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shansama · a day ago
No, Because the brothers favoritism on MC is different.
MC could smack the shit out of someone and someone snitched they would just straight not believe them like "MC would never do something like that."
And when they see it themselves they will be like "MC surely have a reason on why they hit you. Now tell me, What did you do to make MC want to hit you?"
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thewritetofreespeech · 2 days ago
Hc the brothers react to mom mc baby’s first words being them calling the brothers daddy
Obey me Brothers + Baby’s first word
*note: these are hc on MC’s baby conceived without the brother*
Would be surprised
He’s been called ‘big brother’ before, but he never thought that anyone would call him ‘daddy’
Smiles warmly at the child, and doesn’t correct them
Secretly thinks about having other children with MC so he can have a whole bunch of them call him ‘daddy’.
Has been trying to get the baby to say ‘Mammon’ since the day they were born
When they call him ‘daddy’ instead, he’s completely stunned
He tries to play it off like it’s no big deal. Kids call everyone ‘da-da’ when they’re learning to talk
Actually almost in tears he’s so happy they called him ‘daddy’ first
Not really interested in the baby, at first
They don’t really do anything and have very high potential of being normies
He only becomes interested in the baby once he’s decided that they’re kind of like a living dress up figurine he can put cute cosplay outfits on
When they call him ‘daddy’ the first time, he has to lock himself in his room for a week because he’s otaku-joy-freaking out
Has the most interest in teaching the baby things
Read up on all the milestones, and best ways to teach infants
When they suddenly call him ‘daddy’ for the first time, he is noticeably shocked
He tries to brush it off, even if his cheeks are red, and attempts to correct the baby into calling him by his proper name
Is so excited he actually squeals
First, he’s incredibly moved to be called ‘daddy’ by his sweet little angel boo
Second, he’s honestly just excited he wasn’t called ‘mama’ instead. His beautiful, delicate looks sometimes leads to mistakes
Immediately gets daddy-baby shirts for him and the baby so they can be official
It’s honestly not a surprise that the baby called him ‘daddy’
Beel is a big protector. Of MC, his brothers, basically everyone.
He’s been taking care and helping out MC since they had the baby, so he’s really become a surrogate father to them; whether he realized or not
He doesn’t make a big deal out of it, but does admit it feels nice that they call him ‘daddy’ when he picks them up
Also on #teamnokid, but he’s a lot more firm in his stance than Levi is
He doesn’t like the baby because he’s the baby, and anything that takes MC’s attention away from him is something he doesn’t like
Honestly surprised that they call him ‘daddy’ since he rarely has any interaction with them
Very sternly says “I’m not your dad kid” before he hands them back to MC or someone else
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leviachansbaka · a day ago
Tumblr media
kissing your cheek
headcanon, all characters x gn ! reader, fluff
Tumblr media
Lucifer has been watching you for a while. You've been working so hard lately, trying to help the Student Council out, keeping up with classes, and looking after everyone. Isn't it tiring? After you accidentally fall asleep in the living room, Lucifer approaches you quietly, covering you with his coat and softly placing a kiss on your cheek. Lucifer finds your sleeping face soothing. He could admire you forever.
Mammon can't stand you hanging around others so much at RAD. It's clear they're interested in you, but you keep insisting on giving them the time of the day. And by now, it should be clear to everyone that you're his and only his. Before going back to the House of Lamentation, Mammon shyly kisses your cheek. He loves you dearly and wants you to pay more attention to him from now on.
You're the best friend an otaku could have. Leviathan loves talking, playing video games, and watching anime with you. To be more specific, he loves spending time with you in general. Your presence brings him a sense of peace and acceptance, something that he would never say to your face. After finally clearing a pretty hard level, Levi excitedly kisses your cheek. He panics and goes completely red after noticing what he just did.
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful day outside, and Satan invited you to go on a walk searching for cats with him. Satan loves talking to you throughout the way, regardless of the subject. Your voice is music to his ears, and Satan appreciates you lots. After petting and feeding the cats, the demon surprises you by kissing your cheek. The way you look at his feline friends is so cute to him.
When is Asmo not kissing you? Well, anyways... If you're studying, Asmodeus sneaks behind you and places a soft kiss on your cheek. If you're washing the dishes, Asmo puts his hands around your waist and gives you another peck. If you're scrolling down your cellphone for no reason, Asmodeus pushes you close to him and softly kisses your face. You're probably getting 50 kisses a day, Asmo can't get enough of you, and he has tons of different lipsticks to put to use.
Beel loves you so much, and sometimes he doesn't know how to put his feelings into words. When this happens, he tells you how much he and his brothers appreciate you and makes small loving gestures, such as holding your hand or asking for a hug. One day, after eating Spicy Rainbow Pizza, Beel feels its scent on you. He showers your face with little kisses, hoping to taste what's gone. But he keeps kissing you, since your skin feels very nice to him.
Tumblr media
Belphie is always snuggling up to you. He finds you so comfortable to use as a pillow. Every time Belphegor wants to annoy or tease you, the lazy demon showers you with kisses. And when he wants you to keep laying around in bed with him, he holds you close, whispering sweet things into your ears while taking breaks to place gentle kisses on your eyelids and cheeks.
Making you join the Student Council was one of the best things Diavolo has ever done. This way, he could spend a little more time with you. He loved hearing your opinions as a human, and how your voice sounded was enough to give him the motivation to finish his work. Once no one else is around, he excitedly kisses your cheek when you're expecting the least.
Barbatos was used to tending the Hell's Garden by himself, but having you around to keep him some company made everything much better. It was nice seeing how you reacted to seeing different Devildom flowers for the first time. After all, your curiosity never failed to amuse him. He couldn't help but give you a small peck on the cheek.
Tumblr media
After spending the whole day helping Simeon look after Luke (and Solomon, grandpa is unhinged), Simeon goes to prepare some tea while you rest in the living room, accidentally falling asleep. Once he's back, Simeon admires how peaceful you are. Simeon places a gentle kiss on your cheek. He'll let you rest for a little longer.
No matter how powerful Solomon is, he'll never get tired of asking you to join or help him with his magic experiments. He adores having you around and sharing his knowledge with the human he loves the most, especially when potions, curses, and spells are involved. The Sorcerer mischievously kisses your cheek every time you're not looking.
Joining Luke in his baking classes with Master Barbatos was one of the best things you could have done. Besides spending time with them and entertaining yourself by watching their father-son dynamic, you also got to eat delicious sweets baked by them, isn't it heavenly? Luke excitedly places a small kiss on your and Barbatos' cheek. After all, dogs and kids love to spend time with their families.
Tumblr media
Everything was an accident, and it wasn't even your fault, but Thirteen was so mad! How come you were walking by when she was trying to kill Solomon for the 5th time today? Can't you see where you're going? Now your faces are too close and- Watching Thirteen turn into a blushing mess was fun, but now you'll have to worry about running away and staying alive.
You challenged Mephistopheles to kiss you in exchange for some funny photos of Lucifer. It was possible to see the blood rushing to his face, though it was hard to tell if this was happening because he was angry or embarrassed (maybe both?). He quickly kissed your cheek and tried his best to fake a disgusting expression afterward.
Solomon cooked something *special* and gave it to you as a gift, isn't it wonderful? After you stared at it with a soulless expression for 10 minutes, Raphael's stomach grumbled. The angel wanted a bite of whatever Solomon created, and you offered it to him. Though Raphael is not very expressive, he was pretty happy about the meal and placed a gentle kiss on your cheek as thanks.
Tumblr media
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devildomwriter · a day ago
Game Fun Facts 91-100
• When a human threatened Belphegor with a gun Diavolo revealed his demon form and threatened to send the royal army after the man
• Diavolo isn’t good at handling droptowers and crazy roller coasters but has a try-try-again attitude about them
• The painting in Lucifer’s room was blurred due to copyright reasons but originally portrayed an angel falling form heaven and being dragged by demons into hell
• Simeon and Lucifer used to be very close in the celestial realm. They’d run errands together, take naps in the fields, and had movie nights so often they still don’t need to communicate what they want with each other to just know
• Belphegor could often be found asleep in the tree tops as an angel
• Beelzebub often gnaws on his pillows in his sleep
• In the student council room is a box where students make requests/complaints/etc. when it is full it overflows with blood
• Satan and Beelzebub got into a fight over who loved Devilcat more
• Not knowing what to do when the laundry machine started overflowing with suds Raphael called down his rain of spears upon it
• Leviathan was once in charge of detention and made everyone read TSL and write a 100 page report on their impressions of it
81-90 •
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therainningtown · a day ago
Hello! Feel free to ignore this if it makes you uncomfy! May I please request a male MC getting genuinely pissed at the other demons (not the brothers) in the Devildom? Like I think someone makes one too many “Y’know Mammon is pretty useless” / “Asmo is about as useful as Beel is smart.” comments or something along that lines and MC just starts a full on brawl. I want to see all 7 brothers staring at the fight like “👁️👄👁️ 🧍‍♂️”Bonus points if MC wins! It’s up to you if it ends with fluff or angst I just wanna see angry MC lmao. Thank you in advance!!
HELL THE FUCK—*Cough* *Cough* Sure :3
Mc Getting PISSED At Other Demons For Insulting The Brothers
His outer reaction would be that of dissatisfaction.
But on the inside, he’s clenching his chest.
He just…Never had someone do that to defend him. Especially you, who is weaker than the demon you faced.
But he can’t make it a habit.
So he lectures you, very lightly. That akin to a slap on the wrist.
He knows you got insane satisfaction for it. But one must not fight for the avatar of pride.
You know Lucifer’s inner reaction?
Yeah that’s Mammon on the inside and outside.
He can’t believe it! His precious Mc, fought in his name ゚.+(〃ノωノ)゚.+°
Though, he’s your first man! He should be defending you!
Not the opposite way around! so no fighting anymore Mc.
He must protect you from the mean demons now.
He can’t believe his own ears!!
“B-but I’m just a worthless..Mmhp.” Yeah just shut him up.
You say that he’s your bestest of friends, and he doesn’t deserve that type of talk.
His eyes start to glaze, “Y-You…You’re so sweeet Mccc, My Hennnry!”
He starts to cry, And Henry is judging you both.
“Mc? What did we say about biting their ankles?” “Not to do it.” “And what did you do?” “Bite their eyeball…” “Wait what?”
Joking aside, he already knew what you accomplished.
He felt that rage in the pact, and how some people talked about the green glow.
He actually lectures you about it, he knows wrath. And it ain’t pretty for anyone including yourself.
Then he checks for any injuries. *Gotta make sure babe is okay!*
“Oh Mc~ You make feel so many things!” He fawns as you and the guy you’re beating up stare at him.
“Just continue…” “Gladly.”
After you’re finally done, Asmo jumps and attacks you with love. *Take it as you will.*
Its that. He never had someone do that for him.
He may be adored, but many of his fans don’t really help.
And you keep throwing surprises at him!
You really are a fantastic person~
“Mc, no.” “Mc, YES!”
Despite Beel’s size and his sports.
He never wants to jump into violence. Since of some…things.
He grabbed your flailing figure and walked away from the injured demon.
But he still gets the fuzzy feeling of love in his stomach and heart. <3
“I don’t want you hurt Mc…How about some ice cream? It helps me cool down!”
“Hm? What do you mean, ‘don’t put it on your muscles again?’”
Yeah, he ain’t doing a lot, but whatcha expect from the avatar of sloth himself?
But all that aside, he has mixed feelings about this.
1.He doesn’t like seeing you hurt or anything. 2.You really shouldn’t resort to violence that often.
How he is suppose to cuddle if you’re covered in casts?!
After a bit, he actually gets super bored and just groans to you.
“Mccc, can we go now? I need your lap to nap.”
Basically Mc:
Tumblr media
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kjrael · a day ago
Tumblr media
JEALOUSY. ׀ leviathan.
Tumblr media
 ➛ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: sub!leviathan x top!male!reader.
 ➛ᴄᴡ: human au, jealous levi, insecure levi, amab reader, daddy kink, crying, praise, reverse comfort.
 ➛sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: "it's not that i don't trust you," he sighs, slowly melting under your kisses. "it's because i don't trust myself."
 ➛ᴀ/ɴ: this was requested but i accidentally deleted the req im so sorry.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry," levi cries, his voice getting higher with every thrust, lavender hair scattered all over your desk, "please, daddy, i'm sorry, i really am."
"you sorry, huh?" you hiss, thrusting with all your anger and levi lets out a loud yelp. "for what? for ruining my meeting with foreign partners? or for calling their translator a.." you quote, mocking his tone from earlier "ugly impudent bitch?"
"s-she was.. ah!" he shakes his head, trying to free one of his hands and cover red burning face, but your grip on his wrists tightness, pressing leviathan's hands overhead. "she was looking at you!"
"yeah, she was," you grunt, "because it's her fucking job, levi."
"no! it's not.. ahh! oh lord! it's not like that!" levi denies, words muffled with moans and cries. "s-she wanted.. haah! she definitely.. ah! wanted to fuck you!"
"yeah-yeah, she was looking, she wanted... you always know what other people want to do, right?" you let go off his wrists, hands resting on either side of boy's head. feeling free he instantly covers his face, hiding from your sharp look. "i'm sick of your jealousy, levi. at first i thought that it was cute, but now.. you let your insecurities control you. everything now is a problem, isn't it? i can't talk to people without your stupid suspicions. am i really not worthy of your trust?"
"sorry, daddy.." his whisper is barely audible, and you chuckle.
"yeah of course you are, because you can't hold your fucking.. levi?" his cries suddenly not from pleasure, shoulders shaking with every quite hicc. you stopped, finally realising that you've said too much. yes, he sometimes liked lil degradation, but definitely not what you said and definitely not when he was already upset. "hey-hey, levi, sunshine, look at me," he aggressively shakes his head, refusing to show you his face, and you slightly panic. "fuck. shit. i.. fuck." taking a few deep breath and letting your mind clears a bit. "levi, love," you say carefully, trying not to scare him, giving his knuckles little kisses. "look at me please, look at daddy."
"i'm so sorry i upset you," he whispers back, "im sorry that i ruined your meeting. i know, that it's important, i know i shouldn't act like this, i know it all.. i.." leviathan lets out a convulsive hicc, his hands finally moving from face to your shoulders, fingers nervously twitching collar of your fancy jacket. "i love you so much, you're my everything and i know that im not that special," amber eyes, swollen from crying, carefully look in your. "im so so sorry, please don't be mad, i'll try to not be so annoying."
"no no no," you murmur under your breath, letting a hundreds kisses fall on levi's face. "you don't, baby, i promise, you don't."
"it's not that i don't trust you," he sighs, slowly melting under your kisses. "it's because i don't trust myself."
"oh levi.." you whisper, leaving a kiss on the tip of his nose. "listen to me carefully, baby boy," and after being sure, that all his attention is on you "i would never ever lay my eyes on someone else. you are everything that i ever wanted," you thrust, observing his reaction. and when levi quietly moans, blushing from lovely words, you smirk. "how can i think about someone else? you're so pretty, so sweet and amazing," you praise, thrusting in his shaking body with every word. "leviathan, you're the most important thing to me."
"you promise?" he mumbles, slightly smiling and you feel your heart melting.
"yes, levi, i promise."
Tumblr media
(c) 𝓚𝓳𝓻𝓪𝓮𝓵, 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐. [don't repost, translate or copy my work anywhere without my permission.]
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gr8mammon · 2 days ago
MC: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me.
Mammon: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you?
MC: Yes!
Belphie: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.
Levi, nodding solemnly: Your standards are incredibly low.
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darlingslovey · a day ago
⌑ ━ // req ; How would the obey me characters react to child Mc becoming a demon?
─ # [ fanfic | headcanon | reaction | oneshot ]
note // hello!! So sorry this took so fuckin long aaaaaa I hope I did good on this!!
cws / implied cannibalism (on Lucifer) Swearing ( even in the notes bye)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LUCIFER ─ avatar of pride
.. what just happened?..
a random blow just popped up now it's so foggy─ wait where's mc?!
And then there's mc.. with a horn and wings/tails!
w─.. Wait 😟..
how did this happen?! who did this to mc?!
well he's surprised and got overprotective of you.. demons can still eat demons..
if your still very sensitive because of your horns and new form... I guess he can baby you until you get used to it!
I'm talking about you having horns <3 not you being babied by him!.. well..
MAMMON ─ avatar of greed
mc?! What happened to you???? why adorable you suddenly have horns?
it like.. took him 20 second to process..
he's kinda sad because,, what if u can't control ur self and steal just like him and get called a scum?!
no you won't. He will make sure no one will make fun of you!
hey.. don't think that because he c─cares about you or anythin'..!
LEVIATHAN ─ avatar of envy
O my gosh... He thinks there's a magical girl that got into the hol but Uhm.. that's not possible 😁
when he saw you,, having horns, wings/tails..
nah he can't swear in front of you!...
this is just like "I Have Been Turned Into A Child Demon And I Don't Know What To Do!" and some long more....
Well.. if you can shed he can help because he has some tools!!
if you have a tail he just plays with it and what I mean by playing is making your tail hold his controllers lmfao
SATAN ─ avatar of wrath
his sixth sense is telling him that something exciting is gonna happen and a fog randomly blew,,
and then he saw you..! tho he's wondering if you still have human blood.. A demon hybrid?! Those things are so rare nowadays..
tho if you actually still have some human blood that would make things exciting! he can just go through some of his books and just tell him what you feel!!
ASMODEUS ─ avatar of lust
Eh!? What's happening! why is it so foggy!! this isn't good for him because his stressing out >:(
oh- mc? Owah!! Honey you look so cute!! not as him tho but your really close~
your horns are so cute..kya! he can't wait to dress you up!
when he realizes that your horns and Wing/tail is still sensitive.. he can help! he'll give you a spell that kind of helps heals the horns!
THE TWINS ─ avatar of gluttony and sloth
Bro wtf he was jus sleepin what happened..
beel was just about to bite his food..
and when they both saw you..thye gasped!
mc you have horns! :o
mc what the hell you have horns...?!
they rushed into you because at the fall.. there horns was really sensitive.. and was asking you if you were okay, feeling sick, or really fragile
well.. they will take care of you until you get used to being a demon!
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leavesandflowers · 2 days ago
MC: "I don't share food or lovers."
Random lower demon: "But aren't you dating all 7 demon brothers?"
MC: "Yeah, and I don't fucking share."
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betta-phish · a day ago
Tumblr media
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beels-burger-babe · 20 hours ago
Waves are Calling pt.2
***Kicking off the spooky season with Pt. 2 of Yandere Grand Admiral Levi! I hope you all are as excited for this as I am 🥰 Thank you for the support! And a special thank you to the Hive Discord for being my Beta readers and always being there for me to bounce ideas around with! -BW***
Summary: The now captured Siren!MC must adjust to their new home in the House of Lamentation. The land dweller has left them alone and now its just them and whatever else lurks in these strange halls.
Part 1
CW: Yandere behaviour/possessiveness, violence, slight gore
A small goldfish glared at you from across the room in a 40 gallon fish tank.
You found that insulting more than anything.
The fact that this small, insolent pet had the gull to glare at you for taking over what was, assumably, once its home as though it was something you had happily chosen.
Never mind the fact that you had been cowering in the farthest possible corner since being dragged away from your home, gagged and thrown here.
The land dweller hadn't shown his stupid face since imprisoning you, which was quite honestly even more insulting than the gold fish.
At least the gold fish was there for you to express your mutual hatred of each other.
All the land dweller had done was nearly suffocate you from keeping you out of the water for so long as he sailed with you on his ship, and then ran through a house with you over his shoulder at nearly break neck speed before tossing you in a giant tank and barking at you to stay quiet.
He truly is such a charmer.
You flinched back at the sudden noise, drawing closer into yourself as the resonating knocks filled the room once more.
Why would the land dweller knock on his own door? Was there someone else that lived in this hell hole as well? The land dweller didn't seem like the type to make friends which meant-
A small scratching noise came from the other side of the door and your breath hitched through your gills.
Someone was breaking in.
You frantically looked around the tank for anything to defend yourself. But all that laid were stupid painted pebbles and the occasional plant.
Having no other choice, you dove behind one of the stalks of java fern.
A low cackle filled the room as the door creaked open. "Gotta get better locks, Levi," an accented voice snickered. "Now, let's see what ya got for the Great Mammon."
Muffled shuffles and mumbling filled the room as the intruder went through the land dweller's belongings. You got glimpses through the sea plants leaves of white hair and a brown coat.
The noises suddenly stopped as the man stood in front of the goldfish's tank.
"Henry?" he thought aloud. "The hell are you doin' out here when got the big tank just over-" you squeaked and ducked down as blue eyes swept over in your direction.
Your heart pounded with every heavy foot fall moving closer to you.
"Wh-What ..."
Tap. Tap. Tap.
You winced, squeezing your eyes shut as you tried to make yourself smaller.
"Oi!" The voice shouted from the other side of the glass. "I can see ya!"
You shook your head helplessly — there wasn't much else you could do in the situation except tremble and shake.
"Hey! Hey, stop with the whole shaking thing. You look like a kicked freaking puppy," you hesitantly cracked open an eye, peering up at the confused man before you. His eyebrows were narrowed, and a frown dug at the corners of his lips, but unlike the other land dweller his eyes seemed to gleam in a sympathetic curiosity more than anything.
Cerulean eyes widened as your gazes finally locked, and for a second he almost looked flushed. "Woah," he breathed as he pressed a hand against the glass. "What are you?"
You lifted your chin, showing the man the rest of your face as you pointed the gag firmly fixed onto your face.
The man's nose scrunched up as he shook his head. "What the fuck? The hell is Levi up to?" He shook his head and made his way over to the small step ladder that stood beside the tank. "Come over here, Fish Stick."
Yeah, no way that was happening.
You narrowed your eyes at the man and flicked your tail in annoyance.
He snorted and shook his head. "Ya can throw a fit and glare at me all ya want, but that ain't gonna get the gag off ya," he smirked as he proudly gestured to himself. "Let good old Mammon help ya out so we can chat, yeah?"
You didn't exactly want to chat, but that stupid gag was digging into the corners of your mouth and was extremely uncomfortable. With another warning thump your tail, you cautiously swam over to Mammon and allowed your head to break the surface.
His breath audibly hitched as he looked down at you, "Oh," he whispered, his eyes scanning the scales dotting you cheeks and gills extending down your neck. "You're somethin' else, Fishie."
He nearly fell off the ladder as you splashed him.
"OI!" He shouted as he regained his balance. "I'm the one tryin' to help ya! Knock it off!"
You glowered at him from beneath your gag and finally moved close enough for him to reach you.
With a heavy sigh, he reach behind your head and got to work on the mechanism keeping you silent. "Fucking hell," he cursed as his arms flexed. "And here I thought Levi took good care of his pets," he paused and looked down at you. "Not that you're a pet. I mean, you could be. You do have a tail. But so does Levi sometimes. A different tail tough. His is a snake, while yours is like a gold fish or somethin'. I'm still working out what exactly you are. Never seen anythin' like ya before."
You blocked out his words, your shoulders sagging in relief as the gag was finally removed and you could stretch out your mouth.
Mammon smiled smugly at you as he swung the gag around his finger. "There! Now, don't ya have somethin' to say to your saviour?"
The man writhed on the ground clutching his ears as you continued screaming. You knew it wouldn't do anything. It wouldn't bring you back to the sea or break you out of this prison, but it felt damn good.
You smiled sweetly at him and nodded your head as you leaned in close.
The walls shook and Mammon flew off the ladder as a sonic screech burst from your mouth.
The door to the room broke open as a tall man with raven-like wings stood threateningly. His eyes snapped from Mammon struggling on the ground to you.
He faltered only for a second before, faster than you could comprehend, he lunged forward and wrapped his hand around your throat. You choked as your gills were blocked off, hissing violently as you scratched the gloved hands stopping your air supply.
"What," he growled, glaring deeply at you. "in the seven circles is a siren doing here?"
Mammon panted on the ground as he finally sat up. "I-Is that what they are?" he cursed as he brought a hand tenderly to his ears. "Fuck, I think my ears are bleeding."
Your tail whacked harshly against the glass on instinct, trying desperately to hit the man hurting you.
His ears were, in fact, bleeding.
You smiled as the crimson began to stain his hair pink. The hand around your throat grew tighter. The edge of the tank dug sharply into your torso as he pulled you down. "Do you think this is funny?" he spat. "Your kind isn't even meant to be in existence, and yet I find you here attacking my family."
"Woah, woah, calm down," Mammon weakly rose to his feet and grabbed onto the man's jacket. "Let's think about this! What do we gain from killing them?"
Suddenly the myths and legends surrounding your ancestors and their death made sense. It wasn't that you were naturally violent and sought to kill and maim land dwellers — it was that they gave you no choice but to lash out in defense.
You could speak no words, sing no notes, as only wheezes made it past your lips.
The man scoffed as his crimson glare hardened. "Use your head, this thing almost killed you."
Mammon yanked on the man's arms — his grip didn't even budge — "Yeah! You do that all the time! But do ya know what ya never give me? Money! Do ya know how much people would pay to actually get to hear a siren sing?! And then we could get them to charm the crowd into giving us even more money! So just calm down and-"
"You've got five seconds to get your greedy hands off my siren before I summon Lotan," everyone froze as a familiar, near-feral growl came from the door.
Orange eyes burned through the back-lit shadow of Leviathan.
For once, his fire-filled glare wasn't fixed on you, but on the two men in front of you. He stepped over his fallen door with slow precise steps. "I won't ask twice. Let them go, Lucifer."
Lucifer didn't move. "They nearly killed Mammon," he spat.
Leviathan cocked an eyebrow as he glanced over at his brother. "Considering their gag is now off, he was asking for it. They couldn't have removed it on their own. Now let them go. They're mine."
Mammon frowned deeply, "What do you mean they're yours? How the hell did ya even get them here?"
"I'm wondering that myself," Lucifer sniped. "Sirens aren't exactly easy to find. They were believed to be extinct entirely."
Leviathan's face shifted ever so slightly from furious rage to manic excitement. "I know right? It's fate! They've been playing with Lotan for months without me even knowing. I finally decided to follow him to see what he's been up to and there they were! Their tail was sparkling brighter than any of Mammon's jewels and their voice-" he sighed happily as his eyes drifted over to you. "I knew they were meant to be mine. So I brought them where they belong — home."
Shivers ran down your spine at the pure content in his voice.
Mammon's jaw dropped, "And you just swiped them?! What about their scream? How are you not dead?"
Leviathan chuckled as he moved over to the three of you. "Oh they tried. I think several of my crew members had their ear drums combust from when we tried bringing them on board — a pity really. But they're just a little guppy," he cooed as he caressed your face. You tried to flinch back, but were held firmly in place by Lucifer's hand. "Once I got that gag on them, they were practically useless. I was trying to get Solomon to come and cast a silencing spell on them so I can mute them as needed, but I was interrupted when I heard all of this coming from my room just as I was leaving the house."
His eye twitched as he looked to Lucifer. "You still haven't to release them."
He hummed as his cold gaze looked at you. You could see a sea of thoughts whirl behind his eyes in consideration. "I've yet to decide if you can actually keep them."
Inexplicable horror flooded your veins as the demon erupted into his demonic form. "I didn't ask for your permission! I found them in my territory! They're mine! My property! You can't take them!"
You whimpered, paying no mind to the tightening around your throat as you frantically tried to pull yourself away from the land dwellers.
A scoff came from Mammon as he eyed you. "Yeah. They don't look too pleased at that idea, Levi."
"BECAUSE YOU SCARED THEM!" He shouted. "Up until now, they had only screamed once because they were getting dried out and then sang a song to try to put Lotan asleep when he was holding them. They hadn't attacked!"
"Because you never gave me the chance," you thought.
"But then you two come in and you make everything worst! They're mine! It's my familiar that found them! They're in my colours, and in my territory, and are my property! You can't tell me what to do with them just because they're a siren. The only one who can touch them is ME!"
Leviathan charged at Lucifer, shoving him harshly away from you.
Claws tore through skin. Blood pooled on your tongue. The water around you stained red.
The words around you became muffled as you choked on your own tongue and you sunk back under the waves once more.
Your eyes met amber, as the land dweller looked at you in utter horror.
From there things became blurry. You knew there was a splash. You had weakly fought against arms around you. Coldness. Movement. Shouting.
It was all too much when all you could feel was the pain burning through your throat like an infernal fire.
And then there was nothing but blackness, darker than the deepest trenches of the seas — for the smallest of moments, you were free.
But freedom, as you learned, is temporary.
You awoke with a splitting headache and a tightness around your throat. There was a heavy warmth coiled around you that you couldn't but nuzzle into.
Scales brushed against your skin, and your memories came crashing down onto you.
Your eyes snapped open — serpentine eyes stared curiously down at you from a long teal snout.
A strange whine came from the sea beast, bubbles spewing from his maw, as he leaned forward and butted his head against you.
You stared into the beast's amber eyes - so similar to those of his master's — and saw nothing but the fondness that had been there since that first meeting you had with him. It hurt to think this was the same monster that had damned you to a life of imprisonment.
Your heart stopped in your chest. You shakily brought a hand to your throat, feeling thin fabric scratch beneath your fingers, as you delicately applied pressure to the center of your throat and tried again.
You gently pushed the snake's head away and parted your mouth to shoo him away.
The serpent tilted his head as your lips silently opened and closed at him.
Only bubbles spilled from your lips.
"I wouldn't do that," your mouth gaped in a silent scream as you whipped around.
Standing on the other side of the glass of the godforsaken tank, was Leviathan. There were bags under his eyes and his skin looked paler than you had remembered, but with the creepily pleased smile on his face, there was no doubting it was him.
"For a while there, I was afraid you weren't going to wake up," he admitted as he leaned back against the tub. "But here you are! Awake and alive, albeit with a minor ... complication," he gestured to his own neck. "I had Solomon do the best he could, but Lucifer's stupid claws had done too much damage — your voice was the sacrifice that had to be paid in the battle for your life."
Tears welled in your eyes as the demon confirmed your fears — no voice. No more singing. The one true joy that you had left now stripped from you.
Leviathan softly shushed you as he moved forward and placed his palm on the glass. "Hey, hey. None of that. It's alright! It's a good thing actually!" His eyes sparked while is grin curled into something that curdled your stomach. Dread consumed you as Lotan held you tightly against himself. "Now Lotan and I are the only people to have ever heard your beautiful voice. Your song is ours, and ours alone. Just as it should be."
***And that's a wrap! Thank you all for kicking off the spooky season with me! I hope you enjoyed the lovely yandere Levi and Siren MC in all their glory! Thanks again for all the love and support from you guys. You all truly amaze me each and every day. Love you! -B***
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 8 hours ago
Platonic Mc
yeah he doesn´t like to be put in the friendzone
Lucifer not getting what he wants
yeah he get´s a little bitchy
or is he? Kinda hard to tell if he´s genuinely upset or just acts like it
yeah this Simp doesn´t take it well
but still better than some of them
but now he wants to be your number one friend
don´t tell him this spot is already taken
it´s going to take so long to explain to him that no Levi it´s not because you´re a “yucky Otaku”
like a lot of time
just play a bunch of games with him
and do whatever he wants
the House of Lamentation doesn´t want another flood and Lotan visit
he doesn´t really care
are you still willing to go to cat cafés with him? try to murder Lucifer? reading books together?
if yes he´ll be happy
if no he´ll complain
anyway your relationship won´t really change
you´re trying to tell Asmo you aren´t madly in love with him? Blasphemy
Asmo??? the most beautiful Demon in all 3 Realms?
listen unless you want to break him just tell him he´s beautiful and try to keep him distracted
also doesn´t care
as long as you still spend time with him and his brothers :)
and make him food
your relationship also doesn´t really change
he also takes you with him to work out
which was something you two did before
but it´s still nice :)
honestly as long as you still take naps with him he doesn´t care
because your a great pillow
and Beel doesn´t stay still long enough for him to get comfy
he doesn´t appreciate that he isn´t allowed to sleep in your bed anymore
I mean he wasn´t allowed before but now you throw him out more often
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strawberry-cowmilk · a day ago
ikea with the brothers
-> brothers x mc
mc's gender is not mentioned, not proof read
content warnings: none
he will only go to ikea when he actually needs something, and he will get only said thing
because, you know, ikea is pretty far away from your average mall
if you are the type to get a little too excited in ikea, he will hold you back from impulsively buying a cool looking lamp
he will straight up not set foot in the store if his brothers are with him though, which is understandable honestly
'mc! look! this chair goes all the way back!'
cue mammon falling from that chair and two ikea employees coming to check on the situation
if you're looking at something and mammon notices, he'll grab the item and 'complain' about 'having to buy it now' because otherwise 'you'll cry'
in reality, he just wants to see you happy
also I feel like mammon is that one guy who grabs a handful of those tiny pencils and shoves them in his pockets
it was a huge challenge to drag him out of the house in the first place
but everybody including you thought this man needs a proper bed
not a whole bathtub
levi doesn't like the fact you have to walk though the whole store until you get to the part you need to be at
he just wants to get what he needs and leave, this is why he loves akuzon
he probably knows what he wants before he comes into the store
hopefully your ddd has enough battery because satan takes hours to pick a bookshelf
when he sees the cat products you regret not bringing your camping equipment with you
lucifer isn't happy when he finds out how much satan spent on cat items
he doesn't care much about the furniture, but he will spend hours looking at the home decorations like mirrors and plants
speaking of plants, he gets two of the same kind and gives one to you so you can have matching plants in your rooms
asmo brings satan along to carry all his bags
if you are the type to get mesmerised by the cool lamps, asmo can't save you, satan is the voice of reason
he came here for one thing only: the meatballs
the chef may or may not start crying because how are they supposed to cook this many meatballs in such a short period of time
he will share them with you though
when you actually look in the store, beel will get something for you and each of his brothers
he wasn't really looking forward to travelling a pretty long distance for a furniture store when akuzon exists
probably falls asleep in one of the beds on display
an employee is going to have to wake him up, which belphie won't be pleased about
this may or may not get you kicked out of the store, depending on the employee's mood
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rohansdisciple · 17 hours ago
mammon in luci's outfit is doing things to me rn 😍‼️🤞🏾 .
Tumblr media
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devildomwriter · 2 days ago
Game Fun Facts 81-90
• Luke really cares about Lucifer and it’s shown many times. When Lucifer fell ill it was Luke and no one else who stayed by his side the whole time. When MC was looking for Luke they pretended to be Lucifer shouting and Luke immediately left his hiding spot to see if Lucifer was okay
• Luke likes to play cowboy dress up
• Purgatory Hall has weekly puzzle days where they gather at a table and do a puzzle together
• The reason MC stayed in the house of lamentation instead of purgatory hall is because the spare room was being used as storage by Levi. (Also because they were a “weak” human)
• MC is the only one to have a magic connection to all three realms and this ability has been nicknamed “The Ring” by Diavolo
• Raphael really likes to sew
• Diavolo has a secret file in his castle with pictures he has snuck of Lucifer
• Diavolo once pretended to cry to see how Lucifer would react
• Barbatos’s tail is described as slick but not wet and there is photographic evidence of Solomon being caught by Barbatos while he was trying to touch it
• In the game MC is mistakingly referred to by female pronouns by Beelzebub in one scene during season one
71-80 • 91-100
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sammytheotakunerd · a day ago
He was supposed to be the one at your side, not him.
He was supposed to marry you, not him so, why is he holding your hand at the altar while he was watching from the sidelines?
He doesn't, wait no, he knows why you picked him.
He made your life hell. He neglected you.
Why is there water dripping from his eyes?
Oh, he knew you and him aren't supposed to be together..
He feels so bad but why does it hurt so good?
Was it the fact that you didn't choose him? Or was it the fact that you finally realized how toxic of a man he is?
He can't blame you if you choose the second option. He was terrible towards you.
But he can't help but shudder at how his heart aches so much just watching you smile at your newly wedded husband.
Credits: @medeaheartlyeartly From this post: Unrequited love
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sparkbeast20 · a day ago
MC: Its not going to fit!
Levi: Yes it can! We've gotten this far-
MC: *Groan* Leviathan!!
Levi: Gah!
The burst open with six enrage demons, but was shock to see you fitting on a cosplay that Levi made.
Asmo: Phew~ and here I thought that Levi was trying to fit his dick into MC.
MC: Oh we tried, but it takes a lot more to make him fit inside me.
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