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BTS Reaction || Boys Have A Negative Reaction To Your Pregnancy [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - October 2022
Ever since you'd broken the news to the boys about your pregnancy it had been a whirlwind of different reactions and while most of the boys were happy for you there was one member who didn't seem exactly thrilled about the prospect. For weeks Yoongi had been acting shifty toward you and you had wondered what you'd done so wrong to upset him so much.
"Yoongi..." You walked into his studio with what you were hoping would be a peace offering, Jin was standing behind you with his hands on your shoulders giving them a small rub of encouragement every now and again. 
"What? I'm busy," He grumbled not realising that Jin was with you, as soon as he turned to see Jin he swallowed the lump that was in his throat. You held up the small box of cookies that happened to be his favourite and he looked at Jin who was staring back at him with a warning stare. The two of them had been butting heads a lot since you'd told Yoongi that you were pregnant and you were starting to worry it was going to affect them working together properly. The last thing anyone wanted was for the members to start fighting inside of their group and have their work crumble apart because of it, 
"We need to talk about this," Jin said as he sat down on the small sofa inside the sofa and you copied his actions slowly starting to feel anxious about all of this. For weeks you'd been trying to figure out what Yoongi's problem could have been but you couldn't think of anything,
"There's nothing to talk about," Yoongi said with a shortened tone, refusing to look at either of you.
"Clearly when it seems you have a problem with my wife being pregnant." Jin blurted out bluntly, the air felt as though it was getting too thick and it felt as though it was getting a little too hard for you to breathe. 
"I don't have a problem with Yn being pregnant," Yoongi mumbled staring down at the floor as he decided he couldn't keep it in any longer. It had been weeks of constantly tip-toeing around the subject and refusing to talk to anyone about it, 
"So what is it?"
"It's going to mess everything up," Yoongi said before suddenly looking up and staring at the both of you, your heart sank as you looked at him. The man appeared to be upset about the thought of messing something up and you could see it in his eyes,
"You'll have to take time off to be a father and then you'll want to be around the kid more than music...It's going to start fucking things up for us all...Soon the others will want kids. And what if people start to hate us for it? Or what if they lose interest?" Hearing that it wasn't something that you had done to piss off Yoongi was like a weight off your chest but hearing all of his concerns only worsened the ones you'd been having about the pregnancy.
"Listen...Both of you, because I know Yn is worrying about it too." Jin carefully took your hand into his as he stared at Yoongi,
"Everything will be fine, some people are going to react poorly and that's a given," He looked at you with a warm smile and back to his member, 
"But that's life. Not everyone is going to like every decision we make and if they aren't happy for me creating a family then they aren't someone who truly supported us in the first place," Jin explained before smiling to himself, he'd done a lot of thinking about this himself so he understood why Yoongi was so worried about it.
"I'll want to be there for my kid of course but that's not to say I won't always be around with music...There's nothing stopping me from bringing the little guy-"
"Or girl," You added with a small smile, 
"With us whenever we make music or bring them to the shows...They'll be our little mascot." Jin laughed and you could see a hint of a smile beginning to play on Yoongi's lips before he looked at you and smiled properly at you for the first time since the announcement. 
"You'll really let him bring your girl on tour?" He questioned you before you nodded,
"I would, she's got to support her daddy and uncles," You added with a small giggle, gently rubbing your bump as you thought about the future your little girl was going to have. 
"What makes you both so sure it's a girl?" Jin asked defensively before you and Yoongi both laughed together, it was just a feeling that you both had about the gender.
Tumblr media
When you'd first told the boys that you were expecting they'd all seemed too happy about you being pregnant, all of them were excited to see what the new chapter was going to bring to you and to them.
"Hey, Jimin. You want some dessert?" You asked as you walked over to the member who had been staying out of the party all day long. The boys had thrown you a surprise baby shower with a gender reveal but Jimin had seemed the least interested in everything that was going on and you wanted to figure out why. He'd been avoiding you as if your pregnancy was contagious
"No." He grumpily said before staring down at his phone, you smiled weakly and sat down on one of the seats beside him groaning as you did so. Pregnancy wasn't all it was cracked up to be, all of your body ached from the extra weight you were carrying and you constantly felt tired,
"Did Yoongi get you to put your name suggestions in the box? He's been getting everyone to do it," You smiled politely still trying to bring Jimin out of his shell but he ignored you as he scrolled through his phone, you bit down on your lip and glanced around to make sure no one was listening.
"Jimin...Look, I know this pregnancy was out of nowhere but-"
"But what?! Huh? You want me to sit and pretend to be happy like everyone else seems to be doing?!" He yelled out suddenly, tears welled up in your eyes as your stomach began to churn, damn the extra fucking hormones making you cry so easily.
"What's going on?" Yoongi quizzed as he rushed over to you gently wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. He'd heard the yelling but as soon as he'd seen you crying it was like something took over him, 
"Why are you yelling at my wife?" He asked Jimin who was now blushing and shaking his head. 
"Everyone is acting like this baby won't be the worst thing in the world! People are going to lose interest in us Hyung, no one is going to want to support a group who have a baby." The air suddenly turned quiet and everyone was now looking in your direction, Yoongi sighed as he slowly licked his lips. The thought had crossed his mind once or twice but it was something he was putting out of his mind, 
"If people choose not to support us because we're making a future then they don't need to support us in the first place," Yoongi explained calmly before he looked at you to make sure you were okay, he gently wiped his thumb under your eye to remove the tears.
"Having a family is something that should and will be normalised, people will be upset and some will be happy...That's how life works," Yoongi said as he slowly looked back at a guilty-looking Jimin, the last thing he'd wanted was to make you cry he'd just been so worried about everything he snapped.
"I'm sorry Yn...I didn't mean to ruin your party." He said as he slowly took a spot on the side next to you, slowly offering you the dessert you'd offered to him and you smiled warmly at him. 
"It's fine...I'm scared too," You admit to him before the two of you go into an in-depth discussion about the things that were worrying the two of you.
Tumblr media
It would be a lie if all of the boys said that they were thrilled with the idea of you being pregnant. Most of them were worried about what it was going to mean for the group, would things be different? Were they going to have to break up and move on from BTS? 
"Did you even think it through?" Yoongi asked as he stared at Hoseok who was looking rather confused. The members had called a team meeting and it turned out it was a secret way to bombard Hoseok with all of the questions that they'd been worrying about.
"Did you think it through? What do you think is going to happen to us? They're going to make us split up and do solo stuff," Namjoon said clearly as he looked distressed about it all and how could he not? He was going to risk losing something that made him very happy.
"Things will be fine," Hoseok said with a small smile, there was nothing any of them could say that would change his mind about fatherhood.
"How do you know?" Jimin asked with a strained voice, they'd all been worrying about it ever since you'd dropped the bombshell that 
"I just do," He laughed a little but none of them seemed to be laughing along with him and he shook his head,
"Look, things will be fine. I plan on staying with you, I don't want to break up the group because I've decided that I want to have a baby..." He glanced over every member who all seemed a little unsure about it,
"I thought about it a lot too...Do you think I was super thrilled at first? I overthought everything until the last detail but now I'm happy. Do you want to know why?" They all stared at him waiting for him to continue and he smiled, 
"Because I'm starting a new chapter of my life and if people don't accept that then they don't get to be in the new chapter, they can walk right out and I will keep going..." The boys exchanged worried looks before nodding along with Hoseok, it wasn't something that was completely normalised yet but it was something that needed to be. 
"Let's normalise it," Hoseok said with encouragement, smirking as all of the boys seemed to perk up and nod in agreement with him.
Tumblr media
"Did you think about what this could mean for all of us?!" You heard Taehyung hiss at Namjoon, you stopped just outside of Namjoon's studio and listened to what the two of them were speaking about. It had been a month since your pregnancy was announced to the members and it was getting pretty close to when you would announce it to everyone else and things between Taehyung and Namjoon were tense. You'd noticed Taehyung being pretty short with Namjoon whenever you were around and it had been happening when you weren't.
"It means I have a future, a family," Namjoon said calmly, he knew why Taehyung was worried but it wasn't going to be a problem he just didn't know how to make Taehyung see it. 
"You saw how poorly fans reacted when they were fake rumours of you being a father, what do you think it'll do when real ones drop?" You licked your lips as you slowly walked into the room, it was something you'd been wondering about yourself but had never said to Namjoon. 
"Either they'll be happy for me or they won't. It's life." Namjoon shook his head before rubbing the bridge of his nose - a sign that he was stressed with something. 
"Fans come and go and if they choose to stay and support me through becoming a father then those are the true fans. Not those who leave because I've decided to take the next step in my life," Namjoon stared at Taehyung as he explained and you teared up a little, he was completely right but you hadn't heard him say it until right now. 
"So you're not worried?" Taehyung asked, sounding a lot calmer than he had previously known his hyung wasn't stressed about anything that was going on. 
"No. Because if they don't want to stay that's on them but I know many of ARMY will stay and continue to support us," You smiled to yourself before Taehyung slowly looked over and sent you an apologetic look. 
"Things will be okay," You told him before he smiled more at you and came over to hug you, apologising to you as he embraced you.
Tumblr media
Ever since the news had dropped about your pregnancy Jungkook had been nothing short but rude and mean to you about it. He'd outright blamed you for "ruining" everything and that if BTS lost their fame and fans it was because of you. You'd never told Jimin any of this because you didn't want to cause fights between the two when Jungkook was clearly upset about everything that was going on.
"Nothing is going to change, you realise that right? Jimin is still going to be here, he's still going to be working with you." You explained to Jungkook who was refusing to look at you or even acknowledge the fact that you were speaking to him and you sighed a little. 
"Jungkook, please."
"You've ruined everything. Jimin is going to end up leaving us because he's going to want to spend all of his time with his kid."
"So?" You froze hearing Jimin's voice come from behind you, you hadn't expected him to come home so soon and you bit down on your lip.
"Babe...Jungkook didn't mean it like that,"
"Yes, I did. She's ruined everything by getting pregnant." He snapped angrily, staring over at Jimin who was shaking his head at Jungkook. None of this was supposed to turn out this way, Jungkook had imagined all of the members being dads at the same time but everything was out of balance. If Jimin had a baby now then everything was going to be put on hold whereas if they'd all had babies at the same time nothing would have mattered, they would have had breaks at the same time.
"Ruined? Jungkook, we've been planning this baby for a long time nothing will be ruined." Jimin shook his head. The two of you had been planning on having a baby since you'd gotten married and you were excited about the idea of bringing a new life into the world.
"You'll leave the group," Jungkook mumbled before Jimin looked at you. The two of you had talked intensely about what having a baby would mean for the band and you'd been worried for this exact reason. However, you'd also planned what things were going to be like. Jimin and you wanted your kid to be homeschooled most of their life so he could be around the child more.
"Nothing is going to change and I'm not leaving...Yn and I both want to stay close to our child which was why we were going to homeschool...Not to mention we both understand my life...Jungkook, nothing will change." Jimin reassured him over and over again, telling him the plan that you and he had for the baby.
Tumblr media
The moment you'd told the boys about your pregnancy you could sense that there was something wrong but no one said anything. The feeling that something was wrong went on for weeks and weeks until you slowly noticed that Namjoon wasn't as happy as he was portraying himself to be.
"Namjoon-Hyung?" Taehyung called out as he walked into the leader's house, you were holding a basket of baked goods and hoping he was in a better mood than he had been yesterday. Yesterday he'd angrily snapped at you when you'd been at the studios, telling you that you shouldn't be such a distraction to Taehyung and the other boys. That and that you'd only gotten pregnant in order to Trap Taehyung into being with you, you knew it must have been the anger talking but it wasn't something you were going to let slide and you'd gone to Taehyung about it.
"What do you want?" He asked when he noticed the two of you were together and you glanced at your boyfriend to make him talk first,
"I wanted to come and explain that she's not trapping me into the relationship...That we've been planning this for a long time." Taehyung explained as he carefully took your hand in his. It wasn't as though your relationship was short, the two of you had been together for four years and you'd both decided you wanted a kid before getting married so that the child could be involved with the wedding.
"Taehyung...I didn't mean-"
"No, let me finish Hyung. Yn and I have been wanting to start a family for a while and nothing you say will change that...We're looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives." Taehyung explained as you nodded in agreement, biting down on your lip as you slowly looked to Namjoon who appeared apologetic already.
"I was worried that this would cause problems with the rest of us...That maybe it would stop people from liking BTS." Namjoon explained before you both exchanged a look with Taehyung, 
"Having a family should be something that's normalised in Kpop. If people want to stop supporting me because I've decided I want to start a family then that's their problem and we don't need fans like that." Taehyung said confidently,
"I agree," Namjoon said before turning to face you as he got up,
"I'm deeply sorry for the way I acted toward you, I hope you can forgive me?" You exchanged a look with Taehyung before hugging Namjoon tightly and promising him that everything was fine.
Tumblr media
It was an accident when the boys discovered your pregnancy, you hadn't even told Jungkook when they'd all found out. Jimin had been in the bathroom when he saw the test on the counter and he'd bought it out and asked what it was. You figured they were all happy for you about it but last night was evidence enough that things weren't as happy as they seemed to be. Jin had drunkenly told you that he wasn't happy about you getting pregnant and taking away his best friend from him, Jungkook had heard the whole exchange which was what led to this.  A hungover Jin sitting in your living room looking very apologetic for what he had said to you the night before.
"I didn't mean what I said." He told you both but you and Jungkook knew that somewhere inside of him he must have thought what he was saying was the truth.
"Drunken words are sober thoughts," You said calmly, you weren't angry with him you'd just wished he'd come to you with it before he'd gotten drunk and said something.
"Look, I'm sorry-"
"I'm worried too..." You said to him as you sat down on the sofa beside him and looked at Jungkook who was nodding in agreement. The whole situation terrified the both of you it wasn't exactly something you were going to be completely at ease with right away.
"I'm scared people aren't going to like me anymore because I'm going to be a dad," Jungkook admitted to Jin who stared at him and blushed deeply, it was nice to know that he wasn't the only one worrying but he was still sorry for the way he had spoken to you. 
"I'll make it up to you, I'll offer up babysitting duties whenever you need," Jin said with a small chuckle, all of you agreeing to it when the time was needed.
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cloud nine — KNJ [m]
Tumblr media
cloud nine | quiet!namjoon x bubbly!reader ˚₊✩
⟶ GENRE : fluff, established relationship, very light smut, non-idol au
⟶ RATING : 18+
⟶ WC : 5.4k
⟶ SUMMARY : You love Namjoon, and Namjoon loves you; you’re both always on cloud nine whenever you’re close to each other—even if people might find your relationship weird; you both think it’s perfect.
⟶ WARNINGS : teeth-rotting fluff, light angst , oc loves pink, people are very judgy annd annoying, people talk about their relationship a lot, jimin is an asshole lol, jimin tried to convince oc to be with him (not in a nice way), namjoon drives in this fic, dry humping, heavy make-out,
⟶ NOTE : this was for my drabble game!! (which is closing either tomorrow or the day after) i feel bad that i made jimin an asshole in this ugh :( i promise i love my chimmy, and i’ll write a fluffy drabble on him next to compensate <3 this is also a wip that has been on my drafts for a while…..so i decided to add some things and tweak it up, although idk if this may be my best piece of writing……but it’s very cute :<
i wasn’t in the mood to make an explicit smut lol, i’m sorry hdhbejhb aaaannyways, i hope u like this story, and i’m sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind…idk the story just flowed like this i apologise hvdghdc @pb-n-juju !! love uu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s been a good day at college, for once, and now it’s the best time of the day—when you finally get to see your boyfriend, Kim Namjoon.
You’ve been dating for about five months, and it’s been the best five months of your life. You met Namjoon in the college’s library; you were looking for a book to help with your finals, and Namjoon observed your lost figure, so he decided to help you; it was the least he could do.
Seeing none other than Kim Namjoon helping you find your book was utterly strange, and it took you by complete surprise since he doesn’t talk to anyone except his little group of friends. Many rumours surrounded Namjoon; some people said that he was mute, others that he was a psychopath, and most bizarre of all, that he was secretly a mafia leader. But one thing everyone agreed on was that Kim Namjoon was strange, a man that many feared and tried their best to stay away from.
It’ll be a lie to say that you didn’t fall into the people’s stereotypes about Namjoon, for all the rumours and whispers that filled the campus; it’s one of the things you still feel guilty about to this day, you shouldn’t have judged him to quickly and fell for the image people depicted him to be.
You started talking to him, picking up a conversation, and with your extroverted nature, you forgot all about your inner judgement of him. You talked for hours, well, mostly you, and Namjoon nodded at every one of your rambles, and before you and he knew, you were celebrating your six-month anniversary.
“Joonie!” You shout, and he takes his eyes away from the phone in his hands, a smile on his lips when his gaze stops on you, his previously stern face contrasting his now happy face when he sees his girlfriend. You run to him, wrapping your arms around Namjoon’s chest, and bumping your body on his, causing him to let out a yelp before he hugs you with the same intensity.
“Hi, love.” Namjoon whispers in your ear, “How was your day?” He asks, trailing his fingers on your hair while your head stays on his neck. You hold him as if you haven’t seen him in years, when in reality, you saw him yesterday, right before you went to your dorm, pecking his lips and holding onto him before you could separate. You’re a clingy girlfriend, and you never hide it from him or the public, and Namjoon is secretly one, too, although he isn’t one that is too fond of public displays of affection like you.
As always, people stare at both your figures while you stand hugging each other; although it almost died down, some people still stare at you two with weirded-out eyes, even after five months of dating.
You and Namjoon were the talk of the school when you first announced your relationship to the public after three months of dating in secret. After much convincing, you were able to convince your boyfriend to finally reveal your relationship, and when you did, it was the talk of the school for almost a month straight—no one could believe the weird, quiet man from college was able to snatch you, the sweet, bubbly girl everyone loved. Everyone in school was shocked, even his friend group, who knew nothing about your and Namjoon’s relationship until you both announced it publicly by holding hands and pecking each other’s lips.
It was even more shocking to all the single guys on campus who knew you as the ‘hard to get’ girl. You always turned down any guy that hit on you or asked you out, and some even made their personal mission to get in your pants to gloat to their mates about it, so it was a shock and weakening to all their already fragile egos when you showed up with the weird guy as your boyfriend.
How could you, the pretty, bubbly girl who loves pink, choose the quiet, angry-looking guy instead of them? It didn’t make sense to any of the guys, especially to Park Jimin.
Jimin is the college heartthrob, breaking hearts left and right and fucking women only to break their hearts later. When he set his eyes on you, the pink-loving and sweet girl, he thought you would be easy prey, innocent and perfect for breaking. It’s safe to say he was enraged when you rejected him in public, and his anger reached its peak when months later, you appeared with none other than Kim Namjoon as your boyfriend.
Jimin got angry; what did Namjoon have that he didn’t? Jimin had women begging to be with him, he was the most handsome of all, and Namjoon was, well….The weird, quiet guy on campus that everyone avoided. It was ridiculous, and one fateful day Jimin decided to take matters into his own hands and sat beside you when you were alone at the library, interrupting your peaceful reading session.
“Hi, gorgeous,” Jimin said, his voice smooth and seductive as ever, and you groaned when you heard his voice, one you knew well.
“Hi, Jimin.” You flashed him a fake smile, “Can I help you?”
“In fact, yes, you can.” Jimin’s smirk got bigger, and he put his hand over your chair, leaning toward you.
“What do you want?” You tried to keep your voice sweet, but instead, it came out more as a groan than anything else, making Jimin almost scoff.
“Go out with me,” Jimin whispered in your ear, and you rolled your eyes, squirming your body to try and get out of his grasp.
“No.” You rolled your eyes again, “I have a boyfriend whom I love very much. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” You finally got his hands off you, and you were quick to stand up from your chair; and, despite you turning him down, he followed your movements, stopping you from walking away by grabbing your wrist with his hand.
“Oh, please.” Jimin rolls his eyes, scoffing while walking closer to your body. “You’re probably with him because of a bet. Come on, gorgeous, go out with me; I promise I’ll please you better than that weirdo.” Jimin chuckles, wrapping his arms around your waist, and your face scrunches in repulsion.
“You better get your hands off me, or I swear I’ll punch your face.” You warned, and Jimin threw his head back, laughing loudly at you.
“Oh, please, gorgeous.” You bite the inside of your cheek, your face red from anger and pure disgust from his hands that still rested around your waist, even though you warned him to take it off. “I’ll give you the best night of your life, I promise—”
You don’t let him finish his sentence as your fist punches his face, his head getting thrown back at your hard punch. “Y-you crazy bitch—”
“I warned you, asshole! Now, leave me alone!” You yelled, running out of the library without looking back, a hand gripping your wrist, stopping you from finally leaving the library. You’re about to yell when a pair of lips kiss you, but you don’t because you know these pair of lips—it’s none other than your boyfriend.
“That was so hot, baby.” Namjoon’s voice whispered in your ear, the rasp of his voice and his hot breath on your skin turning you on. “I was about to go there and punch the fuck out of him, but it seems you did that for me. And very beautifully, I might add.” Namjoon slowly kissed your cheek.
“I didn’t know you could punch that well, babe. Does your hand hurt?” Namjoon kissed your cheek one more time before gently grabbing your wrist and examining it, searching for any type of injury, making you chuckle.
“No, it’s fine, and I did some years of Muay Thai during high school; that’s why my punches are so good.” You laughed, and Namjoon groaned, his lips immediately connecting to your ear, kissing them softly while your stomach twisted on itself.
“What do you say about getting out of here, hm?”
And well, it’s safe to say that when you reached his car, you both had the very best car sex possible.
“____.” Namjoon laughs when you refuse to break the hug off, squeezing your arms tighter around his waist, holding on to him as if your life depends on it. “Come on, love, you gotta let go if we wanna have lunch.” Namjoon laughs again, and you comply, breaking the hug with a small whine leaving your lips.
Namjoon doesn’t hesitate to place a small peck on your lips, and a grin falls on your reddish lips. Namjoon despises PDA; it feels weird to him, he has always been known for his cold and quiet nature, but ever since you both went public, he’s been trying for you—if his girlfriend loves it, then he’ll try his best to make you happy, even if it’s just with small pecks on your lips and randomly grabbing your hand.
And you love all his little actions toward you; you love that he tries for you, and you do the same for him, respecting his choice of restraining himself from displaying affection for everyone to see, never bugging him about it. However, you do love to pepper him with kisses and affection in public; secretly, he loves it too.
You’re both walking down the street towards your favourite diner, where your first date was and many secret ones after that, talking about your day and enjoying your hands holding each other, which doesn’t fail to produce butterflies inside your stomach.
“Joonie, I told you millions of times, I can carry my own backpack.” You groan, pitching the bridge of your nose, but Namjoon doesn’t produce any reaction, continuing to carry your pink backpack on his back as if it weighs nothing.
“No.” Namjoon simply says, and you huff in annoyance, and Namjoon pays no attention to it, keeping his face stern while he tries to hide the small, almost invisible smile that tugs on the corner of his lips. You roll your eyes, but don’t press on the matter; you know it won’t change anything, just like every other day when he insists on carrying everything for you with his big muscles.
You finally reach the diner and get your usual table at the back, which steers away from most of the public. You were the one that picked this table on your first date; after all, you did ask him on the date and not the other way around, and you thought it would make Namjoon more comfortable if you two weren’t so much on the eye of everyone else while you were both on a date. And, much to his dismay, you were the one who paid for the dinner, saying that you were the one who invited him and, therefore, you should be the one to pay.
You two bickered for a full five minutes while you waited for the waiter to come back, and you were only able to pay because you quickly grabbed the bill from the waiter’s hands, ending up paying and later dealing with Namjoon’s low grunts.
Namjoon wasn’t much of a talker, but after that first date, he gradually talked more, be it about his interests or your endless bickering about whether you put the milk first or after the cereal, ending up with you both laughing about it afterwards.
You fell fast, and so did Namjoon—and after a month of secretly getting to know each other, you popped the question while you two stood at your apartment door after a fun date.
“Joonie, w-will you be my boyfriend?” You ask, biting your lip, finally looking up into his eyes. You weren’t usually shy, but there’s an exception when you ask the guy you fell in love with to be your boyfriend.
Namjoon laughs, and your cheeks grow red, embarrassment filling your whole body. You should’ve known he’d reject you; you should have known—
“I was about to ask you the same thing.” Namjoon chuckles, and you widen your eyes, immediately stopping to sting and threatening to produce tears. “Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend, baby.”
Oh, god, did your heart flutter, almost melting at everything that just happened. Kim Namjoon, the man you love, just accepted you, and you can’t stop yourself from jumping to his chest and pressing your lips to his, a huge grin on your face.
You break the kiss and giggle, observing every inch of his beautiful face, feeling all giddy and blessed to have such a man to be yours and only yours. You love Kim Namjoon, and you always will.
“So….You won’t believe me, but I started listening to that rapper you love….” You start, and Namjoon’s eyes pop out of their sockets while he bites his sandwich.
“Nas?!” Namjoon asks, the sandwich still inside his mouth, a giggle escaping your lips. You nod your head, a small smile on your lips.
Namjoon loves rap; it’s one of the only things that can make him ramble like you, and he always talks about his favourite rapper since childhood, Nas, and you always listen to him, never once getting bored. So, you decided to listen to the rapper’s songs, even though you don’t enjoy rap much; you did it for Namjoon, so you could talk more about it with him and get to know what your boyfriend loves, besides you, of course.
“Did you like it?! Did you like any of his songs?!” He asks excitedly, and you giggle again, your heart fluttering at his excitement.
“I-I’d be lying if I said that I liked his music, but I did love one of his songs; I even put it on my playlist. It’s….It’s something state of mind—”
“N.Y state of mind.” He corrects, the smile on his face making you almost coo out loud; your heart jumping inside your chest, and the excitement in his eyes is enough to make you happy for a lifetime. “And that’s okay, baby; the fact that you listened to him is enough to make me happy.” Namjoon pecks your lips, neither of your smiles leaving your lips, and breaks it off to take a big bite of his sandwich, and you from yours.
“You know,” Namjoon starts, your gaze shifting to his while you take another bite from your sandwich, “I started listening to that group you love….Text? Tomorrow? Fuck, I forgot—”
“Tomorrow by together?!” You shout with food still inside your mouth, almost getting you to choke. Namjoon laughs at you, nodding his head whilst your eyes stay widened.
“Oh my god, oh my god, who’s your bias?!” You almost scream, shaking his strong arm in excitement, making your boyfriend laugh again.
“I think his name is Soobin?”
You gasp, “Soobin?! Oh my god!” You squeal, shaking his shoulder, “He’s my bias too, oh my god, Joonie!” You squeak once again, hugging him from the side and pressing infinite kisses to his cheek.
You stay the rest of the lunch by showing him all the facts about the boys, specifically Soobin, and showing him photos of your favourite idol for almost an hour. And you’re now walking through the street, hands clasped together, and much to your protests, your backpack on Namjoon’s shoulder.
You stop in your tracks, causing Namjoon to stop too, and he’s about to ask if something’s wrong, but you cut him off before he can even open his mouth. “I-I have a party today; it’s Minji’s birthday. Will you come with me? I know we both don’t like parties, but it’s her birthday, and—”
“Alright, we’ll go.” Namjoon quickly says, and you sigh in relief, standing on your tippy toes to press a kiss to his cheek.
“Thank you, Joonie; I love you.”
“I love you too.” He whispers, and you smile, pressing one more cheek on his skin before you both start walking again.
You know Namjoon hates parties, and you do too; you’ve both ditched many parties to stay cuddling inside your home, especially when your relationship was still a secret and oblivious to everyone but you two.
You’re grateful he said yes; you’d understand if he didn’t want to go, since most likely people will keep throwing weird glances at you both, like always, and it hurts you that you can’t love each other without judgement; but what hurts most is how much it affects Namjoon, even if he doesn’t express it, which caused you two to almost break up after a few weeks of being public.
But you stood your ground and survived it—nothing will bring you and Namjoon down, especially people’s opinions.
“We can cuddle before the time for the party comes. What do you wanna watch?” You ask, holding his arms with both of yours, your body pressing to his side, and he doesn’t complain, even if you’re doing it in public.
“Star Wars?”
You smile, “Star Wars it is.”
Tumblr media
You’re both standing in front of Minji’s house, knocking on her mansion’s door, waiting for someone to open it. It finally does, and Minji screams, squealing and almost making you fall when she jumps on your body. “YOU’RE HERE!” Minji shouts in your ear, and you laugh—she’s already drunk.
“Sorry we’re a bit late; we got caught up on a film…heh.” You give your friend an awkward smile, and she snorts, suggestively raising her eyebrows.
“It’s okay to say you were fucking, y’know?” Minji laughs, her body getting wobbly from her drunken laughs, and your neck flushes at her comment.
“W-we were just watching star wars, this time, okay?!” You say, and Minji chuckles.
“S-Sure, and we’re both virgins.” Minji laughs, and you roll your eyes. “H-hey, Namjoon!” Minji waves at your boyfriend, and your boyfriend sends her a quick wave, his face stern as always, causing Minji to snort.
“Always with the face.” Minji rolls her eyes playfully, and quickly grabs you by the hand, forcing you inside, almost making you lose Namjoon, but luckily, you were able to hold his hand to make him follow you.
Minji was one of the only people, along with Namjoon’s friend group, that supported your relationship; although she initially found it weird, she supported you from the beginning. There was a day when she almost joined you in punching one of the campus’ annoying jocks for talking bad about your boyfriend, but by some miracle, you were both able to keep your cool.
“Namjoon!” Jungkook, one of Namjoon’s close friends, shouts when he sees his friend, both surprise and excitement in his voice.
“Hey, Jungkook,” Namjoon says, making Jungkook smile when the older greets him and Jungkook and catches Namjoon off guard by quickly hugging him, a growl leaving his mouth when Jungkook touches him, cutting the hug short.
“Heh, sorry, hyung, I forgot you don’t like hugs.” Jungkook scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, making you let out a quiet laugh, and leave your friend’s grasp to hug Namjoon by the side. “Hey, ___!”
“Hi, Kook!” You beam, and Jungkook quickly pouts cutely when Namjoon puts his right arm on your back.
“It’s so unfair how you hug her and not me. I’ve been craving your hugs since freakin’ high school, hyung!” Jungkook whines, and Namjoon groans while you laugh at his cuteness. Jungkook was always the cutest of the friend group, even though his appearance might seem intimidating, with his tattooed arms and pierced face, but Jungkook is the most free-spirited and kindest person you know—he has a child's spirit on a man's body.
“You’re not my girlfriend; she is,” Namjoon says calmly, and Jungkook huffs, rolling his eyes.
“Whatever,” Jungkook mutters, “I’ll get myself another beer.” Jungkook leaves with a slight pout on his face, and you finally let out the laugh you’ve been holding, a small smile on Namjoon’s lips as he hears your funny laughs.
The party goes smoothly, with you talking with everyone you could, but never letting your extroverted nature make you forget that Namjoon’s by your side, who mostly stayed quiet, except for when Jungkook or Hoseok, another one of his friends, came to talk to him.
“You alright, Joonie?” You turn to him once the girl you were talking to goes away, wrapping your hands around his waist and lifting your head, so your eyes catch his. He nods and quickly pecks your lips, a giant grin on your face when he does it—he’s trying, he’s trying just for you.
“Mhm.” Namjoon hums, and you stand on your tippy toes, pressing a wet peck to his cheek, the smile you love spreading to his lips. You touch his dimples with your fingers, muttering a small ‘boop’ as you do it, an action you love to do whenever he shows you his beautiful, rare smile (not rare to you, though). That was one of the reasons you fell in love with him so incredibly fast.
“You dimples are so cute.” You squeeze his cheeks, slightly shaking them with your hands, and you peck his puckered lips.
“How can she even date that weirdo?” You hear someone whisper, and your face scrunches in anger, your head quickly turning around to find who was saying so much shit.
“I know, right? How can someone even like someone like him? I heard fron Haewon that he’s a psychopath.” Your nose flares in rage, but Namjoon grabs your wrist before you can go over to the girls that whisper in front of you, and you turn to him with anger plastered all over your face. How dare they talk about Namjoon when they don’t even know him? When they don’t even know what a sweet guy he is, that he’s much more than the ‘weird’ guy everyone claims he is.
“Love, leave it, okay?”
You shake your head, “B-But—”
“We don’t want to start any unnecessary fight, now do we?” Namjoon whispers to your ear, and you whine but nod; either way, you can’t say no to your boyfriend.
“Just know t-that nothing they say is true, okay? I love you, and you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.” You kiss Namjoon’s cheek, and he laughs; his heart flips from your words; how can he keep falling more in love with you every day?
“I know, baby—”
“I mean, he’s pretty, but he’s just so fucking weird, it’s a complete turn-off. Do they even have sex?” You grit your teeth, your nails digging deep into your palms while it takes everything in you to restrain yourself from punching their ugly faces. “I heard she turned out Park fucking Jimin for that weirdo!”
You bite your tongue, “I’ll be right back, Joon.” You kiss his lips and run away before he can even ask what goes on with you. You run to the mansion entrance, your breathing starting to become erratic while you try to calm down the raging anger inside you. Why can’t you love Namjoon in peace? Why does everyone have to be so judgemental of your love?
You want to punch their faces, and your brain screams for you to pull them by the hair and hit them, but you don’t; Namjoon asks you not to, but God, it’s hard not to give in to the temptation. You’re not usually angry; you’re a patient person and the nicest human alive—but you’re tired of all the comments they throw at your relationship; you’re beyond exhausted that your brain gets blinded by the red colour and the rage that fills your whole body.
“____.” A deep voice calls for you, and you turn around to find your boyfriend looking at you with a sigh leaving his lips. “Baby—”
You run to him, hugging his waist with all your might, your eyes starting to sting with tears. And finally, you let out a silent cry onto Namjoon’s chest, fear and anger overtaking your body, overwhelming you with memories from two and a half months ago when your relationship almost ended because of all the rumours and judging from everyone on campus.
Namjoon had heard people saying that he wasn’t enough for someone like you and that you were better off with someone like Park Jimin. Namjoon believed their words; it made him insecure, so much so that he came to your house and started blabbering, something you had never seen him do, telling you how you were better off without him and you deserved someone who could live up to your beauty, someone like Park Jimin.
You’d almost broke down then and there, resulting in a big fight between you two, but neither of you could stay apart for more than one day, and next thing you know, you’re standing in front of his apartment, soaked from the rain and telling him the three magical words for the first time.
“I-I love you, Namjoon! I love y-you so much, and I don’t give a shit what people think about us, okay?!” You shout, your body shivering from the cold that freezes your body, but you couldn’t care less; the only thing on your mind is the man in front of you, the one you love more than words could ever describe.
Namjoon’s mouth opens, his eyes blinking while you wait for a response, waiting for anything to come out of his mouth. “Namjoon—”
“I love you too,” Namjoon says, his eyes meeting yours while your heart doesn’t fail to stop for a few seconds. Did he just say it back? Did Namjoon, the love of your life, just say he loves you back?
You don’t think, and your body acts on its own when you grab his cheeks and pull him for a passionate kiss, pouring all your love for him to feel it physically. Your tongue enters his mouth with ease, fingers trailing his jawline while you both kiss each other with the fire that burns on both your hearts.
“I love you so much, Joonie.” You break the kiss, looking into his eyes while a single tear stains your left cheek, “You’re e-everything I need, everything I want, and you’re perfect for me, and that’s all that matters, okay? People will always have something to say, but I’ll always l-love you.” Before he can mutter any word, you press your lips to him again, a tear now leaving his eye.
“I love you so much, baby,” Namjoon whispers into the kiss, and you hold him tighter, bringing his body as close to yours as you can.
“P-please don’t ever do that to me again, okay?” You sniffle your node, and Namjoon nods, laying a long, wet kiss on your cheek, your tears getting inside his mouth, producing a salty taste inside your tongue.
“I promise.”
You hold Namjoon’s waist tighter, the memories flooding back to your mind, the fears inside of you overtaking all of your body. You let out a shaky sigh, “J-Joonie, you’re not anything they say, okay? I-I love you so much; you’re the perfect m-man, a-and you’re e-enough—”
“I know,” Namjoon says calmly, and you take your head off his chest to look up at his face, expecting anything but a smile on his lips. “Y-you do?”
“Of course; I don’t give a shit what people say—we love each other, and nothing will change that. Screw those bitches.” Your boyfriend scolds, and a smile grows on your lips while your hand goes up to wipe the tears that fall down your cheeks. You sigh with relief and stand on your tiptoes to peck Namjoon’s lips, your heart beating normally again while your nerves return to their normal state.
“I was so afraid that everything would repeat again….I-I can’t lose you, Joonie.” You frown, and Namjoon sighs sadly, the memories of his mistake many months ago that almost caused him to lose the best thing that ever happened in his life, you.
“You won’t; I’ll never make that mistake again, okay? Fuck all the people who talk about us, I love you, and that will never change.” You sigh again when you hear his words, your heart receiving the reassurance it needed, all the anxiousness inside your body vanishing when you wrap your arms around his neck, feeling the warmness of his body close to yours.
You feel a smile forming on your lips, your body growing warm when you realise how much he’s grown, that all those nights telling him that he was enough for you made a change—Namjoon isn’t feeling insecure anymore, and you couldn’t be happier. Your boyfriend is finally seeing in himself what you see in him.
“What do you say we get out of here, hm?” Your boyfriend asks while he gently runs his fingers through your hair, and you hum softly in response, your mind lost in the absolute comfort that transfers your mind to another dimension.
“I gotta say goodbye to Minji first.” You sigh, and Namjoon kisses the top of your head, silently telling you to go to your best friend. “I’ll be right back, Joonie.” You kiss his cheek and run inside her house again and quickly talk to Minji, bidding her goodbye with a hug, coming up with the excuse that you and Namjoon feel tired, to which she gives you her usual sceptical look.
You reach Namjoon again, who stands in the same place while looking at his phone. You call for Namjoon, and you both head to his car, hand in hand, never leaving each other’s side. When you finally enter the car, Namjoon wastes no time and grabs your chin, kissing you fervently, leaving no air for you to breathe.
Your boyfriend grabs your hips and brings you to his seat with ease, parting your thighs so they straddle his hip, his tongue never leaving the inside of your mouth. Namjoon dominates your tongue, tilting his head to deepen the kiss, and his hand slowly trails down your back, goosebumps growing on your skin. He reaches for your butt and squeezes it harshly, a low moan leaving you while you kiss your boyfriend’s lips like a starved woman.
“So beautiful,” Namjoon whispers and kisses your neck, biting and leaving slight marks, which he absolutely loves to do. You let out a louder moan, and your hips start grinding on his erection, your body begging for any friction to fulfil the arousal that drips down your thighs.
“Pretty,” Namjoon moans, and you bite your lip, your hand reaching up to his hair, pulling it just the way he likes. Namjoon groans and takes his lips off your neck while you whine at the loss of contact. “Let’s wait until we get home, yeah?”
“I promise you won’t be able to walk after tonight, baby; just be patient, hm?” Your boyfriend kisses your cheek, and you whine again but nod, a small smile forming on Namjoon’s lips when you comply.
Namjoon lifts his head and places both his hands on your cheeks, staring deeply into your eyes, a tear almost threatening to fall from how much he loves you and how grateful he is to have you in his life. “I love you, ____.”
You smile, “I love you, Namjoon.” You whisper, and your head on his shoulder, snuggling onto his body. You sigh softly, your mind heading to cloud nine while you feel the love of your life’s body so close to yours, feeling the fullness of both yours and his love while you both hold each other silently.
And one thing’s for sure—you love Kim Namjoon, and you always will. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jenrecs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⊹ hello loves! it’s a new month, and a new reading list! below are all my favorite reads from September 2022. i mostly read JK fics but the list includes other members as well. some of these do contain mature content, so minors dni.
⊹ check out these awesome fics and give the authors some love by reblogging and/or leaving feedback for them! (.❛ ᴗ ❛.)
recs navigation | monthly reading lists
Tumblr media
● tattoo jealousy by @kookscrescent​​
↳ established relationship, idol au, fluff
jin walks in to the dressing room to witness a situation that doesn’t sit well with him.
● stress relief by @archivedkookie​​
↳ established relationship, ceo au, fluff, smut
your husband comes exhausted from his work, and you have an idea of how to relieve his stress…
Tumblr media
● flowstate by @jktones
↳ comfort friend, fluff
when the world gets too loud, his silence is your favourite sound.
● yoongi learns why selfies are dangerous by @purplewhalewrites​
↳ established relationship, idol au, smut
yoongi said he’d be taking more selfies but you didn’t expect him to actually do it. when you see his latest post you decide he has to pay for his actions.
● lola by @yoon2k​​
↳ smut
even though you're not wearing the space jam shirt and your hair isn't up in two ponytails, yoongi stills notices.
● whine & dine by @baljinciaga​​
↳ established relationship, idol au, fluff, smut
yoongi forgets the date night the two of you had planned due to the stresses of being an idol. you decide to make different dinner plans.
● squirt by @here2bbtstrash​
↳ friends to lovers, smut
when yoongi makes the bold statement that any girl can squirt, you decide to call him on his bluff.
Tumblr media
● sensuous by @delugguk​​
↳ smut
Tumblr media
● bibliosmia by @svt1117​​
↳ established relationship, witch au, angst
you were an addict when it came to smelling spellbooks, but not for the reason one would expect.
● read to me by @ichorai​​
↳ greek god x nymph au, fluff, angst
with beautiful days, comes the stormy clouds.
● discord discourse by @joheunsaram​​
↳ strangers to (maybe) lovers, idol x fanfic writer au, fluff, angst
kim namjoon likes to spend time in a discord server… dedicated to him. with new friends and a budding crush, will he ever be able to truly be himself without revealing who he is?
Tumblr media
● all i need by @joonberriess​
↳ established relationship, college au, smut
it’s a lazy afternoon and you’re watching the sun set with your boyfriend who’s between your legs...
● homie hopper till i die! by @h0neypjm​
↳ ft. taehyung, smut
a homie hopper is defined as an individual that ‘hops’ from one person to another, where the people they choose to hook-up with are within the same group of friends.
● fwb with jimin by @btssmutgalore​​
↳ friends to lovers, friend’s sister au, coworker au, smut
how jimin becomes your friend with benefits.
Tumblr media
● you’re the worst by @here2bbtstrash​
↳ friends to (not) lovers, smut
you decide to turn the tables on your shameless best friend.
● don’t get murdered by @here2bbtstrash​
↳ ft. yoongi, smut
you’re supposed to be on a blind date, but the handsome stranger across the bar keeps distracting you.
● what was hidden by @daechwitatamic​
↳ strangers to friends to lovers, college au, fluff, angst, smut
this is how it all starts: taehyung is flunking western lit. you’re assigned to tutor him. his paper on strindberg’s the ghost sonata could pass or fail him for the semester. as you and taehyung slowly become friends, then more, you learn that there’s a lot more to him than you originally assumed. together, you navigate your own experiences with the play’s themes: one’s “true self” versus one’s “shown self”, darkness behind the facade, and how people can be quite literally haunted - and it has nothing to do with ghosts.
● homie hopper till i die! by @h0neypjm
↳ ft. jimin, smut
a homie hopper is defined as an individual that ‘hops’ from one person to another, where the people they choose to hook-up with are within the same group of friends.
● caramel macchiato by @gukyi​
↳ college au, fluff
you never really paid attention to the talkative kid in your college lecture, but he’s paid attention to you.
● witch���s brew by @httpjeon​​
↳ established relationship, witch au, fluff, smut
after a year of trying to get pregnant, your husband makes a special brew to make sure you get pregnant this time.
● work out for me by @chateautae​
↳ established relationship, smut
interrupting your boyfriend’s workout session was either the best mistake you made, or the worst.. especially for your legs.
Tumblr media
● home by @taegisms​
↳ established relationship, fluff
● happy birthday loser by @jungk0oksthighs​
↳ idiots to lovers, roommate au, smut
after three years of simping over your roommate, you give him one hell of a birthday celebration.
● kintsukuroi: sweet treat by @jeonjcngkook​
↳ established relationship, fluff, smut
newly married and swept away by how in love they truly are with each other, jungkook shows you just how much he loves you.
● love bites by @jeonjcngkook​
↳ established relationship, vampire au, smut
it’s feeding time for you both but this time rather than venture out alone to eat, you change it up and feed together.
● once upon a show by @gukyi​
↳ idol au, fluff
starring on we got married is cool. starring on we got married with world-class idol jeon jungkook is more intimidating than cool, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.
● in the frosty air by @gukyi​
↳ college au, roommate au, fluff, angst
two weeks ago you and your roommate slept together. which would be fine, if you knew you both felt the same about each other. but you don’t. and now it’s christmas, and jungkook is still gorgeous and gentle and wonderful and here, and and you don’t really know what to do about that.
● 21st century love by @gukyi​
↳ enemies to lovers, college au, fluff
you and fellow film student jeon jungkook have been clashing heads all semester in your realistic fiction and 21st century film class, because jungkook thinks that rom-coms are meant to express the beauty of love, and you think that they’re ploys by hollywood to tell people that they can achieve love by engaging in consumerism. but when you’re assigned to create your own stereotypical romantic comedy short film, jungkook takes it upon himself to show you just how attainable love can really be.
● we were. by @gukyi​​
↳ breakup au, angst
not all once upon a time’s have happily ever after’s.
● always by @onlyswan​
↳ fluff, angst
in which jungkook is a fleeting bus ride crush.
● head over skates by @mercurygguk​
↳ established relationship, college au, ice hockey player au, fluff
jungkook doesn’t get jealous but here you are, bringing out new sides of him.
● best i ever had by @here2bbtstrash​
↳ college au, infidelity au, smut
you’ve been planning on breaking up with your boyfriend for a while, and jungkook is here to help.
● if i could lie by @alpacaparkaseok​
↳ exes to lovers, idol au, fluff, angst
“I’ll feel much better if you let me walk you home.”
● pretty boy by @inkedtae​
↳ friends to lovers, secret relationship au, fluff, smut
he’s just a pretty boy, a pretty boy ~ you wanna be his pretty toy.
● of caresses & promises by @ditttiii​
↳ married au, fluff, mild angst, smut
you love your husband and you know that he loves you just as much, if not more. but sometimes, you can’t help but feel like he could do better—better than you.
● when lightning strikes by @kookscrescent​​
↳ established relationship, smut
you are home alone as a storm is going on outside, and a wet jungkook comes home.
● christmas cream(pie) by @smoochkooks​
↳ established relationship, fluff, smut
a day before christmas dinner with your boyfriend’s parents, you discover another alternative way to use the chocolate cream you’re making. jungkook is more than willing to indulge in your little fantasy.
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jjungkookislife · 2 days ago
A Day Out
Tumblr media
pairing: namjoon x f. reader x jungkook x jimin
genre: f2l, fwb, angst, smut [18+]
summary: It’s Jimin and Jungkook’s turn to take you out for the day but the three of you just can’t keep your hands to yourself.
wc: 13.1k
warnings: this is long overdue (literally been in the drafts since 2019?), not in order! daddy kink, heavy use of pet names (baby, babe, baby girl, princess, little one, doll), spanking, marking (biting, scratching, hickeys), semi-public sex, rough oral sex (f. giving and receiving), protected and unprotected sex, m. and f. masturbation, multiple orgasms (f. and m.), mentions of nudes and videos, double penetration, cum facial, cum swallowing, cock slapping, panty fetish, tiny impreg kink, alcohol consumption, some angst
a/n: almost 4 years after the original lol i’ve had this done for years but didn’t want to post it for reasons (and found it while deleting wips) but i posted on ao3 and i already had a banner ready for tumblr so here it is 
date: October 4, 2022
Tumblr media
Jungkook had stumbled into his apartment after Jimin, going straight to his bedroom, stripping his clothes off to pool on his bedroom floor as he entered the bathroom in his bedroom. He stumbled around, turned on the light and then made his way to the shower to turn it on. His erection stood proudly as he tried to focus on anything but you. It… didn’t work.
He waited for the shower temperature to be bearable before he stepped in, sighing as the water enveloped his body, washing away the sins of the night. He couldn’t stop thinking of your lips wrapped around his hard cock, his fingers buried in your tight pussy as you moaned for him and only him. He wanted nothing more than to go rip you out of Namjoon’s apartment and impale you on his cock… but you weren't his for the taking. He’d have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to bury himself inside you, but it seemed like an eon away.
Sighing, Jungkook finished his shower as quickly as possible, his bed calling his name. He wrapped a towel around his waist after drying his torso and stepped into his bedroom. He picked his phone up from the pile of clothes on the floor and grabbed a pair of sweatpants from his drawers. He threw his phone on his bed, took off the towel, and slipped on the sweatpants. His body was becoming well aware of how late it was and how long a day he had had. He pulled the covers off his bed and slipped under them, grabbing his phone and using the light from the lamp on his nightstand to help him see the screen.
He was surprised to see a message from you. He tapped it open, and a low, guttural groan left his lips as he saw a picture of you on all fours, cum leaking from your pussy.
“Fuck!” he cursed, head tilted back, eyes closed, as he took in a shaky breath to try to ignore the pulsing of his hard cock. He wondered if Jimin had received the same picture, knowing you were more than generous with them.
Jungkook couldn’t help but wrap his hand around his cock, using his pre-cum to slide it up and down. He hadn’t had time to have sex while on tour, always having full schedules. He couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of Namjoon, having you to get him off whether on the phone or over video chat. On countless nights, Namjoon had declined to hang out with the boys to chat with you. He wasn’t naïve; he knew what was going on. Namjoon always rejoins the boys with a coy, dimpled smile, saying he had just gotten off the phone with you. Gotten off indeed.
Jungkook imagined himself bending you over his bed, ass up in the air for him to grab, squeeze, and use to fuck his cock into you. He imagined how loud he’d make you scream his name; the headboard of his bed smacking the wall as he fucked you good. He wanted to leave his mark on your body, show his hyungs he was more than capable of pleasing you, just like them. He wanted to wrap your hair around his wrist, fuck you onto his cock as you begged him to go harder, deeper, making you feel him in your stomach. He had spent endless nights thinking about having you, Namjoon being more than generous with sharing you.
You rivaled Jimin when it came to wanting attention. Namjoon knew you needed more than he could provide while on tour. It was made aware he came first, literally. If the boys wanted a turn after, he was all about it. That didn’t mean you wouldn’t send teasing nudes to the two younger men, teasing the hell out of them minutes before they had to go on stage with their tight pants and raging erections.
You didn’t play fair, knowing how they all reacted to you and your innocent act. You had all three wrapped around your little finger and they reveled in it. That being said, the boys were more than capable of playing your game, sending you nudes and videos of them getting off to your pictures and videos. All three had their collection of your nudes, exchanging them in their little group chat.
Jungkook sped up. Images of the first time Namjoon had allowed him to fuck you clear in his mind. It had been a quick encounter. He hadn’t had too much time to enjoy or appreciate your body for all its glory, but after a long talk with Namjoon, he had gotten permission to fuck you again tomorrow. He relished in the feeling of you warm and wet, wrapped around his cock tightly, moaning his name while Namjoon watched.
He had filled you so well, your body aching for his touch. Sloppy kisses, lewd moans, and obscene noises filled the room as Namjoon sat back and watched you use Jungkook’s hard cock to get yourself off while Namjoon stroked himself.
“Fuck, _____!” Jungkook hissed, his abdominal muscles clenching as he neared his peak. He didn't slow, he continued to pump himself, eyes closed tightly as he remembered how he came all over your face that night. You had allowed him to take pictures of you, which he definitely used to get himself off. He remembered the way you had eagerly licked some of his cum off your mouth, and that memory was enough to have him cum furiously in his hand. Strands of white on his fist as he breathed in and out, his hand milking the rest of the cum out before he threw his free arm over his eyes to regain his composure.
He breathed in and out harshly, giving himself a few minutes before he walked to his bathroom and cleaned himself up. He didn’t bother putting his sweatpants back on before getting into bed, setting an alarm on his phone, turning off the lamp, and falling asleep.
Tumblr media
Down the hall, Jimin wasn’t fairing much better. He had immediately gotten into the shower after saying goodnight to you. He was feeling slightly aroused, more so knowing he’d be buried in you in less than twelve hours, and he couldn’t fucking wait. He had to share you with Jungkook, but he didn’t care. He was just glad to have the chance to have you wrapped around his cock once again.
This tour had been unbearable. He hadn’t had time to fuck anyone, always being too tired to, even when he had a day off. He knew the one time he had fucked you before leaving for tour, a rare show of generosity from Namjoon; a quick fuck when he had walked in on the two of you.
Jimin hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it, even if Namjoon had sat back and watched the whole time. It made him want to prove himself to you and him, showing off the talent of his hips. You had moaned for him so loudly that Jungkook had asked him what you and Namjoon had been doing fucking in Jimin’s bedroom. Jimin had waved the younger man away with a wink.
It wasn’t until the boys had left for the tour that you had gotten bold, after a talk with Namjoon, and created a group chat named, Boys I’ve Fucked and added all three of the men, much to Jimin and Jungkook’s surprise.
Minnie Um...I’m sorry, what?
Kookie So I’m not special, huh?
Daddy Welcome guys!
You had giggled at their response, instantly sending them nudes, knowing they had a rehearsal in less than fifteen minutes. You had riled all of them up, earning yourself a lecture at the end of the day from Namjoon.
Jimin finished his shower, hearing Jungkook was still in his. He walked back into his bedroom, a gray towel wrapped around his hips as he looked through his drawers to pick out a pair of shorts to throw on. He had yet to unpack their bags sitting in the living room, dropped off by the staff in their absence.
Jimin found his phone in his discarded jeans pocket and he sat on his bed, opening the message you had sent him. He fell back on his bed, overwhelmed by the sudden blood rushing down to his dick, fully hard in just moments.
Jimin added the picture to his collection, laying back on his bed. His hand lazily stroked his cock over the material of his shorts before he took it out, going to his album of nudes you had sent over in the past few months they had been on tour.
He opened a video you had sent him, you were laying naked on his bed, legs spread open, fucking yourself with a dildo he had bought you. His name fell freely from your lips, and your back arched, begging for him to fuck you; fill you with his cum. He watched as you writhed, moans becoming airy, one hand clenching his sheets tightly as you screamed his name loudly as your orgasm hit. You rode it out, a moaning, fucked-out mess. You then walked over to the phone, giggling as you showed the mess you made on his sheets.
“Sorry, Minnie!” and you blew a kiss to the camera before the video ended.
Jimin plays the video again, his abs clenching as he nears his orgasm, your name falling from his lips in a whimper. The sensation is too much, hearing your moans in the video, his grip on his cock, knowing you had been on his bed to get yourself off just for him was all too much.
He cursed, body stiffening as his hot cum covered his hand and stomach, pumping the last of it out of his dick before he slumped into the bed. His breathing was heavy. He pulled himself out of bed to the bathroom in the hallway to get cleaned up. He then returned to his bedroom and got into bed, dreaming of the adventures tomorrow held.
Tumblr media
You grumbled as you heard a knock on the bedroom door, your hand flying to smack the chest of the man sleeping next to you. You heard his groan in response, your hand shaking him awake as you buried your face under the covers, trying to cling to your sleep. The knocks came harder, faster, and louder; seeming annoyed at the door.
“Joon, make it stop!” you whined, grabbing the pillow and covering your head with it to drown out the pestering sound, but it was no use.
Namjoon grumbled, grabbing his boxers and putting them on before walking to his bedroom door and opening it, a scowl on his face. He was greeted with a scowl in return from his silver-haired roommate and best friend, Yoongi.
“Jungkook dropped this off for her. He said to get her ready in two hours,” Yoongi stated, shoving the shopping bag in Namjoon’s hands and leaving to return to his bedroom, angry at having been woken up. Namjoon shut the door once he was gone.
Namjoon turned to face you, head buried under the pillow, sheets covering your ass, leaving your back exposed.
“Baby, you need to wake up,” Namjoon said, sitting on the bed, his large hand reaching out to touch your skin. You pushed him away, curling into a ball trying to cling to your sleep.
“I guess I’ll have to tell Jimin and Jungkook you don’t want to go,” Namjoon shrugged, a smirk on his face when you shot up immediately, shaking your head.
“I’m up! I’m up!” you shout, making Namjoon chuckle. He reaches over to grab his phone, noting the missed calls from Jimin and Jungkook. It’s only 10:35 am, so there’s still time for Namjoon to get off once before he sends you on your way.
“Come here, little one,” he instructs, pulling you into his lap. His lips kiss your neck, his tongue tracing the marks he’s left.
“Daddy’s first rule,” he murmurs, your content sigh filling his ear, eyes closed as you relish in the early morning attention.
“Daddy cums first,” you reply obediently, feeling his fingers tracing the bruises they have formed on your hips. You mewl softly, wanting Namjoon to touch you, already feeling aroused in his lap.
“Tell me what you want, baby.”
“Want you,” your voice is just above a whisper as he pecks your lips gently. His hand moves up your body from your hip, stopping at your breast to squeeze it before he moves it to your neck. He holds you firmly, his lips pressing against yours harder, his tongue swiping at your lip. With a moan, you allow him entrance and feel him caress your tongue with his. You move to straddle him, feeling his erection pressed against you, his hands cupping your ass and kneading it with need.
Your moans are muffled by his lips, your body grinding against his. You break away, panting, your eyes meeting his dark ones.
You stroke his cheek, taking in every beautiful feature. He has today and tomorrow off before he’s thrown into practices, award shows, and photoshoots. He has so graciously allowed you to spend the day with two men he considers his brothers, just to make you all happy.
“Tomorrow, I’m yours,” you whisper, lips placing kisses all over his face before lingering on his lips, your teeth nibbling on the bottom one, earning a moan from him. His hand comes down roughly on your ass. The thundering sound makes your pussy clench around nothing.
“Daddy,” you moan, feeling the stinging of your ass, his large palm rubbing the area to soothe the soft pain.
“Tell daddy what you want, little one.”
You keen at the pet name, your stomach filling with fluttering butterflies as warmth begins to fill the pit of your stomach. You become overwhelmed by the man beneath you; you’re so in love you can’t contain it much longer.
“You,” comes your whisper, your lashes blinking softly to radiate innocence, but he knows better.
“I don’t have time for games, baby girl. I need to get you off and send you on your way,” Namjoon smirks, his hand coming to stroke your cheek softly, his pink lips meeting yours in a passionate kiss. Your lips move together, his tongue sliding into your mouth when you moan, hips rocking against his impulsively.
A curse leaves his lips, breaking the kiss he breathes in heavily. His pupils are blown, his heart pounding in his chest as he has you raise your hips, allowing his throbbing erection to tease your entrance. He gripped himself, the head slowly inching into you, your essence coating him generously as he slowly has you sinking on him.
His hands are on your hip, breath caught in his throat as you take him so well. He knows he can’t go too hard, knowing Jungkook and Jimin are aching for their turns.
Namjoon relaxes into the headboard, the pillows supporting his head and back. “Get what you need from Daddy.”
You moan obscenely, loving the way he refers to himself as daddy. Making the fire in your stomach burn harder, your eyes shut as you allow yourself to reel in the pleasure. Your hands are laced in his perfect locks, your hips moving with ease as you feel his gaze on you.
You open your eyes, smiling at the man who has captured your heart as he fills you deeply. Your body loves the way he hits all the right spots, his hands squeezing your ass.
His lips come to your neck, his hand tangled in your hair as he holds you still. You clench around him, his groan muffled by your flesh as he sinks his teeth into you. You gasp in pain and pleasure, moaning salaciously in response, his hand coming down to smack your ass.
“Daddy, I won’t last much longer,” you breathe, feeling the stickiness of your sweat as you pick up the speed of your movements, your thighs burning in protest as you exert yourself.
“Take what you need from me. I’m yours for your pleasure,” his whisper has you melting, feeling yourself falling over the edge as your orgasm consumes you.
You collapse on his chest, his warm hands rubbing your back as he whispers praises in your ear. You revel in his soft voice, allowing yourself to cling to him before feeling him twitch inside you. He hasn’t cum.
You push yourself up, your lips brushing against his as you get off his lap. You grab a pillow and slide it under your knees as you get on the floor, Namjoon repositioning himself so that he’s sitting on the edge of the bed, his feet flat on the floor, with you kneeling before him.
“Such a beautiful girl,” he hums, his hand caressing your cheek before he sends you a gentle smile. He loves the way your eyes looked glazed, your body still thrumming from your orgasm. Your hand reaches out for his slick cock, your lips wrapping around him, causing him to moan.
“That’s it, baby. Take daddy’s cock like a good girl,” Namjoon coos, his hand tightening his grip on your hair as you bob up and down. You like tasting yourself on his cock. It spurs you to take him deeper, gagging on him when you meet his pelvis. You hold it, your eyes meeting his as you swallow.
Namjoon’s eyes shut, hissing low as you pull back and repeat your actions. You break, using your tongue to tease the head of his cock, swirling it around before slinking down on it.
“You’re doing so well. Make me proud today, okay?” Namjoon asks, sighing in contentment when he feels your tongue teasingly lick at his balls. A low growl leaves his lips as you flatten your tongue along the underside of his dick, taking him in once again.
Your mouth feels so warm and wet. The sounds spilling from your lips are music to his ears. He wishes he could fuck your pretty little mouth all day but he knows you need to get ready. He feels your hands on his thighs, your mouth widening as much as you can as you inhale through your nose and take all of him in your mouth. You meet his gaze, eyes watering as you inhale and exhale, your throat constricting on his cock as you swallow. Namjoon shudders, pleasure burning his body as he pulls you off his cock. “Fuck, baby girl, you’re such a dirty girl for me.”
You blink at him before pouting, but he wraps his hand around his cock and begins stroking himself.
“Stick out your tongue for me, baby,” he commands, your eyes shut as you stick your tongue out. You can hear the lewd noises he’s making as he jerks off, his soft grunts filling your ears as you wait patiently for his cum. Your arousal begins to pool at your belly once again.
“Fuck, baby girl. Fuck _____,” Namjoon growls before you feel the first spurt of his cum hit your face, the second and third landing on your tongue.
Namjoon is cursing, milking the rest of his cum out of his cock to land on your face before he sighs joyfully, completely spent.
“Hold it for me, baby.”
You remain in place, not moving an inch as you wait for Namjoon. You hear him moving around before you feel his thumb at your eye, moving the cum out of the way.
“Open your eyes slowly for me.” his voice is soft, hesitant.
You open your eyes, seeing him hold his phone as he takes a picture of your cum covered face. You try your best to smile but can’t do so very well without the cum on your tongue threatening to spill.
“Swallow for me, baby,” Namjoon tells you and you do so, showing him your clean tongue after.
“You’re such a good girl,” he praises you, his lips brushing yours as he picks you up and carries you to his bathroom for a shower.
Tumblr media
After a shower, Namjoon has you on a bar stool eating breakfast after you get dressed in a black skirt and a tank top courtesy of Jungkook. You make sure to wear comfy wedges and do some light makeup with a matte lip color before throwing your hair into a high ponytail.
Namjoon joins you for breakfast, his large hand resting on your bare thigh, sliding up and down as he eats his breakfast by your side. You’ve used up a lot of time with Namjoon and his cock, now trying to finish breakfast before Jungkook and Jimin come by to pick you up.
You’re just putting your dish in the dishwasher when Jungkook and Jimin waltz in with smiles on their faces as they see you walking towards them.
“Jungkook!” you yelp as he picks you up, twirling you around, making you giggle before he sets you back on the floor. His lips are on yours immediately, your hands tangled in his dark locks, moaning into the kiss, allowing his tongue to slip past your lips and taste you. A low growl reverberated against his chest, making your arousal pool in your panties. He had just walked through the door and had you turned on. It was going to be a long day.
You felt his hand go down your back before going under your skirt, squeezing your ass as he roughly pulled you towards him, your hands moving to his firm chest.
“Fuck,” you breathe when the kiss ends, his dark, lust-filled eyes meeting yours. You bite your lip, wanting to continue, but Jimin has had enough, and grabs your hand, kissing your lips gently to greet you. Namjoon chuckles as he stands from his seat, walking over to you three. “Have fun, baby girl. Make me proud.”
You feel the heat rush to your cheeks and nod, Jungkook taking your hand in his and giving you a reassuring squeeze.
“Take care of her,” Namjoon’s voice is deep, serious as his jaw gets stiff, eyeing the two younger men who are going to be taking the love of his life away for the day without him to watch after her.
“We swear, we’ll protect her with our lives,” Jimin swears, trying to reassure the older man.
Namjoon’s jaw doesn’t relax. “I want her here by midnight and not a minute later, understood?”
Jungkook and Jimin nod in agreement, releasing you so you can kiss Namjoon. Namjoon wraps his arms around your waist, one hand on your ass, the other holding your chin so he can kiss you as passionately as he wants. Your soft whimpers make him want to keep you for himself instead of letting you go out.
“Call me if you need me, babe,” Namjoon whispers, his forehead resting against hers, his eyes locked in her gaze. Your hand reaches out to stroke his cheek, getting him to release the tension in his jaw. “I’ll be fine.”
Namjoon nods stiffly, his eyes leaving yours to send an icy look at Jimin and Jungkook. “If she uses her safe word, I want her back immediately. Am I clear?”
His voice rings across the apartment. Both men nod and promise that they’ll return you in perfect condition and abide by his rules. Namjoon is hesitant to let you go, but at last, he does, his fingers lingering on your wrist before letting you go fully. With a wave, Jungkook leads you out of the apartment, leaving Namjoon a stressed-out mess.
In the elevator, Jimin’s hands are on your hips, his lips kissing at your neck, making you moan in response, letting his hands wander under your skirt.
You pull apart when the elevator dings open, allowing another passenger to enter. You clear your throat standing in front of Jungkook and Jimin before the passenger gets off three floors later, leaving you three all alone once again.
“Thanks for the pictures and video last night, babe,” Jungkook smirks, his hands coming to rest on your hips, his chin on your shoulder.
“Dammit, Namjoon,” you mutter, causing the boys to chuckle as the elevator finally reaches the lobby, opening up and allowing you to get out. Jungkook pulls the hood of his hoodie over his head, a face mask covering his gorgeous face as Jimin does the same, handing you a mask as well before pulling out a scarf and wrapping it around your head.
There’s a black SUV waiting for the three of you, the driver holding the backdoor open as Jungkook gets in first, followed by you and then Jimin. Jimin puts his seat belt on before helping you with yours as the driver gets back in the driver’s seat
Jungkook places his large palm on your thigh, sliding it under the material of your skirt. You gasp when you feel his cold rings touch your flesh. It makes you shiver when his fingertips touch your lace panties. You don’t make a move to remove his hand, instead; you spread your thighs to further encourage him.
Jimin sighs at the younger man but wraps his arm around your shoulder, his lips brushing kisses against your neck.
“You sure we can’t just go back to your apartment?” you whisper to Jimin, who has his hand on your breast, moaning at your question.
“Baby, please,” Jimin groans in reply as he moves his hands and lips off of your body before smacking Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook curses at him but moves his hand away, regardless.
“We want to take you shopping,” Jimin says, sending you his beautiful bright smile, Jungkook nodding from the seat beside you.
“We’d have more fun in your apartment,” you mutter, crossing your arms under your breasts, pushing them up so both men will look at them.
“I know, but we promised.” Jimin coughs, looking away from your chest to look out the window instead. Jungkook is rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, his ripped jeans clinging to his thick thighs. You bite your lip hoping he’ll let you ride them again later in the day. Your body feels like it’s on fire as you try to control your thoughts, but your arousal is starting to soak your panties and you don’t know if you can make it through the day without fucking one of the men beside you.
You sigh in defeat, knowing both men are right. You bite your lip, looking up towards the driver who has his ears burning red in embarrassment, and it is then you realize he has heard your conversation. Your face flushes with heat as you look towards Jungkook, only to notice his cheeks are crimson.
“God, this is why we do things privately,” Jimin bemoans and you elbow him in the ribs to shut him up watching as he pulls out his wallet and hands the driver a few bills in exchange for his silence.
Your eyes meet Jimin’s, your hand on his thigh as you slowly make your way to his belt, tugging it and biting your lip when his gaze meets yours.
“Baby,” he growls, making your thighs clench in response, but he notices, causing him to bite his lip; his hand running through his hair as he moves away from you. He can feel his hard cock throbbing in his jeans, and he knows he can’t shove it down your throat just yet. You’re driving him insane... all he wants to do is put you on your knees and put your sinful mouth to work on his cock while Jungkook watches.
His tone is enough to have you sitting up in your seat and shutting your mouth. You still want to get down on your knees and suck his soul out of his body, but his tone is his ‘no-nonsense’ tone that can lead to punishment. Instead, you shut your mouth and scoot closer to Jungkook, who’s happy to plant his lips on yours, not caring about Jimin’s small frame steaming next to you.
Jungkook isn’t shy with his pleasurable moans, egging you on to undo your belt and climb onto his lap. Your hips grind on him as his hands disappear under your skirt. Jimin fumes in his seat, hating being the responsible one in this situation.
“Jungkook, quit!” Jimin hisses and Jungkook waves him off quickly before returning his hand to your ass, squeezing it harshly, making you moan lewdly in response.
“Son of a bitch,” Jimin curses to himself, knowing there’s nothing he can do to keep you from grinding on Jungkook’s hard cock on your way to the mall. He thought Namjoon had quenched your pussy before coming out, but apparently, it wasn't enough.
Jimin was glad when the mall came into sight, pinching Jungkook’s bicep to gain his attention.
“What the fuck, Jimin?!” Jungkook yelped, rubbing his arm as he glared daggers at his offender. Jimin rolled his eyes, letting the driver know to drive to the furthest entrance to keep from being seen.
“Where do you want to go first?” Jimin asks as he helps you out of the SUV making sure all your faces were as covered as possible as you walk into the mall. People ignore all of you as you walk into the first store, taking your time to browse the clothing before deciding you don’t like anything.
Jimin takes your hand in his as Jungkook follows both of you, staying a few feet away from you to not draw any attention. You smile at Jimin as widely and innocently as possible before you drag him and Jungkook into a store that sells Kpop merchandise.
Jimin groans, throwing his head back in annoyance as you let his hand go to grab BTS merch.
“Put that back, baby. We can get you all the BTS merch you want,” Jimin huffed in annoyance as you cackled and grabbed more items. Jungkook rolls his eyes but lets you do your thing, only approaching you when you stand at the cashier to pay. He hands the cashier his card before helping you carry your bags as you smile smugly out of the store. Jimin is still perturbed by your actions, but isn’t the least surprised.
“Where to next?” Jungkook asks, beating Jimin in rock-paper-scissors to take your hand. You ponder for a second before your eyes land on a lingerie store that you have been dying to go to. Smiling devilishly at Jungkook, you pull him towards the store bypassing all the people walking by you. You’re a woman on a mission with your eyes set on your destination as you drag a forlorn Jungkook and Jimin behind you. Jimin notices there aren’t that many customers in the store so he goes to approach the manager for a few minutes while you browse the lingerie with Jungkook in tow. Jungkook feigns being bored, but his eyes scan all the lingerie, swallowing harshly as he sees a lace white set that would be perfect on you. He picks it up, showing it to you before pushing you in the direction of the dressing room. You try to protest, but it’s futile against the strong man.
A few minutes later, Jimin pops his head into the dressing room smiling proudly, “take your time, I paid off the owner to shut down the store until we’re done.”
“Jimin!” you gape at the gorgeous man in front of you, pulling him into the dressing room with you by tugging on his shirt. He looked surprised for a second before your lips met his, your back pressed against the mirror as he wraps your legs around his waist. His lips brush against your neck, making you moan his name in response as you tug your tank top off, exposing your bra. He smirks, kissing down your neck to your cleavage, his hand undoing the clasp.
“Baby, please,” Jimin whines, making you smirk.
“Shh,” you hush him as you cling to his shoulders, running your hands down his back to leave your pink marks on his skin. He groans in response, his cock twitching in his pants as you moan his name. Your body is fueled with a desire for Jimin, your sexual appetite not satisfied by your morning romp with Namjoon.
“Jimin,” you whine as your bra falls down into your arms before you toss it to the small bench in the dressing room. His plump lips make you feel like your body is on fire as he kisses your neck and makes his way to your exposed tits. You weave your fingers in his hair, moaning when his tongue licks your hardened nipple, and your back arches into him.
All sane thoughts leave your head as you relish the feeling of Jimin’s tongue on your burning skin. Your soft moans fill the small room, the curtain not doing much to muffle your sweet moans.
“Jimin,” you gasp as he pulls on your nipple, harsher than intended, making your pussy clench around nothing.
“Fuck, baby. you’re driving me crazy,” Jimin groans in response, his hands kneading your breasts before he pulls your black skirt down, allowing it to pool at your feet.
“Jimin, we’ll get caught,” you protest, but Jimin shushes you with his lips, his hands on your hips as his tongue slides past your parted lips.
“I paid off the owner.” he reminds you. “We’re fine, baby girl.”
“Fuck,” You moan, enjoying the way Jimin’s hands are exploring your body, familiarizing himself with it once again. Jimin toys with the waistband of your panties, his fingertips brushing against the wetness that’s soaked through and smirking before his hands are moving upward again. Jimin decides to leave you clad in just panties for now.
“You look so fucking good, princess,” Jimin moans, kissing your lips once again, his smooth hands running up and down your thighs making you keen into his touch.
“Jimin,” You moan, feeling his plump lips on your neck as his hands slide down your body to rub at your wet folds, forgetting where you are at.
“Let me suck your dick,” you pout before dropping to your knees, pulling on his black leather belt before undoing it and his pants’ button then pulling down the zipper. You tug his pants down, letting them pool around his ankles before biting your lip at his tight boxer briefs that hugged his frame perfectly.
“______,” he breathes before giving in and letting you pull his snug boxers down his perfect thighs, letting them pool at his ankles as well.
“Yum.” you chirp stroking Jimin’s hard cock in your hand, spitting on his cock to make it easier for you to stroke him with your spit, mixing it with his pre-cum.
A deep, guttural moan leaves his lips, making your pussy clench in response as you imagine him filling you once again.
Your tongue licks a stripe up his cock from base to tip making Jimin moan lustfully. You can’t help but slowly swirl your tongue around the head of his cock, your lips slowly taking him in your mouth. His hands are laced in your hair as he pulls you further down his thick cock.
“Come on, baby girl, don’t fucking tease me! This might be the only day I get to fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”
With that said, you take him in your mouth, loving the way his thick cock feels in your hot mouth. You swirl your tongue along his length, letting him hit the back of your throat before relaxing and swallowing around him.
His groans encourage you to keep going, your head bobbing up and down his cock, the head hitting the back of your throat before you swallow, making him shudder. His cock is covered in your spit, his heart is racing in his chest as he pulls your mouth down his length, holding you in place for a few seconds.
“Jimin,” you gasp seconds before you’re choking on his dick again, his hand gripping your hair tightly as he makes you choke on his thick, pulsing cock.
“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Jungkook pokes his head into the dressing room after waiting outside for a while.
“Jimin, the fuck?” He chokes out as he sees you taking Jimin’s cock down your throat as you kneel before him in just your panties.
“We’re fine, I paid off the owner,” Jimin grunts in response to Jungkook, who is still in shock.
“Shut the curtain,” Jimin demands, making the younger man step inside and shut the curtain after him. He remains silent as he watches you suck Jimin’s cock fervently, not deterred by his sudden appearance.
“Fuck, baby girl you take my cock so well!” Jimin groans, eyes shut as his fingers tighten on your hair, your scalp burning at the grip but it just spurs you on to take his hard cock further down your throat, swallowing to make his knees quiver. His sweet curses fill the small room, Jungkook’s cock hardening in response as he watches you take Jimin’s dick like a champ.
Jungkook moves to sit on the small bench, his jeans feeling extremely tight on his body, his head lolling back as the sound of you slurping Jimin’s cock fills his ears, making him groan in response. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling the zipper down as he forces his eyes to remain open to watch you deep throat Jimin naked.
Jungkook wants a turn, but he settles for watching you deep throat Jimin’s cock, both of you growing sweaty as you continue your efforts to please his elder. He loves hearing you gag on his cock, pulling off to cough or to catch your breath before eagerly going back to wrap your pretty lips around the head again. He hopes you'll suck him off with as much fervor as Jimin.
“Fuck baby girl!” Jimin exclaims, making Jungkook buck his hips upwards as Jimin takes his erection out of your pretty little mouth and smacks his cock on your cheek before shoving it back in your mouth, making you gag. Tears pool at your eyes before they fall down your flushed cheeks.
“You’re so good, babe. You take this fucking dick so well,” Jimin grunts, eyes fluttering close as he revels in the feeling of your throat.
You hollow your cheeks, bobbing your head up and down his throbbing length, letting his moans and groans spur you on as you suckle his cock, taking him deep in your throat while breathing through your nose. Your nose settles in the soft hairs of his pubic bone before you retreat gasping for air.
“Let me fuck you,” Jimin groans as he pulls you off his cock by your hair held tightly in his hand. He pulls you off your knees until you’re standing before him as Jungkook watches on curiously.
“You’re such a good girl, babe. Let me fuck you,” Jimin states. You nod in agreement quickly as Jimin runs his hand up and down your body, his fingers playing with the hem of your lace panties before he pulls them down your thighs exposing your cunt. You flush with heat, allowing him to take your panties off fully; you hold his shoulder as you daintily step out of them before he throws them to Jungkook. Jungkook catches them in his hand, taking his hard cock out of the confines of his pants and boxers, using the sodden panties to jerk off into, moaning at the feel of your juices on the panties.
“Jungkook,” you whimper as your eyes catch him wrapping your soaked panties wrapped around his erection while Jimin pushes you up against the wall, his lips planting kisses on your neck. You moan in return to spur him on. Your body feels like it's blazing. Jimin’s lips ignite a fire within you that only he can quench as he grips your hips, his plump lips meeting yours. You feel his eager lips on yours, his tongue poking at the seam of your lips asking for entrance, which you eagerly grant him. His warm tongue makes your body tingle in response.
You feel your back hit the wall, the cool surface sending a shiver down your spine as Jimin’s lips meet yours in a fervent kiss, his hands running up and down your side before he taps your thigh to get you to spread your legs. You're almost embarrassed by how wet you’ve become from sucking his cock, but all that is forgotten the second his two fingers are running over your wet folds, making you groan.
“You like that, baby? Like my fingers on your wet cunt?” Jimin asks, smirking proudly as he sinks his fingers into your entrance, making you moan his name huskily as he curls them, your walls tightening around them.
“Jimin,” you breathe satisfied as his fingers hit all the right spots, your own hands cupping your breasts as Jimin brings his lips to your neck, making sure he doesn’t leave any marks for Namjoon to find later on. Jungkook sits in his spot, jerking his cock as Jimin removes his fingers, sucking them clean before Jungkook hands him a condom that he rolls on effortlessly. He pins you to the wall, admiring the way your chest heaves up and down. Your lust-filled eyes meet his, waiting for him to make his move, his hands coming to grip your thighs to lift you. Your legs encircle his waist easily as you’re pinned between his sexy body and the cold wall.
Never in a million years did you imagine Jimin pinning you to a dressing room wall, his cock inches from penetrating your pulsing, soaked pussy. You were looking forward to being filled by his fat cock.
“Babe, are you ready?” Jimin huffs, his hand coming to push back his sweat-damp hair, making you bite your lip as you nod your consent. Jimin grasps his hard cock in his hand, the head rubbing up and down your wet slit teasingly, he smirks up at you behind his bangs.
“Jimin, please,” you whine, making him and Jungkook chuckle before he thrusts into you, making you keen obscenely. You don’t care who can hear you as Jimin sinks his throbbing cock to the hilt, leaving you feeling so full. A moan of his name leaves your lips like a curse, his hips meeting yours as he thrusts into you, your name escaping his lips repeatedly in gentle cries. Your clenching pussy makes him shudder as he revels in the feeling of your warmth.
Jungkook watches on, the head of his cock leaking pre-cum as your panties move up and down his length as he waits for his turn to bury his cock deep inside you. He watches Jimin intently, wanting to pick up any last-minute pointers before he has his turn to bury his thick, long cock in that sweet cunt that has him reminiscing about the last time he fucked you; no other girl compares to you.
The second Jimin is sheathed in your warm cunt, he has to keep from filling the condom with his seed; you feel so fucking good. His head is swimming in thoughts about the last time he got to fuck you, wanting nothing more than his hot cum filling you, making your body swell with his perfect seed. He grunts at the thought, knowing Namjoon would never allow it; but the thought is enough to have his cock twitching in your tight cunt.
“_____,” he moans gruffly, his hips already stuttering as you feel him clutch your hips tighter with his beautiful hands. You arch your back further, your ass meeting his cock thrust for thrust, enjoying the sensation as his forefinger rubs your aching, throbbing clit to help you reach your orgasm. He feels too good, your senses growing numb as your breath hitches in your throat; orgasm building as your moans fill the small dressing room. You’re calling out Jimin’s name as loudly as possible, his cock reaching every spot it needs to inside you, making you tighten around him as the knot in your stomach becomes undone.
“Jimin! Jimin!” You cry repeatedly as your orgasm crashes over you, pussy tightening around his hard cock, coaxing his orgasm out of his body with a deep guttural moan of your name from his plump lips.
On the bench, Jungkook is moaning your name over and over again as he cums into your panties, leaving them useless to you as Jimin fills the condom with his seed before pulling out of your cunt leaving you both panting, hot mess.
The dressing room feels stuffy, reeking of sex and sweat. To the side, Jungkook is wiping his cum with your panties, smiling sheepishly, cheeks tinted pink when he catches your gaze.
“Sorry,” he apologizes, his face burning as you giggle at him before grabbing your clothing and throwing it back on. You grab your items and head back into the store, taking your time to admire the different types of lingerie, allowing Jungkook and Jimin to choose a few pieces they would like to see you wear for them.
Jungkook walks beside you, his large hand resting on your hip as you look at all the different types of panties, your hands feeling the different materials before picking your favorites to hand off to Jungkook to hold in his free hand. His lips brush against the column of your neck now and then, feeling elated to be near you without Namjoon hovering over the three of you.
“Let me eat you out, baby,” Jungkook whines, his hips pressing into your ass as you lean over the table to grab a pair of black lace panties.
“Jeon,” you scold him as your eyes dart around your surroundings, but Jimin is the only one present on the floor and he’s too busy looking for a teddy in your size to pay attention to Jungkook’s antics.
“Please,” he whines again, his hand squeezing your hip before moving up to cup your breast, pushing the bra cup down to give your nipple a harsh pinch.
“Kookie, please,” you moan, loving the feeling of his hands on you but knowing it would be best to behave, especially since you had already gotten carried away in the car on the way to the mall.
“Did you get everything you wanted, doll?” Jimin asks with his arms full of different types of lingerie with a smirk and sparkling eyes. Jungkook smiles at Jimin, walking away to grab a few pieces he wanted to see you in before he met you and Jimin at the register. Jimin made sure his face was hidden under his mask and sunglasses as he paid, thanking the owner for shutting down the store for him. He carried your bags while Jungkook held your hand as you led them to the next store.
Jimin hands your shopping bags to Jungkook before he steals you away to a rack holding several skirts, picking a handful for you to try on. While you’re in the dressing room trying on your skirts, you bend over in front of the mirror, taking a picture of your pussy peeking out from under the skirt, and sending it to your group chat.
Daddy [1:58 pm] Where are your panties, little one?
You reply quickly, filling in your daddy on your adventures so far.
You step out holding your skirts only to see Jimin biting his lip as he looks you up and down, his gaze lingering on your thighs.
“Really, doll? You had to send that?” his husky voice has your stomach pooling with heat as you walk past him, swaying your hips more than necessary.
Jungkook isn’t faring much better as he’s blatantly staring down at his phone, not bothering to look up as you walk past him to look at the rest of the clothing racks. Instead, this time, it’s Jimin who can’t keep his hands off you, playing the part of the handsy boyfriend as he whispers salacious things in your ear, his plump lips brushing against the flesh of your neck, nipping lightly.
“Jimin,” you groan as you try to look through the clothing, a fairly simple task if you didn’t have Jimin trying to slide his fingers under your skirt.
You elbow him, making him grunt in pain as you walk away from him towards a different rack of clothing. You pick out a couple of items before grabbing Jungkook’s hand to drag him to the cash register. He pays for your items, kissing you on the lips before carrying your items in one hand, the veins of his arm becoming more prominent before he takes your hand in his to lead you out of the store. You’re sure Jimin follows you as Jungkook takes you to a video game store nearby, your attention drawn to a few games while Jungkook picks out a few things.
“Do you want to get something to eat now or later?” Jimin asks as he comes up to you while Jungkook stares at a wall full of video games, most of which he already owns.
“Later,” you answer, wrapping your arms around his neck before you feel his lips meet yours. You allow him to kiss you for a few minutes before you remember you’re in public and that it doesn’t take much to rile him up and have him on you against a wall before burying himself deep inside you.
“Jimin,” you breathe, chest heaving up and down as you try to catch your breath.
“Yes, love?”
“Did you guys get a room?” you ask, biting your lip, as the questions leave your lips, earning a bright smirk from Jimin.
“Perhaps we did.” Jimin shrugs, feigning indifference.
“Jimin!” you cry in frustration, wanting nothing more than to climb onto his lap and make out with him, but unfortunately you can’t, seeing as you’re still in public. You see Jungkook paying for his items before walking over to him, curling up to his side, knowing he would easily give in to you.
“Jungkook,” you whine softly, lips in a pout as his dark brown eyes meet yours.
“Yes, baby?”
“I wanna go to the hotel,” you respond, eyes trying to portray your fake innocence to try to get your way. Jungkook looks over his shoulder to see Jimin shaking his head, suppressing a laugh.
“We can leave the mall, but we have a surprise for you,” Jungkook informs you, making your face light up as you get excited. You loved surprises.
“Shall we take her, Jimin?” Jungkook asks as he shoves his receipt in his bag before taking your hand and shoving your shopping bags in Jimin’s hands as he leads you towards an exit. Jimin struggled to call the driver with his loaded hands. Jungkook doesn’t bother to help Jimin, seeing as Jimin already had his turn to bury his cock inside you, and he could admit he was jealous. As much as he enjoyed jerking off into your panties, your warm, wet pussy had more of an allure.
You follow both men to your car, making sure to flash both men when you climb into the SUV. Jungkook curses as he climbs in after you, his hand on your thigh squeezing it before his lips trail kisses from your neck up to your jaw before his lips meet yours.
Your hands go from his broad shoulders down to his lap where his cock is easily hardening under your touch. You moan his name as your hand rubs his erection through his pants, breath hitching in his throat as he groans so deeply it resonates in your body as you undo his pants. Jimin doesn’t get the chance to protest as you move from your seat to your knees, shamelessly pulling out Jungkook's cock, wrapping your lips around it startling Jimin and your driver.
You don’t care about the audience as you slurp up his cock, moans reverberating against his length as you bob your head up and down, thanking your lucky stars for his stamina. Jungkook’s hand is gripping your hair tightly as he urges you to take him deep in your throat, not caring about how your gagging can be heard by the driver. Jungkook moans your name, encouraging you to keep going as Jimin’s cheeks flush cardinal.
It’s not too long before the driver has stopped in front of your hotel hoping the three of you will take your belongings despite him enjoying the show you had put on for him and Jimin. With one last teasing lick that has Jungkook bucking his hips upward, you plant a kiss on the head of his cock before tucking him back into his pants. Jungkook pouts, making your lips rise in a cocky smile as you climb over him to get out of the car quickly.
You bypass everyone with Jimin covered up with a hoodie and face mask as he presses the button to call for the elevator. He’s sure to keep his gaze downcast as the elevator arrives, the doors opening to allow the two of you in. He places all your bags on the floor before turning around, his arms wrapped around your waist as the doors shut, his body pressing yours against the back wall.
“Jungkook will catch up,” he assures you, as his lips brush against yours once he pulls down his face mask. You lose yourself to the kiss, the feeling of his hands squeezing your hips have you wanting more of him and his touch.
“Baby,” you moan, careful to avoid saying his name due to the camera present in the elevator, your hands aching to slip under his clothing to feel the ripples of his abs.
“Almost, darling,” he murmurs against your lips as he pulls you closer, his forehead resting against yours as he hears the elevator arrive on the top floor. He gathers your bags in one hand before the other laces his fingers with yours to lead you to your suite for the night. You allow him to lead you, sliding your hand into his jeans pocket to retrieve his wallet to take the key card out before putting it back.
As soon as the door opens, you walk inside, allowing Jimin to come in and set your bags down in the room's corner before you jump him. Your arms wrap around his neck, pulling his lips down to meet yours, effectively catching him off guard as his arms wrap around your waist. He chuckles, breaking the kiss. “Woah! Slow down, baby!”
“I’ve missed you,” you admit bashfully as you allow him to lead you over to the couch before he pulls you onto his lap, his arms wrapped around your middle.
“I missed you, too. It was such an unbearable tour without you there.” Jimin nuzzles his nose on your neck making you giggle.
“I would have visited, but I almost got caught last time. It’s safer for me to stay here,” you sigh before you stroke his hair as his hand rubs your bare thigh. You enjoy the moment before the door opens once again to reveal Jungkook looking flustered as he takes a seat beside Jimin so he can still reach you.
“Had to pay the driver a little extra for her antics,” Jungkook chuckles, making your cheeks surge with heat.
“I couldn’t wait.” you shrug as you wiggle on Jimin’s lap until you’re able to place your legs over Jungkook’s thighs. His hand rubs your leg softly before you lean over to press your lips against his briefly before you feel Jimin move your hair over your right shoulder to have access to your neck. Jungkook’s touch is no longer innocent as his hand pushes your thighs apart so he can feel how wet you are.
“Take your top off,” Jungkook growls as he eyes your breasts squeezed into your shirt aching to be released. Jimin doesn’t give you a chance to respond before he’s pulling it over your head to throw on the floor, your bra joining it soon after. Jimin moves so you’re no longer on his lap but on the couch as he moves you between his thighs as Jungkook gets on the floor, spreading your legs. He licks his lips, your pussy glistening with your arousal as his hands move your skirt up so he can admire you better.
“She looks delectable.” Jungkook meets Jimin’s fiery, piercing gaze as Jungkook smirks before his finger runs up and down your folds, making you moan, head falling back onto Jimin’s shoulder.
“Don’t tease me, Jungkook. Please, I’ve been so good for you,” you plead as your eyes flutter shut, your hand clutching Jimin’s thigh. 
“She has been good, Kookie,” Jimin agrees, making you keen as you stroke his muscular thigh in gratefulness. Your body burns with desire, your body wanting to be filled with pleasure as Jungkook takes a second before his finger slowly pushes against your entrance, your warmth enveloping his finger.
“Fuck, you’re just sucking it right up,” he notes as he slides it in and out before adding a second finger, your back arching as you fight the urge to squeeze him between your thighs, although you're sure he’d like that.
“Kook!” you moan as you arch your back for him, he chuckles in response as he smirks down at you, you’re sucking up both his fingers, keening for him as you become lost in your lust, moaning his name and begging him for more.
Jungkook placed a kiss on your thigh, his teeth nibbling it. You gasp in surprise as his tongue poked between his lips to soothe the pain. Jimin moved closer to you, his lips meeting yours, his tongue tangling with yours as his hands grabbed your tits. You moaned into the kiss lewdly, garnering Jungkook’s attention for a moment as he flattens his tongue to lick a solid stripe up your wet folds. You moaned his name. Jimin grunts in response as he cupped your face to pull you closer. Your body is heated, a sheen of sweat covering your skin as you place your hand on Jimin’s chest, letting it move down until you’re gripping his hard cock through his jeans.
“Fuck, _______. You have no idea how bad I want to bury my fucking cock inside your tight cunt,” Jimin groans as his lips plant kisses on the column of your neck, nipping it as you unbutton his pants. Jungkook continues to fuck you with his fingers, his tongue swirling around your clit repeatedly as your arousal soaks his hand.
“Jimin,” you moan as you finally release his cock from the confines of his pants and boxers, the head dripping with pre-cum. He hisses when you stroke him, rubbing the pre-cum down his length. Jungkook rolls his eyes, spreading your lips as he removes his fingers to fuck his tongue into you before he pops his fingers into his mouth to suck them clean. You fight the urge to clamp your thighs around his head, your legs draped lazily on his broad, muscular shoulders. His lips glisten with your wetness, your stomach pooling with arousal as you beg him to continue.
Jungkook adjusts you so that you’re lying on your side, your lips wrapped around Jimin’s cock while your legs are spread open for Jungkook to continue to eat you out. Jimin is stroking your hair softly, his mewls egging you on as you hollow out your cheeks, his cock brushing the back of your throat. You slurp, making his eyes roll back as Jungkook makes you moan right after. Your thighs tremble, whimpers escaping your lips as you bob your head up and down Jimin’s cock. Jimin lets his head fall back on the couch, his thighs clenched as he resists the urge to fuck into you. You’re bobbing your head up and down faster, the sound of you gagging on his cock has both men’s cocks throbbing. You swirl your tongue around the head, coating your taste buds in pre-cum as you suck on the head to tease him, your tongue licking his slit.
“Fuck, baby!” Jimin cries out, balls tightening and his abs as he fights the urge to cum down your fucking throat. He has you pull off his cock with a lewd pop, both of you flustered and sweating. Jimin kisses you, his tongue tangling with yours as he tastes himself on your lips. Jungkook’s tongue licks up your folds, sucking your clit as you moan for him, feeling your body clench as you arch slightly as an orgasm washes over you. Jungkook is relentless as he licks you clean, his shining lips on display as he rises from between your thighs with a smirk.
Jungkook pulls you onto his lap, his lips capturing yours as he has you straddle him. Jimin watches on, his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it lazily as he watches Jungkook grind you down on his cock.
“Tell us what you want, baby,” Jimin states, his hooded eyes fixated on the way Jungkook is palming your ass, his lips sucking and nipping on your neck. Your hands reach out to undress him, his protesting whines swallowed by your lips as you kiss him until he’s undressed.
“I want you both,” you state honestly, your hand moving down to rub your clit, not able to help yourself as you moan. Your head lies on Jungkook’s shoulder, your whimpered cries making his cock stir, his hand wrapped around it. You’ve got both men at your mercy, your dripping pussy aching to be filled by their cocks. Their names roll off your tongue easily, your heated skin perspiring as Jungkook pulls your skirt down your legs to toss it to the side.
“Let’s get her to the bed, Kook,” Jungkook nods at his elder’s words, picking you up to carry you to the bed, where he lays you down carefully.
Jimin’s tongue sweeps across his bottom lip, his gaze fixated on you and Jungkook making out on the bed, hands exploring each other as moans fill the room. Jimin takes a seat on the edge of the bed, watching intently with a smirk on his lips as Jungkook pulls you to the top of the bed, your head nestled on a pillow as he kisses down your body.
Jungkook can’t help but mark your body, nipping at your hips until they bloom in color for him, a satisfied smirk grazing his lips.
“Let me suck you off,” you beg. Jungkook swallows thickly, knowing he probably won’t last long if you suck him off. He’d rather bury his cock inside you.
Jungkook looks at Jimin, doe-eyes wide and pleading with his elder for an answer. Jimin chuckles, his obsidian eyes glinting with mischief as he looks at you before looking at Jungkook. “Fuck her first, Kookie. Then you can fuck her face when you cum.”
Jungkook nods eagerly, appeased by Jimin’s solution as he has Jimin hand him a condom. Jungkook doesn’t waste time ripping open the packet, rolling the condom down his length before rubbing himself on your slick folds to lubricate himself further before pushing into you. You moan his name, your nails digging into his tan skin, his grunts making you melt under him.
Jungkook groans, hands on your hips as he sets a steady pace. You moan his name, euphoria washing over you as he fucks into your wet cunt.
Your moans spur him on, his abs tightening as he throws your legs over his shoulder. Your cunt pulsates around him, wet and warm. His head lolls back, dulcet moans escaping his pretty pink lips as he thanks Jimin for letting him fuck you first.
“How does she feel, Kook?” Jimin asks with a smug grin on his lips.
“Fucking amazing,” Jungkook groans, his sweat-slicked hair clinging to his forehead as his cock stretches your wet cunt. You dig your nails into his back, his name on your lips as he fucks you deeper.
Moans escape the both of you as Jimin watches on, his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking himself. Jungkook kisses your neck, moans of your name mixing with curses from Jimin as Jungkook fucks into you harder, deeper. He fills every inch of you, his hips slapping against your ass as he holds you close.
“Fuck.” Jimin slows his pace, edging himself as he watches Jungkook thrusting in and out of you at a steady pace. The obscene sounds of your coupling almost make him blush. He bites his bottom lip, his hand reaching out to move your hair out of your face. Your hand grabs his wrist, your lips wrapping around two of his fingers, your tongue swirling around them, suckling them before releasing him.
Jungkook chuckles, lifting you into his lap. “Ride me, babe.” You nod, your breath is ragged as he helps you bounce on his cock before you slow, grinding down on him. His lips are on your chest in an instant. He cups your breasts, his lips wrapping around a pert nipple as his hand moves down to spank you. He grabs a handful of your ass, giving it a hard squeeze as your hand moves between your bodies, rubbing at your clit. You feel a fire burn deep inside you, your body tingling as your moans grow an octave higher. You cry out Jungkook’s name, repeating it like a mantra as your cunt tightens around his cock, his soft curses filling the air between you.
“Make her cum, Kook,” Jimin says, his hooded eyes focused on the both of you as you kiss Jungkook sloppily.
“So close,” Jungkook utters, his body sweating and hot as he thrusts upwards into you. You feel your orgasm take over you, your body falling into a euphoric wave that has you trembling on Jungkook’s cock. He holds you, his forehead planted on your shoulder, broken cries of your name tumbling from his lips as his cock releases into the condom.
He pants, falling limp onto the bed as you cling to him, not caring how sweaty you are. You stick together; you cringe inwardly but push past it as Jungkook strokes your hair, planting kisses on your face before he hands you off to Jimin, who welcomes you with open arms.
Jungkook smiles warmly at the two of you, his chest rising and falling as he tries to catch his breath.
“How are you feeling, love?” Jimin’s soft tone has you melting as he pulls you into his lap, his forehead resting against yours, his eyes locked on you.
You snuggle into his chest, pressing featherlight kisses on it before you’re moving down his body, lingering on his abs for a moment before your lips are wrapped around his cock. Jimin cusses, head spinning from the amount of pleasure coursing through his body.
“Please let me fuck you.” you pull off his cock with a pop before you kiss him. You nod with enthusiasm, Jiming helping you climb onto his lap. You grab his cock, teasing it by rubbing it on your clit before sinking on him.
“_____, fuck,” Jimin is losing himself to the feeling of you riding his cock raw. His lips meet yours in a passionate kiss that has your toes curling as your arms wrap around his neck, pushing your chests together.
Jimin kisses your neck, his plush lips marking your skin despite knowing better. You feel like heaven wrapped around his cock, your arousal allowing him to glide smoothly. Your nails dig into his back, your soft moans mixing as you ride him. His hands grip your ass, squeezing as his lips meet yours in a sloppy kiss, tongues intertwined.
Jungkook’s teeth sink into his bottom lip, a groan escaping him anyway as he watches Jimin’s cock fuck in and out of you. Jimin’s head lolls back, his neck exposed for your lips to leave their mark on his skin, something you take complete advantage of.
Jimin makes eye contact with Jungkook. His hooded eyes make Jungkook squirm, his hand faltering as he strokes his cock.
“See something you like, Kook?” Jimin’s tone has Jungkook melting into a puddle, barely managing to nod his head, his throat constricting, leaving him unable to speak.
“I asked you a question, Jungkook.” Jungkook’s eyes widened.
“Yes, I see something I like.”
“That’s what I thought,” Jimin smirks, his attention turning back to you. “Why don’t you get behind her, slide your cock in with mine?”
Jungkook nods. “Yes.”
Jimin grins, his hand sliding between your body and his. You gasp when his fingertips brush your clit, your thighs trembling as you hold him closer, your fingers lacing in his hair.
Jungkook moves behind you as Jimin slows his pace. You feel the warmth of Kook’s hands, a tingle running down your spine as you feel his index finger slide into you. A curse escapes you. Your forehead meets Jimin’s shoulder as his plump lips kiss the top of your head. His soft voice reassures you that if you need them to stop, all you need to do is say so.
“I’m okay,” you assure him, feeling Jungkook push in a second finger. You were used to being stretched to impeccable lengths because of Namjoon. Double penetration like this wasn’t new to you, and although it was your first time with both men, you knew you could handle it. Jungkook was cautious, his fingers moving slowly to match Jimin’s pace before his other hand reached out to grab the lube that sat nearby.
Jungkook and Jimin listened to every sound you made, searching for any sign of discomfort.
“I’m fine.” you smiled softly, your lips pressing against Jimin’s as Jungkook slid in a third finger. His lips pressed kisses on your shoulder, down your spine, unphased by feeling Jimin’s bare cock against his fingers. Unbeknownst to you, this wasn’t the first time the two of them had been this close with a woman.
“Think you can handle it?” Jimin whispers, pulling out of you to allow Jungkook to push into you, figuring it’d be easier on you for him to slide back in after.
“Yes, Jimin.” you try to keep your tone neutral, but you accidentally roll your eyes at him. Jimin’s gaze hardens, his hand coming down on your ass as you apologize.
“Let us know if you need us to stop,” Jungkook states as he pushes into you with caution, his large hands on your hips as he bottoms out. He holds you steady while Jimin pushes in after him, your breath hitching in your throat as your cunt welcomes the stretch. Your nails dig into Jimin’s skin, leaving crescents on him. Jimin bites back the hiss that threatens to escape as he looks over your shoulder to see Jungkook with his eyes closed, his lips parted as moans spill from his lips.
“Feels so good,” Jungkook grunts, his hair sticking to his forehead as sweat beads on his skin. His body is overwhelmed with pleasure, his heated skin pressing against yours as he slowly fucks into you. Incoherent cries leave your lips, begging both men to fuck you.
Jimin doesn’t need to be told twice as he thrusts into you, Jungkook following his lead until the two find a rhythm that works for you. You can feel tears running down your cheeks as you’re overcome with pleasure, feeling your stomach bulging slightly from both cocks fucking you. You sink your teeth into Jimin’s shoulder, your tears wetting his skin as both of them hold you. Your toes curl a broken cry of their names filling the space between you. They feel you tighten on their cocks, making it hard for them to continue fucking you. Jungkook can feel his eyes rolling to the back of his head. His grip on your hips loosens as he cries out in pleasure, his abdomen tightening as he cums one more time.
“Baby,” Jimin gasps, feeling Jungkook cum inside you, making it easier for Jimin to slide in and out of you a couple more times before he fills you with his cum. Jimin holds you and Jungkook, grunting as his breathing becomes erratic, eyes fluttering shut as he moans for you both. Jimin holds the two of you close, his hips bucking upward into you. “Ah, fuck. Jungkook, _____. Fuck.”
Jungkook finds himself blushing, swallowing thickly as he tries to keep his weight off the both of you, his arms trembling from holding himself up before he pulls his cock out of you and lays spent on the bed. Jimin follows suit, helping you lay on the bed between them. You can feel their cum spill out of you, but you’re too spent to care.
“Fuck,” Jimin smiles, his pretty eyes twinkling as he stares up at the ceiling. Jungkook echoes his elder’s sentiment, rolling on his side to look at the two of you, a small grin tugging at his lips as his hand comes to rest on your hip.
“So tired,” you mumble weakly. Jimin chuckles, pecking your cheek as he gets off the bed to start the shower.
“Are you feeling okay? We weren’t too rough, right?” Jungkook’s concerned tone makes you smile, shaking your head to reassure him that you're fine. Your hand caresses his cheek, his head moving to fall into your soft touch.
“Shower’s ready,” Jimin calls from the bathroom as Jungkook helps you stand, your legs wobbling comically as he wraps a strong arm around your waist to support you as he leads you to the bathroom. Both men help you shower, washing your hair and body for you before washing themselves.
When you head back to the bed, the sheets have been stripped and replaced. Your dinner is waiting for the three of you as you take a seat in between them.
You wish you had more time to spend with them as they glance at each other; you know they wish the same but you all know this little arrangement you had was all because of Namjoon and as much as you loved both men in front of you, your heart truly belonged to him.
Jimin has you all get in bed after dinner, a movie playing in the background as the three of you cuddle together, your hand laced with both of them until you eventually fall asleep. Soft snores escape your lips, your arm draped over your eyes as you sleep soundly.
Jungkook watches you for a long while before carefully getting out of bed, double-checking to make sure he hasn’t woken you as he grabs a flute of champagne and heads out to the balcony. The night chill sends a shiver down his spine as he takes in the nighttime view of the city. He takes a sip of his champagne, not caring too much for the taste but yearning for a distraction from the sinking feeling in his stomach.
Jimin joins him, not saying a word as he places his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. Jimin has an inkling as to what has Kook out of sorts, but remains silent as he sips his drink.
“It gets harder every time,” Jungkook admits in a quiet tone. Jimin is surprised he’s even heard him. “I hate leaving her every damn time we have to go away, and she’s not even mine. I’m supposed to be grateful for the half-day I get to spend with her. As if it doesn’t kill me to see her run back into his arms, as if my heart doesn’t break every time I see the way she looks at him.”
Jimin is speechless. He didn’t think the younger man felt like this. He knew what this was. They both did. Where was this coming from? Had he always felt this way, or was this a new development?
Jungkook finished his drink, poking his head inside to grab the bottle and to make sure you were still sound asleep; you were.
“Don’t,” Jungkook interrupts, taking a drink straight from the bottle. Under different circumstances, Jimin would be proud, but right now, he was concerned. “Just... just forget I said anything, okay?”
“Jungkook, I-”
“Just leave it be, Jimin. Leave it be.”
Tumblr media
Namjoon paces back and forth as the clock strikes midnight. He bites his bottom lip, eyes on the door as he waits for it to open. It doesn’t.
“I said midnight,” he huffs as the minute hands move and the door finally opens. Namjoon sighs in relief as he pulls you into a hug.
“I missed you,” he says as he kisses your forehead, moving you back to make sure you’re in one piece. You assure him you're fine as Jungkook and Jimin linger in the doorway with your shopping bags.
They set them in the living room before Namjoon has you tell them goodnight, informing you he’ll be waiting for you in his bedroom. You nod, watching him leave before you approach Jimin.
“Thank you for today, I had so much fun,” Jimin smiles, his eyes sparkling with happiness as he tells you he did as well before he presses a kiss to your cheek and wishes you a goodnight. He steps out of the apartment and you follow him and Jungkook into the hallway.
Jungkook gives Jimin a pointed look and Jimin hesitates to leave, but does so. He shakes his head as he heads to his apartment, sending the two of you one last look of concern. Jungkook waits for the door to shut before he turns to you, his hand cupping your cheek. His lips brush against yours softly, his other hand finding its place on your waist. He sighs deeply when the kiss ends. His heart feels like it’s breaking as his lips kiss your forehead, his hand on the nape of your neck. Your hands grip his shirt in fists, not sure what’s going on.
When Jungkook steps back, you notice the tears in his eyes.
“Jungkook-” he shakes his head with a forced laugh. He looks up at the ceiling, tears streaming down his cheeks. Your heart aches for him, you step forward to comfort him, to ask him what’s wrong, but he steps away from you.
“I’m fine.” he smiles as he sniffles. Jungkook knows better than to ruin whatever you have going with Namjoon, and no matter how much he yearns to be with you, he could never stand in between the two of you. With a heavy heart and tear streaks on his cheeks, Jungkook swallows the knot in his throat as his eyes meet yours.
“Goodnight, love.”
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! ♡ if you liked it, please let me know! 💌
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Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms. This includes YouTube. 
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raplinesmoon · 13 hours ago
An Affair Of The Art (KNJ x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: husband!Namjoon x reader genres/au/rating: fluff, slight angst, pg summary: One rainy day looking at art sets off a spiral of events Namjoon can’t control, leaving his heart for the taking
warnings: references to infidelity (no actual infidelity), references to PPD, dad!Joon (yes this is a warning)
word count: 1.3k
a/n: so I went to go look at art when it was raining today and saw so many kids with their parents, and then listened to Namjoon’s podcast which was a mistake bc the yearning is just at all all time high. please enjoy this self-indulgent piece. disclaimer: i’m not a mom, and have never experienced PPD, but i’ve known moms who did. my heart goes out to anyone who struggles with it, I’m sending you a big hug.
Tumblr media
It starts when Dan-Bi is seven months old – but Namjoon never meant for it to happen in the first place. He can see the exhaustion seep into your bones, the light leave your eyes, how every day you become less and less like a person and more and more a machine that changes, feeds, burps. Being there for you had always been his solution, but even that doesn’t seem enough. 
So one day, when you’re finally able to catch up on sleep, and he’s unwilling to rouse you from some well-needed rest, he settles on it. Slipping on his boots and sliding his rain jacket, he looks around him nervously before sending a hushed message to the other person in his life that it was time for them to get away for a bit, maybe at a nearby gallery.
And so he sets out on the rainy city streets, the anticipation making him shiver almost as much as the cold. It’s a prolonged journey, one where he stops in for cup of coffee, the hot liquid warming his frigid inside. Next he stops by the park, looking at the many families that travel along the lush green walkways, and his mind guiltily flashes back to you. It wasn’t your fault. You needed time to be yourself again, as did he.
When he finally steps into the warm gallery space, the hostess greets him with a flutter of her eyelashes, her gaze hungrily traveling to the way his plain t-shirt has soaked through, clinging to the muscles of her chest. Namjoon doesn’t indulge her. There’s only one person whose company he craves right now.
The stares of the other patrons burn into the back of his head when he rides up the elevator to the second floor, and he wonders if they know his secret - if they silently judge him for being here in this state right now, a fraud amongst them. Instead of dwelling on it, he shakes the rain from his hair and walks right out, never turning to look back.
His boots click against the tile floors, the echo bouncing off the walls as he wanders, searching, and searching until — he finds it. The vivid reds and pinks reflect onto the floor, creating an eerie glow to the harshly caricatured scene Guston portrays - Namjoon can’t stop staring.
A squeal startles him, and he jolts, looking around to see if anyone else heard it, but they all remain still, hyper-focused on the pieces in front of them. Sighing, Namjoon mentally prepares himself for the worst when he decides to investigate the source.
Only to come upon his daughter’s smiling face in the stroller, Dan-Bi looking up at him with wide eyes as she kicks her legs and squeals again, her eyes then squishing into the familiar crescent moons that mirror his own. Namjoon wonders what could have a barely year old baby so joyous in a space that she barely understands, but he freezes when he sees Dan-Bi look over at the painting he’d had his eyes trained on mere moments ago, her gaze equally as transfixed as her father’s.
Her fingers end up in her mouth as she slobbers, and Namjoon chuckles at how she drools over them, stroking her fine hair with a soft touch before he goes back to looking at it too. He couldn’t tell anyone how much time passed with the two of them looking at the piece. Maybe it was five minutes, maybe it was twenty, but Namjoon remains rooted to the spot, Dan-Bi’s protests and cries keeping him in place every time he moves the stroller. He leans to look at every brush stroke, every vibrant hue that blends into another, each thread on the canvas before turning to look at Dan-Bi’s tiny figure, fist smooshed into her cheek as she slumbers. That was enough to hold him over for now, and it was time to get back home to you.
And so began Namjoon’s affair of the art.
Tumblr media
Over time, he sees you brighten, the changing of the seasons enough to bring you out of your shell, the former enthusiasm you had returning. You feel well enough to hold Dan-Bi without feeling pained and sorrowed, yet it hits you just how much your daughter has grown up in the past few months, her tiny delicate features becoming sharper and more refined, blending into the perfect amalgamation of you and your husband. And then the guilt settles in for missing so much of her life.
You weren’t naive - you’d woken up more than enough times to find Namjoon gone, Dan-Bi nowhere to be found in the house. After panicking the first few times, the bittersweet feeling set in when you realized they were gone, and you were here. You knew Namjoon meant well, intending for you only to rest, but it hurt that they were living on, while you remained stuck in the same place.
One day, when the trees begin to shed their flowers and the rainy skies melt into sunshine, you decide to follow behind them, slipping out no more than five minutes after they’d gone. Your footsteps take you to the art museum that Namjoon had taken you to on your first date, and you watch the security staff coo as he waves to them, walking in with Dan-Bi strapped to his shoulders.
Before you can stop him, you’re following behind, your haggard appearance and the bags underneath your eyes a sharp foil to your husband’s fit, healthy frame and Danbi’s adorable chunky thighs. You linger behind them on the stairs, Namjoon paying no mind to who’s behind him as he leads Dan-Bi into a gallery, this one full of works by the Impressionists, the soft colors and works transporting putting a smile on your face when you finally realize.
Monet was my first, he’d told you all those years ago. The Lunch.
Tears spring to your eyes when you see him holding up Dan-Bi to look at the water lilies splotched across the canvas, his gentle voice reassuring her to “look only, uri ttal, no touching”.
The choked sob that escapes is what gives you away, Namjoon and Dan-Bi turning to find you behind them, wet streaks streaming down your face.
“Baby,” Namjoon’s voice rumbles, his concerned eyes looking at your tired figure. “What are you doing here? You should be at home resting.”
“I thought you were having an affair,” you half sob, half cackle, and Dan-Bi squeals at seeing you, making grabby hands.
“Eom-a-ma-ma-ma,” she blubbers, and you take her from Namjoon, not caring for the stares of passerby that look at the strange scene, an oddly calm child with the mother in the midst of a meltdown.
“Are you for real?” Namjoon whispers, his arms coming around to wrap you in a hug. “___-ah, I would never. You have to know that. I love you.”
He curls you and Dan-Bi into him, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head, before continuing on.
“I’ve been waiting months for the day you’d feel better, that you’d finally be able to join us. Dan-Bi is better company than I expected at the art museum - she doesn’t scream or cry, mostly just tries to destroy thousands of dollars of precious art by knocking into it or grabbing for it.”
“She’s just a baby,” you pout, cooing at her. “She’ll learn one day.”
“It’s nice to see you here with us,” Namjoon mumbles against you. “I missed you.”
“Thank you for waiting for me Namjoon,” you say to him. “Now, what do you say we go look at some more paintings? I know Appa is a fan of Monet, but I want our little raindrop to learn about the wonders of Degas.”
And you carry her away, Namjoon trailing behind you with a grin on his face. This affair for his heart may have ended, but a new one was just beginning.
Tumblr media
a/n pt. 2: it’s fluffing szn idc about cuffing szn. As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated, but I appreciate you all anyway. Lots of love, Isi 💜
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ann-panman · 23 hours ago
Pink Post-its | KNJ [Teaser]
Pairing: Namjoon x named Female Reader
Genre: angst, fluff, (eventual) smut, modern au, office au, slow burn
Plot: Promotion is always a good idea, but yours is bittersweet. You’ve been nothing but the best assistant Namjoon could ever have but when he caused you to move office you’re not sure anymore. Despite the nagging question in your mind of where you went wrong you keep doing what you do best -your job. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be bitter and a pain in his ass, especially now that he’s not your boss anymore.
Tumblr media
The trip from Namjoon's office to your new one is few doors away but your soles already ached from the three trips you've made thus far. Your footsteps were heavy and your pencil heels clacked loudly on the tiled floor. Surely, it won't get unnoticed and you didn't plan on it either.
"If you need help carrying your stuff, you know you can simply ask," Namjoon quipped from the door connecting his office to the receiving area where your desk is.
You were positive he was supposed to be in a meeting right now. You made sure that you won't cross paths with him on your last day. You never missed a single schedule of your boss for five years and you didn't plan on that happening today, which is why his watching you while you pack and leave like he has been waiting for this day is making you angrier than you'd want your face to show.
But you're only human and your bitterness and wrath are evident. So despite him offering help, he stood still by the door frame, schooling your looks, trying to decipher the knots between your brows and the pout on your lips.
"And I said I don't," you huffed almost forgetting to address the man properly. "Sir," you bitterly added while taking the last item from your drawer - a box of colored sticky notes you specifically bought to organize your notes for your boss. Each color has its own legend, with one color only used thrice - pink. It was for personal notes you decided when you bought it.
With the last addition to the box, your eyes scanned the desk quickly, not missing the succulent on the corner. It was last year's Christmas gift from him.
You never failed to express your admiration for the man, and that included his green thumb, saying that his being a nature-lover was a side of him you never thought he had.
It was one of his many personas you love, but who are you kidding, you loved them all. But plant enthusiast Kim Namjoon hits different.
He would forget his schedule despite you reminding him three times within the day, but he'll never forget to tend to the Katade Mochi bonsai on his center table, the Ficus Audrey by the window, and three smaller plants on his shelves whose names you never bothered remembering so you just labeled them as plant A, B, and C in your mind.
Knowing their names was under compulsion of course. You had to, being the good assistant that you were. When Namjoon had to be away for a week, being asked to take care of his bonsai was probably the most difficult task you ever had to do.
How can it be more daunting than attending a meeting in his behalf?
It would be unreasonable if you'd lose your job if he came back to his plants wilted and dead, but you wouldn't dare test that hypothesis.
"It's really a no-brainer. Sunlight, ventilation, water. That's as basic and simple as it could get," he lectured you with a 1-minute TED talk about rearing plants as if that would be enough to keep his babies alive.
"It's easier said than done. Of the five plants I cared for, six died. And now, I might just add five more to my victim list."
He snorted out a laugh and abruptly held it in seeing there was no amusement in your eyes.
What he did not know was that the delight missing in your face was filling up your heart to the brim and you knew that if you kept on locking eyes with each other, it would soon show on your cheeks. So, you looked away, whining as if to keep the unamused act going.
"I'm sorry." He continued to stifle his laugh, his dimples giving away his mirth.
You wanted to tell him there was no need, but your boss asking for your forgiveness, not to mention in a very cute way, made your heart warm and fuzzy, so you didn't.
After getting back from Christmas break that year, you came back to the office with a cute succulent on your desk, a red ribbon tied around the pot with a hand-written note that said:
Please keep me alive.
- Baby RM
Below it was a smiley doodle and a heart.
You almost thanked the gods out loud that he wasn't there when you read that note because there was no hiding the red on your cheeks. Baby RM?  It was a nickname not many knew, sans the baby. You chuckled, not realizing you said it aloud.
"Yeah," he said, standing by the door, giving you a heart attack. "I thought maybe if it had a name you'd treat it like a baby and you won't let it die."
Cute, you thought.
"And if it still dies?" you asked knowing it was inevitable.
"Then I'll charge you with murder for killing our baby," he sighed.
Our baby?
The words came out of his mouth so carelessly and as much as your delusional self loved it, you hated it with the same passion. How could he just blurt out things like that not caring how it could possibly affect you? Because at that moment, you just flew yourself into an alternate universe where you and Namjoon had freaking kids. Human babies of course.
You thought it was stupid, but despite that, you showed your gratitude.
The next day you left for work early and dropped by a bakeshop that was a twenty-minute ride from your apartment and another twenty to your office. You spent the night before looking up for sweet shops that sold those cute succulent cupcakes and the one-hour trip just to buy one was worth it when you saw they had one that looked exactly the same as the plant Namjoon gifted you.
You felt relieved seeing that you arrived before your boss, which you should've already known because he was never earlier than you. Not even once in five years.
As soon as you reached your table, you took out the notepad and wrote:
If Baby RM dies, you'll have a lifetime supply of this. But don't worry, I'll try to keep it alive.
It was his very first pink Post-it.
Tumblr media
♡ Hi.
This is my first fic here in tumblr and this has been so put off for far so long. Finally finding the courage to write here though I am yet to find the time and energy, really. But if many will be fond of my fics, I'd be more than happy to go the extra mile to be a consistent writer.
So if it's not much, your reblog will mean the world to me.
♡ ann
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namjooningelsewhere · 3 hours ago
Forever, We Said | (Teaser)
Tumblr media
➸Banner by the very talented Nixie @highly-functioning-mitochondria
Tumblr media
➸Pairing : Kim Namjoon x Chan-Mi (Named Reader)
➸Genre: Angst ( you can multiply this a million times), Fluff ( A whole lot of it) smut. arrange marriage au, childhood lovers au.
➸Summary : "The heart is stubborn, It holds onto love despite what sense and emotion tells it." -Alessandra Torre.
You promised each other forever, You naive enough to believe that love was all you needed, And he was naive enough to believe that his billionaire parents would easily welcome you in their home because their son loved you. Until one day, Everything fell apart and the forever faded into nothingness throwing you into an endless pain and him into endless anger.
➸Rating : 18+
➸Word Count : tbc
➸Warnings : explicit sexual content, Mentions of shower sex, heavy makeouts, a little bit of fingering, unprotected sex, breast play, dirty talk, a hell lot of neck kisses (shes weak for them), mentions of blowjob, a little bit of bickering, swearing , Crying, self doubt, the reader passes out , a lot of pain , heavy drinking involved. Namjoon chooses alchohol to deal with his pain. Yelling , shouting, A lot of Fighting, Joon is angry all the time, Pain, pain and pain. They go through a lot. ( I will include the rest of the warnings while posting it.)
➸A/N : First of all a big big thankyou to Nixie @highly-functioning-mitochondria for making this absolutely stunning banner, Like i said this banner has my heart, You made my fic infintely special. Thankyou babe, Sending you the biggest hugs and lot of love.
Nikki, My angel @xpeachesncream Thankyou for letting me discuss this fic with you, You have been so patient and all ears when i yell about this fic to you. The biggest thankyou and big big big hug. Thankyou my love<3
So this fic was supposed to be posted on Joon's birthday, But work is hectic af and i barely have the time, And it is going to be this way for a while since its the last quarter of the year. This fic is really special to me, And yes its going to hurt a lot. Like a lot. This is the angstiest fic ive ever written. This fic had my heart and soul so i hope you guys like it too<3
➸Release Date : Saturday, 15th October.
➸Taglist : If you want to be added in the taglist, Send me an ask or just comment on this teaser post.
Tumblr media
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purplewhalewrites · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Part two: Look at this godforsaken mess that you made me.
Summary: After helping Jungkook with his problem, you find yourself blurring the lines between what you crave and what's right.
Genre: Smut. Idol!AU. Established relationship(with Namjoon). Infidelity (reader is a cheater)
Rating: 18+
Word Count: 7.8k
Pairing: Jungkook x reader. Namjoon x reader.
Warnings: oral(f. receiving), cheating, vaginal sex. 
Notes: This is the sequel to Teach you, I would read that first for context. Thank you x 1 billion to @here2bbtstrash for beta reading this for me❤️
Part 1 | Masterlist | Part 3
Tumblr media
The sunlight and warmth around your waist wakes you up. Namjoon’s arm is wrapped around you, and he’s holding you against his chest, your back flush against him. He’s too hot, emanating heat like a furnace. The sun is hitting your face through the crack in the curtains.You didn’t close them enough last night, something you’re now regretting. You haven’t been sleeping this past week and you can’t tell whether it’s the guilt or the anxiety from work at this point. 
Namjoon stirs beside you and pulls you closer. Normally, this would make your heart flutter. Right now it feels suffocating, you want out from under his grip. You need to breathe all of a sudden and his arm around you feels like it’s squeezing you but you know it’s not. He hums in his sleep as he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, oblivious to your struggle. You try to shift to a different position but he’s still holding you tightly. You sigh, resigning yourself to being stuck there until he wakes up. 
“Morning, baby,” he mumbles against your neck what feels like an hour later but was probably around ten minutes.
He kisses your neck, moving up towards that sensitive spot behind your ear, and for a moment, you forget and give in to his touch. His lips are soft against your skin, they ghost over you in between kisses in a way that sends shivers down your spine. Heat pools between your legs and you sigh, tilting your neck back to give him more room. 
You reach behind you to tangle your fingers in his hair and your eyes fly open when you feel Namjoon’s hair. Your half asleep brain had you thinking Jungkook was behind you for a moment, and it makes your stomach sink at the way you feel disappointed. Namjoon is still kissing your neck but now it feels too much, his breath too warm against you and his touch doesn’t have the same effect as when you thought he was someone else. 
Not someone else. Jungkook. 
Out of panic, you grab the arm that’s wrapped around your middle and yank him off you, sitting up in one fluid motion. Namjoon makes a sound between a gasp and complaint and you can feel his stare on your back. You feel like you can’t breathe, your chest is tight and you just want to scream you’re so frustrated. 
“Baby, are you okay? Did I do something wrong?” he asks. He sounds worried and it only makes you want to cry. You’re a terrible person for doing this to him. 
“Yeah, I’m-” Your throat squeezes and you can’t get the words out without having to take a deep breath. “I’m fine. I just need to pee.” Without looking back at him, you get up and walk to the bathroom as quickly as you can without actually breaking into a run. 
Closing and locking the door, you lean against it and try to calm your racing heart. The room tilts sideways around you and it sends you into a quiet panic, and you try your best not to alert Namjoon in the bedroom. Your legs feel like they won’t hold you up anymore and you don’t fight it, you slide down the door until you hit the ground. It takes everything in you not to let the tears rimming your eyes fall. You refuse to cry. Instead, you focus on calming down. Taking deep breaths, you stare at a point on the floor and push all other feelings aside except for five things. You think about the cold tile beneath you, the color of the floor, the smell of Namjoon’s body wash lingering from last night, and you hear yourself breathing slowly. 
Inhale one…two…three…four…- Hold your breath, one…two…three…four…-exhale, one…two…three…four…five…six. You repeat this breathing until the room stops spinning and your chest stops hurting. Namjoon knocks on the door and it startles you for a moment. 
“Hey, did you fall in?” his muffled voice comes through the door. He jiggles the door handle but finds it locked. 
Panic creeps up again and you just want to give in to it but you know you can’t. How are you going to explain it to Namjoon? Oh yeah no, I’m just having my fifth panic attack this week because I fucked your best friend behind your back, and the best part is I still want to and totally would if given the chance. You scoff as you pull yourself up off the floor. That would be a great one. 
Taking a deep breath, you open the door, startling Namjoon who was clearly mid-knock. You smile at him and hope it doesn’t look fake, and he seems to buy it because he smiles back. 
“Hey, sorry. I’m good,” you say, wondering if you sound too cheery for so early in the morning. 
“You sure? You jumped out of bed like I stabbed you or something.” He seems genuinely worried he might’ve hurt you, it’s unfair how kind he is to you. 
You nod, “Yeah. I’m good. I just really had to pee and you wouldn’t let me go.” There’s genuine effort on your part to keep your tone light. 
Namjoon chuckles and works his arms around you, wrapping you in a hug. You inhale deeply against his shirt, his familiar scent of clean and musk engulfing your senses. The guilt pangs in your stomach again and you fight it down, refusing to let it ruin yet another morning. He kisses the top of your head and it radiates warmth through you, and you focus on how safe you feel in his arms and relax against him. He seems to notice because he adjusts to secure you closer to him and for a moment your whole world is Namjoon. It’s almost enough to make you completely forget.
“I don’t have anything to do today. I was thinking we could do stuff? Maybe go hiking? Or to the park and ride bikes, or there’s this really cool cafe that just opened. Maybe we could sneak in for some coffee?” he mutters into your hair. 
There it is again, that feeling of being trapped. He’s been wanting to spend time with you all week but you don’t know how long you can spend in his presence without wanting to scream I cheated on you in his face. 
“Uh, I don’t know if I want to go hiking today. I’m still sore from a few weeks ago. Maybe we can grab coffee at that cafe this afternoon? Or maybe walk around the river at sunset? I was hoping to go for a run this morning,” you mumble into his chest. 
He releases you from the hug and looks at you like you grew an additional arm out of your forehead. “A run? A run? You literally never go for a run. Ever. I’ve asked you multiple times and you always say the only way you’ll run is if something is chasing you that you know you won’t fight.” 
Shit. He’s right. That wasn’t the move. You really do hate running. “I want to start! I know you’re much faster than me right now so I figured I’d go alone first until I build up enough stamina to keep up with you! Plus, you’re always telling me to work out more to relieve stress.” 
Namjoon looks at you for a moment and you feel so called out it almost drives you insane. He knows. He has to know. “Yeah, you’re right. You’re pretty slow, I would have to walk while you heaved next to me and that’s no workout.” He smirks at you and it disarms you. 
“Hey! I’m not that slow!” You smack his arm playfully and he laughs as he rubs his arm where you hit him. “Move, I wanna get dressed before it gets too hot out.” 
He moves to the side and you squeeze past him. He taps your butt playfully as you walk towards the closet and you yelp in surprise, shooting him a displeased look that quickly turns into a smile when he bites his lip and nods at you like some kind of dork. It almost feels normal until it hits again and you have to breathe. It’s not normal, and you are no longer deserving of him and his affection. People like you don’t deserve people like him. 
You grab your workout clothes and your sneakers from the back of the closet. Turning around, you notice he’s gone and for a moment you’re confused. The shower turns on and you feel relief. He hasn’t left yet. It’s this weird need to have him nearby without actually having him in your presence that soothes you. 
The phone vibrates on your nightstand while you’re tying your shoes and your chest aches for a moment. You choose to ignore it, deciding instead to tie your hair back to keep it out of your face. It vibrates again while you’re looking at yourself in the mirror to make sure you’re good to go, and you catch the way your chest rises and falls quickly in your reflection. You look like you’re about to pass out, pathetic. 
It feels like a mile long walk from the full-length mirror in the corner to your nightstand. You don’t want to pick up your phone just yet. Instead, you grab it and put it in a pocket without looking at it. You’re not ready to look at it. 
“I’m leaving!” you shout in the direction of the bathroom and you think you hear something back so you walk out of the room and head towards the elevators. It feels like you can’t breathe but you know it’s just your head so you ignore it. 
Once you’re out in the parking garage, you pull your phone out. 
Jk: Hey. 
Jk: You’re still on your way right? Don’t forget the code is 3160. 
Your breath catches in your throat as the rush of adrenaline makes its way down your body to settle between your legs where it pulses and aches. You press your lips together, squeezing your eyes shut when you slide your phone open. 
Yes, I’m on my way. I’ll be there in 10 mins.
You hit send before you can think and lock your phone, grabbing your keys from another pocket and walking towards your car. The little voice in your head tries to get you to stop, to turn around, go outside and actually go for a run, but you shush it like you do the guilt. You open the car and sit inside, hand hovering over the ignition for just a second before you turn the car on and put it in reverse. 
You’re careful no one sees you leave the garage, making sure to take the longer way to his apartment. Your head is buzzing and this time you feel like you can’t breathe but it’s from anticipation more than anything else. It’s only been a week but your body has been craving him like you haven’t seen him in years. It feels like you can’t get there fast enough. For a moment, you make eye contact with yourself in the rearview mirror and the shame comes back, before you decide you’re not letting it ruin this for you. It’s fine, really. Just this once. 
Tumblr media
The way your heart pounds the entire walk from the parking garage to his door makes you wonder how long a human being can exist in a state of panic without dropping dead. You’re standing at his door, part of you eager, part of you wanting to run, your whole body vibrating with the awful mix of both. Before you can put your hand up to ring the doorbell you hear the locks unlocking and watch the door swing open. 
“Hey.” Jungkook stands before you, black sweats and a matching black baggy shirt on. He looks exactly how you feel, nervous but excited. 
“Hey.” You smile but it doesn’t reach your eyes. Your head is screaming at you to turn around and go home. Your feet, however, move forward into the apartment as Jungkook lets you in. 
He closes and locks the door behind you and turns to face you. The air is still but charged. You watch him watch you, his eyes roaming over your workout leggings and top, stopping occasionally to take certain parts of you in. You feel like you’re already naked but you still have your shoes on. Shit, your shoes. You take them off by the front door, stuffing your socks into them before placing them with his shoes by the door. 
“I like that outfit on you. I didn’t think you were very athletic,” Jungkook says, his voice low. You had bent over to put your shoes down, unknowingly giving him a great view of your ass. Clearly, he appreciates this. 
You straighten up and turn to face him, the shift in the air alerting you before you realize that he’s suddenly much closer to you. Your breath hitches as his chest is suddenly inches from yours, his arms ghosting up yours until he’s holding your elbows. He’s looking down at you, lips parted as he stares at yours, and it feels like the small space between the both of you is an electric current. 
“I…missed you,” he whispers, his lips ghosting right up against yours. Fire ignites in your chest, hot and dangerous, traveling through your limbs before settling deep in your belly. 
In that moment you feel your body move to bridge the gap between you and you capture his lips in a heated kiss. Your hands move up his chest and wrap around his neck and he moans when you tug at the hair at his nape to pull him closer to you. Jungkook grabs your waist and pulls you flush against him. You can feel how hard he is already. You feel lightheaded and your walls clench around nothing from need. 
He deepens the kiss, soft lips melting into yours as his tongue swipes at your bottom lip, seeking entry that you grant him all too easily. He explores your mouth with a possessiveness that has your knees buckling, moaning into your mouth as he holds you even tighter. The whole world is nothing but this moment: his mouth, his body, his scent is all that you can process.
Jungkook moves his hands from your waist down to your ass, hands kneading and pulling you against him. The material of your leggings is thin and you can feel every inch of him against your core and you moan into his mouth. Arousal floods out of you and you know it’s already soaking right through your underwear. He breaks the kiss suddenly, leaving you breathless and craving more. 
“My room is through here,” he tells you, jutting his chin out towards the hallway. He’s breathing hard and there’s sweat beading on his forehead already. You swallow hard and nod, letting go of his neck to try and start walking towards where he had told you. 
His room is scarce, like he hasn’t really had the time to decorate it. The king sized bed takes up a good portion of the room and you look at the diffuser in the corner quizzically before turning to him to ask about it. 
“What? It smells nice,” he answers defensively before you can ask. 
“Oh...okay. I mean, weren’t there like, five in the living room? It’s a bit much. You know it diffuses right?” you deadpan, trying not to laugh at how he’s pretending to be offended by your comments.
“Whatever, it’s my place. I make the rules. I like diffusers. At least it’s not annoying neon signs and shit,” he retorts. 
He closes the gap between you again and pulls you into his arms, almost lifting you off your feet. This time he doesn’t hesitate in kissing you, mouth devouring yours like he owns you. You feel him moving you towards the bed, the back of your knees hitting the mattress while he works to remove your top. You break the kiss to let him pull your shirt and sports bra over your head. 
“Lay down,” Jungkook instructs, taking his own shirt off as he watches you lay back. It amazes you how, despite it being the third time you’re seeing him naked, it still has arousal pooling in your core. 
You’re propping yourself up on your elbows as Jungkook crawls up your body, stopping at your waist to pull your leggings off, leaving you bare under him. The air chills your body, goosebumps blooming across your sensitive skin. He’s kneeling over you, tongue darting out to lick his lips while his eyes rake over your body. You can see how hard he is through his sweatpants and it takes everything in you not to beg him right then and there. 
“You’re so beautiful, fuck. Look at you.” He bites his lips before lowering himself on you, his warmth and weight on your body making you feel heady. 
You expose your neck for him and Jungkook wastes no time in sucking and biting at it, pleasure running down your spine, sparking desire along its way. Your hands tangle in his hair, pulling him closer to you as your legs wrap around his waist. The material of his sweatpants coupled with his erection feel sinful on your core, and your hips grind up into him, seeking friction to quell the ache that has become unbearable. 
“Shit,” he whines against your neck in between kisses, breath hot against you. He grinds down on you, his length claiming every last inch of you. Your eyes roll back as your mouth drops open, pathetic mewls and whines escaping your lips. His hand roams down your side, fleeting touches that can’t seem to want to settle on any particular part of you. The way he kisses down your collarbone and across your chest with such reverence makes you feel like a goddess, he worships your body in a way no one else ever has. 
“Perfect,” he breathes against the peak of your breast before taking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around your sensitive nipple. It blinds you for a moment, his words and touch feel wicked. The feel of his tongue electrifies down your chest to your belly and it blooms there, hot and hungry in you. You hear the way you’re whining and moaning and it should embarrass you but you don’t care. It feels so fucking good. Jungkook is moaning as he plants kisses across the valley of your breasts, licking up to your other nipple before claiming that one as well. Your back arches off the bed, your core aching so much you might cry. Your legs wrap around his waist and you grind against his clothed erection in search of friction, desperate pleas falling from your lips. 
“I know, baby. I just- I just want to take my time with you today.” His voice is rough with need as he looks up at you through those dark, long lashes. You bite your lower lip, rolling your hips into his to drive the point home. 
“We don’t have all day, Kook. I wish we did.” You mean it too. The sting of guilt grabs your chest and squeezes it for just a second before you run your hands over his messy hair and ground yourself into the here and now. 
Jungkook places soft kisses into your sternum and looks back up at you, eyes pleading as he bites his lip. “Can I go down you? I promise I’ll do better this time.” 
He sounds so eager to please it has you almost coming undone. You nod quickly, hips rising against his again. You’re soaked and desperate and aching, and you’re not sure you’ll last much longer. He grins at you and it has your heart thumping in your chest as you smile back at him. As he makes his way down your body, spreading kisses and licks here and there, you lay your head back and close your eyes and just feel him. 
Parting your legs so he can settle between them, you hear him mumble praises about how you’re so pretty and needy for him, and it makes you whine and roll your hips in desperation. His mouth grazes just over your folds, warm breath making your hips buck against his face. 
“Hey, you’re okay. I’ll get there on my own,” he laughs against your thigh, the vibrations jolting against your core before planting a kiss on the sensitive skin. 
You lift your head and look at him, and he looks stunning, all flushed and eyes blown between your parted legs. He’s smirking up at you as he kisses down the apex of your thighs towards your core. 
“Please don’t do this. I need you,” you whisper, breathless as he draws closer to where you need him most. 
You watch, enthralled, as his eyes roll for a moment at your words. A groan escapes from his mouth as he continues to kiss just shy of where he should be instead. Without breaking eye contact with you, his tongue dips into your folds and licks a broad stripe from your entrance to your clit. 
The heat of his soft tongue on your soaked folds sends you reeling. He’s still watching your face and you refuse to let your lids close because you don’t want to miss a second of him devouring you. 
“You taste so good. I could spend all day here,” he mumbles against your clit, vibrations intensifying the surge of desire you were already feeling from his words. 
He pulls your swollen clit between his lips and sucks. Softly at first, just enough to have you jerking your hips against his face for more. He adds his tongue, gentle flicks across your bud as he continues sucking and slurping you, his moans sending shocks of pleasure through you. The whole time he’s looking up at you, eyes hooded and dark like he wants to give in and close his eyes but doesn’t want to miss a single face you make. 
Your head falls back against the pillow when you feel his finger against your entrance, entering you agonizingly slow. Your mouth falls open and you’re lost in it. In the swirls of his tongue on your clit, the stretch of his finger in you, the moans against your folds. It’s building something in you that you’re not sure you can handle, but you don’t care. You need it. Jungkook adds a second finger, digits caressing your front walls with purpose but just soft enough to keep you on edge. You’re whining incoherencies as you clench around his fingers, his lips wrapping around your clit again and this time it’s enough to have you bucking into his face. 
“There, please please. Oh shit, Kook-” you gasp, your orgasm right on the edge, just out of reach, and you don’t know words anymore. Your vision is blurring. You shut your eyes against it and the room spins even though you can’t see it anymore.
He’s flicking his tongue on your clit just right, it’s keeping you on the edge and you feel it’s on purpose. His fingers pump in and out of you, dragging against your g-spot every time he pulls out only to press right against it as he pumps back in. It’s all too much and you feel like you’re going to break. You’re gasping for air, pathetic whines filling the air as Jungkook keeps you right on the edge. There’s tears stinging your eyes, you can’t think straight. 
“Oh- please,” you choke out, a sob raking your chest from how overwhelmed you feel. 
Jungkook moans against your clit, tongue still working against it, and that’s all it takes. Your ears are ringing from the force of your climax and you feel your legs clamp around his head as he continues to move against you. He’s letting you buck up into his mouth, letting you ride your high on him and it sends you spiraling. Everything feels too real but dreamt at the same time, the blood pumping in your ears is the only reminder that you’re actually still alive. It’s too good, you don’t want it to stop, you want to keep him there forever, hold on to the feeling as long as possible. 
Your legs go slack, and Jungkook is laughing against your thigh. You’re both trying to catch your breath, and the rush of everything makes your face feel hot. It feels like you’ve never done anything like that before. There’s a voice in the back of your head that tries to remind you that someone else has done things like that to you before, but you decide to ignore it. 
You feel the bed shift and look to see Jungkook getting up. He takes his pants off rather unceremoniously, cheeks dusted pink as he glances at you. You can’t help the smile that creeps up your face as you watch him, he’s so enchanting. He palms his hard cock, moaning softly as he looks at you. He’s painfully hard, tip red and swollen, leaking precum. You lick your lips, eyes glued to the way he’s fisting himself for you. Because it is for you, he’s got his eyes locked on the way your legs squeeze together, how you’re palming your breasts. He’s got you right where he wants you and you’re letting him tease you.
A rush of adrenaline twists through you and it takes a lot more this time to push it away. There isn’t enough time. Almost like he senses your panic, Jungkook walks over to the nightstand next to you and pulls a condom out of the drawer. He rips it open, carefully tearing open the foil before rolling it down his length. You suppress a laugh. Of course he’s careful with it. 
He kneels on the edge of the bed and you spread yourself to accommodate him. He inhales sharply, looking like he’s about to lose all control. You can’t stop the heat that crawls up your neck towards your cheeks, he’s so into every part of you. It makes you feel so wanted. 
Slotting himself between your legs, he runs his hands up your thighs. His touch leaves goosebumps in its wake, making you shiver in anticipation. You can feel his length against you, hot and heavy right against your folds, yet he makes no move to fuck you and it’s almost getting to be too much. You circle your hips up against him and he chews on his lower lip, a harsh breath coming from deep in his chest, resonating through him. His jaw falls slack as you keep moving, your wet folds rubbing against his cock and it feels so good you can’t find it in you to stop. 
“Baby, please,” he whines, his hand moving to your hip to still your movements. Listening to him call you baby is equal parts exciting and nauseating, a reminder that you’re not his baby. 
“Do you need me to beg for it again?” you breathe, moving your hips again despite his warning. 
There’s a dark flash in his eye and he smirks at you. Toying with his lip ring he fists himself again but this time he glides the head of his cock between your folds, hitting your clit with every roll of his hips upwards. You gasp as the pleasure jolts with every stroke, too much but not enough. 
“Fuck, okay. Please fuck me, please.” The last word comes out of you in a whine so pathetic you blush. 
“Thank you,” Jungkook responds, voice dark with an edge you can’t really identify. 
He thrusts into you in one swift motion, the stretch burning enough to make you hiss, but he doesn’t stop until he’s fully sheathed in you. He lets out a satisfied moan and leans down to kiss down your exposed neck. His body flush against yours is heavy and too hot but you don’t care, it’s absolute heaven. He’s flush against you in a way that makes his hips grind against your clit, and your eyes roll back when he pushes just a little more to apply more pressure. 
Your arms brace on his broad shoulders, needing to feel more of him to keep yourself fully grounded, because the way he just rolled his hips back made you feel like you’d slip right out of your body. The drag of his cock against your slick walls combined with the steady pressure against your clit makes your mouth fall open as stars spark behind your eyes, breath hitching when he slowly pumps back into you. His angle is hitting your front wall just right, and your whole body surges with pleasure when he presses against your clit with his hips again. 
“You feel so fucking perfect, baby. This is so perfect,” Jungkook sighs against your neck and you believe him. He’s absolutely right, this feels so perfect and you don’t want to think of him never fucking you again. 
You wrap your legs around his waist, hips moving in tandem while you both work to slowly increase the pace. It’s not desperate this time. It’s slow and deep and agonizingly good. Your entire body responds to him, from his breath against your neck to his hands on your thighs keeping you open for him. The way he whines and moans praises about you into your ear, his voice melodious even as he fucks you. 
Your nails dig into his back on a particularly hard thrust that hits your soft spot, his hips rolling against your clit, and no amount of grounding is going to keep you on earth for the orgasm that is building violently inside you. Jungkook’s cock pulses inside you, a strangled moan escaping his throat as you clench around him. He bites your neck in response but immediately lets go. You don’t have to tell him you're not his to mark, and it hurts you in the moment that you can’t have that because you want him to mark you, it’s marking you one way or the other so you might as well have the physical reminder.
“I-I can’t. I’m, fuck, it’s too good. I-” Jungkook’s hips falter as his orgasm hits him. He’s moaning wantonly against your neck, fully lost in you. His hips snap hard against you and that’s all it takes.
Your own climax takes your breath away, the feeling arising from deep inside you but quickly spreading against every single nerve in your body. Your vision is gone and all you can hear is Jungkook moaning your name, and you grip his shoulders so tight you know it’ll bruise but you don’t care. He’s yours to mark. His name falls from your lips in an endless chant as your walls convulse around him, deep contractions that have you shuddering and struggling to breathe. He’s deep inside you still and his cock continues pulsing as your walls keep clenching around him. 
You lay there tangled together for what feels like too long. It’s comfortable, his weight on you. You’re warm and safe wrapped up in him and you don’t feel like moving. It’s Jungkook who stirs first and mumbles against your collarbone. 
“Did you say when you had to leave? How long can you realistically run for?” 
Your stomach pangs with dread. Right. You’re on a run. You let out a frustrated groan, “I should probably get dressed.”
You get up and start looking around the room for your clothes. Jungkook watches you, eyes following you as you collect your things from the floor. There’s a look in his eyes you can’t really figure out, and it worries you. You can’t afford to make this messier. 
“So like, this whole thing…with us…it’s just, sex right?” The words leave your mouth, surprising you. Was it just sex? It had to be, right? 
On the bed, Jungkook is quiet. Like he didn’t hear you. He did though, because he’s paler than he was a minute ago. Realistically, you know this is only hooking up. He must know this can’t be anything else. His reaction makes you doubt but you can’t even think about it right now.
The thought of hurting him is just as painful as the thought of hurting Namjoon. He’s been your friend almost from day one, he was the first to welcome you into the friend group after you started dating Namjoon. You enjoy his company as a friend, friends fuck sometimes…right? Of course they do. 
“Y-yeah. I know, it’s just hooking up. Just casual. I know this wouldn’t work. It’s fine,” he replies. He fidgets with the sheets around his waist, eyes focused on his task. 
You sigh in relief. He knows it’s just hooking up. No big deal. Everything is fine. 
Except you’re cheating on your boyfriend, the little voice in your head hisses, and you flinch mentally. Right. That. You push the thought aside and keep getting dressed. Aside from that, everything is fine. You and Jungkook are on the same page. You know that, realistically, things have to end at some point. This way you’re at least sure you won’t break his heart and things will be fine after. 
As you’re almost done getting dressed, Jungkook gets up and puts on his sweatpants. He’s looking at you much like how a puppy would look at its owner when it realizes it’ll be left alone soon. For some reason, it stings to see him like that. You worry briefly that he’s lying about knowing this was casual. He can’t be. He wouldn’t do that. 
“Are you sure you can’t call Namjoon and tell him you ran into someone? I’ll make us lunch like I promised,” he says. 
You pause, considering. You could tell Namjoon that you ran into a friend on your run and you’re stopping somewhere for lunch. The thought is tempting and at this point you know the lie would be easy. You look over at Jungkook, who is giving you the most convincing look, and you know he doesn’t want you to leave. That’s exactly why you have to. It would be dangerous if you stayed and you know it. 
Your phone goes off on the table by the entrance. It’s your text notification. Jungkook looks at you, silently pleading not to go check. You ignore him, needing to know more than you want to please him. 
You walk out into the entry and grab your phone. You have two missed calls from Namjoon and 5 text messages. 
Joon: Hey, can you bring coffee on your way back?
Joon: Nevermind. You shouldn’t run with coffee. 
Joon: not trying to be weird but it’s been an hour. You haven’t read my other texts. You ok?
Joon: you’re not answering the phone either. Are you good? 
The last one you had just received. It makes your stomach drop. 
Joon: baby, if you don’t text me back I’m gonna call the cops. Like, did you fall? Are you lying in a ditch??? Hello???????
You feel horrible for worrying him. Your instincts kick in and you call him. You put the phone up to your ear and make a face at Jungkook, who’s standing there staring at you like you’ve lost your mind. 
Namjoon picks up on the second ring, “Hello? Are you okay?” 
“I’m fine. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you baby,” you explain, turning your back so you don’t have to deal with Jungkook’s stare. Your heart is pounding as if Namjoon could see through the call. It’s fine. As long as you don’t slip up, it’ll be okay. 
“Where are you? Do you need me to pick you up?” he asks, concern still evident in his voice despite you sounding fine. 
“No! I, no- it’s okay. I can manage. I just found a spot to sit and lost track of time. Plenty of energy to get home!” 
Out of the corner of your eye you see Jungkook waving his hands to get your attention. You look over at him and raise your eyebrows, hoping he stays quiet. 
“Tell him you met up with a friend!” he mouths at you, still trying to get you to stay. 
You shake your head and cover the mouthpiece of the phone. “No!” you mouth back while shooing him away with your hand. The situation would be comical if your heart wasn’t lodged in your throat. 
“Okay, if you insist you’re fine. I guess I’ll see you in a little bit?” 
“Yup! I’ll be home before you know it!” You sigh in relief, you’re almost in the clear. 
“I love you baby,” he says softly. 
“I…love you too,” you barely manage to choke out, hyper aware of Jungkook standing beside you. 
You hang up the call and look at Jungkook, ready to snap at him for what he did. He’s looking at you and it shocks you to see he looks genuinely disappointed. 
“I’m sorry. I can’t stay. I can’t keep lying to him. It’s just all piling up,” you try to explain, but his expression doesn’t change.
Truth is, you want to stay. You want to spend the rest of the afternoon with him. You know that’s what he wants, too. It’s pulling you in two separate directions and you can feel how it’s slowly ripping you clean down the middle. 
“Kook… I’m…” you start but his face suddenly hardens and he interrupts you. 
“It’s fine. I get it. I know you have to go. Maybe we can rain check a lunch? I still owe you.” 
You nod. “Yeah. A rain check would be nice. I can’t wait to rip apart your horrible cooking.” You smirk at him and that makes him chuckle. It eases your guilty conscience to see him in better spirits. 
He walks you to the door and opens it for you. You both linger in the doorway, the air between you suddenly charged. He looks like he has something to say but you don’t want to push it and he doesn’t volunteer it. For a moment, you think he’s going to kiss you. He’s leaning in and keeps looking at your lips. Halfway to you, he stops. 
“I’ll be around. Just text me,” he says, voice soft. 
“Yeah. I’ll text you,” you respond. You give him a half smile and turn to walk towards the elevator. 
You push the button once you’re there and it hits you that you never heard the door close. You glance over towards Jungkook’s door. He’s still waiting at the door, half inside his apartment. Your heart sinks when you make eye contact and he gives you a small smile. You return it half heartedly and praise the universe silently when the elevator arrives. You get in and shut your eyes, the tears that were brimming your lids falling. 
Tumblr media
You walk into the apartment feeling like you’ve lived a whole day when it’s barely early afternoon. Your muscles are sore and achy, your eyes are stinging from crying the entire drive home. There’s a headache starting behind your eyes and you just want a hot shower. 
“Oh hey. I thought I heard the door!” Namjoon says, lifting his head from the book he’s reading as he watches you shuffle into the living room. “No offense, I think you should never run again. Took you like two hours! Umm, I love you and all, but you also look like someone ran you over.” 
You make an annoyed face at him. You don’t have the energy to explain this away. “I’m gonna take a shower. Do you still want to try that new cafe?” 
He looks at you in surprise. “Oh, you still want to see people after this morning? We can stay home if you want. You really don’t look so great.” 
“I’m fine. It was just hot and I’m tired right now. I know you took the day to be together-” You pause, stomach twisting with guilt. “I still want to be with you.” Your eyes water while you struggle to finish your sentence. 
“Hey yeah we can be together at home! You don’t have to cry, I promise I’m not mad at you. About anything really. I couldn’t ever be mad at you,” he says. 
He can tell you’re about to lose it. He probably thinks it’s because you’re tired, but his words cut you deeper than he intended. You nod and press your lips together, willing the tears to not fall. You have a hard time believing that he couldn’t ever be mad. He has so many reasons to be mad and he doesn’t even know it. The rip that started at Jungkook’s apartment tears just a little more. 
“I’m gonna shower and then we’ll revisit plans,” you mutter, turning to head to the bedroom before Namjoon can respond. 
Once you’re in the bathroom, you make sure to lock the door so Namjoon won’t scare you like last time. You turn on the shower, turning it to the hottest setting, and proceed to peel off your workout clothes while the steam rises around you. With a pang of anxiety you notice that you can smell Jungkook on your clothes. You’re grateful Namjoon didn’t get too close. How would you explain that to him? What lie would you come up with? You’re tired just thinking about it. 
Stepping into the shower, you stand underneath it and let the hot water hit you. You wish it could melt away everything you’re feeling, get rid of this mess you started out of greed and put things back to where they were. You want to stand in this hot shower and pretend that nothing outside of it exists. 
It does though. Your feelings for Jungkook are real. Just as real as your feelings for Namjoon. You keep denying it, willing the thought away whenever it crops up but at this point you have to admit it. You’re falling for him. It isn’t just sex. It has never been just sex. A chill runs up your spine, disgust mixing with anxiety. 
This isn’t going to end well. You know that much. There’s no way this will end well. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook watches you get into the elevator, hyper aware that he must look like a complete weirdo. He knows he shouldn’t have done it. Knows that he should’ve just closed the door and let it be. He can’t. He doesn’t want to. He’s upset with you for not staying and upset with himself for wanting you to stay. 
He closes the door and looks at his empty apartment. The silence makes him uncomfortable. He wishes you had stayed. He gets it though, he’s not your priority and you’ve made that clear. 
It’s just sex, right? Your voice rings in his head, and the sudden rush of pain that shoots through him is enough to make him want to punch the wall beside him. Of course it’s just god damn sex for you. You have Namjoon. You don’t need anyone else. You’re just stringing him along like he deserves because he’ll always be chasing after what Namjoon has. 
Jungkook grits his teeth, and he can feel the muscles in his jaw tensing. He’s angry that he’s deluded himself into this being anything special to you. He’s liked you since the day he met you, envy coursing through him that night at how you held Namjoon’s hand so tight, nerves evident as you tried your best to impress the six most important people in his life. 
Every dance practice you showed up to was a practice that he couldn’t get through without nerves making him mess up, earning him side glances from Hobi. You were nice enough to cheer them all on, and he wanted to lash out because he wanted that proud smile to be aimed only at him and no one else. 
Whenever he invites you to dinner, he pretends they’re dates and you have no one to come home to. At first, he would be cautious with his remarks or flirting, but he noticed quickly how you would blush and giggle, and never once did you stop him. He got bolder and you… encouraged him. 
He doesn’t remember the exact moment he fell for you. He does remember the moment where he realized he would never recover from it. You were straddling his lap, his head was reeling from having you there, all of the nights he spent touching himself to you doing what you were actually doing now had him needing to pinch himself.
You looked down at him and told him that you would take things as slow as he wanted and that you could go as far as he wanted to go. Your scent surrounded him, your thighs warm against his, beautiful lips so close, bitten red from kissing him. He remembers then that he had completely forgotten Namjoon was in the room, and he had wanted things to go slow because he didn’t want them to end. 
It’s just sex, right? you interrupt him again. His hands ball into fists and he presses them against his temples, trying hard to keep the good parts of what he had with you alive. Trying to drown out reality. It makes his chest tight to remember how he’s had you, actually had you, in his arms more than twice now and each time he has to hand you back over to someone better. 
He’d do it again though. He’d do it a million times if he could. He can’t stand the thought of you not being in his life. Just like how he can’t stand a world without Namjoon. His friend, his mentor, his entire life. He has never loved anyone like he loves Namjoon… except you. 
His mind replays you on the phone, telling Namjoon you love him. The urge to hit something comes back so fast it blindsides him. He’s so upset his stomach churns. Why can’t that be me? His head is swimming with thoughts of a life where you love him back. He feels tears prick his eyes knowing that the life he craves doesn’t belong to him. You don’t belong to him. 
The anger and frustration bubble over, rising in his chest and fizzing up through him until he’s on his feet and shouting, “Fuck! Fuck this! Fuck you! Fuck all of this! Fuck!” 
Tears sting at his eyes. When did this get so messy? When did this become his reality? He sits back down on the bed, lets his head fall into his hands and swallows down the sob that’s threatening to spill over. 
Tumblr media
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dreamescapeswriting · a day ago
BTS ~ You Go Into Labour On A Plane [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜GENRE: platonic friend with BTS goes into labour, attempted humour, iffy dialogue, over dramatic hehe, angst, fluffy, 
PAIRING: OT7 X Fem!Reader
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - October 2022
Tumblr media
"Walking is good for you when you're on a plane, it stops blood clots," Jimin stated as you began to waddle up and down the main part of the private jet, your hands holding onto your lower back as you let out a small groan every time you moved. Maybe getting onto a plane when you were 8 months pregnant had been a mistake but you'd been cleared for travel and it was part of your job. The boys had just finished their last night of the tour and now all of you were flying home and you were pretty happy about it too, you'd missed your own bed and the comfort of your home. You never would have gone on the tour if it hadn't been for the fact that you were the member's manager and it was part of your job description. 
"Did she kick you today yet? I'm still pissed I haven't got to feel it." Taehyung grumbled as he watched you waddling past his seat, all of the members were like uncles to your unborn daughter and each of them was excited to finally meet her. 
"Not yet, she's being quiet which is unusual for her," You admitted with a shy giggle, whimpering a little when you suddenly felt a sharp pain in your back but you put it down to pregnancy pains. You stopped beside Jungkook's seat and rested your hands on it for a couple of seconds, leaning yourself forward as you felt another pain beginning to radiate through your back,
"S-Shit," You grunted a little, turning to look over at Jin who was staring back at you with widened eyes, his face instantly began to pale as he thought about what this was all going to mean.
"Did Yn wet herself?" Jungkook asked from behind you, you slowly looked down at the puddle on the floor and you blubbered a little as tears began to rush to your eyes. The movies and all of the shows you'd watched over the years had lied to you, your waters broke and it wasn't some massive splash it was a tiny pop followed by a little water. Instantly the small panic you'd been experiencing before began to bubble over inside of you as you realised that you were currently 42,000 feet in the air with no doctor around you and no painkillers that were going to be able to get rid of the effects of your contractions. 
"Is it what I think it is?!" Jimin yelled out suddenly, your eyes turning to look at the member who was closest to you and you nodded instantly reaching out to hold onto him as you felt a burst of pain radiating up and down your back. Alarms began to ring in each of the member's minds as they realised that this was the moment that they'd been waiting for for months and it was finally going to happen...Only they weren't as prepared as they thought that they were going to be. There was no hospital close by, your "to go" bags were at the studios and at your home where you weren't and there was no way you were going to be able to give birth on a plane. 
As Jimin slowly walked you over to you your body began to shake as you thought about it more and more. This wasn't supposed to happen yet, you were supposed to have more time but it appeared as though babies were destined to come whenever they pleased.
"S-Someone get blankets! Someone get some warm water!" Hoseok started ordering the members around as Jimin slowly laid back his chair for you to take before he helped you sit down. Thank god for private jets, at least you weren't going to be disrupting an entire plane of passengers with your delivery but this wasn't exactly where you had imagined bringing your daughter into the world and especially not with the men you worked with helping you deliver. In all of the times, you'd planned the hospital trips the members were going to be waiting in the waiting room, not in the delivery room with you. 
"I-I'm not having the baby on a plane!" You yelled out to Namjoon who was suddenly by your side and telling Jimin to go and help Taehyung with blankets and towels. Jungkook had disappeared toward the front of the plane and somehow talked his way into the cockpit and you were beginning to freak out. All of them seemed to be pretty okay with you giving birth on a plane in front of them but that was the last thing you wanted.
"You'll be fine, the baby will be fine," Namjoon assured you but you grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him so that he was face to face with you. Your skin was burning as you thought about delivering a baby while you were flying through the sky, 
"I'm not giving birth on a plane Namjoon, no hell no way!" You warned him as he smiled weakly at you he didn't want you to do this either but it wasn't as though you had much of a choice if your contractions were already starting.
"It's not time, she's not supposed to deliver for another month," Jin said in a panicked tone, his eyes almost as wide as yours as he rushed over to you and shook his head. He continued to ramble on about how nothing was ready to back home for the baby and that all of them were supposed to be finishing things off which in turn only made you panic more.
"The nursery isn't done! Neither is the one in Yoongi's studio," He told Namjoon as you whined and squeezed onto the armrests of the chair slowly turning to see Yoongi who was fast asleep in the chair beside you. All of the boys were being so nice to you, they always had been but since getting pregnant they had been more attentive to you, especially since your boyfriend had left you when he discovered you were pregnant. There was supposed to be a nursery inside of Yoongi's studio so that you could come to work and still have the baby with you at all times, HYBE had been completely accommodating to you.
"Everything will be fine, Yn isn't going to give birth on the plane," Yoongi said calmly as he slowly opened his eyes to look at you and you whimpered a little. Usually, Yoongi's calm words and demeanour were enough to reassure you but right now they were doing nothing to aid you. Everything didn't feel as though it was going to be fine, in fact, it felt as though everything was falling apart around you.
"So help me Yoongi if I deliver this baby on a plane I will make you help me deliver the baby," You warned him as he slowly sat up and looked down at his watch,
"It's only been two minutes since your first contraction, as long as you're not having another one so soon we have plenty of time until we can get you to land," Yoongi looked at you and you smiled weakly at him trying to get his words to stay in your mind. He'd been going to a lot of the birthing classes with you whenever he had the chance to and you were thankful that at least one of you had been paying attention to the classes. 
"The pilot said he's going to radio the closest airport and find out if we can do an emergency landing," Jungkook said as he was panting heavily,
"I also have a nurse on the phone that said she'll be willing to go through birthing techniques if the time comes," Jungkook thought that he was helping but bringing back the thought of delivering only made you panic once again.
"I am NOT giving birth on this plane!" You yelled at him, groaning as you began to worry about having your daughter in the middle of the air. While it would be a great story to tell it wasn't exactly one that you wanted to do, what if something went wrong? What if you ended up hurting her? The boys didn't know the first thing about delivering a baby.
"She asked if you know how dilated you are," Jungkook asked while staring at you innocently, you whimpered and shook your head at him. How in the hell were you supposed to know how dilated you were? You'd only just started having contractions surely you were 1 cm? Why didn't anyone teach you this from a young age, why were you only ever given one birthing class on the actual Birth?!
"I don't know," You cried out and shook your head, your eyebrows knitting together as you wondered about how you were supposed to check that by yourself.
"I can check," Jungkook said before you screamed at him to get away from you, you stared him in the eyes and he could have sworn it felt as though he was being stared at by the devil. There was no way you were going to let any of them look under your skirt even if it was for medical purposes.
"I'm fine. The baby is fine, I haven't had another contraction yet." You whispered even though you were mostly trying to convince yourself of that more than you were the members.
"Is the baby going to just shoot out? Do we need to catch it?!" Jimin asked with a grossed-out look on his face, everyone slowly turned to look at him before Jungkook pulled him away from you. 
"The pilot is going to do an emergency landing," Hoseok called out from near the cock pit, he was simply refusing to come any closer to you as he didn't want to risk seeing anything.
"See, everything will be completely fine!" Hoseok added before you glared over in his direction,
"I'm about to push a baby out of my vagina everything is far from fine!" You yelled out before another contraction began to hit you, instantly your right and left hands were taken by Yoongi and Namjoon who were coaching you through your breathing. It was going to be a long flight until you landed if this was what you were going to be dealing with, your eyes slowly landed on Jin who now looked like he was going to pass out. 
"Someone catch Jin," You whined out, rolling your head back against the seat in pain while you heard shuffling from the men as they went to help their eldest member. 
Tumblr media
"Fuck me," You whimpered as you laid your head back against the seat, you were drenched in sweat and the plane was filled with the sounds of a crying baby girl.
"Congratulations mummy," The nurse said as she gently laid your little girl against your chest, your eyes softening as all of the pain you'd been feeling for the last hour slowly faded away from you. This must have been what people meant when they said that the pain of birth melted away as soon as you looked into the eyes of your newborn because you'd forgotten everything the second you held her. 
"I'll send the members back on," The nurse chuckled as you nodded at her, your head slowly looking around the private jet that was no doubt going to be in need of a deep clean. The plane had landed before you went into labour but there was no time to get you from the plane to the hospital so you'd had to deliver on the plane but at least the boys weren't there.
"Uncle Jin is here," Jin called out as he walked through the door and smiled at you, he was smiling back at you with a bandaid on his head from where he had passed out earlier in the plane ride.
"Where are her other uncles?" You giggled as he knelt down beside your seat, his hand gently running across your daughter's cheek as he couldn't help but smile.
"Jimin threw up when the nurse came off the plane so they're cleaning him up," He admitted before Yoongi and Namjoon slowly came on board to come and greet the newest edition of the team.
Tumblr media
Tagline:  @millenniumspec @chiisaiblog @rjdy-367 @rjsmochii @tinyoonsblog @sw33tnight @taestannie @cherrybubblesandvodka @army24--7 @acciocriativity @mitzwinchester @heyjiminnie @kimahnjung98 @halesandy @ethereallino @jin-from-the-block @aerastus @namjooningelsewhere @ratherbfangirling @psychosupernatural @afternoonteabiscuit @lyoongx @periandernyx @heeseunger24 @laylasbunbunny @royallyjjk @critssq @pearlygraysky​ @lenfilms​ @btsiguess-kpop​ @meowmeowisdaname​
Tumblr media
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musicloverxoxo7 · 2 days ago
How about we have a baby – feat. Namjoon
Idol!Namjoon   x   fem!reader
Summary: Both you and Namjoon have been wanting a baby. Is today finally the day you start trying?
Themes/warnings: smut, nipple play, fingering, unprotected sex (be careful irl, please), established relationship (husband and wife)
Wordcount: ca. 1.2k
I do not own BTS. They merely inspire me. None of this is related to their persons in real life.
Namjoon is exhausted. You can tell as he hangs up his bag and slips out of his shoes. He shuffles into the kitchen. You’re watering plants. Namjoon comes up behind you, slings his arms around your waist and inhales deeply at your neck.
“Uhm, hi?”
“Hey baby”, he murmurs into your skin. Even after years together his low voice makes you feel things.
You stand still and wait for him to release you. Since that seems to be taking its time today, you lean back your head and snuggle into him. He places a kiss on your neck. And another. His grip suddenly becomes tighter.
“I thought you were tired”, you say with a smile.
“Exactly. Past tense.”
You playfully swat at his hand. He doesn’t even seem to notice. One of his hands travels up to your boobs, the other trails downwards. It slides under your pants and underwear. His practiced hand finds your clit instantly. Your head drops back as he draws circles. You arch your back, so your ass presses into his crotch. He seems to enjoy the pressure and rubs himself against you.
You claw your hand into his as the pressure in your belly builds.
“How about we take this to the bedroom?”
“Soon, baby.”
You admire his insistence that you always have to come before he has sex with you. You rut against his hand, trying to close your legs fully. His big hand is in the way. He makes sure to keep them open enough to retain access.
You whine. Your legs shake like leafs in the wind. The orgasm is like tsunami, making you fall forward. Namjoon holds you upright. You can feel him chuckle into your hair.
“I guess that was a good one.”
“Uh-huh”, you manage.
Namjoon scoops you up into his arms and carries you bridal style to your bedroom. The bed is made. You put on fresh sheets just a few hours ago. Now you are laid down into those sheets. They smell faintly of lavender.
Namjoon strips off his sweater and t-shirt. You enjoy the view. His caramel skin looks very kissable. You’ll have to test that. Like every time.
You were so distracted by your hunk of a husband that you’ve forgotten to take off any of your own clothing. Namjoon looks at you with furrowed forehead and a slight smile. Quickly, you unbutton your blouse and unhook your bra, tossing them onto the floor.
“Hey baby”, Namjoon has stripped completely and lays down at your side while you struggle out of your jeans and underwear.
“You remember how we talked about starting to try for a baby?”
“I do. You said you wanted some more time.”
“I’m ready now. I want a baby with you.”
Something in your stomach flutters. You’ve wanted to be a mom for a long time and imagining little Namjoonies running around is the epitome of cute and perfect for you. Paired with perhaps some fear of his destructive trait being hereditary. You smile at the thoughts.
“Then, no condom.”
“No condom.”
You both suddenly feel shy. You could swear Namjoon is blushing a bit.
“Hey, come here my teddy bear.”
You hold out your arms. Namjoon lays his head down on your upper arm. He slots one of his legs between yours.
“Are you scared?”
“A little.”
“Practice makes perfect.” You move in closer until your noses almost touch. “If we have to have sex without a condom for the next year, I’m not complaining either.”
He smiles. His beautiful eyes crinkle at the corners.
“Got it.”
Namjoon’s hand wanders over your hip, butt, and the back of your thigh. At the back of your knee, he stops and pulls until nothing would fit in between your bodies anymore. You love the feeling of his chest pressed against yours.
You move in for a kiss. Namjoon’s shyness has clearly passed. He kisses you back fervently, his tongue playing with yours. You take the chance to grab his firm ass. You take your time kissing, pressed against each other. Until the point when you feel precum leaking onto your stomach.
“I guess this is our sign”, Namjoon mumbles against your mouth.
“If you mean your sign to finally fuck me, then yes, you’re right.”
Namjoon motions for you to turn onto your other side. You do. He comes up behind you, his chest against your back. You can feel his hard length slip in between your thighs. You sigh and rub yourself over him. Namjoon’s hand finds its place on your stomach. Rubbing against him feels so nice you feel yourself getting all riled up again. You start drawing circle onto your clit on top of that. A moan escapes you.
“Just like that”, Namjoon whispers in a rough voice. You’d almost forgotten that he’s supposed to cum in you, not spill between your thighs. You move your hips, take a hold of him and line him up with your entrance. Slowly, you push him into you. Namjoon helps you. He takes it slow, knowing that this position takes a bit more time to adjust.
You raise your thigh and Namjoon grabs onto is for leverage. You keep up the ministrations on your clit. Soon, your leg is shaking. Namjoon is still moving slowly.
“Let is happen, honey. I can give you another one, today.”
You bite your lip at how hot his confidence sounds. Seconds later you’re still biting your lip. But this time because the orgasm has your body writhing. Namjoon keeps up the slow, smooth strokes all the while.
It takes you some time to come down from the high. You start in on your clit again.
“I love how you feel, baby. Especially when you squeeze me like that”, Namjoon whispers into your ear. Your smile turns into a moan as he starts thrusting harder. You claw at the sheets.
“Joon. Ahhh. Joon.”
That makes him thrust even harder, deeper. It feels so good. You feel the next orgasm head towards you quickly.
“I’m not going to last much longer, honey.” Namjoon’s voice is strained.
“Go for it.”
You push your hips back towards him with every thrust. You breathe hard as he bottoms out every time. Your walls start contracting around him, sending you down the spiral of another orgasm.
Namjoon let’s go of all control and follows you over the edge, spilling his warm cum in you. It feels new, but in a pleasant way. Namjoon lets out a sigh behind you. He places his hand on your stomach.
“Well, I don’t think we actually need a lot of practice. But I’m willing to pretend we do if you are.”
Namjoon laughs.
“I’m willing to do just about anything if it means I get do that again.”
“You get to do that until I give birth to baby Kim. Whenever that might be.”
Namjoon caresses your stomach.
“Our baby. I’m glad I get to do this with you, y/n. I couldn’t imagine a better partner.”
“Neither could I.”
Namjoon props himself up on his elbow and gives you a kiss on the cheek.
© musicloverxoxo7, 2022
Please do not copy, translate, or repost my work. Doing so will make you legally liable for stealing intellectual property.
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justanotherarmyfangirl · 11 hours ago
Taped! (1/3)
For their viewing pleasure, they make sure you know you’re theirs.
Warning: 18+ smut, dubcon/noncon, let me say it again, noncon or very dubious consent, if that’s not you’re thing stop reading now! reader manipulation, yandere, toxic relationship, exhibitionism, rough sex, fingering, creampie, oral sex, revenge porn?, choking, degradation kink
Tumblr media
You record namjoon as the sun sets behind him. His large frame silloutted behind the bright orange light of the sun. “Now let me record you.”
You laugh, “why!”
“C’mon baby, I want a video of this memory,” he smiles, pulling you into a kiss as he holds the phone out to catch you both in the dwindling sunlight, he smiles at the camera, staring at your reflection together. “Do you know how beautiful you are? I love you.”
“I love you too.” He dives in for another kiss, deepening it, hand exploring your body. “Why are you still recording?” you laugh, arms around his neck as his fingers dive under your jeans. “Joon? What are you doing? Not here-”
He shushes you, pressing two knuckles deep into your cunt, hooking his fingers, keeping you to him in the most obscene way. He rocks his fingers inside you despite your worried protests. You’re unable to get away, alone in the woods, barely hidden from view, the sky grows darker and darker as the night casts over.
His kisses are a destraction until he has you pinned between him and a tree, camera in your flushed face. He drags his fingers out, pressing them on your tongue. You don’t want to make a scene, act unsexy, especially as he zooms in to your face, your mouth, your cleavage, trailing lower and lower down. He drops the phone down for a moment and holds your neck, kissing you rough and urgent, tongue rolling into your mouth. “Lay down,” he pulls off his hoodie.
“We’re gong to get caught,” you hiss.
“No we won’t, baby lay down,” he argues, guiding you down into the brush. The ground is rough with twigs and dirt, you smell grass and woods, Namjoon’s body presses over yours, crushing you. You look to the side, his camera is set upright against a root.
You turn your head away only to be turned again by Namjoon’s strong grip around your jaw. “Someone will catch us,” you quietly whisper over and over. Namjoon strips you of your jeans, unbuckles his own and presses into you hastily, digging his shoes into the earth to fuck in you deep. It’s uncomfortable, the pressure is tight, the ground hurts, but you take it, let him move your legs wider for a better view.
He presses your wrists into the earth, fucking you fast and deep. Leaves and twigs itch your skin, tangle into your hair. He flips you around, and despite your cries you cheek ends up pressed into dirt instead of the cloth of his jacket, bunched up underneath you with his rough fucking. It’s like he enjoys making a mess of you, dirtying every inch of you, ruining you. His cock drags along your walls, so thick and tight inside you, you can’t help but respond, mewling and whimpering, moist earth sticking to your skin.
He pulls out quickly grabbing the camera, turning on the flash. The light blinds you as you pant heavily, limbs aching and body spent. Namjoon hovers over you. knees on either side of your body as you catch your breath, pumping himself until he releases, covering your dirt covered face in his sticky white cum. “Good girl.”
Tumblr media
“Let me record you.”
You knew why, there could only be one reason why Jin wanted to record your naked body, his own pressed over yours, giving you lazy kisses across your chest. “I want documented evidence to prove how fast I can make you cum.”
You laugh. You would normally say no, but you weren’t going to see him for two weeks. Jin knew you, you always gave in to him the nights before he had to leave. “Didn’t one of you just get hacked?”
“Not us! Our phones have special encryption, c’mon, trust me.” He settles himself in your cleavage, bringing you into a kiss while he starts record. Filming your body down. “You’re so beautiful, I miss you already,” he kisses your stomach and you reach to smack him in embarrassment, his strong hand encircling your wrist and holding you out of the way for his teasing. “Time it, I bet I can do it in under 3 minutes.” He hands you his phone, opened to the front facing camera on his phone.
You make small talk, “its 2:23am. 1, 2, 3-”
“No, wait until the minute changes.” You roll your eyes, laughing at his determination. “Hello love, remember to only use this footage as a last resort, if you think about touching yourself, remember to call me first, because chances are I’m probably also touching myself to the thought of you,” you bite your lip, staring at your reflection. Jin groans between your legs and rolls his tongue up your thigh. “You’re cheating!”
You flip the camera, aiming it at your lover and he smirks against your thigh, “Nuh uh, my mouth hasn’t touched you yet.” He presses the pad of his finger rather roughly against your nub and you shiver from his touch, trying to steady the camera. “2:24...unngh!” He latches his arms over your legs, mouth suctioned over your clit. His tongue flicks back and forth over your sensitive nub, sharp quick strokes that make you shake in his hold, trying your best to keep the camera steady.
Jin moves a hand to stroke your folds. “2:25,” you shudder. Jin presses two fingers into your wet heat, moving with purpose, the pads of his pressing up into your g-spot with each stroke. He sucks harder on your clit, your legs tighten around his head, an uncontrollable response to his quick ministrations, your free hand stroking his hair and pushing his head into your core. “Fu-uckk-”
His other arm reaches up to pull at your nipple and you orgasm, overwhelmed by his efforts as tingles of pleasure run through you from top to bottom.
You lift your head up after coming back down from your high, repositioning the camera once you remember you were still filming. “How do you do that?” you laugh breathless. “How does he do that?” you tease the camera. He looks up with a smirk, chin glistening with your juices. He holds his arm out, curling two digits to ask for his phone back. He films your flushed face as you shyly cover your chest.
“I don’t know if that was 3 minutes,” you tease.
He whispers, “I love you.” You look into the lens and say I love you back, making sure he knows in the moment and whenever he decides to watch you again, how much you really love him. He leans over you, filming your body as his hands grope your breasts and run over your throat, thumb running over your lips. “Open your mouth, Princess.”
He presses his thumb over your tongue, widening your open mouth, moving his phone closer to your fucked out face. “Who do you belong to?”
He waits, camera still recording. you try your best to answer him with his fingers in your mouth. “-o-uh”
He pushes his fingers deeper in your mouth until you choke. You whine, pulling his hand away. Seokjin lets out a satisfied sigh, smiling wide.
“You want more?”
“Mm that’s it, I got what I wanted.” He kisses your lips, making sure the camera caught both your faces.
He leaked the video himself, maybe he just wanted a clean break from everything holding him back, or maybe he just wanted to make sure you were linked to him forever.
Tumblr media
Yoongi restarts the chorus for you. You sing the same two lines, over and over, perfecting the pitch, working out exactly how you wanted to perform the chorus.
“Let’s take a break.” He turns his chair around to face you and you stretch and nod, sitting up. His eyes travel over your clothes as you smooth the wrinkles out.
“How is it so far?” You ask.
“Come here,” he beacons you with two fingers, playing the unfinished track, a smooth seductive melody, his deep whispering raps accompanying your drawn out soft singing. You both listening attentively.
“It’s missing something.”
“It needs more adlibs. It’s a sexy song-” You smile nodding. “I think we should add some moaning noises.” You laugh incredulously, but Yoongi is being serious.
“Oh okay,” you stutter. He picks up one of his mics, holding it in front of you, you laugh nervously, you don’t want to disappoint him, it was hard to get him to agree to produce music for you.
“Mmm?” You feel shy under his piercing gaze.
Yoongi sighs. “Go lay on the couch.”
“C’mon, I want to finish this song.” He turns back around, ending the conversation as he starts giving his mic more slack, tugging on the cord.
You lie stiffly on the couch, what have you gotten yourself into? You do admit, his idea would probably make the song sound better, you have heard things like that used before in popular songs and you want your song to become a hit too. You listen to him shuffle around his station, swallowing down your anxiousness.
He hands you the mic, fingers over yours for a second longer than you expect, making you feel anxiety all over again. You grip the mic with both hands, holding on it for dear life. All of this started to feel a little ominous, you laid like you were in a coffin of your own making, the mic on your chest like a funeral bouquet. Yoongi took a seat by your feet, stretching his limbs. He places a hand on your ankle, slowly rubbing your muscles.
“Yoongi?” You look over to him.
“Relax.” His adept fingers press into your calf, working up your leg, digging into your muscle. “Feel good?” he asks. You swallow, nodding. Yoongi chuckles. “Are you really this innocent? I don’t know if you can handle this song...”
You sit up, bringing your legs in. “What? I c-can. I’m just nervous, I’m sorry. This is my second album and I really want it to do well, please. I don't want to be a one hit wonder.”
You worked so hard to get where you were. You were rejected at so many auditions, you worked tirelessly in the industry as a back up dancer, trying to make any industry connection that might stick. Finally you got a chance to record an album. You never dreamed how well your single would have charted. You were actually a rising star and so many other artists wanted to work with you, but all you wanted was your personal idol to be the one who helped you with your next album. You knew he was known for his cold personality to people he did not know, but you hadn’t expected him to be like this.
“And I’m not innocent,” you mumble, placing one leg on top of his lap. He looks down, exhaling, staring down at your leg with an unreadable expression so you can’t tell if he was annoyed at you or pleased.
“Mmm,” Yoongi hums, hand back on your knee. “Do this for me then, lay back down.” Then he goes back to staring at you, rattling your insides. “Such a short skirt.” He tilts his head, hand widening your legs open. “Why did you dress up? Did you wear this for me?” Yoongi knew, he knew about your little crush on him, he knew you would be easy to manipulate, willing to do anything to become famous, why do you think he agreed to work with you?
“I j-just, um, wanted to look nice.”
“It’s only us here, y/n. You wore it so I could see your legs, right? You wanted to tease me,” he licks his lips, raising an eyebrow, “Show me then.”
“Lift your skirt up and show me you pussy.” He leans over you, and then he slowly grabs the mic from between your bodies, placing it next to your face.
Your fists clench the ends of your skirt. You know you shouldn’t be doing this, but it was Min Yoongi asking. How could you say no?
You wore a pink cotton panties. Yoongi still didn’t react, eyes cold and calculating. You bit your lip, feeling self conscious. Did he just want to humiliate you?
He shoves your other leg off the couch, spreading your legs. He runs a finger over your clothed center, making you shiver. He presses into you, dampening the cloth. “So wet. Fuck. You’re a hungry little slut, aren’t you? I’ll give you what you want.” He pulls your panties to the side, pressing two digits into you. You gasp, shaking around his fingers.
“Be loud, baby girl.” He fucks his fingers into you at a dizzying pace.
“Y-Yoongi,” you cry out.
“Use Suga instead,” he smirks, scissoring his fingers, “Or did you forget?” His eyes travel to the mic, thumb pressing into your clit. “I’ve barely done anything to you and you’re already acting like a dumb fucking whore.” He moves himself over your body, admiring how you shake and writhe in pleasure, crying out his name over and over like an obedient dog. Yoongi wraps his free hand around your throat, applying pressure.
Your eyes open, surprised. His presses another finger inside you, tightening his grip around your throat, choking you. “I could take away your voice like that, just make you into my fucktoy instead.” His eyes pierce you, daring you to fight against him. You shudder, adrenaline coursing through your body, choking on fear and drowning in pleasure. “When I let go, you better make this worth my time, or I just might fuck you all day instead. Come bitch.”
You were a moaning mess. He smirked as you fell apart on his fingers. The mic wasn’t even turned on. You had to come back and do it all over again.
These got a bit too long so I had to break it up heh. 1 | 2 (Upcoming) | 3 (Upcoming)
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nmjoo-n · 5 days ago
DREAM GIRL 💭 kim namjoon.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pair. writer! namjoon x f. reader | genre. age gap romance, obsession, love at first sight, angst | warnings. corruption kink, profanity, slight stalker behavior, daddy kink, pet names, unprotected sex, exhibitionism, power imbalance, just filthy sex tbh | word count. 3.7k
synopsis. “tell me pretty baby, have you ever been fucked up against a wall?” or namjoon is completely enamored by your angelic innocence, and absolutely has to claim you.
Kim Namjoon spent most of his time reading.
His most recent binge had been Murakami books, the woman through a man’s point of view, and while fascinating—it lacked depth. Intensity. This author clearly understood the peculiar sex very little, was entirely focused on his love for them, and their reaction to it. If it was Namjoon, he’d let them lead the narrative, while he’d step back and observe.
Women were to be observed, understood, before approached. This is how he found you, a perfect little angel in your white dress, sipping coffee outside his neighborhood’s café, softly talking to a grey, stray cat, your hand extended out for it, your fingers delicate in their calling. You stopped him dead on his tracks. He could do nothing but stare.
You looked so peaceful in your oblivion, your hair up and away from your face, a book propped on your knees. Namjoon’s feet moved without his knowledge, his mind replaying one thing—I have to see your face, your beautiful features, I need to meet you, sweetheart. Shamefully, his cock stirred in his pants, alerting him of his improper intentions. No matter. He couldn’t control his response to you, didn’t want to.
Walking in the coffeehouse, he leaned against the tall counter, head lazily falling into his open palm, gaze following your every move. Ordering his usual drink, he gathered the courage to approach you. You seemed to like this cat, so, perhaps an animal lover, and you most certainly were a reader—it was a start, an opening for him.
Clouds were beginning to gather, September coming to an end, but you paid no mind to them, your eyes scanning the pages of whatever you were reading. His writer brain was romanticizing your entire existence, was picturing you under him, in his arms, consumed, defiled, claimed. A pretty little thing dancing in the rain, running towards him, laughing, the outline of your breasts visible for anyone to see.
Henry Miller would’ve been one jealous fucker if he’d ever known you were out there, years ahead of him, a muse for the taking. Namjoon thanked every fucking God known for putting you in his way. Bukowski would be having a field day fantasizing about your honey dripping thighs and sweet pussy. You are every writer’s dream, sweetheart, and do you even realize?
“Beautiful choice,” he comments on the book in your lap, coming to stand over you, desperately trying not to lose it over your angel features.
You jump, startled, and look up to witness the most breathtaking man you’ve ever come across in your life, smiling down at you. You smile back without meaning to, your back straightening, your shoe clad feet touching the pavement.
“Anaïs is for the bold,” you retort, voice light, motioning for him to sit in the empty chair opposite you.
He’s massive, with strong arms and long legs. He thanks you softly and takes the seat, paper cup in hand, eyes piercing through you in an identifiable way. You shiver—blame it on the chilly day.
“Are you bold, then?” He asks cryptically, leaning into you. You feel exposed, but intrigued. So incredibly intrigued.
You falter in giving him your answer. You don’t even know his name. You don’t think it matters. “I—I try, I think.”
He smirks, and pulls away, taking with him his amber scent and magnetism. You miss it as soon as it’s gone. You reason with yourself, try to find an explanation for your thought’s reaction—your body’s.
“I’m Namjoon, sweetheart. What should I call you?” His voice was velvet; deep, and manly. It radiated through you.
Closing the book, you instead chose to hold your coffee cup between your hands, a distraction from the intense man pinning you down with those dark eyes. His black leather jacket accentuated his big shoulders, the buzz cut on the top of his head making him appear meaner than he actually was. Namjoon was older, you could tell. It scared you, but in the way rollercoasters make you nervous, or in the way thunder cracked in the night, somewhere far away, miles and miles from you. Bark with no bite.
“(Y/N),” you reply, licking your dry lips.
He follows the movement. “Pretty—(Y/N),” he tries it in his mouth, the sound sinful, inviting. “It’s beautiful.”
He sees your cheeks flush crimson, your head dropping to hide. Namjoon is an intuitive person, a risk-taking man. His fingers reach out, his index lifting your face to look at him. Your breathing has changed, you’re not accustomed to flirting, much less compliments from strangers, it’s all there for him to see. His innocent baby. He’d take his time with you. You deserved nothing less—he’d give you the fucking world, if you so wished.
“Are you a lover of books?” You ask, wanting to break the incantation, disperse the intensity of the moment.
His hand drops, the touch that lit a fire inside of you burning still, bright and strong heading lower, in between your legs, gone in an instant. You mourned for it, yearned for his hand to come back, touch you somewhere else. Your thoughts were shameless, your deepest desires but a breath away.
“You could say that,” he sips from his cup, calm and collected, legs crossed, studying you. “I’m a writer.”
“No way!” You exclaim, your cute reaction eliciting a laugh out of him. How adorable, he thinks, watching your nose scrunch up, your small, fuckable mouth curving in a smile that knocks the wind out of him.
“What about you, angel?”
“I’m a sophomore in college. Literature.”
Of course you are, his smart girl. He needs you to know, before he proceeds. He needs you to vocally say it’s okay for him to court you, to make you his. He won’t lay another finger on you until you do so.
“Sweetheart, you understand the age gap between us, don’t you?”
The part you dreaded. The truth. “Yes,” you say loud enough for just him to hear.
Namjoon leaves his now cold drink on the table, leans forward, forearms resting on top of his knees, fingers lacing together, a serious expression on his flawless face. Is this how it happens, you think? One day, out of the blue, no warning, no signs? Love, plainly in sight, asking you to accept it? You can’t say no. You don’t want to say no, knowing the difficulties, the struggles that entails.
“One word of yours and I’m out of your life. You’re holding the reigns,” he explains, but his eyes are terrified of you rejecting this, of scorning him, of sending him away after he’s found you, an oasis after a long dry desert.
He wants to love you madly. He wants to fuck you senseless, and ruin you for any other man. Most of all, he wants you to want the same things. Eight years isn’t a lot, but it’s a lifetime apart.
“You—you like me?” Your lips fall open, your chest deflates.
Oh, sweetheart, you might not be ready for what I feel for you, what I’m planning to do to you—it’s beyond words. Beyond reason.
“As soon as I saw you. I’m not a talkative person, (Y/N), I don’t walk up to just any girl.” There go those eyes again, haunting your soul, turning you inside out.
You blink, surprised at his honesty, at the bluntness of his words. In your twenty years on this earth, you’ve never been more sure of anything. This man will show you things you’ve never seen before, take you to places you’ve only dreamed of. He’s experienced, he’s an all rounded person.
He’s handsome. His mouth begs to be kissed.
“I like you too,” you admit, but refuse to meet his gaze.
He can’t have that. His fingers shoot out again, gently bringing your face level to his. Rain droplets release themselves from the puffy clouds. You don’t react to any of it, hypnotized under him, under his irresistible touch.
“It will be more than that. I need to know if you’ll be able to handle it, pretty girl. I’m not going to be your high school boyfriend.”
“I understand.” Your thighs clench together, your breathing erratic.
Namjoon notices, of course he does. “Are you a virgin, baby?”
Your eyelashes flutter, the red painting your cheeks turning a shade darker, your skin hot under his palm. He’s closer than ever, this broad man asking if he can take care of you. You’re endeared. Your heart is weak.
“I’m—no. A boy in my senior year,” you reply, embarrassed. Excited.
His eyes flash, something dark stirring in them, before it’s gone instantly. Jealousy. But, why? You couldn’t have possibly known, and even then…the danger. The forbidden. No, that couldn’t have been it.
Why hadn’t you waited? Who dared touched you before him? His muse, his perfect girl. Thoughts that had no place being voiced out loud, in fear of sounding insane. He would never admit to them.
“Then tell me pretty baby, have you ever been fucked up against a wall?”
His lips were but a breath away. You wanted to give in so badly, anything he wanted, you’d become pudding in his hands, melt away if that meant you’d be with him, if that meant he’d take you with him everywhere. His question. You stayed silent.
“Use your words, (Y/N). I’m not doing anything without your consent.”
You were so wet. So incredibly wet. If only he knew the influence his words had on you… He only had to reach a hand under your dress, touch your core. Then he’d realize just how inexperienced you truly were.
“Never,” you whisper.
You exchanged breaths, your eyes falling shut in the thought of his lips on yours, and it almost happened, the ghost of them faintly pressing, a gentle caress, before he pulls away completely, his hand finding yours, pulling you up with him.
“Sweetheart, you have no idea what you just did to me,” an arm wrapping around your waist, bringing you closer, your head at level with his chest, a man, standing before you, asking to have you.
“I should wait, I should take you out and make sure you’re fed, take care of you, every fucking inch of you, before I even begin to think—do you want this?” His voice is vibrating, filled with his desire, breath now tickling your ear, a whisper between lovers.
You just met Namjoon. You don’t know anything about him, nothing but your attraction to him. Your body’s reaction. So what if this was a bad decision? He didn’t look like a bad guy. Anais Nin wasn’t second guessing herself when she fell into an affair with Henry Miller. It just happened, their souls spoke to each other clearly. Could this be what was happening?
You wanted him inside you. You wanted what he offered, every bit of it. Yes, yes, yes.
“Take me with you, Namjoon.”
Together you run, belongings forgotten; the rain had turned from a faint whispering to a thundering roar in a split second, and it didn’t take long for the both of you to get completely drenched in it, tasting sky water, your small hand in his bigger one, holding tight, fingers intertwining.
He only had to look back once. Your dress was see-through, he could see your white undergarments, the silk of your panties, the cups of your bra. Namjoon growled, a guttural noise boiling from his throat. Immediately, he pulled you in between two buildings, a narrow alleyway leading to apartments’ fire escapes unraveling in the length of it.
Leading you under a small shed, he made sure you were against the wall, covered, while he let his arms rest above your head, your bodies touching. He looked down at you, his breathing labored, and he saw the skin glistening, the fabric sticking on every curve, those pink lips open, fast breaths exhaled.
He kisses you, then. Takes your lips as his own, traps you in his embrace. You taste like cold rain, but when his tongue slips past, there’s hints of coffee with milk. Namjoon smiles against your mouth, hands getting lost in your hair, steadying themselves at the nape of your neck, cupping your jaw, your chin—you fit right into him, so small, so precious. He’s going to love corrupting you, tainting you.
“Has anyone ever touched you…here?” His fingers bunch your dress up, dip under it, over your slick. You gasp—he marvels at your expression.
“No? Baby talk to me, use your pretty mouth,” he kisses you again, his digits moving over your panties. You’re moving with them, rubbing against them, it’s all wet wet wet—
“No one.” Your nails dig into his jacket. He sighs dreamily; you’re a vision for him. An angel send.
“Did that boy not know how to please you, baby? He just shoved his fucking dick in you carelessly?” His voice grew rough, anger rippling through him. “You deserve so much better than that, sweetheart. You deserve to be loved, to be caressed…”
With one hand slipping inside your panties, fingers curling, entering you slowly, the other one ran up and down your thigh, gripping at your waist, snaking its way to the small of your back, and back down. You couldn’t focus on anything but the pumping movements inside you, the long digits bringing you pleasure, making your cunt ache, clench around them.
Namjoon was hiding you from view with his entire body. This was only for him to see, but it also served as a test. To see how far you were willing to go with him.
“You’re doing so well, my sweet girl. So tight, so wet for me… I want to taste you, baby, I want to inhale you. Will you let me?”
Your moans were music to his ears. They started as low pants, your hand blocking most of them, your cheeks that familiar pink shade. He saw it happen, as his fingers curled a specific way, the way your legs fell open wider, the way your voice turned a pitch higher than before, unable to hold back, helpless against your pleasure. Namjoon was rock hard, stifled in his pants.
But that would come shortly. First, he needed to show you—what he can do. What you could have every single day, everywhere, as soon as you spoke the words. He’d cater to your every need, be whatever you wanted him to be. As long as he could have you, take you, own you.
A smack on your ass. Your eyes shot open, staring wide at him. He lifted you up at once, arm under those plump cheeks, his fingers still fucking your cunt vigorously. You yelped, held onto his shoulders in fear of falling, but quickly grew overwhelmed, your volume rising. Fuck him, you’re so fucking hot.
“Tell Daddy, my sweet girl—will you let me have a taste of your cunt?”
“Oh, please,” you whined, your head falling in the crook of his neck, your thoughts a jumbled mess. “Please.”
He needn’t be told twice. With your feet planted firmly on the ground again, he removed his hand from your panties, kneeling down in front of you, rain sipping through him, as he lifted your dress up. Namjoon looked up at you through his eyelashes, before he ripped that silk right off you, diving right into your slick.
Divine. He’s had a lot of sex, has tasted a lot of women, but none could ever compare to you, to your sweet fucking cunt. It was pure Heaven. And the way your back curved against the wall, pushing his head into you, his tongue swiping your wetness, sucking your clit—it was enough to make you cum. He slurped all of it up, fingers finding their way again into your warm hole. He’d blow, he fucking swears. Your beautiful voice moaning out his name, wet all over, a Goddess for him, as he laps your intoxicating juices. He drinks you up, he makes it his life’s mission.
“Fucking tell me, sweetheart, has anyone ever had a lick of this pussy? You know it belongs to me now, don’t you?”
You nod your head, losing your mind. He hasn’t even fucked you yet, and you’re convulsing this hard. His baby.
“Yes, daddy, yes! Please,” you sob, “please…fuck me, please…”
He locks you in place, his hands on your ass, determined to make you cum with his tongue, before his cock is anywhere near you. His impatient girl, so lost in feeling, such a slut for him, for what he’s giving you. He’s never had such a perfect woman.
When he started working both his fingers and mouth again, this time aggressively, his only motive was to get that pussy to drench him, to have your cum dripping from his chin. And it did just that when his thumb flicked over your clit relentlessly, tongue moving just underneath, three fingers deep. Your nails dug into his scalp, your entire body convulsing. He rubbed his stubby jaw on your lips, inhaling deeply. Your scent, uniquely yours—he now knew how you smelled. Truly. He would never be able to let you go.
“Fuck, sweetheart, you’re killing me. Ready for me? Ready to give me another one?” He muttered, hands on your breasts, dropping kisses on your neck, before unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants. “I love the way you cum. I can’t wait to have you on my bed, have my way with you. You’ll let me, yes baby? You’ll let Daddy defile you, pretty thing?”
You looked down at his girth, swallowing thickly. Namjoon chuckled darkly, allowing you to see what would enter you. He pumped himself a couple times, his other hand rubbing your pussy, making sure you were wet enough for him. You just looked so fucking innocent, all fucked out. He attacked your mouth once again, biting down on your lip.
“Do you taste yourself? My delicious fucking girl.”
He enters you slowly, brows furrowed, savoring the tightness. Once he bottoms out, he stills in you, letting you get used to him, his will made of iron. Your fingers wrap around his biceps as you take a deep breath through the sting of his cock.
“Are you okay, baby?” He asks, worried.
“Yes,” you reply at once. “Go on.”
He hikes your thigh up and around his torso, as he lifts you up. You wrap around him and that’s fucking it—he loses it. His cock brutally starts pistoling into you, holding you tight against him. You meet his thrusts halfway, before it becomes too much for you to handle, instead becoming his personal little fuck doll to pound senseless. And he does. His moves are exact; sharp, and precise. He’s hitting everything inside you, the position as well as the thickness of his cock filling you up to the brim, until all you can think is him him him, inside your cunt, fucking you dumb.
“Call me by my name, sweetheart,” he pants in your ear, bouncing you on his dick.
“Namjoon,” you weakly moan, your breaths coming short, on the brink of passing out.
“My name,” he repeats harshly, ramming into you once, twice—
You throw your head back in ecstasy. “Daddy! Fuck, don’t stop! Keep fucking me please, please, I’m so fucking close daddy, please!”
“That’s my fucking angel.”
He does just that, until he can feel you spasming, until you’re screaming, begging, crying, coming on his cock, his desperate whore, getting fucked so good, isn’t she, bounce on my fucking dick, baby, ride it out, that’s right, milk me, fucking own me, my sweet fucking baby, you’re so beautiful, so fucking hot, give me a kiss—
“Where do you want me, baby? Tell Daddy, fuck you’re clenching me so goddamn hard right now, sweetheart, please.”
“Inside, please inside, I want your cum inside of me, please,” you beg, and he almost fucking chokes on his spit.
His thrusts are fast, hard and sloppy now, bruising your pussy, chasing after his own release, his mouth filthy—you want me inside this fucking cunt, don’t you my perfect fucking baby, my little slut, you’re gonna let daddy paint your walls white, won’t you, squeeze me dry, baby, fuck, come on, clench those tight fucking walls, goddamn you, I want to die in this pussy, please baby—
His arms tighten around you as he comes, and you let him; you let him calm down, for his breathing to even out, as he slips out of you, and carefully unwraps your legs from his hips, planting kisses on your shoulders, water dripping from his hair. The thunderstorm still hasn’t passed, raging on beyond the shelter of this shed.
“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” you confess as he fixes your hair, your dress, adjusts the straps, gives you his jacket to make up for the lack of underwear, and even though it’s several sizes too big on you—he cares.
It wasn’t just a lie to have a quickie with you. He took his time to explore your body, to study what makes you tick, what sends you over the edge. You didn’t even know his last name, but he knew his way around your pussy the best, better than you it felt like.
His eyes are fond, staring down in adoration. “I want to make you feel good for as long as you let me, sweetheart. I’m not here to hurt you.”
You hug him, then, your arms not quite reaching all around him. But it’s enough for him. More than enough. He thinks he’ll fall in love with you so easily. You’re the most adorable thing he’s ever witnessed. He wants to hide you away, put you in his pocket and carry you everywhere.
“What’s your last name?” You ask innocently, head still buried in his chest.
He barks a laugh out, squeezing you in him, the vibration of it radiating through you. “Should’ve mentioned it, huh? It’s Kim, angel. Kim Namjoon.”
“Kim Namjoon,” you try it. It sounds…wholesome. “Hi, Kim Namjoon.”
“Hello, baby.”
The two of you stood there for a long time, waiting the storm out in each other’s arms. Namjoon couldn’t stop smiling, didn’t want to, never wanted to, ever again.
You couldn’t stop staring at him—he felt like the sun peeking after the gray of the clouds. Warm, important.
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jvngkook97 · 24 days ago
Class Act
Tumblr media
synopsis; in which Namjoon is the popular jock and you’re just another girl in the bleachers. OR what happens when the gentle giant takes notice of the introverted, yet dedicated fan?
pairing; college jock!namjoon x college student!reader
genre; angst, fluff, humor, smut, s2l, f2l, college au, jock au
warnings; classic college tropes, angst in the form of cheerleaders(but not all!) misjudging reader, reader has some body image issues, but mainly just a whole bunch of sweet jock Namjoon for your pleasure, a letterman jacket kink rises to the surface, reader is awkward, joon is a patient angel baby cause he’s in lOoOve with reader so much 🥺 uhhhhm there will be sexual intercourse and it will be soft and cute with protection being used cause they smart cookies(and so are you!)
rating; 21+ MINORS DNI
w/c; 4,744
a/n; happy birthday to our favorite accident prone, gentle giant, dimple baby Kim Namjoon! like + reblog if you enjoyed. don’t be a silent reader! <3 feedback is always appreciated and helps to keep this writer motivated to put out more content — like this! all the love, always.
networks; @ficscafe, @thebtswritersclub, @btshoneyhive, @kflixnet
It was another chilly September evening.
The flood lights that surround the football field are bright as ever, allowing the football players to continue playing as the night continues on.
You secure your jacket tighter around your shivering figure, the unforgiving wind still somehow making it through the thick material no matter how hard you try otherwise. The people around you both cheer when your team scores a touchdown, and boo when the away team does.
All of that is trivial, however, seeing as your main focus is on the tallest member of the team, making it easier for you to decipher him amongst the other players.
Kim Namjoon. The gentle giant.
The bleachers erupt into a fit of cheers, hooting, and hollering, your team winning the game by a landslide. Not that you ever doubted it. Namjoon and the other players gradually make their way off the field and towards the locker rooms to get washed up. With your seat being next to the corridor that they walk through, you get a good luck as they go by.
Namjoon is waving politely at those that chant his name in earnest. He’s not the quarterback, but he’s just as popular, if not more. His talents are phenomenal when it came to the sport, everyone sure that he was going to get recognized by an agent and signed by end of his college career.
You join the rest of those that chant his name, though your voice is easily drowned out by those who aren’t afraid to scream their hearts out. For a split second, your eyes lock with his. That dimpled smile widens, and you woefully wish it’s due to you, though you know that can’t be true considering you’ve never gained the courage to talk with him.
You imagine it’s cause of you anyways.
The following Monday you’re taking your normal stroll through the large campus courtyard. It’s littered with students that share the same goal as you, making it to their class on time. Up ahead, you see the jocks and cheerleaders formed in their usual circle located next to the fountain that’s planted dab in the middle of said courtyard.
You spot Namjoon easily.
He’s laughing from something that Cherry said, cheer captain and from what you heard, now ex of Kim Namjoon. From their interaction, you wonder if those were just rumors, or maybe they just ended on good terms. You wouldn’t put it past Namjoon to stay civil in that kind of situation.
Due to your zoning out on the dimpled male, you fail to watch where you’re going, and make the fatal mistake of knocking into Jin, another member of the football team. The action causes a domino effect from the force in which you accidentally plow him with, ultimately making Cherry stumble into Namjoon and having him catch her effortlessly. His face is worried as he asks if she’s okay, she says yes.
His eyes then flicker to yours, as does everyone around him when they realize that you’re the culprit.
“Aiiiiish! You should be apart of the team with that powerful of a tackle, y/l/n.”
Jin turns and jests at your embarrassed figure good naturedly, a grin on his face so as to show there’s no hard feelings on his part. The same sentiment can’t be said for a few of the cheerleaders who were collateral damage.
“You’re right, Jin. She’s certainly built like a dude.” Cherry’s co-captain and best friend sardonically chimes in with a smirk on her face. The comment creates scattered laughter throughout the group in agreement, all except for Namjoon, you notice.
Your face flushes at the jab, you being well aware that your chest wasn’t quite as developed as most women your age. Your lip trembles, and you bite it in hopes of stopping the tears that begin to build in your eyes. You make a show of deeply bowing to the group, mumbling a ‘sorry, please excuse me’ before standing up straight and briskly walking past.
Namjoon makes a step towards your retreating figure, promptly getting stopped by Cherry’s hand that curls itself around his bicep. His face that was once full of worry for his ex, still held the same expression, but this time for you.
He made a mental note that next time he saw you he was going to apologize on behalf of his so called ‘friends’.
You make it to class without a hitch. The day drones on like it always does, and it’s not until that final bell rings do you sigh in relief. You clutch your binder into your chest, both arms folded around it as you step back outside into the courtyard, this time with the end destination being your bed.
You get close to the school gates before you’re stopped by a loud voice. A loud, familiar voice.
“Y/N! Hey! Wait up!”
You stiffly turn in the direction where the voice is coming from, seeing Kim Namjoon in all his beautiful, letterman jacket wearing glory make it to you in a second flat from his long legged strides. Your knuckles turn white from how hard you’re holding your binder now, something Namjoon’s eyes dart to as he gets close enough to stand a few feet away from your shorter figure.
His full, dimpled smile is on display, and this time you know for a fact that it’s meant for you only. Your brain malfunctions, and you miss the words that come out of his mouth next, the only thing you register is his lips moving to form said words.
You blink. Once, twice. His smile doesn’t falter, but he does lean in closer to your face, one slender finger coming up to gently poke the crease in between your brows that seemed to form without you knowing. It must be from how confused you are about the situation at hand.
As if time unpaused itself, your brain clears up enough for you to speak, though your voice cracks when you do.
“I’m–, I’m sorry. What did you say?”
“I was asking if you were available to accompany me to this new diner that opened up down the street. I wanted to treat you.”
His hands are stuffed into his letterman jacket, he’s rocking himself on the balls of his feet as he waits for your answer patiently. Eyes staying trained on your face, he surveys out of his peripheral the outfit you’re wearing. It’s cute, different, unique. He likes it, a lot.
Your eyes narrow, and for the first time does his usually confident smile begin to dim.
“Is this some kind of a bet?”
His eyes widen, face crestfallen at your misconception of his genuine interest in you.
“Excuse me?” Now it’s his turn to gain those creases between his brows.
“Are your friends going to pop out of the bushes and yell ‘gotcha!’?”
He doesn’t miss the way you elongate the word friends with a hint of distaste on your tongue. He’ll be the first to admit that his choice of company can be downright rude, and wonders what other slurs you had to endure by them before he transferred to this college his junior year.
“No, they’re not. I promise I only come to you with good intentions and on the basis of wanting to get to know you better. Is that alright with you?” He ends with a question, and once again awaits your answer. There’s no signs of malice or ill intent as he looks at you, but you can’t help the walls you’ve built over the years.
Pursing your lips, you reply.
“No, thank you. I wouldn’t want to further endure the wrath of the cheerleading squad when your girlfriend finds out. So, good day.”
You pivot on your heel, decision resolute.
An enlarged hand grasps your own, and you stop in your tracks, back towards him.
“She’s not my girl–well, she was-but not anymore. We broke up awhile ago. Like, months ago. She even has a new boyfriend already, he’s a cool dude.”
He’s nonchalant when he speaks, his grip on your hand loosens when you turn your attention back on him, but he still keeps ahold on your hand incase you attempt to ditch him again.
“Only you would talk highly of an ex’s new boyfriend, I swear. You’re like a freaking unicorn.”
He lets out a bellowing, open mouthed laugh that seems to take over his entire face, his eyes crinkling, that reverberates through his hand and into yours, causing your arm to shake lightly as a result. A hint of a smile appears on your face that makes him gasp in pure delight.
He points at your mouth with a cheeky, dimpled, grin.
“There’s that smile!”
Your immediate reaction is to hide your face in your chest, an action he prevents you from doing as he uses his other hand to cup your chin and steer your gaze back onto his. His hand is still warm from its previous home in his jacket, you note, despite the cold air around you two.
“You shouldn’t hide your face, it’s pretty.”
From that point on, you were hooked.
Once again, you’re walking your normal route to class within the courtyard. Namjoon and his group of friends are a few yards away from you, but this time when he notices you, he makes a point to break away with haste, apologies spew from his supple lips to those he squeezes past to get to you.
Jin is the last to let him past, giving you an enthusiastic wave. Even Cherry and her posse give you smiles in greeting that you return. Namjoon’s arms encase themselves around your waist as he hoists your small frame and twirls you both in a circle. He’s still holding you up off the ground, and you slowly slide down enough to plant a soft, but meaningful kiss on his lips. You could feel him smile into it, and it makes your teeth clash for a moment.
When you mutually pull away for fresh air, you barely have time before he’s peppering you with kisses all over your face. From behind, Jin patronizes you both on your disgusting public display of affection.
“Oi! Get a room you two!”
Using one arm to hold you, he makes a point to flip Jin off with his free hand that makes you roll your eyes at their antics. You give him a few pats on his shoulder, your way of telling him to set you back down on solid ground. He pouts cutely, but obliges.
Throwing an arm around your shoulder instead, your fingers thread through his dangling ones over your shoulder as he leads you to your first class of the day. Too soon do you arrive, and he leans against the side of the wall next to the door with his lips already puckered in waiting. You lean up this time to oblige his height as best as you can, not noticing when he subtly leans down further to accommodate your height difference.
Inbetween kisses, he asks you a question.
“Am I still able to come over after the game tonight?”
His eyes are hopeful, smile widening when you nod in affirmation to his question. He gives you a loving pat on the head, before using both hands to secure your head long enough for him to plant a kiss on your forehead and then he’s off and heading to his own class with a wave of his hand, barely managing to dodge a gaggle of girls in time before crashing into them.
You wave back with a shake of your head at your clumsy giant, smile of your own adorning your face as a light hue rises in your cheeks of what’s to come.
You couldn’t wait.
Just like in the beginning, you’re back in your favorite spot on the bleachers to watch your now boyfriend own the field like he always does. Off to the side, not to far from where you are, you catch a snippet of conversation between a dude who looks way to formally dressed to be at a college football game and Namjoon’s coach. When Namjoon’s body hurdles by them with the football in hand, does the formal guy point at Namjoon with a serious look on his face. His coach crosses his arms over his chest with a puff of his chest, a smug smile on his face as he nods to whatever the formal dude is saying.
Huh. You wonder what that’s about.
You join the rest of the crowd around you in a standing, deafening applaud for the entire football team as they make their way through the corridor after a major win of the season. Your eyes scan the members in search of Namjoon’s loving eyes, but you don’t see him.
It’s not until your eyes shift back towards the field, do you find him with his helmet tucked under his arm, a beaming smile on his face as he talks to coach and mystery dude. The latter pats Namjoon on the shoulder as you make your way slowly down the bleachers to the stairs that lead to on the field. When your feet touch the astroturf and you begin your small trek to the three men, does the mystery dude bid his goodbyes and walk past you.
The coach and Namjoon are hugging each other tightly, coach shouting praises at Namjoon.
“I knew you would be something kid. I just knew it!”
“Thanks, coach. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!”
You walk up as they separate, and you have a wary smile on your face, your gut telling you that you just might know what transpired, but choosing to stay silent and wait for Namjoon to tell you himself.
If possible, his smile becomes broader when he sees you. Dropping his helmet to the ground, he ditches it in favor of holding your body tightly against him. You hug him back just as enthusiastically, his breath fanning your ear as he speaks.
“I did it, baby! I got recruited for a team!”
You gasp in astonishment, eyes watering due to how happy you are for Joon. This has been his goal for as long as he could throw a football, you couldn’t be more proud of him. Your arms tighten around his neck as you bury your face into him. He can feel your body shake with happy sobs, and can’t help the emotion of the moment when he joins you in the sobfest.
The coach is long gone when you two collect yourselves, Namjoon using his thumbs to wipe the tear streaks from your face as he smiles at you lovingly. Your nose is red and eyes are puffy, but he’s never seen you look more beautiful than you do at this moment.
He leans down to kiss you. It’s soft, slow, but full of passion.
“I love you, y/n.”
The words are whispered between kisses and instead of responding with words, you opt for action in the form of deepening the kiss with a mix of tongues as you battle for dominance.
He wins. He always wins.
Namjoon is manspreading on your bed wearing nothing but black boxers, arms behind his head as he watches your shy, hesitant body make its way past the frame of the door. Your arms are crossed over your chest in self doubt of how risqué you chose to dress yourself tonight for Namjoon’s pleasure – and your own.
It’s a sheer, black, silky slip that caught your eye in the mall recently. The lady that helped you pick it out reassured you that you would look so good that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. But, as you look at his now stiff body, face void of emotion, you conclude it must’ve just been her trying to meet her sales quota for that day.
Your body folds in on itself, your flight response immediately wanting to kick in and save you from your utter embarrassment at trying and failing to look sexy. Namjoon snaps out of his lust induced haze to see your fear stricken one, and he instantly hops off the bed to secure you within his arms with endearing words of praise spoken into your hair as he rocks you both side to side.
“I’m sorry, baby. My brain fried there for a second when I saw how gorgeous you look.”
He pulls away, but keeps his hands on your shoulders, rubbing the tops of them occasionally as his eyes rake over your perfectly curved, thick figure with both love and lust.
“Just gorgeous?”
His eyes snap to yours when your meek voice passes your lips, his brows scrunching in confusion. He goes to question you, but you beat him to the answer.
“I was trying to go for more along the lines of sexy–,” your eyes look everywhere but his as you continue, self deprecating thoughts fill your mind for a moment as you become your own worst critic. “–I bet if I had bigger boobs–,”
“I’m gonna stop you right there.”
His hand on your chin, makes you look at him. His eyes hold nothing but warmth when he speaks.
“You are sexy, baby. So fucking sexy.”
Your eyes widen, a soft gasp escapes your lips. He trails one hand down your arm and to your hand, before he’s leading you both back to your bed. Guiding you to lay down, he then takes a moment to savor the way your body naturally parts your legs in anticipation of him being between them. Not wanting to disappoint, he kneels between your legs and uses the strength of his arms to hover over your form.
“I don’t want you ever doubting how I feel about you, okay? If you’re feeling down, let me know. I’ll be glad to show you otherwise.” A cheeky smirk adorns his face and your cheeks tint, small smile beginning to curl at the edge of your lips.
“There’s that smile I love.”
“Shut up.”
You pull him down by his neck to kiss him, it starts out slow and sensual, before turning into a kiss of pure need for one another. Your bodies react, his lower half grinds into yours and you can feel the effect you have on him. You whimper into the kiss, the weight of his crotch rubs deliciously into your clit that makes you want more.
“Please, Joonie. No teasing.”
“Fine, fine. One thing though, something I always wanted to try.”
You tilt your head in bewilderment when he pushes himself off of you to cross your room to the duffel bag that lays on the floor next to your desk. Unzipping it, he ruffles through the contents until he finds what he’s looking for – his letterman jacket.
He makes his way back to you and gestures for you to sit up, which you do. Grabbing the bottom of your slip dress, he helps you pull it off until your left nude in front of him. He bites his lip, and throws the jacket around your shoulders, encouraging you to slink your arms through the sleeves, which again, you do. He then sits back to both admire you and take in his fantasy come to life.
You wearing nothing but his letterman jacket.
His Adam’s apple bobs, pupils blown, as you yourself admire the jacket around you. The semi rough material rubs against your nipples and makes them harden. The scent of Joon is all over it, and you can’t help but bring the collar up to your nose to savor it with your eyes closed in content.
A shaky exhale is what has your eyes popping back open to witness Namjoon sink to his elbows between your legs. You whine at his actions.
“Joon, I said no teasing tonight.”
“Baby, please? This has been a fantasy of mine for a long time now, I just want to taste you real quick.” He whines back cutely, full on pout plastered on his face that you just can’t say no too.
You give a mock huff of feigned annoyance and let yourself plop back comfortably onto the pillows beneath you, he pumps a fist in the air in triumph that has you lightly hitting him in the back of his head with the heel of your foot to hurry up.
Then, he doesn’t waste any time.
He dives in, planting one solid lick to your outer folds that leads to the hood of your clit. He places one hand between you both to gently tug the hood of your clit up so he can blow softly on it. The cool sensation makes your body erupt with goosebumps, and then he’s placing a hard suck on your clit that has your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Your knees unconsciously begin closing upon contact, but he uses his other free hand to hold one of your legs down, preemptively giving him better access to your core.
He switches his attention from your clit, and down to your now glistening hole, where he allows his middle finger to slide inside up to the knuckle, taking it out a second later to rub circles around your hole. Your hips buck, hole clenching around nothing, missing the intruding digit already. He continues this torturous routine until you start to become frustrated at your lack of relief, the edging beginning to take a toll on you.
“Namjoon, you better start–,” you begin to berate him, but your words turn into soft pants when he chooses at that exact moment to add two more digits into your hole at a fast pace, curling them to the point he’s able to feel your soft spot. His pace is unrelenting as you grip the sheets, back arching and mouth parting in a silent scream. Your toes begin to curl and he watches with hooded eyes as you come undone for the first time that night before him. Your orgasm washes over your spasming body in waves, and he’s quick to replace his fingers with his big mouth to lewdly slurp up your essence like a man starved for water. Some of it eludes his mouth to dribble down his chin and onto the bedding beneath you.
“Fuck. Namjoon. Stop. I can’t.”
You beg breathlessly, fingers gripping his hair in a vice to lift his head off your oversensitive pussy. He places one last wet kiss to each of your inner thighs, then trails up your body to your breasts. He takes one in each hand, gently massaging them to squish them together so he can take advantage of his big mouth and tongue to both lick and suckle each nipple with the same amount of attention.
You use the opportunity to come down from your high, to a still pleasurable, but not overbearing different kind of stimulation. After a few minutes, he uses one hand to push down his boxers enough to kick them off the bed with his feet. Getting back up on his knees, he reaches over the side of you to your side table drawer and fetches out a condom you make sure to keep just incase. He opens it and rolls it on, being sure to pinch the tip to make room for his own slick to fill.
He lines up his length with your still semi spasming hole, but looks up at you with a question in his eyes that gets answered just as quietly when you wrap your legs around his waist. Both of you let out a grunt of satisfaction when he stills, fully inside.
“Are you okay?”
You don’t realize your eyes closed on their own as your body adjusted to Namjoon’s girth. When you open them, you see his face hovering over yours with concern pooling in his.
“I’m good, Joon. You can move.”
Leaning down, he gives you a lingering kiss on your lips as he begins to move his hips against yours. He doesn’t go fast, choosing tonight as one to be savored. It’s an important one after all, he wants to remember it.
You thrust your own hips up in the slow, rhythmic tempo that he’s set, encouraging him to his first orgasm of the night. He buries his face in your neck, giving sloppy thrusts until he stills. Using what little strength you have left, you place the palms of your hands on his chest and push him until he’s laying on his back on the bed. You take your time straddling him, rubbing your folds against his length once, twice – it’s not until the third swing of your hips does he place his hands on your love handles in order to guide his length back into your warmth.
You chuckle at his impatience, and he glowers at you playfully.
“I thought you said no teasing?”
“Figured I’d give you a taste of your own medicine is all.”
You’re playing innocent, but he knows better. He lets you ride him at your own pace, letting his hands roam all over your breasts, your stomach, your thighs. Eventually, when he feels your walls begin to constrict around his own growing length, does he drop his hand where you two meet in order to rub soft, yet perfect amount of weight on your clit to help spur both of your impending orgasms.
Throwing caution to the wind, you splay your hands on his chest to get better leverage and a better angle, increasing your pace from a slow one to a fast one that has both of you a panting mess trying to chase your highs at the same time. You let out a broken whimper and he knows you’re closer to yours, but he wants to cum at the same time as you, finding the rare occurrence just another way of togetherness in his mind between you both when it does happen.
Easing his assault on your clit, he plants his heels into the bed to thrust up at a brutal pace, his cock pistons in and out of your sopping hole and you let out a sob at the orgasm that suddenly hits you at the same time that his does. He only stops when you can’t hold yourself up anymore and choose to lazily plop yourself off to the side of him on the bed, face flushed, eyes closed, and ready for sleep already.
He’s not too far behind you, wanting to crash after that love making session, but he needs to clean up first and so do you. He gives your ass a light slap and you groan into the pillow in reply.
“Let’s clean up, baby. Then sleep.”
You flip him off. He playfully bites your fingertip.
The next day you’re both taking an early morning walk around campus, your small hand held tightly in his large one. Ever since last night, he takes any chance he can get to see you wearing his letterman jacket, so that’s what you’re currently wearing over your outfit.
You don’t mind though, in fact, you love it.
Like you love him.
So, you say it for the first time since he’s confessed.
“Joon?” He looks down at you with a curious look on his face, and waits patiently for you to speak when he notices how shy you’re getting. It brings him back to the first day he met you.
“I love you too.”
Your favorite dimpled smile makes an appearance. You two meet in the middle for a loving kiss. You go to pull away, but he secured a hand on the back of your neck to keep you a hair width away as he speaks lowly, honestly.
“I always saw you.”
You tilt your head in confusion.
“Saw me?”
“Yeah. In the bleachers. You went to every game. I even saw the sign you made with just my number on it, but it helped me get that winning touchdown.”
“You’re joking.”
“Serious as a heart attack.”
A puff of laughter escapes your lips, your lips grazing his during the act that has him chasing yours for another. His shoulders bounce as he lightly laughs along with you.
Another reason you love wearing his jacket? It lets everyone around you know that you’re his.
That you would always be his.
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pinkrecs · 2 months ago
pinkrecs’s bts yandere fic recs
Tumblr media
[POSTED ON JULY 12th 2022]
note: this is most (honestly just checkout all of these authors’ masterlists--there’s more great gems) of my favorite yandere bts recs! please show much love to our wonderful authors. the yandere genre does contain triggering themes (ex: representation of toxic relationships, possessive/obsessive behavior, non-con/dub-con, violent behavior, etc). read at your own risk + check out the author’s notes. ENJOYYY ^^
i would love to give each fic a detailed comment on how i love it but i lack the words and writing capabilities to do that. so hope a short spoiler-free comment will do (sorry). GO GIVE THESE FICS A LIKE, REBLOG, OR COMMENT!!!!
- death valley by @bangtangalicious 
↳ gang + rocker + fightclub au + ot7 x reader. my brain is dizzy & fucked (in a good way) after reading this. each member gets their own time to shine and the characterizations of each member are crazy. this fic is a messy ass rollercoaster and the smut is scrumptious too!!
- gumiho cisswap bangtan x reader by @bloodsweattearscatharsis
↳ gumiho + cisswap au + poly ot7 x reader. its obvious from the title since the author mentioned that they haven’t made a title for the fic lol. honestly, go give this a read because the dynamic of ot7 is quite fun and i LOOVEE the suspense that from each chapter. all of them could run me over anytime and also HOT WOMEENNNNN ayyyyyyyyy go read bc it needs more luv
- house of serpents by @smasmashie
↳ mafia au + ot7 x reader. every character in here needs to go therapy but also not because i need to see more drama unfold. ot7 seems to care for the mc but their actions shown are... uhmm... questionable. but that makes this fic good though! reading each chapter like it’s the morning newspaper 
- in your dreams by @voidswan
↳ idolverse au + vmin x reader. GOD THIS WAS INTENSE, i was shaking, gasping, and throwing uppp!! vmins are menaces in this one but god you can’t help but want more D: i’m like the mc--who’s a moth attracted to the flame.
- lilies of the valley by @girlmeetsliv3
↳ a/b/o au + poly ot7 x reader. each relationships between the members and towards reader is mysterious and there was underlying tension of meeting the pack’s expectation. in some way, it gets uncomfy at some parts yet that is what keeps each chapter an enjoyable read.
- lovesick by @angelicyoongie
↳ soulmate au + ot7 x reader. mc is very unlucky gal... not only having one BUT SEVEN yandere as soulmates lmaoo.. and the soulmark inflicts on both people if one of them gets hurt. that’s rough damn! i’m still unsure if all of them know that all of them are sending her letters. keep notifications ON for this fic 
- nephilim by @royallyjoon 
↳ cult + supernatural au + poly ot7 x reader. it was defintlely chilling while i read this. while there’s some sense of normalcy, the larger control of the cult makes keeps us feeling uneasy. 
- on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me by @forever-once-gone 
↳ ceo + christmas au + poly namkook x reader. namkook is crazy and unhinged when they show their true colors. jungkook is very VERY sweet tho i cant hate him rip
- strangers by @bestaez
↳ strangers from hell au + ot7 x reader. i haven’t read watched the kdrama so i can’t compare between the two. this is definitely interesting as we can see SOME insight to how ot7 plans it and covers up their tracks to avoid getting caught. i hope the mc can get the tf out that apartment and we can see the reasoning for these actions of ot7 in future chapters
- school f*cking sucks! series by @sluttyandere
↳ high school au + maknae line x reader. all characters are of legal age btw! sucks to be mc because she just getting snatched from each guy like that. and she’s the class president but kinda powerless since two of them control her status at the school. all three of them are massively wicked and im kinda digging it LMAO
- thou shall not steal by @xherxx
↳ mafia + spy + enemies to lovers au + poly ot7 x reader. as the author mentioned, this fic is on the lighter side of the yandere spectrum. i love the mc in this fic. a girlboss icon actually. adored every interactions between the mc and each member. it’s a VERY pleasant read lol
- where three stars meet by @girlmeetsliv3
↳ poly sope x reader. this felt like a movie to this. i could picture everything in my head and sope was quite mysterious in this. and the little details placed throughout the story makes it enticing to continue reading. 
- “why you look so pretty when you cry?” by @minniepetals 
↳ mafia au + poly ot7 x reader. the way ot7 brings hopes up for the mc before crushing them down so she breaks and realizes that her only option is them is tragic for the mc... yet it’s a whole serve!
MISC (aka idk where to categorize these lol):
- never ever after by killingpeach (AO3)
↳ fairy tale au + ot7 x oc. each member is based on a character of well known fairy tales. for the mc to leave the story, she must make the member of that fairy to fall in love with her for “the end” to happen. i love the author’s versions of these fairy tales. each time the fairy tale ends, ik the oc is like: “i won... but at what cost??”
- seven princes of campus series by @bibbykins 
↳ college au + ot7 x reader. this series includes various fics with each member and their s/o and is more on the softer side of yandere! each couple is cute and the build up of how each became to be to great!
- tatemae; 建前 series by @99liners
↳ trophy wife au + ot7 x reader. this series includes various fics with each member and their s/o. the gaslighting and manipulation is wild in these fics y’all. and each time, the ending of the fic makes think like: damn... these men not seeing the pearly white gates of heaven
- the tarot series by @flowesona​ 
↳ ot7 x reader. this series includes various fics with each member and their s/o and “each inspired by one of the major arcana tarot cards.” i love this concept and each plot is easily able to get into. 
- desire by kyoigi (AO3)
↳ demon au + jikook. demon jimin is hot yet creepy at the same time. and the way jimin goes through his inner turmoil before realizing his feelings for jk + jk starting to piece everything together?! just scrumptious 
- mused obsession series by @sombreboy + @chimoona
↳ photography + model au + jikook. the way jimin falls into jk manipulative and obsessive nature is crazy yall... and how they show their devotion towards each other? fucked up yet i can’t keep my eyes away from it!
- photos of you (and where I should be) by korknight (AO3)
↳ photography + rapper au + yoonkook. jungkook is risking it ALL for yoongi! down MASSIVELY bad yet jk gaslights himself into his actions are good for yoongi. 
- watching you, watching me by mellifluous_kim (AO3)
↳ idolverse au + yoonkook. THE TWIST? you knew my jaw FELL to the FLOOR?!? it’s a must-read because everything is not what it seems D:
- carnal by @kosmosguk
↳  vampire au. mc folded that quick... honestly same here too! just immaculate *chefs kiss*
- contact by @gorehsk
↳ alien au. pure filth and i love it.  
- rose gold by @sweetwolfcupcake 
↳ idolverse au. jin is quite eerie in this fic. he’s subtle with his yandereness and  calculated with his actions.
- the baron by @therealmintedmango​ (AO3)
↳ historical au. jin is charming and no one can suspect a damn thing. a fun read!! 
- the lost, the found, and the treasured by @forever-once-gone
↳  reincarnation + royalty au. so well-written!! there’s small details in the story and by the end... you see piece together. seokjin waited for a long time and i could see why (even though it’s quite haunting). 
- ash and cinder by @chimchimsauce 
↳ cinderella au. a cinderella retelling with yoongi as our prince. great fic with the yandere twist!
- beloved by @bang-tan-bitches
↳ historical + empire au. this fic was a RIDE. mc is a supportive sister yet she unknowingly attraction of yoongi. his desire is eerie and attractive at the same time. 
- beneath the world by @nomnomsik
↳ yoongi is down bad... and his notebook 😭😭
- control by @taeyohonic 
↳ idolverse au. damn a twisted universe of bangtan. yoongi’s character is a massive dick in this one
- exitus acta probat by @bang-tan-bitches
↳ mafia au. can he also snatch me away pls too
- lineage by @kosmosguk
↳ royalty au. god the twist? you gotta read this, it’s a masterpiece.
- the man in the moon by @worldwidemochiguy
↳ lowkey reading was comforting in some sort. like i was soft for yoongi’s character by the end :3
- the music of the night by @bestaez
↳ phantom of the opera au. i was smiling near the ending but then that had to happen lol
- angel by @worldwidemochiguy 
↳ best friend au. hoseok is affectionate, sweet, and insane in this one. 
- forbidden fruit by @deepdarkdelights
↳ organized crime au. mc’s lack of fear has gotten her into some trouble... but it’s jung hoseok--it’s alright!!
- may the odds be ever in your favor by @yandearest 
↳ hunger games au. this fic is incompeleted but the author left spoilers for the ending. i highly suggest checking out this fic--it’s very well written!
- orgasms on the verge of a nervous breakdown by @sluttyandere
↳ high school + party au. wow this was quite a lot to handle. pls note there’s non-con. in conclusion: trust nobody
- toska by @chummywchimmy
↳ a/b/o + werewolves au. hoseok is sweet and all but lord that bird gift LMAO. 
- a dangerous game by @chaoticpuff17 
↳ mafia au. joonie does not know how to give up... prayers for the mc
- deviant by @jkeuphoriadreamland + @chimoona
↳ this fic is one of the most memorable fics i read. namjoon is so cunning and cocky piece of shit. 
- fôret de cauchemars by @kosmosguk
↳ sleep psychiatrist au. i massively agree that this fic is one hell of a rollercoaster. thrilling and creepy!!
- lady of the night by @deepdarkdelights 
↳ victorian + time travel + jack the ripper au. this joon lives in my mind to this day. enjoyed the mc figuring out what the hell is happening while scolding namjoon’s misogynistic ideas.
- let the villain win by @lemonjoonah 
↳ author au. let me tell you that joonie’s character will have you memorized and shocked!!
- moonstruck by @lovelyspring7
↳ mafia + florist au. this is fic did what it gotta do... and IT SERVED!!! 
- used to disappointment by @girlmeetsliv3
↳ nerd au. gosh i would also feel like a disappointment if i was in school with namjoon. but joonie is caring in this one (?)
- apothic by @jiminstonic
↳ zombie au. zombie jimin is sweet towards for the mc, but his actions went a lit extreme... ig that’s what he gotta do? slay?
- arte factum by @lolabangtan
↳ artifical intelligence + sci-fi au. fuck me up android [email protected](31!!!! he’s a little bit eerie but we can OVERLOOK that :D
- charming by @bangtans-apollo
↳ cinderella au. *chefs kiss* prince jimin needs a therapy session because he’s very overbearing and possessive. you never know when he gotta explode!
- curiosity brought it back by catslullaby (AO3)
↳ CURIOSITY DID BRING IT BACK!!!!!! one of my all time favs. the way mc decided to make jimin jealous and she got what she wanted! but she also bargained more than what she can afford lool
- neighbors by @jkeuphoriadreamland
↳ neighbors + stalker au. toxic? yes. hot? yes.
- otherworldly by @sinning-on-a-sunday 
↳ coraline au. i am ashamed to say that i’m not mad at the ending. i would bend my knees for other jimin.
- porcelain by @deepdarkdelights
↳ dollmaker au. i’m not just screaming at jimin, i’m also screaming at the grandma.
- spirited away by @out-of-jams 
↳ spirited away au. i already watched spirited away and this fic takes it as inspiration to create something different as it own. jimin is supposed to be someone we can rely on... but the writing has good job of conveying the gut feeling of something that isn’t right :D
- the owner by @shumidehiro
↳ ghost au. i like the mc in this! love that she is respectful to the spirits and i can see how ghost jimin holds his resentment from.
- treasure by @sombreboy
↳ faerie dragon hybrid au. that took a dark turn but who can’t resist jimin? lets be REALLL
- daffodil dreams by @sombreboy 
↳ murder suspect + therapist au. the way tae and mc are attracted towards each other is kinda in push and pull in way. and when they give into each other, it feels conflicting since it feels right but wrong for the two to be together. a thrilling read!!
- devotion by @sweetbunnykook 
↳ childhood friends au. the yearning?? the tension?? and when it blows up between the two, it’s completely worth it in the end. beautifully written!!
- dura lex, sed lex by @go1denjeon
↳ law au. tae is so mysterious in this fic. you know what you’re for when you read this, you just don’t know when tae decides to reveal his true colors. in hindsight, he acts like ordinary citizen yet ill think we’ll see more of his true colors in later chapters.
- like chalk and cheese by @helenazbmrskai 
↳ tae def helped the mc bring out the craziness in her. it’s refreshing read from most yandere fics as we start to see more of the roles reversed. 
- poison apple by @jooniyah 
↳ moneylender au. this is one of more darker fics. mc doesn’t give up nor so does tae. his character is crazy and im impressed how she keeps her sanity still. 
- purple people eater by @therealmintedmango (AO3)
↳ alien au. ik the title of this fic sounds crazy and the fic is. tae is adorable in the fic (besides the shit he pulled in the end). 
- the phantom by @darkestcorners
↳ paranormal + parallel universe/time travel au. tae’s character in this is fucking scary actually. i probably been dead by now if i was mc in that situation. 
- the treachery and reprisal by @min-hoax
↳ tae got ISSUES. and jimin??? my gasp was so damn loud at the end. that’s it. 
- violets: memories [part one] / violets: realities [part two] by @emoboijk 
↳ stalker au. tae and mc are unhealthy for each other but they still got feelings for each other... love how mc friends are there to support her :D
- brother knows best by @cosmostae
↳ stepbrother au. jungkook is so hot and goodass smut. gulity-pleasure fic :D
- cardio by kaiseuphoria (AO3)
↳ personal trainer au. jungkook is so sweet but so insane all at once??&!6? this fic is a perfect mix of sweetness and creepiness. 
- cruel intentions by @explicit-tae
↳ mafia au. the first chapter was just recently out and i’m glad the mc got out of the situation. but since it’s the first chapter, i wonder when is jungkook going take her and the baby back? eagerly waiting for the second chapter!
- deception by @kthyg
↳ gang au. this fic is interesting in a way that mc likes jk long before jk likes her. jk gotta manage his anger and sort his shit out first. 
- flower petal by @royallyjoon 
↳ empire + reincarnation au. this two together is tragic. mc did what she gotta for everyone’s sake and that ended up... not so well many years later...
- forever afterthough by sorvette (AO3)
↳ fantasy + vampire + werewolves au + implied poly ot7 x reader. god this was a RIDE. the progress between the mc and jungkook is sweet and i enjoyed their bond together. writing felt like a kinda like dream because this is so well written!!
- play date trilogy by @worldwidemochiguy
↳  the inner turmoil within the mc between leaving and staying lets me know that jk got her bad... honestly same tho
- polarity by @darkestcorners 
↳ best friend’s boyfriend + college au. YOU GUYS WILL NOT GET IT UNTIL YOU READ THIS FIC. like i would smash my head everytime so i wipe OUT my memories and reread this fic all over again. the plot twists, the mind games, and how realistic this setting is in this fic got me fucked in all sorts of places. without being physical, jk uses all types of tactics to overtake mc’s mind. this is a must read. 
- taking over you by @go1denjeon
↳ idolverse au. love the mc’s approach this situation. jk’s character in this fic is actually fucking sick and twisted. at some parts, i just got very uncomfy and got the chills. 
- the crimson shell by @angelicyoongie 
↳ mermen au. do not think this is your friendly mermaid au. merkoo in this fic his claws, spikey teeth, and clicks his mouth to communicate. poor mc in this, she went through SHIT
- the friendly ghost by @darkestcorners 
↳ ghost au. ghostkoo is very sweet. he could never do wrong--until the end RIP :D
- to obtain the flower / primrose [sequel] by @mingshits 
↳ empire au. who knew that mc’s actions toward jk during childhood could leave a result like this lol? this fic was a whole serve, def must read. each time mc takes one step, jk is FIVE steps ahead her LMAO
- you by @whoretan 
↳ college + stalker au. the first chapter recently released and i’m invested on what’s going to happen to the next chapter. everyone’s motive in this fic is somewhat unclear and the mc here is quite unreliable. can’t wait for shit to happen 
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Show Me How
Tumblr media
Summary: You swiped right on a nerd, instead you got a Greek God. Or tired of your virginity, you decide to throw caution to the wind and find a hook up on tinder.
— PAIRING: Namjoon x f!reader
— GENRE: smut. 18+ minors dni.
— WARNINGS: fingering, thigh riding, possible hair kink (? like Joon loves touching the reader’s hair), biting, dry humping, dirty talk (?), Namjoon is such a simp, the reader is naive.
Kim Namjoon looked nothing like the picture you swiped right on one drunken night. The original Kim Namjoon who you found on Tinder was a nerdy looking guy wearing glasses so big Harry Potter would be jealous; this man in front of you wasn’t anything less than a god. Those round disk glasses were gone allowing you to see his pretty brown eyes. The tamed golden-brown hair in the photos also vanished in favor of the tousled mop on his head, but perhaps most alarming was his tall athletic form. Call it headshots, bad angles, or lighting, but whoever took your hookup’s photo should never touch a camera again.
   “You must be (Y/N). You look nothing like your pictures.” Namjoon smiled. He moved away from the door, gesturing you to come in.
    Vaguely you wondered if he was disappointed. The pictures you posted on tinder were a good year old, however you rarely took pictures of yourself-especially not ones dressed up. “I can say the same. You are much more handsome than your pictures make you to be.” You complimented. 
Internally you cringe at your words. Talking to guys was definitely not your forte. In fact, anything dealing with romance, boys or sex was not your thing according to Bazaar Publishers. Your gut twisted at the reminder of the rejection letter sitting in your purse. Eight months ago, you sent in a copy of your novel’s manuscript to the publishing company only to receive a letter stating that while the editors loved the concept, setting, plot and everything else; the romance and sexuality in it sucked thus they were rejecting it. They also stated that if/when you fixed these problems, they would happily reconsider your novel.
   Which was how you ended up here in a potential serial killer’s apartment looking for a quick lay. “Thanks. Most people say the opposite.” Namjoon chuckled.
    Heat rose to your cheeks at the dimpled smile he gave. Nervous, you looked away, looking at his living room. For a bachelor, his place appeared very clean, something you wouldn’t have guessed given the stereotype of bachelor pads. You expected strewn laundry and dirty dishes not alphabetically ordered bookshelves, decorative pillows, and Febreze. “You have a nice place…” 
   “Thanks, I try to keep it clean especially if a pretty girl visits.”  
      You rolled your eyes at the compliment. Pretty girl...you were already here. Did he really feel the need to butter you up with lies? “So…..” Namjoon drawled, rubbing his neck. “Do you want to sit down?”
    You blinked. Sit down? Is this how one night stands usually went? Did people sit down, have coffee, and talk before fucking each other or what it just this guy?  “No?”
    “O-oh…” Namjoon stuttered. “Okay, umm….”
“Sex? I-I mean we agreed to let you’d bang my brains out, right?” You suggested, biting your lip. Just the mere idea of having sex brought butterflies to your stomach. Tonight, would be the first night you had sex ever, marking the end to your virginity and hopefully the end to your shitty sex scenes. It would be like ripping off the Band-Aid- quick, slightly painful, but for the best.
   Namjoon’s face turned a light shade of pink. Suddenly he appeared more like the dorky boy from the photos than the stud who let you in. “Um...sure. No problem-I mean why waste time getting to know each other?”
    “Right. No point in pretending like we are ever going to see each other after tonight.” You forced a laugh.
   Namjoon laughed, “Exactly.”
The dimpled smile returned along with a lusty twinkle in his eyes. It will never cease to surprise you how quick guys can switch their moods. Then again you shouldn’t complain given the circumstances. 
   “Well, shall we go M’lady?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
  You nodded. "Lead the way my prince. "
     Namjoon laughed, taking your hand in his. The warmth of his touch sent shivers down your spine. It wasn't like you never held a guy's hand before but there was something different about the way his fingers wrapped around yours. Your heart stuttered in both fear and excitement. Silently you reminded yourself to write this feeling down in your notepad later. 
    "Well, here we are, my lavish bedroom." Namjoon said. His ears turned a twinge red. 
    You took in the bedroom noting how similar to the living room it was. Bookshelves lined the walls yet again, leaving only a small opening for a desk and dresser.  His bed was a single with neatly tucked white sheets and a thick blue comforter. It was small but it looked large enough for two people. 
    "So…. What now? I'm new to this whole thing. " You confessed. The double meaning of your words went unsaid. 
   Namjoon gave a sheepish look. "I'm actually rather new at this too. Tinder-I mean not sex. "
   "I would hope so." You giggled. 
God you fucking hoped so. You were screwed-figuratively speaking if this guy was as green behind the ears as you. 
    "Well since we're both new to this, why don't we start slow." Namjoon suggested sitting on the bed. A big goofy grin spread across his face as he patted the spot next to him. 
    The sight shouldn't attract you. Such a goofy grin was anything but sexy, yet something jolted within, and you soon felt an unfamiliar throbbing between your legs. He looked like the sun shined on him right then. Your legs shook as you made your way over to him. Silently you tried to squash the butterflies suddenly in your stomach. 
    This was all research. You were doing this for your book. No reason to be nervous… you sat down hyper aware of how close you two were. "You have such beautiful hair. " Namjoon said. "Can I touch it?"
  You nodded suddenly speechless. Slowly his hand reached out gently caressing your hair. A shiver ran up your spine. Hair caressing should not be this erotic. "It's so soft- like silk.” Namjoon marveled. 
    You laughed causing him to blush. "Sorry...I tend to talk too much. I've been told it ruins the mood. " 
   "No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh- it's just that it's really not. I mean my hair is many things but silky isn't one of them. " You explained.
    "I disagree. It's beautiful." He said, stroking it. "Though I shouldn't be surprised given that you're a pretty girl. "
  Again, your heart leaped. Pretty words shouldn’t mean so much. As a writer you utilized pretty words to craft beautiful poetry and elegant stories; you knew easily used they were. However, what you couldn't ignore was the way Namjoon stared at you through half-lidded eyes, pupils fully dilated. 
    "Namjoon...kiss me." You whispered. 
"Was hoping you'd ask."  He leaned in, fulfilling your request.  
    His lips were softer and plusher than you ever imagined a guy's to be. The kiss was awkward at first, starting out as a peck before evolving into an open mouth kiss. Your naivety to kissing didn't help either. You didn't know how to move or what to do with your tongue. Every movement you made seemed like a mess. Embarrassment burned through you as Namjoon pulled away. This was just an experiment, no need to feel lacking. Yet you couldn’t stop worrying. Were you that bad? Could he tell you were a virgin?
 As if reading your thoughts Namjoon smiled, dimples shining brightly. "Just follow me, okay? I'll lead. "
     "Okay." You nodded.
“Okay.” Namjoon thumbed your bottom lip, dorky smile still bright. 
A strange comforting feeling washed over you at the sight. Suddenly it didn’t feel like two strangers rushing for a quick fuck, but two friends exploring themselves together.  The emotion brought up a platitude of questions for you. However, before you could even begin to ponder them, Namjoon pressed his lips to yours. Another peck, but this kiss was more planned-more precise. He lingered for a second only to pull away. A pang of longing filled you, however it was quickly swallowed by his lips meeting yours once more. Again and again, he dipped down peppering you in small, tiny kisses.
“You’re so cute. I can’t help but kiss you like this.” He teased, placing another butterfly kiss on your mouth. “But I suppose you want more huh? Not just pecks.”
“I do.” You shamelessly admitted. “I want you to kiss me like they do in the movies. The whole opened mouth, bottom lip sucking, passionate tongue -”
Namjoon swallowed your words in a kiss. His tongue glided effortlessly across yours and you moaned into the kiss. He tasted good but not in the sweet sugary or bitter coffee way books often described. Instead, he tasted like how you pictured a hot meal after a long day: mouthwatering, delicious and leaving you wanting more. 
Your hands found their way to his shoulders. The flimsy material of his shirt bunched under your fingers' grip. His hands moved to your lower back pressing you against his chest. Another thing the pictures got wrong about Kim Namjoon; he had muscles. Hidden behind those baggy shirts, and loose button ups was the body of a god. Fuck. How did you get so lucky?
“This. Can I take this off?” Namjoon asked, in between kisses. 
You blinked realizing he meant your top. His fingers traced the hem of your shirt, occasionally caressing naked skin. Your heart did a flip. It would be the first time someone ever saw you without a shirt.  “Are you okay? We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Namjoon said.
“No. I’m fine.” You insisted. “I was just trying to remember if I wore a matching set.”
  You were. You fished out a simple pair of black cotton panties and bra the minute Namjoon agreed to meet. He didn’t need to know that though. “You know despite what the media portrays. Sexy underwear isn’t as big of a deal as you might think, especially not when the woman’s already beautiful like you.” Namjoon chortled.
    You rolled your eyes. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”
 Yet again he gave you that gorgeous smile of his. “You think too highly of me. I don’t sleep around that often.”
   “Maybe not, but I bet you have pretty girls when you do.”
   Namjoon shook his head. “I get the feeling no matter what I say, you’re going to deny it. I’ll just have to show you how pretty you are-starting with your shirt downwards.”
     You shivered. Once again you thanked your lucky stars for Namjoon. Any other tinder hook up would probably result in a quick one, two, not soft reassurance and romantic words. God, your readers would eat this up when you implemented it into your book- he kissed your neck blurring your thoughts into one low moan as he bit down on it. The mixture of pain and pleasure caused you to buck forward, pushing yourself against his knee. ‘Biting…’ you barely thought. ‘Biting is definitely getting jotted down.’
  You felt Namjoon smirk into your neck, clearly pleased by your reaction. Gently he sucked on the now bruised spot, tonguing where his teeth marks were. Fingers dipped underneath your jeans teasing right above the hem of your underwear. Slowly they moved down as Namjoon nibbled farther up your neck. It was not until he licked the shell of your ear that his fingers brushed against your clit.
  “Fuck!” you cried, jerking upwards. “I thought you were starting with my shirt-shit why is this so good? You’re not doing anything I don’t do.”
    He laughed drawing lazy circles on your clit as his knee rocked against your core. “Sorry, I couldn't help it. I normally don’t get this good of a reaction.”
   “I find that hard to believe.” You pressed yourself closer trying to mold your bodies together.
His hot breath kissed your ear as Namjoon continued his ministrations. “Fuck. Forget me, why are you so wet already? I’ve barely touched you yet you’re soaking. Do you know how hot that is?”
     “Don’t know, don't care, just keep going.” 
“Trust me, pretty girl. I have no intention of stopping.” he said, flipping you onto your back. “In fact, it’s the opposite, I going to fuck you until the image of you cumming is burnt into my brain.”
    Another moan escaped you. Why was that so hot? Just the thought of you seared into his brain was enough to drive you wild. Would he think of you later when he masturbated? You could just see it now: his beautiful face coming undone at the thought of you. The thought caused a delicious shiver to run up your spine. God, you wanted to see him undone.
"Do it. " You gasped, feeling his fingers sink into your core. It was an odd sensation. Someone else's fingers buried in you, but not an unwelcome one. Strangely it was more filling, hitting spots you didn't know existed with each curl of his fingers. Subconsciously your own fingers made their way to his shoulders gripping them hard. Thankfully Namjoon said nothing, either not minding the bruising force or completely unaware of it. "Fuck. It feels so good."
      "Yeah? Should I go faster, pretty girl? Make you feel more than good? Would you like that?" He teased, thumb gliding over your clit. You merely moaned clenching around him. Apparently, that was the right answer, because Namjoon picked up the pace. "That's it. That's the reaction I want to see. You going to cum for me, pretty girl? Can you do that for me?"
  Before you could respond, his fingers touched a spot within you. A feeling unlike anything unless washed over you as you clamped down on him. Somewhere in the room, you heard yourself cry out; your voice barely recognizable to you. Then everything went blank for one blissful second. You officially had your first orgasm.
   When you came to Namjoon was on top of you hungrily kissing your neck. His body grinded itself hard against yours desperate for friction. Instinctively you wrapped your legs around his waist drawing him closer. He let out a moan of approval. His face pinched in pleasure and need. "Fuck, why do you feel so good? I'm not even in you yet…" his words stuttered as you rocked back against him. "I'm going to- I need to be in you now or I won't make it-"
    In a bold move you bit the tip of his earlobe. Another low groan sounded from Namjoon as his hips rocketed forward suddenly before he stilled, eliciting a low guttural groan.  Your own moans escaped you at the feeling of another orgasm approaching. Was this normal? Two orgasms in such little time? Did you stumble upon some sex god on tinder?
  Fuck...maybe Namjoon was too good? Your readers would have unrealistic expectations if you used him as inspiration. 
     “Shit. I haven't done that since I was a teen." Namjoon breathed, rolling over beside you. Even sweaty with deflated hair Namjoon still looked handsome. It kind of made you wonder why he swiped right on you. Especially when tinder undoubtedly had hotter women on it than you. 
    "Is that a bad thing?" You questioned, feeling a bit insecure. 
    Namjoon grinned like the cat who caught the canary. "Not all. Usually, I get the girl undressed though, before I cum. "
    You looked down at yourself realizing that he was right. Other than the sliver of skin between your unbuckled pants and slightly raised shirt you were completely dressed. "I guess we got a little carried away huh?"
    "It's your fault for making such cute faces at me. I couldn't help but want to see you cum for me. " Namjoon sighed dramatically. "Totally worth it by the way."
     Heat rose to your cheeks at his words. Seriously, what was with this boy? Not only did he shower you with false compliments after the fact, but he was abnormally confident in himself.  "So now what?" You asked, avoiding the strange compliment. 
   Namjoon hummed thoughtfully, propping himself up beside you. "Well, if you give me a moment, we can do it all over again. This time with me inside you. "
   “Okay.” You said, feeling shy suddenly.  Casually you looked around his room trying to ignore the beating of your heart or the increasing nervousness you felt. A more experienced/ charming woman would know how to make conversation, perhaps even flirt her way to the next round. You however barely managed to make it pass the first act. 
   Act sexy… your mind whispered to you. Instantly your thoughts turned to flashbacks of characters from romance series. As belittling as it may seem for an English major, those dollar romance books were a guilty pleasure of yours. Especially the Jessica Monrose series which featured a sexy bounty huntress on the ride of a lifetime fighting werewolves, and demons alike. Her character never feared men or sex. She was sexy, confident, capable and- “I can suck you off if you want.” the words fell out of your mouth before you could ever ponder them.
  Suck you off. Out of all the romantic enticing sexy things you could say, you chose the most literal and porno like line. You nearly facepalmed yourself. Undoubtedly your face was a disturbing shade of red right now. With no other option, you bit your lip staring patiently at Namjoon. It was too late to take it back after all, so you might as well pretend confident in this situation. Imitate Jessica Monrose, she would never back down from what she said, even if it was as stupid as your offer.
     Namjoon simply kissed you. His lips moved simultaneously with yours; all previous awkwardness vanished. Looks like you learned something within this half hour here. You opened your mouth allowing him to slip his tongue in. It glided against yours. Some daring part of you closed your mouth around his tongue, gently sucking it. Surprisingly it wasn’t as disgusting as you thought it would be. Your one previous kiss in high school involved tongue and it felt you uninterested in kissing for years. This, though... was nothing like high school.
 Namjoon groaned, sending a thrill down your spine. Your thighs pressed together at its sound. He had pretty groans. You wanted to hear more of them. Not just that, you wanted to see him lose control again. The idea of sucking him off appeared in your head once more, however just as your hand made its way down to his zipper, Namjoon regained control. Pushing you into the mattress his hands make busy work of your shirt. Cool air touched your naked skin. Goosebump pricked your skin but whether it was for the temperature or Namjoon’s longing stare at your clothed breast, you couldn’t say.
  A moment of silence passed before he expertly unclasped your bra. It fell halfway between your shoulders and elbows, showing just the peak of your nipples. The hunger in Namjoon’s eyes grew.
   Your heart beat rapidly against your chest as butterflies reappeared in your stomach. Nerves grew inside of you as worries came back alongside your longing and excitement. No one has seen your breasts before. This was the first time. What if they looked weird and you never knew it? Or perhaps they weren't the right shape or size- you knew they didn't match Cosmopolitan's interpretation of "the perfect breasts" by a long shot, but you thought they looked decent enough. 
  Time slowed down as he stared at them without a word. Hesitantly you moved to shrug the bra back on when Namjoon suddenly reached out tenderly cupping one of your breasts. A shiver ran down your spine at his warm touch, and the straps to slide down more. Your face bloomed a bright red Thankfully it went unnoticed by Namjoon, who seemed fully entranced by your body. Looked like you didn't need to worry about Namjoon’s opinion of your breasts. At least if his darkened eyes had anything to say. 
    Gaining a bit of confidence, you slipped the bra completely off. "Better?" You asked in a teasing tone. 
  "Much. " Namjoon replied, breathy. His hands fully palmed your breast as he engulfed you into another kiss. Long fingers teased your nipples until they perked and darkened, causing the ache between your legs to worsen. Something tells you; Namjoon's fingers won't be enough this time. 
   He shifted placing more weight onto your body. His hands desperatly clutch at your breasts as the neediness in his kiss increase. The kiss was now a sloppy (yet not unpleasurable) mess, sporadically switching from tongue play to kitten licks and bites on your bottom lip to Namjoon pulling away slightly only to continue his assault on your lips. "You are so beautiful, you know that? I don't think I've seen such perfect breasts.”
   You give a small moan bucking your hips upwards. Seriously, what was it about Namjoon that reduced you into a needy slut. Was it simply because you were a virgin? A classmate once told you that people who lost their virginity after the age of twenty- three either turned into a slut or an old maid. At the time you laughed it off but how you felt now with Namjoon...but they weren’t so far off. If things continue how they are, you don’t know if you’ll be able to let Namjoon go that easily-
   “Thoughts on me, pretty girl. Nothing else matters.” Namjoon teased. His hips pressed down on yours, stopping any movement from them. A small smirk formed on his lip as you whine in protest. Something wicked gleamed in his dark brown eyes as he drew circles into your hip with his finger. "Sorry, pretty girl but I don't make the same mistake twice. This time I'm going to make you cum on my cock."
     "Hurry up then. I'm already wet, you don't need to flatter me anymore. " you pouted.  You can’t help but feel annoy at how Namjoon's sudden dominance affected you so much.
    Your tinder date merely smiled outlining your bottom lip with his thumb. "Now, now pretty girl, it's a man's job to let his partner know how beautiful she is. And you are especially beautiful…."
   His lips hovered over yours. One inch more and they would touch yours, however he hovered denying you the pleasure of his touch. Something told you that Namjoon enjoyed teasing his partners. Otherwise, the damn bastard would be in you, rocking your world. “It’s not fair you know. Me being half-naked and you having all your clothes on.” you murmured.
   “You’re right. I suppose I should take this off.” he grinned, peeling off the baggy shirt.
  Your mouth watered at the sight of his athletic build. Sure, you felt the muscles on his shirt, but seeing them was another story. Namjoon reminded you of a soccer player or maybe a basketball player; lean, muscular but not too bulky. Really just the right amount of muscle, where he could easily carry you without accidentally crushing you to death. “You okay there, pretty girl?” 
     “Yeah...sorry, I just wasn’t expecting this.” you gesture to his body. “You are real right? Not some drunk hallucination from the shot of tequila I took earlier.”
   “That’s a first.” He snorted. Humiliation washed over you. Okay, stupid question, but really this was not what you expected your first time to be like. Seeing your discomfort, Namjoon placed your hand on his chest. The warmth of his smooth skin radiated off of him. It made you giddy in an inexplicable way. Slowly he guided your hand downward sliding it across his abs, before raising it to his lips for a kiss. “Real enough for you? Or do you need more proof?”
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l0mljeonjungkook · 24 days ago
Lost & Found | knj x reader
Tumblr media
➤ Summary - eight years beside him were nothing but a roller coaster ride. Being a single mother wasn't easy, but your best friend, Kim Namjoon made your way smooth. You never knew you felt something for him until you read his diary, which you weren't supposed to read ever. What will you do, if not only you but Hyeon, your baby, and your best friend Namjoon, wants the same, what you desired for so long?
➤ Pairing - Namjoon x reader
➤ Genre - fluff, smut, angst
➤ Warnings - 18+ unprotected sex, grinding, lovemaking, explicit sex, confessions, hickeys +more.
➤ Word count - 9.6k+
Tumblr media
"When are you getting spliced?" you questioned him while wiping off Hyeon's face daubed with the ice cream all over his mouth.
"y/n why do you ask the exact question every dinner night!! besides I'm better off alone." He pointed at you with the chopsticks in his hand.
"What? I have a license to interrogate, a license called best friends since uh--", you count on your fingertips and Hyeon laughs at you catching a glimpse of you amounting to something on your fingertips, "since seven years, yaah!! after all, you're diving into the 28th year of your life, Mr. Kim!!" You chuckle a pure sham chuckle.
"Hyeon, tell your mom, to concentrate on her food." He instructs Hyeon, who's heartily licking his fingers overlaid with ice cream yet his almond-shaped hazel eyes, are shaded with a craving for more ice cream, and mischievous eyes spot chocolate ice cream on the table.
"Hyeon is bored with mom and you", you both crack up.
You look back at the man sitting opposite you, "No, but seriously, when are you jumping on to propose Ji-a, enough of coffee dates now! I want you to start a family", you didn't ask, you implored, however, honestly you don't understand why.
"Coffee dates?? Are you-- insane? Coffee dates?? I never really got into such dates with her, if you ask me!! Who the hell told you so?" He blurted but instantly looked at Hyeon as if the kid heard his shoot voice and shut his eyes, "I'm sorry y/n, I didn't mean to shout out loud at you. Just to be transparent with you I'm currently not seeing anyone nor will see anyone in the future. And if you got your answer then let's leave, I'll drop you two."
You honestly don't get, why he gets so pissed off with your question.
"No, Hyeon needs more ice creams"
"Baby, no--"
"Which flavor my angel wants?" He questioned Hyeon, with fondness in his eyes.
"Chocolate one"
Barely a minute ago he was ready to drop you two home but isn't it obvious, that his love for Hyeon is out of the world?
"Why do you get so painfully angry about your marriage"
"Cause I don't want to!!!"
"She's a nice--"
"Mom mom--"
"Yes baby", you wiped his face again.
"Mom I want you to get married to my friend" he announced, eyes on his ice cream.
You chuckled, looking at the man sitting opposite of you, "friend?"
"Yaa mom, Namjoon, he's good mom, then I'll tell everyone that my friend is my dad too." He giggles, and you both can only ignore him.
This question caught you off-guard. It startled you but it wasn't unfamiliar. You have been subjected to this question by none other than you, yourself. It didn't amaze you that much but what shook you was - the man himself in front of you.
It's been five days to be precise, since the last dinner on Saturday night you haven't heard from him. It's the sixth day, Friday morning, you couldn't sleep the entire night, questions eating your inner soul because Namjoon your best friend for 8 years, phones you every morning before you drop Hyeon to school and whether you said no to him for conceivably thousands of time, that you'll drop your kid to school, he still expects perhaps one day you'll let him, but latterly he ain't called you once. And you vow to yourself if today too he won't, you'll despite everything.
Kim Namjoon, where will you inaugurate him? There's only a beginning point, and you could purely start word-for-word about him but no final page for his efforts, love, respect, and support for you, it's something you have been subjected to a lot of instances where his efforts, love, care, and support for you only increased tripartite. There's only an open door in your heart for him but closed when he carved his room in there, and now he's been living there for 8 years.
How you two met was indeed one of the two, best parts, of that university.
You two met at New York University 8 years ago to be exact, both from the same place Ilsan in Goyang, Seoul, South Korea, albeit never met each other, registered for the same program in uni, attended the same classes, but never spoke to each other. It was one day when you dashed to the class and took a seat beside him, horrified by the professor that if he didn't let you in like the other day he did with one of your class fellows, but the sigh of solace left your lips when you saw your professor was late for the first time in 3 months, hah!
You're somebody who never initiates a conversation with someone whether known or unknown, and you would have never known him if he wouldn't offer you his bottle of water, "Drink it, the professor would be late fifteen minutes", you were zoned out until you heeded his deep baritone voice which startled you. You blinked owlishly when you saw his hand stretched out the bottle in front of you.
"Thank you", barely two words you managed to choke out, after taking two sips, you handed the bottle back to him. Still today you laugh at your naivety, how you treated him the first day you two met, though you two used to gawk at each other, yet never persuaded to exchange a word or two. But you remember how your inner self lauded the Lord, for arriving late to the class. If In case you were on time that day maybe... You'd have perched on your regular seat, and again you two would have been eyeing each other from east to the west of your class, and never would have been friends. That was day one of your friendship.
"Uh-- sorry but would you mind walking with me to the library, umm after this class," taking a view of the watch on his wrist as he puffs out a breath, "uh, Just for the group project, if you already are in some group then there's no rub. I'm still looking for a group--"
"Oh, no issue, I can connect y'know", why are you feeling so diffident in front of him, looking everywhere but him, tracing circles on your palm midst talking to him, "I-- uh I too am not in any bunch, so let's do this then?" You harrumph, rubbing your sweaty palms on your thighs.
And you smack your head and snappily shut your eyes at the remembrance, of how shy you were beside him, but not now, now you two are akin to birds of a feather flock together.
"Great, then," he said with a dimpled smile.
His dimpled smile from ear to ear and the dips on his cheeks, and the crinkles near his crescent eyes looked so adorable on him. Not to mention his eyes are like a crescent moon, you could even draw his picture with closed eyes. The picture of his face is engraved in the back of your head.
Those days with Namjoon were flooded with solace, giggles, and serenity until one glossy day turned grey when you met Hyeon's father - Jace, at that university the first and last awful and guiltiest memory at uni.
But why are you even calling him your child's father, ever he said was, one thing for your kid, that he's not his. No, not again this pang in your chest.
You met Jace in the second year of your university. Not to mention the initial months of your relationship with him were all glitter and gold. You both enjoyed your university life like a grad student usually does. Being at frat parties was a new norm for a girl from a small town. Being at pubs, getting some Dutch courage, getting totally jaked at those darty parties, and not least of all out for the count.
Honestly, you're not confident about all those darty party nights with Jace, the negative behaviour of yours, a post-break syndrome after being utterly drunk as you fail to remember the night's episodes. But where you still hung up on is Namjoon never attended such parties, maybe because Jace was with you and protected you? Perhaps he never preferred Jace because of his d2 group in Namjoon's words - douchebag drunkard group, who either would be bathing in alcohol or would be soliciting some women in pubs or frat parties.
So your only best friend wanted to stay off from you and your nerd ex like rigidly stayed away by a country mile.
It's been 5 years since Hyeon's birth which adds, that you never met your ex ever again, what you went through after Jace became acquainted with the fact that you were pregnant, still haunts you. Not that you never wanted Hyeon, but after your ex was subjected to the reality that you were pregnant, he cut all the cords with you. Jace left you, made up the false assumptions in his mind, about you're not pregnant because of him, no, no you recall back to his words by heart - "This ain't my kid, it's your best friend's or whoever you're sleeping with, WHORE!!" The ache earned by the slap of his words is still in your heart, he chuckled, dark eyes wandering over your body, and left. Making all the promises void leaving your heart barren. But you wished for once his words were true, about Namjoon as your child's father.
You look at Hyeon sleeping soundly beside you, he so looks akin to his father by his looks but his heart is purely like Namjoon. He looks so glorious just like sunshine whirled your miserable life into a garden full of lifelike and scented blooms. Jace only gave you awful memories - nightmares, but your baby is the best gift, and besides the tragic past with Jace, everything fades away with Hyeon and Namjoon by your side.
You are grateful to your best friend that he never gave up on you and stayed with you in the rain and shine, life is not always about sunshine and glitters but with him, it really was and still is!!
Whether Namjoon isn't your child's father, he never lets you feel like you would ever need Jace. Driving you to the hospital, discussing your health with her, eyeing your every med, not letting you attend the classes, even writing notes for you. Who so ever will marry him, gonna be a lucky girl, he's the ideal man. You never felt you were a single parent of your child, never. Maybe a father too won't do what he did for you and Hyeon. Honestly even Hyeon never asked about his father, maybe Namjoon's presence was only equal to his father.
Your child's question - on last Saturday's dinner with him, is the clue.
Perhaps, a father figure is important whether you play the mother and father's part in your child's life, there still would be room left.
You do want to confess your feelings to Namjoon. However, at the same time, you do not want to waste his life because of you and your kid.
And even if you envision this, you do get scared what if he said no, or that the room in his heart is already engaged? but it haunts you in case he doesn't reciprocate what you feel for him. That is the reason why you asked about Ji-a that dinner night. What frightens you the most is not being rejected but him distancing himself from you after your confession... That's still okay but you can't see your kid and your best friend staying away because that would be a fate thousand times worse than death.
Tumblr media
Your overthinking took the best of you, it's currently 6 am you didn't shut your eyes for a moment. The alarm buzz makes Hyeon a little startle, so you quickly shut it. His tiny arms tighten their grip on your arm. You silently giggle at your baby's movement, as you kiss him on the forehead, ruffling his hair ever so lightly.
He shortly unfolds his eyes, "mom," he softly murmurs.
"Yes, my angel."
"Mom, Joonie will come" he manages to let those words out blinking his eyes to dust away the sleep and watch his mom's face.
"What? Baby sleep for a few more minutes,"
"No, I have to get ready for my school mom, Joonie is coming to pick me up for school," he smiles midst rubbing his eyes from the back of his hand to wipe away the slightest sleep left in his eyes.
"Oh, baby", you hug him tightly leaving kisses all over his face, "but he didn't phone me, baby"
"Mom, Hyeon called him," he points at you, "your phone," he chuckles at your baffled face, "hyeon told him if he will not come to pick me up for school," his eyes are on your night tee button which glitters under the dim light as he toys it, "then Hyeon will find a new best friend."
You chuckle and place a kiss on his forehead, at least your kid isn't like you, save for eating doughnuts and whatever sweet hooks his eyes, let alone unable to keep things in his heart, and you're delighted with him today.
"Then get ready for school."
Hyeon is quick at getting things done, maybe it's Namjoon's influence, sticking around him, eating occasionally sleeping, and repeating, under his friendship, is why he's fitting in the same frame as Namjoon.
Tumblr media
It's nearly 8 am you assume, and Hyeon's school time is 9. Hyeon is chomping on grapes, as your eyes are fixated at the entrance of your wee apartment which you could only afford to live in with your baby let alone you have been staying here since you flooded back to Seoul.
You left your main door unlocked for Namjoon, waiting for him, as you're barely focusing on anything else.
There's a knock at the door initially, and your eyes spring instantly from your phone to the direction of the knock followed by a creaking sound of the wooden door being opened.
"Joonieee," Hyeon squeals as he jumps off his skyscraper chair, his voice muffles because of the grape in his mouth.
Namjoon sinks to the floor, and outstretches his arms to hug the kid scurrying toward him, and hugs him tightly placing kisses all over his face and you gush at the scene in front of you, of the two main characters of your life. Their giggles, flood your mini apartment with light and serenity that soothes your heart.
"Piggyback me now," Hyeon whines.
Namjoon giving Hyeon a piggyback... It's a norm between them. When so ever Namjoon visits, he parades straight to Hyeon's room and gives him a piggyback ride to the living room.
Is there anything Namjoon denied Hyeon? No. Hyeon really does know how to bring his friend to his heels.
Will he, right now? Conceivably no!!
Because before you even think of an answer, he gives Hyeon a piggyback ride to the couch.
You glance at him, but he only avoids your gaze. You swore you won't ever poke tease at him about Ji-a or another girl. It was a colossal blunder that evening and the least he could do is flash a smile!?... this is something you didn't save at least he could return a smile to you!! Annoyance bubbles inside you, as you narrow your eyes at him and cross your arms under your soft bosoms, rise.
Fine, he's being tough... Then I'm the toughest.
You parade toward your kitchen to prepare some tea for him and ramen for your baby. This Namjoon is not your best friend anymore, he's Hyeon's best friend now. The way his face glows merely talking to your kid tells a lot. At least for Hyeon's sake, he's here after five days. But why are you jealous? He's only talking to your kid but why is he so low?
They are relaxing on the couch, Hyeon sitting close to Joon.
"Hey Joonie", his soft baby-like voice sounds so dull in the morning.
"Yes, my little angel", remote in his hand and eyes on the TV, surfing Hyeon's favourite movie minions... And probably it's the 50th time today for him watching minions with the kid.
"I do not want to watch a movie", he crosses his arms and knits his brow in unison.
"Why?" Namjoon frowns as his finger halts on the remote button he places it aside because it's so unwonted apathy on Hyeon's face.
Hyeon looks in your direction before speaking, "Promise you won't tell mom!" He impetrates, His eyes zoned out, on the floor, perhaps mind on whatever he's been thinking.
Not wanting to waste a second, Namjoon blurts, "I promise." He leans closer to him, picks him up, and straddles him on his lap. "Tell me"
"My friend Ji-woo, said Geon is her best friend and I'm not." He pouts as he hugs Namjoon burying his face, against his chest.
Namjoon chuckles placing a kiss on his hair he pats Hyeon's back, "this was the serious thing you wanted to tell."
"Yes, she's my very good friend Namjoon," he stretches himself out to catch a glimpse of Namjoon, as he continues, "it's complicated."
He chuckles again, age just five but thinks like a fifty. But at some point, Namjoon too felt the same.
Does he still feel the same after these years?
Does he still love your sapphire eyes, which he fell in love with?
Hyeon's eyes are Sapphire too, and radiant like you.
Does he still want to spend the rest of his life with you even after you are a mother of a child?
Does he need to remind himself why is he still single?
Or is he waiting for someone who perhaps never loved him or will never love him??
"What are you boys chattering ... I too want to know", you asked aloud from the kitchen and startled him the messed-up questions which were already jumbled up are now whirled up like a Bermuda triangle... consuming him.
"Nothing mom, we can't disclose. It's our secret, right Namjoon", Hyeon questions, placing his tiny hand on Namjoon's cheek whilst poking his index on his deep dimples, as Namjoon titters at Hyeon's baby-like voice.
"it's hollow," he scowls, poking both indexes on either of his dimples, "Joonie, your cheeks"
"Heyyyy, told you to call him uncle", you yell at your kid.
And they snubbed you, again babbling about something which now looks suspicious to you, yet you are here in the kitchen preparing tea for Namjoon and ramen for boys.
Whilst yelling at your kid, you burnt your index, as you shriek yanking back your hand, and on spur of the moment, you suck your index - a reflexive response.
He looks at you, standing in the kitchen, face scarlet and a finger in your mouth. With due consideration, he gently places Hyeon on the couch and dashes hotfoot towards you. Taking your hand under his custody, he - on autopilot - sucks your index which was in your mouth a moment ago. His eyes looking darkly, deeply, into your eyes with something unfathomable which you don't understand but gives you wintery shivers down to your spine.
"Ar-- are you mad at me?" You stutter, at the nearness between you two, your heart is pounding at the speed of light years. Oh, my god. You in a jiffy, look at Hyeon, and he's eyeing you two with a scowl on his baffled face, surely he is out of depth. You hastily take a step back.
"PUSHED TO VIOLENCE MAD" he declares, dark eyes still not leaving you, peeping oh-so-wildly into your soul.
"But why", you murmur, managing to choke out, your eyes flutter.
"Where was your damn mind y/n?" He hisses with his gritted teeth, your eyes wandering across his honey tone skin glowing in sunlight that seeps through the window and meets his soft petal-like skin as your hands are hungrily desiring to nuzzle him, craving to feel him.
"Jooniee," Hyeon calls, annoyance dripping from his voice, "what are you two doing there" he quizzes you two, and in a flash look at Joon and a mysterious grin on the corner of his mouth.
"Coming", he let out, looking at you with his sexy grin.
Does he smile like this or it's just you, noticing it right now? He looks handsome today, Is he really single? or not? because of how such a beautiful-young-rich man like him is? how has no one ever proposed to him or approached him? maybe someone must have, surely proposed to him and this idiot would have rejected her like he always had. Namjoon with someone else, this picture in the back of your dense head, who's not you is undeniably painful, your heart is burning with just a mere image of him with someone else! What will happen if that image will pop out someday out of nowhere, what if one day you'll meet the love of his life, who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is not YOU.
He claps in front of your eyes, "hey, I'm talking to you, where is your mind y/n", as your eyes flutter and instantly you focus on his being.
"Oh, Joon, I'm sorry.... yea maybe I'd take an off from work, today."
"Hey, are you okay?"
"Yea, yea, I'm fine," you nod. "Just drop him today, if that's okay."
"This is what I came for. don't worry." he pauses, "I'm leaving to drop Hyeon to school, okay?" He traces your cheeks with his thumb and nods. "Are you sure, you're fine?"
"Yes 100%." you nod.
He places a gentle kiss on your forehead, a glow of warmth at the junction of your skin, under his touch. he nods, as he parades back to the couch.
"Come on Hyeon, will talk on our way. It's getting late"
"But Joonie your tea and, Hyeon's ramen," you stroll out of the kitchen and hand Hyeon his bento box.
"I'll be back y/n, don't worry about the kid we'll get something on our way!!!" He stretches out his hand towards Hyeon, as he holds his and the boys parade out of the apartment.
You plop down on the couch, and you hear a whisper from your right - what the hell was that y/n, oh my god. What Hyeon will think of you two, no no no.
Then the voice from your left utters - so what Hyeon too want him as someone more than a friend, maybe father.
Yea fair enough.
The voice from your right - do you too want him as Hyeon's father.
Then the voice from your left - Nah, not only as Hyeon's father!
Oh god, shut up!!!
Tumblr media
"Joon left his bag here, probably because he's coming back." You, in a tick, remember about the novel you gave him last week, as he said he'll return in 2 days, and as said you two are meeting after a long five days, so you assume he presumably has read it. You lean closer to the bag and pick it up. You open it, searching for your book.
But you find something - more - interesting, which you thought you won't ever find it. It's the same eight years old diary which he used to hide from you, which you, one of those fine days found, not found - honestly, got your hands on, and you were just a second ago that he caught you and took rkive into his possession. It's still the same, just a little scratch on the borders, and you take a sharp intake of breath, it smells like him does he keep it with him, ever?
It's a white diary with dark blue on the south of it, with rkive written in black bold characters just on the top of the blue border.
You open it, the itchiness in your hands to open it right away and read all 500 pages in a shot, you jump over to the last page... He still writes, pages are blank at the end of it. Calm down - the voice inside of your head yells at you, with wide eyes.
Yes, she's right you need to calm your nerves babe, you rise from the couch and make your way to your room. But you halt in the between, catch a glimpse of the diary in your hand... It's wrong to read someone's secret journal.
The voice from your left howls into your ear - it's okay he's not someone for you.
And the voice from your right mumbles into your ear - what if it was your diary in someone's hand?
You pause and veer around to place it back in its place. But you hear a creaking sound of your apartment door, rather than keeping it back into his bag, just after you catch a glimpse of Joon, closing the door behind him, you whirl around - hot foot, and like hell for leather, you strut into your room, you bury the diary under your pillow and parade back to the living room.
"What happened, why are your top pale", he moves closer to you and traces your lips with the bend of his index, his eyes filled with desire are on your lips, he leans down, closer to you, but halts looking back into your eyes, as he shuts his eyes for a second and when he opens, the emotions you saw barely a second ago, faints.
He harrumphs, running his fingers through your hair, eyes not leaving you... But then he traces your lips with the back of his thumb, as he takes the tendrils of your hair around your lips and gently tugs them behind your ear. You shut your eyes, your heart thumping at his touch and a low moan slips your mouth, you angle your head to your left. His eyes land on your exposed neck and he a groan leaves his lips.
He harrumphs again taking a step back from you, "oh, office", eyes everywhere but you.
"Oh, yeah, uh-- I'm not going."
"Are you okay? I mean if you want I can stay with yo--"
"No, I mean I do want you to stay here, with me but you should really go to the office", you nod, a faint smile on your lips, " you should go Joon... I'm fine, if possible do visit again before going to your place."
"Yea I'll. And don't worry about Hyeon... I'll pick him up ok", he places his palm on your cheeks as you nod.
He gives you your favourite, dimpled smile.
And he leaves.
You make your way to your room, plop down on your bed take out his diary to read. It smells homey - the diary smells like cinnamon - like him. Finally, you're diving into his diary. "It's wrong I know but still I want to read it, sorry Joon but if you hadn't snatched it from my hand then possibly I wouldn't be doing this." You puff out a breath.
You open it, and the first page says... "You should not read someone's diary and if you're, then give it back to me and if I'm not there wait for me, I'll presumably come back to find it. Thank you."
You laugh uproariously, actually, you shriek with laughter, "Sorry Joonie I didn't tumble under your trap".
You flick to the next page, "Honestly it's wrong if you're still reading, but if you decide to stick on reading it till the last, then let me tell you something- one -- you can not tell anything to her. Two -- it's going to be exhausting because it's BORING. Thank you".
"WHAT IS THERE IN THIS? now, the chances of me not reading it are zero, Joonie, and blame yourself for this, THANK YOU," you yell.
You turn to the next page, "it's something I never really shared with anyone in my life and maybe will share it in the future with her someday(04.15.2014). Change in plan maybe it'll be just between me and this diary, but I hope to tell her someday okay but genuinely speaking I won't(11.05.2014)."
"Why did he cut that line? 11.05.2014 the day Jace proposed to me!! But what else happened that day, I remember he was with me and was fine too."
P 1: I never imagined writing a diary out of nowhere, but there's a reason why am I writing this.
So, it was my first day at the uni, I saw someone, though I don't know her name, she's the reason I am holding a pen in hand.
"He never spoke to me about someone, and why he didn't wish to let me know?"
P 5: I saw her today, again, she was sitting in the last seat at the corner of the lecture room. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She looked lovely in beige, I really wanted to confess to her, how pretty that colour looks on her, but she's too shy and I couldn't tell her.
A scowl takes its place on your face like a permanent resident. And your heart is thumping now, at his notes.
P 11: I saw her today, she has the most joyful and adorable smile. I was mad about something which right now I don't remember, and she's to blame for that, it's her gorgeous smile.
You flick through the next few pages, and you couldn't wait to know the name of the person he's been writing to, since day 1 of his uni.
P 57: I guess, I like her. She was gazing at me, but when I saw her, she swivelled her head away. Does she feel the same? But the negative point - is we both don't know the names of each other. But I think she knows mine. That day in class, the professor called out my name, so presumably, she knows.
You close the diary, anxiety is eating you up. "He literally wrote every fucking day about that girl."
Then the voice from your left interrupt - read it, maybe, you'll find the girl's name.
You open the diary again.
P 101: 07.24.2014, I'll remember forever more, my heart never jumped like today, and my hands, are still as warm as a hot spring. no... not running a fever.
She just came, more like blew in unexpectedly, I was reading something which all the appreciation goes to her as I can't remember anything, I'm confident.
I asked her to walk with me to the library and on our way, we chatted like we already knew each other, and got wind of the fact that she too is from my hometown.
It felt surreal beside her, never felt like this before, and honestly do not know what it is but maybe this is what I was waiting for my whole life. Don't want to sound sugary but she's the one I want to roll over to in the middle of the night and wake up next to her diurnal. We didn't talk much but I'm clear.
I swear I have never been so sure about something or someone in my entire life
And yes finally got to know her name, y/n, with bright sapphire blue eyes.
You shut the diary with a loud thump, and bring it close to your heart as you shut your burning eyes, a warm tear escapes your eyes. Stupid idiot nerd what not, he deserves every single... Oh, Joonie why didn't you let me know? You open your eyes wiping away your tear with the back of your hand, and you open the book again.
P 130: We just met a few months ago, but feels like we know each other, for a long time. I wish to stay by her side for a lifetime. A smile tingles upon my lips, at the thought of our friendship.
P 139: when my phone's screen lights up with her name, so does my heart and my eyes like sun rays on my face, bestowing nothing but joy.
P 148: I didn't know the meaning of happiness until I met her, her smile warms my soul like a sun in the winter mornings, like a warm blanket on a cold night. Until I saw her and now I'm unable to find a difference.
P 163: today we both visited the library.
I saw a girl over there, sitting in the corner while reading a book. It was raining like heavily, and the content smile on her face was like she finally feels at home, and safe.
I guess y/n, must be my library, my halt from meandering outside in the rain. The home I've been looking for forevermore is beside me.
"I dared myself to read this, if I didn't maybe I wouldn't get the heed of not only his but my feelings too. He sure is dumb, but I'm not. He sure took years and maybe will take forever to let it out, I won't and I can't. But before that, I need to know what he feels about me now."
P 178: we went to the cafe today, and she looked pretty in that beige dress.
I have been praying for her, for what feels like forever!!
P 196: Everyone told me I deserve better, it was okay for everyone else to say. But she too said it, she murmured into my ear, when we were in class, that I deserve better and Ara is fine. The funny thing is I don't even know who Ara is! I know, I deserve better, but I don't want better. I want her.
P 204: Oh, now I feel there's no need to even write ever again in this diary. She was the light in my dark life. She who was the sun to my winter mornings is now with someone else, yes she deserves better. It's my mistake I should have confessed.
P 205: writing after 3 years, just to keep this memory between the pages. She told me she was pregnant, and I'm more than happy.
P 263: what is tougher than a human heart, which shatters over and over and regardless of pain still lives. I'm the evidence. He left her yet her heart yearns for him.
P 278: Today we visited the doctor for her routine check-up. She said she isn't willing to have this baby and honestly it broke me to pieces. I wish I could tell her how much I love her and want not only her but her baby too. I wish to love them till my last breath.
Why I overlooked, his affection. How can I be so stupid?
You recall your memories, of when you were pregnant.
"I'm just a call away y/n, can call me at 3 in the morning I'll be there, please do not stress over things that weren't meant to be."
Just one call of yours used to shake him up. You two visited the doctor together even though you told him to stay off, pushed him away because it was your problem you wanted to deal with it alone, yet he never left your side.
"I'm not leaving, I can't see you like this, alone at this deserted apartment, where you two lived.... No y/n you're coming with me, I have a spare room at my place. I'll be content seeing you safe next to me."
"Joon I'm okay, really, I can stay he--"
"No, you're coming with me."
Even stayed up with you for nights, didn't let you attend the classes, wrote not only his but your notes too, and fought for you when you weren't there.
Took proper care, he even memorized your meds on the tongue and learned the dates of your routine check-ups, fruits, soups, juice every other basic need of yours, was his command. He did everything that a father should do, which perhaps is the only justification for why he loves Hyeon so much.
Nights when you cried over your ex, yet lied to him, that this is only a hormonal reaction but a little did you know about him, but he sure knew every reason behind your genuine or phoney smile, every single reason behind your single teardrop.
"Listen y/n, I know I have been reciting this for months but here again I'm going to say, this time not for you for ours. I -- I mean you-- your baby. I-- I want you to be strong y/n. You're going to be a mother but crying like an infant." He wipes away your tears whilst leaning to kiss you but halts and ruffles your hair.
"Heyyy Joonie", you hit his chest.
"No, but seriously, do you want me to kill that nerd? See y/n I can!! and I'll if you allow me. I'm very much y'know skilled, uh competent, even proficient," he sums his abilities on his fingers, and you giggle at his naivety, "not lying I hold a black belt in Judo and earned one in Karate too, he doesn't stand a chance in front of your best friend", he dusts off his palms as of stroking off dirt and crosses his arms around his chest.
"So dramatically proud you are, Joon", Now you're laughing uproariously, in reflex your hand finds its purchase on your middle, and he instantly notices.
"Hey, are you okay?" he immediately holds you, his eyebrows furrowed at your hand's gesture, but you're still laughing.
"Joon, I'm really fine, you should have actually played Mr. bean. where were you back then?"
"Was probably waiting for your landing."
"I love your face glowing with that peaceful smile y/n, do not cry over some nerd. I'm here with you today, what if someday, I'm not there beside you, to wipe away your tears, which merely shed but if they do, the sole reason is men." You hit his shoulder, "stop it Joonie we're friends till the end, do you get it you asshole? don't you dare say that shit again."
But he wants his last sleep beside you, his last breath beside you. His ever so firsts to be by your side and ever so lasts by your side, this is what he feels for you.
"And do you know, your taste in men is horrible, I don't trust you in that process?"
You look down with teary eyes, p 278, and you skip to p380.
P 380: she deserves every star in her life, to glitter for her the way my eyes sparkle for her.
P 485: feels like we are two stars floating in the universe, yet light years away. She sure is with me but feels like those two stars, babbling on either side of the moon, neither I can reach where she is, nor she can where I'm. But, my heart cherishes every second, every moment, every single breath with her. I wish stars could collide someday, and we'll meet eventually.
P 525: a week to go, I told her it's a boy, and she said no.
P 540: It's a boy, we named him Hyeon. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever love my kid as I love Hyeon. And he has Sapphire eyes like his mom, another reason to love him even more.
You heard the clanking sound coming from your living room you shut the diary, wipe away your tears and hide it under your pillow.
You strut out of your room, "Oh you guys are back." And in the twinkling of an eye, you felt your cheeks warm, when Namjoon's eyes meet yours, like all the blood rushing up to your cheeks.
Perhaps your friends were always right about you two - that you two would make an aesthetically pleasing couple.
"Hey, come here,"
Heat pooling in the pits of your stomach, you sure did feel all of this before, but to be precise you're catching every reaction of your body, now. Those three words are just not mere words, they did something to you, the warmth between your legs is the evidence of those three words. You are eyeing him, hungrily, stop drooling you fucking idiot.
"Mom do you remember, it's Joonie's birthday tomorrow."
"No, Hyeon your mom won't--"
"Yes baby I know, there's something for him," you look at him, "will you stay with us today?"
He looks into your eyes, the glow in them, which he purely saw for Hyeon, is it for him? his brows knit together, "yes anything for you," he pauses eyes wandering across your face, "you two."
Your kid is smarter than you, when you secretly told him you need to prepare a cake for his birthday, he told you his plan, which is why they both went out, and here you're placing the cake inside the refrigerator.
You know he won't take a step forward, it's only you who could do such bravery. It's his birthday and a new start to every perfect day.
You make your way to your room to find a perfect dress for his birthday night.
You're wearing a black cold shoulder ruched flounce sleeve bodycon dress, the silk fabric just ends at the curve of your cheeks, and you complete it with a black thong and yes no bra today. It's normal for you to doll yourself up, whenever you three move out, for dinner, parties, or friends' weddings. But today is, no normal day because you have never spread out as far as to shave, lest yknow.
Brushing out your tangles, your makeup is tastefully done as you're touching up some lipstick - let aside hungrily awaiting for him to smear it, spraying some perfume all over your body, you bolt out of your room. looking around your living room, to be precise it seemed hideous barely an hour ago and now it's looking nothing but cheerful as you beautifully decked out your place with balloons on the floor which you assure Hyeon would low-key love more than your birthday boy, with a cake on the table in the middle of the living room.
There's a rattling sound of keys behind the door, and you know they're here. The front door opens, and you find Hyeon and Namjoon, standing at the door, Hyeon couldn't help but claps at the decor his eyes twinkles at the sight of balloons all over the floor, as he lets go of Joon's hand and take off to pick the balloons, but what you take a gander at Namjoon, not saying much but you can tell, he could cry any moment, he's eyeing the whole room, then looking at you, your heart is beating at light year.
He makes his way to you, "there are still three hours left for my birthday", his eyes wander across your body, and you silently praise the lord for the dress you found in your closet.
"Yes, I know Joonie, but Hyeon is really excited about your birthday, and in an hour you'll find him out for the count," you both laugh, looking at him playing with the balloons, his chuckle is canorous to your ear filling your apartment.
"Fair enough", he paused, "by the way you-- you're looking gorgeous y/n"
Three cheers finally my man noticed, "oh, thank you, I thought you won't ever notice."
"you already think so low of me, y/n," you see a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.
"if so, what else do you like about me then," without a shadow of a doubt, you take a step towards him, as he too leans closer to you.
"Mom, I love the cake, it's looking yummy." You look at your baby.
"Oh, did you forget about Hyeon", he grins, teasing you to the core.
"Isn't it obvious today?" you take a step back.
"y/n are you flirting." he takes a gander at you and smiles mischievously.
"No", you stand tiptoe and lean closer to his ear, and warmly without qualms, "wanna be your sugar baby", you puff out a warm breath that gives chills down to his south as his tool twitches, "this is what I call is - flirting, Mr Kim, and I strongly believe you should take some classes, yknow? from me!!" you take a step back and make your way to your kid, who could sleep any moment.
you meet Namjoon's eyes, as he shares a knowing look, that he should probably slice the cake, "Hey my baby angel, would you cut the cake with me", he asks Hyeon.
"yess" Hyeon cheers excitedly.
You three celebrated his birthday like you have been doing for years now.
As you foretold, Hyeon is now in deep slumber. you pick him up, "uh-- you can sleep in my room--"
"No, I'll sleep with him today if that's okay with you?"
"Yea sure"
Tumblr media
it's 1am, and you're tossing and turning, unable to sleep at the thought of Namjoon sleeping under the same roof, just a few meters away.
You are wearing a red drop shoulder belted satin lounge robe, with a matching thong and no bra. Craving for his touch makes you nothing but more frustrated, and your mouth dry.
you pick up your mobile, this should end today, he's an epitome of shyness, you want him deep yet harsh inside you, and you're seconds away to strut out of your room and dashing inside the room next to yours, and straddling his saddle, but you can't he's sleeping with your baby. So, you just text him to check if he's still awake.
you 1:10 am- I have a little secret, which I think, you should know.
Joon 1:11 am- you still awake? And what secret?
You 1:13 am- yes, and looks like we're awake for the same reason. And about that secret. Check your bag perhaps you should be missing something.
Joon 1:20 am- did you swipe away my diary from the bag, when I was away from home? Don't you dare read it!!!
You 1:22 am- over and done with it.
Joon 1:26 am- I'm sorry it was all in the past y/n, I promise it's nothing like that now.
You 1:27 am- SAD. Perhaps I'm alone in this.
Joon 1:29 am- you too?
Joon 1:29 am- I mean you too feel what I feel for you?
Joon 1:30 am- you don't understand how much I feel for you y/n, if you're playing the clown then don't.
You 1:34 am- save for I'm not, and there's something I low-key want you to know beforehand if you do feel for me. Joon there's nothing behind the scenes, I, yknow I cry often even if Hyeon gets some silly injury, though he laughs, and I'm the one who cries. I cry over things that have hurt me in the past, or things I'm so in love with. Yknow I'm afraid of being left, afraid of not being good enough, a good mother, a good daughter, and a good friend. I can actually count millions of things that I feel hostility toward myself. If we're going to be a thing in the future you should know that even if you'll tell me you love me countless times, I'll still be afraid of you leaving me. Jace broke my heart into bits, just don't blame yourself.
There's a knock at your bedroom door, he slides it open when he finds it unlocked. He peeps inside before entering, entering your room he looks at you, "y/n when will you, stop thinking so low about yourself", his eyes hungrily wander across your body, and you find him in waist shorts.
His eyes travel to your hardened peaks covered with red satiny material which he wants to slip you out from it, he harrumphs distracting himself, but something catches his eyes, his eyes travel along your smooth long legs on display and halt at your sheer red thong.
"I uh--" he looks away from your figure, eyes on the floor filled with serene moonlight, "y/n, nobody's perfect, even I'm not, you know every deep and dark arcane of my past..... I'm here to tell you that I don't care, I fell in love with you, not with your perfection. Since I fell in love, since then I love every crack in your skin and all your freckles. I didn't meet someone like you," he looks back at you, as he walks closer to you and settles beside you taking a hold of your hand in his, he places a soft kiss on the back of your hand.
"I'm grateful," you take out the diary, "that I found this," and hand him.
"Oh thank you I thought I won't get it back.... and did you just say found? Really?"
"I probably wasn't going to because of the perfumes it holds of its owner, but seems like my bed would smell like him from now on, so it's fair enough to return it, no?"
He gives you his coy smile as he nods, "rather my bed will smell like you because I won't let you and our kid stay here," he parks a soft kiss on your forehead, "and what are we going to tell Hyeon?"
"That we accepted his proposal and now he'll call his best friend his dad!" You chuckle.
In a shot, he looks at you, a puzzled look blanketing his face, "I still can't believe this, that all these years you too felt the way I feel for you, why you didn't you --"
"Same question I'm hurling on you," your eyes are hungrily tracing his lips as you tightly grip the sheet under your fist and he notices you.
Without losing away any minute he leans close to you, smacking his lips on yours as your breath hitches at his sudden whirlwind of ardor, as his strong arms wrap around your waist, holding you tightly against his body and in a trice, he straddles you on his lap whilst kissing you breathlessly. your moan melts away into his mouth. you clung onto him, arms tangled around his neck.
His hand at the small of your back roughly snakes under your red satin robe. he slides his hand inside your thong, your skin flush at his touch, digging his nails into your cheeks for support. he's gently kissing you without letting you go but oh so rough on your body. sucking his lower lip, as you slowly tug his lip between your teeth leaning back to bruise it. you both moved apart breathlessly panting, hungrily looking into each other's eyes, travelling back to lips. you fiddle with the hem of his shirt, hiking it up, he's smirking looking at your eyes hungrily savouring his exposed chest.
you feel him grow under your heated core. he tugs at your robe belt as it slips down and pools around your butt. his sinful eyes filled with lust darkly eye your bosoms, he tenderly gropes your breast, he cranes his neck a little, enveloping your buds between his lips flicking it with his tongue as he takes it between his teeth, playfully biting it, your grip on his shoulder tightens dipping nails into his skin.
moans escaping from your lips making him groan, his warm breath hitting your bosom sending tingles on your skin, he places his palm gently over your lips and hushes you, "if you don't want to wake up our kid," retracting his hand from your lips, our kid that word did something like something incomplete is now perfectly complete.
He gently hurls you on the bed, you want to feel his body, you want him to kiss every inch of your skin, bite you and bruise you, your drunk eyes watch him, pulling down his waist shorts, freeing his shaft. He grabs his shaft using his large hands, and jerks himself for few times indirectly letting you know to get ready, low groans peep from his lips.
You gape at your man seductively, how he jerks his member in his hand, growing harder in his hold your stomach turns at his hard length. Fucking his fist in a pace, eyes never leaving you as he smirks at you drooling over his hard shaft. The urge inside you to take him in deep inside you, and fuking him much - very much better.
As he shoves his free hand between your legs, he spreads them apart.
He parks himself between your legs. His eyes on your bruised bosom with hickeys only make him want to bruise them more. He hooks his finger to the waistband of your thong and slides it down, your breath hitches at your exposed body in front of him as you close your eyes in self-consciousness, he gasps at his sight and leans down taking a lungful of your flavour as he parks a wet kiss on your heated - bare - wet pussy "beautiful" he murmurs.
His hands travel from your knees slowly to your lips, as he traces your delicate skin and dips his thumb in your slick, a low moan escapes your lips before you bite them to melt them inside your lips, "Joon, I can't wait, fuck me, baby", your voice seems to lower, sounding more like smooth whiskey and he knows you're only trying to make it hard for him.
"You want me to fuck your tight pussy, raw, that desperate huh!!"He parts your slit, as he flicks his tongue between your sensitive lips. "Don't you know how much I waited for you," without wasting another second he grabs your knees stretching them out for him, as your pussy slit opens. He grabs his hard cock, rubbing it.
Waiting for him to fuck you, you grab one of your bosoms and knead it desperately in your hold. He bends a little as his hands slide under your ass and grab them angling you for his cock, he slowly buries his shaft and your eyebrow furrow as he moves deeper and deeper inside you and halts drinking in your expressions.
He slightly pulls back then stops, and again pulls back eyeing you, "if you want, we can stop it right now baby", he leans down closing the distance between you two, his hands on either side of your head, and place a soft kiss on your forehead, you instantly open your eyes looking at him, his lips just an inch away from your lips, "no, I want you right now.... No more distance between us Joon," your hands cupping his nape to draw him closer as you park a soft peck on his lips.
He digs his fingers back into your flash, and retreats, slamming his dick back into you, as you whimper in pain, a tear escapes from your eyes. Glitters of sweat on his forehead under the dim light of your bedroom, doing no justice to how gorgeous your man is. Not only on his forehead but his chest too, deliciously sweaty. Seeing him on your top, your pussy clenches around his hard length, "baby", he groans dipping his head on the nape of your neck the warm breath breaking out goosebumps over your skin.
He doesn't stop now, his cock throbbing to match the crazy throbbing of his heart, arching your back you dip your head back into the pillow, "fuck Joon, shit.... Yeahhh babyy", you moan out loud, as he quickly kisses you nipping your lips to bite your moans.
He leans back, "baby, Hyeon wi--"
"Fuck me harder Joon," you murmur, breathlessly.
Without wasting any time, he's ramming his dick into your tight pussy again, as you grip the sheets under your skin.
The way he's making you feel, you never felt like this ever in your life though it's the first time after Jace, he too never made you as incredible as him. The way his hips are in a rhythm against yours, the pleasure making you clench around his length.
"I wanted you for so long y/n," he groans, pounding into you. "You are mine y/n, and I belong to you," your walls only clench tighter around his shaft, enveloping perfectly around his thick length.
"Yes, Joon, only you... Us baby" your breath hitches, looking at his dark eyes, you're close and you know he too is.
He groans as his knees buckle, striving to keep up the merciless rhythm, "should have confessed, before him but now I won't waste any minute", his words are only causing your walls to spasm and contract, fire in your abdomen with his words making your way to your peak.
"You can do this baby", he coos tracing your cheeks with his thumb. He could feel you close.
As your climax is near, your hips stutter against him, desperately, creating the heat and friction for the feelings and bringing you closer to your peak. You're writhing under him when you hit your orgasm, you're so wet that his thick shaft is easily sliding in and out of your pussy.
He's pushing into you inch by inch, massaging your walls slowly. He covers your mouth to hush you before emptying inside you, as your clenching walls only cause him to come inside you and fill you up to the rim.
He softens inside you, as he dips his head into the crook of your neck.
"happy birthday baby, I love you", you kiss his earlobe, panting heavily.
"I love you more..... the best birthday," he pulls back, looking deeply into your eyes, "can"t wait to see the joy in our baby's eyes".
you both chuckle, and there's a knock on the door, "oh, shit" you murmur.
Namjoon only chuckles, "seems like this is the time".
Tumblr media
© 𝐥𝟎𝐦𝐥𝐣𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 - 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲/ 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/ 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞. All rights reserved.
Tumblr media
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aseaofyoongi · 25 days ago
rivals academia | knj
Tumblr media
pairing: knj x reader (f)
genre: slight angst/smut
rating: mature audiences ONLY (strictly 18+)
wc: 4.2 thousand
summary: you and kim namjoon absolutely hate eachother but after you’re both paired for a school project — things get rather interesting at the school library.
warnings: enemies to one-night stand (potential fwb) unprotected sex (wrap it up yall); penetrative sex; hand job; fingering; brief nipple play; teasing; dirty talk; public sex; foul language; dirty talk; bickering; thigh riding; slight degradation; praise kink; i think thats it ??; namjoon’s fucking thighs; i was having a moment of weakness please; college au
posted: sunday september 11th, 2022
That’s precisely the word indicative enough to portray exactly how you felt. Repulsed, repugnant, nauseated, revolting — it all came rushing in like a wave of rage aggressively meeting the golden shores.
It was overwhelming yet still - here you sat across from him and his absolutely irritating aura. It excluded an intoxicating amount of cockiness and an irritating deal of arrogance.
His presence was so irritating.
So fucking irritating.
“Are we supposed to finish this whole project today?” He asked exasperated - as if putting off the project until the last minute wasn’t his exact idea and now he wants to treat it as a nuisance?
“The project is due Monday, Kim. And it is 8:00PM Friday,” you briefly examined the watch sitting on your wrist, “and I’m guessing you have plans for the entire weekend?”
Namjoon nodded eagerly, picking up his phone for the thousandth time but you snatched it right out of his hand.
“What the—”
“It’s time to get to work. For real this time, Kim.” You shoved his phone in your purse, “I'm tired of you just pretending to do things.”
“Can I have my phone back?” He uttered through gritted teeth.You could’ve sworn you saw clouds of smoke emitting from his ears as his usually chocolate eyes turned red hot with anger, “Now!.”
“You’ll get it back when you actually fucking do something for once.” You snapped back — standing your ground.
He slouched back on the wooden library chair and scoffed typing away at his laptop.
Kim Namjoon.
If it wasn’t obvious he wasn’t your first choice for a project partner, however, your Intro to Art History professor thought otherwise. And now you suffered the consequences; bearing the temper tantrums of a man baby.
“What was the year for Venus of Urbino again?”
“Interpretation some believe?”
You huffed — he was truly insufferable, “did you even read the cards she passed out?”
He rolled his eyes, “does it look like I did?”
“Kim, do I really have to do your part of the project too?”
He quirked a brow as he shrugged, “you’re the one holding me hostage.”
“I’m not holding you anything. You have a responsibility to this project as my partner. This doesn’t just fall on me.”
“And yet here I am contributing absolutely nothing and you’re already doing both our jobs so you might as well excuse me.” He pushed his chair back in an attempt to stand-up.
“I swear if you so much as take a step, Kim,” you stood up from the table from him — your eyes sternly set on his. You were not afraid of him, “your name will be removed from this entire fucking project and word on the street is you’re current GPA isn’t really securing you a place on the team. What is the athlete’s magic number again? 2.5 right?”
“Ouch!” His full lips curved into a smile. His chasmic dimples on full display. You could sense the sarcasm even in the simple phrase your attention was averted towards his lips. It’s rather nice. His smile that is. You didn’t really see it often but his smile — fuck — it was picturesque; similar to the sunset as it kissed the deepest depths of the cerulean sea when nighttime lurked behind in its shadows.
“Don’t hold back now.” he uttered, taking a seat once again.
“I don’t intend to.”
“Tell me, doll. Are you always this dense?”
You ignored him and continued typing your section of the project. Just pretend he’s not even here — you repeat in your head.
“Are you going to answer my question on Venus about the depiction or should I spend the next hour researching it?”
You looked up at him and there it is again. The soft strokes of curvatures of his golden cheeks painting a delicate smile.
“It is literally a five minute search,” You cleared your throat in an attempt to be clear and to avoid having to repeat yourself, “but to save you the trouble; we're focusing on sexuality through the ages she is theorized to be masturbating, Kim.”
“Precisely, with the way she’s laying naked and the placement of her hands — it’s only been assumed by some and obviously our professor as well considering she included it.”
Namjoon huffed. “Interesting.”
“Not at all,” you pointed at his laptop, “now write it down.”
“You don’t think so?”
“Where is this going, Kim?”
“Well,” he began, “I don’t mean to be lewd—”
“You already are, Kim.”
“It’s Joon,” Namjoon smirked, “but have you ever?”
His words were brief but they were tainted with a vivid carmine hue — all of it backtracked with sexual intent. And truly you despised the kaleidoscope of butterflies erupting at the pit of your stomach.
“That is none of your business.”
“—but it is something to be curious about.”
“I don’t see why,” though the library was completely vacant and you both sat in a private study area for some reason you could feel a swarm of watchful judging eyes — all of them condemning everything you've ever done. Everything right down to that very question. You shifted in your seat clearly affected at the utterances of his beguiling words, “and the next artwork on the list is The Swing. Figure it out.”
“Truly, has a girl like you even —” he chuckled, “never mind.”
“What could you possibly mean by that?” there was a feeling bubbling deep inside but you couldn’t quite decipher what it was. Anger? Annoyance? Bashfulness? .
“I just mean you’re innocent.”
“You could barely say ‘masturbation’ without a stutter a couple minutes ago,” he shrugged and you knew that in his own twisted way Namjoon was using this as another thing to hold over you.
“Have you ever thought that maybe I just don’t feel like discussing those things with you. This has nothing to do with how innocent you think I am.”
“I think. .” He drifted off. His chin was now propped up on his palms.
“You think?” you emphasized the word ‘think.’
“You wanna know what I think?”
“Is it that maybe you should shut up for once so we can get this project done already?”
“In fact,” he scoffed, beginning to share his theory anyway, “I think you’re a virgin.”
“That’s a great observation, Kim. Now let’s move on to what we’re actually here for.”
He slouched down in his chair, his arms now crossed at his chest, his eyes laid intently on you sitting right across from him. His watchfulness was kind of — intimidating to say the least.
“Kim, it’s 9PM. Can we please?” you sighed your eyes, never leaving the brightness of your screen.
“I would but it’s just so hard to concentrate.”
You sighed, “what will it take for you to finally move on and finish this project once and for all?” You shut your laptop, your eyes finally meeting his once again,
“Answer my question. Have you ever masturbated?”
His cavernous voice was bottomless like the deep sea and the obscenity in his words sent a glacial shiver down your spine. Was his voice always this low? You’d never really noticed before.
“I know you may think I’m familial to freaks of some sort but like any normal person I have in fact masturbated Joon,” you let out all in one breathe.
“You called me Joon,”
“I did,” his smile beamed brighter than sun rays — the rapid thumping of your heart beat aggressively thumped against the walls of your chest and you were afraid he might just be able to hear, “Are we done or do you also need a demonstration?”
“Let’s make your proposition a bit more sensible,” he began.
“I was kidding.”
“It was your idea,” The air in the room grew thicker. It constricted your airway and for a minute you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Were the air vents even opened here? You checked and they were, “are you already backing out now?”
“Joon. .”
“Tell me,” his voice was provocative and you feared one more soft utter would have you stripped bare with little to no command.
“Tell you?” your leg is bouncing under the wooden table and you could feel your palms growing clammy.
The soft glimmer of the luminous moonbeam was casted upon him accentuating his sun-kissed tone and the striking features staring back at you intently — his glistening cherry lips, the way his dimples formed at the mere appearance of the smirk on his face and his stern amber gaze still so intimidating. It made you feel small but you are not going to show him the power he could have over you.
“What do you wanna hear?” your tone now masked in thin layers of silk.
He panted softly, “I want to hear it all.”
“You wanna hear about how I lay completely bare with my head propped up against my pillows. Eyes shut tightly as my hands explore every single inch of my body pretending it’s someone else?”
“Fuck-” His hands dug under the waistband of his sweats. Your eyes now casted on the way the cotton light grey fabric rhythmically moved up and down repeatedly. His chest heaved as his breathing became uneven — and in that moment you could not think of a more captivating sight. Like an erotic painting right out of the renaissance era. You remained at your previous position behind his chair, “but when I get tired of that I have to resort to other measures as you may know.”
“I d-don’t know..” he groaned. His tone expressed frustration and arousal combined. The repulsion you once felt ceased and all your mind could become aware of was the vast ocean accumulating between your thighs; staining the fabric of your underwear as the sight of Namjoon stroking himself in the campus library became imprinted in your mind.
“Sometimes, I also like to mount my pillow placing my thighs on each side as I move my hips steadily against the soft fabric. Slowly rolling my hips back and forth until I’m finally able to reach that high,” you whispered.
His soft pants filled the stillness and furnished the serenity amongst the vacant tables and chairs right outside the private study room. The sounds so addicting it looped within the walls of your head like a vinyl on a broken record player.
“Y-You—” was all he could manage as he became enthralled in his own pleasure, the sweat forming at his temples could attest to it.
“Can I touch you Joon?”
You placed a velvet kiss on the nape of his neck. Your hands found their way up to his dark strands — you softly tugged at it, pushing his head back, “well I’m not the one with my hands in my pants. Am I?”
A thunderous chuckle rumbled within the four walls of the secluded study room, “Please believe you are the clear cause of this.”
“I didn’t do anything, Joon.” you let out an airy laugh, “just provided details of a scenario per your request. Remember?”
“You’re a fucking demon.”
“And you’re too easy. Just like every other horny dude on this campus.”
“Please—” He begged, grabbing onto your wrist before you could walk away. This tone was husk and as much as you hated to admit it. It was like an alluring song to your ears all of it shooting right down to your core just like everything he did. “I need you.”
I need you. The three words invaded your tympanum serving as a command for his needed pleasure and you felt as if your feet vacated their stance on the ground. His honey voice was lulling and if he continued to say anything in that tone, you’d fear your dignity would rid itself and follow every single thing he’d bark without objection. Every bone in your body already begged you to comply; to do it for you and chase your own pleasure — and as much as your mind screamed at you to leave. You listened to the throbbing between your legs instead.
“Pull it all down,” You ordered and Joon quickly rid himself of the pesky fabrics standing between him and utter vulnerability. He didn’t even bother to get up, just allowed them to pool at his ankles. His rather massive erection now on full display — shocked wasn’t the word you were looking for. After all, Joon always exuded the aura that he was considerable in size but nevertheless it was a pleasant reaffirmation to your lingering rumors.
Joon cleared his throat pulling your eyes away from his erection — your trance was essentially amusing to him, you could see it painted on his smirk, “You can come closer you know. If you want to.”
Joon softly tapped on his bare thighs. His thick fucking thighs. Having attended numerous of his soccer games you were constantly given a sneak peak at his toned legs. His upper thighs often lolled you into a fantasy that was now taking play right before you and instead of following the script your head had created for you on multiple occasions; instead you sat here salivating at the clear view of his lower half without the burden of shorts being in the way.
“Come sit. Please,” his pleading made your legs turn to jello — the way his tone so delicately continued to voice his intricate needs was fucking sexy. Although you’ve only been sitting on top of his left thighs approximately 30 seconds now you couldn’t help the way you were throbbing at an uncontrollable beat. You were certain he could feel it too — it was plastered all over his shit-eating grin.
“Can you be a good girl and move for me please?” His tone still velvet to the touch.
Your underwear were already drenched and you were terrified he would notice — the lack of shorts under your skirt left only the thin cotton fabric of your underwear to meet his thighs. But you were not going to back down. Not now.
“Have you done this before?”
“No,” you simply stated.
“Just follow along.”
You nodded.
Initially, the mere feeling of his hands secured around your waist clouded your thoughts entirely. His warm grasp sent waves of electric currents down your spine but nothing prepared you for the feeling that bubbled in your core as soon as his sinful hands instructed you to move. The pace began agonizingly slow and you followed his motion moving forward and backwards against his thigh.
You whimpered, “It feels so good. .”
Joon laughed — the sound drummed at your eardrums and without a stutter in his rhythm you were being guided to move against him faster and faster as he continued flexing his thigh muscles causing all that more friction against your lower half.
“N-namjoon,” You moaned holding on to his chest for support; your head rolled back as you grew consumed by pleasure.
His hands vacated their place on your waist but you continued the steady pace against him chasing a high you knew you were very close to achieving. Joon’s attention was diverted into your clothed chest.
“Can I take your shirt and bra off?”
“Mhm,” was all you truly could manage.
Though, you were breaking a sweat going at it against his thighs as soon as your top half was stripped you felt a draft of cool air meet your perky nipples. The slight frigidness you briefly felt subsided and instead you were met with Joon’s warm touch once again except now it was taking a hold of your breast — his slender finder massaged one while the other was taken care of by his plump lips. Your hands traveled to the back of his neck as the rhythm of your hips stopped against his thigh. Your senses now focused entirely on the way he swirled his tongue against the sensitive bud.
He paused for a moment looking up at you through hooded eyes, “did I say you could stop?”
“Then, continue riding my thigh until I say it’s enough.”
The switch off between his pleads for consent and the way he barked orders in your direction shot straight down only adding to the piled up sexual frustration bubbling deep within you but nevertheless you obeyed — now taking on a slower pace against him as he continued his attack on your breasts.
Locked away in a retreat of arousal and between slurred words and dazed moans you asked Joon if he was in accordance with receiving some attention as well.
“I want to focus on you.”
“And I on you,”
“If you insist,” he gave in, “just stay on my lap.”
His words set a stump in wanting to suck him off but ultimately you settled for using your hands. After aiming down to use your saliva as lubricant you could see the shock sitting behind his lust induced eyes. Your hands began working at his length mimicking his earlier motions — there was nothing more you wanted than to be on your knees in front of him but you were glad you fought against those urges when you felt his hands traveling under your skirt to move your panties to the side.
“Fuck.” He hissed, “you’re drenched.” Joons words only affect you in the worst way possible. Causing the pool between your thighs to deepen, “you claim you’re so fucking quiet but that’s all a facade you know. You’re a fucking slut.”
You never thought a word would affect you as much as being called a slut but you fucking loved it.
“Call me that again,” you whined, “call me that again, please.”
“You’re a slut — you know that?” the soft pads of his fingers finally arrived at their destination and quickly began massaging your clit . . lento. An eruption of lights fired in the back of your mind as Joon continued to immerse himself in bringing you utter satisfaction. You were levitating — your body vibrated which only accentuated the feeling of his heavenly touch.
“Your slut.” your lips ‘fessed up before your brain could register what you actually said.
“My slut.” He sat-up on the wooden chairs but his fingers abandoned your bundle of nerves and traveled further down resting at your entrance, “You know what you’re doing to me right?”
His face was just inches away from yours but your eyes were set on his lips — you leaned forward. Both of you began composing a magical piece in the way your lips danced against each other. His kisses were drug induced and you were already addicted; making it impossible to even pull away so you didn’t and he certainly didn’t either. Under your skirt his phantom touch ceased until you felt his pointer and middle fingers push past your entrance.
“Your fingers are blessed Joon. . They’re fucking blessed. .” you rambled on, “Blessed.”
“You think so?” He pushed them further in causing a strain of moans to fall from your swollen lips.
Joon’s pace picked up as he continued to move in and out of you repeatedly. Truly, all the words you could make out were stuttered strings of praises toward his fingers. They were fucking blessed and right then you swore you could write a million poems just on how delectable they felt inside of you.
“Uh, J-Joon. I’m so close. . so so fucking close Joon.”
“Come for me,” he whispered against the nape of your neck as he continued peppering you with silken kisses.
“Shit. .”
His fingers continued moving at a rapid pace as they finally met that spot that drove you over the edge. If you were levitating before you could easily confirm that now you danced amongst the twinkling stars.
“You were so good for me.” He was panting, his chest matching your heaving as you came down from your high, “so fucking good for me.”
His words were always so intricately sensual and you could feel your arousal throb at his dulcet praises.
Why did you hate him again? You couldn’t recall ever having such a feeling for the man you were currently straddling.
You didn’t hate him. You craved him.
After Namjoon removed his hands from underneath your skirt he brought his fingers up to your mouth and smeared your juice on your lips like lip gloss. Before you knew it you were welcoming his digits past your cerise lips tasting your sweet nectar right off his fingers.
“You are so hot.”
“Did it really take having me half naked on your lap for you to realize that?”
“Actually, no. . only one of us in this room actually hated the other.”
“I didn’t hate you.” you blurred out.
“I didn’t say you did, doll. But since you practically snitched on yourself I think it’s safe to say you despise me. ”
“I despised you. As it's in the past,” you corrected him.
“Dick is all it took to change your mind?”
“Hmm,” you took Joon’s cock in your hand slowly pumping at his shaft once again. And he just looked so good— slouched on the chair, his hair disheveled, a slight glow taking hold of his forehead and chest as sweat ran down his tan skin tone. His grin showed the way his teeth sparkle even in the darkness of the room. Namjoon is pulchritudinous and you are under his spell, “I would need to actually have you inside me to make that deduction.”
“I-I didn’t bring protection,” he let out in-between pants.
“I mean I’m clean. Are you?”
He nodded eagerly. But that didn’t suffice. You wanted to hear his raspy voice as confirmation. You tightened your hold on his erection just a bit, “I didn’t hear you.”
His jaw was clenched but still managed a soft, “I’m clean.”
Joon welcomed you back on his lap now accompanying him in complete nudity after you had finally decided to rid yourself of the clothes still covering your lower half. His keen gaze felt like it cut right through your confidence like a knife. And although it was a bit intimidating you didn’t let it set a stumble in your actions. His hand landed back on your waist like earlier that night and he guided you towards the tip of his erection.
“Hold it while you go down.”
You complied. Taking him inch-by-inch, your mouth forming into an ‘O’ immediately after his tip pushed past your entrance.
“Y-you’re so fucking big,” you could’ve sworn his length was sucking the air right out of you like a vacuum.
If you thought Namjoon’s thighs and fingers are graces sent by God himself, there was absolutely nothing in this world that could compare to his cock. There was nothing in this world that could feel so—
“J-Joon,” you moaned, attempting to keep up with the overwhelming pleasure driven by the guidance of his clammy hands as you bounced on his dick.
“You feel so good, doll. You’re doing so well.”
His praises you discovered are your weakness — his words were dipped in honey and they fed your ears affirmations you could not get enough of. Your head grew hazy at the duality in his words.
That alone drove you closer and closer to the edge. Not to mention the way his thrusts met yours was a sufficient contribution to your demise — you are about to crumble at the mercy of Kim Namjoon’s massive dick.
“R-right there,” your temples glisten with sweat and you could feel the scratchiness in your throat take flight after the past hour you’ve just had, “don’t— please don’t stop.”
“Mhm. .” His thrusts are harder. Deeper. You could feel the way he continued meeting you right where you needed him most. His eyes never lose contact where your bodies meet comforted in the way he disappears inside of you entirely.
And he continued fucking you so good. Fucking you into oblivion.
The silence that once tip-toed around the both of you was gone never to be seen again. Instead it was replaced by the squeaking of the chair (which you continued to pray it wouldn’t break), Namjoon’s groans and your slurred obscenities. It was like that for a while until your legs began to shake and your moans became too loud to suppress. Until your juices coated his cock and his filled you up.
“The Swing-” he managed after catching his breath, “Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1767. It symbolizes the ideas of infidelity, desire, eroticism and love. The guy on the bottom left is peeking up her dress right?”
“The next one on the list for our project.”
You stared at him wide-eyed, a bit stunned by the realization, “You knew the information this entire time?”
“I had to get your attention somehow right,” he snickered.
“I hate you, Kim Namjoon,” you laughed playfully, landing a punch on his arm.
“After tonight, I think we both know that is simply not true.”
authour’s note: it took me forever to finish this for a lot of reasons but the main being that thisismyfirstsmutandiwassupernervoustopost so lol sorry if its — bad — i do apologize in advance. I tried and am using it as a way to break out of that shell and explore uncharted grounds. either way i hope some of you enjoy it lol
thank you for reading <3
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