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Hellooo could you do a Obey me brother with a virgin s/o
virgin mc gn!reader, 18+, nsfw
LUCIFER has had years and years of experience, and he knows how to treat you. He's gentle, and takes his time with you to make it memorable and special, but most of all comfortable with you. Praises fall from his mouth the more and more you take of him, and he can't help but relish in the pride he gets from being your first. He's possessive, and marks your neck or anywhere he can reach just so his brothers know you're his.
MAMMON was serious when he said he was your first man, and his ego is through the roof when he finds out you're a virgin. He's a bit hasty and goes a little bit too fast, a little bit too slow; he just wants you to have a good time and overthinks every movement, but he promises you he'll make you feel good. He mumbles praise and compliments, and how you only belong to him and he's never letting you go now that he has you.
LEVIATHAN thinks it's a dream; out of all his brothers- you picked him? He's so happy and his hands are shaking when he helps you take off your clothes. He holds your hands throughout and goes too fast when he gets carried away in the feeling. He rambles and rambles about how you can't believe you're here, under him - and he gets extremely embarrassed afterwards. He might let it slip how much he loves you when he cums, nails digging into your skin.
SATAN isn't the most experienced when it comes to his brothers, so he's careful with every movement he makes- he doesn't want to hurt you. He wants to know the things you like, the things you don't like. He takes things at your pace and wants you to be as comfortable as possible. He's a service top, and makes sure he hits all the right spots he knows you like.
ASMODEUS, the notorious virgin killer. He's sweet, he's loving, and it's a whole different experience for himself because he loves you. The praise falls from his mouth like no tomorrow- he just wants you to know how good you make him feel and just how beautiful you are. His aftercare is phenomenal, and he's a bit emotional afterwards. It was a first for him, too.
BEELZEBUB is big and he's so worried about hurting you. He takes his time, making sure to accommodate you and the pillows you rest your head on are fluffed. He takes his time, working his mouth on you and refusing to push himself all the way in even if you beg. If you make a sound that he's unsure about he's constantly pausing and asking if you're okay. He's a sweetheart. Makes you an after-sex snack.
BELPHEGOR is a smug bastard, and he's teasing you from the start when he takes your clothes off that you want him of all people. He nips and bites and marks your skin until you're begging for more, and feigns innocence that he doesn't understand what you mean. He'll make you say what you want, and only then does he give it to you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When your bestie is getting trampled to death by a herd of cows inside a board game but you're more excited about the fact that there's a herd of cows!!!
MC's such a fucking ass. I love them.
Also the og Jumanji vibes in this?馃憣 馃挴 馃
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Mammon, glaring at MC:
MC: Why are you giving me such an angered look?
Mammon: I just realized how much I love you.
MC: Isn鈥檛 that a good thing?
Mammon: Yeah, but now I'm all mushy with affection and it's your fault.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Professor Satan X fem MC!
Tw : teacher x student dynamic, cussing, porn, teacher fucks student, Satan's big dick, taboo relationship
A/n: hi lovelies ! Today, I came up with a teacher x student ff of obey me because I have daddy issues. I overdid this part and the words almost reached 2500+. 2500+ words for part 1?!?! Omg
Genre : smut
Link to my Masterlist : Erin's Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Everyone, submit the homework that I gave yesterday "
Professor Satan's words made your eyes widen. Homework? You were sure there were no works assigned from him yesterday except that one class which you dreaded so much. Seduction.
But you for one sure that Professor Satan didn't give out works. So that's why you, stupidly, asked Mammon about it yesterday and he confidently said there isn't. Mammon's face shows authenticity to his answer and so you bet no questions or doubts about him.
"Oi! " you whispered to Mammon who sat next to you in the class and gave him a death mixed with anxiety stare. "you said there were no works! " your finger couldn't help but pinch his thigh. Mammon yelped in a quiet tone "fuck! I forgot to text you that night! " the tanned skin demon replied causing your blood to boil.
"so you're telling me, you finished the homework?! " you took a good amount of breath to utter those words, hoping for Mammon to deny your statement but he with his sloppy uniform shrugged. ".... Kind of... " an innocent smile was carved on his face.
"you fucking-" as you were about to hit him and ruin his white hair, you heard your name being spoken aloud to the point that the whole class were looking at you being abusive to Mammon.
"y/n, I believe I asked you to submit my work. " Professor Satan said as he put his arm on the table to support his standing body. He folded his sleeves as they reached the upper part of his elbow. The view of his veins was clear and a few light scars were also visible considering your professor always plays with stray cats no matter if they bit or scratch him.
"I... Uh.... " you stutter while your head thought of 1001 excuses to be made just for Professor Satan's curiosity to be fed. Professor Satan raised his eyebrows as he saw you searching for words to defend yourself.
His blonde eyebrow offended you as well as his 'you can't get away with this' grin on his face. It made you feel as if you were losing and of course, you hated the feeling of it. Though, you show no sign of hatred towards Professor Satan's expression.
"meet me after class" he broke eye contact as his hand reached for the nearest chalk and focused himself on the board. The blonde lecturer jolt down the basic formula for potion making. A cough escaped his mouth as he starts to explain today's lesson.
"You. Will. Pay. For. This " your whisper was only heard by Mammon as you mimic an action of slitting your throat, signing the demon that he's not going to run away from the mess he'll make.
Mammon gulped and put both of his palms together along with a face that was begging for forgiveness. The second born couldn't bear the thought of you getting mad at him when your happiness is his priority. But did you care? No. You were deeply offended knowing that Mammon ditched on you about yesterday's homework.
"Listen, I'll.... I'll make up for ya! I.. Um... "Mammon's sweat was now visible as he reached for your palm, hoping that his touch will somehow make you feel better. Yet it backfired when you rejected his hand which caused Mammon to almost broke into tears. "I'll fucking kill you" your eyes still emit the deathly rage and you meant it when you said that.
"I thought your guilt for not submitting your homework in time will make you less loud today, but what are the odds? " Professor Satan, who is wearing glasses along with a book of potions he held sarcastically comments on your rude action. It triggered you when someone is mentioning you but didn't look your way because in a logical sense, when someone is talking about somebody, respectfully, they need to look at them and if they aren't, it is just straight disrespectful.
Professor Satan is too intelligent to not know those basic rules so he must do it in favour to piss you off.
You, on the other hand, were trying to balance the peace of the three worlds by not commenting on his scornful remarks or else, a hell of war will surely be started.
A bell rang indicating the class is over. In Devildom, it is 10:30 am which is a time when the student could rest or eat. It's not lunchtime since it is still morning but it's surely a period when the student could ease their mind and nap for a bit.
Thanks to Mammon, you couldn't take the sweet nap up on the rooftop because of the date you had with Professor Satan after his class. When everyone was getting ready to head out of the class, you held Mammon's hand. "I'm.... scared.. " your confession made your partner feel as if his life is getting crushed by a giant hammer.
The demon with a sloppy uniform smile as to wash your worries off. "listen, for ya, I can toss my nap away" the words he utters felt like a blanket to your anxiety. As soon as you heard Mammon's warm word, you grinned to ear. None of the demons nor angels could deny how pretty you are when you're smiling. It compliments your face feature which you were never aware of it.
But just as you and Mammon were about to get another 'feel-good' scene, the professor interrupted. "I wanted to meet with y/n, alone"
He took off his glasses and crossed his muscly arms.
"ya can't do that! " Mammon defended. "She's a human and you are a demon! Anything could happen to her! " your partner confessed his worries when he shouted the reason why Professor Satan needs to let Mammon accompany you. But not even a reaction came from the lecturer instead of his taunting smile.
"but Mammon...." the professor replied in such a manner which shows how professional he is handling a situation that could cause a nightmare for every educator.
As the professor walked up to Mammon, his lips reached for the greedy demon's ear to whisper Mammon's darkest secrets. Your confusion was at its best when the loud demon suddenly froze as the professor left his ear, only for him to gaze at you.
Something fishy about Mammon and the dark energy from Professor Satan was fleeting around him. You saw Mammon's eyes meet yours as he mumbled a goodbye to you. What happened with all of his warm words? Where did the promises of being with you forever go? Just like that, Mammon's item along with the demon himself disappeared at the door of the chamber.
"Now, let's talk about you" Professor Satan turned around and leaned himself at the table desk.
You growled with your breath as he sent Mammon away, causing an intense situation in the chamber. Your neat uniform is starting to pick up your sweats. The way your professor fixed his eyes on your figure made you feel as if you aren't his student, but rather his prostitute.
The continuous gaze from Satan made your left eyebrows lift as if to question his intention of meeting you alone. "Professor, I believe you wanted to talk about something. "
Professor Satan chuckled as he rubbed both of his eyes with his thumb and his pointer finger. It was obviously a burst of sarcastic laughter. Your decent action was replied to with the professor's shitty laugh causing you to question yourself and his existence of him.
Finishing off his chuckle, Satan ended it with a huge sigh. "I believe YOU owe me something " he uttered as he get off his table desk and made his way to the teacher's chair.
You rolled your eyes as a subtle 'fuck' escaped your mouth. You didn't like the fact that you need to go to such an extent only because you didn't finish his work. Every professor of Satan's students will receive punishment in the class and not outside the session of it. It confuses you why he decided to do the punishment at a time like this.
But you never really had a choice, so as you pushed the chair back and stood up, you cough a few times and pull your skirt down to cover those sweaty thighs of yours. Professor Satan bit his lips as he saw the view of your legs. You didn't notice his sultry gaze as your mind thought of possible excuses and apologies.
You made your way to his desk. The figure of you in front of Professor Satan's desk was a rare thing. You never were his pet. You never were any teacher's pet. Hence, you loathed the educators here. To stand in front of their desk or ask questions is definitely not something you look forward to.
Despite your hatred towards teachers, you always strive in becoming a good and decent student. Well, can't really say that you are a genius but your results never disappoint Lord Diavolo. It's truly magnificent how you juggle between hating teachers and also managing to score on tests.
So, as a decent student, you already arrange the alphabet as it turns into a polite apology. Surely, Professor Satan will forgive you as your words will make you look like a sophisticated student.
"Professor Satan, I deeply apologise for my indecent behaviour as you were teaching. I also will promise to send your work tomorrow morning before I go to my first class" you smile as the words were being spoken confidently. The sudden wind from the room blew your hair as the scent of your morning shampoo entered Professor Satan's nose. He made sure to breathe every air in the room but didn't make it so obvious as your eyes were at him.
"no need" his simple reply faded your smile. "I've marked the work for today, I won't mark the same assignment tomorrow "
You wanted to bang your head on the wall and let it bleed as you died a horrible death. Will it satisfy your professor? You come up with the best apologies along with the promise of solving the issue yet your genius, the mind-Einstien professor thought of it as a horrible plan.
Professor Satan laid his back on the chair as he eyed the chalk to you. His hand reached for the long ruler on the desk and brought it closer to him, signing to you that it is time for your punishment.
"I want you to take that pink chalk and write down your fault" he spoke as his finger glided on the ruler. This is literally unnecessary punishment. Why can't he resolve this issue with peace? If only that blonde professor agreed to your proposal, you wouldn't have to work your arm by writing your mistake. Plus, he will get his work done by tomorrow morning. It's a win situation for him.
"filled the board with your mistake" professor Satan continued. Never really wanted you to feel easy whenever he is around. At least that what's your thought is.
You groan internally as you went to the board and pick up the chalk.
The mouth of yours cursed him to death and he knew it but it made him happy to finally tease you after holding back to it for so long. He loves it that this moment will forever be planted in your memories. In core memory even better.
In the first few lines of it, you decided to write on the left side of the big blackboard. It would take you one day to fill the whole board and it is ridiculous considering you also have other classes to attend. Maybe your professor was just joking about filling the whole board? You hope it to be that way.
As you were on the left side of the board, it is only natural that you are close to your professor as the teacher's desk was placed on the left side of the classroom. Your body jiggles a bit as a result of your intense writing on the board causing a view of your jiggling butt to become the first sight to Professor Satan.
His eyes hungrily scanned your butt. Lord Diavolo deserves a thank you for making a short skirt as one of the school's official uniforms. Your high-knee black stockings compliment your meaty thighs making them look deliciously edible.
The thudding sound of chalk against the board didn't dominate Professor Satan's mind. His head revolved around dirty thoughts as he scanned you from your head down to your toe. To when your uniform lifted a bit when you're desperate to reach the top of the board, his chest tighten. You suffocate him with the slightest view of your skin. He read so much about humans and dreamed to meet one. But never had he ever dreamt about fucking them.
As you were writing on the board, you can feel a ruler resting on your butt as it was placed underneath your skirt. The ruler slowly lifted your skirt making your underwear exposed to the air of Professor Satan's room. You yelped when you felt cold between your bump. You shifted your eyes to the left only to be met with Professor Satan's hungry eyes peeking at your undergarment as well as his hand holding the long ruler that lifted your skirt.
"I didn't tell you to stop" he commented. "Go on with your punishment or I'll spank your pretty ass" his gaze goes to you.
A faint colour of strawberry emitted on your face. The pattern of your breathing was a mess when you felt a palm caress your buttcheek. The goosebump to when Professor Satan cursed whenever he touch your undergarment made you bite your lips.
You bend over as to write your mistake a little lower and the blonde lecturer groans. "you fucker" he gritted his teeth. The red underwear stretched a bit, as your pussy was exposed a bit more when you bend.
Using your sense of hearing, you heard the chair that your professor was sitting on the move. He was standing up as he dropped the ruler, making your skirt fall back to its place. Professor Satan's moan was getting visible and your heart was pounding as it was demanding to get out of your chest.
He placed his crotch to feel your clothed pussy. "prof... " you moaned when his tent wobbled your legs, causing you to almost fell on your knees. Professor Satan replied to your moan with his groan as he compliment your fold. "you are throbbing, y/n. Do you have a crush on me? "
He rocked his hips up and down to rub his tent at your clothed clit. Your arms stopped as you dropped the chalk. Both of your hand leans on the chalkboard to support yourself. Professor Satan didn't mind that you stopped writing, hence, he was feeling even more turned on knowing your attention was at the thought of fucking him.
"God, aren't you just so fuckable for me... " the horny professor moaned as he noticed your throbbing pussy was dripping wet and it left a mark on his crotch. "professor... "
Professor Satan groaned again whenever you mention his title. He aggressively takes off his tie and put it around your neck, as if mimicking the function of a dog's collar. The image of your professor was at the same level as if Asmodeus were in heat. His neat buttoned shirt was already messed up considering he took the time to unbutton it. A few strands of his hair blocked the sight of his eyes, but only god knows how ethereal hot Professor Satan looks when he fucked up.
"Now y/n, ready to be a teacher's pet? "
Tumblr media
request for part 2 if interested!
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Tumblr media
"What's more beautiful than love- "
Tumblr media
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Mammon Seven Minutes in Heaven
You reached into the small bag of folded paper, knowing that this would be your fate possibly for the evening. You pulled out a name, eyes shut. You somehow managed to pull out鈥
Mammon. Your first demon. Your first protector. The first demon to have fallen for you. The first demon you felt you could trust. The first to have stolen your heart. And here you were, finally able to get some uninterrupted time with him. You snuck a glance at Mammon while trying your best to hide all your excitement from the others. As expected, Mammon was bright red yet somewhat pouty. "Come on, let's get this over with. I don't want it to be awkward." Even though his words were harsh, Mammon gently took your hand and led you into the spare bedroom. After closing the door Mammon leaned up against it to make sure nobody tried peeking. "You know how lucky you are to be in here with me." You nodded and looked at the ground. You knew time was tight and you really didn't want to have him be all defensive. "But we're here alone." When you looked up again Mammon was right in front of you with this somewhat snide smirk. "And time is money."
Before you even knew what hit you Mammon had you up against the wall and leaned down enough to be close to your face. Those blue and yellow eyes looked you up and down briskly, almost needily, before his lips met yours. You couldn't help but gasp as his fangs teased your lips and begged you for entry. You pushed him rather hard, not trying to push him away, but to send him onto the bed. And of course this klutz wasn't expecting it. Down you both went, rumpling the previously flattened sheets. His eyes widened like dinner plates as he came to realize what you had just done. This only sent him into more of a state of desire. "Not bad for a human. Not bad at all." You found yourself wanting more of his fangs and boy did he deliver. All it too was one tiny yet sharp nip to your bottom lip and your surprised reaction gave him an opening to let his tongue roam your mouth. All you could muster was a very pleasured groan. That was the last straw. Mammon flipped you over and rested his hands on your shoulders, having to break the kiss momentarily to do so. Just as Mammon was about to use those fangs oh so many different places, the door swung open. If you thought Mammon was red when you picked him, boy were you mistaken.
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The Great Devildom Cuddle War
Summary: gn!reader. Your cuddles have become quite the commodity in the Devildom.
The Second War
聽聽Mammon had moved into your room not long after you had formed your pact with him. You two got into the habit of staying up late and falling asleep to movies together. You would wake up to him pressed tightly to your left side, face nuzzled into your neck, hand holding yours. Though, if you ever brought it up, he would adamantly deny it. The Great Mammon would never cuddle with a human!
聽聽聽聽聽聽This continued until you made your pact with Levi. He became aware of the night time cuddles after you and mammon fell asleep on a TSL movie night. The two of you woke up with Levi on your other side, not nearly as nuzzled in as Mammon, but close enough for Mammon to freak out about how he was "too close to his human." But by then it was already too late. Levi had gotten a taste of the cuddle party and there was no going back.
聽聽聽聽聽聽Beel joined the group after you had moved back out of his room. He woke up one night from his nightmares, and came to find you for comfort, only to find you surrounded by his two older brothers. That didn't stop him from gently nudging you awake.
"Y/N, I had a bad dream again."
聽聽聽聽聽聽Your gentle giant just looked so sad, that you offered him your hand and the little space next to Levi. From here out, even though he always started the night in his own room, Beel usually ended in yours, perfectly happy just holding your hand.
聽聽聽聽聽聽By the time Asmo had formed a pact with you, all pretense of "falling asleep during a movie" had died. When you all returned from your retreat after forming Asmo's pact, Asmo had flounced his way into your room proclaiming he wished to join the cuddle party.
聽聽聽聽聽聽"There's no room," Levi said, nuzzling even tighter into you.聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽" Yeah, get your own cuddle buddy!" Mammon all but shouted into your ear.
聽聽聽聽聽聽Asmo's face contorted into a pout of epic proportions, " there's room next to Levi."
聽聽聽聽聽聽"That's Beel's spot," Levi said drily.聽
聽聽聽聽聽"Why don't we just take turns鈥." You tried to help.
聽聽聽聽聽聽"That's not fair! We were here first!"
聽聽聽聽聽聽"How dare you offer up the Great Mammon's cuddle spot!"
聽聽聽聽聽聽Asmo.gave a winning grin. " Never mind, I found a spot." He happily made his way to the bed, and crawled on top of you. He placed his head on your chest, then wrapped his arms and legs around you like a koala.聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽"This is nice, good night Y/N!" And he was out like a light, and able to ignore Levi and Mammon's lingering protests.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽When Satan formed his pact, he was told in no uncertain terms that there was no room in the cuddle party.聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽" That's fine." He pulled a chair right next to your bed, and sat in it. "I'm just here to read my book." 聽 You woke up the next morning to him sleeping in that chair.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽After that, a certain peace came over the cuddle group. Everyone had a place, and no one dared to cross anyone else's territory. Everyone, including you, was aware of how fragile the peace was, and no one wanted to compromise their place.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽But that peace quickly came to an end.
聽聽聽聽聽聽Belphie woke up in the middle of the night to no longer see Beel in their shared room. Expecting his twin to be raiding the fridge, he went down to the kitchen only to find it empty. As he made his way back to their room, he passed your door, and found it open. Peaking in, he saw the cuddle pile and decided that he needed in on that.
聽聽聽聽聽He had only stepped one foot in your room when Mammon, who had been woken up by the aura of change crossing the threshold, shouted, " There's no room!"
聽聽聽聽聽聽This effectively woke up everyone in the room, all of whom but Beel and yourself joined the choruses of " no room".
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"It's alright, Belphie, you can have my spot,"Beel spoke up.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽" No he can't. He has to join the wait list. If anyone joins the cuddle pile next, it's me," Satan had stood up from his chair upon making that statement, seemingly ready to escort Belphie from the room.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽" No Beel, it's fine. I'll just go back to our room," Belphie seemed to concede. But as he returned to his room, he had a devious smile on his face. He would not give up so quickly.聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽The next evening, Mammon's shriek of horror alerted the whole house that something was wrong.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"Belphie! That's my spot!"
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Belphie, who was indeed in Mammon's spot, smiled in his sleep and nuzzled closer to you.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"Y/N! You know that's my spot! Why did you let him have it! "
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽" He showed up and said his sweet big brother said he could have it! How was I supposed to know he was lying?" You looked over at Belphie sleeping peacefully. "Look at him, Mammon, he's just so soft and squishy when he's sleeping."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"Yeah Mammon," Asmo giggled. "You should just be a good big brother and admit you lost this round."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"This isn't over." Mammon snarled. He then plopped himself on the floor, and swore to get there early the next night.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Which he did. By making you go to bed early. As soon as dinner finished, Mammon picked you up, shouted "Bed time!" Then ran to your room. The rest of the table, realizing what had just happened, immediately left the table and went running to your room. In all the chaos, Belphie stole Asmo's spot, Satan stole Levi's spot, and Lucifer grounded everyone for not cleaning their spots after dinner.聽
聽聽聽聽聽For the next three nights, things continued聽 like this, the long held peace completely forgotten in favor of just finding a spot in the cuddle pile. No spot was sacred, and it was every demon for themselves.
聽聽聽聽Finally, you couldn't take it anymore. You visited Lucifer's office and slammed your hands on his desk.
聽聽聽聽聽聽"I need a second bed to set next to mine, or a bigger bed. This is non negotiable."聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽He glanced up from his paperwork with one eyebrow raised. "Or, you can tell them all to sleep in their own rooms."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"I can't do that!" You exclaimed. "I've gotten used to a certain lifestyle, and I can't give that up!"
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽He seemed unconvinced. So you decided to play your last card.聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"Fine, but I'll tell them it was all your idea." You left the office without another word, and followed through on your promise.聽
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Three days later, you returned from rad to find a second bed alongside yours, effectively giving you the space you needed. On that bed was a note.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽"Tell your guard dogs that if I ever see any of them in my office again, I will personally feed them to Cerberus."
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽And thus, the great Devildom Cuddle War came to an end, with all six of your pact demons able to share in the cuddle pile.
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6mmad a month ago
oldest obey me brothers as annoying boyfriend activities
a/n: quick writing for the oldest three bc i love them
Leans his head over to look at what you're doing on your phone and refuses to admit to it
Buys you clothes that are very clearly his own taste but he just wants to see you in them, just don't say that out loud or he'll threaten to return them (since you "clearly don't want it")
Once he offers to help fix something there's no getting him away, yes he's been taking 5 hours to fix the hot water in your shower but NO he will not call a plumber when "he's got it"
Will cut a kiss short just to see you get frustrated (but god forbid you do it back)
"Oh!.... I see, no it's fine, MC.... I didn't say I was upset"
Stalks your social media to make sure nobody is flirting with you under your comments (absolutely loses his shit on them when he actually finds someone dumb enough)
Everytime you two lay down together he manages to pull your hair/bonnet/ or elbow your head. Every. Single. Time (literally just goes "lol damn sorry")
Tries to cop a feel and when you catch him he gets defensive cause CLEARLY he miscalculated the distance from your ass and hip.. jeez!
Will wake you up mid-sleep to ask you something unimportant
"Babe....babe have you seen my white towel...? Baby?..... i can't find it babe wake-"
Never remembers your friends names and makes you remind him every time you have gossip about them
Will be on voice chat in-game while on the phone with you and yes it will be confusing as hell
"MOVE YOU IDIOT- no henry, not you, i wouldn't call you that.. ARE YOU STUPID-"
Knocks on the bathroom door to ask if you're done (not cause he has to go, he just wants you back)
Asks "what if" questions to test your love (he just wants to test the limits, mc, what if he were to actually turn into a snail and-)
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lou-struck 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Dream Eaters Part 1
Obey Me! x MC!
Featuring: Lucifer, Mammon, and Leviathan
Part 2
Part 3
~ How they react to a lower-level Demon giving Mc nightmares intentionally.
Warnings: Mentions of blood, torture, and nightmares. Nothing too visually graphic.
As soon as your screams of terror reached his ears Lucifer sprang from his desk and ran down the hallway with unholy speed. Fearing you're in danger he breaks down the sturdy door to your bedroom. Instead of seeing an intruder, he sees your trembling form curled up on the mattress as your chest heaves in exhaustion.
鈥淢C?鈥 he says softly approaching your like he would a wounded animal. Once he is right in front of you, you blink as if just noticing he is in the room with you. Tears pool in your eyes as he lifts you carefully in his arms and you cling to him tightly. And carrying you back to his bedroom. Where he gently placed you on the bed and looked you over.
鈥淎re you unharmed?鈥 he asks as you nod, voice too horse to speak from all the screaming.
鈥淲as it a nightmare?鈥 another nod.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l be staying with me tonight, please try and go back to sleep he says gently kissing your forehead. He moves to turn off the light but you grab his wrist.
鈥淚鈥檒l keep this one on,鈥 he says softly pulling you to his chest hoping that you鈥檒l sleep through the night.
The next morning as your body rests he gently grabs your wrist to place a kiss to your hand only to see a faint outline around your wrist. It is more than a stay mark from a pen or a bit of dirt, it has a sinister aroma that makes him sick. It belongs to a lesser demon.
Wanting to get to the bottom of why some other demon has marked you with its energy he cleanses it with his magic engraving the scent to his memory when he does his rounds at RAD.
Excusing himself from his Student Council duties he follows the scent to the men鈥檚 restroom lingering just outside the door to hear the conversation a boastful demon is having with its companions.
鈥淭hat Human exchange student is delicious. How could Lord Diavolo bring something as sweet as them down here and not expect us to go wild.鈥 The biggest one says licking its chops. 鈥淗umans are so vulnerable to dream feeding all I needed to do was mark em up and I score.鈥
鈥淪o that鈥檚 what happened?鈥 lucifer says coldly stepping into the bathroom. The demons shudder at the intensity of his rage and drop to their knees in blubbering forgiveness. Their pleas fall on death's ears as Lucifer sentences them to punishments far worse than what he does to his brothers. No number of insecure apologies will make up for the look of fear you had in your eyes.
By the time Lucifer sits down for dinner, there is blood on his shirt collar, but no one pays it any mind.
There are nights one Mammon鈥檚 sin gets the best of him and he becomes way too greedy for your proximity. His feet carry him to your doorway on his own. Do you know if this and keep your door unlocked for him in case he wants to come by and stay the night with you.
Settling into the sheets he hold you close to him and is finally able to shut his eyes after a hard day.
Suddenly he is awoken by the harsh thrashing of your limbs as you seem to be clawing away at something that isn鈥檛 there. Your breath comes out in ragged gasps as he tries to shake you awake as gently as he can.聽
It isn鈥檛 till he sees the tears streaming down your face that he tries a bit more aggressively finally pulling you from whatever nightmare that had consumed you that night.聽
鈥淢c, it鈥檚 just me, the Great Mammon. I鈥檓 here for yeh, Was just a bad dream.鈥澛
When you look up at him and begin to relax his heart flutters a bit but he continues to hold you, rocking you back and forth until you鈥檙e able to get yourself back to sleep.
But it doesn鈥檛 stop.
You wake up three more times that night and Mammon knows enough about dream-eaters to know that this is most likely intentional.
Mammon knows just how easy it is to get Demons to turn on eachother for a little grimm so he does just that. Through a series of bribes and a few death threats he is able to corner the Demon who has been feeding on his Human.聽
Once he finds them he shows the miserable creature exactly why he is the second strongest avatar of Sin.
Leviathan ~
As a night owl himself he didnt think that you staying up all night in his room was anything out of the ordinary. But when he noticed that even after he turned off his game to try and get some sleep you still played through the night clutching the controller with a death grip as your eyes blink to stay awake.
Your eyes while beautiful look fearfully exhausted, almost as if you haven't slept in days. His concern for you overpowers his incecurty to ask as he takes the controlled from your hand to ask why you haven't gone to sleep yet.
When you explain to him that you are afraid to go to sleep because of persisting nightmare that play behind your eyes his heart sinks. In the old day lesser demons called dream eaters would plague others with fearful nightmares as a form of torture. and the fact that it is happening to you makes him sick.
You're his Henry, the one person who understands him and doesn't judge him for being an Otaku. His blood runs cold as he helps keep you up through the night so you dont have to deal with the nightmares. As you mindlessly mash buttons he searches through his computer for any information on dream eaters and how to track them.
Hacking into the RAD student directory isn't hard either, he is able to locate possible suspects who have the ability that has caused you so much pain. He looks at each profile till one in particular stands out. Without a doubt he is the demon who is feeding off of your nightmares. The next morning Levi actually gets dressed to go to RAD to find this troublesome Lesser Demon and give you a much deserved good nights sleep.
Let's just say Henry 1.0 got a tasty snack down in the catacombs after Levi was through with him.
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obey-meow 23 days ago
MC: I don't know how to tell you this Mams but you're in love with me
Mammon: What?
Mammon: Oh shit I am
Lucifer: What kind of a confession did I just witness?
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k3nshiin a month ago
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, solomon, mammon
warnings: female! reader, oral sex (f + m), bit of facefucking (luci), riding, missionary
author-note: is a wet dream during the day/while spacing out count as a wet dream or can i call them wet daydreams??
Tumblr media
猡 鈧娝 嗫 LUCIFER 喱 藮藲鈯
while doing paperwork. most of the times when being stuck doing a bunch of reports he鈥檚 exhausted. overworked and simply pent up. hardly gets any breaks which also means less time spent with you 鈥 so while he鈥檚 finally taking a short break he rests his eyes. it鈥檚 brief and he often just starts thinkings of you.
it starts off pretty sweet with no issues. until it鈥檚 not so sweet anymore. one minute he鈥檚 thinking about your pretty smile and the next, he鈥檚 thinking about that same mouth wrapped around his cock. taking him all inside, with tears coating your lashes as your looking up at him. asking him to cum on your face.
猡 鈧娝 嗫 SOLOMON 喱 藮藲鈯
working on new spells. sometimes he simply can鈥檛 help how easily distracted he gets by you. you mostly keep him company whenever he鈥檚 working on something that isn鈥檛 too dangerous. your not even bothering him, doing your own thing even. so he can鈥檛 explain how easily you cross his mind.
it鈥檚 only a matter of seconds before he starts thinking dirty. just thinking about much better it would be to have you bouncing on his cock instead. how nice and tight your sweet cunt would wrap around him like a vice. all while being able to look at your cute fucked out expression on your face.
猡 鈧娝 嗫 MAMMON 喱 藮藲鈯
studying with you. originally studying was the only thing on his mind 鈥 especially since he needed to pass. he had been doing good so far with no issues. learning and understanding through your help. however, that was until you decided on a short study break to stretch and snack on something for a bit.
he had been laying on your bed with you. but what he hadn鈥檛 noticed was the scent of you from your bed. all that entered his mind was you underneath him as he was balls deep inside you. slamming his hips down in a rough pace all while you screamed to his name for him, on that same bed you were studying on.
Tumblr media
漏 k3nshiin 2022 do not repost, modify, or translate my work
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belphego-or 20 days ago
Tumblr media
you moan like you're from a hentai gn! reader, nsfw, 18+,
LUCIFER loves the way you sound, and he鈥檚 proud of himself that he鈥檚 able to make you mewl and claw at his back so desperately, his name slurred on your lips. he adores the way you cry out so loudly that he knows his brothers will hear, that his brothers will know that you belong to him, and only him. only lucifer could make you sound so dirty.
he gropes anything he could get his hands on, anything to keep hearing those moans that fall from your lips. warm palms move up your thighs to reaching around and groping your ass and he鈥檚 half tempted to smack it until your red raw, just to see what type of noises you make then 鈥 but you already seem so fucked out and he鈥檚 not sure how much more you can handle.
鈥渦se your words, sweetheart,鈥 he taunts, pulling almost all the way back just to thrust himself all the way in again. he smirks when you whine, pushing yourself back onto his cock. 鈥渙r how else am i meant to know what you want?鈥
MAMMON thinks you already look so pretty, so perfect underneath him and now he has to deal with these moans that he can only describe as heavenly? he has to pray to the god who condemned him to not cum the minute you all but whimper when he finally bottomed out in you.
he bites and kisses and sucks at the flesh on your neck. if his brothers can鈥檛 hear how good he makes you feel, mammon will make sure they鈥檙e able to see how your first man marks you. he groans into your skin, trying to keep as quiet as possible just to be able to hear you.
鈥渇uck,鈥 he drawls, squeezing his eyes shut and fingers digging into your hips. 鈥渉-how am i meant to last when ya keep moanin鈥 like that?鈥
LEVIATHAN for a split second, thinks you鈥檙e making fun of him. are you moaning like that intentionally? because you think he鈥檚 some freak who jerks off to hentai? he doesn鈥檛 think about it for long, however, when you whimper his name and dig your nails into his shoulder blades, and he thinks he's hit the absolute jackpot.
you whine when you sink back down on his cock, and his fingers tentatively dance over your waist. leviathan bites his lip hard enough that he鈥檚 almost sure he鈥檚 going to break the skin. he hisses out as a sigh when you clutch onto him 鈥 a moaning mess who couldn鈥檛 keep themselves upright anymore.
the words are caught in his throat. he wants to tell you how pretty you sound, how good you make him feel 鈥 balls deep inside you, and he鈥檚 still nervous. leviathan settles on moaning out your name, and nuzzling his face into your neck.
SATAN is usually quiet when you鈥檙e intimate, and he鈥檚 glad for it. he hears your moans echo down the empty library walls, and he can only pray lucifer comes to investigate what all the noise was and see you pressed up against the bookshelf, completely at satan鈥檚 mercy.
your noises only push him further into you, hitting your sweet spots harder and deeper. he feels the way you clench around him, fingers tugging at his hair as you cry out his name once again. it only encourages him more, hands hoisting your legs up further, higher.
鈥測ou鈥檙e doing so well,鈥 he praises, almost a breathless whisper. 鈥渏ust hold onto me for a little bit longer.鈥
ASMODEUS noises matches yours. high pitched, whiny, and loud. but unlike you, he's able to form sentences. and the only thing that falls from his mouth other than his moans, is nothing but praise.
he can't help but take pride in the way he has you underneath him squirming and squealing. of course only the avatar of lust could only make you feel such things, and he intends to keep it that way. his brothers can't pleasure you like he does. your moans are music to his ears, and he has to keep hearing it.
"you're so cute," he coos, a hand cupping your cheek as he pounds into you. "tell me, does that feel good?"
BEELZEBUB knows it鈥檚 wrong to fuck you against the kitchen counter 鈥 he promises he鈥檒l clean it after 鈥 but he doesn鈥檛 care whenever time he pulls your hips back onto his aching cock you let out those divine moans that tasted better than his dinner.
he knows its risky, he knows anyone could come walking in any minute, but his movements don鈥檛 stop. your whines fog over any rational thought he has, and he slams back into you. he lets out a groan when you slur out his name through moans.
鈥渓et me taste you,鈥 he mumbles, an arm reaching around your neck to pull your head back just enough for him to press his lips onto yours.
BELPHEGOR would鈥檝e taken you right then and there in his room, a sleeping beelzebub snoring only a few feet away. he鈥檚 learned his lesson from fucking you in the attic and getting an earful from lucifer the next morning. it鈥檚 worth dragging himself up from his bed to pull you into the planetarium, just to hear you.
he holds your legs apart, tongue lapping and sucking at your heat. belphie stares into your eyes, your cheeks flushed and your eyes watery, and you can feel him smirk against you. he鈥檚 so smug 鈥 so coy about being able to pull such sounds from you.
鈥渓ook at you,鈥 he mocks, 鈥済oing stupid over my mouth. don鈥檛 you feel ashamed of yourself?鈥
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still-a-morosexual-help 2 months ago
Mammon's such a fascinating character because canonically:
*good at solving complex mathematical problems in his head in a matter of seconds*
*understands people, their emotions and how they'd react to specific situations and uses that knowledge to manipulate them and get what he wants (whether that's some physical object or a certain reaction from them or just for them to calm down)*
*when there's no other choice at all, he steps up and effectively takes charge*
*a good teacher and seems to have a good balanced mix between being strict, encouraging and helpful*
*whenever Lucifer wants a job done well (no matter what the job is), he relies on Mammon (and has done so since they were angels)*
*scams usually work, he just tends to get caught at the end*
*came up with a code on the spot to tell MC he missed them while also being a comprehensible message on its own, that fit with his 'tsundere' personality*
*constantly found ways to sneak into the human world from the Celestial Realm*
*has fast and spontaneous reactions during high stake situations where you need to move/react fast*
*enjoys playing chess*
*can multitask well*
*actual emotional intelligence*
*one of the first brothers (the second?) to realise there was something wrong with Simeon*
*has a variety of skills that range from making balloon animals to fitting in seamlessly in a corporate environment*
*extremely hardworking when there's a goal he genuinely wants that he's working towards*
*when giving it his all he tends to pick up new skills easily*
*by his younger brothers' own admittance, he can do anything, complete any task and he can do it well as long as he puts effort into it*
But also canonically:
*had no idea what the fuck rent was*
*a shit liar*
*said "what if I accidentally tell MC I'm in love with them" to MC*
*constantly failing all his classes*
*easily falls for traps/curses*
*emotional intelligence fizzles out when it comes to talking about his own problems/admitting anything about himself*
*bet and lost their new house*
*managed to trick himself into believing he'd get a prize if he won a competition that Diavolo explicitly said there was no prize for*
*came up with a plan to win the competition in a matter of seconds, easily and constantly changing it to better fit the situation at hand. a plan that worked extremely well. lost the competition because he couldn't be bothered to check the title of a book*
Mammon's a character who'll break down and teach you PhD level Mathematics without breaking a sweat and then ask you what kind of animal the Pink Panther is in the next sentence.
I love him. I want to study him under a microscope.
What makes this even better is that I'm 100% sure his brothers have managed to gaslight the entire fandom into thinking he's the biggest fucking idiot alive with just the windows screensaver bouncing around in his head and nothing else
Don't get me wrong, he's a dumbass. He probably runs face first into a glass door at least once a week. But also....I mean....c'mon
In conclusion,
If you like Mammon, you're NOT a morosexual. You're a morosexual with a competency kink. Good Day.
On a side note, all of mammon's traits are like this,
*he's greedy but here's a long list of all the times he put his friends and family before money*
*he's a jerk but here's a long list of when he's one of the kindest people and an amazing brother*
*he's possessive but here's a long list of all the times he put mc's consent and/or choices above all else*
he drives me mad.
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gr8mammon 16 hours ago
Mammon: Due to personal reasons, I鈥檓 gonna bury myself in the backyard.
Lucifer: Did MC say 'I love you' and you said 'Thanks'?
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lushfa 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I like mammon鈥檚 demon form a lot I struggled so much drawing it and started crying i dont know how other artists draw this without going through the 5 stages of grief
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unluckykay 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Sneak peek to something I'm working on for Gold Rush, a zine for Mammon's birthday! 馃А
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bassslut a month ago
omg I found your blog from that mammon fic (oof my heart you write good angst 馃ぇ馃挌) but can you write kink hcs for Lucifer Mammon and Diavolo?
Tumblr media
鈾 lucifer, mammon, diavolo
鈾 cw: degradation, dumbification, body worship, overstim, begging, creampie, semi-public, orgasm denial, size kink, facial, teeny tiny blasphemy moment
鈾 I really hope you enjoy this anon it was really fun to actually sit and think about their kinks a lil more 馃枻 also can you tell I'm obsessed with overstimming mammon lmao
鈾 (pt. 2 here)
Tumblr media
degradation 掳 dumbification 掳 body worship
despite his rules on refraining from the use of vulgar language, he does have a filthy mouth and, as luck would have it, no other outlet outside of you. great satisfaction comes in meanly teasing you about what a slut you are or how much of filthy mess you make while you cum, watching the warring emotions of humiliation and pleasure contorting your face while listening to the squelching sounds of yourself being fucked. far more beautiful than any artwork hanging on the walls.
it's a guilty pleasure of his, fucking you absolutely stupid and watching your eyes glaze as your mouth babbles incoherently. watching your body react more than your brain, hips selfishly grinding against him as you become chained to your own desires. mindless actions, and they make him cum hard every time.
he isn't all mean, for a self identified sadist he spends a great deal of time making sure you know beyond a doubt how much he loves you, adores you, and desires you. you are the most cherished thing in his life, with every touch of the hand he makes sure to show you his affection is true.
overstimulation 掳 begging 掳 creampies
his preference is to be overstimulated, it's possibly the closest thing to a human "religious experience" he'll ever get. giving you complete control, begging for you to make a mess of him. bonus if you degrade him the smallest bit with it, make him feel like a whore for messily and shamelessly cumming on himself.
mammon knows he's needy. it's just impossible to resist you, and whether it's both of you begging incoherently for one another or you making him beg for you; it still gets him painfully hard and deliciously whiny. a favorite of his is begging to cum on your face, the release made even sweeter seeing you painted in cum.
it's hard for him to decide what he likes more, cumming on your face or inside you. creampies just have a more intimate connection, nothing compares to hearing the squelching of your fucked out hole and feeling like he's so impossibly deep inside you. in those moments, he's like a man possessed. determined to leave you dripping and satisfactorily full of him.
semi-public 掳 orgasm denial 掳 size kink
being a prince means getting away with a lot. he'll bring you out of class, feigning some excuse, only to have your chest pressed to the wall nervously close to the full lecture hall. it's thrilling to him because he knows as a human you have a certain ingrained revulsion to the act, a split second when your eyes go wide and you can't believe he's really snaking his hand down your underwear so brazenly. but you both enjoy it, bucking that learned aversion and feeling the high of getting away with it.
diavolo has an absurd amount of control over nearly everything in the devildom. you aren't the exception. it strokes that royal ego every time he brings you right up to the edge, so close to being flung off that cliff, before yanking it back. he's never cruel about it, because cruelty isn't the point. he loves seeing how wrecked it gets you, and when he finally lets you cum the look of fucked out bliss on your face is its own reward.
this was something he discovered during your first time together, hearing you question if his cock would fit inside you made his erection throb. he loses himself so much more when he can tell you're feeling small, his frame absolutely dwarfing you (especially if he's fucking you in demon form). he could cum just by watching you squirm, those eyes twinged with excitement and trepidation on taking him completely.
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