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still-a-morosexual-help 2 days ago
Wait wait W A I T is this the first time MC gotta make out with demon form Mammon!?馃槼
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click for better quality because the look, the raised eyebrow & the smirk deserve better quality
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angelover 2 days ago
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cw. gn!reader, breeding kink, creampies, semi-public 鈥攌itchen鈥, Beel's dick has a knot, implied omegaverse only for Beel, mild size kink. reader gets called beautiful once, and "mine" multiple times.
900 words, this wasn't supposed to get too long.
鈱 tags; @threeleggedcrow @tinymaru @yuujispinkhair @httphaitani @mrsmorgenstern @dyslexicashell @grayce-after-hours @delphi-dreamin @ibby-miyoshi-nerd
Tumblr media
[3:00 am] marked on your D.D.D. the bright screen almost blinded you for a second, a second of calmness before you heard a loud crash of something falling on the kitchen floor, merely a few steps away from you.
you immediately thought it was Beel, going on another hunger rampage that you would have prefered to avoid if it weren't because of Lucifer and your task of protecting the fridge.
an eerie feeling like someone was watching you, covered you whole at the same moment you stepped out of your room.
light and quiet footsteps barely left any sound in the dark space, only low and animalistic grunts were heard at the distance, growing louder as you approached the kitchen.
"Beel?" you asked at the sudden quietness, your fingers roaming on the wall in search of the light switch, only to be greeted by a large hand on your wrist, earning a shriek from you.
as you tried to adapt to the darkness and take a look at Beel, the only thing you heard was a low "I'm sorry" before getting shoved aside and thrown onto the kitchen island, grunting at the careless way he manhandled you.
"Beel what's going on?" you hissed, trying to stay away from the wood edges digging uncomfortably on your pelvis, your hands stretching to the middle of the counter, helplessly pushing your body back to gain control.
"you smell so good" he mumbled darkly, something about his voice sent a shiver down your spine, and his own hands, much larger, covered yours, intertwined, like he was purposely pressing you down without a place to escape.
"Beel鈥" you tried again, breathless from his weight almost crushing you down.
"i need you" he replied, and you, about to protest if it weren't because of something poking on your ass and his lips capturing yours in the blink of an eye. his lips, that usually had a salty taste were now sweet, cloyingly sweet with a strong aftertaste that left your body trembling, dizzy and almost limp, "you taste so sweet, i love how you taste, i need more, please鈥 i need to touch you, i need to fuck you"
and he's quick to tear down your sleeping shorts as soon as a yes slips from your mouth, fingers barely prepping you, eyes darkened with lust just like your non coherent thoughts, only thinking about his fat cock filling you up.
his shaft that was usually kind of painful to manage at first, was now extra swollen, painfully hard and stretching your hole apart with a sting that verged on pain.
you felt your body start to convulse when Beel let out a string of curses, his low and raspy voice echoing in the empty kitchen, not that you cared about waking someone up, all your fucked our brain thought was about how deliciously the large demon above you was stretching you apart, eyes rolling back further with each inch that sank on you.
"almost there" Beel licked his lips, hands on your ass stretching you further apart for his eyes to devour the filthy sight in front of him.
"Beel鈥 it's too big" you whined, crying out with each short thrust of his cock that pushed a bit more inside of you, "i can't anymore"
"yes you can, you can take it, just a little more" he murmured, watching how just half of his cock was in, "you're so beautiful, so tight, and all mine" he mumbled with a strangled voice, working the inches left inside your hole that welcomed him with a clench, your mouth hanging open and drooling all over the counter.
"come here" he said, slipping one of his hands between your bodies and down your shirt to play with your nipples while the other grasped on one of your hands, glued to the cold marble.
"Beel!" you cried out, with a choked out cry, you felt how the swollen base of his cock nestled on your ass, loudly slapping against your skin with each hard thrust inside of you, he fucked you like he was desperate, like he wanted to push his knot inside your hole, nor giving you any second to adjust, just making you take everything he gives you with long and hard strokes of his cock against your walls, his engorged tip repetitively hitting on the spot that made your vision go blurry.
"i need to cum, i need to fuck you full of my seed" Beel murmurs, sharp teeth scraping on the softness of your chin and neck, "will you take it all?"
you whimper in response, mindlessly repeating yes and please, your moans turning to sobs when his hand cupped your nape and brought your face down, forehead pressed on the coldness as his pace became almost brutal, his tip reaching so deep inside of you, your hole clamping and squeezing his cock for all his worth.
"Beel鈥 fuck, please, give me your knot" you gasped, "please, please鈥"
"yes, fuck, you're going to take it all, it's all for you, your mine, mine" he said, fucking you so hard your ass most definitely will end up with bruises, each sharp thrust pushing the swollen knot a bit deeper inside your walls, the stretch almost unbearable you could only sob and cum without even noticing, your hole loosing up to welcome it.
as soon as he was fully deep inside of you, knot warmly enveloped by your walls, Beel let out a loud grunt that got the furniture shaking sightly, painting your walls white with thick cum in never ending waves, your body aching and clenching around him to milk him dry, trying so desperately to keep every single drop of cum inside of you.
"so good, so good" the demon groans, his hips moving in short thrusts, letting you ride out your own high. minutes felt like hours with your bodies connected until his knot deflated enough to push his still rock hard cock out.
you whimpered pathetically when Beel grunted behind you at the few drops of cum that managed to slip out of you, using the tip of his cock to collect them and plunging inside of you again, this time he held you up against his chest, tightly holding onto your hair for you to scream freely in the darkness.
"yes鈥 scream my name so everyone in this house to knows you're mine"
Tumblr media
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shansama a day ago
No, Because the brothers favoritism on MC is different.
MC could smack the shit out of someone and someone snitched they would just straight not believe them like "MC would never do something like that."
And when they see it themselves they will be like "MC surely have a reason on why they hit you. Now tell me, What did you do to make MC want to hit you?"
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harunayuuka2060 a day ago
MC: Does my good boy like scratches?
Cerberus: ...
MC: Oh, he doesn't. *turns to Lucifer* But I know my demon boy likes scratches. *rubs him gently behind the ears*
Lucifer: *chuckles*
Cerberus: *growls*
Lucifer: I would like some kisses too.
Cerberus: Grrrr.....
MC: Bark for me first.
Lucifer: Ruff.
Cerberus: *offended barking*
MC and Lucifer: *laughs*
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belphego-or a day ago
Hi!! May you please write the demon bros鈥 reaction to them telling the MC that 鈥榯hey鈥檙e so short鈥 and MC replying with 鈥減ut some inches in me then鈥?
gn!reader technically nsfw so technically 18+ even if there's no smut? sorry some r shorter than others >w<!
LUCIFER isn't one to tease you for your height - sure, he may chuckle seeing you struggle to reach something on the top shelf, but he won't literally hold it over your head unlike some of his brothers. Hearing the words fall from your mouth brings a smirk to his face and he's quick to respond back with something teasing in nature.
MAMMON burns red in the face, stuttering and stammering and asking why you're saying such things... but he can't deny he won't pass up the chance, and tries to gauge if you're just joking around. When he realises you're not, you've never seen a man so happy before.
LEVIATHAN quite literally chokes on his own spit, face turning a shameful shade of red and asks you not to make jokes like that! He defends himself saying he is a demon, and he is a guy so you can't just go around making jokes like that... and he prays it's not a joke inwardly.
SATAN pauses his reading, staring into your eyes to see if you're serious and tells you that you shouldn't tempt a demon - they can't resist the temptation of something right in front of them. He'll snap his book shut, stand and tell you he'll be in his room if you need him.
ASMODEUS is instantly attached to your side, whisking you away to his room. if you had wanted him so badly, you should have said before~! He'll gladly give you as many inches as you need!
BEELZEBUB blushes a shade of pink, and says he wasn't expecting to hear you say that of all things... but he's not one to decline an appetizing meal that's presenting itself right in front of him.
BELPHEGOR is smug and pulls you next to wherever he's laying down and ask if he should do it now? Where any one of his brothers can come and see? You can't out tease the teaser. He doesn't care if you were or weren't joking - he's going to get you back for making him so feel flustered.
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ilygetou 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING$: jealous! mammon x fem! reader.
C/W: jealous sex, mammon is jealous but won鈥榯 admit it, creampie, slight degrading, sub/dom dynamics, mammon returns to his tsundere self at the end, short n鈥 sweet, MINORS DNI!
N0TE: already at day three wtf, anyways enjoy 馃檶
Tumblr media
鈥渕-mammon, p-please. you鈥檙e being too rough.鈥 you whined as your boyfriend kept roughly bucking his hips against yours. his cock making you feel so full.
鈥溾榠t鈥檚 your fault, fuck 鈥 you were the one flirting with my brothers, you knew that I was 鈥 shiiit, you knew that i was there. you did this on purpose, it鈥檚 your fault.鈥
mammon continued thrusting into your pussy, as you kept moaning his name, begging him to slow down a bit. his cock hitting your deepest spots 鈥 causing you to let out an audible moan.
鈥渨hy鈥檇 you even 鈥 why鈥檇 flirt with them? fuck. Why did you? huh? Am I not good enough for you?鈥 you couldn鈥檛 speak 鈥 couldn鈥檛 utter a single word, not when mammon鈥檚 cock kept hitting your womb, only making you let out lewd sounds. 鈥測es baby, fuck, let out out your voice 鈥 let them know that you鈥檙e mine.鈥 mammon pinched your clit, making you let out an even louder moan of his name. you鈥檙e pretty sure anyone who walks past his dorm could hear you by now.
鈥渓ook at you, got too dumb just because of my cock, can鈥檛 even say a single word, 鈥檚 okay baby.鈥 mammon kissed your parted lips before continuing; 鈥渒new that you wouldn鈥檛 want anyone but me 鈥 nobody can make you feel this good, right?鈥 you nodded your head, slurring 鈥榶eses鈥 as mammon chuckled at your state.
鈥渓ook at you 鈥 tears staining your cheeks while you moan out my name, fuck 鈥 you鈥檙e so cute, fuckkk.鈥 the sudden tightness of your cunt made mammon throw his head back 鈥 thrusting faster into you, hips quivering ever so often.
鈥渕-mammonnn鈥! c鈥!鈥 you got cut off by your orgasm crushing down on you, your cunt squeezing mammon鈥檚 cock so tightly, while you cum around his length.
鈥渟o t-tight 鈥 fuck fuck fuckkkk!鈥 mammon鈥檚 hips twitched, thrusting into you sloppily before he emptied his load into your used pussy.
mammon pulled out of you, slowly, he was panting and coughing, before he finally steadied his breath.
you looked at mammon with a tired smile on your face, 鈥渨hat?鈥 mammon said, confused.
鈥渕aybe, if i鈥檓 gonna be getting fucked so roughly like this every time you get jealous then maybe i should flirt more with your brothers.鈥 you said, a chuckle following right after.
mammon quickly widened his eyes at your words and threw a pillow at you, 鈥渋 wasn鈥檛 jealous, dumbass!鈥
Tumblr media
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0beyme a day ago
Satan and his cute babygirl hyperfixation.
Tumblr media
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antiomnia 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Demonio 666 Lexura ad photoshoot feat. Mammon. My page for the Mammonzine Gold Rush birthday collab.
~70 full color pages from 47 contributors 鉁 Order you physical or digital copy here 鈫
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poptartkingsworld a day ago
Cw: somno 馃き
Pervert Lucifer who does "check ups" at night to see if you are asleep.
You know of these habits, it was one of his rules. But since when was groping you while you slept part of the rule book ??
Not that you mind, it helps knowing this so you can tease him more.
Such as wear such loose clothings; crop tops, shorts that barely reached your mid thigh, or maybe even his own clothes that barely fit you.
Perv Lucifer who opens your door and peeks his head in. Perfect, you were asleep.
He slips into your room, quietly kneeling and noticing the way his shirt barely covered your chest, he couldn't help but caress the skin of your chest to your stomach. He watched way you stirred in your sleep. He continued to eye fuck you, seeing how your shorts looked like underwear more than shorts...speaking of which..
His hand dipped under your shorts, a moan almost escaped his mouth before he smiled. Of course you wouldn't wear any underwear.
You stir in your sleep, soft moans and huffs of breaths escaping your lips as perv Lucifer fucked into you, slowly. He doesn't want to wake you and explain how shameful and perverted he was for you. By this point your awake, unbeknownst to him, you marvel in the way perv Lucifer tries to keep quiet. Quiet whines and huffs as he stops himself from slamming his hips against yours.
The next morning, test the waters a bit
"I had the weirdest dream last night" you can say, innocently. Poor pervert Lucifer not being able to look you in the eye while he hurries you to do your duties before you notice him start drooling over the memories from last night.
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he-calls-me-kitten 2 days ago
can you do the " please me " prompt for the side characters ?
Ohh sure! Looks like we may have to change the storyline a little to make this one make sense but I have just the right idea!
"Please Me"
Dateables x F! MC version
<- Brothers
Tumblr media
"Well that sounds... incredibly fun." Diavolo tried to disguise his evident excitement. "Who knew taking orders could be as interesting as that."
"Indeed, I wouldn't mind being at the receiving end of such demands." Barbatos smiled his signature smile.
"If only angels and humans could make such a pact too." Simeon sighed.
"Well what if I told you, you could?" Solomon smirked, holding up a vial with a dark red liquid. "MC and I were experimenting on it, because I wanted a pact between the two of us."
"What does it do exactly?" Simeon turned the vial delicately, looking at the shimmery fluid dance. A subtle temptation washed over him.
"A temporary pact. It lasts for about a day." Solomon explains. "The first to drink it becomes the master, the next becomes the pet."
"Solomon that's splendid..." Barbatos's eyes widened in wonder. "I don't suppose there are any long-term side effects?"
"I can certainly tell you there are no detrimental side-effects. MC and I have been using this for a while." He assured. Hearing that flared up the tempers and desires of the other three.
"Barabtos, we should invite MC to the castle. Soon." Diavolo cleared his throat. Simeon went a step further. "I believe I've already invited MC over to Purgatory Hall, I should get going."
The red vial greets you when you go visit any of them. You smile and shake your head, trying not to laugh at how desperate they looked as they asked you to drink first. And how eagerly they finsined the second drink.
"I guess I can get straight to the point since you know how it works?" You cup his face and pull him close. "Now, go ahead. Please me."
He merely smiles at you before devouring your mouth with his. He's wanted to do this for a while and you can feel it as his tongue desperately laps at your parted lips.
He whispers your name like a prayer, his smooth locks brushed your jaw as he moved to your cheeks and neck. You slip out of your clothes to give him more access.
"Simeon, that tickles..."
He sees the glistening skin of your bosom, that playful smile on your lips. He's going crazy. He's torn between just staring and risking his fall by making you his.
"Does this feel good?" He asks as he buries his head in your soft chest, slowly enclosing his lips around your sensitive nub.
You nod and whimper as his hands crawl up your thighs. But he's certain he's the one being pleased, being allowed to touch you like this.
"I'm the most generous teacher aren't I, MC?" He says. Your naked bodies entangle under his bed sheets.
"Who else gives into all of their apprentice's whims and desires?"
You feel his magic manifest, glowing ropes tie your wrists above your head as he dips his head to kiss lines down your stomach. You arch your back as he bites down at your waist.
At this point, he knows your body even better than you.
"S-solomon." You moan his name and he knows you're ready for him. The ropes grow tighter as he positions himself.
"It's like you were made for me. As I was for you."
He kisses your eyes closed as he slides his length in easily. Your body remembers his shape, molds to it. You wonder if it's magic.
He looks so delighted to be between your legs, gripping your thighs and pressing tender kisses onto them. How can someone like him possibly be a demon?
"What would you like me to do, MC? I'll do anything. Anything at all."
So eager to please. So easy to tease.
"Take these off. They are in the way." You caress his coat and shirt. He takes it off without hesitation, almost popping a few buttons in the process.
And now he stands in all his glory, his dark skin so lovely, soft and warm against your fingers. You run your fingers over his pecs, squezing and lapping at them. You feel him hiss under his breath. You can see his arousal trying to break out of his pants.
"Wasn't I supposed to pleasure you, MC? And yet you-" He stops mid way as you make him kneel and throw your legs over his shoulders. And after that, he doesn't stop until you're a crying and sloppy mess.
"I can't believe I finally have the honor to serve you, MC." He bows as you pop bubbles in the bath, staring at him mischievously. Glimpses of your bare skin through the foam are enough to drive him wild.
"You're too overdressed for a bath." You splash water at him, drenching him whole. "Come help me here."
"As my master wishes."
He chuckles as he strips. Oh he can't wait to please you. He'll make sure you'll need to be tended to for the next three days. He can finally indulge in all the greed he hides away so diligently.
"Hush, MC. You're being too loud." You realised your mistake when he had to clamp your mouth shut. You cry out from overstimulation. "Now open up your legs a little more won't you? I'm afraid I haven't completely cleaned it yet."
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thewritetofreespeech 2 days ago
Hc the brothers react to mom mc baby鈥檚 first words being them calling the brothers daddy
Obey me Brothers + Baby鈥檚 first word
*note: these are hc on MC鈥檚 baby conceived without the brother*
Would be surprised
He鈥檚 been called 鈥榖ig brother鈥 before, but he never thought that anyone would call him 鈥榙addy鈥
Smiles warmly at the child, and doesn鈥檛 correct them
Secretly thinks about having other children with MC so he can have a whole bunch of them call him 鈥榙addy鈥.
Has been trying to get the baby to say 鈥楳ammon鈥 since the day they were born
When they call him 鈥榙addy鈥 instead, he鈥檚 completely stunned
He tries to play it off like it鈥檚 no big deal. Kids call everyone 鈥榙a-da鈥 when they鈥檙e learning to talk
Actually almost in tears he鈥檚 so happy they called him 鈥榙addy鈥 first
Not really interested in the baby, at first
They don鈥檛 really do anything and have very high potential of being normies
He only becomes interested in the baby once he鈥檚 decided that they鈥檙e kind of like a living dress up figurine he can put cute cosplay outfits on
When they call him 鈥榙addy鈥 the first time, he has to lock himself in his room for a week because he鈥檚 otaku-joy-freaking out
Has the most interest in teaching the baby things
Read up on all the milestones, and best ways to teach infants
When they suddenly call him 鈥榙addy鈥 for the first time, he is noticeably shocked
He tries to brush it off, even if his cheeks are red, and attempts to correct the baby into calling him by his proper name
Is so excited he actually squeals
First, he鈥檚 incredibly moved to be called 鈥榙addy鈥 by his sweet little angel boo
Second, he鈥檚 honestly just excited he wasn鈥檛 called 鈥榤ama鈥 instead. His beautiful, delicate looks sometimes leads to mistakes
Immediately gets daddy-baby shirts for him and the baby so they can be official
It鈥檚 honestly not a surprise that the baby called him 鈥榙addy鈥
Beel is a big protector. Of MC, his brothers, basically everyone.
He鈥檚 been taking care and helping out MC since they had the baby, so he鈥檚 really become a surrogate father to them; whether he realized or not
He doesn鈥檛 make a big deal out of it, but does admit it feels nice that they call him 鈥榙addy鈥 when he picks them up
Also on #teamnokid, but he鈥檚 a lot more firm in his stance than Levi is
He doesn鈥檛 like the baby because he鈥檚 the baby, and anything that takes MC鈥檚 attention away from him is something he doesn鈥檛 like
Honestly surprised that they call him 鈥榙addy鈥 since he rarely has any interaction with them
Very sternly says 鈥淚鈥檓 not your dad kid鈥 before he hands them back to MC or someone else
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leviachansbaka a day ago
Tumblr media
kissing your cheek
headcanon, all characters x gn ! reader, fluff
Tumblr media
Lucifer has been watching you for a while. You've been working so hard lately, trying to help the Student Council out, keeping up with classes, and looking after everyone. Isn't it tiring? After you accidentally fall asleep in the living room, Lucifer approaches you quietly, covering you with his coat and softly placing a kiss on your cheek. Lucifer finds your sleeping face soothing. He could admire you forever.
Mammon can't stand you hanging around others so much at RAD. It's clear they're interested in you, but you keep insisting on giving them the time of the day. And by now, it should be clear to everyone that you're his and only his. Before going back to the House of Lamentation, Mammon shyly kisses your cheek. He loves you dearly and wants you to pay more attention to him from now on.
You're the best friend an otaku could have. Leviathan loves talking, playing video games, and watching anime with you. To be more specific, he loves spending time with you in general. Your presence brings him a sense of peace and acceptance, something that he would never say to your face. After finally clearing a pretty hard level, Levi excitedly kisses your cheek. He panics and goes completely red after noticing what he just did.
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful day outside, and Satan invited you to go on a walk searching for cats with him. Satan loves talking to you throughout the way, regardless of the subject. Your voice is music to his ears, and Satan appreciates you lots. After petting and feeding the cats, the demon surprises you by kissing your cheek. The way you look at his feline friends is so cute to him.
When is Asmo not kissing you? Well, anyways... If you're studying, Asmodeus sneaks behind you and places a soft kiss on your cheek. If you're washing the dishes, Asmo puts his hands around your waist and gives you another peck. If you're scrolling down your cellphone for no reason, Asmodeus pushes you close to him and softly kisses your face. You're probably getting 50 kisses a day, Asmo can't get enough of you, and he has tons of different lipsticks to put to use.
Beel loves you so much, and sometimes he doesn't know how to put his feelings into words. When this happens, he tells you how much he and his brothers appreciate you and makes small loving gestures, such as holding your hand or asking for a hug. One day, after eating Spicy Rainbow Pizza, Beel feels its scent on you. He showers your face with little kisses, hoping to taste what's gone. But he keeps kissing you, since your skin feels very nice to him.
Tumblr media
Belphie is always snuggling up to you. He finds you so comfortable to use as a pillow. Every time Belphegor wants to annoy or tease you, the lazy demon showers you with kisses. And when he wants you to keep laying around in bed with him, he holds you close, whispering sweet things into your ears while taking breaks to place gentle kisses on your eyelids and cheeks.
Making you join the Student Council was one of the best things Diavolo has ever done. This way, he could spend a little more time with you. He loved hearing your opinions as a human, and how your voice sounded was enough to give him the motivation to finish his work. Once no one else is around, he excitedly kisses your cheek when you're expecting the least.
Barbatos was used to tending the Hell's Garden by himself, but having you around to keep him some company made everything much better. It was nice seeing how you reacted to seeing different Devildom flowers for the first time. After all, your curiosity never failed to amuse him. He couldn't help but give you a small peck on the cheek.
Tumblr media
After spending the whole day helping Simeon look after Luke (and Solomon, grandpa is unhinged), Simeon goes to prepare some tea while you rest in the living room, accidentally falling asleep. Once he's back, Simeon admires how peaceful you are. Simeon places a gentle kiss on your cheek. He'll let you rest for a little longer.
No matter how powerful Solomon is, he'll never get tired of asking you to join or help him with his magic experiments. He adores having you around and sharing his knowledge with the human he loves the most, especially when potions, curses, and spells are involved. The Sorcerer mischievously kisses your cheek every time you're not looking.
Joining Luke in his baking classes with Master Barbatos was one of the best things you could have done. Besides spending time with them and entertaining yourself by watching their father-son dynamic, you also got to eat delicious sweets baked by them, isn't it heavenly? Luke excitedly places a small kiss on your and Barbatos' cheek. After all, dogs and kids love to spend time with their families.
Tumblr media
Everything was an accident, and it wasn't even your fault, but Thirteen was so mad! How come you were walking by when she was trying to kill Solomon for the 5th time today? Can't you see where you're going? Now your faces are too close and- Watching Thirteen turn into a blushing mess was fun, but now you'll have to worry about running away and staying alive.
You challenged Mephistopheles to kiss you in exchange for some funny photos of Lucifer. It was possible to see the blood rushing to his face, though it was hard to tell if this was happening because he was angry or embarrassed (maybe both?). He quickly kissed your cheek and tried his best to fake a disgusting expression afterward.
Solomon cooked something *special* and gave it to you as a gift, isn't it wonderful? After you stared at it with a soulless expression for 10 minutes, Raphael's stomach grumbled. The angel wanted a bite of whatever Solomon created, and you offered it to him. Though Raphael is not very expressive, he was pretty happy about the meal and placed a gentle kiss on your cheek as thanks.
Tumblr media
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unluckykay 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's getting hotter in the southern hemisphere, so beel must be hot too (in all senses of the word)
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nalairin a day ago
Tumblr media
Why am I such a simp istg
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harunayuuka2060 a day ago
Satan: Give me that!
Lucifer: No! This is mine!
*both fighting for the "Best Dad" shirt*
Mammon: ...
Mammon: You two are hopeless. *sigh*
Toddler MC: *tugs on his sleeve*
Mammon: Hm?
Toddler MC: Mams, for you! *gives him a shirt with "Best Puppy" written on it*
Mammon: ...
Mammon: *pouts* Are you serious?
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