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obm-avenquire · 2 days ago
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painted over that one ask doodle because i liked it a lot and wanted it to be prettier (thumbs up emote)
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foggydreamergiver · a day ago
MC: You have to apologise to them.
Mammon: Fine! But I must warn you that this might make me a better, nicer person and that is NOT the person you fell in love with!
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sirius-tea · a day ago
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2021 art
BATBATOS MY BELOVED !!!!! and a wip of Lysias's outfit that I plan on remaking...
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soffyuwu · a day ago
Blank chat room ( ´ ▽ ` ) (like & reblog) if you use
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vforys · 2 days ago
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wrenteen so true
i made another mc - their likes include cute clothes, sports, and thirteen
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amor-immortalem · a day ago
My R - mammon x oc “animatic” eng version by Rachie
Content warning: “My R” is a song that deals with themes of suicide. The verse of the song that I used the audio for also has implications of either abuse or self-harm depending on how you look at it. (I took it more as abuse)
This is one of those songs that no matter how many times I listen to it, it just hits the same every time… if you’ve never heard it before, I recommend you listen to the song in full because it’s just that good imo
And now that I’ve looked at this more, there are some frames that I’m not a fan of anymore, but I put way more effort than I should have into this dumb little animatic short so I figured I should just post it here as well…
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xifhera · a month ago
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Exactly how I imagine surprise guest
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oriigirii · 2 months ago
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More doodles from ya boi, featuring sheep MC and some of the bros!
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beelzebuddy-catan · 5 months ago
Some of my Obey Me headcanons
Solomon purposely puts something in the food that tastes bad to angels and demons just to fuck with them.
Diavolo tripped walking up the stairs with Lucifer and made Barbatos change the timeline so Lucifer wouldn't remember.
He doesn't know that Satan also saw.
Barbatos only change the timeline so Lucifer forgot.
Satan still remembers and will randomly start laughing about it during council meetings.
Barbatos knows Satan saw and specifically chose a timeline he remembered.
Mammon paints his own nails but makes Asmo take credit for it.
Lucifer lost a game of chess to Solomon and refuses to play him again because he's adamant Solomon cheated. He didn't.
Beel has a man bun and it looks great on him.
MC used to print pictures out of the brothers and slide them under the attic door to make Belphie feel better.
Levi can't spell lieutenant so there's no lieutenants in Hell's navy
Levi has a fake Devilgram account that's more popular than Asmo's
The brothers have a list of words Lucifer has mispronounced and will say them around him in fake English accents
The first time Beel had cupcakes he didn't realize you weren't supposed to eat the liner.
He thought Barbatos just made a bad dessert.
He didn't want to make him feel bad so he ate them anyways.
Diavolo doesn't know what the average price of things are (kind of like Mephistopheles, but acts like he knows).
The brothers and MC have a running bet of when Diavolo will find out they've been making up prices for things.
Belphie once posted something calling humans stupid and MC found a screenshot and will comment it whenever he says/does something stupid.
Whenever Satan breaks something in a rage he puts it back and waits until Mammon is near it to bring attention to it so he doesn't get blamed.
Whenever Mammon takes a test with math, there's a Grimm symbol next to every number.
Asmo goes to every convention with Levi. He pretends it's because he can dress up in cute outfits but really it's because he can pretend to be someone else and feels valued for something besides his looks.
Belphie can't read analog clocks.
Satan makes things up about the human realm and tells them to Diavolo, who then tries to act cool in front of MC
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isa-solasun · 4 months ago
. content warning: fluff/crack, spacing out, mentions of you getting possessed
. headcanon format: bullets
. note: purely self indulgent, this is how i act and how i want my father reacts if there's one lol. i'm not even sure what this is, just a bunch of comfort writing mess. i just want some oddly soft lucifer :]
Tumblr media
the first time lucifer found out about this is when you were on cooking duty and he came in to ask whether you need his help or not you suddenly laughed so hard you need to put down the plate you were holding.
he was taken aback but decided to not think about it at first, but as time goes by and lucifer had witnessed you done it multiple times, he can't help but felt the need to ask you about it.
when asked you answered with a nonchalant "i was just imagining stuff.", he was concerned for your well-being. was this type of behaviour common amongst humans?
if so, he failed to understand.
nevertheless, he won't comment anything on it any further and would silently watch from afar whenever you talked to yourself.
he would be very gentle on touching you in some way to get you out of the space you seem to often float around, though. this old man is afraid of hurting you in your most vulnerable.
especially in public because he wouldn't want people to think you were possessed in devildom.
yeah. that'll be weird.
all in all, lucifer would just act like a distressed father whenever you start to hold back giggles staring straight at a wall. i mean, what if some spirit possesses you without him noticing? lucifer would not take any chances.
and although never shown, lucifer is genuinely worried and confused so try not to do so around him alright?
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Main Masterlist
©isa-solasun please do not steal
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zac-n · 26 days ago
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melotie · 3 months ago
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They’re back !
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foggydreamergiver · 3 months ago
Levi: I don't think Lucifer is very pleased with you.
MC: What makes you say that?
Levi, *reading aloud*: "Dear MC, I hope this message finds you before I do."
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sirius-tea · 2 days ago
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2021 art
kiss kisssss
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 2 months ago
*Mc is casually searching around the room*
Satan: Hey Mc, what’re you looking for?
Mc: My will to live.
*Mammon walks into the room*
Y/n: Oh, there it is.
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ceniberi · 23 days ago
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better late than never ‼️
thirteen x eva (she/her)
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