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winter dates with the demon boys ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
Tumblr media
it’s been a minute since i’ve posted but since it’s winter season i decided to do a little thing to get in spirit! i hope you enjoy!! might do this with the undateables (i’m still not sure if that’s what the omswd community calls them but!! atlas!)
SATAN ; a cozy gathering with you two in the common room, both of you drawn to your current book, lost in the world displayed on the pages but still enjoying each other’s company, the house is quite besides the cracking of the fire and pages turning, when you get tired satan reads to you until you inevitably fall asleep on his shoulder, he doesn’t mind whatsoever
BEELZEBUB ; you two have a whole day planned, starting with a pancake breakfast, you two make silly decorative pancakes, then you have a very competitive snowball fight followed up with a bit of snow sledding, when the cold is no longer bearable you return back inside, snacking on various sweet pastries and lounging around
LEVIATHAN ; the silly otaku was never an outdoorsy type, and in this weather you did not blame him, whereas the others enjoyed their time outside you barricaded yourself in levi’s room, bingeing animes perfect for the season, play/watching each other finish through games, and sharing levi’s very very special and rare snacks he ordered
ASMODEUS ; the cold was famously known for dry skin to asmo, he despised it for the chance it’d effect any part of him, in order to keep his skin as beautiful as ever, he had to do a winter specific face routine, and he lovingly dragged you into it, he’d make it special though, handing you a cute but seasonal robe to put on while he gently puts on your face mask, using christmasy scented soaps/bathbombs/etc while you two bask in the warmth of the water
BELPHEGOR ; for belphie every day was perfect for a nap, but especially the winter, the warmth of his embrace was enough for the both of you to fall asleep, being hold up in his room just napping and being in each others arms, at night you would visit the planetarium and look at the stars, spotting the new constellations of the season with a warm cup of hot chocolate
MAMMON ; he would definitely use the excuse of the cold to be incredibly attached to you, especially when going outside, he’d also want to do the clique winter things with you, like making a snowman or snow angels, when you taught him about mistletoes he was intrigued but guarded by the fact that someone else could kiss you, you end up pushing him underneath one, teasing him about it before stealing a kiss
LUCIFER ; the morning was bitterly cold but worth it, you and Lucifer would wake up a bit earlier than the rest, he’d make you a warm cup of tea while you watch the sunrise, lucifer was usually busy any other time of day, so you appreciated the small mornings with him, even if you two didn’t do anything extravagant this was enough for you, to your surprise though one night he’d take you to a very fancy dinner for just the two of you
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I love this fucking family.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whoever is writing their dialogue is doing God's work. Yeah that's exactly what siblings sound like
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belphego-or · 3 months
Tumblr media
you moan like you're from a hentai gn! reader, nsfw, 18+
commission me!
LUCIFER loves the way you sound, and he’s proud of himself that he’s able to make you mewl and claw at his back so desperately, his name slurred on your lips. he adores the way you cry out so loudly that he knows his brothers will hear, that his brothers will know that you belong to him, and only him. only lucifer could make you sound so dirty.
he gropes anything he could get his hands on, anything to keep hearing those moans that fall from your lips. warm palms move up your thighs to reaching around and groping your ass and he’s half tempted to smack it until your red raw, just to see what type of noises you make then – but you already seem so fucked out and he’s not sure how much more you can handle.
“use your words, sweetheart,” he taunts, pulling almost all the way back just to thrust himself all the way in again. he smirks when you whine, pushing yourself back onto his cock. “or how else am i meant to know what you want?”
MAMMON thinks you already look so pretty, so perfect underneath him and now he has to deal with these moans that he can only describe as heavenly? he has to pray to the god who condemned him to not cum the minute you all but whimper when he finally bottomed out in you.
he bites and kisses and sucks at the flesh on your neck. if his brothers can’t hear how good he makes you feel, mammon will make sure they’re able to see how your first man marks you. he groans into your skin, trying to keep as quiet as possible just to be able to hear you.
“fuck,” he drawls, squeezing his eyes shut and fingers digging into your hips. “h-how am i meant to last when ya keep moanin’ like that?”
LEVIATHAN for a split second, thinks you’re making fun of him. are you moaning like that intentionally? because you think he’s some freak who jerks off to hentai? he doesn’t think about it for long, however, when you whimper his name and dig your nails into his shoulder blades, and he thinks he's hit the absolute jackpot.
you whine when you sink back down on his cock, and his fingers tentatively dance over your waist. leviathan bites his lip hard enough that he’s almost sure he’s going to break the skin. he hisses out as a sigh when you clutch onto him – a moaning mess who couldn’t keep themselves upright anymore.
the words are caught in his throat. he wants to tell you how pretty you sound, how good you make him feel – balls deep inside you, and he’s still nervous. leviathan settles on moaning out your name, and nuzzling his face into your neck.
SATAN is usually quiet when you’re intimate, and he’s glad for it. he hears your moans echo down the empty library walls, and he can only pray lucifer comes to investigate what all the noise was and see you pressed up against the bookshelf, completely at satan’s mercy.
your noises only push him further into you, hitting your sweet spots harder and deeper. he feels the way you clench around him, fingers tugging at his hair as you cry out his name once again. it only encourages him more, hands hoisting your legs up further, higher.
“you’re doing so well,” he praises, almost a breathless whisper. “just hold onto me for a little bit longer.”
ASMODEUS noises matches yours. high pitched, whiny, and loud. but unlike you, he's able to form sentences. and the only thing that falls from his mouth other than his moans, is nothing but praise.
he can't help but take pride in the way he has you underneath him squirming and squealing. of course only the avatar of lust could only make you feel such things, and he intends to keep it that way. his brothers can't pleasure you like he does. your moans are music to his ears, and he has to keep hearing it.
"you're so cute," he coos, a hand cupping your cheek as he pounds into you. "tell me, does that feel good?"
BEELZEBUB knows it’s wrong to fuck you against the kitchen counter – he promises he’ll clean it after – but he doesn’t care whenever time he pulls your hips back onto his aching cock you let out those divine moans that tasted better than his dinner.
he knows its risky, he knows anyone could come walking in any minute, but his movements don’t stop. your whines fog over any rational thought he has, and he slams back into you. he lets out a groan when you slur out his name through moans.
“let me taste you,” he mumbles, an arm reaching around your neck to pull your head back just enough for him to press his lips onto yours.
BELPHEGOR would’ve taken you right then and there in his room, a sleeping beelzebub snoring only a few feet away. he’s learned his lesson from fucking you in the attic and getting an earful from lucifer the next morning. it’s worth dragging himself up from his bed to pull you into the planetarium, just to hear you.
he holds your legs apart, tongue lapping and sucking at your heat. belphie stares into your eyes, your cheeks flushed and your eyes watery, and you can feel him smirk against you. he’s so smug – so coy about being able to pull such sounds from you.
“look at you,” he mocks, “going stupid over my mouth. don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?”
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dotster001 · 4 months
The Great Devildom Cuddle War
Summary: gn!reader. Your cuddles have become quite the commodity in the Devildom.
The Second War
  Mammon had moved into your room not long after you had formed your pact with him. You two got into the habit of staying up late and falling asleep to movies together. You would wake up to him pressed tightly to your left side, face nuzzled into your neck, hand holding yours. Though, if you ever brought it up, he would adamantly deny it. The Great Mammon would never cuddle with a human!
      This continued until you made your pact with Levi. He became aware of the night time cuddles after you and mammon fell asleep on a TSL movie night. The two of you woke up with Levi on your other side, not nearly as nuzzled in as Mammon, but close enough for Mammon to freak out about how he was "too close to his human." But by then it was already too late. Levi had gotten a taste of the cuddle party and there was no going back.
      Beel joined the group after you had moved back out of his room. He woke up one night from his nightmares, and came to find you for comfort, only to find you surrounded by his two older brothers. That didn't stop him from gently nudging you awake.
"Y/N, I had a bad dream again."
      Your gentle giant just looked so sad, that you offered him your hand and the little space next to Levi. From here out, even though he always started the night in his own room, Beel usually ended in yours, perfectly happy just holding your hand.
      By the time Asmo had formed a pact with you, all pretense of "falling asleep during a movie" had died. When you all returned from your retreat after forming Asmo's pact, Asmo had flounced his way into your room proclaiming he wished to join the cuddle party.
      "There's no room," Levi said, nuzzling even tighter into you. 
       " Yeah, get your own cuddle buddy!" Mammon all but shouted into your ear.
      Asmo's face contorted into a pout of epic proportions, " there's room next to Levi."
      "That's Beel's spot," Levi said drily. 
     "Why don't we just take turns…." You tried to help.
      "That's not fair! We were here first!"
      "How dare you offer up the Great Mammon's cuddle spot!"
      Asmo.gave a winning grin. " Never mind, I found a spot." He happily made his way to the bed, and crawled on top of you. He placed his head on your chest, then wrapped his arms and legs around you like a koala. 
      "This is nice, good night Y/N!" And he was out like a light, and able to ignore Levi and Mammon's lingering protests.
        When Satan formed his pact, he was told in no uncertain terms that there was no room in the cuddle party. 
        " That's fine." He pulled a chair right next to your bed, and sat in it. "I'm just here to read my book."   You woke up the next morning to him sleeping in that chair.
       After that, a certain peace came over the cuddle group. Everyone had a place, and no one dared to cross anyone else's territory. Everyone, including you, was aware of how fragile the peace was, and no one wanted to compromise their place.
       But that peace quickly came to an end.
      Belphie woke up in the middle of the night to no longer see Beel in their shared room. Expecting his twin to be raiding the fridge, he went down to the kitchen only to find it empty. As he made his way back to their room, he passed your door, and found it open. Peaking in, he saw the cuddle pile and decided that he needed in on that.
     He had only stepped one foot in your room when Mammon, who had been woken up by the aura of change crossing the threshold, shouted, " There's no room!"
      This effectively woke up everyone in the room, all of whom but Beel and yourself joined the choruses of " no room".
       "It's alright, Belphie, you can have my spot,"Beel spoke up.
        " No he can't. He has to join the wait list. If anyone joins the cuddle pile next, it's me," Satan had stood up from his chair upon making that statement, seemingly ready to escort Belphie from the room.
         " No Beel, it's fine. I'll just go back to our room," Belphie seemed to concede. But as he returned to his room, he had a devious smile on his face. He would not give up so quickly. 
         The next evening, Mammon's shriek of horror alerted the whole house that something was wrong.
        "Belphie! That's my spot!"
         Belphie, who was indeed in Mammon's spot, smiled in his sleep and nuzzled closer to you.
         "Y/N! You know that's my spot! Why did you let him have it! "
          " He showed up and said his sweet big brother said he could have it! How was I supposed to know he was lying?" You looked over at Belphie sleeping peacefully. "Look at him, Mammon, he's just so soft and squishy when he's sleeping."
            "Yeah Mammon," Asmo giggled. "You should just be a good big brother and admit you lost this round."
          "This isn't over." Mammon snarled. He then plopped himself on the floor, and swore to get there early the next night.
            Which he did. By making you go to bed early. As soon as dinner finished, Mammon picked you up, shouted "Bed time!" Then ran to your room. The rest of the table, realizing what had just happened, immediately left the table and went running to your room. In all the chaos, Belphie stole Asmo's spot, Satan stole Levi's spot, and Lucifer grounded everyone for not cleaning their spots after dinner. 
     For the next three nights, things continued  like this, the long held peace completely forgotten in favor of just finding a spot in the cuddle pile. No spot was sacred, and it was every demon for themselves.
    Finally, you couldn't take it anymore. You visited Lucifer's office and slammed your hands on his desk.
      "I need a second bed to set next to mine, or a bigger bed. This is non negotiable." 
      He glanced up from his paperwork with one eyebrow raised. "Or, you can tell them all to sleep in their own rooms."
       "I can't do that!" You exclaimed. "I've gotten used to a certain lifestyle, and I can't give that up!"
       He seemed unconvinced. So you decided to play your last card. 
        "Fine, but I'll tell them it was all your idea." You left the office without another word, and followed through on your promise. 
        Three days later, you returned from rad to find a second bed alongside yours, effectively giving you the space you needed. On that bed was a note.
         "Tell your guard dogs that if I ever see any of them in my office again, I will personally feed them to Cerberus."
         And thus, the great Devildom Cuddle War came to an end, with all six of your pact demons able to share in the cuddle pile.
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liyacreate · 4 months
Luke: Don't tell anyone but... I used to really admire Lucifer back when he was an angel!
MC: Aww!
MC moments later remembering Satan was born at the time of the celestial war and realizing that if Luke remembers Lucifer being an angel then he was alive BEFORE the celestial war and that would mean Luke is technically older than Satan: wait a damn minute......
Tumblr media
(This has been proven wrong!)
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lushfa · 9 months
Tumblr media
Old doodle i made, it’s satan as howl!
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mammonswhore · 4 months
Satan: Hand it over
Levi: What?
Satan: Hand it over,the game,hand it over!
Levi: What the hell are you talking about?
Levi: *dies laughing*
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lilacknights · 6 months
Obey Me Headcanons: What Your Favorite Demon Brother Says About You (but make it too personal)
ALTERNATE TITLE: I judge you based on your favorite brother but I'm not very good at it
CHARACTERS: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor
AUTHOR’S NOTE: As much as I agree with all the other similar headcanons out there, I also want to write my own take on the “what your favorite character says about you” HCs. So I shall be using my very limited knowledge on psychology, personal development, and how to attack people where it hurts.
WARNINGS: (Edited) As the title already states, these HCs might or might not be on a personal level. This is not angst but please read with caution. But please don’t take any of these too seriously. I’m mostly basing on my own analysis of the characters and their representations.
✄ ——————————————————–
You’re used to sacrificing. Whether or not you get the recognition for it, you still continue to give and give and give to people.
However, it makes it harder to address your own lack of emotional support because you don’t know how to ask for help.
Do you really favor this character because he’s “dominant” or does it bring you comfort that someone else is taking the lead and you finally get to take a break?
And do you really just want him to eat and sleep well, or are you projecting towards this character as if he was you? Maybe, just maybe, you’re taking care of him the way you would have wanted people to take care of you?
Just in case no one had told you this today: You’re doing great, pal. I promise you won’t lose your value just because you stopped working. You deserve a break, too.
Ah yes, the classic black sheep of the group.
Is it a family thing? Or maybe you’re the forgotten member of your friend group? The one constantly left behind? The one who is only asked out at the last minute because you weren’t really part of the plan and they just needed someone to fill in the spot?
Or maybe you’re the one whose efforts are always thrown under the rug because someone is always better than you.
Like any human being, you have made mistakes throughout your lifetime. Which would be fine if only people would stop focusing on your shortcomings and forgetting about your achievements.
You want to support this man and be there for him when the whole world is against him — because that’s also what you’ve always wanted. To have someone. Someone who would stop looking at you for what you aren’t and start seeing you for what you could be.
Maybe, just maybe, you have a savior complex… but not exactly in a bad way.
It’s more in the “I’ve always felt ashamed of myself but this man doesn’t have to be.” kind of way. This makes you a good person if I do say so myself.
You have your own particular special interest at one or several points of your life but no one ever reciprocated the same excitement you have towards it, making you question whether it was even worth the attention you gave it.
Have you ever had an interest on an instrument, a sport, or maybe something with arts or writing? But because none of those are “real jobs”, you had to let go? Have you been asked something along the lines of “would that be able to pay the bills?” when you tried to introduce an idea to people?
A part of you probably still longs for that encouragement that never came. And so you’re doing it for someone else.
How’s the life of the "second best" treating you? /lh
Somewhat similar to those who favor Mammon, you were probably used to having someone else take all the credit for who you are.
Ever had a family member brag about your achievements as if they are the sole reason behind your success? Or maybe you’ve had an older sibling or a senior that everyone thinks is your “inspiration” and it made you feel like your own actions are never your own?
You also probably have a type and that type is a man who does the bare minimum. I don’t know what to tell you but this is most likely the case. (If it’s not, then good for you. /gen)
“He’s not being an asshole towards me and he respects my boundaries and he reads??? Sign me the fuck up.” - You, probably. If I’m wrong, good. But if I’m right, then you and I need to have a proper talk.
Your attachment and abandonment issues are showing, bud.
People say that those who favor him are the horny fans but it’s not all there is to it, isn’t it?
Is it possible that you find comfort that this conventionally attractive and well-known individual chose you? Is it possible that, out of all the people he could have had, you’re finally the first choice?
Tell me, how many times were you just an option? How many instances did family, friends or potential lovers didn’t put you first?
Or maybe you’re the introverted little bean in every room that needs someone else to remind you that you’re actually liked. You need that one person to explicitly tell you that “yes, you are wanted.” before your intrusive thoughts take over and make you believe that you’re just a waste of space.
I don’t know what to say except you probably just want to take a break from all the physical, mental, or emotional bullshit going on in your life.
You probably need a hug (preferably against soft tits) and want to live the quiet life with little to no stressors once in a while.
He reminds you of peace and simplicity, and that’s a good thing.
Not sure what you all think but this man is probably the healthiest brother to be biased towards.
I do hope real life for you finally settles down and you get the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. You got this.
Holy shit, you’re fucked up. Are you okay? For real?
Because if Mammon or Satan are kind of the “neglected guy” representation, this one is the forgotten left-in-the-attic version. The difference with this though is that you’ve probably became numb at one point.
Something inside you probably died a long time ago and you just stopped giving a shit. It could be a good thing or a bad thing, mostly depending on your attitude towards it.
You probably weren’t exactly given the biggest responsibilities growing up but, unfortunately, no one expected big things from you because of this — and neither did you.
Also, you’re either a degradee or a degrader. There’s nothing in between. I also believe you’re pretty chill but would be willing to set a building on fire when given enough reason to.
——————————————————– ✄
I haven't written in forever! I do hope you all enjoyed this because I DIDN'T. Asmodeus and Leviathan were basically me attacking myself LMAO — 🌷
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imatomatodealwithit · 2 months
Tumblr media
Guys we need to make me as famous as @12am-motivation
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stulili · 8 months
Obey me! school bags
At least what I think they would look like.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you can't read my magnificent handrwiting, then:
Clean and tidy
Premium leather
Von Devil
(The feathers) from Mammon
Sealed with magic from his brothers and deliquents.
Important papers
There's always a poisonous apple inside.
Mostly empty, torn and expensive
2 pens
Cheat sheets
One notebook
Always loses it.
Modern/High-tech, waterproof
Color pens
Mangas. a lot.
Too many books
Heavy and thick
Is a mess
Stuff for pranks (hidden)
Cat foods/toys (Yes, that's cat hair there, what else?)
HOLOGRAPHIC AND SHINY(sry, I ran out of markers)
Outside clean, inside a mess.
Every kind of make-up and skincare stuff.
Azuki-tan from Levi (He thinks it's adorable)
Has at least 6 bags.
Most convinient (Lucifer forces him to use this, since at least it's appropriate in school)
Huge and heavy (Almost as big as Luke)
Tons of snack/food/drink
A blanket for Belphegor
Extra pens for Mammon
Nail files for Asmodeus (He always forgets them or loses them.)
Pocketbooks and 3 limt rollers for Satan
Earphone for Leviathan
Kettle amd teabags fpr Lucifer
Percolator and 7 mugs💜
Belphegor doesn't have, doesn't need school bag. (Only his pillow.)
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gr8mammon · 2 months
MC: Let’s just hug it out. Come on, hug it out.
Demon bros: *Struggling into a group hug*
Levi: Who took my wallet?
Mammon: Sorry.
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carnationcutie · 2 months
Tumblr media
no idea if someone did this yet but...
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Not Satan joining Lucifer & Mammon (& Belphie to an extent) in the list of characters who just visibly roll their eyes whenever Mephisto enters a room💀
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This man is just constantly taking hits😭
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belphego-or · 3 months
when you catch them staring gn!reader
LUCIFER doesn’t let the surprise show on his face when you turn to meet his gaze, as if you could almost feel the way his eyes had been piercing into you. he offers you a smile, and a soft feeling pools in his stomach when you offer one back, with a wave.
MAMMON's eyes go wide, and his cheeks tint red. his mouth runs with excuses about how you have something in your hair, and no he wasn’t just staring at some human! he thinks he’s smart when your attention turns back to what you were doing, completely oblivious to the fact that you know he’s staring.
LEVIATHAN thinks you look pretty sat next to him in his room, controller in hand. his mind wonders, and he doesn’t see the big ‘YOU DIED’ message on his screen and only snaps out his trance when you ask him if he’s okay, waving a hand in his face. he flushes red, says he’s fine and tries to play it off.
SATAN thinks he's subtle with his staring, but the book he's pretending to read on the same page for the past ten minutes isn't what gave him away. when your eyes meet, his widen and he tries to give you a small smile with pink blossoming on his cheeks.
ASMODEUS doesn’t care if you notice his blatant staring. he’ll give you a wave and a wink, and if you catch him a second time he bounces up to you to compliment you and strike up a conversation… which is only hinting at about how you two would look so good together.
BEELZEBUB isn’t the type to stare often – but the cheeseburger in his hand looked so appetizing and yet somehow you looked so much better than anything he would ever eat. he’s almost drooling, and when you turn to lock eyes with him he wipes his mouth, turns a light pink and continues to eat.
BELPHEGOR is a proud starer. he’ll stare at you with an almost coy smirk on his face, sprawled on the couch. if you catch his eye, he’ll raise the blanket beel had placed over him and silently offers you to come join him.
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dotster001 · 3 months
The 2nd Great Devildom Cuddle War
Summary: In which all your questions about Lucifer are answered, and the brothers realize that If he's going to play dirty, they have to play dirtier.
A/N: I planned to release this when I reached 200 followers, and got all my points written down, but hadn't finished it. I got home from work yesterday to 198 followers. So just imagine in the last couple paragraphs me panicking as I translate my brain goop.
The first war
Lucifer didn't need cuddles. He was independent. A lone wolf. Above needing the warmth of another. Quite frankly, he was embarrassed that his brothers had caused an all out war over something so foolish!
That being said….
You had returned to the Devildom, much to everyone's surprise. You'd literally fallen from the sky into Satan's lap. Not that any of the brothers were complaining. They'd all felt very lonely without you.
After all the chaos of your first dinner back at the House of Lamentation (had to be there), you were ready to go to bed. Luckily you wouldn't have to worry about anything! The cuddle squad was sitting together, looking pretty, waiting for the long awaited return of your cuddles.
You just had to talk to Lucifer first. He had asked you up to his room. When you arrived there, though, he looked up in confusion. Then a look of shock arose on his face.
"Oh, Y/N! Forgive me, I have some paperwork to finish before I can talk to you. Feel free to take a seat on my bed."
You tried to sit patiently, but he was taking so long, and the fire place bathed the room in such a calming light, that you found yourself drifting off. Pretty soon, you were sleeping like the dead.
Lucifer waited a couple moments, then moved over to his bed. He placed the blanket over you, then got in next to you. He didn't need cuddles. He just didn't want to move you since it was his fault you fell asleep here in the first place.
Meanwhile, the og cuddle crew was starting to get tired of sitting pretty and awaiting your return.  They all had their suspicions of what had happened, but were scared of the implications if they were right. Therefore, it was easier to just push it down and wait for you to come.
Finally, Satan stood up angrily, and stormed off. The other brothers looked at each other anxiously, then nodded at each other and followed him. 
Satan didn't even touch Lucifer's door. It disintegrated from the aura of pure rage that had taken over him. Him and the other brothers stormed into the room, just as Lucifer opened an eye.
He pressed a finger to his lips with a smile, and pointed at you, who was dead asleep. Normally, they would have respected your need to sleep.
"Why? I don't understand?"
Aaaaaand you were up.
"What's going on?" You croaked. Mammon made an attempt to scoop you up, but Lucifer pulled you impossibly closer.
"You know I don't care about your cuddle sessions with my brothers, but I feel that for tonight, you should stay here, lest they keep you up all night with their racket."
You gave a giggle, and patted Lucifer's arm. "You know, if you want to join the cuddle group, you just have to ask."
"Absolutely not. This is about your well being, not "cuddles""
Lucifer never asked for cuddles. He just took them. You had been in the Devildom for two whole weeks now, and still the only person who had been cuddled was Lucifer. He was a wily opponent. 
The brothers knew that they could never win against him on their own. So they had a battle strategy meeting. By the end of the meeting, they realized that if they were to gain cuddles, they would have to give up some cuddles.
"I'm so excited! I've never gotten to participate in a cuddle pile before!"
"Now, young Master, remember you have to share with the others. You can't take all of Y/N's cuddles"
Four beds. That's what you were up to now. Out of nowhere, Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Solomon, and Luke had all joined the cuddle crew. They didn't even live there. How did they find out? And when did they have time to get two more beds for the cuddle parties? 
"Y/N, I made us some cookies we can snack on if we wake up in the middle of the night!"
"No sugar at nighttime, you know it keeps you up."
What you didn't realize was, behind your back, the brothers had been working overtime. Asmo had been dropping hints to Solomon about getting to cuddle his two favorite masters. Beel had asked Luke to join, and bring snacks, and of course that meant Simeon had to join. For Luke, of course. Not for him. Meanwhile, Mammon and Levi "accidentally" mentioned the cuddle pile in front of Diavolo, which led to him begging Barbatos to be able to participate, which meant Barbatos also had to come.
"Now, about that TSL spinoff series…"
"Go to sleep, Solomon."
Yes, the brothers had to share you with even more people now. But the look on Lucifer's face when he surrendered and wordlessly joined the cuddle pile was priceless.
And once again, peace descended upon the Devildom!
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k33p3r0fth3damn3d · 11 months
𖤐Obey me! Boys x f!reader nsfw headshots𖤐
(favorite positions, body parts and kinks)
💢18+ Minors DNI💢
Tumblr media
𖤐 Lucifer 𖤐
He likes to take you from behind either over his desk, against the wall, or straight up Doggystyle on the bed.
His favorite body parts of yours are your tits and neck nuff said 😏. (He's gonna choke you duh)
Favorite parts of himself are his hands and his tongue (wink wonk)
This man's has got a bdsm kink for sure and slight S&M but never enough to draw blood of course<3 Plus he's the ultimate brat tamer
Extra: he likes it when you call him daddy but won't admit it.
𖤐 Mammon 𖤐
He absolutely loves it when you ride him reverse cowgirl and sometimes he likes missionary (legs around his hips tho)
His favorite body parts of yours is your ass and thighs.
Favorite parts of himself is his cock and hands.
He really likes the idea of making a video of the two of you but he would never share it with a single soul even if they offered money.plus this lil demons got a praise kink, tell Him he's a good boy.
Extra: he would like you to call him master but he gets too flustered when you do.
𖤐 Leviathan 𖤐
his favorite positions are Doggy style and missionary (with legs over his shoulder tho)
His favorite body parts of you are your thighs and tits. obviously bc he wants to suffocate between both.
His favorite parts of himself are his tail (to help with ...things) and his tongue.
His kink is surprisingly/not so surprisingly voyeurism if he catches you masturbating alone he with absolutely watch and pleasure himself. And he has a praise kink aswell
Extra: he wants you to call him senpai but can't bring himself to ask
𖤐 Satan 𖤐
Any position where your the bottom honestly as long as he can over power you.
He really likes your tits and stomach the most, we will slowly motorboat you Everytime and leave gentle kisses down your body.
He like his cock and his lips/tongue for obvious reasons, to" help" you
He likes to roleplay by putting you in a cat girl-maid outfit and he enjoys slight bdsm.
Extra: he calls you kitten while you can call him whatever.
𖤐 Asmodeus 𖤐
Idk why but I can't describe this
Tumblr media
But that's it and he likes missionary (your legs held down by him ofc )
He loves your mouth and waist the most.
His favorite body parts of himself include his....well everything but if he had to choose it would be his ...no yeah everything.
Big believer in body worship both ways and a huge switch, will let you peg him.
Extra: call him master or my love and he'll go absolutely wild.
𖤐 Beelzebub 𖤐
Mating press and the spooning one for sure.
He loves your beautiful tits and your small hands.
He likes his arms? and his hands
He's definitely got a breeding kink and a size difference kink, he loves how much taller he is and how he towers over you when he's fucking you senseless into the mattress.
Extra: I don't have any names for him but he also has a praise kink.
𖤐 Belphegor 𖤐
Loves it when you ride him mainly bc he doesn't have to do as much work but on days he feels like it he'll get on top and fuck you until you pass out or forget how to speak 🤷‍♀️
He can't resist your tits and neck (mainly to snuggle his face in them)
He likes his hands and cock no doubt
Not a very kinky guy honestly but he does like it when you lightly degrade him(he'll do it back). And he's a bit of a brat .
Extra: morning blowjobs are his favorite way to wake up(he'll return the favor )
꒰ა Simeon ໒꒱
Missionary and doggy all the way
He obsesses over your soft lips and stomach/hips.
He likes his cock and lips
He's such a switch and he loves overstimulation for both of you.
Extra: please call him angel ahhh! And He calls you his little minx.
𖤐 Barbatos 𖤐
Any position that pleases you or that you would like to try
He likes your waist and thighs
He likes his hands and his cock
He too loves to watch you aka his kink is voyeurism, he doesn't watch you in secret he lets you know that he wants to watch you touch yourself for him.
Extra: no name for him but he likes calling you mistress
☆ Solomon ☆
Ride him or he's fucking you doggy/side fuck.
He worships your tits and ass
He likes his cock and stomach?
Surprisingly some slight bdsm he just wants to tie you up and have some fun .... respectfully ✋
Extra: daddy kink plz
𖤐 Diavolo 𖤐
He enjoys the mating press and doggy style. (Head down in the pillow ,ass up)
Loves your thighs and neck. say less
He likes his cock and his mouth.
Has a major breeding kink and has a praise kink both ways.
Extra: master kink, call him master without him having to ask and you've got yourself a long night ahead of you (wink wonk)
Tumblr media
WOW that was alot ,welp I hope you guys enjoyed. Sorry if there's spelling problems I don't want to re read it and feel free to recommend some stuff you want me to write I'll write it just look at my pinned post for who I'll write for and what I won't write Abt.💗
Tumblr media
Also sorry I had it as "breeding position " and not "mating press" bc my brain mixed it up 🤷‍♀️
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