my-gender-is · a day ago
My gender is being gay.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
In my transition research I found that some people experienced their sexuality changing after they started testosterone. I’m kind of really scared of this, as I have only just become comfortable calling myself ace. I just don’t want to have to figure it out all over again
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abyronicgentleperson · 2 days ago
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Should we test the new guidelines?
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yourdailyqueer · a day ago
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Kiley May
Gender: Two Spirit (she/they)
Sexuality: Queer
DOB: Born 1986
Ethnicity: First Nation (Mohawk, Cayuga)
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Writer, screenwriter, producer, director, actor, activist
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aces-and-anime · a day ago
*slams hands on desk*
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transenbyconfessions · 2 days ago
After years of not telling anyone about my neutrosis identity, I started to go to meetings at my uni’s LGBT society. I experienced great gender euphoria when introducing myself with a gender-neutral chosen name and they/them pronouns. Unfortunately, once the leader stepped down the rest of the members proved to be incompetent, performative in their “activism” and heavily ableist towards me, gradually freezing me out until I quit. I don’t miss those performative idiots but I miss that brief time I had an affirming space.
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cishetlessfashion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Flowy forestcore nonbinary fashion for @not-a-biscuit Brown floral skirt Nonbinary colors devils flower mantis enamel pin They pansy enamel pin Brown button up dress Green layered capelet Mushroom terrarium keychains Orchid earrings Branch antlers headband Berry bracelets Nonbinary flag scarf
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lctgnhkn · a day ago
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pics that give me euphoria that i hope u feel too :)
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queer-and-clueless · a day ago
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vroomvroomimapanda · 2 days ago
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“DONATE TO STRIVE'S WINTER FUND DRIVE $3K FOR 3K. Strive has been advocating for the rights and survival of #transgender people for almost a decade now. We went from a very small, virtually unknown group, to the largest transgender advocacy organization on the Gulf Coast. Though social media is not the end all, be all of organizing, we recognize its power in networking and connection. And we are closing in on 3,000 followers. Which is extraordinary. 3,000 followers means our reach is growing rapidly. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!! We are excited to announce our Winter Fund Drive. Its no secret that COVID depleted many organizations of necessary funds. Including us. But now we are working to get back up on our feet and we need the help of a community! Strive is seeking to raise $3,000 for the trans community and for our own organization as well! This money will go towards helping trans people pay for HRT, food, utilities, emergency housing, transportation, and anything else that ensures the survival of transgender people. Part of it will also go towards upkeep of Strive as an organization. Even if all you can give is $5 or $10, that's okay! Any amount is better than nothing! Let's get this drive going! Share share share!! Paypal.me/strivepensacola850 Cashapp is cash.me/StrivePensacola“ (More info about Strive can be found on our website or our Facebook)
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funnytwittertweets · 4 months ago
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my-gender-is · a day ago
My gender is "man" when dating someone and "not a woman but not exactly man either" when single
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aroaceconfessions · a day ago
is it possible for attraction to be directly tied to self image? when i was a teenager, i was very uncomfortable with myself and the idea of participating in romance and sex freaked me out. in the past year or so though, i've had revelations about what would make me happy appearance and gender wise. my appearance has changed a lot in a short span of time-- i cut my hair short, phased out the overly feminine clothes from my wardrobe and acquired more masculine/androgynous clothes, got my braces off-- and i finally feel like myself. it's a world away from how i remember myself in high school. i had long hair, wore the school uniform skirt every day, and felt so so hideous. i wanted to hide from the world. romance and sex were simply out of the question. now that i've come to terms with being genderqueer and gained confidence in my appearance though, i've started noticing other people's appearances. it's easy to picture myself in a relationship because i can believe someone else would like me. and i've started wanting it. i went from being entirely repulsed by the idea of myself in a relationship to yearning for it. i've also become comfortable with the idea of being a sexual person
it's usually the other way round, isn't it? like don't people usually desire being desired when they have low self image because they want the validation that they aren't unloveable? it makes a lot of sense but it was the opposite for me
i want to clarify just in case that i'm NOT saying aspec people are aspec because they're lacking confidence or are ugly. i only felt ugly before, i still have the same face and body as i did in high school, it's the gender revelation and aesthetic details that made me more confident. i'm still somewhere on the aspec just not fully. this was my own personal experience and i don't expect it to be a reflection of how everybody else works. i'm only wondering if anyone else has a similar experience
thank you for reading, sorry that it's so long
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leaf-hates-pears · 3 months ago
I took my dad to pride today. After asking him and saying what itt might entail, I made him a free dad hugs sign:
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While walking there, a lot of people pointed at him and said it was a cute idea. They were right.
My (and his) personal highlights were:
A guy hugging him and saying something in Ukrainian (bc of the flag, probably)
Someone asking him if they can call him "daddy" (I had to explain to him why I started laughing. He now knows.)
Someone giving him a rose
Someone kissing him on the cheeck
A lot of people seeing me standing around awkwardly while there was a line forming in front of him and hugging me too
A guy my dad's age hugging him with tears in his eyes
A kid my age shouting "I don't have a father!", Running towards and almost tackling him
A guy in a fetish-related dog mask hugging him and clinging to him like a lifeline
Two children between eight and ten initiating a group hug with him and giggling the entire time
Everyone thanking him afterwards and a lot of people saying he gives the best hugs in the world. One guy said he'd never been hugged like that before
This guy in a moving lorry shouting and making the lorry stop driving to get a hug from my dad:
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My dad said that the majority of people hugging him were either older (25-60) queer men or younger (15-25) trans people. He really loved the experience and felt like a lot of the people, especially the older guys really needed it.
Anyway we're definitely doing this again next year
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sweatermuppet · 5 months ago
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[Text ID: act faggy. enrich your life. engage shamelessly with homosexuality. /End ID]
click for quality + do not remove caption
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im-a-goddamn-cat · 4 months ago
"nonbinary ppl are trans/included under the trans umbrella" "actually, nonbinary ppl prefer to not be referred to as trans" hey did you guys know that all nonbinary ppl are different and that some might call themselves trans but others don't and neither experience trumps the other and both are true and valid? wild, i know
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