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Pacts - Mammon x MC
Part one of ?
No tw so far! I’ll update if this changes
This also contains my personal headcannons of where MC’s pact mark locations are, none of it is cannon <3
Mammon absolutely hated your pact mark location at first.
Standing with you in the kitchen, absolutely humiliated, forced to his knees just to get his precious goldie back from the hands of Diavolo’s new pet- the one he had to unfortunate luck of having to look after. The confusion he felt once he looked up, wiping the frustrated tears beginning to form in his eyes, when he couldn’t see the pact on you; but he can feel it clear as day. There was no mistaking it, he was now bound to you, whether he liked it or not. “Whatever”, he thought to himself, “s’probably somewhere under their sleeve, or their arm or somethin’ stupid”. It didn’t matter to him, all that mattered to him was the piece of plastic in your grip that was now being passed over to him.
“Now, I command you to pay Levi back what you owe him.”
A few days and a few draining shifts at Hell’s Kitchen later to save up enough to pay back his younger brother at the command of the new pain in his ass, it finally occurs to Mammon that he could now feel new sensations, specifically feelings that weren’t his own, and he comes to the conclusion that he has you to thank for this unwanted connection. His heart pulls at your loneliness when you lock yourself away in the guest room, scared of your new home and dejected by those around you. He feels himself become homesick for the human realm, a place he’d never regard as ‘home’ considering the amount of money grubbing witches after his wallet residing there. He feels his heartbeat speed up in tandem with yours every time you’re together. He’s not sure what to make of that one.
It doesn’t take long- a week at most, until he’s knocking on your door with enough force you’d think he’d bowl it down. You open the door with wild eyes, not sure who’d be bothering to visit you at this hour. The familiar race in your chest begins when you lock eyes with him. He can’t keep his own on you for long, finding the silence and the tension unbearable.
“H-hey Mammon.”
“I think I left my charger in here earlier, better check for it.”
“Oh. I can grab it for yo-”
“NO! N-nah, I mean I can come in n get it myself, ‘m not stupid.”
“I..never said you were?”
“J-just lemme in!”
Mammon pushes past you and walks into your room, trying to seem nonchalant as he pick up blankets and shoves them aside, kicking up clothes in pursuit of his charger. He’s not surprised to find it where he strategically left it after your TSL marathon last night. He grabs it with the fingers of one hand, looping his thumbs into his pockets before turning back around to face you.
“Listen…if ya scared of Levi-”
“I’m not..”
“Or any of my brother for that matter…I could…ya know, look out for ya…”
“Aren’t you already supposed to be doing that?”
You cock your eyebrow at him, whether in suspicion or bemusement he’s not too sure. Why was this so hard to get out?
“Very funny. What I’m tryin’ to say is I could stay with ya! To.. ya know… make you less…scared…”
“You want to stay in my room? Like, a sleepover?”
Okay. Now it’s definitely bemusement. He can feel the heat rising up to his cheeks, his shoulders tensing up and back as he prepares for dejection, to be laughed at. What was he doing in the first place? He was just trying to find a way to get these feelings to stop, to stop feeling this weird psychic like connection he now had to your human mood swings. And he figured the best way to do that was to ask to stay with you? Overnight? IN YOUR ROOM? ALONE?!?
With the implications now hitting the second born straight in the face, a flurry of words begin to fly out of his mouth at a rapid pace. He’s clamoring to bring the conversation back to normalcy, throwing in a few insults just to be sure, and doing what he does best: backpedaling! But that stupid face on your face makes it hard to form a coherent reasoning as to why he wouldn’t want to be caught dead hanging out with the human, and that rapid thump, thump, thumping in his chest that he’s sure is somehow your fault is too distraction to overlook, and oh fuck you’re opening your mouth to speak-
“I mean it’s not like I’d WANT to stay in here with ya! In fact, think of it like a favor- or better yet, a service! I don’t work for fr- wait. Did you say sure?”
“Sure. I could use some company. Honestly I’ve been pretty lonely since I got here.”
The demon finds himself too stunned to speak. It takes a giggle from you to break him out of his trance.
“Yeah. Yeah! I mean, I’m The Great Mammon, who wouldn’t wanna chill with me! Just don’t tell my brothers I was hangin’ around ya!”
“Yeah, I got it. The whole never wanna be caught with the weak, “fragile human” thing.”
You pause and he notices how your face briefly falls before you catch yourself. He not sure what to make of that one. But he knows you feel a little hurt. Because he can feel it too.
“So.. wanna watch a movie?”
One and a half stale comedy movies later and the second born is finding it increasingly hard to keep his eyes open. He knows you feel it too as he glances over at your slumped form. Your eyes may be staring dead ahead at the tv set, but he knows you aren’t absorbing a single word being said. It takes him a few tries to grab your attention.
You jump, startled at the voice coming next to you. You slowly rotate towards them, blinking a few times and stifling a yawn.
“You oughta lay down. Ya look like you’re about to pass out.”
“I suppose you’re right. I’m going to change into pajamas. Did you bring any?”
Mammon shakes his head, “Nah, I gotta run back to my room ‘n change. I’ll be right back.”
You give a nod before disappearing into the bathroom. Mammon stretches before standing and making his way out the door. He figures his usual bedtime attire would get him a swift slap to the face, so he opts to go to sleep clothed tonight, it being your room and all.
His usual swagger has become lose and hazy as he walks back into your room, adorned in sweatpants and a hoodie he’d managed to swipe off his floor. He doesn’t bother knocking as he grips the handle, throwing your door open and shutting it behind him and while staring down at his D.D.D.
“So, ya want me to take the couch or w-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”
His phone clatters to the ground as his eyes grow in shock.
“What! What do you mean?!”, you ask, glancing down at yourself to frantically locate what could possibly pull that kind of reaction out of the second born. The straps of your tank top allowed for much more skin to show than what Mammon was used to seeing from you, but surely that couldn’t be the cause of his concern.
“T-That! Ya didn’t tell me you had a huge tattoo on yer chest!”
Your eyes travel down to the scooped neck line and thin strap that adorned your body. That’s when it dawns on you - he’s never actually seen this before. The mark that you’ve seen everyday since that day in the kitchen. Since you traded Mammon his credit line for his free will.
“Oh that. I..I think that’s yours?”
“It kinda showed up after that day in the kitchen. Where we did the kneeling thing in the circle?”
“My pact mark?! O-over top your heart!? Nuh-uh, no way. This can’t be happening.”
It was clear to see Mammon was in full blown panic mode, but as to why would be anyone’s guess.
“Well uh, I don’t remember sitting down to get a big ass tattoo of some kind of…crest? I don’t know, look at it, see for yourself.”
Mammon practically runs across the room, shielding his eyes with one hand while grappling with you to leave your shirt alone with the other.
“Hey! I didn’t choose to put it there! Did you?”
“Stop screaming and tell me if it’s yours!”
Though his mind doesn’t want to, his eyes automatically look downwards towards the exposed area of your chest. There’s no mistaking it. He’d know his mark anywhere, he knows it like the back of his hand. The mark of his greed. The same mark that lay right over your heart. His mark. He takes a sharp breath in. It glows a bright, blinding golden shine. He feels his heart beginning to speed up once more.
Mammon bolts out of your room.
Ever since that occurrence, the second born has made himself as scarce as he possibly could be from your life. It’s not like Mammon could just neglect his duties as your watch dog, Lucifer would have his head if he did, and he fails to see how there’s any coming back from a punishment fit for “failing Lord Diavolo”. A shiver runs down his spine at the thought.
It was simple really, if he didn’t overthink it. Walk the human to and from R.A.D, make sure they’re not gettin’ picked on, NEVER talk about what happened last week and ALWAYS deflect if they brought it up. And Of COURSE you’d bring it up. Stupid humans and their inability to know when to just leave it alone.
It happens the first time he walks you to class after the fact. You didn’t run after him when he ran. Not surprising, he thought. “Musta thought they did somethin’ wrong”, he reflected alone, but then again, you did, didn’t you? You must have done something to make his mark, his crest, his claim fall perfectly atop the left side of your chest.
“Sooooo… are you gonna tell me why you ran away off the other night? If my shoulders were that spooky, I could have put on a t-shirt, you know.”
“I dunno what yer talkin’ about.”
The second born’s steely concentration remains aimed down at his D.D.D, where he currently typed furiously arguing with his brothers in the house’s group chat.
“Okay, so it’s not my shoulders. Was it these bad boys? You know, us humans can be pretty scary”, you grunt, drawing out the last words while flexing what little muscle you had in a teasing manner in an attempt to lighten the mood. Unfortunately for your dignity, Mammon doesn’t even throw a glance your way. “Uh huh, yea”, he mumbles, fingers continuing to fly across his keyboard.
Wanting to know what conversation he found so enthralling, you decide to slip your own D.D.D out of your pocket, clicking on the group chat notifications you’ve been receiving.
Leviathan: Ugh, I can’t believe I have to attend class today in person. I feel like such a normie.
Satan: Good. Maybe you’ll start to leave your room more often and stop being such a shut in.
Leviathan: Hey! If anyones a shut in lately, it’s Mammon! I’ve barely seen him at all this week! Every time I try to talk to him he says “he’s busy” and to “leave him alone”.
Lucifer: Interesting. Mammon, care to explain why you’re so busy?
Mammon: I’m not up to nothin’, I swear! I’m just studyin’ is all.
Asmodeus: Aww, are you too busy playing with your new human that you don’t have time for your own brothers?
Mammon: Shuddup! I’m watchin’ over them and that’s that.
Asmodeus: Don’t play dumb with us, Mammon <3 Levi told us all about what went down in the kitchen.
Beelzebub: Kitchen….
Satan: Did you really expect you could hide a newly form pact from us? The exchange student is absolutely radiating with your power now.
Asmodeus: Aw, I wanna make the human radiate too!
Mammon: I had no choice okay! They practically blackmailed me into it!
Leviathan: You could have said no, if you weren’t such a money grubbing scumbag.
Mammon: Hey! Goldie belongs to ME! I had to get her back no matter the cost.
Lucifer: That also sounds rather interesting. Mammon, care to explain?
Mammon: EEP!
Asmodeus: What I find rather interesting is that pact! I want all the details! Like, what did their face look like when you formed it? Was their mouth open? What sounds did they make? Did they sound like moans? Were they more beautiful than mine?
Mammon: Like I’m tellin’ ya any of that!
Asmodeus: Ooo I know! Where did the pact sigil form? <3
Finding the conversation now centering all around you, you decide to speak for yourself.
MC: On my chest. It sits a bit over my heart.
Mammon’s head shoots up to look at you, expression a mix of terror and shock. It was almost as if he forgot you were also apart of this conversation.
“C-cause it’s the truth? Is it supposed to be a secret? They said they already knew?”
“Not about the pact! About the chest thing! About the h-heart thing!”
Suddenly your D.D.Ds notifications both start blaring at the same time, notifications buzzing much faster than they had before.
Asmodeus: Ooo Mammon ~ very bold of you <3
Leviathan: Eww gross… Are you kidding me? You guys met like what, not even three weeks ago?
Satan: I do have to say given the implications, that does seem very sudden.
You decide being the center talk of the HOL’s tabloid was not for you. If Mammon wasn’t going to give you answers, you were going to get them one way or another out of one of these boys.
MC: What ‘implications’?
“That’s it!”
You jump as you hear Mammon speak up next to you, reaching over to yank your D.D.D put of your hands and holding it over your head. You jump up and try to grab it from his grasp, but it’s not use.
“Hey! Give that back!”
“Nun-uh. Ya too distracted and at this rate we’re gonna be late.”
“Since when have you ever cared about being late?”
“Since Lucifer threatened to skin me alive if I don’t deliver ya to school on time. Now c’mon, let’s get goin’.”
Mammon slips his arm out of one strap of his bag and maneuvers it around to his front, unzipping a pocket and dropping your D.D.D inside.
“But, what if I need it for something? Like, an emergency!”
“Ya don’t need it. Ya got me remember. Don’t know how ya could forget with that big ass blemish on yer chest.” Though he mumbles the last part under his breath, it was just enough for you to hear.
“You…you think it’s a blemish?”, you ask, not feigning to hide the disappointment in your voice.
Oh no. Oh fuck. He can feel it again. That rapid beat beat beating of your heart, and the rising sadness beginning to bubble in your stomach.
“That’s not what I meant,” Mammon starts, but before he can finish the words are already leaving your mouth.
“You know, thanks for walking me, but I think I forgot something at HOL. I can find my own way back.”
“MC, wait!”
Now it was your turn to bolt away from him.
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Hear me out: Lucifer comforting and praising you while he absolutely destroys you 
tw: overstim, male reader, kinda dub con ig?? idk the word for it but reader protests but doesn’t really mean it, Luci always has a safe word for u dw ✨ 
You can’t remember how long it’s been since you started, and there’s no end in sight. You knew that a demon would likely have more stamina than you, but this is torture. 
You’re screaming for him, every muscle in your body trembling as you writhe beneath him. 
“Please, Lucifer! I cant, I— I-It hurts—!” You cry out, but it doesn’t cease. You’ve cum so many times you’ve lost count, you’re falling apart under him. 
“Shhh, shhh,” He replied in a hushed tone, “You’re doing so well…You’re okay, you’re okay…” 
He shushed you once more, pulling you into a soft kiss that clashed against the way he was jackhammering into you. You couldn’t kiss back; you merely whined against his lips. 
And just when you were thinking that maybe, just maybe this is as bad as it gets, Lucifer reached down and wrapped a hand around your cock. 
You cried out, voice shrill and broken as you thrashed. You clawed at his hand, trying desperately to pull it away from your throbbing member.
“Luci, no—! I can’t, please! M-Make it stop!”
Your strength was completely depleted. You had no fight left. You went limp as you gave in, your words fizzling out into nothing but pathetic noises. 
The only way to warn him of your approaching orgasm was frantic, stuttering calls of his name. You couldn’t even yelp as your back arched, your mouth going dry as your orgasm washed over you. You could hardly even feel it over the overload of pleasure, but you knew it had happened when your own warm cum fell across your heaving chest. 
“Oh sweet boy, there’s so much of it,” Lucifer cooed down at you, “That pretty cock just can’t stop…” 
Fortunately, Lucifer’s release wasn’t far behind. You hardly flinched as he came inside of you for the umpteenth time. You swore you could nearly feel your stomach swelling from being filled over and over again. If nothing else it brought a short moment of rest. 
“Look how well you’ve done,” He praised, leaning down to kiss your forehead. A gentle hand ran across your tummy, rubbing where he could tell you’d been filled.
You thought for a moment that maybe, just maybe he’d had his fill, but you couldn’t be more wrong. 
He flipped you over onto your stomach, pulling your ass into the air and giving it a playful squeeze. 
“You’ve been so well behaved, I’m sure you can go a little longer, can’t you?”  
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beelscustard · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have a merry boba christmas!! 🥤🎄
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harunayuuka2060 · 3 days
Simeon: Lucifer is the most caring eldest brother.
Lucifer: No. I hate all of you.
Simeon: He has the collection of our childhood memories. Isn't he just doting?
Lucifer: Simeon, you better shut up.
MC: ...
MC: Would you like to wear this "best big brother" necktie?
Lucifer: No. And what am I going to do with this? *already wearing it*
Simeon: *laughs*
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carebearsfilth · 3 days
Diavolo x Reader
Diavolo calls you into his office to learn more about human anatomy
CW: pet names, he didn’t really ask at first but the reader was aroused, fingering, squirting, teasing, diavolos abandonment issues are kinda obvious here
You don’t know how you ended up here. Bent over on diavolo’s desk with your skirt flipped up and panties showing. He claimed that this was to understand humans better, so you agreed. I mean you would’ve any way. You had a little crush on him. When he pulled down your panties slowly, you gasped at the colder hair hitting your sex. He just chuckled at you in amusement.
He was tracing his fingers along the outside of your cunt, you were practically trying to force your self not to get wet. In a few minutes you were soaking and he took notice. He thought you were only doing this for scientific reasons “are you aroused, my human?” He asked. But the answer was clear enough with how wet you had become.
Your fave became flushed and you went silent for a moment. “Look it’s completely involuntary, if you touch someone there. They’re almost guaranteed to get a little turned on” you barked back. “Yes, I understand that. But you’re so wet it’s basically dripping down your thighs, if I didn’t know any better I’d say there’s more going on here” he teased.
You whipped your head around to glare at him but when you did he leaned down to give you a soft kiss. He was weird, a big, powerful man giving such gentle kisses. “I’m sorry for arousing you” he whispered. Your face became redder than his hair. You whisper-yelled back “WHAT…..n-no, I mean….I don’t mind. It’s not a big deal”. With a semi-shocked expression he looked in your eyes. Then he gave u smirk that you just barley missed. You just wanted to leave his office soon so you could go take care of yourself. It was becoming unbearable.
You were so caught up in thinking about leaving you didn’t snap out of it till you felt his middle finger tease and then enter you wet hole. You moaned and whimpered at the sudden intrusion. You had never realized how big his hands were before. He chucked at you. Slowly moving in and out. “So tight and small, how would you even be able to fit me in here” he said in awe. “T-this doesn’t seem….scientific” you gasped out
“No, no it isn’t. I’m just trying to help solve a mess I created” he smiled. He added one more finger. His two large fingers inside your weeping cunt was almost too much for you to handle. You started shaking and your leg were twitching. Signaling to him that you were close. As you were almost there, you felt him pull his fingers out. “Why did you do that?”. he didn’t respond he just lifted your tiny body up like a rag doll and laid you on your back instead. “Im sorry princess, I couldn’t stand not seeing your gorgeous eyes as you came around my hand”. And with that his fingers were back inside. You had tightened up again and he giggled “it’s practically trying to suck me inside, you have such a needy cunt, my doll”
He stared pumping faster and deeper. the sound of your squelching pussy and lewd whimpers filled the room. “You sound so cute, haha. I wish you could see how adorable u are” his laugh was deep and loud. You always liked how he could enjoy almost anything no matter what, that’s kinda how you fell in love with the prince. His optimism just made you want to be around him more.
He didn’t stop pumping though and you were started to see stars. You stared begging him “please, dia” he grunted at the nickname his other hand palming at his cock. “please let me cu-“ he cut you off “do you love me?” What what kind of question was that, I mean of course you did but that desperate look in his eye made you worry. “Please tell me you love me” you looked at him. His eyes were glossy and he suddenly looked scared, all though his fingers didn’t stop, they just slowed. “I do” you said embarrassed. “No, no, please. I want to hear you say it” he hit your g-spot and you impiously just yelled it “I LOVE YOU” he smiled and his pace increased and then suddenly his tongue took one kitten lick at your clit. That was enough to send you over the edge. You screamed as you came. “DIA, I LOVE YOU. I FUCKING LOVE YOU” Squirting your fluid all over his face and body. He attempted to catch most of it in his mouth but he failed.
As you came back to reality “OMG, DIA. IM SO SORRY” it felt disrespectful. Squiring all over a future king. You kept on begging for his forgiveness when he cracked one of the biggest smiles you had ever seen. He leaned down and kissed you. Still very gently. As though you were made of porcelain. Your legs wrapped around his waisted and he hoisted you up. Carrying you to the nearby sofa and sitting down with you in his lap. Still coming down from your high he played with your hair while you twitched and apologized. He just kissed your forehead and smiled at you. “I love you, don’t ever leave me” he whispered. Only for you to hear. You were in shock. You just thought that was his kind of dirty talk. But he really did love you. A light blush dusted your cheeks.
He grabbed a blanket and bundled you, in it like a cocoon. He was in heaven. You were drifting off into sleep and then suddenly you felt a hard object beneath you. That’s when you remembered…diavolo. “Dia, I’m so sorry. Do you need help?” He was still rock hard. his head nuzzled into your neck he mumbled “no”. “Are you sure dia. I would feel bad if you had to-“ he started kissing ur neck “I love it when you call me that. No one has ever given me a nickname before” you tried to speak again but he put his finger on your lips. “Shhh, just go to sleep princess. I’m fine” you kinda just chose to believe him even though he obviously wasn’t fine. You slowly faded away and the sounds of your breathing relaxed him enough to sleep as well
Quiet knocking was heard on diavolo’s office door, both of you were spent so you couldn’t even wake up. Keys jingling it was unlocked. He opened the door and his eyes went wide.
“That’s why younger master wasn’t answering his phone” barb said to Lucifer.
Lucifer (secretly jealous) huffed “he should be more focused on his work instead of this stuff”
“Oh leave him be. He’s ahead on his work anyway. So it’s no big deal” barb chuckled knowing Lucifer was jealous.
“Come on let’s leave them alone, young master and her look very happy at the moment and I don’t wish to disturb that” he said
They walked out and locked the door behind so no one could disturb you guys
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antiomnia · 2 days
Tumblr media
Asmo warm up doodle
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god-complex24 · 3 days
Master list
Mc: Lucifer. Stop.
Lucifer: *glares at them* or what?
Mc: I’ll cry. I will start rolling on the ground in tears. I will be sobbing so hard your sock will get wet.
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trashy-corvian · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
all this romantic tension wasted few lessons later when Lucifer calls us by his dead sister name (Val uses they/them pronouns)
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trust in me
pairing: lucifer/mammon (seperate) x gn!mc
genre: hurt/comfort
prompt: once again, @sparkbeast20 is a genius. original prompt here.
🫧 part one located here 🫧
Tumblr media
You were at a loss.
It had been going on for two weeks today. All the brothers had been avoiding you, some more subtle than others. You'd assume it was just a weird funk. But everytime you tried to do something with them or simply chat, they'd have some excuse and scurry away.
You won't lie, it hurt.
They even skipped out on dinner, claiming they weren't hungry or had just eaten already.
You felt alienated again, just like your first few weeks living with them.
"Why so glum, MC?"
You jumped at the sudden presence, glancing back to meet Solomon's worried gaze. "Hey, Solomon", you greeted.
The sorcerer rose a brow and offered a small smile. "You didn't answer my question."
"They boys have been avoiding for the past two weeks", you began. Solomon watched as your expression saddened. "I don't know what I did, but eveytime I try to fix it, they suddenly have plans."
Solomon thought for a moment. "Think that nightmare effected them more than we assumed?"
You perked up immediately, brows furrowed in confusion.
"Nightmare? What are you talking about?"
Solomon looked at you in surprise. "Oh you weren't aware? Apparently they all had the same nightmare. By the looks of it, it left quite the impression."
"What nightmare?" You questioned. Then you shook your head. "Wait. How do you know anyway?"
"That would explain why Satan-" he began to mutter to himself.
"Solomon!" You cut him off. You were becoming desperate. The boys were your family. You can't stand them avoiding you like this.
Solomon cleared his throat. "Satan came to me a few days ago asking about certain connections with pacts and if they can be affected or affect dreams."
Solomon continued.
"When I asked why he wanted to know, he said he and the others shared a nightmare at the same time." he stated. He let out a small sigh. "Sadly, I couldn't be of any help. I've never heard nor experienced such a thing."
"Did he tell you the nightmare?" you questioned. Solomon nodded, giving you a hum in response. You bit your lip. "Can you tell me about it?"
Something passed in Solomon's expression. Worry? Concern? "I don't think that's a good idea."
You hesitate. It must be awful if Solomon was so hesitant to tell you. Usually he'd jump on the opportunity to spill what he knows about them, wanting to watch the outcome of the information he'd shared with you.
"Please? I need to know what's got them so shaken up."
Solomon sighed out. He gave you a sad smile. "Alright. But please tell me to stop if you get too upset."
You nodded. You felt bad because you wouldn't do that. You had to know what they were going through.
After Solomon explained, in great detail at that, the nightmare Satan had relayed to him, you felt like you were going to throw up.
No wonder they were avoiding you. It was then, your heart began to weigh heavy. The puzzle was piecing together.
It all made sense.
Lucifer suddenly taking on more work, locking himself away in his office. Mammon flinching everytime you told him to hand you something, even though it was never a command. Leviathan and Satan both tensing eveytime you called their names. Asmodeus never meeting your eyes anymore. Beelzebub speaking in cautious sentences whenever you ask him something, as of you'll suddenly slip a switch. Belphegor not speaking at all, only giving you a nod or shake of his head when you managed to get a sentence to him.
Now you know why.
So one by one, you weren't going to stop until you had fixed the situation.
Tumblr media
It was only fitting the oldest be the first you make amends with. You stood in front of his office, your hand up ready to knock on the door.
With a deep breath, you knocked. "Lucifer? Can we talk?"
You received no answer. You knocked once more. Again, no response. This was normal for Leviathan. But Lucifer? Not at all.
You pushed the door, peeking inside. Lucifer sat at his desk, not even noticing you had entered his space.
Your voice startled him. His gaze quickly shifted to you, his body slightly relaxing to see it wasn't someone unpleasant waltzing in. He cleared his throat slightly. "MC. I'm sorry, but now isn't the best time-"
"Lucifer please? Just for a moment?"
Your voice was soft and pleading. Damnit. He couldn't say no. Lucifer had no excuse this time. He gave a nod and you brightened.
"What's on your mind?"
"I talked to Solomon", you began. If it wasn't for the fact you knew Lucifer better than anyone else, especially thanks to the pact, you would've missed how his body tensed. How he tried to hard to keep an nonchalant expression.
"That's good. Diavolo will be more than thrilled to hear you've been more social with others in the program-"
"I know about the nightmare, Lucifer." You saddened. "Why didn't you all talk to me? Do you...do you really think I'm that cruel?"
Your voice broke. You couldn't help it. You cherished them. You thought you told each other everything.
"Of course not, MC." Lucifer assured quickly. For a moment, he forgot his fear from the nightmare. He was blind to see how the actions of him and his brothers would affect you.
"Then why?" You questioned.
Lucifer froze. Why? Simply because of the power you held over them. How easily you could make them succumb. It was something he and his brothers had never faced.
And the reality shook him.
Yet, the longer he looked at your pained expression, the more he could see it was wrong. You were right. They should have talked to you.
"It was quite a scare, I won't lie", Lucifer said gently. "We've never had pacts with such strong connections like this."
You looked to the ground. "Do you want to be released from the pact?"
He just barely caught what you had said. "No!"
You jumped, startled at his sudden outburst. Lucifer cleared his throat. "No, MC. I have no problems with our pact."
"If it cause you guys such distress like this, I don't want to force you guys to remain in these pacts with me", you explained.
And you meant it. You never used your pacts to force the boys to do something. Yes, you did use them to scold them at times. but never just to 'torture' or belittle them.
Then. he gave you a smile. A genuine smile.
"MC...." he paused. "I can't think of anyone more worthy to have a pact with."
One amend down, six more to go.
Tumblr media
You paced in front of Mammon's room. Out of all the brother's, he avoided you most. Though he didn't try to even hide it.
Get away from you as fast as possible. That's his thought process right now.
It had been a few hours since you'd made up with Lucifer. He'd mentioned Mammon was taken the situation hardest. Having a soft spot for the second born, you decided to take your shot with him next.
You heard shuffling on the other side of the hall, perking up to see who was coming your way. "Mammon!"
His name fell from your lips before you could stop yourself. Mammon looked up from his D.D.D in surprise. The moment his eyes laid on you, he took off in the other direction.
"Wait! Mammon stop!" The command was said before you could stop yourself. His pact mark on your wrist flickered, forcing Mammon to stop in place.
"Shit, no! Mammon", you said hurrying over in a panic. You moved in front of him and your heart fell to your stomach. The sight was heartbreaking. "I-I promise I didn't mean to."
Mammon stared back at you with wide eyes, a single tear running down his cheek. You reached up, but froze when he flinched away. You stepped back, quickly giving him his space.
"I'm so sorry. You can move."
The pact mark flickered again, just for a moment. releasing Mammon from the command. Though, he didn't move.
Mammon was terrified.
It's no secret he had it worse than the others. Constantly punished and ridiculed. But you were never like that with him. Mammon never had a worry or fear when it came to you.
Until now.
"Mammon, please."
Your voice broke. You could feel your own eyes began to tear up. You hated seeing Mammon like this. Especially because of you. It wasn't him.
"Did I do something, MC?"
The question broke your heart. You shook your head without hesitation. "Of course not! I just want to fix this."
Mammon shifted on his feet. "There's nothin' to fix."
You sighed out. "I know about the nightmare you all had."
Mammon tensed again. The nightmare. He'd had the same one almost every night. He even went to Belphegor for help but to no avail.
It always came back to that terrifying scene.
To that terrifying you.
Cautiously, you reached up to caress his cheek. The touch broke him from his mini trance. He almost melted into your warmth.
Oh how he'd missed this.
"Can I hug you, please?"
You knew Mammon desired physical comfort more than anything. The feel a loving touch. You would ask. You wouldn't force him. You wouldn't just take it. Especially with this situation going on.
He's always adored that trait about you.
Mammon gave a hesitated nod. You smiled.
You wasted no time to pull Mammon close, letting him hide his face in your shoulder. He felt so stupid. He was your first. He knew you better than all of his brothers.
He knows you'd never do something so cruel.
"I'm sorry. MC..."
You shook your head. Your hands rubbed his back comfortably, feeling his body slowly begin to relax against yours. "Just continue to trust in me."
Two down, five to go.
obviously this is gonna have to be a three parter. it was much much longer than anticipated 😅 much much thanks to @sparkbeast20 for letting me expand on your idea again 💕 I hope it met your expectations
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Tumblr media
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viriborne · 2 days
Tumblr media
Tried out a different linework style for this. Kinda fun
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devildomditzy · 1 day
MC asking the brothers which one of them got into an intense fiddle battle with a man name Johnny down in Georgia
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littleventcrawler · 24 hours
Beelzebub knows he’s absolutely massive, and is always careful to be gentle with you. 
He strokes your back gently as you climb into his lap, looking over your naked body. His stare isn’t scrutinizing or intimidating, it’s admiring you; it’s soft and loving, and it makes you feel safe. 
His forehead kiss lingers for a long few moments before he pulls away, brushing some stray hair out of your face. You don’t miss the pink tint on his cheeks. 
He lifts you up slowly, more than strong enough to suspend you on his own. You wrap your legs loosely around him, preparing yourself as he adjusts you in his hold.
“Deep breath in for me,” He tells you, just as he always does. “Deep breath…” 
And you do as he says, sucking in a breath and holding it for a moment before he speaks again. 
“And out slowly…”
Your gradual exhale begins just as he lowers you onto his massive length. It’s careful, cautious, almost excruciatingly slow. Finally you’re out of breath, and just in time for Beel to completely sit you on his cock. Your legs tighten around him and you cling to him as if he’s your lifeline. He might as well be. 
He returns the embrace, patting your head gently before resting his chin on top of it, and you know he won’t move until you tell him to. 
He feels like he’s splitting you open, like someone so small and fragile should never be subjected to this, but when you crane your neck to look up at him with the most love-struck gaze he melts. 
“You okay?” 
“Good. That’s all that matters.” 
And it was true. Nothing else was important to Beel. Your feelings were always and would always be his top priority in any situation. 
He was the perfect balance: 
Able to sweet talk you into falling in love while he ravaged you deliciously. 
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~Mc in the Human World~
Solomon: didn't know it was already Christmas
Mc: yup time sure does fly doesn´t it?
Solomon: it seems like it
~both of them are standing in a grocery store in September~
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nerdynyx-nsfw · 2 days
Tumblr media
Imagine sitting on Diavolo's throne. He's leaning over you, pounding into you at breakneck speed. The breathless groans of pleasure echoing around the throne room as he ravages you. The feeling of pure bliss as your mixed fluids dampen the velvet seat. His laughter as he comments on his ruined chair. Your whimpers as he slowly begins thrusting again..
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The Obey Me Characters Responding to you Butchering Their Name | Pt.2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Obey Me Boys x f!reader
Notes: Once again, I hope that you guys enjoy this chapter. Honestly only doing a few characters or having two chapters today is almost a relief sometimes because occasionally it’s troublesome trying to come up with so many responses 😅
In this chapter, the characters are: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor!
If you want to follow the series as I create more chapters, you can follow my link to the {masterlist} for the entire series!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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