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Hello Piko ^^
I wanted to ask you if you could write the reaction of the brothers to a MC that’s distant towards Mammon ?
The MC doesn’t hate Mammon but they don’t pick up on his Tsundere tendencies, they think he means the insults seriously and that Mammon genuinely doesn’t like being around them, therefore the MC keeps distant so that Mammon isn’t forced to spend time with them, when they don’t need to. (Because of the protector duty)
But one day the MC helps Lucifer in the kitchen and MC asks Lucifer, if they could get a new protector, Lucifer immediately thinks Mammon has done shit again, but MC quickly reassured him and told him that Mammon doesn’t seem to like being around them and therefore asks if somebody else could take Mammons position, so he is no longer forced to spend time with them, when he clearly doesn’t want to (in MCs eyes). Plot twist the rest of the brothers were gathered at the dinning table and heard everything including Mammon. How do you think they would react ? If you don’t want to do all the brothers, then just do Lucifer, Mammon, Levi and Satan please.
I’m sorry that I ended up being so long, I hope you are well and have a good day/night :)
gender neutral reader
Lucifer just tells you he will pick someone else. It’ll most likely either be himself or Beelzebub. He also knows that Mammon is playing hard to get, but he will do nothing directly to resolve this. He wants Mammon to learn his lesson and fix it himself for once.
Mammon is guilty but unsure how to fix this. He tries to think of every possible way to fix this but… in the end he recruits his brothers for help.
In some extreme, elaborate plan, he manages to both piss you off and embarrass himself in one go. Then, he will just have fully come clean and admit his ‘tsundere’ act. His brothers watch and laugh.
Leviathan saw this coming a mile away. He is pleased, watching it all unfold: Satan’s rolling eyes, Mammon’s fear stricken face, and he can only imagine how Belphegor could’ve reacted. It would’ve been hilarious.
He doesn’t like the part where Mammon pesters him for everything he knows about you. A normie like you? Levi thinks Mammon is better off without you. (He wants to be your protector secretly).
Satan is surprised since he thought anyone with a brain could pick it up. He will only help by dropping a few hints on what Mammon is really like, but he doesn’t really care. He offers to become your new babysitter if only for the chance of destroying Lucifer’s hopes and dreams somehow. He’ll figure it out as he goes.
never quite sure what to put when the reqs are super long but i hope you like it!!! i think your prompt could be the post itself haha. great idea tho
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Tumblr media
JEALOUSY. ׀ leviathan.
Tumblr media
 ➛ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: sub!leviathan x top!male!reader.
 ➛ᴄᴡ: human au, jealous levi, insecure levi, amab reader, daddy kink, crying, praise, reverse comfort.
 ➛sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: "it's not that i don't trust you," he sighs, slowly melting under your kisses. "it's because i don't trust myself."
 ➛ᴀ/ɴ: this was requested but i accidentally deleted the req im so sorry.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry," levi cries, his voice getting higher with every thrust, lavender hair scattered all over your desk, "please, daddy, i'm sorry, i really am."
"you sorry, huh?" you hiss, thrusting with all your anger and levi lets out a loud yelp. "for what? for ruining my meeting with foreign partners? or for calling their translator a.." you quote, mocking his tone from earlier "ugly impudent bitch?"
"s-she was.. ah!" he shakes his head, trying to free one of his hands and cover red burning face, but your grip on his wrists tightness, pressing leviathan's hands overhead. "she was looking at you!"
"yeah, she was," you grunt, "because it's her fucking job, levi."
"no! it's not.. ahh! oh lord! it's not like that!" levi denies, words muffled with moans and cries. "s-she wanted.. haah! she definitely.. ah! wanted to fuck you!"
"yeah-yeah, she was looking, she wanted... you always know what other people want to do, right?" you let go off his wrists, hands resting on either side of boy's head. feeling free he instantly covers his face, hiding from your sharp look. "i'm sick of your jealousy, levi. at first i thought that it was cute, but now.. you let your insecurities control you. everything now is a problem, isn't it? i can't talk to people without your stupid suspicions. am i really not worthy of your trust?"
"sorry, daddy.." his whisper is barely audible, and you chuckle.
"yeah of course you are, because you can't hold your fucking.. levi?" his cries suddenly not from pleasure, shoulders shaking with every quite hicc. you stopped, finally realising that you've said too much. yes, he sometimes liked lil degradation, but definitely not what you said and definitely not when he was already upset. "hey-hey, levi, sunshine, look at me," he aggressively shakes his head, refusing to show you his face, and you slightly panic. "fuck. shit. i.. fuck." taking a few deep breath and letting your mind clears a bit. "levi, love," you say carefully, trying not to scare him, giving his knuckles little kisses. "look at me please, look at daddy."
"i'm so sorry i upset you," he whispers back, "im sorry that i ruined your meeting. i know, that it's important, i know i shouldn't act like this, i know it all.. i.." leviathan lets out a convulsive hicc, his hands finally moving from face to your shoulders, fingers nervously twitching collar of your fancy jacket. "i love you so much, you're my everything and i know that im not that special," amber eyes, swollen from crying, carefully look in your. "im so so sorry, please don't be mad, i'll try to not be so annoying."
"no no no," you murmur under your breath, letting a hundreds kisses fall on levi's face. "you don't, baby, i promise, you don't."
"it's not that i don't trust you," he sighs, slowly melting under your kisses. "it's because i don't trust myself."
"oh levi.." you whisper, leaving a kiss on the tip of his nose. "listen to me carefully, baby boy," and after being sure, that all his attention is on you "i would never ever lay my eyes on someone else. you are everything that i ever wanted," you thrust, observing his reaction. and when levi quietly moans, blushing from lovely words, you smirk. "how can i think about someone else? you're so pretty, so sweet and amazing," you praise, thrusting in his shaking body with every word. "leviathan, you're the most important thing to me."
"you promise?" he mumbles, slightly smiling and you feel your heart melting.
"yes, levi, i promise."
Tumblr media
(c) 𝓚𝓳𝓻𝓪𝓮𝓵, 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐. [don't repost, translate or copy my work anywhere without my permission.]
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Incorrect quotes#667 You had to bail them
The brothers got arrested in the human world...thats it...really
Mam*in a jail cell* What about my Miranda rights!? You’re supposed to say I have ‘the right to remain silent’”! NOBODY SAID I HAD THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!
Luci*in the cell next to them* You have the right to remain silent, what you lack is the capacity
Tumblr media
Mc: Sorry it took me so long to bail you all out of jail*After You had to bail the brothers out...with the help of your...sugar daddy best friend Dia help*
Mam: No it’s my fault, I shouldn’t’ve used my one phone call to prank call the police
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littleventcrawler · a day ago
okay guys
how do we feel about Naga!Leviathan x Human Reader
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airbendertendou · a day ago
for the spooky thing: obey me leviathan with 13 "not a smart idea?"
“that smells awful.” lucifer’s nose is scrunched as he watches you stir something in your mug. he assumes it’s coffee, or some kind of new tea barbatos had given you. he turns away, “how can you stand it?”
you ignore him — you usually do — continuing to count how many times you’d stirred your potion. because that’s what it was — a love potion that smelled like your true love. solomon asked you to try the spell out, unsure if he’d done it right and wanting a second opinion. your cauldron was taken by a boiling potion satan had asked for that took a while to settle, so this mug you’d spotted was your second choice.
leviathan blinks from his spot on the couch, hearing your one-sided conversation from the kitchen. curiously, he sniffs the air and soon finds himself standing just beside you. he looks at his eldest brother, “smells like yn to me. good — really good.”
he leans in closer, only being stopped by your extended arm. your hand latches onto his bicep, laying across his chest. levi blushes — you flash him a wild grin. “while i’m flattered — it’s not a smart idea to get any closer. smell gets more addictive the closer you get.”
“oh.” the purple haired demon leans back after taking one more sniff. he’s peering over your shoulder at the sparkling potion, head tilted curiously. “what’s that for anyways?”
“solomon needed a love potion.”
freezing, leviathan’s face heats up completely, red covering his paled skin. he skitters to grab his gaming console, running to his room with a shout. “i need to leave and do something else right now!”
lucifer looks back down at the potion and frowns — “what does it mean when i can’t smell anything nice?”
you only shrug with an awkward grin, attention going back to your potion. his frown deepens.
request yours here | read more 
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Leviathan is no good at this sort of thing. There’s a million other scenarios that he’d be better suited for over what’s transpiring in front of him. But when your eyes start to water, and your body starts to shake as you become overwhelmed with emotion, he realises he needs to become somewhat good. 
“Hey um it’s going to be okay...” it’s not the most comforting thing, especially when Levi sounds so hesitant to even say it. He feels himself internally facepalm when that doesn’t even ease your tension slightly, loud sniffles from you as the tears openly fall. You wipe them away, but they keep falling. 
“Sorry I don’t... I don’t mean to, it’s just...” he’s panicking inside, worried that maybe you don’t want him to see you like this, that you aren’t comfortable being this way around him. 
“Nonono it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with you crying and um if you want me to go I can-” he’s about to stand up from beside you and walk away, maybe get someone like Asmo who would probably be better at cheering you up, only for you to grip onto his sleeve. 
“Stay, please...” combined with your plea, he wedges himself in place beside you. Thinking of something, anything to say, other than letting you continue crying. 
“You remember that time Mammon gave you that stuffed crow plushie?” It’s random, he knows, but you still nod. “It’s actually a rare mystery prize from a set that comes in like ten different colours, he asked me to help him get that one just for you. He totally sucks at crane games by the way.” Normally Levi wouldn’t help Mammon out of the blue, but when Mammon said it was for you he ended up tagging along with little argument. 
“Really?” You perk up slightly. 
“Yeah, you should have seen his face when he finally managed to get his first mystery capsule from the game and it was just a common one.” Mammon nearly threw the plushie across the arcade, because of how disappointed he was. “He tried cheating after that and got his arm stuck.” Levi laughed at him the whole time, and the memory makes him laugh now. 
“That sounds like Mammon.” The relief of seeing a smile starting to form on your features was almost as great as when Levi and Mammon actually one the plushie for you. “You know, Mammon told me you helped but he never mentioned his arm getting stuck.” Mammon not mentioning the arm thing is typical but Levi can’t deny the surprise at his older brother mentioning the help. 
“No way.” 
“Yes way, he said the second he told you it was for me, you were practically racing him to the arcade.” Well he can’t deny that, and he definitely won’t despite embarrassment begging him to. Not when you look so pleased bringing that fact up. 
“Stupid Mammon.” He murmurs, and when you laugh, playfully poking him. 
“Don’t be like that!” 
He’s happy. Because while he’s not the best when it comes to cheering others up, he’s glad he was able to be his best for you. 
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Supporting Silly Hobbies - Leviathan (Obey Me!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Flufftober Day 4 - Supporting Silly Hobbies/Quirks
Tumblr media
word count: 591 gender neutral, you/your pronouns content warnings: angst, comfort, discussion of gender and gendered clothing, reader measured (body not described) note: favorite obey me baby needs love, i wanna give him so many kisses ♡ likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated and loved
@flufftober - Masterlist
Tumblr media
“And then, Ruri-chan swooped down and saved Azuki-tan! It was just!! WAHH She’s so amazing!!” Leviathan gushed. The finale of the most recent season of The Magical Ruri Hana: Demon Girl was released last night and he stayed up late to watch it and rave about it on the Reddevil forums. He was initially upset that you didn’t watch it with him, but in exchange for watching it together later, you would make an Azuki-tan cosplay to go with his Ruri-chan one. He even designed the gijinka concept for you! 
That’s how you ended up standing in the center of his room, arms and legs stretched out in a starfish-like pose, as Levi took your measurements. Normally he’d be red faced touching you so much, but his focus on getting each centimeter perfect kept those feelings at bay. On the floor, next to the notepad of your numbers, was a drawing of his design. It echoed the magical girl design of Ruri-chan’s outfit but the colors were changed to varying browns and a pink flower clip instead of the hat. The petticoat was a red bean paste color too! 
“I even posted-...” you turned your gaze to the demon, who’s excited expression saddened as his eyes stared to the ground.
“Posted what, Levi?”
“N-nevermind, I-”
“Levi. You know you can tell me.”
He moved from his kneeled position by your legs to sit. You followed suit, sitting across from him. He kept his gaze to his hands. He was picking at the chipping nail polish. You waited patiently for him to continue. He drew in a shaky breath, “... I posted a picture of my Ruri-chan cosplay on the forum ‘cause I was so happy about the finale… but then people started commenting about how I shouldn’t cosplay her because I’m a guy. A-and usually stuff like that doesn’t bother me, but it really got to me…”
Levi sniffled, quickly rubbing his hand against his eyes to try and hide his tears. Normally, he was proud of his hobbies and interests, but the happy adrenaline of the finale crashed at the bigotted words on the screen. You knew how much he loved Ruri-chan, how excited he was for his cosplay, and how proud he was of making it himself. Slowly you took Levi’s hand from his face, holding it in yours with your thumb rubbing across his knuckles. “Well,” you began, “You already know that there’s no such thing as not being right for a cosplay. It doesn’t matter your skin color, your gender, your height, your weight. You told me that, remember? And people who talk like that are just jealous of the confidence you have to wear something that’s considered feminine.”
Your other hand caressed his face to get him to meet your eyes. Your thumb rubbed away the tears threatening to fall on his cheeks. “I enjoy seeing you in your cosplay, you look so happy,” you smiled, “as long as you’re happy, I don’t care who you cosplay. I’ll always be proud that you’re my boyfriend. Plus, your legs look great in that skirt!”
Levi chuckled at the comment, pressing his burning cheeks against your hand. “Thank you,” he whispered.
You leaned over and kissed his other cheek, “How about we cuddle and watch the episode? And then we can go to the fabric store.”
“We can just order it on Akuzon.”
“Hmm… but how will we go to the pop-up Ruri-chan cafe?”
Tumblr media
ⓒ @zhonglis-waifu ; do not repost or translate
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undead-merman · 3 hours ago
I can't find the one where mc finds a harpy egg and takes it back to the brothers to raise (also harpies) can you link it for me? Thx
So the original post the asker no longer has their age in their bio so I want to delete the ask and post it here.
Poly harpy brothers with an abandoned egg GN-Reader SFW
Finding the egg
You have been on a walk through the tall mountain that you've called home for a long time now, and you decided to take a longer walk than normal. You head off the beaten path to a new patch of trees and cliffsides. You nearly trip after a big step down and tumble off the cliff when you grab a hanging root and pull yourself up. 
You find a nest and it's barely even held together. The twigs and moss are ripped and broken, and a few eggs that sit inside are broken. Most likely, eaten by something. You are glad that whatever it is did leave one tiny egg. 
It looked way too sad. You couldn't just leave it there, even if the brothers were the only ones allowed on this mountain top. You scooped it up and held it close and you made sure to go back carefully. 
When you get back, everyone is still out, so you make your way to the family nest and sit next to it and try to warm it up. 
When they came back and saw the egg, they all bickered and squawked over whose egg it was. When you reminded them that you're a human and told them how you found it and wanted to take care of it. 
Satan told you it was likely the egg wouldn't hatch if it had been alone for too long and Lucifer agreed, but taking a look at it, sure enough it was a healthy egg. 
Asmodeus was a bit uncomfortable with the idea, but if you wanted to take care of it he couldn't stop you. He couldn't think of an alternative anyway. He couldn't leave an egg all by himself. 
Mammon hated the idea. He tried to see if he could pawn it on someone else, but when you gave him those big eyes he grumbled and kicked his talons around before curling his wing around you both. 
Leviathan was scared, not exactly sure if he was responsible enough to help, let alone be around it without something going wrong. But you looked so happy. He couldn't take that happiness away. 
Satan was interested in it. He wanted to see if it would act like a human when you raised it. He was also intrigued by the egg shape and color. He'd never seen an egg like that and was interested in the type of harpy that might hatch from it. 
Lucifer didn't care either way. Just as long as you take care of it. If you couldn't, he'd find someone who could. It's a big decision. You better be ready for it. 
Beelzebub was quite excited about the idea of making their family a bit bigger. His feathers puffed up as soon as he saw you with it, and now that everyone has agreed he's already thinking of names for it. 
Belphegor didn't think too much of it but was happy he now had an excuse to sleep more. Warm an egg? No problem. And if it was with you that's even better. 
Taking care of it
Some of them have helped rear eggs before. Beelzebub being the main one, with Lucifer right behind him. It's been a very long time so the process takes a while to get back into. 
They take shifts watching over the egg with you. And with you being human they have to do most of the work. 
Lucifer just has it sit in your lap as he wraps his wings around you to keep you both warm. He reminds you every once in a while to rotate the egg gently. 
Mammon begrudgingly sits with it, grumbling about how he doesn't want to do this and how embarrassing it is. You can shut him up with a kiss or even call it Little Mammon for a bit and he gets attached. Maybe even to a point where he tries to take it from the others. 
Leviathan tries his hardest to help, but with how small it is, he's convinced he's going to somehow fall over and turn it Sunny Side up. He has you hold it and wraps you both up as he fixes the nest more than warms the egg. Yes, he's excited to see it, but how will he cope? You look too adorable right now. 
Satan didn't mind his duties. He took them rather seriously. He'd have it in his lap as he read and even had you sit next to him as he did it. He used the old candling technique to make sure it was developing correctly and even praised you for how well you're doing. 
Asmodeus is fawning over you, his wings flapping as he gets a good look at you. Oh you're just so adorable with an egg sitting all pretty in the nest. It's a shame you could make more with him, but one is fine for now. He cuddles up with you and keeps the egg nice and tucked between you. It's hard to imagine he's ever had a problem with it before. Now he's polishing the shell and kissing it. 
Beelzebub is brimming with excitement as he takes his turn. He ends up bringing back more food than he needs to, claiming it's for the chick. He sits with you. The egg in your lap and you are in his lap as you both hold each other. He makes sure to keep it clean and even gets a bit broody. He'll slap away his brothers if they are being too troublesome around it and finds comfort when he's around it. 
Belphegor doesn't change much. He seeks it out only so he can nap with the both of you. Tucked next to him as his wing covers it and holds you close to his chest. 
When they are all together, they leave a space for you and the egg, and for the first time since you've known them, they don't toss and turn. They lay perfectly still. 
When you're holding it, you can feel it wiggle and even a small cheap from inside, and when the others hear they all flock to you. 
The tiny egg hatches, and it's unlike any other harpy they've seen. They’ve never seen one with such an interesting pattern. It must be from a different land. It falls right on you and when it opens its eyes, it just cuddles up to you. Some of them are jealous but the others smack them for being ridiculous. 
The chick is perky and ready to run after a few days, and it follows you everywhere. It never leaves your side and the way it runs is almost comical with how it tries to flap its tiny underdeveloped wings to keep up. 
Your family grew a little. And while it's hard to adjust it seems like everything is moving along well and everyone seems to be happy.
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hanmas · 4 months ago
Obey me boys except when the gold hellfire newt syrup made them horn dogs, you let them hit 🫶🏻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☰ INCLUDES: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor
— tags: nsfw 18+, spoilers for lessons 21 and 22, afab! reader, unprotected sex, cowgirl (leviathan), hand jobs (satan), cunnilingus (beelzebub), blow jobs (belphegor)
— notes: this has been in my drafts for so long rip
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✰ 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐅𝐄𝐑 wraps his arms around you and pulls you flush against his chest, cheek laying over your head as you clutch his shirt tightly with your fist. “did you think of me when you went back to the human world? did you think of only me—not my brothers?” he asks lowly, voice almost a slight pant as you feel his hard-on poke you through his pants. you nod, hand reaching down to palm him through the fabric, making his hand grab your wrist with a growl. “it seems you’re still just as bold,” he smirks, gently pushing you back until you’re sprawled over his desk, your clothes being tugged off as he kisses you messily. you watch as he strokes himself a few times, his jaw clenching before he slides up and down against your folds, smirking at the way you whine. “don’t tease,” you huff, lips puffy and swollen from the earlier kissing. “did you dream of me? of this?” he whispers, blunt tip slipping into your warm cunt, kissing your sweet spot perfectly as he buries himself to the hilt with a low groan, “because i did. i dreamt of this since you left. you’re mine, all mine,” he grunts, hips slowly starting a rhythm as your arms wrap tightly around his neck, your sweet whines ringing through the room. lucifer thinks he can get used to this melody—thinks he prefers it over any symphony he’s heard over the millennia. your walls hug around his cock tighter, and he moans lowly, head digging deep into your neck. “do you know what you do to me?” he growls, “a mere human, but i can barely breathe when i look at you.”
✰ 𝐌𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐎𝐍 cups your cheeks and kisses you needy, hungry, desperate. his lips suck on yours, tongue exploring your mouth as he pants against you. “why’d ya take so long to get to my room?” he pouts, “shoulda came to me first. are they more important? ‘m your first,” he reminds you, letting out a shaky breath as your hand trails under his shirt to rub over his bare skin. your palm glides up his abs to his chest, thumbs rolling over his nipples as he whines softly. “come closer, i need ya closer,” he groans, cock pulsing through his jeans as he rubs against your clothes cunt. you moan against each other’s mouths, grinding your hips against each other before he quickly slips your pants down your legs, fumbling to free himself before he bends you over the hood of the car in his room. “always wanted to bend ya over this,” he mutters, pressing hot kisses against the back of your neck. “room’s been so empty without ya. ya don’t have to go back, jus’ stay here with me, the great mammon’ll take care of ya.” his cock slowly inches into you, ripping a needy moan from his throat as his forehead rests against your shoulder, your tight walls fluttering around his thick cock as his hands squeeze your hips with a bruising grip. “f-fuck, ya feel so g-good—don’t think i can let ya go after this,” he grunts, hearing your breathy moans under him, making him even harder as he ruts his hips into you. “missed you, mammon,” you whine, “missed you so bad.” his breath is labored as his pace turns sloppy, angling his hips to slam into the spot that makes your back arch against his chest. “‘course ya missed the great mammon,” he lets out a breathy chuckle, “‘m your first man, don’t ya remember?”
✰ 𝐋𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍 blushes as you whisper “kiss me, levi,” his breath hitching in his throat as you lean closer, your breath fanning over his lips. he should pull away—but he can’t help but lean closer until your lips touch, molding against each other perfectly. he pants against your lips, kissing you sloppily as your tongue slips into his mouth and glides against his own—pulling a soft chuckle from you as he lets out a strangled groan. “w-we should stop,” he stutters, “but now i want more.” you grin, gently pushing him onto his back on his bed, hovering over him as you trail your lips down his neck and to his collarbone, marking his pale skin while his breath turns ragged. “want more too, levi,” you murmur, “missed you so much. let me show you.” he watches in a trance, pupils dilated and cheeks crimson as you slowly undress, helping him slip out of his own clothes before you hand grazes his stiff cock. he lets out a shaky gasp, hips bucking into your hand for more friction. “a-are you sure...you want to—” he quickly cuts himself off with a moan when you squeeze around his tip, thumb teasing his slit before smearing the pre cum over his length. “of course i do,” you hum, letting out a soft moan as you sink down on his cock, watching as his head falls against the pillow and his hands grip your waist tightly, “wanted this for so long.” you roll your hips, both of your moans filling the room as he thrusts his hips up to meet you halfway, veins dragging along your walls and tip sinking deep into your sweet spot. “c-can’t believe you’re back—can’t believe you’re with me,” he rasps, “hope you never leave.”
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍 presses you against his wall of many books, and even as you feel the uncomfortable dig of the bookshelf against your back, you can’t help but let your lips press harder against his, making him let a soft groan as his hair falls over his eyes. “did—did you ever wish to see me? while you were away?” he breathes, eyes staring into yours as you brush the strands of hair out of his face. you lean to press gentle kisses along his cheeks, feeling the heat of his blush under your lips as your hand moves to rub over his clothed erection. he lets out a choked groan, head falling to your shoulder as his legs quiver when you slip his hardened cock from his pants. your thumb glides through his slit, smearing the pre cum around his reddened tip before slowly stroking his length, feeling his hot breath as he pants against your skin. “i did,” you murmur, “and i wished to see you like this too,” you say cheekily, feeling him let out a low chuckle through his labored pants. “being away has made you less shy, it seems. you’re—o-oh, fuck,” he cuts himself off with a soft moan, hips thrusting into your fist and chasing the friction. you turn your head, planting soft kisses on the side of his head, stroking him faster as your hand squeezes tighter around his aching length. you grin as he shudders against your body, your free hand threading through his sweaty locks. “did you get lonely without me,” you hum, making him scoff—but then you squeeze around him tighter, making him rasp out a moan as his cock twitches, nearing his impending orgasm. “okay, f-fine,” he grunts, “i missed you. it wasn’t the same without you—i’m not the same without you.”
✰ 𝐀𝐒𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐔𝐒 giggles as he presses soft kiss after kiss to your face, mapping out your cheeks and forehead, lingering over your eyelids and the tip of your nose as your arms hook around his neck. “oh, you’re so cute! your waist fits my hands so perfectly,” he murmurs, forehead pressed against yours as he admires you. you whine, bucking your hips up, letting out a shaky gasp as the tip of his cock rubs over your clit, making him smile down at you with a chuckle. “patience, sweetheart,” he hums, “i’ll give you what you want, but first you have to tell me if you missed me as much as i missed you.” his finger teases over your clit, rubbing slow circles, a soft whimper slipping past your lips as he presses gentle kisses to your neck and sucks on the skin. “i did,” you cry, “i did, i m-missed you so much! asmo, please—” he cuts you off with the tip of his cock slowly teasing past your folds, a soft laugh ringing through your ear as he kisses the shell of it. “you’re so pretty when you’re all needy,” he grins, “so, so cute when you want attention. i love you.” he lets out a wanton moan against your ear, breathy gasps bubbling from his throat as you squeeze around his cock, his hips rolling with a slow, steady pace that leaves you both whining against each other. “love you too, love you too,” you babble, raising your hips and meeting his thrusts halfway, mewling as his he curves into you and hits your spot perfectly. your chests meet, nipples grazing as he pulls you into a heated kiss and whines against your mouth. “feel so good, sweetheart,” he groans, “you’re so pretty like this, don’t think i can ever let you go now.”
✰ 𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐙𝐄𝐁𝐔𝐁 plants two strong hands on your hips, pulling you closer as his head falls to your shoulder, his nose trailing along your neck and inhaling your scent before he presses a soft kiss to your skin. “you smell so good,” he murmurs, “let me taste you—just a small nibble.” you gasp lightly before he lifts you to sit on the kitchen counter, fingers hooking into your waistband and quickly making work to pull your pants and underwear down your legs. “just need one taste, you smell so sweet,” he breathes, kneeling down until he’s face to face with your dripping cunt. he presses a soft kiss to your clit, humming as you shiver and let out a soft whimper. “so hungry—but it feels so different. so hungry for you,” he mumbles, lips attaching onto your clit and sucking slowly while his fingers sink past your folds, making you throw your head back as your hands bury into his locks and tug at the roots while you whine. “b-beel—fuck, we shouldn’t…we shouldn’t do this h-here,” you stutter, feeling his tongue slide along your wet folds, your slick smearing across his face as he devours you. “can’t wait anymore, ‘m too hungry,” he moans against you, the vibrations making you squeal as your brain turns foggy, all reason leaving your mind. “more,” you whine, “please, i need more.” his tongue almost sinks past you deeper at that, lapping at your folds as he groans at how sweet you taste. “gonna come taste you when i get hungry from now on,” he moans, “so good and sweet for me.”
✰ 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐆𝐎𝐑 is breathing heavily, face bright red as you kneel between his legs, pumping his stiff length with your hand as your other fondles his balls. he lets out a choked gasp when you lean down and kiss the tip sweetly, looking up at him with doe eyes. “belphie, don’t get shy now,” you hum, “you asked for this, remember?” he grunts, frowning down at you with pouty lips. “i’m still mad you ate my food,” he huffs, “so you have to make it up to me.” smiling, you press kisses from the base of his shaft, lips pressing gently up his length as his breath turns more and more ragged. his head throws back with a soft whine as you take him into your mouth, tongue swirling around his tip before you bob your head up and down his length. his hips buck into your mouth, hand cupping the back of your head before he fucks himself down your throat. “fuck—you’re good at this,” he rasps, “sh-should’ve had you do this while you were here.” his eyes are squeezed shut, faced flushed as your hand gently rubs his thigh. popping off with a grin, he hisses, glaring down at you as you press another kiss to his tip. “i’ll do this whenever you want,” you murmur, blinking up at him innocently before slowly wrapping your lips around his tip and sucking, making him groan lowly. “then you b-better come back whenever i call,” he grunts, “in fact, don’t leave at all.” your hand reaches to play with his balls once more, making his head fall back with a low moan, cock twitching in your mouth while pants erratically. “didn’t get to spend as much time with you as the rest—g-gotta stay with me and make up for it.”
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rubystarpoet · 22 days ago
Y/n: I need someone to fuck me--
Asmodeus: *looks excited while quickly getting up from his seat to run to you*
Y/n: --up in this video game 1000 times so I can get the achievement for being killed over 1000 times.
Asmodeus: ...Uh...What?
Leviathan: *excitedly pushes Asmo out of the way*
Leviathan: I GOT YOU, Y/N! LET'S DO THIS!!
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leviathism · 2 months ago
gender neutral reader
“Goodnight!” You shouted down the hallway before you shut your door, unable to not smile after you heard the muffled replies of the brothers shouting back to you.
Climbing into bed had never been a difficult task and today it was no different. With you safe under your covers and your phone to distract you, you were perfectly content.
But, then, of course,  Mammon came marching in as he had always done since your first week here. However, you had grown so used to this that it no longer disrupted the peace anymore.
So, you ignored him and simply lifted up the covers for him to slide into.
After a few minutes of DevilTok, you threw your phone onto your nightstand and covered yourself up with your blanket. You were finally ready to sleep.
Mammon curled closer, his face hidden in the blanket over your stomach. You smoothed his hair down, smiling at how he only pressed closer at the touch.
Your door creaked open. You raised your head but you were unable to tell who it was. They settled on the side opposite of where Mammon had gotten in and rubbed your shoulder gently instead of saying anything.
The lamp turned on. It was Satan. You rolled onto your stomach, trying to shield your eyes from the light. Mammon grumbled, annoyed that he could no longer hide his face in your body comfortably.
Your door once again creaked open. You groaned.
Another weight to the bed. Someone had decided to lay on your back. Four people in your bed was too unusual. You peeked an eye open.
Mammon was baring his teeth like a feral animal at whoever was on top of you. You would bet a thousand Grimm that it was Belphie.
You looked to your right. Satan wasn’t even reading his book and was instead looking at you.
You rolled your eyes. You knew what was happening. Your demons had once again came to the conclusion that you were human with a human lifespan.
You decided to just let them angst this one out.
The door opened and this time, two pairs of footsteps wondered to your bed. “Sorry, hun,” Asmo whispered as he crawled over you and Mammon. “Wanted to see you.”
“Uh huh…” Levi took his spot on the outside of your legs, your left calf acting as a cushion for his head. You prayed that you wouldn’t accidentally kick him in your sleep.
Then you heard the crunching of chips and a crinkle of a bag. You hadn’t even noticed him walk in.
You moaned into your pillow, exhausted beyond belief. “Beel, please stop eating. I know it sucks to be told that, but go outside if you’re going to crunch.”
There was an incoherent reply and then silence. The edge of the mattress dipped down. Satan turned his lamp off.
You worked on ignoring all of them, closing your eyes tightly and hoping for the best. Asmo dragged his manicured nails up and down your arm and it pulled you into a sleepy haze. You hummed out your appreciation and Asmo giggled tiredly in response.
You felt yourself rocking in and out of sleep, even drooling with how at peace you were. Maybe it wasn’t so bad having six demons in bed with you. Maybe it was worth it for this amount of comfort.
And then your door slammed open.
“Get out of their room, now.” A deadly aura made you choke on air, shivering violently. Lucifer was in his demon form and livid.
Belphie jolted awake on your back, making you gasp in pain as his elbows and knees dug into you. Mammon reacted, scrambling to pull you out from under him.
“Mammon,” Belphie growled, easing his weight back down onto you. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“What do ya think YOU’RE doing?!” Mammon huffed, irritated. “You’re hurtin’ ‘em!”
“They’re fine. They can handle it.” He patted you on the head. How were they ignoring Lucifer? You shifted warily under his weight, unable to see anything happening.
Lucifer started stomping over. You shrunk under Belphie, trying to hide.
“Who do you two think you are, ignoring me?” Lucifer loomed over you three, Levi rolling away to avoid confrontation. “You will all go to your own rooms immediately. The rest of you as well.”
“Lucifer!” Asmodeus whined, leaning into a dozing Beelzebub’s side. “Why can’t we stay? What’s the harm?”
“They were just about to sleep but someone decided to wake them back up,” Satan glowered up at Lucifer. “I think you should be the one to leave.”
“Oh my god, Lucifer just let them stay.” You took matters into your own hands, rubbing at your face tiredly. You wanted no more arguing tonight. “Thanks, but if I didn’t want them here I would’ve gotten rid of them long ago myself. Stay or leave, I don’t care just please turn off the lights.”
He walked away and flipped the switch, darkness fortunately covering the entire room once again. You relaxed and felt Belphie nuzzle into the nape of your neck.
You heard a chair being dragged on your wooden floor and then Lucifer sitting down. You rolled your eyes. Of course he would choose to stay but not be in the bed.
Now, with everything and everyone finally settled in for the night, you got to thinking.
How could all of them be upset over the same thing at once? You think quietly as you can in your bed filled with eight people and come to a damning conclusion. One that makes your stomach twist painfully.
“You had a family movie night without me, didn’t you? And it had someone dying long before someone else, didn’t it?” The sound of breathing stops, seven pairs of eyes stare at you, all conveying different degrees of guilt. “What the hell?”
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nanawritesit · a month ago
Obey Me! Demon Brothers Imagine: MC is kidnapped by a lower demon and summons them to save them
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor
Dateables Ver.
Trigger Warnings: mentions of torture, punching, kicking, and choking. Slightly suggestive with Asmo? MC is tied to a chair and slightly manhandled.
You thought all of this would be over. You had been at RAD for half a year now, all the demons seemed to be used to your presence and no one had so much as given you dirty looks anymore. When you first arrived you were the target of some bullying and pranks, but after the school learned you were under the protection of the seven brothers, that ceased to exist.
So when Judas, a popular and nice demon in your history class offered to help you study after school, you gladly accepted it. It was your worst subject, and exams were quickly approaching. He was smart, pretty, and seemed to get along well with everyone.
That was what you thought until you woke up in a dark room, tied to a chair looking up at him horrified. Your mind drifted back to when he offered you a drink when you first came to the study room. He must have slipped you something and then drug you off to some secluded area.
“Why would you do this?” you demanded, tugging at the ropes that bound your fists together behind the chair.
“Because I think Lord Diavolo’s plan to unite the three realms is blasphemous.” Judas spat back. “Humans could never stand as equals to demons, and when I’m done with you, he’ll feel the same way.”
“I’ll give you one chance.” you told him with an ice cold stare, doing an awful good job at hiding your fear. “Let me go right now and I won’t summon him.”
Judas laughed maniacally, throwing his head back to the ceiling and clapping his hands. He then grabbed the back of your neck and forced you to look up at him. “Go ahead. I’m sure he’d love to join me. You may think those brothers like you, but they only protect you out of pity.”
You gave Judas a small smirk before screaming out your demon’s name, pact mark glowing brightly on your skin.
His vision immediately turned red as soon as he gained sight of what was before him. Some lower level demon was touching his human. In a few short strides he had already made his way over, picking up the scum with effortless strength and throwing him to the ground with such immense force. As Judas was whimpering beneath him, Lucifer gave a low chuckle as he cracked his neck and put his boot against Judas’ skull.
“So you’re the one who’s been stalking them? I should have known. Lower level scum like you always want to go after a stronger man’s treasures to prove something of themselves. I can always sense when someone is after my MC. I just never thought it would be someone I used to respect.” He pushed his foot down further on Judas’s temple making him cry out.
“Mark my words, heathen.” Lucifer said through gritted teeth. “You’re in for a fate much worse than you were planning to give my MC. You messed with the biggest bull in the devildom, and now you’ll be impaled by my horns.” Lucifer gave one swift kick to Judas’ abdomen, rendering him unconscious.
His demon form instantly vanished as he turned to you, practically sprinting over to you. He knealt down to your level, scanning over your body for any signs of injury with such soft eyes. “Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you did he?”
“No he didn’t.” you told him, finally feeling safe enough to release a few tears. “I called for you right away.”
“Oh my love…” he immediately wrapped his arms around you, placing your head in the crook of his neck. He pulled back to look at you with such admiration. “You were so brave, you did such a wonderful job. I only wish I could have been there to help you sooner. But don’t fret, you’re safe now.”
Now that he new you were safe, Lucifer couldn’t resist the swell of pride in his chest at the fact that you immediately called him for help. But of course, he couldn’t tell you that.
When he was summoned he was actually facing away from the two of you, arms stretched behind his head as he cracked his back. His physique alone was truly incredible, immediately striking fear into the heart of Judas, who thought you were bluffing about being able to summon your demon.
“Ah, MC, I didn’t think ya would need me so soon.” Mammon said, his words dripping with cockiness. He turned around, ocean eyes zeroing in on Judas, making him go frozen. Greed soared through every cell in his body as he realized: someone thought they could take you away from him. And there was no saving Judas after that.
At the speed of light, Mammon had him pushed up against the wall, right hand locked around his neck in a tight chokehold while his left snapped off one of Judas’ horns.
“Now, mind explaining to me what made ya think you had the right to touch my precious human?” he spat, seething with rage as he tossed the severed horn over his shoulder.
“Come on man, it’s not what you think!” Judas stammered, practically shaking against Mammon’s enourmous frame. “I just wanted to shake them up a bit! You don’t really care for this worthless human do you?”
At that Mammon lost it and socked him right in the jaw, so hard it sounded like a cannon. He then grabbed the back of Judas’ neck in the same way that he had seen him do to you. “Don’t you ever, and I mean ever, call them that. You’re about to incur the wrath of The Great Mammon, then you’ll know what it’s like to feel worthless. But you’ll have to wait for that treat until I can get MC out of this hellhole.”
In another quick flash of movement, Mammon untied you from the chair and set you down on the floor gently, then tied Judas up to the chair the exact same way. Once he was out of the way, Mammon rushed over to you, cupping your face in his hands.
“Are you okay? How much happened before I got here?” he pleaded, eyes watering the tiniest bit.
“Not much,” you told him, placing your hands over his. “You came right away, my demon.”
“Of course I did. I’m your Great Mammon.” he smirked, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “But what were ya doing hanging out with some shady guy like this?! You should be more careful!” he shook you lightly in a scolding tone.
“I’m sorry, you’re right! I shouldn’t have been so careless.” you confessed, tossing your head against his chest.
Mammon was shocked that you agreed with him so easily without any push back. He realized then that you were probably tired from the adrenaline rush of everything. He just thought of you being so strong, he didn’t even consider that you might have been scared of Judas.
“It’s alright, MC.” he said affectionately patting the back of your head, trying not to soil the moment with the ego boost it gave him. “I’ll take care of everything for ya.”
Levi didn’t like to admit it, but he could get extremely protective over you. After all, you’re his person. You guys had such a special connection that he hadn’t found in anyone else. Well, other than Henry. And while he never took much pride at all in his sin of envy, you were the only thing he was not willing to share with anyone, not even his brothers or Lord Diavolo. He would defend his right to be your demon against all odds, and the fact that this joker thought he had the right to mess with his favorite person was just unacceptable.
This was the angriest you had seen him since the TSL quiz showdown, and to be frank, you were just glad he was on your side. Levi took slow, suspenseful steps toward Judas who was paralyzed with fear, before stopping dead in front of him. Without warning, his tail wrapped around the lower demon like a boa constrictor, lifting him up into the air as he gasped for air.
“You really are pathetic, aren’t you?” he hissed, practically shaking the room with his rage. “Let me tell you this, they have more of a beloved place in this realm than a normie like you ever will!”
“C-calm down man!” Judas choked out. “I wasn’t going to hurt them! I just wanted to teach them a lesson!”
Levi giggled in that devious, maniacal way that he does at times, leaning in closer to the inferior’s face as he spoke. “Well then allow me to teach you a few lessons, hm?”
With that, Judas was thrown across the room and slammed against the hard stone wall. The force was so much that some of the rock began to crumble around his body.
“Lesson number one.” Levi began. “Never touch something that doesn’t belong to you.”
“Lesson number two…” he continued, giving the inferior a harsh slap on the back with his tail as he tried to get back up, making him fall flat on the floor with a thud. “When you do wrong, you must suffer the consequences.”
After all this, Levi yanked Judas’ head up by his hair and forced him to look him in the eyes. “And lesson three- never mess with the Avatar of Envy or his human.”
When Levi felt that his work was done, he sprinted over to you and undid your restraints, then scooped you up in his arms and carried you away to recuperate in his bathtub/bed.
“Sorry I didn’t get here sooner MC-chan! Can I make it up to you with a TSL marathon and Ruri cosplay photo shoot?”
O-ho-ho no. No no no. That scum picked the wrong human to kidnap. Satan has been known to be quite the sadist, and quite knowledgeable in the subject of torture. And this was no exception.
Satan didn’t really like to use his sin. He felt that if it was only born out of Lucifer’s rage, then giving into his wrath would push him further into his brother’s shadow. Normally, Satan would use his acquired intelligence against this demon. However, this was most certainly not one of those times. The second Satan looked into your teary eyes, he was an absolute beast. He sprinted up to the demon and tackled him straight to the ground. He threw punch after punch, until the miserable thing cried out for mercy.
“Shut up, you worthless worm!” Satan practically roared, clutching the demon’s collar with both hands. “How dare you, how dare you put your filthy hands on my irreplaceable human!” He then yanked Judas up to his face and hissed with a whisper into his ear, “No amount of pain you incur will ever atone for what you put them through, but I’ll be damned if I let you go without a punishment. I’ll see you in the dungeon.”
Then with a snap of Satan’s fingers, Judas had vanished to another location. After he untied you, you practically leapt into his arms. You were so shook up, clutching onto him for dear life and not being able to hold back your tears any longer. He of course immediately went soft and cradled you in his arms, sitting down with you in his lap.
“It’s alright my darling.” he told you, running his hand along your back, not realizing how tightly he was holding onto you until he leaned back to look you in the eye. “I guess the only thing I’m afraid of in this world is losing you. Could you ever accept such a wrathful heart?”
You put your hands around his cheeks which he immediately blushed at, turning as still as a statue. “You’re absolutely beautiful Satan. You’re so strong, but still so delicate. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have saved me.”
At that, the sound of a cupid’s arrow plucking a tiny green demon heart could be heard throughout the entire devildom. No one had ever described him so kindly. Satan now knew for sure that the only kind of demon he ever wanted to be was yours.
At first glance, Asmo didn’t seem very intimidating. With his slender frame, cute voice, and soft facial features, no one expected him to be so lethal. But Judas underestimating his love for you was a big mistake.
Asmo swooped into the room, his black wings spanning out behind him as he landed, standing tall in front of you. His doe eyes widened at the sight of you. He had only seen you in this position once before, and he could tell by the look on your face that this was not the same kind of scenario.
“MC… do you want me to take care of this?” Asmo chirped, his face looking sweet and innocent but you could see the danger that lurked behind his amber gaze. You gave him a frantic nod, and that was all the confirmation he needed.
In mere seconds, you watched your sweet little avatar of lust transform into the most terrifying being in the devildom. His eyes darkened, his veins stood out against the skin of his arms and hands, wings and horns gleaming in the faint light of the dimly lit room… to you, he looked hot as hell, but to Judas, he looked positively terrifying.
“So, you think you can tie my MC up?” Asmo sneered, striding up to Judas who was already backing away from you. “Only I get to do that, little demon. And that’s with consent.” In a flash, Judas was on his knees, absolutely captivated by the darkness that Asmo radiated. Asmo took advantage of this and kicked him up the head with his heeled boot, rendering him unconscious.
“MC!” he called out, instantly turning on his heel and running to you, tearing the ropes away from you. He wrapped you up in his wings and embraced you for a moment before pulling back to look you over. “I’m so happy you’re safe! Sorry you had to see that side of me, I know it’s not so pretty! How about I make it up to you with a night of pampering? I’ve got face masks and a rose petal bath with your name on it!”
“Oh, don’t worry Asmo…” you reassured him, pushing his honey colored waves back. “I didn’t mind seeing you like that. It was sort of sexy.”
“Oh?” he smirked, caressing your cheek. “Would you like me to take you back to my room and show you more?”
Beel was especially shocked at the scene that played out in front of him, considering he and Judas were teammates on the Fangol team. He couldn’t believe that someone he fought and played with could hurt his beloved human.
Beel’s a big boy. Like, he’s very tall. And muscular. His build alone was enough to leave Judas quaking in his boots. But that was nothing compared to the way his violet eyes pierced into him, making him feel about two inches tall.
“You’re trying to hurt… my human? MY human?” Beel demanded, towering over the inferior creature who was scrambling backwards. “What makes you think you have the right!” This was just as bad as… no, worse than when his custard was stolen.
“Beel, I…” Judas stuttered, looking around for any sort of excuse for what he had done. “I’m surprised you don’t want to share this snack with me! I mean, they do look delicious don’t they?”
Oh that did it. Beel’s large hand clasped around the demon’s throat, raising him up into the air by only his neck. He then pushed him up against the wall, still holding him up.
“Now you listen to me…” Beel growled in such a deep voice you could barely hear him from where you sat. “They are not a snack. And even if they were I sure as hell wouldn’t share them with the likes of you. Do you understand?” Judas was dumb founded, stammering and stuttering from his place on the wall. Beel was getting impatient, and slammed his body against the wall once more. “I said, do you understand!”
“Yes! I do! I promise!” Judas pleaded.
“Good.” Beel continued. “Now here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna let you go, but you’re going to run far away and never show your face in this realm again. If I ever see you around here again, you’ll wish you hadn’t been so bold as to fall from grace in the first place. Got it?”
“Yes! You won’t ever see me again in your life!” Judas cried, and with that Beel thrashed him onto the ground. He scuttled away, never to be seen again, and Beel turned back into the giant puppy that he truly was for you.
“Are you okay love? Did I not come soon enough?” He asked so softly he was almost whispering. He was feeling all over your body looking for the slightest abnormality.
“No my darling, you came just in time.” you told him, feeling so much better now that it was just the two of you in the room. You gave him a kiss on the forehead that made him smile so bright. “My hero.”
“Let’s get you out of here, yeah?” he suggested, and after you gave him a nod he carried you off to your room bridal style. He cuddled you all night after that. Well, at least until dinner time.
You were the only one allowed to disturb Belphie’s sleep. And even you thought it was best to choose your battles wisely. So when you summoned him without any warning, he knew something was wrong. All the sleepiness in his face faded as he saw his darling in the hands of some monster. He was suddenly wide awake.
“This is your demon?” Judas chuckled, pulling your neck back even further in his hand. “This is the lowest ranking of the seven brothers! I’m not so easily intimidated.”
Belphegor simply chuckled at this remark, then yawned and stretched like he normally does after a nap. “MC dear, you may want to look away. I don’t want to trigger you by acting like I did the night I attacked you.”
That was all you needed to hear before you craned your neck away from the two demons. You had forgiven Belphegor for that night long ago, but you certainly didn’t want to see that terrifying side of him again.
“Little Judas…” Belphegor went on, striding over to him with his hands in his pockets. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you’re not the first person to underestimate my power as seventh-born… and you probably won’t be the last.” He snickered, cracking his knuckles. “But I am still one of the seven brothers for a reason. And it’s a good reason too. That’s something you’ll never forget.”
After that, all you heard was a bunch of frenzied noises, mostly of Belphegor’s blows and Judas’s begging for forgiveness. Once the noise stopped, Belphie suddenly appeared in front of you, the exact same way you saw him before you looked away.
“He’s taken care of darling.” he smiled, kissing your cheek before untying you. As soon as you were free, you sprung into his arms, burying your head in his chest and squeezing his torso super tight. He was taken aback by this for a second, but then smiled at your affections, holding you against him softly.
“Thank you so much.” you uttered quietly. “You really saved me Belphie. This definitely makes up for when you tried to kill me.”
“I’m honored, but I’m still going to spend the rest of my life proving to you that I love you. Starting with taking you up to bed and holding you close until you fall asleep with only sweet dreams.”
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artemfication · a month ago
MC going full on Buzzfeed Unsolved once they’re back in the human realm and just fucking with the entire internet by scheming with the brothers, pretending to try and make contact with evil demons and disguising the DDD as a ghost communicator thing.
After recording they just laugh about it and send each other all the funny comments they can find about the video. Sometimes (with some help from Solomon’s magic) they infiltrate a ghost communicator channel of some random ghosthunter influencer person just to fuck with them like they’re prank calling.
Lucifer thinks it’s childish but when he feels like it, would put up a little show by throwing out threats pretending it’s one of his brothers while MC is mentally dying from laughter as they hear him go off through the DDD, even though they have to act terrified.
Satan, Mammon and Belphie especially enjoy being part of the scheme and Diavolo is always asking when there is a new episode being released, because even he is watching the videos with Barbatos and thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.
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littleventcrawler · a day ago
Leviathan’s sensory heaven?
Head and back scratches
If you run your fingers through his hair he will MELT. being autistic and having sensory issues means you kinda get used to being a little itchy everywhere all the time, so you forget how amazing it feels to be scratched. PLEEAAAASE sit on top of him and scratch his back!!! he will literally be yours forever. he just wants your hands on him all the time scratching and caressing and holding. even better if you let him lay on your lap while you scratch his head. mess up his hair all you want, that’s how you know it’s GOOD scritches
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rae-writes · 11 days ago
the first time—
obey me boys x reader
wc : 3.k
warnings : mild mc injuries, reference to lesson 16 (belphie)
synopsis : a collection of firsts with your pining boys + Luke cause I adore hims (and minus asmo)
a/n : why asmo isn’t included : here 
Tumblr media
the first time you felt his bare touch 
Solomon’s new potion experiment made you sick : feverish, sluggish, barely being able to walk without stumbling. You definitely shouldn’t have tested it for him during RAD, because now you were disoriented, and leaned up against the hallway wall when you should be in class. 
Lithe fingers grabbed your jaw gently, sending shivers down your body; their touch was cold and soft...comforting. It felt nice. 
Without bothering to open your eyes, your own hand came up to grasp theirs. You leaned into the touch and let out a miserable noise. A deep, familiar, chuckle made you snap your eyes open. 
Lucifer stood in front of you with an amused, albeit concerned, smile on his face. “Mc, it seems you’re running a fever.” 
But you weren’t focused on his words, no. You were focused on his ungloved hand. You trailed your fingers across the exposed skin, running over each of his digits before you noticed his nails. 
Red. His nails were red. Of course they were red. The sight alone made you smile, and against your better judgment, you pulled his hand up to place kisses on each of his fingertips. 
Ruby eyes widened slightly at your action, body forcibly repressing shivers and the stupid blush that wanted to crawl up his face. “Mc.”
“Let’s just stay here for a bit, please.” You knew he could fix your sickness with a snap of his fingers, but... “Wanna feel your touch.” 
And maybe Lucifer shouldn’t get in the habit of spoiling you, but you’re pouting and nuzzling into his hand, and he can’t deny the pride swelling in his chest because you’d rather be sick and miserable than have him pull away and tug his glove back on. 
“Of course.” 
(As he slid down the wall to sit on the floor with you, he made the fever disappear anyway. Your bright smile made missing class worth it, especially when you tugged off his other glove and rested your face in his hands.)
the first time you kissed him
“Thank you, Mammon.” 
Your soft tone had him looking up from your rather poorly bandaged wrist, eyebrows furrowed, “Y-yeah, of c-course.” His mouth was pulled into a frown as he finished up. How could he have been so careless? He should’ve been standing closer to you. He should’ve gotten up even after he slipped and protected you. He should’ve-
Blue eyes snapped up, meeting your worried e/c hues. Fuck, it made his heart lurch. “Next time I’m gonna be the one that saves you. Me. Not Lucifer, not anyone else. A-and if I can’t save you, your only other choice is to die! It’s me or no one!”
You nodded softly, gaze never straying from his. “You or no one.”
He nodded back absentmindedly, not wanting to ruin the atmosphere with his stupid fumbling. Faintly, he recognizes that Beel could be coming back at any second, but when your hand brushes against his cheek he can’t help but lean closer.
“You’re so sweet, Mammon…” you cradled his face with both hands now, gently pulling him forward, “My best first man.” your lips slotted over his hesitantly and just a bit clumsily. 
His heart nearly shot out of his chest at the way you were being so soft with him— a demon. So he reciprocates the kiss just as softly, if not a little more firmly. And he could almost float back to the celestial realm with how light he feels when you press just a little closer to him. 
(And yeah he’s greedy, he’s the fucking avatar of greed, so Mammon doesn’t feel bad in the slightest when your phone starts buzzing with incoming texts from Levi. He just pulls you in closer, makes you stay with him just a bit longer because now he’s addicted to the feel of your kiss.)
the first time you linked hands
When you heard there was going to be a ball during your retreat at the Demon Lord’s Castle, you were excited! You enjoyed the thought of getting to dress up and dance like the fairy tales, but the actual thing had you feeling nervous; there were so. many. people. Demons, really, but that actually made it worse.
And after being politely threatened by Lucifer (again), you and your now very much aching hand were ready to curl up and disappear. But that wasn’t an option, so you wandered around close to the walls until a gentle touch made you stop.
“M-mc?” Levi’s tail had curled around your wrist while he stood shifting his weight around. As his hand moved to brush against yours, he didn’t make a single sound, choosing instead to ask his question silently. 
‘D-do you w-want to h-h-hold my h-hand?’
Even though he wasn’t speaking, you could still hear his cute, nervous stuttering clear as day in your mind; it makes you smile and step closer. Your pinky wraps around his in a ‘yes’, feeling grateful he noticed your discomfort.
Levi jolts, having been prepared to get rejected. His face burns with an alarming red but he slowly intertwines all your fingers together nonetheless. Almost instinctively, his thumb begins rubbing circles over yours, “D-do you f-feel better y-yet?”
You did. Even the ache Lucifer caused in your hand seemed to dull at his bashful smile. “Yes, Levi. Thank you.”
He nodded, pushing down the urge to curl up and hide away when you squeezed his hand, making him jolt again. The sound of your fond laughter sent him reeling and he awkwardly squeezed back just to hear it again and again.
(He can feel his palms growing sweaty as the time passes, and Levi is all but amazed you seem to not care. Your fingers stay tangled with his, palms never breaking contact, even if you have to tug one another clumsily so you can walk around another guest without letting go. It makes Levi all fuzzy and warm— and he’s pretty sure it’s not just because it’s getting hot in the ballroom.)
the first time you genuinely smiled at him
It had been nearly a week since you, Lucifer, Mammon, and Satan returned home from the fiasco in London. Things were good between you and the fourth born, much to his delight. He wasn’t expecting it since he did try to attack you before the trip, even if he already apologized for it. 
A ‘I’ve actually gotten pretty used to it?’ was thrown out before you were dragging him down to dinner by his sleeve. Being in the devildom, Satan supposes he should be glad that you aren’t giving such severe reactions to these things like you were when you first arrived (the ordeal with Lucifer and the grimoire was another thing entirely), but he still feels as though he should make up for losing his cool. 
He decided on asking what your favorite book is so he can get himself a copy to read and then get you a copy of his favorite book in return. As he sat reading, waiting for you to arrive, he failed to notice your presence in the doorway until you rapped your knuckles on the wood. 
Placing his bookmark, Satan stood up, excited to give you his gift when he had the breath stolen from him. You hadn’t moved but now you were holding up a lanyard, a familiar chocolate lizard attached, with a beaming smile. 
His fingers clutched at his identical keychain, one he’d tied to his favorite bookmark. You’d noticed. It made you happy. You were smiling at him. He’d never seen such genuineness directed at him from you and the sight itself, the feeling of being on the receiving end of it, made him beam right back as he held out the book for you.
(And when you settle down beside him on the common room couch, immersed in reading the book he’d gotten you- his favorite- Satan can’t resist peering over the top of his own book to take in your reactions. Because when you smile at the story, it almost feels like you’re still smiling at him.)
the first time you cooked for him, only him
[HoL gc; Beel] :(. :((. :(((. :((((.
[HoL gc; Lucifer] Put your D.D.D down and rest. We’ll bring you something after school.
You frowned at Beel’s obvious misery, knowing the sickness had to be bad if he couldn’t make it to school. The thought of him with a fever, bedridden and being unable to get food from the fridge- and possibly not even being able to keep it down- made your stomach twist unpleasantly. 
[Mc] Stay in bed for me, bub. 
Beel whined pitifully at your text, stomach rumbling and head aching. “Mc…” he rolled over, arms moving to cover his face when yours popped in his vision. “M-mc?” Despite being confused at your presence, he tugged you closer to his feverish body.
“Hi, bubs. ‘M here. Not goin’ anywhere, okay?” Rubbing a cool rag over his face, neck, and chest, you smiled down at him reassuringly, “You smell that? I brought you some food. Cooked it just for you.”
His sense of smell was severely dulled from the sickness, but at the mention of your cooking, he sniffed a couple times until he could pick up the faint aroma, “Just f-for me? You should be in school…Lucifer’s going to get mad.”
You shook your head, dismissing his worries, “Shh. I left to cook some ‘feel better’ food for my favorite red-head. Ain’t no better reason to skip than that, now here. Try and eat as much as you can- it should all be easy on your stomach.”
He sips at the soup first, eyeing the rest of the dishes he easily made out as popular human world remedies. Beel’s stomach growls in appreciation and his heart beats two times faster, “Thank you, Mc! Eat some with me?”
(The Fangol game on friday he had to get better for was forgotten as you sat by his side and shared food. Your insistence to let him eat first, and the majority, made his cheeks flush hotter than the fever. Food tastes better when he could eat it with you and it tasted even better when you made it for him…stay with him until he gets better. And all the days after, too.)
the first time you hugged him (again)
“Stupid Lucifer and his stupid lectures and stupid face-“ 
You bit your lip to keep from grinning as you rounded the corner and peeked into the planetarium. “Belphie?” The sight of a tail flicking angrily made you snort. 
He turned, lips pursed in a pout and eyebrows furrowed, “What?”
A smile finally tugged at your lips, hand coming up to smooth back his hair, being mindful of his horns. The shocked expression you received was amusing and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Aww.”
“D-don’t ‘aww’ at me!” Belphie’s face flushed as he shook his head, making his hair fall back into place. The loss of warmth from your touch made him frown, “What do you want?” 
You sighed at his tense stature. “Lucifer can be a jerk sometimes. Don’t worry about him.” Your arms wrapped around his waist tightly in a hug; he felt…good.
Meanwhile Belphie ran stiff as a board, eyes widening comically and mouth dropping open. This feeling…he remembered it— he’s craved it ever since-
“You did it! You actually did it! I’m free now!” His chest felt weird and fuzzy when you jumped into his open arms, laughing with him, though he didn’t dwell on the feeling for long. 
A quiet gasp escaped him when you began to pull back, arms instinctively curling around you, “Don’t. Stay.” 
And you did. 
(The warmth spreading through his body was almost too hot, but Belphie revels in it because you’re hugging him— even after what happened last time. He thinks he can get used to the burn if it means you won’t let go.)
the first time you treated him like a real friend
The student council hall was quiet. The demons already present were taking the time to enjoy the rare silence when the door slammed open rather obnoxiously. 
The Prince of Hell jumped. His head whipped around, jaw on the floor, and his sparkling eyes almost missed the way you were drenched from head to toe. Almost. “Oh dear, what happened, Mc?” 
Listen to that worried tone. It’s like he wasn’t throwing a party inside his brain. 
Before Lucifer could open his mouth and scold you, your arms were stretched out towards the Prince with a pout on your face. “The Little D’s threw water balloons at me…” you tilted your head, “They said you told them to!” 
Uh-oh. “It seems they mistook my instructions for Lucifer for you instead…I’m terribly sorry, Mc.” 
A grin graced Barbatos’ features, “Perhaps next time you should not talk about them both at the same time.” 
“Yes, yes-“ Diavolo wasn’t listening. He was too busy shrugging his coat off and draping it around you, “I am truly sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?”
You gave a sly smile, “Just stand still please.”
“Stand still-?!” A red water balloon hit the prince smack in the chest. Coldness spread across his chest as the liquid seeped into his shirt, but his chest had never felt warmer. No one would ever dare to do anything of the sort to him, the prince, but you…you did it with a smile. 
He likes your smile. 
(Diavolo couldn’t help himself when he lifted you in the air, spinning you around with a booming laugh that was reciprocated sweetly. Friendship was the stepping stone to becoming even closer with you, and if he has to endure Lucifer and Barbatos’ lectures to do that, he’ll do it a thousand times if it’s for you.)
the first time you helped him work 
Lucifer had caught you on your way home from RAD, asking if you’d rather come with him to the Demon Lord’s Castle (Levi accidentally summoned Lotan again so he and everyone else were cleaning up and the first born thought he’d spare you the headache.)
So you arrived with Lucifer in tow (you wanted to knock), giving the prince and Barbatos quite the delight. You stayed behind with the latter, as Lucifer and Diavolo had business to discuss, and happily followed him to the kitchen.
“Been working on any new sweets, Barb?” You eye the empty icing bowls on the counter, shimmying past the demon to scoop some onto your finger. 
He chuckles, “I have. The only thing left to do is pipe the designs on.” Barbatos was used to you watching him bake, so he was a bit puzzled when you began to collect the dirty dishes from around the kitchen instead. 
You hummed as you danced around the demon to reach the sink. Small bubbles floated up as piled the dishes up in the water, making you giggle. 
“Mc?” Barbatos places down the icing pipe and makes his way over to you, “What are you doing?” 
“Washing dishes? You’ll have to go take their tea up to them in a bit and I know you wanted to get those cookies decorated, so I thought I’d help out!”
Green eyes softened, lips curling into a small smile. “How thoughtful of you.” 
(Barbatos has never failed to deliver the young master’s tea in the millennia he’s been his steward, but for today, the butler hopes his master won’t mind. He’d truly hate to have to miss out on your cheerful face as you blew soap bubbles at him.)
the first time you saw his wings 
The grip you had on Simeon’s hand only got tighter as the group of demons stalked closer. Normally you wouldn’t worry- you weren’t helpless and you had an angel with you- but there were just so many of them with nowhere to go. 
Lower level demons, but they were smart enough to know they needed to gang up on the devildom’s human and their angel pet. “What’s with those looks? Not gonna call for help?” One of the taller demons shifted and lashed their tail at your face, slicing your cheek open.
Simeon saw red. His hand ripped from yours as he moved to stand in front of you, eyes narrowed dangerously. “Tch.” White wings sprouted from his back, spanning out to their full length; they glowed brightly, sending every demon in the vicinity scrambling. 
The angel tensed at your quiet tone, head craning around to watch you shuffle around. Were you scared? Was he too frightening? Did he accidentally hurt you? “Mc-”
“They’re beautiful.” Awe filled eyes gazed at him with adoration, “You’re beautiful.” Your hand stretched out absentmindedly, a smile stretching across your face when his wing extended toward you. 
Meanwhile, Simeon was floored. Your reaction, your smile, the gentle way you caressed his wings- it was all dizzying and rejuvenating at the same time. Father help him, he seriously considered you were the angel instead.
“Oh-! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to touch them! Angel wings are probably sacred or something-” You moved to pull your hand back, but lithe fingers wrapped around your wrist, preventing yours from leaving his feathers. 
“Please, touch them as much as you like.”
(Seeing an angel’s wings, much less touching them, was sacred. Simeon couldn’t bring himself to care, though. He’d kneel before you if you wanted him to- fuck he was so smitten with you. Corrupt him, do what you wish, just don’t make him go without the feel of your touch.)
the first time you told him you missed him
You clutched the phone tighter when Mammon hung up, letting out a sigh. When it buzzed again, this time with texts, you checked half-heartedly before getting excited at the name displayed. 
[Solomon] Hey. How are you doing? It’s been a while. 
[Mc] It sucks. This sucks. I miss the Devildom.
[Solomon] Do you now? By the way, Mc, I can’t help wondering…
“When were you gonna mention how much you miss me?” Solomon's lips pull into the biggest grin you’ve ever seen him have, “Surprise! You didn’t expect this, did you?”
You drop your D.D.D and throw your arms around his neck, bubbly laugh echoing through the street, “Solomon! I missed you so fucking much, holy shit, you’re actually here!” 
The sorcerer stood, lips parted in shock, and arms raised in the air slightly. He could feel your warmth seeping through his clothes and for just a moment, Solomon forgot all he knew about self-restraint and snaked his arms around you tightly. 
Jumping up to wrap your legs around his waist, you laughed even harder when he stumbled back slightly from the added weight. You knew Solomon had to be absolutely shell-shocked; the two of you never got affectionate like this with one another before (slightly due to the brothers butting in) but you just…
“Missed me a lot, huh? I must admit, I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction.” He leaned back to show you his smile- and the rare baby pink blush that dusted over his cheeks.
The sight made you swoon, “Well I did. I missed you. Badly.”
(When Solomon put you down, the warmth faded away too fast for his liking. His fingers twitched at his sides, lips pulling into a slight frown before he was reaching out for you, tugging you back into his arms. The Devildom could wait for a little while longer— Solomon wasn’t ready to let you go just yet.)
the first time you made him speechless
The young Angel didn’t like to admit to having nightmares. While he obviously knew it was something everyone- no matter the age- could suffer from, he still didn’t want to burden anyone with his ‘childish’ dreams. Tonight had been especially bad though, and Luke’s resolve finally cracked; he found himself seeking your reassurance without thinking. 
[11:29pm] Mc, are you awake? I had a nightmare…
Luke tells himself he’s stupid- of course you’re asleep! It’s a school night and he shouldn’t be bothering you. He forces himself to lay back down, trying to shoo away the disappointment in his chest. 
[11:45pm] Luke! Come open the door!! 
Luke stares at his phone for a few seconds before he’s scrambling quietly to the front door, “Mc?! W-what are you doing here?!” 
“You said you had a nightmare, right? I brought my clothes and stuff for school tomorrow so we could have a little sleepover! Being with someone else always helps me after I have a nightmare.” 
Blue eyes stare in disbelief as you easily make your way through the halls, heading straight towards his room. He’s silent the entire time, watching you settle into his bed, piling up the covers comfortably before patting the spot beside you. And as Luke slips back under the blankets and cuddles into your side, he hears you humming a soft tune and refuses to open his mouth in fear of interrupting you after you’ve come all this way— just because he had a nightmare. 
‘Mc…thank you.’ 
(Simeon comes to wake Luke up after not seeing him in the kitchen for breakfast and pauses, lips curling into a grin. You're wrapped around Luke like a barrier against the outside world, intent on protecting him, even in your sleep. He figures he should quickly text Lucifer though, before he has to deal with the wrath of 7 brothers when they figure out their Mc disappeared in the night.)
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garoujo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
feat : lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeous, beelzebub + belphegor.
warnings : f. reader, some slight exhibitionism but it’s mostly just pda, needy brothers, teasing, slight grinding/dry humping and groping.
note : i couldn’t get this out of my head at like 3am so i had to write it down so i could actually sleep sob ;-;
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— you’d picked up on his tell tale signs pretty quickly, but unfortunately so had his brothers. it was obvious in the way his long fingers seemed to suddenly linger on your skin, a deep-seated desire compelling him to suddenly not be able to take his hands or eyes off you, pulling a few sniggers from his younger brothers when you both a share a long, obvious look and you know what he wants.
it’s painfully obvious the way that lucifer’s eyes seem to lower when you enter the room, he’s sunk into his chair—his head propped up by his palm as his dark gaze drags along your figure and he feels his body burn at the sight of you. “long day?” you sigh and the eldest demon almost jumps, collecting himself before he clears his throat and reaches his free hand to fix his messy hair. you murmur his name, voice like a dreamy hum from a drunken prayer and he feels his cock throb with a familiar need, like it’s drawn in by the sound. “come here.” he breathes, and you cross the room while his heavy eyes stay locked on you, until you’re close enough for his fingers to reach for you—wrap gently around your wrist to prompt you to lean closer, and he feels you shiver under his touch before his neck flares hot and you close the distance, enough for his lips to graze along your cheek. “can ya both get a room, you’re bein’ gross!” mammon calls from his place on the couch, pulling you both from your haze and lucifer shoots him a warning glare to shut him up before his attention is on you once more. “let’s continue this in my room.”
— it was difficult for mammon to keep his hands off you at the best of times but even more so when he was needy (which was also most of the time). his mood always obvious in the way he seems to stick close to your side, drunken giggles leaving his lips as he drops kisses along your cheeks and jawline—pulling you against him as his hands follow the path of your curves and he’s deliberately pressing his cock against your side, in the hopes you pick up his obvious hints through his breathless whines of “cmon, i need ya—t-to see somethin’, c-can ya just follow me already.”
you were alone as you stood in the kitchen, tapping through your DDD while you stood against the counter, leaning over the marble before you hear a familiar huff from behind you. “there ya are, been lookin’ for ya.” mammon hums and with the way your back is facing him you don’t notice the way his eyes drag along your figure with undisguised desire, hot and undeniable, making him swallow heavily as his cheeks tint pink. “you found me.” you giggle, peering back at him and he grumbles something under his breath before he’s pressing himself against you. “what ya doin’ anyway, ya should be entertainin’ me instead ya know.” he mumbles, blinking down at your DDD from over your shoulder and you drape your head back in luxury when you feel his toned chest against your back, almost caging you against the counter and just the feeling of having you close has his cock twitching in his jeans as he burns hot. from how close mammon is you can hear the way his breathing becomes increasingly more shallow, his hands smoothing over the skin of your hips until he’s pulling you closer—his hips involuntarily rolling into yours and you can feel how hard he is, the sudden friction making his mind spin as he bites back a groan. “shit—d’ya wanna go s-somewhere else, just c-cause ya obviously can’t keep your hands off me, just don’t want anyone gettin’ jealous if they see ya feelin’ me up. j-just come on, already, would ya?”
— it was always extremely obvious whenever levi needed you, the blush on his cheeks never leaving his face as he found it harder and harder to concentrate on whatever he was supposed to be doing. it was probably one of the only time he even let him concentration slip while gaming because he’d much rather focus on you instead.
“levi? hellooooo?” you hum from your place on your boyfriends bed, raising a brow at the purple haired demon as he snaps from his daydream and he suddenly feels too warm. “w-what is it? i was j-just thinking about strategies, okay—that’s all it was, uh—anyway,” levi fumbles, clearing his throat a little awkwardly as if you can’t see the way he’s flushed to his chest, his fingers almost breaking the controller under his strong touch as he tries to get comfortable, trying and failing to ignore the way his cock is straining against his sweats. “are you okay?” you hum, voice like honey and it makes his heart pound, inching yourself across the bed, closer to him, and his chest jumps with an inhale when your thigh grazes along his, his blush stinging his skin as his hands squeeze even tighter around the controller and the sound of his character taking even more damage echoes through the room as he inhales sharply. “heh—it’s nothing! it’s n-nothing, do you want to d-do something else for a bit, i need a—uh, break!”
— satan thought he was more discreet than he actually was but there was always a certain air that surrounded him when he was needy, something obvious in the way his eyes would drop and you’d be able to see his jaw clench, a smirk stretching his lips as he leans in closer, tries to gather you close to him as his lustful gaze lazes over you so casually, like he’s studying you.
“having fun?” satan hums as he enters the dining room, finding you with beel as the younger demons stuff his face, only offering his older brother a gruff hum in greeting before his attention is back on his food. you can tell immediately when you turn to look at him, feeling his presence approach you, the look he sends you in return stealing your words as he murmurs your name through a raspy sound, clenches his jaw when he looks at you again, eyes dropped and heavy. he’s entranced when he looks at you, truly, and he swallows at how alluring you seem to be whenever you do anything. “are you free right now?” satan grunts and you gulp before standing from your seat, feeling the familiar warmth from his fingers a few moments later as they rest against your jaw—keeping your eyes trained on his while his thumb moves to stroke along your lips, like a wordless plea “i-i need to talk to you about, something.” his tone wavering slightly as a dusting of pink decorates his cheekbones.
— if anyone wasn’t discreet it would be asmo, he has no shame in telling you exactly how much he wants you, needs you. but sometimes he likes to tease you a little more, he finds it more intimate and rewarding when he whispers his thoughts against your skin between kisses, sighing softly in an attempt to convince you to let him drag you away to his room no matter what you’re doing, but he’ll make sure you end up just as needy as he is before he does.
“you’re looking just as adorable as ever this morning.” asmo hums as he meets you in the hall, skipping over to you with his usual teasing smile on his lips. “i do too, ofcourse—wouldn’t you agree? infact, how about you show me that you agree instead, hm?” he giggles and you can’t help but laugh, the sound making something sizzle in his stomach before he pulls you in for a hug, making sure to keep you held against his for a few moments longer than he normally would as you feel his lips against your skin. asmo’s skin feels hot but his smirk remains when he begins dropping a few kisses along the dip of your shoulder, deliberately leaving featherlight touches against the spots that have you wriggling against him with want, likes he’s proving how well he knows your body. “what’s wrong? did seeing me get you riled up? you want me to take care of you?” he breathes, his words whispered low against the skin of your neck and you want to roll your eyes at how annoying he is, but when you feel him pinch at another one or your sweet spots you can’t help but whimper, pulling an almost pleased moan from the brother against you. “i knew it! you just want some attention, well let me give you more—“
— there wasn’t many things that beel felt as strongly as he did hunger, except when it came to you, need came pretty close and it was almost primal whenever it took over him. feeling him press his solid body against yours, almost grinding his hips against your as he shamelessly pants against your skin, his cheeks warm when he looks at you, violet eyes heavy with want and cock twitching against his sweats.
it was common for you and beel to make trips to the kitchen together, you normally keeping him company while he emptied the contents of the fridge but he seemed different tonight—he was quieter and you’d caught him stealing glances over his shoulder at you more often that you could count. “are you finished?” you hum when you watch him approach you, chest broad and puffed before he’s groaning, deep and languid and it echoes somewhere deep in his chest when he presses himself against you, letting his lips rest against your cheek as his eyes close at the contact. “want something else.” beel grunts, something carnal boiling in his stomach when he looks at you, feels the warmth of your body against his until he’s almost panting against you, his primitive instincts making it seem like the room is spinning. “and what do you want?” you hum, even though the way his cock is hard and straining against your thigh through his pants makes it painfully obviously what he wants, but you ask anyway just to hear another deep groan sound from his lips as he grinds himself against you once more. “you look tasty.”
— you had learned his signs pretty quickly, he was discreet in his hints, well to others atleast because they were always so obvious to you. always seeming to feel him nudge a little closer when he sat next to you, hiding everything behind a veil of him being ‘sleepy’ as if you can’t feel his fingers tracing shapes along the inside of your thighs.
you offer the youngest brother a gentle smile when you feel him slide onto the couch next to you, his chin resting lazily onto the palm of his hand as he props himself up against the arm to shoot you a drowsy grin. “are you sleepy?” you mumble, the question like a whisper as you turn to face belphie before he nods slowly and rests his head against your shoulder, and you’re quick to notice the sudden heat of his palm against your thigh that follows. “a little.” he finally replies, squeezing at your skin a little teasingly after his words, and you want to squirm, but you know it’ll draw the attention of the other brothers who are too busy bickering over something mammon did, so instead you find yourself inhaling deep, feeling his fingertips trace their way higher before they return to their place with an almost proud tap against your skin after. you murmur his name, it’s dreamy and breathless when his fingers make their way higher once more and his palm suddenly feels clammier, causing the younger demon to grumble before his hand leaves your skin. “you guys are too loud, we’re gonna go nap in my room.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
obey me headcanons pt. 2
word count: 900+
Lucifer tries to pick you a single red rose from the garden at the demon lord's castle each time he visits (sometimes Barbatos catches him, and Lucifer plays it off as him just leaning down to tie his shoes) the roses are hung along the ceiling trims in your room, adorned with a white ribbon to hold the stems together.
"here MC, let me help you hang those up, I told you to stop standing on chairs like that, what if you fall?"
"Luci, don't you know that red roses symbolize love and admiration?"
Mammon will NEVER admit this to ANYONE, but he has a secret savings account solely for buying you gifts. he claims he had the money to buy you something from the extra shifts he worked.
"Mams what's this? it's so lovely!"
"gah! here t-take it, it's for you, and don't go blabbing off to my brothers about this!"
Levi will purposely lose at games sometimes just so he can see the way your face lights up in excitement when you win. he absolutely adores the little lines on your face when you smile and the way you grab onto him in excitement.
"oh my gosh, Levi look I did it! aren't you proud of me?"
"y-yeah MC, good job, but let me s-show you some tricks on how to beat your previous score. t-that is if you can b-beat me again next round!"
Satan once asked Solomon to help him visit the human world so he could look for books that you loved before you came down to the Devildom. shortly after his return, he summoned you to his room and pushed the stack of books into your arms with rosy cheeks.
"here you might like these, I found them lying around while I was organizing my books."
"woah, I used to read these books all the time back in the human world. I didn't think I'd be able to read them again, thank you so much Satan!"
Asmo handmade you and him matching rose gold and silky-textured pj sets, and he expects you to wear it when you and him have sleepovers. he can't help but run his hands all over the soft fabric, his fingers leaving trail marks in the velvet as he runs them along your curves.
"oh MC! you're so cute!! I could just cuddle you to death~"
"Asmo please you're gonna squish me!"
Beel likes to make late-night snacks in the shape of little stars, as well as suns and moons (if he can manage not to eat them all before bringing them to your room to share with you)
"awh, Beel these are so cute! I guess I'm the stars, you're the suns, and Belphie is the moons!"
*munch* "yeah MC, that's right, i'm glad you like them. whenever Belphie and I look at the stars together, we always think about you." *munch*
Belphie will without a doubt take a nap on your lap or your shoulder, no matter the place. if you're lounging in the common room with his brothers, he will curl up in your lap and wrap his tail around your leg and link one of his fingers with yours.
*yawn* "MC, uncross your legs please, I'm so sleepy."
"okay, but don't drool on me this time."
Diavolo likes when you organize his stationery. he likes that you make sure everything is in its place, so when he's so immersed in paperwork he doesn't have to stop to search for what he needs (you once gave him a sticky note that says "I'm proud of you for working so hard <3" and he has it taped on his desk)
"MC, i've finished my paperwork, so how about we go out for dinner? I haven't seen you all week, and i've missed you."
"we see each other every morning, silly, but yes I would love to have dinner with you."
Barbatos once got so worried that you wouldn't want to be with him anymore due to him being so busy, that it started to distract him from his daily tasks. so he asked Diavolo if once a week he could have a longer break than usual so that he could spend time with you and remind you how much he loves and cherishes you.
"MC, I think about you all the time. when I am not busy, I would like to spend and cherish every minute with you."
"oh Barb, i'm so happy you feel that way! I was so worried that you didn't want to be with me anymore."
Simeon keeps a private journal so that he can spill his heart out for you onto the pages. he gifts it to you once every page is inked with words of his eternal love for you.
"MC, I hope you will love this as much as I love you."
"Simeon, this is beautiful, I didn't know you felt this way about me, I love you so much!"
Solomon gifted you a charmed locket that allowed you to feel his heartbeat, he wants you to know that his heart will never stop beating for you whether the two of you are together or apart.
"nice try MC, but you won't be able to fluster me that easily."
"if that's the case, then why is your heart beating so fast?"
Luke will run to you and hug you whenever he's being teased, he'll turn his head to the side and stick his tongue out at Lucifer and his brothers.
*sob* "MC, they won't stop teasing me!"
"guys stop being so mean to my sweet little angel!"
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