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Tumblr media
In which there are a thousand ways to tell you “I love you,” but saying it is still my favorite.
a/n; thanks for requesting, anon! i'm glad the first one made your day better! this is the 2nd part including the dateables + Luke (platonic). i've only just finished season 2 so no Thirteen and the others i hope that's alright! also not proof read or edited lol. tumblr keeps being finnicky with my posts so if you see me repost this a couple times sorry about that
part 1. HERE
Tumblr media
The future demon king shows you how he feels with gestures grand and small.
Whether that be inviting you over to the castle for a magnificent feast prepared by Barbatos or bringing you back your favorite desserts from his trips to the human world - he'll do it all.
Diavolo dances around the words 'I love you' opting to let gestures and compliments tell you instead.
Those words are special, reserved for the moments when it's just you two, alone, in that perfect setting where even fairytales can't match.
Diavolo had just returned from his trip from the human world, and of course the first thing he had to do was message you. During his time there, he had made sure to stop buy one of the bakeries he recalled you missing and nearly bought out the entire store if not for Barbatos stopping him.
“How were they?” Diavolo finally asks after your tea time is over and Barbatos has finally excused himself.
The both of you had decided the best way to spend the rest of the night would be to walk around the area near the gazebo, enjoying the view as your food digests and talk about all the things the demon butler would no doubt chide you for. It was rare for Diavolo to get much time off, and even though he got to see you during RAD often it just wasn’t the same as spending time together alone - especially when you always had at least one demon brother lathed onto you at all times.
“Just as I remember them.” You pat your belly, “delicious! And the tea Barbatos brewed went so well with it, too! Thank you again for buying them for me.”
He chuckles, “of course.” It always pleased him to see you so happy over something so little. You’ve always been like that, since the moment he met you — confused, yet still so energetic and ready to make the best of every situation good or bad, big or small.
With practiced grace he slips his hand with yours, intertwining your fingers together, and giving them a light squeeze. You give him a squeeze of your own, followed by that smile he never gets tired of seeing.
“Something on your mind?” You question with a tilt.
“Just how much I love you,” he responds without a moment’s hesitation.
“Oh.” You flush red, the comment catching you off guard. Diavolo can’t help but think with the blue reflection of the water that you look prettier than usual in that moment, and after a brief second of silence where you try to put yourself back together, there’s a response. “I love you too. Where did that come from all of a sudden?”
He brings your intertwined hands up to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of your palm. “It was just the only thing on my mind, is all.”
It’s not very often that Barbatos gets to have free time for himself, serving under the heir to the next demon king and all, but on his moments of free time he likes to spend them with you.
Because he knows that most of his time is occupied with his work, Barbatos wants to make sure that in the moments you do spend together that you know exactly how much he cares.
Most of the times, the way he shows you how much he loves you is simply by doing tasks together, no matter how mundane.
The words ‘I love you’ aren’t something that pop up too often in his dictionary, and so it means even more when he says it.
“Oh, this tastes delicious!”
Barbatos chuckles to himself at how impatient you are. The cupcakes the two of you had baked have only just gotten out of the oven, and without letting them settle and cool down, you had instantly taken a bite out of one.
“Is that so? I’m glad.” He takes off his mittens and sets them aside, leaning in to wipe the stray crumbs that settled on the corner of your lip. “They would have tasted even better if you waited for them to cool down. The flavors settle in even more, then.”
You chuckle abashedly, “they smelled so nice I couldn’t help myself.”
He always liked to poke fun of how big your appetite was, sometimes comparing it to Beel’s, but in the end it was all in good fun. Barbatos knew the reason you liked eating so much was specifically when he cooked, and it felt rewarding knowing just how much you enjoy his food. It felt even better every time you had the chance to cook or bake together (sometimes with Luke) — the way your face lights up when something turns out well is unmatched.
“Shall we prepare the tea while the cupcakes cool down?”
“Oh,” you stop yourself from reaching for another. “Yes! Yes, we should do that, ahem.”
It’s a little later than you both expected by the time everything was done being baked, eaten, and cleaned, and so he offers to walk you home. Of course, you happily accept his gesture, giddy to spend any more time with him.
By the time you both arrive at the front steps of the House of Lamentation it was even later, and knowing the brothers, they would be rushing down the stairs any second now to welcome you back.
“Goodnight,” he pulls you in gently by the shoulders and presses a quick kiss to your forehead. “Remember there’s a meeting tomorrow in the student council room, don’t be late. I love you.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t- hm?” He makes a quick escape through a portal. “Wait, wait, say it again! Barbatos!”
He’s looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.
If there’s anyone who holds back with how they feel towards you more than Simeon does he would like to meet them.
While people may say that he wears his heart on his sleeve, the angel does his best to not show you too much affection in public, when all he really wants to do is spend all of your time together, if only for a day.
Unfortunately, with responsibilities getting in the way and the seven brothers constantly sticking to your side like glue, it’s a bit difficult.
He hopes that you don’t blame him for being a bit needy, but you’re the only person he’ll show that side to.
Simeon feels proud to know that out of everyone else, you find him the easiest to talk to.
Whether it be for for something as simple as what to make for dinner at the House of Lamentation, or to ask for help studying for your next exam, he enjoys every moment he gets to spend with you. It’s unfortunate that the time you actually get to spend together is limited due to all your duties at RAD and with the brothers, but that’s what makes him cherishes it even more.
Simeon: [ Have you eaten? ]
MC: [ Finished just a few minutes ago! ]
He smiles, happy to have received your reply so quickly.
Most days are like this. When you don’t pass each other by in the hallways, or when you’re too busy to meet up outside of school, your DDD becomes the main source of communication. Compared to anyone else on his contact list, yours is the one that he most frequently keeps going back to. On a particularly bad day, it’s the one thing that cheers him up the quickest.
MC: [ What about you? ]
Simeon: [ I ate a while ago. Solomon came back late today so we thankfully didn’t have to convince him not to cool. ]
Simeon: [ Cook. ]
Chats can go for as short as a couple minutes into a couple hours, and today seems to be the latter.
Luke is well asleep by the time your conversation comes to an end, and yet he doesn’t want to stop yet. Perhaps you could forgive him this one time for being a bit selfish.
The phone rings twice before you pick up.
“Hello? Simeon?” You answer the phone quizzically, not sure why he had called without warning. “Is something wr-”
“I love you.”
A beat of silence on the other end before he hears your muffled snickering. “I love you too. Did you miss me that much?”
“Mhm,” his expression eases. “I missed you a lot.”
For Solomon, he wishes he could tell you he loves you more.
Perhaps it’s because of how long he’s lived, how many faces have passed by in a blur, and how many names have died out on his tongue that makes it so hard for the words to reach your ears.
There’s no doubt that every time he’s said them that he means each and every one, but it’s hard to say when he fears it could also be the last.
He tells himself he’s being overdramatic, that you aren’t going anywhere, but it’s a lingering thought.
More than anything, he wants to be the one to hear it, and you’re more than happy to provide.
“I love you."
The words catch him off-guard.
An empty classroom, where it’s just you and him working on magical formula’s into the dead of the night wasn’t exactly his ideal situation for a confession, but you always manage to surprise him.
“Haha, is the lack of sleep getting to you? You’re free to take a nap on the mattress, I’ll wake you up when I’m done.
“No, it's not that.” You shake your head, continuing to stare at him softly. That gaze was going to kill him one day. “I just wanted to let you know, is all. I feel like I don’t say it enough.”
It’s quite the opposite.
“Is that so?” He hums, and the both of you go back to working. The sounds of liquids being poured, as well as pen scratching against paper is all that’s heard for the next hour or so before it’s broken by the sound of your yawning. “Sleep yet?”
You nod affirmatively, “I’ll take a quick nap. Could you wake me up in twenty minutes?”
“Of course.”
“Thank you, I love you.” There it is again, those three words you’re able to say so easily, as well as the one that he wants to keep hearing.
Without thinking, he takes hold of your wrist as you pass by. There’s no time for you to react before you’re being pulled down, and any words that would have left your lips are quickly silenced. The moment lasts longer than it should, but eventually he lets go, if not unwillingly.
You’re left staring at one another again, and this time it’s him that breaks the silence. “Have a nice nap." This time, the words come easy to him. "I love you.”
“Oh,” you stumble towards the mattress, face completely flushed. “Thank you.”
He doesn’t get much work done after that, and neither do you get much sleep.
Luke says ‘I love you’ to two people and only two people, and that’s you and Simeon.
Quite frankly, everyone is jealous of him because Luke is also the person who you’ll say those words back to the most, without warning. As soon as he comes within sight you’re leaving whoever is by your side to be with him.
Of course, this makes everyone visibly upset, but if they dare to say anything towards him it would only make you dote on him more.
He’s practically your little brother at this point, and comes before anyone else. It doesn’t matter what he does, you’re right there beside him with the affection.
Simeon feels proud to know that out of everyone else, you find him the easiest to talk to.
He’s finally done it!
After two weeks of painstakingly modifying the recipe bit by bit and going through dozens of failed attempts, the cupcakes are perfect! After hearing about how hard you had been working for the past month now with helping the student council committee prepare for their next event, Luke had wanted to do something nice for you.
Unfortunately, he was too young to help out with preparations, and so he fell back on the one thing he had tons of confidence in: baking!
Seeing as Barbatos was also helping out with the planning, he hadn’t been able to ask for help, and so he went in completely blind in trying out a new recipe, trying to incorporate your favorite flavors into the multiple small treats.
Now, all that’s left was to package them and bring them over to you. Thankfully, Simeon had informed him of what times your breaks were at, so if he rushed a bit he could get there just in time!
With hurried hands and quick steps, Luke pokes his head into the council room, quickly spotting you sitting at one of the seats, surprisingly not surrounded on all sides by demons. It seems they were arguing with each other about something — typical.
Making sure no one spots him, Luke rushes to your side, careful none of the contents in his box topples over.
“Luke? What are you doing here?” Your face brightens as soon as you see him. "The meeting doesn't end for another two hours."
“W-Well,” suddenly he feels incredibly shy. “I heard you were working really hard for a while now so uhm,” he holds out the box filled with treats. “I baked you some cupcakes to make sure you didn’t get tired!”
You blink, and he’s afraid you might actually start crying (hopefully from joy, but he’d rather you not cry at all).
“Luke!” You wrap your arms around him at the speed of light, and it takes all of his agility to make sure you don’t crush the box at the same time. “Thank you, you’re so sweet, I love, love, love you!”
“I-I-I love you, too! Now please stopppp! The treats will get crushed!”
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Meeting Your Family Headcanons
Tumblr media
• Excited to meet your family
• No doubt in his mind he’ll make a great first impression and boy does he
• Dressed to the nine, everything about him is impeccable
• He speaks like he does around nobleman and treats your family like royalty, showering them and the home with compliments
• Offers help wherever he can and the rest of the time doesn’t leave your side
• Your family immediately loves him
• Super awkward. Wants to seem cool but keeps messing up
• He keeps tripping over his words and then cursing and then cursing about accidentally cursing
• Stays away from the shiny things to keep him impulses under control
• Squeezes your hand when he gets nervous, you squeeze his when he needs to stop talking
• Accidentally overshares and everyone thinks he’s just joking while he’s sweating bullets
• If he becomes somewhat comfortable he shakes your parents’ hands and hopes he made a decent impression
• If anything, the impression is unforgettable
• Incredibly shy.
• Can’t stop stuttering and when he’s not stuttering he’s speaking a little too loudly and panicking about it
• Its very obvious to everyone he’s uncomfortable
• Tries to hide his face when he gets embarrassed or is complimented somehow as he’s not used to it
• Tries to show how much he loves you by not leaving your side, but it’s mostly his coping mechanism for socializing with the people that will become extremely important to him
• Great with first impressions—good manners, fake bright smile and all
• Wears his jacket properly for once
• Firm handshakes and looks your family members in the eye trying to see their reactions to him
• Always has an arm around you.
• Easily and politely inserts himself into family conversations with his own tale or quip
• Very agreeable with family whether he actually agrees or not, just wants them to like him
• Acts a little too perfectly—its kind of suspicious but easily explained away as nerves
• If you have a pet, he drops his composure and talks to them in his baby voice, giving them all the love he can
• They weren’t sure he was a guy at first
• Dressed very fashionably, did his hair and makeup hours longer than usual, probably didn’t sleep the night before in preparation
• Talks and acts very sweetly and cutely
• Lots of affection, hugs from behind you, face nuzzled in your hair, sweet little whispers
• He hooks his eyes on you when he’s nervous or doesn’t know what to say
• Your family adores him.
• If anything fails he’ll just charm them into forgetting that happened but it’s unlikely it’ll come to that
• Very nervous so he speaks very little and mostly nods
• His handshakes are a little too firm
• Blushes a lot, especially when he isn’t sure what to say
• Sounds like he’s mumbling most of the time, because he’s pretty nervous.
• You have to squeeze his hand or hug him frequently to calm him down.
• His stomach does a lot of the talking and he tries not to eat too much in front of them but once he does he becomes very friendly and cute
• Your family will love him by the time he leaves
• He used to be super obsessed with humans and their culture so he isn’t too worried
• The cheeky brat is great at posing as a human and deceiving them so he doesn’t make a bad impression
• Hides his sleepiness by smiling and nodding along to most things
• Compliments everything
• Five second cat nap when no one is looking
• Hides behind you when he needs to disguise a yawn
• They end up liking him and he laughs to himself about it, though he is genuinely happy
• An old man trying to relate to the younger crowd. He did a lot of research about the time your parents grew up in and remembered what he could about the era
• He isn’t nervous at all and happily engages in conversation with everyone about anything at all
• Whether they’re talking about pets, sports, cars, fashion trends, constriction, anything at all, he can join in and give insight a normal human couldn’t
• Everyone will be under the impression he’s extremely smart as they already believe he’s mentoring you
• He offers to cook next time and talks passionately about his food. You have to tell your family after to absolutely never try his food or let him help no matter how happy he seemed about it
• He is incapable of making a bad impression
• A literal angel, he acts that way in front of them and to them
• It wouldn’t be surprising if they reveal some hidden trauma and he gives them sagely advice
• if they don’t believe in angels then they will by the time he’s gone
• He helps with the cleaning and dishes and always refills your water and asks what you might need
• Your family absolutely love him and refer to him as angelic
• He speaks to them he would as an angel appearing before them
• Quotes verses at every opportunity and tries to make it seem casual, doesn’t talk too much otherwise
• At your side protectively like a guard
• If he sees a loose thread or anything the needs to be stitched or sewed he’ll offer to do it and will gladly show off and talk about his needlework—though in his case it’s still not a lot of talking despite his excitement
• Helps clean up after dinner and offers to help with anything
• Is introduced as your friends’ kid brother and invited to stay for dinner
• He’s very sweet towards your family and is excited to get through one day without being called a chihuahua
• Helps cook for the family
• They can’t help but pat his head and smile when he excitedly talks about baking and Michael who they assume is a family member
• Your family offer to hire him for catering any time and might cry when he offers to bring food for for free whenever he visits
• Very nervous
• Dresses as nicely as possible and brings a few inventions to show off when she can’t find something to talk about
• Kind of clings to you or hides behind you
• Holds your hand for support and keeps whispering you questions on what to do
• She’s still not very used to humans, especially ones that don’t know she’s a reaper—normally like other reapers shes very antisocial
• Gets really flustered and starts talking loudly and trying to make herself seem amazing in an attempt to impress them—gets embarrassed she did that later on
• Probably comes off a little smug but he’s trying
• Never in a million years did he think he’d date a human or like one enough to meet their family
• Tries not to show his surprise at everything your family does or says. He’s used to being around the wealthiest in the realm so he’s certainly not used to any rooms “so small” or not being served and attended to by servants
• He makes conversation the best he can but somehow it always comes back to his equestrian riding and the horses he cares for
• Brags a little bit, wants to look as good as possible though in the end he doesn’t care how they feel about him unless it effects you
• He might impulsively serve your family like a butler should, he’ll need to be reeled in a little
• He doesn’t leave your side and his silence may come off a little strange but he’ll add to the conversation on occasion
• He brought food of course, he doesn’t cook much human food so he sticks with Devildom food that won’t have any bad effects on your family, or contain any strange ingredients
• He’s so polite it’s almost unreal
• He isn’t quick to accept any help or compliments and finds way to compliment you and your family instead
• Probably blushes a little when they compliment him—theres no way this man won’t be complimented about something
• He’s practically bouncing, he’s so excited to meet your family
• Big smiles and firm handshakes when he meets them
• So happy to be in a family environment since he’s never had one
• Doesn’t attempt to hide his wealth as he’s wearing top brand name clothes, an expensive watch, and the food he brings over he mentions was made by his amazing butler
• Very excited to try their food and loves asking questions about their professions and hopes to overhear some fun stories about you
• Gets along great with everyone especially the guys of the family who want to know how he hit so muscular
• He hugs you a lot but as a royal has sworn off PDA
• Hopes they don’t recognize him as the CEO of Corvo Hotels
• He’s beaming afterwards, your family loves him and he can’t stop talking about them to Barbatos when he gets home
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TWST Incorrect quotes#259 Barb gonna snap
Barb: Tonight, one of you will betray us...
Luke: Is it me, Daddy?
Barb: No, it’s not you angel~*Kisses his cheek*
Silv: Is it me, Mr. Barbatos?
Barb: It’s not you either child*Smiles at the older one*
Lilia: Is it me, Barbie?
Barb, mockingly: Is IT mE Barbie?*Saw that Lilia STILL made the group dinner even when he got told...NOT to do so*
Tumblr media
Silv*Picking Luke up* Time to call Mc/Yuu...
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popedaddyfrancis · a day ago
MC: F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the Devildom~
Solomon: F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium bombs, N is for no survivors-
MC: Solomon no…
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gr8mammon · 2 days ago
Raphael: Have you’ve ever baked a cake before?
Solomon: I’ve made one once.
Luke: Yeah, it was good.
Solomon, smiles: Really?
Luke: Don’t make me lie twice, Solomon.
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MC: So like, can you still grow facial hair?
Solomon: Eh?
MC: Like your stuck at your current age, which you won't tell me! But like can you still grow out your hair? Grow a beard or maybe stubbles?
Solomon: Hm? I never thought of that. Maybe because I use magic to refresh myself every morning, maybe that's why I never notice.
MC: Oh...
Solomon: MC.
MC: Yeah?
Solomon: Do you want to see me with a beard-
MC: Yes!
A week Later
Luke just woken up and rubbing the sleep away: Morning- Oh who are you?
Solomon: Its me Luke.
Luke: Oh right sorry. I'm still not uses to seeing you with beard.
Solomon: Oh good one, did Asmo
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chirp-a-chirp · 13 hours ago
MC: Beel, why’s fall your favorite season?
Luke: Is it the best time to eat baked goods?
Levi: Or the best weather to work out in?
Lucifer: Or when you play the most fangol games?
Beel: I like the crunching sound of walking through fallen leaves.
Beel: It reminds me of potato chips.
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Tumblr media
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ikemen-trifecta · 2 days ago
Okay hear me out.... MC coming out to the obey me! Brothers or dateables as Nonbinary or gender queer. It would def mean a lot!! 😋🥺😍
Obey Me! MC Coming Out as Gender Queer
Tumblr media
I love this! Especially since MC’s canonically gender-neutral and goes by they/them! I can’t believe I never thought of this before; my enby friends would be so disappointed. – Edi
Shwee! ~ Mod Astraea
You were snuggled up with him in a fluffy blanket, just relaxing, when you felt the urge to tell him.
“Yeah?” he answered languidly.
“I’m not a boy or a girl.”
He’s too sleepy to give a proper response. “That’s why you remind me of a lamb. They’re comforting either way.”
“I’m serious! I’m nonbinary.”
“Mmkay… Good for you…”
You told him again later in case he was too sleepy to remember.
“I meant what I said,” he affirmed.
You used marshmallow colours as a way to explain to him, which he was very interested in.
“Seeー if you have a strawberry one and a blueberry one, I would be either a mixture of both or neither.”
Not gonna lie; he didn’t really understand at first, but he figured you were you no matter what flavour you happened to be.
You told him while he was doing your nails.
“Hon, by any chance, would your choice of colours be related to the nonbinary flag?”
You’d been hinting for a while, and he’d decided to look up what your choices meant, since it's not a typical colour combination for nail polish in the Devildom.
He’s sure to listen with great intrigue, as he loves the idea of being simultaneously feminine-yet-masculine.
He decided on the spot that you were his favourite enby.
You told him in the lounge by the fireplace as he was playing detective.
“The Great Satan has discovered…!”
He already had a hunch, since you never bothered to correct them on their usage of pronouns.
“To be honest, we didn’t know what to refer to you as, so we just went with neutral indicators, but this works out.”
It was actually he who’d broached the subject. You two were watching Ruri-chan when he commented that one of the characters reminded him of your gender nonconformity.
You asked him how he knew, to which he shrugged. “There are a lot of those characters in anime and manga, so I figured it must be the case for you.”
You told him not everything in media is real but that what he said made you feel really validated.
You were playing cardsー betting on poker, to be preciseー in his room. Since neither of you had actual cash, the penalty would be to share a secret.
When you’d run out of secrets except your deepest one, you quietly said, “I’m…nonbinary.”
“That’s it?” he asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I dunno; I thought you’d have something juicier.”
You were puzzled. You explained how people in the human world would often bully you for your identity, to which Mammon exclaimed, “How dare they! That’s worse than my brothers calling me a scumbag!”
Needless to say, you two felt a kinship over this event.
You’d decided to tell him in the privacy of his office after one of the mini demons kept pestering you about “revealing your gender.”
He didn’t know what this was about, but he saw red when you told him.
“The nerve of that…” he hissed, about to storm out of the room to confront your annoying follower.
You grabbed his jacket sleeve and calmly told him you could handle it.
You owed no one that information, but Lucifer felt honored you trusted him enough to share it with him.
“Diavolo?” You caught him on his way to the Home Ec. room to get some of Barbatos’s baked treats. You asked to speak with him privately in one of the empty classrooms.
After you were done explaining, you inquired which bathroom you should use, as you didn’t want to cause any trouble for the headmaster.
“You can use eitherー Actually, I’ll have a gender-neutral one installed. How does that sound?”
You were glad he was on your side and was someone you could confide in. :)
He wasn’t your first choice as someone to come out to due to his scary demeanor, but you had a gut feeling that it was going to be okay. You decided to tell him casually during the cooking lesson he was giving you.
He smiled and stared at you. “I see. Thank you for confiding in me; I know it’s very hard to say something like this.”
His response was more underwhelming than you’d anticipated, which he saw and offered you a cupcake to quell your worries.
“If you are ever in need of reassurance, do not hesitate to seek me out.”
He knew from the second you stepped into the Devildom. You had no idea how, but he “just did.”
He likes using you to play pranks (with your consent) on unsuspecting demons. Things like using a myriad of different pronouns in the same conversation when referring to you and watching people’s confused faces is his favourite.
You were in the process of debating whether you were gender-conforming or not. He knew everything, as you felt safe speculating when he was around.
When you did determine that you were gender queer, he was wholly supportive and would continue to be for the rest of your life.
You two were just hanging out and talking about various subjects when you decided to tell him.
“It doesn’t matter what gender you are! You’ll always be an angel in my eyes!”
’Nough said. He’s a sweetheart.
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sakura-chan-25 · 2 days ago
I want to hear Luke and Raphael sing together.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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avonyxx · a month ago
Tea time with the boyos ☕️☕️
Tumblr media
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teleport-teapot · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
I've read a chat about luke having a bunch of cute bandaids and I haven't been the same since
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3vocatio · 2 months ago
hello everyone it's time to go down memory lane and i'd like you all to relish in these memories with me (another big congratulations to the artists who got their art displayed on the homescreen during s2~)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 12 days ago
Obey me!Memes #174
Tumblr media
BIGGU SHEEP AND BABU LAMB-Shhh...the baby is sleeping
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mcx7demonbros · 29 days ago
Imagine MC (it’s you) became immortal without the boys’ knowledge (maybe you weren’t even aware). The flow of time to the demons & angels & immortal sorcerer was different so they kept spending loving time with you without realizing you had stayed the same for nearly 100 years.
Until one day, they decided to throw you a 100th anniversary of you coming to Devildom. And during the celebration, one of them said you were still so young and beautiful like the day you set foot in Devildom. Then the rest realized something was wrong.
Update: I wrote a fic for the said imagine here.
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littledemo0n · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'd like to thank @devildomwriter for such a lovely fact, i just had to draw the first image that came to mind
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