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You Do Puzzles Together Headcanons
Tumblr media
• You don’t really need to ask him to join, if he sees you have a puzzle he’ll offer to help
• You should do two separate puzzles otherwise he may take over yours
• He gets so stressed by his brothers that the feeling of accomplishment with puzzles and the peace it brings, make him very happy
• Will always offer to help you find a piece and happily watch you over your shoulder and instinctively point out the piece you need
• Likes to work while you do puzzles and whenever he needs a break he’ll help you out whether you asked or not
• Oh boy, this’ll be ingesting for sure
• Puzzles are not really Mammon’s thing but he’ll do anything if it’s with you
• He gets it wrong so, so, so many times that it’s funny and pitiful
• Groans a lot when he realizes he made a mistake somewhere
• When he realizes you seem happy to yell him, he’ll pretend to struggle more than he already is
• Takes credit for most of the puzzle and is excited to see the finished picture
• Doesn’t mind doing puzzles with you but he finds the virtual ones more fun
• If it’s an anime theme puzzle he’s super on board and gets puzzle glue so you can frame it when you’re done
• Will explain in detail the anime style puzzles and the artistic differences
• If it’s not an anime puzzle he’ll get a headache pretty quickly and take game breaks while you try.
• If you look like you’re struggling he’ll step in and do his best to help
• He’s on board for a puzzle day
• He sees completing it quickly as a testament to his detective skills and observation abilities
• He will literally not leave the table until the puzzle is done, he won’t take a break or anything
• Might start doing it competitively against himself or the Purgatory Hall Gang who have puzzle days frequently
• If a puzzle piece goes missing it will literally drive him mad
• You can’t distract him from himself for very long
• The only way you can get him to do a puzzle is if it’s of himself
• In that case he’ll excitedly join the puzzle and each piece he’ll immediately identify where on his picture it is even if it’s identical to another one—he looks at himself that much
• He will literally make a puzzle brand exclusively with his pictures
• Always takes pictures of the finished product
• He will probably eat a few pieces if you don’t supply enough snacks and drinks
• Gets a headache very quickly and leaves to get more food to help
• Poor baby gets really confused and doesn’t understand why the piece doesn’t fit when it looks like it definitely should
• Keep the puzzles small to keep his spirits high, nothing 1000 pieces or more
• Tries really hard not to fall asleep
• Mostly just watches you find pieces and helps find the missing ones
• Moral support more than anything
• If he had the energy he’d actually do very well, for some reason he’s a born natural but you’ll probably never see the proof
• Loves puzzles and he does them often with Luke, Simeon, and Raphael as part of their puzzle day so he’s gotten better
• He likes that they help improve his observation skills
• Puzzles somehow relate to his Ring of Wisdom so he can find pieces pretty quickly
• He pretends to be taking a normal amount it time so that you can have fun and feel accomplished doing puzzles
• Might ask for your help to see how you react/see you happily find it for him
• Very happy about puzzle days, it’s a nice and relaxing activity for him that Luke got him interested in (there’s not a lot of things considered legal to do in the Celestial Realm)
• He hums to himself as he looks for pieces and does a small “mhm” when he finds a piece
• Lots of smiling, he’s so relaxed
• Mostly enjoys seeing your happy face and being able to help out when he can
• Likes to glue the puzzles and display them, especially if they’re ones he did with you
• Probably has a few completed puzzles hanging in his room in the Celestial Realm and at The Angel’s Halo
• He takes it very seriously like he was given an order
• As a hit man he’s very observant and does well with puzzles
• He doesn’t smile often in general but probably will a few times while doing the puzzle
• Likes being able to help you find pieces and if he happens to pass by you while you’re doing one, he will ask if you want help
• Tells you “good job” when you finish a puzzle
• Luke is obsessed with puzzles and gets the Purgatory Hall members to have a puzzle day at least once a week
• He’s really excited to get to do a puzzle with you
• Very excited about every piece he finds
• “Aha!” — Luke almost every time he finds a fitting piece
• Lots of encouragement from him, “that’s awesome!”, “I can’t believe you found that so quickly!”, “You’re an expert MC!”
• Excitedly takes a picture of the puzzles he finishes.
• He doesn’t glue them together, that way he can do them again when he’s out of money to buy more
• Loves all things puzzles and riddles, this included
• Laughs triumphantly whenever she finds that piece you’ve been looking for forever
• If you’re the one doing the puzzle she’ll watch over your shoulder and pretend she’s not trying to help
• Is a wild card, doesn’t do the edges first, just does it randomly
• He agrees to it when he has some downtime
• Was not expecting tk get a headache so quickly but his investigative instincts force him to complete the puzzle
• Might need to take a few breaks every so often so he doesn’t get too stressed
• Boasts about it when he finishes it
• “See, that was simple!” — Mephistopheles, after taking eight hours for a 300 piece puzzle
• Agrees when he has the time
• Immediately knows where every piece goes
• You can maybe find a few pieces by the time he finishes the rest of it
• No puzzle is too challenging, puzzle day becomes puzzle minute
• If you’re doing a puzzle by yourself just send him a picture of the remaining pieces and he’ll point out the one you’re looking for instantly
• It doesn’t matter your ask him to do, he’s going to be excited about and he’s very excited to do a puzzle
• He’s either really good or really bad, it depends on the day and his attention span
• Laughs happily whenever he finds a fitting piece
• Watching him excitedly doing his puzzle is a huge boost in serotonin
• If you’re doing a puzzle yourself and he happens to walk in, he’ll excitedly ask to join and loves being able to help you, and feels proud when you help him
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Diavolo x Reader
Diavolo calls you into his office to learn more about human anatomy
CW: pet names, he didn’t really ask at first but the reader was aroused, fingering, squirting, teasing, diavolos abandonment issues are kinda obvious here
You don’t know how you ended up here. Bent over on diavolo’s desk with your skirt flipped up and panties showing. He claimed that this was to understand humans better, so you agreed. I mean you would’ve any way. You had a little crush on him. When he pulled down your panties slowly, you gasped at the colder hair hitting your sex. He just chuckled at you in amusement.
He was tracing his fingers along the outside of your cunt, you were practically trying to force your self not to get wet. In a few minutes you were soaking and he took notice. He thought you were only doing this for scientific reasons “are you aroused, my human?” He asked. But the answer was clear enough with how wet you had become.
Your fave became flushed and you went silent for a moment. “Look it’s completely involuntary, if you touch someone there. They’re almost guaranteed to get a little turned on” you barked back. “Yes, I understand that. But you’re so wet it’s basically dripping down your thighs, if I didn’t know any better I’d say there’s more going on here” he teased.
You whipped your head around to glare at him but when you did he leaned down to give you a soft kiss. He was weird, a big, powerful man giving such gentle kisses. “I’m sorry for arousing you” he whispered. Your face became redder than his hair. You whisper-yelled back “WHAT…..n-no, I mean….I don’t mind. It’s not a big deal”. With a semi-shocked expression he looked in your eyes. Then he gave u smirk that you just barley missed. You just wanted to leave his office soon so you could go take care of yourself. It was becoming unbearable.
You were so caught up in thinking about leaving you didn’t snap out of it till you felt his middle finger tease and then enter you wet hole. You moaned and whimpered at the sudden intrusion. You had never realized how big his hands were before. He chucked at you. Slowly moving in and out. “So tight and small, how would you even be able to fit me in here” he said in awe. “T-this doesn’t seem….scientific” you gasped out
“No, no it isn’t. I’m just trying to help solve a mess I created” he smiled. He added one more finger. His two large fingers inside your weeping cunt was almost too much for you to handle. You started shaking and your leg were twitching. Signaling to him that you were close. As you were almost there, you felt him pull his fingers out. “Why did you do that?”. he didn’t respond he just lifted your tiny body up like a rag doll and laid you on your back instead. “Im sorry princess, I couldn’t stand not seeing your gorgeous eyes as you came around my hand”. And with that his fingers were back inside. You had tightened up again and he giggled “it’s practically trying to suck me inside, you have such a needy cunt, my doll”
He stared pumping faster and deeper. the sound of your squelching pussy and lewd whimpers filled the room. “You sound so cute, haha. I wish you could see how adorable u are” his laugh was deep and loud. You always liked how he could enjoy almost anything no matter what, that’s kinda how you fell in love with the prince. His optimism just made you want to be around him more.
He didn’t stop pumping though and you were started to see stars. You stared begging him “please, dia” he grunted at the nickname his other hand palming at his cock. “please let me cu-“ he cut you off “do you love me?” What what kind of question was that, I mean of course you did but that desperate look in his eye made you worry. “Please tell me you love me” you looked at him. His eyes were glossy and he suddenly looked scared, all though his fingers didn’t stop, they just slowed. “I do” you said embarrassed. “No, no, please. I want to hear you say it” he hit your g-spot and you impiously just yelled it “I LOVE YOU” he smiled and his pace increased and then suddenly his tongue took one kitten lick at your clit. That was enough to send you over the edge. You screamed as you came. “DIA, I LOVE YOU. I FUCKING LOVE YOU” Squirting your fluid all over his face and body. He attempted to catch most of it in his mouth but he failed.
As you came back to reality “OMG, DIA. IM SO SORRY” it felt disrespectful. Squiring all over a future king. You kept on begging for his forgiveness when he cracked one of the biggest smiles you had ever seen. He leaned down and kissed you. Still very gently. As though you were made of porcelain. Your legs wrapped around his waisted and he hoisted you up. Carrying you to the nearby sofa and sitting down with you in his lap. Still coming down from your high he played with your hair while you twitched and apologized. He just kissed your forehead and smiled at you. “I love you, don’t ever leave me” he whispered. Only for you to hear. You were in shock. You just thought that was his kind of dirty talk. But he really did love you. A light blush dusted your cheeks.
He grabbed a blanket and bundled you, in it like a cocoon. He was in heaven. You were drifting off into sleep and then suddenly you felt a hard object beneath you. That’s when you remembered…diavolo. “Dia, I’m so sorry. Do you need help?” He was still rock hard. his head nuzzled into your neck he mumbled “no”. “Are you sure dia. I would feel bad if you had to-“ he started kissing ur neck “I love it when you call me that. No one has ever given me a nickname before” you tried to speak again but he put his finger on your lips. “Shhh, just go to sleep princess. I’m fine” you kinda just chose to believe him even though he obviously wasn’t fine. You slowly faded away and the sounds of your breathing relaxed him enough to sleep as well
Quiet knocking was heard on diavolo’s office door, both of you were spent so you couldn’t even wake up. Keys jingling it was unlocked. He opened the door and his eyes went wide.
“That’s why younger master wasn’t answering his phone” barb said to Lucifer.
Lucifer (secretly jealous) huffed “he should be more focused on his work instead of this stuff”
“Oh leave him be. He’s ahead on his work anyway. So it’s no big deal” barb chuckled knowing Lucifer was jealous.
“Come on let’s leave them alone, young master and her look very happy at the moment and I don’t wish to disturb that” he said
They walked out and locked the door behind so no one could disturb you guys
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A Very Lovecraftian Exchange Student
Chapter 4
After last chapter’s interesting revelation about MC, Lucifer has to tell a certain someone about this new information. The exchange student meanwhile, needs to try and make-up with Mammon, and deal with a hungry and very angry Beel…
Previous Chapter
Next Chapter (coming soon)
Warnings: None, other than MC canonically thinking Lucifer is kinda hot
Barbatos prided himself on knowing everything that could possibly affect his master. Every food he disliked, every possible change in routine, every conspiracy against him, Barbatos had information on them in spades. But this new exchange student… Barbatos knew next to nothing about them, and it disturbed him greatly.
As he strode down the halls of the castle, his brows set and eyes staring straight ahead, anyone unfamiliar with him wouldn’t notice any change from his normal stoic facade.
But from the nervous whispers of the Little Ds and the spirits who saw him every day, they knew the truth. All the carefully hidden tics were as visible to them as the moon outside, Barbatos was annoyed.
For a demon so greedy for secrets and time, Barbatos was being deprived of them as of late. Time was something he’d always have plenty of, but he had begun to wonder if any amount of time would glean any proper information on the exchange student.
Unlike Asmodeus, who openly revelled in the gossip and secrets he loved to drown himself in, Barbatos fact checked. He organised each and every piece of information as meticulously as a computer.
The castle was as impeccably clean as always, Barbatos made sure of that. The marble floors were sparkling, the accent tables and vases were dusted and polished until they shone, but even the lack of dirt couldn’t lift Barbatos’ foul mood.
The butler stopped dead in his tracks and let his gaze flick over to Lucifer, who stood at the end of the hallway behind him.
“Are you trying to sneak up on me, Lucifer?”
“I wouldn’t dare.” Lucifer’s tone had the slightest uptick of almost… glee. Ah, this piqued Barbatos’ interest.
With a calm smile on his face, Barbatos fully turned around to face the Avatar of Pride. Lucifer’s deep red eyes were glowing the faintest of blue.
“I’ve learned something just wonderful, Barbatos.” Lucifer strode forward, almost completely unable to hide his smile.
“And what is that?” Barbatos asked, clasping his hands behind his back. “I’m a very busy demon, and so is the young master, so I cannot risk wasting time-“
“It’s about MC.”
Now that caught Barbatos’ attention.
The unusual insistence of Barbatos’ tone seemed to catch Lucifer off-guard, but the shock was quickly replaced with barely obscured, almost malicious excitement.
“Our mysterious exchange student has a weakness.” Lucifer’s eyes flashed as he spoke. “Magic.”
“Magic…” Barbatos raised an eyebrow. “Really now?”
“I saw it with my own two eyes. The chihuahua and the exchange student were attacked at lunch today, a magical attack caught MC off-guard and they couldn’t heal themselves. They were as weak as a normal human…”
The moment the information entered his ears, Barbatos felt his fangs involuntarily jut forward. A feeling of euphoric glee washed over him like a wave. He allowed himself to indulge in his greed for the briefest of moments as his eyes flashed gold and he raked his tongue over his sharpened teeth.
“Thank you, Lucifer.” Barbatos said, his voice seeming to almost layer on top of itself.
“I’ll relay this information to the young master immediately.”
MC dove out of the way as Beel’s balled up fists came crashing down, smashing the countertop right where MC was standing a moment before.
The Avatar of Gluttony let out a deafening roar, his wings buzzing behind him.
“Beel!” Mammon shouted, jumping onto Beel’s back and grabbing onto his horns. “Buddy, ya gotta calm the fuck down!”
Beel backed up and slammed into the wall, Mammon winced but held firm to his horns.
Beel slammed into the wall again, MC felt the shake of the house in their teeth as they crouched down behind the fridge and stared wide eyed at the scene unfolding.
Mammon let out a mild squeak as Beel reached back and grabbed the back of Mammon’s shirt, then threw him forward onto the tile.
“M-Mammon!” MC bolted from their hiding spot, running forward to try and help the demon-
When they felt their footing leave them as they slipped and slammed onto the tile.
Ah. The custard.
Their head pulsing, MC blearily sat up and saw legs… Beel’s legs… oh dear.
MC’s shirt was balled up and before they could act, they were yanked off their feet and their face was inches away from Beel’s.
“You… wasted… my… food…”
And with that, the wall crumbled.
“I’m sorry, Lucifer…”
The slouched over, clearly guilty figure of Beelzebub was a sharp contrast to the enraged giant that nearly attempted to bite off MC’s head a mere half hour prior.
“Sorry isn’t going to fix the wall, Beel.” Lucifer massaged his temples as he paced back and forth in front of Beel, Mammon, and MC, who were all crammed onto one of Lucifer’s couches.
“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Mammon snapped, resting his sunglasses on his head. “I didn’t do shit, Beel’s the one who broke the fucking wall.”
“You wasted my custard!”
“I didn’t mean to!”
“Regardless of your intent, Mammon, what happened still happened.” Lucifer growled, quieting Mammon.
“Now, the wall to MC’s room needs to be fixed, and they have nowhere to sleep. Beel. They’re staying with you.”
Beel opened his mouth, but Lucifer killed anything he might’ve said with a simple raise of his eyebrow. The Avatar of Gluttony then nodded.
MC looked over at Beel, and gave him a smile. Maybe this would end up with a pact!
“Welcome to your new room.” Beel held the door open for MC, who entered the new bedroom with wide eyes. It was a gorgeous room, filled with oranges and purples, like a sunrise and a sunset all rolled into one. “Just don’t take the bed on the right. You can have the left.”
“Oh, thank you Beel!” MC turned to him and grinned before plopping themselves down on the left bed. “Where will you sleep? The other bed?”
“No, that’s my twin’s bed.”
Beel gnawed on his lip and nodded before sitting down on a couch on the left side of the room. “Belphegor. The Avatar of Sloth.”
“Uh huh… what’s a twin?”
“It’s a…” Beel scratched the back of his neck and gave MC a side-eyed glance. “Special kind of sibling, I guess. Belphie and I were born in the Celestial Realm at the same time, so we’re twins. Connected forever.”
To emphasise his point, Beel entwined his fingers, a soft smile on his face.
“Ohhhhhh, where is he then?” MC asked, kicking their feet back and forth.
“In the human world.”
“Because he’s one of two demons who got sent up there for the exchange program.” Beel then stared down at the corner of the room with a sharp glare. “I mean… I don’t understand why he can’t come home… you’re not human…”
“What’s the big deal about me being me?”
“Belphie’s a little… hard on humans.”
“Aren’t most demons?”
“Not like… not like he is…” Beel replied, before briskly shaking his head. “It’s not based on eating instinct, like most, it’s based on… past stuff.”
“What kind of-“
“Not important. He’s not here anyway.” Beel let out an explosive sigh and ran a hand through his hair. “Anyway, it’s late. We should get some rest, we have school tomorrow.”
Beel clapped his hands, and the lights in the room went out. MC flopped backwards onto the soft bed, then they felt the faint indent of crumbs press against their skin. After wiping down the bed, MC laid back down and smiled.
“Hey Beel?”
“Are you mad at me about what happened with Levi?”
There was a long pause, then a deep sigh.
“You hurt my brother.”
“I know.”
“But he was going to hurt you first…”
“Hey… MC…” Beel said tentatively. “Do… you think you did something wrong?”
MC bit the inside of their cheek and frowned. “No, I was just doing what Lucifer told me. I defended myself to protect the exchange program. He didn’t say anything about not defending myself against you guys.”
“Oh. Haven’t you ever gotten into a fight with something from… your world?”
“No.” MC felt a weight on their chest as a strange… almost a mourning feeling nestled itself in their body. “I don’t know anybody like me…”
“So you were alone..?”
There was another pause. MC began to wonder, exactly how long had they been so alone for? The moment they opened their eyes to their world around them, they only had themselves.
“…yes.” MC whispered, a strange, unfamiliar wobble to their voice. “That's why I like it here so much… I like having other people around… they… they make me happy…”
MC felt their chest begin to almost spasm as their eyes began to leak. Jolting upwards in a panic, MC’s hands flew to their eyes as water poured out of them.
“I’m leaking!” MC sobbed. “I’m leaking and my throat hurts!”
Beel clapped the lights back on and stared at MC like a deer in headlights as the exchange student hiccuped and sobbed. He vaulted off the couch, snagging a box of tissues and holding it out to MC.
“D-don’t cry…”
“Th-th-thank you…” MC shakily reached out and took a tissue, then shoved it into their mouth.
“What are you- that’s not food!”
“It’s not..?” MC asked, their mouth still filled with paper. “So that box in my room wasn’t a free snack..?”
After a brief moment of hesitation, MC began to sob again. “I’m so stuuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiid!”
“Um… there there… there there…” Beel hesitantly reached out and patted MC on the head.
“I-I muh-miss hanging out with Ma-Mammon!” MC hiccuped, wiping the water that leaked from their eyes. “I w-wuh-wasn’t lonely with him a-around! I loved being around h-him! Now he h-h-haaaaaaatessssssssss meeeeeeeeee!”
Beel knitted his eyebrows and stared off towards the door. “I um… I think Mammon will get over it.”
“I don’t know, actually. I’m just trying to make you feel better.”
MC snivelled and looked up at Beel, their eyes red and swollen from all the crying. “Th-thanks Beel… I like hanging out with you too.”
“I… I’m going to bed now, MC.”
“Goodnight Beel. Sleep well.”
A loud buzzing and a flash of light stirred MC from their slumber.
Luke: Hey MC
Luke: I’m outside the House of Lamentation
Luke: Please come out
Throwing their legs over the side of the bed, and shrugging their shoulders, MC skipped down the hall and peeked out the front door.
“MC, come on, it’s me, please let me in, it’s scary out here…”
Opening the door fully, Luke burst inside the house and shut the door. He looked oddly scruffy, like he had sprinted the entire distance from Purgatory Hall to the HOL. MC tilted their head and gave him a grin.
“Why are you here so late, Luke? It’s nice to see you though-“
“SHHHHHH!” Luke put a finger to his lips and frowned. “Be quiet, we can’t let the demon brothers know that I’m here!”
“Why not?” MC asked, quickly locking the front door as Luke glumly sat on the stairs.
“I got into a fight with Simeon…” Luke mumbled, crossing his arms. “But we can’t talk here, let’s go to your room.”
“MC this is Beelzebub’s room.”
“Yeah, my room’s wall got busted.” MC said with a shrug, lightly pushing Luke into Beel’s room. “But we can stay here!”
“Yes, Beel?”
“Why is Luke in my room?”
“He ran away from home.”
“Oh. Okay.”
“Is that it?!” Luke blurted out, throwing his arms up and flopping backwards onto one of the room’s couches. “I’ve done something life changing! I’ve rejected my friendship with Simeon, this is big!”
MC tilted their head and sat down next to Luke. “What happened with Simeon? Is something wrong?”
Luke crossed his arms and puffed out his cheeks. “No…. He went out to go have tea with Diavolo of all demons. To think! An Angel fraternising with the future king of hell!”
“What’s wrong with that?” MC asked. “Diavolo’s been nothing but pleasant.”
Luke pointed a finger at MC, an eyebrow raised. “Because he’s trying to trick you! All demons are tricksters and liars!”
“I’m a demon.” Beel stated, and Luke’s cheeks went as red as fire as sweat beaded on his brow.
“W-well… you know… Um…” Luke stuttered, then shook his head and turned back to MC. “I can’t be friends with Simeon anymore! He’s betrayed me.”
“Aw, that must not feel good…” MC looped an arm around Luke’s shoulders and sighed. “Not good at all… I know what it’s like to lose a friend…”
“Yeah…” Luke sighed.
“I hate to interrupt, but…” Beel absent mindedly twiddled his thumbs and looked around. “It’s really late, and I have Fangol practice tomorrow.”
“Fangol?” MC tilted their head. “What’s that?”
“A demon sport.” Luke crossed his arms and huffed.
“How interesting!” MC exclaimed, clapping their hands. “I’d love to watch you practise, Beel!”
“You two are awfully loud for people who want to stay hidden.” Beel noted.
“Oh, right. We are doing espionage. Luke, we should rest.” And with that, MC flopped backwards and fell asleep.
The next day at RAD was… awkward to say the least. MC and Beel were practically glued to each other for most of the day, avoiding the questioning gaze of the rest of the brothers, as well as the other residents of Purgatory Hall that they were not hiding in their bedroom. MC sat in an empty classroom at lunch, watching the tiny dust-demons run across the floor, scattering dust bunnies every which way.
A laugh escaped MC’s lips as one of the dust-demons smacked into another, sending little whisps of dirt flying absolutely everywhere.
“Ah! MC, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”
The exchange student turned to see Simeon striding over to them, his usual serene smile on his face. MC gave him a sunny smile and a wave in return.
“Hi Simeon! Come sit with me!” MC chirped as they patted the empty seat next to them. Simeon lightly chuckled and slipped into the chair.
“I’m glad I got such a warm welcome, most of the other students would rather an Angel didn’t sit with them.”
“Aw,” MC patted Simeon on the shoulder. “That’s sad. I think you and Luke are cool.”
“That’s nice to hear, MC.” Simeon said with a quick nod. “Speaking of Luke,”
The Angel gave MC a meaningful look, which they responded to with a slight tilt of their head.
“He’s… he’s one of the youngest angels, you see.” Simeon explained. “He doesn’t know a lot about the world beyond what the Celestial Realm has taught him, and so he has a lot of… old fashioned views so to speak.”
“Uh huuuuuuh.” MC nodded along with Simeon’s explanation.
“Luke is also very special. He told me all about the incident in the courtyard, so I know you were there to see it.” Simeon gave MC another look. “So I guess what I’m asking you to do is watch out for him while he’s with you, okay? And if he's any trouble, just send him back to Purgatory hall. The last thing I want is for him to get hurt.”
“Uhhhhh… what are you talking about?” MC laughed nervously, mimicking a nervous tic of Mammon’s by scratching the back of their neck. “I um… don’t know where Luke is…”
“Yes you do.” Simeon tiredly sighed, but smiled quickly after he noticed MC’s flushed expression. “Thank you for looking after him, MC.”
“…I’ll take care of him.” MC said with a resolute nod. “Pinkie promise!”
“Oh wow! Satan has so many books in his room!” Luke exclaimed as he poked his head into the empty bedroom. Beel sighed and tried to pull the child away, but Luke was far too quick and darted down the hall to look into another room.
“And this one smells like a thousand different perfumes!” Luke quickly shut the door and made a disgusted face. “Too strong…”
“Luke, please just go back in the room…” Beel practically begged. The Angel turned to him and tilted his head, before opening the door to Mammon’s room and looking inside.
“But no one’s home!” Luke explained. “This is my chance to explore!”
“Yes! Exploration!” MC said with a clap of their hands. “One of my favourite parts of moving in here was getting to explore!”
Beel rubbed his temples, then dove to catch Luke before he could open the door to Lucifer’s room and seal his death. “Nope.”
“H-hey! Let go!”
“No, we’re going back to my room.”
“Aw man…” Luke mumbled.
When the trio got back to the room, and Beelzebub unceremoniously dropped Luke onto the carpet, the Angel crossed his arms and glared up at Beel.
“You could have been more gentle.”
“Yeah, maybe.” Beel replied as he plopped himself down on his bed.
“As expected of demons.” Luke snapped. MC sat down next to him, crossing their legs and folding their hands in their lap like they were about to listen to a lecture.
“Why don’t you like demons, Luke?”
Luke stared at MC like they were the biggest moron in the three realms. “They’re crazy evil, MC!”
“I’m a demon, remember?”
Beel went ignored as Luke continued his outburst. “All the wars between the demons and angels have one commonality, the demons started it.”
From the corner of their eyes, MC caught Beel rolling his eyes as he got out of bed and left the room, mumbling something about getting a snack.
The moment the door to the room clicked shut, Luke looked from side to side, and gestured for MC to come closer.
“MC I’m going to tell you a secret that you can’t tell anyone.”
“Oh! I love secrets! Tell me tell me tell me!”
“From what Michael and Simeon tell me, I think that when Lucifer was an Angel, he might have been a better Angel than Michael…” Luke said that last part in a whisper, before frantically looking back and forth to see if anyone else was somehow listening.
“Awwww!” MC cooed, resting a hand on their face. “That’s so cute! And I totally get it too. Lucifer is so so so cute…”
Luke quirked an eyebrow and tilted his head. “What do you mean? He’s an awful demon now!”
“Yeah…” MC sighed. “That intense look in his eyes, that unknowable power behind them…”
MC audibly swooned, which only confused the little Angel further.
“We got a problem!” The door burst open to reveal Beel, looking as serious as a heart attack.
“Eh? What is it?” Luke asked, scrambling to his feet.
“Lucifer’s home.” Beel replied, shutting the door behind him with his foot. “And he’s doing random room checks.”
“Oh! Speak of the devil! Literally!” MC giggled. “…why does he do room checks?”
“Blame Mammon and Asmo.” Beel explained. “Asmo snuck in too many late night partners, and Mammon kept burning bills in his room.”
“Oh. Makes sense.” MC said with a shrug.
“So this isn’t that big of a deal.” Luke piped up. “I’ll just hide under the bed.”
“Nope, not gonna work.” Beel said with a shake of his head. “Lucifer once found a Succubus that Asmo snuck in after she had shapeshifted into a garden spider.”
“Oh…” the colour drained from Luke’s face. “Uh oh…”
“What do we do then?!” MC asked, panic rising in their chest. They didn’t want their new friend to get kicked out!
“Just- just-“ Beel whipped his head back and forth, looking around until his eyes landed on the closet. “Get in there!“
Fast as lightning, Beel picked Luke up by the collar of his shirt and practically threw him into the closet. Just in time as well, as Lucifer walked right in.
“Beel, MC.” Lucifer said, his eyes sweeping across the room. “What was all the ruckus in here about?”
“We were-“
“Jumping on the bed.” MC said, cutting Beel off. “Together.”
Lucifer’s eyebrows flew upwards as he looked over at Beel. “I’m sorry, what?!”
“Not like that, Lucifer, not like that!” Beel frantically explained, his hands raised. “We really were just jumping on the bed.”
Letting out an exhale of relief, Lucifer nodded and went back to perusing the room, barely sparing MC a glance. “Good… good…”
“Are you looking for something, Lucifer?” MC asked, trying to get his attention as far away from the closet as possible.
“Yes, I’m quite concerned actually.” Lucifer said, his voice as measured and stern as always. “I’m worried that one of my dear little brothers snuck something they shouldn’t have into my house.”
“Isn’t this our house?”
“Beel, do you pay the mortgage?”
“Exactly.” Lucifer’s eyes swept across the room, his eyes finally landing on the closet. “I’ll just check in there and be on my way-“
“NO!” MC dove in front of the closet door and held out their arms. “Don’t look in there!”
Raising an eyebrow, Lucifer looked over at Beel. “Satan really should have chosen a better accomplice in sneaking another cat into the house, I swear…”
Shooing MC out of the way, Lucifer threw open the closet door to reveal…
MC’s jaw dropped as they stared at the mostly empty closet. Only a few jackets and stray backpacks lay inside. How did-
“Huh…” Lucifer furrowed his brows. “Interesting.”
The Avatar of Pride shut the door and spun around on his heel. “Looks like your cat escaped. I’ll get it.”
The moment the door to the room clicked shut, Beel and MC scrambled towards the closet, their eyes popping out of their skulls as they scanned the closet up and down, but there was no sign of the Angel.
Author’s Note
I swear I’m not a Barbatos stan, but this man is getting hotter by the day. Thank you to my Barbatos mutuals for showing me the light. He is the only competent husbando I have, the rest are idiots (affectionate).
But anyway! Tell me what you thought of the chapter! I hit a bit of a writer’s block while writing this, but the part with the tissues was still really fun to write!
@bloopthebat @that-one-fanperson @tanspostsblog @leslie-d @here-queer-and-confused @the-noble-watermelon @m1ss-c4mrader1e @smileypenxilkid @mcx7demonbros @rottenmilkwitheggs @alanthecatdad @yeahno28 @shizunxie @simpinginthecorner @unicornhorse160 @softboi-yuu @azukoya @jxcyt @fregget-frou @jellicakee
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menniemons · a day ago
Obey Me! Characters As Teachers:
Tumblr media
Tbh not really a teacher vibe more like a principal or vice principal vibe
He's pretty strict what can I say?
Or maybe that substitute teacher that was way to harsh on everyone
But if he HAD to be a teacher I feel like maybe a math teacher or history teacher
I actually feel like he could teach multiple subjects but math and history stick out to me the most
I think he could be that type of teacher that actually engages with his students and gets them into doing their work
Or rather scares them into doing their work-
He's definitely strict though no matter what position he takes
I feel like this man would be an economics teacher
He could be good at subjects if he wanted to
And he's definitely versatile in them too
So I think he would be a fun economics teacher 
He would likely keep his kids engaged by telling them a story that relates to what they're doing or learning in class at that moment
But sometimes he would tell stories so he doesn’t seem like a bore or look old
He'll also probably give them tips that he learned by himself or his brothers (if they felt like sharing)
He'd be a good teacher because when it comes down to money suddenly he's a genius and an expert
Would want him as my economics teacher
Is this even necessary??
We all know this guy knows his way through technology
He coups himself in his room to sit at his computer to play games or watch anime
I feel like he would fit into computer science or digital art
Would be the type of teacher to make his kids to work his way
Likely a little uptight but it's okay since he'll make it up by having easy extra credit
The extra credit being a short essay on one of his favorite animes or why Henry is the best character to exist
Something along the lines of that-
English teacher is obvious but I feel like history would suit him too
Maybe even science?
As an English teacher he would make his kids write essays on a topic of a book he assigned purely because he loved it so much that he felt the need to make others read it
His students probably would learn to love some books since he reads everything he can get his hands on and shows it to them
If he gets a rowdy student in his class or a trouble maker don't worry because they'll be obedient after Satan takes them aside
If Satan gets the role as a history teacher be prepared because he'll just go on and on rather than shortening it
Would definitely drag things out because he would be so engrossed in them
This is kinda hard-
I guess health ? maybe psychology?
I feel like he enjoys teaching others about their body and their mind
And what's healthy for them
(Asmo baby I'm sorry but this is difficult)
He would definitely give them tips on how to be aware of others around them and how to read a room
Would teach students how to be respectful and responsible in different ways so their lives wouldn't be as difficult when the times comes
His is pretty straightforward
He's a P.E teacher
Would try and get his students to be more active and will try to get them to take care of themselves
Would also give them tips when or if they finally decide to try his exercises
You know? Like the basic, "Try to do it this way because it'll hurt if you do it that way."
I feel like his students would feel more comfortable around him so they can joke with him
Even if he's a little quiet and can seem intimidating we all know he's a sweetheart
Beel would be that one really cool teacher we all had at some point
I think he would be a type of elective teacher
Or maybe an assistant teacher?
Maybe to Simeon and Barbatos, we all know he loves Beel the most but I'm not gonna make him suffer through physical exercise
I feel like he would be the teacher to put rowdy brats down cause I think some students would take advantage of Simeon's kindness and Barbatos' patience and large class size
But I also but him as assistant teacher because I can't find something that'll suit him well
As much as he loves slacking off he will help students who need it and can't get the other teacher to help them at the moment
These keep getting shorter oh no
Would be annoyed at first by the kids but since they kept pestering him he caved in and started to enjoy their presence after a bit
Type of person who hates babies and toddlers but likes older kids because they can take care of themselves better and don't make as much noise
Wouldn't be a teacher but the principal, but not a scary one but a cool one that other's are attracted to
As scary as he looks, he loves kids and enjoys taking care of them
If one of the teachers couldn't find a substitute teacher he would immediately offer to take care of their class
People, not just students, love him
He's social, responsible, dependable, and charming
Like what else do you want?
Though when someone does need to be punished and they have to deal with Diavolo
They're never gonna talk about what happened to them with him
When he's not having to punish kids for being brats he's gonna be the coolest person
I'm gonna say culinary class/home economics
He would teach the biggest class because its helpful and fun
So he would have 2 teacher assistants
Luke and (sometimes) Belphie
Would teach everyone in his class how to sew and cook
He would teach kids how to cook balanced and healthy food
And he would let Luke teach them how to bake sweets and basic deserts
This duo would be so powerful in the kitchen
He would also make Belphie help those who are having trouble with minor things
Barbatos as a teacher would be so patient
I feel like he could also be a vice principal to Diavolo
A science teacher of some sort
He would probably scare the kids at first with his crazy ideas and experiments
Like terrify and scar them
“Yea my science teacher started multiple fires and taught us how to make explosives”
But he would then make his kids ease themselves into the same exact stuff
So now not only is Solomon a danger hazard
So are like 30 other kids
His classroom would constantly smell of something
Not even he knows what it is
Also his classroom has had the most fires in it than any other class
Or school
Has many stories of himself and students getting hurt in ridiculous ways
Scares the faculty and children because he and his kids are menaces
Simeon gives me music or art teacher vibes
He would love people's creativity being manifested in peaceful ways
A bob ross type of teacher
If he decides to teach art then he would be patient with his kids and push deadlines back for them
I feel like he would have a ton of people wanting his class but he takes the best and up and coming artists
A few of his students have probably because famous or had a hit song or artpiece
The faculty can't tell of they love or hate him
He's too positive and bright sometimes but they also adore him because of it
The only people that hate or dislike him either haven't met him or envy him
He also probably has a fanclub or some type of organization rooting for him
Likely a type of assistant teacher or an older student
Either way he would get the best grades ever so teachers don't mind if he's out and about
He would assist Barbatos or Simeon with their classes
And he would teach and learn a few things from both teacher's and their classes
(He is kinda hard to write for me)
Teachers probably love him because he's a model student and actually enjoys teaching others
Students love him sm, but there’s definitly people who don’t but won’t say a word
Because if they did, they would go missing for a few days.
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that-one-pretty-bitch · 2 days ago
So, I was explaining the plot of Obey me! shall we date to @loekas​ 
And here it is:
FYI: Everyone in Obey me! is emotionally constipated as F U C K
I just know that the Obey me lovers are about to come for my soul
Lucifer- pride
Basically a total asshole and prick. He constantly overworks himself. He has threatened to kill the MC many many times. He punishes his brothers in cruel ways. ( A sadist ) To make things better though, he is hot, i’ll give him that.
Mammon- Greed
A thief, will fucking steal from you. He is the MC's best friend and fandom's favorite although he acts greedy like my little brother during Christmas so I fail to see the appeal and cry blood whenever I see smut on him bcz he acts like a spoiled 5 yr old brat who loves his mom but will never admit it. You could hold a gun to his head and force him to say it but he will not
Leviathan- Envy
What a loser, honestly. All my man does is play video games and simp over underage waifu's. ( YOU CANT TELL ME RURI HANNA IS NOT LIKE 8 ) He 10/10 has a body pillow. Also attempted to kill the MC, even though MC is his only friend ( thats sad ). A hardcore gen z and hated by a lot of the fandom. Shut in Otaku and a creepy discord mod.
Satan- Wrath
Daddy issues who?? Lucifer is his dad and he HATES when he is compared to Lucifer because spoiled brat doesn't want to be like that "ugly old man". He was created out of Lucifer's wrath when their sister died and since then everyone sees him as a replacement for their dead sister he hates it. The kind of guy who would smash random objects when angry bcz of temper tantrums. I don’t feel bad for him because??? Daddy issues??? Suck it up, Lucifer isn’t even that bad your just salty he’s hotter. Also purge that outfit rn, that's a crime to fashion.
Asmodeus- Lust
A boy but so girlypop??( No hate I love girlypop boys ) Probs fucked every human, demon and angel in existence. Gossip queen and mean girl. Never trust him with secrets, he would tell the entire school. Horny 24/7, honestly a big cheater and fuckboy. Regina George 2.0, will make fun of your outfit because he wants to look better. That pretty girl that you go to talk to but turns out she has a nasty attitude and talks shit about everyone?? Thats him. Then he gets mad when people call him ugly??? Also compliment fishing on Insta all the time.
Beel - Gluttony ( older twin )
Genuinely sweet. Himbo, super muscular?? He plays sports, that one high school jock that EVERY girl has a crush on. Crying and temper tantrums when he is hungry and not given food. Tried to eat MC when he got hungry- but he apologized to MC and now they are cool. Man child tbh
Belphegor - Sloth ( younger twin )
I bet y’all were WAITING for my opinion on this one
I hate you. Murderer, literally everyone hates him. Nobody in the fandom likes him because he actually succeeded in killing the MC but they were brought back to life by the demon king and his butler. Dangerous mf, MC forgives him though?? Once you get to know him he is just a sleepy baby that wakes up with murder on his mind lol. But then again EVERYONE tried to kill MC, he was the only one that succeeded. Ngl he is pretty bad at pretending to be a defenseless human, I didn’t fall for it but the game made me go in there anyway.
Simeon- angel
My man could rail me but he would hate me irl. Holy man, jesus is good you all are unholy. Sweet? Kind? Talented writer? Grandpa that can't learn to use devices no matter what?? Everything I need in a man. Wears a slutty outfit but acts like he is all angelic and kind. Like- ✨sinful shoulders✨
Solomon- Sorcerer
Grandpa Sol. Can’t cook to save his like, Yor Forger level but even worse. Never eat his cooking, even Beel refuses to eat that monstrosity. Makes the most annoying dad jokes ever like stfu. Sussy Baka fr fr
Luke- cute baby angel
Simeon's adopted son, MC is his role model ( much to Simeon's dismay ) bcz my MC be unholy asf. Loves baking MC sweet things ( Luke pls can I marry your dad-? ) but hates when MC flirts with his father figure ( Isn't stopping me ) He is a chiwawa as per EVERYONE. Woof woof
Barbatos - Hot butler
The demon prince's hot servant, I like the butler kind. Would probably smile while insulting the shit out of you. WIll make you regret all your life decisions. Also has time manipulation where he can look into the future and stop it from happening by turning back time. The demon prince's father figure.
Could you please take me back to when I failed my math test and help me fix it-?
Lord Diavolo- Demon Prince
Demon prince, spoiled child, himbo, MC's source of secret income. When Lucifer doesn't let the MC or brothers do something they talk Lord Diavolo into changing Lucifer's mind. Biggest sweet tooth ever. Daddy Issues 2.0. Sugar daddy material, probably has a secret relationship with Lucifer.
Mc- Human
The most insane human being to ever exist.
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thalfox · 14 hours ago
OM Theory: Barbatos vs Rat
What do the royal butler of Diavolo and one of kabuki theatre's greatest villains have in common? The knowledge that a large rat is one of the deadliest foes for a royal prince...
The fear that the otherwise insanely overpowered Barbatos has of rats is mentioned a few times throughout the game: a chat where Barbatos wishes to know when a stray cat returns, as it would be useful for dealing with rats; a chat with Belphie that reveals Barbatos "hates rats" and that the Devildom rats are giant black demonic ones; a chat picture showing Barbatos in a standoff with a rat (and another that shows one has sneaked into his room); another chat from Beel confirming the butler's fear of rats; a phonecall and devilgram with Barbatos confirming the same, etc etc.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Devilgram: All Because of That)
The man does not like rats, and contrary to the (unfair) reputation that the rodents have in the west, rats are not considered unclean, unsanitary, or sinister in many other places. Indeed, the rat is one of the twelve animals of the calendar and zodiac in Japan, and the little guy represents good fortune, industrious nature, and an admirable tenacity in survival.
There is however one rat that is infamous for its villainy, and that leads us to the evil viialin Nikki Danjo, from the play Meiboku Sendai Hagi (The Precious Incense and Autumn Flowers of Sendai).
A fictionalised account of real events, the story centres around a clan leader forced into retirement by conspirators, and his infant son gaining leadership. The child's life is under threat, and his nursemaid Masaoka hides him in the women's quarters with her own young son, who is sadly killed in a poisonous assassination attempt.
Undeterred in her loyalty and devotion, the nurse maid takes advantage of the conspirators, who assume her (painful) lack of emotion at the death of her own son must mean she had swapped the boys and allowed the young lord to die.
Masaoka then receives secret documents detailing the conspiracy plot, but overwhelmed by sorrow for her own son, and having killed his murderer in revenge and self defense, a giant rat appears and snatches the documents away.
A clan retainer, hiding beneath the floorboards to protect the young lord, leaps free and captures the rat, but it escapes once more before suddenly transforming into none other than the terrifying Nikki Danjo, chief villain and leader of the plot to usurp leadership.
Tumblr media
(1816 triptych of Nikki Danjo by Utagawa Toyokuni III)
He laughs at the stricken retainer, and then uses a corrupt judge to attempt to take control once and for all, but a senior judge and loyal subjects save the day, and the villain is overthrown.
The role of Masaoka is considered the gem of the play, and that of Nikki Danjo as the archetypal jitsuaku figure must thus be a performance of true evil, with the rat transformation scene the pinnacle of the night.
Perhaps that is why Nikki Danjo in both human and rat form are so prevalent in art through the centuries since its creation.
What we have then, if we look to the broad strokes, is the tale of a young prince, whose father loses the throne and is forced into retirement, and the young boy thus requiring a guardian of unequivocal standing, whose devotion is so unquestionable they would put the prince before even their own blood.
Yet all that protection could be for nought if just one rat gets close to the prince, if just one enters that inner sanctum amongst the paperwork, just one rat could lead to the downfall and ultimately to the death of the young princeling.
Tumblr media
Sidebar: It's worth remembering too that while this has not (yet?) appeared in canon, demonology has long held that Barbatos is not only a demon who knows all things past and future, but one with the power to understand all animals.
A power that Solomon has both in-game and in mythology, but as to whether or not it could be theorised that Barbatos is particularly wary of certain creatures because he can hear their words... it's a possibility, if not a strong one. [/sidebar]
Barbatos does not fear rats because of hygiene or superstition, but because of proven example in rats being the harbringers of death and treachery for princes alone.
And for Barbatos, there is only one person who matters, one being who he has devoted his life and his protection to: Diavolo, the young prince, son of a king who abdicated his throne, in a Devildom full of those most attuned to all methods of treachery and greed.
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sirius-tea · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2021 art
Some nice maid outfits of them~! I hosted a DTIYS with this piece in my other accs HAHA they were all so lovely and cute
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devildom-doll · 2 days ago
✨ Side Character Appreciation Post ✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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belphies-cowgirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Barbatos: *calmly about to pick up a bug with a napkin*
MC: wait stop! you can't just kill it! what if it has a family!?
Satan: that's funny coming from you
MC: what's that supposed to mean!?
Satan: weren't you the one who screamed last night about a spider in the kitchen and murdered it in cold blood with a frying pan?
Beel: yeah, it happened right in front of my pudding cups too
Mammon: I doubt it was going to kill ya, could've asked the Great Mammon for help ya know
Belphie: oh well if it happened last night then Mammon you wouldn't have been able to help because you snuck-
Mammon: *slaps his hand over Belphie's mouth* you weren't supposed to be awake
Levi: wait wait, how did you know it was going to kill you?
MC: it had the look of premeditated murder in its eyes....
Satan: that excuse sounds familiar MC, didn't you say those exact words each time one of us caught you killing in cold blood?
Asmo: oh! oh! like that one time MC used a lighter and hair spray to kill a wasp
Satan: oh then there's that time you wiped up bug guts with Lucifer's tie
Beel: that was you Satan
Satan: that's not important right now
Diavolo: *gasps* did they say premeditated murder!?
Lucifer: *about to explode*
Barbatos: *gently letting the bug go outside *
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lancermylove · 16 hours ago
Can I request something wholesome for the obey me boys? Teen female mc opens a small crepe stand/cart but the stand looks very rugged (it’s mostly built from stuff that she’s found laying on the ground) however her crepes were divine! Like the flavor would melt in your mouth, and the fruit would perfect! How would the demons, royals, and angels support teen female mc?
Anon, since requests were not open when you sent this, I am going to write your request as a quick ask.
Lucifer - is touched to see MC willing to start off with a rugged stand and work her way up, but with him around, there is no need for her to work that hard. Lucifer talks to Diavolo and gets MC a proper place to sell her crepes. After all, someone who is talented deserves to be recognized for their talent.
Beel - who cares if the stand is rugged or breaking? The most important thing is the taste! Beel will be a regular customer and will verbally advertise MC's stand. MC can be sure that Beel praising her food will bring in a LOT of customers, so many customers that she will make enough money to buy a proper store to sell her crepes in a few months.
Mammon - his dearest human is not going to sell her crepes in such a rundown stand! He has complete faith in her crepes, but she doesn't deserve to stand behind a stand that is going to break at any moment. Mammon will do anything and everything to gather money to buy a stand for MC, from gambling to modeling to taking odd jobs to asking his witch "friends". Whatever it takes to get MC a better place to sell her delicious creeps.
Asmo - but appearance is so important...and the stand looks like it could fall and hurt someone at any given moment. There is no way Asmo is going to let this continue! Asmo uses the power of his social media to advertise MC's stand to help MC gather more money to get a proper store.
Levi - he can't help MC with gathering money to buy a new stand or advertise her crepes on social media platforms, but he can provide physical and verbal support. Levi is willing to work at the stand to help MC, even if it means stepping out of his comfort zone and socializing with customers.
Satan - he knows all too well to not judge a book by its cover and advertises MC's stand verbally. While he can't do much more, Satan supports her by managing her cost, and customer flow, and even gives ideas like giving out small free samples so that people can taste and not judge her food by the rundown appearance.
Belphie - works with Beel to make MC a proper stand, and though it might not be the fanciest of stands, it's far sturdier than the one she is currently using. He also provides verbal support by encouraging MC to keep going!
Diavolo - crepes this divine don't deserve to be served in such a rugged place. The prince goes out of his way to arrange a cafe for MC on the most popular street in Devildom. He also becomes one of her regular customers.
Barbatos - though he doesn't directly get involved with MC's new venture, the butler is willing to secretly provide support by sending customers her way. After all, if Barb, one of the best chefs in Devildom, praises someone's cooking, it has to be delicious.
Simeon - is willing to support MC in any way he can, from encouragement to working at the stand to even buying groceries and delivering her crepes. Whatever it takes to help her become more successful and buy a proper place for herself.
Luke - wishes he could make crepes are delicious as MC's. He can't help MC financially and doesn't like seeing MC selling crepes at a rundown stand, so Luke supports her by working for her in exchange for hugs and praises. Next time he returns to the Celestial Realm, Luke will take some crepes for Michael - the archangel is sure to love them.
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kaeyastopmakingicepuns · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just picturing Satan running around stealing cats from people 😂
Tumblr media
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my-lovver · 12 hours ago
it was a loooong night…..
Tumblr media
the way i saw this picture and immediately thought of them 😭😭 too much demonus i think omg
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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wherethelightrots · a day ago
More doodles
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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obey-me-mammon-lover69 · a day ago
Hi~ I like your "why are you so mean to me" headcanons with bros, can i request the second part with dateables? Pretty please?? 🥺
Of course, sweetie!!!
This was rlly hard to write honestly, due to the fact a lot of the side characters are just...rlly nice tbh, Simeon’s part was SO HARD TO WRITE
[Part 1]
Warning: Angst
“Why are you so mean to me?”  He admittedly got very confused about what you had meant.  He doesn't have many social skills, to be honest, and rarely notices if he's being rude until told.  He apologizes even if he doesn't know exactly what he did wrong.
How he apologizes:  He apologizes verbally, and through gifts.  Buying you jewellery and clothes befitting of a queen in his attempt to apologize even for the slightest of things.
“Why are you so mean to me?”  Lets out a chuckle on impulse, and makes you frustrated because he just brushes it off and walks away.  He acts like he doesn't really care, and he...kinda doesn't, he knows eventually you'll get tired of being angry with him and go on with your day...unless you don't.
How he apologizes:  Upon realizing you aren't going to just let this go and act like everything is okay Barbato's sighs and starts preparations for an apology.  AKA, tricking you into coming to the castle and apologizing while he serves you tea.
“Why are you so mean to me?”  Has no damn clue what you're talking about.  He's usually very nice, he has never been told in his entire life that he was mean.  I mean he's an angel for fucks sake!  This man is confusion.
How he apologizes:  Say's very confused,  "I'm sorry?"  That sounds more like a question than anything.  Doesn't feel like he needs to do anything else.
“Why are you so mean to me?”   Laughs at you, walks away and does not elaborate.  Starts avoiding you on purpose, because despite laughing at you and walking off it kinda hurt his feelings a little to be called mean.  He's used to shady but not mean.
How he apologizes:  Never verbally says,  "I'm sorry."  Just sends you a barrage of letters apologizing for any bad thing he might have done to you for you to perceive him in that manner.  Has it on a spell so it's like that scene in harry potter where all the letters fly into the house, and makes it a mess.
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ikevampharem · a day ago
Sometimes I think Devs made Luke a child and a boy because they wanted to make that "pastors love little boys" joke💀
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humbuns · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he’s so silly
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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