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Naughty Accident with Obey Me Characters awake their deepest desire PART - 1
You accidentally bumping your lips too hard on them & somehow they react weirdly at you.
Now, what will you do? Share me your MC reaction __φ(。。)
Art by Serbet Merah
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
❝ seeing you get flustered for the first time ❞
Tumblr media
« characters - lucifer, mammon, leviathan, asmodeus »
« gender neutral reader »
Tumblr media
He stopped his work and looked at you in surprise. Even though he wasn't sure about the cause, he was amused and pleased to find you discomposed in his presence. So you could lose your cool and try to avert your gaze away from him. How interesting~. The sly demon that he was, he would try to recreate the circumstances or hint at the memory to get you flustered as often as possible. After all, he loved to see you look so vulnerable in his presence. It would be your little secret.
Human, were ya feeling sick? Look at him, damnit, he's scared. Did he do something to upset you? Why were you not looking into his eyes?! Someone had to spell it out to him to make him realise that you were just feeling rattled, and that it was all Mammon's fault as usual. Everyone started teasing Mammon to an extent that you left, but once you explained later that you were just feeling flustered, he sighed in relief and felt shy himself.
Waaaaah, how could someone look so moe?! That was sorcery at its finest, piercing Levi's heart with the power of those fine eyes. Omg, a weak yucky otaku like him could do nothing more than worship you, just like he worshipped his figurines. D-D-Did you know that he got flustered thinking about you too? The fact that he made you feel that way felt too good to be true. He could die of happiness, m-m-moeeee.
Darling, how gorgeous you looked, all flustered and at a loss for words! Would you like to indulge in some other activity that was sure to make you even more discomposed and didn't need you to speak a lot- Oh, don't run away, he was just teasing you~. However, the offer still stood. You would look grand on his bed with a flustered look on your face, anticipating his next move mmmmm~. Hehe, you were the cutest, trying to hide your face behind your hands. Now, that was cheating. Let him look at you, dear.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
In The Middle of the Night
Part 1 Featuring: Lucifer, Mammon, and Leviathan
2&3 to come...
-After falling asleep in their arms, you realize that they don't want to let you go.
Lucifer~ Nights cuddling with Lucifer are serene, there are not many times you get to see him looking so unkempt. His face is smushed against the pillows and his black hair is draped ruggedly around his face his hand is tenderly holding yours as if it is the most precious thing in the realm to him . He looks so beautiful at peace like this, you’d hate to wake him up. But you’re worried you overstayed your welcome So you Carefully try to free your hand from his grasp. As soon as you do His arm latches onto you because you back closer to him. You hit the pillow with a third and turn to look at him. His Crimson I stare back at you and he greets you with a sleepy smirk. “ And just where do you think you’re going?“ he murmurs. when you tell him that you thought it would be best if you went back to your room he laughs and softly presses his lips onto yours.“ when I told you, you would be mine for the night, I meant it, Stay with me.”
Mammon- Mammon’s cuddles are greedy, even in his sleep, he’s not above smothering you with his desire to keep you with him. You’re pressed comfortably and his chest as his legs wrap around yours. It’s usually enough to keep you asleep for a whole night. But a few hours into your rest you wake up with a parched throat. There is no escape from his arms, you learned that the first night The two of you cuddled together. Do you know you have to interrupt his self-snoring to get him to let go of you just for a moment when you do, he jolts upright blinking up at you dazedly. “Oi, where do ya think yer goin? You can't just leave the Great Mammon like that” When you tell him that you just are going to get some water and you’ll be right back he lays back calmly Giving you a few sleepy murmurs. “That’s a good human… Taking care of yourself… That’s my human.”
Leviathan- once he is out, your sweet otaku will sleep like a rock. The only noises he makes are the nonsensical murmurs of his dreams. You would record intriguing gibberish if you knew it wouldn’t make him want to grow up and die of embarrassment. But now, as nature calls, you find yourself unable to pry yourself away from the demon. His surprisingly strong tail keeps you firmly planted next to him as it’s wrapped around your waist. You whisper his name in his ear trying to rouse him with little effect. If anything you just seem to be getting him more lost in his dreams. With a huff, you pry yourself from him more forcefully. Once free you look down and see him staring up at you. Sleep laces his voice as he turns away from you. “Of course, you're leaving a gross Otaku like me,” he whines The half-conscious whines make you giggle as you softly assure him that you are just going to the bathroom and will be right back. It takes a quick kiss on his forehead to make him calm down and believe you, but you keep your promise.
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Diavolo: Now we will vote on the bill “Introduction of Advanced Mathematics into the standard curriculum”.
Lucifer: Yeah ✅
Mammon: Nay ❌
Levi: Nay ❌
Satan: Yeah ✅
Asmo: Nay ❌
Beel: Yeah ✅
Belphie: Yeah ✅
Diavolo: The result is 4-3, the bill is pa-
MC: Wait, I haven’t voted yet. Don’t forget I’m now a member of the Student Council.
Diavolo: Sorry, MC, I’m used to the fact that there was only 7 votes for a long time. Go ahead.
MC: Nay
Diavolo: That makes it 4-4. Though I will cast my tie-breaker vote and-
Belphie: I would like to change my vote to “nay”. 😈
Diavolo: The result is 5-3. The Bill is rejected. D:
The new bill rejected, with newly sworn in officer MC casting the decisive vote.
MC - Devildom’s rising star in politics?
Nobles express concern over MC’s influence.
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Asmo: Breathe if you admit your love for MC or recite the bible in Japanese if you wont
Mammon, holding his breath: 初めに、神は天と地を創造されました。そして地球は形がなく、空っぽでした。そして闇が深淵の面にあった。そして、神の霊が水の面を動いた。....
Asmo: Is that actually Japanese??
Levi: I can confirm that this in fact, is Japanese
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The Brothers Get A Puppy For Christmas Headcanons
Tumblr media
• Very surprised by smiles and thank you as he lets the puppy lick his face
• Names it Hunter even though this dog couldn’t defeat a rat
• While he’s more of a big-dog type, he’s very happy about the tiny little thing
• Chihuahuas are known for aggression, so he is careful and thorough with training
• Trains it to nip at Mammon’s heals because Mammon would never endanger a tiny little dog, whether it’s a puppy or not
• It has its own corner in his room, with a light, drinking fountain, mini bed that looks just like Lucifer’s
• Doesn’t care what people might think when they see someone as intimidating as him walking or carrying around a chihuahua because this tiny little thing is above their ranks
• Makes sure Cerberus gets along with them. He will often find them cuddling
• He has a growth photo album, but he’ll wipe the memories of anyone who finds out how spoiled his dog is and how cuddly he is with the puppy
Tumblr media
• His eyes light up, and he cheers very loudly
• Picks up the puppy and runs around with it, jumping up and down and thanking you profusely
• This is literally his new best friend. Names him Great Goldie, a perfect name for the dog breed
• Takes this dog EVERYWHERE. This dog is never not with him. They take baths together, sleep together, and eat together, and when Mammon gets hung from the ceiling, Great Goldie sleeps beneath him as comfort. Sometimes his whining makes Lucifer let Mammon down for the dog’s sake
• Mans best friend could not apply more for this duo.
• Takes the dog to photo shoots. The dog is a little bit of a celebrity and has appeared in professional shots with Mammon
Tumblr media
• “It’s an anime dog!”
• He names him Phantom (after Phantom Thief Jeanne)
• He’s very excited to have a friend he can bring with him when he’s forced outdoors
• Walking the dog helps him get in shape a little more, so Lucifer is glad for the dog’s presence
• He dresses him in anime t-shirts and takes “gamer dog” photos
• Shows off and brags about his dog to everyone.
• The dog loves him to death, so he actually gains a little confidence. “At least you’ll always love me!”
Tumblr media
• He’s very excited to see the present moving and not disappointed at all that it isn’t a cat. He’s very happy to see the tiny creature
• He’s more of a cat person, of course, but Lucifer is okay with dogs because he knows Satan won’t hoard them
• He names the dog, Cat
• This dog breed is known to get along with cats, so he’s happy about that and hopes they’ll make friends with the strays
• He immediately introduces them to the stray cats who act as parental figures, so he ends up having a lot of cat-tendencies
• The dog does not act like a dog by the time it’s grown. It jumps on things, grooms itself, uses a little box, naps on Satan’s chest, and tries to make a purring noise, but it sounds like strained panting, which worries Satan before he realizes what he’s trying to do
Tumblr media
• Is super excited and squeals at such a high pitch only the puppy can hear it
• Names him Pom-Pom, not creative but a name that “matches his cuteness.”
• He loves this little dog so much; he’s always doing its nails, putting bows and accessories in its fur, and taking selfies tougher
• He has merchandise of the dog and claims the dog can charm people, too, because everyone fawns over the little guy
• This dog goes everywhere with Asmodeus, in his purse, of course. It is more spoiled than any purse dog out there. It even has a mini-mansion in Asmodeus’s room and a stepping stool to get to Asmodeus’s bed
Tumblr media
• He is SO excited. He’s SUCH a dog person
• Names her Bell (after barbells)
• Races the dog as part of his morning routine and trains the dog to do lots of tricks
• The dog, despite its naturally skinny physique, becomes a little muscular and acts very similarly to Beelzebub
• Beelzebub will feed her scraps on everything he eats and does a lot of research into what Bell can’t eat, so he’s extra careful
• If Bell can’t eat something he has, he prepares a side dish for her. This dog never actually eats any dog food
Tumblr media
• His eyes light up, and he smiles warmly to see the squirming little puppy
• Names the dog sleepy, which is oddly appropriate
• Basset hounds are the sleepiest dog breeds, so Belphegor knows he’ll have a sleeping buddy
• Despite the dog’s naturally lazy behavior, he does still need some activity, so Belphegor takes him on walks which help Belphie get sleepy and more ready for bed
• He falls asleep to the sound of the dog breathing and doesn’t care when the dog licks his face or drools on the bed
• This dog is literally his best friend and the “third sibling” for him and Beelzebub
• Feeds the dog luxury food and uses the dog as bribery, “I’ll go to school if Sleepy can. He keeps me awake.” Lucifer usually reluctantly agrees as long as the dog is quiet, and he usually is.
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Pretty boi
summary: in which, you're asked who you thought was the prettiest boy and not even a second later you respond with his name. unknowingly leaving him a flustered mess.
Starring: Diavolo and Leviathan
"so who do you think is the prettiest boy in RAD?" asmo asked teasingly, quite hoping it's gonna be him
"the founder" you firmly said as if it was a fact
"what?" asmo raising a brow
"what?" you doing the same thing
"you're being biased, you know" asmo pouted
"biased how" you chuckled
"you say he's pretty just because you have a total crush on him" asmo reasoned
"haha no, he is pretty, regardless of my affections for him" you stated
While bickering back and forth with asmo, both of you failed to realize you're chatting in the balcony at the castle of the person in question
Lord Diavolo and Barbatos seems hesistant to open the door leading to the balcony as it would be quite embarrassing to enter
"shall i open it now my lord?" barbatos inquired, hands still on the doorknob for the past 5 minutes
"not yet"
"how about now?" - barbatos asked again after a minute or so
"no, not yet" Dia answered
"My lord, if were gonna wait until the blush on your face disappears before we enter, I'm afraid the tea will have already gone cold" Barbs stated with a firm voice but a teasing look
"... let's just go back, i can't face them" Dia says completely red
There is currently an event in RAD
As a way to reward the students in finishing the exams, a sports festivals was held with your suggestion
What's a sports festival without a race and there is no way you are not gonna participate even though your opponents are demons
Are you familiar with the race in which in between races you take a piece of paper from a basket, read and take a person from the crowd that best represent the words written in the paper and finish the race together
Yep, that's the game you're participating now (i don't know the name)
You're in position, waiting for a bang to officially start running
Once the race started, you ran as fast as you can but compared to the others you're like a snail
Nevermind the speed, you are about to grab a paper from the basket and read what's written
"Prettiest person you know"
Your eyes scanned through the audience and disappointingly not finding the demon you're looking for
No choice
"LEVIATHAN, COME TO ME!!" you shouted at the top of your lungs, summoning the demon from out of nowhere
The moment levi appeared in front of you, you had the audacity to show him a toothy grin, grabbed his hand and yell run
Levi was more than disoriented. But nevertheless ran
It took him a few seconds to register he's in a race.
He was quick to notice how you guys were losing. Thus he quickly took matters in his own hands, scooped you bridal style and finished the race in first place
"Leviii we won!" you cheered hugging the life out of the demon, not minding how levi has become
"So what was written in your paper miss? " the announcer asked from the microphone
You were quick to unlatch yourself from the blushing tomato and grab the microphone to answer enthusiastically
"THE PRETTIEST PERSON I KNOW" you cheered, loud enough for the whole venue to hear
There was a momentary silence and eyes were drifting between you and the Avatar of Envy
After hearing that, Levi malfunctioned and became beet reed from ears to his entire face, covering his mouth which was attempting to form a squiggly smile
The crowd cheered loudly and the brothers did not miss to add a comment
" good for you leviathan" from satan
"awee how cute" from asmo
"congratulations levi" from beel
"don't turn into a tomato" from mammon
"breathe levi" from belphie
"prepare for cpr, belphie" from lucifer
"hell no" - belphie
A/N: I have been inactive for soooo long but I'm backkkk
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tsukii0002 · 2 days
Levi: for the last time Mc... Lotan is not a little friend!!!
Mc: of course he is!! He is a little big sea pup
Levi: ...
Levi: Mc!!! He is a monster!!!! A giant sea monster!! With the ability to sink a continent.
Mc: but he is so lovely, so sweet and he purrs when I scratch him under the chin.
Levi: Mc that impo-
Mc process to scratch Lotan.
Lotan: *purrs*
Levi: ...
Mc: see? A beautifull baby.
Levi: *heading to Lotan* you could purr??!!!
Lotan: hissss
Levi: hey why do I get hisses and they purrs??
Lotan: *demanding Mc affection*
Levi: Oh, I know what you are trying to do!!! And let me tell you that there is only one sea creature in Mc's heart and that is me!!
Lotan: ...
Mc: ...
Levi: ...
Levi: *run away in embarasamment*
Mc: *running after him* Levi wait!!
Lotan: *happy to have received pampering and have achieved his goal of making his master "confess" *
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lemonandlime22 · 1 day
Obey me mom mc baby’s first word is calling the the brothers daddy if you are ok with it
The Brothers reactions to Mc's kid calling them daddy
Warning(s): cussing, not edited
A/N: sorry but I dont do fem readers so mc is gn in this. Thank you for requesting!
Diavolo had called you for a last minute meeting and Luci was happy to babysit.
He was in his study doing paperwork with the kiddo playing with a little toy on his lap and babbling to themself away
he wasn't really paying too close of attention to what they were saying
it's normal for children around their age to babble and try to talk and imitate what the people around them are saying.
did that make sense? I'm trying to sound smart I don't even know if that's true honestly
But he dropped his pen
and almost the baby
when he felt them tug at his tie and start stumbling saying daddy.
He quickly gained his composure and held them closer to him and continued to work
with a very obvious smirk
that may or may not have slowly turned into a warm lil smile
Overall, rly fuckin happy, might even very subtly brag to his brothers about this. He won't tell you about this btw, he wants you to have that first word moment with them.
the bby started crying then he also started crying and panicking.
He was babysitting for you like usual,
he always insisted on being the person to do it
even if he was busy from sunrise to sunset, he would still demand to he the one to take care of them when you couldn't.
The two of them were relaxing on his bed with the baby on his chest, surrounded by all their favorite stuffed animals
all of which he got them
anyway, they started playing with his glasses and babbling like crazy
neither of which were that much out of the ordinary, they have been very talkative and grabby lately
but when they babbled he always responded and had very long entertaining conversations with them,
he does this with babies you can not change my mind
then the baby started slapping his chest and saying dada over and over again.
Like I said, he screamed, bby cried, he cried, then nap.
When you get back you find them asleep cuddling on Mammon's bed
and obv you join them.
Overall, he is going to brag to EVERYONE about this, surprise surprise. He takes that title with so much pride that Lucifer would tell him to pump the brakes.
Surprised pikachu face
even if he spent every waking hour with your baby and specifically taught them to call him daddy
he would still be very shocked.
He was showing the lil goblin some baby friendly games while you were taking a nap in the bathtub bed
they kept trying to take the controller from him
but he wouldn't allow it, it was one of his favorites and he didn't want them to get all their baby slime on it.
The baby would start to get fussy but then he would find a way to calm them down somehow
this carried on for a little while until the baby hit his chest and yell dada.
Like I said he was in shock, for a long while too, the kid managed to get the controller from him, and only snapped out of it when you shook him asking if he was okay.
Overall, he thinks he was hearing things, it will take at least 10 more times for him to finally believe it, and honestly he doesn't know how to feel about it and will prob go into an excisional crisis of sorts.
You were exhausted from studying for exams and really needed some sleep
and Satan was more than happy to offer you some help with your child and give you a chance to sleep
so now here we are
Satan sitting in a rocking chair reading a book to the baby who he is cradling in his free arm.
At first the bby was very talkative, babbling all about, and playing with anything they could get their hands on
eventually tho he got them to calm down enough to, seemingly, pay attention to the story he was reading to them
sometimes they'd grab at the book when there was an illustration on the page
to which he'd bring the book close to them so they could touch it.
Eventually the little one started to get sleepy and drifted off to sleep
with quite the grip of Satan's shirt
their quiet nonsensical babbling never stopped tho
but that was alright, he found it very amusing and adorable and was content in watching them rest
that was unit he was able to make sense of the word daddy
he was shocked but just shook it off and held them just a bit tighter.
Overall, he is so happy! will rub it in Lucifer's face he also doesn't tell, he thinks you should have the joy of hearing your child's first words, and will also try and teach them your parental title to them.
Squealed so loud I'm p sure a few windows broke.
He was hanging out in your room with you and your baby for the day
watching movies
yatta yatta you get the idea
anyway, the bby was playing on the floor surrounded by their toys on the floor while you two were doing ya thing
then they started babbling at Asmo trying to get his attention and show him a toy
he thought it was cute and pretended not to hear them
and it was all giggles with yall unit the kid threw the toy at him and yelled,
you two were stunned
to stunned to speak
but when you did get yalls shit together he picks them up and did a lil spin around squeal.
He instantly rushed to the store with them to find matching clothes and new toys.
Overall, if you couldn't tell already he's quite happy, and he will rub it in everyone's faces. He may have cried a little bit but he surprisingly didn't care all that much
He and the lil stinker were hanging out together in the kitchen
well kinda hanging out?
he was making dinner with them strapped to his chest in that baby carrying thing
I think that counts.
Anyway, like I said he was cooking,
he'd taste test it then let the baby taste test it as well
only when it was safe for them ofc
and he'd change it a bit if they didn't like it.
Eventually the food got to a point where the baby really liked it and kept grabbing his hand when he tried to take the spoon away
but he managed to gently take it away and continue cooking
the kid was not pleased by this and started throwing a little fit
and Beel was quick to start rocking them so they'd calm down
didn't work very well
all he got out of trying to calm them down was a chocked out a little,
which did nothing but shatter his heart
and he quickly went to you for help.
Overall, shocked for like the splitest of seconds then quickly went back to fulfilling the title, he does mention it to you, he wants you to know about your babies first word.
Confused and pleasantly surprised...
This man constantly demands cuddles and naps
and the fact that you have a child changes almost nothing
only adds another member to the mandatory cuddle party.
Yall were in said mandatory nap
which was much needed for you, you were fuckin exhausted
and so was Belphie, as always
but the baby...
not so much, so they woke up before either of you
but do not worry
they made it their mission to wake the sleeping demon.
They started by climbing onto his chest and slapping his chest/face
and obv it didn't work at first so they upped the antics a bit.
Belphie eventually woke up to tiny hands slapping him and a tiny voice yelling
over and over again.
He was very shocked, he picked them up and sat up to make sure he wouldn't go instantly back to sleep
for a minute he thought he might have been dreaming but when another giggly "Daddy!" came out of the mashed potato shaped being, he sighed and laid back down with them on his chest.
Overall, like I said he is presently surprised, he'll tell you when you all wake up again. also refuses to let them go for the next week.
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freyyzu · 2 days
a/n; it's final exams season and i'm suffering! which probably means a few of you are too, so hopefully this gives you a little push to make it through the rest of the month! i wrote this instead of finishing my essay :')
Tumblr media
► Studying in the Devildom was difficult. Whether or not you were a good student back in the human realm didn't matter much here, especially when all of the material was completely new. Thankfully, you had a group full of supportive friends to help you make it through the ordeal.
Lucifer makes it a point that no one in the House of Lamentation is to bother you during your study time—especially Mammon—and that there would be severe punishment for anyone who decided to break those rules. Despite being a stickler for your grades, Lucifer is always the one who comes to check up on you the most to remind you not to overwork yourself, that dinner is ready and you should come down to eat. He brings you snacks periodically to make sure you're feeling energized and not burning yourself out from excessive studying, and is also the person to give you the most praise when all of it is over.
The first person to barge into your room the next day after you've finished a long study session is Mammon. He doesn't take 'no' for an answer and threatens to drag you out of the house himself if need be (you both know he wouldn't). He's not very good at studying, and Lucifer has forbidden him specifically from visiting your room for most of the day anyways, so the best he could do was make sure you weren't stressing even the day after. Are you ready for a date night? Too bad, get dressed, he's taking you to all your favorite places to make sure you forget about your (his) impending doom.
Exams are right around the corner and you know what that means? It's the perfect time to slack off and play video games! Levi is terrible for encouragement if you need someone to convince you to study. What you need is to stop worrying, and he's much, much better at helping you with that. Come to his room after you've finished your study session for the day, he's got your favorite games booted up and ready to play. If you don't have any energy after working for so long that's okay too, you can just watch your favorite anime series together! He'll make sure to pick out a comedy so you can laugh the stress away.
Satan is the only one who actively helps you study for your finals. He's a bit strict, but the way he teaches you all the spell incantations and potion ingredients is so easy to memorize that you feel like time has gone by in a flash. An amazing teacher, praises you every time you get something right, encourages you to try again when you get something wrong, and has a bunch of cheat-tips to make the harder to remember formulas feel as easy as 1+1. If you point out how incredible he is at tutoring you he gets extremely happy. He's happy to not only help you with your studies, but most of all just get to spend more time with you.
Your biggest hypeman throughout all of this is Asmo who visits you at the end of every night to give you a thorough relaxation time. He's another person who had "accidentally" skipped out on all of the study time and doesn't care too much about his grades as the others do, so he's making sure that he looks his best by the time finals roll around. That goes double for you! As soon as the clock hits time for your study time to be over, he's already knocking on your door to drag you to his room. A hot bath, a long face care routine along with some comfy PJ's and you're feeling like that creak in your neck never existed in the first place.
Beel is just as kind as Lucifer when it comes to making sure you're not overworking yourself. He knows how you can lose track of time whenever you're really focused on something, and makes sure to sned you texts every once in a while asking if you're holding up okay. Even if you don't reply back with how much work you have to get done, as long as he sees that his message has been 'read' that's enough for him to know he took your mind off studying for a while. Does his best to make your favorite foods, and asks Lucifer to bring it to you during his check-ups along with a little note telling you how you're doing great and to not stay up too late. You can't take the finals if you get sick!
Belphie claims that he'll help you with studying whenever Satan is occupied, but he's just looking for an excuse to spend time with you. He doesn't help much throughout the studying process, he hasn't even brought his books or pencils or well, anything. For the most part, he's resting his head on your table and looking over your work, pointing out points where you've made a mistake or giving you tips on an easier way to solve a problem. If there's anyone who can successfully make you take breaks during your moments of intense focus, it's Belphie. As in he literally shuts your textbook closed and drags you to lay down in bed with him. There have beena few moments where its caused you to doze off, but... at least you're feeling refreshed and raring to go again afterwards!
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alphysz · 24 hours
Leviathan: Hewwo.
Asmodeus: Hihiiiiii!
Lúcifer: Greetings, Human.
MC: Three kinds of people.
Beelzebub: I want pudding.
Solomon: Four kinds of people.
Satan: Five kinds of people.
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imnotbuggy · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( ÒㅅÓ) them !!
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wherethelightrots · 2 days
Levi bullying
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Sleepy sheepies
Tumblr media
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Mc starts randomly screaming
why… why are you just screaming?
he hides it well but he is genuinely concerned because are Humans supposed to do that?
he still hangs you from the ceiling for it though
simply because you annoyed him
and he hoped it would shut you up
if that doesn´t work he´ll just throw you out of the House
not because you woke him up but he doesn´t want you to wake up his brothers
nighttime is the only time where he has any kind of peace and he will be damned if he let´s you destroy it
also doesn´t get why you just started screaming
did he sell something that is precious to you?
okay he is sorry just stop screaming!
he will get so confused when you tell him you just did it for fun
did they get a broken Human or something? why would you do this?
despite him thinking what is wrong with you he will join you
listen Mammon has so many problems and it kinda helps
so there are just days where both of you scream for no reason
he can understand sometimes you just want to scream
example from him the moment where you spent all your money and you still didn´t get the character you desperately wanted
and man did he scream on that day
you were actually surprised he didn´t summon Lotan and flood the entire house
actually you talked to early there is Lotan
I would recommend leaving the House now and quickly because otherwise this will be really uncomfortable
also don´t let him get a look at your phone
because you got the character he wanted by pure coincidence
he will lose it when he sees it
he screams with you
he just saw you do it one day and decided to scream his anger out
but only once a week otherwise he would never stop
I mean he is the Avatar of Wrath so there will always be a lot
he tends to scream a lot about Lucifer too
but you have to be there to stop or to make sure Lucifer doesn´t hear the things he screams about
because if Lucifer would just hear a quarter of the things he screams about he would never be allowed to leave his room (or the ceiling)
he doesn´t really see a problem with it
he sometimes even joins in himself
but don´t you even dare to do this when he is sleeping
no matter how much he loves you
he will kill you if you disturb his beauty sleep
he wasn´t even joking the moment you opened your mouth during the night he was already in his Demon form and glaring at you
you just decided the smartest move would be to close your mouth and go to sleep
and it was a smart decision because Mammon sneaked in during the night and got to experience Asmo´s anger about being waken up
he just doesn´t care
as long as it doesn´t stop him from eating or hurts you in anyway you can do whatever you want
he does ask you to stop when Belphie is sleeping or at least be a little quieter
he doesn´t scream with you but when his stomach rumbles it does sound like it
and it´s louder than you could ever be
he also doesn´t want you to scream around Lucifer both for your and his sake
because Lucifer needs his sleep and it isn´t good for you to constantly hang from the ceiling because you keep pestering Lucifer
hates it more than anything
you somehow managed to be so loud that he can´t sleep
but he can´t tell you that because he knows if you know that you´ll use that to constantly wake him up
and now he either has to silently suffer or find a way to shut you up
sadly the only idea he has is to silence you for eternity
which he can´t do because his brothers would kill him (and he would get sad)
he would also lose his favorite pillow forever if he would go through with
guess he has to suffer now until you get bored of screaming
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