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I'm taking you out (Lucifer)
MC hadn't noticed the empty seat at the table until they got up from dinner. Lucifer's plate sits untouched at the head of the table, the brothers carry on around it, ignoring the eldest's absence.
MC can't ignore the sharp tug at their chest. Diavolo was planning some kind of event, meaning Lucifer has been bending over backwards to make the prince's vision a reality, as usual.
MC's well aware that Lucifer always works long hours and occasionally skips lunch, but he so rarely skips dinner.
They haven't seen him at all that day, barely seen him at all the day before, making their decision a rather easy one to make.
"MC, where are you going?" Satan wondered as the human walked around the table, a loaded plate in their hand.
"Taking Lucifer his dinner"
"I'm not sure that's a g-and they're gone."
Shifting nervously in his seat, Levi glares at the door MC just exited. ''Shouldn't we stop them? Lucifer hates being interrupted.''
"It's MC, they make up for the lack of magic with otherworldly gumption." Satan declared, shrugging off the issue to carry on his dinner. "Besides, Lucifer won't hurt them."
"He'd better not."
MC tapped gently at Lucifer's bedroom door, hoping he'd at least retreated home from RAD.
"Not now."
"Unless you're hiding a full kitchen in there, you haven't eaten properly today, Lucifer." MC replied, unphased by his scathing tone. "I brought dinner."
"I don't have time for this, MC!"
"The sooner you open the door the sooner I leave you alone."
They heard him heave a sigh, can practically see the furrow between his brows through the door before it swings open, leaving them face to face with the glowering fallen angel.
MC's grown a thick skin to that glare by now, and smile up at him while holding out the plate.
"You are the most stubborn creature in any realm, living or dead."
"Why thank you, now eat."
Lucifer huffed and ignored their words as he spun on his heel, headed back to his desk. "I don't have time for this, MC. There are papers due tomorrow morning."
MC follows him in, kicking the door shut behind them and turning the key in the lock. "Can I help?"
"So, you won't let me help and you won't take the time to take care of yourself?"
"I'm no feeble human. A day's missed meals won't reduce my cognitive abilities."
MC took a long, appraising look at him, at the dark circles sagging under his eyes and the slouch to his usually proud shoulders.
"Only one day? Or six?"
Lucifer avoids their gaze as he drops back into his chair, knowing he's been caught. "Leave, MC."
"No. You'll eat, or I'll make you."
When he looked up, it was into the eyes of the human who mastered the 7 Lords of Hell, His Master.
No matter how much he dressed it up, how much MC let him have his way for his pride's sake, Lucifer surrendered himself to them with that pact. Sometimes, and only sometimes, MC has to remind him.
Lucifer relented and made room for the plate on his desk.
While he ate, MC went about putting on some music and lighting the fire, nipping out of the room to bring him some chamomile tea.
His heart stung, but his heart melted as MC nestled into his bed in their comfy clothes, making themselves at home on the massive mattress.
"And just what do you think you're doing?"
"Getting ready for bed. I'm taking you out tomorrow, by the way." MC grinned, sliding their DDD onto his nightstand. "I've already cleared it with Dia."
"That nickname isn't appropriate, and I don-"
As if on cue, his own DDD lit up with a message from the prince himself. Lucifer sighed, hearing MC's chuckle as he unlocked the device.
Enjoy your outing tomorrow, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more! I'll see you for our morning meeting the day after tomorrow. Good night, Lucifer.
"You, are a menace."
MC giggled innocently, pulling the covers over themselves. "You love me."
Lucifer pushes away from his desk, kicking off his shoes and discarding his tie as he rips the covers away from them, pressing himself over their defenceless body, relishing the way MC melted beneath with without resistence.
Eyes of liquid wonder gaze up at him adoringly as they slide their arms around his neck.
"You'd do well do remember who you belong too, little human." He growled, breath sending shivers down MC's spine as it tickled their ear, so close, and yet too far away. "Whose are you?"
"Yours." No hesitation, not a quiver of fear or doubt as their eyes beg him to come closer and finally lay his lips over theirs.
Lucifer doesn't care that MC's technically won, gotten him away from his work for the next 24 hours. He knows that he's just as much theirs as they are his, and loves it as he finally lets himself sink into their kiss, body aching to consume them whole until no astral form could tell where one ended and the other began.
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bug-buddy · 2 days
arguing with lucifer
Tumblr media Tumblr media
TW: descriptions of panic attacks <3
FACE FLUSHING with fury, Lucifer's eyes burned into your being as he stood before you, lips moving without a single sound. You couldn't help but zone out as he continued to scold you, wanting nothing more than to retreat to the safe space in your head, where everything was fine and dandy. 
You couldn't, though, not this time. As tears began to roll down your cheeks the man's words finally began to slow, clenched fists relaxing as he huffed dissapointedly. 
"I mean, honestly, mc, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Venom dripped from his tone as you finally met his gaze, eyes wide. "I-" you paused, looking over his angered form. You hadn't realized failing the finals would mean this mutch to him in the begining, maybe if you had, you'd tried hard enough, studied for longer, slept less. 
"I don't know." Unable to stop your voice from cracking, you began to huddle in on yourself, entering survival mode instinctively and shuffling toward the door. 
"I'm sorry, didn't mean to, I promise!" Your words were rushed as you panted, unable to actually breath. Inhale and exhail, it didn't make a difference, you couldn't breath.
You vision darkened around the edges of your periferal, knees weakening as you fall against the old ruby rug. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Over and over again, you repeated yourself, inable to think of anything other than apologizing. 
Your tunneled focus caused you to miss the way Lucifer's eyes widened, guilt seeping into his bones as he watched you crumble, 
all because of him.
Tumblr media
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hanbxnn · 3 days
HI!!! I discovered you through Ao3, and I just wanted to say that I really like your writing style! You don't have to take this ask if you don't want to, and I figured you're already super busy taking in other requests and writing them. But out of curiosity, from a scale of 1-Lucifer's patience, how angsty would a fic about the obm brothers gradually beginning to forget Mc's name, face, and voice as years and decades pass by their inevitable death?
hello! ♡ tysm for the love and support, i really appreciate it!! my inbox is always open for you guys so don't feel bad for requesting or just even dropping by to say hi c: anyway im only used to writing crack, fluff and smut so i've just made a general scenario of what i think would happen ;;
with every passing year of the anniversary of your funeral, the brothers think that it would get gradually less painful but the whole cycle of grief hits them all over again as if the pain of your death happened just the day before
this is where they seriously detest their immorality, unable to escape the torment of being constantly reminded of how fragile and precious human life really is
they feel guilty for not giving you the bestest welcome, starting out on the wrong foot causing them to lose all those days where they could have spent making meaningful memories with you
the years that you were alive that the brother had gotten to known you was a blur for them; a tiny frame in their everlasting life that suddenly feels so agonisingly long
the only memories they would have of you that was always clear was the pictures and videos they have of you in their DDD
with each passing year, the pictures that they have to post of you gets less and less
somedays, they resort to posting the same picture year after year since there comes to a point where there is no more photos of you left to post
but they come to learn that time heals, they learn to come to terms with your parting and slowly begins to move on with their lives
when they visit some of your favourite places and order your favourite dishes, you are no longer the person they think of
you're the last person on their mind when go on trips and participate in your usual hobbies
so much time passes that they forget about you bit by bit, the room that used to be yours was remodelled and is now just another one of the many empty rooms in the house of lamentation
the photos of you in the RAD yearbook is so old and dated that they're shoved far and deep in the depths of the devildom library
every trace of you that you had left in the devildom gets erased ever so slowly that no one even notices
there will come one day where someone will mention your name offhandedly and it will sound so unfamiliar that they start to question if they had just someone made up
they'd tease that person, thinking that they had mistaken your name for someone else's name that sounds only slightly similar
of course, there'd be at least one brother that will always remember you, watching as each of his brother move on and forget in their own way
he watches as each of the little traces that you left in the house slowly disappear, watching as the flowers wither on your grave, where grime and moss cover your headstone, where he can't even make out your name anymore
he's determined to be the one that'll remember you no matter how long it has past but he finds it increasingly hard when the features that he once loved so much on your face begins to blur all together every time he tries to picture you
and when he tries to talk to you in his head, he can't remember the tone or pitch of your voice anymore. he can no longer picture how you'd reply to his questions or what you would comment on when he talks about his day
he worries for the day that comes where he can no longer remember you like everyone else because while you were no longer there, at least you were still alive in his memories
but the day when you are no longer there in his memories, he worries that will truly be the day where you are no longer alive
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kannra21 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
inspired by this post
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Mc is late
Lucifer: You’re late.
Mc: You’re handsome.
Lucifer: You’re forgiven.
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Some random demons: *gushing about how stoic and cool Lucifer is. how he must be a sadistic Dom. ~Daddy™~*
MC, a known eavesdropper, who lives with the guy; staring off into the distance:
Tumblr media
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lou-struck · 5 months
Tumblr media
Dream Eaters Part 1
Obey Me! x MC!
Featuring: Lucifer, Mammon, and Leviathan
Part 2
Part 3
~ How they react to a lower-level Demon giving Mc nightmares intentionally.
Warnings: Mentions of blood, torture, and nightmares. Nothing too visually graphic.
As soon as your screams of terror reached his ears Lucifer sprang from his desk and ran down the hallway with unholy speed. Fearing you're in danger he breaks down the sturdy door to your bedroom. Instead of seeing an intruder, he sees your trembling form curled up on the mattress as your chest heaves in exhaustion.
“MC?” he says softly approaching your like he would a wounded animal. Once he is right in front of you, you blink as if just noticing he is in the room with you. Tears pool in your eyes as he lifts you carefully in his arms and you cling to him tightly. And carrying you back to his bedroom. Where he gently placed you on the bed and looked you over.
“Are you unharmed?” he asks as you nod, voice too horse to speak from all the screaming.
“Was it a nightmare?” another nod.
“You’ll be staying with me tonight, please try and go back to sleep he says gently kissing your forehead. He moves to turn off the light but you grab his wrist.
“I’ll keep this one on,” he says softly pulling you to his chest hoping that you’ll sleep through the night.
The next morning as your body rests he gently grabs your wrist to place a kiss to your hand only to see a faint outline around your wrist. It is more than a stay mark from a pen or a bit of dirt, it has a sinister aroma that makes him sick. It belongs to a lesser demon.
Wanting to get to the bottom of why some other demon has marked you with its energy he cleanses it with his magic engraving the scent to his memory when he does his rounds at RAD.
Excusing himself from his Student Council duties he follows the scent to the men’s restroom lingering just outside the door to hear the conversation a boastful demon is having with its companions.
“That Human exchange student is delicious. How could Lord Diavolo bring something as sweet as them down here and not expect us to go wild.” The biggest one says licking its chops. “Humans are so vulnerable to dream feeding all I needed to do was mark em up and I score.”
“So that’s what happened?” lucifer says coldly stepping into the bathroom. The demons shudder at the intensity of his rage and drop to their knees in blubbering forgiveness. Their pleas fall on death's ears as Lucifer sentences them to punishments far worse than what he does to his brothers. No number of insecure apologies will make up for the look of fear you had in your eyes.
By the time Lucifer sits down for dinner, there is blood on his shirt collar, but no one pays it any mind.
There are nights one Mammon’s sin gets the best of him and he becomes way too greedy for your proximity. His feet carry him to your doorway on his own. Do you know if this and keep your door unlocked for him in case he wants to come by and stay the night with you.
Settling into the sheets he hold you close to him and is finally able to shut his eyes after a hard day.
Suddenly he is awoken by the harsh thrashing of your limbs as you seem to be clawing away at something that isn’t there. Your breath comes out in ragged gasps as he tries to shake you awake as gently as he can. 
It isn’t till he sees the tears streaming down your face that he tries a bit more aggressively finally pulling you from whatever nightmare that had consumed you that night. 
“Mc, it’s just me, the Great Mammon. I’m here for yeh, Was just a bad dream.” 
When you look up at him and begin to relax his heart flutters a bit but he continues to hold you, rocking you back and forth until you’re able to get yourself back to sleep.
But it doesn’t stop.
You wake up three more times that night and Mammon knows enough about dream-eaters to know that this is most likely intentional.
Mammon knows just how easy it is to get Demons to turn on eachother for a little grimm so he does just that. Through a series of bribes and a few death threats he is able to corner the Demon who has been feeding on his Human. 
Once he finds them he shows the miserable creature exactly why he is the second strongest avatar of Sin.
Leviathan ~
As a night owl himself he didnt think that you staying up all night in his room was anything out of the ordinary. But when he noticed that even after he turned off his game to try and get some sleep you still played through the night clutching the controller with a death grip as your eyes blink to stay awake.
Your eyes while beautiful look fearfully exhausted, almost as if you haven't slept in days. His concern for you overpowers his incecurty to ask as he takes the controlled from your hand to ask why you haven't gone to sleep yet.
When you explain to him that you are afraid to go to sleep because of persisting nightmare that play behind your eyes his heart sinks. In the old day lesser demons called dream eaters would plague others with fearful nightmares as a form of torture. and the fact that it is happening to you makes him sick.
You're his Henry, the one person who understands him and doesn't judge him for being an Otaku. His blood runs cold as he helps keep you up through the night so you dont have to deal with the nightmares. As you mindlessly mash buttons he searches through his computer for any information on dream eaters and how to track them.
Hacking into the RAD student directory isn't hard either, he is able to locate possible suspects who have the ability that has caused you so much pain. He looks at each profile till one in particular stands out. Without a doubt he is the demon who is feeding off of your nightmares. The next morning Levi actually gets dressed to go to RAD to find this troublesome Lesser Demon and give you a much deserved good nights sleep.
Let's just say Henry 1.0 got a tasty snack down in the catacombs after Levi was through with him.
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fanficsat12am · 6 months
how the brothers react to playing with his hair headcanons | Lucifer & Mammon
📜 𝙼𝙰𝚂𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙻𝙸𝚂𝚃!! 📜 Leviathan, Satan & Asmodeus Beelzebub & Belphegor
He's very skeptical about it the first time you try, his eyes following every movement your hand makes
He's used to Satan and Belphie's pranks at this point and thought that this was another one of them
Despite his weariness, your eyes show no malice, and instead show curiosity and wonderment at his... hair?
He slowly lets his guard down after a few minutes and allows himself to get down to your level
Your hand shoots up to his dark, glossy tuft of hair and lets himself enjoy the feeling of your fingers brushing through his locks, each touch gentle and full of care
After that, it becomes somewhat of a stress reliever for him
Will ask you to play with his hair in busy weeks, pouting whenever you have to leave to do your own work
He tried doing it to himself once while you were out but his attempts were futile and ended with his hair in tangles
" What the hell happened to your hair? It looks like a tornado hit it, Love "
"It seems that I am in desperate need of your touch, MC"
You were laying beside him on the couch one afternoon. Everything was normal, up till you started reaching for his head. He thought nothing of it, until your fingers start dancing around his snow colored hair, treating it as if you're touching fine silk
His face starts going red, the shade rivaling that of Asmo's new Blood Red lipstick
Although he already loves even just the thought of your company, not that he'll ever tell you that your touch is just as valuable to him, if not more
He finds comfort in it from there on out
After a particularly harsh day of working and an earful from the firstborn, he goes to your room tired as hell
Although he doesn't admit it, you already know that he needs some solace from everything
"Shhhhh... It's okay, you're safe here"
"Yer touch is the only heavenly thing is this whole damned Devildom, MC"
AN: kinda wanna try writing so here's my first work!! I really hope ya like this!! I'll do better next time since I'm just trying to see what my style is <3
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garoujo · 7 months
Tumblr media
feat : mammon, lucifer, beelzebub, asmodeous, satan, leviathan + belphegor.
warnings : f. reader, breeding, some exhibitionism + minor marking in mammon’s, praise/teasing, pls bare with me w characterisation.
note : i’m not sure how i’m gonna do the layout of these but anyways enjoy, i forgot how many there are lmao help :,)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— he’d take you anywhere, he was insatiable and obsessed with you. every little thing you done had him grabbing at your hips and waist, placing needy kisses along the dip of your shoulder while trying to pull you aside to push you into any position that’s comfortable aslong as he got to have you.
“how d’ya expect me to resist ya when ya l-look so good, everytime, fuck—“ mammon groans, his hands digging into your hips from where he’s lifted you onto one of the sinks in one of the many bathrooms in the house of lamentation, thats now filled with the sound of your boyfriends loud and clapping thrusts as he bounces his hips up into yours. his mouth moves against yours messily as he drinks up your moans, pushing his own name between your lips and kissing you like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. “we could’ve j-just went to your room, mammon.” you gasp, feeling him pull away momentarily before he’s kissing up your neck, rolling the delicate skin between his teeth before smoothing his tongue over the reddening skin after and his cock twitches with each greedy pulse of your flexing cunt. “come on, baby. ya k-know better than to keep the mammon waitin’” he laughs but it breaks off into a hiss as he loses himself in the fluttering pull of your pussy, smearing wet, messy kisses along the blooming marks on your neck and jaw until a sudden hot rush of bliss moves across your skin and you cum, hearing mammon groan before trembling on top of you and spilling hot inside of you after. “goddamn, baby. ya really are s-somethin’ else, shit—“
— he loves the look of you bent over beneath him, whether it’s over his desk or balanced on your knees as he squeezes at your hips from behind you, the warm plane of his stomach against your ass and the hard curve of his cock pressing against your sensitive pussy.
“so beautiful like this, my love.” lucifer breathes, his large hands exploring the arching plane of your back as he leans over you—a low, guttural groan vibrating through his chest when he watches you stretch out under his touch, your thighs spreading to press your knees into the bed around where he kneels. his cock throbs as your walls squeeze down tight around him and he draws his hips back, fingers digging into your hips as grunts, rolling them into you before he begins a steady pace with another slow withdrawal as his balls softly tap your clit. “feel so good, sweetheart.” he hisses and the praise drips through your rocking body like honey as you whimper, lucifer’s hips jolting forward heavily—making your body clap against his and your tits and ass bounce each time as he drags his fingers over the hips with another wordless growl, before he leans over you, dipping his head towards you to place gentle kisses over your downed shoulders before his pace inevitably speeds up and he groans again. “j-just like that.”
— it was almost pure instinct the first time he pushed you into a mating press, something animalistic twisting in his stomach when he was able to stretch your cunt deeper, bullying his thick cock into your sensitive walls until you’re too full to form a thought never mind a sentence. 
“fuck—you feel good.” beel groans from his place over you, following his words up with a particularly sharp thrust as his pelvis grinds against your swollen clit with each roll of his hips—your thighs are folded against your chest, lashes thick with tears as you blink up at him while your cunt coats his heavy cock with cream each time he draws his hips back. “feels so good, beel.” you hiccup and he only grunts at your words before his fingers squeeze into the fat of your thighs, strong hands pushing them tighter against you as his heavy balls smack against your ass with each crushing thrust. the needy hug of your cunt makes something carnal boil in beel’s stomach and your body feels like it’s crumbling beneath him as the vibration of his groans echo somewhere deep in his chest, cock thickening inside of your soaked cunt before he grits his teeth, pace stuttering at the first milking compression of your walls as he cums with a surprised grunt, primitive instincts taking over while he continues to fuck into your messy, sensitive pussy until a mixture of your cum is smeared along your thighs.
— he loves you in missionary, loves crooning at you as you lay beneath him, always so adorable as he watches your reactions and coaxes you to look up at him through your lashes as dreamy whimpers fall from his lips how else will you admire him.
“are you that hungry for me? you’re so adorable—“ asmo hums, voice smooth as his hips rock into yours and you arch your back against the sheets—pressing your tits against his chest as your cunt flexes around his pretty cock when you feel him push deeper. your legs spread eagerly, your body ready for the pleasure you know he can give you as his hands smooth along the shape of your hips, appreciating every part of you before he thrusts again, smoothing his cock deliberately along all of your sweet spots as he leans over you more. “i know exactly what you like, i bet that feels good, right?” asmo smiles, pink cheeked and handsome before an airy whimper falls from his parted lips and his fingers curl into the pillow next to your head, a rush of warmth in his veins as he admires just how pretty you look when you’re lost in pleasure, the pleasure he gives you before his pace picks up, a little rougher as he mumbles a few praises between breathy groans of your name.
— he loves the power having you beneath him gives him, the power to watch the way your eyes roll back into your head when he hooks your leg over his shoulder and fucks into you with practiced precision, your wrists held tightly in one of his own as he looms over you.
“don’t hold back, l-let me hear you.” satan grunts, your wrists are snagged and pushed up by your head as he leans over you—the stretch in your hamstring as he cages it against his chest only making him feel bigger at this angle while he pins you beneath him. his hot breathe pant across your skin as his body rocks with yours, feeling his lips stretch into a grin along your skin when he deliberately glides them over the sensitive spots that make you quiver below him. “you’re doing so well.” the blonde above you growls, continuing to thrust and swirl his hips once more as his grip around your wrist tightens, you’re both groaning and gasping and every connection of his hips against yours leaves you both breathless as your cunt clenches around him tight, causing him to curse roughly while his trimmed pelvis grinds against your needy clit.
— he loves the sight of you above him, straddling his waist so he can admire every part of you he loves, his hands grabbing and groping at your tits and thighs as you bounce on his cock, pulling needy whimpers from his parted lips while he fucks up into you.
“ughhhh—that’s s-so good.” levi grunts from below you, one of his hands covering up the flush across his cheeks as you continue to grind down on his cock, your thighs on either side of his waist while his heart pounds against his rib cage. it almost feels surreal, you feel surreal when he reaches for you, his hand sliding forward to take a slow handful of your tits as they bounce with each jump of your hips, making you keen from above him when he pulls your nipple between his thumb and forefingers, pulling on it as his cock throbs and thickens when you whimper out his name. “s-sensitive..” he breathes, arching his back against his sheets when your tight walls squeeze around his sensitive cock as your hips quake, more sounds cracking from levi’s throat beneath you while his hands continue to grope and pinch at your breasts.
— it’s always comfortable the way you’re lay on your side, belphegor’s chest pressed tightly against your back as his hips roll into yours, pushing inside of you while also allowing you to hear each needy breath he muffles against the skin of your shoulder.
“hnghhh—that feels so good.” belphe breathes, a trembling undercurrent to his voice despite his usual low tone still being present after your nap when he draws his hips back, his hands wrapping around your waist tightly as he pulls you back into him— rolling them forward just as slowly as his lips part against the bare skin of your shoulder, muffling his grunts when your pussy flexes around him. you mumble something affirming back, your mind still slightly drowsy from your sleep, but still something that has a hissed curse falling from the youngest siblings lips before he begins a steady pace, it’s not fast but it’s enough to have you arching against him before he pulls you closer in the process— his dark, messy hair framing the flush on his cheeks. your eyes close in bliss for a moments before his hips stutter and he sucks in a breath, like he’s trying to gather himself and his arms around you squeeze your waist affectionately “want to w-wake up like this everyday.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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everlasting-elegy · 30 days
"Let's Go Home" | Lucifer, Mammon
It was just a slip of the tongue by you, but he didn’t miss it. Despite being in an entirely different realm, you called the House of Lamentation your home. Genre: Fluff Word Count: 1k A/N: Just had a random fluff idea from the dialogue of one of my wips
It had been a long day, the demon brothers were up to their usual antics but somehow it was much, much worse today. Mammon running off on a new money making scheme, Leviathan chasing up on said Avatar of Greed for his growing debt. Satan getting caught up in a swarm of adoring fans charmed by Asmodeus and Beelzebub on a rampage for his next meal. For once Belphegor wasn’t asleep, only laughing sadistically at another chaotic day. And by the sidelines you stood, watching the brothers, shoulders slowly rising throughout the day until they were at your ears. You were silent, almost ready to burst.
“I’m going home,” you muttered to Lucifer who stood beside you. He looked at you with raised eyebrows as you already turned your back to him, walking off. You were usually more resilient than this. Hell, you were usually a part of this chaos. And yet here you were, finally withdrawing from the demonic realm, not with a bang but with a whimper. You didn’t throw a tantrum, you didn’t storm off enraged, you merely started walking and Lucifer couldn’t fight the uncomfortable ache in his chest.
“It will take more than that to arrange your return to the human realm.”
“What?” You turned back with furrowed eyebrows. Looking off as you scoured your mind, you started to fidget as you realised what you said. You started with a nervous chuckle as you desperately tried to ignore the heat coming to your face, wide eyes now preoccupied with a loose thread on the hem of your shirt. “Oh. Well, when I said ‘home’ I actually meant… uh…”
“The House of Lamentation?” Lucifer’s grin looked smug but his emotions were far from it. As you nodded slowly but surely he masked his exhale of relief as one of exasperation towards his brothers. They would be suitably taken care of later. Right now, his focus was on the dear exchange student who was acclimatising to the Devildom. Who, despite how expansive the House of Lamentation was, has managed to light up every winding corridor and neglected room. Who, despite Lucifer’s own best efforts, has not only situated themselves comfortably in his home, but also his heart.
A hand placed on the small of your back, he gently pushed you away from the ruckus.
“What are you smiling about?” You eventually asked as you turned your head to him. Usually Lucifer would instantly drop his expression upon being caught red-handed like this, but it only softened.
“Calling the House of Lamentation your home is proof of how this exchange program has been a success. I’m sure Diavolo would be thrilled to hear about this.”
He doesn’t mention how although the mansion was his home to begin with, it didn’t feel as such until you entered it.
Somehow with your time at Devildom you had amassed a lot of contacts and friends, totalling a network that rivalled Asmodeus’. And with that inevitably came times when you were off on your own - often at Purgatory Hall - leaving Mammon alone.
No, he did not miss your presence, is what he adamantly told his brothers as he paced back and forth by the front door of the House of Lamentation. He was just being a good brother, not only cleaning the furniture around the front door but also a reliable guardian - Lucifer did entrust you to his care after all! No one is able to drag him to where the front door is out of his sight. True to his sin, he’s greedy to be the first you greet and the first to greet you.
But even with his trusty D.D.D. in hand, Mammon’s patience was wearing thin as you didn’t return when you said you would. Yes, Mammon may have spam texted you an ungodly amount, and you did eventually reply about how you were trying to convince Solomon not to cook but Mammon still wasn’t satisfied. Not until you were here in person for the movie night you were currently half an hour late for.
The door clicks open to reveal your slumped figure, an exhausted but content smile on your face.
“I’m home.”
“About damn time!” Mammon complained as he practically crashed into you with a hug. Feeling the door against your back, you were glad you closed it in time else you two would’ve fallen over. “Yer late, y’know that? You got some nerve takin’ this long ‘n’ makin’ the Great Mammon wait and-”
You tried to push him off so you could look at his face but he was unusually silent as he stared at you with wide eyes. Completely still, the only thing that changed was his reddening cheeks.
After a couple of pokes to his cheek - his skin burned under your touch - he shook his head as he linked arms with you, haphazardly pulling you towards his room. The silence was becoming unnerving as he fixed his gaze to the ground, almost walking into a wall had you not pulled him away last minute.
Eventually you asked him if he was alright.
“Did ya mean that?”
“Mean what?” You tilted your head as Mammon closed the door to his room.
“You called this place home.”
You hummed curiously as you tried to rack your memory. “Oh, yeah I guess I did. You just make this place comforting.”
“Don’t say stuff like that without warnin’!” Mammon complained, shaking his head furiously.
You laughed at his flustered state as you took the initiative to put on a movie. Settling back beside him with the two of you under a blanket, Mammon found his gaze settled on you instead of the screen. How your being emanated a comforting warmth through the blanket, your weight against him grounding him. He found himself agreeing with you. This really is home.
Tumblr media
Obey Me! Masterlist
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luxthestrange · 28 days
Obey me!Memes #173
Tumblr media
Luci"Ah yes me, My Human, and My Giant Hellhound..."
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Random NSFW Demon Brothers headcanons
Just random kinky nsfw headcanons for the brothers.
Minors don't interact!
CW: GN!MC, overstimulation, bondage, semi-public, possesiveness, impact play, size kink, somnophilia, degradation.
This man is a fucking Tease™️
He loves to tie you up and edge you for hours
Watching you cry tears of pleasure and hearing you beg for him to go faster strokes his pride, knowing it's all for him alone, cock twitching inside you
Watching your helpless expression as you can do nothing else but take what he has to give activates his sadism
He doesn't let you cum until you're so overstimulated you can't string coherent phrases together, and you're sobbing in frustration because you're desperate to cum
It's not until that moment that he pounds into you and he allows you to cum, filling you up with his seed
Now he's done teasing you. Now he'll properly fuck you 😈
Clingy af
This man is so in love with you, he never gets enough of you
Can go multiple rounds in one go
Like, you've just finished fucking for the third time, ready to rest, and you'll feel Mammon rubbing his tip against your ass. 'Again? Already?' 'You know I can never get enough of ya. Now come on, don't keep me waiting'
Boy's a switch, leaning towards sub
Loves to pound into you, hearing how great he makes you feel, of course you would enjoy the Great Mammon fucking you senseless
Absolutely melts when you dominate, even more if you're a soft dom and praise him, telling him how much of a good boy he is for you
Will cuddle with you after, and he's not letting go, so good luck with that
Most ppl think he's a sub through and through, but I think he's a switch
It's canon that he likes degradation, but I think he would be so soft for praise too, give the poor boy some praise 😭
Sub and shy most of the time, but every now and then he gets jealous of how much time you spend with his brothers
Then it's like a switch flips off and he gets possesive over you, grip hard enough to bruise on your hips as he pounds into you as hard as he can
' You've spent a whole lot of time with my brothers lately, forgetting about me' he says as he harshly fucks you, sensation bordering on painful 'And that... Is just. Not. Fair.'
Watches anime and hentai, so he's probably into cosplay of whatever fictional couple he's into
But he would not dare ask, so you surprise him one day with a sexy cosplay of his favorite character and he actually thinks he's having a heart attack
He's the embodiment of 'gentleman on the streets, devil on the sheets'
Wear. Cat. Ears. It will drive him crazy, even more if you go all the way and add a bell collar with a leash, and a tail butt plug. Instant hard on
He will pull on your leash and choke you as he fucks you from behind (probably on Lucifer's desk bc its Satan)
Don't know why, but I feel like he'd be into impact play
He'd love to hear your whimpers as he is seeing your ass turn red from his hand/paddle. He gets to release frustration, and pleasure you at the same time
His pounds are hard, his pace merciless, but he still makes you feel loved; caressing your hair from behind, pausing for a sec to tenderly kiss the back of your neck, and keep going, to make sure you're alright
Likes a position where he can see your face as you orgasm, loving how needy you look for him, and him alone, loves to see your face contort in pleasure
He can go rough on you from time to time, but is the king of aftercare, always making sure you feel loved and comfortable as he kisses your temple 💚
He has no shame
And I mean he's shameless. He would do whatever, whenever, wherever, consequences be damned, and the worse, he will act innocent, as if he's not doing anything
As you walk down the hallways, he always slap your ass as you walk by, smirking at you as you turned around flustered. Or casually rubbed circles with his thumb on your inner thigh during class, seemingly focussed on what the teacher was saying, sly whisper of a smile on his lips.
He also liked to send you videos of himself, especially on counsel meetings, where he could see your fluster and feel your lust spike up across the room
You always ended up on a deserted classroom, tightly holding onto each other as Asmo's fingers slowly stroked you as he steadily pumped into you, hitting that sweet spot over and over again
You try to stifle your moans, afraid someone might hear, but he spurs you on, wanting to hear you moan for him, he doesn't care if anyone hears
In fact, if anyone hears the better. He might invite them over too~
Big boy
Size kink, but not for the reason you'd think. Soft boy loves to be on top of you and feel how much bigger than you he is, feeling you're protected in his embrace (love how soft he is 😭)
That being said, he also loves to completely rearrange your insides. He'd hold both hands above your head, lacing your fingers together, as he drove his cock deep inside you, filling you to the brim
Food isn't the only thing he has poor impulse control over. When he's hungry for you, he doesn't control it, he wants it then, and there
Not as shameless as Asmo about it, but will show you how desperate for you he is. 'Please MC, let's go somewhere. I need you. Please.' He'll whisper into you as he nibbles on your ear
Sleepy sex ™️
Consensual somnophilia (you earlier discussed that he could use your body if you were ever asleep/vice-versa). He loved both the feeling of waking up by the pleasure of being sucked into your mouth, and the expressions you made whenever you woke up with his cock inside you
Bratty switch. As the avatar of sloth, he'd rather you be on top and do most of the work. He loved to see you bounce on top of him, losing yourself to the pleasure, digging your nails onto his chest, slapping your ass for you to go faster
Once in a while he will have the urge to pound you into the mattress, pulling your hair, and degrading you as he does so
'Look at you, my masochistic little slut. You love it when I fuck you like this. Don't bite your lip, let me hear your squeals as I fuck you as hard as I can like this.'
Masterlist | Pt. 2
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littleredstrawbery · 2 months
How do you sleep at night?
Just my headcanons on the demon brother’s sleeping habits <3 enjoyyyy
When he’s sleeping on his own, he sleeps in the very centre of the bed, on his back. He goes to bed in that position and wakes up in that position.
I partially say that because I think it’s funny, and partially because he has trouble sleeping, and he lays awake for hours sometimes before he goes to bed, and as he lies awake he stares at the ceiling of his bedroom. He definitely finds it difficult to turn his brain off, and he can’t stop stressing about his brothers and his work :(
He finds it much easier to sleep with MC in the bed. Somehow they calm him down and it allows him to relax :)
He sticks to one side of the bed and still lies on his back (psychopath) but he likes it when MC lies next to him and he’ll sometimes put an arm around them and pull them into his side.
He understands having your own space though, so some nights it’s just a goodnight kiss, lights off, and sticking to your own sides all night. He doesn’t mind either way though.
He moves around a lot in his sleep. Quite often he wakes up to see his duvets on the floor, which is annoying because he doesn’t like having to make his bed.
He snores AND he talks in his sleep; once Levi and Asmo hid a phone with a sleep talk recorder app by his bed and they listened back to it in absolute hysterics.
Most of it was snoring, the occasional fart, and then the rest of it was him incoherently muttering and mumbling about a variety of topics. Some of it was about money (they heard ‘Goldie’ quite a bit) of course lots of it was about MC (they did not hesitate to tease him about this) and then there were also a couple mentions of his brothers.
He would be annoying af to sleep in the same bed as. He’s SUPER clingy, like you go to bed and he’s wrapped around you like a koala (it’s kinda cute tbf) but then you wake up at 3am and he’s snoring obnoxiously loudly into your ear. You can’t get him off though, so you’ll just have to deal with it lol.
You don’t mind it too much though, because somehow he helps you sleep better than you ever have. Somehow you both slept in until 13PM once (Lucifer was not happy) but it’s because his bed is so comfy (and so is he)
This man sleeps in a bathtub.
He has back issues - serious back issues like he is a gamer AND he sleeps in a bathtub (sorry I’m not getting over that) so that gives him something else to complain about at breakfast
Other than the bathtub thing, he sleeps pretty normally. He does go to bed pretty late though, and his sleep schedule is a bit all over the place. Somehow it doesn’t affect him that much though (he lives off of sugary energy drinks- doesn’t like coffee that much)
He doesn’t really like sharing the bed with people, as he prefers his own space (clearly- bathtub???) but he doesn’t mind sharing with MC.
He does stick to his side of the bed and if you want any physical intimacy you’d have to initiate it yourself, because he’s never sure whether he should or not. Overall he’s nice to sleep with if you like personal space.
Again, terrible sleeping schedule. He reads, what do you expect? He does sleep pretty normally though, apart from sleep talking occasionally.
However he is the type to keep books at the end of his bed, piling them up and up until one day he pulls his duvet over him a little sharply, and he hears a loud crashing sound as all of the books go tumbling to the floor (yes I am basing this off of my own experiences)
He is almost ideal to share a bed with. He has no annoying sleeping habits and is happy to keep to himself or spoon, whatever you prefer.
However, he still stays up reading even when you want to go to bed; like it’s 12AM and you’re tired, but when you ask him to turn the lamp off and put his book away, it’s ‘Yeah, just let me finish the chapter, okay? and then 30 minutes later he’s still reading.
He also refuses to move the books at the end of the bed, even at your request. ‘I want to know which ones I’m reading though!’ ‘Write a list or something!’ ‘This way is easier though.’ He was pretty annoyed when you put them all away on his shelves, but he forgave you pretty quickly after you took him to a cat cafe.
He has a long skin-care, hair-care, everything-care night routine- but he is a normal sleeper. Mostly.
He takes his beauty sleep very seriously, and always gets 10 hours of sleep. This is hard to maintain with his party habits, but he manages somehow.
He prefers sleeping with someone else than on his own (of course) especially if that someone is MC.
He is extremely clingy, like next level. It gets annoying sometimes, but he says that he can’t help it when he’s asleep!
Even when you go to sleep on separate sides of the bed, for example if you’ve had a fight, you’ll wake up to him tucked into your side, arms wrapped around you. It’s so cute you almost forgive him for using up the extra expensive shampoo you had just bought (for yourself!) all in one go.
His bed is filled with crumbs and stuff because he eats in his bed all the time, so that’s a bit gross.
Other than that he sleeps relatively normally. He gets up in the middle of the night quite often, as he gets really hungry and has to get a snack from the kitchen. Sometimes he even does this while sleepwalking, and he wakes up in front of the fridge so confused, poor boy :(
When sleeping with MC, he finds that he can ignore his hunger and he stops sleepwalking and waking up in the middle of the night :)
He doesn’t move around in his sleep a whole bunch, so he’s nice to hug as you fall asleep. Like a big teddy bear or smth
His whole personality is already sleeping what else is there to say
Jokes aside, he sleeps anywhere and everywhere, he doesn’t snore or sleep talk and is generally silent when he sleeps (creepy)
When he’s sleeping with MC he is extra clingy, literally he latched onto your side or arm or whatever and you can’t shake him off once he’s fallen asleep.
He’s a nightmare to get out of bed in the morning though, and you often have to literally pull him out of bed to wake him up.
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mammons-hubby · 6 months
Hiii love your writing :D So at this point many of us know the "Human needs certain amount of hugs a day" fact but i love it with brothers so much shjss
So imagine Satan suddenly finding this fact but misreading it and thinking something bad will happen to their human if they don't get required amount of hugs per day (can make it angst/comfort), how would the brothers (and other if it's not too much) react to that and what will they do?
You can change scenerio if it doesn't fit just thought I'll give the idea to go off of
Thanks a lot for this prompt! I'll try my best to deliver!
Hug your human or consequences will follow!
The brothers believe Mc will fall ill if they don't get at least one hug a day! How do they cope with this information?!
While he obviously knows this is impossible, the anxiety kills him.
Yes, hugs are important, but you shouldn't fall ill if you don't get them.
Right?.... Humans don't fall ill from that.
He refuses to believe the info, but you are gonna catch him being way more affectionate, and giving you small hugs every day.
When you ask him about this, he will absolutely deny everything.
"Whatever do you mean Mc? Haven't I always pampered you?"
You push him further and he spills his guts.
You start laughing uncontrollably, and he tenses, how could he even believe that stupid nonsense?!
Please hug this man and pamper him a little, his pride is destroyed (He will have a few words with Satan afterwards.)
Goes straight to your room and doesn't let you go.
Will hug you every time he sees you, while being a blushing mess.
"H-huh?! Why am I hugging ya?... D-don't worry about it, be pleased that you're receiving the great Mammon's hugs!"
He once forgot for a day to hug you.
Literally ran to find you, eyes red and puffy from crying, he was so worried you were gonna fall ill!
You worriedly ask him what's wrong and he says he forgot to give you a hug.
????? Confusion ensues
"H... Huh? What do you mean you won't die if I don't give you a hug?!"
Feels so embarassed.
He will keep on hugging you daily, do not mention this little incident or he will turn red as a tomato.
Actually reluctant to believe it.
Until he remembers one of the animes he watched had that exact same plot!
and the main love interest falls in a coma because the protagonist didn't believe the warning!
Goes to find you so fast
you don't understand why is he so alarmed.
Suddenly, he opens his arms, and gives you a tight hug!
Very tight, you can't breathe.
You feel his whole body shaking, and after the two longest seconds of your life, he pulls away and starts sprinting to his room.
¨That was too much physical contact!!! And I have to do that every day?!¨
He actually tries his best not to faint every time he gives you a hug, fails a couple of times.
When you ask him what is going on and he responds, you are very nervous to tell him that you going ill is false.
You do it anyway.
He goes straight to his room and shuts himself.
Go inside and give him some hugs yourself! Tell him that you appreciate the effort!
Actually the one who found the information.
Was extremely shocked, humans can actually fall ill because they don't recieve physical affection?
He knew humans were extremely emotional and fragile creatures, but this was too much.
Goes out of his way to hug you at least once a day anyway.
Also kisses your cheek everytime he sees you, as the article mentioned affection in general.
Extremely flustered but will try to keep his cool.
When you act weirded out, Satan goes back to read the article with the info.
...Everything seems okay, perhaps he should ask you instead?
No, he can do it himself.
Starts reading books and books, and a lot of articles to find out what's actually going on.
When he discovers it is good for mental health he is relieved.
But when he discovers you aren't gonna die or fall extremely ill, well, he felt...embarassed.
Will keep on doing it, because he loves you, and makes him happy (Tell him it also makes you happy too! You will see him blush, a cute sight.)
The only one who knows that fact is fake.
Did you think The avatar of lust would not know about this fact if it were true?
He has slept with countless humans, and knows quite a lot about them. Not all, but enough to know this isn't true.
Some very lonely people have summoned him after all, people who didn't get hugged even by their own mothers!
That's very sad, anyway-
Will use it as an excuse to hug you in front of the brothers without them getting jealous (They will get jealous, but they won't be able to say anything without blowing their own covers)
You will not notice anything out of the ordinary honestly, he is the same as always.
Extremely worried.
He hasn't given you hugs recently hasn't he? Have you been getting hugs anywhere?
Thinks you may fall ill at any times so he goes straight to your room and wraps you up in a bear hug.
Doesn't let you go until he thinks your hug deficency has been reversed.
Will hug you every day, at anytime he finds free. He will even have you on his lap while eating, hugging you with one arm while devouring his food.
Once he was out of the house almost all day, the moment he stepped inside the house of lamentation, he went to find you and enveloped you in his embrace.
Beel is sweaty, you ask him what's wrong.
¨I'm giving you your daily dose of hugs.¨ ... ¨What? You aren't gonna fall ill if you don't get hugs?¨
Once he knows this, he breathes a sigh of relief, and hugs you again, this time more tenderly.
¨You got me worried. I'm glad you're safe¨
Will keep on hugging you daily, it has become a habit!
He acts like he isn't scared but deep down he feels the anxiety on his bones.
Will not go running to you, he will just walk around the house until he finds you.
Lazily gives you a hug, and cuddles you.
Because of the frequency of his hugs, you don't really realize anything off with it, just the usual cuddly and clingy Belphie.
He mostly gives you back hugs, if you're shorter than him he will gently rest his head atop of yours.
If you're taller, he will nuzzle his head on your back.
After the truth comes out, he feels relieved, will not chase you around anymore, but will still hug you.
Snuggles, snuggles...Belphie's love language.
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amaya-writes · 2 months
Obey Me Brothers Reacting To You Kissing Them/Their Neck When They're On A Call
Part Two: Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Notes: SO i saw the tiktok prank and I was thinking you know what? it's been a while since I've written for OM, and I love writing posts like these, so might as well!
Characters involved: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
Lucifer's the one who's most likely actually be on an important call, which is why when he feels you come up to him and wrap an arm around his waist he knows something's up but chooses to not speak to you yet.
It's only when he feels you break away from your quick little embrace (that you only did in an attempt to make your success rates higher and actually be able to kiss him) that Lucifer turns to you with a stern glare.
However, no amount of glaring could have stopped you from placing a quick peck on his lips before racing out of the room to hide in your bedroom for the remainder of the day.
This obviously wasn't a very effective plan.
After a moment of dazed confusion and clearing his throat even as a soft blush dusted his cheeks, Lucifer couldn't help but internally coo at your cuteness, however, he was quick to return to his conversation the second Diavolo stopped speaking and asked why he had suddenly gone quiet.
Once he's done with his call Lucifer is quick to abandon his office to go find you.
He isn't as mad as you thought he would be, and actually just teases you about it.
"If you craved my attention that badly you could have just asked, darling."
For once he doesn't bother with any punishments, and the two of you either end up cuddling for a bit before he needs to return to work or he drags you to his office and the two of you just hang out while he works.
Lucifer might be a little annoyed when he finds out you weren't actually being cute but trying to be a menace, but he finds it easy to forgive you after an hour or two of hanging out with you in his office.
In fact, he makes a bargain with you that as long as you spend time with him in his office more often, then he won't punish you.
Unlike Lucifer, who tends to be on calls for important things, Mammon is on calls when he's arguing with people.
More specifically, people from his work as a model or someone he owes money to.
This usually results in him being pretty loud and annoyed, probably pacing around and running a hand through his hair as he tries to both settle the situation and let out his anger.
However, once he notices you hesitantly approaching him he can't help but wrap an arm around you or play with your hand while he talks.
If you make it clear that his loudness or just being around him when he's arguing with someone is getting to you then he's quick to let you go so you can wait on his bed or couch until he's done with the call.
But if you're fine with it and still try going through with the prank then Mammon will all but freeze the second he feels your lips on his.
For a second he can't even process what happened, but then the other person starts saying his name so he can't help but snap back to the conversation, but this time his voice is lower.
Might even lean in to steal a quick peck while the other person speaks.
Your kiss helps calm Mammon during his argument, and unlike normal, he finds himself easily wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his side, seeking comfort in your embrace while he sorted out the issue.
Once he's done with the call he goes into Great Mammon mode and brags about how you of course needed kisses from him.
But what he doesn't talk about is how much your presence helps calm him and how it's nice to know that you sometimes miss him and his kisses/touch just like he does you.
Mammon actually knows about this prank, because he's an avid user of Deviltok, but he doesn't think that you were taking part in the prank which is why once you tell him it was a prank he gets pretty pouty.
Levi doesn't do calls. He just doesn't. If it's his brothers, he'll just text them or at most send a voice message (that he will probably delete once they hear it) but calls are a big no.
However, he does keep his mic on during games that he needs it in, which is why that's the closest thing to a call you can get.
When Levi's in a game he also gets very distracted which means this is the only time you can get away with being physically close to him without him jumping away in alarm.
So when you initially wrap your arms around him and bend down to nuzzle into his neck Levi's first instinct might have been to jump up in his gaming chair, but he's quick to relax and get back into his game once he realises he's just you.
Is he blushing like crazy? Of course. But does that mean he's going to let himself die so that the squad can blame him? Hell no!
You'll have to wait until he finishes that round and is going to start a new one before kissing him, because otherwise you might risk distracting him and making him lose.
When Levi does feel you kiss his neck he's quick to jump up in surprise and whisper-whine about it, yet he also can't risk getting caught by his teammates so he has to be sort of quiet as he tries to reason with you.
Once he can actually unmute Levi's quick to go on a rant about how you could make him lose, but place a kiss or two on his lips and ask him about what he's playing and all is forgiven.
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Mephistopheles, flirting with Mc: Did it hurt?
Mc: What?
Mephistopheles: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Lucifer, sliding an arm protectively around Mc: It didn’t because I was there to catch them.
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