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dark-kind-of-mystique 28 days
Random NSFW Demon Brothers headcanons
Just random kinky nsfw headcanons for the brothers.
Minors don't interact!
CW: GN!MC, overstimulation, bondage, semi-public, possesiveness, impact play, size kink, somnophilia, degradation.
This man is a fucking Tease鈩笍
He loves to tie you up and edge you for hours
Watching you cry tears of pleasure and hearing you beg for him to go faster strokes his pride, knowing it's all for him alone, cock twitching inside you
Watching your helpless expression as you can do nothing else but take what he has to give activates his sadism
He doesn't let you cum until you're so overstimulated you can't string coherent phrases together, and you're sobbing in frustration because you're desperate to cum
It's not until that moment that he pounds into you and he allows you to cum, filling you up with his seed
Now he's done teasing you. Now he'll properly fuck you 馃槇
Clingy af
This man is so in love with you, he never gets enough of you
Can go multiple rounds in one go
Like, you've just finished fucking for the third time, ready to rest, and you'll feel Mammon rubbing his tip against your ass. 'Again? Already?' 'You know I can never get enough of ya. Now come on, don't keep me waiting'
Boy's a switch, leaning towards sub
Loves to pound into you, hearing how great he makes you feel, of course you would enjoy the Great Mammon fucking you senseless
Absolutely melts when you dominate, even more if you're a soft dom and praise him, telling him how much of a good boy he is for you
Will cuddle with you after, and he's not letting go, so good luck with that
Most ppl think he's a sub through and through, but I think he's a switch
It's canon that he likes degradation, but I think he would be so soft for praise too, give the poor boy some praise 馃槶
Sub and shy most of the time, but every now and then he gets jealous of how much time you spend with his brothers
Then it's like a switch flips off and he gets possesive over you, grip hard enough to bruise on your hips as he pounds into you as hard as he can
' You've spent a whole lot of time with my brothers lately, forgetting about me' he says as he harshly fucks you, sensation bordering on painful 'And that... Is just. Not. Fair.'
Watches anime and hentai, so he's probably into cosplay of whatever fictional couple he's into
But he would not dare ask, so you surprise him one day with a sexy cosplay of his favorite character and he actually thinks he's having a heart attack
He's the embodiment of 'gentleman on the streets, devil on the sheets'
Wear. Cat. Ears. It will drive him crazy, even more if you go all the way and add a bell collar with a leash, and a tail butt plug. Instant hard on
He will pull on your leash and choke you as he fucks you from behind (probably on Lucifer's desk bc its Satan)
Don't know why, but I feel like he'd be into impact play
He'd love to hear your whimpers as he is seeing your ass turn red from his hand/paddle. He gets to release frustration, and pleasure you at the same time
His pounds are hard, his pace merciless, but he still makes you feel loved; caressing your hair from behind, pausing for a sec to tenderly kiss the back of your neck, and keep going, to make sure you're alright
Likes a position where he can see your face as you orgasm, loving how needy you look for him, and him alone, loves to see your face contort in pleasure
He can go rough on you from time to time, but is the king of aftercare, always making sure you feel loved and comfortable as he kisses your temple 馃挌
He has no shame
And I mean he's shameless. He would do whatever, whenever, wherever, consequences be damned, and the worse, he will act innocent, as if he's not doing anything
As you walk down the hallways, he always slap your ass as you walk by, smirking at you as you turned around flustered. Or casually rubbed circles with his thumb on your inner thigh during class, seemingly focussed on what the teacher was saying, sly whisper of a smile on his lips.
He also liked to send you videos of himself, especially on counsel meetings, where he could see your fluster and feel your lust spike up across the room
You always ended up on a deserted classroom, tightly holding onto each other as Asmo's fingers slowly stroked you as he steadily pumped into you, hitting that sweet spot over and over again
You try to stifle your moans, afraid someone might hear, but he spurs you on, wanting to hear you moan for him, he doesn't care if anyone hears
In fact, if anyone hears the better. He might invite them over too~
Big boy
Size kink, but not for the reason you'd think. Soft boy loves to be on top of you and feel how much bigger than you he is, feeling you're protected in his embrace (love how soft he is 馃槶)
That being said, he also loves to completely rearrange your insides. He'd hold both hands above your head, lacing your fingers together, as he drove his cock deep inside you, filling you to the brim
Food isn't the only thing he has poor impulse control over. When he's hungry for you, he doesn't control it, he wants it then, and there
Not as shameless as Asmo about it, but will show you how desperate for you he is. 'Please MC, let's go somewhere. I need you. Please.' He'll whisper into you as he nibbles on your ear
Sleepy sex 鈩笍
Consensual somnophilia (you earlier discussed that he could use your body if you were ever asleep/vice-versa). He loved both the feeling of waking up by the pleasure of being sucked into your mouth, and the expressions you made whenever you woke up with his cock inside you
Bratty switch. As the avatar of sloth, he'd rather you be on top and do most of the work. He loved to see you bounce on top of him, losing yourself to the pleasure, digging your nails onto his chest, slapping your ass for you to go faster
Once in a while he will have the urge to pound you into the mattress, pulling your hair, and degrading you as he does so
'Look at you, my masochistic little slut. You love it when I fuck you like this. Don't bite your lip, let me hear your squeals as I fuck you as hard as I can like this.'
Masterlist | Pt. 2
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Asmo: " mc sweety are you ready to go-"
Asmo: "...."
Asmo:" You are not going out with that on"
Mc: * wearing their favorite shirt* "But I like it :) "
Asmo: * slams his hands on the counter* "I don't...I don't CARE MC!!"
Mc: * runs off to their room * "FUCK YOU. YOUR NOT MY MOM"
Satan: * has been sitting in the living room watching all of this unfold* " What the fuck have I just witnessed-"
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鈥 say you鈥檒l stay (never be severed) when they have a nightmare you die ; title creds
lucifer knows it was just a dream. he knows聽it wasn鈥檛 real, assures himself it wasn鈥檛 and yet he allows his heart - still thundering in his chest - to guide his sharp strides and pound on your door. the sight of you, worry for him clear though sleepy and bleary eyed, is enough for lucifer鈥檚 knees to melt and he falls forward to embrace you, relieved sigh shuddering through the air next to your ear. it feels natural when your arms circle his torso, tight hold allowing him to sink further and push back the tears that welled in his eyes. for once, lucifer鈥檚 head isn鈥檛 in charge and he relishes in your touch as his heartbeat begins to slow until it thumps a steady rhythm of i love you, i love you. unknowingly, the words fall from his lips too, escaping from deep within. and it鈥檚 the certainty in your voice as you return the confession that finally convinces lucifer he had experienced nothing more than a bad dream.
mammon聽doesn鈥檛 wait, can鈥檛 wait. he scrambles to your room, familiar route suddenly lasting an eternity. his feet slap panickedly against the floor as he barges in with such urgency that the door swings open with a bang. the slam is loud enough to scare you awake, half jumping out of your skin. but you don鈥檛 have a moment spare to take in what鈥檚 happening before mammon wraps himself around you, head tucked into the crook of your neck as he gasps and chants,聽鈥測ou鈥檙e ok, you鈥檙e ok.鈥 you bring your own arms up to envelope him, knowing not of his nightmare but of just how bravely he protects his family, from the fall to now. it鈥檇 be foolish to think he鈥檚 the second eldest for nothing. but right now, mammon trembles under your touch, one hand rubbing across his broad shoulders and the other finding its place in the foam of his hair.聽鈥渋鈥檓 ok,鈥 you whisper in return as the first tears hit your collarbone and seep into your skin,聽鈥渁nd you are too. i鈥檝e got you, mammon.鈥
leviathan聽tries briefly to comfort himself, turning to the games he always found solace in, an escape from his own mind. but the scenes are violent and gory and his thumbs slip nervously on the controllers until he throws the console away from him. big red letters mocking him as they blink聽鈥測ou died.鈥 levi can鈥檛 help it when he runs to your room, pictures of his nightmare still clear in his mind, unyielding. it sparks a fear in him that runs deeper than his worries of being a burden. and when you tug the demon gently into your hold, giving him the touch he so desperately needed, a whimper escapes him. it seems that is enough for levi to unravel, tears flooding down his cheeks as details of his night flow from his lips. you try your best to catch them all, more than used to levi鈥檚 ramblings, but he鈥檚 babbling incomprehensibly and you can鈥檛 keep up. and though stuck on the story of his video game, you still manage to calm levi with a simply reply of聽鈥渓et鈥檚 do it together.鈥
satan聽tries so hard, so desperately to distract himself. he first takes to deviltube, hoping the mindless videos would soothe his nerves but the voices in his head ring louder than the ones on screen. when that fails, he picks up his trusty book but it isn鈥檛 long before he becomes stuck on the same sentence, thoughts raging and wild. it鈥檚 only when the words begin to mix and blend that satan realises there are tears dripping down his cheeks. he swipes at them harshly, but them and the nonsensical fear to sleep again in case the nightmare returns has him padding down the hallways, knocking almost meekly at your door. the muted beats serve for confusion as you open the door, but it takes a split second for you to notice satan鈥檚 redrimmed eyes and the way he stands, awkward, unsure, small. refusing to meet your gaze. in an instant, you pull him into you, not needing an explanation but simply willing the demon to return to his usual self. and with your comfort and love, satan already has.
asmodeus聽is a mess. tears mar his skin, his eyes are bloodshot and his fingers tug tightly at his hair. his sobs have since turned into ugly, shapeless shrieks that have you venturing into his room, concern fuelling each action. you鈥檝e never once seen him so unkempt. the grip he has only loosens when your hand covers his own, partly out of shock and partly out of comfort. asmo allows you to gently聽pull at him as if he is something delicate and dainty until eventually, he finds himself turned towards you. asmo can only count down the seconds for you to open your arms and invite him closer, and he all but jumps into your hold, pressed tight against you, skin against skin. your warmth sears at him, enough to dispel the horrid dreams and fearful tears. because asmo knows best that your touch is like none other, and with you, all his fears and worries glimmer away.
it鈥檚 no secret that beelzebub is plagued by nightmares. his brothers take turns in soothing him in the midst of the night, guilt weighing heavy on their chests. but tonight is different, tonight is bad. and when belphie comes banging on your door and tugs you down the hall, you follow wordlessly, heart in your throat. beel is surrounded by his older brothers when you arrive, harsh sobs shuddering through his frame. it is only when belphie returns with you that he begins to calm, his family finally full. you鈥檙e quick to slot yourself against his side when he reaches an arm out, hand finding his own. the feeling of your deep breaths banishes away the remnants of his nightmare and he tries his best to mirror them, to mirror you. still, when the tears dry and his lip no longer quivers, beel refuses to fall asleep again, too afraid of what may happen to his family when his back is turned. a squeeze of his hand directs his attention to you, and his eyes begin to prick once more as you whisper,聽鈥測ou can rest, beel. we鈥檙e all ok.鈥
belphegor聽is paralysed as his sin works against him. the lifeless image of you sends him thrashing, trapped in his many blankets with desperate, fearful whimpers escaping his throat. when he wakes in the attic, his heart sinks, and for a moment he isn鈥檛 sure if the images tormenting his mind are from the nightmare or a distant memory. but when you grip belphie鈥檚 shoulders and pull him close, he is soothed ever so slightly. still, tears spring at his eyes and you鈥檙e suddenly reminded that he is the youngest of the brothers, palm tracing up and down his spine. apologies spill from his lips, words mixing together between stammers and stumbles but you only hold belphie tighter with a dismissive shake of your head. you wonder gently if belphie鈥檚 sorry whispers are for bothering you or something bigger, but the thought remains at the back of your mind as he trembles beneath you.聽鈥渋t鈥檚 alright, belphie,鈥 you coo softly,聽鈥渋鈥檓 right here with you.鈥
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Tumblr media
the younger brothers react to you getting lost after dark
characters: satan|asmodeus|beelzebub|belphegor
genre: fluff
cw: minor cussing (satan), none
an: not proofread
part 1
Tumblr media
He wanted to show you a video of a cat he found on DevilTube and was confused when you weren鈥檛 next to him
Thought you were with one of his brothers up ahead but didn鈥檛 see you there either
Was most likely about to play detective until he turned around and he saw you in the distance making your way towards him
鈥淲hy are you walking like that?鈥
When you tell him you can鈥檛 see in the dark he reassures you that it鈥檚 alright
鈥淛ust hold on to me.鈥
Imagine Satan helping an elderly person cross the street, that鈥檚 what you two looked like at the moment
Yet you somehow managed to trip over a rock even while clinging to Satan鈥檚 arm
Luckily he caught you in time before you landed face first and ate shit
You got butterflies in your stomach from the adrenaline and also the fact that he was holding you super close from behind
Satan was amused by this
He felt your heartbeat against his
鈥淒o you enjoy falling for me?鈥
Tumblr media
Only noticed you were left behind after seeing you in the background while he tried to take selfies
Wondered why you were all the way back there
You called out to him asking where he was
Took Asmo a few seconds to realize you probably couldn鈥檛 see in the dark
He walked back to you and held your shoulders before you could trip on anything
鈥淏e careful Mc, wouldn鈥檛 want that pretty face of yours to get hurt.鈥
You already fell quite a few times so although your face was untouched, your knees had a few scratches and your hands were dirty
Falling was inevitable, your vision was near pitch black
He wrapped his arm across your shoulders and led you through the dark
Expected considering that your hands weren鈥檛 the cleanest
As much as he loved you, there was no way in hell he鈥檇 get his own dirty by holding yours
Leaning your head on his shoulder while you two walked made you feel more safe
The second you two got home Asmo took you to his room
鈥淟et鈥檚 get you cleaned up before you go to bed.鈥
Tumblr media
Seeing how lost you looked, of course he鈥檇 run to your rescue
You don鈥檛 even need to say anything to him
Picks you up bridal style and carries you that way the entire time
He was just worried that something bad would happen to you if he didn鈥檛 help :(
No matter how much you insist he can put you down, the demon refuses
After a good few minutes of trying to convince him fails, you give up
鈥淵ou鈥檙e safe with me Mc, I promise.鈥
He looks so happy while carrying you, enjoying it a bit too much I鈥檇 say
Beel doesn鈥檛 even try to hide it either
But you? You have your face nuzzled into his chest to hide the fact that you鈥檙e blushing
It鈥檚 super comfortable though
You wouldn鈥檛 mind staying like that for a bit longer if it meant you two could be close
鈥淚鈥檓 taking you to the kitchen and we鈥檙e gonna eat, mkay?鈥
Tumblr media
Has trouble finding the way home himself from how tired he is
Surprised Beel didn鈥檛 even notice you two were missing
Then again, he kept talking about some expensive cake he had in the fridge
Don鈥檛 worry though, Belphie鈥檚 trying his best for the both of you
鈥淚t鈥檚 this way, trust me.鈥
It was the other way
At least he was holding your hand the entire time
Fortunately for Belphie, you couldn鈥檛 see how red his face was from embarrassment
He desperately wanted to be your hero for a day
You found his determination adorable
Not once did he ever let go of your hand either
When you two miraculously found your way home he led you to his shared room
He went straight to his bed and patted the empty space next to him
鈥淧lease stay with me a bit longer.鈥
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luxthestrange 9 days
Incorrect quotes#725 Heat time
Mc*throwing pillows at the said demon and about to spray holy water but the spray bottle are empty*THE POWE OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!
Horny Demon Brother/Dateable*Looking at you running away from him*Does it Mc?~
Mc*Throwing at the brother/dateable things they like to distract them*THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!
Horny Demon Brother/Dateable: The "Power of christ"compelling me?~is that what's happening?~*Walking faster towards you, with lustful gaze*
Mc*Already calling for help with trembling hand*THE POWER OF CRIST COMPELS YOU!?!
Horny Demon Brother/Dateable*Grabbing your phone with a grin and dark chuckle*Guess what?~....It's not that compelling!~
Mc:.....AAAH!? I JUST GOT MY LEGS BACK-*Being pounced on by your horny demon*
Tumblr media
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littleventcrawler 1 month
A Helping Hand聽
Asmodeus* x Male reader
Genre: Smut聽
Summary: Asmodeus finds out you鈥檝e never cum before, and decides to help out聽
Content/Warnings: Virgin reader, shy reader, slight nipple play, Asmo helps you jack off(a bit of guided masturbation), reader cries from overstim, Asmo鈥檚 sweet praise and compliments, Asmo uses a bit of magic to persuade you
*Asmodeus is AFAB and uses he/she pronouns聽
Like my writing? I take requests! NSFW or SFW for any fandoms in my bio!聽
Also, please reblog! it鈥檚 free, takes two seconds, and really helps me out聽
Feedback is encouraged and appreciated:)
Not fully proofread! Let me know if you see any errors!
鈥淲ait, so you鈥檝e聽never聽cum?!鈥
鈥淪hhhh! Don鈥檛 say it so loud!鈥溌
Your face was burning hot as you covered it with your hands, unable to bear looking at Asmodeus any longer.聽
You couldn鈥檛 even remember how the conversation came to this point! Asmo had always had a habit of turning any conversation sexual, but this time it was particularly hard to stomach.聽聽
鈥淥h relax, little human! I made sure a looong time ago that my room was sound proof.鈥 He assured you, although it did little to quell your embarrassment.聽
鈥淐-Can we please just talk about something else?鈥 You whined, meekly peaking out from behind your fingers. You pulled your knees in tight to your chest as if making yourself smaller would pull you out of this situation.聽
鈥淥h hun, there鈥檚 no need to be so sheepish! I鈥檓 only worried about you.鈥 Asmo took your wrists into his hands, gently encouraging you to take them away from your face. You obliged, but refused to meet his gaze.
鈥淭hat must be terribly frustrating, hm?鈥 Her voice was smooth like the finest velvet on her tongue, and it sent odd shivers down your spine and made your flesh prickle into goosebumps.
You turned away from Asmo in a huff. You could feel that she was using her magic on you, trying to hypnotize you into talking to her.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 be so stubborn, human!鈥 He whined, feigning hurt. 鈥淚鈥檓 only trying to help, really鈥︹澛
He hooked a finger under your chin and directed your gaze towards him. That one moment of instinctual obedience would be the thing that secured your place in her web of lust; the second your eyes locked it was over, and you were under his spell.聽
You knew better than to give in that easily, but maybe the reason you found it so hard to put your foot down was because聽you didn鈥檛 really want to.聽
鈥淚 just know that doesn鈥檛 feel good鈥 can just imagine you laying in your bed at night, a hand wrapped around that pretty cock, but nothing ever comes of it鈥︹澛
鈥淎-Asmodeus鈥斺 You choked out, though you weren鈥檛 really sure what you were calling to her for. An unusual warmth was slowly washing over you as you gave in to her magic, allowing him to pull you in like a siren luring a sailor to the rocks. You weren鈥檛 going anywhere; not that you particularly desired to.聽
He wanted to help, didn鈥檛 he?聽
The more you thought about it, the more you recalled all those frustrated times you found yourself sobbing into your pillow, tired and pent up with no way to relieve your stress.聽
And the more you recalled, the better this idea was starting to sound.聽
Maybe it was just Asmo鈥檚 charm making all those memories flash through your mind, but that didn鈥檛 matter anymore.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you want me to make you cum, sweet boy? I鈥檒l make your pretty cock feel sooo good鈥︹
Your sweats suddenly felt much too tight. You gripped the hem of your shirt hard and tugged it down over your hardening bulge.聽
Asmo couldn鈥檛 help but giggle at how shy you were. That鈥檚 what he always liked about you; you were so fun to tease, so entertaining. He could watch you squirm for hours.
She moved to her knees, crawling behind you and wrapping her arms around your waist. You couldn鈥檛 help but flinch at the touch. After all, you were rather on edge.聽聽
鈥淲hat are you hiding down there, sweet boy?鈥 Asmodeus asked, pointing down at your lap. You didn鈥檛 reply. You gripped the hem of your shirt even harder, so hard it make your knuckles hurt.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 act so meek if we鈥檙e going to do this, my love.鈥 Asmodeus said as he laid his soft hands over yours. 鈥淛ust let go for me, okay? Let me see what you鈥檙e hiding鈥︹澛
You hesitated, but all it took was for your grip to falter for a second. You had let go without even realizing, and when you did you were frozen in place. You almost moved to cover yourself but Asmo grabbed your hands first. Her grip wasn鈥檛 tight or threatening, but it didn鈥檛 have to be. His hands were warm and trustworthy, and you let him put your hands down at your sides.聽
鈥淭heeere we go鈥hat a good boy.鈥 She whispered as she peeked over your shoulder. He couldn鈥檛 help but lick his lips at the sight of how desperately you were straining against your sweatpants. He wondered for a moment if he had used too much magic, or if you were just that sensitive.聽
鈥淣ow, I don鈥檛 know how you鈥檝e been doing it,鈥 He began, adjusting his position behind you. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 the best at what I do, so I鈥檒l teach you my methods. First, you have to get yourself excited鈥︹ He put extra emphasis on the last word, enunciating every syllable in her seductive whisper.聽
Her hands slid down your stomach slowly, making your breath shake with anticipation. He picked up on it easily, as he did every small sign of arousal you showed, things no other demon would every notice.聽
鈥淭hen,鈥 He continued, 鈥淵ou have to start slow鈥ip your hands just below the hem of your pants before you push them down鈥︹澛
And she did just that, fingers just beneath the waistband of your sweats. His grin widened at the way you sucked in a sharp breath through your teeth.聽
A few moments later his hands retracted just enough for him to hook a thumb under the waistband. You held your breath as she slowly pushed downward. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion as your erection was finally freed from the confines of your sweatpants, bouncing up against your stomach. Only then did you let out your breath.聽
鈥淥h my, where were you hiding all of that?鈥 Asmodeus teased. 鈥淚t鈥檚 so鈥m, perfect鈥h mercy, I鈥檝e got butterflies鈥ut this isn鈥檛 about me, I鈥檓 here to help you.鈥澛
His hands returned to your stomach, his fingers drumming against your skin as she spoke. 鈥淣ow, you need to learn how to tease yourself, like this鈥︹澛
She ran a single finger up your shaft, making you shudder. It was a light touch, but it still brought a small whine out of you that you failed to stifle. His finger ran back down, then up once more before pulling away again.聽
Finally he wrapped a hand around your cock, grip loose and movements slow. His thumb ran over your leaking tip, and there was no denying the high pitched mewl it pulled out of you.聽
He had only just started, but he was bringing you more pleasure than you鈥檇 ever experienced by yourself.聽
鈥淢ake sure you don鈥檛 start too fast. You have to build yourself up.鈥澛
She began to move her hand with little haste, letting you feel every small movement she made against your sensitive cock. He made sure to take note of every little bit of you as well; every vein on your shaft, each new bead of precum that rolled down. He wanted to remember it all.聽
At first the slow pumps were enough for you, a good start for such a new experience, but soon you wanted more. Your hands rested on Asmo鈥檚 thighs where they sat on either side of you, and she could tell you were becoming antsy with the way your grip tightened and relaxed restlessly.聽
鈥淲hen you鈥檝e had enough, you can go a bit faster鈥︹ He said, but he did not increase his speed just yet. He waited for a few moments, watching to see if he could bring a plea out of you.聽
You couldn鈥檛 bring yourself to speak, eyes cast towards the floor in embarrassment and bottom lip caught tight between your teeth.聽
Looks like you鈥檇 need a bit of encouragement.聽
鈥淒o you need me to go faster, sweet boy?鈥澛犅燬he murmured against your neck, warm breath washing over your skin. You could only manage a nod, but this was not satisfactory.聽
鈥淯se your words, baby. Words.鈥澛
You opened your mouth to speak, but no sound came out. You tried to force out at least a syllable, but any words were caught in your throat.聽
鈥淵ou can do it. Go on, say 鈥楶lease go faster, Asmo.鈥欌澛
鈥淧鈥lease鈥斺 You stuttered, barely able to get through the word before cutting yourself off with a moan.聽
鈥淧lease go faster, Asmo鈥斺溌
The words were spoken incredibly quickly, slurred together and rushed, but Asmodeus heard you just fine.
As promised he picked up the pace, by quite a lot in fact. You weren鈥檛 prepared for such a leap in technique.聽
鈥淎-Asmodeus鈥!鈥 You yelped in surprise. Instinctively you jumped and grabbed into her free hand which was still resting right above your navel. She lifted her fingers and allowed them to intertwine with yours.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 good, isn鈥檛 it baby boy? Tell me it鈥檚 good.鈥澛
鈥淕ood鈥-so good鈥︹ You muttered in reply.聽
Despite your efforts to keep still, you couldn鈥檛 help but buck into Asmo鈥檚 hand desperately. It made his chest swell with pride to see you so needy for him, and of course seeing your visage twisted in pleasure was just delightful.聽
鈥淭here鈥檚 other things you can touch too, you know鈥︹ She said as her free hand moved to lift the hem of your shirt. She brought it to your mouth, instructing you to open before placing the fabric between your teeth. She then took your wrist in her hand and slid it up your now exposed stomach and to your chest, placing your fingers over your nipple.聽
鈥淚 find that it feels best when coupled with another type of stimulation鈥o on, play with it.鈥澛
It took you a moment to process the command, and even when you did wavered before giving a small pinch. You weren鈥檛 expecting it to feel as strongly as it did.聽
That had to be the magic, right?聽
鈥淚 know those must be sensitive,鈥 Asmo commented, letting his hand drop. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e never gotten this much stimulation all at once, have you?鈥澛
You shook your head as you gave another small pinch, this time letting it linger for a few seconds longer. Then another, even giving the slightest pull. You never would have thought to use your body like this鈥β
Maybe you really did need Asmo鈥檚 help.聽
You were too occupied to notice his hand sliding down your body until two of his fingers were poking at your entrance. Your noise of surprise was muffled by your shirt.聽
鈥淪hhh, it鈥檚 okay鈥鈥檓 showing you another way, that鈥檚 all. You鈥檝e never played here before, have you?鈥澛
Again you signaled no, wide eyed and tense.聽
鈥淵ou need to relax, baby鈥his won鈥檛 hurt a bit.鈥澛
And with that she pushed her fingers into you, making your back arch and cock twitch in her hand. He let out a small giggle against your shoulder as he planted soft kissed along it.聽
Unlike before, he did not start slow. He wanted to hit as deep as possible, and he succeeded tenfold. His fingers curled just right and hit all the perfect spots, making you squeal with bliss.聽
You could no longer sit still. Your legs twitched and trembled wildly, and you were shamelessly trying to rut into her hand. You called Asmo鈥檚 name as best you could through the fabric of your shirt, which may have been torn from how hard you were biting down on it.聽
Soon he had added a third finger, and he could tell he hit your sweet spot when you practically screamed into your makeshift gag (although it wasn鈥檛 exactly keeping you quiet.) Each thrust after that one made sure to hit it, and before long it felt like your head was spinning.聽
Between Asmo鈥檚 hands being hard at work and your own fingers teasing your chest, it soon became overwhelming. You tried to form words, but it was so much more difficult than before. You weren鈥檛 used to such overpowering pleasure, and the closer you got to your release the more it took you over.
鈥淎smo!鈥 You cried out, dropping the hem of your shirt. 鈥淚-It鈥檚 too much鈥!鈥
鈥淣ow, now,鈥 Asmodeus cooed, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e alright. You鈥檙e doing so well, don鈥檛 you want to cum?鈥澛
Oh, you did. Very much so. But could you handle it?聽
Your release was fast approaching, and you didn鈥檛 know that to do.
鈥淚-I do鈥︹檓 gonna cum, b-but鈥斺溌
鈥淏ut what, sweet boy?鈥
It was like the floodgates opened, and all the tears that had been welling up in your eyes were suddenly rushing down your cheeks.聽
鈥淚-I can鈥檛, Asmo! It鈥檚 too much, too much!鈥 You wailed, although you made no move to stop him. You didn鈥檛 even pull your own hand away from your chest.聽
鈥淚 know, baby. I know, but you can do it.鈥 Asmodeus punctuated his sentence with a tender kiss to your tear stained cheek. 鈥淥oh, I鈥檓 so lucky鈥鈥檓 going to be the first one to ever make you cum鈥 hope you make a big mess for me.鈥澛
You could hardly hear her at this point, though. Your heartbeat was loud in your ears, and all you could feel was the pleasure she brought you. You couldn鈥檛 even make out individual thrusts or movements, just all-encompassing bliss.聽
You hardly had time to warn her.聽
鈥淎-Asmo, gonna cum鈥 g-gonna鈥!鈥澛
Your sentence wasn鈥檛 even finished before you.聽
You threw your head back with one last cry of Asmo鈥檚 name, your voice whiny and broken. This was the first time you鈥檇 ever been subject to such an experience, and the force of your orgasm shook you to your very core.聽
Asmo鈥檚 hands didn鈥檛 still until you were completely done; sticky white ropes of your cum covered her hand and your shirt, and some of the floor.聽
Oh well, those things could all be cleaned. Besides, that was the last thing either of you were thinking about right now.聽
Your voice didn鈥檛 quiet down completely until after he had pulled his hands away. You fell back against him, wracked with exhaustion and almost completely limp. You panted hard as you tried to catch your breath.
Asmodeus let you rest for a minute or two before speaking.聽
鈥淗ow was that, human? Think you鈥檒l be able to do it on your own now?鈥澛
You groaned in reply, looking oddly displeased.聽
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 matter鈥︹澛
Asmo quirked a brow in confusion.聽
鈥淲hy not?鈥
鈥淏ecause鈥鈥檒l never be able to do it like that鈥︹澛
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ci3n 8 months
Tumblr media
characters: the brothers x gn!mc
warnings: not proofread
a/n: dk how i feel 'bout these did 'em at like 4 am but anw enjoy!
requested by anon | obey me masterlist
Tumblr media
bless the poor demon who was confessing to you.
as soon as he notices a lesser demon timidly approach you with something in their hand, he鈥檚 already on alert
he won鈥檛 say anything right away
he stands there and watches for a while trying to learn the demon鈥檚 motives
but once he hears the confession, he鈥檚 by your side in a minute
won鈥檛 hesitate to wrap his arms around you, pressing a gentle kiss on your forehead asking you how your day was while completely ignoring the demon in front of you two
before lucifer can even say anything, the demon scurries off muttering a quick sorry
makes sure they didn鈥檛 make you uncomfortable in any way
鈥渁re you alright, my love?鈥
鈥測es, i鈥檓 fine, you didn鈥檛 have to scare them like that, y鈥檏now?鈥
鈥渋 didn鈥檛 even do anything, dear鈥
he鈥檚 by your side the minute he sees someone approach you
won鈥檛 even give them a chance to speak
鈥渨hat do ya want from my mc?鈥
鈥渋- well, i- wanted to ask them out鈥
鈥測a what?!鈥
you try to calm him down but to no avail
you鈥檙e his and his only and mammon doesn鈥檛 like sharing
and that demon has a lot of audacity trying to ask you out in front of him
鈥渓isten, ya dimwit, mc鈥檚 mine, do ya understand and if see ya around them ever again-鈥
鈥渕ammon, baby it鈥檚 okay, i think they get it鈥 you cut him off
the demon hurries away stuttering a bunch of apologies
鈥測er okay, right? did he do something?鈥
鈥測up 鈥榤 fine and you didn鈥檛 really let him do anything鈥
鈥済ood and if he ever comes near ya again, tell me, okay?鈥
鈥渨ill do but i don鈥檛 think that鈥檇 be a problem, he looked pretty scared鈥
watches from afar and struggles to decide between going up to you and the demon or stay where he is
pretends to be on his phone while still keeping an eye on you
as much as he wants to just stay where he is, he also needed to make sure you were alright and the demon wasn鈥檛 making you uncomfortable so he builds up the courage to walk up to you two
鈥淗i baby!鈥 you greet your boyfriend as he wraps his arms around you while slightly glaring at the lesser demon.
鈥渉ey, we should go home now, it鈥檚 pretty late鈥 he takes your hands in his, lacing your fingers together and tugs you away, leaving the demon behind.
鈥測ou鈥檙e okay, right?鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 fine, levi and thank you鈥
鈥測ou don鈥檛 need to thank me, let鈥檚 go home, there鈥檚 this new game i wanted to show you鈥
bounces up to you as soon as he sees someone approach you with the intention of confessing
asmo could tell what they wanted from you; he鈥檚 seen the way the lesser demon looked at you
it wasn鈥檛 surprising for you to have admirers, you were beautiful but you were his and while he didn鈥檛 have a problem with other people admiring you from afar, he did have a problem when they get a little too close.
鈥渉i sweetheart! who is this?鈥 he puts an arm around your shoulder, smiling at the demon.
he asks the question as if he has no clue about what's going on
鈥渙h, they were just-鈥
鈥渓eaving, i was just leaving鈥 the demon interrupts you, hurrying past you two
鈥渢hat was weird, he was just confessing his love for me鈥
鈥渙h, i know鈥 asmo smiled, taking your hands into his.
鈥測ou do?鈥
鈥測es darling, i do and it seems that other people are trying to steal you away from me but don鈥檛 worry i would never let that happen, of course"
seethes from afar
satan hates causing a scene but sometimes his anger gets the best of him
does not hesitate approaching you and pressing his lips against yours making it known that you are his
you have to stop him from doing anything to the lesser demon but he does threaten them and that鈥檚 enough for them to never show their face again
another one who makes sure you weren鈥檛 uncomfortable in any way
鈥渁re you alright, love?鈥
鈥渕hm, i鈥檓 okay鈥
鈥済ood, i was just going to the library, would you like to come?鈥
鈥渋鈥檇 love to鈥
this poor baby is clueless
he couldn鈥檛 even tell that the lesser demon was confessing to you
he just thought they were your classmate or friend who was just talking to you
he walks up to you, greeting you with a kiss on your temple
but is very confused as to why your friend ran off when he was just about to greet them
you have to explain it to him
鈥渙h, they were confessing to you? but you鈥檙e mine, do they not know that?鈥
鈥減robably not beel but i鈥檓 sure they know now鈥
鈥渙h okay, next time anything like this happens, tell me, okay?鈥
鈥渨ill do鈥 you grin, pecking his cheeks.
鈥渘ow, let鈥檚 go home, i鈥檓 hungry鈥
he was sleeping with his head on your lap when his sleep was rudely interrupted by one of your classmates
he was about to go back to sleep when he heard what they were saying
the demon was confessing his love for you
he slowly gets up, lazily throwing his arm around your shoulder
the lesser demon starts stammering, clearly caught off guard by belphie鈥檚 presence
鈥渨hat do you want?鈥 he deadpans, voice heavy with sleep.
鈥渦h- nothing, sorry鈥 they quickly leave the classroom muttering a bunch of apologies.
鈥渋 thought you were sleeping鈥
鈥渋 was until i heard that idiot confess to you, the audacity they have while i鈥檓 right here鈥 he frowns, laying down again.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 think they knew you were here鈥 you chuckle, raking your fingers through his hair.
鈥渟till, they shouldn鈥檛 be doing it either way, you鈥檙e mine鈥
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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saucymalum 3 months
Mountain Out Of A Molehill - replaced!mc au
Tumblr media
Obey Me brothers x reader (relationships not really defined)
Word Count: 3,200
Summary: When the boys start pulling away and refuse to tell you why it only makes sense to pull away too. But when you decide to leave the Devildom will they be too late to apologize and explain?
Warning: Hella angst (happy ending bc I can't handle the sad endings), misunderstanding/miscommunication, replaced!au, my goal was that the mc wasn't a push over....idk if I succeeded
It hadn't been long since the new exchange student had come in. Only a couple of months. A couple of months of a slow decline of your relationships with the brothers. They slowly started leaving your texts on read, only to be found an hour later in a cafe or bookstore with the new student. Mammon would ask them for help distracting Lucifer. Satan would ask for their help pranking Lucifer. Asmo would ask them for their opinion on his outfit. The ache in your chest was so strong and so heavy. At some point, it was just impossible to deny it. You had been replaced.聽
It was honestly a stab to your pride looking at the fondness that poured from Lucifer's eyes when looking at them. Ironic isn't it? The avatar of pride destroying yours.
You understood, really, it's nothing new to say that when you meet someone new it's exciting. The truth is you could hardly fault them. The new student was a fast friend for you too. So you stayed back, you continued to bring Lucifer coffee in the middle of the night and pet Belphies head as he slept. But then the days got later.
6 months had passed since the new student arrived. 6 months of subtly being pushed away until you just felt numb. You'd wake up before Lucifer and leave for school before the brothers had left their rooms. You'd make it home before the brothers and if you ever wanted to leave after that? Well, you'd just have to come to terms with the fact that they weren't hounding you about where you going much anymore. On the rare occasions where one or two brothers would join it was obvious things weren鈥檛 the same. The distance was easy to see.
It's not like they were mean, far from it actually. Simply indifference sat behind their eyes. But nothing further. Levi would ask them to be player 2. Beel would share food with them. Not you. No fights over you, no conversations. You sat silently at the dinner table. No one noticed. It was like you were only roommates. That鈥檚 what hurt the most.聽
You were plagued with thoughts. Haunted with the question of how the new student was so much better, because if the brothers didn鈥檛 hate you then that was the only reason. You were no longer special.聽
And then the anger surfaced, a wrath that could rival Satan. You wanted to rip the door off its hinges and scream. Desperate for someone to blame. You blamed yourself, you blamed the new human student, you blamed Barbatos for never telling you the utter heartbreak you'd go through just a year after you'd met him. But ultimately you blamed the brothers, each and every one of them.聽
You gave everything you had to them, heart, soul, mind, life. And not long later you鈥檙e regarded as expired food. No. You鈥檙e worse. Beel would still eat expired food.聽
It took months to love them and it took months for them to trust you. A "Lowly, weak, insignificant human" they'd call you. Death is always around the corner. And just a couple of months go by for them to fall at the new student's feet.聽
It got to be too much, you'd drift between Purgatory Hall and the Demon Lord's Castle. Every week, anything to not have to look at them. Simeon tried, he really did, to give you some semblance of the relationships you lost. Luke was ready to fight 7 of the most powerful demons in the Devildom.聽
And thats when you decided to leave. You missed the sun rising and setting, you missed the seasons. You missed them. And two of those you could get back. If you just left the others behind. You talk to Diavolo and Barbatos and then you came up with a plan, leave Purgatory Hall, go to the Hall of Lamentation after the brothers have left, gather your things, and wait for dinner. It was a long waiting game, your heart bursting out of your chest at any unusual sound.聽
Everything was packed in suitcases when you walked back down the halls, staring at the crack on the ceiling from that one time Lucifer didnt tie Mammon up right and he fell. You longed to be able to go into Lucifer's room one last time but it was long before you left when he replaced the curse not allowing you in. You walked into Lucifer's office and you just sat, breathing in the lingering scent of ancient books and stale black coffee. You looked all around longing to go back to 8 months ago, but you just wanted to go home. Hours after you packed up you found yourself back in your now empty and lifeless room. You sat in the middle of the naked bed in your bedroom, tears streaming down your cheeks.
Heart tearing into shreds, every scar that had appeared was ripping open. Salty tears overflowing your palms and dripping down your wrists. You stared at your suitcase, sat nicely in the corner waiting to roll out of the place you called home for almost 2 years. You didnt know how long you sat there or when the brothers got home, you had long dried of tears when the knocks came rapping on the old wooden bedroom door. You quickly walk into your bathroom hoping whoever it was wouldn't care enough to search further.聽
"Y/N? Lucifer wants to know when youre starting dinner!"
Of course he'd send them. Too busy to ask you his damn self. Not even bothering to ask why you're home again.
They call your name one more time before turning the knob and walking in. One more strained call of your name leaves their mouth before running footsteps sound down the hall.聽
They call out to Lucifer saying you left. It's cute, they almost sound panicked.
In hindsight, you probably could have used that panic of the new student as a distraction but you were exhausted. All the tears taking the energy and pulling on your eyelids. You take a moment to try to hide in the bathroom.
You could hear everything, all 7 brothers and the new students' footsteps rushing into your old bedroom.
"Where'd Y/N鈥檚 things go?" Mammon asked.
A slap sound echoed against the walls and a yelp. "Obviously, they put them in the suitcase dumbass!" Levi yells.聽
Still, after everything the cruel names at Mammon make you want to resort to violence.
"Wait so Y/Ns leaving!?" Asmo almost shrieks.
"Why?" Satan asks聽
The bathroom doorknob jiggles and a part of you wants to lock it with a charm but then they'll know youre in here.
Hesitant footsteps walk in and your heart sinks.聽
A shakey voice calls out, "Y/N I know you鈥檙e in here please come out so we all can talk." Lucifer says.
Lucifer, avatar of pride, shaking at the thought of you leaving? No, impossible, can't be.
But maybe? His breath gets just barely shakier and you step out of hiding. Tear streaks and raw cheeks are on display. You put on a brave face but it was obvious you were hurting.
鈥淲hat?鈥 You ask, trying to seem unbothered by the intrusion but you just sounded defensive.
鈥淲hat? Seriously? Do you have nothing to say to us Y/N?鈥澛
You carefully walk around the group and clutch onto your suitcase handle, 鈥淲hy should I give any of you an explanation when none of you have had a real conversation with me for months? Why should I owe any of you anything?鈥
"What are ya talkin' bout, Human?" Mammon asks.
You look up into his eyes and you can tell he's not happy about this decision. But they could have stopped this. It's not like you were asking them to only care about you. Or to ignore their lives. You just wanted them to see you.
You wanted Luci to check on you at night when you're studying and bring you a snack. You wanted to have a baking night with Beel where he'd eat all the batter before it even made it to the oven. You wanted Satan to read you to sleep. Or for Mammon to sit on your bed whining that studying sucks and that he shouldn't have to because of his new money-making scheme.
It's not a lot to ask for Asmo to do your makeup and have a weekly spa day like you used to. Or for Belphie to still take comfort in you and sleep on your lap during movie nights. And Levi never needs a player two these days. You wanted them to love you again.
So you鈥檙e just left, not even cast out. Just invisible. But now that they see you鈥ou鈥檙e mad.聽
It took you to almost leave and now they're upset. Almost begging for an answer.
"What am I talking about? None of you have had a genuine conversation with me in months. You all want to be around the new student but did any of you realize that I was being pushed away? Did any of you realize that you stopped caring where I went every night? I tried to talk to you about it but I just got talked over. And at one point, I just gave up. I'm not an exchange student anymore. I came back and I can leave. So I will."
You clench your fist around the suitcase handle so hard I might just break it.
Lucifer steps closer to you and the others stood behind him, 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just leave, Y/N. You鈥檙e the human ambassador, you have a job here.鈥
You scoff, 鈥淚s that all you care about? How this will look on your reputation, no, on Diavolo's reputation? I should鈥檝e expected that.鈥澛
Lucifer's eyes widen and for a second he looks鈥cared? But his face quickly goes blank.
鈥淚鈥檝e already made arrangements with Barbatos and Diavolo for me to leave so if you think that argument with somehow persuade me you're wrong. Now, if you鈥檒l excuse me I have to go.鈥澛
鈥淣o, you can鈥檛!鈥澛
Your head snaps back and you see Levi pushing passed Lucifer, 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 leave!鈥
You scan his face, trying your hardest to look indifferent but you can feel it slipping. 鈥淲hy?鈥
鈥淲e didn鈥檛 mean do! We thought you didn鈥檛 want us smothering you so we backed off. I鈥檓 so so sorry.鈥
There the last of your indifference goes. 鈥淲hat are you talking about?鈥
"This is my fault." All the brothers turn to face the door and reveal the exchange student. None look nearly surprised enough by this confession.
They twiddled their thumbs and look to the floor. Even though they look so small, them trying to see innocent boiled your blood just a bit.
鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥 You ask.
"Remember when we had that conversation during our studying session? How you were saying it was getting annoying to have to be guarded all the time and not have alone time?"
You tentatively nod waiting for them to continue. Satan picks at his cuticles and Beel looks oddly nervous.
"Well I told them that, and at the time I didn't know you didn't mean it. Not totally at least and then鈥" they trail off.
"So we gave you more privacy鈥nd freedom," Belphie says something for the first time
You step back to look at all of them, " So you're telling me that one one-off comment I made amongst all the times I said how much I loved all of you and how you didn't need to change鈥ade you treat me like a ghost?"
"It hurt, I think that's why we never listened鈥e were hurt," Beel says.
"We were all hurt." your eyes look up into Asmo鈥檚 champagne eyes," And we should've asked, especially after all you've done and all we've been through. We're so so sorry." He wraps his arms around you but you remain stiff, unsure what to think.
Asmo releases you and you see Lucifer looking at you again, 鈥淲e are sorry.鈥
You never thought you'd see the day Lucifer actually apologized for something.
"But-what about Lucifer's door? I used to be able to get in but it won't let me in. And Levi, you never ask me to play anymore. Beel, you share your food with them, you never do that. Satan you've been asking them for help pranking Lucifer. It doesn't make sense."
Lucifer steps closer to you and you look into his beautiful crimson eyes, they soften when they meet yours. "Mammon," his eyes shift to the demon and glares, "found out that if he brings an item that means enough to you it unlocks my door."
"Like those voice unlock diaries?" You ask without remembering you鈥檙e talking to a bunch of demons. They all look at you in confusion.
"I guess I forgot to inform you, love. I've been trying to find another spell that would work but nothing does unless you want to prick a finger every time you want to enter."
You look to the others, hoping they'll explain your other questions.聽
"Lucifer wouldn't suspect them, besides you said you didn't want to be involved if itd affect your relationship鈥nd they would," Satan said.
"They've been helping me beat the level we got stuck on. You gave up but I didn't. I'd like to play it with you but it got boring." Levi grumbles.
You look to Beel, "You said I had to get better at sharing. Im trying." He whispers and鈥ou did say that, didn't you?聽
鈥淏ut what about Belphie usually you sleep in my room or on me. You haven鈥檛 been? Or Mammon, you鈥檙e always distant when you would go out with me, you never hang out with me anymore. And Asmo, you never invite me over for makeovers or spa days like you used to.鈥
Belphie looks into your eyes sadly, 鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 been home for a couple of months, I sleep here a lot.鈥
鈥淢ore like every night,鈥 Levi grumbles.
鈥淚f ya didn鈥檛 want to be smothered I thought you wouldn鈥檛 want me around since I鈥檓 ya know鈥lways around.鈥
Asmo wraps his arms around you out of nowhere, startling you a bit but you can鈥檛 help but melt into the affection 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 want to ignore you! You鈥檙e my beautiful Y/N! But they said you probably wouldn鈥檛 wanna do our spa days anymore.鈥澛
You slowly step away, all the new information sinking in and your bones chill a bit. 鈥淵ou all took one comment and used it to isolate me so far to the point my heart is broken and I almost left my home. This was a misunderstanding and I know that but you all should have known better. This will not be easy to fix.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檒l do whatever it takes to make it up to you Y/N. 鈥 Satan says and they all, including the exchange student, nod.
You bite your lip nervously and scan all of their eyes. "You should've asked." You hesitate for a second, 鈥淏ut I鈥檒l stay if you won鈥檛 do that shit again.鈥
A chorus of 鈥榃e promise's fill the room and you can feel parts of your heart pull together but it will be a while before it鈥檚 whole again.
"Does this mean I don't have ta avoid Y/N anymore?" Mammon asks.
Involuntarily your lips curl up, "No Mammon, you don't."
He lets out a groan and pulls you into his arms, "Finally! I missed ya."
He goes ridged and pulls back, quickly backtracking his words, " I-I mean not like MISSED ya just like I dont like when I can't do my job and I couldn't-"
"Mammon?" You cut him off.
"I missed you too." And pull him back into the hug before he could say more.
鈥淗ey! We missed Y/N too!鈥 Asmo whines and pulls me into his arms, inevitably bringing Mammon with me.
All the brothers, including the ever-composed Lucifer, join in for the hug, and for the first time in months there's laughter in the House of Lamentation.
Mammon, Belphie, and Levi have fallen asleep on your bed, Beel was left sitting asleep on the floor after a TV marathon. Lucifer had reluctantly gone back to his office and Satan had gone back to his room with Asmo getting his beauty sleep in his room. You had called Barbatos earlier to tell him you were no longer leaving.聽
You sigh as the credits roll once again and look to your bed from the desk chair your sat on. Despite the pleas from the brothers you didn't really wanna be suffocated in a cuddle pile. With no room left on your bed, you turn off the TV and head to the living room.
聽Opening the doors you see the other exchange student sitting on one of the couches hunched over and clutching a mug.
Taking in a deep breath you wondered if you were mad at them or just mad at what happened. As you look at them you come to the realization it's both. They didn't have the right to speak for you and pretend for months that they were innocent every day you saw each other at school. When you would tell them the brothers were avoiding you, how much it hurt. It may have started innocently but they took advantage of it.聽
With determination in your steps, you approach them and their eyes look up at you. A heavy breath leaves their lips and they almost look pitiful from the guilt in their eyes.
"Y/N鈥 I didn't want to interrupt but I'm so sorry."
You sit in an armchair next to the couch and level with them, "You're sorry?"
They nod and you scan their face for a second, "What exactly are you sorry for?" You ask.
"I'm sorry for telling them, I know it wasn't my place."
"So you aren't sorry for pretending it wasn't your fault that they were avoiding me? You aren't sorry for telling Asmo I didn't want spa days anymore? Or taking advantage of the time they didn't spend with me?"聽
They look at you shocked and frozen. They flounder for a while but you don't give them time to find an excuse.
"I don't really care why you did it. If you ever try to separate me from them again they won't take it lightly anymore and neither will I. It would benefit you to remember that they are seven of the most powerful demons and I am not just a human. We aren't friends and I do not value your company anymore. You betrayed my trust and used me. Don't do it again, this is a special opportunity so don't waste it."
You rise from your chair leaving them behind, scared and guilty. You forget about sleeping on the couch, not wanting to be around them after all your anger surfaced the more you spoke.聽
As you got back to your room to see four of the boys in your room you decide that a cuddle pile sounds like exactly what you need after these past six months.
Climbing in bed Mammon wraps his arm around your waist, holding himself to your back and you grab Levi's hand. If you make any more contact you worry he may implode. You sigh and relax into the affection you so desperately missed and you can feel more of your heart piece back together.
And if in the morning you see the new student eating breakfast alone and Lucifer smirking you don't question why.
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fanficsat12am 5 months
how the brothers react to you wiping their kiss off prank I Leviathan, Satan & Asmodeus
Lucifer & Mammon Beelzebub & Belphegor
This poor boy is super insecure, often calling himself 鈥 a yucky otaku鈥. He鈥檚 surprised you even find anything redeeming in him and thinks that he鈥檚 not deserving of the love you give him.
Levi tried to be the best boyfriend for you. He鈥檚 terrified that you鈥檒l realize how pathetic he is and leave.
He thought he was doing pretty good at his little IRL dating sim. So it was completely out of nowhere when you decided to wipe his kiss off after winning a round in his new game.
His mind just went blank, thinking of where he went wrong. Did he say something to offend you? Were you tired of just watching him play all day? Did you want him to spend more time with you? Or was it just him? Did you finally get tired of him?
He doesn鈥檛 even notice himself crying until you wipe the tears quickly running down his face. He immediately clings to you, laying his head on your shoulder, and starts begging you to stay.
鈥淚 know I鈥檓 just a yuckie otaku, but please give me another chance. I swear I'll try even harder just p-please don't give up on me鈥
A deep pit or guilt starts to form in your stomach. You underestimated how low Levi thinks of himself. His tears start to seep into your shirt, a wet patch quickly forming.
You start to pet his head, reassuring him that you weren鈥檛 going to leave him. After a few minutes, his breathing starts to steady and he lifts his head up鈥揵loodshot eyes staring back at you.
You didn鈥檛 have the heart to tell him it was a prank. So you made an excuse instead, telling him that your lips just felt a little wet afterwards.
After that, you made sure to earn his trust back by waking him up everyday with a text message on one of the many things you love about him. Because of this, he always goes down to breakfast with a tinge of pink on his cheeks.
For as long as he can remember, reading had always been his favorite hobby. He鈥檚 never really been the type to demon to look at words at its surface value. He reads between the lines and finds that a great book is built with the attention to the smallest of details.
Because of this, Satan has always treasured the smallest gestures you do for him. He finds that these small doings are what makes a relationship special.
You wiped his kiss while you were reading a book with him one morning. He鈥檒l notice of course and instead of asking you about it shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. Maybe he had some coffee on his lips or something, trying to convince himself rationalize why you鈥檇 do that.
The cycle continues the rest of the day, with him kissing you and you wiping it away. He starts to pout after the third time you wipe it. On top of all the books he鈥檚 read, romance novels were no stranger to him. He learned that it was best to give the other party some time to themself and not to push anything out of them. But that didn鈥檛 make the situation better.
He finally snaps the next day and just outright asks you in the privacy of your room. He starts to bang on your door and enters when he hears your approval. You smile at him, asking him if he needed something.
鈥淢y Kitten, did I do something to cross you? I tried giving you some space but I still can鈥檛 figure out what you need. If you鈥檙e falling out of love with me, please tell me so. I don鈥檛 want to see you up and leave without an explanation at least鈥
Through Satan鈥檚 little ramble, he started to pace back and forth in your room. He looked like he was trying to solve one of the greatest mysteries to ever unfold, connecting clues left and right.
You finally got tired after 30 minutes of him asking if you got drugged by an anti-love potion. You gently took his hands in yours and told him it was a prank. His brain just froze at that moment. You pranked a prankster like him? Oh he鈥檚 so gonna get you back for that.
Watch out for your back for the next few weeks. This man will be planning the greatest prank on you with Belphie. Either that or he鈥檒l get revenge by placing a 鈥24 hours no cuddles'' rule on you and will stay in his room all day. Eventually his ban crumbles on him, Satan missing you after a few hours and goes looking for you.
Even though he鈥檚 the Avatar of Lust, he finds short and sweet kisses just as loving as those he鈥檚 given in times of passion. He鈥檚 a very clingy person and makes sure to give you as much affection as he can whenever you鈥檙e together.
The brothers usually find a trace of Asmo鈥檚 lipstick somewhere on you鈥 a symbol that no matter where you are, he鈥檚 there with you.
At first he didn鈥檛 really see you wiping it away, only noticing once he saw that his makeup was nowhere to be seen on you. He immediately leapt from his seat and gave you a big kiss on your cheek, the blemish dark enough for anyone to see. He was about to go lay back down on the couch but he sees you grab a tissue and start wiping away the mark.
Who do you think you are to wipe his kiss away? This is definitely not gonna fly with him. Without a word, he stands up and makes a beeline towards his room. He comes back, the darkest shade of lipstick in hand accompanied by a suspicious grin on his face.
He takes the cap off, places a generous amount on his lips, and pulls you to him by your waist. Before you can even comprehend what鈥檚 happening, your face is littered by his kisses.
鈥淕o ahead and try wiping them off, Dearie. If I see even one of them missing, trust me when I say that your face won't be the only thing I鈥檓 marking with my lips鈥
Knowing him, you know that he wasn鈥檛 afraid to come through with his little threat. So you just dropped the prank and told him everything.
Before you can even finish explaining everything, he picks you up and carries you back to his room. He places you on his bed and whispers 鈥淚鈥檒l make sure to leave marks that鈥檒l last for weeks, Darlin鈥
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If you're not sexualizing the horrors of the world what's the point, really
- MC (obey me!) probably
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igumie 9 months
Random fluffy Obey Me bf hcs
Tumblr media
[haikyuu ver] [Tokyo rev ver] [bnha ver] [genshin ver]
a/n : I鈥檓 having too much fun writing these help
Tumblr media
Simeon who swears he鈥檚 never seen anything as ethereal as you in his entire life. You鈥檙e just human and yet, you鈥檝e managed to make his heart yours with just a smile. He鈥檚 supposed to love everyone equally but it is clear that the love he has for you is stronger than the rest. How can a human be so angelic? How can you become more perfect each day? He doesn鈥檛 know but he doesn鈥檛 mind because in the end, you love him and that鈥檚 all he needs to understand.
Lucifer who puts his cape over your shivering form during winter. Although he acts mad and annoyed to the world鈥檚 eye, you can tell that he cares about you. His pride just won鈥檛 let him speak his worry of you catching a cold. Humans are so fragile compare to demons after all, who knows what you could catch in this weather. He will scold you once you鈥檙e back at the HOL though for not bringing your jacket.
Mammon who loves kissing your cheeks. Call him greedy all you want but the feeling of his lips against your skin is something he鈥檒l never get tired of. But the thing he absolutely adores is that, whenever he surprises you with a kiss on the cheek, you let out the most adorable giggle he鈥檚 ever heard in his life. So he now has made it his goal to give you as many surprise kisses he can just so that he can hear that cute sound over and over again.
Leviathan who now starts to wonder if others envy him instead of him envying them. He is after all, dating you. Surely there must be people out there, if not every single one of them, who are envious of his relationship with you. I mean, cmon. You are the beautiful, talented, smart, super cool, amazing, funny, sweet mc. And you鈥檙e dating him! A lonely lame ass otaku ily Levi im sorry! People must be envious of you two. It鈥檚 impossible if they鈥檙e not, he has officially come down to that conclusion.
Satan who likes to have you sit on his lap while he reads romance books. It鈥檚 just so calming and relaxing to him. He never thought he鈥檇 be able to do something so domestic with someone; him being the avatar of wrath does tend to scare people away. Yet here you were, all cuddled up to him as he imagined you and him as the protagonists of his story 鈥 not that he鈥檒l ever tell you that though.
Asmodeus who now that he鈥檚 with you, doesn鈥檛 post a single photo without you on Devilgram. To him, you鈥檙e perfect. You鈥檙e the moonlight鈥檚 reflection dancing over the water. You鈥檙e the pink and purple sunrise of a chilly summer morning. You鈥檙e the diamonds covering a crown made out of gold. And he feels that no one should be deprived of such beauty. He finally found someone who he loves more than himself so why not show them off to the world?
Beelzebub who purposely leaves a bit of food at the corner of his mouth because he wants to see if you鈥檒l kiss them to wipe off the food or not. And thankfully for him, you do. I mean, how can you not when he鈥檚 so obvious about it. Others might find it gross but the smile on his face afterwards can light up your day. It鈥檚 really a win-win situation.
Belphegor who now can鈥檛 sleep without you. He can dream of you, sure. But what happens when he wakes up and you鈥檙e not there with him? He can鈥檛 and won鈥檛 let that happen, absolutely not. So why not just hold you close and waking up still in his dream? The one where he knows he鈥檚 yours and you鈥檙e his! If he does not wake up with you in his arms, you can expect him to be in a pissed-off mood for at least 2 days. So you better not do that.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @1800charlie ; @escapenightmare ; @anythingandeverything12
guests : @ruujiko @k-ryuuguji
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moonlightmiya 1 year
[ Kinktober; Day One - Gangbang - Obey me! ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
7 brothers x F!Reader
Includes; Gangbang (obviously), mentions of punishment, dirty talk + degrading, oral!F!Receiving, 1 pussy smack, marking, penetration, Levi鈥檚 tail hh, overstimulation, crying, squirting, mentions of passing out, blowjobs, sweet talk and aftercare at the end <3
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - Starting off this month strong. Also I got really carried away with this sorry 馃槂 (it鈥檚 long)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is tired, tired of your bratty attitude and oblivious persona, he hates when you don鈥檛 hand in work at the specific time, slacking on your duties as student council and more. You鈥檙e acting more and more like his brothers everyday, only his brothers get punishments for their behaviour whilst you get off mark free, so he sees no reason why you can鈥檛 have a 鈥榩unishment鈥 of your own, it鈥檚 only fair, right?
Lucifer鈥檚 already in a bad mood, and when he finds out you didn鈥檛 complete the extremely important R.A.D student council paperwork he gave you he goes into full anger, barging into your room and pulling you directly to his own, there you find Beelzebub waiting on the eldest brothers bed with a hungry look
鈥淲ill you stop it Lucifer! What is going on?鈥 You yank your arm away from his hand, rubbing at it dramatically
鈥淚鈥檓 going to teach you not to be a lazy brat,鈥 he comes closer to ear, whispering 鈥測ou鈥檙e going to regret this human, you know how important those papers were鈥 he licks behind your ear before pulling away, manhandling you by shoving you onto the bed where Beelzebub sits
鈥淚-I promise I鈥檒l get them finished soon! Just give me a little more time and I鈥檒l-鈥 Lucifer shushes you, pushing you further into Beel鈥檚 chest
鈥淚t鈥檚 too late for that dear鈥 Lucifer smirks, releasing his harsh grip from your hips and standing back, watching as his eyes narrow down at your small form
The arousal from the situation goes straight to your pretty cunt, trying to hide the shake of excitement in your hands whilst also attempting stop the blood flowing to your cheeks, but it鈥檚 no use, they both have you beat,
Lucifer kneels down behind you, adjusting you to hover over Beelzebub鈥檚 chest, you go to move backwards as the younger brothers face becomes embarrassingly too near to your sweet cunny, yet you come into contact with Lucifer鈥檚 knee, he knows what he鈥檚 doing as the eldest starts rubbing his knee in circles against your pussy from under your flimsy skirt, making Lucifer now more aware of your arousal,
You turn to face down at Beel, trying to distract yourself from the pleasure soaring through your body, yet it doesn鈥檛 help at all, watching Beel鈥檚 chest heave and his muscles become more vibrant in the dim light of the room barely takes your mind off of anything,
You try to squirm away from both the brothers touches, but to no avail you manage to escape from their makeshift cage,
鈥淒on鈥檛 think you鈥檙e getting out of this one that easy, y/n鈥 Beel鈥檚 deep voice vibrates in your ear, making your knees go weaker, suddenly a harsh slap on your ass makes your body shoot forward
鈥淪uch a bad girl, thinking you can disobey me, you have another thing coming,鈥 Lucifer鈥檚 culprit hand goes to soothe your ass, the black cold leather of his gloves making you shiver,
鈥淟ucifer, I said I was sorry pl-鈥 your voice is muffled by a moan escaping your lips, you look down to see Beel moving you onto his face in a flash, his mouth automatically attaching onto your pussy, passionately making out with it before circling his hardened tongue around your aching clit, relieving you, yet you try not to show it, trying your best to squirm away before you cum to early yet you find Lucifer placing your hips down further onto Beel鈥檚 face, making your legs shake with pleasure of the younger brothers skilled tongue
鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me you get overstimulated that easy human,鈥 Lucifer starts, chuckling deeply as he watches your face twist into pleasure, when he pulls and twists at your hardened nipples through your shirt,
Beelzebub鈥檚 tongue ravishes your insides as Lucifer continues playing with your breasts, placing gentle kisses on your neck when his face comes near your own,
鈥淒oes she taste good Beelzebub?鈥 A harsh groan comes from below you, signaling a 鈥榶es鈥 answer, but also sending pleasurable vibrations up through your spine, your back arches as he continues to tongue-fuck your pussy at an inhuman speed,
鈥淟ook at you, creaming all over my brother, don鈥檛 you have any shame?鈥 Lucifer hums, his own cheeks tinted a slight red by the sound of your moans, 鈥渢ouch her clit Beel, I want to see her cum, hard鈥
As Beelzebub starts to circle your clit with his spare hand you feel your orgasm quickly approaching, the stimulation of the two brothers actions becoming too much for you, eventually you let the coil in you snap, making a mess by creaming all over the younger brothers mouth
鈥淔-fuck cumming- cum, Beel fuck鈥 your voice goes higher pitched with every new word, the force of your orgasms making your whole body shake, holding onto Beel鈥檚 ginger locks and hunching forwards as he keeps playing with your puffy, over-sensitive clit, he moves his mouth away from your leaking cunt, pressing a kiss onto your thigh before speaking,
鈥淭astes like icing on a cake鈥 his tongue swirls around the mess on his lips, the action alone making your eyes twitch and head fall back, making you hyper-aware of the brothers fingers playing and pinching with your cute clit and perked nipples
鈥淣-no stop, shit ah I can鈥檛 take it oh鈥 Lucifer laughs deeply as he moves you away from Beelzebub, laying you down on his bed to temporarily relax, letting Beel get up as the two watch you shake from the after shocks,
Lucifer comes close to your face, planting a gentle kiss on your cheek as he moves your hair out the way, 鈥測ou can come in now鈥 you freeze, eyeing the rest of the 5 brothers as they enter the room, their cheeks bright red, as you look down you can see their cocks visibly straining in their pants, begging for some kind of release
You feel like a bird of pray as the seven demons look down at you with eyes of hunger and lust, you feel weak already and the needy whine you let out shows it, Lucifer already knows you have fallen victim to his trap, kneeling down to whisper once more in your ear, 鈥測ou have made your bed, now you lie in it鈥
The second oldest interrupts, voice weeping with unsatisfactory and greed in which he wasn鈥檛 the one to take you first 鈥淚 can practically smell her, just let me try her please鈥 Mammon speaks up, his fine tuned hand palming his cock in the tight jeans he wears
鈥淲ell then,鈥 Lucifer starts, placing your soft head onto his lap as he grabs your calfs to hold at each side of your head, making you stretch uncomfortably, releasing an awkward sound of disapproval from your lips, yet Lucifer ignores it, pushing your legs further apart until he鈥檚 pleased, 鈥渨ho wants to go first?鈥
鈥淚 am, I will鈥 Mammon pushes his way to the front, instantly pouncing onto your body, peeling off your shirt and bra along with his own trousers, 鈥渟he鈥檚 my human after all鈥 I had her first鈥 he growls lowly, staring dead at the brothers whilst drooling at the mouth for a taste of you
Mammon pumps his veiny cock in his hand a few times before pressing and swiping his dark tip against your clit, making you shudder in pleasure,
鈥淵ou sure she can take all of us, Lucifer?鈥 He asks, the eldest brother only nods, holding your legs to the mattress in a death grip 鈥測ou will take it, won鈥檛 you y/n?鈥 His question mocks you, yet you nod helplessly anyway, just wanting, needing Mammon inside of you already,
You feel his leaking tip pushing into your semi prepped hole, yet you don鈥檛 mind as the stretch from his thick cock starts to burn your cunt in the best way possible, 鈥淢-Mammon!鈥 You yell out to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pants against your chest,
鈥淪sh, I鈥檝e hng got you鈥 He hushes you before taking one of your perked up nipples into his mouth, suckling on it lightly as he humps your cunt nicely, his fat cock reaching near all the pleasurable spots inside you, forcing you to moan and whine his name over and over again,
His mouth continues stimulating you as his cock ravishes your walls, making your mind focused on only him, Mammon, yet Lucifer isn鈥檛 to fond of letting you forget about him so easily, so he chooses to squeeze and grazes at your thighs, raking his nails down the smooth skin, you grip onto the two brothers as you feel yourself tipping over the edge, dangerously close to your orgasm
Mammon鈥檚 pace picks up rapidly, making you dig your nails into his back as you come undone with a loud moan, leaving angry red lines down his torso 鈥渇-fuck I can鈥檛, can鈥檛 stop myself, 鈥榮 so tight鈥 Mammon cries out, pulling out quickly and spilling his cum over your thighs, the room goes silent for a second, all the brothers watching with wide eyes as they listen to you and Mammon both panting into each others mouths, sharing a kiss before he gets back up
Mammon soon lifts himself from the eldest brothers bed, sitting in the nearest chair to you, keeping his eyes locked onto you or more importantly, where he left his mark, his chest still heaves, as he watches his younger brother Leviathan walking over to your naked body, his tail twitching with excitement as the third born watches you whimper and squirm in his brothers grasp
鈥淗urry Levi I just can鈥檛 wait any longer~鈥 Asmodeus鈥 whiney voice echos through the room, making Leviathan side eye him,
A hard hand comes down harshly to smack your bare sensitive pussy, making you yelp, 鈥淎smodeus is right, Levi鈥 Lucifer鈥檚 glare is hard as stone, moving his hand to its place on your thigh again, gripping it harshly,
A quiet 鈥榶eah鈥 comes from Levi鈥檚 lips, his breath fanning over your red face as he presses light kisses against your neck, letting his tail rub up and down against your leg at the same time,
As soon as Leviathan finds your sweet spot he bites down, making you yelp once more, his mouth continues sucking dark bruises into your neck and chest, his tail still dangling beside your legs as it swats Lucifers hand away, his mouth trailing sweet kisses up to your own mouth, kissing you with passion as he slowly wraps his tail around your plush thigh, coating it with your own slick from your weeping pussy and pushing a few inches of his tail into you, the texture still squeezing at your thigh
Your moans are swallowed by Levi, who is continuously going between rubbing your puffy clit with the tip of his tail to curling it up inside your pretty pussy, you start squirming and crying out for the third brother, babbling absolute nonsense as he grazes against your sweet spot inside your cunny, already making you go dumb and needy for him, he loves every bit of it
鈥淔uck, Levi uhm I鈥檓 gonna make a mess ngh鈥 your voice pitches as a clear liquid comes out of your pussy, not giving previous warning, it coats the sheets and his tail soley in your slick, slowly Leviathan moves his tail to his mouth, licking it clean from your juices
鈥淭aste so good鈥 his voice shakes, eyes rolling to the back of his head as his cheeks start turning a nice shade of red, he realises your hot and worn out expression as you lay on Lucifer鈥檚 lap, you seem exhausted yet your pussy still aches for more of his siblings
鈥淚鈥檒l g-鈥 Satan begins, only to be cut off by Asmodeus鈥 loud voice, 鈥渉ow about we take her at the same time, I just have to get a taste of her鈥 your head goes light as they talk about you so filthy in-front of you,
Satan huffs in annoyance but agrees nonetheless, motioning for Leviathan to move out of the way, 鈥渇ine but we鈥檒l do it my way鈥 he moves you out of Lucifer鈥檚 lap, prying his hands away from your body, 鈥淎smo, get underneath her鈥 Asmodeus complies, moving you so your pussy is just above his mouth, in a similar position to the one you were in with Beel and Lucifer,
Yet from this position you get a good look of all the brothers gathered around the bed, you eye Belphegor furiously pumping his cock dry whilst Mammon slowly strokes his cock back to life, staring into your eyes with pure need, as for Beelzebub he sits on the chair beside you, his hand covered with ounces of his thick cum, his ginger locks cover his flushed expression well, but not well enough so you can鈥檛 see the blush appearing on his cheeks as you show all the brothers your dirty facial expressions,
You鈥檙e snapped out of your daze as Satan pushes his long cock into you, you feel it nearly about to hit your cervix before he pulls it out again to tease your still-aching hole, you鈥檙e about to let out a loud whine but it鈥檚 soon cut off by Asmodeus circling his tongue around your clit, rubbing and grinding the soft bud in-between his lips in all the right ways possible,
You moan loudly as the sensation of both Satan and Asmo passionately fucking your body, their movements are complimenting eachother by going at the same pace, you feel like you could cum at any moment
Satan pants and huffs as his balls slap against your skin, his moans sound the sweetest in your ear, 鈥淪-Satan, Asmo.. can鈥檛 take anymore鈥 your eyes roll to the back of your head as your fourth orgasm of the night hits your hard, but none of two stop their fast paced movements
You squeal as Leviathan wrap his tail around your breast, pulling and teasing your perky nipples as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear beside you,
鈥淵ou鈥檙e panting like a bitch in heat, you like being used like this huh鈥 Satan鈥檚 mean voice fills the room, overpowering the third borns, his words make your pussy clench harder around his cock, making him groan deeply, 鈥渁nswer me, you鈥檙e just our little toy aren鈥檛 you?鈥 His face remains the same bored expression, eyebrows furrowed as he spews degrading words to your face,
Satan grabs your jaw tightly, lifting your face to meet his, 鈥淚 said answer, bitch鈥 you nod mindlessly as he smacks the outside of your thigh, making your body jump, 鈥渟top moving her around so much..鈥 Asmo says from underneath you, desperately wanting to go back to licking the leaking fluids from your drenched pussy, sucking hickeys into your thighs and licking up anything that drips down from your cunny,
Lucifer comes to standinfront of you, kissing your now exposed neck and guiding Levi鈥檚 tail to squeeze around your breasts more, the stimulation from the four brothers makes your brain melt, and you slowly feel yourself sinking into full-submission
Satan groans as he feels his balls tighten, slamming into your cunt harder as he tries to chase his high and making you cry out in overstimulation, he soon empties his hot cum into your sensitive cunt, filling it up with such warmth as he pulls out again, leaving Asmo still beneath you as he moans into your body
You cry out as Asmo flicks your clit in his mouth, mesmerised by the way Levi plays with your breasts, and the way Lucifer keeps a strong grip on your hair as he sucks deep purple marks into your neck makes you completely lose it, 鈥淚鈥檓 gunna.. make a mess鈥 you pant, barely able to get a functioning sentence out from all that鈥檚 going on around you,
鈥淕o on sweetie鈥 Mammon鈥檚 voice is closer now, he watches the way your cunt gushes and creams as Asmo licks at your clit, the cum that Satan stuffed into your right hole still leaking out, it looks a mess yet the demon has never been that turned on in his life, Mammon let鈥檚 put a final groan as the boys step away from you, letting Belphie have your used body last
Leviathan and Asmodeus resistantly leave from where you are, having being pulled away by Lucifer, 鈥渟he tastes so good, Lucifer please let me go back鈥 Asmo begs as Levi rolls his eyes, 鈥測ou鈥檝e both had your turns, now sit down鈥 the two brothers huff out in annoyance, but obey anyway
As the youngest brother slowly wobbles towards you, you can see his already cum stained hands as he strokes them up and down his girthy cock, affectively using it as lube as he gently slips inside of you, fucking his cum into your already used hole, he sighs as he finally finally gets his own ecstasy,
The brothers watch carefully, still panting and needing, aching for more of you, but you鈥檙e just a mere human, your body cannot take much, just a few more pushes and you鈥檇 be fully blacked out
Belphie pants as he listens to your crying and pretty moans, falling on top of your sweaty body he continues pushing his cock into you softly and at a slow pace, he hears your pleas, begging him to go 鈥榝aster鈥 and 鈥榝aster鈥 but he ignores them, holding your hands to your stomach, keeping you in place as he ruts into you
鈥淚- I can鈥檛 ah can鈥檛..鈥 you gasp as his thick cock breaks its way through your throbbing pussy, you know the youngest brother wont last much longer, from the way you moan his name into his ear, or the way the scratches you leave on his back and arms leaves him in a pleasurable pain,
You feel Belphegor鈥檚 hot cum pour into you as he fully bottoms out, you can feel him twitching cock as he stays like that for a few seconds before rolling over to sit on the bed next to you, the brothers all exchange a few words before turning back to your fucked out state, they all look at you in awe, a few try to speak but your mind doesn鈥檛 process it, the only thing you can think about is the hot cum leaking out of you and the way the brothers made you feel so so good
Eventually Lucifer taps your thigh, motioning for you to wrap your limp arms around him, so you do, reaching out with shaky hands you gently hold only his broad shoulders, mumbling about how you feel light headed and tired, he tells the rest of the boys to go back to their rooms so he can get you cleaned up, they all go, resistantly of course,
鈥淟uci鈥 he shushes you quickly, laying your body in the empty bathtub as he washes your body down with the shower head , trying his best not to stimulate you any further
鈥淵ou were so good for us today, but now you know what will happen if you don鈥檛 meet deadlines鈥 his face doesn鈥檛 express any emotion, his only focus being to fill the bathtub with water and help you get cleaned up
鈥淵ou know Lucifer, I never treated you to anything鈥︹ he glances at you, you can barely speak with confidence, your words are all slurred and you can barely keep your eyes open, but you reach out to paw at his cock anyway,
鈥淲atch it, you鈥檙e not in the right headset for this鈥 you pout, yet still pump his clothed cock softly, he looks down at you for a second, his cheeks turning red as he watches your hand move uo and down his whole length, squeezing when you get to the top
You feel him slowly giving in, maybe just a few more pumps you think to yourself 鈥淚f you want to be a cock drunk slut so be it, but you need to promise me you鈥檙e going to take it all, just like a good girl鈥 he unbuttons his trousers, pushing them down to his knees, 鈥済et to work, human鈥 you smirk at the sight of Lucifer鈥檚 achingly hard cock, he鈥檚 definitely bigger than his brothers
Your mouth goes out to lick at his tip, your tongue raking up the entirety of his cock, tracing up every vein with your wet tongue, you actions making him swallow a moan in his throat, the water splashes around in the bathtub as you move to sit on your knees
As you slowly take him into your mouth you can taste his sweet pre-cum dripping from his tip, you laugh lightly around him, making him throw his head back as the vibrations stimulated him more,
His fingers tangle in your hair as he pulls you off of him, removing the rest of his clothes to go into the bathtub with you,
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, y/n, you really do need to treat me well too鈥 the water from his bathtub falls onto the floor as he positions himself between your legs, 鈥測ou鈥檙e staying with me tonight鈥 he growls, making your eyes roll to the back of your head in a lustful state, moaning as the tip of his cock enters your pussy
You鈥檙e far from done tonight
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When You鈥檙e Sick | Asmodeus, Barbatos, Leviathan, Lucifer
For @mylenapony11 I hope you get better soon!! And I think the sickness somehow traveled across the ethernet because my nose is killing me right now skdfjksdfj
Genre: Fluff, Comedy Word Count: 1k
If it was anyone else, Asmodeus would be staying well away from them. Have you seen what colds can do to one鈥檚 appearance? He鈥檒l need extra foundation and concealer to cover up the red nose, the eye bags, the drained complexion, he simply can鈥檛 risk it
But when it鈥檚 you, the pros most certainly outweigh the cons. Not only can he pamper you when you鈥檙e sick, but if he accidentally catches your cold, then that means you can pamper him and give him all of your attention in return. It鈥檚 the perfect plan!!
Of course, Asmo is ever diligent on skincare for you during your sickness, almost sounding like a home remedy fanatic. He鈥檒l use only skincare with all natural ingredients for the skin to absorb and to heal you that way. He gets rather creative, making his own face masks for you to wear, being so cautious as to only use human world ingredients
Unfortunately, Asmo does retreat to his own room when night comes but he鈥檚 pedantic to ensure you鈥檙e in the perfect state to get better. He places a heated blanket over you, he may even lend some of his very own blankets and quilts to ensure you鈥檙e warm, and he鈥檒l leave the room spraying perfumes to supposedly 鈥榞et the sickness out of the air鈥, only to frantically stop when he realises you鈥檙e choking from the aromatic air
Barbatos had likely seen this coming, and it was far too easy to bring you to Diavolo鈥檚 castle for you to recuperate. All he had to do was mention your poor state and Diavolo was fascinated with 鈥榮eeing a sick human鈥 and how he had the best resources to make you better
In one of the many spare rooms of Diavolo鈥檚 castle, you were kept under the watch of Barbatos, Diavolo and the Little D鈥檚 as you recovered. But ultimately, it did end up backfiring slightly, as Diavolo observed you diligently, it meant Barbatos had to continue doing his typical errands, spending time away from you
But some of those errands will include you, and he was more than happy to oblige. Despite Diavolo鈥檚 wishes to participate, it will be Barbatos who will be taking your temperature, spoon-feeding you medicine and wrapping you up in blankets. As butler, he must ensure his young master doesn鈥檛 get sick of course
Still, at the end of every night when Barbatos can retire to his room, he鈥檒l take a detour to where you temporarily reside. There he鈥檒l ask how you鈥檙e faring, as well as giving you some pastries he baked as sustenance for the night. He鈥檒l gladly stay by your side until you fall asleep, it is a butler鈥檚 duty to ensure the guest is content after all
Levi is very reliable and responsible when it comes to your wellbeing, a little too much at times. He鈥檚 never relaxed, constantly checking up on your temperature and jolting at every sickly sound you make, rushing to your side to make sure you鈥檙e okay
His general anxieties make him catastrophise a lot. You could just have a cough and he鈥檚 worried you鈥檙e on death鈥檚 door. He鈥檚 already rambling on about how he鈥檚 ready to go on a hero鈥檚 adventure to find the magical ingredient to cure you, like those isekai heroes. As long as you鈥檙e better and if you鈥 maybe鈥 want to give him a reward for finding a cure鈥 like a peck on the cheek or something... he'll do it!
Levi likely ends up spending the most time with you when you鈥檙e sick. His activities of watching anime and playing games don鈥檛 require you to physically exert yourself and can provide ample entertainment when you鈥檙e not sleeping your sickness off
He has no concern with catching your sickness. If he gets sick he鈥檚 now entitled to some days off at R.A.D. where he can just binge watch anime. He鈥檇 love for you to take care of him during those times but he鈥檚 so embarrassed to ask for your presence and it鈥檇 be absolutely humiliating if you re-caught your cold because of him
Is conflicted. As much as he wants to dote on you and give you all his attention he, for one, can not risk getting sick as well and secondly, he would rather dive into the depths of the seven layers of hell than have you realise just how much he wants to take care of you
He鈥檒l give you days off of R.A.D., that goes without saying. There鈥檚 the expectation that you鈥檒l get better reasonably soon for you to catch up on work anyway. And you will be having catch up study sessions with him, he just needs to be there to supervise you and ensure you鈥檙e not distracted by any of his brothers鈥 yes, that鈥檚 all there is to it
Just because he won鈥檛 be able to frequently come to your aid does not mean he鈥檒l let you forget about him and what he鈥檚 doing for you. You鈥檒l get Akuzon deliveries for various items for keeping warm and suitable remedies, the delivery demon mentions how Lucifer paid for it. If the other brothers pay you a visit to your room, they鈥檙e grumbling about they鈥檙e here on Lucifer鈥檚 behalf, it鈥檚 clear the eldest threatened them to tell you the last bit
Still, Lucifer does what he can. When you stir awake from a nap, you鈥檒l find some medicine lying on a counter beside you, or some tea that is still piping hot. If your sickness has persisted for a long time, you may awaken to see Lucifer pulling your covers up to your chin, telling you to be more careful and not let the covers slip
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鈥 just you is what i really need when you go home and come back earlier than expected ; title creds
lucifer is a busy man and even with your leave, he sticks to his usual routine without a moment鈥檚 break. (save for when one of his brother鈥檚 caused yet another form of trouble, of course.) but it鈥檚 late at night, when his head throbs and his body aches, that he misses you the most, sinking down into his chair. you鈥檇 chastise him for working so late, lucifer lets out a funny sort of half laugh as he thinks of you, scolding him for not taking better care of himself. then you鈥檇 sit with him, providing a helping hand to the burdens that rest heavy on his shoulders. something sharp pangs in lucifer鈥檚 chest and he knows he will have to bear uncomfortably with it, lodging itself in his being until you return. lucky for the demon, that was to come sooner than he expected. the hands in his hair make him stiffen at first, callous words simmering on his tongue, but he soon recognises the touch, melting at its familiarity. 鈥測ou鈥檙e back early,鈥 he comments, trying to keep his voice steady. and you hum amusedly at the attempt, 鈥渘eeded to look after you.鈥 with your reply comes a promise - that you鈥檙e truly back, real, and for the avatar of pride no less - and lucifer lets the smile grace his expression as he tugs at one of your hands to press a kiss to your palm. 鈥渢hank you.鈥
mammon had moped even before you left, the announcement that you鈥檇 be returning to the human world for a while enough to leave his spirits dampened. when you鈥檇 actually gone, he seemed to trod around the house of lamentation like a little puppy, lost on what exactly to do. and it was day five when he caved and whined down the phone to you, a loud cry of 鈥渋 could鈥檝e come with you! i鈥檓 supposed to be ya first man!鈥 the responding laugh had warmed mammon鈥檚 core, despite the tinny receiver, but it does little to soothe the ache in his heart as he settles down for the night, your pillow between his arms to make up for your absence. you should鈥檝e known mammon wouldn鈥檛 be in his room but yours when you went to surprise him, slipping through the halls. you find him tucked in your bed, face pressed against your sheets, though the creak of the door had him jumping upwards at the intrusion, half expecting someone to scold him for slinking into your room. instead he was met with a smile. your smile. in an instant, mammon鈥檚 launching himself at you, blankets catching at his waist as he holds you close. 鈥測ou - you鈥檙e back!鈥 he eventually splutters, words tumbling from curved lips. all it takes is a nod of your head for mammon to pull you closer and you grin, 鈥渃ouldn鈥檛 help it, i missed my first man.鈥
leviathan hadn鈥檛 left his room the entire time you had gone home, choosing instead to fixate on the video games that distracted him ever so slightly from just how much he missed you. but the inability to ramble to you once he finished would only send another wave of sullenness through him. his solution to this was - of course - digging himself in deeper, buying new games and constantly checking for new releases. that was how levi found himself in the midst of a cheesy romance game, sinking feeling in his chest hitting him full force as the love interest reminded him awfully of you. the little pixel character bore striking resemblance to you and as it giggled, levi couldn鈥檛 help but slump down in his chair with a deep sigh. 鈥渨hat do i do...鈥 he murmured softly, words half hidden under his breath as he debated contacting you. what if you were occupied? or thought him bothersome? or didn鈥檛 want to-- 鈥渋 think the second option sounds cute.鈥 levi scrambles up in an instant, ignoring the clatter of his controller to the floor in favour of embracing you. and as he tucked his face into the crook of your neck, hiding the tears that pricked at his eyes, he swore there was nothing better than you - actual you - in his arms.
satan had tried his best to maintain his cool front. he鈥檇 continued to go about his day as normal - reading his books, annoying lucifer, the likes. but it came as no surprise that he was antsier, on edge. every miniscule thing adding to his pile of nerves and sending hot electricity through his veins. by the end of the school day, followed by a last-minute student council meeting, satan had snapped no less than twelve times, more than ready to return to the house of lamentation where he could hiss and spit and scowl in the privacy of his own room. but as he went to do so, he noticed how his door was ajar. and it was only the exhaustion in his bones that prevented the scream from bubbling up his throat, threatening to round up his brothers and curse them until he knew who had been in his room. with his claws poking out and digging into the skin of his palms, satan swung his door open with more force than necessary and found his answer. you. 鈥渙h,鈥 the single syllable dropped into the air and satan feels his heart slow, calmed by the sight of you. it took one more second for reason to return to him, brain whirring into action now that his anger has subsided. he strides towards you with outstretched arms until you fit tight flush against his torso. 鈥渕issed me?鈥 you chuckle, daring to ask. and the smile pressed against your skin tells you all you need to know, 鈥渕ore than you could imagine.鈥
asmodeus misses you terribly, but with the way he texts you every tiny update, it鈥檚 like you鈥檙e still there - right? it becomes a common sight to see asmo tapping away at the screen of his DDD, charms swinging in the air. and more often than note, he makes the motion to fish out the device, even at the most inconsequential of happenings. nevertheless, you reply diligently to each message, sending back reactions that has asmo giggling in glee alongside details and pictures of your own day in hopes it would bridge some of the distance between you two. and in the evenings, as you both settle down the for the night, you and asmo make sure to videocall, even if you have little more to say, just content to gaze upon one another. except tonight you hadn鈥檛 picked up. twice. and asmo was getting all too jittery. you hadn鈥檛 responded to his last four texts either and-- something hadn鈥檛 happened, had it? no no, asmo dismissed the silly thought, you were probably just busy. but something sharp continued to stick in his throat. were you too busy for him? such thoughts are soon culled and forgotten when the demon鈥檚 door flies open, exuberant grin in your face as you barrel towards him and the touch you so missed. 鈥測ou called?鈥
from afar, beelzebub didn鈥檛 seem so affected by your absence. but if the pangs in his chest and the random moments where his smile would falter were anything to go by, it was clear the truth was the exact opposite. still, the demon was sweet and chose not to utter a word when you鈥檇 call, content to listen to you gush about what you鈥檇 missed back in the human world. you finally found out about beel鈥檚 distress when belphie had snapped a subtle picture of his twin鈥檚 sullen face one day during dinner, quickly followed by a demand of 鈥渃ome back soon.鈥 and though you had huffed at belphegor鈥檚 blunt words, clearly used to getting his way, you couldn鈥檛 help but do so, sad expression on beel鈥檚 face fuelling your actions. when beel slumps into his chair in the morning, his eyes are still bleary and sleep fogs his movements. it takes him a moment to realise he鈥檇 been shovelling human breakfast into his mouth and just like that he鈥檚 running to the kitchen, daze he had been in suddenly disappearing. a call of your name leaves his lips, echoed by the bang of the door as it rebounds against the wall, and beel already knows the image of you, eyes lit up as you grinned and declared you were home, would remain in his memories forever.
at first, belphegor had attempted to sleep away the days until your return, calendar in the attic keeping track of time. but one night, after so much sleep, belphie found himself restless. instead, he meandered to the planetarium as he so often did, gazing up at the sky. the stars in the devildom are far more vast than in the human world, yet still, he picked out the ones you鈥檇 be able to see with ease, silently hoping you were looking at them too. belphie was woken abruptly come morning, lucifer having invaded his brother鈥檚 space and placed a firm hand on his shoulder, demanding the youngest to go to school and keep up appearances. with no other choice, belphie agreed, spending the vast majority of the day waiting until he could go home. and it鈥檚 there that he sees you. truthfully, attending rad had drained the avatar of sloth of energy completely but finding you in his bed, peaceful and at ease, was enough of a shock to wake him, heartrate spiking as it so regularly did around you. still, belphie clambers into bed, making sure not to wake you and he tangles himself with you. for belphie knew there was little more he could want, so as long as you were by his side.
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If anyone asks why I love obey me sm, I'm showing them this.
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Incorrect quotes#713 Carpe coles
Asmo: You know my motto: carpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe coles M/Mc: Seize the day, seize the night, what鈥檚 the last one? Asmo: Seize the dick~*Wiggling eyebrows at you*
Tumblr media
...At least he is honest...Love Our Princess Asmo
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