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Supporting Silly Hobbies - Leviathan (Obey Me!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Flufftober Day 4 - Supporting Silly Hobbies/Quirks
Tumblr media
word count: 591 gender neutral, you/your pronouns content warnings: angst, comfort, discussion of gender and gendered clothing, reader measured (body not described) note: favorite obey me baby needs love, i wanna give him so many kisses ♡ likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated and loved
@flufftober - Masterlist
Tumblr media
“And then, Ruri-chan swooped down and saved Azuki-tan! It was just!! WAHH She’s so amazing!!” Leviathan gushed. The finale of the most recent season of The Magical Ruri Hana: Demon Girl was released last night and he stayed up late to watch it and rave about it on the Reddevil forums. He was initially upset that you didn’t watch it with him, but in exchange for watching it together later, you would make an Azuki-tan cosplay to go with his Ruri-chan one. He even designed the gijinka concept for you! 
That’s how you ended up standing in the center of his room, arms and legs stretched out in a starfish-like pose, as Levi took your measurements. Normally he’d be red faced touching you so much, but his focus on getting each centimeter perfect kept those feelings at bay. On the floor, next to the notepad of your numbers, was a drawing of his design. It echoed the magical girl design of Ruri-chan’s outfit but the colors were changed to varying browns and a pink flower clip instead of the hat. The petticoat was a red bean paste color too! 
“I even posted-...” you turned your gaze to the demon, who’s excited expression saddened as his eyes stared to the ground.
“Posted what, Levi?”
“N-nevermind, I-”
“Levi. You know you can tell me.”
He moved from his kneeled position by your legs to sit. You followed suit, sitting across from him. He kept his gaze to his hands. He was picking at the chipping nail polish. You waited patiently for him to continue. He drew in a shaky breath, “... I posted a picture of my Ruri-chan cosplay on the forum ‘cause I was so happy about the finale… but then people started commenting about how I shouldn’t cosplay her because I’m a guy. A-and usually stuff like that doesn’t bother me, but it really got to me…”
Levi sniffled, quickly rubbing his hand against his eyes to try and hide his tears. Normally, he was proud of his hobbies and interests, but the happy adrenaline of the finale crashed at the bigotted words on the screen. You knew how much he loved Ruri-chan, how excited he was for his cosplay, and how proud he was of making it himself. Slowly you took Levi’s hand from his face, holding it in yours with your thumb rubbing across his knuckles. “Well,” you began, “You already know that there’s no such thing as not being right for a cosplay. It doesn’t matter your skin color, your gender, your height, your weight. You told me that, remember? And people who talk like that are just jealous of the confidence you have to wear something that’s considered feminine.”
Your other hand caressed his face to get him to meet your eyes. Your thumb rubbed away the tears threatening to fall on his cheeks. “I enjoy seeing you in your cosplay, you look so happy,” you smiled, “as long as you’re happy, I don’t care who you cosplay. I’ll always be proud that you’re my boyfriend. Plus, your legs look great in that skirt!”
Levi chuckled at the comment, pressing his burning cheeks against your hand. “Thank you,” he whispered.
You leaned over and kissed his other cheek, “How about we cuddle and watch the episode? And then we can go to the fabric store.”
“We can just order it on Akuzon.”
“Hmm… but how will we go to the pop-up Ruri-chan cafe?”
Tumblr media
ⓒ @zhonglis-waifu ; do not repost or translate
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Obey Me! Demon Brothers: How They Would React to Walking in on You Changing (18+, MDNI)
Tumblr media
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor
TW: Some horny ass demons, making out, groping
A/N: No one requested this but I’ve been seeing a lot of tiktoks doing this trend so I started thinking ab how the boys would react 😂 This isn’t anything too explicit but it’s still suggestive so I marked it as NSFW, but as long as you’re an adult, enjoy!
“MC come downstairs, it’s time for breakfa-“ he stopped dead in his tracks, lips slightly parted.
You blushed and covered yourself with the shirt you were holding, to which he chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Ah I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were already awake. I’ll knock in the future.” he turned on his heel to leave.
“L-Lucifer?” you asked, stepping forward expectedly.
He looked over his shoulder at you with his hand on the doorknob. “Don’t worry my little human, you’ll get my attention again after school. If you do well on your exam maybe I’ll give you a reward. And if you don’t, well… you’ll have to be punished for getting me so worked up just now. It’s your choice.”
He smirked before motioning for you to walk out behind him. You threw on your uniform quickly and scuttled out after him.
He barged into your room without warning all the time, it never dawned on him that he might walk in on you half naked
He was absolutely frozen, eyes wide and mouth hung agape, not being able to take his eyes off your body.
“Do you need something Mammon?” you asked nonchalantly, unfolding the shirt you were holding.
He shook his head, his cheeks heating up in embarrassment. “N-no, I just-“ He ran his hand through his hair, looking for the right words to say. Finally he met your eyes, bringing him back to reality. “What are ya doin stripping with your door unlocked? What if one of the other guys came in? You’re lucky it was me who-“
You cut him off with a kiss, curving your body into his. He was surprised at first, but then kissed you back, hands roaming all over your body. He reached behind him and locked your door. “I guess we’re gonna be late for dinner today hm?”
He immediately squealed and slapped his hands over his eyes, face turning as red as a tomato. “Ah, I’m so sorry! I should’ve knocked!”
He turned around to leave, forgetting that the door was shut behind him. He slammed his body straight into the door and fell to the ground, hands still covering his eyes.
He groaned and rolled over, crawling over to you before bowing flat against the ground. “I invaded your privacy, please forgive me!”
You chuckled as you finished buttoning up your blouse. “Levi honey, I finished getting dressed while you were wallowing.”
He peeked his head up, glossy eyes scanning over your body. He laughed before standing up, brushing himself off awkwardly. He shifted from side to side, desperately trying to downplay the tent that was growing in his pants.
“Well, that’s a relief, I guess I- Ah!” he squealed as you flipped him around and threw him down on your bed, crawling overtop of him.
“You pervert, you think I’m just gonna let this go unpunished?” you asked, inches away from his face. He smirked before kissing you, kind of glad that he had embarrassed himself.
He just chuckled and leaned back against the door, putting his hands on his hips.
“Satan! I’m literally half naked!” you cried, throwing a blanket over your body.
“Oh don’t mind me.” he smirked, shaking his hand out in front of him. “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”
You blushed with a dropped jaw, then shook your head and laughed at how ridiculous the situation was. “Okay you cannot just walk in here and-“
“Can’t I?” be challenged, taking slow strides over to you. He stopped only a few inches in front of your face, leaning in dangerously close. “You are my human, after all. Am I not entitled to do with you as I please?”
You stuttered for a second, then caught onto his plan. You smiled at the ground for a moment before looking up at him with dark eyes. “Don’t forget that you’re also my demon. You have to obey my every command, don’t you?”
“Oh I’m looking forward to it, my dear.” he chuckled, snaking his arms up around your waist. His skin was hot, burning with desire as his eyes pierced into you harshly. “Will you give me a command, master?”
He didn’t look phased at all, simply shutting the door behind him and entering your room like usual.
“MC what lip gloss should I wear today?” be asked, holding out both products in front of him.
“Asmo, what are you doing, I’m changing in here!” you yelled, desperately trying to cover yourself with the clothing laid out in front of you.
“Stop screaming, I’m trying to ask you a question!” he giggled, flipping his hair out of his face. “You’re the one making this questionable, you naughty little thing.”
“Please, look away so I can get dressed.” you pleaded, squinting your eyes in embarrassment.
“Awh, are you getting shy?” he teased. “There’s no need to be embarrassed MC, I’ve seen much more of you than this before! But I’ll leave you alone.” he chuckled before leaving your room. You were definitely going to get him back for this later.
He stopped mid-step, looking at you with a blank expression as the door swung shut behind him. His poker face was strong as his eyes scanned over your body.
“Something wrong Beel?” you smirked, slinging your blouse up over your shoulders and pushing your hair back.
“No not at all,” he chuckled as he finally moved, shifting his weight and rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “You’re just…. really hot.”
You giggled before walking over to him, blouse still unbuttoned to reveal your chest. You put your arms up around his neck and looked up at him cheekily. “Well so are you babe. It was quite naughty of you to walk in on me like this though.”
“What are you gonna do about it huh?” he questioned, forehead pressed against yours as he rocked you in his arms. He had on the biggest shit-eating grin as you yanked him down to kiss him, gripping onto his orange locks tightly. He was in for a long night now.
He was half asleep when he wandered into your room, eyes squinted as he ruffled his hair.
“Belphie, you can’t just-“ you began, but he cut you off by placing his index finger to your lips.
“Lucifer wants you to come downstairs for a meeting.” he grumbled, groggily smacking his lips together before he turned around to leave. You gaped at the back of his head, baffled as he shut the door behind him and left.
It didn’t hit him until he was halfway down the hallway. When he realized that you were half naked just now, a light pink blush sprinkled across his cheeks. He immediately sprinted back to your room, bursting through the door to see you laying out on your bed, still half dressed. You jumped once again at the intrusion, scrambling to cover yourself with your blankets.
“You were changing!” he declared, arms stretched out in front of him in shock. You nodded frantically as if to say ‘um, duh!’ All the expression drained from his face as his eyes scanned over your body. “You’re still changing…”
You couldn’t help but laugh at how dumb your demon was, letting your guard down a bit and throwing the blanket off of you. You held out your arms to him as an invitation.
He smirked before hopping in bed with you, kissing you passionately as his hands raked over your body. “This is one way to wake me up.”
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Obey Me Brothers Reacting To You Kissing Them/Their Neck When They're On A Call
Notes: SO i saw the tiktok prank and I was thinking you know what? it's been a while since I've written for OM, and I love writing posts like these, so might as well!
Characters involved: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
Lucifer's the one who's most likely actually be on an important call, which is why when he feels you come up to him and wrap an arm around his waist he knows something's up but chooses to not speak to you yet.
It's only when he feels you break away from your quick little embrace (that you only did in an attempt to make your success rates higher and actually be able to kiss him) that Lucifer turns to you with a stern glare.
However, no amount of glaring could have stopped you from placing a quick peck on his lips before racing out of the room to hide in your bedroom for the remainder of the day.
This obviously wasn't a very effective plan.
After a moment of dazed confusion and clearing his throat even as a soft blush dusted his cheeks, Lucifer couldn't help but internally coo at your cuteness, however, he was quick to return to his conversation the second Diavolo stopped speaking and asked why he had suddenly gone quiet.
Once he's done with his call Lucifer is quick to abandon his office to go find you.
He isn't as mad as you thought he would be, and actually just teases you about it.
"If you craved my attention that badly you could have just asked, darling."
For once he doesn't bother with any punishments, and the two of you either end up cuddling for a bit before he needs to return to work or he drags you to his office and the two of you just hang out while he works.
Lucifer might be a little annoyed when he finds out you weren't actually being cute but trying to be a menace, but he finds it easy to forgive you after an hour or two of hanging out with you in his office.
In fact, he makes a bargain with you that as long as you spend time with him in his office more often, then he won't punish you.
Unlike Lucifer, who tends to be on calls for important things, Mammon is on calls when he's arguing with people.
More specifically, people from his work as a model or someone he owes money to.
This usually results in him being pretty loud and annoyed, probably pacing around and running a hand through his hair as he tries to both settle the situation and let out his anger.
However, once he notices you hesitantly approaching him he can't help but wrap an arm around you or play with your hand while he talks.
If you make it clear that his loudness or just being around him when he's arguing with someone is getting to you then he's quick to let you go so you can wait on his bed or couch until he's done with the call.
But if you're fine with it and still try going through with the prank then Mammon will all but freeze the second he feels your lips on his.
For a second he can't even process what happened, but then the other person starts saying his name so he can't help but snap back to the conversation, but this time his voice is lower.
Might even lean in to steal a quick peck while the other person speaks.
Your kiss helps calm Mammon during his argument, and unlike normal, he finds himself easily wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his side, seeking comfort in your embrace while he sorted out the issue.
Once he's done with the call he goes into Great Mammon mode and brags about how you of course needed kisses from him.
But what he doesn't talk about is how much your presence helps calm him and how it's nice to know that you sometimes miss him and his kisses/touch just like he does you.
Mammon actually knows about this prank, because he's an avid user of Deviltok, but he doesn't think that you were taking part in the prank which is why once you tell him it was a prank he gets pretty pouty.
Levi doesn't do calls. He just doesn't. If it's his brothers, he'll just text them or at most send a voice message (that he will probably delete once they hear it) but calls are a big no.
However, he does keep his mic on during games that he needs it in, which is why that's the closest thing to a call you can get.
When Levi's in a game he also gets very distracted which means this is the only time you can get away with being physically close to him without him jumping away in alarm.
So when you initially wrap your arms around him and bend down to nuzzle into his neck Levi's first instinct might have been to jump up in his gaming chair, but he's quick to relax and get back into his game once he realises he's just you.
Is he blushing like crazy? Of course. But does that mean he's going to let himself die so that the squad can blame him? Hell no!
You'll have to wait until he finishes that round and is going to start a new one before kissing him, because otherwise you might risk distracting him and making him lose.
When Levi does feel you kiss his neck he's quick to jump up in surprise and whisper-whine about it, yet he also can't risk getting caught by his teammates so he has to be sort of quiet as he tries to reason with you.
Once he can actually unmute Levi's quick to go on a rant about how you could make him lose, but place a kiss or two on his lips and ask him about what he's playing and all is forgiven.
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TWST Incorrect quotes#162 Otakus
Idia: I hate when girls/boys/NonB ESPECIALLY my partner think that we're gonna leave them all the time-"Oh your gonna leave me because I'm not good enough!~"
Idia*Starring into the camera with a blank face*PREFECT IM LUCKY I EVEN GOT YOU!-What do you mean? I AM BUILT LIKE A TWIG!! I LOOK LIKE EVERY BASIC WHITE BOY WITH BLUE HAIR!! you are probably gonna be the first and last lover I have!
Idia: I'm hideous, I appreciate that you have enough confidence in me that you think I can pull another girl/boy/NB but I really cant*Drinks energy drink like it 'alcohol'*You are stuck with me cause there no way
Idia: nobody's gonna be lined up at my door like "I wanna date him" I don't even know how you put up with me half the time, I'm lucky you even looked in my direction-WHAT YOU MEAN IM ABOUT TO LEAVE YOU? WHERE AM I ABOUT TO GO?WALMART?
Tumblr media
In the Devildom, House of lamentation
Levi*In the other end of the camera*I KNOW RIGHT!?!
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— say you’ll stay (never be severed) when they have a nightmare you die ; title creds
lucifer knows it was just a dream. he knows it wasn’t real, assures himself it wasn’t and yet he allows his heart - still thundering in his chest - to guide his sharp strides and pound on your door. the sight of you, worry for him clear though sleepy and bleary eyed, is enough for lucifer’s knees to melt and he falls forward to embrace you, relieved sigh shuddering through the air next to your ear. it feels natural when your arms circle his torso, tight hold allowing him to sink further and push back the tears that welled in his eyes. for once, lucifer’s head isn’t in charge and he relishes in your touch as his heartbeat begins to slow until it thumps a steady rhythm of i love you, i love you. unknowingly, the words fall from his lips too, escaping from deep within. and it’s the certainty in your voice as you return the confession that finally convinces lucifer he had experienced nothing more than a bad dream.
mammon doesn’t wait, can’t wait. he scrambles to your room, familiar route suddenly lasting an eternity. his feet slap panickedly against the floor as he barges in with such urgency that the door swings open with a bang. the slam is loud enough to scare you awake, half jumping out of your skin. but you don’t have a moment spare to take in what’s happening before mammon wraps himself around you, head tucked into the crook of your neck as he gasps and chants, “you’re ok, you’re ok.” you bring your own arms up to envelope him, knowing not of his nightmare but of just how bravely he protects his family, from the fall to now. it’d be foolish to think he’s the second eldest for nothing. but right now, mammon trembles under your touch, one hand rubbing across his broad shoulders and the other finding its place in the foam of his hair. “i’m ok,” you whisper in return as the first tears hit your collarbone and seep into your skin, “and you are too. i’ve got you, mammon.”
leviathan tries briefly to comfort himself, turning to the games he always found solace in, an escape from his own mind. but the scenes are violent and gory and his thumbs slip nervously on the controllers until he throws the console away from him. big red letters mocking him as they blink “you died.” levi can’t help it when he runs to your room, pictures of his nightmare still clear in his mind, unyielding. it sparks a fear in him that runs deeper than his worries of being a burden. and when you tug the demon gently into your hold, giving him the touch he so desperately needed, a whimper escapes him. it seems that is enough for levi to unravel, tears flooding down his cheeks as details of his night flow from his lips. you try your best to catch them all, more than used to levi’s ramblings, but he’s babbling incomprehensibly and you can’t keep up. and though stuck on the story of his video game, you still manage to calm levi with a simply reply of “let’s do it together.”
satan tries so hard, so desperately to distract himself. he first takes to deviltube, hoping the mindless videos would soothe his nerves but the voices in his head ring louder than the ones on screen. when that fails, he picks up his trusty book but it isn’t long before he becomes stuck on the same sentence, thoughts raging and wild. it’s only when the words begin to mix and blend that satan realises there are tears dripping down his cheeks. he swipes at them harshly, but them and the nonsensical fear to sleep again in case the nightmare returns has him padding down the hallways, knocking almost meekly at your door. the muted beats serve for confusion as you open the door, but it takes a split second for you to notice satan’s redrimmed eyes and the way he stands, awkward, unsure, small. refusing to meet your gaze. in an instant, you pull him into you, not needing an explanation but simply willing the demon to return to his usual self. and with your comfort and love, satan already has.
asmodeus is a mess. tears mar his skin, his eyes are bloodshot and his fingers tug tightly at his hair. his sobs have since turned into ugly, shapeless shrieks that have you venturing into his room, concern fuelling each action. you’ve never once seen him so unkempt. the grip he has only loosens when your hand covers his own, partly out of shock and partly out of comfort. asmo allows you to gently pull at him as if he is something delicate and dainty until eventually, he finds himself turned towards you. asmo can only count down the seconds for you to open your arms and invite him closer, and he all but jumps into your hold, pressed tight against you, skin against skin. your warmth sears at him, enough to dispel the horrid dreams and fearful tears. because asmo knows best that your touch is like none other, and with you, all his fears and worries glimmer away.
it’s no secret that beelzebub is plagued by nightmares. his brothers take turns in soothing him in the midst of the night, guilt weighing heavy on their chests. but tonight is different, tonight is bad. and when belphie comes banging on your door and tugs you down the hall, you follow wordlessly, heart in your throat. beel is surrounded by his older brothers when you arrive, harsh sobs shuddering through his frame. it is only when belphie returns with you that he begins to calm, his family finally full. you’re quick to slot yourself against his side when he reaches an arm out, hand finding his own. the feeling of your deep breaths banishes away the remnants of his nightmare and he tries his best to mirror them, to mirror you. still, when the tears dry and his lip no longer quivers, beel refuses to fall asleep again, too afraid of what may happen to his family when his back is turned. a squeeze of his hand directs his attention to you, and his eyes begin to prick once more as you whisper, “you can rest, beel. we’re all ok.”
belphegor is paralysed as his sin works against him. the lifeless image of you sends him thrashing, trapped in his many blankets with desperate, fearful whimpers escaping his throat. when he wakes in the attic, his heart sinks, and for a moment he isn’t sure if the images tormenting his mind are from the nightmare or a distant memory. but when you grip belphie’s shoulders and pull him close, he is soothed ever so slightly. still, tears spring at his eyes and you’re suddenly reminded that he is the youngest of the brothers, palm tracing up and down his spine. apologies spill from his lips, words mixing together between stammers and stumbles but you only hold belphie tighter with a dismissive shake of your head. you wonder gently if belphie’s sorry whispers are for bothering you or something bigger, but the thought remains at the back of your mind as he trembles beneath you. “it’s alright, belphie,” you coo softly, “i’m right here with you.”
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Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables Part 6
Lucifer: Have I, by any chance, forgotten my tie in your room?... If this is so, I expect you to wear it in the evening. Only it, got it? Love you.
Mammon: I just dunno what to do with them! It’s like, I’M DOING MY BEST and MC still did not get any of my hints! Ugh will I ever be able to kiss them or nah? HELP MEEE
Levi: Wait, I thought we ordered the Ruri-chan special uniform set FOR YOU?
Satan: KItten, I’m exhausted. Will you come to my room and read a book out loud to me? Pleeeease I need some rest.
Asmodeus: I. FOUND. A. PIMPLE. ON. MY. CHEEK. Does this life make sense anymore? Like, what are all my efforts for????
Beelzebub: When I get back from my practice, I’ll take you to this place we were talking about okay? I also got a surprise for you - can’t wait. Love ya.
Belphegor: You think Lucifer will be mad about me hiding his favorite book? Rate his madness on a scale 0 - eternity.
Solomon: How do you boil water without magic?
Simeon: Hey, Asmo invited me for a few cocktail tonight - can you watch Luke for me please? He gets upset when I don’t spend nights in the dorm *sigh*
Luke: Can’t wait for our movie marathon tonight!! So excited!
Diavolo: Can pigeons swim?
Barbatos: In Devildom, we call them “lust flower-buds”, not hickeys. Anyway, glad you found the one I left on your wonderful body ;)
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the-succubus-naughty-nook · 3 months ago
Summary: While away on a trip to the human world, you and Levi engage in a phone sex session while using an enchanted fleshlight.
While the headcanon of Levi having two dicks is very popular, I personally wasn't able to get my mind wrapped around the concept though I have read other fics using this concept. After seeing this Levi fanart from tinymaru, I decided to finally try my hand at it. Hope you enjoy.
Pairing: Levi x afab!mc (pronouns - you; mentions of vagina and clit)
CW: sex toy (fleshlight), phone sex, masturbation, cunnilingus, Levi's two dicks
Word Count: 1974
Tumblr media
�� Minors & Ageless DNI 🔞
“Ready whenever you are,” you said, your voice filtering through Levi’s the wireless earbuds.
Levi took a deep breath, attempting to calm his nerves.  However, his heart continued to pound hard against his chest.  While your relationship with Levi had been escalating lately, there were still unexplored territories.  He still blushed whenever he remembered the first time you stole a kiss, a quick a chaste peck on his lips.  He was convinced that it was a fluke.  However, over time you found a way to snuggle in his embrace.  Encouraged him to part his lips so your tongue could explore his mouth, deepening your kiss.  Despite welcoming advances, his hands still shook whenever he tried to explore your body, always second guessing about whether his advances were wanted.  Any missteps would ruin everything between the two of you, ultimately relegating him to be that weird demon who you would want nothing to do with anymore.
His heart raced whenever he recalled the first time he gazed upon your naked body.  It was an accident, at least he assumed it was an accident.  You had left your bedroom door unlocked so he could let himself after asking to borrow one of his manga.  Levi nearly choked on his own spit when you found you naked in your bed.  With your legs spread wide, your wet cunt was on full display while you gently rubbed your clit.  Your eyes were glazed over with desire, and a mischievous smirk graced your lips.  You never uttered a word.  Instead, you reached your hand further down and parted your folds more, inviting him to you.  That day you learned that his tongue was a hell of a lot longer than you had thought. 
However, up to this point, that was as far as your relationship had progressed.  He was more than comfortable with sitting on his knees and eating you out.  Levi had seen you naked time after time.  Yet the most he gave you in return were spicy photos of his body that stopped right at the upper boundary of his pubic hair.  Anytime you tried to sneak you hand down his pants, he grabbed your wrist, averted his gaze, and mumbled an apology.
Levi even almost backed out of tonight’s venture, but he managed to talk himself down, convincing himself that you wouldn’t see him anyway.  A few days ago, you left for the human world to take care of some family matter.  One night, you called Levi, complaining about how much you missed him.  How lonely you were without him by your side.  A deep blush burned his cheeks when you finally proposed a night of phone sex enhanced with the use of an enchanted fleshlight, practically making this the first night he would have sex with you…kind of.
Levi laid in your bed completely naked, staring down at the secret he fought so hard to conceal from you.  Would you still want him the moment you discovered the level of monstrosity he was?  Would him bearing two dicks disgust you?  After all, didn’t humans look down on perceived deformities?
Tonight, however, you were none the wiser.  The two of you would only be able to hear each other’s reactions elicited through the aid of a magical toy. 
“I-I’m ready,” Levi finally replied as he opened the bottle of lube.
“Have you started touching yourself yet?”
“N-not yet,” he confessed, now debating if he was supposed to start masturbating already.  Perhaps he should have started this phone call more prepared.
“Go ahead and start stroking yourself.  You’ll need to be nice and hard for me, right?”
Levi’s cheeks burned.  He wasn’t quite used to this type of dirty talk from you. 
After squirting a handful of lube into his palm, Levi grasped one of his dicks, letting out a soft hiss as the cold gel hit his skin.  Sinking into the pillows more, surrounding himself with your lingering scent, Levi started to spread the lube over himself, alternating from one cock to the next.  Biting his lip, Levi held back his moans as he started to feel the tingle of pleasure when rubbing his thumb over one of the heads.  He continued with hesitant movements, throwing off his rhythm.
“Hey, Levi?  Are you still there?”
Levi’s hand instantly stopped moving at the sound of your voice, laying motionless while still holding one of his appendages.
“Y-yeah.  I’m still here.”
“Okay, I wasn’t sure,” relief coating your voice.  “It was so quiet that I thought we got disconnected.”
Flinching at your comment, Levi mentally cursed himself for already screwing up the night.
“Sorry,” he replied sheepishly.  “I…I’m just....”
“If this is making you uncomfortable, we don’t have to do this.  You know that, right, Levi?”
“B-but, I do..I do want to do this.”  Levi couldn’t help the stammer in his voice, but his words were true.  After all, this might be the closest he’ll ever get to making love to you.  “I-I just need to relax a bit.  That’s all.”
“Would it help if you imagined that instead of your hand it was my mouth on you. Taking your cock deep into my throat.  Kissing the tip and licking off the precum.  I wonder how salty you would taste.”
Releasing a breathy sigh, Levi closed his eyes, imagining you between his legs, bobbing your head along his length. 
“There you go.  Continue focusing on me.  I want to hear you call out my name as you picture me fucking you.”
A long groan escaped his lips as his hand started to smoothly glide along his shaft.  He then wrapped his fingers around the other cock so he stroked both at the same time all the while
wondering if your mouth could handle two at once.
“You’re doing so good, Levi,” he heard your voice grow huskier each time you spoke to him.  “Your voice so beautiful.  Hearing your pleasure is already making me so wet.”
Both of his cocks twitched at your words, desperately needing to stuff you.  Turning his head, his eyes landed on the fleshlight.  With one hand still fisting both cocks at once, his free hand picked up the toy.  Holding it by his lips, he darted his tongue out and used the tip to gently probe the entrance, eliciting a startled gasp from you.  Levi smiled at your reaction, a nice little confirmation that the enchanted toy was working properly.  Flattening his tongue, Levi offered a long lick along the folds.  Once he reached the clit, he flicked his tongue against it sending a sudden jolt of pleasure through you.  As the tension he had held started to dissipate, Levi focused on delivering the level of bliss you were familiar with.  Long sucks against your clit.  Gentle teasing along your entrance before thrusting into you, massaging your walls with his tongue.  The only thing he missed was the taste of your juices.  Without relenting, Levi’s tongue kept working the toy even as he heard you cry out in ecstasy, he kept fucking you through your orgasm until he heard you pant heavily.
“Shit, Levi,” you managed to choke out in between pants.  “Your tongue never ceases to amaze me.  But,” you stopped for dramatic effect causing Levi’s heart to skip a beat in anticipation.  “I really want to feel your cock in me.  Please, Levi.  I really need you to fuck me.”
“O-okay,” he replied already kicking himself for stuttering. 
Sitting up, Levi quickly squeezed out more lube onto his fingers.  Pressing his fingers to the entrance, he traced the opening before slipping his fingers in, taking his time to make sure the toy was well lubricated.  Levi heard you moan and some rustling of your bedsheets as you squirmed under the attention.  A smirk spread across his face, picturing a blissed-out expression on your face as he teased you a bit more. As his fingers probed you a bit longer, he placed his thumb over the clit and rubbed circles against your nub until you cried out his name as a second orgasm crashed hard. 
“Damn it, Levi!  Stop being such…”
Before you could voice whatever you were about to complain about, Levi suddenly slid the fleshlight over one of his cocks, slamming it down to the hilt.  He groaned at the sound of pure ecstasy in your voice invading his ears.  He dragged the toy up his shaft slowly until he reached the tip and then jerked his back down.  The mixture of slow torture and the sudden sensation of being railed made your body writhe in pleasure.  After a while he set a steady pace of jerking one cock with the toy and the other with his hand.  He no longer suppressed his voice, losing himself to jolts of euphoria.  His hips began to buck, matching the rhythm of his strokes.  But he didn’t want this to end and even slowed his movements, savoring every languid stroke.
“Levi, please,” your voice pleaded. 
The fire between your legs had grown unbearable as you felt an orgasm build only to subside again as Levi tried to drag it out for as long as possible.  All concept of time was lost to you, no longer sure how long Levi had been edging you. 
“It’s too much.  Please, just let me cum.”
Levi stopped for a moment, staring down at the fleshlight.  His mind raced as you continued to beg for release.  Pulling the fleshlight off, and earning a frustrated whine from you, Levi repositioned himself, grasping both of his dicks in his hand.  Lining himself up with the toy’s entrance, he allowed both heads to lightly kiss the area around the hole.  Guiding both of the tips into the entrance, Levi heard you gasp at the sensation of him stretching you wider as he slowly slid the toy down until he was buried to the hilt.  He waited a moment for you to acclimate to the feeling of being stuffed before steadily pumping himself.  You groaned at the feeling of Levi’s phantom cocks massaging your walls, hitting on every single nerve you possessed.  Your lewd cries made his cocks throb.  Each time you uttered your pleasure, Levi’s hand moved faster but was not quite satisfied with how he felt.
Rolling over, he propped himself onto his knees and placed a pillow between his pelvis and the headboard of the bed.  Holding the fleshlight in place with one hand and bracing himself with the other, Levi snapped his hips, burying himself into the fleshlight.  With every thrust, your cries grew louder, barely able to hear his own moans above you. 
“L-Levi, I…I’m going to cum.”
Picking up the pace, Levi imagined your body under him, wondering what it looked like to watch you squirm.  Wishing he could see your back arch as euphoria clouded all of your senses.  To watch your eyes glaze over, full of desire as you begged him to fuck you harder.  Even after he heard you cry out his name, Levi didn’t slow down as he chased after his own orgasm while fucking you through yours.  He grunted as he filled the toy with his cum, some of which spilled out onto his bed.  Once he felt he had no more to give, he finally collapsed onto the bed.  His chest heaved as he fought to catch his breath.  Sweat from his body started to drench his sheets, but he supposed he needed to change the bedding anyway.
“Wow,” Levi finally heard you say as you recovered from your orgasm.  “So that’s what it feels like to take two dicks at once, huh?”
Levi froze as his eyes snapped open, his brain processing what you just said.
“You…you knew?” was all he managed to choke out.
You giggled at his reaction.  “You really should thank Asmo.  He’s been your hype-man.”
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writing-by-mimi · 2 months ago
    GN:MC! Un-sheeps Hc
Fandom: Obey Me!
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan.
      Summary:   In the Obey Me! Manga, Mc is a cute little sheep. (For real, if you haven't seen it, look at it. The team that put it together made Mc cute as fuck.) So what would our lovely, most eligible, Devildom men think when part of the magic oppressing Mc finally fades, but still leaves them far from normal? Humans don't have a cute little fluffy tail and a perfect set of fluffy ears...
Adult content. Read at your own risk. Not beta read. 
• He had sent you grocery shopping in his stead. He was  behind and the work pile was only getting bigger. You never minded before. He would send you with a neatly folded wad of Grimm, (worried if you should fall short or get more requests from his brothers) and you would always kindly return his change (though he would rather you keep it, but you always insisted on giving every unspent cent back.).
• So when he felt that familiar tug just a second before being summoned to your side, his heart sank. Most knew to leave you be, regardless of how they felt about the exchange program. Only a fool would try and harm you, but why else would you be summoning him? You weren't one to make a habit out of randomly calling him or his brothers to your side.
• On his guard for anything, as he would have no idea your situation, he found himself in the markets, amoung a crowd surrounding a figure on their knees trying desperately to cover themselves.
• Then he saw it. His pact mark on the figures spine, glowing brightly, sat at the base of the neck above his brothers. There was no other it could be. It was you.
• Acting quickly, he stepped from the crowd while removing his jacket. Placing it around you gently as he whispered your name, watching as you slowly opened your eyes and looked up to him. You were absolutely stunning.
• For a brief moment, he forgot where the two of you were. Caught up in looking at your face, eyes about to brim over with tears of embarrassment, pleading silently for help.
• Reaching his hand out and gently cupping your cheek, he couldn't stop the gentle reassurance that fell from his lips as he quickly teleported the both of you away from the crowd of shocked on lookers.
• He had chosen his room. It would be the safest place (other than the castle) for you, and offer you privacy while you adjusted.
• The primal feeling swelling in his chest was doing him no favors. You had a personality he was drawn to, it was why he had offered his pact to you after everything, but he had never thought of you as more than a sheep. He knew you were human... 
•  But seeing you sat on his bed, wearing nothing but his jacket...the fact that you had called him to help in your moment of need... the feeling in his chest was far more than pride...
• It was carnal desire to show you so many things.
• Stood in front of you, looking down to your face, he couldn't resist. Placing a slow kiss to your lips he almost wanted to sigh. Your lips were supple, warm, everything he had expected from the moment he saw your new form.
• If you were to ask him what happened between the kiss and now, he wouldn't know how to answer. One second he had heard you panting from just a simple kiss, now he was listening to your moans as he thrusted his cock in to you roughly, you still wore nothing but his jacket.
• He had missed it earlier, but you still held two attributes from your earlier form. Fluffy white sheep ears that would bounce everytime he thrusted into you, and a soft wooly puff ball of a tail that sat right above your butt (and it brought a small blush to his face every time he saw it. Especially when you would get excited, on account that it would essentially wiggle without your knowledge and give away just how excited you were about something. The fact you didn't have such control over your new body part was adorable, but he would rather die and have Mammon replace him than ever admit it outloud).
• Like the morning after incident. He had held your body next to his all night while you both slept. Your smaller body slotted against his, back to his chest making you the perfect little spoon. He had given you a kiss on the neck when you had awoken, only for your tail to start wiggling as your voice and face played as calm as possible. (Which wasn't all that calm, but you had been very sweet trying to pretend to be calm and unbothered, most likely trying to not make a big deal out of things. The pride in Lucifers chest going through the roof knowing how he really made you feel.)
• He truly hadn't meant to tease you further at breakfast. His brothers were already freaking out about your new form, one step closer to the full fledged human you were, and he had told them to leave his Darling alone. They had been poking and prodding and even petting your new soft floppy ears.... Your hands trying to hide your blush and hold your tail still when the words left his mouth excited him. You were excited about being with him and unable to contain it, body betraying you. It was quite the ego boost.
• Dresses you in clothing that truly points to how sweet and innocent you are, accentuating your little lamb attributes, almost taunting the whole Devildom and his father himself. He was always sure to make his point, that no one would touch his little lamb, or the big bad wolf would do more than knock some houses down.
• Oh, Lord Diavolo forgive him, the demon who thought the rules didn't apply to themselves had tried to prey upon his dearest little lamb. Your ears even shaking as you told the demon giving you a hard time to go away or you would call for him.
• In both of your defenses, you had been nothing but honest telling him that Lucifer would hurt the demon...it wasn't his fault nor yours the demon could not listen. Lucifer will absolutely demolish the demon in front of you. The sense of pride radiating from him as he proves that he can protect you, as the other demon spits and sputters and begs for mercy. But the demon will recieve none. He will be an example of what happens to those that may attempt to harm his precious little lamb.
• You may chastise him for what he did, absolutely destroying the demon and leaving pieces of him behind in the center of the campus at R.A.D., even some on your new clothes and on himself, but your ears flicking in rhythm with your cute little tail gave you away. Blood spattered on your outfit you received from him just makes you so much more tempting to him. A defenseless little lamb in love with a big bad demon, blood stained, but yet so innocent and pure.
• He would do much worse for you, little lamb.
• You already have this demon emotionally fucked up. He loves ya, there ain't no denying that...but you're a sheep. If anyone ever figured it out, he be a laughing stock!! Lucifer and Lord Diavolo, even Barbatos say your human, but how can ya expect him to even remember that when all he's ever know ya as was a walking TV dinner for his kind?
• He had been in your room, watching shitty Devildom TV with ya to pass some down time. A way to just relax and zone out, but share the experience with another. It wasn't anything special, but it was just you and him. Quiet. Almost peaceful.
• Well, atleast it had been. He had stood to stretch, when all of a sudden your small sheep body slid off the couch and clung to his shin. You were trembling and whispering up to him that something was wrong.
• What the fuck do ya mean, wrong? Ya can't just say that shit to him and not explain, Mc.
• You say your body feels hot, tingles just under your wool and your almost to the point of pain. Pain? What the fuck would be happening to ya to be in pain?
• He gets his answer soon enough. A blinding light and a moment later, looking back toward you is a humanoid shape. Fluffy white ears twitching on top of your head...and is that a tail...oh fuck...that's your butt he can see? 100% is looking at your butt, but trying to be respectful. (It's not his fault Mc. He is a man starved when it comes to you and now your cute little naked butt is just...there.  You'll have to forgive him)
• Doesn't fully register that you are naked, trembling, clinging to his leg. He knows you are. He can see ya...but his brain is just in over drive trying to make sure this is real.
• Your eyes are beautiful, looking up to him as the heat from your newly naked body radiates through his jeans. An fuck, Mc, why ya gotta look so pretty down their on the ground clinging to his leg? When you whisper his name he can feel his cock twitch in his pants.
• He knows why. His Greed for you. For your time, your affection, and now that ya had a humanoid body, the overwhelming urge ta throw ya back on your bed and show you every single thing he's ever felt about ya is getting hard to overlook.
• He didn't know when he transformed, all he knew was that feeling your hand in his as he helped you up sent a feeling he had been denying through his body. Love.
• An it scared the shit outta him.
• He hadn't meant ta call ya ugly while looking down at you, your hand still in his as you tried to cover yourself by standing as close as possible to him to block his view...but as soon as the words came outta his mouth you had dropped his hand an ran. Fuck. Why was telling ya the truth always so goddamn hard?
• And now here ya were, in a form that wouldn't make him a weirdo...an all he had done was make ya cry.
• He went to his room to get ya some clothes, but by time he got back, you were gone. He was freaking out. You just transformed, more vulnerable than the last form in his mind, crying and looking too damn adorable for anyone to handle.
• He spent hours trying to find you. He was about to cry himself. He took a chance and checked the only spot he hadn't. When ya first got here and weren't the shape you were supposed to be, your first night sleeping had been a doozy. Mammon was up all night looking for you, since he was responsible for ya...and he couldn't find ya. It wasn't until the alarm on the bed side table went off and ya crawled out from under the bed that he found ya and was able to relax himself.
• He even lifted up the bed... the one spot ya shoulda been if you were scared and hurt and you weren't there...
• It wasn't until dinner time he saw ya next. He hadn't dropped looking for you. He was going to come clean to his brothers about how he lost ya and needed their help desperately because of what happened. He didn't care if Lucifer strung him from the chandelier, he'd tie himself up if it meant they would help... but his heart almost stopped beating when he saw ya.
• You never looked at him. He wished ya would. Either you ran to Asmo, or he found ya, because the outfit you had on was made for you and your body. The only way you looked better was naked looking up at him... your voice was different, not as high pitched and small, but luscious and warm.  You even apologized for looking different. Saying sorry for how ya were and promising you'd find a way back to your small sheep form.
• He couldn't stand it. He had to make it right. So when he threw himself across the table to capture your lips in a kiss he was ready for anything. He just didn't expect you to wrap your arms around him and kiss back. It hadn't lasted long, but damn, was it not enough, it may never be enough. Ya tasted perfect and the way your fluffy white ears fluttered when he pulled back from ya just sealed the deal for him. You had turned away blushing.
• Asmodeus tapped your knee and whispered out "I told you it's just because he's an idiot." As Lucifer grabbed him by the ear and pulled him from the table. "Tell Mc you love them, idiot." Lucifer grumbled quietly as he headed for his office, but no real malice in his voice.
• And tell ya he did, he shouted it loud enough he was sure you'd hear it in the basement from the dining room as he was drug away. Lucifer informing him that they were going to have a conversation about how you needed to be treated.
• "I love you too!" Your voice had carried across the room and he squirmed him Lucifers grasp to look one last time at ya before being pulled through the door, his goofy smile being the last you saw until the next morning. Fuck, did he love ya.
• Lucifer tells him that even while he struggles with his own feelings and such, that he understands Mammon to a point, that he needs to be honest, because when he isn't just hurts you, and thats the last type of thing he ever wants to do to ya.
• This man is gonna stutter through sentences for weeks, but he WILL tell you all the time how much he loves you. Just don't tease him for sounding like Levi...
• The third born had been making bows for you. He had heard you and Asmodeus talking about things you could try to be fashionable, even as a sheep. His mind immediately went to Bows.
• Trying them on, all of them had fit perfectly. Clasp not pulling your wool or damaging it in any way. He even collected some orange ribbon and had it enchanted by Satan, a self tying bow. All you would have to do it's put it around yourself and it would perfectly fit to size and tie itself up with the remainder of the ribbon. It was genius and he was having Satan teach him the spell later.
• You had been testing it out when all of a sudden, a whine left you. Levi's face instantly turned red as he watched you carefully. One moment you had been a small 15 pound sheep... but now there was a naked body on its knees in his room...the self tying bow around its neck. Looking over your shoulder to him, you had a look of shock on your face as your hand went to the bow.
• Even pulling off the bow, you remained humanoid. Levi spotted your puff ball tail moving side to side quickly. "Levi, I'm not a sheep!" You squealed, throwing yourself onto him.
• Yall ever heard dialup? That's it. That his brain trying to piece everything together as he realizes you are naked on him. And your tail is doing a happy wiggle. He knows all about happy tail wiggles because his does it too when you two play games together.
• Somewhere during the dialup connection, his brain just went for a full reboot. Passing out on top of you in true anime fashion.
• Comes back to reality after a few minutes, but because of how weak you are from randomly transforming, you can't get him off of you. So the third born wakes up with you under him, flustered and...dare he say it...a...bit...horny?
• No.
• Surely not.
• He was Leviathan. People didn't get that way over him. Pushing up with his arms you let out a moan beneath him and wiggle just a bit. Ears twitching as your naked body rubbed against his.
• You finally get back to reality and get embarrassed. Covering yourself quickly and trying to squirm away, only to feel Levi's boner against your hip, causing you to freeze.
• "You're really pretty like this, Mc..." man is proud he got the words out without passing out again! Your tail wiggling that happy wag. "The prettiest in all of the Devildom..." His voice isn't more than a whisper, he's torn. He knows he should get off of you. Get you clothes and send you on your way...but your just so close. So pretty and your tail and ears...your turned on too, right?
• The Admiral of Hells Navy has joined the chat.
• Tilting your face up to his, he slowly moves in for a kiss. When you don't pull back, it's like a part of him breaks. All the emotions and reasons not to take you right here and now have flown the coop.
• Your soft moan into his lips is all it takes before he is taking his clothes off and moving you to his bed (worst bed on the planet, maybe he'll upgrade for ya mc...), and is running his hand down your body as his tail does its own happy little wag, but you can't see that right now, he thanks his lucky stars.
• Levi whispers every positive thing he's ever felt about you into your ear as he slowly and softly takes you until your body can give no more, only then fucking you hard and fast to find his own end while he over stimulates you with his cock. Kisses to the top of your head, and even on your new fluffy ears which make him smile as he covers both of you with the blanket.
• After you fall asleep in his arms will he realized he hasn't asked you out and will slowly freak out until you wake up, to which he will yell at the top of his lungs asking you out. (He wasn't meaning to be so loud, he was just trying his best for you...)
• When your poof ball tail wags faster than the speed of light, he feels a sense of calm. Of happiness. His own tail does its own happy dance as he walks you to breakfast the next day, dressed in his clothes.
The rest of the brothers and the royals are on the way! ;D
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sumieisbored · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Caught in the middle of a cute gaming session between MC and Leviathan. It's probably Mammon taking the pic hehe.
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leviathism · 2 months ago
leviathan x gender neutral reader
When you and Leviathan had first become friends, it was hard to hang out with him when he was gaming.
His tub was too far away for you to watch him and his floor was hard tile and uncomfortable to sit on. You also felt guilty if he bought another gaming chair just for you to sit on for a few hours and then leave.
So, over time, you had conjured enough blankets and pillows to lay on the floor comfortably. Levi had generously donated a frog ‘squishmallow’ to your pile.
You were so proud of your work that you actually fell asleep in it most of the times that you visited. Including this time.
Waking up to Levi raging was common and you were no longer scared by being violently awakened after living so long in the Devildom. But what wasn’t common was that Levi was so angry that he had gone full demon form.
You blinked wearily at the tail whipping around, constricted by the small space the arm hole of the chair allowed it. Levi was fuming quietly now, gripping his controller so tightly that you could hear it creak.
But you were tired and he didn’t deserve comfort for freaking out over pixels.
You reached for the narrower part of his tail and squeezed it as a warning to settle down. You could feel how he reacted, his tail flinching in your hold and his shaky gasp.
“W-what are you doing?!” He demanded, tugging his tail out of your grasp. You stared at him.
“You’re so absorbed into your games, you won’t cuddle me,” you explained, pulled the cover up over you. “Plus, who rages over games?”
Levi scowled, hugging his tail to his chest protectively. “…There’s a new event in my game.”
“That’s fine,” you sighed, waving him off. You closed your eyes and turned around. “Just spend time with me when it’s done, okay?”
You got no verbal response but you were sure he agreed.
You heard him start to play again, his controller clicking wildly. You sighed again and decided to try to sleep again instead of waiting.
You were surprised by the sound of something sliding against fabric and the feeling of something against your back.
You lifted the blanket and looked over your shoulder, seeing his tail beginning to curl around your waist. You looked up at Levi who was so shrunk up in his chair that his head was almost hidden between his shoulders.
“You’re so cute, Levi.”
“Shut up!”
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tom-foolery-incorporated · 17 days ago
Fresh Linen
Tumblr media
>AFAB! Gender-neutral! Reader, underwear stealing, Leviathan being a pervert, masturbation, sexual fantasy, underwear smelling, soft yandere themes, Leviathan being a pervert, use of a fleshlight, only one cock for Levi (sorry), Leviathan getting caught, degradation, rough sex, underwear gag, cum eating, slight voyeurism, clothed sex, creampie
Leviathan didn't mean for this to become a habit. It actually started out on accident. When it was Belphegor's day to do laundry he ended up mixing everyone's laundry up. It just so happened that Leviathan ended up with a pair of your underwear with his clothes. His face became that of a tomato while he tried to not pass out. The underwear he was holding was striped with a light blue and a darker shade of blue kind of like those blue and white striped underwear sets he'd seen in more lewd anime. He immediately flung the underwear out of his grip in a moment of both fear and embarrassment but quickly re-scooped it up as to not disrespect it. Levithan wondered if you had gotten a pair of his underwear? Quickly, he sifted through his laundry only to see he was only missing a couple shirts and socks. Did anyone else have your underwear? Jealousy coursed through him at the thought. No one should be able to see your underwear except him! And well you of course.
Since that day, Leviathan has been doing laundry for the House of Lamentation. Everyone assumed because he didn't want anyone touching his clothes again but really he wanted easy access to your clothes. He pulled out a pair of underwear he hadn't seen before. You did mention that Asmodeous had taken you shopping sometime over the weekend. Did his brother see you in these? Leviathan started pouting at the thought. How come stupid Asmo got to see you undressed but he couldn't? Did you not like him like he thought? I mean who would, he's just a nasty, perverted otaku. Self-pity turned into jealousy. Leviathan should be the one taking you underwear shopping! Well, maybe you both could look on Akuzon for some underwear instead of going to an irl store but still! Leviathan carelessly dumped the rest of the clothes into the washer after he pocketed your new underwear.
Next order of business was getting to his room without getting caught. With his hands in his pocket, one stroking the soft material. He heard Mammon in the living room laughing at something then came the mumbling sound of your voice. The envy exploded in him and his horns bloomed out of his head. You were supposed to be his Player 2! His Henry! Why are you making Mammon laugh and going underwear shopping with Asmo? it's unfair!
Leviathan quickly swung open his door and slammed it behind him. His breathing was heavy with anger while he brought out your underwear from his pocket. It was a simple black color with no pattern. While leaning against the shut door, he brought the fabric to his nose and took a big breath in. His tail twitched with excitement with what he smelt on the fabric. Had you been touching yourself in these? Leviathan took another whiff of the garment. You had been touching yourself in these! A shiver ran through his body at the thought of your fingers moving through your folds while your juices spilled onto the very underwear he was holding.
Dirty pervert!
He imagined you seeing him with your undergarments pressed to his nose. "You're so gross!" you would say, "I can't believe you'd sniff my underwear like that, sicko! You're such a pervert." Leviathan shivered at the way he imagined you'd speak to him. Yes, he was a pervert. Yes, he was gross. Yes, he did just lick a stripe up the crotch of your underwear. Leviathan could taste the remnants of your most private area on the fabric. He couldn't help but rub his hand on the outside of his pants, fondling the growing bulge that was so restricted within. Leviathan took another whiff of your underwear to feed his growing arousal. He could smell your sweat and the natural odor of your body on the material. He let out a short whimper at the delightful scent that traveled into his nose.
Leviathan froze hearing the sounds of footsteps coming down the hallway. He could hear your voice, your sweet voice. You were talking about the recent test in your demonic literature class. Leviathan could get lost in the sound of your voice but it was so rudely interrupted by the crude sound of his brother's response. Stupid Mammon. Why does he always get first dibs on you? Why can't Leviathan have your attention like that.
"Well first, you have to leave your room," Leviathan remembered Satan telling him one time when complaining. Stupid Satan. Leviathan wishes he could keep you in here forever. He could finally have you all to himself! Anger pooled in the pit of Leviathan's stomach. He hated how he had to share you with everyone.
It seemed that the anger only seemed to fuel his erection further. Leviathan unclasped the harness around his hips and unzipped his tight pants. As if his cock had never been exposed to the air, it sprung forth from his pants painfully hard. His flushed red head was swollen and leaking with pre-cum. The shaft throbbed with every thought of entering you but it would find no such release inside of his beloved. Instead, Leviathan wrapped your underwear around his cock. The demon let out soft pants of excitement at the thought of doing something so filthy without your knowledge. He wrapped his long slender fingers around the underwear and rubbed it up his shaft.
"MC," Leviathan whined at the thought of you sitting in his gaming chair calling him all sorts of names while he used your underwear to get himself off. Still, it wasn't enough. Leviathan needed to feel your dripping hole clenching and sucking him in. He imagined what your velvety walls would feel like wrapped around his cock. He would make sure that his was the last you would feel for all eternity. Your pussy would be molded to the exact shape of this throbbing manhood.
Leviathan huffed, unwrapping the underwear from around his cock and holding it between his teeth while he moved to rummage through his drawers. Under layers of unfolded underwear and mismatched socks, he finally found it. A long black tube with a fleshy opening the same color as your skin at the widest point. He had gotten it after his feelings for you had started to brew inside of him. Leviathan knew that you would never open your legs for a yucky otaku like himself so he opted for a silicone alternative.
He placed your underwear over the toy as if the fleshlight itself was wearing the garment. He ran his finger over the crotch of the underwear, feeling the folds of the fake pussy through the fabric. Leviathan carefully placed the toy on his dresser then moved to pull out the lube he had also hidden with it. Pushing the crotch of the underwear aside, he squirted the cool liquid into the hole of the faux vagina then through the labia. Leviathan carefully re-positioned the underwear back to its correct orientation before plopping down in his gaming chair. He pressed the head of his cock to the opening of the toy before tilting it over so the underwear was now draped over him before pushing in. The fabric slowly began to become wet with the lube he had squirted inside the fleshlight. He imagined it was your juices instead of some fake water based alternative he bought on Akuzon. Leviathan sunk the fake cunt all the way down his cock, stuffing the underwear along side it, until the faux labia rubbed against his ultra-marine pubic hair. He left the toy like that for a little bit, hoping his body heat would make the toy feel more alive. But the cold lube continued to thwart his fantasies. Leviathan needed more. He turned to his phone on his desk and pulled up your voicemails. He saved each and everyone you sent. Leviathan then grabbed his headphones and frantically plugged them into the audiojack of his phone before slipping them on over his head, carefully avoiding his horns.
Leviathan's tail was swishing and twitching behind him in excitement. Almost like a puppy when he heard your voice over come through his headphones. Slender hands grabbed the middle of the fleshlight and pulled it up before plunging it back down on his cock again. He couldn't hear the wet squelching sounds the toy made while he scrolled through and listened to each and everyone of the voicemails you left. Leviathan could close his eyes and almost imagine that you were riding him in his chair. "You're really getting off on this?" he imagined you saying, "you don't even get to feel my cunt yet you're throbbing just fucking me through my underwear? You really are a desperate virgin!" Leviathan wasn't a virgin but god the thought of you talking to him like that made him shiver in delight.
His movements became quicker as he started thrusting up into the toy every time he speared it on his cock again. At this point, the crotch of your poor abused underwear was soaked with Leviathan's pre-cum and lube.
You could only watch in utter shock as he fucked the toy through your underwear. You quickly slammed the door behind you, scared that anyone else would find Leviathan in this state. It seemed that he had his noise cancelling headphones on because he didn't let up on fucking the fake pussy in his hand.
"You're so pathetic," Leviathan imagined you saying, "I can feel how your cock is twitching. You're not even gonna last that long!" Your knees almost buckled at the noise he had made. A soft whiney moan that made you want to scoop him up and kiss him until he couldn't breathe. Then he threw his head back, his headphones falling off of his ears and onto the floor taking his phone with them. His mouth fell open in a silent scream as he pumped the toy on his cock one, two, three more times before stopping. Your hands stayed over your mouth the entire time.
"MC!" Leviathan screamed when he finally opened his eyes and saw you standing in front of his door. His hands frantically tried to cover up the very obvious black cylindrical toy hanging off of his cock. You could only stare with your heart beating in your ears. Then a dark aura moved across Leviathan.
"MC!" He huffed, "you were out there slutting yourself off to Mammon while I had to use this stupid toy!" You shakily shook your head, "n-no. That's not what-" "Of course you'd want to fuck Mammon," Leviathan sulked with a dark look on his face, "you'd never want to fuck a nasty otaku like me." "That-that's not true," you managed to mumble out.
A look of surprise flashed over Leviathan's face before being replaced with an expression that could only belong to one of the 7 demon lords of hell. He stood up, holding the toy to his cock as he made his way over to you. You backed up until your back was pressed against the door. The demon hovered over you with a look that was a mixture of anger, jealousy, and something else unreadable. Leviathan pulled the toy down off his cock before tugging the underwear out of the slick hole. The crotch was heavy with a mixture of his cum and lube that it had caught and soaked up. Your mouth only hung open in awe at the amount that pooled in your abused underwear. What you didn't expect next was for Leviathan to take advantage of your agape mouth by shoving the cum soaked underwear into it. You gagged at the salty flavor of his release as it pooled into your mouth. His slender fingers pushed the crotch of your thoroughly used underwear deeper into your mouth to make sure his cum leaked down your throat. You gulped and swallowed what pooled at the back of your mouth while watching his Leviathan's eyes stayed trained on how your lips wrapped around his fingers.
"Do you do this on purpose?" he asked, "whore around to make me jealous?" You could only whine in response. This was a side to Leviathan you had never seen. Even when you had just walked in on the gamer masturbating he seemed so submissive. Now he had his fingers in your mouth trying to make you gag on your own underwear. "You go around rubbing on everyone but me," Leviathan grumbled, "when am I gonna get a turn?" You had no idea what he was talking about but oh how it made you wet. "I want my turn, MC," Leviathan spoke with a tone that made you shiver. You looked up at the blue haired demon with the face of a deer in headlights. You could only nod as your knees pressed together, desperate to relieve yourself of the heat that was pooling at your core.
Leviathan's face softened as his mouth hung slightly ajar at the sight before him. He couldn't help the breathy moan that escaped him as he saw how you were reacting so positively to him. "Get," Leviathan almost couldn't get the words out, "get one your hands and knees." You nodded eagerly. Anything to get his throbbing cock inside of you. Your hands frantically pulled your pants down until they were around your knees while you bent down on them and steadied yourself on your elbows. Leviathan's mouth watered at the way you presented your glistening folds to him. The way your hole was twitching and clenching at nothing almost made his knees give out. He steadily approached behind you dropping down to his knees so his cock could be at level with your slippery folds. He teasingly pressed the head of his cock to your labia making you whine and try to position yourself to get him inside. Leviathan dug his fingers into the plump flesh of your ass, marveling at the way more of you became exposed as he spread the cheeks apart.
Damnit, if only his phone was closer he would take photos of how wet you were for him but he wasn't about to interrupt his chance to finally be inside of you to look for it. He rubbed his cock along your folds until finally catching his head on your sloppy hole. You bucked your hips back eagerly taking the head of his cock inside of you. Leviathan let out a gasp at how warm you were. This was nothing like that stupid toy. Quickly getting addicted, Leviathan pushed his whole cock into in one thrust. You winced and bit down on the underwear still in your mouth. Your hole spasmed around the thick intrusion but quickly made his cock feel welcomed.
Leviathan pulled his hips back, eyes trained how how the shaft of his cock glistened with your juices. Then with a quick thrust, he plunged back inside of welcoming pussy. Your gummy walls grabbed onto him and guided his cock in deeper. With each thrust, Leviathan became more frantic. He quickly set a brutal pace that had you letting out muffled moans from behind your underwear gag. Steadying yourself onto one hand, you reached down between your legs to rub at your clit. Leviathan moaned out your name at the sight of you pleasing yourself while his cock speared you open so ruthlessly. Your sloppy pussy leaked juices down your inner thighs and dampened his pubes.
"MC," Leviathan groaned, "you're such a-" He was cut off by a moan, "you're such a whore! I can't believe you'd let-let some pervert otaku use you like this!" You squeezed your eyes shut while nodding along to everything he said. Yes, you were a whore. Yes, you were being used like a toy by some pervert otaku. Yes, anything to have Leviathan fuck you like an animal in heat. Your fingers began cramping as your walls tightened around his shaft. Leviathan could feel your walls clamp down hard enough to push him out slightly while your thighs shook in ecstasy. Leviathan continued his thrusting through your orgasm. His cock pried apart your tight walls with every thrust. Your pussy made obscene squelching sounds as more juices leaked out of you.
"I'm gonna-" Leviathan panted, "I'm gonna cum in you. So when you whore yourself out to stupid Mammon he knows who-" He clenched his teeth and hissed, "who fucks you better!" The last word trailed off into a shout of your name as warm fluid erupted into your velvety cunt. His cum leaked around his cock as he slowly pulled out, savoring the way his release dripped out of your spent hole. Leviathan held your ass in a vice gripe as he watched how your fluttering walls pushed out more of his cum.
At this point, Leviathan's horns and tails had sunken back into his human form. He could only marvel at the sight before him. You were bent over in front of him with his cum leaking out of you.
His cum.
Leviathan shivered at the sight of your used pussy. "MC?" he asked rubbing his hands along your hips, "a-are you okay?" Despite just cumming inside of you, or maybe because he had done so, embarrassment was starting to take over the poor demon. You held a thumbs up with the hand you weren't leaning on before flopping down to the floor. Leviathan screamed a little in panic before helping you up so you were leaning on him. He winced as he pulled the underwear from your mouth, trying not to get hard again at the sight of your saliva still clinging to the garment as he pulled it from your lips. Your eyes were lidded and you were panting. Leviathan wanted to run, he wanted to hide, anything to get this overwhelming tingling feeling to go away but he couldn't just leave you on his floor to leak cum. As hot as the thought sounded, Leviathan couldn't do that to you. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pressed your head to his chest while. Your soggy underwear laid on the floor, discarded and used while you leaked cum from your spent body. God, how you wished you had caught Leviathan sooner.
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ci3n · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
characters: the brothers x gn!mc
warnings: not proofread
a/n: dk how i feel 'bout these did 'em at like 4 am but anw enjoy!
requested by anon | obey me masterlist
Tumblr media
bless the poor demon who was confessing to you.
as soon as he notices a lesser demon timidly approach you with something in their hand, he’s already on alert
he won’t say anything right away
he stands there and watches for a while trying to learn the demon’s motives
but once he hears the confession, he’s by your side in a minute
won’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you, pressing a gentle kiss on your forehead asking you how your day was while completely ignoring the demon in front of you two
before lucifer can even say anything, the demon scurries off muttering a quick sorry
makes sure they didn’t make you uncomfortable in any way
“are you alright, my love?”
“yes, i’m fine, you didn’t have to scare them like that, y’know?”
“i didn’t even do anything, dear”
he’s by your side the minute he sees someone approach you
won’t even give them a chance to speak
“what do ya want from my mc?”
“i- well, i- wanted to ask them out”
“ya what?!”
you try to calm him down but to no avail
you’re his and his only and mammon doesn’t like sharing
and that demon has a lot of audacity trying to ask you out in front of him
“listen, ya dimwit, mc’s mine, do ya understand and if see ya around them ever again-”
“mammon, baby it’s okay, i think they get it” you cut him off
the demon hurries away stuttering a bunch of apologies
“yer okay, right? did he do something?”
“yup ‘m fine and you didn’t really let him do anything”
“good and if he ever comes near ya again, tell me, okay?”
“will do but i don’t think that’d be a problem, he looked pretty scared”
watches from afar and struggles to decide between going up to you and the demon or stay where he is
pretends to be on his phone while still keeping an eye on you
as much as he wants to just stay where he is, he also needed to make sure you were alright and the demon wasn’t making you uncomfortable so he builds up the courage to walk up to you two
“Hi baby!” you greet your boyfriend as he wraps his arms around you while slightly glaring at the lesser demon.
“hey, we should go home now, it’s pretty late” he takes your hands in his, lacing your fingers together and tugs you away, leaving the demon behind.
“you’re okay, right?”
“i’m fine, levi and thank you”
“you don’t need to thank me, let’s go home, there’s this new game i wanted to show you”
bounces up to you as soon as he sees someone approach you with the intention of confessing
asmo could tell what they wanted from you; he’s seen the way the lesser demon looked at you
it wasn’t surprising for you to have admirers, you were beautiful but you were his and while he didn’t have a problem with other people admiring you from afar, he did have a problem when they get a little too close.
“hi sweetheart! who is this?” he puts an arm around your shoulder, smiling at the demon.
he asks the question as if he has no clue about what's going on
“oh, they were just-”
“leaving, i was just leaving” the demon interrupts you, hurrying past you two
“that was weird, he was just confessing his love for me”
“oh, i know” asmo smiled, taking your hands into his.
“you do?”
“yes darling, i do and it seems that other people are trying to steal you away from me but don’t worry i would never let that happen, of course"
seethes from afar
satan hates causing a scene but sometimes his anger gets the best of him
does not hesitate approaching you and pressing his lips against yours making it known that you are his
you have to stop him from doing anything to the lesser demon but he does threaten them and that’s enough for them to never show their face again
another one who makes sure you weren’t uncomfortable in any way
“are you alright, love?”
“mhm, i’m okay”
“good, i was just going to the library, would you like to come?”
“i’d love to”
this poor baby is clueless
he couldn’t even tell that the lesser demon was confessing to you
he just thought they were your classmate or friend who was just talking to you
he walks up to you, greeting you with a kiss on your temple
but is very confused as to why your friend ran off when he was just about to greet them
you have to explain it to him
“oh, they were confessing to you? but you’re mine, do they not know that?”
“probably not beel but i’m sure they know now”
“oh okay, next time anything like this happens, tell me, okay?”
“will do” you grin, pecking his cheeks.
“now, let’s go home, i’m hungry”
he was sleeping with his head on your lap when his sleep was rudely interrupted by one of your classmates
he was about to go back to sleep when he heard what they were saying
the demon was confessing his love for you
he slowly gets up, lazily throwing his arm around your shoulder
the lesser demon starts stammering, clearly caught off guard by belphie’s presence
“what do you want?” he deadpans, voice heavy with sleep.
“uh- nothing, sorry” they quickly leave the classroom muttering a bunch of apologies.
“i thought you were sleeping”
“i was until i heard that idiot confess to you, the audacity they have while i’m right here” he frowns, laying down again.
“i don’t think they knew you were here” you chuckle, raking your fingers through his hair.
“still, they shouldn’t be doing it either way, you’re mine”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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nanawritesit · 9 days ago
Obey Me! Characters As Types of Couples
Tumblr media
A/N: No one requested this 🙃 But I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was working at the coffee shop all day so here you go :)
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, and Solomon
Lucifer: The Old Married Couple
You two are the extremely established couple. Anyone who knows of your existence knows you’ve been together FOREVER
You have a perfect morning routine together that involves helping each other get dressed and cooking breakfast, and you guys get out the door on time every morning.
Everyone laughs at you for your duality. One minute you’ll be intensely arguing over who has to do the dishes, and the next you’re cuddling up to one another and kissing
You guys get on each other’s nerves a LOT
But you’ll always be each other’s rocks. At the end of the day, coming home and seeing him gives you so much comfort.
You can’t keep any secrets from each other, and why would you want to anyway? There’s nothing about you that he wouldn’t love
You’ll support each other through anything, and no matter what life throws at you, you always make it work ❤️
Mammon: The “Ride or Die” Couple
You’re the “most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse” pair.
Like if any of your friends could bring a couple to a back alley fight, they’d pick you.
You’re practically inseparable. Every time someone sees one of you, the other is soon seen tagging along behind them.
“Partners in crime” is your nickname from the brothers 💀
You always go on missions together, fiercely protecting one another against your enemies. You’d take a bullet for him any day and he’d do the same for you!
And it’s not just in physical fights either. If anyone ever dares to talk shit about you in front of him, he will tear them to shreds. Similarly, all the brothers know not to tease Mammon too much around you.
Leviathan: The Anti-Social Couple
People won’t see or hear from you for DAYS.
In fact if it weren’t for your couple twitch streams, they might assume you were dead 😀
Your friends know that if you aren’t given at least two weeks prior notice, you won’t be showing up to an event.
And early mornings? Yeah forget it. You two won’t untangle yourselves from each others’ arms until at least noon.
Which leads to a lot of late night anime marathons or gaming sessions! Dinners consist of ramune sodas and cup noodles, followed by a dessert of snack cakes.
You’ll go back and forth between hyperfixating on the same franchise, and not speaking to each other while on your own separate devices. Each cycle lasts about three hours.
Satan: The Smart Couple
You two are constantly fighting for the top spots in your classes.
To the innocent stranger, you could be mistaken as enemies. You engaged in heated debates, and often had different points of view.
But during study hall, people would find you curled up on a couch in the library with you in his lap as you both read your books.
On the rare occasion that you agreed on something, you were an unstoppable team against the opposing side. You’d eat them alive and leave zero crumbs.
Despite the debating, you guys are always proud of each other. He cheers the loudest when you’re awarded top exchange student at an assembly, and you’re practically his campaign manager when he runs for class representative.
Cute study dates where you wind up collapsed on top of him on the floor, books and coffee cups strewn everywhere <3
Lucifer comes in and covers you both with a blanket 🥺😭
Asmodeus: The Aesthetic Couple
You’re each others’ official photographers. If someone looked through your phones, they’d be full of well shot pictures of the two of you both together and solo.
You guys at the mall, you eating ice cream, him at the book store, you guys at the coffee shop…
And of course each photo shoot goes straight to devil gram. You’re practically an influencer couple, and everyone ships you so hard.
You guys took some spicy pics in lingerie together and they went VIRAL 🔥
Every time you go literally anywhere, random strangers will come up to you and tell you you’re the most beautiful couple they’ve ever seen
Most people didn’t know which one of you they were more jealous of, sometimes leading to them beginning to question their sexuality 💀
You have the same sense of style and always have the coolest outfits. At every event, you always look the best, and everyone is constantly raving about it afterwards.
Stealing each other’s clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and bags is completely normal. What’s Asmo’s is yours and what’s yours is Asmo’s 🥰
Beelzebub: The Cuddly Couple
Also known as the “PDA couple.”
You guys HAVE to be touching in some way at all times! Whether it’s linking pinkies, his hand in your back pocket, your arm around his waist… if you’re in the same room, you’re practically attached at the hip.
You can never seem to be close enough to him when cuddling. Even if your noses are touching, he’s gripping onto you tightly and telling you to get closer.
You guys love feeding each other, much to the annoyance of the brothers
You sitting on his lap is his favorite form of non-sexual intimacy. He just loves how small you are compared to him, straddling his lap like a koala with your little legs dangling off the chair. He’ll play with your hair and tuck your head into the crook of his neck, smiling down at you affectionately.
Leaving the house without giving each other a kiss is practically sacrilege 😌
You have sickeningly cute food-themed nicknames for each other. Cupcake, honey bunch, sweetie pie, love muffin, cookie…
Belphegor: The Rebellious Couple
You two are always either plotting or executing some sort of diabolical scheme.
You plan the best pranks, and they get talked about for years afterwards. No one else could ever top them
As a result, a lot of your dates happen when you’re both grounded to the attic as punishment.
It was honestly stupid of Lucifer to consider a night trapped in the same dark room full of nothing but cozy blankets as a punishment. You didn’t need anything to entertain you when you had each other.
You’d make the world’s coolest blanket fort and hold each other close in it all night, foreheads pressed together as you talked for hours between kisses
You two never get in trouble without the other though, because that would mean you get punished separately :(
Feeding off of each others’ chaotic energy in class and annoying the teacher until you both get sent off to detention
Running away from Lucifer together, laughing and holding hands as he chases after you
Diavolo: The Power Couple
The two of you together are truly fit for royalty. All his subjects agreed that you were the rightful rulers of the Devildom.
You were a symbol of peace and love, making everyone feel safe and cared for
You always attended charity events together, making speeches and bonding with demons who needed help
You two throw the BEST parties. Your ballroom outfits are the envy of all, and everyone can’t help but swoon at the sight of you dancing the night away 🥰
You guys do interviews together, smiling at each other as you discuss your relationship with the public
Shielding each other from paparazzi, nonchalantly striding past them holding hands
“MC and Diavolo” becomes the new standard by which all other iconic couples are held.
Your fairytale wedding was the most watched program in the history of the Devildom ❤️
Barbatos: The Dependable Couple
If anyone has a job that needs to be done right, they’ll come to the two of you first.
The two of you just take care of everyone so well in addition to running the Demon Lord’s Castle.
You often tag-teamed as the brothers’ therapists. Barb would comfort Mammon while making dinner, and you would give Satan advice while doing the dishes, then you would both take a trip to Purgatory Hall to help Simeon and Solomon with a spell
Time-traveling together ❤️
You guys don’t get a lot of privacy and have been caught getting intimate by Diavolo a few times 💀 He’s also innocently interrupted your dates, not realizing how big of a third wheel he was being.
You started planning how to find the young lord a partner of his own so he’d leave you alone. And you figured you might as well get the brothers into relationships as well while you were at it.
Simeon: The Romantic Couple
Everyone thought you were the perfect couple, and they honestly weren’t that far from the truth.
You guys dominated practically every love language: writing each other poems, having regular date nights, making passionate love, helping each other with chores and school, buying each other cute little gifts…
You take spontaneous trips to the celestial realm and everyone there freaks out upon your arrival 🥺
Romantic picnic dates in the flower gardens by a pond, with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries… putting flowers in each other’s hair and lying next to each other in the grass ☺️
Every once in a while, if the weather was hot, he’d convince you to come for a swim with him in the pond. Your clothes would be left on the bank as you laughed and splashed at each other, floating out to the middle and holding onto each other, foreheads pressed together with your hair dripping wet
He actually wrote a new romance novel inspired by you, and it becomes one of history’s most beloved love stories ❤️
Solomon: The Mysterious Couple
No one ever seemed to know what you guys were up to. You were extremely private about your relationship.
You guys walked everywhere together, but hardly ever engaged in PDA. You never felt the need to, because what went on behind closed doors was enough for both of you.
You were the closest thing this world had to soulmates, being so connected to each other’s hearts… the kind of love that transcends thousands of years
Working on your magic together, going on missions and adventures to acquire mystic elements and uncover ancient secrets ✨
Everyone knows when you two are close because they can smell a strong aroma of herbs and smoke
People aren’t 100% sure whether or not they can trust you… you’re both so charismatic and charming, but at the same time there’s this suspicious air of mischief that you both seem to feed off of
You guys really don’t even care what others think of you… the only thing you care about in life is loving each other for all eternity
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fanficsat12am · 2 months ago
how the brothers react to you wiping their kiss off prank I Leviathan, Satan & Asmodeus
Lucifer & Mammon Beelzebub & Belphegor
This poor boy is super insecure, often calling himself “ a yucky otaku”. He’s surprised you even find anything redeeming in him and thinks that he’s not deserving of the love you give him.
Levi tried to be the best boyfriend for you. He’s terrified that you’ll realize how pathetic he is and leave.
He thought he was doing pretty good at his little IRL dating sim. So it was completely out of nowhere when you decided to wipe his kiss off after winning a round in his new game.
His mind just went blank, thinking of where he went wrong. Did he say something to offend you? Were you tired of just watching him play all day? Did you want him to spend more time with you? Or was it just him? Did you finally get tired of him?
He doesn’t even notice himself crying until you wipe the tears quickly running down his face. He immediately clings to you, laying his head on your shoulder, and starts begging you to stay.
“I know I’m just a yuckie otaku, but please give me another chance. I swear I'll try even harder just p-please don't give up on me”
A deep pit or guilt starts to form in your stomach. You underestimated how low Levi thinks of himself. His tears start to seep into your shirt, a wet patch quickly forming.
You start to pet his head, reassuring him that you weren’t going to leave him. After a few minutes, his breathing starts to steady and he lifts his head up–bloodshot eyes staring back at you.
You didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a prank. So you made an excuse instead, telling him that your lips just felt a little wet afterwards.
After that, you made sure to earn his trust back by waking him up everyday with a text message on one of the many things you love about him. Because of this, he always goes down to breakfast with a tinge of pink on his cheeks.
For as long as he can remember, reading had always been his favorite hobby. He’s never really been the type to demon to look at words at its surface value. He reads between the lines and finds that a great book is built with the attention to the smallest of details.
Because of this, Satan has always treasured the smallest gestures you do for him. He finds that these small doings are what makes a relationship special.
You wiped his kiss while you were reading a book with him one morning. He’ll notice of course and instead of asking you about it shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. Maybe he had some coffee on his lips or something, trying to convince himself rationalize why you’d do that.
The cycle continues the rest of the day, with him kissing you and you wiping it away. He starts to pout after the third time you wipe it. On top of all the books he’s read, romance novels were no stranger to him. He learned that it was best to give the other party some time to themself and not to push anything out of them. But that didn’t make the situation better.
He finally snaps the next day and just outright asks you in the privacy of your room. He starts to bang on your door and enters when he hears your approval. You smile at him, asking him if he needed something.
“My Kitten, did I do something to cross you? I tried giving you some space but I still can’t figure out what you need. If you’re falling out of love with me, please tell me so. I don’t want to see you up and leave without an explanation at least”
Through Satan’s little ramble, he started to pace back and forth in your room. He looked like he was trying to solve one of the greatest mysteries to ever unfold, connecting clues left and right.
You finally got tired after 30 minutes of him asking if you got drugged by an anti-love potion. You gently took his hands in yours and told him it was a prank. His brain just froze at that moment. You pranked a prankster like him? Oh he’s so gonna get you back for that.
Watch out for your back for the next few weeks. This man will be planning the greatest prank on you with Belphie. Either that or he’ll get revenge by placing a “24 hours no cuddles'' rule on you and will stay in his room all day. Eventually his ban crumbles on him, Satan missing you after a few hours and goes looking for you.
Even though he’s the Avatar of Lust, he finds short and sweet kisses just as loving as those he’s given in times of passion. He’s a very clingy person and makes sure to give you as much affection as he can whenever you’re together.
The brothers usually find a trace of Asmo’s lipstick somewhere on you– a symbol that no matter where you are, he’s there with you.
At first he didn’t really see you wiping it away, only noticing once he saw that his makeup was nowhere to be seen on you. He immediately leapt from his seat and gave you a big kiss on your cheek, the blemish dark enough for anyone to see. He was about to go lay back down on the couch but he sees you grab a tissue and start wiping away the mark.
Who do you think you are to wipe his kiss away? This is definitely not gonna fly with him. Without a word, he stands up and makes a beeline towards his room. He comes back, the darkest shade of lipstick in hand accompanied by a suspicious grin on his face.
He takes the cap off, places a generous amount on his lips, and pulls you to him by your waist. Before you can even comprehend what’s happening, your face is littered by his kisses.
“Go ahead and try wiping them off, Dearie. If I see even one of them missing, trust me when I say that your face won't be the only thing I’m marking with my lips”
Knowing him, you know that he wasn’t afraid to come through with his little threat. So you just dropped the prank and told him everything.
Before you can even finish explaining everything, he picks you up and carries you back to his room. He places you on his bed and whispers “I’ll make sure to leave marks that’ll last for weeks, Darlin”
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luxthestrange · 12 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#160 Otakus
Idia: Why do you let me win when we race up the stairs? You’re the faster one. Mc/Yuu: Erm... it’s nice to see your smile when you win! *later* Idia: They're probably just staring at my ass, aren't they Levi: Yeah, probably*Has had that happen to him many times by you*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When they both shy otaku shut-in men with blue/purple color association!~
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— cold shoulder giving them the silent treatment ; req by anon
lucifer marvels at the rarity of your spats, communication between the pair of you clear and efficient. most fights end before they had truly even started. but this time is different, this time is bad. his words had cut deep, casting doubt on your relationship, and his traitorous sin had forced the apology back down his throat despite your pained expression. your silence was fair, your hurt was understandable, the demon justified as he found himself missing the laugh only he could pull out of you. and he hoped your silence would soon come to an end. but then lucifer saw you with simeon. an angel. his old brother. arms linked as you walked back from rad, happiness clear on your expression as you bit back a laugh. in an instant, lucifer is by your side, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and tugging you out of simeon’s way, holding you close with a churning stomach that begged you to not to move away. you humoured him as you returned to the house of lamentation, knowing the battle between his head and his heart. it was in his room - a place familiar to very few - that a tiny “i’m sorry” tumbled gracelessly into the air and you smiled in forgiveness. lucifer’s pride subdued in only that way you could ever cause.
mammon is surprising. more than used to his clingy ways, you’d half expected him to cave when he saw you purse your lips and harden your stare. but instead he let out a harsh scoff and called you “immature.” you turned your head and the treatment continued. each interaction with mammon over the next few days ends with him muttering what a “dumb human” you are under his breath and your heart tugs, wondering just how you are to love. a week’s gone by when mammon feels the sting of your absence, emptiness beginning to stir in his chest, and he makes for the casino in all his avoidance. it serves for the best distraction, huge earnings coming his way and he leaves with jangling pockets and a beaming smile on his face. and it’s at his highest does mammon feel the stark contrast of the sadness that seeps through your pact. the jarring sensation has him rushing back to the house, knuckles rapping against your door echoing his pounding heart. bags of grimm are pushed into your hands as soon as you open up, almost more than you can hold, and as you break your silence to whisper a gentle “mammon?” the words fly, “i’m sorry. please don’t think i could ever stop loving you.”
leviathan takes a day or two to mope, missing your easy conversation, your easy touch. he finds solace in his room, surrounded by his figurines and games and aquatic creatures. henry 2.0 is his only true friend, he sulks. but levi can’t stay out of your path at mealtimes. and it’s not long before he notices how you guffaw with mammon, whisper with asmo, grin with belphie. levi feels his sin clutch his heart like a vice, tight and painful and angry. his lips turn down into a frown, stare piercing as he watches you interact with everyone but him. and if envy is anything, it’s bitter and it’s spiteful. levi ignores you with purpose, still making sure he’s in your view as he finally spares a glance to his fanclub and interacts with the pretty demon who had been catching him in the streets, even if only to enlist him into their cult. this time, it’s your heart that clenches harrowingly, heat pricking sharply at your eyes before you’re fleeing back to the house of lamentation and into the safety of your room. your pitiful sobs can be heard from the hallways when levi returns and in a burst of emotion, he storms into your room. “i love you,” he whispers again and again, entire being wrapped around you. and surrounded fully by leviatahan, you can’t help but believe him. you truly do.
arguments with satan are few and far between, so when they do occur, they’re explosive and fiery, leaving a thick tension across the entire house. you both take time to yourself, hiding away in your rooms, and it’s only when a week passes that satan truly notices your avoidance. the distance sends sparks of anger blazing through his veins, from his fingertips to his heart, and he hates how desperately he tries to grasp at his slipping control. there’s nothing he wants more than to avoid another fight with you, reminders of the hurt you’d both caused still lodged into his mind, resurfacing in his thoughts at only the worst of times. so instead, satan returns to his room, locking himself away and unintentionally matching your treatment. but it stings - the thought that your boyfriend refused to even see you, and the pain only blooms. at first, satan thinks the knock on his door is beel, who had dutifully been taking dinner to his older brother. but when the remorse and guilt and sorrow floods through his pact, he knows it can only be you. the door opens without another second but your gaze is still averted when you murmur, “i’m sorry, i don’t want it to feel like we’re better off apart.” satan’s eyes grow wide and his words are uncharacteristically rushed as he blurts, “no! i just needed time, i promise. i swear i’ll always love you” and as you finally meet his stare, the warmth that passes through your shared pact lets him know everything’s going to be ok.
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If you're not sexualizing the horrors of the world what's the point, really
- MC (obey me!) probably
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