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MC dies and turns into a demon  – Demon Brothers × GN MC
MC is killed while in Devildom by either an angel or a demon by throwing themselves in front of the character that the angel/demon was trying to kill. Their body has remained intact but is mortally wounded, instant death was the only outcome. However, instead of remaining down, they gasp for air after being dead and sit up straight. Everyone around you stares at you in disbelief because you are alive but not as you were. Your soul is gone. You’re a demon now. The new horns on your head prove it.  
In the moment, his emotions were all over the place. He went from despair to rage to awe in only about the span of a few minutes.  When he got to you, he cupped the side of your face gently and asked if you were hurt at least five times. Poor man is outwardly worried in public.
After the shock wears off, he is low key thrilled. He hasn’t smiled this much in centuries. How many years now has he been in turmoil over the idea that one day you would grow old and die to never be seen again? For your soul to go where all souls go but never his. Now you’re here – with him – forever.
He doesn’t prefer your “human” form over your new demon form. However, when you do switch to your demon form, he can’t help but preen at how you look. It’s still so new to him and you look so lovely. Could you come over to him? Closer. No reason, he just wants to look at you better.
No matter what your horns look like, Lucifer will touch them but only if you are alone. He would treat yours the same way you’ve treated his own. If you’ve been sweet and treated them with care, he would stroke, kiss, and lick yours as well. If you’ve been a brat, then he would 100% yank, suck, and bite at your horns like you do his. Fair’s fair, my love.
Poor man was about to have a breakdown when he saw your body hit the floor. Not again. Not this again, please – but then you got up. Your soul doesn’t shine anymore, which hurts him a little but... but now you’re something new. When he finally gets to you, his lips barely ever leave your face.
When he’s finally able to swindle you away and lock you safe in his room, he basically clings to you. He will straight up wrap his arms around you and carry you everywhere. He’ll spin you around his room like a lovesick idiot with a giant smile on his face. He’s so happy? He’s never been this happy in his life. His treasure never has to leave him again!
Will never admit out loud that he prefers your “human” form to your demon form. It’s not that he doesn’t like your demon form, don’t get him wrong! He just likes seeing you in the form that he originally fell in love with. You’ll forever be his human just like he’ll forever be your first.
He’s insecure about his own horns, so he’s kinda bashful about messin’ with yours. You’re the only one who he allows to touch them anyway. When you ask him to touch them or guide his hands to them, he’s starry-eyed as he caresses them. He coos at you if you lean into his touch. His little human likes their new horns to be touched? He’ll touch ‘em plenty.
Very similar to Mammon in reaction.  When he saw your souls light go out, he felt his heart shatter. When you came back but your soul didn’t, he still felt bad but quickly got over it when you looked at him with the same loving eyes you always have.
Is the only one that you’ll have to seek out since he’s a nervous baby. You knock on his door and don’t even get to the password; he just yanks you in when he hears your voice. Full on smothers you in his greatly impractical bath bed. Your laughter makes him grin against your neck.
He’s pretty indifferent about your new demon form... that’s a damn lie he’s obsessed with it. He’s gonna find an anime character that matches your demon form and make elaborate outfits for you too. Humor the man as he talks excitedly to Henry about how amazing you look.
When you first took interest in his horns, he was flabbergasted why you’d even wanna touch them to begin with. It quickly became a thing though. Him holding you from behind, tail wrapped around one of your legs, face deep in your neck, and you petting his head and horns. Now he can give you the same in return! I-If you want, that is...
Was about to cause Armageddon for a hot second there. . He’s more focused on ending the life of whatever hurt you in the first place than noticing your transformation. It wasn’t until his brothers start reacting that he looks over to you and drops everything.
Once he processes your change though, he’s outwardly excited and intrigued by it. It’s blatantly obvious on his face. Will hold your face in his hands and just look at you all over for the longest time. He’ll tell you how rare you are all the time. Human-to-demon transformations aren’t common, you know?
You best believe he’s going to take extensive notes and inspections of your demon form. He’s so curious about it, it’s adorable. He refuses to make you uncomfortable but would be on cloud nine if you let him find out more about your new form. You can both discover it together!
Like all of your other demon attributes, he really wants to know every nook and cranny of them. You can’t blame him, it’s a new part of you! Similar with Lucifer in the whole will caress your horns and in the same breath restrain you by them. He’ll read you a book while you’re... preoccupied.
He screamed when you were struck down. He was one of the first to immediately run to your body. He held your face in his hands, trying to talk to you to keep you awake. He watched you die and before misery could overtake him completely, he nearly jumped out of his skin when you touched his face.
Hisses at anyone who tries to take you away from him, he’s the only one who can pamper you properly after such a horrific event! He’s happy that you’re alive and immortal now but he’s still internally recovering from seeing you dead. He only feels better when you nuzzle up to him and is reminded that you’re safe.
Asmo doesn’t mind if you’re in your original form or your demon form, whichever makes you feel the most confident is his favorite. He does take you shopping with him for clothes that you can wear in your demon form. You’ll be expected to be in your demon form at events and you can’t be wearing your normal clothes now can you?
Ah, more things for Asmo to smother in kisses. You thought him peppering your face in kisses or surprise attacking you with one huge kiss was bad? Now this devious man will lean over and whisper or speak lowly against your horns, making you shudder or squeak when you feel the movement of his lips. He would also love to lick and suck them if you let him.
In the same boat as Satan, actually. He wasn’t Lucifer’s protector as an angel for nothing, this man saw nothing but red when you fell. Nothing would stop him, he would absolutely attack whatever hurt you no matter what or who it was. The only thing that stopped him was Lucifer and Belphie pinning his arms but then he saw you looking at him and he froze. He cried.
He’s a sweet baby, he’ll wait until you have seen his brothers before asking you if it would be okay if you slept with him that night. When you agree, he lays with you in his bed for a while before huffing and going to the attic to squish you in between him and Belphie. No nightmares.
Beel prefers your “human” form but only because demon forms usually mean high stress scenarios. He hardly ever sports his demon form unless he’s going on a rampage or going to a stuffy formal event. It also doesn’t matter if you’re a demon or not, he’s gonna still be careful with you no matter what.
No matter what your horns look like, he’ll think they’re cute. He already was giving you top of the head kisses whenever he saw you, if your horns are out he’s gonna kiss those too. He won’t touch your horns unless you tell him to but when he does he’s always so gentle with them. They’re so beautiful, he would never forgive himself if he so much as chipped them.
Believe it or not, Belphie didn’t really have time to mourn your death because he had to stop his brother. Belphie had half a mind to just let him do it too because he’s fucking pissed. How dare someone hurt you? He’s lost you once and now you’re gone again, and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. It wasn’t until Beel freezes that he sees you and starts crying too.
Like his twin, he didn’t want to bother you. He couldn’t sleep though, not with the guilt running through his body full force. His spiraling thoughts would only stop when he heard the door open. You and Beel get into bed with him but he doesn’t go to sleep... neither does Beel. They kiss and hold you while you sleep, as if afraid you’ll vanish if they close their eyes.
Belphie definitely prefers your “human” form over your demon form. It takes a while for him to get used to your demon form but with exposure he becomes content with it. Death can’t take you from him anymore, not if he has anything to say about it. As long as you’re able to nap with and spend time with him, he doesn’t care what form you’re in.
He’s used to sleeping with his chin on top of your head so if your horns are in the way he’s gonna be grumbly. He’ll survive, he’s just gotta work around it. He likes teasing you with your horns to get you worked up whether that be blowing on them in a public setting or biting them as he touches you, you aren’t safe.
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Asmo: When you said, “Magic in bed”, this is not what I was expecting-
You: [pulls out card from deck] Is this your card?
Asmo: Holy shit.
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Tumblr media
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Asmo: Easy, love... it hurts
Mc: Well, you wouldn't have gotten the bruise if you didn't punch him
Mc: Baby, it was a handshake
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Late Night Cuddles (Ft. Mammon, Asmodeus and GN!MC)
Warnings: Touch-starved MC, Mammon being a tsundere and by extent, a bit of a jerk, self-depreciating thoughts, MC makes sure Asmo is gonna be SFW.
Length: 1.4k words
Genre: Slight bit of angst, mostly fluff and comfort though!
Summary: You need a hug.
A/N: Honestly I wrote the outline for this while I was feeling very tired and clingy, and I decided to polish it up. There isn't much plot, just some mindless, tooth-rotting fluff. I hope you enjoy it!
-Ethereal (✿◡‿◡)
Story below, please don't claim as your own!
You’d been in the Devildom for about three weeks now, and you were starting to feel a bit down.
Were you homesick? Was the lack of Vitamin D finally starting to get to you? Were you immensely stressed because you always had to be on guard during school?
None of that helped, that’s for sure. However, the real problem didn’t come to light until Simeon randomly hugged you upon seeing you. You immediately felt a hundred times better.
Oh. So that’s what it was.
Well, three weeks was a long time to go without physical contact.
While it was wonderful that you’d figured out what the problem was, that didn’t really help you solve it.
Though you were on decent terms with everyone, you weren’t sure you were close enough to straight-up ask for cuddles.  Even if you were, you were much too shy to do so anyways.
You managed to hold your resolve for about a week before you finally broke, rather late in the evening.  Yes, it might be awkward, but the worst they could say was no, right?
Not wanting to overthink it, you quickly sent a message to your closest friend in the Devildom.
You: Hey Mammon, this is going to sound kind of stupid…
You: I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, and I could really use a hug.
You: …Can I have a hug?
Mammon: What!?
Mammon: Pfft, why would I want to hug you?
You: I shouldn’t have asked.
You: I’m sorry.
You: Never mind.
You: Forget I ever said anything.
He started typing something else, but you didn’t wait for him to finish. You clicked the power button, making your screen go dark.
Turns out ‘no’ was not the worst thing they could say.
Your phone buzzed- probably Mammon- as you tossed your phone on the bed and stood up. You couldn’t be bothered to read his messages right now.
While he hadn’t exactly said no, it was pretty clear you weren’t getting a yes.
That was fine. You were fine. You didn’t need a hug anyways; you’d be fine without one. No human had ever died by ‘lack of hugs’.
Even though the very idea of receiving one made your chest ache, you would be fine.
Your phone kept buzzing—how many messages was he sending you, anyways? —as you stepped out of your room and began to wander.
It was honestly stupid of you to ask. You knew you weren’t close enough for that sort of thing, and you’d asked anyways. Now you’d gone and made things awkward, just like you knew you would.
Your wandering brought you to the kitchen, where you decided to make hot chocolate. Maybe the warmth of the drink would help you feel a little better.
You grabbed a mug from the cupboard and filled it with milk. Then you put it in the microwave.
While you searched for the hot chocolate powder, your mind began to drift again.
If you couldn’t even last a few days without a hug, how in the hell were you supposed to survive down here?
“Well, you’re up awfully late.”
You jumped, whirling around to face the voice behind you.
“Oh, I’m sorry darling.” Asmo frowned. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
You shook your head, smiling. “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”
The microwave beeped, and you quickly jumped to shut it up. Yes, the entire household was probably still awake, especially if the text chains were anything to go by, but it still felt odd to make too much noise.
You placed the mug of steaming milk on the counter and added a few spoonfuls of powder. While you stirred it in, Asmo slid up beside you.
You could feel his eyes on you.
“Is something the matter?” He asked after a moment.
“I’m fine,” you answered just a bit too quickly.
“No…you’re not. Look at me?” He requested.
You turned your face towards him, though you don’t make eye contact.
Unsurprisingly, that doesn’t convince him.
“Honey, what’s wrong?” He asked softly.
“It’s stupid.” You answered.
He tilts his head slightly but doesn’t respond. That was surprisingly effective at getting you to continue.
“It’s just…I’ve been here a while, and I’m starting to feel a little down. Not enough physical contact. But—” you wave your hand “—I’ll be fine.”
“…Is that it?” Asmo asked, giving you a funny look.
You scoffed. “Yeah. I told you it was stupid.”
He gasped. “Sorry, no! I didn’t mean it like it was stupid or something! It’s just…if you wanted some physical contact, you could’ve asked me, you know!”
 “Not that kind of physical contact,” you elaborated. “I just want a hug…or maybe some snuggles,” you added quietly.
“No, no, I understand what you mean. And I still mean what I said,” He reassured you. “If you wanted some snuggles, all you needed to do was ask me!”
Suddenly he wrapped his arms around you, and you instantly melted. You felt him rub your back a little.
He giggled. “Aw, you should’ve come to me sooner, love.”
All too soon, he pulled away, and you couldn’t help the pout that appeared on your face.
“Now, how about some proper snuggles in my room?” He suggested with a smile.
You hesitated for a second, then nodded. You needed this more than you were embarrassed.
As soon as you confirmed, he beamed and grabbed your hand, pulling you behind him towards his room.
He closed the door behind you two, then turned to you. “Now, would you like to cuddle in the bed, or would you prefer the couch?”
“Maybe…the couch?” You suggested. “And maybe we could watch a movie?”
“That sounds lovely,” he agreed, sitting down. He scooted to one side, then reached his arm out. You took that as an invitation, sitting down beside him.
He giggled, pulling you so you were properly leaning against him. “Come on, don’t be shy,” he cooed.  
He selected a movie—some cheesy romcom— and as it progressed, you slowly began to relax, even nuzzling him now and then.
He ran a hand through your hair, making you hum contentedly. “There, see?” he purred. “Aren’t I the absolute best person to snuggle with?”
You nodded, starting to feel a little tired. It was awfully late after all.
He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. “You’re welcome to sleep here,” he said.
You nod. Maybe you’ll take him up on that offer.
Suddenly, a loud crash jolted you out of your sleepy daze.
“Oi, Asmo!”
You raised your head, blinking as the intruder came into focus.
“Have ya seen the human anywhere?” Mammon asked, too distracted by his phone to notice the human in question was right in front of him.   “They ain’t in their room, and they ain’t answering their messages-“
He glanced up to stare accusingly at his brother, but he saw you instead. Then he saw Asmo.
Then he realized the two of you were sitting together, and just how close you two were.
“What the hell is going on in here?” He exclaimed, closing the door behind him.
Starting to feel awkward again, you attempt to push away from Asmo. He doesn’t allow you to, keeping his arm snug around your shoulders and throwing a smirk to his brother instead.
“We’re snuggling,” he responded simply.
“Wha- why!?” He asked, coming further into the room.
“They were a little lonely is all,” Asmo responded sweetly, kissing the top of your head again. You blushed, but didn’t find it in yourself to protest.
“And ya didn’t ask me first!?” Mammon exclaimed, taking off his jacket and throwing it on a nearby chair.
“I did, but you said-“ He cut you off.
“Ugh, you dummy! If I knew you were gonna go ask one of my brothers—” he paused midsentence, kicking off his shoes and untucking you from the blanket.
He slid in beside you, tucking himself in as well. “If you wanted attention, you could’ve just asked for it…” he muttered.
You debate reminding him a second time of the earlier events but decide against it.
“Excuse me, I don’t remember inviting you.” Asmo scowled at his older brother.
“The human needs attention, and I don’t want the stupid thing to die,” Mammon said. “Now, c’mere so I can love you,” he mumbled, suddenly tugging you towards him.
“Hey!” Asmo protested, crossing his arms.
Mimicking his previous actions, you stretch your arm out towards him.
He easily complied, snuggling into your arms this time.
This certainly wasn’t how you were expecting your night to go, but you definitely weren’t complaining.
And next time you want attention, you know you’ve got two demons who are more than willing to give it to you.
These are the messages MC missed from Mammon.
Mammon: Wait, hang on.
Mammon: Fine.
Mammon: If you want a hug from me, then I'll give ya one. Only because you're asking, and not because I want one, got it!?
Mammon: Don't say the great Mammon never gave ya anything!
Mammon: Why aren't ya readin' my messages?
Mammon: Whatever, I'll be at your room in a sec.
Mammon: Wait for me, okay?
Mammon: Hey, where are ya?
Mammon: I told ya I was comin', didn't I?
Mammon: Your phone is buzzin'.
Mammon: I guess you left it here.
Mammon: Wait, you ain't getting these anyways.
Mammon: Whatever, I'll just come find ya.
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Lucifer, Asmo, Levi, Mammon, Satan nsfw headcanons
Tumblr media
random gif lol but anyways
~ He wants you to do something wrong just so he can punish you. Spanking, edging, humiliation.
~ Whenever you have a wet dream, that’s him fucking you. (Rumoured that if you have a wet dream then it’s a demon fucking you in your sleep.)
~ When marking you (pact) it comes in the form of hickeys.
~ If you speak another language he’ll straight away sexualise it and tell you to talk dirty to him in it.
~ Forced cross dressing.
Levi and Mammon
~ Both underwear/panty sniffers
~ Forces you to wear cat ears and a tail buttplug in bed because it embarrasses you.
~ Also into buttplugs and vibrators and will play with/activate it at the table when eating and will slap your thigh hard if you moan and punish you hard later if anyone notices. You can’t walk the next day.
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saucymalum · 3 months
Mountain Out Of A Molehill - replaced!mc au
Tumblr media
Obey Me brothers x reader (relationships not really defined)
Word Count: 3,200
Summary: When the boys start pulling away and refuse to tell you why it only makes sense to pull away too. But when you decide to leave the Devildom will they be too late to apologize and explain?
Warning: Hella angst (happy ending bc I can't handle the sad endings), misunderstanding/miscommunication, replaced!au, my goal was that the mc wasn't a push over....idk if I succeeded
It hadn't been long since the new exchange student had come in. Only a couple of months. A couple of months of a slow decline of your relationships with the brothers. They slowly started leaving your texts on read, only to be found an hour later in a cafe or bookstore with the new student. Mammon would ask them for help distracting Lucifer. Satan would ask for their help pranking Lucifer. Asmo would ask them for their opinion on his outfit. The ache in your chest was so strong and so heavy. At some point, it was just impossible to deny it. You had been replaced. 
It was honestly a stab to your pride looking at the fondness that poured from Lucifer's eyes when looking at them. Ironic isn't it? The avatar of pride destroying yours.
You understood, really, it's nothing new to say that when you meet someone new it's exciting. The truth is you could hardly fault them. The new student was a fast friend for you too. So you stayed back, you continued to bring Lucifer coffee in the middle of the night and pet Belphies head as he slept. But then the days got later.
6 months had passed since the new student arrived. 6 months of subtly being pushed away until you just felt numb. You'd wake up before Lucifer and leave for school before the brothers had left their rooms. You'd make it home before the brothers and if you ever wanted to leave after that? Well, you'd just have to come to terms with the fact that they weren't hounding you about where you going much anymore. On the rare occasions where one or two brothers would join it was obvious things weren’t the same. The distance was easy to see.
It's not like they were mean, far from it actually. Simply indifference sat behind their eyes. But nothing further. Levi would ask them to be player 2. Beel would share food with them. Not you. No fights over you, no conversations. You sat silently at the dinner table. No one noticed. It was like you were only roommates. That’s what hurt the most. 
You were plagued with thoughts. Haunted with the question of how the new student was so much better, because if the brothers didn’t hate you then that was the only reason. You were no longer special. 
And then the anger surfaced, a wrath that could rival Satan. You wanted to rip the door off its hinges and scream. Desperate for someone to blame. You blamed yourself, you blamed the new human student, you blamed Barbatos for never telling you the utter heartbreak you'd go through just a year after you'd met him. But ultimately you blamed the brothers, each and every one of them. 
You gave everything you had to them, heart, soul, mind, life. And not long later you’re regarded as expired food. No. You’re worse. Beel would still eat expired food. 
It took months to love them and it took months for them to trust you. A "Lowly, weak, insignificant human" they'd call you. Death is always around the corner. And just a couple of months go by for them to fall at the new student's feet. 
It got to be too much, you'd drift between Purgatory Hall and the Demon Lord's Castle. Every week, anything to not have to look at them. Simeon tried, he really did, to give you some semblance of the relationships you lost. Luke was ready to fight 7 of the most powerful demons in the Devildom. 
And thats when you decided to leave. You missed the sun rising and setting, you missed the seasons. You missed them. And two of those you could get back. If you just left the others behind. You talk to Diavolo and Barbatos and then you came up with a plan, leave Purgatory Hall, go to the Hall of Lamentation after the brothers have left, gather your things, and wait for dinner. It was a long waiting game, your heart bursting out of your chest at any unusual sound. 
Everything was packed in suitcases when you walked back down the halls, staring at the crack on the ceiling from that one time Lucifer didnt tie Mammon up right and he fell. You longed to be able to go into Lucifer's room one last time but it was long before you left when he replaced the curse not allowing you in. You walked into Lucifer's office and you just sat, breathing in the lingering scent of ancient books and stale black coffee. You looked all around longing to go back to 8 months ago, but you just wanted to go home. Hours after you packed up you found yourself back in your now empty and lifeless room. You sat in the middle of the naked bed in your bedroom, tears streaming down your cheeks.
Heart tearing into shreds, every scar that had appeared was ripping open. Salty tears overflowing your palms and dripping down your wrists. You stared at your suitcase, sat nicely in the corner waiting to roll out of the place you called home for almost 2 years. You didnt know how long you sat there or when the brothers got home, you had long dried of tears when the knocks came rapping on the old wooden bedroom door. You quickly walk into your bathroom hoping whoever it was wouldn't care enough to search further. 
"Y/N? Lucifer wants to know when youre starting dinner!"
Of course he'd send them. Too busy to ask you his damn self. Not even bothering to ask why you're home again.
They call your name one more time before turning the knob and walking in. One more strained call of your name leaves their mouth before running footsteps sound down the hall. 
They call out to Lucifer saying you left. It's cute, they almost sound panicked.
In hindsight, you probably could have used that panic of the new student as a distraction but you were exhausted. All the tears taking the energy and pulling on your eyelids. You take a moment to try to hide in the bathroom.
You could hear everything, all 7 brothers and the new students' footsteps rushing into your old bedroom.
"Where'd Y/N’s things go?" Mammon asked.
A slap sound echoed against the walls and a yelp. "Obviously, they put them in the suitcase dumbass!" Levi yells. 
Still, after everything the cruel names at Mammon make you want to resort to violence.
"Wait so Y/Ns leaving!?" Asmo almost shrieks.
"Why?" Satan asks 
The bathroom doorknob jiggles and a part of you wants to lock it with a charm but then they'll know youre in here.
Hesitant footsteps walk in and your heart sinks. 
A shakey voice calls out, "Y/N I know you’re in here please come out so we all can talk." Lucifer says.
Lucifer, avatar of pride, shaking at the thought of you leaving? No, impossible, can't be.
But maybe? His breath gets just barely shakier and you step out of hiding. Tear streaks and raw cheeks are on display. You put on a brave face but it was obvious you were hurting.
“What?” You ask, trying to seem unbothered by the intrusion but you just sounded defensive.
“What? Seriously? Do you have nothing to say to us Y/N?” 
You carefully walk around the group and clutch onto your suitcase handle, “Why should I give any of you an explanation when none of you have had a real conversation with me for months? Why should I owe any of you anything?”
"What are ya talkin' bout, Human?" Mammon asks.
You look up into his eyes and you can tell he's not happy about this decision. But they could have stopped this. It's not like you were asking them to only care about you. Or to ignore their lives. You just wanted them to see you.
You wanted Luci to check on you at night when you're studying and bring you a snack. You wanted to have a baking night with Beel where he'd eat all the batter before it even made it to the oven. You wanted Satan to read you to sleep. Or for Mammon to sit on your bed whining that studying sucks and that he shouldn't have to because of his new money-making scheme.
It's not a lot to ask for Asmo to do your makeup and have a weekly spa day like you used to. Or for Belphie to still take comfort in you and sleep on your lap during movie nights. And Levi never needs a player two these days. You wanted them to love you again.
So you’re just left, not even cast out. Just invisible. But now that they see you…you’re mad. 
It took you to almost leave and now they're upset. Almost begging for an answer.
"What am I talking about? None of you have had a genuine conversation with me in months. You all want to be around the new student but did any of you realize that I was being pushed away? Did any of you realize that you stopped caring where I went every night? I tried to talk to you about it but I just got talked over. And at one point, I just gave up. I'm not an exchange student anymore. I came back and I can leave. So I will."
You clench your fist around the suitcase handle so hard I might just break it.
Lucifer steps closer to you and the others stood behind him, “You can’t just leave, Y/N. You’re the human ambassador, you have a job here.”
You scoff, “Is that all you care about? How this will look on your reputation, no, on Diavolo's reputation? I should’ve expected that.” 
Lucifer's eyes widen and for a second he looks…scared? But his face quickly goes blank.
“I’ve already made arrangements with Barbatos and Diavolo for me to leave so if you think that argument with somehow persuade me you're wrong. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go.” 
“No, you can’t!” 
Your head snaps back and you see Levi pushing passed Lucifer, “You can’t leave!”
You scan his face, trying your hardest to look indifferent but you can feel it slipping. “Why?”
“We didn’t mean do! We thought you didn’t want us smothering you so we backed off. I’m so so sorry.”
There the last of your indifference goes. “What are you talking about?”
"This is my fault." All the brothers turn to face the door and reveal the exchange student. None look nearly surprised enough by this confession.
They twiddled their thumbs and look to the floor. Even though they look so small, them trying to see innocent boiled your blood just a bit.
“What do you mean?” You ask.
"Remember when we had that conversation during our studying session? How you were saying it was getting annoying to have to be guarded all the time and not have alone time?"
You tentatively nod waiting for them to continue. Satan picks at his cuticles and Beel looks oddly nervous.
"Well I told them that, and at the time I didn't know you didn't mean it. Not totally at least and then…" they trail off.
"So we gave you more privacy…and freedom," Belphie says something for the first time
You step back to look at all of them, " So you're telling me that one one-off comment I made amongst all the times I said how much I loved all of you and how you didn't need to change…made you treat me like a ghost?"
"It hurt, I think that's why we never listened…we were hurt," Beel says.
"We were all hurt." your eyes look up into Asmo’s champagne eyes," And we should've asked, especially after all you've done and all we've been through. We're so so sorry." He wraps his arms around you but you remain stiff, unsure what to think.
Asmo releases you and you see Lucifer looking at you again, “We are sorry.”
You never thought you'd see the day Lucifer actually apologized for something.
"But-what about Lucifer's door? I used to be able to get in but it won't let me in. And Levi, you never ask me to play anymore. Beel, you share your food with them, you never do that. Satan you've been asking them for help pranking Lucifer. It doesn't make sense."
Lucifer steps closer to you and you look into his beautiful crimson eyes, they soften when they meet yours. "Mammon," his eyes shift to the demon and glares, "found out that if he brings an item that means enough to you it unlocks my door."
"Like those voice unlock diaries?" You ask without remembering you’re talking to a bunch of demons. They all look at you in confusion.
"I guess I forgot to inform you, love. I've been trying to find another spell that would work but nothing does unless you want to prick a finger every time you want to enter."
You look to the others, hoping they'll explain your other questions. 
"Lucifer wouldn't suspect them, besides you said you didn't want to be involved if itd affect your relationship…and they would," Satan said.
"They've been helping me beat the level we got stuck on. You gave up but I didn't. I'd like to play it with you but it got boring." Levi grumbles.
You look to Beel, "You said I had to get better at sharing. Im trying." He whispers and…you did say that, didn't you? 
“But what about Belphie usually you sleep in my room or on me. You haven’t been? Or Mammon, you’re always distant when you would go out with me, you never hang out with me anymore. And Asmo, you never invite me over for makeovers or spa days like you used to.”
Belphie looks into your eyes sadly, “You haven’t been home for a couple of months, I sleep here a lot.”
“More like every night,” Levi grumbles.
“If ya didn’t want to be smothered I thought you wouldn’t want me around since I’m ya know…always around.”
Asmo wraps his arms around you out of nowhere, startling you a bit but you can’t help but melt into the affection “I didn’t want to ignore you! You’re my beautiful Y/N! But they said you probably wouldn’t wanna do our spa days anymore.” 
You slowly step away, all the new information sinking in and your bones chill a bit. “You all took one comment and used it to isolate me so far to the point my heart is broken and I almost left my home. This was a misunderstanding and I know that but you all should have known better. This will not be easy to fix.”
“We’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you Y/N. “ Satan says and they all, including the exchange student, nod.
You bite your lip nervously and scan all of their eyes. "You should've asked." You hesitate for a second, “But I’ll stay if you won’t do that shit again.”
A chorus of ‘We promise's fill the room and you can feel parts of your heart pull together but it will be a while before it’s whole again.
"Does this mean I don't have ta avoid Y/N anymore?" Mammon asks.
Involuntarily your lips curl up, "No Mammon, you don't."
He lets out a groan and pulls you into his arms, "Finally! I missed ya."
He goes ridged and pulls back, quickly backtracking his words, " I-I mean not like MISSED ya just like I dont like when I can't do my job and I couldn't-"
"Mammon?" You cut him off.
"I missed you too." And pull him back into the hug before he could say more.
“Hey! We missed Y/N too!” Asmo whines and pulls me into his arms, inevitably bringing Mammon with me.
All the brothers, including the ever-composed Lucifer, join in for the hug, and for the first time in months there's laughter in the House of Lamentation.
Mammon, Belphie, and Levi have fallen asleep on your bed, Beel was left sitting asleep on the floor after a TV marathon. Lucifer had reluctantly gone back to his office and Satan had gone back to his room with Asmo getting his beauty sleep in his room. You had called Barbatos earlier to tell him you were no longer leaving. 
You sigh as the credits roll once again and look to your bed from the desk chair your sat on. Despite the pleas from the brothers you didn't really wanna be suffocated in a cuddle pile. With no room left on your bed, you turn off the TV and head to the living room.
 Opening the doors you see the other exchange student sitting on one of the couches hunched over and clutching a mug.
Taking in a deep breath you wondered if you were mad at them or just mad at what happened. As you look at them you come to the realization it's both. They didn't have the right to speak for you and pretend for months that they were innocent every day you saw each other at school. When you would tell them the brothers were avoiding you, how much it hurt. It may have started innocently but they took advantage of it. 
With determination in your steps, you approach them and their eyes look up at you. A heavy breath leaves their lips and they almost look pitiful from the guilt in their eyes.
"Y/N… I didn't want to interrupt but I'm so sorry."
You sit in an armchair next to the couch and level with them, "You're sorry?"
They nod and you scan their face for a second, "What exactly are you sorry for?" You ask.
"I'm sorry for telling them, I know it wasn't my place."
"So you aren't sorry for pretending it wasn't your fault that they were avoiding me? You aren't sorry for telling Asmo I didn't want spa days anymore? Or taking advantage of the time they didn't spend with me?" 
They look at you shocked and frozen. They flounder for a while but you don't give them time to find an excuse.
"I don't really care why you did it. If you ever try to separate me from them again they won't take it lightly anymore and neither will I. It would benefit you to remember that they are seven of the most powerful demons and I am not just a human. We aren't friends and I do not value your company anymore. You betrayed my trust and used me. Don't do it again, this is a special opportunity so don't waste it."
You rise from your chair leaving them behind, scared and guilty. You forget about sleeping on the couch, not wanting to be around them after all your anger surfaced the more you spoke. 
As you got back to your room to see four of the boys in your room you decide that a cuddle pile sounds like exactly what you need after these past six months.
Climbing in bed Mammon wraps his arm around your waist, holding himself to your back and you grab Levi's hand. If you make any more contact you worry he may implode. You sigh and relax into the affection you so desperately missed and you can feel more of your heart piece back together.
And if in the morning you see the new student eating breakfast alone and Lucifer smirking you don't question why.
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house-ad · 9 days
Tumblr media
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Mc: Are you having another depressive episode? Levi: A depressive episode? Levi: I'm having a depressive series and we're just on season one.
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gepeldebanaan · 4 months
hihi may i rq a romantic-ish obey me imagine w/ a gn mc, they have 0 facial expression and is so straightforward and blunt but one day the brothers get turned into their animal forms and suddenly mc starts smiling and petting them. how would the brothers react ? tyy - 👺 anon
hello hello anon! ask and you shall receive 😌 no but seriously THIS IS CUTE🫡🫡 hereeee we goooo:
the brothers reacting to a suddenly affectionate mc :}
Tumblr media
tw: none!
genre: fluffiesss
Tumblr media
- normally too proud to admit he wants your affection
- but shhh dont tell anyone
- that doesnt mean he doesnt like how you normally are! he just-
- he is touch starved okay?
- will act smug about it on the outside
- but also you can’t help but notice his surprise
- “well ofcourse, if you want to touch me, by my guest.”
mammonnn :D
Tumblr media
- YOU WHAT NOW???????????!!!!
- his beautiful skin will now have a beautiful blush aswell
- like
- you’ve never seen him blush this much
- your smile makes him melt
- its safe to say he is putty in your hands
- ruffle his hair too :)
- do it :)
- or scratch behind his ears maybe?
- pleaseee????
- “oh, yeah, right there, that’s the spot!”
leviathan (open your eyeeesss wooaahh)
Tumblr media
- might die on the spot
- chance of fainting 99%
- also putty
- he didn’t know he was this touch starved until now
- wished you would do this more often (IF YOU WANT TO OFC) but never knows how to ask
- ah, what a good boi
Tumblr media
- lets out an actual noice of surprise
- oh
- this is nice
- might tease you a bit about your change of behavior
- but overall just enjoys the moment :}
- might let out a few nya’s
- thinks its really cute
- *insert nya*
Tumblr media
- oooo~
- what do we have here?
- “i knew you wanted to touch me!”
- might pull you in his arms
- he’s all yours ;}
- “what a pretty smile you have~”
- yes yes very much approved
- he likes your usual self
- but this side sure is a pleasant one
- “wanna feel my fluffy ears?”
- encourages you to do this more often (IF YOU WANT TO)
beel :}
Tumblr media
- okay
- yeah thats nice
- *insert puppy smile*
- little surprised but doesnt comment on it
- after all we all have different sides
- bows down for you
- wants to hug you now
Tumblr media
- allows
- his first reaction is to chuckle softly
- you’re so cute
- very chill about
- its nice, but if you don’t wanna do it again its okay
- he kinda sad but also respects your boundaries
- will invite you over for cuddles and naps more now :}
Tumblr media
ALROIGHT MATE i hope this was okay!! thank you so much for requesting 👺 anon :}
yours truly,
Tumblr media
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umiushiii · 12 days
Tumblr media
Asmo for Christmas chibi number 5!
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lwtkmm · 6 months
They loved you, didn't they?
Part 7
Part 6
Remember, you are loved, you are special, you are worth it, your presence matters and you are beautiful.
Tw : manipulation, gaslighting,mentions of SH ,depressing thoughts, attempted suicide.
They loved you ,didn't they?
No they didn't
" Pardon me but that's one of the most lowly thing I've ever heard a human do " Raphael sighed with frowned eyebrows.
" I'm scared Raph" You looked down.
" Don't worry mc, I'm sure we'll find a way out of this." He placed his hand on you head and you'd be lying to yourself if you refused to admit that it was most relaxing feeling you've ever received. Raphael's touch emitted warmth through your whole body. It felt amazing.
Especially after being terrified by Umi , last night. You decided to tell Raphael and Barbatos, the latter getting ready to bring her to his 'secret torture room'. You didn't tell Luke, he's still young to know such cruel things.
Devildom wasn't the same for you anymore. When you had first come to devildom, their was an lively, enthusiastic aura around but now, the air only has a bitter, depressing taste. Maybe this was God's way of punishing you for involving yourself with demons. They were demons for a reason, they were sinners and involving yourself with a sinner was as bad a committing a sin.
You were exhausted. Exhausted of being used by other's for their own asset , exhausted of getting things forced upon you, exhausted of being accused of something you haven't done. Exhausted of everything.
"But.. Barbs.. "
"As much as I hate to say it, this is the only way you can make yourself heard, have revenge for the wrong doing. Trust me "
You stared at your D.D.D . You hadn't replied to barbatos yet, you didn't know what to say . Revenge? Did you really want revenge? Or did you just wanted to let go of all the pain?
Umi had made it an habit of coming in you room and spending hours there, manipulating and gaslighting you in thinking that the others hated you and she was the only one who loved you you'd be nothing without her. It was as if her words were slowly ebbing away the little life that was left in you.
The amount of time Umi spent with you was only getting more every day and it had started bugging the brothers. They started threatening you to leave Umi alone to a point that mammon and you had gotten into a nasty argument and again, Mammon brought up your past, reopening the old wounds and carving new ones.
You had stopped self harm, all the covering up had went into vain since Luke had seen them and the boy had cried his eyes out. You had promised him not to do it every again. That was the saddest you had ever seen Luke. You of course wouldn't hurt his heart, you wouldn't do it again.... Would you?
6 months had passed since Umi first came to Devildom. It was her birthday , the brothers had been planning to make this her most unforgettable birthday ever. They had strictly warned you to stay in your room that day because " We don't want you ruining Umi's special special day with your gloominess " Leviathan sneered.
That was the last push you needed to fall into the ultimate dark abyss. Everyone was downstairs celebrating Umi's birthday while you were in your room, crying into the pillow. Crying every single wound out. You got up, still sobbing and grabbed your bag, searching something. You pulled out a bottle of anti-depressants, you had managed to grab them when you had gone to the human world with Barbatos, without his notice. You had been taking them, without telling anyone. With shaky hands you uncapped the bottle
1 , 2 , 3 .... 10 . Enough to... Enough to....
Should you really do it? Is that what you wanted? To perish away?
You started hearing voices again.
Do it mc
Should I?
They don't need to anyways
Don't you want to be free
You're useless, waste
Maybe.. Just maybe somewhere in their heart, they still had a little love for you .
But no , the way they treated you for the past months, the way they absolutely despised your presence, they didn't. They didn't.
You gulped and brought your hand nearer , yet your mouth trembled to open. You heard the faint voices of everyone singing happy birthday. They were celebrating downstairs while here you were trying to hold on to life , find a meaning to it. Huh! Pathetic .
Your mind went blank for a moment, it was as if voices inside your head were screaming again, but the only change was that this voice was different, this Voice was foreign between the terrifying screams. It was telling you to stop, telling you to live for yourself. Suddenly you snapped back into reality. You don't know why but you felt enraged and threw the pills off your hands, the fall making thud sounds. Your mind raced with thoughts.
'Why? Why should I? Why should I let go of my life for someone who doesn't care about me? Why should I shed tears for someone not worth it? They don't deserve me! I did not deserve this mistreatment! I did not deserve to be used and manipulated! They don't have the right to control my life, my behavior! I WILL NOT THROW AWAY MY LIFE FOR SOMEONE SO INSIGNIFICANT! I am own person, not someone's replica! I am not Lilith, I am Mc, the strong me.'
The malicious voices inside your head started screaming and hurting your head. But no, every has their bottom line and it was far left behind. You wouldn't let anyone control you again. You screamed while holding your head , your mind fighting those voices to leave. you dropped on your knees and panted loudly, everything in the house had went silent.
Suddenly the door knob of your room turned open and Luke with Raphael and Barbatos in tow barged in.
" Mc! " He cried, shocked to see your state.
He ran in your arms, crying. Pillows torn open, matted hair, pills on the floor, stationary lying on the floor, bed messed up, tear dried cheeks and you sweating so profoundly. A lot had happened there.
" Mc are you okay? What happened?! " Raphael was horrified.
" I am okay " You didn't cry anymore. You had won in your head, you had won your own consciousness.
Barbatos smiled to himself and sat beside you. "I suppose you're ready for it? Aren't you Mc? Come on, win yourself , the part of you that you had lost " He held out his hand and you didn't question or think, you took his hand .
The four of y'all went downstairs. Everyone was looking at you.
"Tch. Ya really know how to ruin every moment " Mammon tched at you.
It didn't hurt. You simply looked at him and smiled, sneering a remark, " No Mammon, I'm not you. "
" Whaddya say ?! "
You ignored him and walked towards Umi who was staring hearts at you, No, you would not let yourself go through tha manipulation and blaming. She didn't deserve your love.
When you spoke, their was power in your voice "Oh Umi sweetheart, I suppose everyone gave you your presents, Even I brought I present for you, I know you'll love my present the most "
" Why would Umi want present from a useless human like you " Belphie remarked .
" Well as long as I know, Umi wouldn't want a present from a lazy fucking cow, who's fucking rude to others for no reason and does nothing but laze around and who hated humans for his dead sister having a boo "
Next thing you saw, belphie was in his demon form and was ready to charge at you only to be held back by you .
"STAY" Only one word and Belphegor, the avatar of sloth was restricted of movement.
Your every word dripped venom , " Why? Do you feel enraged? Do you feel traumatized because I brought up your past? I brought up your trauma? How ironic! " You laughed.
You looked back at Umi " You'll LOOOOOVE my present ~ "
You took out your phone and smiled to yourself, well if you were to leave that place, you wanted to make sure you leave a chaos behind.
" So you see Umi , my present is actually something lovely I recorded for you "
Lucifer's patience was running thin .
" Mc you! -" He stopped as you played the recording.
All the events that had happened was spilt one by one . At the end, everyone was silent.
Diavolo was the first one to speak , " Umi, is this true? " There was severity in his voice.
" Diavolo I - "
This time he screamed " I asked, IS THIS TRUE?! "
She flinched and closed her eyes tightly, turning her head away, she said " Yes! YES! THIS IS ALL TRUE , EVERYTHING I SAID IN THIS RECORDING WAS ALL TRUE. AND NONE OF YOU DESERVE MC! NONE OF YOU "
Every one gasped and looked at Umi then back at you. You had a smug look on your face.
Diavolo spoke " Mc -"
You snapped. " Save it Diavolo , save your fake words "
" Mc, I didn't know this -"
Beel was already in tears " Mc, please listen to us"
you were in tears, panting. But those weren't tears of sadness, those were tears of anger and pain. You were letting out all the pain inside you.
" I thought you all were angels and demons who had been living for like thousands and thousands of years, but y'all are even stupider than humans. "
" Mc, I am so sorry, I never thought things were this way. Please forgive me "
" You're a disgrace Simeon, never speak of forgiveness to me again, your place isn't in the celestial realm, it's here in the devildom, you deserve to live in agony and guilt "
" Mc, give me one chance to explain. "
" Oh and if it isn't the sorcerer. Aren't you called 'king Solomon the wise'? But turns out the great king Solomon is a fucking idiot. Where is your wisdom ,your majesty ? "
You turned to Diavolo, " I hope your exchange program, the only fucking thing you care about , gets wrecked. I hate you Diavolo. I wish I had a stronger word than hate to describe my loathe for you. "
You turned to the Lucifer.
" Lucifer morningstar, your pride will be your down fall one day. Just the way you turned a disappointed to your father"
And then to Belphegor,
" Now I know why your sister is dead "
Then leviathan ,
" You know what Leviathan, everything you ever said about yourself, it's all true, it's all damn true. You're a shame in the name of demon. "
Satan was next,
" Having knowledge doesn't mean you're intelligent. I've heard about demons manipulating humans but this is my first time seeing a human manipulating demons and even the wisest demon got fooled by her. What a shame. And before you come at me, I'm not a part of someone's detest, I have my own identity, which you, will never. "
You didn't anger or yell at them, you only pulled back their trauma from the deepest part of their heart and twisted the knife so many times that it was beyond healing. Just the way they did to you .
You then stood before Mammon, " My first man, who was supposed to protect me became my biggest threat. Pathetic . "
" I beg for forgiveness mc "
You stomped your feet as you felt a strong force pulling you in his embrace, it was your once beloved, the person who you trusted the most, the one you never thought would betray you, Asmodeus, crying his eyes out.
" Mc, darling. I'm so sorry, I feel so terrible, please forgive me, we can forget about this and be together again . You know I love you "
'You know I love you' you pushed him off you.
" Get off me you pest. "
" Mc.. "
at this a few tears fell from your eyes, Asmo hurted you the worst. Heartbreak does hurt more than anything.
" Mc.. Can we talk? " It was Umi.
You turned towards her and spoke in a soft But powerful tone "you're pathetic Umi, just for you to know, I'll never love you. I'll never love someone so cruel, manipulating, lifeless as you. By the way, I still need to thank you for showing me their true colors. So Umi, I kindly ask you to get the fuck out of my life. "
"Diavolo, I want to go back, to the human world. "
You turned back "you were right Lucifer, I'd be better off in the human world. "
" Mc, no please we can fix this " Lucifer pleaded pushing all his pride aside.
" Luke, Raphael thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being there for me. And Barbatos, I don't know how I can thank you, if it weren't for you, I would have never gotten the courage to do so " Your tone softened and you hugged Barbatos tightly.
"Barbatos? You knew?! "
" Yes M'lord "
" And you didn't tell me the truth? "
" Why try? It's not like you would have changed your mind M'lord. "
" Now if you Diavolo, I did not stutter when I said I wanted to go back "
" It.. It shall be done mc "
" Very well, then I shall go back and pack up my stuff. And by that I mean the stuff I brought with me from the human world initially ."
You walked upstairs and looked down at everyone. They were all sobbing or were at Umi's throat. You didn't care anymore.
" Tell me you'll miss me " Luke was already crying.
" Yes Luke I'll miss you and I'll always contact you"
" Pinky promise? "
" Pinky promise "
" Mc please don't forget me " He hugged you. Damn. You were trying so hard not to cry but seeing Luke always made you soft.
" I hope wherever you go, you're always happy mc. I'll pray for you to father " Raphael smiled.
" Thank you Raphael. Thank you so much " You smiled back.
You walked towards the open portal.
" Goodbye mc "
" Goodbye barbs, I'll miss you "
You walked into the portal, leaving all your scars behind. You were ready to start fresh .You didn't care looking behind at the crying faces .
You were glad you were leaving them.
Alone. Yet again.
It was indeed Umi's most unforgettable birthday. But at what cost?
They loved you, didn't they?
No they didn't.
( after story)
(Satan angst)
The end
Ps : thank you to everyone who supported me and showed so much love to this au. Remember this an Au and the brothers or the others would never replace the Mc because they trust and love Mc a lot. Have a great day <3 ~ Hani ♡︎♥︎
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amaya-writes · 15 days
Pulling in the obey me boys by the belt/tie or whatever and kissing them? I would like to know how they'd react to a reader wanting to try having more control. If you don't want to do all of them then just Asmo, Diavolo, Levi, Beel, and Simeon is fine by me
Notes: i wanted to do all of them but didn't have the time 😭 so I did the first 2
Warnings: no NSFW but there is a lot of kissing/lowkey making out in some
Characters involved: Asmodeus, Diavolo
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
"You look amazing."
The compliment effortlessly rolled off of your lips at the sight of Asmodeus in the new suit he chose to try on, just like it had for every other piece of clothing he had picked out for the business dinner he and Mammon were supposed to attend.
But this time your words seemed to do more harm than good, for they only served to worsen the pout on Asmo's lips.
"You've said that for every other outfit too."
You couldn't help the giggle you let out at his annoyed state, but were quick to hop up from your perch on his bed and slot yourself before Asmo just as he began to complain.
"Honestly, I-"
Tugging on his perfectly ironed tie probably wasn't the best way to shut him up, but you found it hard to care about the repercussions of your actions when Asmodeus let out such a cute whine as your lips softly pressed against his.
You stayed like that for a moment, with his tie fisted in one of your hands while the other settled on his jaw to deepen the kiss.
By the time you pulled away the both of you were visibly breathless and a pink flush dusted Asmodeus's cheeks. A sight that heavily contradicted the smirk he sent your way as he leaned in for another kiss.
And another, and another, until the two of you forgot why you were kissing in the first place. However, your bubble was quickly burst by a loud call from a very impatient Mammon.
"Hmm I think I'll stick with this suit."
Asmo placed one last peck on your lips before straightening himself up and bidding you goodbye, but you found yourself rooted in your spot even as he disappeared past the bedroom door.
You had discovered a new side of Asmodeus that day. And you planned to exploit it without restraint.
That was the fifth time you had called out the demon prince's name, but just like every other time your affectionate call was ignored by the brunette.
It wasn't like he was trying to ignore you. You would have probably lost your temper by then if that was the case.
Diavolo was just distracted by the pile of paperwork before him, so much so that he seemed to lose track of what was happening around him.
This wasn't the first time he had gotten so awfully absorbed in his work. Perhaps that was why you found it easy to lean against his desk and loop your foot around the bottom of his chair so that you could roll it towards you.
Diavolo snapped his gaze away from his papers at the sudden gesture, instead turning to finally face you.
"Did you need something, my love?"
The pet name helped vanquish any lingering annoyance you felt, making room for the longing you had felt all day.
It was why you allowed one of your hands to wrap around Diavolo's tie and pull him towards you for a short but sweet kiss, one that he was more than happy to reciprocate after a surprised pause.
"I miss you."
You could tell he knew what you were doing with your small pouts and seemingly innocent whispers, but somehow, Diavolo didn't seem to mind your little tricks to distract him.
If anything he seemed more than amused as he tugged you down to him until you were seated on his lap.
One of his hands remained wrapped around your waist while the other returned to the pile of papers before him, however the way Diavolo shifted to lean his chin on your shoulder as he read through the paper scribbled small notes told you everything he couldn't.
The crown prince of the Devildom was a busy demon, but even with so many tasks piling upon his shoulders, he would always find a way to make time for you.
Especially if you asked so cutely.
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shiosblog · 7 months
Diavolo when he first met mc
Tumblr media
Asmo when solomon or mc flirts back:
Tumblr media
Mammon, Lucifer, Leviathan to mc:
Tumblr media
Mammon to mc:
Tumblr media
Mc to Beel, Diavolo, Mammon, Asmo:
Tumblr media
Anti-lucifer league
Tumblr media
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Asmo: Self-care is stuff like taking a bubble bath or putting on a lot of make up if you like that or taking a nice warm nap and stuff like that.
Mc: Self-care is the burning heat when rage washes over you. Self-care is when you feel the bones crack under your powerful fists. Self-care is the fear in your enemies' eyes.
Belphie: Self-care is stealing someone's birthday cake just to eat the frosting.
Mc: If you touch my birthday cake, I’ll make you eat your hands.
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freyyzu · 1 month
a/n; it’s been getting really chilly here lately which means it’s the perfect time for comfort fics. i’ve been getting back into obey me lately so i wanted to try my hand at writing for the boys a bit. any constructive criticism is welcomed :>
Tumblr media
► Winter in the Devildom was chillier than what you're used to in the Human realm. What you had grown accustomed to as cool suddenly dips further in temperature into cold. Your breath comes out as puffs of white, and your hands redden at the fingertips.
Lucifer dotes on you just a bit more than usual, making sure your room is warm at all times. It never drops below a certain temperature, and even when you tell him that you're perfectly fine, he insists. Nights are a bit too warm for your liking, but you don't have the heart to tell him otherwise — and it's perfect for anyone else who decides to sneak under your bedsheets at night.
That someone just so happens to be Mammon, who finds your body heat even more comforting than usual. "How are ya' still so warm? I'm freezin' my ass off here." With the way his hands crawl up the backside of your shirt and legs tangling with one another you can tell he's lying, but there's no way you're going to tell him to let go even if you were burning up under your sheets.
Levi makes it a point to sit as close as sociably possible next to you whenever you come over to play games. There's one blanket thrown over both of your shoulders, and you coolly let him lie when he tells you it's his only one. Your shoulders aren't quite touching just yet, but whenever you win and throw your arms around him in a victory hug you could've sworn his ears started shooting out steam.
Thankfully, Satan's favorite place to read, other than his chambers, contains a fireplace that burns brightly enough to warm up the entire room. You take quick notice of the way he glances at you from time to time, unable to focus on his own book, and so you relent and ask him to move over to make some space for you. "Well, if you're really that cold I suppose we could just read this one together." You don’t comment on how quickly his arm moves to wrap around your shoulder.
Warm baths have always been a staple of Asmo's daily routine, and now they're going to become a staple of yours for at least the next couple of months. Scented candles, bath bombs, and the gentle caress of his hands helping you wash was more than you bargained for, but not at all unwelcomed. You can say with confidence when it's done that not only are you thoroughly flushed, but all the stress from the day has simply washed away.
The only time Beel decides that it's worth saving snacks is for you. As soon as you walk into the kitchen there's three cups of hot cocoa — one comically larger than the other two — waiting for you. "Ah, I was gonna invite you to the attic with Belphie and I, but since you're here let's go together!" And even though you're sure to find it harder to sleep after this, you just can't deny him when he looks at you with such an expectant expression.
Belphie's favorite resting spot has always been (and will continue to be) your thighs, and the further the temperature dips the more he's determined to make it known. He shifts once, hair tickling your legs, and lets out a pleased hum as your hands rake through his locks down to his cheeks. "Keep it there," he mumbles, reaching up to press your palm closer before finally falling dozing off. Your legs are sure to go numb after this, but it’s worth it to see him so content.
► Winter in the Devildom, while chillier than what you're used to compared to the Human realm, has also never been warmer.
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iced-cofee · 3 months
what's going on in the house of commerce
Tumblr media
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moonwritesatnight · 1 month
Can you write yandere Asmodeus headcanon from obey me?
ooh, I love Asmodeus but never actually thought of him as a yandere, this scares me but I like it at the same time, enough about my spiel, here's your headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The clingiest Yandere every
He's also very delusional about his darling loving him
Hugs his darling every time they come into a room or when he sees them at RAD
Clings to them the most when he sees his darling talking to anyone else
He often thinks you already like him because who cannot enjoy when he flirts with you
Asmodeus would fall in love with you if you even talked to him or let him do your hair, paint your nails, etc
Even if you tell Asodeus that you don't like him, he knows that you do
He'll think your just insecure to admit it or astonished that someone as good looking as him likes you
He knows that he can't kidnap his darling since he knows that Lucifer watches you and he'd know if you went missing
He just makes sure that you don't see anyone else but him
If his darling doesn't want to get stressed out just talk to him and he won't be as clingy
Tumblr media
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