lone muscle in his jaw ticking. “My parents said if revenue doesn’t pick up by the end of the season, they’re planning to sell by this time next year.”
A weight falls over the room, stifling further objection.
Dejected, you reseat yourself at the table. This changes things. Namjoon and Yoongi are right; hiring Jungkook is a better alternative to going out of business, no matter how abhorrent the concept of working with him might be.
“Alright, fine,” you say at last. “I know it’s a moot point for me to say so, but I’m in. Don’t expect me to be nice to him, though.”
You expect Namjoon to crack a smile and so, when he doesn’t, you feel your stomach sink further.
“About that,” Namjoon says. “With Jisoo gone, we’ll need someone to follow Jungkook around for social media.”
He looks meaningfully at you.
“What about Jimin?” you suggest, panic rising. “He’s such a good people person.”
“Jimin has to coordinate all the children’s stuff,” Namjoon points out. “And besides, he’s a terrible photographer.”
“It’s true,” Yoongi says.
“Still,” Jimin huffs, pouting a little.
“What about Yoongi?” you say, growing desperate. “Shouldn’t our concierge be the one to take care of high-profile guests?”
“As much as I’d love to follow a prima donna snowboarder around the lodge,” Yoongi deadpans. “We just let go of Sayed yesterday, so I’m the only one working the front desk.”
Check, and mate. Recognizing defeat, you slump in your seat.
“Shit,” you mutter.
“And before you ask me,” Seokjin pipes in. “Someone has to man the mountain.”
“And cook,” adds Hoseok.
Namjoon continues staring in your direction.
“Alright, fine.” You throw up your hands. “I’ll do it. I’ll baby-sit the big man-baby. But don’t expect me to like it! And don’t expect my feelings about him to change.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” says Namjoon, clearly relieved you’ve agreed.
“And when this is all over and we’re profitable again, I expect a raise.”
“A big one,” he agrees.
Resigned, you shake your head. “I can’t wait for this week to be done.”
“Before that, it has to begin,” Namjoon says helpfully. “So, let’s start planning the week-long itinerary. I’m thinking bright, I’m thinking festive, I’m thinking –”
Tumblr media
“Someone ate Christmas and threw it back up,” you breathe, staring at the main lodge.
Tonja, the Inn’s interior decorator, has truly outdone herself. Holiday décor has been steadily appearing over the past weeks, but last night she put on the finishing touches and today, well – a winter wonderland.
Plush, cozy chairs are pushed around a roaring fireplace, draped with white throws she assured you were imitation fur. Fake snow dusts the mantle, and garland has been draped, hung, or placed across all available surfaces. Everything surrounds a gigantic evergreen which nearly scrapes the ceiling.
It’s what people traveling for the holidays expect, and therefore worth every penny sent to Tonja’s bank account. Lifting your clipboard, you check off review decorations. Satisfied, you resume the Inn’s inspection and immediately slip.
Catching yourself, you glance down in alarm. The snow mats you ordered are nowhere to be found, and your expression shifts into a scowl.
“Where are the snow mats?” you call as you turn.
No one answers, either too busy or being one of the guests. A nearby couple glances up from their snowshoes; you offer them an apologetic smile before hustling away. Yoongi is checking in a large party at the counter.
Realizing he has no time to get mats, you exhale and set your clipboard down on the counter.
Jungkook is scheduled to arrive in fifteen minutes, and you’re supposed to be the one greeting him. Having your guest of honor slip on wet floor and fracture a gold medal-winning ankle sounds like a terrible first impression.
Leaving the lobby, you head for the supply closet. Tugging open its door, you bang your knee on a mop and – swearing – hop around it to locate the mats. Lugging a box down the hall, you place them as neatly as possible before the main entrance.
Stepping away, you take a photo for Namjoon. You’re returning your phone to your pocket when you glance up and realize the tree’s star is crooked.
It wasn’t obvious from where you stood before but from here, the error is clear as day.
Swearing again, you check the front desk and find Yoongi’s still busy. Another look at your watch says you have five minutes to go before Jungkook’s arrival.
You blame your dad for your can-do attitude.
After your birth, your parents kept trying, but a second child just wasn’t in the cards. Your dad made up for it by joking you had the energy of three children, anyways – always ensuring you felt you were enough. Everything was possible, and nothing was ever off the table. After he died, you were the one who took care of your mom and now, at the Inn, you do the same.
Retreating to the supply closet, you grab the stepladder and return to the lobby. Kicking open its frame, you place this before the tree and start to climb. Halfway up the ladder, you begin to regret your decision. While you’re more than capable of fixing an ornament, you’re currently wearing heels. It makes everything more difficult and when your foot slips, you recoil and cling to the rungs.
A moment passes while you slow your racing heartbeat, and then you grip the rungs tighter and continue to climb. On the next step, you make the mistake of looking down.
“Oh, fuck,” you mutter.
You’re not exactly scared of heights, but neither do you enjoy them. Especially not while balancing precariously on ladders while wearing pumps.
There’s nothing to do but continue and so, gritting your teeth, you force yourself to climb. Reaching the top, you exhale and lean over, adjusting the star.
With the hard part complete, you begin your descent.
Two steps down from the top, your foot slips and this time the ladder tilts with you. Gasping, you attempt to rebalance and feel the heel of your shoe break.
Jolted downward, you’re thrown off-balance so quickly, you let go of the ladder. In hindsight, this was a poor decision. For a moment you flail, reaching out and then you’re falling, air rushing past you. Stomach plummeting, you scream and –
“I’ve got you!”
Squeezing your eyes shut, you prepare to hit ground and instead, feel your fall broken by a warm body.
In the movies, the guy catches the girl and easily cradles her against his chest. He’s barely winded, the girl’s hair stays perfect and romantic music ensues.
What actually happens is you hit the guy’s outstretched arms, and the momentum is enough for you both to crumple. You land sprawled across his chest, hard enough to knock the breath from your lungs.
Once you’re able to breathe, you open your eyes. Forcing yourself to move, you wince at the dull pain in your side. For a moment, you think your savior is Namjoon, but no – this guy is slightly shorter, dressed in a dark puffer jacket and face mask.
Stomach sinking, you still. Carefully, you scan his frame and notice the Olympic logo emblazoned on his jacket. Immediately, your eyes snap upwards.
“Jungkook?” you squeak, sincerely hoping you’re wrong.
Propping himself up on one elbow, the guy reaches upward to tug on his face mask. Your heart sinks as Jungkook Jeon is revealed.
He’s cut his hair, you realize.
During the last winter Olympics, headlines were made, and fan blogs devoted to the rumpled man-bun Jungkook was sporting. Now he’s shorn his hair close, styled up top to look ridiculously attractive. He also has an eyebrow piercing. And a lip piercing. Those were certainly never visible during general programming.
Realizing you’re staring, you blink and Jungkook looks on with amusement. This is enough to snap you back to reality.
Glancing down, you realize your legs are still intertwined. Cringing, you extricate yourself and push yourself to your feet. Your right hip aches, and one of your heels has snapped off, but you attempt to greet Jungkook as naturally as possible.
“Hi,” you say, sticking out a hand. “I’m Y/N, general manager of the Inn on the Hill. Welcome to our property, and I’m so sorry about the entrance. Are you okay? Do you need me to get ice, or a medic or anything?”
Jungkook continues to stare at you from the ground.
“I – uh. Y/N. Right. Are you okay?” he asks, incredulous. “You just… fell off that ladder.”
Wincing, you look up and immediately spot the problem. You were in such a rush to fix the tree, you forgot to lock the base of the ladder. No wonder it wobbled when you lost your balance.
“I’m fine,” you say, forcing a smile. “Thanks for catching me. Can I help you up?”
Realizing he’s still on the floor, Jungkook pushes himself to stand and ignores your hand. Dusting off his pants, he quickly scans the lodge. You watch Jungkook take it in, so busy staring at him that at first, you don’t react when something licks your palm.
“Ah!” you yelp, whirling to find yourself face to face with – a dog.
“Whoops – sorry,” Jungkook blurts. “That’s my dog, Bam. Bam – here.”
With a final glance at you, the dog obediently trots to sit at Jungkook’s feet. His tail continues to wag, head cocked to one side with interest. Reaching down, Jungkook scratches behind the dog’s ears and he happily whines.
“It’s okay that he’s here, right?” Jungkook pauses, looking up. “Namjoon’s parents said it would be fine, that you have dogs stay all the time.”
That’s definitely not true, but you keep your smile in place. Possibly Namjoon’s parents confused your resort with another, or maybe they’re trying to make their VIP guest happy.
“Of course,” you say. “We can definitely make accommodations for – Bam, right?”
Bam barks in approval.
You glance down in surprise, and Jungkook laughs.
“Sorry,” he says, reaching to pet Bam again. “I thought it’d be funny to teach him that, and Bam took to it a little too well.”
You’re about to smile when you remember who Jungkook is and clamp your lips shut. This is all part of Jungkook’s act, you remind yourself. Act cute, talk sweetly and then – bam! The hit-by-a-car kind of bam, not the dog version.
The dog version is adorable, with giant paws, floppy ears and a tail which won’t stop wagging.
“Right, well.” Turning, you find the front desk unoccupied. Yoongi must be showing someone to their room. “Why don’t I show you where you’ll be staying this week?”
“That sounds great.”
Jungkook’s gaze lingers a moment, as though expecting you to say more. Not wanting to fall into that trap, you look away.
“Just give me just one second,” you say. “I’ll change my shoes and we can start.”
You keep snow boots in the break room in case you need to leave for whatever reason. After a quick yet dignified (you hope) hobble to the front counter, you replace your heels with boots that are infinitely more comfortable.
Grabbing the keys and returning to Jungkook, you gesture for him to follow. His suitcase sits beside the front door, left in his haste to cross the room to you. There’s an extra-large dog crate placed beside his things and you stare at it, stumped and wondering how you’ll move it.
“I’ve got this,” Jungkook says close behind you.
When you jump, he starts and takes a step backwards.
“Sorry!” He holds up both hands. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”
“Oh – I, uh, you didn’t. I was just wondering how to get the dog crate to your room.”
Jungkook shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll come back for it later. So,” he says, grabbing the handle of his suitcase. “Which way?”
You hesitate but eventually decide this is a better plan than you awkwardly dragging a crate down several halls. Once you get Jungkook settled in, you can have Namjoon or Seokjin bring his things up. Jungkook is supposed to be your VIP guest, after all.
“This way,” you say, forcing your smile. “We’re incredibly grateful to have you here. Thank you for agreeing to do the social media takeover this week.”
“It’s not a problem.”
Keeping your smile in place, you gesture for him to follow. Bam trots along at Jungkook’s heels, tongue out and staring adoringly up at his owner.
Your smile turns semi-genuine, and you stuff both hands in your pockets.
“So,” Jungkook says as you walk. “When you say, ‘social media takeover,’ does that mean you’re planning on posting this week?”
Surprised, you glance sideways and meet Jungkook’s gaze. His brow is furrowed, as though something about this is concerning.
“We were planning to,” you say. “Why? Is something wrong?”
“No, not wrong, exactly.” Jungkook pauses. “It’s just… is there any way you could avoid posting until after I leave? Things can get kind of crazy, once I let people know where I am.”
You hesitate, unsure how to respond.
On the one hand, you understand his concern. Jungkook is famous, and it must be annoying to have groupies following him everywhere. Simply the thought makes your insides twist. On the other hand, you need to make money as quickly as possible.
“I get what you’re saying,” you say at last. “But you don’t need to worry about privacy. We can stagger the posts and make it unclear when they were taken. We also have police on hand in case things get out of control.”
Jungkook hesitates, and then nods. “Okay.”
“It’s just,” you say, feeling the need to explain, “my boss is hoping to increase sales over the holidays. And if we wait until after you leave to post, Christmas will have passed – and with it, the opportunity for last-minute trip presents.”
“Alright,” he exhales. “That makes sense. I guess it’ll be fine.”
He doesn’t sound one hundred percent convinced, but you hope it’s at least enough to keep him from calling Namjoon. The last thing you need is to push things back by a week.
It’s better to monitor social media reactions in real time. If you do everything beforehand and only release shots once Jungkook leaves, there’s a chance people might not react, and you’d be stuck without the chance to redo.
The elevator to the sixth floor – and Jungkook’s suite – is at the end of the hall, so you need to pass nearly every room to reach it. Nearing Namjoon’s office, the door swings open and your boss steps out.
“Jungkook!” Beaming, he sticks out a hand to shake. “So good to meet you at last. My parents are always talking about yours.”
“Likewise,” Jungkook says, shaking Namjoon’s hand.
Stepping off to one side, you stop beside Bam and cross your arms. Behind Jungkook’s back you mouth, traitor, at Namjoon, which he pointedly ignores.
“It’s great to be here,” Jungkook says. Subconsciously, he moves to stand beside you in the hall. “Y/N was just showing me to my room.”
“Was she?” Namjoon’s smile freezes. “Good, good. The mountain suite, right?” he asks, as though you might’ve stuck Jungkook in a broom closet.
“Yes, the mountain suite,” you say sweetly. “Only the best for our VIP guests.”
Clearing his throat, Jungkook looks faintly uncomfortable.
He does a convincing show of feigning humility, you must admit. You remember this about him from college. Jungkook was usually beside you on the couch at parties, observing the people like Leslie, who danced and sang.
This memory is accompanied by a twinge of self-doubt. It’s been a long time since college and you didn’t know Jungkook for long, but you did know him, however briefly. The fact that he hasn’t recognized you only reinforces your negative perception.
It’s only for a week, you remind yourself. You just need to get through this week, and then things can go back to normal.
“Well, we should be off,” you say loudly. “Don’t want to have Jungkook lugging his suitcase all around.”
“Oh,” Namjoon blurts. “Here, Jungkook, let me take that. You shouldn’t be carrying your own bag. I can, or we can –”
“No, no, no.” Jungkook wheels his large suitcase behind his back. “I insist. Thank you, though.”
Namjoon pauses, torn between ingrained hospitality and the need to respect a guest’s wishes. Eventually, the latter wins out and he takes a step backwards.
“Alright.” Namjoon looks at you. “Why don’t you give Jungkook a tour of the lodge, Y/N?” he offers as a compromise. “It’d be good to get him familiar with the Inn.”
You grit your teeth, seconds away from offering an excuse, when –
“That would be nice,” Jungkook says. “If you have time, Y/N, that is.”
“Well, actually –”
“She does,” Namjoon jumps in. “Y/N, I can get someone to cover whatever you have next.”
They both look at you expectantly, and you realize there’s no way to politely decline. Lingering awkwardness fills the air, making even Bam look somewhat distressed. Backed into a corner, you turn to Jungkook.
“Yes,” you say. “I have time.”
His expression softens, and he nods. Again, you remind yourself this is only for a week. You can be friendly for that long – as a professional of hospitality, this is what you train for.
“It’s no trouble at all,” you say, continuing down the hall. “Promise. Let’s get you to your room and we can go from there.”
You don’t look back, but you hear Jungkook follow, with Bam trotting after.
Namjoon gives you a long look before leaving, slipping back in his office to shut the door. Left alone with Jungkook, you guide him to the elevator and – swiping your card – press the up button. The mountain suite is the most luxurious and private on the premises. It takes up the entire sixth floor, only accessible by private elevator at the end of the hall.
You tell Jungkook this as you enter, and Bam backs up to sit happily on Jungkook’s boots. Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice and, hiding a smile, you remind yourself dogs will love anyone. Even charming, duplicitous monsters.
Silence falls and, after a moment, you offer, “How was your flight?”
Jungkook glances at you in surprise.
“Good, I guess.”
You nod and face forward again, feeling silly.
It might be egotistical, but you really thought Jungkook would recognize you. Not recognize-recognize, but recognize in the, hey, you look familiar, kind of way. To meet him after this all time and get nothing leaves the inside of your chest feeling hollow.
Interrupting the world’s tiniest pity party, the doors to the elevator open to reveal the mountain suite.
Without meaning to, you exhale. The mountain suite has that effect on people, including yourself. Entering the room, you face floor-to-ceiling windows which display snow-covered mountains. A balcony lies beyond double doors, complete with a steaming hot tub and a twinkle-light trellis.
The elevator opens into the foyer, through which the main room is visible. You’re relieved to find the fireplace has been lit, its flickering flames casting shadows across the floor. To your right is a long hall which leads to the master bedroom.
Letting out a low whistle, Jungkook comes to a stop. “Wow, this is amazing.”
“I’m glad you think so,” you say, crossing the room to the kitchen.
Opening the fridge, you pull out a carafe and pour a glass of water. After a moment of hesitation, you take out a bowl and fill this as well.
“In case you’re thirsty after your flight,” you explain over your shoulder. “If there’s anything at all you need, please let me know. You can reach the concierge by dialing nine on that phone. Room service is also available 24/7 – I’d ask for our sous chef, Hoseok,” you add. “He’s the best.”
Leaning a hip to the counter, Jungkook watches you place a bowl on the floor.
“Is that for Bam?” he asks.
Confused, you pause. “Oh – yes. I hope that’s alright? Does he not drink tap water, or something?”
Jungkook hides a smile. “He’ll drink anything, don’t worry. He’s not used to being pampered like this. I’ll have high standards to live up to when we go home.”
“Oh,” you say. “Right.”
Leaving Bam to hydrate, you straighten and cross into the main room. “The blinds are on timers,” you explain, showing a panel near the balcony. “But they can also be controlled here, along with heating and lighting.”
Nodding, Jungkook follows and comes to a stop in the middle of the room.
“Cool,” he says, then pauses. “So. Are we ever going to talk about the fact that we know each other?”
Freezing, you glance at him in surprise.
He’s still wearing the puffer jacket, zipped to his chin over plain dark joggers. The beanie is gone, removed between here and the lobby and causing his hair to stick up messily in the back.
“I – what?” you blurt.
Not the most eloquent comeback but all things considered, you find it appropriate. Stricken, you watch as Jungkook walks closer.
“We knew each other in college,” he repeats. “You’re Leslie’s friend – Y/N.”
Coming to a stop, he looks down and you’re forced to tilt your head upward. He might not be as tall as Namjoon, but Jungkook is tall. You forgot that. You forgot a lot of things, apparently, including how easily his presence affects you.
When you remain silent, a flash of uncertainty crosses his features.
“You are that Y/N, right?” Jungkook asks. “I recognized you in the lobby, but then you introduced yourself as though you didn’t know me, so I thought maybe you didn’t remember, or –”
“I remember,” you cut in.
“Oh.” Jungkook pauses. “Okay, good.”
“I remember,” you continue, “but I didn’t think you’d remember me. You were the golden boy on campus, and I was just, well – your girlfriend’s friend.”
Something in his gaze flickers.
“Leslie and I didn’t date for very long,” Jungkook says quietly.
“I know,” you respond, turning away.
Maybe it’s rude to cut him off, but you foresee things going down a bad path if you continue this conversation. So far, things have gone smoothly, and you’d like to keep it that way. Silently, you repeat your inner mantra: last one week and Namjoon will give you a raise. All you need to do is not pick a fight.
Forcing a smile, you turn back around. “Do you need anything else before we start the tour?”
Jungkook stares at you another moment, then shakes his head. “No,” he says, crossing the room to grab his suitcase. Unzipping the side, he pulls out a dog bowl for Bam. “I’m good to go. Should I wear my jacket?”
“I would. We’ll see the rest of the lodge, and then maybe hit the slopes. That’s where you’ll be joining the kids class tomorrow.”
Setting the food bowl beside the water one you’ve presented, Jungkook looks up.
“Kids class?”
You nod, leaning a hip to the counter. “We’ve got a packed schedule for you this week. Tomorrow you have a kids snowboarding class with our instructor, Seokjin and the children’s coordinator, Jimin.”
“Anything else?”
“As a matter of fact,” – you pull out your phone – “I’ll send you the tentative itinerary. We’ve got a bunch of activities planned for photo ops. I’ll be joining most of them since I’m covering social media while we’re in between employees.”
Jungkook looks alarmed. “Photo ops?”
“If it’s the lighting you’re worried about, I wouldn’t,” you mutter, pressing send. “I’m sure you’d look perfect with a single lightbulb and zero makeup.”
A beat passes and, realizing what you’ve said, you glance up. Jungkook is looking, his lips pressed tightly together as though trying not to laugh.
“That’s… not what I was worried about,” he says.
“Oh. Good.” Ducking your head, you slip your phone in your pocket. “The schedule is just your typical, holiday stuff. A snowboarding class with kids, a cookie making contest, a Christmas Eve party. You know, the usual.”
“Sure, the usual.” Jungkook nods. “And while I take these photos, will I get to wear my own clothing, or is it strictly Christmas sweaters from here on out?”
You pause, surveying his body. “Do you want to wear only holiday sweaters?”
“No, not really.”
His voice comes out rougher than expected, and you tear your gaze away. He shouldn’t affect you the way that he does.
“Then I wouldn’t put that idea in my mind,” you say lightly. “We should probably start while it’s still light out.”
Never mind that it’s barely noon and there’s at least four hours of sunlight. The way Jungkook makes you feel is disorienting, as though you could be convinced to forget the past.
“Do you mind if Bam joins?” Jungkook asks. “At least until I can bring his crate upstairs. It’s safer this way.”
You pause, then nod and Bam’s tail thumps in agreement. Smiling openly, you place a second key card on the counter and head for the elevator.
Jungkook gets there first and, when he leans to press the button, you catch a whiff of cologne. Cardamon and peppermint – spicy yet sweet, making your heart beat a bit faster. It reminds you of a night you hold dear; your Christmas ghost from eight years ago.
Junior year was rough even outside of the whole Jungkook and Leslie drama. After your dad died, nearly everything seemed bleak and monotonous. Christmas was the worst of all, with neither you nor your mom knowing how to fill his void. That first year after his passing, your Christmas ghost gave you the courage to face a dismal holiday.
Things are better now between you and your mom. Ever since she began dating Romel, a lot of the pressure has eased and you’ve reached an understanding. You might not agree on a lot of things, but for the most part your mom leaves your decisions alone. The past three Christmases have been spent apart, with your mom and Romel traveling to new destinations every year.
This suits you fine since you enjoy work and holidays are hell in the travel sector. It’s nice to keep busy, but you no longer dread Christmas like you did that first year. You have your Christmas ghost to thank partly for that, since he reminded you there were still kind people left in the world. For a while, you were drowning, and he helped you find a way home. Literally.
You never got the chance to thank him. Several times you thought about going to Yugyeom’s house, knocking on the door, and asking about his friend. Each time, you’d chicken out and so, the years passed, and you never saw him again.
Despite this, you’ve always wondered. You hope your Christmas ghost is doing well, wherever he is.
Unlike you.
You’re faced with the prospect of a multi-hour tour with one of your least favorite people in the world. Plastering your fake smile on, you hold the elevator open as Jungkook and Bam join.
One more week, you remind yourself as the doors shut. Then, you’ll be free, and things can return to normal.
Tumblr media
“It’s too early for this,” you say, clutching your coffee cup like a lifeline.
Taking a large sip from his hot pink thermos, Seokjin nods. “I agree, but I’ve unfortunately dedicated my life to teaching children how to snowboard, and they always wake up at the ass-crack of dawn.”
“Is that the official time? Ass-crack?”
“Yeah. And your official name is smartass.”
You laugh, nearly choking on coffee. “Touché. Cut me some slack. It’s hard not to be sarcastic before 8:00 AM.”
“Yeah, well.” Seokjin takes another sip. “It’s good for beginners to have the soft snow. Ice makes it harder when they go downhill.”
You nod in agreement, willing caffeine to permeate your body faster. A few feet away stands Jimin, enthusiastically gesticulating to a small group of children. They giggle at his instructions, as the two in the back begin a snowball fight.
Watching them, you continue drinking your coffee. After a moment, you lean over to Seokjin.
“Should we stop them?” you ask, gesturing to the demons.
“No.” Seokjin takes another sip. “They’ll sort it out eventually.”
You nod and face forward. This class happens every morning, but today there’ll be a special guest: Jungkook. Jimin is gearing up to make the introduction as he asks the names of each child present. There will be ten in total, one of whom wears an Olympic snowboarding sweatshirt. Curly, black hair pokes out from beneath his bright blue ski cap.
Last year’s winter Olympics had record views, in no small part due to the Fantastic Four: the not-so-creative name for Jungkook Jeon and three of the more attractive snowboarders. Their images were plastered across the nation for months. You couldn’t enter a coffee shop without being accosted by Jungkook’s smiling face – minus the cheek scar, of course. They kept editing it out.
For an unknown reason, this annoyed you.
It made you recall a college night you’d rather forget. The night Leslie dragged you, Taehyung and Jungkook to some raucous frat party. Per usual, she left you after an hour, making friends with new people and taking shots with the soccer team in the kitchen.
You wound up on the basement couch and sometime around midnight, Jungkook collapsed beside you. Mussing his hair, he released a sigh.
Lips twitching, you looked sideways. “Not a fan of these parties?”
Jungkook shook his head. Glancing sideways, you started and realized how close you were. The tops of your thighs nearly touched.
“I’ll need the whole week to recuperate,” he groaned. “We introverts aren’t meant for this much social interaction.”
You lifted a brow. “What makes you think I’m an introvert?”
You thought Jungkook would be stumped or embarrassed at being called out, but an answer was ready on the tip of his tongue.
“You don’t ever start the conversation,” he explained, quiet. “You tend to keep to yourself. And you look kind of tired.”
Unthinking, you laughed. “I look tired?”
“Well, I feel tired,” he said, collapsing back on the sofa and closing his eyes. “And you look how I feel.”
Staring at Jungkook, you wondered how drunk he was. A red solo cup of something lingered by his thigh – swallowing hard, you forced your gaze to move upward. This became a mistake since Jungkook was looking at you and the force of his gaze was magnetic.
“What’s that?” you said, focusing on his cheek.
His brow scrunched. “What’s what?”
Reaching out, your fingertips lightly brushed skin and Jungkook froze.
You remember this clearly. Remember the heat which filled the space between you, and the speed at which you pulled away. It was Leslie’s boyfriend you were semi-hitting on in the basement of a party.
“Uh, I’m going to get another drink,” you blurted, standing up from the couch.
You heard him call out your name as you left, but it was too late. Locking yourself in the lower floor bathroom, you stayed until you managed to regain your composure. Once finished, you left and stuck to Taehyung like glue for the rest of the night.
Jungkook went home with Leslie and a week later, the two of them broke up. Looking back, you should have known then Jungkook had cheater potential. Never mind the fact that you were an equal instigator.
Despite the memory – or maybe because of it – you have a soft spot for Jungkook’s cheek scar. The Olympic posters shouldn’t have erased it; everyone needs blemishes or they’re not real.
Startled, you turn and find Jungkook before you.
Seokjin waves, single-handed and you manage a nod. Jungkook has on the same puffer jacket but now, he’s added bright red sweatpants. His hair’s been squashed beneath a ski hat, and there are snowboarding goggles pushed up on his head.
Catching you looking, he smiles, and you quickly look away.
“Not morning people?” Jungkook jokes.
Seokjin squints at the sun. “We’re sane if that’s what you’re asking. Are you one of those weirdos who gets up at dawn, like Yoongi?”
When Jungkook glances your way, you explain, “Yoongi is our concierge. You’ll meet him later today.”
“Oh, cool. And no.” Jungkook shakes his head. “If possible, I’d sleep until noon, but my schedule usually doesn’t allow it.”
“Good man.”
Reaching out, Seokjin offers Jungkook a fist-bump. The three of you stand together in silence, broken only by the occasional sips of coffee.
A few parents stand to one side, glancing curiously in your direction every now and again. You try to ignore them, hoping they’ll wander off before the class starts. One of the main benefits of having Jimin on site is it frees up the parents to take advantage of the Inn’s amenities.
Speaking of whom, Jimin is finishing up with his introduction.
Glancing your way, he raises his voice. “Before we go and get our skis,” he says. “I want to introduce today’s instructors. First, we have Mr. Seokjin – everyone say, ‘HI, MR. SEOKJIN!’”
Jimin gives a large, exaggerated wave and the kids follow suit. Handing you his coffee, Seokjin starts to jog over.
“Hi, kids!” Coming to a stop, Seokjin places both hands on his hips. “Are you all ready to try a double black diamond?”
“YEAH!” yells the curly-haired kid.
Several other children look stricken and in response, Jimin glares.
“No black diamonds,” he says firmly. “We’re trying to get everyone off the mountain in one piece.”
“We… might break into pieces?” squeaks a young girl with pigtails.
Jimin backtracks. “Of course not,” he says, squatting down to eye level. “Mr. Seokjin is just being silly. And to be extra sure, we’ve brought in a second instructor!” Jimin looks up. “Everybody say, ‘HI, MR. JUNGKOOK!’”
Multiple heads turn, and several jaws drop when they see Jungkook.
“Jungkook Jeon!” the curly-haired boy squeals. “You’re my favorite snowboarder!”
Rushing forward, he wraps both arms around Jungkook’s waist to squeeze. Jungkook grins, hugging back as he lowers himself to eye-level.
“Are you excited to snowboard?” he asks, glancing around the circle.
A wispy girl with braids raises her hand and Jimin points at her.
“Yes,” he says. “Amber.”
Amber glances at Jimin, then Jungkook. “How… are we going to keep up with Mr. Jungkook?”
“Oh, don’t worry,” Jungkook says seriously. “We’ll go super slow and start at the beginning.”
“But I wanna go fast,” complains the boy whose arms are still around Jungkook.
Jungkook looks down in amusement. “Well, first let’s get you onto some skis.”
Reluctantly, he nods and retracts both his arms. You manage to snap several photos, saving them to review when you return to the lodge. Trudging behind the class, you follow Seokjin and Jungkook to the ski shed for rentals.
Hovering outside, you continue taking photos. It feels voyeuristic, watching them through the lens of an observer. Contrary to your employment, you’re not a great skier. You’re not bad, exactly. You can keep up with the others, make it down the hill, but you rarely enjoy it. You find little intriguing about icy wind in your face while seconds away from hurtling off a mountain.
Despite this, you like to watch people ski. It looks so freeing when it’s someone else doing it, and not yourself.
Flipping to your camera roll, you survey what you have so far. There are several good ones of Jimin and Jungkook strapping kids into boots. Another of Jungkook returning a little girl’s mitten. Him grinning widely as the curly-haired boy skis a couple of feet.
Covering the screen, you almost don’t notice when Jungkook appears beside you. Again, you jerk backwards but this time, he takes it in stride.
Lifting a brow, Jungkook tugs off a glove. “How terrible are the photos, Y/N? You can tell me honestly. I can take it.”
“They’re not bad,” you assure him, flipping the phone around. “See?”
He leans forward, and you try to ignore his fresh, peppermint smell. After viewing a couple, Jungkook frowns and looks up.
“We can do better. Seokjin!” Jungkook calls, whirling around. “Let’s line up these skiers to go crush some serious powder.”
“Tubular!” yells Seokjin and all the kids start giggling.
Like ducklings, they follow Jungkook in a row up the slope. Beginner lessons take place on the bunny hill, a man-made slope right before the ski lift. Jungkook is in the lead, with Seokjin in the rear – holding hands tightly with a small girl in a ponytail.
Once the entire class is in place, Seokjin puts on his skis and stands before them. Clasping both hands behind his back, he shuffles up and down.
“Distinguished guests,” he says. “By the end of this class, you’ll be flying down the slopes. Or at the very least, you won’t fall every time you move. Shall we begin?”
“YES!” yell back two or three, while the rest look worried.
Seokjin nods, taking this as acceptance.
He starts by teaching them to balance, and mass chaos ensues. Jungkook assists, still in his boots, adjusting their posture and distribution of weight. Even though his main sport is snowboarding, Jungkook knows what he’s doing on a pair of skis.
Once the kids have the hang of it, Seokjin returns to the front.
“Okay,” he says seriously. “Before we can go down the hill, there’s a few things you need to know. Who can tell me one of them?”
When no one raises a hand, Jungkook drops to his knees. This makes him their height, and all of them giggle when he stretches up his arm.
Snapping a photo, you smile at the screen. The shot is adorable – Jungkook, wide-eyed and sincere while the children are laughing. Your guests will love it.
“You.” Seokjin points at Jungkook. “The ridiculously old child.”
More laughter ensues as Jungkook pouts.
“We need to learn how to stop,” he says in a squeaky voice. “And how to go slowly.”
“Excellent!” says Seokjin. “Ten points to Gryffindor.”
“But I’m in Ravenclaw.”
“Whatever.” Seokjin gestures to Jungkook’s skis. “Get on your skis, and let’s go.”
Over the next half hour, Seokjin teaches the kids how to snowplow. They practice repeatedly, until there’s minimal falling occurring each round. Once Seokjin is satisfied they won’t poke an eye out, he leads them to the edge of the bunny hill.
The first one down the slope is the curly-haired kid in the Olympic jacket, and Jungkook whoops with excitement. You’re glad you wore snow boots because you’re forced to trudge up and down after them, taking photos.
There’s a conveyor belt lift on the bunny hill, but you feel funny riding it without skis. Seokjin has his hands full trying to make sure the kids go forwards, not backwards. Even Jimin has joined in, having returned from an arts and crafts fest in the lodge.
On your twentieth trudge up the slope, Jungkook snowplows to a stop mere inches away. You sputter, jumping backwards to avoid being drenched by his snow.
“Sorry!” Jungkook gasps, shoving his goggles upward.
“It’s fine,” you sigh, shaking water from your coat. “Don’t worry about it.”
Jungkook nods and moves closer.
“Are you going to ski?” he asks.
“I – no, I wasn’t planning on it.” Glancing at him, you frown. “I need to take pictures, remember?”
Jungkook holds out a hand. “I can take a few photos for you.”
“But… you’re the one we’re photographing,” you say. “We specifically need photos of you.”
“And you’ll get them.” Jungkook grins. “I can do selfies – ‘A Jungkook Takeover,’ or something. Come on, it’ll be fun! And you can put on a pair of skis yourself. I feel bad with you all the way over here, watching.”
When you still don’t move, a knowing glint enters his gaze.
“Or is there something else going on here?” Jungkook muses. “Y/N.”
“What?” you say, looking anywhere but at him.
“Can you… not ski?”
“I can ski,” you huff, still avoiding his gaze. “It’s just been a while, that’s all.”
“Well, lucky for you, there’s an Olympic snowboarder here to teach you.”
“Snowboarder,” you say, turning fully to face him. “Not skier.”
His grin widens. “So, you’ll do it?”
“Fine,” you groan, handing over your phone. “Although I truly don’t understand what you’re getting out of this.”
Jungkook merely shrugs, and you turn around.
“Be right back,” you call. “Need to grab boots and skis from the shed.”
Somewhat irked at your willingness to go along with his pleading, you stomp towards the shed and emerge minutes later with fresh boots and skis.
Shuffling towards the bunny hill, you stare down at the snow. Funny how earlier, you called this barely a hill. Now, the ten-degree angle feels more like forty. Swallowing hard, you remind yourself this is fine. Kids have been skiing up and down this all morning; there’s no way Seokjin would allow it if there was a risk.
“Are you alright?”
Turning a little, you find Jungkook beside you. Your phone is still in his hand, although it’s pointed away from you both. His expression is full of concern and, not wanting to unpack this too much, you turn away.
“I had a bad fall,” you say softly. “When I first got here. I haven’t skied much since.”
“Ah.” Jungkook considers, then looks down the slope. “When I first started to train for the Olympics –”
“How is this going to help.”
“Getting there.” His upper lip quirks. “When I first started training, I was terrified of competition. Snowboarding seemed different when there was an audience. I hated the pressure of having people watching.”
Uncertain, you glance at him from the corner of your eye.
“What did you do?”
Jungkook exhales. “My teacher said to use the energy. He said nervousness is another form of excitement, and I needed to learn how to embrace it. So, Y/N – use it.”
“That’s it?” You stare. “Embrace my nerves?”
“Yep.” Pushing himself off one ski, Jungkook moves behind you. “The other thing he said,” he says, voice close to your ear, “was sometimes, you just need a good push to start.”
You barely have time to register his words when his hands find your waist. He pushes you forward and then, the entire world rushes past.
Rushing is a bit of an overstatement, but you yelp anyways. On reflex, your knees bend and lock in the skiing position.
“JUNGKOOK!” you yell. “YOU’RE DEAD!”
The children are squealing as Jungkook skis alongside you. He’s got the camera on, you realize, pointed backwards to give a silly grin. Tearing your gaze away from him, you force yourself to concentrate on Seokjin at the bottom.
Legs trembling, you remember Seokjin’s instructions and squeeze your thighs together. Snowplowing to a stop, you stand there shaking a moment before you turn.
You’re winding up to yell at Jungkook – when one of the children runs up and gives you a high-five.
“You did it, Ms. Y/N!” she exclaims.
You pause when she says this because she’s right – you did do it. You made it all the way down the – admittedly, bunny – hill and only felt a moderate amount of terror. Mostly, you were pissed at Jungkook but there was a small amount of freedom at the end.
Jungkook has reached the bottom by now and is skiing towards you. He’s still holding the phone in one hand, and you realize he’s live streaming when he comes to a stop.
“And now,” Jungkook says, turning the camera around, “an interview with the eldest member of the class. Y/N, did you find your training to be satisfactory?”
“Well,” you say, glaring at the man behind the camera, “there were a few things I found lacking.”
Jungkook mock-gasps. “Are you calling Mr. Seokjin a bad teacher?”
“No!” you huff. “That was supposed to be a slight at your teaching ability.”
“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”
Shuffling closer, you try to grab the camera. “You should probably cross ski instructor off your list of potential post-Olympic careers.”
“And social media manager,” he jokes, keeping out of arm’s reach as he turns the phone in his hand. Jungkook makes a silly face. “I have no idea if I’m even in frame.”
“Give me that,” you say, reaching out for the phone.
The front of your ski catches on his and for a moment, you flail. Jungkook lunges forward to steady you, but this only serves to entangle you further. In what seems like comedic slow-motion you fall, maneuvering just in time to avoid Jungkook’s ski. Unfortunately, the last-minute twist means you land on his chest.
Both legs sprawled to one side, you find yourself in the same position for the second time in as many days. Unwittingly, your gaze lands on Jungkook and you find him staring back. One of his hands has curled around your waist, as though he sought to take the brunt of the fall.
For a moment, neither of you moves and the world itself seems to still.
Then, someone purposefully clears their throat off to the side.
You remember who you are. Who he is. What you’re doing – and that Jungkook was live streaming when you fell. Slowly, you turn and find the phone face-up in the snow, still pointed at you, capturing you both in frame.
As gracefully as possible, you shove yourself backwards. Standing in skis is difficult but you manage with Jimin’s assistance. Seokjin helps Jungkook to his feet, and you see him hastily cutting the live stream from the corner of your eye.
Once you’re up and – relatively – dry, Seokjin clears his throat.
“That was an excellent example of what not to do,” he says to the class. “Make sure you always stay a ski’s length away from other skiers on the slopes. It was a great transition into the final portion of class, though – how to fall!”
Giggles ensue, with more than one child pretending to fall towards their neighbor. Seokjin walks them through the basics, explaining how to fall backwards, avoiding using the hands as much as possible.
“Twisted ankles and broken wrists!” Seokjin yells, skiing between participants. “Two of the most common injuries on skis! Good – good job, Manny!”
“Mr. Seokjin,” says Manny, looking slightly green as he hauls himself up. “What if we do get hurt on the mountain? What then?”
Seokjin squats down beside him.
“Don’t you worry about that,” he says seriously. “You’re not going to get hurt. And even if you do, we’ll be there to help. See that super cool snowmobile by the ski shed?”
Glancing to where Seokjin points, Manny nods.
“If you can’t ski down, one of us will come get you on that,” Seokjin tells him. “And we even have a ranger station, halfway up the mountain with all kinds of medical supplies. Just in case.”
“Okay,” Manny exhales.
Seokjin nods and stands, pointing at Jungkook to demonstrate a fall – which he does, with great flair. The kids all squeal in excitement, and the rest of the class passes without incident. Jungkook returns your phone the next time your paths cross, seeming like he wants to say more, but you pretend Jimin is in dire need of assistance and ski off.
Parents gather at the end and Jungkook dutifully poses for photos with multiple families. You’re surprised by this, since Jungkook’s agent said he didn’t want to be disturbed. This made you picture a grumpy, spoiled athlete but Jungkook has proven exactly the opposite.
You take advantage of his occupation to head for the shed, changing into your snow boots before Jungkook can stop you.
Back in the lodge, you collapse on the sofa before a roaring fire. With a mug of Hoseok’s wicked hot chocolate, you reluctantly sort through the photos you took.
The shots at the beginning are kind of awkward, with the kids standing stiffly and looking at Jungkook with rapture. As time goes on, they relax, and you find yourself holding some winning shots.
Entering the Inn’s Instagram account, you pause when a text from Namjoon appears on your screen. After a heavy exhale, you click on his name. Namjoon is probably telling you off about the live stream from earlier. You can’t imagine seeing famed snowboarder Jungkook fall in front of however many people went over well.
When you open Namjoon’s text, it’s not what you expected.
He’s sent you a still from the live stream. It must have been taken right before you fell, since Jungkook is grinning and holding the camera at arm’s length. You’re jumping, trying to get the phone back and – startled, you blink – you’re smiling ear to ear.
That’s unexpected. You didn’t think you were happy, but you also fail to see why this would warrant a message from Namjoon. Before you can think on this further, your phone dings again and you see Namjoon’s texts.
Namjoon: nice job, Y/N! That live stream is already circulating on Jungkook’s fan sites. The Inn’s Instagram followers are climbing [9:14 AM]
Namjoon: whatever you’re doing, keep it up! Jungkook’s fans are loving the Inn and it’s ‘mystery woman’ [9:17 AM]
Mystery woman?
Dizzy, you return to Instagram and search for a Jungkook fan account. To your dismay, the live stream has indeed been reposted, and people are already commenting beneath.
There are a couple of posts about how cute the kids are, how cool Jungkook’s run was – but mostly, people want to know who you are.
Snowbunny73: did you see the way Jungkook went up behind her?? I WISH!
EasilyEliza: omgomgomg he looks SMITTEN
GregsEgg: are you looking for a sugar daddy? Looking for short, female companion who wants to travel and likes expensive bags
Anya901: miss you, baby – when are you coming home?
JeminaCrickett: I’ve been saying I want Jungkook to squish me for YEARS and this girl went out and did it TT teach us your ways!!
There are more, but you feel slightly nauseous and hastily put your phone down. In no version of your social media plan did you envision yourself being part of it. For a moment, you stare into the fire and then, remembering you have hot chocolate, bring this to your lips.
The chocolatey warmth makes things better and, by the time you reach the middle, you’ve convinced yourself this is fine. Nothing about the plan has inherently changed.
So, Jungkook’s fans are intrigued by your chemistry. They’re intrigued because of Jungkook, not you and that’s all you need to get his fans through the door. If you need to post a couple photos with a flirty edge, that’s also fine. You can cast Jungkook in a romantic light without developing feelings for him yourself – can’t you?
Swallowing, you finish the rest of the mug. The fact that you’re skeptical has you worried. If today has proven anything it’s that Jungkook’s as charming and handsome as he was eight years ago. Likely nothing else has changed from eight years ago, either.
And yet, the thought gives you pause.
It was eight years ago Jungkook cheated on Leslie. They hadn’t been dating long and he was basically a child. Possibly you’re being too harsh by continuing to hold a grudge. Especially considering you haven’t spoken to Leslie in over a year.
Shaking your head, you stand from the couch. It’s too much to contemplate after one interaction, so you leave the quandary to address at a later date. Right now, you need a hot shower, a change of clothes and your laptop so you can plan out the rest of this week’s posts.
So that, to quote Namjoon, you can keep on doing whatever it is you’ve been doing.
Tumblr media
The rest of the day passes in a blur. Down several staff members, you’re expected to fill in wherever you’re needed and so, by the time dusk rolls around, you’ve helped Jimin wrangle children, assisted Tonja in decorating a tree and wound up in the kitchen.
Mashing potatoes in a gigantic bowl, you pause to wipe sweat from your brow. Hoseok’s holiday playlist transitions to the next song and your stomach lets out a loud gurgle.
Pausing his cooking, Hoseok stares over the burner. “Y/N,” he says, appalled. “When was the last time you ate?”
“Uh.” Resuming your mashing, you look away. “I don’t know? I think I had some toast around lunch.”
Hoseok presses pause on the music. Groans from the rest of the kitchen staff arise from this decision.
Ignoring them, Hoseok stares. “Think?” he says. “And toast? Here, Y/N, take this” – removing the masher from your hand, he replaces this with a bowl – “and go eat in the break room before you collapse. Please.”
You’re about to protest when you accidentally inhale. Hoseok’s French onion soup wafts towards your nostrils and your remaining shred of willpower crumbles.
“Ugh,” you say, resigned. “Fine. This smells absolutely amazing, Hobi.”
Snapping a towel, Hoseok shoos you away. “Obviously. Now, leave before I call Yoongi to come get you. Your mashing was terrible, anyways.”
Sticking out your tongue, you grab the soup bowl and leave, as requested. Hoseok’s right – you’re a terrible cook and possibly caused more harm than help.
Pushing open the side door, you enter the break room and come to a stop. The staff room is one of your favorite places at the Inn, outside of the mountain suite. Most of the best views have been turned into guest rooms, but this space has been the exception. When Namjoon’s parents wanted to replace this with a suite years ago, Namjoon put his foot down.
Situated at the back of the lodge, the entire right wall is made entirely of glass. Through it the ski slopes are visible, red lights from the lift blinking against darkened snow.
Pulling out a chair, you seat yourself at a table. Inhaling the warm scent of onion and bread, you lower your spoon and take a first sip. No surprise, it’s heavenly. It’s a wonder Hoseok hasn’t been snapped up by a rival lodge yet. Or possibly he’s had offers, but respects Namjoon too much to leave.
The head chef of the Inn is a friend of Namjoon’s parents, but between the members of the staff, he’s wildly unpopular. The guy stops in a few times a week to approve the menus and taste-test some food, then leaves. Hoseok is the one running the show, and it’s better that way.
By the time your spoon scrapes the bottom of the bowl, you’re stuffed. Leaning back, you exhale and stare out the window. The Inn feels peaceful in a way you don’t often find during the holiday season. Ever since your dad’s death, you’ve treated the time as an odd sort of limbo.
The holidays are full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you love them but on the other hand, they remind you of your dad. He was the Christmas champion in your household, decorating the day after Thanksgiving to a playlist he made before Halloween.
There were so many traditions you celebrated. A hot chocolate bar the day your finals ended. Terrible caroling at the nursing home your mom worked at. Getting pizza Christmas Eve because of the one year your dad burnt the turkey and you had to order out.
Closing your eyes, you remind yourself it’s okay to feel conflicted. It’s okay to want to celebrate but to be sad he can’t be a part of it. When you open your eyes again, the lights on the ski slope blur and you realize they’re full of tears.
Wiping them away, you almost don’t notice your phone buzz on the table. Scrambling, you see your mom’s name a second before pressing answer.
“Y/N!” she declares, her face filling the screen. “How are you?”
Shifting in your seat, you hope your mom can’t tell you’ve been crying.
“Good,” you say, forcing a smile. “How are you and Romel? What’re you doing?”
“Oh, we’re going well!”
Twisting the phone, your mom shows Romel on the balcony of their hotel, a cocktail in hand. Spotting you, he waves enthusiastically. You can’t help but smile as you wave back, and the camera returns to your mom.
It took a while to get used to the idea of your mom being with someone who wasn’t your dad. She started dating Romel two years after your dad died, which led to yet another tense Christmas between the two of you.
After many years and therapy, you’ve come to understand the good Romel does for your mom. She was so snappish after your father’s death, and now she’s less so. More relaxed. Romel was the reason your mom started reaching out to you more, picking fewer fights about stupid things.
It took longer than you’d like to admit but, once you came around, you never looked back. Nowadays, Romel is as much a part of your life as is your mom. Still, he isn’t your dad and Christmas was always a special time between the two of you.
“What have you guys been up to?” you ask.
“Oh, this and that.” Your mom hums. “We’re taking a scuba diving lesson tomorrow, can you imagine? Romel is nervous about being so far underwater, but if those horrible Berkshires can do it, so can we!”
Hiding your smile, you nod in agreement.
The Berkshires are your least likable neighbors on your block. They’re the type who would call the police if your party was too loud, or Christmas lights too bright. Your father always combatted this by pointing the baby Jesus in your manger stubbornly in their direction.
“I’m sure it will be fine, mom,” you assure her.
“Oh, I’m sure it will be. I just got off the phone with your aunt and she’s on her way to her in-laws for the holidays. Are you taking time off this year, Y/N?”
Making a non-committal noise, you toy with your soup spoon.
“Maybe,” you say with a shrug. “The Inn is kind of slammed right now. I think I’ll be working over Christmas.”
“Hm.” Her brows knit together. “You know, Romel and I could always cut our trip short. We could come home, get a tree and you could stay with us. Or – we could come to the Inn!” she suggests. “We’d love to see you in action.”
“Mom – no, no,” you hasten. “I’ll be working, so I won't be able to spend time with you. Plus, you and Romel like traveling over the holidays. I’d feel bad forcing you to stay home.”
Your mom pauses. “Okay, well. Let us know if you change your mind, alright? We’re happy to come.”
“We are!” Romel yells in the background. “I’ve never skied, but if your mom can convince me to dive in the Mariana trench, I’m sure she can get me down a mountain!”
“It’s not the Mariana trench,” your mom laughs. “That’s in the Pacific. This is much less –”
Their conversation continues, and you find your gaze drifting towards the window. Lights sparkle against the dark snow, and you feel the slightest twinge of regret.
You know your mom means well and would change her plans if you asked. Selfishly, you enjoy working during the holidays. Your therapist once said you’re holding onto the past by not allowing new memories to replace the old, but it’s one piece of their advice you’ve yet to take.
Realizing your mom is saying your name, you blink and return to the present.
“Sorry, what?”
Your mom gives a rueful smile. “I was saying your dad would’ve loved visiting your Inn around Christmas. I’ve been following the Instagram account and your photos seem to get better every year.”
“Yeah,” you say quietly. “He would have loved it.”
Something tentative passes over your mom’s expression.
“Y/N,” she says, but before she can continue, the door bursts open behind you.
Light floods in from the hall and you twist around in your seat. Jungkook freezes on the threshold, and after a moment, you turn back.
“Mom, I have to go,” you say lowly. “I’ll talk to you soon, okay? Merry Christmas!”
She hesitates, as though wanting to continue, but nods.
“Merry Christmas,” she says. “Love you.”
“Love you,” you say, and hang up the phone.
Setting this on the table, you take a moment to composure yourself, then turn around. Jungkook continues to stand framed in the doorway, looking slightly awkward.
“Oh.” He glances into the hall. “I’m sorry for interrupting. I can leave if you want to finish your phone call. I didn’t mean –”
“No, it’s fine,” you say, pushing your chair back to stand. “Were you looking for something?”
Jungkook hesitates, glancing over your features. You wonder if he notices your red-rimmed eyes and hastily look down.
“Yoongi told me the view is best from this room,” he says, only to frown. “Are… are you okay, Y/N?”
You pause, considering.
“I don’t know,” you say at last. “How can you tell?”
Jungkook’s lips twitch as he steps fully in, letting the door shut behind him.
In the dim light, with him dressed in what looks like flannel pajamas, you aren’t sure how to act. Talking to your mom always leaves you feeling raw, as though her words grind away an outer layer.
“I’m probably not the best person to ask,” Jungkook admits. “I spend so long smiling for other people, it’s hard to know what’s real anymore.”
His words deflate you, a swift punch to your lungs. Hiding a wince, Jungkook comes to a stop several feet away.
“Sorry,” he says. “Too honest, huh?”
“Just honest enough. That… was my mom.”
“Ah.” Jungkook pauses. “Are you close?”
You look at him. Really look at him and try to see past who he was to you in college.
Jungkook is bigger than before. Broad shoulders, narrow waist and muscular thighs which strain his red pajama bottoms. He looks like a man, not a boy and you wonder if that’s actually so. 
Swallowing hard, you look up and find Jungkook focused on you.
“I – yeah.” You pause. “And no. It’s complicated.”
His smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “I get that. I’ve been away from my parents for so long that at this point, it's just kind of… strange when I see them.”
“At least you have both of them.”
The moment the words leave your lips, you wish you could reach out and stuff them back in. You thought you were done being the jealous, angry child but something about being with Jungkook brings back the past.
He doesn’t seem to take any offense though, simply considers the statement.
“I – I’m sorry,” you stammer. “That’s not what I meant, I…”
“No, it’s fine,” Jungkook says. “You’re right. I do have them, and I’m lucky for it.”
“Yeah. But also, not everyone has good relationships with their parents. You shouldn’t have to appreciate them just for existing.”
Jungkook lifts a shoulder, then lets it fall. “And sometimes things are in-between. My parents are good people, but they’re closer to my brother because he was home. A lot of my growing up happened on my own. My parents are proud of what I’ve accomplished but in a lot of ways, they don’t understand me. Hard for anyone to understand, I guess.”
You stare at him a moment, unsure what to say.
It doesn’t seem you need to say anything, since Jungkook waits a moment, then looks out the window. Examining the mountains, he exhales and a similar peace to what you felt before passes over his features.
“You like being busy during the holidays,” he says.
It’s not really a question, but you answer anyway.
“I do.”
“I get that.” He nods. “I’m the same. Being at home just makes me feel more like an outsider.”
“Why are you telling me this?” you blurt, unable to hold it in any longer. “I mean, just… we don’t know each other well.”
Jungkook turns to look at you. “No, I guess not.” He pauses. “I’ve just spent a lot of holidays alone and thought… well, I don’t know. Thought you might want company.”
You stare at him another moment, something warm unfurling within your chest.
Jungkook doesn’t look away, and you wonder again how he can be the same person. According to Leslie, this is the guy who cheated on her. Not just cheated but let her walk in on him having sex with another person and simply brushed it off.
Strangely, the story is starting to feel like an outlier here. Based on everything you’ve learned about Jungkook so far, he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would hurt someone so carelessly. You wonder if maybe – possibly – you misjudged him.
“Yeah, okay,” you say finally. Turning around, you head for the couch by the windows. “Hoseok banned me from the kitchen, anyways. It’d be nice to have some company – quiet company,” you correct, glancing over your shoulder. “I’m not one of those people who talk to relax.”
Lips twitching, Jungkook nods and follows your lead.
True to your warning, he remains quiet while seating himself on the other end of the couch. Nearly three feet apart, he stares at the mountains in silence. You do the same, although every now and again, your gaze darts to Jungkook.
This is just for tonight, you tell yourself. A night of truce before returning to normal.
The next time you turn, Jungkook catches you looking and offers a smile. It transforms him, lighting up his features and you remember his comment from earlier. I spend so long smiling for other people, it’s hard to know what’s real anymore.
Oddly enough, you find yourself hoping he’s being real with you.
Tumblr media
“Twenty-five new bookings.” Namjoon looks up, impressed. “And it’s all thanks to Y/N’s genius live stream.”
Applause follows from Jimin and Hoseok, and you slump in your seat.
“But it wasn’t my idea,” you protest. “Jungkook decided to live stream when he took my phone. It was all him.”
“Still.” Namjoon opens his laptop. “Your Instagram posts have gotten more traction than anything else we’ve posted this year. Granted, half the comments are about how hot Jungkook is – but there are a lot of people saying how pretty the resort is, as well!”
Yoongi nods. “I’ve been fielding a lot of phone inquiries. People want to know if we’re full for New Year’s.”
“See?” Namjoon jabs a finger in your direction. “I was right. This is working!”
“For now,” you agree.
“That’s all we need.” Leaning back in his seat, Namjoon exhales. “We’ve got five more days of Jungkook, so let’s make the most of it. Any thoughts?”
After a pause, Jimin raises his hand.
“We’re making ornaments with the kids this week,” he says. “It seemed like Jungkook’s fans liked seeing him with children.”
“Good.” Namjoon types this up on his laptop. “I’ve got that down. What else?”
“Tree decorating,” says Yoongi. “Jungkook could decorate a tree in the lobby, or something.”
Behind Yoongi, the door to the conference room opens.
“Or cut down a tree,” Jimin offers. “People love that lumberjack stuff.”
“Yes, yes – great. What else?”
“I’m down for tree chopping,” Jungkook says as he enters. “It also might be fun to do a holiday movie marathon. We could set things up in the lobby and Hoseok could make more of that amazing hot chocolate.”
“Great idea,” says Namjoon, frantically typing. “And thanks for joining us, Jungkook. You can take the seat beside Jimin.”
Jungkook nods. Before sitting, he exchanges a complicated high five with Jimin which leaves you speechless. They must have been spending time together to make up something so intricate – opening your laptop, you pull up a chat with Namjoon.
Y/N: was it necessary to invite him?
Y/N: we don’t typically invite guests to staff meetings
“We invite guests to staff meetings when said guest has increased our bookings by fifty percent,” Namjoon says, answering your question out loud.
Glaring, you sit back and try to appear as innocent as possible. Namjoon is looking at you though, which makes it fairly obvious whose question he answered.
“Sorry,” you say, apologizing to Jungkook. “Typically, these meetings are staff only. I just wanted to be clear what we can discuss.”
“Totally understand,” Jungkook says, hiding his smile.
Internally, you curse Namjoon for constantly putting you through hell. Once you get through this week and collect your raise, you’re planning on never speaking to him again.
Hoseok clears his throat. “We could do a cookie-baking championship,” he suggests. “Shows like the Great British Bake-Off are huge. I’m sure Jungkook’s fans would love to see him baking.”
“That’s a great idea,” says Seokjin.
Even Yoongi nods at this. Hoseok beams and sits back, and you drum your pen on the table. You’re searching for a flaw but find nothing, much to your disappointment. It’s a great idea that’ll lend itself well to a dozen social media sites.
Already, you’re planning Instagram stories, before and after cookie photos and a Twitter poll for followers to vote on the winner. Before you can articulate any of this though, Yoongi lowers his phone.
“Who should participate in the cookie contest?” he asks, not looking your way.
You realize the suspiciousness of this the moment Namjoon avoids eye contact.
“Staff should join,” Namjoon says. “And some of the guests. Let’s post flyers in the lobby to gauge interest.”
“On it,” says Yoongi, taking note.
“Which staff,” you grind out.
Namjoon glances at you. “So, here’s the thing.”
“My fans like Y/N,” says Jungkook, surprising everyone. “So, Y/N should join.”
“I – what?” you say, taken aback.
It’s one thing to hear Namjoon say it. He’s in this to make money, increase follower count and gain bookings. It’s another entirely to hear Jungkook say it out loud, as the person for whom this could inevitably crash and burn.
Turning to face him, you meet his gaze. Jungkook sits slouched in his seat, legs spread in a way that makes your blood boil.
His brow sketches upwards. “You were on the live stream,” he explains, as though you haven’t seen. “A lot of my fans thought the fall was funny, and –”
“They find your dynamic interesting,” interrupts Namjoon.
Jungkook glances at Namjoon, and something unspoken passes between them. You find yourself wondering what Jungkook’s fans have said, but everything fades when Yoongi interjects.
“They thought Jungkook and Seokjin were funny, as well,” he says. “So, we should probably include Seokjin as a baker.”
“Done and done.” Namjoon nods.
“Whoa, hang on,” you sputter. “I didn’t agree.”
“Are you not a good baker?” Jungkook asks innocently. “Is that the problem?”
“There’s no problem.”
“No?” A teasing smile crosses his lips. “So, you’re in?”
Meeting his gaze, heat simmers, and you find yourself daydreaming about how satisfying it’d be to wipe the smirk from his face. The moment you think this, your gaze drops to his lips and now you’re thinking how soft they look.
“Fine,” you say tightly. “I’m in. Anything for the Inn, right?”
“Right,” Jungkook says, voice low.
He still doesn’t blink, and another moment passes before Seokjin clears his throat.
“I’m in, too,” he says loudly. “In case anyone was wondering.”
Looking away, you find yourself grateful for the interruption. There’s a current buzzing under your skin, as though you’ve stood outside in a storm.
“We weren’t,” Namjoon says pleasantly. “But thank you, Seokjin. Moving on.”
He continues with the list for the week, filling up Jungkook’s schedule. You do your best to focus, but it’s hard with Jungkook sitting across from you.
Whichever way you turn, you meet Jungkook’s gaze, and your stomach flip-flops. Jungkook must be continually watching since you seem to make eye contact with him without fail.
This is Jungkook, you remind yourself. He crushed your best friend in college, and he’ll crush you too, no matter how much you hope that he’s changed.
Something about this rings hollow, and you can’t help but call into question Leslie’s account of the story. It’s something you’ve been considering since late last night.
While you and Leslie were good friends in college, you’ve barely spoken in the years since. After graduation, you drifted apart. You moved to a new city, became known within the tourism industry and Leslie was struggling to find a new job. Things were strained until finally, Leslie stopped responding to your calls altogether.
You kept trying, even flying out to her city, but it soon became clear your friendship was best left in the past. Leslie ended up a kind of crappy friend in the end – a source of vindication for Taehyung, who hadn’t liked her from the start.
Still, it’s hard to shake the memory of Leslie after they broke up. She was genuinely hurt when things ended with her and Jungkook, no matter what happened to your friendship after. This is what you cling to, fortifying yourself against the effects of Jungkook’s gaze.
Unless – your instincts are right, and something about Leslie’s retelling was off. Sneaking another glance, you find Jungkook looking back and rather than turn, you meet his gaze head-on. Jungkook’s lips lift in a smile and now, it’s your heart that flip-flops.
Forcing yourself to look down, you realize you might be already in trouble.
Tumblr media
“Alright, so here’s the vision.” Yoongi opens his eyes. “There are eight contestants, all of whom are competing for the same prize: holiday cookie glory.”
You and Jungkook exchange a quick glance at your table.
Yoongi, for better or worse, has really gotten into his role as master of ceremonies. Much of the past hour has been spent listening to directions you consider unnecessary. Never before have you heard the word fondant said so often, nor with such enthusiasm.
You and Jungkook are at the same table, much to your dismay. Each contestant has been given a holiday apron to wear over their clothes. Yours says Santa’s Helper, while Jungkook has a cup of eggnog and says, I Put the Rum in Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum.
The rest of the aprons are normal – one designed to look like Santa’s coat, another like an elf, and then there’s Seokjin’s. An outline of Santa and the phrase I Do it For the Ho’s. Jimin put duct tape over the word Ho’s and wrote Cookies before approving for broadcast. Apparently, the competition is supposed to be family friendly.
Aside from you, Hoseok, Seokjin and Jungkook, four other chefs have been selected from the guests. Yoongi decided these on a first come, first serve basis. Currently, everyone has taken their place at long tables in the lobby. Other guests stop to watch the proceedings, some taking photos of Jungkook at your table.
Midway through Yoongi’s lecture on toppings, Jungkook leans over.
“Is he being serious,” he mutters, keeping his mouth as still as possible.
Your upper lip twitches. “Super serious, I think.”
Hearing your name said aloud, you snap to attention and realize Yoongi is glaring at you from the front.
Yoongi places both hands on his hips. All he needs is a cooking spoon to emulate your mother, scolding you for eating too many after-school snacks.
“Are you even listening?” he asks.
“Uh, yes. For sure. I’m listening.”
“Right. How long do you have to decorate your cookies, then?” Yoongi asks, testing your knowledge.
Swallowing, you start to panic a little – until you see Jungkook holding up a single finger.
“One minute,” you blurt.
Yoongi stares. “One hour, Y/N. Pay attention.”
Another guest raises their hand and Yoongi moves on. Keeping still, you wait until Yoongi answers before turning to Jungkook. He’s already laughing, both sides shaking as he tries to stop.
“It’s not funny!” you insist, although you smile.
“One minute?” Wiping his eyes, Jungkook straightens. “You wouldn’t even have time to roll the fondant.”
You groan. “If I never hear the word fondant again, it’d be too soon.”
He laughs again, throwing his head easily back. You didn’t think your joke was that funny, but Jungkook seems to find it hilarious. When he lowers his gaze, his eyes are bright.
“I take it you don’t watch a lot of holiday baking shows?” he teases.
“Nope. I’ve never made icing from scratch, let alone tried to decorate with it.”
Jungkook lifts a brow. “Revealing your weakness to the enemy?”
“Are you supposed to be my enemy?” you ask. “Forgive me for assuming the Olympic snowboarder doesn’t have much free time to bake.”
“That’s where you’re wrong. I made cookies every Christmas Eve with my grandma until she passed away. I’m a pro.”
Sobering slightly, you watch as Jungkook reties the strings of his apron. He doesn’t look upset, but you recognize the dimness in his gaze, the way his lips tighten when he speaks in past tense.
“I’m sorry,” you say quietly.
He glances at you. “It was two years ago. Don’t worry about it.”
“Still.” You shrug. “It’s hard. My dad died eight years ago and it’s still difficult during the holiday season. Part of the reason I’m working, I guess.”
Jungkook hesitates, as though he wants to say more, but before he can start, Yoongi clears his throat.
“Five minutes!” he yells, stepping onto a chair. “Jimin” – he points a spoon, and Jimin waves – “will be streaming on Instagram during the competition. He’ll walk around, show viewers the cookie progress and post a Twitter poll at the end to decide the winner. Sounds good?”
“Yes,” the group choruses.
Yoongi nods, and steps down. Namjoon wanders over and the two begin speaking in hushed tones, with Namjoon gesturing at his phone. Shifting your weight to your heels, you scan the materials before you. Without something to do, you begin to reorganize.
Turning, you find Jungkook watching with an unreadable expression.
“Yes?” you ask, sliding a pastry cutter across the table.
“Are we… ever going to talk about college?”
Your fingers freeze halfway to the dye.
“I… what about college?” you stammer.
Jungkook tilts his head, as though to read your mind.
“I tried to talk to you – after,” he says, glossing over the word. “I saw you once in the library, and called out your name, but I don’t think you saw me. You were packing up your things…?”
He trails off, his words a silent question and you busy yourself with the sprinkles, your heart pounding erratically. You remember the night he’s talking about. It was the week before midterms, and you were holed up in your usual spot in the library. Jungkook entered with his usual entourage, and you remember being overcome by how casual he appeared.
He sat at a nearby table, and you attempted to ignore him but eventually had to move. When you began packing your things, Jungkook glanced up and saw you – and waved. You remember him calling your name, but you were too furious to respond.
Rather than confront him, you left.
Now though, you find yourself wondering.
It was strange for Jungkook to behave so normally in the library. He acted as though he hadn’t done anything, and wasn’t that a little confusing? If things occurred with Leslie the way she said they did, Jungkook would have acted differently.
At the time, you chalked it up to men being men, but maybe there’s more to the story. Before you can ask though, Yoongi hurries forward.
“Places, everyone – places!” he calls. “Is everyone ready? Baking materials ready to go?”
You nod and face forward, feeling oddly unsettled. Fingers hovering above your materials, you wonder why Jungkook would bring up that night. So many questions with little time for answers as Jimin scurries in place and points the phone’s camera at Yoongi.
With minimal theatrics, Yoongi kicks off the contest and explains its rules. Jimin follows Yoongi as he strolls down the aisles, stopping beside your table.
“And here we have the Inn’s general manager – Y/N!” Yoongi waits for you to wave. “And internationally renowned snowboarder, Jungkook Jeon!”
Jungkook also waves, ducking his head with a smile.
You used to think his bashfulness was for show, but the more time you spend with him, the more convinced you become that Jungkook is the real deal. His dichotomy is ridiculously attractive. With his eyebrow ring, lip ring and a full sleeve of tattoos, he could easily be intimidating – and yet, he wears holiday aprons, sleeps in red flannel pajamas, and has a goofball puppy.
Jimin and Yoongi continue to the next table, with Yoongi announcing the Bergman’s behind you. Glancing at Jungkook, you find him measuring ingredients.
Feeling you watching, he lifts a brow. “You ready, Y/N?”
“Born ready,” you say. “You know what they say around Christmas.”
“Never get involved in a land war in Asia?”
You laugh, surprised by The Princess Bride quote. “No. I was going to say you better not cry when you lose, but yours is better.”
Jungkook’s lips twitch but he doesn’t respond, and Yoongi yells, “GO!”
The cookie baking begins, its rules shouted by Yoongi while he walks around. An hour and a half for baking, an hour for decorating and ten minutes for plating.
Jimin wanders the room as well, catching shots of you sifting dry ingredients, cracking eggs, and getting flour everywhere. By the time you finish combining the wet and dry bowls, the words Santa’s Helper look more like Satan’s Helper on your apron.
You weren’t lying – you truly are terrible. Instead of adding the dry ingredients slowly, you dump them in at once and – poof – send flour flying. Your recipe requires an egg yolk, and you’re fairly sure some of the shell gets mixed in.
True to his word, Jungkook also told the truth. He really is good, and you watch open-mouthed while he mixes batter, rolls fondant, and gathers ingredients in the time it takes you to preheat your oven.
You had a vague, naïve hope you might win at the start but now, you’re simply hoping you don’t come in last. Returning from the bathroom, you scope out the competition and find – no surprise – Hoseok is kicking ass. He’s made some sort of chestnut praline cookie which looks both delicious and complicated. Seokjin has gone in the opposite direction with basic sugar cookies and icing that’s little more than reddish soup.
He seems to think he’s doing great though, based on the supportive words he croons at his batter. Returning to your table, you hesitate, then pick up powdered sugar.
“So,” Jungkook says casually. “Is there prize money attached to the competition?”
“Apart from your appearance fee?” you tease.
Glancing over, you immediately regret your decision. Jungkook has rolled up the sleeves of his sweatshirt while he works, and his forearm tendons are prominently visible. You stare at him, mesmerized before you regain composure.
“My appearance fee was for staying here,” he says with a grin. “A couple of Instagram posts. I don’t remember staff meetings being included.”
“What can I say? Namjoon likes to get his money’s worth.”
Jungkook laughs. “That’s for sure.”
“It was nice of you to agree to the discounted rate, though,” you add, voice lowered. “I don’t know that we could have afforded your actual retainer.”
He’s quiet for a moment, filling a pastry bag with colored icing. Tying off an end, he tests this on a napkin and appears satisfied by the result.
“Yeah, well.” Jungkook pauses. “Let’s just say, this came at a good time. I’ve been looking to lay low for a while.”
“What for? Crowd of admirers getting you down?”
Jungkook is silent, and after a moment, you glance sideways. Dropping your spoon back in the bowl, you find yourself stricken by the look on his face.
“I didn’t mean to –”
“No, it’s okay,” he says, looking up. “It’s just, you know – fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true.”
Nodding once, you pick up your spoon. “It does seem stressful. Always having to present a certain image to the public.”
“Yeah, it can be stressful.”
He says nothing more, and the two of you fall into a comfortable silence. Preparing your cookies for the oven, you lift the sheet and feel a hand on your wrist.
Surprised, you look sideways and find Jungkook before you. He hovers, gaze dropping minutely towards your lips. A streak of flour rests below his jaw, and you fight the sudden urge to wipe this away.
“I – yes?” you ask, breathless.
His gaze snaps upward.
“Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you know… that I’m happy I’m here.”
The words are innocuous, but the tone Jungkook uses is anything but. Staring back at him, you find yourself struggling to think of a response.
Before you can decide, Jimin pops up between you.
“What do we have here?” Gleeful, he films the withdrawal of Jungkook’s hand. “Y/N, how are your cookies coming along?”
Swiftly, you place the sheet on the counter.
“Terrible,” you say. “I’m awful at baking.”
“Better than Seokjin,” Jimin comments, zooming in on your tray. “Actually – I don’t know. It’s kind of a toss-up. Are these cookies supposed to be a specific shape?”
“They’re stars,” you say with a glare.
“Right, sure. And Jungkook.” Jimin turns the camera on him. “What were you doing before you decided to feel up our general manager?”
Jungkook’s cheeks turn bright red, and you would scold Jimin but are too preoccupied by how cute Jungkook looks. Unable to look you in the eye, he gestures towards his pristine tray of shortbread.
“I’m making alfajores,” Jungkook explains. “Once these are in the oven, I’ll work on the dulce de leche sauce and then, I’m adding some holiday touches.”
You and Jimin stare, open-mouthed.
Recovering fast, Jimin twists the phone around to show his expression. “You heard it here first, folks,” he announces. “Our sous chef, Hoseok, has some competition.”
Before Jungkook can protest, Jimin is already moving to the next table. He films the Ahn’s while you and Jungkook take your trays to the oven.
Time passes and by the time you’re plating, you’re well-aware your cookies are at the end of the spectrum. Not as bad as the Ramirez’, who burnt the bottom of their cookies, but nearly as bad as Seokjin’s utterly flat sugar cookies. (“Butter was too soft,” Jungkook mutters).
Once the cookies are plated, Yoongi makes a big deal of tasting while Jimin films. Hoseok has to hold you back when Yoongi tastes yours, makes a face and nearly spits it back on the tray. You complain he’s biasing the viewers, but Yoongi insists he’s telling the honest truth. You find out later he’s right when you taste your own batch.
The Twitter poll has only been up an hour when Jungkook is declared the winner. Hoseok is a clear second, although Jungkook’s fans all admit in the comments that Hoseok’s were better. You manage enough votes to refrain from last place, but not nearly enough to keep the teasing at bay.
Jungkook posts a selfie to the Inn’s story, proclaiming his win and you fight a smile when he returns your phone.
“You didn’t have to do that,” you tell him.
He shrugs. “I’m happy to help.”
You nod, but Jungkook continues to linger. He doesn’t seem to want to leave, and you feel your heart quickening the way it did earlier.
Namjoon appears by your side.
“Y/N, we have a problem,” he says grimly.
Startled, you turn and find Namjoon holding his phone. The print on his email is too small to read and so, taking this from him, you zoom in. After reading the first sentence, your eyes widen.
“Shit,” you mutter.
Jungkook glances between you. “What’s wrong?”
Seeming to realize Jungkook is there, Namjoon winces. “Nothing, nothing. Just a small issue with the Christmas Eve party.”
You nearly laugh at the understatement.
Based on the email, the chef catering Christmas Eve has come down with the flu and can no longer attend. As a gesture of goodwill, Namjoon gave the kitchen staff the night off and hired a catering company to run the Christmas Eve party.
Without a caterer, you’ll need to see if some of your employees can make it. Already you know this won’t work – most of the serving staff have plans with their families, and more than a few are planning to go out of town.
Rubbing your temples, you exhale. “Can we find someone else?”
“Who?” Jungkook asks.
“Our caterer for Christmas Eve pulled out,” you explain. “We need to find someone new, ASAP.”
“I have a few thoughts.” Namjoon pulls up another list on his phone. “I’ve made some calls, and most places are booked, but there’s a new restaurant in town that might be free. Only problem is, I’ve never eaten there, so I have no idea if the food is good, or–”
“We could try the place out,” Jungkook suggests.
Namjoon pauses. “You could… what?”
“We could do a test dinner.” Jungkook glances at you. “Y/N and I could eat at the restaurant, see what the food is like and report back.”
You stand there, open-mouthed, unable to believe what you heard. Jungkook said we – and doubled down by adding Y/N and I. That would mean you and Jungkook going alone.
For dinner.
“Well.” Namjoon shifts his weight to his heels. “That would be helpful. Are you sure you don’t mind?” he asks Jungkook. “You’re here on vacation. Some of the staff can go instead.”
You know Namjoon is walking a careful line between dismissing a guest’s suggestion, and not wanting to give work to your celebrity.
“I want to go,” Jungkook says seriously.
“Well.” Namjoon looks at you. “As long as it’s okay with Y/N.”
He’s giving you a way out and what you should do is take it. If you had any sense at all, you would not go to dinner with Jungkook.
“Yes,” you blurt. “I’ll go.”
Both of them stare at you, as though they expected you to decline. Unsure what to do next, you wait another moment, then nod.
“Well, alright,” you say briskly. “I’m going to bed. See you later.”
Before either can respond, you hurry away, untying the strings of your apron.
Once you reach your room, you slam the door and stand there for a moment, leaning your head to the wood. Once your breathing is under control, you open your eyes. Staring at the ski slopes, you force yourself to think calmly.
The night has been full of uncertainty – why would Jungkook bring up that night in the library? Why are you questioning Leslie? – and there’s only one person who can cut through the nonsense. Stepping into your room, you pull out your phone and dial a number.
Taehyung answers on the third ring.
“HELLO?” he yells, FaceTiming you from what’s clearly a bar.
Waving a hand, you smile at your best friend.
Taehyung calls, “WAIT A MINUTE,” and begins to maneuver outside.
You wait patiently while he does this, watching him open a door for his breath to immediately frost.
“Y/N!” Beaming, Taehyung pulls the screen closer until it’s only his eye. “What’s up?”
“Taehyung,” you say with a sigh. “I need help.”
Returning to a normal view, his brows lift. “You’re saying you need help? Oh man, this must be good. What happened? Avalanche?”
“Nothing like that,” you say, then pause. “Jungkook is here.”
Taehyung freezes, and for a moment you think the call has dropped. Then – a sharp bark of laughter, his camera jerking upward as Taehyung disappears from frame. The sound of him laughing drifts towards you and when Taehyung reappears, you glare.
“Jungkook, as in Jungkook?” he says gleefully. “As in, college Jungkook? Snowboarder Jungkook? Star of a thousand unfulfilled sexual fantasies Jungkook?”
“That’s the one. Minus the last bit.”
“Interesting.” Taehyung props his chin on his fist in mid-air. “So, what’s the dilemma?”
“The dilemma… is I think I agreed to go on a date with him.”
“With Jungkook.”
Taehyung laughs again. “Wow, okay. And again – what’s the problem?”
Your eyes widen. “The problem,” you hiss, voice dropping, “is Jungkook cheated on Leslie back in college! Or did you forget?”
You expect Taehyung to wince, recoil or curse Jungkook out and are surprised when he barely reacts. Slowly, he nods and looks away.
“And?” Taehyung asks.
Your jaw drops. “And – what? Jungkook cheated on Leslie! It crushed her! I know you never really liked Leslie, but even you have to agree cheaters suck.”
Taehyung considers, chewing his lower lip. “Okay, so. Don’t take this the wrong way –”
“When has something good ever followed that?”
“– but Leslie is a shady bitch.”
For a moment, you’re stunned.
“Taehyung…” You stare. “What are you talking about?”
He shrugs and rubs his temple. “I’m talking about how Leslie was with you versus how she was with other people. She was jealous, two-faced, and always talked about people behind their backs. Do you want to know the real reason you stopped being friends after college?”
You hesitate a moment before nodding.
“It’s because she was jealous,” Taehyung says bluntly. “Leslie liked to surround herself with hurt people because it made her feel better about herself. The second you started to do well, she cut you off.”
“That’s not true,” you blurt.
“Isn’t it?” He cocks his head. “The only reason I tolerated Leslie was because she made you happy, and things were pretty rough after your dad died. She was never a good friend though, Y/N. You deserved better.”
“I – are you drunk, Tae?”
“No.” He considers. “Well, yes. But that’s partly why I’m being honest.”
Shaking your head, you swallow. “So… you hated Leslie the entire time we were at college?”
“I didn’t hate her. But yeah, I didn’t trust her. Leslie was fun, but she only cared about herself.”
“Even if that’s true,” you say. “Even if Leslie was a terrible friend and only cared about herself – that doesn’t change the situation with Jungkook.”
“Doesn’t it?”
You give him a look. “Why would it?”
Taehyung shrugs. “I mean, I trust your judgment way more than I trust Leslie’s. I don’t believe you’d agree to go on a date with Jungkook if you thought he was truly terrible.”
When you stay silent, he lifts both brows.
“Well?” Taehyung asks. “Do you think Jungkook is a terrible person?”
“No,” you admit. “I don’t.”
“Well, then, there you go. Why don’t you just ask Jungkook what happened? Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding.”
“A misunderstanding where his dick slipped into the wrong person?”
Taehyung snorts. “Look, if he actually cheated on Leslie – yeah, that’s fucked. You should be wary. But if not…”
“If not?”
“I don’t know.” He pauses. “I feel like there’s more to the story.”
“Taehyung, you’re drunk,” you say with a laugh. “Any advice you give should be served with lime and salt.”
“What’s the worst that can happen?” he counters. “You go on this date, Jungkook confirms he cheated, and you get a free meal. Win.”
“Well, it’s not a date, per se.”
Taehyung pauses. “What do you mean?”
You explain about the canceled caterer and Jungkook’s proposal to test a restaurant in town. When you get to the part of becoming roped in, a familiar light enters Taehyung’s eyes.
“I see,” he says, drawling the word. “So, Jungkook has volunteered himself for a mission to save the lodge?”
“Kind of.”
“And, while you’re also going on said mission, he didn’t actually say the word date?”
“Well, no, but –”
 “Y/N.” Taehyung grins broadly. “Go get that superstar dick you want so badly.”
“Taehyung!” you sputter, nearly dropping your phone.
He’s cackling now, dancing around in the snow outside the bar. When Taehyung finally recovers enough to respond, both his nose and cheeks are red.
“Y/N,” he says seriously. “You clearly like this guy. I say, trust your instincts and go on the not-date. Then, let me know how good he is in bed.”
“Taehyung. I am not –”
“Yeah?” Taehyung yells offscreen. “Yeah, yeah – hang on! I’m dealing with a crisis!”
When he returns to the phone, you shake your head.
“Go inside,” you tell him. “Believe it or not, this was semi-helpful. Go have fun with your friends, okay?”
Taehyung grins. “Will do! Alright, cool – I’m going to go finish my drink. Text me tomorrow and let me know how it goes. And let me know when I can come visit this Inn!”
“Okay, will do.” You nod. “Bye!”
Yelling goodnight, Taehyung hangs up and you return to your home screen. Without your best friend’s yelling, the room feels strangely empty.
Turning around, you stare out the window and survey the slopes. Right now, Jungkook is probably returning to his room to feed Bam. Crossing the room to your bed, you open Instagram and scroll to the Inn’s page. Jimin has already uploaded several videos to your Story of the cookie competition.
Opening the first, you find a shot of Yoongi eating your cookie and nearly spitting it out. You look pissed, Hoseok’s arms around your waist to hold you back but it’s Jungkook, at your side, who catches your gaze.
He looks at you, eyes bright and it’s hard to believe someone with that expression could be capable of what Leslie said.
Taehyung is wrong, you realize. The worst that could happen isn’t a terrible date and a free meal. The worst thing that could happen is you fall for Jungkook, only for him to prove you right and break your heart.
Tumblr media
The next day dawns, bright and cold on the slopes.
Seokjin is up early with his beginner class, Hoseok bakes cookies for the Christmas Eve party and Namjoon is welcoming a visiting ambassador and her family. There are no events scheduled for Jungkook until the late afternoon, which means you find yourself pulled in several different directions.
After lunch, you head for Jungkook’s suite and run into him and Bam in the hall. Today’s photoshoot is of them in the snow. You’re saving shots of Jungkook snowboarding until the last day, when a sports photographer is visiting and has agreed to snap photos in exchange for a discounted rate.
Exiting the lodge, you squint at the brightness and pull out your sunglasses. Taking control of the shoot, you position Jungkook at the ski lift with the slopes in the background. Bam is enthusiastic about the photos, barking excitedly each time you toss snow in the frame. Once you have enough options for today’s Instagram post, the three of you head back inside for Hoseok’s hot chocolate.
Jungkook holds open the door, allowing you to enter and you can barely meet his gaze. You can’t stop remembering the cookie contest; the way he said your name, his vascular forearms, and the casual way he insisted on going to the restaurant together.
“So, I was thinking,” Jungkook says, interrupting your thought.
Glancing upward, you find him looking almost nervous. The main door to the lodge falls shut behind you, and you begin to unbutton the top of your coat.
“Thinking about what?” you ask.
“We should ride to the restaurant together tonight. I have a driver who can pick us up if you want. We could leave around… seven?”
“Seven sounds good,” you agree. “I can drive us though, Jungkook. I have a car.”
“I know. I just thought you might be more comfortable if you didn’t have to drive.”
Butterflies alight in your stomach, and you wonder what, exactly, he thinks might distract you.
“Just how drunk should I plan on getting?” you tease.
Jungkook’s cheeks flush. “You don’t have to drink,” he counters. “I just thought, with the snow and all –”
“I’m kidding, Jungkook,” you laugh. “A driver would be nice. Let’s meet in the lobby at seven?”
“Perfect.” His head bobs.
“I’m sorry about my outfit in advance,” you add, aware that you’re rambling. “I know this isn’t a date or anything, but I feel like I should dress nicely and all I have here is a single sweaterdress. So, I’m sorry.”
A wordless emotion passes over his features, although it’s gone so fast, you think you’ve imagined it. Did Jungkook think this was a date? If so, that wasn’t clear from your conversation with Namjoon.
Before you can press this issue, Jungkook takes a step closer. Glancing down, he pauses, and you breathe in his scent of cardamom and peppermint.
“I’m sure you’ll look beautiful,” he murmurs.
Before you can think of an appropriate response, Jungkook turns away.
“I’ll see you tonight,” he calls, heading down the hall.
You stare after him until, with a shake of your head, you realize you haven’t responded. If this is any indication of how tonight will go, you might be in trouble.
Tumblr media
You are in trouble, you realize, when Jungkook knocks on your door.
“Coming!” you yell, tossing your lipstick in your clutch.
Part of being general manager means you stay in one of the suites during peak season. It’s easier than driving back and forth into town; during the summer months, you rent an apartment but during ski season, it makes sense to live on site.
Hurrying through the front room, you yank open the door to reveal – Jungkook, looking immaculate. Words fail you momentarily, and you stare.
He’s dressed in a dark turtleneck covered by a blueish gray peacoat. His hair has been styled, pushed back from his face in a devastating manner. You’re so busy staring, you only realize belatedly he’s doing the same to you.
Eyes wide, Jungkook takes in your outfit.
“Wow,” he exhales. “I – you look amazing.”
On instinct, you glance down and check what you’re wearing. Your only formal dress has been saved for Christmas Eve, so tonight you chose a sweater and pants. Admittedly, the pants are kind of tight and the sweater is low-cut, but you didn’t have Jungkook in mind when you selected them. Definitely not.
To avoid seeming as though you planned this for him, you step into the hall and pull the door shut.
“Thanks,” you say, turning around. “Um, should we go? You know, to taste the menu. At the restaurant.”
Jungkook’s lips twitch. He nods, holding out a hand to gesture you first. You nod, walking past and attempting to conceal your rapid heartbeat. The elevator to the lobby is silent on the way down, and you glance sideways at Jungkook.
“Where’s Bam?” you ask.
Jungkook looks at you and again, you’re taken aback by how handsome he is. Taehyung’s words run through your mind, unbidden. You clearly like this guy. It’s incredibly annoying how Taehyung is always right.
“He’s with Jimin,” Jungkook answers. “Bam had a love at first sight moment.”
You laugh, facing forward. “A lot of people tend to have that moment with Jimin.”
It could be nothing, but you swear Jungkook stiffens slightly at your comment. Before either of you can continue, the elevator dings and you enter the lobby.
His car waits at the curbs, idling with the driver in its front seat. The moment you exit the Inn, your breath frosts, and you shiver. Luckily, the backseat is heated, and you let out a sigh as your butt hits the leather.
Following quickly, Jungkook shuts the door and gives his driver the address. Settling in, Jungkook gazes out the window as the car pulls away. The drive is a fantastic view, you must admit.
Hammond is the town closest to the Inn, a tiny place with only a few thousand locals. They go crazy around Christmastime, with what seems like a tree for each permanent resident. The Inn is situated above Hammond in the mountains, but its lights are visible as you wind down the road.
“I’m sorry if I forced you into coming tonight.”
Surprised, you glance sideways and find Jungkook looking back.
“I – well, you didn’t force me. I could’ve said no.”
He gives a half-smile. “I guess. I only wanted to help, but I got the impression Namjoon wouldn’t trust a stranger to judge a restaurant’s cooking.”
“You’re right about that,” you admit.
“We don’t have to sit together if it makes you uncomfortable. I can sit at a different table, or –”
“Jungkook,” you interrupt. “I’m glad we’re going together. Okay?”
Visibly relaxing, he sinks in his seat. “Oh. Okay.”
Hiding a smile, you look out the window and watch the town grow gradually closer. The drive to Hammond is one of your favorite parts of the Christmas season. It’s almost a shame you need to live at the Inn every December. Lights are wrapped around each available surface, covering trees, poles and crisscrossing the road overhead.
Jungkook marvels at this, and you nearly smile. Catching yourself just in time, you shift in your seat to look out the window.
Ten minutes later, you’re pulling in front of a snow-dusted awning. Rosa’s says the placard hung above the restaurant. The place looks idyllic, set with the mountains in the background.
You’re so focused on this that you fail to look where you’re going when you step from the car.
“Ah!” you yelp, sinking ankle-deep into snow.
“Are you okay?” Jungkook rushes around.
Shaking your foot free, you wince. “Yeah,” you sigh, stepping onto the sidewalk. “Apart from a complete lack of coordination.”
“You hide it so well, though,” Jungkook says, offering an elbow.
Accepting this, you allow him to lead you inside. Jungkook’s expression is deadpan, until he sees you looking and grins.
Realizing he was joking, you laugh. It slips out before you can stop it and Jungkook’s smile brightens to an unnatural degree. It rivals even the Christmas lights as you enter Rosa’s.
Stopping at the hostess stand, Jungkook gives his last name, and you wait to be seated. You asked Namjoon if he wanted this to be an official tasting, or just a blind test of the food and he preferred the latter. So now, you and Jungkook are led to a quiet corner table with a view of the mountains.
Jungkook seats himself across the table, pulling out the menu to frown at its contents. He’s a concentrated reader, you realize – full of furrowed brow and slightly moving lips. You’re too busy watching Jungkook instead of your own menu, so when he looks up and asks what you’re drinking, you have no idea.
“Uh,” you say, glancing down and saying the first thing you see. “I’ll have an old fashioned.”
His brows arch. “You like whiskey?”
“Sure,” you say, laying your menu flat. No chance of backing out now. “Don’t you?”
“Nope.” Casually, Jungkook follows suit. “Way too strong. I like sweeter drinks. I think I’ll get a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.”
“… in the winter?”
Unconcerned, he shrugs.
Something inside you twists. You like this about him. You don’t want to and yet, you like the fact that Jungkook orders the drinks he wants when he wants and doesn’t care what people say.
The waiter stops at your table and, after giving your order, silence falls between you. You glance out the window and in the corner of the room, a pianist starts playing Have Yourself a Merry Christmas.
“Do you eat in town often?”
When you glance back, you find Jungkook looking at you.
“No, not really,” you say. “Hoseok’s cooking pretty much tops everyone else.”
“True.” Jungkook pauses, then adds, “But where do you go when you go out?”
“You know, with friends. Or on dates.”
“Dates?” you say, blinking.
His brow furrows slightly. “Do you not date, then?”
“I…” Fiddling with the edge of your napkin, you try not to think about the handsome man seated across the table and how this isn’t a date. “There aren’t a lot of options at the Inn.”
“I mean, there’s a bunch of guys there. Seokjin, Jimin, Hoseok…”
“Not really interested.”
“I’m straight,” you say, and he nods. “What about you?” you ask, changing the subject. “I’m sure people must be throwing themselves at your feet.”
The arrival of your drinks interrupts the conversation, and you patiently wait while the waiter retreats. Picking up his glass, Jungkook swirls it once before taking a sip.
“I guess,” he says. “It’s hard to date seriously with all of my traveling.”
“I feel like some people wouldn’t mind.”
Jungkook pauses, then looks at you quizzically. Before he can follow up, the waiter stops by to take your dinner order. Once he disappears, you lean forward.
“Can I be honest?”
Jungkook pauses. “Go ahead.”
“You’re not what I expected,” you say.
He seems vaguely amused. “What were you expecting?”
“Well. I… didn’t have the greatest impression of you back in college.”
Jungkook goes still, and your courage slowly drains.
Taehyung wanted you to ask Jungkook what happened with Leslie, but facing him now, you find yourself at a loss. If you fuck things up, there are still several more days left to go on his contract. It would be stupid to ruin this just to give yourself peace of mind.
That’s what you tell yourself the reason is, anyways. Not that you’re a coward and asking him for the truth and it being unfavorable would potentially break you.
Jungkook lowers his glass. “What was your impression of me back in college?”
“I thought…” After a moment of hesitation, you go with the easy answer. “You went from girl to girl. You always had a crowd of people around you.”
“You thought I was a player.”
It’s close enough to the truth that you nod.
Jungkook’s expression is oddly intent. “And what do you think now?”
“Now…” You force yourself to hold his gaze. “I think my impression of you may have been wrong.”
Something in his eyes lightens. In the corner of the room, the pianist begins to play O Tannenbaum.
Changing the subject, Jungkook asks about Christmases spent with your mom. You explain about Romel and before that, your mom and dad together. Speaking about your dad is hard, but Jungkook is patient and before long, you find the words pouring out.
He responds in kind, explaining he has a younger brother but they’re not super close. All the years spent touring and training took their toll. Jungkook plans to train for the next Winter Olympics and then, he thinks he might be done.
“It takes up a lot of time,” he explains as your dinner arrives. “I’d love to be able to just relax and figure out who I am off the slopes.”
“I can’t even imagine the type of pressure you’re under,” you say, taking a bite of your pasta. So far, the food has been excellent – Namjoon will be happy to have a crisis averted. “Having so many people watch you. Knowing a single run counts for everything.”
Jungkook nods. “Yeah. It never gets easier, either. Some of the novelty wears off, but the pressure just changes – never decreases.”
“And after your last run,” you blurt without thinking. “The one during last year’s Winter Olympics. How can you even top that? I remember the announcer said it was the cleanest, most difficult pass they’d ever seen and – what?” you say, noticing his expression.
“Nothing.” Jungkook’s lips twitch. “I didn’t realize you were a fan.”
Immediately, your cheeks heat. “I’m not. I just watched the Olympics, that’s all.”
“Hm. Who won men’s curling, then?”
“Well, that’s not fair,” you say. “No one watches that.”
“More should.” Jungkook grins. “That’s not the point, though. The point is you watched my run and thought I was good.”
“I know you’re just fishing for compliments,” you say, “but you deserve to hear how awesome you are. I mean, I’m sure you hear it all the time. I haven’t told you that yet, though.”
“No,” he says softly. “You haven’t.”
There’s weight to his words beyond the usual meaning. For a moment you stare, pasta forgotten on your fork.
“For what it’s worth,” Jungkook continues, “I couldn’t do your job, either.”
“Oh, really? You’re literally doing my job right now.”
He shakes his head. “I’m just posing for photos with my dog in the snow. I’m glad I can help, but I could never do what you do for the Inn. I see the way people look at you, the way they gravitate to you for advice. What you do is important, so don’t say that it’s not.”
His words steal your breath away and oh, now you’re in danger. Before, you thought you could go to dinner and keep things professional but there’s nothing professional about the sudden urge to climb over the table, straddle Jungkook’s thighs and kiss his damn mouth to keep him from saying such wonderful things.
“I don’t know,” you say when you’re able to speak. “You’re impressing an entire nation, Jungkook.”
His gaze ignites at your words. “I don’t really care about the nation right now.”
Your body’s response is immediate and visceral. Thighs pressed together, your fingers tighten on the napkin – not tapping, for once. Right now, your attention is focused solely on Jungkook.
Dinner slips past, with conversation and wine flowing. By the time you return to the Inn, you’ve texted Namjoon several smiley faces and fifteen thumbs-ups about the restaurant. He tells you to go tf to sleep and turns off his phone, which you show to Jungkook and results in a near-minute of laughter.
You realize you’re tipsy after you pay – Namjoon gave you his credit card – and step outside. Snow is falling, light flakes falling from a grayish sky. Turning around in a circle, you stick out your tongue to catch two or three.
Jungkook watches in amusement from a few feet away.
“Brr,” you say, moving closer. “Aren’t you cold?”
“A little,” he admits. “My driver should be here soon. I texted him when we paid.”
“Okay, cool.”
You continue to shiver though and after a moment, Jungkook steps closer and unzips his coat.
“Here,” he says. “The lining is down, so it’ll be warmer than your peacoat.”
A moment of hesitation follows, then you slowly step forward to slide your arms around his waist. A million thoughts are running through your mind – this is Jungkook – but all of them quiet at the scent of peppermint and cardamom.
“I like your cologne,” you mumble, turning your face into his sweater.
Jungkook chuckles, shaking your frame.
“Thanks,” he murmurs, and you hear where the words start inside his chest.
You listen to Jungkook’s heartbeat, loud and clear. Its thumps are uneven, as if Jungkook might be as nervous as you are. Forcing yourself to exhale, you tilt your chin up to his.
Jungkook stares back and, after a moment, closes his arms around you.
It’s been a long time since you allowed yourself to care during this time of the year. Longer since someone made you want to try. For so long, you’ve kept yourself hidden because if the feelings can’t reach you, they can’t hurt you.
In the snow with his arms wrapped around you, you find yourself wondering if maybe, this was a form of hurting itself.
Headlights swing onto the street and, recognizing the car, you take a reluctant step back. Jungkook opens the door, letting you in and following suit.
The way to the Inn is quiet, a different sort of tension in the space between you. Subtly, you move your hand closer on the leather seat.
Jungkook shifts, barely noticeable and ends up slightly closer. The heat from his hand is a tangible weight against your pinky finger. Something curls in your gut as you stare straight ahead.
Outside of Hammond, there’s barely any lights except the car’s headlights. In the corner of one eye, Jungkook’s profile is barely visible against the dark of the night. On the seat between you, his hand shifts even closer.
You still when his thumb lightly brushes your finger. Without speaking, Jungkook takes your hand and gently flips it over. Lightly, his index finger drags down the center of your palm.
Inhaling slightly, your fingers curl around his. You see Jungkook smirk, and he does it again. And again – until you can no longer stand it, twisting sideways to face him.
His eyes are nearly black with hunger, mirroring your own. Your lips have parted on instinct, and his gaze drops to them as though drawn.
The car beneath you has slowed and far in the distance, you see lights from the Inn. Your stomach plummets at this because it’s too soon. You want to stay here forever, in this half-space with him. With a large amount of effort, Jungkook looks over your shoulder and the car comes to a stop.
“We should go in,” he says, little more than a rasp.
“Mm. We should.
You don’t move though, and neither does he.
“Y/N… we should go in,” he exhales, sounding pained. “You only just started giving me the time of day. I’d hate to ruin things by moving too fast.”
He’s right. You know Jungkook is right and somehow this makes you want him even more. When he reaches across you to open the door, you grasp his jacket.
Jungkook stills, turning his head.
You hesitate, then kiss him before you lose the nerve. Just once, to see what it feels like – but as you start to pull away, Jungkook’s hand comes up and cups the back of your head. He pulls you closer, kissing you deeply as you lose your breath.
Before you can fully dissolve, Jungkook lets go and moves himself backwards. His breathing is heavy, staring at you as though he thinks he might fall.
“Well.” Jungkook exhales. “That was –”
“Goodnight,” you squeak, and push open the door.
He blinks. “Y/N…”
“Nope,” you say, whirling around. “I need to go. Now. Before I change my mind and ruin what you said you wanted.”
Jungkook’s jaw works, and you know what he’s thinking. He’s thinking you could both head inside right now, rip off each other’s clothes and destroy everything he said about going slow. If you did that though, there’s no telling which of you would still be here when you wake up tomorrow.
“Fine,” he says. “Yes. Go inside.” Groaning, Jungkook flops back on the seat to press both fists to his eyes. “I need a fucking cold shower.”
You laugh in surprise, spinning around to enter the Inn. Snow is starting to fall as you push open the door and you feel your heart soar.
For the first time in ages, the holidays feel magical. When you glance behind you, Jungkook is grinning, and you wave at him once before disappearing.
Tumblr media
The sun shines brightly when you wake the next morning. Jungkook and Seokjin head out for an early run on the slopes – a snowstorm is coming according to the local weatherman, so you’ll need to have guests inside before dinner.
Passing behind the front desk, you take off your snow boots and slip into heels. Most of the patio furniture has been secured, except for the ones being currently used by the guests. Yoongi is busy checking in a large group, so you hurry to the counter and put on a bright smile.
“How can I help you?” you ask the next person in line.
An older man in a bright-orange parka steps around his suitcase.
“Hi, there!” he says with a smile. “My wife and I are checking in. Last name is Henderson.”
His wife, staying behind with the bags, offers a wave. You smile, then busy yourself at the computer. Once their paperwork and deposit have been received, you reach below the desk to hand them their key.
“These are yours,” you instruct. “You’ll be in room twenty-nine, which is upstairs and down the hall to your left. Elevators are ahead. Do you need any help with your bags?”
“Oh, no – no,” the man says, turning towards his wife. “Still enough gumption in me yet. Have a nice day!”
They exit the lobby, and once they’ve disappeared, you check the screen to see how many more people have yet to come in. As much as you hate to admit, Jungkook’s presence has increased your sales tenfold. Currently, you’re sold out through February and things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.
Okay, maybe you don’t hate to admit it. Jungkook has proven himself to be exactly the opposite of who you thought he was. His kiss continues to linger in your mind – his uneven breathing, the way his chest rose and fell. How he had to physically pull away, rather than move things any further than would be smart.
When you do let him in, it might ruin you.
Letting Jungkook in would change everything and strangely enough, you think you might want that. You’ve been stuck in the same place for so long now, too terrified of being hurt to take any chances and maybe that was okay five years ago, but now –
“Excuse me?”
Head snapping upward, you realize a guest is standing before you.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” you say, straightening. “How can I help?”
Exhaling deeply, the woman rolls her eyes.
Minutely, your smile tightens. High maintenance. Years spent in the service industry have taught you the signs. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the people wearing designer labels who suck. It’s those who have a certain air, a certain look, a certain my time is worth more than your time attitude.
“I’m here to check in,” she says – slowly, as though you might be hard of hearing.
Nodding once, you pull up the reservation list. “Last name?”
“Really?” She stares.
Fingers pausing on the keyboard, you look up again. The woman has that over-tanned, over-coiffed look that’s popular on the west coast, but you honestly have no idea who she is.
Yoongi’s disappeared, otherwise you’d call him over. Something about his demeanor makes even the most narcissistic starlets drop their attitude.
“I’m sorry,” you apologize, not knowing what for. “I need a last name and ID to complete the check-in process. Hotel policy.”
The woman rolls her eyes, fishing around in her Birkin bag for her wallet. Pulling out a Nevada driver’s license, she plunks this down on the counter along with her black card.
Smiling politely, you pick them up. Anya Ajanovic. That’s her name, and it rings zero bells. As quickly as possible, you run her name through the system. The faster you get her into a room, the faster she’s out of your presence.
“I see you’re staying at the Inn for four nights, Ms. Ajanovic,” you say pleasantly. “Is that correct?”
“Yes,” she says, glancing around the room. “Four nights.”
Nodding, you reach below the desk for a key. The lake suite is available, and you get the feeling Anya won’t tolerate less than the best. Well – second-best, since your best suite is currently taken by Jungkook.
Glancing up, you’re forced to concede Anya is pretty. With lustrous blonde hair and bright hazel eyes, she looks like Skiing Barbie made by Mattel. She continues to scan the lobby while waiting, as though looking for something.
“Your room is ready,” you say pleasantly. “Is there anything else you need during your stay?”
“No” – craning her neck, Anya twists around – “no, I don’t think so.”
“Alright.” You pause, sliding her key over the counter. “It’s just… you seem to be looking for something.”
“Oh.” She glances at you and for the first time, looks almost bashful. “I’m searching for my boyfriend, actually. I wanted to surprise him for the holidays. I was supposed to have work, but I managed to get off and here I am! Embarrassing, right?” A small laugh follows. “I always swore never to chase a man and here I am, chasing him. It’s downright Hallmark.”
A leaden weight thumps in your stomach and without quite knowing why, you swallow.
“Your boyfriend… is staying at the Inn?”
Nodding once more, Anya scans the lobby. “Mhm,” she says, sounding distracted. “Jungkook Jeon. Do you know him?”
A loud ringing fills your ears.
She continues to speak, but everything Anya says seems to come from underwater. Your fingers tighten on the desk, gripping to the point of property damage.
No. Not possible.
Not possible for this woman – this terrible woman – to be dating Jungkook, because that would mean… Leslie was right.
Heat replaces ice in your veins, searing you from the inside out. Leslie didn’t lie to you back in college. Jungkook really did cheat on her, and now you’re stuck in the same web.
You’re an idiot. A complete idiot because you watched this happen before and thought yourself impervious. You thought Jungkook had changed when he’s been the same guy all along.
Tugging your turtleneck from your collar, you glance around again for Yoongi. He’s still checking people in, which leaves you stranded with Anya.
“Oh,” you say, strangled. “Jungkook Jeon, the snowboarder – right?”
Her eyes widen. “Yes! Oh, right. I always forget that people know him. I don’t really follow sports, you know?”
“Mhm,” you say tightly.
You shouldn’t care. You really shouldn’t care who Jungkook decides to date, but you do. The fact that he chose Anya over you hurts worse than if he’d simply not been interested.
Nodding, she doesn’t seem to be listening to your responses. “Anyways,” Anya says. “I’m going to head to my room and freshen up. Want to look my best when he sees me. What’s the room, again?”
“The lake suite,” you say, giving her directions.
Flagging down a valet, you ask them to assist Anya with baggage. Spending another second in her presence would be more than you can bear. Once she’s disappeared, you sag against the front counter.
Jungkook lied.
He said it was hard to date because of travel when meanwhile, he’s been in a relationship with this wannabe Kardashian. Worse, he kissed you last night. He made you feel special while he was dating someone else. That bright, rosy feeling Jungkook gave you has died, shriveled against the cold light of reality.
The facts are so appalling that for a moment – only for a moment – you wonder if they’re true. Maybe Anya is mistaken but as soon as you think this, you dismiss it. The facts are the facts – anything else would be denial.
Clutching the counter, you force yourself to breathe. In and out, over and over until –
Yoongi’s voice cuts through the haze.
Slowly, you look sideways and find him standing beside you. When he sees your expression, Yoongi does a double take.
“What’s wrong? Was it that woman you checked in?” His gaze narrows. “I heard her driver complaining after dropping her off. Apparently, he was taking too long. Around switchbacks!” Disgusted, Yoongi shakes his head. “If she wants to fly off the mountainside, that’s her prerogative, but don’t take the staff with you – you know?”
Although you attempt to smile, your lips don’t appear to be in working order.
Yoongi hesitates. “You should get some water,” he says, steering you towards the break room. “Go and sit down. I have the front desk covered.”
“Thanks,” you whisper, turning away.
You make it all of five steps before realizing facing other people is the last thing you want. Taking an abrupt left, you bypass the break room and cut through the lobby. It’s well past your lunch break, and you plan on spending the entirety of it holed up in your room, eating Christmas cookies and having a good cry.
After which you will pull yourself together. This is nothing. Jungkook means nothing.
Except – your feet move faster – you know this isn’t true. You basically admitted to yourself you were falling for him, and likely have been since he arrived at the Inn.
Turning the corner too fast, you nearly run smack into Jimin.
“Whoa – hey, Y/N!” Grinning, he side-steps you. “Where’s the fire?”
“I – nowhere.” You force a laugh. “Just in a hurry to eat, I guess.”
Pausing, Jimin surveys you a beat too long.
Heart seizing, you find yourself full of the terrifying possibility that Jimin knows. He knows you’ve fallen for a man you professed to hate and now, his real girlfriend has come to pull the rug out from under you.
Suddenly, the lodge seems too small to contain your feelings. You don’t want to stay in and wallow – you want to go out and do something, release some of this pent-up frustration coursing through your veins.
“Well, if you’re not too busy after lunch,” Jimin says slowly. “Jungkook was looking for you. He and Seokjin are done snowboarding, so he’s back at the lodge.”
“Oh,” you say tightly. “How nice for him.”
Jimin pauses. “Y/N. Is everything –”
“Got to run,” you say, rushing past before he can say anything more. “See you later, Jimin! Thanks for letting me know about Jungkook.”
Biting your tongue, you refrain from adding a quippy remark about Anya.
Instead, you head for your room. If Jungkook has left the slopes, then that’s exactly where you want to be. Changing into your snow gear, you grab a parka and are gone before you can talk yourself out of it.
Tumblr media
Just one run, you tell yourself while standing in line for the ski lift. There are fewer people on the slopes already, preparing for the snowstorm that’s coming this evening. Already, dark clouds gather on the horizon – far enough away for you not to be worried.
The last place anyone would think to look for you is the mountain and right now, you’re in desperate need of alone time. Jungkook is employed by the Inn for another two days, and you can’t afford to alienate him before then. This poses a problem, since you’re certain the moment you see Jungkook, you’ll have a difficult time staying civil.
Exhaling, you lower your ski goggles and step onto the lift. Settling onto the icy cold seat, you close the bar and try to relax. Easier said than done, although the lodge is beautiful in the waning light. Heat lamps have been positioned around the patio, and lights from the Christmas tree are visible through the bay windows.
Tomorrow is the Christmas Eve party, and you’re praying a good night’s sleep will help you navigate. The holiday movie marathon is tonight with Jungkook, but you’re hoping you can convince Namjoon to hold it without you.
At the top of the ski lift, you open the seat bar and ski to one side. Squinting through your goggles, you glance at the trails. Snow drifts have already piled up around the signs, making them hard to read. You’ll need to let Seokjin know this once you reach the bottom – it could be a safety hazard not to clearly mark the trails.
Pushing off, you select the trail with the easier drop. Last time you came up here, you nearly went down the black diamond trail by mistake. Hovering at the trail’s edge, you adjust your goggles and stare at the slope.
You can do this. Take the nervous energy and use it.
Pushing yourself from the edge, you tip down the hill. Tucking both arms into your sides, you squint through the wind as you rush away. The path turns, veering right and as you round the next corner, your stomach plummets.
This slope is steep.
Much steeper than expected. Frantic, you glance over your shoulder and see the trail marker you must have missed in the snow. A double black diamond.
Heart leaping into your throat, you face forward. You can do this, you determine. All you need to do is stay calm, keep your feet steady and snowplow. Angling your skis closer, your speed gradually slows – until your entire body pitches forward. Immediately jerking backwards, you grit your teeth.
You will make it to the end. Once you’re back at the lodge, you’ll have a big laugh with Seokjin about this in front of the roaring fire – after he scolds you for being an idiot, of course.
Wind rushes past, and after another few moments, you begin to relax. The trail is almost peaceful when it’s so empty. Giant, fluorescent lights brighten the trail from above. Whizzing over the snow, a flutter of butterflies erupt in your stomach but this time, they don’t seem as scary.
Breaking into a grin, you bend your knees and zip around the next corner –
And come face to face with a deer.
You yelp, swerving sharply to avoid a collision. Startled, the deer leaps from your path and you breathe, facing forward – only to gasp.
Pine trees rise from the snow, and you barely manage to avoid the first one. The second is easier but as you swerve around the third, you feel your ankle twist.
Pain lances upward and you swear. Feeling yourself falling, you recall Seokjin’s lesson and throw your weight backwards. You land hard on your ass, the breath knocked from your lungs.
For a moment, there’s silence.
When you push up your goggles, dark sky is visible through the branches above. Shakily, you lift yourself to a seated position. Your ankle throbs and when you reach for your foot, a hiss escapes at the pain. Unclipping both boots from the skis, you toss them aside and attempt to stand.
“Fuck,” you blurt, collapsing back in the snow.
Placing weight  on your ankle is nearly impossible. Glancing around your surroundings, you realize the slope is at least fifteen yards away. Far in the distance, you can make out the shouts of other skiers.
Leaning forward, you call, “HELP! SOMEONE – HELP! I’M IN THE FOREST.”
Although you wait, no one shouts back.
Flakes start to drift from the sky, and you look up in alarm. That can’t be good. Twisting around, you continue to yell until the distant sound of skiers has disappeared. Panicked, you realize you aren’t getting down without walking.
Steeling yourself, you scoot closer to a tree and grasp a bough overhead. Keeping weight off your ankle, you pull yourself upward. Teeth gritted, you slowly take a step and feel your knee buckle.
“Fuck,” you breathe, tears pricking your eyes.
The snow has begun to fall faster, and you’re stricken by the realization you might not make it down. Lowering yourself to the ground, you begin to crawl towards the trail. Slowly, you move, cursing yourself for not bringing your cell phone. There’s no service on the mountain, but at least you could change your outgoing message.
By the time you reach the run, your breathing is heavy. Pausing at the base of a light post, you try not to give in to the panic clawing your chest.
A storm is coming, and you’re stranded alone on a mountain with a twisted ankle. It was stupid of you to come up here. Stupid to mix up the trails. Stupid to give Jungkook a chance.
This one, at least stings less than the rest, so you slowly exhale and force yourself to think. Shelter. You need to find shelter if you can’t make it back to the lodge. The wind howls again, and you open your eyes, determined to keep going.
Before you can move though, someone shouts your name.
Frozen, you squint through the whirling snow. Nothing but the gray-dark of the mountain stares back. Snow obscures your vision, leaving nothing but pine trees and –
A brief flash of red.
Squinting harder, you watch a shape emerge from the storm. Zigzagging down the mountain, headlights appear and disappear amidst piles of snow. Staring in shock, you wonder if you’ve begun to hallucinate. You’ve heard of this happening in the desert when travelers imagine water where there’s none to be found.
Just as you think this, a red snowmobile comes into view.
Tumblr media
Its headlights cut through the snow, ice and slush spraying as it comes to a stop. Heart leaping, you try not to move when you recognize the Inn’s logo. Most likely it’s Seokjin out for a final sweep before he shuts down the lift.
Cutting off its engine, the driver pushes up his goggles. Swinging a leg over, he dismounts and snow crunches beneath his feet.
Recognizing the voice, you go utterly still. The lights of the snowmobile illuminate Jungkook rushing towards you, dropping to his knees.
“Y/N,” he breathes, scanning your body. Spotting your hands clutching your ankle, he frowns. “What’s wrong? Did you hurt yourself?”
“Yes,” you say – then you remember.
Jungkook has a girlfriend. He lied about it to your face.
Immediately, you stiffen. “I mean, yes but don’t worry about me. I’m sure I can make it down the mountain. I just need to rest, and –”
“And what?” Jungkook’s expression sharpens. “Roll yourself down the mountain? Die of hypothermia before you reach the bottom?”
Scowling, you attempt to hold the high ground.
“I’m not dying of hypothermia,” you say. “It’s not that cold.”
“It’s about to be,” Jungkook counters. “I – why are we even arguing about this?” Lifting a walkie-talkie, he presses a button on the side. “Seokjin? This is Jungkook. Over.”
There’s a crackle on the other end, and Seokjin comes through.
“Did you find Y/N?” He sounds frantic. “Where is she?”
“East side of the mountain. Gully run.” Clicking off the speaker, Jungkook says, “What were you doing, trying this run by yourself? This is a double black diamond, Y/N.”
Your scowl deepens. “I know. The sign was buried in snow, so I didn’t realize. Seokjin, I’m fine,” you say, reaching for the walkie-talkie. “I just twisted my ankle a little.”
“A little?” Jungkook demands. “Can you even stand?”
Seokjin’s voice crackles through the speakers. “You hurt your ankle?”
“Yes,” you say, then pause. “And no, I can’t put weight on it.”
“Y/N.” Seokjin groans.
Jungkook takes back the walkie-talkie. “It’s alright,” he says. “I’ll get her back. What’s the quickest way down the mountain?”
“How high up are you?”
“Pretty high.” Jungkook glances around. “I wasn’t far down the run when I saw broken branches.”
Looking over his shoulder, your stomach churns when you realize you need Jungkook’s help. You’re not so prideful you’d risk your health by denying his assistance, but damn, do you wish Jungkook were anyone else.
On the other end of the walkie-talkie, Seokjin swears and Jungkook’s gaze darts in your direction, lips tight.
“What’s the fastest way down?” he repeats.
Seokjin’s voice muffles, then is cut off. After a moment of waiting, Jungkook sits back on his heels. Tearing off one glove with his teeth, he unzips a bag at his waist.
“What are you doing?”
Jungkook looks up. “Searching for gauze. At the very least, I can wrap your ankle.”
“But it’s freezing outside. That’s not –”
“Jungkook – you there?”
Snatching the walkie-talkie from the snow, Jungkook presses the button. “Yeah, I’m here. What’s up?”
“The fastest way down is the gully run, but there’s a line of weak snow halfway down the mountain. It was okay this morning, but with the storm…”
Jungkook exhales. “Could trigger an avalanche.”
Eyes wide, you glance at his snowmobile. Something that heavy would be a definite risk to drive if conditions are right for shifting snow.
“Is there another way down?” Jungkook asks.
He keeps his voice level, and you can tell he’s trying not to scare you. It’s something you appreciate but that’s utterly useless given how long you’ve worked here.
“No,” Seokjin says. “Not unless you go back up and down the other side, but that’s where the storm’s hitting right now. High winds.”
“So, what are you saying?”
“What I’m saying –”
“The ranger station,” you say, looking up. Seokjin mentioned it the other day in his class, and you completely forgot. “It’s not too far from here. We could stay overnight, or at least until the wind dies down and we can go the other way.”
“That could work,” Seokjin says slowly.
“What else were you going to suggest?” Jungkook asks.
Jaw tight, you look away. Of course, Jungkook doesn’t agree with your plan. He probably doesn’t want to spend the night on the mountain, kept away from his girlfriend, Anya.
“Nothing useful,” Seokjin says. “Y/N’s idea is better. You should go to the ranger station and wait out the storm. Radar says it should pass in twenty-four hours. Do you have food?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook says. “But Y/N is hurt. Is there any way to airlift her out?”
“Even if we could fly in these winds, there’s no space to land on that side of the mountain. You’re better off staying until tomorrow.”
Nodding grimly, Jungkook zips his pack up and stands.
“Where’s the cabin?” he asks you.
“I can lead us there,” you say, trying – and failing – to stand.
Moving quickly, Jungkook’s arm wraps around your waist to haul you upright. Your weight hits his chest and you look up on instinct. Snowflakes crust his lashes, and his cheeks are pink from the cold. It hurts to look for too long, so you glance swiftly away.
“Y/N, are you good?” Seokjin asks, the line crackling.
“Yeah,” you say. “The cabin isn’t far from where I went off the trail. I think.”
“Okay, cool. Let us know once you get there.”
“Will do,” says Jungkook. “And Seokjin – can someone check in on Bam? He’s in his crate, but–”
“Done. Don’t worry about a thing.”
“Thanks.” Jungkook exhales and presses off.
Shoving the walkie-talkie into his pocket, Jungkook adjusts his arm on your waist and takes one of your hands.
“Is this okay?” he asks, helping you to take a step.
“It’s fine,” you say tightly.
Once you reach the snowmobile, Jungkook leans you against it. “Stay here,” he says. “I’ll grab your skis and be back.”
You nod, waiting while Jungkook disappears. Wind blasts down the alley, and you fight back a shiver. Your parka feels like nothing, and you wonder how much the temperature has dropped.
Emerging from the forest, Jungkook arrives just in time to witness a violent shiver. He pauses, lips tightening before strapping your skis to the back. Helping you onto the seat, Jungkook is careful not to jar your ankle as he joins.
Revving the engine, Jungkook lowers his goggles.
“Ready?” he calls over his shoulder.
You give him a thumbs up, pointing at the trail in question. Wrapping both arms around him, you slowly lean forward and press your face to his back. It’s a question of necessity, not romance you think as Jungkook takes off.
Zipping his way down the mountain, Jungkook twists when you tap him on the shoulder. Pointing at the break in the trees which lead to the cabin, he veers in this direction. A couple of minutes later, you come to a clearing.
Cabin is a nice word for the one-room outpost halfway up the mountain. When this land was part of the national park, the cabin belonged to its rangers. Now, it’s mostly used for medical supplies and staff breaks during shifts on the ski lift.
Stopping beneath the cabin’s eaves, Jungkook cuts the engine. Helping you from the seat, he assists you for three painstaking steps before exhaling, bending abruptly to sweep your legs out from under you.
You gasp, your hands flying on instinct around Jungkook’s neck. Pushing open the door, Jungkook fumbles along the wall to flick on the light switch, and it takes several seconds for the generator to kick in.
The bare ceiling bulb flickers before casting the room in a greenish-gray glow. The cabin’s furnishings are sparse – a bed for naps, a small kitchenette and a moth-bitten couch which has seen better days. Boxes have been shoved beneath the window, piled haphazardly to block out the light.
Lowering you onto the bed, Jungkook retreats and toes off his boots at the door. His parka, goggles, and hat are next, and he glances around the space with a swift efficiency.
Spotting the kitchenette, Jungkook crosses the room to drop his bag on the counter. Unzipping it, he pulls out a roll of gauze, a cold pack, and antiseptic.
“Is it only your ankle that’s hurt?” Jungkook asks as he turns. “Any scrapes or cuts that need to be disinfected?”
“Just the ankle.”
Hearing your shortness, his jaw tightens. Quickly, Jungkook closes the space between you to kneel by your side. Since being deposited on the mattress, you’ve tried to undo your boot laces, but your fingers are stiff.
“Here.” Jungkook brushes you aside. Undoing the laces himself, he eases off your shoes and sets them on the ground.
Once your shoes have been removed, the difference between your ankles is obvious. Even you wince, seeing the visible swelling.
Sitting back on his heels, Jungkook shoves a hand through his hair. “Do you need help with your jacket?” he asks, looking up and you realize you haven’t changed.
“No,” you say, hastily unzipping. “I can do it.”
His brow furrows at your tone but Jungkook remains silent. Once your coat is removed, he stands and drapes this over his own. Returning to the bed, Jungkook kneels by your side.
By this point, your ankle is throbbing. Collapsing onto the pillows, you extend your legs with a barely restrained groan.
Jungkook’s gaze flickers. “Can I take off your socks?”
After a moment, you nod and prop yourself up on your elbow.
He works slowly, peeling off the socks which have been dampened by snow. Placing these aside, he stands and returns with the gauze and cold pack. Shivering, you recoil from the frigid air on your skin.
“Do you want an insulation blanket?” Jungkook asks quietly.
“I’m okay.”
He nods, then looks up. “Can I examine you?”
“I – what?”
Lifting a brow, Jungkook slips a hand beneath your left foot. “Is this the ankle that hurts? Can I examine it?”
His fingers are cold, and you shiver again. “Oh. Yeah,” you manage to say.
Slight regret colors his gaze. “Sorry.”
Removing his hand, Jungkook cups them around his mouth to blow – slow and even. You stare, and when he returns his hand to your foot, his fingers are warm. Lifting your ankle, Jungkook shifts to better see it in the light.
Faint, purplish bruises are already visible but at least nothing protrudes. You remember enough from first aid to know this to be a good sign. Jungkook’s fingers are sure but careful on your ankle, moving over the joint.
“Does this hurt?” he murmurs, applying the gentlest pressure.
“I – a little,” you admit.
He pauses, then meets your gaze. “Let’s test if you can put weight on it – alright?”
You nod, allowing him to help you from the bed. Jungkook’s arm encircles your waist and again, you’re consumed by the warm smell of peppermint. You’re reminded of a distant memory but can’t quite recall. There’s a blurry night and Christmas songs, but the moment you think this, the memory is gone.
“Okay,” Jungkook says. “Put your injured foot on the floor and slowly add weight. Just a little at a time.”
Biting your lip, you do as instructed. The second weight is added to your injured ankle, you sharply inhale.
“Okay, enough,” Jungkook says gruffly, pulling you to his side.
Turning again, lowers you to the bed. Exhaling in frustration, you stare while Jungkook kneels before you. He resumes the examination of your ankle, turning it this way and that while he gently probes.
“Well?” you ask, fighting the quaver in your voice. “What’s the prognosis?”
Jungkook looks up. “A doctor will have to examine you, but… honestly?” Slowly, he lowers your foot. “Could be either. The fact that you can’t put weight on it seems to suggest a fracture. There’s pretty obvious swelling and bruising as well.”
“So… it’s a fracture.”
“Could be. Or a really bad sprain.”
“… since when are you a trained medic?”
“I’m not,” Jungkook says. “But I’m first aid certified. Comes in handy in the mountains. Okay.” Rocking back on his heels, he scans the cabin. “I’m going to wrap your ankle, Y/N. If it is a sprain, you’ll need ice, compression and elevation.”
“Ah, good old RICE.”
Jungkook’s lips quirk as he stands, returning to your side with the contents of his bag. Settling onto the mattress, he begins wrapping your ankle. The cabin heat has finally kicked in, and you’re starting to feel a bit warm in your sweater.
Fastening the gauze with small metal clips, Jungkook sits back. Breaking the cold compress across his knee, he hands this to you. Accepting it, you reach to drape this over your ankle. Barely have you drawn in a breath before –
“What were you thinking,” Jungkook says, his voice low and flat. “Going out in this storm. Going on a black diamond run.”
Your jaw clenches. “I had enough time,” you retort, although you can’t meet his gaze. “If I hadn’t fallen –”
“But you did fall. You fell, you got hurt and were almost stranded in the middle of a blizzard.”
“I’ve done this run before.”
“When?” he demands. “Because I seem to recall you saying that you didn’t ski much. That you had a bad fall and have been scared ever since. And why,” Jungkook continues, reaching for you, “have you barely even looked at me since I found you?”
Fighting back tears, you wish you could hide but know everything you’re feeling is written plainly on your face.
“What do you care?” you demand, the words coming out sharply.
“What do I – Y/N.” Gently, his fingers slip beneath your chin. “I just spent an hour in the snow searching for you. I kissed you last night! Do you seriously think I... don’t care?”
He sounds so confused and earnest, it hurts even more.
“If that’s true, then you shouldn’t care,” you insist, and he turns your head to meet his gaze head-on. “Seeing as I met your girlfriend back at the lodge. She checked in a few hours ago.”
Jungkook goes perfectly still.
A cornered animal look enters his eyes, which only serves to stoke your anger. Jungkook thought you wouldn’t find out; it’s the only explanation for his reaction. He thought you wouldn’t find out, thought he could leave after a week and take your heart with him.
“I can’t believe I fell for it again,” you breathe, the words pouring out. "I thought you were a nice guy again, and you turned out to be the type who –”
“When.” His hand falls from your chin. “When did Anya check in?”
Jungkook looks vaguely sick and in response, your brow furrows.
“I…” Scanning his expression, you hesitate. “Right before I went skiing.”
Slowly, his eyes close. “What exactly did she tell you?”
“She said… she was coming to surprise you for the holidays. That she had to work, but she managed to get free. And… she’s staying in the suite below yours.”
When Jungkook opens his eyes, they look glassy.
“That’s not my girlfriend,” he says grimly. “That’s a woman who’s been stalking me for months, convinced she’s my soulmate. I have a restraining order against her. It’s part of the reason I wanted to disappear, to get away from the drama.”
Dimly, Jungkook’s words from the cookie-baking contest come back to you. Let’s just say, this came at a good time. I’ve been looking to lay low for a while. It was her. Anya is the person Jungkook wanted to get away from.
Stomach twisting, you realize you may have made a horrible mistake.
“A… restraining order?” you say faintly.
Jungkook nods. “That’s why I didn’t want you posting to social media. When you explained why it was necessary, I wanted to help you and the Inn and figured the restraining order would keep Anya away, but… I guess not.”
“Why didn’t you tell us about her? Flag her name, so she couldn’t make a reservation?”
Even as you say this, you’re well-aware your software isn’t fancy enough for that. You’d need to manually review the guest list every night.
“Namjoon knows,” Jungkook says. “He’s been checking the guest list every night to make sure no one slips by. I’m sure once he sees Anya checked in, he’ll call the police and she’ll be gone by morning.”
Still staring at him, you allow this to sink in. You remember Jungkook talking about the perils of fame, but you thought he meant it’s hard to get Chipotle in person, not the physical danger which comes from a stalker.
Frankly, Jungkook being a playboy seemed far more likely.
“I’m… sorry,” you say at last. “I assumed the worst, and you don’t deserve that.”
Jungkook nods, then pauses. “You said something else.”
Dread enters your stomach, and you feel your fingers begin tapping the blanket beneath you.
“You said... that you fell for my act again. That you thought I was a nice guy again. What… when did I do something like this before?”
“That’s… well.” Shrinking in on yourself, you can’t meet his gaze. “I was thinking of back in college.”
“Right. But what did I do to you back in college to make you think I’m not a nice guy?”
Jungkook sounds genuinely bewildered, which chafes at your memory. “You cheated on Leslie,” you say finally, meeting his gaze. “She told me everything.”
His eyes widen.
“She told you… everything,” he repeats.
“Well, she said that you cheated,” you explain, fully aware you’re babbling again. “Back in college, around Valentine’s Day? She said she walked in on you with another girl, and that you told Leslie you hadn’t thought you were serious…”
The look on his face makes you trail off into silence. Jungkook’s hands grip the blanket, nearly white with anger.
“Leslie said that I cheated on her?” 
His jaw tenses. “And you never thought to ask me?”
“I – I didn’t know you!” you protest. “Leslie is – well, was – my best friend! Of course, I believed her. Are you… are you saying you didn’t cheat?”
Ignoring most of this outburst, Jungkook latches onto one word. “Was?” he says carefully. “Leslie was your best friend? Is she still?”
“Well, no.”
His brows flick upward. “And why’s that?”
“I don’t have to explain myself,” you huff. “We drifted apart after college. It’s none of your business.”
“It’s kind of my business, given she’s the one spreading lies about me.”
“And what lie was that, exactly?”
“That I cheated,” he says stonily. “And that she broke up with me. If I remember correctly, it was the other way around.”
This steals the breath from your lungs. Staring at Jungkook, you feel your chest rise and fall.
“I don’t…” Uncertain, you shake your head. “You were the one who broke up with her?”
He nods.
“But… why?”
“Why did she lie, or why did I break up with her?”
You want to know both, but Jungkook can only answer one of those questions.
“Why did you break up with her,” you say at last.
Something in his face softens. “Why,” Jungkook murmurs. After a moment, he stands from the bed. “A lot of reasons, I guess. Leslie never wanted to hang out with me alone. She only wanted to be seen in public. Also” – He holds up two fingers – “she told my best friend that if we weren’t dating, she’d ‘definitely fuck him.’ And then, there’s the other reason,” he says, adding a third finger. Coming to a stop, Jungkook meets your gaze. “I almost kissed her best friend at a party and thought I should end it before things went any further.”
Frozen, you stare at Jungkook from the bed. Lowering his hand to his side, Jungkook crosses the room to sit on the edge of your mattress.
“Which friend,” you whisper.
He gives you a rueful look. “I wanted to tell you I liked you. I tried to that night in the library, but then you ran away, and I figured… well. I figured it wasn’t meant to be. But when I got to the Inn and saw the manager was you, it just, I don’t know. It felt like fate.” Jungkook winces. “That’s dumb. I’m sorry. I’m not good with words, and I don’t want to say the wrong thing.”
Again, you get the oddest sense of déjà vu. Titling your head, you try and remember where you’ve heard that before.
Before you can recall, your mind snags on something else. “After you broke up,” you say slowly. “Leslie and I promised never to date each other’s exes. Did she…?”
Something unreadable crosses Jungkook’s expression.
“I told her I had feelings for someone else. I didn’t say who, but I wonder…”
Trailing off, he leaves the words unsaid. You don’t want to believe him. You don’t want to believe Leslie would do something so cruel, but Taehyung’s words play again though your mind. Leslie was jealous of you and now, you no longer feel hurt – but furious.
“I didn’t know,” you say tightly. “I didn’t… she didn’t…”
Scooting closer, Jungkook covers your hand with his.
“Hey,” he says softly. “If I had been in your shoes, I would’ve believed my friend, too.”
“I guess. It's just… I can’t believe she did that.”
Jungkook makes a low, humming noise.
“It’s a lot to take in.” Helpless, you glance at him. “Leslie lied. I spent so long hating you for apparently no reason. And you… you liked me back then?”
“More than liked.” He gives a small smile. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you from the first time we met.”
“What, at that restaurant?”
A flash of guilt crosses his expression. “Well. Before that, actually.”
Now, you’re the one looking at him strangely. “We met before then? I feel like I would remember that.”
“You would,” he says slowly. “If you hadn’t been drunk off your ass.”
Drunk off your ass? The only time you were so drunk you couldn’t remember was –
No way.
Eyes wide, you stare as the pad of Jungkook’s thumb gently strokes your palm. “It… was you,” you whisper, the dots connecting. “You’re my Christmas ghost.”
Softly, he laughs. “I forgot you called me that. Well, that’s not true. I remembered. But I didn’t think you remembered.”
“That’s… you’re not… why didn’t you say something?”
“I tried!” Jungkook insists. “When I got to the restaurant the night of the formal and realized who you were, I was going to say something, but then you stood up and introduced yourself. It was clear you didn’t remember me, and I didn’t want to embarrass you, so I figured I’d bring it up later… and, well.” He shrugs. “It just never happened.”
Suddenly, it all clicks into place.
The peppermint smell when your Christmas Ghost walked you home. His insistence on not being good with words, but somehow managing to make you feel better. Quiet, but kind and – without meaning to, tears sting the backs of your eyelids.
“You were nice to me,” you whisper. “When I was rambling about my dad.”
Jungkook’s expression softens. “I’m glad that’s what you remember. I thought I kind of fucked up – I’ve never been very good with words.”
“No,” you blurt. “Never. You… your words meant a lot to me. I’m sorry I was too drunk to remember who you were.”
He smiles. “I figured. I had just started dating Leslie, but I spent most of my holiday break talking about the super-cute drunk girl I met the last night of finals. I figured it wasn’t meant to be, so imagine my surprise when I show up to dinner and Leslie’s best friend is – you.”
Jungkook inches closer. “You.”
His gaze drops to your lips, and the air between you feels suddenly thick. Head swimming, you force yourself to concentrate on why it wouldn’t be a good idea to make out with him right now. Your ankle is throbbing, you’re trapped in a blizzard, Jungkook technically works for the Inn –
“Can I kiss you?” he asks, sounding so utterly hopeful, all your reservations crumble.
“Yes,” you whisper.
Jungkook leans in, one hand rising to cup the back of your neck. His thumb drifts across sensitive skin and, almost without meaning to, your eyes slowly shut.
He leans in and your lips touch, soft and fleeting. His touch is gentle and when Jungkook pulls back, your eyes open.
“Oh,” you say, gaze catching on his.
Abruptly, Jungkook pushes himself backwards and stands.
You blink, suddenly cold without his presence. “What’s wrong?”
Shaking his head, Jungkook scans the cabinets and pulls open the first one. Not finding what he’s looking for, he opens another and lets out a noise of triumph. Removing four citronella candles, he places these on the counter.
Your jaw drops. “Are you serious? You were looking for… candles?”
Jungkook fishes a lighter from his bag. “Yeah,” he says, flicking it on. “What did you think I was looking for?”
“I don’t know, first aid supplies?”
He makes a dismissive sound, and you grin, scooting back on the bed. Once the candles are lit, Jungkook shuts off the hanging light and turns around.
The candlelight bathes the room in a flickering glow. Crossing the room to sit on the bed, the mattress squeaks beneath Jungkook’s weight.
For a moment, he pauses. “I’m nervous,” he admits.
“You’re nervous?” you say. “You’re, well… you. And look at me.”
“I am.”
Jungkook’s voice is low, his face warm in candlelight and you fight back a shiver. Emboldened, he reaches out to pull you closer. A hair’s breadth away from your lips, Jungkook pauses.
“I have to say,” you tease. “I never imagined you as the hesitant type.”
Something in his gaze darkens.
“Are you saying you imagined me otherwise?” he asks, soft and low.
“What, exactly, did you imagine?”
Your breath hitches when his thumb strokes your jaw.
“I imagined you kissing me,” you whisper.
Indulging you in your fantasy, Jungkook presses a slow kiss to your brow.
“What else?”
“I –” You pause, overwhelmed by the possibilities.
He chuckles at this response.
“Truthfully.” Jungkook shifts to better see you. “You’re right. I… don’t do this a lot. I’m not really a one-night stand kind of guy.”
“No. I’ve only been with three other women.”
You stare. “But… you and Leslie…”
“We never had sex.”
“But… you two were dating for like, three months.”
Jungkook lifts a brow. “And? I like to go slow.”
Pointedly, you stare at his hands on your waist.
He exhales a laugh. “Was eight years not long enough? And can we please,” he groans, “not talk about other people right now?”
“You don’t want that?” you tease. “You want all of my attention?”
“Yes.” Gripping your waist, he pulls you closer until you’re nearly in his lap. “Please.”
His last word is said with your lips nearly touching. Jungkook is careful not to jar your ankle, but the way his hands are holding you feels barely restrained. Fingers curling into his hair, you tilt your head upward and open your mouth with his.
Jungkook groans, the sound catching in his throat. One of his hands splays over your neck, his thumb stroking upwards in slow, even strokes. Shifting even closer, your hand bunches in his sweater as you kiss him back. A whimper leaves your lips, stolen and swallowed as fast as it comes.
Hand slipping beneath your sweater, Jungkook spans your waist before pulling back.
“Fuck,” he says, hoarse. “Want to see you.”
Leaning back, you replace his hands with your own. Removing your sweater, you hesitate a moment before dropping to the ground. Left in only your bra and sweatpants, you can’t help but feel woefully inadequate.
Except for the way Jungkook stares, as though he might consume you whole.
“You, next,” you tell him, suddenly shy.
Glancing up, Jungkook’s gaze catches before he nods and sits back. His lip ring is gone, you realize, but the eyebrow piercing remains. Removing his shirt, Jungkook reveals a trim torso – and an entire sleeve of tattoos.
Absently, you reach out to trace over a flower – a tiger lily on his forearm. Stomach clenching, you wish you could put weight on your ankle. If you could, you’d push him back and trace each line of ink with your tongue.
Seeming to understand what you’re thinking, Jungkook’s gaze darkens. Kneeling before you on the bed, his abdominals are visible and your gaze snags on these next.
“Holy fuck,” you whisper. “Why are you built like that?”
Jungkook ducks his head, and – slipping both hands to his face – you return his lips to yours. Kissing you back, he eagerly presses you down to the sheets. Right hand cupping your waist, he slowly skims up until his thumb brushes your breast.
You groan, arching upwards and he does it again. Lowering his head, Jungkook’s lips find a nipple and close over the fabric. He tugs, biting down and soothing the ache with a lick. Reaching beneath you, Jungkook undoes your bra, removing its straps to drop on the floor.
Left bare from the waist up, his gaze darkens as he beholds you.
“You are unreal,” Jungkook murmurs, dropping again.
A soft breath escapes when he bends to lick over a nipple. Both harden, resulting in a dull, aching throb between your drenched thighs. Cupping a breast, Jungkook flicks with his tongue before closing his mouth over to suck. You groan, arching your back as he moves to the next.
When both your breasts feel heavy, Jungkook sits back on his heels and spreads his thighs. Dragging both hands through his hair, he looks at your ankle.
“I don’t…” Jungkook’s breathing is heavy. “I don’t want to hurt you, Y/N.”
He’s right. You know that he’s right, but you hate it because you want him so badly, you might burst. The evidence of Jungkook’s arousal is obvious, straining his sweatpants in a way that makes your mouth water.
Catching where you look, Jungkook groans. “I don’t think that would be a good idea,” he cautions. “But… maybe we can do other things?”
Your gaze lifts. Lowering yourself back on your elbows, you spread your legs and let your chest rise and fall.
“What kind of things?”
Jungkook’s gaze darkens and he shifts, placing a palm beside you on the bed. Slipping a hand down your body, a few strands of his hair fall forward.
“Can I remove your pants?” Jungkook asks, and you nod. “What about your panties?” He smirks. “Can I take them off and see how wet this pussy is for me?”
Oh, fuck.
Your mouth goes dry, and you lick your lips as you nod. Lifting a brow, Jungkook tugs your pants down to remove them from your body. He’s careful not to jar while he works, and when he returns to your panties, he pauses.
Lowering himself to one forearm, Jungkook drags a single digit down the center of the fabric. You inhale sharply, legs spreading at the sensation. It must be obvious how wet you are, how much Jungkook has turned you on with only his words.
He looks up. “So ready for me, sweetheart.” Jungkook presses his thumb over your clit through the cotton. “Fucking soaked and we’ve barely started.”
“Eight years,” you remind him. “Eight years of sexual tension between us.”
“Spread this leg.” Jungkook taps your good ankle. “Good girl. Now, this one” – gently, he lifts the knee over his shoulder – “should stay elevated.”
Gasping a laugh, you drop back on the bed. “I don’t think that’s what doctors mean when they say to – ooh.”
Lazily, he drags a finger up and down your clothed sex. It feels indecent, your legs spread before him while he tugs your panties aside. For a moment he simply looks, taking in the sight of your soaking pussy displayed.
“Such a tight, little cunt,” he exhales, and looks up. “Even if it were on the table, you wouldn’t be able to handle my dick tonight.”
“I can take it,” you pant.
Chuckling, he drops a kiss to your inner thigh. “I bet you can,” Jungkook murmurs. Casually, his fingers stroke your waiting sex. “I bet you like taking a big dick, mm?”
“Yes,” you breathe. “Yes, please.”
His index finger teases your pussy, dipping in slowly but never all the way. Lowering himself to one forearm, Jungkook inhales.
The first lick of his tongue makes your entire body clench. Knees spreading wider, you urge him on in a silent demand. Jungkook continues to stroke with his fingers, playing with your pussy while he sucks on your clit.
“Oh, god,” you pant.
Jungkook keeps going. With slow, measured licks, he urges your clit into something throbbing and needy. Fingers teasing your pussy, he waits until you’re keening before he pushes one inside.
“Oh!” you gasp, head thrown back at the intrusion.
It’s been a while since you slept with someone, and your entire body feels tight. Jungkook goes slowly, his fingers easing you open until you begin to feel wanton. Leg thrown over his shoulder, your thighs tremble in earnest when he sucks on your pussy. Gripping his hair, you tug Jungkook upward and his lips curl into a smile.
Gripping your panties, he tugs these down your legs to toss aside. Dropping back down, he settles before your dripping cunt.
“Use me,” he pants, guiding your hands to his hair. “Want you to fuck my mouth, Y/N.”
You hesitate a little but the moment he licks, you give him what he wants. Legs spreading eagerly, you guide Jungkook’s mouth against your needy sex. Jungkook groans in approval, hips grinding into the mattress with each flick of his tongue.
“Oh – my god,” you groan.
Freeing one hand, Jungkook slips two fingers into your waiting pussy. A cry escapes you, eagerly spreading your legs to roll your hips.
“Yes,” you say, trapped between the bed and his mouth while Jungkook fills you with his fingers.
A deep, steady pressure builds inside you. Right before breaking, Jungkook sits back and pulls out his fingers. A whine of protest escapes you, until he slides them on either side of your throbbing clit.
Pushing himself up your torso, he kisses you slow on the mouth.
When you taste yourself on his tongue, you bite down on his lip. Jungkook uses this opportunity to slip a finger inside your waiting pussy. You gasp at the fullness and Jungkook grinds the heel of his palm against your swollen clit.
“Jungkook,” you gasp, clasping his upper back.
He chuckles, his breath teasing your throat, then your nipples as he lowers himself down your body. Jungkook’s tongue soon replaces his hand, easing you back to the brink of orgasm. Right before you break apart, he lifts his head.
“Jungkook,” you groan.
“Yes?” His smile flashes from between your thighs.
You lift your hips. “Make me come.”
“Is that what you want?” Spreading your sex, Jungkook laps up your juices. “You want me to make this pussy come?”
“Yes,” you moan.
One of his arms curls around your leg, keeping you firm on his shoulder. This action causes his bicep to flex, which you find momentarily distracting – until he plunges two fingers inside, curling them forward in a come-hither motion.
“Oh my god,” you gasp, back arching.
“So fucking sweet,” he breathes. “Could fucking eat your pussy for days. Make you come apart and keep on going.”
“Why don’t you,” you taunt.
Stilling his fingers, Jungkook looks up.
“Because,” he says sweetly. “I think you like being told no.” Withdrawing his fingers, Jungkook traces around your pussy. “I think you like being denied until your legs shake. Want you to soak these sheets, but you have to deserve it.”
“How – how do I deserve it,” you pant because he’s right. You love being edged, love to be teased, love having your orgasm drawn out until your vision turns black.
Jungkook’s gaze moves to your chest, where your breasts rise and fall with each breath you take. Knowing your nipples are hard, you lift a palm to thumb over the peak.
“That’s it, baby,” Jungkook says, not looking away. “Tug those nipples down for me like a good girl.”
You obey, spreading your legs as you palm your breasts. When you tug on the nipples, Jungkook lowers his head to suck on your clit. You gasp, nearly coming undone–
And his tongue lowers from clit to your cunt, fucking you roughly as his fingers pull out. You whimper, orgasm slipping away as your hands find his hair. Legs open, you ride his tongue while he pushes inside you. Your body trembles, about to come again when Jungkook pulls back.
He sharply smacks your clit, and you gasp. Without further preamble, Jungkook lifts himself up your body to thrust two fingers inside you.
“A-ah,” you moan, your thigh shoved towards your chest as Jungkook leans forward.
“There you go, baby,” he says, snapping his wrist below. “Take all of that. You like having my fingers inside you?”
“Such a tight, little pussy,” he goads. “No way you could fit all of my dick.”
“I can!”
Honestly though, his fingers stuff you so well, you’re not entirely sure. Having his cock inside you might ruin you in the best sort of way.
“We’ll try another day,” he says. “After I’ve made you come a few times and gotten this pussy nice and wet.”
You moan, unable to respond when he adds a third finger. Jungkook stretches you so nicely, fucking you so hard, your breasts bounce on your chest.
“That’s it,” he breathes, glancing down at his fingers disappearing inside you.
The wet sounds of him fucking you leave your entire body trembling. Each thrust makes you whimper, hitting your g-spot with extraordinary precision. You’re squirming beneath him, gripping the panes of his back, unsure you’ll survive when you finally come.
“Oh my god – Jungkook,” you gasp, burying your face in his shoulder.
He doesn’t relent, fucking you open as your orgasm breaks. Coming apart on his fingers, you gasp his name as your vision darkens. Your pleasure never slows, the waves gradually decreasing until you open your eyes.
Slowly, Jungkook slips from your body and collapses beside you.
“Holy shit,” you breathe.
He’s smiling, his hair messy and lips wet. “Was it good?”
“Good?” Reaching out, you tug on his waistband. “Come here.”
Not objecting, Jungkook moves closer and lowers your leg to the sheets. Lips finding yours, he kisses you gently and you nearly melt. With his right leg pressed to yours, you’re able to feel the massive bulge at the front of his sweatpants.
When you start to reach down, Jungkook halts your wrist.
“You don’t have to do anything for me,” he says.
“I want to,” you insist, lowering your hand again.
Cupping his bulge, you suck in a breath at how large he is. Fascinated, you stroke slowly upwards until you feel the whole shaft.
Jungkook goes still, his chest rising and falling with perceptible effort. “Y/N…” he says tightly. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
Looking up, you meet his gaze. “You won’t.”
He hesitates another moment, then nods.
Tugging down on the waistband, you free Jungkook’s cock. His length nestles between his thighs, semi-hard just from eating you out. Staring at him for a moment, you imagine what it’d be like to have Jungkook inside you.
“I don’t think you’ll fit,” you murmur.
Hissing through teeth, Jungkook pushes down both his pants and underwear to drop to the floor. “If you’re trying to test my self-control, it’s working.”
Your core clenches, and you shift against him. As though your last orgasm never happened, you find yourself feeling wholly unsatisfied. You want Jungkook inside you, filling you up and making you whole.
He’s right, though. Once you start, it’d be hard to stop, and you might hurt yourself further.
“What if we do something else,” you suggest.
Jungkook tilts his head. “I’m listening.”
Lifting a hand, you spit into your palm. Jungkook watches in awe as you reach between you to wrap your hand around his cock. He groans, shifting backwards as he responds to your touch. Brushing over the tip, you slide your hand down to squeeze the base.
Through lidded eyes, Jungkook watches you stroke his length. Reaching down, you slip a hand between your thighs, and he freezes, jaw taut at the sight of your pussy parted by your fingers.
“Holy fuck,” he chokes out.
Emboldened, you push a finger inside you. Moving slowly, you begin sliding your finger in and out, your other hand increasing its speed on his cock.
Staring at your hand moving between your legs, Jungkook reaches down to cup his balls. They look heavy and full, and he plays with them casually while your hand fucks his cock.
One by one, you dip each finger inside you to get them wet. Once finished, you reach out and replace this hand on his length. Jungkook pants, head tilted back while you jerk him off. Chest rising and falling, his abs are held tight while your palm glides up and down his shaft.
Thrusting his hips, he chases the feeling as you tighten your fingers.
“Y/N,” Jungkook rasps. His hips continue to move up and down. “I’m not going to make it much longer.”
“No.” With a hiss, he releases his balls. “I’ve been wanting this for a while, and I’m not going to last long the first time. Where do you want me to cum, baby?”
You’d like to have his cum on your pussy, but that’d be a greater risk. The thought of his cum on your chest though, is nearly equally appealing.
Nipples hardening, you spread your pussy wide and add a second finger. Jungkook moans, the veins in his neck standing out while he fights not to come in your palm.
“Here,” you breathe, cupping a tit. “Come on my chest.”
Jaw clenched, he nods and replaces your hand on his cock. “Lean back, baby,” he urges, kneeling over your chest. “Push those tits together for me.”
You do as he asks, thumbing over your nipples while your hips roll in mid-air. Seeing this, Jungkook groans and rubs himself harder. You watch, lips parted at the sight of his vascular hand wrapped around his cock.
Letting go of a breast, you reach between your legs to rub over your clit.
“That’s it, Y/N,” he pants, rolling his hips. “Make that little pussy come again. I want to hear it. Want to watch you come apart at the same time.”
You moan in agreement, arching your back as you tug on a nipple. Your body breaks, sending you over the edge in your second orgasm. His name crosses your lips as Jungkook stiffens and comes. Thick streams of cum shoot from his cock, painting your chest to cover your tits.
You inhale at the possessive glint in his eye, the way Jungkook milks his cock for all that he’s worth. A few, final dribbles land on your stomach as slowly, you withdraw your hand.
Sitting back, Jungkook surveys his handiwork. “It seems a shame to wipe it off,” he muses. “Maybe we should leave it.”
“Or maybe you can clean me up, and we can go again later.”
Grin widening, Jungkook retreats to search the room for a wipe. You stare at his ass as he walks, watching the two, perfect halves shift above his thighs. It’s unfair for a man to have such a great ass, you think sadly. On the bright side, you get to look at it all you want.
Once Jungkook returns, he cleans you and reaches for his sweatpants on the floor. You make a soft noise of protest, and Jungkook gives you a look, tying them around his waist.
“What?” you ask innocently. “You have a great ass.”
“My trainer will be happy to hear it.”
Unable to stop smiling, you settle back on the bed and Jungkook helps you into your clothes. Once you’re both, he sits on the bed and pulls you between his legs. Resting your head on his chest, you listen to his heart and wonder if you’ve ever been this peaceful before.
Turning your head, you find Jungkook looking at you.
You smile. “Hey.”
“Hey.” He smiles back.
The two of you grin at each other like fools until a sudden blast of wind shakes the cabin. Startled, you glance up and remember the circumstances. The blizzard. Your ankle.
Sobering slightly, your smile disappears.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, looking up.
Jungkook furrows his brow. “What just happened between us is the absolute last thing to apologize for. Especially since I’d like to do it again. Soon. Maybe tonight.”
Pleasure curls at his confession but you push this aside. This is important, and you want to make sure Jungkook understands.
“No, I’m sorry I was such a jerk to you,” you say. “Both in college and now. I assumed something that wasn’t true and… well, look where it led us.”
“Yeah.” His grip on you tightens. “Look where it led us. Y/N…” Jungkook pauses. “Do I wish things had been different and we’d gotten together earlier? Sure. But that’s not what happened. You believed your friend, and I didn’t try very hard to convince you otherwise. We both made mistakes.”
“I guess…”
“Listen.” Fingers slipping beneath your chin, Jungkook looks at you in earnest. “The past is the past. All we can control is what happens now. I’d like to date you, but that can’t happen if we don’t move on.”
Sleepily, you smile.
Jungkook blinks at your response. “What?”
“Nothing.” The final knot in your stomach begins to untangle. “You want to date me?”
His cheeks flush crimson. “I, uh – I thought that was obvious.”
“Good,” you say, reaching up for a kiss. “I’d like to date you, too.”
Jungkook obliges, kissing you gently as the wind howls outside. When he finally pulls away, you can’t help but smile. Settling into his chest, you nearly nod off when Jungkook stirs.
“Let me know if you’re hungry,” he yawns. “I have energy bars in my pack.”
“Or cold. Let me know if you’re cold.”
“Why?” you ask, fighting a smile. “Are you going to give me your shirt?”
“And if I’m bored?”
He chuckles, hand slipping a bit lower. “I can think of ways to entertain us.”
A shiver travels your spine, but you shake your head. “I’m pretty happy right now, thanks,” you murmur, and he nods.
You must doze off at some point since you’re woken around midnight when Jungkook pulls out a blanket to cover you both. Using him as a pillow, you fall asleep again and the next time you wake, light enters from outside.
The storm is finally over.
Tumblr media
Saturday, December 24th 9:17 PM
“A little to the left, don’t you think?”
Taehyung laughs by your side. “Y/N.” He takes a sip of champagne. “I’ve watched you adjust that star five times since I got here. This is a party. Act like it.”
“Sorry – sorry, you’re right,” you laugh.
The annual Christmas Eve party is in full swing at the Inn. The lobby has been decorated within an inch of its life, thanks to Tonja returning for the holiday season. Due to last year’s PR stunt, the Inn has been booked solid for nearly twelve months.
What started as guests coming because of Jungkook turned into travel agents recommending you as a niche getaway. Namjoon’s parents were stunned by the turnaround, saying this surpassed even their Hawaii resort. Jungkook was ridiculously pleased by this, referring to himself for three weeks as the man who outsold Timothée Chalamet.
This week has been the busiest yet, with people coming from all over to celebrate the holidays. You’ve worked non-stop, per usual but this Christmas has been different because this year, you aren’t celebrating alone.
Taehyung arrived two days ago and is staying through New Year’s. Your mom and Romel will come after Christmas and leave sometime in January. And Jungkook has been here since the start of December.
Usually, he’s either training or competing during the winter but Jungkook worked out a deal to train at a nearby facility during the week and the rest of the time, he’s been here. Helping you out – and cleaning up after Bam when he gets himself in trouble.
As though called into being, the crowd parts to reveal Jungkook near the fireplace. When he spots you, he waves, winding his way through the revelers to stand at your side.
Slipping an arm around your waist, he pulls you close.
“You look beautiful.” Jungkook brushes a kiss to your temple
“You said that earlier,” you scold, although you can’t help but smile. “When I left our room.”
“I know, but I meant it.”
“Who said you’re not great with words,” you murmur, turning to kiss him fully.
The kiss turns slightly heated as, pointedly, Taehyung clears his throat. Hastily, you disengage and find your best friend grinning at you like a proud father.
“Who would have thought,” he says, lifting his glass of champagne. “Nine years later, you’d be dating your Christmas ghost. Did Y/N tell you I tried to find you afterward?” he asks Jungkook. “Walked up and down the street calling your name.”
“No. Christmas ghost.”
Jungkook snorts, taking a sip from a peppermint martini. “No, but you’ve told me that story. Several times.”
Ducking your head, you try to hide your laughter.
“And I’ll tell it again!” Taehyung declares, quoting Brooklyn 99 to lift his glass. “But seriously, Y/N. Everything comes full circle.”
Jungkook squeezes your waist, and you smile.
Another new development has been Jungkook and Taehyung’s friendship. You introduced them about a month into dating – surprisingly, they never hung out much in college – and the two instantly hit it off.
“And Leslie” – grimacing, Taehyung finishes his glass – “is exactly where she belongs. Which is not here.”
Jungkook stiffens and now, it’s your turn to squeeze his waist.
A few months into your relationship, you got your answer about Leslie. Shortly after New Year’s Eve, you reached out but every text you sent went unanswered. It was a chance encounter between Taehyung and an old friend from college which revealed the full story.
As it turned out, Leslie saw the near kiss between you and Jungkook at the party. When Jungkook ended their relationship, Leslie was bitter and took it upon herself to ensure you never dated. Apparently, Leslie bragged about this while drunk to her theater troupe.
Finding this out was like a blow to the stomach. There was a part of you which understood. The almost-kiss wasn’t your proudest moment, either – but the way Leslie reacted was undeniably petty. For a while you were angry, but you eventually realized you’re better off without her. You have other friends now, new people in your life who support your happiness.
Glancing at Jungkook, you smile, and his eyes crinkle.
“Let’s not ruin the evening by talking about her,” you suggest. “Current friends only.”
“Sounds good.” Waving a hand, Taehyung flags down a passing waiter. “Three glasses of champagne, please.”
The waiter nods and takes off. All the staff are present, scattered about the party. Yoongi is playing Christmas songs on the piano – he’s a concierge of many talents – while Namjoon speaks to his parents before the giant tree.
Tonja and Hoseok are laughing about something in the corner. Hoseok was promoted to head chef over the summer, and his restaurant has also become a big tourist draw. Jimin and Seokjin are around here somewhere, probably fending off their daily admirers.
When the waiter returns with champagne, Taehyung leaves to say hello to Namjoon. Left alone once more, you turn to face Jungkook.
He squints at the tree. “Is that star crooked?”
Your eyes widen in panic.
Glancing sideways, Jungkook winks and you realize he’s joking.
“Jungkook!” you cry.
“I’m sorry – I’m sorry!” he laughs, as you swat his sweater. “Taehyung texted me five minutes ago and asked me to say it.”
“Not fair!” you complain. “You’re supposed to be on my side.”
“There are no sides,” he teases, wrapping both arms around you. “Besides, there was twenty dollars attached to the request, which I plan to spend on you. Better?”
“Better,” you agree, resting your chin on his chest.
“How’s your ankle?”
Hiding a smile, you roll your eyes. “I hurt my ankle almost a year ago. When am I going to live that down?”
“Never.” Jungkook grins. “Although I wouldn’t mind another trip to the cabin this year.”
His words make you shiver.
Your ankle last year turned out to be a bad sprain, but it took several weeks to fully heal. During this time, Jungkook insisted you refrain from anything strenuous. Once you were cleared, the two of you actually slept together and – well. The weeks which followed were a blur. Several times, you stopped at the cabin midway through skiing for a quick release.
Resting your chin on his chest, you allow your eyes to shut. Your heart feels so frighteningly full. This feeling used to be terrifying, since you were convinced it meant another shoe was about to drop. Lately though, you’ve been allowing yourself to enjoy. To savor the moment, rather than worrying about when it might disappear.
Gently, Jungkook’s lips brush your hair. “Have I said how incredibly proud I am?” he says, surveying the party.
You follow his gaze around the room. “A few times.”
“Good. Nearly enough, then.”
You smile and turn your face up to his. “Merry Christmas,” you tell him, hoping he can hear everything between the lines.
Jungkook’s eyes shine in response. “Merry Christmas, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy holidays if you celebrate, and a happy new year!
© kpopfanfictrash, 2021. Do not copy or repost without permission. There is no tag list for this story, please do not ask to be added.
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dreamypjm · 3 months ago
"Better be quiet, love" — Jeon Jungkook | One Shot
— all rights on this text reserved by dreamypjm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing — Jungkook x F! Reader
Genre — smut, date night with your boyfriend [in public, risky & provocative, jealousy, dom Jungkook, a little humour, adoring, teasing, movie date, getting caught..?]
Age rating — 18+
Word Count — 6.9k
Summary: Going out on a movie date with your boyfriend after a busy week, in which you hardly had time for each other. But you both quicklly realize that you can't wait any longer to feel each other.
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex, public sex, domintating, obey & follow the instructions, a little overstimulation, control, teasing, jealousy, being embarrassed, getting caught
Another Disclaimer: Since english isn't my first language, it's possible it contains grammar and any other kind of mistakes. I apologise in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend are standing in line at the cinema ticket sale. The both of you had planned a date night for today after a busy week where you barely got to spend time together. Jungkook had the idea to just stay home and enjoy each other's company there. To cuddle while watching tv or something. You knew exactly that it probably wouldn’t take long til it escalated since it was hard for you and him to keep your hands to yourself, especially after those past days. You knew it’d end up in a wild make-out session where one led to the other really quick. It’s not like you didn’t wanna pounce on him out of nowhere and just feel him but you haven’t been out in a while and persuaded Jungkook to see a movie tonight. Waiting a little longer made it even more exciting and also, you just loved teasing your boyfriend and seeing him impatient.
His arm tightly wrapped around your waist, you’re waiting in line while he, now and then, turns to you and whispers a few dirty things into your ear. Gosh, he’s horny and damn, you’re too. It feels like you haven’t touched each other in forever when it's only been a few days.
“Babe, stop..”, you giggle.
“Don’t tell me you don’t like it”, he softly whispers against the strand of hair that's hanging onto your ear. His warm breath blows a little against it so that it’s tickling your neck. Jungkook quickly looks around to see if anyone was standing behind you but you two were the last in line at the moment. He then buries his face into your hair and starts nibbling your ear while at the same time, his hand runs down your waist just to slide into the back of the short skirt you’re wearing.
“Shhushh, we’re in public”, you chuckle and push him a little away before he was able to make use of his hand in your skirt.
He mischievously smirks and turns away as the few people in front of you walk off and you step towards the seller, an average looking guy with blonde hair who must be around your age. The guy seems to check you out as his eyes wander up and down your body before he friendly greets you with an innocent smile, kinda ignoring your boyfriend next to you. Jungkook leans onto the counter and squints his eyes.
“We’d like to have two tickets for the hottest movie you’re playing tonight”, he says and playfully winks at you. The guy on the counter raises his eyebrows, disparaging Jungkook just with his look. You know your boyfriend well. He could be pretty jealous sometimes and you already knew he wouldn’t let this guy act the way he just did. Jungkook suddenly grabs your arm, pulls you closer to himself and gives you an unexpected passionate kiss on your lips.
“Babe!”, you push your elbow slightly into his side after he lets go of you again and grins at the guy.
“Sorry, we’d like to have two tickets for uhm..”, you look around in a rush after you haven’t even talked about what movie to watch.
“This one”, Jungkook points at a poster on the sidewall. “Sure” the guy responds with a slightly ridiculous laugh, which clearly told he thought this would be the worst movie to pick for a date.
“Oh and could we please have our seats in the back without anyone sitting behind us? We’d like to have a little privacy”, Jungkook says in a provocative tone, looking super confident.
Oh my gosh, Jungkook – you think to yourself and blush in embarrassment. A little did you know what his intentions were and the thought of it kinda turned you on, you just wouldn’t admit it.
“Uhm.. sure”, the guy at the counter seems to get a little nervous. Jungkook also ordered drinks and then paid. You didn’t pay too much attention to what he ordered since you knew he’d get you just what you like. “There you go”, the seller reaches you the tickets, intentionally touching your hand. “Thanks”, Jungkook responds annoyed, grabs your hand and pulls it out of his. He then grabs the drinks and the two of you walk off the selling counter, down the hallway.
As soon as you get into the right room, Jungkook leads you, with his hand on your back, to your seats as he closely follows you. The closer you get, the more his hand slides down your back until he reaches your skirt and playfully grabs your butt. A slight smirk forms on your face which he couldn’t see.
“Madame”, he says in a flirty tone and points at the seat in front of you. You sit down and so does he, immediately putting his arm around your shoulder. You lean your head back onto his arm as you suddenly realize you haven’t bought any popcorn. “Babe, we forgot the snacks”, you turn your head towards Jungkook, who’s staring at the cinema screen. “My snack is sitting right beside me” he says without showing any emotion or taking his eyes off the canvas. “Kook - ”, you say, a little embarrassed when he finally looks at you and starts laughing. Impossible to hide how bad his dirty laughs turns you on, you bite your lip and feel some tension building up inside of you.
It was about to start when you feel Jungkook’s hand sliding up your shoulder and his fingers starting to stroke over your neck. You love when he does that and let out a low sigh of enjoyment.
A bit into the movie, you start wondering what you were even watching. It seems to be an historical drama but none of the good ones, as far as you could tell by now.
“Babe, I didn’t know you’re interested in that kinda genre” you say surprised.
“I’m not”, he quickly responds.
“Then why are we watching this?”, you ask a little confused and look up to him with your head laying on his shoulder.
“I chose it cause the poster looked super boring.”
His hand on your neck slowly wanders down over your shoulder to your arm and he starts drawing circles on your skin while acting like he’s super focused on that movie. A shaky wave rolls through your body as his fingers keep sliding more down your arm with every circle they drew, until he reached your elbow. He then slides his hand down under yours and grabs your waist to pull you closer against the armrest between your seats. “Wait”, you say, pull yourself out of his grip and push the armrest up so you could move even closer to him. “Oh”, Jungkook looks amazed as you lean back into his arm and cuddle yourself a bit more up to him. Being so close to him, you notice how bad you’re craving his touch and just can’t wait any longer.
“So interesting”, you say purposely sarcastically as you take a quick look through the room. Just a handful of other people are sitting a few rows down in front of you. Jungkook pulls his arm off your shoulder back to himself, just to place it on your thigh instead. Awaiting him to go further, you lean back into the seat and sigh. Hearing a low dirty laugh coming from Jungkook, it doesn’t take long until his fingers start slowly pulling your skirt up to slide his hand directly under it. Taking a deep breath as his fingers gently move up your thigh, you naturally let yourself sink more into the seat and spread your legs to give him full access. Jungkook immediately follows your unspoken instruction, slides his hand right between your legs and starts stroking up and down your panties. When you suddenly let out a low moan, he stops with his gaze turned into the room down to the other people. “Shhsh, quiet baby”, he whispers, turns towards you and smirks. You innocently look back at him. “Damn, don’t look at me like that”, he laughs, pulls his hand out to grab your chin and then leans in to kiss you. His lips pressed on yours, he lets go of your chin and runs his hand back down between your legs. But now his fingers slide right into your panties what makes you let a surprised, agitated moan out into his mouth. Jungkook takes his lips off yours and grins dirty at you before he moves over to the side of your head. “You gotta be quiet, my love” he softly whispers into your ear. He moves back to your face and closely looks into your eyes. You slightly nod and bite your lip when he gently lets his middle finger glide into your cleft.
“Oh my ”, you moan in a whisper as soon as he finds your clit and starts rubbing it, moving his finger in small circles. At the same time, he kisses your neck and now and then, softly bites it. His finger starts going faster and you close your eyes, trying your best to hold back but the faster he goes, the more you feel like you’re going to explode and moan out loud. As a desperate sigh leaves your mouth, Jungkook immediately presses his other hand on your mouth and slides back up to your ear. “Did you forget what I told you?”, he whispers while he doesn’t show any mercy. On the contrary, he lets go of your mouth and suddenly gets off his seat just to kneel down on the floor right in front of you. “Better stay quiet now, babe..”, he grins. You didn’t expect him to go this far at a place like this and widen your eyes while both his hands slide into your skirt and pull down your panties, which he then puts in his pants pocket as a matter of course. Before you have the chance to give any kind of response, he disappears between your legs and starts placing soft kisses on the inner side of your thighs what causes goosebumps all over your body. His soft lips carefully touching your skin feels just like heaven. You quickly pull your skirt over his head, being a little scared of getting caught. Jungkook’s huge hands grab your thighs to pull you right on the edge of the seat and then spread them wider apart to get better access. You lean a little forward and look down on yourself.
“Babe, maybe we shouldn’t -”, but you have to take a sharp breath in and don't get to finish your sentence as you already feel him licking over your pussy. You throw your head back into the seat when his tongue finds its way to your entrance and he starts playing around, sliding his tongue in and out. “Fuck” you whisper in a low moan.
He leads his tongue back to your clit and starts wildly licking over it. You desperately grad his head through your skirt and lift yourself off the seat but Jungkook immediately pushes you back down. You have to shut your mouth with your own hand while you strongly push the other one onto the seat, trying to control yourself. Your breath becomes heavy and ragged as he keeps going like that. He doesn’t seem to slow down in any way until you can’t hold back anymore and let a few moans escape your mouth. Being so close to your climax, you push your legs together against Jungkook’s head. “Babe, wait” you whisper, but he doesn’t seem to hear you. “Babe!” you repeat in a louder tone. Jungkook pushes your legs off his head apart and raises the pace of his tongue. He for sure heard you but enjoys it way too much to not make you cum. He keeps licking up and down, left and right over your clit until your back arches itself off the seat and you grab his hair even harder through your skirt. Your thighs start shaking in his hands when the tension inside of you grows to a level you just can't take anymore. Jungkook feels exactly how close you are but instead of slowing down to not risk a loud orgasm of yours, right here in a public room with other people, he suddenly starts to not only wildly lick but also suck on your clit. You deeply exhale through your fingers, trying not to make a sound, while you’re feeling so incredibly high pleasured by the way he spoils you down there. You grab his head with both hands, press your lips together as you finally cum with a desperate, high-pitched sigh.
“That’s it - babe, oh my gosh” you whisper with an extremely shaky and ragged voice as you try to pull him on his hair out of your legs. But Jungkook doesn’t give in and just keeps licking you without showing any reaction until the overstimulation makes you lose the last strand of control you had over yourself. “Fucking tongue” you moan a little too loud while luckily the volume of the movie got pretty high that moment. You quickly take one of your hands off Jungkook’s head again, form a fist and bite it to keep yourself quiet when suddenly your eyes roll back and the next climax hits you. Your body doesn’t know how to handle such hard stimulation so it twitches up and down, off the seat and you hardly throw your head against the back of the seat so that a dull sound is heard. “Shit” you whisper as you open your eyes a little to see if anyone noticed your actions, still breathing hard and ragged while Jungkook’s hands slide up to your hip to control your movements and push you back into the seat. Luckily, the other people are still fully focused on the movie so you let yourself sink down, take a really deep breath and let out one last groan as you feel the waves of satisfaction roll through your body. Jungkook slowly stops moving his tongue after he made you reach another intense high in such a short time. You take a few heavy breaths trying to calm a little down while his lips are still close to your oversensitive cunt so that you feel his breath blow against it. “I love your taste”, he whispers before he softly licks a few more times over your wet pussy to taste how good he made you feel. Being so sensitive right now, you flinch as soon as his tongue touches you again.
“Fuck babe, that’s enough” you whisper in a deep groan. He then finally emerges from in between your legs and sits back down. Feeling more than satisfied, you sigh in relief of not getting caught. “Good job”, Jungkook whispers and gives you a passionate kiss, letting you get a quick taste of yourself from his tongue. He then leans back and laughs a little, knowing what he just did to you. After you get back to your senses, you turn to him and give him a shocked look.
“Kook, we could’ve gotten caught!”
For a second you watch Jungkook deeply thinking, trying to find the right answer.
“If it was that guy from the counter, I wouldn’t have minded getting caught”, he suddenly responds calmly. 
“For real? Give me my panties back, babe”, you say in disbelief but Jungkook just shrugs his shoulders.
“Nah, not yet”
 “Unbelievable..”, you laugh when a sudden thought crosses your mind and you stretch yourself up towards his ear.
“You know we can still get caught”, you whisper in a playful, flirty voice and place your hand on his thigh. Jungkook’s eyes wander down to your hand and then back to your face. “Oh, really?” he asks innocently while he puts his hand on top of yours and leads it up his thigh. As soon as you reach the unmissable bulge in his pants, he bites his lip, takes his hand off yours and patiently waits for you to take action. You gently stroke his pants right over it and look at him with an extremely lustful look, teasing him before you quietly open the zip of his jeans and slip your hand in. Your eyes widen surprised when you feel his thing through his boxers, being even harder than you thought.
“Fuck, babe! How did you manage to handle this the whole time?”, you ask, kinda amazed.
“I wanted to give you all the attention”, Jungkook proudly grins. “And also… the thought of the reward I’d receive later made it easier for me. Or.. even harder? If you know what I mean..”, he winks at you. Suddenly someone in the room turns around and looks up to you.
“Shhhh”, the person calls annoyed across the room. “Oh, sorry..” you whisper as you blush and quickly slip your hand out of your boyfriend’s pants. “Hey, he couldn’t see that”, Jungkook laughs dirtily and grabs your hand again. “Yeah but now we got his attention. We should be careful, babe..”, you say and pull your hand out of his, a little nervous. “Okay”, he responds a little annoyed and leans back into his seat, taking his gaze off you. “I didn’t say we should stop”, you smirk and Jungkook immediately lifts his head off the seat to look down on his pants where your hand slips back into his pants. You grab his hard thing through his boxers and stroke a little over the fabric before you pull his shorts down and let his dick literally jump out. You gently wrap your fingers around it and search for Jungkook’s gaze before going any further. He looks at you with a grin and you can see the excitement in his eyes, waiting for you to move your hand. But you have other plans and start licking your lips while deeply returning his excited gaze, just to tease and signal him what you’re going to do. His eyes widen and he quickly nods, kinda as if he wouldn’t believe you really wanted to go down on him here right here. But you do and as soon as he gave you his permission, you disappear out of his sight to kneel down infront of him just like he did infront of you. Your fingers still wrapped around his length, you slowly start moving your hand up and down while lustfully looking up to him. “Remember what you told me”, you say right before you lean forward and start kissing his dick without giving him a chance to react to what you said. “Oh damn -" he groans in a deep low tone as you playfully tease its tip with your tongue until you finally shove it up into your mouth, not wasting too much time. “Fuck!”, he almost shouts across the whole room and grabs your head. His huge hand laying on your hair, he starts slightly pushing your head up and down, leading you in his own rhythm. You keep going like that until you feel his prick starting to twitch in your mouth and you suddenly start going faster.
“How dare you”, he groans and throws his head into his neck, holding himself back as much as he can. He’s already on the verge of firing his well loaded, hard gun and you can’t help but giggle a little, feeling him trying so desperately to act cool while you knew exactly it only needed one more thing to make him cum. You roll your eyes up in search of Jungkook’s gaze and just as he caught you looking at him like that, he widens his eyes and promptly shakes his head.
“N-not now, babe”, he whispers in a ragged voice, knowing exactly what your next step would be. But you just grin and can’t resist starting to do what you knew would bring him right on the edge. You lower the pace, bring your tongue back into the game and start licking his dick while still sucking on it.
“You know what this does to me, please  -” he begs totally out of breath. You smirk and and as if it wasn’t enough yet, you shove his length even deeper into your mouth until the tip of it touches the back of your palate and you choke a little out of reflex.
You know exactly that it turns him even more on, hearing you gag caused by his dick, which starts twitching wildly between your lips. 
“FUCK”, he yells and immediatly pulls his shirt over your head as a few people in the front rows turn around and stare at him. For some reason, the risk of getting caught now, making your boyfriend feel good, turns you more than just a little on. You shamelessly keep sucking his dick while Jungkook pushes your head in his shirt a little down in hopes no one sees you. “FUck-, sorry, that move was irritatingly good” he whispers across the room, as if he was talking about the movie. The other people in the room turn back around but you can tell they’re pretty annoyed. Jungkook pulls his shirt off your head and looks down on you as you tilt your head up, still sucking on him and grin, looking straight into his eyes. 
“Get up here”, he says dominant and pulls you a bit rough on your hair. You obey and get up but right when you want to sit back down on your seat, Jungkook grabs your waist and pulls you onto his lap.
You sat down right on his dick and let out a surprised agiated groan since you didn’t put your slip back on yet after Jungkook kept it to himself. Being all bare down there, you feel his hard thing pressing right against you. You suddenly feel the need to start grinding on it, rubbing it into your cleft until it touches your super sensitive spot. You bite your lip and look at your boyfriend who’s focused on your moving hip. He slides his hands under your skirt and grabs your thighs, while his eyes slowly wander up your body to your lips, where they stop. He leans in and steals a quick kiss before his eyes wander further up to yours and you can clearly see how bad they’re craving you. Jungkook’s hands glide up to your waist and he pulls you closer to his body as he opens his mouth and still looks deeply at you. 
“Fuck me”, Jungkook whispers in a low, desperate sigh. 
You stop moving as your eyes widen and your jaw drops.
“Ju-Jungkook”, you stutter embarrassed and take your gaze off his face as you start to blush and don’t want him to see it. “Did you forget where we are?”, you ask him nervously and tilt your head up again to look at him.
“That didn’t stop you from what you did minutes ago”, he smirks and you quickly look away again, turn around and look around in the room while Jungkook leans forward to your neck and starts placing soft kisses on your skin.
“We can’t risk that.. can we?”, you ask insecure and let out a sigh of enjoyment.
Jungkook who takes his lips off your neck.  “But I need you, right now. Take me, right here.”, he whispers into your ear, then slides down your neck while running his wet tongue over your skin. You can’t help it but feel so highly turned on, that you wrap your arms around his neck and tilt your head to give him better access. Your body starts moving again, rubbing your needy pussy right on his hard dick. Jungkook’s warm breath blows against your skin as he makes a few strained noises. He suddenly stops kissing you and signals you with a confident, horny look to lift your hips slightly so that he can grasp his strongly aroused member with his left hand. He quickly covers your mouth with his right hand and leads his dick down your wet pussy to your entrance just to thrust it right into you a seconds later. You sink down on him as a lustful wave of arousal was pushed right into you and  rolls through your body. Luckily, Jungkook knew you couldn't hold back and you moan out loudly against his fingers which keep your voice a little down. At the same time, he groans deeply, pressing his lips on each other to keep his own volume down aswell as he starts pushing his length more into you. He pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath before leaning into the seat, pulling his shoulder up and down a few times to relax his body, and then smiling mischievously at you. “Ride me”, he grins and bites his lips. You take a quick look around the room again to make sure no one is aware of what you and your boyfriend are doing in the backseats. You turn back around to Jungkook who’s gaze is craving you more than ever before. Seems like doing it in a public place turns him extremely on. But so does it to you. Your hips start moving on him and Jungkook slowly lets his hand fall off your lips just to grab your hair and pull you in to kiss you. You start moving faster on his body as you feel more and more tensions building up all over you. The kind of addicting feeling of raising that tension makes you grind faster and faster and also harder on his body.
“Damn, you’re so tight”, Jungkook whispers between a kiss, then pushes his dick even deeper into your wet pussy. “FUCK”, you moan in passion and throw your head back into your neck as his cock pushed right onto the perfect spot inside of you. It was too good to hold back and for a moment you had just forgot you were in public.
Jungkook immediately presses his hand on your lips again but he already knew this didn't go unnoticed. You tear your eyes open wide and blush as you realize what just happened and take a shy look over your shoulder. A few confused glances of the people down the room meet your eyes and you quickly lean forward at Jungkook to bury your face in his shirt. “Shit! Fuck - babe, what now?”, you almost yell, totally embarrassed. 
“Mhmm..”. Jungkook wraps his arms tight around you to cover you and takes a look around the room. Some of the people start whispering to each other as one of them gets up and walks out of the room in an annoyed rush. “Oh, that guy is mad..”, Jungkook laughs.
“Seems like they already figured out what we’re doing here, soo..”, Jungkook whispers into your ear and suddenly starts gently thrusting into you again. “Ba-Babe! Oh my -”, you moan into his shirt. Feeling embarrassed but horny at the same time, you kinda enjoy it and don’t wanna stop at all. Just one problem, you’re a way too shy and anxious person to keep going infront of those people’s eyes, not to ignore the fact that you’ll probably get banned from this theater in a minute.
“You’re crazy”, you laugh and push yourself off his chest. You feel the adrenaline run through your veins as you lean close to Jungkook’s face, slightly starting to bounce on his dick and grin, maybe a little insecure. “I love that”, you grin. “But I think we should leave for now..”.
Jungkook nod’s and you quickly get off his lap. Right after he had packed everything back to where it should be and closed the zip of his jeans, you grab his hand and drag him out the exit of the room before the staff that just walks into the room through another entrance, had the chance to catch you. Out of there, you take a few quiet steps into the cinema hallway closely followed by Jungkook, to check if anyone is there. It seems empty and since the guy on the counter is on a call right now, you rush through the hall, still dragging Jungkook with you. 
“Wait”, Jungkook stops and pulls you back. “I don’t wanna wait til we’re home”, he raises his eyebrows and looks at you kinda accusingly. He takes your hand and presses it down, right onto his hard member. You just love to feel how hard you make him but even more you love to tease him. Stroking his pants and looking at him with your mouth open, smiling a little evil. “We don’t have to wait any longer”, you whisper and push Jungkook’s hand down under your skirt on your thigh. 
“We don’t?”, Jungkook smirks. 
Without responding, you turn into the opposite direction and instead of walking to the exit, you walk straight towards the toilets, provoking moving your ass with every step and knowing exactly Jungkook would follow you right away. And so does he, catching up with you just a few seconds later, grabbing and kneading your butt while pushing you forward to make you walk faster. He opens the toilet door in a rush, drags you into the room and immediately pushes you against the wall next to the sinks. His hands on your wrists, he pins your hands above your head against the cold tiles. 
“Enough teasing”, he says in a rough voice and presses his lips on your mouth, wildly starting to kiss you while his tongue also takes action now. Heavy breathing into your face through his nose, he presses his hip against your body and starts rubbing his jeans on your skirt. His wild kisses slow down and wander sideways down your neck. You tilt your head back, enjoying every single touch of his lips and craving even more. Jungkook suddenly grabs your wrists with only his left hand while his right hand slips down to his pants, opens the zip, pulls his dick out and shoves it under your skirt, immediately rubbing it between your legs. 
You moan out as his hard thing reaches your bare cunt, yet only rubbing up and down your wet entrance without going further. Jungkook leans his left forearm on the cold wall for more support, pressing his body even harder against yours and slides his right hand under your shirt in search of your tits. As soon as he found them, his huge hand starts keading both at the same time while pushing his cock harder against your pussy until it’s shoved deep enough between your labia that its tip finally found your clit and starts intentionally hitting it more and less.
 “Kook” ― you groan, fearing you’ll go crazy if he keeps doing this any longer and push him a little off with your chest. 
Jungkook himself lets out a desperate sigh as you slightly press your legs together . He takes his lips off your skin, looks you in the eyes again and stops moving. 
“Fuck, let me inside you”
He steps back and pulls you off the wall. “Let’s go in there, quick”, he commands and gently pushes you towards a cabine. Jungkook reached such a high a level of wanting to fuck you right now that you don’t tease him any longer and just obey. Not to mention how bad you, yourself, want him to rail you right now, right here.
Jungkook locks the door, turns back to you and grins. “Shirt off”, he whispers and steps towards you but before you’re even able to take it off yourself, he pulls it over your head.
You wrap your hands around his neck after he slipped your shirt off your arms. “Babe”, you say in a soft, calm voice and Jungkook patiently watches you while he slowly wraps his arms around your upper body, pulling you closer.
“I’m all yours” ― you say calmly. For a sec the two of you have an intensive moment of eye contact before you lean in and place a tender kiss on his lips. Jungkook pushes you with his body to the side, against the wall. Your kiss is getting more rough and you softly start biting his bottom lip as he suddenly grabs your waist and lifts you up. You reflexively wrap your legs around his hips to keep from sliding down while he steps back and sits down on the toilet. Now you’re back sitting on his lap, just like you did earlier, pressing your wet pussy right on his dick. Jungkook’s hands slide up your back to your bra which he opens without a second thought and throws it to the floor. He stares at the beauty of your clearly erected nipples before he quickly slips out his shirt aswell.
 “I’ve missed them”, he whispers, pulls you in and buries his face in your tits, his bare upper body pressed on yours. Holding you tight in his arms, he starts kissing your boobs, then slightly sucking on the soft, sensitive skin of them a few times, leaving light marks. A low moan escapes your mouth as you start grinding and rubbing your clit on his erection. You’re so needy and turned on that you could pleasure yourself to a climax on your own really quick just by grinding on his hard dick, that’s not even inside of you yet. You lean forward, place your hands on his chest, grind faster and start moaning in ragged breaths. Jungkook’s mouth found one of your nipples and he starts playfully licking it. He didn’t know how sensitive you really are right now until his tongue seems to please you so good that you rub yourself even harder on him, your moans are getting louder and you throw yourself into his arms, almost losing control. “Oh yes, babe” ― you moan wildly. All of sudden, Jungkook stops and widens his eyes. “Damn, don't you dare!” ― he laughs a little surprised. You lift your head out of your neck, slide your hands down his chest to his hip and lift yourself a little up. “Then please, fuck me”, you beg and cricle your hip, signalising him to place his dick in the right position. Jungkook grabs his hard cock, strokes it up and down your super wet pussy and groans.
“You wan’t me to fuck you?”
“Yes please, baby” ― you bite your lip and lay your hands down on his shoulders.
“Then be a good girl and tell me who’s gonna make you feel good” ― he slowly starts rubbing your clit with the tip of his cock.
“You, babe!”
“And who else?” — he asks dominant. 
“No one – no one else”, you moan as you try to push his dick down to your entrance, moving your hip more up.
“No no no, babe! Not yet”, he slaps his dick once against your sensitive clit that you yell out a high-pitched moan in sudden. 
“Only me! Not even yourself”, he smirks.
“Only you, Jungkook!” ― you desperately sigh his name, trying to convince him to finally push his pleasing length into you.
“Good girl”, he whispers, leads his dick to your needy entrance and finally thrusts into you while at the same time he grabs your waist and pushes you deep down onto his hard cock.
“Oh, fuck yes!” — you scream passionately as his huge cock finally penetrates deep into you and completely fills your hole. Jungkook doesn't waste any time now and immediately starts pounding into you in such a high pace. You weren't prepared for that and so an unexpected wave of pleasure runs through your whole body. You grab Jungkook's head and pull him to your neck, then desperately wrap your arms around his back. Jungkook starts sucking your skin on your throat while wildy thrusting into you. "Fuck you're so good" — you sigh as your fingers run down his back and your nails leave red scratch marks on his skin. 
"I know" — he laughs almost out of breath, grabs your butt and starts pushing it back and forth on his lap. "Ride me, baby", he whispers into your ear before gently biting and nibbling it. You follow his instructions and first start grinding on him, feeling his huge dick inside of you slightly slip in and out. "So fucking good" — you groan. “Moan as loud as you can, do it for me" — Jungkook says slowly in a deep, sexy voice while letting out lustful moans. You start moving faster until you lift your hip and start bouncing on him. 
"Make him hear how good I fuck you" — he grins and wraps his arms around your waist.
"Oh babe -" — you breathe so heavily that you don't get out any more words. Jungkook still wanting to make that other guy jealous makes you feel super admired and pushes your self-esteem in such a good way that you start to moan even louder than before. 
"You're mine, understand?" — Jungkook whispers, tightens his grip around your body and starts pounding his already twitching dick into you harder than before. You nod as he pushes deep into you, hitting the exact right spot. His hard cock rapidly slipping in and out your wet pussy and making extremely slippery sounds, gets you so high on pleasure that you start screaming out his name over and over again. 
“Yeah, just like that. Everyone should know who you belong to”, Jungkook whispers as his breath starts getting heavily ragged and he buries his face in your neck. “Fuck me til I fill you up”, he groans against your soft skin and goes even faster. “Yes babe - “, you moan and all of sudden his dick hits a spot in you that makes your body shutter. You let out a high-pitched, lustful moan while your body is getting out of control and arches itself back so that you almost fall off Jungkook's lap. “Gotcha..”, Jungkook laughs as he pulls you back in and starts licking one of your sensitive nippels again. “Cum for me, baby”, he whispers and slides his hand down your body to start rubbing your clit. His index finger goes fast in circles until you can’t hold all the tension inside anymore, the orgasm takes over you and you finally cum all over his hard cock.
“Damn Kook!”, your eyes roll back and for a second you feel yourself levitating. “Fuck yes, I feel it all over me”, he sighs and throws his head into his neck. Jungkook keeps thrusting his wildly twitching dick into your cunt until he can’t take it anymore.
“You’re fucking mine”, he moans out in satisfaction as the climax hits him and he shoots his load deep into you. You grab his head, run your fingers through his sweaty hair and let out another highly agitated moan as you feel him filling you up. A hard shiver rolls through your whole body and makes you shake after you already reached your high a few seconds ago. Jungkook slows down but shoves his dick deep into your soaked pussy a few more times before he finally stops and lets his arms fall off your body. Totally exhausted and out of breath, he leans back against the wall and closes his eyes. “You always feel so fucking good, baby”, he mumbles under a low breath. You lean in, give him a passionate kiss and lay yourself on his sweaty chest. 
The two of you still breathing heavily, it suddenly shyly knocks on the cabine’s door and you hear someone clearing his throat extra loud.
“Sorry.. I was told to uhm.. to tell you to get out and uhm.. leave. Please, quickly..”, a male voice says in a nervous, shaky tone.
You widen your eyes and stare at Jungkook before you hear a few quick steps and then the toilet door being shut. After a sec you both burst out in an embarrassed laughter. “Let’s get out of here, baby”, Jungkook says and places another kiss on your lips before he lifts you off his lap and pulls his soaked dick out of you. “Fuck.. I came so hard”, he laughs a little surprised, grabs some toilet paper and wipes it off. Jungkook reaches you some toilet paper too. “You were super wet today.. I guess we should go out more often.”, he smirks and suddenly slides his finger down into your still wet pussy. “F-Fuck, babe!”, you moan out unexpectedly as he gently pushes you against the wall and starts rubbing your way too sensitive clit.. “We’re not done yet”, he grins. You haven’t recovered yet from your intense orgasm minutes ago and desperately breath out with a loud moan as you feel his finger down there. Jungkook slightly laughs and pulls his fingers out of your legs after teasing you to being super horny again and slips back into his clothes.
“Fuck you”, you laugh in disbelief and put your clothes back on aswell. “Mhm.. I prefer fucking you”, he says calmy and opens the cabine’s door.
You grin a little cocky and step out. But as you place your hand on the knob of the toilet door, Jungkook stops you. He slides his arms around your waist, wraps you in his arms and lays his chin on your shoulder.
"I love you", he whispers softly and places a tender kiss on your cheek. You tilt your head up to him and close your eyes, feeling so loved.
"And I love you, Kook", you say, turn around and kiss him one last time before you open the door.
The blonde guy from the counter stands right infront of it, waiting for the naughty movie guests to get out, just to kick them out of the cinema. His eyes widen and his jaw drops in shock as he watches you and Jungkook walk out of the door. Jungkook lays his arm around your shoulder and mischievously smirks. “Round two at home”, he says loud enough for the other guy to hear it, grabs your hand and drags you out of the cinema.
Author's note:
Hope you liked it! Check out my masterlist pinned on my acc for more! Looking forward to writing more for y'all xx
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yoongsisbae · 9 months ago
Not a Creature was Stirring | JJK
Tumblr media
You wake up Christmas Eve night not to find Santa, but to find a man cold and shivering on your front porch. Clothes tattered, cuts on his body, out in the snow. You find out he’s not as helpless as he appears.
Kind of cute, kind of scary, very buff Jungkook Fantasy AU. hybrid!Jungkook x reader
Warning: horror, monsters, fighting, death, blood, gore, smut, groping, rough sex, oral sex, animalistic sex u.u, knotting, creampie, overstimulation, multiple orgasms
Word count: 10k
You heard it, a muffled groan pulling you from your slumber.
A thump, wood scratching.
A thump, a whimper, high pitched and full of pain.
Then silence again.
What should you do? Should you go investigate? You were alone and you were scared.
Should you go back to sleep? The pain in that cry had your heart clenching. You look at the time, it’s midnight.
Merry Christmas, you think bitterly.
You rented a cabin for the Holiday. You were supposed to be here with your boyfriend, celebrating your fourth Christmas together. Until you found him cheating.
So here you were, alone on Christmas, out in the woods, with a strange noise just outside your door.
You kept the lights off, walking slowly through the old home, careful with your steps. The wood creaks beneath your feet and the cabin’s cold enters your bones, the fireplace embers long since burned to ash.
You inch closer to the window, ears listening for any more movement. The crash had been so loud...now there’s complete silence. You take a deep breath reaching for the window curtain and pull a corner away from the glass.
What’s that?
The porch is covered in white. Fresh snow like a blanket. And amongst the white...you see red.
As fresh as the snow, spots splattered like paint. You gasp at the sight. The blood patterned like a horror story, explaining the cries of pain you heard.
Your curiosity got the best of you.
You slipped on your shoes and went to the door, reaching for an axe left against the wall. Holding the sturdy weapon in your hands made you feel safer. It was only a precaution, at least you hoped.
“Hello?” The woods were dark, you shivered in your pajamas following the trail of blood. The snow beneath your slippers crunched as you pulled your feet through the layer of ice.
You stare mouth wide open. In your shock the axe falls from your grasp, hitting the snow softly with a quiet thud.
You found the end to the blood trail. The horror story had just begun.
A dark figure lays in the white snow, face down, covered in blood. His clothes torn to shreds, snow filling in the gaps.
You run towards his side. You expected the worst when you grab his shoulder to turn him over. In this weather you’re already shivering, your fingers and toes numb with cold.
On his back, you place your head against his heart. You can hear a faint heartbeat. You touch his face, he’s still warm!
“Help! Anybody there!”
You cries echo back through the trees and then silence. The wind whistles, and silence engulfs you again. Stark quiet except for your heavy breathing, and the wind taunting you again.
You look down at the man. You hadn’t expected this. You weren't prepared! The only thing you had was your axe, now discarded in the snow.
You grab his face in your cold hands. He’s young, face full of cuts, and even so, his striking features take you aback. You softly pat his cheek. “Hey? Hey! Wake up please...please don’t die, don’t die,” you whisper.
You look around, there’s nothing but woods and snow and darkness. What the hell are you going to do?
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you apologize, as you place your hand under his shoulders, lifting his torso from the snow.
You pull.
He moves an inch.
You pull again, grunting, you pull. Another inch closer. This will never work, you think, but it has to!
You dig your heels into the snow, and you heave with all your strength.
And slowly...
You pull this barely living man through the woods.
Your body is so cold, yet you’re sweating with fatigue. You scream for someone, anyone to help you. But you know it's only you here. You're alone.
Luckily, the unconscious man is still warm. Warmer than you...no that can’t be. You’re sleep deprived and frantic, and you have to save this man’s life!
You slip, falling in the snow, his heavy head falls against your lap. You whimper, crying out in frustration. Sobbing over the unfairness of life. Is this how you both die? Alone in the woods? Unloved? Unknown? On Christmas morning?
You move your stiff joints, you find strength inside you and keep pulling.
You pull him to your porch, you drag him across the steps, over the threshold of your home. Until you're inside again, finally.
You fall down wheezing over his body, laughing that you made it. You did it, you saved him, you didn’t die after all. He’s still breathing, his heart is still beating, you can hear it as you rest on his chest.
You run to the fireplace, throwing wood onto the kindling. You light a match, the crackle of the matchstick sounds louder in the quiet. Lowering your head to the hearth, blowing the fire alive, orange light extinguishes the eeriness of the night.
You’re still shivering and your clothes are wet with snow and sweat. And the man! He needs the heat the most.
You move him closer to the heat, it was a clumsy ordeal. You run to the bedroom, pull your bedding off and throw it over his bleeding body. You shiver, pull off your soaking shirt, kneel on the floor and let the fire dry your skin and hair, sighing from the welcoming heat.
You hear a groan and turn around, covering your naked chest, you crawl over to where he lays. “Hello? Hello?” you reach for his face, moving his long hair out of his eyes, still amazed at his features, now softer in the glowing light. “You’re going to be okay, I promise,” you whisper when he groans again. You need to help him, you need to move.
You run to the bedroom again, your feet thudding across the wood floor. Quicker, you need to act quicker! You pull off the rest of your wet clothes and change. You also look for clothes he can wear. You look for towels and antiseptic. You fill a bowl of water and find a first aid kit.
Kneeling, you gently pull off the blanket, lifting his head you place a pillow underneath. He’s softly breathing, that’s good. You pull off his tattered shirt. So many deep cuts cover his body, you use a wet towel to clean him. You wipe the blood away, cover the cuts with medicine and bandages. Focus on saving him, now is not the time to admire him! “You’ll be okay,” you say to yourself as he winces in his sleep.
You dry his hair, fluffing the strands with a towel. You try your best not to react when you pull off his tattered pants, working quickly to bandage his scars. You sigh, falling to the ground exhausted, too shy to look at him again.
“Why were you out there?” you can’t help but think aloud. You look for your phone, and still no service of course. The crackle of the fire sounds nice, you sit and admire your work and the man you saved. He’s beautiful, even with cuts across his face. But why was he out there? What happened to him? Oh no! Your axe!
This time you’re smarter, you put on a jacket and boots when you go outside. You pull the hood over your head to shield the cold wind stinging your face as you search for the axe. The snow picked up, steadily falling around you, but the blood trail was still there.
So much blood, how is that man still alive?
Maybe it wasn’t all his blood. You shudder at the thought. You slowly trek through the snow, impressed you managed to pull that man so far. It’s so quiet. Maybe...maybe you didn’t need to find your axe right now. You feel like you’re being watched, and unease settles into your bones.
You made a mistake. It’s okay, you can still fix your mistake. You’ll come back in the day. It’s alright. You turn to leave, too scared to go on looking.
You heard it first. A crack, branches breaking perhaps. You whipped your head around and let out a shaky breath, a hot cloud of steam erupts from your mouth. Then you smelled it, rancid, copper, wet animal, and death.
“Who’s there!” You stood frozen, wondering what the right course of action would be...to run back home? Run for the axe? “Hello?!”
Then you heard it again, a low growling, so deep it sent shivers down your spine.
And then...
Then you saw it.
A dark beast with red glowing eyes.
So large and so terrifying you fell to your knees. Your eyes welled up with tears, unable to speak, you began crying before you realized why.
You felt a fear you’ve never experienced before, terror so shocking it felt like a slap across the face, a stream of cold water trickling down your insides, electricity in your heart warning you to get away with every pounding beat.
You stood up on shaky legs and ran.
You fell down hard, limbs stiff from the temperature. Snarling so close you don’t dare look behind you, you moved quickly scrambling to your feet and ran until you saw a speck of red hope, silver glimmering in the snow. Your axe right there, so close and so far.
Your fingers wrapped around wood. Yanking the axe from the snow, you spin around just in time!
The beast’s large yellow teeth bite down on the handle, and it cracks effortlessly in its jaws. Your fingers feel the heat of its breath and wetness from it’s drool, your skin so close to its mouth, so close to destruction. You gasp at the beast’s brute strength, falling back as he lunges forward.
You collide with something hard, or rather, something collides with you, spinning your body away, knocking you unconscious. It happens so fast you can’t explain what you saw. It couldn’t be, not another beast.
Not another...but before you can question more, your vision goes black and the beast is gone.
You scream.
It’s daylight.
You sit on the floor of your cabin, in front of the morning’s extinguished fireplace.
You see evidence of your night, bandages and a bowl on the floor, so you know it was more than a mere nightmare, but you’re all alone.
Where is that man?
You remain silent. That uneasiness never left you. But where did he go?
The cabin is warm and inviting in the daylight, it’s what drew you in when you first chose this place. But all you could see now is that beast's eyes, terrifyingly menacing and the coldness of the night woods you can’t seem to shake. Where is that man?
You walk through the kitchen. You want coffee, but you want to find the man first! You move through the house, passing by the bath, you feel heat from the shower just used. You open the door wider, see mist on the mirror and towels on the floor. Where is he?
You move cautiously to your bedroom, still dark with the curtains drawn. It’s quiet, the bed looks tempting to your exhausted body when you move closer. Where is tha-
A large hand covers your mouth, muffling your scream. The other hand wraps around your waist, pulling you backward.
Your bodies hit the bedroom wall with a thud as he backs you away into a corner of the room.
You scream another muffled squeal, twisting in his strong embrace. His arms stay secure like steel around your body, unyielding to your struggles for escape.
“It was you? How?” Your captor's voice sounds raspy and deep in your ear, his hot breath hitting your cheek, his long damp hair tickling your neck as he presses his head closer to yours. What?!
You scream again, trying to escape, and he shakes your body, rattling your courage.
The one word command feels like a punch, harsh in your ear. You breathe heavily against his palm, waiting to be released.
“Don’t scream,” he warns lowly, as he relaxes his hold across your mouth, laying the rough pads of his fingers across your neck instead. You inhale in air quickly, working to make sense of your situation. So you found him, or well, he found you.
“Let m-me go, I’m n-not g-going to hurt you.”
He laughs softly, mockingly, in your ear.
His nose trails down the column of your neck and he slowly inhales, nose pressing into your soft skin. You realise he’s smelling you, and you tense in his arms as his lips run across your skin like a teasing lover. You try not to whimper, unable to find your voice, shuddering when his lips graze your shoulder.
“W-What are y-you doing?”
His grip tightens around you, palm opening and fingers widening to feel more of you, dragging his hands across your curves, he breathes in deep and nuzzles the skin beneath your jawline.
Your response is only visceral, you tell yourself, the way your chest and stomach tightens as he touches you and breaths you in.
Stay calm, don’t let him notice. This twisted affection was a distorted mirror of the passion you had missed. Your heart raced because you missed intimacy, still heartbroken, you hadn’t felt another man’s touch since your ex lover. That’s why, you tell yourself, when he grunted low and his body pressed tighter against you, you felt wetness escape between your legs.
“P-Please stop,” you whisper. You ache inside with so much pain and yearning, you can barely keep yourself standing.
“You saved me,” he whispers low, “You shouldn’t have done it.”
“I-I don’t understand,” you try to move but he only holds you tighter.
“Now they have your scent.” he says, the answer only makes you more confused. “How will you protect yourself?” he murmurs, “When you can’t even escape me?” He emphasizes his words by tightening his hold, yanking you to him.
You knew where his wounds were etched across your body, you had cleaned and disinfected each deep cut yourself. So at his words you move your previously frozen arm behind you, pressing into his side.
The man finally lets go, wincing in pain, and you fall to the ground. You shuffle your body away until your back hits the side of your bed, keeping him in your line of sight.
He winces again, arm covering his side, he slides down the wall to rest.
You sit on the floor, across from each other.
In silence.
In darkness.
You’re too stunned to speak. This man, folded into himself looks so small now. You wrap your arms across your chest, grounding yourself from the electricity you had felt all over your body. What was that?
He sits in the corner of your room like a scared animal, but he doesn’t appear to be dangerous, even if he had startled you with his odd actions.
He’s alive, slowly breathing, dark eyes watching you, jaw clenched tightly trying to conceal his pain. But he’s alive. It makes you happy your efforts weren’t all for nothing.
The man scoffs, “They are going to come for us.”
A small beam of light runs steadily across the floor, dissecting the bedroom as the closed curtain heats with sunlight from outside. Minutes pass and neither of you move to speak again, and eventually, your heart rate finally settles.
“Are y-you hungry?”
The man laughs softly again, adjusting his legs and looking toward the ground, unwilling to make eye contact with you.
“Okay, I’ll g-go make breakfast then,” you mumble, feeling lost on what to do, wanting to leave this room and awkwardness. You stand up slowly, like you might spook him, walking towards the door.
The man stares at you, gaze following you across the room. Before you leave, you turn your head to address him.
“I’m sorry for that,” you cast your eyes down to the arm cradling his side, “but you deserved it.”
You cooked eggs. You didn’t hear him, but that uneasy feeling of being watched came back so suddenly you just knew he was behind you again. “So do you have a name?” You ask.
No one answers and you thought perhaps you had been paranoid after all. Turning, you see him leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Didn’t you hear me? You’re in danger.”
You use a spatula to mix the eggs. “I heard you,” you say softly. “It’s Christmas day. What am I supposed to do?”
“Just leave,” he grunts.
And what about him? Are you expected to leave him here in your cabin? The man was badly wounded, you didn’t want to, no, you couldn’t just abandon him. “I have nowhere else to stay. I don’t know the roads here, where am I supposed to go?”
“Anywhere but here!” he yells, fist slamming on the counter, rattling plates.
You stay quiet, the eggs sizzle and you turn off the heat. You turn around, folding your arms across your chest. “I’m stuck here until the new year, until the ranger comes.”
The man huffs. The ranger. That’s the last thing he needs.
“Your bandages should be changed.”
Why are you moving so close to him? Why aren’t you afraid? He grabs your wrist and twists it before you have a chance to inspect his wounds.
“Let me go!” You pull your free arm back, spatula in hand, ready to strike him. He grabs onto your forearm, shaking the ridiculous weapon out of your grip. Unable to control his anger he slams your arms into the cabinet, holding them above your head. Why weren’t you afraid?!
His sensitive ears listened to the sound of your heart beating, thudding in your chest so loud it aggravates his already splitting headache.
And the worst part?
He couldn’t smell any fear or anger on you. Instead he smells your sweet and heavy scent wrapping around his keen senses, strangling and burning out his anger and replacing it with an unfamiliar feeling. The same lust filled haze he felt earlier surrounded him again, filling his head and fueling a different kind of appetite.
If he was a better beast of a man he could control himself, but he was not a man worth saving.
A rumbling growl erupts from the center of his chest as he presses his body closer. He watches the rise and fall of your breasts rubbing against him with every sharp breath you take.
It was his fear of losing control that kept him from starting anything more.
“Why did you risk your life for me?!”
You wince in his grasp, flinching from the sudden raise of his voice. “Because it was the right thing to do,” you say, as if the answer was as obvious as the sun rising every day. “I couldn’t just let you die.”
“You should have!”
Then he wouldn’t have to deal with his problems anymore, then he wouldn’t feel indebted to you. He wouldn’t have to smell your enticing scent, he wouldn’t worry for you.
Knowing the way the beast’s mind worked, he knew there would be no stopping the obsession to acquire you if the other deemed you his prey. It would be his fault if you were torn apart or worse, he had led them right to you.
The thought sends hot rage throughout his body. You should have stayed inside, you shouldn’t have followed his cries for help, this was your fault too! How can you be so stupid! How did someone as weak as you save him?
You grunt pain as he lifts your body higher and kick out your dangling feet. “What do you want me to say?! That I regret saving you? Because I don’t!”
No one has ever done that before, helped him like you did. No one has ever, so stubbornly, tried to take care of him. Why can’t you see how much danger you’re in? He releases you, grabbing the frying pan, he turns to leave. “My name...is Jungkook.”
“H-hey-” ‘I need that.’ You huff watching him leave. You scan the kitchen, frowning when you see only bread.
You watch Jungkook through the window, staring at the back of his head. He’s sitting on the porch, eating your eggs with his fingers. ‘What a stubborn man,’ you think, chewing on your piece of toast.
This wasn’t what you envisioned you would be doing on Christmas Day.
Maybe it was because you were lonely and still hurting from your failed relationship, but his cold shoulder stung you. Had you finally lost it? Wanting to be this strange man’s friend? He acted like a brute, but he was beaten and broken and you have to believe he must be hurting too.
Last night replays in your mind again. The ice, your struggle, the howling wind, the crackling fire, Jungkook’s warm body, those red eyes, the flash of fur across your eyes.
You didn’t regret anything, so why do you want to cry?
As if Jungkook could hear your inner thoughts he turned around, looking at you with a glare.
“Stop staring and come here!”
You sigh with a frown.
You sat next to him, watching the woods, admiring the bits of green peaking through the snow. He holds out the pan to you. You hesitate while he looks at you. Since it’s only him, you might as well...you laugh softly to yourself, lifting some egg onto your piece of toast.
“Why aren’t you scared of me?”
You raise your brow, peaking at him from the corner of your eye. “You want me to be scared of you?”
Sure, he’s big, toned with muscles. There’s been a dark somber expression permanently etched across his face ever since he woke. But his face still looked soft and boyish, full lips rested in a pout under a deep cupid's bow, front teeth prominent and sticking a bit out, it doesn’t make him particularly menacing. It made him look cute.
And his eyes.
Looking into his eyes, deep brown, round and full of emotion, how could you ever be afraid?
Jungkook looks young and unprepared, he appears as lost as you feel. Is he the scared one?
You massage the stiffness out of your legs. “Do you want to talk about what happened last night? Why were you attacked?”
Jungkook scoffs, fingers flicking cold bits of egg around the pan. You persist, “It was that monster, wasn’t it? Wait, how did I make it back here?” you think aloud.
“You. Are you-” Jungkook's wide eyes watch you silently, his front teeth bite down on his bottom lip, waiting, expecting panic to come. “Are you some kind of monster hunter?”
He laughs.
Your face heats up, embarrassed at the way he laughs loudly at you. He looks you over, once, twice. “Yeah,” he sighs. “I’m a hunter.”
Wow, a monster hunter, and you saved his life. “Oh! My axe!” You jump up , remembering the reason you went into the woods again last night.
Jungkook quickly follows behind you. “Hey! It’s not safe! Hello? Woman!”
“My name is y/n. Let me just find it-”
“The axe? It was destroyed!”
“Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix. I think I see it! Aha!”
Jungkook grabs your wrist, expression dark, staring off into the distance. “Let’s go now.” You follow his eyeline towards the trees.
In the distance you see a figure of a man. Even this far you notice how tall and large he seems to be. What surprised you more is his clothes. In this weather he was only wearing dark pants, his wide chest exposed to the elements, and a coat made of fur. He looked handsom-
“Wait!” your vision tilts as Jungkook throws you over his shoulder.
He looks over at the figure, picking up the axe and holding it in front of him in warning. You grunt when his shoulder digs into your stomach as he walks away.
“Who was that? Do you know him?”
He refuses to answer you until he drops you safely inside.
“What is wrong with you?! Do you always have to try to fix everything?”
“W-What’s wrong with that?” Your life was flipped upside down, your heart was broken into pieces, you couldn’t fix yourself, was it so horrible to want to fix what you could?
Jungkook feels your sadness. Your mood shift hit his senses in waves. You’re so emotional, he thinks. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and that’s dangerous, especially here.
“You need to leave. Before the sun sets.” he lifts you up by your shoulders, pulling you to the door.
“What about you?” It feels wrong to run away and leave him behind. And something inside you, something you can’t explain, says you’re safer by his side.
“Worry about yourself!” he yells, unable to process the series of emotions going through him right now, strange new feelings he’s never dealt with. “G-Get away from me! You stupid emotional woman!”
You yank your hand away. “I’m not going!” you scream, “T-This is my cabin, and you can’t make me leave. And actually, you leave! Y-You’re not welcome anymore!”
At your outburst he crumples onto the floor, writhing in agony.
“What’s wrong?!”
You rush over to him, falling to your knees. You place your hands on his shoulder and hair soothingly, trying to calm him down.
He roars, his body convulsing.
“I d-dont-kn-” he whimpers loudly. The sound reminds you of the cries you heard last night. Your eyes swell with tears watching as he twists and turns his body.
Then you have a sudden thought.
This won’t work. This will never work. Maybe-
“You’re welcome here!”
He stops convulsing, breathing normally again. He stretches his limbs out, staring at the ceiling.
“What the hell just happened?!”
“A protection was casted.”
“What does that mean?!”
“It means,” he exhales, “the previous owners of this cabin weren’t as naive as you.”
You still don’t know what he means. “So I-I can stay?”
“What are you doing?” Jungkook’s deep voice is right back in your ear like the first time you met, making you jump.
Jungkook presses himself against your back, looking over your shoulder as you crack eggs into a bowl.
“Making cookies.”
You lean away, searching for flour. You felt shy from his attention, the heat from his body had caused your own heat to spread inside you.
You hadn’t expected to feel attraction to someone else so soon, and when you really thought about it, the idea of really letting go of your ex made your stomach turn. But Jungkook was so good looking, it was hard not to be drawn in.
It’s just biological, you tell yourself, it’s just animal attraction.
He follows you to the fridge and you bump into him awkwardly looking for milk. “Do you want to help?”
It didn’t feel particularly good performing the activities you had planned to do with your boyfriend, with a stranger instead...
But the way he scrunched his nose as he worked, and the flour all over Jungkook’s face, his determined eyes as he tries to roll out the cookie dough...you can’t help but smile at the sight.
You grab the rolling pin from him, laughing. “Like this, watch. Softly.”
You watch as he tries again, slower this time. His forearms bulging and muscles tight as he concentrates. You try to focus too, you try not to let yourself be distracted, but your mind wanders.
You think about the fright you experienced the other night, gasping from his touch. Those hands steadily rolling the dough on your body instead. The way he dragged his hands across your stomach and over your breasts, his low rumbling breaths upon your neck.
You really try to focus, but then he stops.
“You got it, don’t stop now,” you smile.
He stays quiet, peering over at you.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine!” Mouth in a tight line, he rolls the dough again.
You sigh, he's not a brute, he's a brat.
You laid out all the candies you brought to his wonderment. “You’ve never decorated cookies before?”
“No I’ve never decorated cookies before,” he mutters, annoyed, overwhelmed at all the decorations.
You cut the piping bag tip. “Watch me.”
You clumsily pipe frosting onto a cookie man, adding lines for a shirt and pants, placing tiny candy buttons in a row and black licorice pieces for his large eyes. You scribble the letters ‘JK’ on the cookie man’s shirt. “See?”
“I don’t look like that,” he scoffs, grabbing the piping bag from you.
He’s more delicate than you expected. He decorated the cookies with intricate designs, tongue pressed into his cheek, he places chocolate sprinkles in a pattern.
“These look so good! That really looks like a dog.”
He smirks, proudly. “So this is what you like to do?”
“On Christmas. It’s a tradition.”
A wave of sadness washes over you as you remember your ex and the last Christmas you spent with him. You hated him for what he did to you.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you smile, not wanting to ruin the moment.
But Jungkook can sense your sadness again, already frowning at you.
“What’s next? For your traditions,” he says, distracting you.
You laugh. “Well, usually I would watch a Christmas movie, but there’s no TV,” you smile half-heartedly, lips pressed into a pout. “There’s nothing really left to do, except...” You reach underneath the counter, pulling out a bottle of champagne with a shy smile.
You sit on the ground by the fire. The crackling embers warms your heart, the heat feels healing.
You don’t mind the silence.
Watching the fire is enough.
You sigh, content for the first time since you arrived.
Jungkook smiles. “What are you thinking about?”
“It’s funny, I thought I would be alone on Christmas. I guess, I’m just happy I’m not. Even if we might die tonight.”
Jungkook frowns.
“It’s just a joke!” you laugh, the alcohol slurring your words.
“This drink isn’t good.”
You laugh at his bluntness.
“You know, I rented this cabin for my boyfriend and I,” you mumble, “But a week before we were supposed to leave, do you know what happened?” You didn’t give Jungkook a chance to answer. “I caught him cheating,” you spit out, the alcohol fueling your rant. “Right in the act.”
The memory feels comical now, you think bitterly. What a fool you had been.
“He said it was my fault, my fault, because we barely had sex, he said it was my fault,” you mumble, close to tears, taking another drink.
“And I knew - I knew it wasn’t perfect, but I was planning to fix it! With this,” you wave your hands in the air dramatically, “and while I was trying to save our relationship, he was-” you choke on the words, hurting, “he was-”
Jungkook pulls the champagne bottle from your hand, distracting you. “Do you want me to rip off his legs?” he asks as you whine for him to give it back.
You laugh, “He deserves that, doesn’t he?” you mumble, head rolling to the side.
“I just want to forget,” you mumble and try not to cry, “I just want to be happy.”
“I want to be happy too,” Jungkook confesses. “I want to be free. I want to know what it’s like to live on my own, my own rules, not hurting anybody. Do you think," he sighs, "I can find happiness as a better man? That I'll be worthy of love?”
You hear him, but you’re too drunk to listen. You nod, lying your head into his lap, hugging him close.
You startle, waking on the floor for a second time. Your muscles stiff and sore, you yawn and stretch, limbs brushing against Jungkook’s body. He sits against the bricks of the fireplace hearth, unmoving, looking towards the door frowning.
“What’s wrong?”
He couldn’t explain it, no one came. They didn’t even try. He fears that means something worse is waiting for him and you.
“Stay here,” he mutters, leaving.
He searches the forest for tracks, nothing for miles, your cabin becoming smaller and smaller until he doesn’t see it at all.
He finds large prints in the snow. Following the tracks, they run in circles around the property, never coming closer. What does it mean?
He heard your scream. Jungkook’s heart drops painfully, fear locking his joints. He races to find you.
“What the hell are you doing?! I thought you were hurt!”
“I couldn’t see you anymore! And then I f-found this lake. I wanted to see if it was frozen enough to skate, but it began cracking. Sorry, I didn’t mean to scream.”
Great, now he has to worry about you drowning on top of being murdered.
“Are you just trying to get yourself killed?!”
“I’m fine!” You say incredulously. “I was careful, see?” You lift your jacket up, revealing the axe, with some improvements, shiny tape covering it’s handle.
“We are going back to the cabin right now! What if-”
He falls back into the snow, stunned.
Your sweet laughter fills his ears, like a song, muting his anger.
He lifts his head, eyebrows white and face covered in snowflakes. You held a ball of snow in your palm, smiling brightly down at him. His ears turned red at how beautiful you looked when you smiled.
“Did you just hit me…with a snow pellet?”
“It’s called a snowball, and yes, yes I did.”
He stares blinking up at you.
“It’s tradition,” you smirk. You hurl the remaining ball you had at his face.
Using his quick reflexes he catches the snowball in his first, the soft snow exploding from the momentum, covered his body in snow again. You doubled over in laughter.
Jungkook watches you stunned. “Do y-you think that’s funny?”
Your answer is laughter.
“Yeah?” He turns to his side, piling the snow into a massive ball.
“Ahh!” The impact knocks you down, snowflakes tangled in your hair. You turn your body around, gathering up snow, the both of you racing to make more snowballs.
You run away laughing through the forest. He catches up to you easily, tackling you into a bank of snow. Gathering the fresh snow, you heave it over your head at his face.
He’s laughing, he’s smiling, it’s the first time you’ve seen Jungkook so carefree.
“You’re so warm!” you shiver, skin numbing to the wet snow covering your body. Jungkook lowers his body weight on you, warming you.
You realize the position you’re in, your legs tangled together, his thigh pressing into your center, his arms holding yours down into the snow. Your laughter quiets down as you stare into his eyes. He watches your lips, watches your soft breathing turn into smoke once hitting the cold air as you relax your body.
He kisses you.
It wasn’t perfect, it was clumsy and rough. But it was like fire, a sparking match, heating you up instantly. He was no longer hesitant, tongue parting your lips so he could taste you, delving inside hurriedly, as if he waited too long for this moment.
Your fingers run through his long hair without thinking, pulling him to you. You kiss him passionately until your mind catches up to your body, and you realize what you’re doing, parting your legs for a man you’ve only just met. The last time you kissed someone, it had been your ex, and his memory invades your mind, filling you with sadness and regret.
His warm hands are under your shirt, lips pressed against your neck, heating trails of fire across your body.
You scream.
Your eyes meet three pairs of red orbs, hiding within the thick underbrush. They grow in the shadows, three large contorted figures watch you with dark mangled fur, hunched beasts. Their growls grow louder, large teeth dripping with saliva, foaming at the mouth.
Jungkook springs to his feet, reaching for you before you can react.
Jungkook pulls you through the forest, running too fast for you to keep up. You stumble and fall, dragged through the snow by him, you will your body to run faster.
The trees blur around you. Loud bellowing howls resound behind you. Jungkook’s fingers stay tight around yours. Your legs burn, adrenaline and fear coursing through your veins.
You concentrate on your feet, and the thudding pace of the beasts behind you through the snow.
You concentrate on your breathing, and Jungkook’s grunts as he runs.
You concentrate on your heart beat, thumping so quickly you can feel it in your ear drums.
Everything hurts, everything is cold, but Jungkook doesn’t stop running, and you don’t either.
When you make it to your cabin, Jungkook abruptly stops.
On the steps, sits that man with the fur coat.
Jungkook covers your body with his own, out of his view. Then the beasts snarl behind you, and Jungkook spins you around, trying to keep the monsters from advancing as they begin to circle around you.
You hold onto his shoulders, heaving in air, exhausted, wishing to disappear.
When the situation begins to feel hopeless, the man in the fur coat starts clapping.
“I’m impressed, you almost made it.” He has a kind voice and dark threatening eyes, a terrifying aura despite his friendly appearance.
“She has nothing to do with this!” Jungkook yells at the man. The monsters growl around you, biting the air.
“Well now, that’s not what it looked like,” he smirks, head turning. He stands up, walking closer.
Jungkook shields you from the man. You press your body closer to his as the beasts advance.
“Please.” It was the first time you heard Jungkook’s voice waiver.
“Protecting one of them, what have you become?”
One of the beasts lunges at you. Jungkook turns around, pulling you away.
The beasts attack him, and the man grabs you.
You scream, shrieking as Jungkook’s body is buried between a mass of fur.
The man drags you away, laughing. You scream again. His grip tightens painfully, his towering body felt like it was swelling, growing impossibly stronger around you.
You scream and scream. Then pain erupts all over your body, starting at your shoulder, where fangs pierce skin and muscle.
You feel weak and helpless, unable to stop his feeding, unable to endure the pain. You scream as your vision blurs. Tears fall, your blood seeps from the wounds as you feel teeth tear through your skin.
You see red.
Then you see white.
And there’s no more pain.
You felt nothing.
And then you feel unimaginable agony.
You’re in water. Are you drowning? Actually, It felt like you were being burned alive.
You thrash under the stream of the showerhead. Jungkook holds your body down in the bathtub. Red water sloshes over the tub’s edge.
“It’s too hot!” you scream.
“I have to wash the blood off!”
He’s covered in it too. His entire face red, hair slicked with blood.
You feel like you’re burning up. You can’t stop screaming.
Then you fall back under. Under the water? You don’t know, you can’t make sense of your surroundings, or why your skin feels like it's crawling. What is happening to you?
You wake up in your bed.
Jungkook sleeps quietly next to you, limbs wrapped around you, head against your chest. Your throat is dry and itchy and your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. Your eyes scan the room, it’s so bright, even with the curtains drawn. You look down and see bandages, brown with dried blood across your shoulder, and Jungkook’s fluffy hair covering your other shoulder.
You grunt, still too tired to speak. Jungkook shifts against you, picking up his head, he looks at you with wide eyes. “You’re alive.”
“Mhm,” you grunt and let sleep pull you under again.
When you wake again, you feel snow against your tongue. You grunt in protest. “You need water,” Jungkook says softly.
“W-What happened?”
So you rest.
You wake up, you finally have energy to move. Jungkook lets go of you as you struggle to sit, his body had been pressed to your side still.
“What h-happened to us?” There’s still a dull ache in your shoulder and you can barely speak.
“You didn’t die.”
Well that’s obvious, isn’t it? “How did we - that man, he bit me,” you shudder. Jungkook nods.
You rest your head in your hands. “My head is pounding,” you groan.
“You should be okay, you never died.”
His tone has you weary. “I-I don’t understand. What happened, I deserve to know. That m-man, he was - how?”
“I’m scared,” Jungkook mumbles, “to tell you.”
“Scared of what?”
Jungkook lays his head in your lap. “You’ll think I’m a monster.”
You laugh, wincing when your shoulders move. After everything, it’s clear being around Jungkook is dangerous. But you don’t feel like you’re in danger, not now, with him cradled in your lap, vulnerable and afraid.
Maybe you are more broken than you thought, maybe your heart bled out and you stopped caring about what was right for you. When you thought you knew how your life would end up, you were thrown into your own personal nightmare long before Jungkook ever showed up.
The days leading up to this trip, you wanted to die. You could barely go through the motions of living. And then you found Jungkook, and the will to live shot through your veins.
When you found him alone, dying in the snow, you vowed not to abandon him, and you aren’t leaving now. Leaving Jungkook now felt like betrayal, you felt it in every cell of your body, especially in your heart. If he is a monster like he says, then well, a monster treated you better than the man you thought you loved.
“Tell me the truth, Jungkook. S-Show me the truth.”
Jungkook nods. He presses his lips on yours, inhaling you one last time.
He turns his back to you, lifting his shirt above his head. You see the fresh scars across his back, deep red lines cutting into his large muscles. He rolls his shoulders. And then-
Like a flash, fur appears and grows, and the largest wolf you’ve ever seen sits in the middle of your room, thick brown fur cascading all over his body, his large perked up ears almost touching the ceiling.
The monstrous animal stands up on four legs and turns his body, knocking into the furniture.
You look into his red eyes amazed. They’re large and round and not like the sinister eyes you saw in the forest. “Jungkook?”
You sit on the edge of the bed, reaching your hand towards him. He lowers his large head, placing it under your palm.
When your fingers tangle into his fur playfully the beast before you lets out a high pitched whimper. His trembling whines fill the quiet room.
“Don’t do that, you’ll make me cry,” but your eyes are already full of tears, they way this massive beast acts so hesitant, so scared, crying and afraid you would reject him.
He’s enormous, filling up the room, eclipsing the beasts you saw previously in size. His fur is lighter and longer too, deep chestnut brown like Jungkook’s human eyes.
He lies his large head in your lap, curling into a ball on the floor as you run your hands through his unruly fur. “I think I might find you cuter like this,” you tease. “And I don’t have to listen to you yell all the time. Why didn’t you change sooner?” A large growl erupts from his throat. You laugh, “I don’t think you’ll fit through the door this way.”
“Happy New Year!”
Jungkook jumps, when you open the cracker, releasing confetti all over him. “Is this another, um, tradition?” He asks, inspecting the colored paper clinging to his clothes.
You nod excitedly.
“There’s also another, um, popular tradition, that you’re supposed to do at midnight.”
Jungkook tilts his head, waiting. He looks healthier now. His scars are healed. You cut his hair, but it still lays messily across his forehead. Your wounds are healing nicely too.
You were surprised at first, when Jungkook changed your bandages, you had seen the mangled skin, deep wounds almost reaching bone, you thought you wouldn’t be able to use your arm ever again.
But with every bandage removed and replaced, miraculously your skin had healed over, scar tissue now barely visible, healing quicker than any previous cut.
Neither of you have left the cabin, the snow had inched higher, and every once in a while, there would be deep howls outside, but you and Jungkook stayed inside and healed, learning more about each other with each passing day.
Jungkook doesn’t remember how he became a beast.
But he remembers when he first became human.
It was in spring, when he reached twenty years of age. One morning he woke up without fur, terrified of his new weakened body. He wandered his forest, lost and confused. He never had a family, he never had anyone who taught him what he was. By chance he found others like him.
That was nearly eighty years ago.
You tried to learn more, but Jungkook didn’t like talking about it, instead he asked you questions about the city you lived in. His kind avoided the cities, he said.
“Oh, nevermind.”
“What is it?”
“It’s silly, at midnight you’re supposed to kiss someone you lo-”
Jungkook silences you with a kiss, holding your head in his hands.
He had glued himself to your side when he thought you were going to die, becoming more affectionate with each passing day.
You smile against his mouth, parting your lips when he eagerly deepens the kiss. His tongue licked into your mouth and trailed down your neck, tasting and smelling your skin.
You grew used to him sniffing you. Your hair, your newly showered skin, he’d smell you randomly, it was cute and sometimes funny.
But times like now, it felt sensual the way he ran his nose across your throat. The way his tongue followed had you shuddering in his embrace.
Jungkook groaned, “You can’t do that.”
“It’s so hard to control myself when you do that,” he mumbles, pressing his mouth to your throat, letting his teeth graze. Shivers spread throughout your body, trailing down towards your core.
“You always smell so good.” He groans.
The shift in your mood, the lust entering your body and exiting between your legs has him on the edge. He licks more of your neck trying to find relief from the hunger.
You felt your own restraint slipping away with each deep moan escaping Jungkook’s lips.
“Jungkook, it’s late, let’s go to bed.”
The moonlight was so bright tonight your bedroom filled with a soft glow.
At nighttime Jungkook usually shifted into his other form, but not tonight.
He lifted his shirt off as you settled into bed. You couldn’t help but stare at the contours of his body, muscles prominent as he flexed.
Jungkook smirks. “I can’t concentrate when you do that.”
“Do what?” You press your legs together without thinking.
Jungkook places his knee on the end of the bed by your feet, crouching down he cages your body in with his arms. You stare down his chest, his pecks jumping when he crawls over you. “You’re aroused,” he places a knee down between your legs. “I can smell you,” he moans.
He lies his body down, arms placed on your sides he drags your shirt up higher, kissing your exposed skin.
“You can smell that?” You ask, face hot with embarrassment. Jungkook nods, chuckling against your skin.
“Every time.”
His fingers curl under the fabric of your pants, underneath the seam of you panties, dragging both down your legs, leaving you completely bare.
He brazenly presses his nose into your center, just smelling, inhaling lewdly.
“J-Jungkook!” Your entire body jumps when he presses the tip of his nose into your hood as he breathes in. Your back arches, unintentionally pressing into him more, making you quiver from the intensity you felt.
Jungkook was only breathing against you, letting your scent grow. With minimal effort he had you dripping with arousal, listening to his obscene moaning by just being close to your core.
You tried to silence your own moans, too shy to ask for more, losing your mind slowly as he teasingly blows against your heat.
His fingers run along your slit, covering his digits with your wetness. He relishes your taste like sweet nectar on his tongue, licking his fingers clean. You feel dizzy watching him between your legs.
He removes himself from your cunt, moving up your body, he kisses you heatedly, pulling your lips between his teeth.
“You want more? Want me to claim you?”
You nod, lost to pleasure.
“I wanted you since that day. I was scared to lose control.” He nips at the skin of your thigh.
“Please please.”
“I like when you whimper,” he groans, “I like when you beg.”
You reach between your bodies, itching to feel more of him. Pulling him out, you wrap your fingers around his thickness. It's so hard and big. You grip him tightly, moaning into his mouth.
“I want all of you, Jungkook, please.”
“Mmm not yet.” He was still worried, holding back, enjoying the sound of your soft whines when you cried his name.
Ripping the fabric of your top, he runs his nose up between your breasts, moving his lips over your nipples and sucking harshly. You twist your body to meet him closer, unable to stop the whimpers escaping as your fingers pull at his hair. His tight jaw flexing as he sucks relentlessly, sending you closer to heaven.
You can't take anymore teasing, you grab his face between your hands, pulling his mouth to meet yours. You kiss him passionately, lips pressed firm against his, opening your mouth so his tongue can press deep inside.
You buck into his hardness, letting his member slide against your wet folds. Your exploding lust throws Jungkook over this edge, his instincts taking over his body, he flips you over abruptly.
"Yes y-yes!" You let your jaw relax, opening in a silent cry as he presses his thick cock into your core, letting the wetness glide over his length until he fills you completely. He growls, pressing your back down, losing his words to his own lust and animalistic need.
"F-fuck!" you moan as he sets a brutal pace, thrusting in and out so deep and hard your vision whitens and pleasure overtakes every other sense, all your hear feel and smell is Jungkook.
So much power behind his thrusts, you feel tied to his body, moving when and where he wants. He growls out a possessive "Mine," stretching you open, molding you over the length of his cock.
The pressure in your stomach keeps building, heat blooming, until you're shaking under his electric energy. He thrusts in hard, arms tight around your hips, you feel him swell inside you, growing larger and larger.
You gasp as he growls with his release. His hot cum fills you in bursts, his cock pulsing inside you has you twitching with so much pressure you feel dizzy.
You run your fingers along your clit, aching for release. Jungkook's fingers trail yours, pressing down harder into you as your whimper in pleasurable pain.
Jungkook growls deep in your ear as your walls clench around his cock. He ruts into you roughly, thumb moving against your sensitive hood, his member still hard and thick against your tightening walls.
You scream in ecstasy with his cum and hard cock filled inside you, you shake finally releasing around him, shuddering and gasping for breath. His dick stays solid inside you as he holds you in his embrace, plugging his cum and your juices inside. "Stay still," he mumbles, voice back, nuzzling against your throat, "It's going to hurt if I remove it now."
You gasp, twitching against him. "W-What's happening?"
Jungkook kisses your shoulder, softly rolling his hips, you can feel your walls stretched tight around his swollen cock. "I'm g-going to cum again."
Jungkook pulls you closer, rolling on his back. his dick pulling your body down. His hand holds your neck to his shoulder, bending you backward over his solid frame.
He groans low in your ear, "I love it when you beg. I love it."
His thumb returns to your clit. You shake in oversensitivity as he rolls his hips again.
"Again," he growls, "Let me feel you lose control again."
You whimper as he thrusts up sharply, shifting his throbbing cock inside you. He circles his thumb around your clit until you cry out, spiraling into a shaking orgasm, you scream out his name.
His nips your earlobe as you fall back into your body. "Again."
“The ranger is supposed to come tomorrow. What should we do?” You whisper into Jungkook's hair once awake.
“I’m going with you. I’ll protect you no matter what.”
The next morning comes, and earlier than expected there’s a knock at your door. Jungkook had just entered the shower, and you weren’t finished packing.
You open the door ready to offer your apologies.
But when the ranger turns around, you see tanned skin. That man wears the ranger’s coat and hat, pulling the brim up higher to cast his dark eyes on you.
“Not going to welcome me inside?”
“W-Where’s the ranger?”
He ignores your question. “Well, look at you. He was able to save you after all and make you his little pet.”
“What did you do to the ranger?!”
“The ranger,” he sighs, “won’t be able to help you, or anyone, hmm..” he holds his finger to his chin in thought, “ever again,” he sings.
You turn to slam the door but his hands stops you, fingers curling into the wood, it dents beneath his pads.
“I want to talk to my brother.”
'Brother? No-' “The same brother you tried to murder?”
“I was only teaching him a little lesson. Creatures like you wouldn’t understand. So hurry and retrieve your master, hmm?”
He laughs. “How brave! Step outside then, let’s test your courage.”
“What do you want from us? Why can't you just let him be?!”
“I'll consider letting him be once I have what's mine. The little old witch can protect this cabin but not you, Sweet.”
“I'm-n-not y-yours.”
“But what’s his is mine.”
You shudder, looking over your shoulder. You see the taped axe lying against the wall, close enough to reach your arm over. "Will you promise to leave him alone?" you whisper.
The man cocks his head to the side. "So loyal," he smirks. "I swear, cross my heart."
Before you can continue, a low growl begins. Deep and rumbling, the growl becomes louder and louder. You feel fur tickle your face, Jungkook's large animal body presses to your back, his massive head beside yours, eyes narrowed onto the man, barring his teeth and snarling wickedly.
The man glares, clenching his jaw, silent words spoken between each beast.
The man looks at you. "Last chance, Sweet, before I show no mercy. You'll beg me for death."
You wrap your arms around Jungkook's large neck, burying your face into the fur of his nape as he growls louder, mouth open and teeth bared and ready.
The man before you transforms in an instant. The old wood cabin creaks with the weight of both beasts. The beast roars in front of you, before howling, wailing so loud your ears hurt. Then with one last glare, the beast runs into the woods.
Jungkook paces the living room. You watched him wearily, engulfed in darkness. There was a snowstorm outside, eclipsing the sun’s light and casting everything into the shadows of the night.
The wood creaked as snow pelted the cabin.
“This will end tonight. I’ll find them, take them by surprise.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Kill them.”
You wrapped your arms around his lean torso, burying your head into his spine.
“I'm scared.”
“I won’t lose. I finally have something worth fighting for.” He smiles, he looks so warm now, so different from the man you met on Christmas Eve.
"You have to come back to me," you whisper, unwilling to let him go. "I lo-"
He kisses you softly. "I'm not worthy yet. You saved me, let me save you."
You stayed by the window, watching the snowy white scene, snowflakes rained down like spears. You felt your sanity slipping with each passing minute alone.
Your last bit of reason drained away as a crash boomed against the side of the cabin, shaking the walls.
You heard howls in the night.
Growls that sounded like thunder.
You ran to each window, wishing to find answers to your prayers, but you couldn’t see through the snow storm. What if it was Jungkook who cried out? What if he was hurt?
You couldn't stand hiding, waiting, about to lose what you loved the most once more.
You can't wait anymore-
“Jungkook!” You scream, thrown by the wind. The snow storm grew stronger.
You ran through the forest alone. You screamed for Jungkook, you screamed for anyone.
You ran for so long your body felt heated even in the cold.
Searching all night, you couldn't see anything except for the full moon.
Then you saw what you feared the most.
Growing larger, becoming clearer, stood the dark beast. Fangs bared, snarling, teeth holding brown fur, dragging Jungkook through the snow.
It broke your already fragile heart.
You screamed in pain, and then you screamed in anger.
The beast threw Jungkook down in the snow. You felt his eyes pierce through you, right through your heart. You felt more pangs, sure you were surrounded.
Rage built inside you slowly and then exploded when Jungkook shifted into his human form, crumpled body laying in the snow, you realized you truly loved him. You realized you were going to lose him, and that sent fire through your veins, hatred branching out like vines growing through the cracks of your heart.
The tips of your fingers burned, like frostbite, but no, it was warmth, that spread through your body, searing your insides.
And suddenly, you found clarity.
In the moonlight you saw that beast for what it was. You weren’t afraid.
No, you felt powerful.
Your teeth sharpened and your nails grew.
You opened your eyes to the blue sky, tall trees, and snow falling over you. You were covered in snow, surprisingly, your body didn’t feel cold. You sit up, the freshly fallen snow dropping off of you like powder. You yelp as Jungkook emerges from the snow next to you, shaking the flakes off his body like a dog, he breathes like he woke up from a nightmare, panting heavily.
“We’re alive?” You can hardly believe it, the last thing you remembered, you were running out the cabin door.
“You don’t remember?”
Remember what? The memories of last night rested over you like a fog.
Like the snowstorm. Your memory felt blanketed in a haze.
“Y/n,” his thumb rubs across your cheek, “Your eyes. They’re red.”
Oop kind of cliffhanger, kind of not. Cmon, you know they ain’t gonna leave eachother now! If I hadn’t stopped, I would have kept going on forever!! What did you think? Let me know! Writing nonstop like this ain’t easy, but it’s a fun holiday challenge. This was so much fun to write, much more fun than I thought it would be. Also me continuing to test out different writing styles with this series. Was it scary? I tried my best to make it interesting to read! How did you like it??
Naughty Girl Masterlist
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scribblemetae · 7 months ago
Perfectly, Us.
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You have the perfect valentines day planned, the rose petals, the candles, everything you could think of to make it the perfect day. Sadly, when it comes to yours and Jungkook's relationship nothing has ever been perfect, but luckily for you, perfect is subjective.
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Fluff (Yeah I'm here doing fluff) this is just tooth rottenly sweet, Its just smut... like. Just smut.
Word count: 8.2k
Warnings: Smut, unprotected smut, multiple orgasms, Jungkooks just horny and in love okay, Oral (f), Masturbation, fingering, dry humping, sex games, lots of kissing, lots of ‘I love yous’, its fluff guys... I write fluff now, honestly its porn with a hint of plot, messy sex, they use sex dice and Jungkook gets cock blocked, reader just wants romance, slow sex, deep penetration, body worship, humping, grinding, BODY ROLLS, dirty talk, talking during sex, reminiscing, love making, Jungkook says ‘Pussy Kisses’ and I don't care, its basically fucking filthy and sweet.
AN: So this couple is gonna come up ever now and again and I plan on making a little series of one-shots based on their relationship because im actually so in love with them. This is a Valentines day one shot and its based on the couple in THIS drabble. (it’ll give a little bit of background on the characters and the ending but you don’t have to read it)
Thank you so much to @craztextae​ for the editing and I really hope you all enjoy it <3
Everything was perfect, the bed was covered in rose petals and each surface had a lit candle really creating the most romantic atmosphere. 
This was your first Valentine's day with Jungkook, it was your first Valentine's day you have had with anybody actually. You’d dreamt for so long of having this beautiful romantic night that you could barely keep your excitement down when you looked around the room realizing you’d pulled off exactly that. You weren’t usually the most romantic person, usually happy to opt for a quiet night, not doing much, maybe just ordering a takeaway for example. Except for Valentine’s day, the movies always paint it to be the most perfect night that you couldn’t wait to emulate. 
You’d gotten yourself something sexy to wear, a barely there lingerie set covered in pink and blue heart lace outlines that did little to cover anything due to the cut out shapes. It made your body look fantastic. 
The bra unclipped at the front, something you couldn’t wait to show Jungkook as you just knew he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you as you pushed your breasts together to release the clasp. You had the perfect amount of make-up on and your hair was so perfect you nearly squealed after your three hours spent in-front of the mirror. You were so happy with what you managed to pull off there was nothing that could go wrong now.
As you looked around the bedroom for the last time you smiled once more, making sure that everything was perfectly placed. When you were happy with it all, you walked over to the desk at the side of your room.
You picked up all the games you’d bought from your local sex shop placing them neater so that Jungkook could see them all. Now you wait. Now you wait for your boyfriend to come over for the best surprise of his life. 
It didn’t take long since he was already five minutes late, you heard him as he stumbled through the door and you giggled to yourself. He was always a little bit late. It was just a personality trait of his at this point. You heard him calling out your name through your house as you laid on your bed trying to present your body in the sexiest way possible. 
If you were looking down on yourself you’d be amused and embarrassed at how seriously you were taking this, pulling your lingerie and fixing your posture so that everything was perfect. But you were so desperate for this to go well.
And it was. It was all going excellently until Jungkook barged through the bedroom door, opening it and turning the light on by instinct. Both of your voices are heard as you whine out a “No, Turn it back off,” and Jungkook just lets out an excited “Whao, nice.” 
Before you could react, Jungkook shrugged his shoulders, turned the lights back off and crawled over to you. It was just before he started hovering over your body that you pulled yourself up and pushed him back. 
“No, Jungkook. Not yet, calm down.” 
You were slightly smiling, glad you got this kind of reaction from him but quick to stop him, wanting way more to happen before the two of you had sex. “You mean you dressed up for me on Valentine's day to chat?” You saw the black barbell of his eyebrow piercing shoot up as he raised his eyebrow at you. He looked so perfect that it didn't even matter that he hadn't mentioned anything about the rose petals and candles you tried so hard to get perfect.
His hair was currently shorter, a light blue almost gray color as the tips cover his eyes. He wasn’t exactly dressed for Valentine’s day but when you looked like him you never had to do much. 
He always looked so sexy. The blue shorts and hooded tracksuit jacket, matched with a plain white shirt only proving how he could look fantastic in anything. The black lip ring catches your attention as he pulls it into his mouth, biting his lip waiting for you to answer his question. 
“No, not talk. I was hoping we could have a little fun, you know?” You smiled so brightly as you got off the bed, leaving Jungkook thoroughly confused, to walk over to the desk, picking up one of the games you had left there. 
The first thing you picked up was a set of fuzzy dice holding your hand out to Jungkook so he could see exactly what they were. His eyebrows just furrowed, clearly unable to see what you were holding in the dark, the candles not really adding much light to the room. You joined back on the bed as Jungkook got a better look at them noticing what they actually were.
“Sex dice?” Jungkook looked at you dead pan, he was surprised that this is something you’d bought into. 
“You know babe, if you wanted to get freaky we could have just watched porn together.” He laughed his beautiful chuckle but you weren’t amused with his joke as you dropped your shoulder and looked at him with annoyance. 
“Jungkook, this is supposed to be romantic,” you said matter-of-factly. 
You placed the pink dice between the both of you but Jungkook just ignores them. He pushed himself up so he could reach for you, hand on your cheek as he started attaching his lips onto yours. His kisses were soft but very wet as he poked his tongue out searching for yours, you could feel your core start to throb immediately as you felt the metal of his lip ring against your lip and the ball of his tongue ring massage your own tongue as you granted him access to your mouth. 
“There's nothing more romantic than when you’re moaning out for me when I play with your pussy baby.” It's only at that point, while his hand slowly starts to travel down your body, teasing the band of your underwear, that you snap out of it. 
“No, wait please Jungkook. I really wanted tonight to be special.”  
He huffed and pulled himself back to be met with the first of many pouts from you tonight. He couldn’t help but give into what you wanted when you looked this cute, he might not have been the romantic type but he loved you enough to ignore his extreme horniness to the side and play along with you for now.
Jungkook pushed one of his hands through his hair while taking a deep breath. “Okay baby, who goes first?” You can tell he's doing this for you and it makes your heart flutter like it's been taken over by butterflies. You immediately feel giddy again getting yourself more comfortable on your knees as you grab the dice. 
“Really? Okay, I'll roll first, and then I have to do whatever the dice say.” 
You’re trying your hardest not to grin so wildly, feeling slightly flustered about how excited you felt. Little did you know that your smile is the reason Jungkook puts up with all this stuff, knowing that it makes you happy makes every second worth it for him.
As you throw the dice on the bed, you're excited about how they land. “So now I lick your neck.”
“Maybe these games aren’t as bad as I thought,” he announces as he removes his jacket, tilting his head so his neck was on show as he watched you crawl over closer to him. As soon as you're close enough he pulls you onto his lap and runs his hands over your body, feeling your skin against his palms, the odd rose petal that had stuck to your skin falling off. 
“Take your clothes off Y/N, we could make this so much more fun.” 
You watch as Jungkook’s tongue pushes against his cheek as he looks your body up and down. He loves this so much, feeling your body against his, he just wishes you weren’t wearing anything so he could soak it all in. 
“This lingerie set costs so much, don’t you think it's sexy?” 
He looks up towards you since your position leaves you slightly above him now. “I always think you're sexy Y/N.” 
You roll your eyes at this point, why can’t he just go along with it .“Yeah but, come on, you know what I mean.” 
He chuckles again slightly as he brings his lips against your chest, kissing and sucking on the skin there making you gasp. His next sentence is declared between kisses as he takes his time enjoying you. 
“You’re sexy no matter what you wear.” 
Slowly Jungkook places his tongue flat directly between your breasts, using the stud on his tongue to his advantage as he licks upwards just around the swells of your bust. His hands start to join the fun as they grab on to your asscheeks, he squeezes and plays with them as he keeps talking. 
“But you’re even better naked.” 
As his mouth moves closer and closer to your nipple, kissing and sucking against the bra you’re wearing, you're once again reminded of what you're supposed to be doing. “Jungkook, stop doing this. You said you’d play along.” 
Your voice was a little whiny but that was because you were turned on now as well as frustrated. His hands and mouth removed from your body as they come up besides his face like a criminal that's just been caught by the police. “Fine, fine. I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself around you.” 
Why was he so determined to make you crumble so quickly? 
You just close your eyes, not focusing on the sweet features of his face and lowering your mouth to his neck, licking up his neck like he did your chest, starting at the base and moving up slowly, just behind his ear loving the little groan he let out.
You couldn't help but suck lightly when your tongue finished, you knew it wasn’t on the dice but Jungkook wasn’t exactly playing fair. You suck enough to leave the lightest hickey behind his ear and remove yourself from his body before he gets too excited. 
And when you look back at him his eyes are slightly darker than before. It affected him exactly how you hoped it would. 
"Okay my turn." 
As he grabs the dice you can see he looks slightly more excited about the situation, he was quick to shake them around in his hand and throw them onto the bed. It didn't take long before you saw him groan and roll his eyes. Before you even saw how the dice landed he was airing his frustration. 
"Stroke your elbow? You've gotta be kidding me." 
Quickly trying to defuse the situation you try to level with him. "Come on sweetie. It's funny, just try it." Jungkook just shakes his head as he laughs, "if after all this time you're telling me I just had to stroke your elbow and you'd be good to go then I've been putting far too much effort into all this."  
You can’thelp but laugh with him but rolling your eyes at the same time, "fine, roll again."
Against his better judgment he grabs the dice, rolling them one more time. "Oh come on, these are the Kings of Cock Blocking." 
Jungkook throws his body backwards in defeat as you look at the dice in front of him that had landed on 'pat' and 'wrist.’ You were annoyed that the dice had decided to forsaken your want for romance but you couldn't help but laugh at the dramatics coming from your boyfriend right now. You weren’t going to give up just yet.
You pull his body up so he's back to sitting in front of you, his body still seeming to be playing dead as he slouched and grumped like a kid who wasn’t allowed his ice-cream. 
“It's fine Jungkook we can play a different game, I bought a few,” but before you could leave the bed Jungkook’s body seemed to jump back into action as he grabbed you from behind, laid you on the bed and crawled on top of your body, sitting right on top of your butt. 
“No more games, lets just have our own fun-” He starts rubbing his hands over your body massaging the muscles in your back making you whine out in enjoyment. “Isn’t this fun Y/N?” and once again you’re putty in his hands, and this time it's literal too.
He pulls his shirt off completely and you turnyour head on the pillow to look at him, fuck he was something else compeltly. You’d been with him for nine months now and you were still weak every time he shows off the sleeve of tattoos on his arm and when he take shis shirt off completely you were a goner. You felt him try to unclasp your bra and giggled at the furrowed confusion in his brows when he couldn't find the clasp 
“It's at the front, Kook.” 
This was his loudest groan from the night, he threw his head back going slightly limp and you took the opportunity to turn around under him and start playing with the clasp. “Don’t you think it's sexy?” 
Jungkook immediately looks back down to you as you push your breasts together, undoing the clasp exactly how you pictured it, and he can’t take his eyes off you. This is the reaction you wanted. His bottom lip went straight into his mouth as his hands crawled back up your body placing his palms just underneath where you opened up the cups of the bra. 
“Fuck yes, now this is a perfect Valentine’s day present.” 
He is quick to position his body on top of yours, lips wrapping around your nipple as he starts flicking it with his tongue. “These are all the romance I need, baby.” He groped both of your boobs so your nipples were as close to each other as they could be and he licked and sucked one, then the other, then the other and you were lost to his mouth.
Jungkookloved your tits, loved everything about them. 
His kisses were always wet and sloppy as his tongue danced around them, flicking them, sucking them and even biting them knowing it would make you gasp out and buck your hips like you just did. He was smiling again and you could tell he was enjoying it just as much as you. He even used his piercings to his advantage knowing that if he licked a broad stripe across your nipple you’d feel it and flinch without fail as well as the cold you’d feel from the hoop on his lip. 
God, he knew how to play your body like a fiddle. 
You were breathless and making no attempt to push him off you, enjoying the wet slurping sounds he’d let out after lavashing your tits for so long but you did find a way to make yourself heard a little. “I wanted tonight to be memorable Kook, I didn’t wanna, Oh fuck yeah,” your attention ispulled back to him as he used his tongue bar to flick left and right over your nipple.
He didn’t ignore you for too long though, as much as he could spend the rest of his night teasing you with his tongue he still wanted you to have your say. So he leaned back up, detaching himself from your tits much to your dismay and sat between your legs. “Look baby, if you didn’t wanna fuck tonight that’s fine, I wont be offended if you just wanted to go out for food or do some Valentine’s shit. But come on, these games? We don’t need them, we have amazing sex.” 
You pulled yourself up looking pretty meek in front of him, feeling deflated. “It wasn’t about the sex, I just wanted like, the fireworks and the romance you know? Like they do in the movies.'' 
He pulls your body closer to his at this point, your bra had been pushed off your body and just the feeling of your wet nipples against his chest made you gasp out a little, making him smile as he started to pull your chin so you were facing him. “I see fireworks everytime I get to touch you, and when I get to touch your pussy it’s even fucking better.” 
His hand started to travel down your body cupping your pussy in your underwear making your mouth drop open as he rubs back and forth moving your whole body with it. “Jungkook, don’t say pussy.” You were staring directly into his eyes and you could see his questioning look once more, “It’s not romantic.”
Jungkook was quick to shake his head and he positioned you so you were on your back again, and he was between your legs. “Baby, do you have any idea how cute you are?” 
You can’t help but bring your pout back as you feel slightly condescended by his words. You weren’t trying to be cute. “Come on, stop pouting, it’s fine.” He pulled your legs up so they were resting on his shoulders and started to play with your last remaining piece of clothing slowly pulling it over the globe of your ass as he teased you with kisses to your calves. 
“No Jungkook, this was supposed to be perfect and nothing is going right.”
If he were anything else he’d be offended, he knew what you were getting at but he couldn't believe you struggled to see the romance in just this. “Baby, sh, it's okay.” His lips continued to ghost on your legs as he raised your panties further and further up your legs. You couldn’t lie and pretend what he was doing wasn't affecting you, you may have been upset that things didn’t turn into the romantic fantasy you had but his lips against your skin and the gentle tone of his voice was becoming everything. 
“Things are always perfect when were together, a few little sex games aren’t gonna change anything.”
You knew he was right, you knew that they were just dumb things that couples did but you wanted that, wanted that cute, perfect, romantic Valentine’s night with somebody you loved. You wanted that dream to come true. 
“I know but,” you tried to explain it to him but he seemed to be having none of it. 
“No buts baby. Tell you what,” he had finally gotten to a point where he is lifting your ankle on his shoulder and threw away your underwear to the side of the bed, slowly placing your ankle back onto his shoulder. 
His hands started drifting down your inner thighs towards your core. “Why don’t we play our own sex game?” He’s teasing you now, his hands completely bypass where you thought they were going and he pulls his body completely on top of yours 
“Jungkook.” You gasp out at the feeling of his still covered cock against your slit, you’ve come to loathe the blue shorts he’s wearing. He grinds forwards as you moan out for him, jolts of electricity shooting up your body as his bulge nudges your clit. You feel his teeth against your ear and his breath on your neck. 
“We tried your way and it didn’t work so just let me have my way, please.” 
One hand is next to your head and one under your arm as he literally grinds against your body, his hips rolling against you and you both can’t help but look down towards where you're connected. Jungkook’s hair was in his eyes but you didn’t miss how tightly he shut them at the sight of your slick glossing his shorts and you nodded at him accompanied with voiceless whines as he teases your cunt. 
You’d agree to anything he wanted as you spread your legs for him. As soon as you did he grabbed your thigh from around your leg, pulled it under his arm and pressed it close to his body making sure he was pressed tight against your center using those perfect body rolls to make you lose your mind.  Your head threw back at the feeling, you couldn’t believe you were close just from him humping against you but the feeling of his length against your clit was making your legs shake. “Good girl.” 
He was proud of himself, you can see it when he moved his head towards yours so your noses nearly touched. You could feel the tips of his hair against your forehead as he spoke. “Now, im going to play a game where I fuck your perfect, wet little pussy nice and slow, until its quivering around my cock begging to cum.” 
“Want-” your words are lost as he continues to build you up, you can feel more and more of your slick covering his shorts and you're slightly embarrassed. You can’t believe how wet he gets you just doing this. “Make love to me Jungkook, dont want you to, oh fuck!” at your words he grinded against you harder, “to fuck me, want you to love me.”
He pushes your thighs up so that the tops of them are touching your stomach and his thighs pinned yours into place. He reaches down and grabs his cock out of his shorts, dragging the head over your entrance teasing your hole. 
“Baby, know this right fucking now,” he pushes the tip in slightly, stretching you out making you shiver only to pull it back out and use the head to rub on your clit. 
“When I fuck you, I’m making love to you with every inch of my fucking cock.” 
He takes his time gliding his cock around your center, pushing it in less than a centimeter and pulling it back out, loving the sound of your slick when he does it quickly. “Fuck your pussys so juicy Y/N.” 
You wanted to scream, you wanted every inch of him but as he looked into your eyes he continued to push his narrative knowing you were still struggling to see the romance just fucking can create. 
“You don’t think this is romantic baby? Your cunt is literally crying. It loves me so much.” 
Jungkook moves his body away from yours so that his face is level with your pussy and his arm pinned underneath your knees keeping them against your chest. “The amount of love that just drips-” 
The word ‘drips’ starts to slur as he bends down more to lick up against one of your folds, his tongue bar nudges against your nerves, making your legs jolt, gathering all the slick and slurping it into his mouth “-Is the most romantic fucking thing I could ask for, fuck, your love tastes so fucking good.”
You shimmy down even further so his face is directly inline with your pussy and his palms are on your thighs keeping them up. “How ‘bout I make out with you?” his lips are pressing against your thighs, around your center, everywhere but where you wanted them. 
“That's romantic right? Pussy kisses are always romantic, right?” 
At his words his mouth fully engulfs your center and you scream out as he sucks on your lips. His tongue pushes between your folds as it rolls around your center just like he would with a kiss against your lips while he's searching for your tongue, and when he found your clit his face pushed against you and he sucked on your clit nice and hard.
“See baby?” Jungkook’s words are soft as he slowly removes his mouth from you and just gently starts kissing up and down your slit. “So” between every word he kissed you once more “fucking” the last one just above your clit “Romantic.”
When you look down at him you can see your slick covering his mouth and it has you whimpering. “Jungkook, I’m gonna cum.” Your breathing was heavy and you are struggling to open your eyes but you feel the weight of his body crawling up you and he kisses your lips quickly. 
The moan that leaves your lips is completely involuntary. The kiss was slow but passionate as he kept your thighs up around his body. Your arms grab around him, running them up and down his warm skin and you were practically wrapped around him at this point. 
“I know you wanted this big romantic night baby, but don’t you see how romantic us being together can be.” You nod your head, you knew it was but you couldn’t help your slight disappointment “I just wanted it to be special.”
“I know it sounds cliche-” Jungkook just holds you close, tightly “-But just being here, with the woman I love will always be special.” 
His words made your disappointment slip, you could never be disappointed when you were the woman underneath him. He always managed to make everything perfect. “But I can make tonight memorable for you if you want, cutie.” When he called you cutie he quickly placed a kiss to the tip of your nose making your face scrunch up in giggles and he was quick to join the smiles. “You always make it memorable, Kook.”
You were starting to sound like him with your affirmation, but it was true. Jungkook always made nights like this memorable for you and you were starting to feel silly for thinking you needed more. 
“I know, I know, I am fucking awesome,” he laughs, crawling back down to your body and placing himself back in the position he was when he was kissing your center, “but you deserve more than that baby.” 
You push yourself up as much as you can with your legs pinned up to your body to keep eye contact with him. “What do you mean?” You obviously knew he was planning on having sex with you but you knew he had more planned. 
“I mean I wanna show you just how much I love you.”
He quickly places his mouth back into your mound and starts licking you all over. The orgasm you’ve been feeling for the past twenty minutes was still bubbling up in your center. That fucking tongue bar of his was dangerous and you couldn’t be happier he got it than in this moment. 
“Tell me you love me as you cum, baby.” 
His words are unexpected as your body starts to shake. No longer were his touches gentle, he was abusing your clit, sucking and slurping on it until you could feel the walls of your pussy start to contract and an explosion started coursing through your body. 
Your walls were pulsing as your body started to rock into Jungkook’s mouth struggling to control your body as you came. The words ‘I love you’ slipped from your lips as he refused to remove his mouth from your center helping you ride out your high.
Jungkook didn’t stop there though, as your body starts shuddering, recovering from its high as his tongue begins to apply soft little licks against your clit again. You couldn’t help but laugh weakly as you attempted to push his shoulders back, something that was a struggle in this position. 
“Wrap your legs around my head, baby.” 
You were a little dazed as you tried to correct him. “Jungkook, I came, it’s okay I-” Your entire body rises off the bed and he pushes a finger inside of you and starts pumping it in and out. “I love you so fucking much. Love making you cum.” You were so wet you could feel him slipping in so easily, his fingers were so long, nibble. He could reach wherever he wanted. 
“Wrap your legs around my head, baby girl, please.” He repeated himself from earlier and you couldn’t refuse him while he was fingering you so deep.
His mouth moves to connect with your pussy once more and you feel a euphoria that you had never felt before. His fingers were moving so quickly inside of you now and his lips were sucking on your clit that was already so sensitive you were one notch away from screaming. Your legs instantly wrap  around him making the moan from his lips vibrate straight to your core. You were focused on his face and didn’t miss the look of pure pleasure in his eyes as his tongue circled your clit. That's what did it, that's what turned on your loud moans and screams. The idea of Jungkook enjoying eating you out as much as you enjoyed feeling it sent shock waves up your body and you screamed out just for him. 
“Jungkook, oh my fucking god, this feels so good.” 
You’re sure your pussy is leaking for him at this point, you could feel the wet trails of your own slick and his saliva down your ass cheeks. “Fuck, keep screaming for me, all for me baby.” 
His mouth was away from you for a second while he watched his hand push in another finger, he loved watching you take him. In the back of your mind you were ashamed of how loud you were being but the front of your mind didn’t care. 
Jungkook was fucking and eating your pussy and no sane woman could truely survive this. You looked a mess you were sure of it, all the effort you put into looking amazing was easily destroyed by the tears running down your face. Your thighs begin  to clamp around him a little more as you start to lose control of your body. 
“Oh god, oh god.” 
They were the only words you can think of to explain the pleasure coursing through you, you can’t explain it, it was like nothing else. Your entire pussy was tingling as your stomach was turning to knots. You felt Jungkook moving to his knees, placing himself firmly on the bed but low enough that he didn’t make it too uncomfortable for you. 
His face is so deeply pressed against you that you can feel the ends of his hair tickling you where it met your skin. That's when you heard the squelching. His fingers were moving so fast you could feel droplets of your own arousal landing on your thighs and the knot in your stomach exploded when you felt Jungkook sucking on your clit once more. 
You screamed so loud, this time unable to make any coherent words out of your mouth, you didn’t squirt but you could feel your pussy leaking out even more as your pussy clenched around Jungkook’s fingers. Jungkook slowly helped you ride out your toe curling orgasm and he finally pulled his fingers out and laid you back comfortably on the bed.
He spends the next few seconds kissing over your body, your arms, your legs. Everywhere he can reach he kisses. “Fuck, I love you so much Y/N.” 
You’ve barely managed to slow your heart rate down before he lays next to you and pulls you close. His hand guides your tired face towards him as he kisses you once more, not being able to get enough of your lips. You could taste yourself on him. Usually you'd make him clean up before kissing after something like that but right now it was addictive. Your eyes were closed and your body was limp but your tongue was still massaging against his own. You could feel his hand on your thigh as his thumb rubbed back and forth and it brought you a sense of comfort.
You could be stuck in his kiss forever, it never got boring. Your body started to shiver as you felt his hand reach around your body to your asscheek as he groped it slightly pushing your body closer to his. Your leg bent forward as it rested on his hip and you could still feel the shorts he was wearing, completely forgetting that he was still dressed. 
He is so focused on your pleasure that he forgot about his own. You were two seconds away from reaching down for him but the feeling of his fingertips grazing against your slit as his hand continues to reach around your body has you breaking the kiss 
“I’m sensitive Kookie, let me just play with you,” but your eyes roll back as he pushes two fingers inside you once more, the angle now making him hit different places inside you. 
The position made your body stay tightly against him as his lips found yours again forcing you to moan into his mouth as his fingers slowly pushed in and out. “Na, ah baby. It’s all about me making love to you tonight.” He couldn’t help but kiss you between every few words, his tongue missing yours every time he had something to say 
“With my lips, my fingers and soon, my cock,” he whimpered at the idea of finally getting his cock inside of you, pushing his fingers so deep and rubbing them side of you making you squeal against his lips. 
You’re not sure how long you stay like this for but your mouth stays against his as he plays with you. It takes slightly longer for your orgasm to build up since you’ve  already cum twice but Jungkook was more than happy to keep coaxing you towards it. 
He slips  his leg up slightly so your clit is pressing against his thigh and everytime he pushes  his fingers inside you, your body rocking  up against him. He removed his lips from yours as he pushed your forehead against his, listening to the whimpers and moans coming from your mouth. 
“I love you Y/N.” You attempt to say it back but all you can let out are garbled moans making Jungkook smile with adoration. “You don’t have to say anything, baby, just keep letting out those sweet little moans I love so much. Keep taking my fingers in that sweet little hole of yours and whine out for me.” 
Every stroke against your walls feels more and more pleasurable as your clit bumps against him. You're surprised your core still has any lubricant left but as his fingers just slide in and out you as you start losing your mind. Your mouth hangs open, and your hands start to ball up in fists against his chest as you're shocked at your own body's reaction. Jungkook's free arm snakes under your neck and behind your head pushing it close to him as you unintentionally move back in pleasure. He’s pinning  you close to him now, muttering sweet, ‘I love yous’ before pulling you in for another kiss. 
Your whimpers became high pitched as you pulls  your hips away only for him to shuffle forward making sure to keep your core in contact with his thigh. “You gonna cum for me again?” 
He knew your body, he knew it better than anybody else, he could tell you were close to cumming just from your body language. 
“I can’t, can’t cum again.” You don’t think you can , despite the bubbling in your stomach and the sensitivity of your core since you’d already cum twice, a third time seemed impossible. 
“Yes you can sweetie. Remember the first time we fucked?” 
Your eyes rolled just thinking about it, it was the best sex you’d every had. You were both angry. You and Jungkook didn’t get along, he was always so cocky and talented. It was a mix between annoyance and jealousy whenever you saw him. 
“God, you fucking hated me. But I proved my worth by making you cum three times, didn’t I?” 
He continued to push his fingers in and out of your core as the recollection of your first time with him came swimming back. “I didn’t hate you.” You never truly hated him but you did always envy him, and he knew that. He just loved winding you up about it. 
“Baby, you were screaming at me until I shut you up.” 
You were giggling through whimpers now, trying to stay engaged in the conversation but the feeling of pleasure that started tingling your clit as Jungkook’s lips attached to your neck as his fingers started to speed up. “Oh God, oh God.” You are shaking again, you can’t believe how magic the man touching you can be with your body, you tried to play along jabbing back at his comment, “and you took advantage of my anger.” 
At your words he slides further down your body, pushing his fingers even deeper as he’s lapping at your tits once more making you grunt in pleasure. “Oh please, everything I did to you that night was consensual and I made sure of it, remember?” 
“Oh please Jungkook, fuck me harder’” God, even when he’s mocking you slightly, you find it hot.
Your walls are twitching around his finger as he starts massaging your G-spot. Jungkook is doing his best to coax you into coming. Your breath and words are taken from you, all you’re able to let us is grunts and groans now as your hips lose control grinding on him faster. 
“I remember how breathless you became the third time, just like you are now, cum around my fingers babygirl. Come on, do it. And I promise I'll let you rest for a bit?” 
And you did. It was a silent orgams where your body did most of the talking for you, shaking and squeezing around his thigh while your body twitched. The twitching and the movement your body made felt anything but sexy but Jungkook reveled in it. 
He loves how lost you became just because of him. There was nothing sexier to him than you pushing your own body's limits just for his enjoyment. He held you close before you even fully came down from your high. He cradled your face close to his chest and just held you, telling you how much he loved you while kissing the top of your head. 
"I love you Y/N, I got the day off work tomorrow so we could just snuggle up and spend the day together." 
You were breathless but happy. You manage to push and pull so that you are out of his arms and on your back. His embrace was warm and soothing but right now you needed to feel the cold air on your skin as your body temperature was so high. 
After a few minutes of silence that the both of you shared you look towards him noticing that his cock was still straining in his shorts and a wave of guilt washes over you. He had made you cum three times while you just laid there and did nothing for him. 
You moved back onto your side and started stroking him from outside his clothes but he was quick to grab your wrists and stop your movement. 
"Baby, you don't have to, let yourself rest a little first." You pout at him, trying to emulate the famous doe eyes he always gives you when he is sad. "But, I want you to feel good."
"Baby, you’re  amazing, fantastic, incredible boyfriend just made you cum three times," he really exaggerates the three to stroke his own ego while looking so smug you can’t help but weakly push him back laughing "you need a little rest first." 
You used to hate his sense of humour. Before you were together you always just thought he loved to brag about everything but now you know he's just joking. It's one thing that you didn't think you could live without now. Funny how things you hate can become things you love with a little bit of understanding.
"Yeah but, I want you to have some fun too." You put on your sweetest voice, something about the night making you not want to stop. You always had amazing sex together but there was a feeling in the air, one of closeness and bonding that was accompanying tonight. It made your heart beat faster and slower all at the same time.
For a second, Jungkook went doe eyed. Looking at you with an innocent twinkle. He wasn’t expecting you to want more at all but here you are focusing on his pleasure too. That's something he himself wasn’t used to and filled his heart more than ever. 
"Okay then sweetie." You thought he was going to let you touch him when in actual fact he moves his entire body so that he is on his knees on the opposite side of the bed, not before moving your body into his desired position. Your feet are now flat on the bed, knees in the air and legs spread wide. If you had the energy you'd complain and close your legs but since you feel like jelly your knees were actually closer to falling open than anything else. 
You just watch him, hand reaching underneath his shorts as he once again pulls his dick out, slowly stroking it with one hand as his other keeps his shorts pulled down at the center. He is a picture of pure sin and you groan out for him. You were always weak when you watched him. His arms are slightly flexed along with his chest and he was looking at you. He focuses on the head of his cock, moving his hand up and down so slowly before moving his hand and grasping the entire length. He sucks air in between his teeth as his head falls back so he was facing the ceiling 
"God you're so fucking pretty like this." 
He looks  back at you quickly and you bite your bottom lip as you watch him. You’d feel pathetic if you moaned without him even touching you but he had such a strong effect on you, you were struggling to keep your noises down. 
"Did I ever tell you the moment I fell in love with you?" 
The hand that holds his shorts underneath his cock had moved and he was now just stroking the inside of your thigh. His touch brought you slightly back to life as you gained the semblance to answer his question "I'm pretty sure you said it after sex, I didn't know if you were serious." 
You’re not sure why you added the end bit, you’ve never told him your skepticism from when he first told you. You believed him now but back then it seemed like a fever dream. There's no way somebody like him could have ever loved somebody like you, you were two completely different people. 
"I was serious, baby. I remember the second it happened." 
He leans forward and holds his body up above you, making sure that no part of his body touches yours. He was still playing with himself above you, his tattooed arm moving up and down his cock as he loomed over your body, driving you crazy with every word. 
"You were underneath me, just like you are now." He looks down at your body and his rhythm gets faster as his brows furrow together, "so fucking lost in pleasure." 
Jungkook was starting to pant slightly, lost in the pleasure he was giving himself. "God, I liked you so much and then you said my name and kissed me" he slowly dipped his hips down so his cock finally connected with your slick, sweeping it up between your lips and gathering your slick allowing his hand to glide better. 
Your body shakes at the contact and you can feel your wetness on your thighs at his sloppy strokes. "I knew then that I never wanted to hear anybody say my name like that again other than you," moving back he pushes the blue hair out of his eyes as he struggles with his shorts. 
You’d usually laugh at him a little as he struggled pulling them off his legs but you were so entranced that you could barely say your name if you needed to. 
"I came so hard. I remember my cum squirting outta your pussy." 
Once again appearing over you, this time allowing your bodies to touch,he cradles your chest by pushing his hands under your body, he kisses your lips deep and pushes his center against yours. 
“Can we recreate that baby? Will you let me fall in love all over again?”
You are quick to nod your head. There was no way you could say no to him after that. He made your heart swell and pulse but also  your core. 
How could such dirty things make you feel so soft?
At the nod of your head he pushes his cock inside you without any guidance, keeping  your chests pressed together and as soon as he was in as deep as he could go,bodies tight together. With his lips back on yours his hips slowly gyrate, touching your insides so deeply you whine into his mouth without a thought. You’d already cum so much and yet this made you feel like you hadn’t been touched at all. His cock reached depths inside you that nothing else could. 
As his lips start to trail more towards your neck his hips begin to remove from yours slower than anything else, and pushes back at the same pace. He’s never fucked you like this.
His thrusts were always desperate and needy but now he was slow and deep you’re not sure what you prefer. You could feel the beating of his heart against your chest and your whole body felt like it was on fire. You must have been there a good few minutes before Jungkook was whispering in your ear. 
“Do you think you can come like this for me Princess? While I make love to you?”
Could you? 
The pleasure was undeniable but usually by now Jungkook would have you in bits. There was something more you needed but you weren’t sure what. As you were contemplating this, you feel his hips up against yours pushing inside of you so your back was arching. 
“Look at me Y/N. Please.” 
Your eyes connect with his and you only just noticed he held his body up slightly higher, both arms keeping him up as his hips started quickly taking short thrusts, but slamming up against your G-spot making your mouth hang open and your eyes widen. 
“Is that a yes baby?” 
His words weren’t sarcastic, he was merely trying to find the answer in your soundless words as you start to lose yourself. He looked so sweet and focused as you could see the tension of his body when he pushed up inside of you as hard as he was. 
Words are coming out of your mouth but they don't make sense. You can feel parts of your body moving along with his thrusts and the sound of his whines were making you scream. 
You could come like this, undoubtedly. 
You wished you could say something, anything that made sense but you felt like you’d gone dumb, lost all logic only able to focuse on the heavy body above you and the heat he was providing both to your core and your body. Everything tingled and your legs were shaking. The feeling deep in your stomach while he hit your g-spot only makes your mouth drop wider and your words less legible. 
“It’s okay, baby, I've got you. Say my name. Fuck please, gonna cum so hard. You look so perfect.” That's all he could say after that, his thrusts got harder and his words were needier.
“Say my name” “Please, say my name baby, it’s all I ever need.” 
With a deep hard thrust you scream out his name, entire body lifting off the bed only for his arms to grab around you and push your body down so it doesn’t leave his cock. He stays buried inside you as you shake and cream around him, only his name leaving your lips as he starts to fill you up with some of the loudest groans he has ever released. 
He kept a hold of you, your orgasm lasting a little bit longer than his as little droplets of your cum splashed around his public area. God, he really wanted to make you squirt one day. He was always so turned on by the little droplets on his body.
You don’t remember too much more, eyes only opening when you feel him cleaning you up with the wet wipes you leave beside the bed and holding you closer to his chest once more. “I love you so much y/n, I’m so glad you forgave me.” 
You so nearly missed the crack in his voice that made you look up towards him and notice the tears in his eyes, not dropping yet but just gathering there threatening to fall.
“Why are you crying Kookie?” You keep your body tightly against his as his chest slightly vibrates. You could feel him crying and didn’t want to let him go. “I nearly didn’t have you.” 
His words were all broken up and messy but you knew what he was referring to too. Your past was messy and drawn out, but that's all it was, your past. “I’m sorry too Jungkook, but who gives a fuck, we have each other now?” 
The tears turn into laughs as he keeps you close, not wanting to waste another second without you, he kisses your lips and declares his love for you one more time before falling to a sweet silence and laying with you for the rest of the night. 
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springalwayscomes · 5 months ago
To love and pamper
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Plot: Jungkook is on the edge, especially these days. Exhausting, consuming thoughts are always inside his mind, starting from not being enough to raise your daughter. You know him too well though, and you’re ready to love and pamper him just the way he needs you to.
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Domestic, Established Relationship
Wordcount: 4.8k
Content Warning: Insecurities and stress, pining, swearing, blowjob, cum eating, creampie, unprotected sex, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, a bit of masturbation, love making
Author’s Note: This killed me, wrecked me into pieces. I don’t know what it is but every time I think about Jungkook and write about him I feel the need to comfort him and share snuggly cuddles, so this is what came out of it. The smut is just… don’t get me started over this type of Jungkook or I’m going to die right on the spot. I hope you enjoy this!💜
P.s. The recommended waiting period before you can have sex again after giving birth is until four to six weeks after delivery. The risk of having complications after delivery is higher during the first two weeks, so yes, this is safe apparently! I just wanted to write it in case you’d wonder about it.
Tumblr media
Jungkook is on the edge. Especially these days. Having a little baby and having to rebalance everything from your personal life to work certainly isn’t easy, for the both of you. Exhausting, consuming thoughts are always inside his mind, starting from not being enough to raise your daughter. That thought usually leads him to littlest ones that make him feel even more insecure; last week it was because he didn’t notice that she had pooped and didn’t change her diaper, the week before it was because she wouldn’t stop crying in his arms but only in yours. You remember him crying in your arms after Baram fell asleep, in your bed with his face buried in the crook of your neck and his eyes swollen and puffy. You tried to comfort him as much as you could, telling that it can happen, that that didn’t have anything to do with him being a good dad. He cried for two hours straight and then fell asleep because of the exhaustion. You hugged him all night long. This week apparently seems to be the worst though.
Just yesterday, he was scrolling through Twitter, just to see an article about how he would be such a bad example for his daughter, with all his tattoos and his newly done piercings. Jungkook was never insecure about them, not even when he had to hide them for work, but that article touched a hot spot. His insecurity of not being enough. For you, for your daughter. He knows that his breakdowns create problems to you too, and that stresses him even more.
Today is no different; Jungkook is doubting himself again, on his way home he thinks about his daughter looking at his skin, her big doe eyes usually looking at them with curiosity in his mind are looking at the ink scared, in fear. And the image keeps replaying in his mind until he’s in front of the door of your house. And that’s when he breaks down, hands trembling as he searches the keys in his bag, not before the door opens on its own. You saw his car park in the garden.
The smile on your face vanishes away as soon as you see his face, gloomy and puffy as if he’d been crying all day long. He stands still, lowering his gaze to the floor, ashamed of causing problems again with his damned insecurities.
«Baby come here» you open your arms wide, an invitation for him to hide himself from the world, right into the crook of your neck, just like he always does when he’s feeling down. This time though, he shakes his head, standing still on the verge of new tears. So you take the situation in your hands, hugging him. Jungkook seems to be taken aback for a moment, not moving at all until you guide his face right where it should be. As soon as he nuzzles his nose into your skin, his back trembles and he breaks. Something inside you breaks with him, seeing him like this kills you. It kills you every time. You squeeze him tight, so incredibly tight that you wish that his insecurities could become concrete, tangible, just to crush them with your body as you’re holding him.
«I’m- so- sorry» he cries onto you. You shush him with sweet caresses on his back, your fingers getting tangled in his locks.
«I- I…» he can’t even form a sentence, shaking and trembling around you.
«Let’s get inside, okay?» you whisper. Walking backwards, you guide him inside as he’s still hidden into your neck, two steps and you’re closing the door behind him and your attention is back to him and only him fully.
«What is it? Is it about what you read yesterday?» you ask lowly. Jungkook starts crying even harder, and that is the only answer you need. You let him let it out a bit, only holding him for a while as he cries all his emotions out.
«Listen to me and let it get inside your head, Jungkook» you stroke his hair, tears wet on your skin.
«Your tattoos and piercings don’t define you. Your aspect doesn’t, your ethnicity doesn’t, your body doesn’t, your insecurities don’t. Why is it so easy to apply that to others but not to yourself?» you coo. Your hand gets inside his hoodie, finding his back and massaging the knots of stress away. He’s so tensed and hard with himself that it’s hard for you to watch from afar as he destroys himself with his same expectations.
«Having tattoos on your skin doesn’t make you suddenly a bad person, and you know it well too. Kook, I never met anyone like you» you whisper, your hands massaging all of his spine as his sobs get softer. He hiccups in your neck from time to time, his breath running out short.
«I fell in love with you. You are caring, kind, you fight for what you think is right, you’re smart, humorous, always ready to give all you can, perseverant. You’re vulnerable. Why does all of these make you a bad person?» you kiss his locks.
«Look at me» you gently call. He shakes his head, finding the darkness much more alluring than having to face the worry he’s creating to you.
«We decided to do this together, this is our daughter. It’s not just someone, it’s our baby. That means we have to work to raise her up. We have to work to give her securities, to make her understand what’s right and what’s not, what is good for her and what it isn’t, we have to work to make her grow well. Your tattoos won’t pay a single role in all of that, neither your piercings will. You’re the one who should be teaching her, not your appearance. You have all the time in the world to teach her that that is just ink and that it doesn’t lead you to be bad. Babies don’t even think about that, it’s a problem of fucking close-minded grownups.»
«She will look at you and love you with all she can, she already does. You gave her birth, Jungkook, without you she wouldn’t be here. Do you know how much you did for her? Did your tattoos do that? They are a big turn on baby, but they’re not the ones who did that.» you hear him slightly chuckle at the last sentence.
«You did it. With me. And we can do this together now» you squeeze him tight, your hands sinking in the flesh of his back as he sniffs in spasms. You lull him slowly, moving slightly from left to right and caressing the back of his head and the lower part of his back, just right over his glutes.
«Can I take care of you for tonight? Will you let me?» you coo. Jungkook nods against you, but before you can do anything more he’s shaking his head again.
«No?» he shakes his head again, and a second later he’s getting away from you without giving you the time to do anything. He walks to the bedroom and leaves you stuck in place. It’s when he sits on the bed that you go after him, you hear him scoff and sniff again on your way. Entering the door, you see him staring at the crib from the mattress, face stained in sadness for the unstopping thoughts clouding his mind and fingers fidgeting with each other.
«Jungkook» you call from the doorframe. His eyes raise to you, finally meeting. And seeing you worried, your eye bags darker than usual and your lips twisted makes him break again. But this time it’s more silent, more as if he was crying and didn’t want to show you. As if he was ashamed of something. You see him shutting himself in and letting the world out, his elbows now on his thighs and his face held by his hands, totally covered as he sobs. You kneel between his legs, with your face close to his and your arms passing through his to get a hold of his waist.
«Don’t- go away» he whines. You ignore the feeling those words ignite in your chest, sharp and cold as it was the tip of a knife circling around your heart.
«Baby, please talk to me»
«I don’t want to talk to you»
«Did I do something wrong?» you panic for a second, going over everything you did and said from the very moment you opened the door. Or maybe it’s something that happened before that? This morning before he went to work you both cuddled with Baram for a bit, nothing seemed wrong.
«Did I-»
«Stop worrying about me!» he exclaims.
Silence falls over the room, his eyes growing big as he realises what he did just after doing it, looking back and forth between your face and your daughter’s crib, scared that he woke her up. You gulp, still with your face close to his you see his hands tremble as they now hold the sheets. Jungkook’s lips tremble too, ashamed of what he just did and scared to death of having scared you.
He looks down, biting into his bottom lip as another tear falls down on his cheek.
«I’m- sorry, I-» he stutters.
«I know» your hand closes around his, bringing them to your lips and laying a kiss on each knuckle, careful of not touching the injuries he got from boxing.
«I know baby» you whisper.
«I’m here with you» Jungkook sobs once more at your words.
«I don’t want to- you’re stressed already…» he mumbles as he hiccups.
«I don’t want to stress you more than you are already. I’m- I’m sorry I’m worrying you so- so much… you’re doing great and I’m-» he sobs again «I’m awful at this, I… I know I put more weight over your shoulders when I start crying at night or- or when I tell you I’m not good at this or… I’m so sorry ba- baby, I’m sorry» his voice trembles and breaks more than once as he lets his worries out, chest shaking in spasms and tears pooling up in his beautiful breath taking eyes.
«I know that you have to look after me too when I- when I do that, and now I even screamed at you, I- did I sc- scare you? I didn’t want to, I’m- I’m sorry. I was- I don’t know what got inside of me, I-»
«Jungkook, breath» you cut him off and out of his toxic circle of thoughts, seeing how his eyes still don’t look at yours.
«Look at me, please» you beg. Your fingers move under his jaw, lifting his face to make him look at you. His skin is incredibly pale and his cheeks reddish, eyes puffy and tears staining his face, his beautiful lips tortured by his teeth digging into them.
«I love you» you remember.
«You don’t have to be sorry for feeling down and insecure, I’m here to help you get through it and I will always will. Of course it causes worry in me, but it’s because I care for you. It’s normal, Kook, you’d feel the same if it was me. Would you blame me for feeling down or being in pain though?» you sweetly ask.
You wish you could ease all these toxic thoughts and insecurities away, sweetly and gently replacing the space left behind with all of your love. For now though, you kiss the mole on the bridge of his nose and the one right above his nostril, the one right under his lips, the one low on his cheek. He stays silent at your words, knowing too well how he would react if you’d be the one dealing with any kind problem. Honestly, he wouldn’t care about loosing his sleep or having to deal with stress and worry, he would just do all he can to make you feel better. He’d stay awake for days and nights just to hold you and soothe you to sleep every time you need to. Still, he feels guilty because it’s you who’s dealing with all of that now, not him. Plus, your body and mind are still recovering from giving birth to your baby.
«I know, but we have her and I’m just-»
«Jungkook, I know how your mind works and I won’t let you do that. You’re doing amazing. It’s barely been two months, what do you expect? You’ll be better as time goes on, yesterday you made her laugh and I didn’t. She also likes to play with you more than she does with me, and did you notice how she started crying when she saw you last week? She wanted you to hold her even is she was already in my arms, she wasn’t even hungry, she just wanted to be in your arms» you softly remind him.
«Why do you focus only on what makes you feel bad? She’s two months old and she already loves you that much, just picture you two in a year. I’m going to be the backup waiting on the bench» you joke.
Jungkook giggles lightly, his eyes finally finding more light as he hears your words.
«You won’t» he shakes his head. You smile at him, happy of finally seeing his bunny teeth. Your forehead touches his, and you stay still as you stare into his eyes, the ones of your daughter. He shuts them, taking in a shaky, unstable breath.
«Are you feeling better?» you try. Jungkook slightly nods, making you let out a breath of relief.
«Will you let me take care of you now?» you ask again.
«You’re- you’re doing it already?» he opens his eyes, looking at you not exactly understanding.
«In a different way» you whisper, «I could help you relax?» you smile at him.
Your fingers softly graze across his knuckles, feeling the injuries he got from boxing. Jungkook’s mouth hangs open, now realising what you’re talking about. He nods slightly, feeling your fingertips caress all the length of his arm through the hoodie, reaching his shoulder and then caressing his chest, slowly and helplessly making him crave for more.
You hook your fingers around the edge of his hoodie and a second later his chest is exposed in front of you, brownish nipples and muscles waiting to be kissed and spoiled, and you can’t wait. Let’s also admit that you’re a sucker for him in jeans, and he knows it well. The way the material wraps around his thick thighs, his thin waist and the way he lets his head fall back as if he was already desperate and waiting for something, anything. And oh, the dimples that create on his cheeks when he does so, letting his jaw fall down and his lips agape, the shadow hitting them and making them even more appealing.
«Look at me» you call. Jungkook meets your eyes right away, as if he was under a spell.
«What do you want?» your hands tease him, caressing his thighs slowly, up and down, and Jungkook is already breathing heavily.
«Please make me feel good» he begs, tone desperate and on the verge of begging already.
«Your- mpph, want your mouth»
The simple request is enough to make your blood boil in your veins, lowering his zip as you start to kiss his chest. He lifts his hips, helping you getting rid of the jeans, your hands taking advantage of the situation and mapping every single inch of his thighs as you lower the material. His cock is already hard, pushing on the boxers as if he’d been teased already for more than he can take.
You make him weak, and you both know it very well. It’s always like this. Sometimes before you had Baram he would call you at work because he was hard, thinking about the night before; or you would wake with his tongue on your clit, too horny to even wait for you to wake up.
He especially likes when you’re the one who’s leading, it’s the biggest of his weakness. You love sex with Jungkook in whatever way, but when he’s under you, edged and begging you to make him come, hoping that you’ll stop teasing the hell out of him, whiny, sweaty and desperate… well, that’s a total different story.
You remember when he was on tour, deep at night he would call you because his brain couldn’t stop thinking about you. You heard him moan and whine, begging for release, begging you to give him permission, muttering things that didn’t make sense, inaudible words and sighs, you heard him let go so many times. And there wasn’t a single one that you didn’t enjoy.
His cock springs against his abdomen as soon it’s set free, bouncing and standing right afterwards. The view is so aphrodisiac that you can’t help but squeeze your thighs together, craving for some friction. You take him in your hands, hoping that he’ll be careful with his moans and remember that there’s still a baby sleeping in the same room.
He growls right away, watching you with eyes half lidded.
«Agh, fuck.» tone low and ready to make your knees week. You’re happy that you’re on the ground already, otherwise you’d definitely be after hearing him.
«Your hands feel so good baby»
You smile, glancing just for a moment at Baram, still sleeping in her crib peacefully. The next second, you’re laying a kiss on his cockhead, making him even more desperate than he already is. Eyes glued to your face and teeth biting incredibly deep into the flesh of his lips, Jungkook holds back his moans as he takes in the feeling of your soft lips over him, gentle and wet.
Gosh, how can he be so lucky. How is it possible that even after all this time, you’re still by his side, even after seeing all of his insecurities and imperfections.
«Be a good boy and relax for me, okay?» you whisper on his cock, hot air fanning across his skin. His cock twitches at your words and he contracts his abs, shutting his eyes and sinking his teeth deeper into his bottom lip.
«I- I wil»
You lower your head, licking the underline of his cock, feeling the veins and every ridge. His head is already shining with precum and it’s a sign of neediness that you’re not willing to ignore. In fact, it makes you even more ravenous and ready to give him what he wants.
Your mouth wraps around him, your hands on his thighs as you get further down with your head, making him hold back moans that could make you come right on the spot in this exact moment.
You watch him let go completely, little tears of sweat creating on his forehead the more you give him pleasure and the closer he gets. He comes in your mouth not after long, watching you gag on his length and girth is too much too handle, especially if you’re massaging his balls at the same time and calling him a good boy. You give him a minute to get back into his body before you start sucking him off again, not able to hold yourself back at the sight of his cock still incredibly hard for you, wet with his cum and tasting just the way you like it.
He moans deeply, cock sinking deep into your throat, legs shaking and every muscle of his abdomen contracting.
«Ba- by, sensiti- ve» his voice breaks in a whine, but that’s exactly what gets you. And he knows it very well.
«Do you want me to stop?» you ask, face away from him. He shakes his head quickly, guiding you back onto him with his hand in your hair.
«No, just…» he moans when you spit on him as if he wasn’t wet and dirty enough already «slowly»
You make him cum once more with your mouth, his cock pouring his cum in your throat again, eyes fixated into yours as he cums so hard but still craves for more. You make him an animal and a lover at the same time, he wonders if it’s even possible.
You make him want to surrender himself too bad. Desperate to fuck or be fucked rough but craving for that love, that feeling of finally being home right where he belongs and knowing that he’s with the person he feels more safe with, sharing himself and getting lost in his pleasure and in yours.
The sweat on his body makes him even more attractive, especially after he came twice just thanks to your mouth, looking completely drained but still begging for more with his doe eyes. Your mouth wraps around his nipples, circling them and licking, biting just light enough to make him moan. His hand sinks into your hair, slightly tugging to make you look at him. When he has your attention and juts out his lips at you you know exactly what he wants. Simple and incredibly meaningful, you just kiss him. Jungkook moans in relief, finally feeling closer to you. He loves you sucking his cock and edging him, teasing him in every way possible, but he’s only full when he has you lovingly.
«Baby» he whispers as his hands travel all over your body, your clothes still on, blocking the way.
«I want to be inside you,» he whines, head falling back as you kiss his jaw «want you to make love to me»
You kiss his chin, the mole under his lips, him. His hands get under your shirt, removing it as quickly as he can, your bra following right after as you try to get out of your pyjama shorts. Jungkook moans at the feeling of your skin against his, helping you with them and with your panties right after.
You tell him to sit comfortably against the headboard and wait for him to get ready to be snuggled before straddling him, eyes glued to his face and wanting nothing else but making him feel good. You want him to forget everything, every single thought that has him feeling insecure. You want to shower him with fondness, affection, love.
You kiss his shoulder, your lips map the way to his ear, crossing his neck, the slightly sweaty skin of his jaw. His breath is heavy, broken as you get closer to him, your breasts against his chest and your pussy now hovering over his throbbing, wet length.
«Every time you doubt yourself,» you breath «I want you to remember that we decided to do this together, that you’re not alone» you kiss right under his ear, where the jaw connects.
«I love you,» he lets out, his tattooed fingers digging into your skin «so bad» he whines, hiding his face into your neck. He kisses your skin, sucking and biting lightly, leaving his marks. You smile, suddenly taken aback by the pleasure when his finger starts rubbing your clit just how he knows you like it. You hold back your moans, letting him spoil you with his touch and his wet mouth all over you. His other hand wraps around his cock, he jerks it a bit as he looks at you before switching it with his finger, stimulating your clit with his head and sending spasms of pleasure through your body.
Looking at you makes him breathless, asking to himself what did he do to deserve all of this, all of you in every way possible. He’s mad in love, even after all this time. You’re the only one he could ever think about, the only one he’ll ever want to think about. No one else.
«Fuck, you’re so beautiful baby» he moans, gathering a bit of your wetness with his cockhead and using it as lube on your clit. You pinch his shoulder, urging him to look up at you, his movements now stopping.
«Promise me you will let me take care of you? Not just now but every time you need to. I love you and I just want you to be happy, just-»
«I promise» he nods, guiding your lips to his. You sink on his cock while you’re kissing each other, taking him by surprise for the sudden feeling. Your pussy is not stretched out for his girth, and the tingles you’re feeling are what stops you from going further down. Jungkook stays still under you, moaning at the feeling of you wrapped around him and the way your hard nipples stick to his chest.
«Why did you-»
«I couldn’t wait more» you mumble, your forehead rests on his as his eyes look deeply into yours, full with pleasure and bliss at the way your walls squeeze him so deliciously and full of love, of you.
«I want you to feel good and relax, don’t think about anything, okay?» you peck his lips lovingly, your husband nods and relaxes against the headboard, totally surrendering to the view in front of him.
You make love to him so good, so sweetly that his insides melt, his heart explodes. Taken care of, cared for, loved. He feels it all, the connection between you two goes far beyond your bodies, from the way your kisses talk, telling how much you love each other, to the way your fingers touch, hands squeeze, breaths break, muscles tangles.
Jungkook fucks into you from time to time, lazy and too spoiled by your movements, but you both like it this way now. He needs to be soothed now, comforted. And you enjoy pampering him too much too hide it, especially if you get to see him come three times. Just like now, lost into you so deeply, with his cock hidden inside your walls, clenching his thighs and lifting his hips up from the mattress, still into you as he growls and rubs your clit, making you finally let go. He whines as he comes, his cum reversing inside of you like it happened infinite times before, but every time is special and incredibly meaningful, even when you just fuck the brains out of each other.
You lay your head on his chest, his cock still buried inside of you.
«Hold me, please» it sounds like a prayer, voice shaking. You know him too well to understand his most vulnerable state. You squeeze him in your arms, laying soft kisses all over his skin, wanting his skin to remember the warmth of your lips as a sign of endless love. His lips tremble once more and he takes them in his mouth, a tear falling down his cheek.
«Are you okay, love?» you mumble sweetly, caressing it’s wet path away with your finger. He just nods.
«Thank you for getting my stress away» he whispers.
«I’m so lucky to have you by my side, to have you as my wife. Please hold me»
You nod right away, doing as he asked you and caressing him, laying gentle pecks on every part of his neck.
«You make me happy» he lets out. A little calmer now, you realise the reason behind that last tear. The stress has gone away, now all is left is what you wished for, your love lifting him up; and Jungkook can’t believe how lucky he is to wake up everyday with your arms around him, with you in his life, with your smile lighting up his darker days, with you taking care of him and him doing the same for you. He would walk through hell and back for countless times just to get to hold you in his arms.
«I love you so much, don’t forget it»
«I could never forget it, it’s what makes me wake up every day with a smile, having you right beside me» he whispers, caressing your hair. You smile on his skin, taking in the scent of your bodies and getting to the conclusion that you both need a shower, if god allows you and Baram didn’t wake up yet.
«Let’s go take a shower»
He whines, shaking his head as if he was the same age of your daughter.
«Can’t we stay like this a bit more? You know I like staying inside you after we cum»
«I know baby but let’s take a shower first. What if she wakes up and needs anything? I can’t do anything with your cum coming out of me»
Jungkook giggles lifting his shoulders, a cute happy that is in deep contrast with the topic of the discussion, his bunny teeth showing and that beautiful smile lighting up the room. Finally, it makes you let out a heavy breath of relief.
«Tonight?» he asks. You nod as an answer, smiling at him and kissing his soft, swollen lips again.
«You can sleep with your cock inside me» you whisper. It’s not something new, after all. You and Jungkook did it so many times, not necessarily after having sex, you just like to feel close, the closest you can get to each other. So you end up falling asleep tangled in each other’s arms and with him inside you. He loves the feeling of having you wrapped around him, squeezed and incredibly close, connected to each other.
«Thank you» he nuzzles his nose into your cheek, kissing it loudly afterwards.
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kooksbunnnn · a month ago
Birthday Bumps - Jungkook
Tumblr media
Summary: it's his birthday and you decide to make it special. Giving him the gift that he asked you months ago.
Warnings: Basically edging. Consent is sexy. Unprotected sex (don't do it people). Dom Jungkook. Sub oc. Crying in pleasure? A little bit of dirty talk. Orgasm control. Squirting. Fluff in the end:)
Words: 4.2k 
Notes: my first fic hehe. Please show some love:)
The need to see you or touch you or kiss you was making jungkook go crazy. He hasn't seen much of you since he kissed you in the morning, but now, thinking of the things he might or can do to you is making his dick ache.
Opening the door, the dim lights coming from the bedroom catches his eye instantly since the whole apartment was blacked out. It must be the new lamp you bought on your study table to work late at night without disturbing his sleep.
Although he had no problems with you working in full lighting but you insisted because 'you work so hard all day, its not your fault I get ideas for the projects at night baby'.
That's what you said while scribbling what seemed like a diamond choker sketch. You were good at what you did but he believed you should take breaks too. He has noticed the symptoms of bags under your eyes which you try to hide from him. It's not that he feels you might look unattractive or something but he is worried.
The chain of thoughts he is having is broken by soft pads of foot coming towards him, he notices a shadow in the light on the wall against the door, but his eyes flicker automatically to you when you appear in-
You're wearing a short, silk, maroon-colored robe, long enough to hide his favorite place to shove his face in but short enough to make him salivate.
He takes a step forward making you take a step back, keeping eye contact he closes the door behind him, making you gulp. He notices you biting your inner lip, a nervous trait you have.
The pain his dick felt when he entered the apartment is nothing to what he feels now. He needs to control himself because if he gives in you might not be able to sit without wincing every second the next day.
"Hi baby." the low rasp makes you feel a shiver and you flinch when you realize the room has ended and you are trapped between him and the closet door.
"Hey" you breathe shakily when his shoe-clad feet touch your bare ones, realizing how less the distance is between you two.
Its been three years since your marriage and he never fails to make you nervous when up close. His musky plus vanilla like scent, the boyish yet so mature facial features, his big eyes that look too dangerous as of now, the big muscles on his shoulders and back that you always dig your nails in while he pounds you into any possible surface.
And when you feel how hard he is, a whimper leaves your lips and you get shivers at the thought of what you might be getting into by what you're going to gift him.  
"Is this my birthday present, princess?" he asks in a whisper next to your ear and you clutch the material of the shirt he is wearing to compose yourself but then he licks the skin behind your ear, and your knees buckle.
You shake your head and he pulls his head back to meet your eyes, he tilts his head in a questionable way that says 'then?'
You take put your hand on his jawline, carresing it and smiling when he kisses your wrist. "I want you to edge me, kook." you whisper.
At this he visibly pauses then slowly meets your eyes, jaw clenched and you could actually see his eyes darken. Your breath hitches when his hand grazes the robe over your left thigh shifting it to the side, tracing soft circles on the flesh.
"Don't mess with me, Y/N." he says leaning in.
"I'm not." You barely whisper before he squeezes the flesh of your ass making you moan with your eyes shut. He curses at the lack of the usual silk under your robe and drops his forehead on your shoulder, sighing.
"Fuck." He chuckles breathily with no visible humor, sending shivers down your spine. The way he breathes heavily makes your breathing uneven too and you could almost hear your heartbeat in your ears.
His other free hand comes up to your face, grazing your cheek, while both of your hands are still clutching his shirt.
You try to rub your thighs together very subtly to relieve some kind of tension but him being very observant, puts his knee in between your legs rubbing the place you wanted the most.
"Kook-" you let out a breathy moan which turns into a bit louder one when he flexes his thigh muscle. "Did you really think I'll even let you do as much as rub yourself?" Chuckling, he grabs you by your jaw and turns it towards his face.
"Only I can make you come baby." you didn't realize when you started rubbing yourself on his thigh but when he pulled back you whined like a kid whose candy fell down.
His grip on your face becomes lighter and he takes a step back looking at your disheveled form. You can swear you saw a tiny smirk but it suddenly turns into a serious expression.
"Baby, do you really want this? I mean I don't want you to do it for my sake, you know I wouldn't want you hurt."
Your eyes soften when you realize he stepped back to give you an open space to think this decision out. You offer him your hand and he looks at it narrowing his eyes with a pout.
Chuckling at his sudden baby behaviour you step forward and grab his hand to put it on the cheek. His eyes never leaving yours, he smiles but doesn't say anything waiting for you.
"Yes baby, I want this. I've wanted this for awhile and I've been researching and people say it feels awesome." You raise an eyebrow at him and point an assuring finger at him.
He watches you but is still hesitant so you continue. "I've been wanting to ask about this for quite some time but I thought why not your birthday? Actually, in a way, it's my selfish desire but we can name it as a gift." You wink at him and he laughs.
When he comes down from his laughter, you smile at him and there's a silence, a comfortable one.
You step up to him and put a hand on his neck while he watches you, you stand on your toes to reach him and before you kiss him he snakes a hand in your hair and asks in a whisper, "Are you sure you trust me with this?"
"Yes, I trust you kook"
And that was all he needed to let go, he kissed you so deliciously that you felt yourself melting. Standing on your toes didn't help you with the sticky feeling in between your thighs that came back as soon as his tongue slipped in.
You let out a moan when he nibbles on your lip, at the sound of your whimper he tightens his grasp on your hair and you gasp. Picking you up with his hands on the back of your thighs, he leads the both of you towards the bed and places you on it, lips never parting, he lays you down slowly as if he has all the time in the world meanwhile you can say you might die of anticipation and excitement.
Pulling back he smirks when he sees how you followed his lips as if not wanting him to stop kissing you. Your legs dangling from the bed, and him in between them, hovering above you, he feels and seem so huge and intimidating, you feel yourself release a gush of arousal at the way he eyes you.
He bends a little putting one knee on the bed between your thighs, and parting your legs for better access. You breathe heavily and feel heat cover your skin when he traces your thigh with his thumb and forefinger, so delicately, and you clench around nothing.
"So pretty." He exhales as he pulls the knot of your robe open, the material falling apart to reveal you, a very bare you. And you feel heat reach your ears making you shiver. As if in a trance, he traces his hand all over your body purposely missing the parts you want him to touch.
He lifts his eyes to make eye contact and at the same time squeezes the flesh on your waist making you gasp.
"Simple rules baby, don't come until I say so and tell me if you want to pause. Use the safe word if you feel you can't continue. Red yellow green, remember? "
You nod, panting hard, and the way he squeezes you in different places makes you feel the warmth in his hand. A moan is ripped out of you when he slaps your inner thigh soothing it later by rubbing the spot gently.
"Words." He grits the statement through his teeth while his hand travels up to your breasts and flick your nipple making you arch your back. You feel like you would crumble at the kind of persona he has right now.
Its not like he has never been rough with you, he has. But the way he looks at you right now, while only he knows what he is planning to do to you, makes you shiver because the fire in his eyes and the way he licks his lips now and then,  tells you that you might get destroyed, not that you wont like it.
"Y-Yes. I remember."
You see him smirk at your obedience, muttering a 'good girl' before he places an open mouthed kiss to both your nipples getting up. He takes your hand in his and places it over your pussy making you confused but still complying with whatever he tells you to do.
"Rub yourself baby, I need you to practise some discipline before I get my hands on you. Short and slow circles. And don't come." He says as he holds your wrist with one hand and takes his other hand to demonstrate the instructions. He parts your folds tracing your clit and you feel your body jump when he starts tracing circles, short and slow, and it feels so feathery you whine in frustration.
"Like this baby, okay?" you nod at his command and start complying by his instructions as soon as he gets up. He walks to your shared closet nonchalantly while you whine and twitch on the bed with your hands rubbing you just where you want but not with the pressure you need.
You try to resist but the urge to come is so much that you dont realise when your finger slipped in and you let out a high pitched moan. Not noticing that your husband came back while you kept fucking yourself with your finger.
You sense a burning stare on your skin and when you open your eyes you see him, hooded eyes, dark but disappointed.
Sensing him there you stop your fingers, involuntarily letting out a whine. He crouches down where his eyes are on the level to your cunt. "Why'd you stop baby? Keep going."
You dont do anything cause you know he doesnt like you disobeying him. He might be edging you for the first time but you know full well how pissed off he gets when you disobey him in bed.
"Here let me help." at this you panic because why is he-
Your thoughts are cut off when he inserts two of his fingers with your middle finger still inside you, stretching your pussy with a delicious burn that makes you mewl.
"Thats it. Thats it. You're so warm." he says in a breathy tone making you clench around him.
When he curls his fingers, he reaches your spot perfectly and your eyes roll back with a loud moan. You feel your orgasm reaching the threshold and you clench around his fingers, making him smirk.
'Gonna come princess?' Chuckling he bends down to lick at your clit in figure eights making your legs shake at the overstimulation. "Fuck- kook. D-Don't stop, pleasee. Fuc-"
He pulls his fingers out at the exact moment you knew you would combust with two or more thrusts of his fingers. Your body curls and falls downs the bed due to aftermath of the denial.
"Why? No please-" you cry out feeling a tear slip out of your eye. He hovers over you and grips your jaw tightly making you face him with big teary eyes. "Couldn't follow simple instructions, huh? Are you that dumb baby?" He coos mockingly, making shivers travel down your spine.
"I- I'm sorry" you shake in his hold due to the cut off and feel the heat of your climax simmer down.
"Oh are you?" He mocks you when you nod your head, leaning in he turns your head sideways to lick down the skin of your neck and you let out a groan.
"You're about to be sorry, you brat." He whispers in your ear and bites your earlobe making you groan and shiver.
He pulls back suddenly and flips you over. Knowing the drill you arch your back presenting yourself with your ass in the air and head down on the pillows. He smirks at the obedience you're showing palming your ass cheek with one hand and his bulge with the other.
You gulp at the possibility of him spanking you, nervousness and anxiety making you wetter, his fingers tap you twice on your thigh and you part your legs giving him better access.
You feel the bed dip behind you and when you turn back to see him, you groan shamelessly at the sight of his naked torso. The sharply carved abs makes your hole clench which he notices and chuckles darkly.
"I got an impatient little slut, don't I?"
Knowing better than to not respond you let out a little 'yes' and he scoffs. Bending down completely to face your exposed cunt, he separates your knees further until your folds can almost rub against the bed sheets. Suddenly you feel a puff of hot air on your pussy and you know you're done for.
He doesn't give any warnings and straight away dives in licking at your entrance.
You gasp in the pillow and fist the bed sheets to calm yourself but he plunges his tongue inside you making you sob. You try to get up in order to breathe but he gets up before you and shoves your face back down, keeping in mind that its on its side, not making you choke.
While he makes sure you keep your face down, he keeps rubbing your slit and  gathers some of your wetness, parting your folds and pressing his middle finger on your clit. Hard.
Keeping the pressure he starts rubbing it sideways and due to your earlier cutoff, you feel the heat trying to explode faster.
"Kook- I'm gonna cum please"
"No you're not, hold it in baby" he says through gritted teeth and keeps going.
"Fuck. I cant-"
"Hold it in"
"Jungkook! Please." You scream in fear of coming when he rubs you faster and you don't know how you would handle it if he cuts you off at this point. Just when you thought he might let you come, he pulls his hand away and you thrash around stomping your feet like a child making him coo.
"My poor baby" he pouts mockingly and you turn your head glaring at him with teary eyes. He smiles and wipes your tears with his thumb, "Just a little longer baby, I promise I will make you come so hard, you will feel it for days."
His promise makes you whine and a series of 'please and fuck me' tumbles out of your mouth. He flips your body to completely on your back to hover above you, kissing you with his one hand grabbing your waist and the other near your head not making him lose balance, your grab his hair almost too harshly when you hear him groan.
Now that you focus, he is also panting and probably going crazy with his dick trapped inside. You decide to selfishly use that against him.
"Please lemme taste you, please." Jungkook looks at you and sees how your innocent eyes peer up at him but he knows the intention behind them. He scoffs at your poor attempt at hiding your true motive but when he denies you with a shake of his head, you let your eyes fill with frustration once again and a small 'fuck you' comes out.
He laughs at this mocking you and you feel so hot you think you might explode. Humiliation makes you wet and turned on but when he has denied you for almost- you dont even have a count but it doesnt help when you cant come.
"Fine. Tell me what you want baby" he looks you in the eye with a smile and you feel your eyes water. "Please, fuck me?" you whisper as he wipes your tears with his thumb, gives you a peck on your cheek, smiles, and nods.
Getting up he pulls his cock out with a deep groan making you clench your walls. Red. Angry. Veiny and leaking. You stare at it while he strokes it letting out sticky sounds and precum that you wanna lick so bad.
"Like what you see baby?"
"Yes," you whisper which turns into a moan when he uses the same hand stroking his cock to plunge two fingers in and gather your slick. He watches you throw your head back on the pillow, smirking. Pulling his hand out he uses your slick to lube up his cock and you watch intently, when he hovers again. You shiver when his tip touches your entrance, shutting your eyes you exhale a breath.
"Open your eyes," he says holding your jaw tightly and you obey like a pet.
"Watch how I fuck you."
Saying this he enters you slowly and your eyes roll back in your skull. You both groan making eye contact while you hold onto his shoulders for dear life.
He stills inside you to let you adjust but you clench around him, making him moan. You plead with tears in your eyes, "Please move, pleasepleasepleas-"
Your statement gets cut off by a scream you let out when he pulls back and plunges his cock inside you. Your mouth opens up in a silent scream and your eyebrows furrow with pleasure. A sweaty and growling Jungkook hovers above you, his hair all wet and glowy skin, pulling back a little he kneels with his cock still buried in you. Fingers holding onto your waist leaving marks.
You feel yourself getting dizzy and your ears start ringing. He holds your ankle on the left side of his waist and pulls your leg up his shoulder making him go deeper. And when he hits The Spot, you know you're done.
"Fuck please baby please, make me come, let me come please" you cry
"Hold it in baby. You asked me to fuck you, not let you come. I am just giving you what you wanted. fuck!" He growls and your eyes widen at his words, you start crying out of desperation.
"No plea-"
"You're getting so tight, fuck yes! Wanna come around me? Wanna make a mess?" he grits it out and you nod sobbing as you feel your body tightening.
"Not yet"
"Jungkook I cant please."
"Fuck you're so warm, gonna make me come." He growls thrusting in you while you cry trying to hold in the heat threatening to explode. You grab at the sheets trying to control yourself.
"Go on come for me. Come on." He finally says when he sees you shaking and twitching uncontrollably. You let go of the control when he brings his thumb to your mouth and you let it in sucking at it mindlessly, gagging on it when he pushes it deeper.
"Such a slut for me" he smirks pulling the thumb out and brings it to your clit, his cock still drilling your cunt. You scream and lift your hips chasing your high. But he slams you down unhooking your leg and putting it around his waist.
He bends down to get close to you. You're twitching and crying and holding onto the pillows under your head, knuckles white. He pauses and you feel the fear of denial crawl on your face again.
You open your eyes in panic and you see him looking at you with so much love your heart clenches but you cry out shaking your head at the lack of movement, "please Jungkook let me come I cant-"
He shushes you putting a finger on your lip, you watch with wide glossy eyes.
Saying this he hammers into you making you scream and clench so much he feels himself melting into you. You dig your nails into his back and he growls in the crook of your neck.
"Fuck baby! That's it that's it that's it, comingcoming ah-" you let out a scream when you feel the heat pass through you. You thrash in his arms digging your feet into the mattress trying to lift your hips but his weight over makes you feel like a shaking leaf under a rock.
He is still fucking you through your high making you whine. You hear his growls in your ears as you shake with overstimulation.
"K-kook" you let out a strangled moan when you feel too sensitive and he mumbles "one more" in your ear.
You shake you head, "I cant. Too sensitive."
"You can. You will. Come on." He pulls up and starts to rub your clit. You thrash around feeling a very intense amount of pressure down there and before you know it you squirt around him. Pushing him out. You scream and thrash while he pushes two of his fingers inside.
"Fuck. You're so hot." He watches you absentmindedly shake and he lets you calm down a bit before entering you again.
He knows he wont last longer, warmth and tightness pulling him into the climax while you whine in his hold. "Close. I am very close baby" he whispers in your ear and when he bites your earlobe,  you clench around him making him lose it.
"Oh shit. Fuckfuckfuck-" He slams his hand on the pillow under you to squeeze it growling out curses. You moan when you feel him spurt inside you, three big thrusts. So warm and delicious. You bite his shoulder due to the amount of emotions you feel right now.
There's silence in the room, with only your heavy breathing audible. After a while, when you feel the mixture of his body weight and the wetness beneath you becoming a little bit uncomfortable, you tickle his sides tiredly making him giggle and pull up a little. "You're so heavy" you say chuckling.
"You're so pretty," he says making eye contact with you and your cheeks heat up. You divert your gaze towards the lamp that has been shedding its light on you since the start of the 'workout'.
He giggles at how shy you get even after years of marriage. "Really? Getting shy when I call you pretty? Baby, you were literally begging me to fuck you like minutes ago. 'Pleasepleaseplease' you're so cute-"
You smack his chest pouting, making him laugh and you watch him in awe. His laugh is so pretty you fall deeper in love every time he laughs. You don't realise when you started to cry but when he looks at you, you sniff and before he could say something, you pull him down into a kiss.
It's not a tongue-and-teeth-clashing-urgent-kiss. It's just you and him kissing out of so many feelings at the same time that you couldn't describe it in words. You cry in his arms due to the overwhelming post-sex emotions. And he pats your head cuddling you and calming you down.
"I love you angel" he says in your hair
"I love you too" you sniff in his chest. You never realized when you changed your positions but you were crying in his chest resting your body over his huge sweaty one with his caressing you.
Afterwards, you try and stumble towards the washroom when he gets off to clean up a bit, but your muscled husband runs up to your side and carried you while he scolds you for not asking him to help.
He helps you get cleaned up after you peed. Wiping your thighs and your folds with extra care knowing you were sensitive, peppering kisses on your face, arms, and thighs in the meantime.
Helping you get up he tucks you under the duvet, in fresh clothing after making sure you're hydrated, switching off the lights, he sees you making grabby hands so he  promises to cuddle you after throwing the dirty sheets in the laundry bag.
He kisses your temple and gathers the sheets. Coming back he makes sure no light is switched on so that you don't accidentally wake up due to it, you're deep in sleep when he gets in bed beside you. Tucking your hair behind your ears he kisses your forehead and smiles at the tiny snores your tired body let out, cuddling you he makes sure you don't get uncomfortable with his weight but also stays near for body warmth.
Smiling he drifts off to sleep with you in his arms. This is his world. You are his world.
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zehakoo · a month ago
as it was | jjk
Tumblr media
pairings » husband jungkook x wife reader
genre » established relationship, marriage au, angst, fluff
summary » you and your husband have constantly been arguing due to the change in his behaviour and you start to wonder where it all went wrong.
warnings » mentions of cheating, swearing, jungkook is a bit rude, arguing, kissing, planning for baby talk, sweet jungkook as well :)
word count » 2.5k
a/n » the italics part is a flashback
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the couch, folding clothes from the fresh batch of laundry you’d just completed while waiting for your husband to come home from work.
He promised you that he will come early today but as usual, it’s almost 12 am and he's still not here. He’d usually be home by at least 7 or 8 but for the past 4 months, he’s coming home right before midnight or way past it.
You understand that the reason being is due to working on a important project he’s been busy with but you were worried about his health. You’ve already sent him plenty of texts to which he had left on seen. Hearing the keys jiggle and door open, you stand up and turn towards your tired husband who just walks in.
You want to go hug and kiss him but he's been pushing you away a lot lately, resulting to the two of you starting constant arguments. You’re already tired so instead of saying anything, you just go into the kitchen to bring him a glass of water. You don’t want to start another useless argument.
Your husband immediately takes the glass of water and chugges it down before heaving a sigh and giving it back to you. You come back to see him sitting in the same position on the sofa, staring up at the ceiling. You wonder if he’s okay.
“Jungkook are you okay?” You ask, sitting beside him.
“Hmm,” he hums.
“Did you have dinner?” You softly ask.
“Yea,” he responds, making you sigh.
When was the last time you two had a proper conversation? You were worried about him but his behaviour was really pissing you off. This isn’t the first time, he’s been doing this very often and you don’t want to doubt him because you know he would never but you sometimes think he might be cheating on you. It’s been on your mind for a while and you really want to ask him but you’re scared.
“What?” He hisses.
“Huh?” You flinch since you kinda zone out.
“Can you stop staring at me?” He bursts out, clearly showing how annoyed he is by it. You don’t even realize when or how you zone out while staring at him.
“Can I not stare at my husband who came home from work after hours and broke his promise to come early?” You smile and hear him let out a sigh.
“I was fucking working Y/N. Sorry for not having time to come early so I could sit around and watch stupid movies with you,” he shouts, leaving the sofa and making his way to your shared bedroom. His words had pierced straight through your heart making it ache.
You quietly continue to fold the leftover clothes while being on the verge of tears. Never in the past 10 years of knowing him and 7 years since the two of you have been together has he ever said such hurtful words in such a rude tone to you.
You met Jungkook at your graduation party as he came to support his sister who was also graduating and happened to be your best friend. 3 years prior meeting Jungkook, you met his sister Jeon Haeun. You transferred from a different school at the time and became really good friends with her since.
You never saw Jungkook around when you’d go visit her house as he was a year older studying in a different school. He would either be at his swimming classes, basketball games, working out in the gym or hanging out with his friends. At least that’s what Haeun and your now mother-in-law would say.
You and your parents had just arrived in the auditorium where the graduation ceremony would be held.
“Y/N here!” You hear Haeun yell, waving her hands towards you.
Immediately smiling and waving back, you start to walk towards her as your parents follow you from behind. Hauen was wearing a hot red dress while you were wearing a black dress which fell right above your knees.
“Oh my god you look gorgeous!” She exclaims, hugging you carefully, making sure not to mess up your makeup or hair. You lightly chuckle and pull out from the hug.
“Shut up look at you, I told you the red one would look better.” You reply, eyeing her from head to toe.
“It does! Thank god I listened to you.” She says making you shake your head. You then avert your eyes to see a handsome man standing by the side along with Haeun’s parents. You do a double take and already catch him staring at you.
“Y/N, this is my brother Jungkook.” She introduces, noticing how the two of you had already started staring at each other. You saw a couple pictures of him at her house but he looked even better in person.
“I hear a lot about you at the dinner table, it’s nice finally meeting you Y/N,” he says, showing a bunny smile as he extends his hand towards you.
“Is that so?” You ask, looking towards Haeun who just grins back at you.
“Nice to meet you too Jungkook,” you reply, accepting his handshake.
You sigh remembering the smile and aura he had around him that day which made you fall for him. Ever since the graduation, you’d see him around the house whenever you’d go visit Haeun. He’d occasionally talk to you and even took both you and Haeun to the amusement park 2 years after you had met. The two of you got closer from that day and he finally asked you out a year later.
Jungkook was a really nice guy with such a cute and bright smile. You wondered what happened in the past 4 months for him to not show you that side of his anymore. You know It’s not the same as it was.
Suddenly the doorbell rings and you frown wondering who’d come by at practically midnight. You walk over to the door, eyeing who it was from the door hole and see Sooah patiently waiting.
You open the door and she instantly smiles at you.
“Hello Mrs. Jeon.” She greets, respectfully bowing down.
“Hi Sooah what brings you here at this time?” You kindly ask.
“I’m sorry for dropping by so late but I needed to give this to Mr. Jeon,” she says holding up a gift bag making you want to frown and bombard her with many questions. However, you just stay calm and decide to take it.
“Oh alright, i’ll give it to him.” You give her a tight smile as she hands you the bag.
“Thank you Mrs. Jeon, have a great night and weekend.” She bows again.
“Thanks, you too.” You reply and with that she left.
Once you close the door you eye the gift bag and peak inside only to spot two blue files and his shirt.
Did he—? you gulp feeling hurt and betrayed. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions but his behaviour for the past few months was making you very much convinced.
You stomp your way to your shared bedroom only to catch sight of Jungkook drying his wet hair after coming out of the shower.
“I’m so fucking done with you!” You yell, throwing the shirt at him.
“How could you!” You shout out.
“Y/N don’t start now,” he says rolling his eyes turning to face the other way.
“Shut the fuck up im not starting anything how could you cheat on me!” You yell, finally letting the tears you’ve been holding fall.
“What the hell are you saying!” He yells back turning to face you again. When he does, you could see the anger in his eyes and face turning soft once noticing your tears.
“Y/N I—“ he begins in a softer tone, taking a step towards you but you cut him off.
“Don’t. Don’t fucking lie or touch me.” You say taking a step back.
“I’m not lying,” he retorts.
“Really? Then explain why the fuck you’ve been coming home so late? The company closes by midnight by max so I don’t fucking see a reason why you’d show up at 2am sometimes let alone have your secretary stop by at midnight to hand me your fucking shirt. Why was it with her huh? Don’t you dare deny by saying it’s not yours, I fucking bought that one for you,” you rant, tears streaming down your face which only display the anger and pain you are feeling.
Jungkook quietly listens to your rant before heaving a sigh and finally speaking up.
“Are you done now?” He asks you calmly. You were in no mood for this.
“Yes I’m so done with you Jeon Jungk—“ you feel his soft lips on you. You stand there frozen for a few seconds wanting to kiss him back knowing you haven’t felt his lips since the last 4 months. Not until you remember the current situation and try to push him away. You’re not sure what you expected per say, but your attempt is proven unsuccessful as it only results in him taking you by your waist and pulling you closer until you're smug in his arms.
When he pulls out you slap his chest.
“What the fuck is wrong with you!” You exclaim, making him chuckle.
“Are you laughing? This is not funny Jeon,” you sternly say, surprised at how normal he’s acting. You haven’t seen him laugh in what feels like ages.
“Baby, just listen to me okay,” he says cupping your face and wiping your tears.
You close your eyes and take a deep breath before focusing your eyes on him, signaling for him to go on.
“I did not cheat on you. I’m not going to deny anything because yes that is in fact my shirt that you bought for me. I gave it to Sooah because she accidentally spilled tea on herself and you know I have spare shirts in my office. We were running late for a meeting so I just grabbed whatever shirt I found and gave it. I swear I had no other intentions. I would never cheat on you, why would you even think that hm? I love you so much,” he assures, pecking your forehead.
After whatever he said, you completely break down and start sobbing with your head buried in his well built chest. You’re very overwhelmed right now, especially by his last 5 words which he hasn’t uttered to you lately. You slowly wrap your arms around him as he carefully caresses the back of your head tangling his hand into your hair.
“Shh, please don’t cry,” he whispers.
“I know I've been such a dick to you lately and I don't even know where to start. I’m sure you hate me now but believe me when I say I didn’t mean any single shit I spat out to you these past months. I know I crossed my limits today and I deeply apologize for it, I’m so fucking sorry. This project is really important for the company and means a lot to my dad so I’ve been really stressed as it needs to be done efficiently and is a long procedure.” He declares as you pull out from his embrace.
“That doesn’t explain your behaviour towards me,” you retort, crossing your arms over your chest.
“I started talking less to you because I didn’t want to lash out all my frustrations on you. However, you kept asking me questions and it was adding to my headache so I said whatever the hell came in my head. I swear I didn’t mean any of it. I know you were only worried and caring for me. We’re going to be done by Wednesday so I was planning to make it up to you by taking you out on Thursday and surprising you with something,” he explains, making you frown and pursue your lips together.
“Well sorry for worrying too much about my husband's health, and what do you mean by ‘surprising you with something?” You question him.
“I guess I'll just tell you now so that you’ll talk to me, yea?” He says, scratching the back of his neck nervously. A habit of his which you found very endearing.
“You were the one not talking to me,” you mumble looking away. You know he heard you.
Turning back to face him, you raise your eyebrows motioning him to go on. You watch him head over to his bedside table before he pulls the drawer taking something out. Jungkook rushes back to you and hands you a small envelope.
“What is this?” You query, looking confused.
“Why don’t you open it and see for yourself,” he says, going behind you to wrap his arms around your waist in order to give you a back hug. His face nuzzled in your neck.
You ignore him and carefully tear open the envelope finding two tickets to—
“Oh my god what!!” You exclaim, widening your eyes.
You immediately turn around and jump onto Jungkook wrapping your arms around his neck and legs around his torso. You didn’t care about anything else except the fact that your husband was going to make it up to you by taking you on a trip to the one place you wanted to visit all your life.
“I love you so much!” You beam, giving him a quick kiss followed by a bunch of pecks all over his face. That leads you to earn a hearty chuckle from your husband.
“I’m truly sorry for treating you badly lately. I regret it so much I swear. I can’t see you cry, I felt like shit knowing I was the cause of those tears on your beautiful face. Will you forgive me?” He says in a shaky voice and you immediately realize that he is on the verge of crying.
You get off him and grab his hand settling the two of you on the bed. You make sure he uses the headboard as support while you face him and sit on his lap.
“Hey don’t worry, it’s okay, we’re okay now. I was really hurt and scared by your behaviour but at the end I love you okay. Let’s forget it and plan for the trip.” You happily beam, interlocking both your hands with his as you know it comforts him.
“I love you more. Also, I think, the trip to Greece isn’t enough to make up for the shit I caused. Tell me how to make it up to you?” He asks, lightly soothing his thumb over your knuckles.
“Do you really want to know?” You question, looking deeply into his eyes.
“Yes,” he eagerly responds.
“Well then, I want a baby,” you say wrapping your arms around his neck
“Wait— you what!” He shrieks, looking surprised.
“I want your baby,” you whisper in his ears making him smile.
“I was actually planning to have this conversation with you on the trip. I think it’s time we have a little me or you running around the house,” he asserts, connecting his forehead to yours.
“I think so too.” You mumble, leaning in for a kiss which he gladly accepts and kisses you back passionately.
You have a feeling things will be back to normal again. You know it’ll be the same as it once was.
Tumblr media
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kth1 · 4 months ago
Protecting the Bloodline [JHS]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟶ Protecting the Bloodline [Hoseok x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: vampire au, royalty au, fantasy au, strangers to lovers, smut, angst, one-shot, 18+ ⟶ WC: 40k+ ⟶ Warnings: angsty angst angst, virgin!oc, breast play, choking, fingering, mentions of blood, blood play, p*ssy slapping, biting kink, a forced kiss (once), praising, unprotected, creampie, blood drinking, forced drinking, alcohol mentions, oral (f), multi-org*sms, overstimulation, mentions of death, dom!hoseok vibes, mentions of graphic violence, (spoiler) pr*gn*ncy descriptions, open ended ending for the imagination, etc ⟶ Summary: Understanding the role you were given by the Church you took on your duty of serving the one Prince you choose with ultimate pride. The longer you stay by his side, the more you grow curious about the treatments you receive within the walls of Briarwood Manor. Sooner or later, you stumble upon mystifying evidence of your sole purpose and what you truly are to the vampire species. ⟶ Beta: @jeonjcngkook​, @xjoonchildx​ - Thank you both, deeply, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read and advice me through this fic. I mean this - you are all amazing! Also amazing shout out to @taegularities​ who assisted me with some word play and descriptive actions! There is still possibility for grammar errors, please be understanding. ⟶ Teaser: Who needs a teaser when it’s Jung Hoseok? ⟶ Author’s Note: A part of the Briarwood Manor Collab, hosted by yours truly, @kth1​!
Tumblr media
Thunderous booms of the night echo through the halls of Briarwood Manor on the night of your first appearance. Accompanied by not two but three guards of the Church, you’re accompanied down the long corridors passing through the foyer and two spiral staircases dressed in hanging succulents and candles. At once, you find yourself stepping down into the grand room of the establishment, heels clicking against the wood flooring. The heavy weight of the air sits on your chest, taking in the views of what will be your forever home. For as long as you can remember your shelter has been nothing but the Church; praised, prepped, and primed until this very day.
It is the night you choose the prince who you will devote and sign away your life to. The humble honor of being granted such a marvelous role of life, blessed with your choice of which male will forever be who you serve. You step down the shallow stairs, cautiously, in your dark maroon cotton regency dress. It’s the best looking outfit you own, hardly worn unless for special events. 
Tonight is one of those occasions.
Scattered throughout the large room, dressed in what only seems to be fitting for the affair, are seven lifeless bodies aimlessly pleasing themselves with their own form of entertainment. A novelist scripting down words with his feathered quill catches your eye at first, seeing as he is the first in your line of sight. He minds you no attention, too wrapped up in his world of pages. Another who has positioned himself to admire the ongoing storm beside a glass window, back facing you and hands comfortably placed inside each pocket. Contrary to the lack of mindfulness, the silver haired male from across the room whose eyes never leave your body, focuses his full regard. Surveilling every movement you make, every soft breath you breathe, and surely listening to every beat of your heart.
All of them… are all undeniably stunning. Their skin is sculpted porcelain smooth, no marks, blemishes, wrinkles or pores in sight. As if a small hue glows off of them, knowing they are in fact different from your mere human-self. They’re handsome and beautiful, each and every one of them.
Your eyes scan over the other four men, chest tightening at their enchanting looks. It confuses you how such beauty comes with such grim-like results. How cruel it is to be that unreal, yet they’re living proof of that exact unfairness. A guard presses his hand to your back, urging you to move forward into the den of these vampires.
You do have a role you must fill after all, and urgency is high in demand. 
“Greetings,” a warm smiling man steps beside you. You hadn’t seen him until now, making you flinch away from the sudden welcome. He grins at your reaction, understanding the reason right off the bat, as he bows apologetically. 
“Forgive me, I have a bit of a light foot,” he chuckles. “Madam, I am Parris, the luxury concierge here at Briarwood Manor. I’ve come to assist you in your selection ceremony. Nervous are we?” 
Gently, you nod. “A bit,” you confess, eyes glancing back to the room. 
“Now, now. There’s no need. This is a grand event, exciting you see?” Parris steps calmly, hand waiting for you to take as he descends a step down into the room. He shoos away your guards, striking a worried fear throughout you as you see all three of them walk away and close the door. “I’m positive you are understanding of your placement in the matter? The Church surely has kept you educated?” 
“Of course, it is a customary celebration. I am truly honored to have been chosen, the experience is one I will always remember,” you breathe. With your hand in his, Parris leads you toward the middle of the room. 
“Now remember, your destiny is written the moment you come down in favor of one of these princes. Choose wisely,” he informs. 
You blink, now gaining the attention of all potential men in the area. Parris drops your hand, taking a step back from your place as if you’re on display and making you feel smaller than usual. The towering leers from each vampire prince stare you down, eyeing you up, and intimidating your fragile state. The glare of the blood moon shines in from the line of windows, heightening the shadows on each of their faces and illuminating each set of eyes to crimson red. 
You are the centerpiece of the future for one of these men… but who?
“How do I know who to choose?” Your voice comes out soft, fingers fidgeting at your sides. 
You have heard of each prince, respectively through the Book and the wise words of the elders belonging to the Church. Established over decades ago, when vampires have taken reign over the pyramid of hierarchy, each ruling household dictated their own government and religion and mutually accepted the now traditional event of sacrificial humans to the families. 
So how does one choose their endless indebted life for one prince?
Parris commends your thoughts, knowing you are taking your role seriously by pondering your fate. He circles you, hands clasped behind his back as he paces slowly, “Some would say it’s a ‘calling’ and others have described it as a ‘feeling’. For you, Miss, it can be both or neither. Although, time is of the essence. For the moon will no longer hold her sway in an hour's time. And she’s quite the testing one if you ask me.”
You look out the window, past the torrential rain and thickened dark clouds for a peek of the glowing red moon. It pierces through with an aura so sinister and new yet you find comfort with it. 
With a second look around the area you see all princes have ceased their actions and engrossed their fixations on you.
It feels as though you see them differently now, knowing that not only you but one of them also will have a change to their life. A decision like this shouldn’t be this hard, should it? It’s just signing away the rest of your life to please a prince.
Which one stands out the most, you think to yourself. Who excites you, who scares you? Which one gives you that feeling or edge of calling? Is it any one of them? How will your life be different with one over the other? How could you possibly know?
Their menacing silence haunts you; their stillness nearly petrifies you. Like a prey under the predator's eyes and you are nothing but a mouse inside their trap.
By the time you open your mouth, fancying the lone vampire off to the side with the cinched waist vest and rolled up sleeves, nothing comes out. A feeling of wrongness and dread fleeting over your body which causes you to turn away from the idea, flustered with yourself. The constant shots of these feelings squeeze at your heart, your lungs feel as if they cannot expand inside your ribcage the longer you glance around the room at each prince until…
Your eyes lock with the only one who seems to make the most sense. The pounding noise of your heart halts in your ears, your chest allows you to exhale that heavy breath you’ve held in for so long. He’s seated in a velvet wingback armchair with gold accents, leaning forward as both elbows rest on his opened legs as his fingers play with the bracelets on his wrists. A few strands of dark chestnut hair fall in front of his eyes on his stoic face, yet those very eyes show you all the emotions swirling deep inside those deadly iris’.
Possessive. Assertive. Inventive. Rigorous. 
Something about this prince speaks unlimited words of perseverance and power. You can feel his royal blood radiating off of him, you would have to be blind to not see or feel it. From the way he holds himself in just one position already makes you quiver at your knees. His stare strips you down to nothing; vulnerable to his scrutiny and examination.
“Oh?” the voice of Parris soon comes into sound. “How exhilarating this is! Miss, is this your choice?”
The booming of your heart increases with the growing smirk displaying on the prince’s features. Something natural, magnetic, and electrifying draws you to this man and you feel it tug at every single nerve in your body.
“Yes,” you admit while forgetting every other being in the room. It’s only him who keeps your sights and holds your attention.
So this is what it felt like for all the past sacrificial humans… a red string of fate binded around not your pinky but your entire body, as the piercing gaze of a vampire prince claims you as his.
At least, that’s how you can only describe it. Whereas you are the one who voiced the submission. Affirming to all who witness that this is indeed your prince of choice.
“Prince Hoseok,” Parris twists his lips into a toothy smile which flashes his fangs. “Would you please rise and collect Miss…” The lithe concierge turns to you as a cue, waiting for your response.
“Y/n,” you breathe out.
Gracefully, Prince Hoseok stands tall from his seat with an impassive expression. Dead silence remains in the room besides the way his heels click to the floor below. He wears a tightly fitted pair of dark brown trousers, complimenting the earth green tone of his intricate vest that has golden embroidered swirls sewn into it. His undershirt frames him well, milk colored and wrinkle-free.
As he steps up closer you notice the sharp edges of his bone structure and a set of perfect teeth as his grin grows. Not even a single eyelash is out of line when it comes to the way this man is presented before you. Precise and detailed. His presence nearly knocks the wind right out of you.
“Good evening, Y/n,” he grips your palm as he lowers his form. Hoseok’s soft and cool lips press lightly onto the back of your hand. His voice comes out smooth like melted chocolate dripping out of a pan.
“Your Highness,” you curtsy properly with all focus in order to maintain your balance and not make yourself look like a fool.
“It is a pleasure to be chosen, Miss Y/n.”
You’re not positive, but the shining red gleam to his eyes feels as though his words mean something sinister. Like a demon standing at your soul’s front door with a bouquet of wilting flowers, greeting you ever so nicely but displaying much more than that.
A light hand hovers your shoulder, Parris smiling between the two of you while gesturing his other arm.
“Now darlings, I must escort you both to the moonroom. Please follow me.” 
You’re given no chance to look back at the wandering sets of eyes, none of them matter at this point forward. Hoseok guides you with his lead, following the footsteps of Parris back through the entranceway of which you came and down lengthier halls. The guards that accompanied you prior are nowhere in sight, and you assume they’ve retreated back to the Church.
You step silently beside Hoseok, whose cool exterior gives you no comfort. When realization begins to hit, understanding that you’re completely alone and know nobody quite yet, there’s a panic spike inside your body. 
Inside, your mind and body fights through impending thoughts and reactions. Hoping to sustain them before they seep out into the open. 
Ahead, you spy a large oak door with a sideways crescent moon placed in the center of it. It looks crystalline from the distance, affirming your suspicions as it may very well be the notorious moonroom.
Hoseok leans over to you and in a low whisper he says, “The more feverish you get, the hungrier I become.”
His grip tightens around your palm as the three of you step up to the moonroom, his words cutting through you like blades.
It looks like a large garden filled with couches and tall potted plants. One single podium stands still in the middle. Glass windows surround the area in a dome shape, stretching up high to a teardrop chandelier. Every inch, every speck of the room is dusted in a warm comfortable hue from the moon above. Rain trickles down heavily, creating a spooky ambiance to fill the air.
You wonder how different this room looks under other circumstances; when it’s a clear night with bright twinkling stars above or even with the warmth of the sun shining down.
“Now the two of you, stand forth to the podium,” Parris orders calmly. 
He walks over with a heavy book, larger than any other you’ve seen before. It looks dusty, torn, and has its work put into its spine. Parris flips through the delicate pages, assortments of black ink blurs each passing page until the correct section is opened for you to see.
Parris begins reading as his finger points across the words, clearing his throat every so often to help enunciate correctly. An oath ment for binding two beings, vampire and human, under the name of the blood moon. The words come out crisp and clear, only rattling your insides the more serious the vows begin to sound.
You’re handed a quill as you eye a bottle of ink residing nearby. With proper directions, you’re signing away your name on a line besides Prince Hoseok’s. An unusual circular drawing swirls itself around the page. Leaving nothing but an empty space in the middle and waiting to be filled.
“Please finalize your promise and provide the book with your blood signature, Miss.” Parris huffs. His eyes continue to watch through the glass to the sky above, muttering some type of language you cannot understand. “Please hurry,” he pleads.
Once you question “but how?” you soon feel the cool fingers of your prince gliding up your arm to twist your wrist up. Hoseok smirks, eyeing the bare skin before him.
“May I?” he hovers your wrist closer to his mouth. He parts his lips open, swiping his tongue across each of them before flashing you his set of beautiful teeth. His fangs look sharp and clean, ready to dig into your virgin skin with your consent.
He can feel the way you’re shaking in his hold, nerves getting the best of you as this sultry vampire stares you down. You nod as you swallow thickly, allowing the first of many authorizations for him to use you for his needs.
Slowly, Hoseok brings his mouth to your wrist, kissing the flesh so tenderly. Soft, cloud-like lips pressing into you, making a pecking sound before he widens.
His two fangs stab straight into your skin, forcing a sharp inhale and flinch from you though his hold on your wrist is like an iron grip. It is quick before he removes himself, tilting your arm over the pages and watches the trickling blood drip down and stain the sheet. Soon after, he permits you to retract your arm and clutch it to your chest. The bite burns, searing pain into your skin just like any other animal bite would do. 
Hoseok smiles at Parris, a cocky head tilt as he takes his fingernails and digs into his own palm. He slaps his hand firm on the page over your spilled blood, merging his own into the page. His eyes never leave the challenging ones Parris gives back, both communicating some sort of hidden language between another. 
“Take good care of this one,” you hear the concierge say under his breath. 
Hoseok pulls back, raising his hand to lick a stripe across his palm that begins healing. He stands tall, shoulders broad and face inexpressive once again. 
“I will try my best.”
Tumblr media
Not even a week after the first time you step inside the haunting and alluring Briarwood Manor and yet you have already been treated with the utmost sincerity and generosity. You are given a humble amount of servants who ideally stand and wait for your requests. A walk-in closet filled with the most fashionable attire, fit to dress you like royalty and high-class – a complete contrast to the clothing you normally wear. Endless amount of luxurious space, enjoying activities such as painting, piano, and even taking a stroll in the lengthy vineyard that stretches across the entire back of the manor.
A woodland forest surrounds the area, tucking the establishment away from prying eyes. You are aware of the Church not being too far from the area; several years had you looked out the stained glass windows and admired the mystifying area set at the tip of a mountainous hill. 
Tonight, you are brought to a gathering. A vampire gala of some sort. Located in a secluded villa, built beneath an abandoned building. The event is hosted by the Senate, also known as the Council of Elders. A large group, consisting of several royal families and tasked with protecting those royal families. 
You try your best to get adjusted to the rapid change in your lifestyle; such as your sleep schedule being flipped over and the fast paced events which make your life feel rushed for starters. Each new face you are introduced to greets you with the same stiff smile. Forced, ungenuine, and frankly… quite unnerving.
It is possible that this breed of vampires just simply are more daunting. A large group of moderates and nobles gathering together would put any person’s guard up after all. 
With the grace learned from all those years of being taught the proper adequate techniques, you curtsy with a pointed toe. Greeting each and every single being you are introduced to. 
You feel the smallest relief knowing there are several members in your party surrounding you, Prince Hoseok included. Even though you are technically a sacrifice made by the Church, you have all trust in knowing the house you signed yourself over to has protection and security reserved for you. They would never allow any form of harm to get to you. 
Hoseok takes your hand in his, he is looking rather dashing in his dark fitted tailcoat and white button up shawl collar shirt. His peaked lapels are made of the finest silk, a deep burgundy color which matches beautifully with the black wool pants which hug his legs.
You are placed inside an evening gown that matches the color pallet of your prince. A snug fitted bodice (one so tight you barely feel like you can breathe) with an open neckline and small ruffles hanging off your shoulders. Your skirt touches the floor as you move, a strong velvet material cut to the measurements of your body. Your one-strap heels are a bit uncomfortable the further you walk in them, but you distract yourself from those agonizing thoughts with the beaded necklace that hangs over your chest. 
In the middle of the event, where you start to find excuses to sneak yourself a piece of food or two, your prince turns to you. There is a stern look to his eyes when he approaches his conversation, watching the way you lift the last piece of cheese to your lips. 
“Y/n, may I have a word with you?” 
You nod with agreement, eyebrows shooting up. Prince Hoseok places his hand on the small of your back, ushering you through the crowd of other creatures of the night to another room. It feels a lot less crowded, the air easier to breathe as you step inside an empty room of this underground villa. 
He allows you to sit down on the couch as he finds himself situated on the chair right beside it. The silence between you two starts to materialize into something uncomfortable, yet you can not place your finger on it. So you wait patiently for your prince to speak with you. 
“How are you feeling?” 
You turn your head to look over at him, realizing he is only staring ahead at the beige patterned wall, not a single window to be seen. 
“I am okay. A bit nervous,” you shyly admit. 
Hoseok looks over at you through the sides of his eyes, biting down on the inside of his cheek.
“If it helps in any way, so am I.”
You quiz him with caution in a small voice, “Is this why you wish to have a word with me?” 
He smiles softly to himself, wetting his lips before he responds to you. You can tell how he contemplates the words to himself, the lack of confidence fighting inside. 
“I need you to not leave this room until I return. We have filtered through enough of the party for now. I am permitting you to stay here. Can you do that for me?” 
You blink confused at him, your gloved hands picking at the fabric on your fingers. 
“Shouldn’t I be accompanying you tonight? This is a Senate event, they are due to meet me.” 
“They have met you, at least a few of them so far. As long as you are here and they witness that, then they are satisfied.” 
Hoseok’s speech is unwavered, his words weighing heavier with each passing second. Your prince is asking for your obedience, who are you to overstep the boundaries? You recline back into the couch, exhaling slowly. Grinning at your prince, you assure him by bobbing your head. 
“I will stay here, Your Highness.” 
“Splendid,” he cuts unexpectedly. 
Speedily he stands up, fixing the creases of his outfit before walking over to the door. Hoseok steps through, being sure to close it right behind him and leaving the click echo in the room. 
You sit there for minutes in the empty room all by yourself, assuming your guards are standing right outside of the door. Tapping your foot in a rhythm against the floor, you begin to ponder your night. 
All the princes’ have accompanied this festivity tonight, some escorting lucky ladies and others meandering around by themselves. Each having their own set of duties to attain, each catering for their respective houses. You recognize the silvery haired vampire who waltz inside the room completely unannounced; the stray highlights of blonde being more prominent under the gas lighting fixtures above. He is one of the prince’s who surveyed every step you made on the night of the blood moon, the reminder of his cool eyes sends a shiver down your spine. 
He drags a woman in behind him, a mischievous smile plastered to his face as he turns to her. The prince you know to be named Jimin, one notorious for being a bit rebellious, wastes no time sliding the woman against the wall. It isn’t until you clear your throat loud enough to sound over the fits of giggles that he finally snaps out of whichever lust trance he is in to notice you.
You straighten your posture, sheepishly aim your sight away from their positioning on the wall. Even with the small amount of attention Jimin gives his lucky lady, you can hear her catching her breath. 
“Oh? His excellency has placed you out of sight?” Prince Jimin smirks, twisting in his place and pacing himself towards your spot on the couch. “How strange,” his vicious smile only grows wider to flash his marvelous set of teeth. His clothed fingers come out softly to grip your jaw, tilting your face up to look at him. 
“Do tell me why he has you cooped up here all alone,” he bids with a wiggle to his eyebrow. 
You pull back from his grasp, tilting your nose up in a pretentious way. “It is a request,” you speak airly. 
“Is he conscience-stricken, do you know?” The vampire questions you, snapping his fingers to bid his escort over to him. “Considering the history… I would feel burdened too.”
You flash your eyes back to him with alarm, perplexed from his statement. 
“Why would you conclude such a declaration like that?” 
Prince Jimin does not favor the sudden tone in your voice, let alone your infuriating questioning. His playful frame of mind turns very quickly to show an expression of displeasure. 
His eyes squint the longer he stares at you, “If one does not believe me, I insist you find out for yourself.” 
Ticking his head toward the door, he challenges you to make your next move. Your body remains frozen on the edge of the plush couch cushion. He grips the arm of the woman beside him, pulling it up to walk her closer to his frame. Prince Jimin spins her around, chin resting on her shoulder as he begins planting kisses on her exposed skin. He titters the moment he sees your uncomfortable state, hearing the way your heart begins to pace. 
“I suggest for you to leave unless you wish to be a part of this,” his lips curve up into a devilish smile. With that final warning, he opens his mouth wide and sinks his teeth into the curve of the woman’s neck. 
The act itself frightens you; whether it be the indecency or lack of care from Prince Jimin or the strangled gasp that left the woman’s mouth – her eyes widening in pure shock. You are aware you do not belong to the house of Park Jimin, and from seeing that stunt, you silently thank yourself for not choosing such an unforgiving man. 
Your feet carry you rapidly out of the room, your heels clicking soundly in the wind of your trail. Bypassing a few members of your own party, the rush of your drive catches them all off guard as they speed right behind you. 
Before a hand hooks around your arm to halt you in your charge, you find yourself standing on the indoor balcony that overlooks the first floor. Peering down over the frame of the wall, you notice how the room raises their tall tulip style champagne glasses. Dark red liquid circling inside each and every one of them. 
His royal highness, Prince Jung Hoseok, stands in the center of the descended staircase. A toast being made to him. 
“We expect high results, Lord Hoseok!” you hear the chatter from the mouth of an elder. 
Your arm is being yanked back by one of your guards, pleading for you to return – or come away – from the scene unfolding before you. 
“It is a celebration, no doubt.” You hear another voice speak. 
“Perhaps this year will be the –” 
Prince Hoseok stands tall and righteous, taking a single sip from his glass before placing it down on a nearby platter. He adjusts his cufflinks as he speaks, voice calm but assertive. 
“I expect nothing less than your loyalty and confidentiality on this. For several hundreds of years we have been in unity with each other. It is not often we are given this opportunity. My house and I thank you for the faith you lend us again.” 
His dark sharp eyes scan the crowd, probing each character to sniff out any defiance. 
Low murmurs in the crowd speak among another. Compliments on Prince Hoseok’s bravery are favored while hushed comments are hidden behind the rim of their glasses. 
A taller, more slender man steps besides Prince Hoseok. He places a hand on his shoulder while looking out into the horde of vampires. He sports similar features as Hoseok; the longer you stare between the two the more convinced you are that they must be in relation to another. 
“Mistress, we must go,” you hear the gruff of your guard before he tugs on you harsher. It breaks your stance as you stumble closer to him. He wheels you out of sight and back toward the room, the hand latched to your arm never disconnects itself. 
Just as you are pulled into the shadows of the hallway, you glance down one last time in the ballroom full of vampires. You can feel the way your body clutches itself from the way you meet the penetrating eyes of your prince who now directs his leering gaze at you. It is only for a split moment before you are hauled away from the area, feet frantically stepping to keep up with the ones of your rushed guard. 
To your surprise, you do not find the troublesome Prince Jimin in the room upon returning. As if he completely fled without a trace. The door is pulled tight behind you after you are assisted inside with hast. 
You attempt to pull the handle back, but the piece of wood fails to budge. They are out there celebrating some form of event, yet Your Highness requested for you to stay in the captivity of this hollow room. Your frustration becomes quite obvious the moment you recall how simple and easy it was for Prince