herzspalter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"This is my favourite part~"
Reading time for this fantastic rarepair one of my Patrons asked for! This was so much fun hehehe
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si3art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Diavolo and Doppio are having a moment❤️
☆Lineart drawn by @artist-kapri ☆
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aporcelainphantom · 2 days ago
Part of a collab 💞
Obey Me! Diavolo
CW: Female reader, f receiving oral, vaginal sex, nsfw, size kink, I think it lacks pronouns for the reader but the term “good girl” is used, implied breeding kink
Tumblr media
You loved days like these, no homework, no stress, just tea made by Barbatos that never ran out, and Diavolo practically worshipping you between the paperwork he was reading through. Pussywhipped was an understatement to describe how the prince was for you. You, his perfect little human.
It never took too long before Barbatos would stop coming in. He knew better. One didn’t even need to be observant to tell how badly Diavolo was craving you. Your legs mindlessly draped over his lap would soon lead to his hands petting along your skin, tracing and teasing higher and higher until the ruler of the Devildom was on his knees in front of you.
“MC, my beloved, my everything” he said, his voice quiet as his hands separated your legs, his lips leaving desperate kisses as he made his way up them “you’re so good to me, so sweet” he nearly whines, looking up at you.
You can’t help but run your hands through his hair, cupping his face in your hands as he looks up at you as though you’re the center of the entire world.
He kisses your mound over your panties, soon hooking his fingers over the band, sliding them down, groaning with pleasure just from the sight of your pussy. A giggle leaves your lips as you watch him “my Lord, you look more pleased than a child left to their own devices in a toy store” your tease, a low chuckle rumbling in his chest as he shakes his head “MC, my sweetest treat, you know you never need to address my by proper title” her reminds you, you fingers gliding through your slit, gently starting to play with your clit. “I know darling” you began, a moan cutting through you “however, I quite enjoy having such a powerful man on his knees for me”.
He chuckles, placing a kiss on your clit before his lips surround it, gently sucking and flicking his tongue, your fingers in his hair and the sweet, sweet noises that fell from your lips driving him. He moans against your bud, his tongue diving inside your hole as his large hands hold your thighs, his thumbs gently rubbing them.
Like a man possessed he buried himself between your legs, licking and sucking as though it was the only thing keeping him alive, soon adding two of his thick fingers, your climax bringing him nearly as much pleasure as he desperately licks you clean before sliding a third finger in.
“You’re such a good girl, you’re my everything. I just need to make sure you’re completely ready” he coos, his tongue lapping at your clit again.
“Dia, I need you so badly” you whine, the sweet sounds making his cock throb against his slacks, the fabric straining against it.
“I know sweetest, let me just get one more from you, okay? I promise I’ll fuck you until this couch breaks after if you want” he promises, the moan from your lips enough confirmation for him as he pumps his fingers, scissoring them inside, making sure his sweetest darling, his perfect human, is ready.
Only moments after he slips his third finger in, you feel yourself reaching your high again, even more intense than the last time, hips desperately riding against him as you soak his face and hand.
Through your babbled pleas, he nods, kissing you deeply as he quickly removes his own clothing, his large, perfectly sculpted body towering over you as he pumps his cock in his hand, bending down for another kiss
“Are you ready my sweetest?” He asks, your frantic nodding serving as confirmation as he positions your body on the couch, a moan falling from his lips purely from the sight of your body.
He couldn’t deny either of you any longer, patting the fat head of his cock on your mound before carefully sliding it in, hissing as you stretch perfectly around him.
You could swear you saw stars every time he fucked you. The way he split you open, his cock filling every inch of you as he tried so hard to be careful. But how much control could he manage when he was inside his absolute perfect MC? When your pussy pulled him in, feeling as desperate as he was?
It didn’t take long before he bottomed out, cursing under his breath as you gasped, your tits bouncing with the movement. “You always look so beautiful when I fill you like this, did you know that? You look absolutely perfect” he praises, his pace slow to make sure he doesn’t hurt you.
You’re his everything. His most precious treasure. And he needed to make sure you were well taken care of.
You were so small beneath him, it drove him mad. It doesn’t take long before he’s speeding up, kissing your neck and playing with your clit to help bring you as much pleasure as he could. The lewd sounds spilling from your lips letting him know you were enjoying the moment as well.
Though he’d always manage to pull plenty of orgasms from you, he always worried he wasn’t lasting long enough. But with the way your pussy drained him, pulling every last drop of cum from him, he never stood a chance.
He would always cum where you wanted, he insisted that you get exactly what you wanted, spoiling you even with this, though his favorite was always to fill you up, spilling his cum inside of you.
His aftercare was always loving and lavish. Hot baths, more kisses than you could imagine, your favorite treats, he never hesitates to pamper you.
After all, you, his perfect MC, has him wrapped around your finger.
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mimi-the-lucifer-stan · 2 days ago
One sentence prompts.
Diavolo #3 "Why are you naked?"
Adult content, read at your own risk. Not beta read.
     "The young master is in his chambers." Barbatos gave a small bow and began to lead you to his room.
     You weren't sure why you were meeting there. It seemed like a very odd choice.
     As if he could tell what you were thinking, Barbatos gave a polite smile, "He is running behind today." He opened the door and waited for you to enter, closing the door after himself. The lord would have to speak to you as he finished dressing today, as not to get behind so quickly.
      A side door opened and you could here Diavolos voice carrying, asking the butler where a certain tie went.
       At first, it doesn't even register. He is absolutely gorgeous, arms flexing and muscles rippling as he stretches exiting his closet. A laugh leaving him as Barbatos enters what must be the closet to track down the tie in question. It isn't until he steps closer and shoots you a wide smile, asking how you are this morning that you notice.
     Diavolo is as bare as the day he was born.
     Demons didn't care about naked bodies. They didn't feel shame or embarrassment. Modesty was something only angels and humans believed in.
     "Mc, are you feeling alright today?" The Prince gave you a concerned look as he turned to grab his phone from the nightstand. Your eyes wide as dinner plates and darkening cheeks must had been a reminder. "Ah, nakedness." He chuckled.
    "Why are you naked?" You blurted it out as you tore your eyes away from Diavolo sinfully perfect body. It just wasn't fair how frigging hot he was.
      "It's my bedroom, Mc." He reminded. "I've right to be in whatever state of dress I choose." He moved to sit on a couch in front of a small coffee table. "Plus, I've no indication you truly minded it. Even still." You could hear the smile on his lips. "Now either come sit down and we can talk, or I can continue to yell across the room."
      You held your eyes closed and head turned to his bedroom door. How the fuck were you supposed to sit across from him and NOT look? To pretend that the crown Prince wasn't naked and every part of his just there to look at?!
     "Although I do like the idea of having to stand next to you and whisper in a state of complete undress." His warm lips brushed your ear and you couldn't stop the small whimper that left you. "Perhaps I could undress you as well, just to make things fair."
      You felt one of your buttons pop open on your uniform and your heart nearly jumped out of your chest.
      "I still don't understand humans as much as I would like. Is it religion or something more that makes you all so nervous about your flesh. It is just a vessel. Your souls are safe inside of it." His hand slipped down to grip your ass tightly as his other popped another button.
     "Your tie, Mi'lord." Barbatos had entered and hung it casually on the bed post. "I do ask that you stop teasing the human and get ready for the day. At this point, you'll need to reschedule your appointment with Mc if you are to make it to the council meeting on time."
     A deep sigh left the Prince as he rested his head on yours. "Seems as if I will have to pick up my line of questioning again sometime." He turned your face up to his, a playful smirk and eyes greeted you as he pressed a quick kiss to your cheek. "Run along, Mc, or Barbatos may get the broom and shoo you out. He is determined I keep a solid schedule."
       All you could do was awkwardly march to the door and leave.
      "Mc is quite adorable when they are flustered, are they not, Barbatos?"
      "Perhaps the flustering can happen on a day where you are not so busy."
      "Spoil sport." Diavolo smirked as he began to dress for the day.
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diavolosbaby · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kpop MC getting shipped with Diavolo by their fans
-----------------------------------------------Cheers could be heard as you walked up on stage. You were waving and blowing kisses to your shrieking fans. As you sat down, you prepared to answer all the questions they had for you. This was a q&a after all.
One after another you answered flawlessly, like a perfect kpop idol should. Responses that would make your fans crave more, make them love you more, you know, keep your reputation. 
One particular question threw you off guard, though.
“Are you and Lord Diavolo dating?” 
You pause for a moment before shielding your eyes. That was what you were taught to do when a question regarding your love life came up, to be cutesy and innocent. But this was no act, it was real. You were embarrassed as you thought more on how to answer the question.
Excited shrieks could be heard when you finally answered. 
“That would be nice wouldn’t it! But no we are not. Not yet anyway!”
The crowd went feral. The idea of their beloved idol getting into a relationship with the future king of hell? It was exciting! 
Something happened you didn’t expect, though. Diavolo walked on stage. This was planned.
As he came over to you and hugged you and even placed a kiss on your head, you felt as if you were going to faint. The fans chanted a mix of you and Diavolo’s name. They were loving this. 
You were frozen in time, all you could do was smile and laugh and nod your head. Another fan asked Diavolo a question when he sat down and got situated, it seemed as though your manager had gone behind your back with this one. 
“What do you think about MC?”
“Well, I love them with the entirety of my heart. Just as much as I love my kingdom. Whether that love is romantic or not is a mystery to you all! Keep guessing!”
Again, the shrieks of excitement got louder and louder. At that response you couldn’t help but lock eyes with Diavolo and smile. 
Your manager motioned for you from the sidelines, you said your goodbyes and gave all of your fans a farewell.
“Perfect. That was perfect MC! Fans will soak this up!”
You smiled and nodded, feeling a bit lightheaded. Diavolo was behind you and he seemed to be having a grand time. 
You knew he watched all of your performances through a Live feed. You appreciated him for it. You thought it was cute. But appearing at one of your performances? Let alone on stage with you?
He leaned in close and asked if people truly thought you two were dating. 
You were kind of scared of his thoughts on this. What if he didn’t like the thought of that? Or are those kinds of rumors bad for his reputation? Oh god. You only thought about you instead of how Diavolo would be affected by this. 
“Oh Diavolo I’m so sorry I should have thought more about my response. Rumors of the future king and some kpop idol being together can’t be good for politics..”
Diavolo let out a hearty laugh while crossing his arms. He truly thought it was hilarious how you were taking this so serious.
“I love the idea!”
You were puzzled and he could tell. 
“I mean, how exciting is that! Us being together! And the way you made it sound like you were interested in me! Well now I have to play the game too! Oh oh I'll have to make it believable! This will be a ball!”
You couldn’t help but smile. He was sweet. 
“I have something that will really get them talking! Let’s match! Follow me, I must have something for you!”
“There are already edits being made! I’ve saved every one I can find! Isn’t this amazing MC? Oh, another ship account has followed me!” You could hear his exclamations of excitement fading away the farther he got. Wanting to get to his castle so he could give you his jacket or something.
He was so silly. Silly enough to not be able to tell that you weren’t putting on an act for your reputation. Silly enough to not realize your feelings for him.
I hope you enjoyed this @imsleepybibi , sorry it took so long!
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Can’t stop thinking about them
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devildom-doll · 2 months ago
Look how far they have come 💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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corpsoir · 3 months ago
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i made a couple of tarot inspired vento aureo drawings!! by far my favourite little project i've done so far :)
the rest of them can be found here!
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antiomnia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The Council ⨹
alt title: when the popular girls at school are talking about you
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kacchans-waifu · 3 months ago
tan obey me boys appreciation post
masterlist | requests
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
mammon, simeon, and diavolo
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kibu-me · 5 months ago
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The worst side of myself.
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hazynic · 8 months ago
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I need fluffy baba dia
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Tumblr media
The Big Three in Winter ❄️
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katsueiwasaki · 2 months ago
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This is what i want to have with my siblings but its fcking reality :)
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tom-foolery-incorporated · 22 days ago
All for me?
Tumblr media
    >AFAB! Gender-neutral! Reader, virgin!reader, shy!reader, neurodivergent coded!reader, Diavolo being an ass, corruption kink, deflowering, mutual masturbation, vaginal penetration, romantic sex, dirty talk, mentions of tickling, demon form, size kink, oral, squirting, unsafe sex (condoms are great you should use them xoxo), soft!Diavolo, horns make great handle bars, fingering, finger sucking
  Your relationship with Diavolo was a slow one. You had only started daring near the end of your first year at RAD and now, in your second year, people could hardly tell that you two were dating. You were always the shy one, never really wanting to rock the boat, but the Devildom had made you slightly more confident. But still, you were never really confident in the relationship department. You'd never really dated anyone for this long, it was usually a short fling with a couple of dates then nothing. You remember never really being the most desirable person when you were in high school so relationships came second to everything else in your life. It felt strange, really, having Diavolo dote over you. He'd rarely do so in public, royal image and all that, but in private the way he'd hold you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear made you antsy.
        Diavolo never got to hold you for long, your skin would feel overwhelmingly tingly and hot from his touch. It was as if bugs made from hot irons were crawling all over your skin. You couldn't tell if it was a good or bad feeling but you did know that it was a strange and new sensation that made you want to run away. It was kind of difficult, Diavolo always wanted to hold you with your legs draped across his and your head on his chest but it almost burned to be held like that. The sadness was evident on Diavolo's face when you'd move off of his lap to instead sit next to him with his arm draped across your shoulder. The tingling sensation never went away but was lessened when you did that.
         As time went on, you noticed how much touchier Diavolo was being. His hands slid from your shoulders to your waist, his touch lingered longer, and he spoke in a lower more quiet voice so you'd lean into him. It made your body light up like a house on fire but the burning sensation still remained. This sort of love made you feel like you were wrapped in comfort but also like you needed to throw up at any second. When Diavolo was courting you, he flooded you with gifts. You felt honored to receive such attention from the Prince but also guilty from how much attention and money he was wasting on you.
        "I'm not wasting anything if it's spent on you," Diavolo had told you one day over tea when you brought it up, "but if you wish for me to stop spoiling you then I will." The sadness was evident on his face. Still, he found different ways to show his affection. It was honestly amazing how dense you were at how strong he was coming on. You thought he just wanted to make the human feel comfortable but it wasn't until you spoke to Solomon that you realized he wasn't doing the same for the other exchange students. It took Solomon to beat you over the head with a hammer, figuratively speaking, for you to realize that the Prince was in love with you.
        Your life kind of became a fairy tale. The Prince falling in love with the commoner and spoiling them with riches and attention like straight from the pages of the Grimm Brothers. Yet, you could tell that Diavolo was getting antsy. Your quiet and reserved demeanor seemed to stir something up in him. It all led to you spending the night at his castle one time. Diavolo did his best to exemplify the mood of the room with wine and chocolates and soft music but you didn't seem affected.
        "Darling," Diavolo placed his wine glass down onto the ornate coffee table next to yours. You looked up at the prince through the top of your eyelids while your head rested against his shoulder. "Are you happy?" He carefully moved his arm to wrap around your waist so your head would rest against his broad chest. The bugs returned and crawled up and down your skin with their molten feet. "Yes," you replied, "why wouldn't I be?" Diavolo hummed, pleased at your words. "I just wanted to make sure." His fingers stroked up and down your sides making you squirm at the ticklish sensation. "Hm?" Diavolo looked down at you and how you seemed to wiggle away from his stroking, "is my little human ticklish?"
        That was a loaded question. No matter how you responded you were going to get tickled. Your brain turned its gears trying to come up with an answer that could save your mortal soul from being tickled but you took too long and Diavolo went ahead and danced his fingers up your sides anyway. You jerked with laughter as your body slowly drifted off of the couch and slumped onto the floor to escape his dangerous fingers. Joy was spread across Diavolo's face at your reaction. You pouted with your head resting on your lover's knee, your cheek squished against the bone. "Sweet little thing," Diavolo chuckled, "I wonder what other secrets you're keeping from me." You leaned your head back to look at Diavolo. His heart was hammering in his chest with how innocent your looked for him. "I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries," Diavolo's hand came to stroke your cheek, "but are you a virgin perhaps?"
        Heat ran through your veins at his question. You were but you didn't know how to answer his question without feeling like a loser. Here you were, an adult virgin. "You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable," Diavolo's face softened, "but just know that I do desire you in such a manner." You could feel a lump of heat swell in your chest at his words.
        "You do?"
        "Of course," there was a purr in Diavolo's voice, "I only wish to bring you pleasure like none you've experienced before."
        You shivered at his words. "Well," you averted your gaze in embarrassment at what you were about to admit, "I've never, uhm, experienced pleasure like that before." Diavolo tried to keep the sly grin from creeping onto his face. He knew it, he could smell your virginity on your like a bouquet of roses. "You've never even touched yourself," Diavolo's voice took on a sultry tone, "not even down there?" You felt like your face was glowing with heat, "what-what do you mean?" You knew exactly what he meant but you couldn't believe what he was asking. "I mean," Diavolo guided you back up to the sofa so you were kneeling next to him on the fine cushions with your chin in his grip, "have you ever masturbated before?" You almost choked on your own spit trying to come up with an answer. "Y-yeash," you tried to say 'yes' and 'yeah' at the same time, "yes. I have. I mean, who hasn't?"
        "You've what?" Diavolo couldn't hide his teasing smile any longer. You pouted at how he was acting. "Now you're just teasing me." You tried to move away from Diavolo but a hefty hand took your in a firm grip, "I'm sorry, my love." Diavolo smiled with furrowed eyebrows, "you just looked so cute flustered like that. I promise I wasn't trying to be mean." You squeezed Diavolo's hand, "it just felt like you were making fun of me." Diavolo's face turned into one of concern, "oh darling! I promise I wasn't trying to be malicious!" He took your face in his hand, "I'm sorry for making you feel that way. It wasn't my intention." You pressed your face into his hand, the bugs continued to crawl all over you but it wasn't a bad feeling you realized.
        "My dear," Diavolo started staring into your eyes. His gaze burned but you tried not to look away. "I have to admit I had ulterior motives for inviting you over tonight." Your eyes scanned over his face in worry, what was he going to do? "I wish to have you," there was nothing but the upmost love in his eyes, "I want you to be writhing underneath me in pleasure. I want to bring you to peaks of ecstasy you never thought possible." You could feel your legs giving out at his words. You gripped the back of the sofa to steady yourself. "Me?" you asked. Diavolo tried not laugh at how cute the question was, "yes, my love, you." You couldn't hold back the whine of need that fluttered out of your throat. Diavolo's horns poked through his skin as his demon form overtook him from the sound of your needy whine. Your eyes widened in shock as you fell back against the sofa. Diavolo reached a hand out to stroke at your face, "I'm sorry, MC. You just do these things to me. I can hardly control myself when I'm around you." The nervousness began to rise throughout your body when you noticed the bulge beginning to make itself prominent behind the white piece of fabric over Diavolo's crotch.
        "We won't go any further if you don't want to," Diavolo said doing his best to control himself, "it's up to you." You nodded taking a large gulp of your own nervous saliva. "I think I'm ready," you said with your eyes never leaving the large bulge your lover held between his thighs. "You think or you know you are ready?" His eyes held a serious gaze that made you melt. He really did care about your well being. Diavolo would never go forward with any part of the relationship without you first giving your approval. You nodded, "I'm ready. But-" You tried to find your words under your lover's intense stare, "can we go to your bedroom first?" Diavolo hummed stroking the soft skin of your cheek, "of course, my dearest." Diavolo stood up, his impressive wings folded behind him while he held out a hand for you to take. You placed your own hand in his palm and he couldn't help but marvel at how small your hand looked in his mighty grip. Diavolo gingerly helped you off the couch, making sure your legs were steady enough to carry you before taking off in the direction of his bedroom.
        "My dear," Diavolo hummed pulling you closer so he could wrap his arm around your waist, "you said that you touch yourself. Might I ask how often and to what?" You groaned at his question, "that's so embarrassing!" "I just want to know so I can best please you. You don't have to answer if you don't want to." You huffed, your boyfriend was going to see all of you before you know it so why is this such an embarrassing question? "I, uhm, I don't know," you looked away from your boyfriend trying to keep your cool, "I don't really keep track." Diavolo hummed holding you closer as you both turned the corner down the hallway to his room, "and do you indulge in porn?" You held your mouth in your hand trying to find your words, "sometimes."
        Diavolo took a hold of the ornate door knob before swinging the door open and ushering you inside his luxurious room. The fourposter bed was like something out of your most extravagant dreams carved with images of dragons and monsters and adorned in silk. "Only sometimes?" Diavolo closed the door behind him, "and what do you think about when you don't watch porn?" You felt like a frying pan just hit you in the back of your head. You're now going to have to admit that you've touched yourself and orgasmed to the thought of the very demon you were about to make love to. "You," you said in your quietest voice. Diavolo smiled wickedly, "I'm sorry dear, I didn't hear you." You tried to force your voice to be louder, "you!" A chill ran through your body when you heard Diavolo swear under his breath. "I need you MC," Diavolo came up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, "I need your body to be mine." You couldn't help but rub your rear against the prominent bulge that was bumping up against you.
        Diavolo let out a low groan and held onto your hips. He started rocking his clothed cock against your clothed ass. Goosebumps rose on your skin at the way Diavolo moaned into your ear. "Would you take off those cursèd pants, my love?" Shyness overtook you once more at the thought of being naked in front of Diavolo. Humans were nowhere near as impressive as demons in their form. You wonder if he'd become disgusted with your body and change his mind.
         "My love?"
        Diavolo stopped grinding against you. He held your chin in his hand and pulled your head back so you would look at him.         "Are you okay? Do you need to stop?"
        "I just don't-" You didn't know how to explain yourself.
        "You don't want to continue?"
        "No! I do but I don't know how you'll-"
        "How I'll what?"
        "What you'll think of my body."
        Diavolo turned you around so he could better look at you. He held your face in both of his hands which managed to run the length of your head. "My sweet darling,"concern pooled in his eyes, "I love your body."
        "But you've never seen it."
        "I'm seeing it right now. Clothed or unclothed, I love your body. I love your body because it holds you and everything you are."
        Tears pooled in your eyes at how genuine his words were. Diavolo got onto his knees to better hold and comfort you. You wrapped your arms around his neck while the tears rolled down your cheeks. "I love you," you sniffled, "I love you." Diavolo wrapped his wings around your form and held you tighter. "We don't have to continue if you don't want to," Diavolo kissed your temple. "Just give me a quick second," you said wiping the tears from your eyes, "sorry for killing the mood." Diavolo continued to press kisses to your head, "you did no such thing. I want you to feel as comfortable and safe as you can with me." You pressed your hand to Diavolo's cheek and took his lips into a passion filled kiss.
        Delighted with the way you were taking charge, Diavolo kissed back with a firm grip on your hips. Your taste was intoxicating like the sweetest nectar he could find. Diavolo greedily took more of your lips into his, deepening the kiss and holding the back of your head with his right hand. You pressed your chest up to his. The feeling of bugs crawling all over you turned into a low burning heat that flooded your veins. You couldn't help the moan that poured out of your mouth and into your lovers. "My love," Diavolo spoke against your lips, "would you be so willing to strip for me?" You nodded at Diavolo's words but before you could pull away to do exactly what he asked, he held you firmly against his body. "I want you to use your words," Diavolo hummed, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. "I will. I'll-" you couldn't believe what you were going to say, "I'll strip for you." Diavolo practically purred at what you had said before letting you go. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, pulling his harem pants and the white cloth that covered his crotch down to reveal his cock. It stood at a good 9 inches with the girth of your wrist. It's head was throbbing red and leaking pre-cum like a broken fountain. His erection looked painfully neglected and he made that clear when his hand wrapped around the base and he hissed. Your eyes couldn't move away from how big his manhood was. His bottoms fell to his ankles and he unceremoniously kicked them away. A dark glint came to his eyes when he saw that deer in headlights look on your face.
        "Don't be afraid, MC," Diavolo stroked up his cock, pushing more pre-cum out of the already dribbling tip, "you don't have to take all of it." Your knees wobbled at the thought of having your boyfriend deep inside of you. Your fingers found their way to the button on your pants which you undid much to Diavolo's delight. Despite your inexperience at putting on a show of this kind for the viewing pleasure of another, Diavolo was thoroughly enjoying the way you undressed for him. Each stripped article of clothing revealed more and more of your body for Diavolo to gaze upon. He took his lip between his fanged teeth at the sight of your now nude body standing before him. His hand squeezed at the base of his cock making him groan. He did his best to hold back the cum he wanted to shoot all over your pure form.
        "Come here," Diavolo ordered releasing his cock from his death grip. You wobbly strode over to your lover who took your waist in his grip. His hands rubbed up and down your sides, massaging the fat of your hips and the hard bones of your ribs. You held your wrist up to your mouth, hushing your moans and sighs of pleasure. Diavolo held your rib cage in his hands with his thumbs pressing down on your nipples. You moaned at the new feeling of his thumbs rubbing circles against your sensitive chest. Diavolo pulled you closer until you could feel his breath against your ear. "So beautiful for me," he hummed into your ear, "I want to watch you touch yourself. I want to see how you look unraveling from your own fingers. Let me study your form as you please yourself to the thought of my cock gaping your pussy hole open." You moaned not only at his words but the way he pinched both of your nipples and pulled slightly before letting go. "Go ahead and lay up against the pillow," Diavolo held your knuckles to his lips, leaving kisses on each of the bony protrusions. You nodded before taking your leave to the other side of the bed and climbing onto the luxurious sheets and laying against the pillow with your knees to your chest. Diavolo climbed up the bed like a predator stalking its prey. The sight of him in such a state in his demon form made you shiver in what seemed to be a mix of fear and excitement.
        "Spread your legs, darling," Diavolo rested a hand on your knee while his other held his cock once again. You slowly opened your legs and you noticed the way Diavolo's eyes never left your core once you did so. Your clit was puffy and throbbing with need as your juices ran through your folds making them glisten. You were sure you were going to ruin the expensive sheets beneath you but Diavolo didn't seem to care. "Go ahead, MC," Diavolo licked his lips, "touch yourself for me." You bucked your hips against your hand when your fingers finally found their home on your neglected clit. "Dia!" You moaned out rubbing swift circles around your puffy nub. Diavolo grabbed the back of your thigh and pulled your leg back to get a better view of how your hole throbbed looking for something to plug it. Diavolo ran is large fingers around your hole, dipping the tips in teasingly just to test how tight you were. You moaned for him, your pussy making sloppy sounds as you rubbed your clit faster. "So gorgeous," Diavolo said mesmerized by how your fingers danced through your folds. His thumb held one of your pussy lips open so he could get a better look at how wet you actually were for him.
        "You," you moaned out, "you can finger me if you want." Diavolo could feel the hot blood pooling in his crotch at your debauched words. His innocent little MC was asking him, him to finger them? How could he say no to such a sweet request? Diavolo dropped your leg to hold your other pussy lip open while his other hand went to work rubbing at your throbbing hole. He ran the tip of his middle finger around the outside of your pussy hole, watching how it tried to grab onto him and pull his finger in. He then dipped a finger into you, careful not to be too forceful. The sound you made was like music to his ears. Diavolo swore he could hear a choir of angels coming from your mouth. He ran his middle finger along your gummy walls that he so longed to feel. You clenched around his finger, pulling the digit in further. Diavolo chuckled at how desperate your pussy ached to be filled. The pad of his finger ran all along your walls until he found that ribbed spot at the top of your pelvis. He pressed down experimentally causing your hips to raise and you to hump against his hand in pleasure. "Look at you," Diavolo hummed, "you're being so good." You whined at his praise while your fingers went back to work rubbing at your clit. Diavolo rubbed firm circles against your G-spot watching how your pussy throbbed and twitched in pleasure. Soon, he felt your hole tighten before a loud moan tore from your throat. Your thighs quivered and your fingers sped up chasing the highest point of your orgasm before they slowed down then stopped altogether. Juices pooled beneath your butt staining the silken sheets beneath you. Your chest was heaving from the wonderful orgasm your lover had so helped you achieve but Diavolo wasn't done just yet. He continued rubbing at your G-Spot, making you whine and twitch in over-stimulation. You pressed your hand to his face not sure if you were trying to push him away or hold onto him. He swiftly took your wet fingers into his mouth, tasting your sweet juices against your skin. Your other hand came to hold onto his horn, hoping to ground yourself in someway.
        Diavolo added another finger, scissoring your hole open before going back to abusing your G-Spot. You couldn't control how your hips twitched, bucked, and moved on their own against Diavolo's sweet torturous fingers. "Dia," you moaned out, "I have to pee!" You continued humping his fingers but despite your warning, Diavolo didn't let up. His pupils blew wide at what you had just said and his fingers worked faster. He pulled your own fingers from his mouth so his lips could wrap around your twitching clit. You yelped in sensitivity as both of your hands held, firmly onto Diavolo's horns. Your body felt hotter at the messy slurping sounds your boyfriend was making against your juicy cunt. Your body started spasming and Diavolo took that as his cue. He pulled his mouth away from your clit, holding his mouth open in front of your pussy. Suddenly a scream was pulled from your lips as juices erupted from your cunt, painting Diavolo's face in your orgasm. He did his best catching as much of your squirt as he could in his mouth but most of it landed on his face. His fingers slowed down, letting you ride out your orgasm until he pulled them out. He took note of how pruned his fingers were due to your sopping juices coating them.
        You could only lie there trying to catch your breath. Did you just squirt? Your eyes snapped open to see Diavolo's face coated in a slick liquid. "MC," he growled, licking your essence from his lips. "Dia!" You yelped, "I'm sorry I-" "I want you speared on my cock." Your abused cunt throbbed once again at his words making you twitch. "If I could," Diavolo said climbing over you, "I would have you like that all the time. Every morning I'd eat that delicious cunt until you squirted all over me just like that." "Diavolo," you breathlessly moaned at his words. His cock rested heavily against your pubic mound making you jolt your hips up.
        "Dia," you gasped, "g-give me a second!" Diavolo nodded resting his face against your neck. You could feel your juices leaving a damp mark on your skin where he rested. His firm hands gripped your hips, rubbing soft and gentle circles against your skin. Did you really just squirt? Not only that but did you really just squirt on Diavolo Prince of the Devildom's face while he finger fucked you? Your life had gotten so much more strange and wonderful since your time here. You ran your fingers through his crimson hair with your other arm draped over his shoulder. If you closed your eye for a second you could pretend that you had died and gone to heaven. Your heart rate started to steady and your cunt started to awaken once more, ready to take whatever Diavolo was going to put inside it.
        "I think-" you thought for a second then spoke again, "I'm ready to go again." Diavolo kissed up your neck, sucking in the tender skin before pulling back to look at your debauched form. "My sweet MC," Diavolo hummed before grabbing your thighs to pull around his waist, "you give me so much." You reached your hands up to wrap around his neck while his cock dragged lazily through your sloppy folds. You could feel the heat buzzing off of him like a furnace. His head caught your sensitive clit a couple times making you gasp and moan out his name. "Put it in me," you whined, desperate to finally have your boyfriend fill you. "Fuck, say that again," Diavolo cursed under his breath. You humped his manhood as it rubbed against your juicy cunt, "please Diavolo. I want it in me." Diavolo leaned down to your ear, nibbling the edge of the shell before speaking directly into it. "What do you want in you, darling?" You felt embarrassed saying it out loud but did so anyway, "I want your cock in me, Dia." Diavolo growled into your ear before pulling his hips back and easing his glorious manhood into you. Your eyebrows furrowed as your mouth gaped open at the feeling of being so stretched out. You're glad Diavolo had prepped you so well to take him. You were sure that he would not have been able to go in without a little bit of fingering before hand.
        Inch by inch, Diavolo pushed inside of you until he felt you could take no more. Your walls pulsed and quivered around his cock, sucking him in so greedily. Diavolo felt that he could die then and there and have fulfilled his life goals. He wanted to start rutting into you like a wild beast. He could imagine how your body would flop around like ragdoll around his mighty cock but Diavolo had to be careful. If he was to rough with your fragile human form he could seriously injure you. He hissed when he dragged his cock out of your warm cunt, your walls sliding along his girth so wonderfully. A soft moan of his name passed your lips while he gently thrusted back into your accommodating pussy. He held your thighs in a vice like grip, the fat squishing under his fingers in such a delicious way. Although Diavolo could never gain access, he assumed this is what heaven felt like. Your soft and pliable body laying beneath him so willing to take his cock in any way you can.
        "MC," Diavolo groaned at how you squeezed his cock, "may I kiss you?" You nodded eagerly at his request leaning your head back to open yourself up for his lips. Diavolo found his mouth against yours in a soft yet passionate kiss. He drank in every sound, every moan, every mumble of his name you'd give him. Soon, his pace sped up to a more steady rhythm of thrusting in and out of your hole. Your wet pussy made sloppy, sopping sounds with every entrance of his cock into you. Your nails dug into the muscle of his back as he pushed your legs up towards your chest in order to better angle his cock into you. Diavolo pulled from the kiss, enjoying the string of saliva that came with him and the fucked out look on your face. You were panting and moaning with your eyes glossed over with a look of lust. Diavolo took a picture of you with his mind hoping to save this moment into his memory for all eternity. "You look-" Diavolo grunted when you squeezed him just right, "you look so beautiful like this." You moaned out his name trying to kiss him once again. Instead, Diavolo dove to your neck taking the skin between his lips and sucking. He trailed kisses up and down the side of your neck, sucking, biting, then licking over where he bit.
        If you were in a less lust filled state you'd have to worry about hiding the hickies Diavolo left tomorrow but that would most likely hurt his feelings. Diavolo wanted to mark you. He wanted all of the three realms to know who you laid with and who you belonged to. He wanted everyone to know who finally corrupted the sweet, innocent human. You were finally all his now.
        Diavolo pulled back from your neck to admire the series of marks he had left. Your hands laid by your head taking fistfuls of the pillows behind you while your face was contorted into a grimace of absolute pleasure. Diavolo was torn between wishing he could show all of the Devildom how well he fucked you and keeping your expressions all for himself. He dropped one of your legs and snaked his hand to your clit, rubbing circles on the erect nub. You gasped out moans at the feeling of being both so full and so over-stimulated with pleasure. Diavolo's eyes never left your face drinking in every expression, every moan, every furrow of your eyebrows and every whine you made. Oh, how he loved when you would whimper let out from being so thoroughly fucked out on his cock.
         Diavolo gave you a sharp thrust that made your back arch and to his amazement, you managed to take all of his cock. "Look at that," Diavolo growled speeding up his ministrations on your clit, "such a greedy little hole. You took all of me like a champ." You opened your eyes to stare at Diavolo's love struck face. His eyes were now trained on where you two connected and how your pussy sucked him in.
        "Your-" you gasped out, "you're so big!" Diavolo's hips faltered for a minute before resuming their usual pace.
        "Does it hurt?"
        "It feels so good! I love you, I love you, I love you-"
        You were cut off by a sharp thrust to your G-Spot and a lewd moan leaving your mouth. Diavolo chuckled pushing both of your thighs up as far as they could go, essentially putting you in a mating press. You were bewildered by how much your body could take. Diavolo leaned into you as much as he could without crushing you. Your smaller body took him so well in ways he could have never imagined. The pleasure was building inside of him.
        "My love," Diavolo moaned into your ear making goosebumps rise on your skin, "can I cum inside you?"
        You shivered at his words and nodded. "I need to hear you say it," Diavolo kissed up your face to your temple. Your soft skin was like the very cloud of heaven under his lips.
        "Dia," you managed to moan out, "please! Please cum in me! I want you so bad-" You were cut off by a particularly sharp thrust that made you let out a sob. Diavolo would have those words replaying in his head for the next millennia.. His sweet, innocent human was under him begging for his cum deep inside their hole. Diavolo growled sinking his teeth into your shoulder while his gave one final, deep thrust. Warmth like you had never felt before pooled in your womb. Your lower body felt like it was on fire. More of his cum started spilling out as it became too much for your body to hold. You could hear Diavolo's moans through the mouthful of your skin he had in his mouth. Finally, his horns retreated back into his skull as his wings shrunk into his back.
        Your lover pulled back to look at his handy work. Your puffy abused cunt was leaking cum onto the sheets below despite him still being fully sheathed inside you. His thumb came to rub circles on your clit once more making you jolt and let out a sharp moan. Your body twitched and writhed until finally cumming around his cock. Your walls twitched and sucked in as much of his dick as it could. Diavolo shuddered at the feeling of your gummy walls constricting around him. Your poor pussy dribbled juices, too spent to squirt again.
        "Oh, my love," Diavolo purred, "you are so wonderful." He leaned down to pepper kisses across your face making you laugh. "Dia!" Diavolo pressed his forehead to yours. "You look so beautiful like this," Diavolo hummed, "I wish we could stay like this forever." Your walls pulsed around his cock making him groan. "We can," you started, "we can stay like this for a little while." Diavolo smiled at your shy expression, "you want to warm my cock for me, hm?" You tried to look away, embarrassed from his words but still, you nodded. Diavolo captured your lips in a short but loving kiss. "I wouldn't have it any other way, MC."
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