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mapofthesea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
poly!maknae line x afab!reader
genre: SMUT. Like SO MUCH of it. They’re all fuckin’. Porn with very little plot tbh
word count: 8.3k
summary: having gone years since your last real relationship and subsequent satisfying fuck, you decide its finally time to put yourself back out there at the club. For some reason, this club is full of sexy men-who all happen to be taken. As soon as you’re about to give up on men for the rest of your life, your night takes an extremely lucky turn. 
warnings: swearing, dom!maknae line x sub!reader, reader experiences some self-doubt, boys are poly and all in love with each other, use of pet names, name calling but y/n is into it, specific smut warnings: unprotected sex (simply don’t do this irl please), oral (male and female receiving), some mxm, face fucking, spit, spanking, praise kink and degradation kink at the same time, maknae line are fucking hung, dacryphilia (but very slight), double penetration, Taehyung loves readers tits, bi!maknae line, cum eating
an: I don’t proofread so if there are typos that’s why. As always, this is mature content so if you are under 18 and/or uncomfortable then please do not go beyond the cut! 
“You should really go catch a dick. Maybe that would make you less of a bitch.” The teenager pops her gum as she leaves, a loud complaint about ‘shitty customer service’ spilling to her friends as soon as she catches their gaze. 
As much as the girl was annoying-demanding a refund for a dress that had clearly been worn-her words did hold a small modicum of truth. How long had it been since you even had a satisfactory hookup? Your last long term relationship fizzled out about 2 years ago, and a few months after that you gave up on the dating scene altogether. There’s no denying the fact that you’re a bit lonely, and a lot horny, and that there’s an easy way to fix those problems if you’re just willing to put in some effort.
So you find yourself at a club for the first time in probably four years, the bass pulsing through the sticky wooden floors. A group of giggling girls pushes past you, forcing your body further into the writhing mass of dancing bodies. Your heels pinched your feet as you walked, but they made your legs look good, so you soldier through the pain to make it to the bar. The prices make you cringe, but you haven’t flirted with anyone in so long you need the liquid courage. You order two drinks, intent on sitting at the bar to get your bearings before going to well, catch a dick. The height of the stool makes you struggle to get into it, extremely out of practice when it comes to balancing in heels. The chair shakes under you as you try to settle into it, finally planting your ass down ungracefully. You puff out a breath, already feeling downtrodden about the night and looking forward to swallowing down the alcohol set in front of you. Just as you gather one of the glasses into your hand, a voice sounds from your side. 
“Excuse me, uhm,” you turn toward the source of the noise and thank the heavens you’re already sitting down. The man speaking to you is tall and built in all the right places, strong shoulders you want to sink your teeth into drawing your eyes upward until you reach his defined jawline, the plump of his pink lips that stretch into a boxed smile. His body is wrapped in a simple black button up with a subtle pattern, leaving only the top button undone to give you a glimpse of smooth skin and a chunky gold chain around his neck. Devastatingly handsome brown eyes peer down at you and you wonder when you got so fucking lucky. He seems to be alone, this perfect man, and he started a conversation with you?
He licks his lips, eyes darting pointedly down to your cleavage-thank god you chose this low cut dress- and then back up to meet your gaze. Sparks of excitement thrum over your body as he leans against the bar beside you. 
“Can I ask you what you’re drinking? It looks quite...delicious.” The deep timbre of his voice burns you from the inside out and you nod dumbly.
“They’re called electric lemonades. They’re definitely among the things I find...delicious.” You hope that you haven’t completely missed the mark in attempting to flirt back. In a different setting you would have cringed at the words, but tonight you were operating only on the desire to get fucked. The man cracks a smile and extends a hand your way. His fingers are long and adorned with rings, and you shudder at the thought of how they would probably feel inside of you. 
“I’m Taehyung,” he adds as you shake his hand. “And thank you for the recommendation...” he looks at you pointedly and you get the hint to provide your name. The feeling of his warm hand makes your voice waver as you answer him. 
“Thank you, Y/N” His hand ghosts up your wrist, giving it a small squeeze and holding on as he grabs the bartenders attention. Your heart is thrumming erratically; trying to decipher what the contact means, if your night was really going to be this easy. He turns back to you, fingers dancing on your delicate skin as you catch a whiff of what must be expensive cologne. Your head fills with lust, abandoning rational thoughts as words bubble out of you. 
“You, I think you’re-” Taehyung smirks at your stuttering, cocking his head to the side as you speak. “I think you’re really hot, and I- do you wanna get out of here?” You blurt, face flaming at the cliche you resorted to in the heat of the moment. Taehyung’s smirk morphs into a full blown smile, pearly white teeth on display. 
“Oh, Y/N. I would love to, but I’m actually-” His eyes slide over your head, gaze locking onto something, someone, behind him. Your heart stops, world crashing  in on you from overhead. 
“Oh god, no, I’m so sorry,” you scramble out of his grip on your wrist, all but leaping off of the stool to get away from him. His handsome face twists in what must be disgust of your desperation. 
“Y/N, wait, you don’t have to-” He speaks after you as you leave, drinks latched between your palms as you hurry away from the bar, desperate to find a new spot to sit and collect your mind. 
As busy as the club seems to be, you find a small booth table squeezed toward the service door that leads into the kitchen. It’s dark and secluded, the leather of the seat smooth and cold against the bare skin of your thighs. Heat still simmers at your core from your encounter, and you down an entire drink in a few gulps, welcoming the burn of vodka and sting of sour lemon juice to wash away the embarrassment of being rejected. Still, there were a lot of people here, and although you doubted you would find another as hot and captivating as Taehyung, you weren’t ready to give up just yet.
“I told you I don’t have time to talk right now!” You jump at the person who seemed to have materialized from thin air sitting at the other end of your booth. His hair is shaggy, pieces hanging around his eyes in a tantalizing fashion, the beginnings of a mullet type style evident by the long cut.  His short sleeved shirt shows off an arm of impressive tattoos you’re desperate to have a closer look at. 
“Holy shit!” You exclaim, hand clasping over your chest as your empty glass clinks against the full one. You don’t think he even heard you, dark eyebrows furrowed as he presses his phone against his ear. His free hand is digging harshly into his thigh, clearly annoyed at whoever was on the other end of the call. 
He glances your way at the outburst, a frown marring his handsome features. Your stomach dives as you process just how handsome this stranger is too. Did all the hot men in the area flock to this club tonight? His eyes don’t leave yours as he finishes up the call with a curt goodbye and you squirm in your seat at the attention. The desire to down your second drink burns in the back of your throat but you suppress it by scratching at the back of your hand. 
“I’m sorry if I scared you,” the man speaks and you catch a glimpse of his shining lip piercing. He extends a veiny, tattoo covered-hand across the table and you catch a glimpse of a delicate sliver chain around his wrist that likely costs more than five months’ worth of your rent. You extend your hand slowly to his own, hoping he can’t feel the way your hands are clamming up. 
“Jungkook.” He states simply, shaking your two times before dropping it gently back to the table with a deceptively adorable smile.
“Oh, hi. I’m Y/N. And it’s okay, really. I just didn’t notice you were here when I sat down...” His piercing eyes are still stuck on your form, eyebrows quirked in what now looks more like amusement. Your face flushes at his attention and you're worried that the heat will begin to melt your makeup off unintentionally. “I just, ah, hope that you’re okay. That sounded like an intense call?” 
He grunts, fiddling with the bracelet. “Been on worse calls. And at least this one brought me some good fortune.” For a moment you assume he means whatever business he must be in, but the way he licks his lips tells you a whole different story. You squirm, in utter shock at the way your evening has shaped up. “M-me?” You finally stutter, once again proving why you hadn’t been in the game for a long, long time. 
Yoongi’s eyes scan you, crinkling with a genuine smile that makes your stomach backflip. The hand you shook previously takes your own again, running a gentle line over your palm.  “Yes, you, pretty. Don’t know why you’ve secluded yourself to the furthest booth in the bar, but I won’t complain if it means I get to be the one to entertain you.” He cocks his head in a way that has no right being so attractive, and you feel your insides start to liquify. 
“Oh, thank you. I think you’re pretty too...” you deliberately dance your fingertips over his, hoping the teasing touch does a lot of talking for you. Jungkook’s eyes narrow in on the gesture, glazing over with what you believe is lust. Your heart kicks up in excitement, feeling like you had finally cracked the proverbial code. His grin widens and you feel your heart stutter at the way he suddenly grasps your hand between both of his own. “The things I would do to you, if only...” his face shifts, and you’ve done enough time in customer service to know it’s a look of disappointment. A shard of sadness strikes right through you as you wiggle out of his grip, quickly grasping your drink and downing it ungracefully in an attempt to wipe out the shame in your gut. You vaguely register Jungkook’s voice calling after you, but you power towards the dance floor, hoping to get lost in the press of sweaty bodies. 
Alcohol and embarrassment are an interesting comorbidity, and the ache to get away from the gazes of the two men you had already met persuades you to weave further into the dance floor. You don’t know the lyrics to the song that’s playing but the beat vibrates through the floor and straight into your blood, encouraging you to rock your hips. You’re vaguely aware of the heat of bodies around you as your eyes slip shut, vodka finally doing the job you wanted it to. Something loosens in your chest, a feeling not unlike taking off your bra at the end of a long day. A body presses in close behind your own, a hand skating over your side to rest just above your hip. The two of you rock along to the music and you look down to see the hand on you looks strong and capable. Your heart and pussy lurch at the same time and you dare to spin around as you rock your hips to the music. 
The man attached to the hand had to have just walked off of a runway. His eyes are rimmed in smoky eyeliner, even with his plump bottom lip trapped between his teeth you can see a hint of gloss. His hand tightens on your waist, seemingly pleased with your ogling. You lean closer to his warmth, linking your arms around his neck to pull him down to your height. He takes the bait easily, slotting his head next to your neck and ghosting a hot breath over your skin. A shiver escapes you, exasperated as the music changes and the man makes a point to press his hips forward into your own. An unbidden groan slips from between your lips and you swear you hear him chuckle. 
You move just as boldly as he is, rotating your hips forward pointedly. His hands wander to tease the curve of your hip before resting firmly on your ass at the same time he nips at a spot on your neck. 
“I’m Jimin, by the way,” his voice is devastatingly husky and low right in your ear. It makes you shiver, digging your fingernails into the lean planes of his shoulders.  “Y/N,” You answer back with a push of your hips further into his own, happy that the tight jeans he had on confirmed the bulge you thought you felt against you. A shuddering breath punches out of you and Jimin notices, nudging his nose firmly against the lobe of your ear. 
“What’s a beautiful thing like you doing out here alone?” He husks. 
“Tryin’ not to be. But I keep hitting on taken men, apparently.” Jimin abandons the spot at your neck to peer down at you, pretty eyes narrowed in to your own. Your veins thrum under his attention. There’s something in his stare you can’t explain, a quality so captivating that you don’t have it in you to look away. 
“Well, what a shame for those guys. You’re such a pretty little thing, I can’t imagine turning you down...” he smirks in a way he must know makes your knees weak, hands taking another generous handful of your ass. You pitch forward into his chest, the fabric of what you assumed to be a simple tank top feels silky and cool under your cheek. Jimin’s chest rumbles with a pleased hum, lips ghosting over the sweaty hairs on your forehead. 
“Fuck, baby. Should we get out of here?” 
Your heart jumps at his words and you nod immediately, the desire to hook your legs around his waist and let him carry you out of the club replacing all of your usual concerns. You settle for clutching at the fabric of his shirt as he begins to move the two of you out of the crowd. People part easily for the two of you and before you know it you’re in a much quieter and cooler spot. Your fingers finally unlatch from his shirt and find a place on his jawline instead, hesitating for a second before pulling him down and kissing him. You feel triumphant when he falls into your rhythm, biting playfully at your bottom lip before weaving his tongue inside of your mouth. Desire is burning in your stomach and you squirm against him, desperate to get the fuck out of here and onto doing what you’ve been craving for weeks. 
“Hey, what the hell!” Someone exclaims, obviously in close proximity. You jump, narrowly avoiding biting down on Jimin’s lips as you both turn toward the noise. He keeps you close in his grasp, arms tight over your waist- possessive in a way that makes your stomach clench. 
“Oh, hey guys. This is Y/N.” Jimin grins, nodding his head in a loose gesture towards you. Your stomach knots and flips with anxiety as your drinks threaten to make a reappearance. 
“Y/N, this is Jun-”
“Jungkook and Taehyung. Yeah, I um...” you trail off, wide eyes still in disbelief of the fact that your two failed endeavors are standing before you and seemingly are friends with Jimin. 
Jimin puffs a breath that ruffles your hair. “Wait, is she- she’s the same girl you guys were talking about? And they’re the guys you mentioned earlier?” 
The two other boys nod along with you, and despite the growing feeling of horror in your gut, you can’t help but feel hot under the gaze of all three of them. Jungkook locks his gaze on Jimin’s arms wound around you and his lip curls into a smirk. He moves in closer to your body until you can feel the heat radiating off of him. The tattooed hand you were so enamored with comes to tuck a sweaty strand of hair away from your face. 
“I really wish you would have stuck around when I called after you earlier, babe. Just lucky you found your way to Jimin.” His eyes dart to your lips and your heart pounds out of your chest. Every one of your senses heightens; the feeling of Jimin’s arms around you, the scent of Jungkook’s cologne, the way your vision is swimming with desire. 
“You can kiss him if you want,” Jimin offers, splaying his hand against your waist in encouragement. Your eyes go wide and you hear a throaty laugh- Taehyung- at your stunned expression. 
“Here’s the thing, Y/N. What you didn't let Jungkook and I get to is that we’re dating. Us, and Jimin. His eyes have gone a shade darker than they were at the bar and it makes your pussy clench. “So if you’d like to have all three of us. We’d all certainly like to have you.” 
You swear you forget how to breath as his words land and process, but the way your knees physically weaken is evidence enough of how you’re feeling. 
“Yes! I uh, yes. To all of it. Y-yes. Please.” Taehyung smirks, running his sinful tongue across his lips, and before you know it you’re all moving towards the door. You feel hazy in the best way possible as Taehyung and Jimin go to collect a taxi and Jungkook hangs back with you, attacking your lips with his own. The cold press of his piercing pulls a gasp from your mouth as he devours you in a kiss even nastier than the one you shared with Jimin. You’re more than happy to get lost in it, allowing Jungkook to guide you until you’re at the taxi, squeezing into the back seat with the other two boys. Jungkook settles you on his lap, holding you steady around the waist as the car starts and gets you back to their apartment. 
It’s a race to get up to their unit, and you can barely keep track of who is touching you where as the four of you ride the elevator up several stories. 
The inside of the apartment seems nicely decorated and clean, but you only have time to glimpse the living room before the three men are pulling you into a bedroom. 
“Look so fucking sexy, baby. I thought we’d lost you after you left me at the bar like that...” Taehyung shamelessly eyes your body, hands working underneath the fabric of your dress at your thighs. 
“Can we get you out of this?” Jungkook presses in behind you, pulling your hair to the side and playing with the delicate zipper on your dress.  “Yes, please.” You nod emphatically, head tipping forward to allow Jungkook more room. The gentle skim of his fingers on your back raises goosebumps and makes your nipples perk. 
“Shit.” Taehyung swears loudly when your dress slips down, leaving you bare aside from a simple pair of underwear. His lips immediately attach to your nipple, sucking with a fervor that your ex never came close to. Jungkook’s calloused fingers dip into the waistband of your panties and rub the soft skin at your hip before pulling them down your legs. You can feel your arousal smearing down your thighs with the movement, sure that there’s already a mess between your legs. Before you can open your mouth to defend yourself, Jimin appears, shirt already gone, to claim your lips again. 
Taehyung nips at the sensitive skin of your breast, leaving a mark that will be blooming in purple by the morning. He laves the spot with his tongue, humming against you as he helps himself to the expanse of you. Jimin lets up so you can both heave a breath. His eyes are much darker than they were on the dance floor, and the intensity of his gaze sends a shiver through you. He smirks, laying a possessive hand on top of Taehyung’s head as he continues to leave a path of marks on your torso. 
Your stomach hums with anticipation as you watch the two of them. The simple touch speaks volumes to the closeness of their relationship. Jimin grips your chin with his free hand, tipping your head upwards until you make eye contact. 
“You gonna be good for us?” You’re already nodding, and he lets out a dark chuckle. “Good little slut, letting us do whatever we want to you. Isn't that right?” A whine rips from your throat, as Jungkook’s hands find a new home in between your legs, teasing the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. Your body pitches forward, forcing Taehyung to back off as you move. 
“S-sorry,” you stutter, embarrassed at the way you bent over for them so easily. The feeling washes away as your angle brings you level with Taehyung’s cock, clearly strained against the fabric of his linen pants. You swear your mouth waters at the sight, itching to have him in you. Jimin’s hands find a home on your lower back, the gentle touch grounding you to the absurdity of the situation. 
Jungkook groans at the sight of your bared pussy, his hand immediately spreading your folds. You moan in tandem, eyes rolling at the pleasure.  “Shit, she’s so fucking wet.” He’s clearly speaking to the men around you, and the idea makes your cheeks flame. The squelch of your juices fills the room as Jungkook pushes a long finger inside of you. The stretch makes you gasp and quiver, having been embarrassingly long since you had anything inside of you. Your hands flail wildly until they land conveniently on Taehyung’s waist, just inches from his waiting cock. 
“Feels good?” He asks, latching his hands around your wrists and not so subtly inching them toward his cock.  “Wanna suck your cock,” you blurt the words as soon as your hand grazes him and are immediately rewarded with triplet groans from the men. 
“Go ahead, baby.” Taehyung encourages you as you find the zipper to his pants, struggling as Jungkook slips another finger inside of you and begins opening you up in a slow burn. You puff a breath when you finally get a look at Taehyung’s cock, heavy and flushed in your hand, with a prettily colored tip and strong veins under your thumb. You rub your thumb over the head and Taehyung groans, canting his hips forward into your touch. Anxiety stirs in your stomach at his size and your lack of experience, and your eyes widen at the prospect of trying to hold yourself up while being fucked on both ends. 
“Wait, I-” the words punch out of you, loud enough that the room stills. Jimin’s hands move, encouraging you to stand back upright as three concerned faces materialize in front of you. 
“Oh god, this is so embarrassing.” You groan, shutting your eyes tight. 
“We can stop!” Jungkook insists, voice surprisingly high strung. 
“No! No, I just.” You open your eyes again, licking your dried lips. “Its been a long time since I...you know. And I just, maybe we can move to the bed so I don’t like, fall?” Your eyes dart between them, expecting them to laugh or maybe tell you to just suck it up, but instead a low coo spills from between Jimin’s plush lips. 
“Poor girl, you haven’t been fucked in so long you’re worried you won't be able to handle us? Come on.” He leads you the few steps to the bed, laying you down with your back on the cool comforter. His pretty hair falls around his face and your hands are immediately in it, relishing in the soft feeling of his locks between your fingers in a way that grounds you to the moment. All you can focus on is how handsome he is, and how lucky you are to have found yourself in this situation. His lips descend on your own as if he can read your mind, grabbing at your waist with both capable hands. The kiss tastes like alcohol and you can't get enough, welcoming his tongue inside of your mouth in a messy swap of spit. Your noses squish together, as close as humanly possible to one another, until a sharp moan throws you out of your rhythm. Jimin lets up when you stop, leaning to the side casually to let you get a glimpse of the other two boys. The moan belonged to Taehyung, who had apparently stripped down while you were kissing Jimin, who was at the mercy of Jungkook’s hand on his cock. Jungkook had rid himself of his clothing as well, and you couldn't decide where to look first. 
Taehyung’s neck was on display, the muscular column inviting you to take a bite out of him as Jungkook works his deft fingers along the impressive length of his cock, all while his other hand grinds slowly against his own. 
“Aren't they pretty?” Jimin’s sinful voice snakes into your ear and makes you shiver. His hands deftly work down his own pants and boxers, and you’re given a hint of what he has to offer. 
“P-please, Jimin, want you.” He chuckles at the words but obeys you, quickly slotting himself between your legs. With no barriers between you, you can feel the thickness of his cock against your pussy, the girth of him taunting you. 
“As much as I wanna dive into your pretty little pussy, she deserves some more attention, don’t you think?” A knowing smirk graces his features as he lowers himself to your stomach, skimming the skin of your stomach with his tongue. The trail he leaves is electric, sending shockwaves of arousal right to your core as he gets closer. Your hands find a home in his hair again, happy to scrape against his scalp with a gentle pressure as he finally settles between your legs.
A stream of air against your clit makes you whimper, hips bucking off of the bed enough that he loops an arm over your stomach to hold you down. 
“Fuck, Jimin, please!” He giggles from between your legs and you think you might die before his mouth even touches you. Taehyung and Jungkook have turned their attentions to you, and the sight of them both hard in front of you is enough to make your head spin. You close your eyes, and as soon as your head drops back onto the bed, Jimin makes his move. 
Maybe it's just because it had been so long since you had someone eat you out, but the first touch of his tongue brought you spiraling toward an orgasm. Your hands tighten on his locks and he groans as he laps at you, circling your clit with his tongue in perfect little circles. The noises that escape you don’t feel like your own as you rush embarrassingly fast towards cumming. Your vision blurs with tears, and you cum without a warning. A pleasant humming fills your mind as Jimin continues to eat you out, lapping up whatever you give him with a fervor that makes your toes curl. Wet tears roll over your cheeks and into your hairline, mixing with the sweat that was already there. 
So lost in the pleasure, you barely notice that Jimin had stopped until your hands drop form his hair, limp at your sides. His lips and nose are glistening with your juices, and the sight of him makes you gasp. 
“You came so fast, baby. Were you really that deprived?” You lean into the attention and nod, whining to him when he coos over you. “Such a pretty little pussy deserves attention, doesn't it?” You know he’s relishing in your submission, but you’re more than happy to fall into it when you feel so safe. 
The bed dips above your head, and you know that it’s Taehyung and Jungkook finally joining you. You crane your head backwards to find them both staring raptly at your figure, the heaving of your chest as you recover. 
“Think she's ready for a dick?” Jimin asks casually, as if you’re not right under him. You whimper, nodding your head emphatically. He finally casts a gaze back down at you, smiling with genuine kindness. After a second he leans away, allowing cold air to wash over your body. A small feeling of alarm washes over you as he backs up, and your eyes dart around as he reaches into the bedside table a few steps away. The silver packet shimmers in the low light, as as much as you admire their willingness to be safe, you shake your head petulantly. 
Taehyung’s face hovers over your own in an instant, eyebrows furrowed as he examines you. You know he’s looking for signs of distress; assessing if you need to stop, but all he sees is your pouty lip and teary eyes. 
“I wanna-” you gulp down a swallow. “Wanna feel you raw. Please. I'm on the pill and I’m clean.” You plead your case to the man above you, knowing well that they’re all listening. “I just wanna feel you...” you try again when no one says anything. Then, Taehyung’s face lights up in a smile that would seem evil if you didn't know any better. 
“Hear that, guys? Our pretty little baby wants us raw.” Excitement passes through your stomach when you see how this is going. 
“If that’s what she wants...” Jungkook chimes in, pretending like his cock didn't jump and throb at your words. Jimin comes back to you, hands empty, and grasps the meat of your thighs, hoisting them up so that they’re bent at the knees. One hand drops, and you assume he’s going to play with your pussy, but it instead comes down harshly on the juncture of your ass and thigh. 
“You nasty little thing. Want all three of us to cum in you? Fill up your little pussy like you’ve been waiting for?” The gravel in his voice makes your pussy clench and he sees it, chuckling darkly. 
“What do you say, guys? Wanna cum inside her?” A collective groan of agreement falls from everyone but Jimin, who is busy lining himself up with your soaking entrance. You heave a breath in anticipation as Taehyung and Jungkook move to flank your sides, eager to have their hands on you. “We’re all clean too, baby. Nothing to worry about.” Jungkook suddenly assures you, tracing a gentle line down your arm closest to him. 
At your nod, Jimin presses forward, beginning his descent into you. The stretch is already unbelievable, much more intense than your tiny vibrator. He reads your body well, taking his time to enter you as you gasp and writhe. Taehyung and Jungkook do their best to soothe you, helping to pain morph into pleasure as Jimin is finally fully inside of you. 
“Holy shit, you feel so good.” His voice is airy with pleasure and it inflates your ego just a bit. He begins a steady rhythm, splitting you open with every movement of his hips. A gasp stutters out of you when you realize just how big he is, tears brimming once again at the pure pleasure he’s giving you. It doesn't take long for him to increase his pace, fucking into you so hard that you’re pushed further onto the bed, tears spilling freely. Jungkook and Taehyung have each taken the liberty to attend to one of your nipples, pinching and licking at them as they please while Jimin wrecks you. 
“Look so pretty when you cry, baby. Sweet little crybaby letting me ruin her pussy, huh?” Jimin’s words add fuel to the fire in your stomach, and you cry even more as he hits a spot inside you that you didn't even know existed. 
“I’m getting close, Jimin-” your voice is stolen from you as Jungkook takes the opportunity to work two large fingers over your sensitive clit, heightening every sensation into a burning desire in your stomach. 
“I’m cumming!” You’re impressed the words even make it out before you feel like you’re floating, cumming around Jimin’s cock. Neither him or Jungkook let up as you scream their names, hands scrabbling for something to anchor yourself. White spots cloud your vision, and as the sensation passes you realize that your whole body is trembling. Taehyung’s planting kisses on your collarbones, murmuring things you can't quite understand yet. Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes are glued to your pussy, and you can feel it fluttering with the aftershocks. 
“Fuck, gimme a turn.” Jungkook is suddenly on the move, practically shoving Jimin- who was still hard- out of the way. Jimin doesn’t protest, his chest heaving from effort as he lays down next to you on the bed, immediately stealing your attention with a kiss. 
“You are so hot, you know that?” He says, brushing stray strands of hair out of your eyes. “Crying like that got me fucking harder, somehow. Shit.” You almost feel bad that he’s still hard, but Taehyung steals your attention quickly with a kiss of his own. Jungkook’s hands dance on your thighs, admiring the red marks that Jimin’s hand had made on you. His hand comes down on the opposite cheek that Jimin slapped earlier, relishing in the way you whine into Taehyung’s kiss. He lands one more on each side for good measure, and you moan so loudly that you have to pull away from Taehyung’s mouth. 
Jungkook takes the moment to tease his head against your slick entrance, and you nod fervently to tell him you’re more than ready for his cock. He’s somehow longer than Jimin, the impressive length a bit imposing as he begins to slip in. Despite just having orgasmed, he still stretches your entrance considerably. Taehyung groans along with you, sitting up for a better look as he wraps his hand around his cock. You can see now just how needy he is, the tip red and leaking. You reach for him absently, trying to keep your eyes on Jungkook as his face twists into pleasure. 
“Think she wants you, Taehyung.” Jimin interjects, warm hands enjoying caressing your side. Your mind is fuzzy with desire, as Taehyung finally gets your cues and props himself up. The sight of his cock makes your mouth water, and you open it to him with no hesitation. Perhaps wisely, he sneaks a look down to your pussy, where Jungkook had started a slow and satisfying rhythm inside of you. As if he knew the exact timing, Taehyung shoves his cock into your waiting mouth at the exact same time Jungkook ramps up his speed. 
Stuffed on both ends, you moan, surprised and delighted at how well the men worked together. Jungkook’s pace is punishing, relentless with the way he batters your pussy like it’s made for him. Lewd groans spills from him in a constant stream, and paired with the way he stretches you, you would be screaming for the whole building to hear if not for Taehyung’s cock. 
You focus on him as well as you can, relaxing your throat to let him fuck your face as he pleases. Your gag reflex threatens to make an appearance but you fight through it, enjoying the burn of your throat expanding for him. Taehyung is surprisingly perceptive to your needs and speeds up his thrusts just enough to make you feel wonderfully numb, spit seeping around his cock. The wetness drips down your chin onto your chest, but you are far too gone to find it embarrassing. Jungkook is lost in his pleasure, hips moving at an inhumane speed that scrambles your brain and sends shockwaves through your pussy.
“Pretty fucking girl, slobbering on my cock. Lettin’ me fuck your throat like a whore while Jungkook fucks you. Just a good little whore, doing whatever we want you to do, huh?” You nod at his words as best as you can, the mixture of sweat, tears and spit making your neck feel stick, but it’s all worth it when Taehyung produces the deepest moan you've ever heard. 
Jungkook mirrors him, letting out a string of high pitched whines. You choke around Taehyung’s cock at the movements and he lets up, allowing your wrecked voice to fill the room alongside Jungkook’s. With Taehyung out of the way Jungkook leans forward and leaves a bite on your neck, gasping as you feel his release fill you. The warmth makes your eyes roll back, satisfied to finally be filled with someone’s cum. 
Jungkook continues to buck his hips as he cums, laying his head down on your chest as Jimin captivates him in a kiss of his own. You’re entranced by their embrace, watching the way their tongues slip against each others as Jungkook rests on your chest. A happiness settles inside of you, not even bothered that you didn't come, as Jungkook lets out an airy giggle. He stands up and finds the strength to pull out of you, eyes glued to the mess he made inside of you. 
His cum rushes out and you clench to keep it in, loving the heavy feeling inside of you. Jungkook swears, pushing his sweaty hair back off his gorgeous forehead. 
“Fuck, you look so pretty with your pussy filled.” You’re surprised to hear Taehyung say, as he rounds the bed. They fall into their natural rhythm again as Jungkook finds his place, cuddled into Jimin’s side as if they’re watching a show. Taehyung’s eyes glint with something you can’t explain as he works a hand over his cock. 
He sees your questioning gaze and smirks. “Had to stop fucking your mouth cause I only wanna cum inside of you.” His hands find your hips, massaging the flesh there with reverence. “Flip over.” His sweet playful tone is gone, replaced by a hard dominance that churns your stomach. It takes a second to get your muscles to work, but soon you’re on your knees and elbows, head buried in the soft comforter. Taehyung groans, clearly enjoying the change in scenery as he gropes your ass. His fingers split open your pussy, watching Jungkook’s cum seep out of it. 
He takes a swipe across your pussy with his tongue, sending a moan stuttering out of you. “Tastes so good, but I can't wait to be inside of it.” 
“Please fuck me, Taehyung. I need you so bad.” You whine. The desire to have another load of cum inside of you overtakes any decorum as you shuffle your hips back against him, hoping it will make him act faster. 
“You greedy little girl. Already been fucked twice and you can't get enough?” He teases but you can hear the hitch in his voice, the way the heavy head of his cock traces against your exposed folds. He takes extra time to run the head of his cock over your engorged clit, extra sensitive since you didn't cum with Jungkook. Without warning his cock is sliding into you, pushing through the wetness of Jungkook’s come and your arousal. 
By far the thickest of the three, Taehyung’s cock punches the air out of you with the new angle. Your manicured nails grip the comforter in anticipation, and before you know it Taehyung is pounding into you. You feel like you will never catch your breath again with the way he’s moving inside of you, deconstructing your nervous system piece by piece. You’re vaguely aware of Jimin and Jungkook next to you and you turn your head in curiosity. 
Jungkook, despite his tiredness, has his lips wrapped around Jimin’s cock, eyes closed in pleasure as he bobs his head. The sight sends a ripple of pleasure straight to your core, tightening around Taehyung so much that he slaps your ass in appreciation. Jimin’s eyelids hang low but open, dangerous eyes boring right into your own as if he could read your mind. The hand that isn’t propping him up is resting gently on Jungkook’s head, and even with the momentum from Taehyung’s thrusts making your vision blurry, you can tell that Jimin’s face is the picture of sinful pleasure. 
Taehyung’s fingers seek out your clit and your instantly clench around him, your walls spasming as you fall into sensory bliss, all but drooling into the fabric below you. 
“Love this greedy little pussy, baby. So lucky we met her-” a hitch of his breath accompanied by his hips stuttering. “Come on, cum for me so I can fill you up.” His fingers somehow move faster, strumming your clit in a way that makes your toes clench and your stomach unravel. You cum with a force you didn’t know possible, gushing around Taehyung’s cock in a sticky mess. He thrusts only a few more times before spilling inside of you, slapping your ass again for good measure.  Your ears ring, happy with the numbness of your world. You can tell there are several hands on you, but who they belong to is a mystery. Taehyung’s cock leaves you and you whine, immediately missing the weight of him inside you. His cum spills out behind him and you feel like you could cry as the fullness slips away from you. You try your best to voice it as your body collapses onto the bed, but you can’t tell if they can even hear you let alone understand you. 
The edges of your vision return, fingers and toes coming back to life. You finally make out the hands on your head to be Jungkook’s, who is laying down next to you, staring at you as if you were made of stars. He’s speaking lowly and you smile when you finally make sense of what he’s saying.
“Good girl, now there you are. Hey.” The soft tone he uses makes you feel at ease. “Can you tell me what you were just trying to say?” His eyebrows furrow cutely and you try so hard to focus on his question and not the way you want to kiss him so badly. It takes your mouth a few moments to catch up to your brain, and you finally wade through the happy haze of your orgasm. 
“I said that I-” you wince at how wrecked your voice is. “I don’ want all the cum to slip out of me.” 
Jungkook’s eyes widen at your admission, perhaps expecting you to have much more PG thing to say. He recovers quickly, allowing a sexy smirk to break through. 
“Jimin,” Jungkook says, and for a second you’re still confused, until the man he calls upon is taking his place. His makeup still looks impeccable, and this close up you can see the details in his irises. He says nothing, and you aren’t sure exactly what he heard, so you just start again. 
“I want to-”
“Have all the cum stuffed back into you?” His words shock you despite how lewd the entire night had been. “Are you sure you’re gonna be alright? That last orgasm really took it out of you, sweetheart.” 
Your heart jumps at his consideration, but there’s still a fire burning deep in your stomach that you know he could be the one to put out. You turn your head just enough to see that his cock is still hard, leaking precum against his toned stomach.
“Yes, I’m sure. Please. Please. I promise I’ll be good. Wanna make you cum. Wanna have you all in me.” Jimin’s eyes darken immediately, and his strong hands maneuver your pliant body back onto your back. A surge of confidence runs through you at the animalistic desire on his face. 
“Gonna get you all filled up, baby. Our perfect little cum dump. Lettin’ us all take our turns with you.” He spreads your legs, examining your puffy pussy lips and the remnants of cum that leak from you. He gathers up what he can with his fingers and shoves it back into you. You shudder at the intrusion, beyond sensitive to his touches. 
“”M not gonna last long, baby. I’m so fucking hard.” He whines, palming himself as he gets to where he needs to be, settled between your legs snugly.  “S okay, just want your cum.” You assure him sweetly, feeling the weight of the night as well. You weren't even sure you had it in you to cum again, but you knew you wouldn't end the night satisfied without having them all spill inside of you. 
Jimin wastes no time after your reassurance, and his cock slides right in as if you were made for him. The lubrication makes for an extremely easy glide. Every move he makes strikes pleasure in your pussy, the sensitivity of the muscles making your orgasm build with surprising speed. Jimin can feel you clenching around him and he gasps, knowing your tells after seeing you cum so many times in one night. He presses a nimble finger to your clit, and that’s all it takes for you to cum again. A slow simmering orgasm that makes your legs shake as you gasp, latching onto Jimin’s arms for support. He joins you not long after, giving a few short thrusts to make sure that he fills you up deep. 
He drops his full body weight on top of you and you relish in the secure feeling, his cock twitching while still inside you. The shake in your legs finally stills, and Jimin pulls out of you, careful to minimize the amount that slipped out of you. You closed your legs instinctively although you were exhausted beyond belief. As the adrenaline wears off and the sweat begins to dry you shiver under him. Despite the heat of his body, you were definitely in need of something else to cover you. When he feels you shiver he plants a kiss on your forehead before sitting up and pulling aside the comforter on the bed before leading you underneath the layers of warmth. He slips in right after you, wrapping his arms steady around your figure. Your eyes threaten to slip shut, but the absence of the others nags at the back of your brain. 
“Went to get clothes and water,” Jimin explains as if he can read your mind. His head barely lifts from your shoulder as he speaks, and the low hum of his voice against you soothes the very last of your frayed nerves. Seconds later the door glides open, a now-dressed Taehyung and Jungkook with bottles of water and fabric bundled in their hands. 
You and Jimin both take a water bottle, and the other boys settle down on the bed. Suddenly you realize the bed isn't quite big enough for all four of you, as Taehyung’s limbs sprawl overtop of Jungkook’s. 
Jungkook waits until you drain half the water bottle, and then shuffles the pile of clothes in his arms. 
“They’re uh- they’re my clothes, but I. Figured they'd be better than your...dress.” He blushes, gingerly holding it out to you. The sight makes you giggle, but you thank him, and pull the shirt on over your head while you're still in the bed. Feeling like you could trust your legs again you slip out of bed and pull on the boxers and sweatpants he gave you. The shirt falls to your thighs and the bottoms he gave you only fit because of their drawstring, but the enveloping warmth and comfort made up for the size difference. 
“Thank you, Jungkook.” You whisper your thanks, scared to ruin the comfortable low hum of conversation between Taehyung and Jimin. It's easy to slip back under the sheets, wedged between Jimin and Jungkook. Taeyhyung takes the other side of Jimin, barely having enough room for his body at the edge of the mattress. He doesn’t seem to mind, though, as he reaches an arm across Jimin to reach you. He gently places a hand on your arm, rubbing gently at the skin there. 
An odd wave of emotion crests over you and your eyes well. “Thank you, by the way.” 
To your complete embarrassment they all coo at once, squishing in closer to you. You all smell like sex and sweat, but the embrace is so sweet that you have to remind yourself it was only a one night stand. 
“We should be the ones thanking you, Y/N. Believe it or we don’t usually do...this.” Jungkook admits. He’s facing your back but you can imagine the blush on his cheeks as he speaks. The idea shocks you and a sound of disbelief punches out of you. 
“It’s true,” Jimin pokes your ribs gently when he sees the look on your face. “We’re pretty picky. But you...” He stops himself, seeming to be afraid of saying too much. A teasing glimmer of hope sprouts in your chest with the implications of his words. Was it too soon for you to suggest doing this again? Or just hanging out like normal people? There’s no denying that you’re wildly attracted to all of them, but does that mean its worth pursuing? “We can think about it in the morning.” Comes Jimin’s gentle voice. Taehyung nods from behind him, and you can tell that his exhaustion is catching up to him. You have no idea it was when you left the club with them, and certainly have no idea what hour it is now. Jungkook grunts his agreement into your neck, and you hope he can't sense the way your heartbeat speeds up at his proximity. 
“Well still, thank you. And good night.” You murmur, nestling into the surprisingly soft pillow. Your eyes shut, and sleep is just inches away, latched between the two men closest to you, when Jimin begins to wiggle. 
“Shit, guys. Let me out, I need to piss.” Triplet sighs follow his demand, and you all laugh as he flips you off on the way to the bathroom. 
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Little do You Know | OT7 | Fifty Three
Tumblr media
Pair: Bangtan (ot7) x f!reader 
Summary: In a world where idols and actors can’t date, whether it be because of contracts, lack of time, or the dangers that involve having your personal life leaked, the market opened up for a new work field. Playmate Agencies emerged to supply the entertainment world with highly trained companions for hire. Bangtan is looking for new playmates. And you just happen to be the one all of them choose. 
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, playmate au, idol au. 
Chapter warnings: Nothing in this chapter………… I’m sorry about chapter 54. 
WC: 1.5k
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Tumblr media
“I can walk, you know?!” you yelled loud enough for everyone at the apartment to hear. 
You had been back at the apartment for the past three hours and the seven boys were ardently devoted to making sure you didn’t put any effort on yourself. Sejin had cleared their schedule for the day, after hearing what happened to you, so you had seven really cute and really hot nurses. At first it had been fun, being so spoiled and looked after. But it was starting to get on your nerves a little bit. 
The doorbell had just rang, and you knew exactly who it was. But Hoseok didn’t let you get out of bed and went to answer it himself. Hana was brought into your room by Jungkook. She had a red heart shaped balloon and a heart shaped chocolate box in her arms; no doubt foreshadowing the commercial holliday just around the corner. 
“I’m afraid I’ll have to confiscate that, Hana noona.” Jungkook said, trying to get the chocolate box from her. 
“Oh, please! I bought this myself, there’s no way anybody could have done something, and I’m not about to poison my best friend.” her eyes rolled as she let go of the balloon and opened the chocolate box in front of him. “But if you insist, I’ll eat one and you can check on me in an hour.”
Hana popped a chocolate into her mouth and ate it, making a show of proving she had swallowed it. Jungkook almost looked convinced, until she started coughing desperately and grabbing at her throat. 
“Noona! Fuck, somebody-”
Jungkook was so worried you felt sorry for the boy. Hana started laughing as you rolled your eyes at her childishness. 
“Don’t do that to him!” you scolded the girl, who was rolling on the bed from laughing too much. “I’m sorry, bun, she didn’t mean to make fun of you.” 
“Yes I did.” 
The boy was pouting when he walked up to you, leaning over to leave a small peck to your lips. “Call me if you need anything.” he kissed you again. “Or if you need me to kick her out.”
You only nodded, face positively red and warming up. Hana wasn’t laughing anymore, but she did have her eyebrows raised as she watched the exchange. After the boy was gone and the door closed softly behind him, you pulled the chocolate box to your lap. 
“Soooo.” Hana said, settling in front of you as her house slippers fell to the floor. “That was new.”
“You know I’m hooking up with them.” you told her with your mouth full of chocolate. 
“That wasn’t a ‘she’s my playmate so I want to kiss her’ kiss.” she snorted, choosing another chocolate for herself. “That was a ‘you almost died and I can’t live without you’ kiss.”
“If that’s the case, why aren’t you kissing me?” you puckered your lips playfully. 
“If I do that, they might actually poison me for real.” she laughed, back falling to the bed as she relaxed. “Besides, I know where your mouth has been now.” 
“Shut up!”
You groaned mid laugh. You had missed Hana a lot. Between your sister’s visit and the past two weeks you spent with the boys before their vacation ended, you hadn’t had a lot of time to see your best friend, only exchanging text messages and video calls. 
“How are you, boo? Truly.” Hana asked, hoping you’d be honest with her. 
And this was Hana, so of course you were. “I’m terrified.” 
“Do you really think it was that Twitter bitch?” her temper couldn’t help but be a little flared up. 
“It all points to that, yeah.” you pushed the chocolate box toward her, stomach clenching with the mere thought of the sasaeng. “Joon thinks she could be getting help from someone inside HYBE, but we don’t know who. There’s no trace of her at all.” 
“That’s really awful.” 
A knock on the door interrupted you, Seokjin coming in to deliver two glasses of orange juice for you and your friend. He had been making sure you drank a lot of fluids to help wash off any remaining toxins. You thanked him with a sweet smile and he left just as soon as he came. 
“You’re not gonna want to hear this, boo.” she started, after taking a sip of her juice. “But I wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t tell you.” 
“Go ahead.” 
You took a few gulps of your juice, knowing oppa would come back soon to fetch the empty glass and it better be finished by then. 
“You know you can leave, right? If this is too much for you… If it gets too dangerous. Your contract isn’t set in stone, you can ask Hyeon-nim to be transferred to another idol.” as Hana spoke, your heart clenched with every word. “I’m sure HYBE would understand, and the boys wouldn't hold it against you either.”
“I know all that. But they need me.” you nibbled on your bottom lip because you knew that was a half assed excuse.
“Do they need you, or do you need them?”
You sighed, unable to look her in the eyes. 
"Same thing.”
Tumblr media
“When will we tell her?” Taehyung had asked that same thing for the past seven days now. 
“She just got home from the hospital, Taehyungie.” Jimin muttered. “Even I don’t think this is a good time.”
“Then tomorrow?” he pushed. 
The boys were reunited in the living room of your apartment, mindlessly channel surfing while you showered. The dinner was heating up in the oven, just waiting for you to join them. 
“We should wait until Monday.” Jungkook mumbled, looking at his socked feet. 
“What’s on monday?” Namjoon asked the maknae. 
“It’s Valentine’s day.” Yoongi answered as he bit the corner of his thumb. 
The seven men were quiet after that, each thinking of all of the possibilities the date could bring. What they hoped it would bring. It was a good thing that they dropped the subject since not even five minutes later you walked into the living room, dressed in your old pajamas that always brought comfort to you. Your hair was in a crooked bun on the top of your head and you didn’t have a smudge of makeup on your face, but they never saw anyone more beautiful. 
“Why are you staring at me like that?” you giggled. 
“Just waiting for you so we could have dinner, sweetheart.” Seokjin got up from the couch and his movements set all the others off. 
“You didn’t have to!” 
You followed the men into your kitchen as Yoongi made you sit down at the table while they brought the plates and food to you. Jimin served your plate as Jungkook filled a glass of juice. Knowing Jin, he would hand feed you too, should you let him. 
“Did you call your father, kitten?” 
“He called me.” you answered him after biting half of a dumpling. “Sana saw it on the internet and told him, so he was worried.”
“Rightfully so. At least the news didn’t talk about what really happened.” Namjoon commented, starting to get riled up. 
“Let’s talk about something else, I just want to eat in peace.” Hoseok sighed, picking a good piece of meat from the grill and dropping it to your plate. “How’s Sukie?”
“She’s good. Having fun at school and learning new things.” you told them with a fond smile. “She said she’s making a card for Kookie.” 
“For me?” the boy lit up at the mention of his name. 
You nodded, telling him how she had told you over the phone all about her new school friends and teachers. Appa also told you she had been trying to be more social now, even asking to stay at school a little longer to play with the other kids. And you knew it was because of the boys and all of the forced socializing she did while staying in Seoul with you. 
The dinner moved on as it always did, food being devoured and loud boys being loud. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You couldn’t really explain why, but as the night moved on, you had a bad feeling in your gut. As if the little voice inside your head was telling you to not get comfortable. You chucked it aside, blaming your nerves and anxiety, you had been through a lot lately. And the conversation with Hana also didn't help all that much. You wondered if you'd ever get to a point where you'd have to leave them because it would be too dangerous for you to stay. 
After the boys had already left, you were in your bathroom brushing your teeth when your phone pinged with a new notification. You hoped it was one of the boys inviting you to sleep over, since your anxiety was making your palms clammy and your heart was trying to beat out of your chest, as much as you told yourself there was no reason to be worried. 
And you believed that.
Until you opened the text.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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smhtaehyung · 2 days ago
6 hours ➣ maknae line x reader
Tumblr media
summary: 6 hours. One party. Amidst the chaos, you're stretched over three sides - the dillema of your best friend(jm) having feelings for you, your crush(jk) finally noticing your presence and their annoying friend who never gave a good impression. All parties unveil secrets of their own during a chaotic night.
Masterlist - under construction
Pairings: fuckboy!tae x reader, crush!jk x reader, jm x crush!reader , hoseok x random
Rating: 18+ minors DNI
Genre: smut, college au, nonidol!au, love cube sorta thing
wordcount: 3.2k
warnings: alcohol use, drug use, slight existential angst, innapropriate sexual comments, graphic depictions of smut, (chapt.2 ~ ), fingering, oral (f. m. recieving), kinky dares, slut shaming, protected sex, overstimulation, thigh kink, dirty talk, spit kink, multiple orgasms, degrading, face fucking >> reader is in love with jk, jimin is in love with a reader, taehyung is just there being hot and flirty.
author's note: hi! really debated whether to post a 10k one shot or splitting it into chapters, so... I split it into chapters :) also...I really need to make a new functional masterlist so it's under construction!!
Taglist: If you want to be in the taglist, reply to this post or dm me to stay updated :)
Chapter 2 release:
29th of September 2022 > 8 p.m (CET)
Tumblr media
Hour 1
"A toast before chaos"
Time: [ 11:03 PM ]
There's a special place in heaven and/or hell reserved for people who throw huge house parties. What kind of a sociopath would risk their own home to become a place of sex, drugs and overall chaos induced by alcohol? Well, even though you disliked the whole concept of "parties are the pinnacle of your 20s" you still often went out with friends. Unfortunately, you had your own ways of learning how to not drink too much, trying to teach yourself something from your past mistakes. Still, you felt pretty stable and non pliable in making certain decisions for yourself.
Before you could even prepare yourself for mayhem, your best friend Jimin pushed you inside, already tipsy from pregaming at his place.
"Idiot! I almost fell."
"But you didn't, Y/N. That's the best part."
He teased you, making you slap his arm. People around you seemed to be observing the two of you, given the fact there was a rumor going around the university that you were in a casual relationship. Mostly sexual. However, there was nothing in your friendship that came across more than platonic.
Often times, both of you loved to provoke the people who spread those false rumors, getting a lot more "touchy-feely" in front of them. Their reactions were the fuel for your ongoing jokes.
So, out of pure spite, you two stirred the pot because the only thing you could do is to catch up with the chaos itself, especially at parties. You felt at ease once you finally got inside, observing how relaxing the whole house looked. People were scattered over the whole house, talking, dancing, laughing. Some upped the alcohol amount already, sometimes a common mistake among people. Girls were laughing and shyly drinking from their cups. However, you strongly believed in the saying - "It's always calm before the storm."
So, all you could do was make sure Jimin would sober up through the late hours, enough to walk you home and sit through the madness. Although, there were countless instances when you had to walk, almost carry him home, since he often forgot his limits.
Nonetheless, Jimin was a lovely guy, a good friend but unfortunately suffered a bad case of "Friday worshipping." It was a term you made up about generalized group of people who loved partying and couldn't stay at home on Fridays under any circumstances. And oh boy, Jimin adored Fridays.
His attention turned to the living room, hearing one of his favorite songs play. Jimin smiled right away once his best friend approached him. It was Taehyung, and you were attending his party. You indeed had no idea this was his party, let alone his house. If you knew you probably wouldn't come since you couldn't stand some of Jimin's friends, especially Taehyung.
"You know me so well." Jimin teased, nudging into his shoulder. Taehyung giggled, engaging in the small talk with him. You stood by Jimin's side, making the awkward eye contact around the room with people whilst the two of them talked. You felt under pressure once realizing Taehyung kept his eyes fixed on you in between talking.
You only officially met a few months ago, and you have been avoiding him at parties ever since. You have seen him around before, obviously, but just few months ago you talked for a little while, only to realize you didn't like his persona one bit. Taehyung seemed fake once he was out drinking, making you dislike him immediately. Maybe it was his aura or his cocky attitude, but something seemed off about him. Jimin always talked about Tae in the best way possible. Apparently, Taehyung was polar opposite in front of his friends, but his alter-ego always showed at parties and other social interactions of greater altitude. His soft, caring and deeper side didn't really impress you since you only seen him as a drunken mess or a womanizer. Or both.
Taehyung was good with the ladies, but became bored quite easily, getting the pleasure he needed only to dip out the next morning. Plus, he wasn't really good at articulating his thoughts. Just intrusive words and sentences exhaled into thin air out of nowhere.
Jimin made the first mistake of the night - left you alone with Taehyung.
"Jimin, no." You tried to whisper to him while he walked past you, furrowing his eyebrows out of slight confusion. As soon as you turned towards Taehyung, he was standing closer.
"Y/N, hey."
"Hi." you spoke quickly. As you were trying to come up with the idea to excuse yourself, he was quicker.
"Before you make up a reason to leave, as a host, I have to present you the "Supreme Kim host tradition." He smirked, grabbing a bottle of whiskey.
"I'm scared." Your deadpan tone made him chuckle.
"It's simple. You just have to drink with the host."
"And that's it?" You furrowed your eyebrows, confused by his manners.
"Yup." He poured the hard liquor into both white cups.
You wanted to drink immediately, but he scolded you.
"Yah. No cheers, nothing?" He raised his cup. His overly friendly attitude was concerning you. Something about him seemed off, but you couldn't decide what it was given the fact you were also slightly tipsy by this point. If you had to put your drunkeness on a scale you were at a solid 4/10. Still manageable, impressively not tripping over words.
"Cheers." You clank cups with him, remaining eye contact for a second. Taehyung downed his whiskey with ease, his face flinching slightly. You felt the strong drink hit the back of your throat, the rising burning sensation dominating your mouth. Taehyung stood in silence, glancing around the room before turning his attention towards you.
"Nice house, I guess. Good luck cleaning tomorrow morning." Your monotone voice was already irritating Taehyung, who just wanted to get to know you. As much as he knew the two of you never really got along, he wanted to know what was the repulsive thing that was dragging his will away from getting to know you. And vice versa.
"Oh, come on. Who cares about tomorrow morning?" He scoffed.
You kept silent, marinating in that awkward interaction, hoping he'd leave soon.
"You're not as wild as usual. Don't like the music?" Taehyung broke off the silence, not letting you win that easily. Both of you knew what you were doing.
"How do you know I'm wild?"
"I've seen you at parties sophomore year. Thought you left uni though. But lately you started going out again, right?"
"Well I'm here. I just became a book worm." You gave a half assed answer, making Taehyung dissatisfied with your lack of enthusiasm and emotion on your face. He felt the need to see the drunken version of you, before you even met him. He knew about your old party lifestyle, so you could say he was quite curious about seeing that again.
"A book worm? Or, you watched 10 Things I Hate About You way too many times and now you think you have that "Kat" bad ass persona while everyone at school still knows you as the slut-" Taehyung's direct tone sounded like a personal attack, your brain sending signals for you to leave.
"Nice party. See you around." You cut him off, wanting to leave immediately but he pulled your arm softly.
"I'm sorry. I won't be an ass. I promise." He tried to keep a smile hidden, but failed.
"Too late." You scoffed at him right as Jimin returned with a full cup.
You were so happy that the music was louder, since you wouldn't be able to stand the awkward silence you got stuck in again.
"So, what you talked about?" Jimin took a sip noticing a tension between the two of you.
"Nothing. I was just on my way to go the bathroom and hang around the place. If I don't see you, I'll call you when it's time to go home. You trust me, right?
"For a hundredth time, always. When have I not?" Jimin smiled, nodding at everything you said.
"Don't make me count." You placed a kiss onto his cheek, avoiding eye contact with Tae, who didn't like that one bit.
You felt Taehyung's heavy stare as you walked away, shaking your head. You successfully survived this interaction, wanting to treat yourself with another drink.
Passing by your peers, you made your way to the bathroom, thanking heavens it wasn't occupied. Taehyung's house looked better than you'd expect, the vintage interior combined with modern decorations impressing your taste. It was obvious he didn't live alone.
Taehyung lived with a few friends at this house, and you disliked almost all of them.
Bathrooms were always a weird place to be at the bathroom. And usually in the first hour of any party bathrooms were confessional spaces for drunken girls. You enjoyed the silence, and hoped you wouldn't give into the old version of yourself this night. You had a quite a long pep talk in the mirror.
Downstairs, Taehyung was trying to turn his focus on Jimin, who seemed a little anxious.
"What is it? You look weird."
"Nothing, I'm just...I think I'm going to do the right thing tonight." Jimin shyly spoke.
Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and downed Jimin's drink.
"You had too much of these, obviously." Taehyung's tone was serious so Jimin started laughing, whining at him.
"Stop it. You know what I'm talking about." Jimin was now actually serious, pouring himself a new drink.
Taehyung couldn't help himself. He couldn't focus on Jimin. Maybe it was the music that suddendly got too loud and his palms started to sweat. It was the heat he felt in his cheeks due to alcohol. Taehyung made his first mistake of the night - he drank too much, way too soon.
Given the fact he wasn't much of a drinker, he hated the stereotype he got himself into - "people who can't drink much always get shitfaced by first 20 minutes at a party."
He was often teased by his friends because of it, so Taehyung tried to act natural, but it was poorly executed. He didn't focus on Jimin's voice at all, especially once you came back downstairs. Seeing you smile and joke around with people you ran into made him see the other version of you, the more enthusiastic one.
Sure, he thought you were quite attractive, even wanted to sleep with you on numerous occasions that you were out drinking, but this time Taehyung was certain it would happen. They don't call it the liquor of courage for no reason.
Suddenly, inside Taehyung's drunken brain, a plan was forming.
As you were talking with some friends from uni, Jimin and Taehyung both kept his eyes fixed on you, adoring how your dress fit you perfectly.
"You wanna go hang out with Y/N?" Jimin quickly spoke
"Yup." Taehyung's horny brain answered without a thought, following him like a puppy.
"Haven't lost me yet!" Jimin spoke over the loud music, interrupting a conversation between you and two girls. He put his arms over you, making you roll your eyes.
"I give you an hour. Guarantee you'll lose me." You joked with Jimin as Taehyung was getting to know names to your friends. A big red flag to you. You didn't want anyone, especially your friends fool around with someone like him. A total ass.
"Anyways. You guys really that bored you came here to bother us?" You asked them both, looking Taehyung directly in the eyes, wanting to signal him to leave you and your friends alone.
"Oh c'mon. Don't be like that. Besides, we wanted to invite you to do a shot of tequila with us. Jungkook just brought it." Taehyung found an excuse pretty fast, noticing Jungkook behind you carry two bottles of tequila.
"Thank god I have the lemons." Taehyung cheekily smiled at you.
Your cheeks reddened upon hearing his name. Jungkook was shaking you up for a long time now. That awful feeling when your heart suddenly stops for a second after you see someone you have a crush on in this setting. And there he really was, standing tall next to you in the brightly lit white kitchen in his usual all black oversized clothing. He seemed to be having fun, drinking slowly from his cup as Jimin and Taehyung were cutting up the lemons and preparing the tequila shots. There were 6 of you at the kitchen counter. Yourself, your two friends, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook.
He was one of Jimin's friends you were crushing on for quite a long time. Jimin introduced you to Jungkook Freshman year of college and since then, you've been crushing on him in phases, only when he was available. Somehow, your brain gave up on him immediately once he got with someone else, making you feel tired of chasing him, given he wasn't single.
So, you could say you were quite considerate to him, always taking an innocent peek at him and his good looks. You only spoke on brief occasions, but even then only one question in your mind was reserved for him - please can we kiss? Of course you were never daring enough to say it out loud.
You and Jungkook were just quietly giggling to Jimin's jokes, spending most of your time staring at the floor.
"So good to see you. I haven't seen you in a long time at the party." Jungkook broke off the silence between the two of you. It made your heart almost stop beating.
"Yeah. I got bored at home. Wanted to have fun like the old times." You tried to ignore your sweaty palms.
Since Taehyung was often eaves dropping, he eavesdropped on your conversation. He realized how different and more reserved your answer to that question was when Jungkook asked you as opposed to him asking you the same question almost an hour prior. It really became obvious you were trying to sound cool in front of Jungkook.
"I get it. I love to balance out alone time and this." He pointed at the living room that was full of people dancing. It made you laugh how he stood out of chaos as such a calm figure - in the moment contradictory to what he was saying.
"I don't think you can get that wasted and dance like that." You turned around to observe the "too soon" drunk dude who had the time of his life dancing to pop music from 2000s.
He took the perfect opportunity to take a peek at your ass when your back was turned to him. Who wouldn't?
"You haven't seen me drunk yet." He smiled and looked down, taking a sip of his drink.
"I guess there's time for everything."
Taehyung thought your attempt at flirting was a crock of shit, and disliked your nervousness.
Jungkook thought you looked cute nervous.
"Here you go guys." Taehyung stood next to you, handing you and Jungkook the shots.
While everyone was putting some salt on their hand to lick it off, Taehyung took the initiative and sprinkled some salt on your and his hand.
Everyone said cheers and downed the shot, doing the drinking procedure. Taehyung did it in the fastest and most dynamic way, making you startled.
Taehyung had a mission for tonight. He wanted to bring out that fun side out of you, even if you hated him afterwards. There was something rewarding in you making slight contact with his skin, but he tried his hardest not to make moves on you. He wanted to get to know you, everything else was just a bonus.
Finally, as you were to grab your lemon to drink a belated shot, you realized Taehyung didn't give you a slice of lemon. You turned to look at him.
Taehyung opened his mouth slowly, revealing half the lemon for you to chew on.
"C'mon he's looking." Taehyung whispered to you.
"No way in hell."
"He likes wild girls, since you know, he's lame. This will impress him."
Jungkook slightly smirked, downing the little tequila he didn't finish from the first try.
"Shut up." You sighed, and in quick motions, drank - licked the salt - pulled Taehyung in for a kiss just to steal the lemon from his mouth. After a few swirls of your tongue, you managed to steal the lemon, chewing on it as you pulled away. Everyone in the kitchen cheered and you never seen Taehyung, such an ass, so proud of himself.
Jungkook smirked a little more, killing you inside because you couldn't read off his expression as he got up to talk to Jimin, who had his back turned to you and Taehyung.
"Whoops." Taehyung drunkenly giggled.
"Nothing." He still didn't want to be the one to tell you that you were Jimin's long term crush. But he realized he might have broken the bro code.
"You're a good kisser." Taehyung spoke accidentally out loud, but it suited his usual direct approach perfectly.
You too - you spoke to yourself inside your mind.
"You're childish." You scoffed and walked towards Jimin, who forced a smile out. Jungkook, the good guy he was, excused himself before he went to the loud living room.
Approaching Jimin, you forced a smile out too. The room was slightly spinning but you were still quite impressed that you didn't bump into someone or something.
Jimin, of course, immediately pulled your hand.
"I knew we would see each other soon. I'm not that bad." He immediately started joking, easing up the conversation.
"You haven't left kitchen for the whole night. Is everything okay?" You spoke over the loud music.
"I was just about to go follow Jungkook. Hoseok came too. " Jimin nodded.
"Cool." You spoke, hoping Jimin would invite you to come with him. Jimin on the other hand had no idea that your crush was still very much active.
"Did he bring the weed is the question." Jimin wondered as you remembered the brief talk you had about Hoseok bringing weed when you walked to Taehyung's house.
"Aren't we gonna just drink first? I thought I wasn't going to lose you. And you know how you wander off when you smoke?" You smiled at Jimin and he couldn't help not to smile at you, regardless of it all.
"Then, after we smoke, let's play a game. Try to find me just before midnight."
"Alright Cinderella. Don't lose a glass slipper." You joked with him, shaking his hand. Jimin observed you with a loving smile. He was always quite protective of you, helping you in many situations, being the mental caregiver that hangs around crucial moments. He was the first to know you were crushing on Jungkook freshman year, but by the end of sophomore year, he thought that chapter had finished completely, all of your phases ending. Unfortunately, not the case.
"Let's make a toast." Jimin raised his cup towards you, smiling too much.
"To Friday nights. Good friends...and frozen pizza."
"Probably best inventions ever created."
Jimin stood quietly for a little bit, sneaking a look up and down your body.
"Couldn't agree more."
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lavenjoon · 2 days ago
𝐛𝐭𝐬 𝐱 𝐜𝐡𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐲!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: cuddling headcanons with the members of bts bc I’m touch deprived and mad about it
genre: fluff!! fluffy as shit!!!
warnings/notes: mildly suggestive, use of profanity, plus-sized body appreciation <3
pronouns: none used
wc: 1.5k
a/n: thanks so much for being my first request! I hope you don’t mind me adding the rest of the members, I just couldn’t resist. :) Yoongi’s section has me twirling my hair and kicking my feet rn I adore him (p.s., if you’re new here, I write plus-sized reader fanfiction! If you’re into that, check out my blog!)
Tumblr media
kim namjoon
Namjoon isn’t one for pda, but behind closed doors is another story. It almost seems that he’s trying to make up for the lack of affection outside of your home, because when you’re inside he cannot keep his hands off of you.
You cuddle on the couch late at night when Namjoon’s reading, curled between his spread legs as he traces light fingers over the expanse of your thick thighs sprawled across his. In the bathtub when you lean back against his chest, sinking into the warm water as his hands rub at your soft, round stomach. And in bed at all times of day, your favorite being in the morning when you’ve just reunited after a night’s sleep on opposite ends of the mattress, because Namjoon kicks in his sleep and that’s a wrath you’d rather not face again.
Namjoon’s hands always roam lightly, lovingly, like it’s the only moment he’ll have to feel you, lay you out in his mind like a map for which every soft curve, crease and crevice is to be burned into his memory as if he lived for you and only you. Cuddling is always very intimate for you and Namjoon.
kim seokjin
With Seokjin it’s always lighthearted and fun. It’s giggling between freshly washed bedsheets, tucking fluffy hair out of his eyes and behind his ears so that you can lay your lips against his forehead and watch him smile up at you like you’re the only other person in the world.
He tickles you sometimes just because he wants to hear you laugh, because in those moments it’s his favorite sound. His fingers prod at your soft stomach, to which you twitch and swat at his hands playfully, wrestling over him and pinning his hands to the mattress. He promises he won’t do it again if you let him go, and you know it’s complete bullshit. Still, you let him go, and how quickly you pay the price surprises you every time. He rolls over you, attacking every ticklish area on your body until you’ve asked him to stop (because he’s a king who respects boundaries).
With Seokjin, it’s laying nose-to-nose, having deep talks about life late at night and sharing sweet kisses in between sincere words. Holding his face in your hands and telling him how beautiful he is and he, forgoing the confidence he wields on camera, flushing under your fingers.
min yoongi
Cuddling Yoongi is so frequent, it feels like a basic necessity. Like people need food, water, shelter, Yoongi needs a daily nap on your chest. And it’s his favorite that way.
He likes having you backstage with him the morning before a concert, so that he can lay you down on one of the couches in a secluded corner of the makeup room and cuddle up to you, no more than a few words or grunts exchanged.
And after a night of no sleep, he’s out like a light. His cheek squished against your chest, lips parted and exhaling soft breaths as you pet his hair and scroll through your phone, maybe even snapping a photo of the moment because Yoongi just looks the most peaceful in your arms.
It almost always stirs up the staff, because what they see of Yoongi in his waking hours is not nearly as gentle and relaxed as the Yoongi they see sleeping on your chest. They awe as they pass, smiling at you as if to thank you for providing the man that hardly sleeps a safe space to rest.
And when he wakes up with you rubbing his shoulder, smiling softly and speaking in a gentle tone, “Yoongi, you have to go get your hair done,” he huffs, grumbling as he stumbles to his feet and turns to walk away. Before he gets too far, he turns back, bends over you and pushes your hair from your face, planting a soft kiss against your lips before grumpily heading to his stylist.
jung hoseok
Cuddling with this bucket of sunshine is so casual, sometimes it feels less like cuddling and more like…hanging out…in really close proximity….
Hoseok’s not one for super intimate cuddle sessions unless he’s really needing it, then he’d welcome them happily. These are the days that the weight of being an idol falls just a little too heavily on his mind, where all he can do is sit in bed and worry about what hasn’t yet happened. It’s these days he asks to hold you close, wraps his arms around your shoulders and clings to the fabric of your shirt as if you’d slip between his fingers like sand at any moment. You remind him that you won’t, though, that none of it will, and your words calm the storm behind his worrying eyes.
But on the days that all is well, when he can enjoy his time with you in the moment because he’s not worrying about the what-if’s of the future, he loves the simple displays of affection. Like when you rest your head on his chest and he throws his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his side while watching the newest Disney movies with the bandmates. Or when you’re both too tired for anything more than interlocking your pinkies as you fall asleep next to one another in bed. And when you caress the back of his palm with your thumb as he works on his newest album in his studio, his heart just melts.
park jimin
Park Jimin, a hopeless fucking romantic if I’ve ever seen one. This man just adores physical touch, so I have no doubt he loves cuddling, too. And he loves how perfect you are for cuddling.
You know all of the tricks, how he likes his scalp massaged, his favorite cuddling positions, when he needs what, not to mention how soft and plentiful you are. One of his most favorite positions is laying between your beautiful, full thighs, wrapping his arms around your soft tummy and nuzzling against it as you play with his hair. And if your stomach growled, (because I know mine most definitely would) he’d laugh and ask if you’d had enough to eat that day, just to make sure, because his baby ain’t skippin’ no meals. Not on his watch.
I think Jimin would especially enjoy cuddling after being intimate, when you’re both completely naked and vulnerable. He’d love to hold you close, or to have you hold him close, and savor the feeling of your bodies pressed against one another in a different kind of way. In a way that brings you closer, not just physically, but emotionally.
kim taehyung
I think cuddling with Taehyung could be either incredibly intimate or nonchalant.
There are days where he just feels like setting his head in your lap and closing his eyes, sinking into the feeling of your chubby fingers brushing through his soft strands and scratching lightly at his scalp. His sighs of contentment always tug a smile at your lips, and you know he appreciates the small gestures like this.
Other days, he grabs you by the hands and takes you into the living room, switching on the speakers that play whatever new jazz artist he’s been listening to, and grabbing you by your thick waist, pulling you to him and singing into your ear tenderly as he sways you both side-to-side.
Seeking out physical affection can be a little difficult for Taehyung at times, especially when he’s upset and isn’t sure how to verbalize his needs, so he always appreciates when you initiate it first. And after some time, you’ve picked up on cues, like the way he eyes your lap when he’s thinking about plopping his head onto it. When you catch on, you pat your thighs, smiling softly at him, to which he grins and obliges blissfully.
jeon jungkook
Jungkook can get really handsy while cuddling, so much so to the point where you have to tell him to knock it off at times, unless he wants to end up putting in more work than you both had originally planned. Wink, wink.
God, does he just fucking love the way you feel in his hands. When you’re laying against his chest, one of your thick legs thrown over his torso, he can’t help but grab handfuls of the flesh of your ass, squeezing playfully as you squeal and knock his hand away. It’s alright, though, because you get your revenge every time you catch him bent over with his backside facing you.
What? It’s fair game.
Though Jungkook loves your body and just wants to show you how much he does all the time, he knows where to draw the line. He most cherishes the feeling of you resting peacefully against his chest, and that’s a feeling he’d never compromise. He remembers you once telling him that he feels sturdy and safe, like home, and he wears that badge of honor with the pride of a lion.
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jimilter · 14 hours ago
on the borderline (m) | p.jm. | series
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Park Jimin has been your buoy, your anchor and the ship of sanity that guides you to shore amid storms of self-doubt, nearly all your life; as have you been his. That is not to say nothing has ever brewed beneath the surface of platonic friendship, or that the two of you have never been victims to mistiming. Regardless, you would never risk the friendship you have with him now for anything. Even if you have to hurt him – or even yourself – in the process.
pairing: jimin x reader
rating: m (18+)
genre: angst | humor | smut | drama | friends to lovers!au
word count: ~ 50 k
— warnings: swearing + alcohol consumption + pining + heartbreak + emotional constipation + commitment issues in abundance + past toxic relationships + will add more as the story proceeds.
— note: happy jimtober, worrrrld! 💃❤ the love of my life is turning a year older in two weeks and we’re gonna celebrate it with the most delulu story i’ve ever created, ever!!! <333
lmao, so this plot was born out of a conversation i had w my irl best friend a few months back where we told each other to not date anyone until the two of us have made it to our dream jobs. sounds corny, ik, but when you're still tryna work on your education and career when so many of your friends are getting married? you need this kind of emotional support :( earlier, i had named the fic "you don't need a girlfriend" with the subtitle "bec you got me and i'm easier to please" which 💀 yeah 💀 sounded wrong on so many levels. ✋ thennn one day i was just listening to bieber and halsey's the feeling, my ult ult fav since 2015 and it just matched w the vibe of this fic idea a lot, so i drew the title from it! 🥰
okay, enough background story. guysss, my first proper series! 😳 beyooond excited for this!!! i hope y'all enjoy the ride~ 💜🥺
Tumblr media
— index:
⇢ one ∷ unconditionally unfiltered | oct, 6th
⇢ two ∷ disappearing spaces between us | tba
⇢ three ∷ a wide void of avoidance | tba
⇢ four ∷ rather be numb | tba
⇢ five ∷ little do you know | tba
⇢ finale. ∷ something told me it was you | tba
Tumblr media
— playlist: spotify link 𝄞 ↳ title track: the feeling - justin bieber ft. halsey ♪
Tumblr media
— masterlist | wips | taglist?
© jimilter | 2022
links to be added later!
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namjooniesyoogni · a day ago
Summary: JM is asked about if he has a crush in a live and he couldn’t be more happy to discuss (listen to Butterflies by Max while reading)
Pairing: Friend! Jimin x  Friend! Reader 
Warnings: maybe some sexual questions? 
Taglist: @amethystwritesbts @notbotheredtho @skymina9 @scrambledeggslmao
Tumblr media
“Do you have a girlfriend?" Jimin reads the question on his screen and laughs softly. "Wouldn't you like to know? I'm married to ARMY....no, I suppose you ask because of the rumors with Taeyhung these days"
"You are blushing!" He can't help but blush and gush more, he couldn't deny it. He could feel himself turning red. "Yes, yes, I am"
"Woe," his eyes stretch wide and he giggles, "you're all saying that I must have a crush," he reads and smiles down to his hands in his lap before bringing a hand to run his fingers through his hair, "yes....I guess I can't hide it, unfortunately she is taken though....I think she can do better, what do you think?" He gives a cheeky flirty smile and leans close.
"Thankyou, you're all so sweet," he gives a heart seeing ARMYs agree with him and pats his heart, "thankyou, she doesn't think so sadly, maybe someday....oh my, the questions are coming so quickly now," he says to the staff with him away from the screen and laughs.
"I'm sorry, I can't keep up with the questions I will answer everything I can," he leans in to see the questions pop up one after another.
"What do you like most about her?" He smiles, "first, I want to thank you all for being so supportive, and I like everything about her it is hard to pick a favorite," he takes time to think, "I like how it's the little things with her. These days it is getting cooler, the weather, and she gets so excited in the fall for autumn things. She really likes bonfires and the leaves when they change to bright red and orange. I want to take her on a trip to see leaves. She is always cold, even in the summer, so she collects sweaters and hoodies and steals everyone's," he laughs, "she says mine are her favorites. She likes to decorate spooky and she has a witches alter and a little pumpkin patch, they grow a little each year and this year she found a uhm, a little," he tries to think of the word and asks for assistance from the staff by gesturing but they don't understand. "Sorry ARMY, hang on," he holds up a finger and draws something on the paper quickly to show them and they tell him it's a mushroom. "Thankyou, mushrooms, she gets really happy. This year she added some little potion jars and found tiny mushrooms for one. I have pictures!!" He leans forward to show them the photo of your alter, equipped with stones and crystals, real dead plants, potion jars with assorted contents ranging from real dead plants and the mushrooms gathering moss quickly to glitter, water, hair oil and whiskey because you're creative, some fake skulls and spell books. "Can you see? The plants are real, she is terrible with plants," he laughs, "she's great with animals but she can't remember to water plants properly. The biggest one was a succulent, she named it Earl. It's a character from a show she likes. And she appreciates all the smallest things that most would take for granted, like she bought a candle recently and she has never had one before but she appreciates that it isn't strong, she really likes sage now too"
He decides he's getting caught up on the first question and he needs to move on so he apologizes, "do you think she is sexy?" He reads and lets his head fall to laugh but nods, "yes, yes, I think she is very sexy, she gives me butterflies even in cool weather," he blushes and messes with his hair.
"What sexy songs make you think of her?" He shakes his head, licks his lip and opens his mouth to speak but can't the first time, "I know she likes to listen to certain ones when she feels that way"
"What songs?!" He reads it as it is written and licks his lips, "maybe," he's a blushing mess and chewing his lips, "okay, I will answer. Sex on the Ceiling by Sevyn Streeter. Okay, no more of those questions," he smiles and keeps reading
"Jimin you're dirty," he smirks then smiles and puts a finger to his lips, "what's your favorite thing to do with her?"
"I just like to be with her, she really likes to go to movies so we go often"
"What kind of movies?" He thinks for a second, "she likes them all, I think the last one we saw in theater was Bullet Train"
"Do I have any songs on my album about her?" He swipes his thumb over his nose, "maybe~," he laughs
"Tell us about the album and songs?" "Am I allowed?" He asks the staff, "I am sorry ARMY, that has to be a surprise-do I have any embarrassing stories about her?"
He almost falls from the chair laughing at the thought, "yes, yes, there is one but I don't know if I should say"
"Now you have to," he reads, linking his fingers together, he mumbles his answer
"No, we can't hear you"
"I visited her unannounced and she was in the kitchen-no, no, I should leave that one to myself," he taps his head and winks
"YOU ARE SO DIRTY," He reads it excitedly as it's written and reacts with the same enthusiasm and a little sarcasm, "DIRTY, ME NEVER~ IM FILTHY," He winks again and watches them all swoon through the little messages
"Will you see her soon?"
"Yes, I am going to after this actually. I'm very excited"
"What are you doing?"
He licks his lips again and tries not to answer, "next question," he chuckles
"Why are you avoiding the question?" "I am sorry, it's a sensitive matter," he blows a kiss with both hands, "soon there might be rumors about me"
"Is she a idol?" "No, she is isn't."
"Is she okay with you talking about her?"
"Well, she does know my feelings and I am sure that she will smile if she sees, I don't think she will mind as long as our privacy is respected, she is very protective of me"
"Can we see her?"
"We will have to see," he crosses his fingers
"Will the rumors be real?" He makes his eyebrows jump
"Tell us the story!!" "I cant~," he laughs, "maybe someday, if it is okay with her-oh?" He looks to the staff, "she's here?" He asks in Korean, "Yeah, I will be right there-ARMY, I have to go she is here to surprise me-oh," he looks back up and away from them, "what did you make?" He asks you in English and reaches for the dish to show them without you knowing. They can hear you and him speaking in English but you didn't know what he was doing.
"Sweet potato casserole, I'm going back downstairs just meet me"
"Wait, with the marshmallows?"
"Yes, with the marshmallows," they hear you answer as you walk out and a "Yes!" from him
"Okay, I'll be right down," he lets you leave before reaching down to grab the food and let them see him, "Bye~," he grabs it and ends the live like a character darting off to the side of the screen in a old looney toons cartoon but not before they hear a kid screaming "JIMI!!"
"AHH!!" They see Jimin catch him and hoist him up onto his hip before he grabs the dish and bolts, only able to see the child's legs and Jimin's chest down before he bends down smiling to say bye and is gone
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sugakookitty · 7 hours ago
fic announcement!!
Tumblr media
𝔡𝔢𝔪𝔬𝔫 𝔱𝔦𝔪𝔢: 𝔞 𝔰𝔭𝔬𝔬𝔨𝔶 𝔰𝔢𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔩 || 𝔭𝔧𝔪    ↳ read the original story here.
Tumblr media
↠ title: demon time: a spooky sequel  ↠ pairing: club owner!jimin x club owner!female reader  ↠ genre: smut | supernatural | established relationship | demon time!couple ↠ summary: Ever since you and Jimin launched your joint OnlyFans account life has been great. You’re even living together now, but it’s not as fun as you’d thought it’d be. Things of yours are going missing, there are doors slamming in your face, and there's weird shit’s showing up in your content. Whatever or whoever it is obviously doesn’t want you around. But there’s one thing for sure. You aren’t going anywhere. So may the best whore win. ↠ rating: 18+  ↠ estimated word count: 5k ↠ release date: Oct. 14th @ 8pm CST  ↠ taglist: To join, please reblog this post and fill out this form.
Tumblr media
Thank you Siya the Great @missgeniality​ / @imakeamess​ for this amazing banner and these lovely dividers.
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jikooksgirl19 · 2 days ago
My Soulmates 3-Teaser
Tumblr media
Genre:Soulmate AU, fluff,angst, eventual smut
Pairing: Idol Jimin x Lawyer Reader x Idol Jungkook
Warnings: some swearing (Y/N has a trash mouth sometimes)
A/N: I didn’t like where I had the story going so I am rewriting some stuff for chapter 3/4. Here Is a little teaser after Y/N has found out about Somi and an argument between her an Jimin. I’m not sure when I’ll post the chapters but hopefully within a few weeks 😘
Credit to gif owner lovetenshi
“I don’t believe in ultimatums Jimin. I believe in choice and if you can’t make one I will make one for myself. I understand you have feelings for her and don’t want to hurt her, but I won’t allow you to hurt me or Jungkook in the process because you can’t decide to stay or leave.”
“What are you saying?” Jimin asks, eyes on me as I take a step back.
“I’m saying that her feelings are not my concern. I am not responsible for making sure she is comfortable with our relationship. I’m saying that I won’t continue to allow her feelings to come between what could be an amazing love story between the three of us and I won’t put my love on pause for her. If you cannot see a future with us then I will not make you stay. I will not apologize for being your soulmate nor will I allow her to try and break our bond. That is on you. You alone need to decide what it is you want. And if it’s her then I will not stand in your way. I won’t be the reason you are miserable or angry and I will never be the reason you walk away because I care for you. Hell Jimin I love you but I won’t be second choice. I know my worth. Jungkook sees my worth. I AM worth being loved. So you need to make your own choice. My choice is to walk away right now.
I take a deep breath and turn to walk away as I feel my heart breaking. Suddenly arms wrap around my waist from behind and I feel his tears in my neck. “I don’t know what to do” he says.
I turn in his arms, hand coming up to caress his cheek. “You can only do what makes you feel complete my love. Only you know what that is. Not me, not Somi, not Jungkook, not the boys or anyone else. Only you can make this choice and at the end of the day be happy with your decision.” I swipe the tears with my thumb, and lean in to kiss his cheek. I remove his arms from my middle and back away. “I will always be here for you in whatever capacity you need me to be even if that’s only as a friend. I have to go Jimin. I have an appointment with some managers across the building. You know how to find me”. With that I turn and walk out of my office leaving Jimin to think about our conversation. I swipe my own rouge tears away as I spy Jungkook waiting down the hall a look of concern in his eyes while asking me if I’m ok.
“I’m not sure” I answered honestly.
Please let me know what you think guys and if you think I should continue my story.
Taglist: @mrcleanheichou @itsminniekat @dreamescapeswriting @seaoffangirling @4evahevah @sonderkook @bisexualmess007 @chxustuff @aviwasabi21 @skyys-universe @ally22042000 @ramblingsofawolfgirl @eunoiavante @angelic-lawyer @purpleheartsfortae @the-obsessive-fangirl @namjooningelsewhere
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jkeuphoriadreamland · 14 hours ago
Cathexis 🜍 PJM (masterpost):
🜍 Coming Soon 🜍
Tumblr media
Moodboard by the lovely @multiplefandomsfangirl
🜍Title: Cathexis
ca·thex·is/kəˈTHeksəs/ noun: the concentration of mental energy on one particular person, idea, or object (especially to an unhealthy degree).
🜍Summary: Possessing a power that was genetically passed onto him, Jimin has to face life’s struggles managing this burden alone. He finds himself back in a town he vaguely recalls , where he hopes to find some semblance of peace, but what he doesn’t expect is to come face to face with his past.
🜍Film: Firestarter 18+M
🜍Pairing: Jimin x reader
🜍Genre: Slight Yandere 🜍 Firestarter au 🜍 Thriller 🜍 Total WC:27k
Part ONE - Oct. 14 th Part TWO - Oct. 21 Part THREE - Oct. 28
There will be no taglist for this, so if you want to know when the next part is up, turn on notifs for my blog. The release dates are also listed above.♥️
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mindlywritings · 14 hours ago
Hello! Do you take requests? If so, can I have a 30 with jimin? Nsfw pls!
Helloooo I do take requested and you said you wanted :
#30- Everyday you return to your apartment and say “Honey, I’m home. Oh wait, that’s right…I live alone.” But then one day a voice replies, “I picked up some pizza.”
Imma tell you Anon I was struggling how to explain that but I got it, hope you like it.
Tumblr media
You had a really long day at the office and you couldn’t wait to get home to….nothing.
You sighed opening the door.
“Honey I’m home. Oh wait,that’s right…I live alone.” You said sadly.
“I bought some pizza.” A voice said,
“What the fuck…Jimin?” You asked coming into the kitchen.
Jimin was your boyfriend that lived on the other side of town so you were surprised to see him here.
“What are you doing here?“ you asked.
“I bought pizza and I missed you.” Jimin said hoping from the counter he was sitting on.
You laughed.
“Well that and I missed your pussy too.” He said smirking “I didn’t just bring sausage pizza.”
“Oh really.” You said coming closing to him.
“Yes and I think I’m going to have my meal right now.” He said pulling you up on the counter.
You push yourself up when he was trying to get your pants and underwear off.
He spreads you open and takes a good look.
“Hmmm this pussy looks so delicious, I can wait to indulge.” He said kissing your leg down.
“Then why don’t you?” You asked impatiently.
“Patient baby my meal needs to be preserved and relished.” He said by your sex.
You could feel his hot breath by your clit.
“Jimin..please.” You begged.
“Please what babe?” He asked kissing on your pussy.
“Please eat me out?” You asked.
“What am I to say no to that.” He said. “Thank you for the meal.”
He licked a stripe up from your hole to your clit. He alternated in directions and sucking on your clit. He knew exactly how to rile you up and used his finger to open you up while he focused on your clit.
“Fuck Jimin pease!” You said holding on to his head.
He chuckled and the vibrations hit your clit so nice.
Your breathing picked up and you leaned back, pushing more of your hips in his face. He just took as you getting close and sped up hitting your g spot.
“F-fuck.” You hiccuped shaking and cumming on this face.
He sits up face wet and he kisses you, tasting yourself on his tongue.
“So delicious, but I think my dick can’t wait anymore.” He said grinding against you. “Turn around, leg on the counter.”
You did as you were told and hopped down the counter, turned around, and put your leg on the counter giving him the full view of your pussy.
“So pretty.” He said as he took off his pants and underwear. He hit his dick against your ass and then he rubbed it against your folds.
“You ready for me baby?“ he asked.
“Yes please put it in me.” You said.
“Okay. Here I come.” He said pushing inside you.
You moaned at the intrusion but felt no pain since he prepped you.
“So tight baby.” He said slowly thrusting his hips and groaning at you tightening around him.
He started to really fuck you then, hitting your g spot so easily.
“J-Jimin.” You stuttered screaming as he hit your spot.
“You like that baby, you love me hitting that spot that makes you see stars?” He said by your ear.
You nodded and moaned again when he bit your ear.
“Going fuck you so good that you don’t even know what to do with yourself.” He said speeding up grabbing your head and hair pulling you back.
You screamed at the angle.
“Fuck baby you gonna cum, I feel you tightening on my cock, you wanna cum don’t you?“ he asked.
“Yes please!” You said.
“Well cum then baby.” He moaned. “Cum with me.”
You both climaxed and as you creamed on his dick, he moaned long.
He leaned on you back , panting.you also panting, your leg coming down the counter and your legs feeling like jelly. If the counter wasn’t there you were sure you would fall.
“So I think we should move in together.” Jimin said chuckling outta breath. “This is one good example why.”
“You know what I might take you up on your offer.” You said panting.
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arminsbimbo · 2 days ago
bro can someone please find me a bts smau without sideships , i hate ships between the members bro💀
and please one that is finished
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smhtaehyung · a day ago
6 hours ➣ HOUR 2
Tumblr media
summary: After playing a game, things get heated after midnight with Jungkook.  
Masterlist - under construction
Pairings: fuckboy!tae x reader, crush!jk x reader,  jm x crush!reader , hoseok x random
Rating: 18+ minors DNI
Genre: smut, college au, nonidol!au, love cube sorta thing
wordcount: 3.3k
warnings: alcohol use, drug use, slight existential angst, innapropriate sexual comments, graphic depictions of smut, (chapt.2 ~ ), fingering, oral (f. m. recieving), kinky dares, slut shaming, protected sex, overstimulation, thigh kink, dirty talk, spit kink, multiple orgasms, degrading,  face fucking >> reader is in love with jk, jimin is in love with a reader, taehyung is just there being hot and flirty.
Taglist: If you want to be in the taglist, reply to this post or dm me to stay updated :)
Chapter 3 release:
1st of October 2022 > 8 p.m (CET)
Tumblr media
Hour 2 "Jungkook's dare."  Time: [12:13 AM]
 "He's not into you." 
Taehyung's blunt tone was irritating you. He was pointing at Jungkook, of course. 
 "Why are you stuck to me the entire night? I don't need your opinion. Besides, I'm not into him." You took a sip of your gin and tonic, ignoring Taehyung who stood next to you. You were leaning against the doorframe of the living room, observing Jungkook who sat at the couch with Hoseok and some of Jungkook's other friends you couldn't recognize.
 "I'm not!" You scoffed at him.
"Right right."
"What do you want? Am I really the most interesting person to talk to at your party?"
 "Yes." He took a large sip.
"Well I'm not interested." "Interested in what? Having a conversation?" Taehyung smirked, his tone softening. 
 "Okay, how about we go over to Jungkook to talk to him then?" 
 "Tae, stop." You softly pulled on his arm, so he immediately stopped, getting the touch he needed from you. 
 "You're boring. Predictable." Taehyung scoffed, trying to stop looking at you, but his mind was truly teasing him. He thought you were quite attractive but wanted his main mission to remain solid. Also, Taehyung wanted to keep an eye on you, noticing how fast already you were drinking. So, you could say he was experiencing quite a drunken dilemma in his brain.
 So, he made his second mistake of the night - stretching himself out over three plans- 
1. Seeing the party version of you 
2.Kissing you 
3. Taking care of you to feel comfortable, since Jimin had his mind in the gutter and couldn't serve as a friend liability tonight. 
"I don't know why I'm even talking to you. You're so annoying." 
 "Thank you." He giggled way too much at you. "Tae? Are you already shitfaced?" You spoke a sentence he always hated hearing. 
 "I thought you weren't like everybody else." He was so dramatic. 
You chuckled truthfully the first time tonight. Taehyung smiled upon realizing. "Sorry to disappoint you. I'm boring just like everyone else." You slapped his shoulder playfully. 
 "God damn it. Now I have to find the second coolest person here." He played off well with your humor which you appreciated, especially since you were tipsy.
 "Don't you mean the third, since I'm probably taking the second spot?" "Nah, I really think you're the coolest person here." 
He looked into your eyes for longer than a second, which made you overthink his presence. In the shared silence, the common intoxicated confusion hit you after recapping the interaction with Taehyung in your mind. You started to understand a glimpse of what Jimin was talking about. Taehyung wasn't really a bad guy, but a very confused one. You still couldn't tell if his persona was real or totally made up by him.
 "So, before you start acting all cute and I'm stuck with you, let's take a little tour then shall we?" You observed Taehyung, who was acting like a little boy, swinging left to right in a cute boyish manner. 
 "Yeah, I know a lot of gossip about people here." He sounded excited, guiding you towards the dance floor. 
 "No wonder why." You shook your head, following him. The open space living room with a dance floor was giving off a total different energy. You weren't a spectator from the kitchen anymore and you realized most eyes were pointed at you and Taehyung. In Taehyung's defense, this wasn't intentional at all. Okay, maybe a little bit. He just loved attention. Confusion hit you due to loud music that was chaotic to your drunk arms, legs and body, which didn't know how to dance like you're sober. So, you just bopped your head here and there, brining Taehyung closer, who was really enjoying the music and dancing quite well to it. Given he was drunker than you, it impressed you how little he cared.
 "Okay, that girl in the red dress by the sofa? 4 o'clock?" Taehyung sneakily pointed.
"3 o'clock but yeah, whatever. What do you know about her?" 
"Hoseok's party about two years ago. She lost her virginity in the bathroom. And she's one of those loud moaners, you get me? It was so funny." Taehyung's hand found a way to hold you by your waist and bring you closer so he could whisper to you. 
 "She was all like "Ah Jungkook... Ah, yes, like that, yes Jungkook!" He raised hit voice a little bit, making you shake your head at him. 
 "Why would you tell ME that? I don't want to hear that!." You crossed your arms, debating whether to leave immediately. 
 "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot, okay?" Taehyung was speaking somewhat truth. He just didn't pay attention to those things often. 
 "Okay, I definitely don't want to hear anymore gossips."
"Then let's dance." Taehyung pulled you closer to himself, dancing by playing his hands onto your hips, holding your firmly. His large arms made the music feel less obnoxious - you finally felt safe and under control, in a totally weird way. Dancing and drinking with him really was fun. You began to realize why Jimin hung out with him so much. He was fun, cheeky, maybe a bit too forward, but fun nonetheless. And Taehyung brought that fun out of you. So, one of Taehyung's plans for you was really happening in front of him. He was seeing the party version of you, that really reminder him of your younger self, dancing and having fun at parties, talking with many people and engaging in small yet funny conversations. 
You were really funny. You were so funny that Taehyung debated whether to stop making his plans come true and just leave you. You were playing with his mind more than you knew. Your hips moving were making him want to grip them and your cleavage showing off even more was making him want to take a peek of your breasts. He was really seeing you in a totally different light. So, naturally he despised alcohol for entangling his thoughts.
 He knew just what he needed to calm down and not do anything for now. Weed. 
 Before you knew it, you were slipping into a more deeper confusion. Weed. Enemy for the body, healthy for the mind at most parties. You also lost Jimin from the smoking circle in the living room, who after barely smoking any weed, ran off somewhere, first to dance then god knows what. After smoking yourself, you finally became calm enough to just sink into the sofa next to Jungkook, your shoulders touching so effortlessly. Jungkook had already drank a fair amount given by the fact he would close his eyes here and there and just pass on the joint without smoking it. His still and barely moving body gave you comfort, making you love how he seemed strong like a rock but his skin rested incredibly soft. 
It was weird that you were sitting on this couch, between him and Hoseok, who would lean over you to say something to each other every few minutes...or seconds, you couldn't catch up on the passage of time anymore. The usual time slowing high kicked in, making you hate how a whiff of Jungkook's perfume caught your nose without approval. 
While you were trying to observe him even more from your peripheral vision, Taehyung had been staring at you for quite some time already. His eyes changed moods faster than your drug induced brain, his eyes hooded and red from what he's been smoking. At first, he was just chuckling to himself, but soon, his deep voice got even deeper, and tone softer. 
Tick tock. Time moved way too slow and your posture was slouching too much. Soon, you felt as if you merged with the couch and became on, your right arm completely touching Jungkook's strong arm. He realized you made more contact, making you want to immediately start apologizing over the crowded dimmed smoke-filled living room.
 "Oh, sorry. It was so comfortable, I just slid right in." You chuckled at yourself. He thought you were cute. 
 "No, no. Get comfortable. I don't care." He stretched his arm, softly pulling you to himself. You were leaning against him, his warm arms giving you comfort you needed, especially in this blurry and time spinning moment. Taehyung was mad. He kept distancing himself away from any conversation, catching eye contact with you as you were inhaling quickly and many times, running away from sobriety. Taehyung's eyes really were the most powerful weapon to use in the room due to loud music. Taehyung sometimes believed in telepathy, so he was trying to signal you something but was tripping over his own thoughts. Jungkook did, in fact, gain your full attention once wrapping his arm around you, getting comfortable.
"Would you rather..?!" One of Jungkook's friends pointed at Hoseok, who was casually talking to a girl next to him, both flirtatious towards each other. At least someone was good at it. Now, it was a common game they did. Whenever they got bored at parties, someone would exclaim a random truth or dare or a would you rather game to start some conversation, action, drama. Usually everyone booed it at first, but gave into the game quite easily, wanting the drama and gossip. Taehyung loved it. As you couldn't really hear what the person dared Hoseok, you realized it had something to do with him sticking his tongue down the throat of the girl next to him. Taehyung cheered for his friend, laughing along the way. 
"You two. Jungkook." Hoseok got Jungkook's attention fast. "7 minutes in heaven or downing the "devil's" cocktail?" Hoseok asked Jungkook, making everyone intrigued. Jungkook smirked and gave himself a few seconds to decide his own fate. Usually 7 minutes in heaven game usually occurring in the small enclosed space like a closet which didn't involve sexual activity, based on your experience. Some use it for more intimate activities however in high school, on numerous occasions you spent 7 minutes in the closet with various boys, just talking and letting the time pass, avoiding the pressure of your peers who wanted you to fool around with someone. So it was quite flexible. You had quite a few soft kisses shared inside but drunken existential conversations were an reoccurring theme the last time you were at a party. On the other hand, the "devil's" cocktail was disgusting. 
Basically, the dare is that everyone in the room must pour a little of their drink in the empty cup in the middle, the dared one must drink it, and usually, a mixture of so many alcohol drinks tasted disgusting and no one wanted to do it. Jungkook scanned the room. A cocktail containing beer, vodka, white wine, red wine and gin didn't sound great. 
 "See you later." Jungkook smoothly got up and took you by your hand, earning a few cheers from others but you were too focused on Jungkook to even look at Taehyung, who sighed in a disappointed manner, but giggled at how easily you were dragged away by Jungkook. You gulped hard as the two of you were getting to Taehyung's room. He locked the door from the inside. Jungkook opened a quite spacious closet, moving some shirts to the side so both of you would fit. 
 "We really need to get inside the closet?" You chuckled. 
 "You think they're not gonna come and stand by the door...eavesdropping?" 
 "I think Taehyung will for sure." You nodded and obliged, sitting inside. Jungkook sat next to you, closing the blinds shutter. The music from downstairs was heard so faintly, as Jungkook's breaths were louder than it. The slight light was poking through the blinds on the closet door, making your see parts of Jungkook's gorgeous face, but not in it's entirety. 
 "So." He caught you completely off guard, pulling you to to sit on him: If only you were sober to realize how real this moment was. What really took you off guard in the dark was the moment you felt Jungkook's soft lips on yours, attaching themselves firmly. He was doing it so casually.
 "What are you doing?" You pulled away, whispering. 
 "Isn't this how you're supposed to play it?" He cocked his head to his right. 
 "Usually people just talk to avoid stupid dares like this from their friends." You were cursing yourself inside, completely disappointed that in this moment, you went out of your way to sabotage yourself. Pure, dumb panic. 
 "We played it a bit differently." He started squeezing your ass, his half erect member growing each second. 
 "Wanna play?" He chuckled through the whisper, kissing up your neck. His lips tasted of white wine and as you were kissing him, you grew hungry for his touch. He was grinding you onto himself, not letting your lips detach.
 "I want to touch you."  He whispered You hummed in approval, unbuckling his belt to wrap your fingers around his length. Jungkook threw his head back in pleasure, leaving his neck open. You took your shot and started kissing his neck, loving his perfume scent.
 "Hey, Y/N." 
 "We don't have a lot of time so what do you want to do?" He whispered, his voice making you shiver. "I want you to eat me out." You spoke a bit too fast, totally immersed in the moment. Jungkook smiled as he continued kissing you. You got off him and pressed your back against the wooden surface, opening your legs wide. In response, he crawled towards you just to bite down on your bottom lip. Jungkook really reacted fast, sliding his long fingers down your panties. He started rubbing on your sensitive nub in circles, making you moan. He sped up the pace, loving how you sounded. 
 "You like that?" 
 "Y-yes." You moaned, feeling inferior. He immediately took over the dominant role. He left slow sloppy kisses down your neck and chest, stopping at your breasts to play with them. He pulled your top up, sucking on your nipple as his fingers started playing with your other one. You moaned his name, causing his member to feel progressively harder. 
5 minutes left. Jungkook lowered his head towards your heat, causing your inner self to almost implode. He slid your panties off and began spitting on your already wet pussy, spreading the juices with his middle finger. Actually, Jungkook has never seen such a pretty pussy in his life, in this moment, he was so attracted to the dirty version of you, that was so desperate for him. Your fingers were going through his hair, bringing him closer. 
Jungkook buried his face in your pussy, licking between folds. His hands wrapped around your upper thighs as he held a grip of your inner things, spreading your pussy wider. His nose brushed against your clit multiple times, making you grow even wetter. He began kissing around your clit, pressing his tongue against the throbbing nub, making you moan loudly. He pressed you down slightly and you immediately felt his tongue lick circles around your clit, savoring your taste. 
 “Ahh, fuck.“ You gasped, grabbing his hair. Jungkook almost lose focus at how hot your moans sounded. You felt yourself panic a little bit, remembering the horrible gossip Taehyung told you about the girl who slept with Jungkook at a party. You wondered if you were quiet enough, but now you knew why she was moaning. Jungkook was so good at eating you out, it surprised you. It wasn't just because you had a crush on him, he was really proving himself during these few minutes. He flattened his tongue and licked a long stripe up you, groaning at the enjoyable taste. After a few painfully slow kisses and licks, you began grinding onto him, wanting him to speed up his movements. He took the initiative and began kitten licking your clit, making you arch your back and grind onto his face even more. His fast licks got in sync with your fast grinding onto his face. 
“Fuck, you’re so great.” You moaned out, only fueling up his ego even more to use his tongue even faster. 
“Ahhhh, Jungkook.” You moaned his name out as you grabbed his hair again, making him intentionally brush his mouth even harder against your pussy. He groaned as he moved down to your entrance, tongue-fucking you from below. One of his hands held you for balance and his other hand began rubbing your clit fast, the wetness of your heat spreading all over his chin and mouth. You moaned out very loudly, arching your back even further as he rubbed you harshly. 
 Jungkook's dirty mind kept giving him ideas way too quick, so he was really switching his skillful techniques a lot. He slipped aa finger inside you, the wetness making it easy. "
Fuck yourself onto them." He groaned, pushing another finger in immediately. You grinded your hips, taking his long digits inside you. Jungkook new one thing. He knew he needed to see you take his cock tonight because of how much you were squirming in front of him. He was teasing himself a lot as well, brushing his hand against his dick every once in a while. 
"Good girl." He groaned, attaching his lips with your clit. Jungkook spat on your pussy again, being a sucker for sloppy oral. 
3 minutes left. There was so much spit on you, mixed with your wetness. Jungkook sped up his pace, fingering you so fast, you almost felt yourself coming apart. He was really good with his fingers. He began pumping them harder, the sloppy noise filling the tight closet space. You squeezed your breasts, feeling your climax approaching. 
“Don’t stop. I’m gonna come.” You instructed him not to stop, the sensitivity making you whimper above him. Feeling him speed up his movements even more, you wonder how that was even possible. He was going so hard and so fast, you began uncontrollably moaning and wincing that you were sure you topped that other girl's moaning. 
 "Jungkook!” You exclaimed his name as your body stiffened, your orgasm washing over you. He was pumping you through your orgasm, smiling cheekily as he observed you. You shut your eyes and enjoyed every second, listening to his groans under you. Your leg twitched, feeling his tongue move up and down your folds and his hand grope your breast as it reattached from your clit. 
30 seconds. You both chuckled at each other as you pulled your panties, but you reckoned you still had some time left. You began kissing him, moving yourself to sit on him again. You brushed your hand against his rock solid length.
"Hey, why don't you meet me later? I don't think there's time." He giggled, kissing down your neck.
 "We can have a lot more fun." He added, making your almost drop your jaw at his flirty manners and smile. Was this finally happening for you? 
 "Alright. Meet me later." You kissed him again, your tongues playing with each other. 
 "Get out!! Time is over!! Stop playing!!" You heard people speak outside, both of you sighing. 
 "Fun." He spoke sarcastically as he got out of the closet, taking a tissue from the tissue box to wipe his hands. 
 "Very." You adjusted your dress and hair. 
 "You look normal. Pretty." He whispered, his shyness in total contrast to his perverted mind you just experienced.
 "Thank you." You smiled at him and got closer to the door. He cheekily groped your bottom as you opened the door.
 "See you later." He whispered, placing a kiss onto your earlobe. Sometimes, moments like these never feel real once you're at a party. Probably because you have no perception of consequences and  your drunk mind was sort of forgetting his touches. Whatever it was, you could only focus on being thirsty, both ways, really. So, as you opened the door, you made truce with being one of those girls Jungkook fooled with at the party. 
To your intoxicated mind, didn't seem too bad. 
 But were you going to become a product of Taehyung's never ending gossip?
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sxtaep · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
you could come across as the number one hater of the male species, but not when it came to jimin.
Tumblr media
pairing — jimin x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 3.4k+
warnings/tags — friends2lovers, fwb!au, dom!jimin, sub!reader, teasing, reader is an anti-romantic, lots of ranting, reader confesses, making out, swearing, explicit smut, mutual masturbation, voyeurism, exhbitionism, pillow riding, dirty talk, orgasm denial, reader is very put on the spot, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys) crying, creampie +more
a/n: what to do when the nation is in mourning? write jimin smut 💀 rest up queen elizabeth though, i remember when she came to my school and shook my hand after i gave her a bouquet of flowers 😭
Tumblr media
You just wrapped up what you could only call the worst blind date known to mankind. The guy was smug and cocky: you could tell he probably had a thing for being better than women, and that right there was an immediate red flag for you.
Now sitting behind the wheel of your car, pure irritation evident on your face, all you could think about was how the fuck you could face Jimin after another failed blind date. That and the fact that you slept with Jimin a couple times but neither of you had the guts to really put a label on yourselves.
It was agreed your relationship with Jimin was strictly ‘no strings attached’, merely using each other as an output to deal with the stress of work. The two of you must’ve been stressed everyday since it seemed that was how often you both went at it.
“I’ve got a blind date tonight,” you tell him, entering his office to bother him as you usually did.
A blind date?
Jimin wasn’t expecting you to start dating people whilst sleeping with him on the down low. Was that how these things worked?
“You’re going on a date? Why?” He looks up from his desk, clearly confused about it since you always preached about how much you hated men and relationships.
You shrug, “I can’t keep sleeping with you for the rest of my life, eventually you’ll fall in love with someone else and want to get married and have kids.”
You weren’t wrong, Jimin did have all this planned for his future, but he never really saw some other girl with him. All these plans were made with the intention of doing them with you.
“Plus, it’s not like we’re together or anything, so I don’t see what’s stopping me.”
“Well…” he didn’t really know what to say. Does he suddenly confess now or never? If this blind date of yours was a success, he’ll never have the chance to tell you how he really felt, but you seemed really excited about it, he shouldn’t ruin that for you.
“I mean, are you sure you wanna go on a blind date? Kind of a big step for someone who hates relationships,” he says, cocking a brow at you sat opposite his desk.
You didn’t seem as concerned as he was, but then again, why did he care so much?
“Do you want me to give you hourly updates or something? Seems a bit much, Park,” you chuckle softly, failing to notice the inner conflict he was having. “Are you worried about me?”
“No, I’m just looking out for you,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes at your silly teasing. In all honesty, it felt like he was being replaced. “Whatever though, don’t come crying to me late at night when the date doesn’t go to plan.”
When you get home, you you contemplate on updating Jimin. A part of you wanted to send him a message but the other didn’t wanna hear him say ‘I told you so’ as he did many times before.
But fuck it.
you: are you at home?
jimin: yeah, why? you coming over? or you wanna meet somewhere else?
you: no, just make sure you’re home
With that final message sent, you change out of your date night clothes, opting for something more comfortable, but once you’re out of your dress, you look down at your bare body in nothing but intricate black lace (yes, you wore a set with the intention of getting laid tonight) and figured you’d keep it on.
For Jimin.
You throw on a long trench coat to cover up, shivering a little once the material is wrapped securely around your naked body. It was a risky game going out like this, but for some reason, you felt obligated to do this.
If he wanted to make you feel bad, you may as well look good whilst he did it.
Tumblr media
The very moment you had texted Jimin, he had just come out the shower, clean and fresh. He re-read your message a couple times, trying to figure out why you were coming over all of a sudden. Was the date so great you wanted to gush about it to him? Or did it go so terribly you were about to rant as soon as you stepped in? Or possibly, were you coming over to fuck?
He couldn’t quite put his finger on it and continued about his night, dressing loosely with a pair of sweatpants and no shirt.
Why wear so much if it was gonna come off anyway?
With that thought, three knocks were had at his door, and he had no doubt that it was you.
You were left waiting for a couple seconds, tapping your foot against the carpeted floor continuously until you were met with a very bare Jimin, forcing your incessant tapping to come to a halt and your breath to catch in your throat.
You eyed every inch of him; his perfectly sculpted v-line, the crevices of his abs, the simple, yet impacting ‘never mind’ tattoo adorning his ribs, and finally his face, which was slightly moist due to the droplets of water falling from the ends of his hair.
“Hi..” you say breathlessly, “Can I come in?”
Jimin caught you eyeing him up, but chose not to comment on it. Instead, he moves aside to let you in, “By all means.”
As you step inside, his eyes follow your form taking notice of the unusual outfit you were wearing. Heels with your legs bare, you must’ve been wearing a dress underneath the coat, but he couldn’t be certain, the damn coat was shielding away his curiosity.
“I’m guessing your date didn’t go well,” Jimin chuckles softly, closing the front door and turning to look at you, “Wanna talk about it over a drink?” Though it sounded like an open ended question, he didn’t wait for you to respond, already making his way into the kitchen to pull out two wine glasses.
“Listen…” you start, your voice low, yet loud enough for Jimin to hear. You’re stuck standing by the door, watching, him set the two glasses down on the marble counter. “I.. am a good girl,” you begin, trying not to sound stupid. “In school, I always followed the rules to the point where a lot of people actually hated me for it.”
The confusion on Jimin’s face was clear as day, and you knew he was about to interrupt you, but you continue to talk, raising your hand up towards him, “Let me finish,” you exhale, “I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 17, probably because I hated the idea of it.”
What the hell were you talking about?
Jimin cocks a brow, leaving his position behind the counter to approach you, “Did I do something wrong?”
The man never hated you, nor did he think you were crazy to have such outlandish opinions on relationships (he understood where you were coming from) and sometimes it was annoying, but not annoying enough to push you away from him. At the end of the day, you were close friend to him.
“No, you didn’t do anything wrong,” you reassure him, stopping Jimin in his tracks. “I shouldn’t have gone on that blind date. It went horribly.”
There’s a moment of silence between the two of you, and Jimin remained as he was in case you were still speaking.
“This failed blind date, along with everything we’ve done together, made me realise I’m only ever genuinely happy when I’m with you. It’s pretty fun not having to fuck my pillow every night,” you say, your cheeks growing beet red at the confession. “And I think it’s safe to say that I don’t not want be in a relationship..”
Your eyes meet his and for the first time tonight, Jimin was speechless. He hadn’t said a word and at this moment, you were glad. “So…” your hands travel down to the belt tied around your waist, pulling on one end to loosen the knot and have the coat comfortably slip free down your shoulders, revealing the black strap of you bra draped over your shoulders.
Jimin knew what was coming. He was bracing himself for what you were about to do.
The trench coat finally hit the floor, pooling around your feet and his breath hitches. He raked his eyes up and down your body, drinking in the sight of you. Flawless skin, perfect curves and a face so radiant, you were the only thing glowing under the dim light of his apartment.
“Woah,” is all he says, having no shame displaying the grin on his face. “You sure know how to flatter a man, Y/N,” Jimin shakes his head, as if disapproving your outfit, but really, the man was losing it inside.
He’s quick on his feet, steadily approaching your form and stopping in front of you, his eyes solemnly kept on you, “I’m glad you finally came to your senses,” he says, reaching his hand up to cup your cheek, gently smoothing his thumb across your skin. “How about we do something a little more fitting for your attire tonight?”
You didn’t bother processing his words, wasting no time in crashing your lips against his in an aggressive kiss, Jimin undoubtedly reciprocating and automatically wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to his chest.
His embrace wasn’t long lasting, hands moving down the small of your back to briefly graze the curve of your ass before settling behind your upper thighs, hoisting you up, “Jump,” Jimin mumbles against your lips, eliciting a short hum from you and you immediately oblige, wrapping your legs around your waist and he held onto you securely.
Not once did either of you break the kiss as he carried you towards his bedroom, but once in his bedroom, you pulled away to catch your breath. “I bet you do this with every girl you hook up with, huh?”
“Just you, sweetheart,” he smirks, responding with zero hesitation, gently laying you lie body on his mattress so he could cherish the sight of you.
A gorgeous, stunning, goddess.
“I bet your pillow’s gonna get bored now, huh?”
Your jaw drops, cheeks turning a slight hue of red from embarrassment. Maybe you shouldn’t have told him about that, now he’d be able to use it against you at any given opportunity. You prop yourself up on your elbows, tilting your head at the partly-naked man before you, “I bet my pillow can make me feel a lot better than you can.”
“You wanna test that theory out?” Jimin challenges, leaning over you to grab one of the many pillows on his bed, leaving it beside you. “Can your pillow make you cry? Can your pillow fuck you as good as I can?” He continues to list out all the things you both done together over the last few months, knowing full well the answer to all his questions were no.
He shifts his position to climb onto the bed, leaning back against the headboard with his legs spread far and wide to show you the tent straining against his sweatpants. “If it can, then show me,” he gestures towards the pillow and your almost at a loss for words.
He was gonna watch you get off, and you felt so belittled liking the idea of it.
You grab ahold of the pillow, fluffing it up a bit for your own comfort. “Fine, but you’re not allowed to touch me and you have to sit on the other side of your room,” you instruct him, pointing to the chair tucked under his desk.
Gosh, you were so bossy, but Jimin would do anything to make a princess happy.
“And you’re not allowed to come,” he warns you, pushing himself off the bed and towards his desk, pulling the chair out to face you before taking a seat, adjusting the boner in his pants before gesturing his chin towards you, encouraging you to make a start. “Go ahead, I’ll tell you when to stop.”
You take his previous position and lean back against the headboard, making yourself comfortable before spreading your legs before him, giving him the perfect view of your soaked panties firmly pressing against you. You took your time, hovering your fingers over the damp material and briskly brushing over your clothed clit, triggering your body to shudder.
Knowing that wasn’t enough for you, you slipped your hand past the band of your panties, the pad of your fingers reaching to rub slow, drawn out circles over your sensitive clit. You didn’t need to do much, the mere sight of Jimin turning you on beyond measures.
Jimin was sat far across from you, his chin slightly raised as he watched you and his hand unknowingly palming the erection trapped between his legs and groaning. It hurt so bad he just pushed his sweatpants halfway down his thighs along with his boxers to free the painful erection. He couldn’t bring himself to take his eyes off you as his fingers simultaneously wrapped around his hardening cock.
“Don’t work yourself up too much, you still have that pillow to attend to,” Jimin’s voice echoed through the room, almost missing your attention. You were getting carried away with your own fingers, you completely forgot about the pillow.
You groan and reach out for the pillow, now sitting up on your knees, and spreading your legs apart to make room for the pillow. The pillow was thick enough for you to have a firm hold on it, and as soon as you sunk down on it, the knock on effect of the material brushing over your heat left you whimpering.
Your reactions had Jimin squeezing on the base of his cock, revelling over how sensitive you were.
He loved it.
All you had to do was imagine the pillow was Jimin and you’d be good to go. It seemed effective once you started rocking your hips back and forth against the pillow, failing to contain your short, but sweet whimpers. Your hips would slow down every now and again, taking long, deep strokes to delay your orgasm as much as possible but it didn’t seem to work.
You looked up at Jimin who’s position was now slouched on the chair, steadily pumping his cock between his fists as he watched you.
“Don’t look at me..” you mumble shyly, shaking your head and looking down at the pillow that had already picked up your arousal, darkening the material slightly.
“Why not?” he chuckles breathlessly, repeatedly swiping his thumb over the head of his cock and smearing any and all the precum down the base. His eyes came to a shut in pure bliss as he picked up the pace of his wrist, his groans becoming low moans. All he could think about were your perfect pouty lips wrapping around his cock and sucking him off just right.
“Take the bra off, lemme’ see your tits.”
You don’t hesitate to oblige, flipping your hair to the side and reaching your hands back to unclasp your bra and let the straps fall seamlessly down your shoulders. Your nipples had hardened within seconds being exposed but you couldn’t bring yourself to care enough, too busy rutting against the pillow.
“I can’t believe you let me go on a blind date,” you seethe, projecting your anger towards him and the pace of your hips, now struggling to keep yourself stable.
“We weren’t exactly together, I couldn’t stop you,” Jimin tries to reason with you, aggravation evident in his tone as he mercilessly fucked his fist. He was close, and from the way your body was jerking, he knew you were close too.
It took the man everything and more to still his hand along his member and stand up from his chair, walking over to you with a sly smirk on his face.
“On your stomach, raise your hips. And tell me, what do you think about when you fuck your pillow?”
You whine and force yourself to pull the pillow from between your legs, leaving it elsewhere as you positioned yourself like he’d asked.
“I think about you..” you whisper, “I think about your tongue— your hands all over me.” You hesitate to say more, but you knew that if you really wanted that orgasm, you had to spill. “I think about milking your cock every night, even before we started fucking,” you cry, pushing yourself back against him. The lack of attention to your weeping cunt was playing up with you, “And I love when you tease me— God, I fucking love it.”
Jimin grins, grabbing ahold of your hips and firmly rutting against you from behind, “Mhm, I’ll give you all that and more,” he smiles contently, positioning the head of his cock at your slick hole, teasing you a little before finally pushing into you and eliciting a low ‘fuck’ from his end.
The air is knocked out of lungs much quicker than you expected, the stretch catching you off guard, even though it wasn’t the first time you’d taken him like this; a clear indication you were yet to get used to his size.
“Been thinking about keeping you all to myself,” he admits, short of breath as he looked down between where your body’s met, “Just had to take my time with you. huh?”
Jimin’s words were going through one ear and out the other. All you could hear was his low grunts and your strained moans. “Oh my God— Jimin,” you force out, your half lidded eyes rolling to the back of your head as your poor cunt took him whole.
“No other man can make you feel as good as I can,” he retorts cockily, digging his nails into your hips once he feels your walls greedily squeeze around him. The action makes the pace of his hips falter, but he’s quick to get back on top of it, “Make sure you fucking remember that.”
You nod diligently. You already knew that his words were the truth and the way he was putting it into practice was taking over your being, almost brainwashing you.
You do him the favour of arching your back a little more, giving Jimin all the more room to hold onto you, but it seemed like he had other plans, using this opportunity to pull out and forcing you turn around to lie on your back. You couldn’t say anything, his arms hooking under your knees to push them up towards your chest before swiftly pushing into you again, thrusting at a pace so ungodly, you were sure you couldn’t handle it.
“Too much, Jimin!” you gasp, turning your head away from him to shield your embarrassing state.
He was quick to notice and grabbed ahold of your cheeks, forcing you to look back at him and he continued to fuck you at his torturous pace, rolling his heels deeper into you, “Look at me when I’m fucking you.”
You couldn’t imagine what you looked like right now, but Jimin could safely say you looked like every man’s wet dream. Your fucked out state had his cock twitching between your soft walls, and you couldn’t help but clench around him, giving him that final push to reach his high.
“I’m close..” you breathe out, shaking your head in a bid to ease yourself of your coming orgasm, but Jimin was adamant on having your full, undivided attention.
“Don’t you dare look away from me,” he says, releasing your knees from its contraption only to have your legs dangle over his shoulders as he brought his thumb down to circle over your clit and using it as leverage to push you towards your orgasm.
And that seemed to do the job. A string of curses fell from your lips as you completely broke down on him, a sheen layer of white making an appearance between your legs which only became more prominent once Jimin slowed down. A visible mix of white had coated his cock as he continued to slowly fuck you in a bid to help you calm down.
Jimin’s jaw fell slack once he decided to pull out of you, leaving a trail of white behind him as he fell to lie beside you,
You both finally established this was more than just a mutual fuck; it was an open-ended gateway for the pair of you to become something more.
Tumblr media
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put it on me (m) | p.jm. | one-shot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you signed up to model your cleavage for a jewelry commercial, no one bothered to tell you it wasn’t gonna be a solo shoot. It’s unfair being blindsided and you want to protest, but A-list model and flirt extraordinaire Park Jimin’s steel-cut abs have you kinda tongue-tied. And then you get kinda too busy thinking of other ways in which you’d like him to shut you up.
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader rating: m (18+) genre: smut | humor | pwp | a-list model!jimin | freelance model!reader warnings: swearing + lustful musings + explicit daydreams + reader is boobacious + reader is also a horny bitch + explicit sexual situations (dom!jimin, sub!reader, body worship, sweat kink, dirty talk, degradation, strength kink, praise kink, oral (m&f), throat fucking, vaginal fingering, clit biting, semi-public sex, hints of exhibitionism, humiliation, begging, rough sex, penetrative sex, cum play, breast play, jimin loves her tiddies and she loves his tiddies, Big Dick Jimin™ bec he’s literally canon, orgasm denial, overstimulation, restraints, biting, marking, a lot of licking ugh) + i am slightly ashamed of myself for going so feral, but very very slightly :| word count: 8 k note: hi, guys. welcome to filth on crack. no fr, if i were to put smack (smutty crack) in a dictionary, i would define it with this fic. idk what chemical exploded in my head. but i am very sorry for what you’re about to witness. believe it or not, this didn't happen solely due to the pictures, tho. @missgeniality bullied me into writing this, sending me pictures and filthy scenarios, to the point where i cried and sat down to do this. any yells and/or notes of gratitude to be sent to her, please. oh and @jeonjcngkook shall also shoulder partial blame for spamming me with different zoomed in angles and versions of the pictures without break. smh. ily both <3
hope y'all enjoy this while i go dunk myself into some holy water~ 😩💜
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Tumblr media
“I wasn’t told there was a… male model in attendance as well?”
The Director rolls his eyes at your words – rolls his fucking eyes as if him turning your solo shoot into a couple one should not make you ask questions. You never should’ve let Hoseok’s meddlesome ass rope you into this. You don’t have an agency for a reason, you need to stop letting your model friends affect the projects you sign. What's the point of managing your contracts yourself if you’re gonna be an idiot about them? Ugh. 
All this heavy, clunky jewelry on your nearly naked body—well, you have a white, crochet bikini on, but it feels close to nothing due its plunging v-neck and the tie-up thong—and now you won’t even be the center of all attention.
What is the fucking point?
“It’s a last minute addition because the company thinks this chain will look better on a male torso.” The Director flashes all his teeth at you, but you fail to make out any humor in this situation. “Besides, the male model is kind of an A-lister.”
Wow, even better. They signed freaking Sean O’Pry or the likes and now you’re gonna be used as a prop, probably made to lay over the dude’s body like a snake or something while you awkwardly make bedroom eyes at him and he looks off to the side and awkwardly avoids touching you inappropriately. Great. Just great. You swear the moment you talk to Hoseok again, you will—
Hold on a fucking minute.
Who the hell is that?
Your jaw slowly unhinges, falling wide and wider as a guy steps into your view, talking to the annoying Director you were contemplating punches a few minutes back. 
Oh, he’s not a guy, for fuck’s sake. This is Park Jimin – face of more brands than you can count on both your hands. With a jawline sharper than a knife, pouty lips, half-lidded eyes and a solidly built body that he must be living in the gym to maintain, he is the most sought after model of today. If a brand needs some delicious display of naked male chest or abs or thighs? Park Jimin’s their guy. No, for real, man takes off his shirt at the drop of a hat. Pants too, for that matter.
Not that you’re complaining, though, no, far from it. He looks like a whole snack in that floral printed jacket that he’s got on without anything underneath. His abs are so defined, you can literally count all six of them across the twenty feet’s distance between you two, and his dusky pectoral muscles bulge tantalizingly. 
A five-course meal is shooting this commercial with you.
Now you want to be used as a prop and lay across his body like a snake and make bedroom eyes at him and, fuck, you hope he touches you inappropriately. Which you probably won’t have to hope too hard for, given how he’s always in the news for sleeping with everyone he works with. Damn, you need to send Hoseok a gift basket after this. 
Fuck, he’s looking your way.
Short, slicked back hair bares the entirety of his forehead for your viewing pleasure, and the strong line of his brows immediately has your breath hitching. He isn’t just beautiful or sexy, Park Jimin is handsome. And ripped. Fuck, he’s really bulging with muscles with every step he takes; your strength kink is quaking. You are staring but your gaze is also jumping around his entire body because you really don’t know where to look – there’s so much to take in between the clenching planes of his abdomen, the heaving pair of his pectorals, the thick pads of his shoulders and those thighs that seem to want to tear through his pants. 
There is jewelry on him, identical to yours with regards to its make. But contrary to the single thick chain that’s adorning your cleavage, he’s got two shorter, choker-like necklaces as well, sitting prettily on his sharp collarbones. He’s also wearing earrings, which you didn’t have to because they were covering your ears with hair.
You’re so lost in sharpening your focus, that you barely even realize he is nearing you. Plump lips thin out around a straight line of teeth and hooded eyes squint in humor. 
His smirk is devastating. You’re down bad, you’re down fucking bad. 
How to ask him to fuck your throat without offending him? You don’t really care because you’re about to be very crude about it. You might get thrown off the set and kicked out of the project, but you’re willing to risk it all by going tongue-emoji eggplant-emoji on him. Shit, is he emanating pheromones? Are y’all werewolves? What is going on, why do you keep getting this urge to climb him up and rub your body all over his? You…are in love with this man. That’s the only logical explanation. Or maybe it’s your pussy that’s in love with him, but because she pretty much represents you right now, it is nothing but undying love you feel flowing from you to him.
“My pussy’s in love with you.”
Jimin’s eyebrows lift up high and higher until they reach a point where they’d be off his forehead if he was a cartoon character. 
And you get it. That was too direct. And too soon. You could’ve at least waited for the dude to finish his damn greeting. 
“Uh…” His eyelids flutter rapidly over rounded eyes, and fuck, how does he look adorable on top of being sex-on-legs? Quickly looking around the two of you, he sidles a few inches closer and lowers his stunned – and stunning – face to your eye-level. “Come again?”
Oh, you will. You surely will come again but you need to come for the first time before that. And you need to introduce yourself to him like a normal human before that.
“I mean, hello, Jimin. It is nice to meet you.” You try to put on a smile as you give him your name. Your eyes glide down his throat to land on his pecs again. A wistful sigh makes it past your lips. “You’ve got nice tiddies.”
And this is when Jimin finally snaps out of his reverie to cough out a bewildered laugh. Soon after, his face is morphing back into the panty-melting smirk you saw him wear earlier and he’s laughing with his whole body, allowing his shoulders to jump and head to shake.
His laughter is kinda cute.
You still wanna climb him, though.
“Hello, sweetheart,” he finally says to you, his words more of a wondrous exhale than actual speech. “Thank you for the compliment. Although they’re more than just nice, won’t you say?”
Your back meeting a cold metal has you hissing, and you blink in surprise at the realization of how easily he walked you back towards his trailer without you realizing. His tiddies distracted you.
“True.” You nod, tilting your chin up to fight back a shiver when your bare back meets icy cold metal once again. “They’re sort of amazing.”
Jimin’s grin turns filthy, gaze wholly unabashed as it scans your own chest. You know your nipples are pebbled because you can feel goosebumps running across your entire body. He lifts a ringed hand and very carefully places the tip of his index finger in the hollow of your neck. Dark gaze catches yours again as the digit begins a fiery journey down your sternum, running past the chain resting there, and easily fitting between the tight cleavage of your half naked boobs.
A deep gasp leaves your chest, body arching to invite further invasion from him. And he complies, bringing his thumb up to softly rub it over the skin of your exposed boob, between the edge of the scrap of crochet that’s holding it in place, and the metallic jewelry advertised over it.
"Yours, too," he mumbles suddenly, eyes glued to the tip of your breast protruding against the thick fabric of the bra.
For a second, you're lost. Because how are you supposed to keep track of your conversation when the entire set around you has faded away and all you can see, breathe and feel is Park Jimin?
But then it suddenly registers that you'd complimented his…well, tiddies, which means that he's now complimenting yours. Oh, wow. Is this supposed to flatter you? Turn you on? Or make you wanna laugh? Somehow, it's doing all three.
Coughing through a snort, you bite down on your bottom lip and shake your head. “Just amazing? I expected a higher praise.”
“Oh yeah?” Jimin's gaze comes flying up to clash with yours, mirth swimming in his brown eyes. “But I haven’t seen them naked like you did mine. This is the best you get on these unfair grounds, baby.”
Fuck, fuck, you don’t breathe for a whole lot of seconds after that. 
Wide-eyed, you trace the way Jimin’s tongue peeks out of his mouth to scrape against his bottom lip. It’s wet and soft and so red, you wanna taste it. Breathless and delirious, you’re tilting your head and inching towards him when – his other hand comes up to cup one of your tits, placed firmly against the globe in such a way that his thumb makes an easy swipe of your hard nipple.
His lips quirk up at your gasp and he erases a few more inches of distance between you two, this time nearly molding your soft curves against his solid planes.
“I would very much like to, though,” he murmurs so close to your lips, you can almost taste his breath. It is chocolate flavored. “If you’d allow it?”
As if his smirk wasn’t fucking distracting in itself, his thumb’s relentless back anf forth motions over your nipple is wiping all thoughts out of your head. Oh, God. This guy is sexually hypnotising you. Next thing anyone knows, you’ll be on your knees, ready to suck him off in public. 
Snapping out of the daze Jimin put you in, you peek around his broad body. To your relief, everyone is still running around like headless chickens and no one is so much as looking in the direction of the two of you.
Still. You might be horny enough to let go of a shoot in favor of bomb sex with the sexiest guy you’ve ever seen. But you’re not horny enough to be sex-taped by an entire studio full of people.
“Not here, of course,” he reassures you in the same low, husky voice he’s been using all this time. 
Either he read the horror on your face, or he can read minds. Maybe you’re right about Jimin’s hypnotic abilities. Wow, is this why people keep falling into his bed left and right? Ooh, or maybe he just has a strong dick game. Well. You can’t wait to find out.
“I…” You clear your throat, suddenly a bit conscious about both his hands using your boobs as stress balls out in the open where anyone can see you. You’re still destroying your bikini bottoms with warm arousal, but your brain is slowly catching up on how crazy your life will get if you made an accidental soft porn sex tape with Park Jimin in the middle of a shoot. “I’ll meet you…here? After the shoot?”
Jimin looks at you with amusement infused incredulity. “After the…” He sighs, shaking his head with a fond smile. His hands come up to cup your cheeks. “Sweetheart. There’s no afters in my life. I’m offering you my dick now – as a one time offer. It’s not a bookmark now and read later scheme, okay? So either you say yes, we slip into my trailer and I see how much your pussy actually loves me. Or you say no, we finish the shoot and forget this interaction ever happened.” He removes his hands from your face and crosses them across his beefy body, while one of his eyebrows shoots up in question. “Which will it be?”
Your jaw is currently on the floor. This guy is dangerous. He literally propositions sex as if he’s making a business deal! 
You want him.
Instead of saying it, you try to show it – grabbing the lapels of his jacket and allowing a smirk to curl upon your lips. “Yes.”
His eyes sparkle with excitement and dark promises and teeth dig into his bottom lip. “Jeremy!” he suddenly calls for your Director, and for a moment you fear he trapped you into a seductive conversation to have you kicked off set on grounds of sexual harrassment, until – he continues with a, “Take a break, my dude! I’ll be back in a while!”
Some shuffling, rustling and grumbling echoes around you. Jimin never breaks eye-contact even as he punches the code to unlock his trailer right next to your head. His gaze is so fucking intense, he makes you wetter just by looking at you.
“R–right, Mister Park! Do… do we arrange for… spares?” comes a scream back in your direction.
“You know it, Jer.” Jimin grins and you frown in confusion.
“Our outfits.”
Oh. Oh. Park Jimin really is an A-lister, huh?
You don’t get to think much on it when he unlocks and pulls the door to his trailer open and guides you in, walking you backwards up the stairs while he locks you two in. A gust of air-conditioned air washes over you when you reach the floor, sending a shiver through your entire body. But because Jimin hasn’t stopped walking, you move further until the backs of your legs knock against what feels like a chair. Knees buckling, you fall into a cushy chair and thickly swallow at the daunting sight of Jimin standing over you. You’re almost at the level of his crotch. Perfect.
But before you can even get your hands to move from their clutching of the armrest, Jimin drops to his knees and lines his face up with your boobs. Oh. Yeah, this works too. This is what he was focussed on, anyways.
“May I?” you teasingly question, looping a thumb beneath one of the straps at your shoulder.
Jimin looks at you in faux disappointment. “That color looks amazing against your skin, sweetheart. Feels like a crime to take it off.”
You blink in confusion because, um. What else are you supposed to be doing, then?
The man before you answers your unasked question with his own hands, reaching towards the cups of your bikini top to pinch the edge of each between an index finger and thumb, and pulling the cloth away from your skin. 
His eyes look into yours. “This okay?”
You’re about to splinter the wood of the fucking armrest with how much sexual tension has accumulated in your body because of his ass, and he has the audacity to still ask? Like. He’s obviously asking for your consent and it is sexy as fuck. But it’s also inconvenient as fuck because he isn’t hurrying up the way you need him to!
Nodding as quickly and rapidly as you can manage, you exhale a breathy ‘yes’ along with it, just in case he’s one of those guys who are anal about “verbal consent.” You quite possibly are an embarrassment to feminists and healthy sex advocates that keep preaching “communication during sex with your partner” and all that jazz, but – you’re a very basic bitch, right now. Tongue-emoji eggplant-emoji. 
Why’s he being so artistic about it?
And then finally, finally, the crochet is tugged away from your breasts and your twin globes spring free, literally tumbling into Jimin’s face as he eagerly leans closer. His nose presses against one of your hardened nipples, and you watch the brown in his irises bleed into black within a moment. 
Both his palms nearly scramble to lift the weight of your tits in them, fingers squeezing into the soft flesh, the intensity of which increases the louder you moan. The pads of his thumbs flick at your nipples a couple of times, until your back arches and head is tossed back. That is when Jimin releases one of your boobs to cup the back of your neck and pull your gaze back to his. The tip of his thumb scrapes around your sensitive areola, all the while his fiery gaze stares into your soul.
And then, to run your sanity completely off the track, he lowers his face to the neglected mound and, slowly releasing the back of your neck, brings his other hand to cup the curve of your breast. His dark gaze never leaves yours when his lips make contact with your nipple, but yours leaves his when he envelops the nub into the warmth of his mouth as you clench your eyes shut and cry out.
“Mm hm,” he hums around your flesh and runs his tongue across the hard peak as if he’s licking up ice-cream. “You like it, baby?”
“L–love it, Jimin…”
Humming again, he gets to work, sucking on your boob with all his might. His other hand resumes work at the same time, massaging the other tit while his thumb presses against the nipple and twirls it around in an agonizingly pleasurable motion. His teeth make no delays in joining in on the torture, brushing over your skin slowly, and then when Jimin opens his mouth wider to wrap his tongue around the entirety of your bud, they press into the flesh just above your areola.
“Fuck fuuu~k!” 
You can barely formulate any coherent thought at this point, Jimin’s occasional grunts barely registering with you, especially after he changes sides and lets his tongue lap at the other nipple he’d been abusing with his thumb.
“Jim—in,” you whine, twisting up in your place – whether to escape the torturous fire in the pit of your belly or to delve further in it? You have no fucking idea. “Please… please…”
The guy responds by engulfing as much of your boob as he can in his mouth. You scream his name this time, and he responds with a deep grunt, placing both his hands on your waist as if to ground himself. Well, he’s grounding you too, because your head is among fucking clouds.
Sounds of wet, sloppy kisses fill the space around you, making it extremely difficult for you to open your eyes. But this is the opportunity of a lifetime, so you fight against the brain-melting pleasure to pry your eyelids apart – and take in the sight of Park Jimin's mouth working on your breast. His eyes are shut and brows are scrunched up in concentration. The graze of his plump, reddened lips against your skin is the most erotic sight you have ever seen in your entire life.
One of Jimin's hand journeys down past your hip to grip onto your thigh, while the other travels up to wrap around the back of your shoulder. He pulls his mouth off you with a wet plop, giving you barely any time to react to the shivers that his warm breath against your nipple sends through you, before he is smacking open mouthed kisses up your chest, tongue running over your collarbones, until he buries his face in your nape.
Your own hands shakily move from the chair's wood that you've definitely made a dent in, to brush through his hair and glide down his back. He still has his fucking jacket on, which annoys you but also makes you moan against his shoulder because he's gonna be coated in sweat and you'll get to lick it off his body.
"Hold on tight," Jimin suddenly mumbles into your neck.
And just as you've clutched one of your hands in his jacket and wrapped the other around his neck, one of his own folds a leg of yours around his waist and the other pushes against your back to heave you off of the chair. You're barely in the air for three seconds before he presses you against the wall of the trailer, fingers digging into your thigh and nails raking a path up to the ties of your bikini bottom. When he gets there, he slips past it to grab at your ass, though, not once detaching from where he's sucking at the skin of your neck. 
"You're so fucking thick," he groans against you before pulling back to stare at you with lidded eyes. "And so fucking soft, baby."
To emphasize, his hand obscenely squeezes at your ass cheek. You jump a little, immediately whining when he chuckles at your reaction. Pulling him closer by the hand you still have around his neck, you press your crotch up against his and grind, making him hiss at the friction.
"And you're so fucking hard," you tell him in the same wonderstruck voice he used, "baby."
Not allowing him much time to react, you spin the two of you around so that he’s the one pressed up against the wall. He looks surprised but you don’t miss the jump in his throat. And now. You lean away and admire Park Jimin in all his sweaty, sexy glory. Droplets run down the line of his slender throat, settling into the hollow above his collarbones. Some escape and hang on like precious gems from his nipples. Others, the quickest of all, race down the ridges of his tight abdomen.
It is your personal mission to collect every single one on your tongue.
Pressing your bare tits up against his damp chest and ignoring the cold from his jewelry, you fuse your lips to his neck, slowly running your tongue down the corded muscles there. Jimin’s hands hold your waist, fingers digging hard every time your teeth meet his skin, in time with the whiny breaths that escape his throat. You take your sweet time lapping up the salty liquid gathered around his collarbones, relishing the flavor of his skin at every inch you cover. The two chains that fall across his clavicle get in your way, and so you shift them away with your lips to press kisses to the skin beneath them quickly, before you move downwards.
Pushing the edges of his jacket away to shove it off of his body, you swipe your tongue across both his nipples, one by one, and then follow the rivulets of sweat down his abs. At one point, you seal your lips over tight muscle and suck like a starved bitch.
“Fuck, baby, love that…”
Oh, does he? You’re gonna bite your way through his abs.
Sitting on your haunches and eventually kneeling between his legs, the smoothest course of action to take from here is focusing on the straining length right in front of your face. One of his hands is braced on your shoulder, while the other rests softly atop your head.
You look up to find his lips parted and chest heaving. Delicious. And then you pull down his pants and then his boxers in quick succession. His dick is thick, long and leaking precum. Fucking delicious.
Wrapping your lips around the angry tip, you don’t need any prompting from Jimin to swallow this gorgeous, curvy length. He meets the back of your throat with ease, massive fucker, and his fingers immediately clench in your hair.
“Like that – just like that!”
You suck on him like your life depends on it, working your mouth up and down his girth, tongue massaging the velvety skin. Jimin tries to help by guiding your head with a hand, but he’s mostly too busy groaning your name in the sexiest of tones you’ve heard him use. The sounds have the pool of arousal in your panties growing at a continuous rate. Your hands take support from his sculpted thighs, and despite the entirety of your brain being driven to worship Jimin’s dick, the firmness of the muscle in his legs still manages to register with you. 
Is this guy all muscle on bone? Given the amount of muscles you can see, he’s gotta be really fucking strong. Fuck, you just got wetter.
You go deeper, this time actually swallowing when his head is lodged in your throat, and Jimin breaks into curses.
“I’m gonna—fuck, fuck, I’m gonna fucking come—”
You grant him the littlest of refuge by decreasing the depth of penetration, but your tongue still works on him tirelessly, until you feel the guy trembling against you. That is when you bring one of your hands up to cup his balls, softly massaging the tight sacs. 
“Ahh—I – fuck, fuck, fuck – b–b–baby, plea—ah! I’m—I’m gonna—”
Biting back whimpers of pleasure that rise up your throat at the desperate mess of broken moans escaping Jimin, you pull a little away and relax your throat to push him into the constricted depth again. And you move your head on him like a maniac, having him fuck your throat because you need it as much as he does. You need him to come like this – you need his thick release flooding your mouth, rolling down your throat. You need to fucking choke on his cum the way you’re choking on his cock. You need to swallow every single drop of it.
Another knead of his balls, and Jimin is hissing your name, his body stiffened but his cock pulsing. And one – two seconds later, spurts shoot out of his length, both his hands on your head to control the force of the jerks he makes against your face. 
He doesn’t know you don’t fucking care that your nose is pressed against his pelvis because your throat is busy working the thick load of his release down its channel so that nothing leaks out of your mouth. It’s a difficult feat to achieve given how much he’s spilled, but you’re euphoric cleaning it all up.
So euphoric, in fact, that you don’t really notice when he pulls you up into a standing position and takes your lips in a messy kiss. It’s only when Jimin tangles his tongue with yours with a groan that you realize the fact that the first time you kiss those dreamy lips is with his cum coating your tongue. But if he doesn’t mind, neither do you.
But you do need to catch your breath, so you’re the first to pull away. Jimin looks at you with actual hearts in his eyes. You grin at him.
“Best suck of your life, or what?”
Rolling his eyes, he pushes you onto the bed right behind you. You fall back, spread eagle, and he climbs up your body like a predator. But his eyes hold a distinct look that you can’t place. Is this afterglow? Or was this really the best suck of his life?
“Dude.” You nudge him when he’s straddling your thighs and stroking your stomach with his tongue trapped between his teeth. “Don’t fall in love with me.”
“Too late. My dick’s already in love with you.”
Warmth floods your cheeks, at both the compliment and the callback to the first ever sentence you said to him. It still holds true, though, so you don’t protest, not even when he smirks at you.
Jimin then picks up the chain lying haphazardly across your breasts to press it against one of your nipples. And then wrap it around the nub. When you gasp in pleasure spiked pain, he pulls the jewelry away and gives the nipple a comforting suck. You hold onto his hair with a hand, the other reaching up to clutch the sheets. At the same time, he works on untying your bottoms.
The moment the crochet falls off, Jimin descends your body, pressing hot kisses down your stomach. And then he’s licking a stripe down your clean shaven mound, to slip across your clit.
“Fuck! Jimin!”
“You’re so fucking wet, what the fuck…” He groans aloud, two fingers pulling your pussy lips apart. Your breath catches at the sight of him gazing so obscenely at your wet center. “Such a tiny pussy…and it’s fucking coated with your slick, baby…”
That is the last of his audible words before his lips latch on, tongue gliding past your entrance. Your back arches clean off the bed with that first stroke, rounded lips open on a silent scream. 
“You like that?”
“Fucking love it, Jimin…”
He’s chuckling against your thigh, nose nudging at the soft skin, before his mouth is back to your folds, pillowy lips making their way through the slick skin to press a suckling kiss to your clit.
“Oh, right there!”
Jimin flicks his tongue against the nub at your gasp. “Here?”
And he’s totally messing with you now, because before you can respond, his tongue slips past your slit again, satiny soft warmth against your labia that turns into cold stiffness when it’s inside your heated channel. Then he quickly pulls out and plants a light, closed mouth kiss to the hole he just exited.
“Or here?” 
A gurgle rises up your chest at the tease, and unintelligible words tumble out of your mouth.
“Ah, what’s that, baby?” he breathes against your wetness, voice loaded with humor.
“Every… everywhere,” you manage to heave out between your tumultuous breathing.
“Fuck,” comes a hiss from him, and a hand tweaks one of your nipples while the other rearranges your body to push you further up on the bed.
Trembles run through your legs when Jimin’s hands brace against the underside of your thighs to push them apart. He delves in with teeth this time, nipping at your turgid bundle of nerves before he pushes his blunt front teeth up against its hood to allow his tongue complete, unobstructed access to wrap around your clit. And you sob, breathless and shaking, your mind a blank slate, at the precipice of exploding with blinding pleasure.
Jimin shifts his focus, then, running his teeth past your clit and making you shriek in surprised pleasure as if it's nothing, and pushes his tongue in you again. This time, he is rough and strong, plunging deep into your heat with that long tongue of his, and licking up your juices from inside of you. The motion sends your mind spiraling through a frenzy, which combined with the rhythmic bumping of his plump upper lip against your clit, has you at the brink of your release in no time.
Whimpering, you reach out to fist a hand in the tuft of his thick hair, and brace the other one on the forearm he has wrapped around your thigh. You blink down at him through crusty, wet eyelashes, moaning loudly at the lewd sight of his head pressed up between your legs. Alerted by your touch and sounds, his eyes flutter up, meeting yours across the span of your body, through the valley of your breasts. They house molten desire, thick and swirly, and all you can do is shudder uncontrollably when that gaze pushes you off the cliff.
“F–f–fuck, I’m coming, I’m—oh fuck!”
The walls of your pussy clamp down on his tongue, convulsing as they push out your juices all over his mouth, while your entire body breaks into gooseflesh, warm spasms wrecking you from head to toe under the weight of the climax that crashes into you.
Jimin licks you clean through it, and by the time you’ve stopped shaking and can recollect your brain which feels as if it has been spilled all over the place, he’s kissing his way up your body. Tongue licking a line across your lower tummy, he sucks a bruise into your waist.
“J–Jimin,” you call for him, weak and desperate, but with no idea about what you want from him.
He responds by biting into the flesh right beneath your belly-button. “I got you, baby…”
Does he? He probably knows what you want.
Slowly crawling up to hover above you on his hands and knees, Jimin entire focus is on the chain that dangles from his neck and drags up your abdomen, the small cold spherical metallic pendant cutting a line of goosebumps across your sternum, to rest snugly in your collarbones. But Jimin isn’t satisfied with that, so he moves himself a couple inches lower, rolling the metal ball down your body and running it up the slope of one of your breasts to rest it next to the bunched up bikini top he's got tucked beneath your boobs.
"Nah, this needs to go," he suddenly muses out loud, grabbing at the fabric along with your chain that’s entwined with it, and pulling them above your boobs, prompting you to raise your arms as he rolls the material away from your head.
Just as the fabric and chain combination touches your wrists, though, he stops. Tilts his head to a side to observe it, squinting at your wrists with a dark gaze, and then he does something that tightens the cloth and metal over your wrists. 
Oh. You're – oh. He's tied your hands together. They now rest against the wall above the pillow on his bed, and damn, it shouldn't be as arousing as it is. But the intensity of Jimin's stare when he scans your naked body from top to bottom has your breath catching and mouth drying up.
"Such a beautiful, beautiful body," he slowly whispers, his words condensing in the heated space between you two. One of his hands reaches up to paw at your boob, while the other grabs at the flesh on your hip. "So fucking responsive," he hisses when your nipple hardens within seconds, and swoops down to lick a wet strip across it. 
You shiver, proving his words, and blink up at him in anticipation. You must’ve released nothing short of a lake of wetness on his covers at this point, and every little ministration from him is just turning it into a sea.
Removing the hand on your hip to relocate it between your legs, Jimin brushes his finger lightly through your swollen folds. His gaze stays steady on yours, while your eyes roll into the back of your head.
"Look at all these juices this sweet pussy keeps leaking," he sighs, bringing his hand up to show you his glistening digits that you are able to focus on with much difficulty. "Soaking my fingers when I haven't even entered you yet, baby?"
He pops them into his mouth, shutting his eyes to clean them up with a lewd slurp. Then his lids part again, heavier than before, and his fingers return to your center.
"This is the pussy that's in love with me, huh?"
Surprised at the question – more like shocked at the realization that he hasn’t let go of this, yet – you gape at him cluelessly. That is all it takes for his hand to clench in a rough squeeze on your boob in punishment.
Oh fuck. Oh fuck. You're going to die if this man doesn’t fuck you soon.
"Y–yes, Jimin," you whimper.
"You were so ready to throw yourself at me outside, baby," he mocks you in a sweet voice, quite opposite to the rough thrust his fingers make inside of you at the same time. "My pretty little slut… Would’ve let me fuck her out there if I wanted… Ready to let me strip and bend her over in public because she was dripping, huh? Such a pretty little slut…”
His fingers smash against your g-spot at a bruising pace, cleansing your mind of all thoughts that don’t comprise the pressure building your abdomen, Jimin’s dark eyes and his clenched jaw. 
Tunnel visioned and unilateral minded, you do not catch the context of his next question at all: "Aren’t you?"
Your body jumps with each rough push of his index and middle finger inside of you, and your brain refuses to cooperate.
Jimin’s hand on your boob jostles you, eyebrows furrowing as if in anger, but then he clarifies, "Tell me you're my pretty little slut.”
"I–I–I’m your… your lih–little s–s–s–slut!" you struggle to formulate, brainlessly parroting his words while your eyes seal shut and tears accumulate at the corners.
"Pretty!" he admonishes, reminding you of the word you missed by twisting your nipple.
You jump, whimpering in pain but moaning in pleasure because Jimin’s warm mouth is right there to lick the sting away from the sensitive bud. Roughly swallowing past your dry throat, you frown to focus on the instructions given to you, and try again.
"P–pretty… pretty little slu–slut!"
"Whose pretty little slut?"
Oh that you do know. "Yours! Jimin's!"
"Look at you, fuck.” Jimin groans and you hear some rustling before he’s hovering over you, a hand braced next to your head, his bulging bicep next to your face and his lips skimming up your jaw. “Do you wanna come, baby?”
"Yes! Please, Jimin! Please make me come!” 
His nose nudges against yours before his tongue licks at your lower lip. “You want it that bad? What will you do for it?”
You seriously do not have any braincells left to come up with crazy promises, so you settle on, “Anything!”
“Oh? Is that so? You’d do anything to come for me?"
And you’re just nodding, accepting his kisses despite the burn in your lungs, literally risking it all to just have this knot behind your belly-button explode into a mind-blowing release.
“Should I open the doors? Invite the entire set to watch what a filthy whore we have here, hm?”
You have never in your life considered yourself to be an exhibtionist in any capacity, and so his words make your eyes flutter open in confusion. But – what confuses you more, is the sudden clench your pussy gives at the prospect, making both yours and Jimin’s eyes widen. You tug at your restraints when he grins, shaking your head to clarify that you’re not actually a whore, this is probably just an ego thing because being pressed between Park Jimin and his bed is an honor. 
But just then, he is pulling his fingers out of you with a loud squelch, leaving you shrieking, gasping, stunned – bereft. “Jimin! What—I was so clo—mmph!”
His wet fingers shut you up, sliding through your lips to settle on your tongue. Then he raises an eyebrow. “Whores don’t get to come, baby. Only good girls do.”
You try to speak with his fingers literally in your mouth and a garbled bunch of nothing comes out. Jimin chuckles.
“What? You’re a good girl, now?”
You nod your head, wide-eyed and empty-lunged. 
“Oh, sweetheart.” He presses a messy kiss to the underside of your jaw, smiling so wide, his eyes squint. “A good girl cleans up after her. You wanna be a good girl?”
Eyes rounded further, you nod harder.
“Lick my fingers clean.”
With a gusty inhale through your nose, you lick over and around his digits. Spit dribbles down the side of your mouth, but neither you nor Jimin care, your gazes trained on each other. His own mouth parts after a while, tongue resting at one corner as he slowly extracts his now clean fingers. Wow, you did a good job.
Smacking your lips, you puff up your chest and flash him a smile. But the action presses your breasts up against his chest, and Jimin snaps. Shuffling around the drawer next to the bed for a foil packet, he’s quickly covering his stiff cock in rubber. He’s so fucking hard again, you’re in love with his dick.
And then he has your thighs spread and fitted around his waist, while his strong hands press into your forearms to keep them in place above your head, and – fuck. 
His necklace is dangling between the two of you.
Swinging daintily, seductively, from his body to yours, the pendant skims your heated, sweat soaked tits with its cold, smooth surface. And Jimin watches that movement in transfixation.
“Need you to fuck me…”
His gaze slowly rises to yours, lips twisted and eyebrows lowered. “Do you, baby?”
“Are you a good girl now?”
You nod vigorously. “Very good girl, Jimin.”
He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. “Mm hm. We’ll see how good you actually are, sweetheart…” Lining himself up with a hand, he begins to push inside of you. “Tell me if it hurts.”
Catching the serious look on his face, you give a quick nod. He’s an attentive lover and it’s amazing of him to be so aware because he’s fucking huge down there. But. Right now, you think it will hurt you more if he doesn’t enter you.
Gradually inching in until his thick length is all the way in you, he moves one hand to hold onto your makeshift handcuff, while he braces the other on your ribcage, beneath your boob. And fuck, he fills you up so good. 
After he’s made one – two – three experimentive, light thrusts, he picks up pace. And then he fucking rocks your world, going hard as hell to pound against that one sensitive spot withing your channel that is normally elusive to your lovers, but this man apparently has a superpower of locating with every appendage of his. 
Sweat builds, collects and then drips down his body, as it does yours, and the entirety of the trailer seems to shake a little – but the way Jimin’s necklace dangles between you two occupies all of your focus. You stare at the strangely seductive sight, mesmerized, until the pressure in your pelvis builds again and forces you to shut your eyes.
“Ah, what’s this?” Jimin pants into your ear, flicking his tongue over the earlobe. “Are you close already?”
That sounds like a trick question, but you can’t really lie when he is literally inside of you and can feel your walls tightening. “Yes…”
“That doesn’t sound like a good girl to me, baby… Didn’t you say you were a very good girl?” He clicks his tongue, brushing his lips over yours to breathe out, “You gotta wait for me, sweetheart. Good girls wait.”
The promise of praise has your entire body locking in itself to contain the surges of pleasure from flowing to the last of your nerve endings, but it's hard. Because the way Jimin is leaning over your body makes his hips meet yours such that they press up against your clit with every stroke. 
You give up and sob, bleary eyes opening to look at Jimin’s concentrated face. “I’m very—ah! V–very close, Jimin… C–ca–can’t—”
“You can’t hold it?” he snarls, expressions morphing into one of determination. “Whores don’t get to come, remember?”
And you predict it before he even makes the move, so you dig your heels into the plump cushions of his ass, keeping him from pulling out, with a whine of, “No~o! No, please, I’ll – I’ll hold it! Promise! Just – just don’t fucking stop, Jimin!”
He nibbles on his bottom lip, forehead in a crease as he looks at you, movements slowed down but not stopped. “I really don’t wanna stop, baby,” he tells you with a pout, grabbing your jaw with his fingers digging in on one side and thumb on the other. “So you better not fucking come.” With gritted teeth, he lifts your hips off the bed and fucks you harder. “Ah shit! Look at how good you take it, fuck… Tight fucking pussy – so sweet!” 
He then buries his face in your boobs, licking up and around the globes, while you clench your eyes as tightly shut as you can, gritting your teeth to stop the fire from spreading through your body. 
After one particularly hard thrust that seems to reach your womb, though, you’re at the verge of breaking. You will either explode in an orgasm or fucking die of depravation. And so you shake your head, sobbing so hard, your tears spill on to Jimin’s hair.
“I–I–I can’t, Jimin, I really really really—please let me c–c–c–come! Please please ple~ase, Jimin—”
“Fuck, baby,” he moans against your nipple, lifting his head to look at you through troubled eyes. “You’re fucking killing me with that begging—so fucking delectable!”
You’re still blinking in bewilderment when he reaches up to pull your lips in a kiss. Teeth biting into your lip and tongue licking against yours, he pulls back within just seconds and tips his forehead against yours.
And then, in a soft whisper that feels more intimate and softer than anything you’ve shared with him so far, Jimin tells you, “Come for me, my good girl.”
Your pussy gets the message before your ears do, and it clamps down hard on his dick – making Jimin gasp with his puffy lips perfectly rounded and wide eyes looking into yours. It loosens that grip just the next moment, though, delving into a series of convulsions that churn out Jimin’s impending orgasm out of him, too. Your eyes close at some point, too lost to the electricity flowing through your veins and the explosions happening in every corner of your head. With your legs still locked around him, you both shudder through your orgasms together, twitching and whimpering for a while after the waves have rolled over and ceased.
Catching your breath is harder than you thought, and opening your eyes is something you don’t even wanna do. Jimin pulls out from you with a muted curse and you feel him leave you alone on the bed. Then, too, you keep your eyes shut, drained out of energy.
But you do open them eventually when you feel his hands untangling yours from the confines of crochet and metal. And it’s embarrassing how the sight of his naked chest, inches from you, sends a spasm through your body again– when you’ve just had your world knocked off its axis by the force of the orgasm he gave you.
“There,” Jimin tells you in a rasp, sounding fully fucked out, but just as delicious as before. “Your hands feel okay?”
You pull them down, wincing a bit at the tug in your elbow, but then nod. “Yeah, they’re okay. Thanks.”
Jimin sits back with a smirk, holding your bikini top in one hand and the jewelry you wore for the commercial in the other.
Oh, shit the commercial. 
You quickly sit up in horror, bracing a hand against your head when it spins. “Jimin, the shoot! We – we ruined our outfits… and the product…”
He offers you a bottle of water, chuckling. “Which is nothing to worry about at all. These are just samples,” he clarifies, raising the hand with your chain in it, “and I already told Jeremy to arrange for spare outfits.”
You take a few sips of water and look at Jimin in awe. You’re very tempted to ask him how regularly he does this. “You prepare for everything, huh? Impressive.”
Tossing your clothes and jewelry aside, he runs a hand through his hair – a sinfully sexy gesture that makes you sigh – and wiggles his eyebrows at you. “Almost everything. I never could’ve prepared for the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on telling me her pussy is in love with me.”
Hissing a breath out, you narrow your eyes and punch his firm bicep. Jimin just giggles and rolls away to the foot of the bed to duck. “You’re the worst, you know!”
“Ah ah – that’s not what your pussy was saying a few minutes ago!”
He’s standing up, now, correcting his pants, and you look around for something to cover yourself up. A purple hoodie lands next to you. You look at Jimin with your eyebrows raised in alarm.
“Relax, I’m not tryna be couple-y.” He rolls his eyes with a scoff. And then smiles. “Wear this until they get you a change of clothes. You look like you came here in a cab and not a trailer.”
You nod, a little bashful and a lot grateful, but very careful about your boundaries. This has been the best fuck of your life – but Jimin is still an A-lister, serial-fucking his way through the industry. 
It’d be kinda nice to be friends with him, though.
“You know for what it’s worth,” Jimin says after you’re done settling into the piece of clothing he loaned you, “I’m in love with your pussy, too.”
Nope, it won’t be nice being friends with him, at all.
Your affronted gasp echoes around the space, immediately followed by loud giggles that belong to Jimin. You toss a bottle at his head – but you’re laughing, too.
Maybe you’ll send Hoseok an actual gift basket, after this.
Damn, what a day.
Tumblr media
© jimilter | 2022
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explicit-tae · 23 days ago
Starring Role
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jikook x camgirl! Reader
Genre: smut, pwp tbh,
Word Count: 5,363
Warning: dirty talk, camgirl, voyuerism, squirting, sex toys, threesome, fingering, oral (m & f receiving), unprotected sex,
Description: Jungkook regrets introducing Jimin to your content. You're his favorite camgirl (and the only one he watches rigorously) and he would've never thought he would be head-to-head with his best friend. The contest? Win a night with you.
Tumblr media
"Hyung stop it!" Jungkook hisses at his laptop, facetime open to see a determined Jimin. "I'm the one who introduced you to her content! That means I'm the one that deserves to win the contest!"
"That doesn't make sense, Kookie." Jimin rolls his eyes with a scoff. "It's a contest and I'm going to win it."
Jungkook groans, vigorously continuing to fill your inbox with multiple coins - that transfer into money - and he only knows Jimin is doing the same.
Jungkook was a man and like most men, he enjoyed the idea of porn. He wasn't a fiend - only watching it when he found it absolutely necessary. He wasn't one to exceed 5 minutes, either, and opted to find a video that would make him cum fast.
It changed when he found you. He was scrolling through pages of a random porn site, attempting to find the right video to watch. Suddenly, you popped up. He never usually clicks such ads, but you appear inviting. The link took him to a different website - your website. Quickly, he viewed an array of pictures that you allowed for free and he was hooked.
Worship Angel - and worship you Jungkook did.
Jungkook never paid for porn before. However, your website had him hooked that he couldn't help but want more. There was only one free video attached as a free trial - a 2 minute video of you riding a bright blue dildo like your life depended on it. He couldn't move his eyes away from how your pussy - wet and creaming - gripping around the dildo. It took him 5 seconds to wrap his hand around his cock and pump along with you.
It was embarrassing. Jungkook bookmarked your website and went back nearly everyday to the pornographic video. He memorized the sound of your moans when you came around the dildo. There was so many times he could watch this same video without wanting more - so he became a subscirber.
Jungkook doesn't regret his decision in subscribing to you - the first 3 months being 50% off and the following months 70,000 won. He didn't mind paying it, especially with all the content you gave. Pictures, gif's and videos - even livestreams! You had chats where you spoke to each subscriber and a private chatroom that they could enter for a small fee. Being awkward, Jungkook never entered, but he wasn't opposed to it.
Day by day, Jungkook finds himself entering your website. He turned on your notifications the second week when you had posted on your website that you'd be going live. He nearly died when he joined the livestream with a thousand other subscribers - the amount of money he tipped was insane. Each livestream he tuned in and watched - no matter where he was. If he was at work, he'd lock himself in his office with his airpods and muffle his sounds. If he was out and about with friends, he'd make an excuse to go to the nearest restroom - or leave all together.
This was one of the reasons why Jimin found out. 
One too many times Jungkook would scroll through his phone, widen his eyes and excuse himself. Over hangouts, dinner and even when they were shopping. He could never understand what Jungkook was doing until he peaked his eyes over his phone and caught you - legs wide open and pussy on full display. He notes how Jungkook stops scrolling on his phone to admire the photo. Before Jimin turned his head away, he made sure to catch the name of the website.
Worship Angel.
It didn't take Jimin long for him to subscribe to you. His favorite content of yours were the livestreams - the different toys you used, the slutty costumes and themes you went along with. He admired the way your pussy clenched around the array of dildos you used and how wet your clit got when you turned the vibrators on max. 
"I've been subscribed to her longer!" Jungkook suddenly screams over the phone. 
"If that's your logic then her first subscriber should win the contest." Jimin replies sassily. 
It was just yesterday when both Jimin and Jungkook got the same notification. 
New Notification from Worship.Angel: Hello, loves! I've been thinking of ways to give back to all my subscribers and what better way to thank you all than...having my lips wrapped around your cocks? 🥰 I'm currently hosting a 'Fuck a Fan' event. One of you can meet up with me and make a video together. It's up to you if we upload it or not! Fill out the form attached to this post and follow the correct protocol and we'll see who wins! Good luck, loves! I can't wait to fuck you 💗
That email alone had both men hard and it wasn't long until two forms were sent to your inbox - along with thousands of coins being sent and soon transferred to your bank account. 
You were well acquainted with these men - they were big spenders. They bought items off of your wishlist often and sent tips whenever you went live - or even on random days when you weren't posting. You were intrigued by them and were positive that they were wealthy - how else could they spend thousands on you a week and then some?
You aren't sure what their actual names are or if their account names were a form of their own - Kookie and Jiminie. Those were the only two names that stood out to you in the sea of comments that flooded through on your livestreams. It was a pattern - they'd be the first two to join and call you beautiful and ask of your day - the only two to do so. They would tip you, starting with Kookie sending a large amount, and Jiminie sending the same or sometimes larger.
Again, it was a pattern. With the amount of money they sent you - though appreciated - you understood that both men had to know one another. Even now as you scan through the forms sent by both men, attached with a picture id and STD report no later than a week, you were sure they were well acquainted and possibly even fighting for your attention. 
Your mouth salivates at the picture ID's - they were young and gorgeous and their names were similar to the ones on their account. Park Jimin, a year older than you and a dance choreographer (that excites you, because all the dancers you've met had a way within the bedroom). Jeon Jungkook, self-employed photographer and videographer, a year younger than you. 
The last type of men you were expecting were two young men such as them - having no need to pay you for sex or even pay to watch what you do. You would be lining up with hundreds of girls to just get a piece of them - so in the end, it was safe to say that it was difficult to choose just one. Maybe it was selfish of you to ignore the other hundred requests coming in and just focus on these two men - but who wouldn't?
Your eyes opened the forms once more and eye their ID's when a smirk forms onto your lips and an imaginary light bulb blinks virgiously above your head. 
Worship Angel: Hello loves! 💓
Jimin hears the familiar notification go off from his phone. He had just finished his sandwich when he hears it - he knows it came from you because of the personal notification sound he set. 
Gulping, Jimin unlocks his phones and goes towards the app - a new one you created to be closer to your subscribers. He's never felt so seen before and it was easier than having to log into his account each time on the browser. 
Hundres of messages come through the public chat forum, all saying how sexy you were and they wished they could fuck you. Jimin rolls his eyes, he had more class than that. 
Jimine: Hello, Angel. 🥰
Jimin scans the few comments and glares at a familiar name.
Kookie: How are you, Angel? Hopefully you're feeling well today. 💞
Jimin scoffs. Jungkook was such a kiss ass. He clicks the little coin button next to the chat.
Jiminie sent 120,000 won to Angel.
A few miles away in his own home, Jungkook snickers. "Fucking simp." he hisses as he witnesses the notification on the chat. 
Kookie sends 150,000 won to Angel.
tig_bitties: Not these two motherfuckers again. Can you guys let us have our moment? Not all of us have money to waste. 🥺
Jiminie: Then leave.
Jungkook: Right. Why are you here??? It's called WORSHIP Angel for a reason! 🙄
Jiminie: Dummy.
Jungkook: Broke boy! 🤣🚩
You giggle at the comments. Unbeknownst to your subscribers, you could add anyone as favorites. That meant that whatever comment they posted would always show at the very top with a little star by their name - the same list Kookie and Jiminie were on. 
Worship Angel: I've decided on the winner of the 'Fuck a Fan' event. I'll be going live in 10 minutes. Don't miss out!
Jungkook flips Jimin off in the facetime, camera pointed at his face. 
"You think trying to one up me is going to make you win the Fuck a Fan contest?" Jimin smirks at his dongaseng. 
"She doesn't need a man the same size as her fucking her." Jungkook scoffs. 
Jimin widen his eyes. "Take that back."
It was ridiclious to be arguing with his best friend over fucking you - a camgirl who also had hundreds of other requests. Jungkook wouldn't be upset if he lost to anyone - but losing to Jimin? Unacceptable. If there was any chance that Jimin won against him, he'd have to make sure he didn't go. He had no guilty conscience in popping his tires if he needed to - that's just how serious Jungkook was about this. 
Yet and still, Jungkook and Jimin did bond over you. Their other friends didn't know the extent of just how fascinated they were with one woman. After every livestrream, Jungkook would text Jimin and asked what he thought about you squirting on the camera and Jimin would go on and on about how hard he came and soon they'd be discussing you for hours. 
Maybe it was a little obsessive - but they were men and who doesn't discuss porn with their friends? 
Jungkook sees the notification banner on his phone and clicks in in seconds. You were going live. 
Jimin does the same thing - apartments down in his own bedroom. He licks his lips when his eyes scans your figure in the skimpiest lingerie. Said lingerie was a bright yellow color and mesh - your erect nipples peeking through. 
Jungkoom moans when you playfully open your legs. You bring two fingers into your mouth to suck it. You bring them out of your mouth with a pop and rub them over your bare clit - the crotchless panties you wore made them easier. You spread the lip apart and Jungkook nearly dies by just how wet you were.
"Hello, loves!" your sweet voice sends shivers through Jimin's spine - you sounded just like an Angel. "The fuck a fan event is tomorrow. I can't wait to fuck you..." Jungkook wastes no time in throwing off his sweats and underwear and spitting into his hand, having no time to grab any lotion.
Besides you is the rubber sex toy - the torso and dildo that you enjoyed fucking because it always drove your subscribers wild pretending it was them. Besides said sex toy was your vibrator, a bright pink one that was one of your favorites, the power it held in such a small device was incredible. Your eyes skim over the comments, smirk on your lips when you see Kookie and Jiminie - your top subscribers. They funded your lifestyle completely and you made a mental note to do something special for your top subscribers - they should have a more exclusive access.
Jimin watches as you take hold of the torso. A string of saliva drips from your lips and atop of the tip of the rubber dildo - your hands cupping around the length of it and stroking. 
Jungkook is already pumping his cock, no regrets even when you haven't done anything yet. 
"I should tell you all about the Fuck A Fan event but I just can't wait..." you pout your lips cutely. You lift yourself up, grasping the vibrator as you plant both feet on your bed, camera on full view. You gently bring yourself down onto the cock, moaning as it enters you. 
Kookie: Take your time, Angel. We'll wait for you! 💞
Your eyes read the words from Jungkook. You turn on the vibrator, the buzzing sound being heard throughout your room and into the lives of hundreds of others. You slowly lift yourself from the dildo to crash down again. "Thank you, Kookie. You're always so patient with me."
Jungkook roughly pumps his cock in his hands, shaking his head. "Oh shit..." he hisses. The sound of his name coming from your lips has him over the edge and damn how he wanted to hear it again. 
Jimine sends 300,000 won to Angel.
Jimin just wants you to say his name the way you said Jungkook's. It wasn't fair!
"Thank you so much, Jiminie." you moan, pressing the vibrator to your clit as you continued to ride the cock like your life depended on it. You could see them when you close your eyes - it was easier to put a face to the name that was Kookie and Jiminie now that you knew who they were - and all you could think about was having them fuck you while one held the vibrator.
Jungkook cums in his hands, no matter if you moaned Jimin's name or not. Your pussy is making such filthy noises and you look beautiful - remarkably so. He's breathing heavy, hooded eyeslids not leaving his phone screen. Usually when he cums watching videos, he'd turn off the porno and feel ashamed - not with you. No matter how early you made him cum on himself, he'd always remain until you were done livestreaming, tipping in between. 
Jungkook sends 370,000 won to Angel.
Kookie: You're so beautfiul, Angel. 😍
Jimin: You truly are. Thank you for gracing us with your prescence! 🥰
Jimin cums when he hears you release a high-pitched moan. His hands were warm and sticky but he could only sigh in relief. His forehead was dripping with beads of sweat and he was still trying to catch his breath. 
You looked towards the camera, positive that Jungkook and Jimin were watching, and smirk. "I can't wait to fuck you Kookie and Jiminie." you moan right before squirting, lifting yourself up from the dildo and releasing it all over your bed. 
Jungkook stiffens while miles away Jimin covers his hand - freshly clean - over his lips and gasps. 
You bid your goodbyes with a small smile and wave - even giving a little wink to the two men who you knew were watching you. You've made it clear that you desired both of them if anything. You've never had more than one man before - the idea of being dominated by two sends shivers down your spine.
You go onto your laptop to make corrections and to thank a few people for watching and spending their hard-earned money on you. You then go into the app settings and click on Kookie and Jiminie's account.
"You think she was mistaken when she said our names?" Jungkook asks.
"Maybe. We are her biggest tippers. Maybe that's what she meant?"
Jungkook nods. "Maybe you're right." he murmurs - yet and still, he couldn't get it out of his mind. He was jittery when you turned off the live and he wasted no time in facetiming Jimin.
You hit save and smirk. Now all you had to do was wait for them.
Jimin widens his eyes when he sees the notification bannering his phone. "Do you-"
"Yeah." Jungkook gulps. He presses the notification.
Worship Angel has added Jiminie and Kookie to Premium Plus Membership! Membership includes all-access to Angel herself with video calls, exclusive videos and pictures!
Jungkook grunts over the phone while Jimin bites his lips. He re-reads the message highlighted in green three times before he speaks.
"All access..."
"Exclusive videos and pictures..." Jungkook continues.
Both men squealed like school girls.
Jungkook scrolls through the exclusive pictures and videos in awe. Not all of them were sexual - some were selfies of you. He admires them nonetheless. Though he's seen your face on livestreams, you rarely show your face when you post pictures and even videos.
Worship Angel: Congradulations on winning the fuck a fan event, Jungkook and Jimin, as well as being added as Premium Plus members!
Worship Angel: Premium Plus means I spend exclusive time with you two more than Premium Members. You have access to more variety of pictures, videos and even on one - or two - video calls. Are there any questions?
Kookie: Thank you so much!
Jiminie: If you don't mind me asking...how does this event work when you chose both of us?
Jiminie: Thank you for choosing me!
Worship Angel: No problem, my loves
Jimin feels his heart pumps with excitement.
Worship Angel: I've looked into you two and assumed you both knew one another. Am I wrong?
Kookie: Unfortunately you're not
Jiminie: You're jealous
Kookie: Of your height? Never. 🤣
You giggle - they definetly knew one another.
Worship Angel: Whatever makes the two of you comfortable. We can meet one on one
Worship Angel: Or you can fulfil my dreams of having both of you. It's your call! 😘
Tumblr media
"What do you want to do?" Jimin asks Jungkook over the phone. Today was the day of the Fuck a Fan event and to say he was neverous would be an understatement.
"She said she wants both of us." Jungkook shrugs. He sprays a few pumps of his cologne and licks his lips. "I'm down with it."
"You are?" Jimin furrows a brow. He's never had sex with one than one person. Obviously, he won't be doing anything with Jungkook - but having the younger be there is what terrifies him.
"Yes. You're my Hyung and I'm comfortable around you." Jungkook smiles. "Better you than a random old man on the street."
Jimin chuckles. "You're right, I suppose." he murmurs.
"Are we riding together or..."
"We can ride together. Make it easier." Jimin nods. It would die down the growing awkwardness he was feeling of Jungkook and he had a chance to talk on the way there.
"Come outside then, loser." Jungkook says, he's already honking his horn. He was caught in his own thoughts that he hadn't realized Jungkook wasn't in his room any longer and indeed outside his apartment.
On the way there, Jimin couldn't help but use the Preium Plus to his advantage. The entire day you were adding pictures and videos - showing off the lingerie you wore; claiming you wore it for them. His nerves were kicking in and having the chance to meet you was astonishing him.
Having the chance to fuck you...
Jimin shudders.
Jungkook kept his cool, yet his mind was swirling as his hands grip the steering wheel. All he can think about is having you beneath him, on top of him - even on top of Jimin. Your admition to wanting not just him, but his Hyung had him hard at the thought.
Jimin hears a notification - the personalized sound tells him that it's you.
Worship Angel: I can't wait to be on my knees for you guys
Worship Angel: It's making me wet just thinking about it...
Jimin closes his eyes to take a deep breath. Another plus of being part of Premium Plus - you talked directly to him and Jungkook.
"She's going to be the death of me." Jimin says aloud.
Jungkook snorts. "Can't handle it already?"
Jungkook bites his words now more than ever at the site of you in front of him. When he arrived at the address given to them, he had made sure he looked presentable before getting out of the car. The home sat on the edge of a long road, the last house of it. Before him or Jimin could knock on the door it opens - and he sees you wearing nothing but thong panties.
Jimin chokes and Jungkook finds it hard not to stare. He begins to blink, his eyes attempting to keep them on your face.
"Hello." you smile at them. Your hands - soft at the touch - gently grasp Jimin's then Jungkook's. You tug them inside and Jungkook closes the door behind him. "You seem nervous."
Jimin takes a deep breath. "Not everyday I get to be in the presence of such a lovely woman."
You giggle. "Really?" you tighten your grip on their hands. "I would think such men like you would have women lining up to suck your cocks."
It was Jungkook's turn to chuckle.
"Or is it just me?" you ask, turning to face them. Both men stopped dead in their tracks, and when you don't get a response you smirk at them. "Are you guys thirsty?"
Jimin nods. His throat was feeling dry and he could no longer stop himself from trailing his eyes down your body.
You bring them into a large room - Jungkook recognizes it immediately as the room you do all your livestreams in. The large round bed with satin sheets lay in the middle of the room. On your nightstand he sees all types of toys - dildos, vibrators and even plugs.
On the corner of the room, there's a camera and Jimin is sure this is how you record your content. He licks his lips as he examines the room - water bottles littering the table with even some bottles of alcohol.
"I figured you two would be nervous. Would Liquid courage help?" you grab ahold of a bottle of whiskey, furrowing a brow.
Jungkook nods.
"Before I hand it to you." you say, opening it and pouring three shots. "I want you two out of your clothes and down to your underwear."
Jimin doesn't hesitate. There's something about a woman demanding him to do something that makes his cock hard.
Jungkook follows soon after and sweetly, you smile and hand them the shot. "We're recording now. It's up to you two if you want to show the Premium members or keep it for just our eyes only." you lift the shot glass in the air. "You don't have to decide now. Cheers."
"Cheers." Jungkook and Jimin says in unison.
It happened in a matter of seconds - Jungkook taking his shot with you to you forcing Jimin into the bed to watch as you went down on Jungkook.
Jimin was once embarrassed - this was his donsaeng. But the way you wrapped your lips around Jungkook's cock and proceeded to gag was enough for him to wrap his hand around his own cock. Jungkook's head was pushed back and he twitches as you throat his cock - curses being released from his throat.
One thing for certain, you were going to have fun. With such fine men in your home, you wouldn't hesitate to have both of them - Jungkook's cock now hitting your throat as you massage his balls satiates you. Your eyes flicker to Jimin who has his eyes on you, cocking being pumped roughly in his hands.
"Shit." Jimin moans after witnessing you release Jungkook's cock from your lips and spit on it.
"I want your cock now." you look straight at Jimin who only whimpers needily.
Jungkook shudders - you were amazing. He's unsure how long it's been since his cock has been deepthroated - but he knew well enough that no one would compare to you. He turns his head to find you, ass in the air, as you proceed to suck off Jimin.
Jungkook bites his lip. Without thinking, his hand flies out to slap your ass roughly. You squeak against Jimin's cock, but Jungkook doesn't stop. Your ass was so slapable and the amount of times he wished he could do just this...he was going to have his fun.
Jimin, eyes hooded, witness as Jungkook removes the thong. "You're soaking through these." he chuckled. Jungkook was more confident and it showed. "You're already dripping on the sheets, Angel."
Your scream is muffled by Jimin's cock when you feel a warm tongue lick against your clit. Jungkook proceeds to lick along your clit, encouraging you to ride his face as he does so.
The site was truly something straight from a porn. You were now pumping Jimin's cock as Jungkook eats you out, hand occasionally slapping your ass. Jimin bites his lip. "You're sucking me so good, Angel." he whimpers, head pushed back.
Jimin didn't want to cum - not without feeling your pussy around him first. He yanks your head off of him. He pulls you away from Jungkook, who groans, and flips you to your back.
"Isn't she beautfiul, Kookie?" Jimin asks, marveled at the sight of your naked body wet beneath them. "I want to see her squirt."
Jungkook smirks and nods in agreement.
Your legs are being pushed open, both men between them. Jimin's mouth connects to your clit while Jungkook's fingers enter inside, curling. He wastes no time in pumping while Jimin proceeds to lick your clit sloppily - head bobbing back and forth and eyes up at you.
Your hands squeeze your breast at the sensation. You were a single woman who made a living in sex work. You only ever had sex by yourself - so to have two men catering to your needs is astonishing. Two experienced men at that.
"You're just a whore who needed to be stuffed, huh?" Jungkook shakes his head, hand pumping inside of you - determinded not to stop until you squirted like he wanted you to.
"She tastes good." Jimin huffs. His hands come beneath your knees to hook them up to your shoulders. The new position allows Jungkook to go even deeper - all the while Jimin licks at your clit as if it was his final meal.
"I-I can't handle it!" you moan out, shaking your head. "It's too-"
"We'll stop when you cum." Jungkook ignores your protests. You were soaking his hand, the creamy substance was dripping down his wrists now.
You twitched and jolted, eyes fluttering. It was too much - you thought it would be easy with these two men but you were mistaken. Now that they loosened up and were comfortable, they were completely animalistic.
"I-I'm cumming!" you shout suddenly, shaking your head. You could feel wet hot tears on your cheeks.
"Bitch is cumming so hard she's crying, hyung." Jungkook darkly laughs, pussy clenching around his fingers. A few more thrusts and you do just that - liquid shooting out of you and on the bed and their chests.
Jimin rubs your clit hastily with a nod of his head. "You're so wet, Angel. The wettest pussy I've ever seen."
You're trying to catch your breath, fingertips clenching your silk sheets. "I need someone to fuck me." you pleaded.
"How do you want to fuck her, Kookie?"
Jungkook imagined fucking you a million ways - but now that he was here with you, all he can think about was watching your ass bounce against his cock.
You feel Jungkook turning you around, bringing your ass to the air. You're so wet that he's sure he can slide himself right into you.
You yelp when you feel him - he's thick and filling you so well. "I want both of you to fuck me." you begged, opening your mouth wide for Jimin to enter his cock into you.
"Who knew you were so dirty, Angel." Jimin grasps your chin, bringing your lips to his cock.
"Ready, Hyung?" Jungkook asks, hands tightening around your waist.
Jimin nods.
Jungkook fucks into you rapidly, his eyes unsure where to land. Jimin was a different person - not the same caring and shy man he usually is. His hands tangle themselves into your hair as he thrusts inside of you. His thrusts were no different - skin slapping and gagging moans could be heard around the room.
A truly filthy scene.
You're still crying - happy tears. Lustful tears. Jungkook was fucking you too perfectly that you were sure by the end of this, you'd fall in love and end up stalking him. Jimin would be the same - the way he's thrusting into you ensures you that he knows exactly how to fuck.
"I want to cum on this ass." Jungkook slaps your ass - then again, and again and again. He wasn't going to last long - your pussy was just too wet and warm for him. One thing for sure - he'd remember this day up until his very last breath.
"Please cum on my ass." you choke out when Jimin releases your lips from his cock, refusing to cum just yet. "You're fucking me so good I'm going to cum again."
Jungkook's fingernails dug into your skin, he wasn't going to last with you moaning for him. He quickly pulls out of you and pumps his cock in his hand right above you.
You feel the warm substance on your ass and you sigh, head hanging. You could no longer hold yourself up, chest feeling tight. You've came twice already - and will be cumming again soon with Jimin.
"Damn." Jungkook falls back against the bed, eyes fluttering. He doesn't remember the last time he came that hard.
"Your turn." you lift your head to look at Jimin. Shakily, you tug him onto the bed. You were going to ride him like your life depended on it.
Jimin lays on the bed with you hovering above him. How many times had he watched you fuck yourself on camera wishing it was him?
Today it will be him.
Jimin hisses when he feels your walls around him. How were you so tight? The way Jungkook fucked you, he'd thought you would've been too tired to ride him.
Your feet are placed flat on the bed, hands laid loosely on his chest. You're crashing down on him, each time sending shivers up your spine. You feel him deep inside of you and with this you'll be coming soon with overstimulation.
Jimin is a mess, shaking his head with clenched eyes each time you crash against his cock. You were too tight and too wet for him to not act this way. He holds onto your waist, gently rubbing it.
"I can't believe how good you both fucked me." you murmur, leaning down so that your lips were near his plump ones.
Jimin opens his eyes, staring straight into yours. He thrusts into you, matching your pace, fingernails gripping your waist now. "Yeah?" he asks cockily. "I've wanted this pussy for so long."
Your hands grip his neck tightly, eyes narrowing. "Show me how much you wanted it, Jimine." you tease him.
Jimin does just that.
Your moans turn to high-pitched screams with the way his fucks into you. You're no longer moving, just hovering above him as he whispers dirty thoughts into your ears.
Jimin feels your pussy clench - months of watching you fuck yourself, he understands you're cumming. He admires the way your eyes brows knit and you begin to shake and tremble in his embrace. "Cum for me."
Jungkook regains consciousness in time to find Jimin pushing you saway and cumming on your stomach. He rubs his eyes just when Jimin lays besides you, breathing heavy.
Jungkook lays on the other side of you and releases a satisfactory sigh.
Tumblr media
@silversparkles11 @seokjinkismet @bloodline1632 @darkuni63
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 months ago
BTS Reaction || Sex In The Kitchen [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June2022
There was something you had always found incredibly hot about Jin in the kitchen. You didn't know what it was but just seeing him cook for you always seemed to turn you on more than it should have.
"Baby?" He chuckled when he felt you holding him from behind, your hand slowly making its way down his stomach and toward the briefs he was wearing. The outline of his cock made your mouth water as you palmed him slowly,
"S-Shit, right now?" He chuckled as you pushed the briefs down and dropped to your knees in front of him, smirking up at him as he eyed you up closely. His cock beginning to hurt with how turned on he was seeing you like in front of him.
"Keep cooking," You didn't mean for it to come out as bossy as it did but Jin nodded and whimpered as you took his cock into your hand, giggling a little as you began to rub him slowly. Licking your lips as a bead of arousal leaked from the tip of his dick,
"You have no idea how often I've thought of doing this," You mumbled before licking him from the base of his cock to the tip, tracing your tongue all over the pearly white drop of precum.
"F-Fuck," He mumbled breathlessly as you looked up at him, 
"I've imagined it a lot too," You smirked a little before undoing the strings of your nightgown and letting it drop to the floor so that you were sitting naked in front of him, his cock twitching a little as he watched you.
"Cute," You whispered before taking his cock into your mouth, he grunted at the sudden warmness of your mouth and closed his eyes. Abandoning all thoughts of cooking as you continued to move your mouth around him. Alternating between sucking him off and tracing your tongue around the tip of his cock.
"So good...A-Always so -ugh fuck - good," He mumbled out not being able to form a full sentence as you pushed yourself down to the base of his cock, swallowing around him as hips stuttered a little at the feeling. The taste of him coated your tongue but it was like you could never get enough as you continued to suck on him.
"Who knew you liked sucking cock so much?" He smirked, his words only encouraging you to take him back into your mouth and suck him off faster, taking in long drags of air to prevent your gag reflex. Listening to the way he moaned above you, was now going to be the thing you played on repeat in your head for months to come.
You were never going to get enough of hearing your name fall from his lips over and over again,
"J-Just like that," He moaned out as he rolled his hips,
"You want to cum baby?" You cooed as you pumped him in your hand, making him look down at you with complete lust in his eyes.
"You wanna cum down my throat,"
Y-Yes! F-Fuck fuck yes!" You smirked taking him back into your mouth and sucking harshly, using your hand to cup and play with his balls until e grunted and finished suddenly inside of your mouth. You smirked swallowing every drop before pulling off and looking at the food which was now burning in the pan. 
"We should start over, we kind of burnt breakfast," You reminded him but Jin turned off the oven and grabbed you by the hips, 
"I have a better idea." He smirked before kissing you deeply.
Tumblr media
As soon as you felt your boyfriend behind you, you let out a whine. 
"Yoongi," You trailed off slowly. You'd been needy all morning and he'd been sleeping right up until you decided to start cooking,
"Yes?" He questioned, kissing your shoulder softly, you said nothing else you pushed your hips back against him and let out a whimper to find him hard. 
"You're wearing my shirt," He praised as he ran his hands down your waist and slowly pulled up the shirt to reveal his favourite panties on you.
"I'm really wet and I'm gonna die if you don't do something about it," You told him with a smirk, he didn't even think twice before pulling you over to the kitchen table and sitting you on top of it. 
"I'm starved." He smirked, pulling you to the edge of the table and exposing you to him. Your whole body burnt to be touched by him and you watched as he wasted no time with teasing you. His tongue slid over you, between every fold, lapping up your arousal as if it was the last meal he was ever going to have.
"Oh god," You cried out as he began to swirl his tongue over your clit, sucking harshing as you jerked your hips up involuntarily. Every time you moved his grip on your waist would tighten and he dragged you into him, delving his tongue deeper inside of you as your head rolled back against the wooden table. 
"Don't give him all the credit, it's me that's going to make you cum," He hummed against your clit making your body shake. He once again took your labia in his much and began sucking on it, moving his tongue with precision over every inch of your sensitive flesh. He could never get enough of making you moan out the way that you were.
Your head was starting to feel dizzy with every overwhelming pleasure he was giving to you, you were moaning out mercilessly from every touch of his mouth.
"Taste so fucking good, my good fucking girl." He moaned out causing you to squirm in his grasp, bucking against him as he began to massage your clit with his fingers,
"Look at you, squirming and so close when I've barely done anything to you," His mouth went to work on you again and soon you were wiggling and moaning his name out so loud you were sure your neighbours were going to complain. Again. Your fingers laced into his black hair as you bucked against him,
"Please...Yoongi, Please..." Your words come out in chokes as he continued to rub you faster, his tongue plunging in and out of you mercilessly.
"You wanna come baby?" You nodded eagerly as he chuckled darkly, his fingers on your clit getting faster as he watched your uncontrollable hips bucking.
"Please, please, please!" You begged as the pressure started to feel too much for you to hold back any longer.
"Cum," It was one word and you were undone by it all. Cumming around his tongue as your toes curled against the table, your whole body ached as you cried his name out.
"Good girl," He chuckled as he carefully kissed his way up to your lips, pressing kisses all over your face as you let out small whimpers. 
"Go and get a shower, I'll make us some food," He ordered before kissing you softly.
Tumblr media
"Have I told you how beautiful I find you when you cook?" He asked as he teased you from behind, your legs trembling a little from feeling Hoseok's cock at your entrance. He'd been telling you all morning how he was going to fuck you while you cooked and now he was proving his words to be true. 
"N-No, tell me." You begged as he slowly eased into you, taking his time as you cried out his name. The two of you had sex before but every time was like the first and there was no "getting used" to his size.
"So beautiful, the way your eyebrows knit together when you concentrate on the task," He moaned out as you squirmed beneath him, he kissed you softly as he held you on him, running his hands over your arms as he soothed you gently.
"When you let out little curse words when you accidentally overcook something," He pulled out before thrusting deeper inside of you, your cunt tightening around him as he filled you up completely. 
"Hoseok!" You moaned out as you gripped onto the edge of the kitchen counter, his hand holding onto your hips as he slowly began to move inside of you,
"And you're all mine,2 He whispered as he continued to slowly fuck into you, your whole body burning as he used his free hand to massage your clit.
"All mine," He whispered again, fucking slowly and deeply into you. Each touch of his hand-winding you up tighter as the pleasure made your whole body feel as though it was on fire. You squeezed around him and squeezed your eyes shut, completely forgetting about the pancake that was left to burn inside of the frying pan.
"J-Just like that," You urged as he continued to fuck into the same spot over and over again, your mouth hanging open as you got lost in the feeling of him inside of you.
"S-Shit...Yn," He whimpered as his hips began to turn into desperate bucks to try and fill you up,
"C-Close," You both moaned out at the same time as you turned your head around, kissing him deeply and ignoring the pain in your neck you got from the angle. A few more thrusts and you both came undone, your orgasm exploding around you as you gripped onto him tightly, his thrust turning into needy bucks as he filled you up with his cum. Hoseok moaned as he pulled out of you, smirking as he watched everything drip onto the floor below your feet. 
Tumblr media
Namjoon didn't know what it was but after your first time together he had become addicted to you like you were his own personal brand of coke that he would never be able to stir away from.
"Open your mouth for me, nice and wide." He whispered as he looked down at you, you were on your knees in front of him. He'd walked down to the kitchen to find you had made breakfast for him after spending your first night at his place. 
"Good girl," He moaned out as you opened your mouth wide for his cock, taking as much of him as you could into the back of your throat. You couldn't fit him all in but you were going to do your best to please him. You would never get enough of hearing him come undone because of you. Hearing him moan your name out or call you a "good girl" was too addicting to let go of.
"J-Just nice and slow," He whispered as you began to move your head around him, moving your tongue up and down his length as you kept your eyes on him the entire time. His lips parted as he moaned your name out breathlessly. 
"Taking it so well for me," He praised and that was all it took. Something inside of you flicked and you clenched around nothing. You began to move your head at a faster pace, sucking him off while your gingers rubbed your clit beneath you.
"Look at you, touching yourself just from pleasing - ugh fuck -" You continued to take him to the back of your throat, holding yourself down on him and holding back the tears that were beginning to form in your eyes. 
"Oh shit, t-that's a good fucking girl." He growled out as his cock throbbed against your tongue, his eyes locking with yours as you continued to take him into your mouth. Gagging just a little as he thrust into your mouth your knees shaking as you could feel your own orgasm fast approaching you.
"S-Shit...Shit," He hissed out before spurting his cum into the back of your throat. The taste was hot, salty and sweetly bitter but you swallowed it all. Sucking him clean as you pulled away from him with a small pop. 
"So hot," He moaned out before suddenly grasping you and putting you onto the table where the two of you spent the remainder of the morning.
Tumblr media
"Jimin? What are you doing?" You giggled as you felt your boyfriend grinding against you. It was your first time staying over in his apartment and he'd not left you alone for more than a minute at a time. And had convinced you that the two of you needed to "Christen" every inch of his apartment with your bodies.
"I need you," He mumbled against your shoulder as he pressed kisses against your baked skin,
"I'm trying to cook,"
"I'm needy," He chuckled as you felt just how needy he was as he pressed his cock between your thighs, you moaned out almost dropping the spoon you were using to stir your food.
"F-Fuck, Jimin." You moaned out as he continued to push himself between your thighs, 
"I need you too," You whimpered before he bent you over the kitchen counter and smirked,
"I can feel how much you need me,"
"Just d-do it, please Jimin." You mumbled as he rubbed the head of his cock at your entrance, you were burning with how desperate you were for him so you rolled your hips backwards and moaned out as he slipped into you.
"Oh shit," He grunted as he held your hips tightly, keeping himself pressed deep inside of you as you clenched around him. Even though you'd done this all weekend long you could never, ever get enough of him.
"Move," You begged as you tried to roll your hips, Jimin smirked down at you.
"You're just as needy as me,"
"S-Shut up and move- Oh fuck yes!" You cried out as he began to thrust deeply into you, his thrust at an insatiable pace as he looked down at you moaning your name out.
"Feels so fucking tight for me." He grunted as he moved one of your legs up onto the kitchen counter, hitting you in the deepest parts of you you never knew he could reach. You began moaning out curse words in different languages as his pumped never ceased. Your orgasm built up inside of you as he lent down to rub his thumb across your clit.
"My good fucking girl," He praised as he pressed a kiss to the back of your neck, thrusting roughly as you shattered around him cumming suddenly at the nickname. His cock continued to drive in and out of you like a man possessed, his hands cupping and rubbing your breasts roughly until he grunted. Stilling inside of you as he finished into you, your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him filling you up, slowly pulling out and giggling when you felt the familiar sensation of his cum leaking and dropping onto the floor below.
"You're cleaning that up." You warned him as you pulled your leg down from the counter and headed in the direction of the bathroom.
"We haven't done the shower yet! Wait for me," He smirked as he rushed after you.
Tumblr media
You'd barely had time to register what was happening until you felt Taehyung kissing your neck, collarbones, shoulders and down to your breasts. Sucknig and licking your nipples as you panted and wriggled around beneath him. 
"So fucking beautiful," He told you as he looked up at you, tugging on your nipple with his teeth as he pushed two fingers into you, stretching you out as you cried out his name. The two of you had fantasised about kitchen sex many times before and now he was finally acting out your dreams.
"You're soaking," He groaned, looking at you as you rolled your hips up to meet him, trying to cause some kind of friction between his fingers and your throbbing pussy,
"I need you to make me cum, please," You moaned out as he kissed his way down your stomach until he reached your cunt. He smirked pushing his fingers deeper inside of you before dragging them out only to thrust them roughly back into you again. Your hips bucked uncontrollably as you cried out his name over and over again. Your moans were addictive enough to make him want to edge you all day long. He lowed his head as he gently scraped his teeth over your clit, ducking on it harshly as you cried out his name. You were already dripping down your thighs and he lapped everything up, eating you out as a man starved.
"Holy fuck," You moaned out as your pleading to cum turned into whining that got louder the longer he ate you out at the table. He pressed his thumb against your clit, curling his fingers until they hit the spot that made you cry out in pleasure.
"S-Shit! Shit! Shit!" You screamed before arching away from the table with a sharp cry, cumming around him as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of you. Smirking as you slowly came down from your high and trembled from the force of your orgasm,
"All good baby?" He asked as you whimpered some kind of reply to him, too lost in your post orgasm to even think straight.
Tumblr media
"They're not awake," Jungkook whispered before biting down on your ear making you moan out and roll your hips backwards to meet him giggling when you found how hard he was beneath the little shorts he was wearing.
"They could wake up," You reminded him. The two of you were staying at the dorms while your new apartment got redecorated and the night before he'd been so horny he wouldn't leave you alone. You'd been ready up until the boys walked in and you knew they'd listen out to you for the rest of the night.
"I'm desperate Yn," You smirked a little at how needy he sounded right now, he was practically one step away from begging to be inside of you and the thought alone was turning you on more and more.
"You wanna be inside me?" You questioned, putting on a soothing voice as you moved your hand back behind you to rub him through the shorts he was wearing. It was risky since the two of you were in the kitchen making breakfast for everybody else,
"Please," He whispered, moaning out as you continued to rub him through the shorts,
"Tell me how much you want me." You whispered before dropping him and getting up onto the counter, slowly spreading your legs in front of him. He licked his lips as he saw just how wet you were for him,
"S-Shit, please...P-lease, I'll just stay still, you don't e-even have to move...F-Fuck," He reached his hand out and stopped before you moved it closer for him, rubbing his thumb along your sensitive clit as you moaned his name out lowly. 
"I-I think you deserve it for being a good boy last night," You whispered. Jungkook had already pushed his shorts down before you finished your sentence and he was settling himself at your entrance.
"T-Thank you," He moaned out before pushing into you, your lips finding his before he would moan out too loudly and wake one of the members up. The last thing you wanted was to have them wake up and find you like this, though the thought alone made you clench tightly around Jungkook.
"M-move," You begged as you bucked against him, moaning louder as he began to pull out of you only to thrust back into you roughly burying himself deep inside of you over and over again. 
"Holy fuck," You cried out a little louder than you wanted but you were past the point of caring as he fucked you slowly but deeply, the pleasuring clenching all of your muscles as you squeezed around him.
"Look at that," He moaned out as he looked down between you, transfixed on the sight of disappearing in and out of you as he grunted loudly. 
"J-Jungkook," You mumbled as you suddenly felt yourself finishing around him. It wasn't an explosion it was a shattering feeling inside of you that had you moaning his name out and dragging your nails down his back as he moaned out. Coming inside of you as he quickly pulled out of you and glanced over at the door when he heard footsteps approaching you. 
"G-Go to my room," This time it was him giving the orders and you practically sprinted in the direction of his room.
Tumblr media
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Masterlist ✨
Buyers Beware: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: AU where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s too. Except when all seven members of BTS happen to be your soulmate… well, that presents a small challenge. Legally speaking.
Tags: Soulmate AU, fluff, comedy, possessiveness, polyamory, fluff, domestic bliss, slow burn, chaotic bts, chaotically whipped bts, moderately paced self-indulgent brainrot
🔞 House of Serpents: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: Straight-A student by day, Kim Namjoon’s personal toy by night, you didn’t live a terrible life. At least not until you met his six equally depraved “friends.”
Tags: Mafia AU, PWP with some plot, shameless smut, sugar daddy, possessive behavior, power imbalance, dub con, oral, overstimulation, moral bankruptcy, 5-way betrayal, yandere jimin, yandere jungkook, morally ambiguous characters
No Relation to Morals: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: You are a genius, a billionaire, a morally flexible business magnate And by absolutely no fault of your own, also roommates with a demon. A few demon(s).
Tags: Demon AU, Soulmate AU, eventual smut, fluff, domestic bliss, polyamory, slow burn (demonically), overprotective BTS, chaotically whipped BTS, demonically petty BTS
Bang & Burn: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: After a few unfortunate run-ins with your bike, elite espionage agency BTS decides to flag you as "capture or kill". Or fuck. Or marry. (Terms and conditions will probably apply.)
Tags: Spy/assassins AU, slow burn, eventual smut, annoying namjoon into apoplexy, chaotically armed BTS, intense pettiness, friends to enemies to lovers, morally ambiguous character, chaotically whipped bts, polyamory
Day in the Life: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pairing: Hyung line x reader
Summary: You have seven kids. Four husbands and three toddlers. So yeah, seven kids.
Tags: family AU, domestic fluff, EXTREME domestic bliss, seokjin is in a constant state of stress and overwhelming fondness, polyamory, protectiveness, established relationship, crack, slow burn
✨✨ One-Shots:
🔞 Combative [Assassins AU, Jungkook]: Fuck Jungkook or die. That’s it. That’s the story. #sex pollen #fuck or die #enemies to enemies
🔞 Captive [Corporate AU, Namjoon]: You’ve got your shit together. Smart, sharp, god complex. And then Managing Director Kim Namjoon decides to take you down a couple pegs. #namjoon has a humongous dick #AU where namjoon has a driver’s license. → discussion
🔞 Entrapment [College AU, Jungkook]: Jeon Jungkook doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but that doesn’t preclude him from having plenty to teach you. #strangers to enemies #jungkook has a horse cock
🔞 Perverse [Soulmate AU, Namjoon]: You can hear Billboard Singer Kim Namjoon's thoughts. This is something of a problem. Especially as most of them are about your ass. #overstimulation #edging #orgasm control #literally
🔞 Tightrope [Mafia AU, Rap line]: You run logistics for three of Korea's biggest crime lords. Sometimes, this translates into the three of them domming the absolute shit out of you. #is rapline trying to kill you or woo you #read to find out #brat taming
🔞 Obliged [Royalty AU, Maknae line]: Three emperors are in need of a prince. Sadly, you're the last woman alive. #breeding kink #maknae line plays 4D chess
🔞 Possess [Magic AU, Seokjin]: As a prank, upperclassman Kim Seokjin tries to spike your drink with an aphrodisiac. To retaliate, you spike his with a truth serum. Tired of all the squabbling, Professor Min switches your drinks. #enemies to lovers #just kidding it’s enemies to enemies #sex pollen
🔞 Entanglement [ABO, OT7]: Don't go into the forest, they said. Don't feed the wolves, they said. Definitely not during mating season, they said. (OT7) #stuck in the wall #gang bang #marathon sex #obviously #somnophilia
🔞 Wicked [Pornstar AU, Jungkook]: You think you can best the greediest fuckboy in the game? No, amateur. You can’t. #lovers to enemies #jungkook has a big dick #jungkook is a big dick
Hexed [Guardian Angel AU, Jimin]: As punishment for excessive tardiness, you’re sent to earth to babysit some singer or another. No one thought to mention said singer is the devil incarnate. #jimin is an ass #but sassy #demonically so #sex pollen
🔞 Duplicitous [Daechwita AU, Yoongi]: You must fuck two Yoongis to stay alive. One of them is an emperor. The other one is a jackass. #mean yoongi #yandere yoongi #sloppy seconds #competitive overstimulation #bondage
Entitled [Billionaire AU, Taehyung, Jimin]: Some shit-eating idiot stole your parking spot. As it happens, the shit-eating idiot happens to be the two wealthiest men in Korea. #competitive proposing #enemies to lovers #this is actually just fluff
✨✨ Half-baked Trash:
Professor Kim Namjoon
Puppy hybrid Jungkook
note: if fic is not linked, it has not been posted yet
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