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Lucifer: I currently have 7 empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions? Beelzebub, completely serious: Put spaghetti in it. Lucifer: I'm currently taking suggestions from literally anyone but you. Belphegor, smirking : Put spaghetti in it. Lucifer: I'm currently taking suggestions from anyone but you two. Satan, smirking even wider: Put spaghetti in it. Lucifer: I'm no longer taking suggestions.
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Pacts - Mammon x MC
Part one of ?
No tw so far! I’ll update if this changes
This also contains my personal headcannons of where MC’s pact mark locations are, none of it is cannon <3
Mammon absolutely hated your pact mark location at first.
Standing with you in the kitchen, absolutely humiliated, forced to his knees just to get his precious goldie back from the hands of Diavolo’s new pet- the one he had to unfortunate luck of having to look after. The confusion he felt once he looked up, wiping the frustrated tears beginning to form in his eyes, when he couldn’t see the pact on you; but he can feel it clear as day. There was no mistaking it, he was now bound to you, whether he liked it or not. “Whatever”, he thought to himself, “s’probably somewhere under their sleeve, or their arm or somethin’ stupid”. It didn’t matter to him, all that mattered to him was the piece of plastic in your grip that was now being passed over to him.
“Now, I command you to pay Levi back what you owe him.”
A few days and a few draining shifts at Hell’s Kitchen later to save up enough to pay back his younger brother at the command of the new pain in his ass, it finally occurs to Mammon that he could now feel new sensations, specifically feelings that weren’t his own, and he comes to the conclusion that he has you to thank for this unwanted connection. His heart pulls at your loneliness when you lock yourself away in the guest room, scared of your new home and dejected by those around you. He feels himself become homesick for the human realm, a place he’d never regard as ‘home’ considering the amount of money grubbing witches after his wallet residing there. He feels his heartbeat speed up in tandem with yours every time you’re together. He’s not sure what to make of that one.
It doesn’t take long- a week at most, until he’s knocking on your door with enough force you’d think he’d bowl it down. You open the door with wild eyes, not sure who’d be bothering to visit you at this hour. The familiar race in your chest begins when you lock eyes with him. He can’t keep his own on you for long, finding the silence and the tension unbearable.
“H-hey Mammon.”
“I think I left my charger in here earlier, better check for it.”
“Oh. I can grab it for yo-”
“NO! N-nah, I mean I can come in n get it myself, ‘m not stupid.”
“I..never said you were?”
“J-just lemme in!”
Mammon pushes past you and walks into your room, trying to seem nonchalant as he pick up blankets and shoves them aside, kicking up clothes in pursuit of his charger. He’s not surprised to find it where he strategically left it after your TSL marathon last night. He grabs it with the fingers of one hand, looping his thumbs into his pockets before turning back around to face you.
“Listen…if ya scared of Levi-”
“I’m not..”
“Or any of my brother for that matter…I could…ya know, look out for ya…”
“Aren’t you already supposed to be doing that?”
You cock your eyebrow at him, whether in suspicion or bemusement he’s not too sure. Why was this so hard to get out?
“Very funny. What I’m tryin’ to say is I could stay with ya! To.. ya know… make you less…scared…”
“You want to stay in my room? Like, a sleepover?”
Okay. Now it’s definitely bemusement. He can feel the heat rising up to his cheeks, his shoulders tensing up and back as he prepares for dejection, to be laughed at. What was he doing in the first place? He was just trying to find a way to get these feelings to stop, to stop feeling this weird psychic like connection he now had to your human mood swings. And he figured the best way to do that was to ask to stay with you? Overnight? IN YOUR ROOM? ALONE?!?
With the implications now hitting the second born straight in the face, a flurry of words begin to fly out of his mouth at a rapid pace. He’s clamoring to bring the conversation back to normalcy, throwing in a few insults just to be sure, and doing what he does best: backpedaling! But that stupid face on your face makes it hard to form a coherent reasoning as to why he wouldn’t want to be caught dead hanging out with the human, and that rapid thump, thump, thumping in his chest that he’s sure is somehow your fault is too distraction to overlook, and oh fuck you’re opening your mouth to speak-
“I mean it’s not like I’d WANT to stay in here with ya! In fact, think of it like a favor- or better yet, a service! I don’t work for fr- wait. Did you say sure?”
“Sure. I could use some company. Honestly I’ve been pretty lonely since I got here.”
The demon finds himself too stunned to speak. It takes a giggle from you to break him out of his trance.
“Yeah. Yeah! I mean, I’m The Great Mammon, who wouldn’t wanna chill with me! Just don’t tell my brothers I was hangin’ around ya!”
“Yeah, I got it. The whole never wanna be caught with the weak, “fragile human” thing.”
You pause and he notices how your face briefly falls before you catch yourself. He not sure what to make of that one. But he knows you feel a little hurt. Because he can feel it too.
“So.. wanna watch a movie?”
One and a half stale comedy movies later and the second born is finding it increasingly hard to keep his eyes open. He knows you feel it too as he glances over at your slumped form. Your eyes may be staring dead ahead at the tv set, but he knows you aren’t absorbing a single word being said. It takes him a few tries to grab your attention.
You jump, startled at the voice coming next to you. You slowly rotate towards them, blinking a few times and stifling a yawn.
“You oughta lay down. Ya look like you’re about to pass out.”
“I suppose you’re right. I’m going to change into pajamas. Did you bring any?”
Mammon shakes his head, “Nah, I gotta run back to my room ‘n change. I’ll be right back.”
You give a nod before disappearing into the bathroom. Mammon stretches before standing and making his way out the door. He figures his usual bedtime attire would get him a swift slap to the face, so he opts to go to sleep clothed tonight, it being your room and all.
His usual swagger has become lose and hazy as he walks back into your room, adorned in sweatpants and a hoodie he’d managed to swipe off his floor. He doesn’t bother knocking as he grips the handle, throwing your door open and shutting it behind him and while staring down at his D.D.D.
“So, ya want me to take the couch or w-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”
His phone clatters to the ground as his eyes grow in shock.
“What! What do you mean?!”, you ask, glancing down at yourself to frantically locate what could possibly pull that kind of reaction out of the second born. The straps of your tank top allowed for much more skin to show than what Mammon was used to seeing from you, but surely that couldn’t be the cause of his concern.
“T-That! Ya didn’t tell me you had a huge tattoo on yer chest!”
Your eyes travel down to the scooped neck line and thin strap that adorned your body. That’s when it dawns on you - he’s never actually seen this before. The mark that you’ve seen everyday since that day in the kitchen. Since you traded Mammon his credit line for his free will.
“Oh that. I..I think that’s yours?”
“It kinda showed up after that day in the kitchen. Where we did the kneeling thing in the circle?”
“My pact mark?! O-over top your heart!? Nuh-uh, no way. This can’t be happening.”
It was clear to see Mammon was in full blown panic mode, but as to why would be anyone’s guess.
“Well uh, I don’t remember sitting down to get a big ass tattoo of some kind of…crest? I don’t know, look at it, see for yourself.”
Mammon practically runs across the room, shielding his eyes with one hand while grappling with you to leave your shirt alone with the other.
“Hey! I didn’t choose to put it there! Did you?”
“Stop screaming and tell me if it’s yours!”
Though his mind doesn’t want to, his eyes automatically look downwards towards the exposed area of your chest. There’s no mistaking it. He’d know his mark anywhere, he knows it like the back of his hand. The mark of his greed. The same mark that lay right over your heart. His mark. He takes a sharp breath in. It glows a bright, blinding golden shine. He feels his heart beginning to speed up once more.
Mammon bolts out of your room.
Ever since that occurrence, the second born has made himself as scarce as he possibly could be from your life. It’s not like Mammon could just neglect his duties as your watch dog, Lucifer would have his head if he did, and he fails to see how there’s any coming back from a punishment fit for “failing Lord Diavolo”. A shiver runs down his spine at the thought.
It was simple really, if he didn’t overthink it. Walk the human to and from R.A.D, make sure they’re not gettin’ picked on, NEVER talk about what happened last week and ALWAYS deflect if they brought it up. And Of COURSE you’d bring it up. Stupid humans and their inability to know when to just leave it alone.
It happens the first time he walks you to class after the fact. You didn’t run after him when he ran. Not surprising, he thought. “Musta thought they did somethin’ wrong”, he reflected alone, but then again, you did, didn’t you? You must have done something to make his mark, his crest, his claim fall perfectly atop the left side of your chest.
“Sooooo… are you gonna tell me why you ran away off the other night? If my shoulders were that spooky, I could have put on a t-shirt, you know.”
“I dunno what yer talkin’ about.”
The second born’s steely concentration remains aimed down at his D.D.D, where he currently typed furiously arguing with his brothers in the house’s group chat.
“Okay, so it’s not my shoulders. Was it these bad boys? You know, us humans can be pretty scary”, you grunt, drawing out the last words while flexing what little muscle you had in a teasing manner in an attempt to lighten the mood. Unfortunately for your dignity, Mammon doesn’t even throw a glance your way. “Uh huh, yea”, he mumbles, fingers continuing to fly across his keyboard.
Wanting to know what conversation he found so enthralling, you decide to slip your own D.D.D out of your pocket, clicking on the group chat notifications you’ve been receiving.
Leviathan: Ugh, I can’t believe I have to attend class today in person. I feel like such a normie.
Satan: Good. Maybe you’ll start to leave your room more often and stop being such a shut in.
Leviathan: Hey! If anyones a shut in lately, it’s Mammon! I’ve barely seen him at all this week! Every time I try to talk to him he says “he’s busy” and to “leave him alone”.
Lucifer: Interesting. Mammon, care to explain why you’re so busy?
Mammon: I’m not up to nothin’, I swear! I’m just studyin’ is all.
Asmodeus: Aww, are you too busy playing with your new human that you don’t have time for your own brothers?
Mammon: Shuddup! I’m watchin’ over them and that’s that.
Asmodeus: Don’t play dumb with us, Mammon <3 Levi told us all about what went down in the kitchen.
Beelzebub: Kitchen….
Satan: Did you really expect you could hide a newly form pact from us? The exchange student is absolutely radiating with your power now.
Asmodeus: Aw, I wanna make the human radiate too!
Mammon: I had no choice okay! They practically blackmailed me into it!
Leviathan: You could have said no, if you weren’t such a money grubbing scumbag.
Mammon: Hey! Goldie belongs to ME! I had to get her back no matter the cost.
Lucifer: That also sounds rather interesting. Mammon, care to explain?
Mammon: EEP!
Asmodeus: What I find rather interesting is that pact! I want all the details! Like, what did their face look like when you formed it? Was their mouth open? What sounds did they make? Did they sound like moans? Were they more beautiful than mine?
Mammon: Like I’m tellin’ ya any of that!
Asmodeus: Ooo I know! Where did the pact sigil form? <3
Finding the conversation now centering all around you, you decide to speak for yourself.
MC: On my chest. It sits a bit over my heart.
Mammon’s head shoots up to look at you, expression a mix of terror and shock. It was almost as if he forgot you were also apart of this conversation.
“C-cause it’s the truth? Is it supposed to be a secret? They said they already knew?”
“Not about the pact! About the chest thing! About the h-heart thing!”
Suddenly your D.D.Ds notifications both start blaring at the same time, notifications buzzing much faster than they had before.
Asmodeus: Ooo Mammon ~ very bold of you <3
Leviathan: Eww gross… Are you kidding me? You guys met like what, not even three weeks ago?
Satan: I do have to say given the implications, that does seem very sudden.
You decide being the center talk of the HOL’s tabloid was not for you. If Mammon wasn’t going to give you answers, you were going to get them one way or another out of one of these boys.
MC: What ‘implications’?
“That’s it!”
You jump as you hear Mammon speak up next to you, reaching over to yank your D.D.D put of your hands and holding it over your head. You jump up and try to grab it from his grasp, but it’s not use.
“Hey! Give that back!”
“Nun-uh. Ya too distracted and at this rate we’re gonna be late.”
“Since when have you ever cared about being late?”
“Since Lucifer threatened to skin me alive if I don’t deliver ya to school on time. Now c’mon, let’s get goin’.”
Mammon slips his arm out of one strap of his bag and maneuvers it around to his front, unzipping a pocket and dropping your D.D.D inside.
“But, what if I need it for something? Like, an emergency!”
“Ya don’t need it. Ya got me remember. Don’t know how ya could forget with that big ass blemish on yer chest.” Though he mumbles the last part under his breath, it was just enough for you to hear.
“You…you think it’s a blemish?”, you ask, not feigning to hide the disappointment in your voice.
Oh no. Oh fuck. He can feel it again. That rapid beat beat beating of your heart, and the rising sadness beginning to bubble in your stomach.
“That’s not what I meant,” Mammon starts, but before he can finish the words are already leaving your mouth.
“You know, thanks for walking me, but I think I forgot something at HOL. I can find my own way back.”
“MC, wait!”
Now it was your turn to bolt away from him.
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Mc wanting to eat food knowing it would kill them but being really curios how it would taste
Lucifer: don't even think about it Mc
Mc: (slowly backing away while keeping eye contact) you can't always be watching, I will get to experience the sweet taste of death one way or another
Lucifer: Mc this is the third time I stopped you, I'm always watching you to make Sure you don't kill yourself with your stupid ideas
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My World
MC: I bet I can fit the whole world in my hands.
Lucifer: MC, that’s physically impossible.
MC:  *cups Lucifer’s face* Are you sure?
Lucifer: *blushing* Stop it, I have a reputation.
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gr8mammon · a day ago
MC: See? Unisex.
Mammon: Maybe *you* need sex. I just had it a few days ago.
MC: No, Mammon, U-N-I-sex.
Mammon: I wouldn't say no to that.
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harunayuuka2060 · a day ago
Simeon: Lucifer is the most caring eldest brother.
Lucifer: No. I hate all of you.
Simeon: He has the collection of our childhood memories. Isn't he just doting?
Lucifer: Simeon, you better shut up.
MC: ...
MC: Would you like to wear this "best big brother" necktie?
Lucifer: No. And what am I going to do with this? *already wearing it*
Simeon: *laughs*
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l3v1at8an · 2 days ago
MC:*Borrowed Solomon's laptop & sees his google search history*
MC: Solomon what the fuck is this?
Solomon: Porn.
MC: No, Below that.
Solomon: Tutorial how to boil water.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just came across a chat and chose the option Diavolo changing his hair color to black.
Alternate version with his original colors:
Tumblr media
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A Very Lovecraftian Exchange Student
Chapter 4
After last chapter’s interesting revelation about MC, Lucifer has to tell a certain someone about this new information. The exchange student meanwhile, needs to try and make-up with Mammon, and deal with a hungry and very angry Beel…
Previous Chapter
Next Chapter (coming soon)
Warnings: None, other than MC canonically thinking Lucifer is kinda hot
Barbatos prided himself on knowing everything that could possibly affect his master. Every food he disliked, every possible change in routine, every conspiracy against him, Barbatos had information on them in spades. But this new exchange student… Barbatos knew next to nothing about them, and it disturbed him greatly.
As he strode down the halls of the castle, his brows set and eyes staring straight ahead, anyone unfamiliar with him wouldn’t notice any change from his normal stoic facade.
But from the nervous whispers of the Little Ds and the spirits who saw him every day, they knew the truth. All the carefully hidden tics were as visible to them as the moon outside, Barbatos was annoyed.
For a demon so greedy for secrets and time, Barbatos was being deprived of them as of late. Time was something he’d always have plenty of, but he had begun to wonder if any amount of time would glean any proper information on the exchange student.
Unlike Asmodeus, who openly revelled in the gossip and secrets he loved to drown himself in, Barbatos fact checked. He organised each and every piece of information as meticulously as a computer.
The castle was as impeccably clean as always, Barbatos made sure of that. The marble floors were sparkling, the accent tables and vases were dusted and polished until they shone, but even the lack of dirt couldn’t lift Barbatos’ foul mood.
The butler stopped dead in his tracks and let his gaze flick over to Lucifer, who stood at the end of the hallway behind him.
“Are you trying to sneak up on me, Lucifer?”
“I wouldn’t dare.” Lucifer’s tone had the slightest uptick of almost… glee. Ah, this piqued Barbatos’ interest.
With a calm smile on his face, Barbatos fully turned around to face the Avatar of Pride. Lucifer’s deep red eyes were glowing the faintest of blue.
“I’ve learned something just wonderful, Barbatos.” Lucifer strode forward, almost completely unable to hide his smile.
“And what is that?” Barbatos asked, clasping his hands behind his back. “I’m a very busy demon, and so is the young master, so I cannot risk wasting time-“
“It’s about MC.”
Now that caught Barbatos’ attention.
The unusual insistence of Barbatos’ tone seemed to catch Lucifer off-guard, but the shock was quickly replaced with barely obscured, almost malicious excitement.
“Our mysterious exchange student has a weakness.” Lucifer’s eyes flashed as he spoke. “Magic.”
“Magic…” Barbatos raised an eyebrow. “Really now?”
“I saw it with my own two eyes. The chihuahua and the exchange student were attacked at lunch today, a magical attack caught MC off-guard and they couldn’t heal themselves. They were as weak as a normal human…”
The moment the information entered his ears, Barbatos felt his fangs involuntarily jut forward. A feeling of euphoric glee washed over him like a wave. He allowed himself to indulge in his greed for the briefest of moments as his eyes flashed gold and he raked his tongue over his sharpened teeth.
“Thank you, Lucifer.” Barbatos said, his voice seeming to almost layer on top of itself.
“I’ll relay this information to the young master immediately.”
MC dove out of the way as Beel’s balled up fists came crashing down, smashing the countertop right where MC was standing a moment before.
The Avatar of Gluttony let out a deafening roar, his wings buzzing behind him.
“Beel!” Mammon shouted, jumping onto Beel’s back and grabbing onto his horns. “Buddy, ya gotta calm the fuck down!”
Beel backed up and slammed into the wall, Mammon winced but held firm to his horns.
Beel slammed into the wall again, MC felt the shake of the house in their teeth as they crouched down behind the fridge and stared wide eyed at the scene unfolding.
Mammon let out a mild squeak as Beel reached back and grabbed the back of Mammon’s shirt, then threw him forward onto the tile.
“M-Mammon!” MC bolted from their hiding spot, running forward to try and help the demon-
When they felt their footing leave them as they slipped and slammed onto the tile.
Ah. The custard.
Their head pulsing, MC blearily sat up and saw legs… Beel’s legs… oh dear.
MC’s shirt was balled up and before they could act, they were yanked off their feet and their face was inches away from Beel’s.
“You… wasted… my… food…”
And with that, the wall crumbled.
“I’m sorry, Lucifer…”
The slouched over, clearly guilty figure of Beelzebub was a sharp contrast to the enraged giant that nearly attempted to bite off MC’s head a mere half hour prior.
“Sorry isn’t going to fix the wall, Beel.” Lucifer massaged his temples as he paced back and forth in front of Beel, Mammon, and MC, who were all crammed onto one of Lucifer’s couches.
“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Mammon snapped, resting his sunglasses on his head. “I didn’t do shit, Beel’s the one who broke the fucking wall.”
“You wasted my custard!”
“I didn’t mean to!”
“Regardless of your intent, Mammon, what happened still happened.” Lucifer growled, quieting Mammon.
“Now, the wall to MC’s room needs to be fixed, and they have nowhere to sleep. Beel. They’re staying with you.”
Beel opened his mouth, but Lucifer killed anything he might’ve said with a simple raise of his eyebrow. The Avatar of Gluttony then nodded.
MC looked over at Beel, and gave him a smile. Maybe this would end up with a pact!
“Welcome to your new room.” Beel held the door open for MC, who entered the new bedroom with wide eyes. It was a gorgeous room, filled with oranges and purples, like a sunrise and a sunset all rolled into one. “Just don’t take the bed on the right. You can have the left.”
“Oh, thank you Beel!” MC turned to him and grinned before plopping themselves down on the left bed. “Where will you sleep? The other bed?”
“No, that’s my twin’s bed.”
Beel gnawed on his lip and nodded before sitting down on a couch on the left side of the room. “Belphegor. The Avatar of Sloth.”
“Uh huh… what’s a twin?”
“It’s a…” Beel scratched the back of his neck and gave MC a side-eyed glance. “Special kind of sibling, I guess. Belphie and I were born in the Celestial Realm at the same time, so we’re twins. Connected forever.”
To emphasise his point, Beel entwined his fingers, a soft smile on his face.
“Ohhhhhh, where is he then?” MC asked, kicking their feet back and forth.
“In the human world.”
“Because he’s one of two demons who got sent up there for the exchange program.” Beel then stared down at the corner of the room with a sharp glare. “I mean… I don’t understand why he can’t come home… you’re not human…”
“What’s the big deal about me being me?”
“Belphie’s a little… hard on humans.”
“Aren’t most demons?”
“Not like… not like he is…” Beel replied, before briskly shaking his head. “It’s not based on eating instinct, like most, it’s based on… past stuff.”
“What kind of-“
“Not important. He’s not here anyway.” Beel let out an explosive sigh and ran a hand through his hair. “Anyway, it’s late. We should get some rest, we have school tomorrow.”
Beel clapped his hands, and the lights in the room went out. MC flopped backwards onto the soft bed, then they felt the faint indent of crumbs press against their skin. After wiping down the bed, MC laid back down and smiled.
“Hey Beel?”
“Are you mad at me about what happened with Levi?”
There was a long pause, then a deep sigh.
“You hurt my brother.”
“I know.”
“But he was going to hurt you first…”
“Hey… MC��” Beel said tentatively. “Do… you think you did something wrong?”
MC bit the inside of their cheek and frowned. “No, I was just doing what Lucifer told me. I defended myself to protect the exchange program. He didn’t say anything about not defending myself against you guys.”
“Oh. Haven’t you ever gotten into a fight with something from… your world?”
“No.” MC felt a weight on their chest as a strange… almost a mourning feeling nestled itself in their body. “I don’t know anybody like me…”
“So you were alone..?”
There was another pause. MC began to wonder, exactly how long had they been so alone for? The moment they opened their eyes to their world around them, they only had themselves.
“…yes.” MC whispered, a strange, unfamiliar wobble to their voice. “That's why I like it here so much… I like having other people around… they… they make me happy…”
MC felt their chest begin to almost spasm as their eyes began to leak. Jolting upwards in a panic, MC’s hands flew to their eyes as water poured out of them.
“I’m leaking!” MC sobbed. “I’m leaking and my throat hurts!”
Beel clapped the lights back on and stared at MC like a deer in headlights as the exchange student hiccuped and sobbed. He vaulted off the couch, snagging a box of tissues and holding it out to MC.
“D-don’t cry…”
“Th-th-thank you…” MC shakily reached out and took a tissue, then shoved it into their mouth.
“What are you- that’s not food!”
“It’s not..?” MC asked, their mouth still filled with paper. “So that box in my room wasn’t a free snack..?”
After a brief moment of hesitation, MC began to sob again. “I’m so stuuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiid!”
“Um… there there… there there…” Beel hesitantly reached out and patted MC on the head.
“I-I muh-miss hanging out with Ma-Mammon!” MC hiccuped, wiping the water that leaked from their eyes. “I w-wuh-wasn’t lonely with him a-around! I loved being around h-him! Now he h-h-haaaaaaatessssssssss meeeeeeeeee!”
Beel knitted his eyebrows and stared off towards the door. “I um… I think Mammon will get over it.”
“I don’t know, actually. I’m just trying to make you feel better.”
MC snivelled and looked up at Beel, their eyes red and swollen from all the crying. “Th-thanks Beel… I like hanging out with you too.”
“I… I’m going to bed now, MC.”
“Goodnight Beel. Sleep well.”
A loud buzzing and a flash of light stirred MC from their slumber.
Luke: Hey MC
Luke: I’m outside the House of Lamentation
Luke: Please come out
Throwing their legs over the side of the bed, and shrugging their shoulders, MC skipped down the hall and peeked out the front door.
“MC, come on, it’s me, please let me in, it’s scary out here…”
Opening the door fully, Luke burst inside the house and shut the door. He looked oddly scruffy, like he had sprinted the entire distance from Purgatory Hall to the HOL. MC tilted their head and gave him a grin.
“Why are you here so late, Luke? It’s nice to see you though-“
“SHHHHHH!” Luke put a finger to his lips and frowned. “Be quiet, we can’t let the demon brothers know that I’m here!”
“Why not?” MC asked, quickly locking the front door as Luke glumly sat on the stairs.
“I got into a fight with Simeon…” Luke mumbled, crossing his arms. “But we can’t talk here, let’s go to your room.”
“MC this is Beelzebub’s room.”
“Yeah, my room’s wall got busted.” MC said with a shrug, lightly pushing Luke into Beel’s room. “But we can stay here!”
“Yes, Beel?”
“Why is Luke in my room?”
“He ran away from home.”
“Oh. Okay.”
“Is that it?!” Luke blurted out, throwing his arms up and flopping backwards onto one of the room’s couches. “I’ve done something life changing! I’ve rejected my friendship with Simeon, this is big!”
MC tilted their head and sat down next to Luke. “What happened with Simeon? Is something wrong?”
Luke crossed his arms and puffed out his cheeks. “No…. He went out to go have tea with Diavolo of all demons. To think! An Angel fraternising with the future king of hell!”
“What’s wrong with that?” MC asked. “Diavolo’s been nothing but pleasant.”
Luke pointed a finger at MC, an eyebrow raised. “Because he’s trying to trick you! All demons are tricksters and liars!”
“I’m a demon.” Beel stated, and Luke’s cheeks went as red as fire as sweat beaded on his brow.
“W-well… you know… Um…” Luke stuttered, then shook his head and turned back to MC. “I can’t be friends with Simeon anymore! He’s betrayed me.”
“Aw, that must not feel good…” MC looped an arm around Luke’s shoulders and sighed. “Not good at all… I know what it’s like to lose a friend…”
“Yeah…” Luke sighed.
“I hate to interrupt, but…” Beel absent mindedly twiddled his thumbs and looked around. “It’s really late, and I have Fangol practice tomorrow.”
“Fangol?” MC tilted their head. “What’s that?”
“A demon sport.” Luke crossed his arms and huffed.
“How interesting!” MC exclaimed, clapping their hands. “I’d love to watch you practise, Beel!”
“You two are awfully loud for people who want to stay hidden.” Beel noted.
“Oh, right. We are doing espionage. Luke, we should rest.” And with that, MC flopped backwards and fell asleep.
The next day at RAD was… awkward to say the least. MC and Beel were practically glued to each other for most of the day, avoiding the questioning gaze of the rest of the brothers, as well as the other residents of Purgatory Hall that they were not hiding in their bedroom. MC sat in an empty classroom at lunch, watching the tiny dust-demons run across the floor, scattering dust bunnies every which way.
A laugh escaped MC’s lips as one of the dust-demons smacked into another, sending little whisps of dirt flying absolutely everywhere.
“Ah! MC, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”
The exchange student turned to see Simeon striding over to them, his usual serene smile on his face. MC gave him a sunny smile and a wave in return.
“Hi Simeon! Come sit with me!” MC chirped as they patted the empty seat next to them. Simeon lightly chuckled and slipped into the chair.
“I’m glad I got such a warm welcome, most of the other students would rather an Angel didn’t sit with them.”
“Aw,” MC patted Simeon on the shoulder. “That’s sad. I think you and Luke are cool.”
“That’s nice to hear, MC.” Simeon said with a quick nod. “Speaking of Luke,”
The Angel gave MC a meaningful look, which they responded to with a slight tilt of their head.
“He’s… he’s one of the youngest angels, you see.” Simeon explained. “He doesn’t know a lot about the world beyond what the Celestial Realm has taught him, and so he has a lot of… old fashioned views so to speak.”
“Uh huuuuuuh.” MC nodded along with Simeon’s explanation.
“Luke is also very special. He told me all about the incident in the courtyard, so I know you were there to see it.” Simeon gave MC another look. “So I guess what I’m asking you to do is watch out for him while he’s with you, okay? And if he's any trouble, just send him back to Purgatory hall. The last thing I want is for him to get hurt.”
“Uhhhhh… what are you talking about?” MC laughed nervously, mimicking a nervous tic of Mammon’s by scratching the back of their neck. “I um… don’t know where Luke is…”
“Yes you do.” Simeon tiredly sighed, but smiled quickly after he noticed MC’s flushed expression. “Thank you for looking after him, MC.”
“…I’ll take care of him.” MC said with a resolute nod. “Pinkie promise!”
“Oh wow! Satan has so many books in his room!” Luke exclaimed as he poked his head into the empty bedroom. Beel sighed and tried to pull the child away, but Luke was far too quick and darted down the hall to look into another room.
“And this one smells like a thousand different perfumes!” Luke quickly shut the door and made a disgusted face. “Too strong…”
“Luke, please just go back in the room…” Beel practically begged. The Angel turned to him and tilted his head, before opening the door to Mammon’s room and looking inside.
“But no one’s home!” Luke explained. “This is my chance to explore!”
“Yes! Exploration!” MC said with a clap of their hands. “One of my favourite parts of moving in here was getting to explore!”
Beel rubbed his temples, then dove to catch Luke before he could open the door to Lucifer’s room and seal his death. “Nope.”
“H-hey! Let go!”
“No, we’re going back to my room.”
“Aw man…” Luke mumbled.
When the trio got back to the room, and Beelzebub unceremoniously dropped Luke onto the carpet, the Angel crossed his arms and glared up at Beel.
“You could have been more gentle.”
“Yeah, maybe.” Beel replied as he plopped himself down on his bed.
“As expected of demons.” Luke snapped. MC sat down next to him, crossing their legs and folding their hands in their lap like they were about to listen to a lecture.
“Why don’t you like demons, Luke?”
Luke stared at MC like they were the biggest moron in the three realms. “They’re crazy evil, MC!”
“I’m a demon, remember?”
Beel went ignored as Luke continued his outburst. “All the wars between the demons and angels have one commonality, the demons started it.”
From the corner of their eyes, MC caught Beel rolling his eyes as he got out of bed and left the room, mumbling something about getting a snack.
The moment the door to the room clicked shut, Luke looked from side to side, and gestured for MC to come closer.
“MC I’m going to tell you a secret that you can’t tell anyone.”
“Oh! I love secrets! Tell me tell me tell me!”
“From what Michael and Simeon tell me, I think that when Lucifer was an Angel, he might have been a better Angel than Michael…” Luke said that last part in a whisper, before frantically looking back and forth to see if anyone else was somehow listening.
“Awwww!” MC cooed, resting a hand on their face. “That’s so cute! And I totally get it too. Lucifer is so so so cute…”
Luke quirked an eyebrow and tilted his head. “What do you mean? He’s an awful demon now!”
“Yeah…” MC sighed. “That intense look in his eyes, that unknowable power behind them…”
MC audibly swooned, which only confused the little Angel further.
“We got a problem!” The door burst open to reveal Beel, looking as serious as a heart attack.
“Eh? What is it?” Luke asked, scrambling to his feet.
“Lucifer’s home.” Beel replied, shutting the door behind him with his foot. “And he’s doing random room checks.”
“Oh! Speak of the devil! Literally!” MC giggled. “…why does he do room checks?”
“Blame Mammon and Asmo.” Beel explained. “Asmo snuck in too many late night partners, and Mammon kept burning bills in his room.”
“Oh. Makes sense.” MC said with a shrug.
“So this isn’t that big of a deal.” Luke piped up. “I’ll just hide under the bed.”
“Nope, not gonna work.” Beel said with a shake of his head. “Lucifer once found a Succubus that Asmo snuck in after she had shapeshifted into a garden spider.”
“Oh…” the colour drained from Luke’s face. “Uh oh…”
“What do we do then?!” MC asked, panic rising in their chest. They didn’t want their new friend to get kicked out!
“Just- just-“ Beel whipped his head back and forth, looking around until his eyes landed on the closet. “Get in there!“
Fast as lightning, Beel picked Luke up by the collar of his shirt and practically threw him into the closet. Just in time as well, as Lucifer walked right in.
“Beel, MC.” Lucifer said, his eyes sweeping across the room. “What was all the ruckus in here about?”
“We were-“
“Jumping on the bed.” MC said, cutting Beel off. “Together.”
Lucifer’s eyebrows flew upwards as he looked over at Beel. “I’m sorry, what?!”
“Not like that, Lucifer, not like that!” Beel frantically explained, his hands raised. “We really were just jumping on the bed.”
Letting out an exhale of relief, Lucifer nodded and went back to perusing the room, barely sparing MC a glance. “Good… good…”
“Are you looking for something, Lucifer?” MC asked, trying to get his attention as far away from the closet as possible.
“Yes, I’m quite concerned actually.” Lucifer said, his voice as measured and stern as always. “I’m worried that one of my dear little brothers snuck something they shouldn’t have into my house.”
“Isn’t this our house?”
“Beel, do you pay the mortgage?”
“Exactly.” Lucifer’s eyes swept across the room, his eyes finally landing on the closet. “I’ll just check in there and be on my way-“
“NO!” MC dove in front of the closet door and held out their arms. “Don’t look in there!”
Raising an eyebrow, Lucifer looked over at Beel. “Satan really should have chosen a better accomplice in sneaking another cat into the house, I swear…”
Shooing MC out of the way, Lucifer threw open the closet door to reveal…
MC’s jaw dropped as they stared at the mostly empty closet. Only a few jackets and stray backpacks lay inside. How did-
“Huh…” Lucifer furrowed his brows. “Interesting.”
The Avatar of Pride shut the door and spun around on his heel. “Looks like your cat escaped. I’ll get it.”
The moment the door to the room clicked shut, Beel and MC scrambled towards the closet, their eyes popping out of their skulls as they scanned the closet up and down, but there was no sign of the Angel.
Author’s Note
I swear I’m not a Barbatos stan, but this man is getting hotter by the day. Thank you to my Barbatos mutuals for showing me the light. He is the only competent husbando I have, the rest are idiots (affectionate).
But anyway! Tell me what you thought of the chapter! I hit a bit of a writer’s block while writing this, but the part with the tissues was still really fun to write!
@bloopthebat @that-one-fanperson @tanspostsblog @leslie-d @here-queer-and-confused @the-noble-watermelon @m1ss-c4mrader1e @smileypenxilkid @mcx7demonbros @rottenmilkwitheggs @alanthecatdad @yeahno28 @shizunxie @simpinginthecorner @unicornhorse160 @softboi-yuu @azukoya @jxcyt @fregget-frou @jellicakee
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that-one-pretty-bitch · 2 days ago
So, I was explaining the plot of Obey me! shall we date to @loekas​ 
And here it is:
FYI: Everyone in Obey me! is emotionally constipated as F U C K
I just know that the Obey me lovers are about to come for my soul
Lucifer- pride
Basically a total asshole and prick. He constantly overworks himself. He has threatened to kill the MC many many times. He punishes his brothers in cruel ways. ( A sadist ) To make things better though, he is hot, i’ll give him that.
Mammon- Greed
A thief, will fucking steal from you. He is the MC's best friend and fandom's favorite although he acts greedy like my little brother during Christmas so I fail to see the appeal and cry blood whenever I see smut on him bcz he acts like a spoiled 5 yr old brat who loves his mom but will never admit it. You could hold a gun to his head and force him to say it but he will not
Leviathan- Envy
What a loser, honestly. All my man does is play video games and simp over underage waifu's. ( YOU CANT TELL ME RURI HANNA IS NOT LIKE 8 ) He 10/10 has a body pillow. Also attempted to kill the MC, even though MC is his only friend ( thats sad ). A hardcore gen z and hated by a lot of the fandom. Shut in Otaku and a creepy discord mod.
Satan- Wrath
Daddy issues who?? Lucifer is his dad and he HATES when he is compared to Lucifer because spoiled brat doesn't want to be like that "ugly old man". He was created out of Lucifer's wrath when their sister died and since then everyone sees him as a replacement for their dead sister he hates it. The kind of guy who would smash random objects when angry bcz of temper tantrums. I don’t feel bad for him because??? Daddy issues??? Suck it up, Lucifer isn’t even that bad your just salty he’s hotter. Also purge that outfit rn, that's a crime to fashion.
Asmodeus- Lust
A boy but so girlypop??( No hate I love girlypop boys ) Probs fucked every human, demon and angel in existence. Gossip queen and mean girl. Never trust him with secrets, he would tell the entire school. Horny 24/7, honestly a big cheater and fuckboy. Regina George 2.0, will make fun of your outfit because he wants to look better. That pretty girl that you go to talk to but turns out she has a nasty attitude and talks shit about everyone?? Thats him. Then he gets mad when people call him ugly??? Also compliment fishing on Insta all the time.
Beel - Gluttony ( older twin )
Genuinely sweet. Himbo, super muscular?? He plays sports, that one high school jock that EVERY girl has a crush on. Crying and temper tantrums when he is hungry and not given food. Tried to eat MC when he got hungry- but he apologized to MC and now they are cool. Man child tbh
Belphegor - Sloth ( younger twin )
I bet y’all were WAITING for my opinion on this one
I hate you. Murderer, literally everyone hates him. Nobody in the fandom likes him because he actually succeeded in killing the MC but they were brought back to life by the demon king and his butler. Dangerous mf, MC forgives him though?? Once you get to know him he is just a sleepy baby that wakes up with murder on his mind lol. But then again EVERYONE tried to kill MC, he was the only one that succeeded. Ngl he is pretty bad at pretending to be a defenseless human, I didn’t fall for it but the game made me go in there anyway.
Simeon- angel
My man could rail me but he would hate me irl. Holy man, jesus is good you all are unholy. Sweet? Kind? Talented writer? Grandpa that can't learn to use devices no matter what?? Everything I need in a man. Wears a slutty outfit but acts like he is all angelic and kind. Like- ✨sinful shoulders✨
Solomon- Sorcerer
Grandpa Sol. Can’t cook to save his like, Yor Forger level but even worse. Never eat his cooking, even Beel refuses to eat that monstrosity. Makes the most annoying dad jokes ever like stfu. Sussy Baka fr fr
Luke- cute baby angel
Simeon's adopted son, MC is his role model ( much to Simeon's dismay ) bcz my MC be unholy asf. Loves baking MC sweet things ( Luke pls can I marry your dad-? ) but hates when MC flirts with his father figure ( Isn't stopping me ) He is a chiwawa as per EVERYONE. Woof woof
Barbatos - Hot butler
The demon prince's hot servant, I like the butler kind. Would probably smile while insulting the shit out of you. WIll make you regret all your life decisions. Also has time manipulation where he can look into the future and stop it from happening by turning back time. The demon prince's father figure.
Could you please take me back to when I failed my math test and help me fix it-?
Lord Diavolo- Demon Prince
Demon prince, spoiled child, himbo, MC's source of secret income. When Lucifer doesn't let the MC or brothers do something they talk Lord Diavolo into changing Lucifer's mind. Biggest sweet tooth ever. Daddy Issues 2.0. Sugar daddy material, probably has a secret relationship with Lucifer.
Mc- Human
The most insane human being to ever exist.
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umiushiii · a day ago
Tumblr media
Asmo for Christmas chibi number 5!
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zac-n · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
sketch of Henry and Lord of Shadows
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pearl-dragon-cavern · a day ago
Tumblr media
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 2 days ago
Satan: Mc are you wrathful person?
Mc: (clearly about to Murder someone) no what makes you think that?
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morningstaravatar · a day ago
Lucifer, giving bedroom eyes to a person in a teddy bear suit at a carnival*
Belphie: Are you…?
Satan: I mean did you just—
Lucifer: Give bedroom eyes to MC disguised as a teddy bear to let them know what I plan to do tonight? Yes.
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gr8mammon · 2 days ago
MC, holding Mammon’s hand: Mom, Mammon and I are dating.
Mom: WHAT!? How could this be?! He’s a demon!
Mammon, smiling: Aw. You’re so happy for us! Just you wait mama bear, I’ll soon be your son-in-law!
Mom: *screams in horror on the inside*
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