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allknowingaxolotl · 3 days
Tumblr media
They found some treasure :DD
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Mc is a Vampire
he is just so done with everything
they had to prepare to house a Human not a god damn VAMPIRE!
Where will he even get all the blood for you
he doesn´t even know if you can drink Demon
does he risk it? should he just be forced to constantly go to the Human world to get you blood? can´t he just find a substitute
this will make everything even more difficult than it has to be
I mean at least they don´t have to worry about you getting hurt
but now they have even more problems
Mammon´s first thought when meeting you were “How can I make money of off them?”
he tried a lot of things from trying to defang you to selling your blood (he also tried selling you once, big emphasis on ONCE)
but he is also a bit (a lot) scared of you, didn´t help that he once saw you eat a classmate
he does steal blood for you which is equal parts weird as it´s a sweet sentiment
if you´re an old Vampire I recommend keeping an eye on all your old belongings, especially the expensive stuff because he will try to sell it
he´s actually scared that you´re planning to kill him
there´s no reason for this other that you once gifted him a dead rat
it actually wasn´t a gift Barbatos just forced you to get rid of the rats and you just drained them and didn´t know where to dump them
and you just lost one in front of Levi´s door
he will get chill pretty quickly once you somehow managed to clear this one up
he is a bit confused when you aren´t like any Vampires that he knows of (which means pop-culture)
but at least he just let´s you do your thing
if you somehow manged to be older than Satan he will ask you question about everything that happened before his “birth” and if you meet any interesting figures
you do get along well
he even offered to get you blood
granted he wanted Lucifer´s and you are pretty sure it was just an excuse to attack him but it was still a nice gesture
he also tries to learn about Vampires and asks you a bunch of questions what is true and what isn´t
some questions are really funny I mean he did once ask if Vampires sparkle you just laughed
they actually just catch fire in sunlight but you didn´t want to tell him
he actually wanted to use you for a bunch of pictures
would he be disappointed because you don´t show up? maybe yes maybe no who knows
the same goes for mirrors
for some reason he also really likes making you wear ancient clothes
he says it fits your vibe, doesn´t even matter if you´re an old Vampire or a new one
and he likes showing you off
he would do a lot of things for you but he wouldn´t really kill anybody if you asked him to
charming someone so you could drain them? would definitely do it, dirty his hands himself? no thank you
he usually eats whatever you drained and are to lazy to throw away
he also tried drinking your blood bags once but he prefers his normal food
he also brings you weird animals that he was planning to eat so you could drain them if you want
which is nice of him
you are also a good workout partner with the strength boost of a Vampire and Beel´s workouts are exhausting
he does feel bad when you don´t eat anything with him doesn´t matter if it´s because you psychically can´t eat or just don´t want to
he always tries to get you to eat because he thinks it´s horrible you aren´t eating and only drink blood
he likes that he can take naps with you during the day
and he watches the stars with you because no matter when he wakes up in the night you will be awake
he once asked you if you ever slept in a coffin if yes he wants to know if your´s was comfortable
his wasn´t he once slept so long somebody mistook him for a corpse and buried him
he does not want to talk more about it
he also wants you to always carry him around because you are quiet cool and it´s nice
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lucidreamer-uwu · 3 months
MC: *kisses Mammon*
Mammon: Th- THAT WAS MY FIRST KISS! *blushing*
MC: So?
Mammon: YOU STOLE MY FIRST KISS! *still in panic and blushing*
MC: Fine I'll give it back!
MC: *kisses Mammon again*
Mammon: *extremely happy and overheating*
Mammon: Y-yeah, that's right -! No one st-steals from the great Mammon -! (had to hide his face while saying this)
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imk1ra · 4 months
Y/n: We need to distract these guys
Satan: Leave it to me
Satan: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Mammon, Levi, and Asmo: *Immediately begin arguing*
Lucifer, watching in horror: Oh this. I don’t like this. I don't like this at all.
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sylvirmist-s-cottage · 2 months
Treasure, dear heart (Mammon x Reader)
"My human," arms wrapped around you, the voice of your beloved hummed out softly.
"My . . . " you stopped, not knowing what to say. Mammon, tangled up in your arms, blinked an eye open. The mop of white hair ruffled into complete disorder moved closer to rest his chin on your arm.
White hair. White.
The demon shifted in the bed to look at you, body propped up with his left elbow that was now digging onto the bed. He blinked at you wildly in disbelief, brows furrowed and lips in a pouty frown. It would have been comical if he didn't sound so serious.
"Snowy? What, am I some kind of dog?"
You snorted.
"No, I just-"
"You can't even come up with a cute nickname for me?" He blew a raspberry, followed by an irritated breath.
Your eye twitched.
"Oh, like you're any better."
The demon found himself looking at you, arms folded and eyes narrowed, ready to say something back, and you did.
"You just slapped a species name on me and called it a nickname!"
Mammon's jaw dropped open at your argument. Good, if he wanted to argue about for a nickname, you can do that too.
"Human. A. Species," you cut him off, continuing your rant, "What about I call you by yours too? Demon? Deeemon!"
You hollered, drawling out the word, like you heard Shaun Mades do in the Fuzzbee : Unknown series.
"I get it, I get it! Fine, if ya want then, I'll give yer a new one."
A silence, short-lived, yet longer than any you have gotten from Mammon passed as he solemnly contemplated the matter.
Then, a glint in his eyes. That look of happy epiphany, one that made him look like an angel.
Err, figuratively, of course.
"Treasure," he not so much murmured as a breath. The twinkle in his eyes become more gentle, one of adoration as he spoke again, this time, looking into your eyes.
"My treasure."
The fond smile on his face, that lovelorn look in his blue eyes . . .
By now your face was overheating so much you almost pressed your palms against your cheeks just to cool them down.
Treasure. Treasure. His treasure.
Very on brand of Mammon. And knowing how much he treasures his, well, treasures, it was very endearing of him. The word, it sent your heart racing, beating so hard you could feel its whirlwind of a tempo building up, only to relax its crescendo when you're in his arms. Warm and safe, in his tender embrace.
"There! So, what about me? Better give me something as good as that too."
He replied with a cheerful grin, happy with himself for his answer, basically bouncing on the bed in joy. Still, you could see how much he was anticipating your answer, from the tone of his voice and beneath that smile. There's no hiding from the way he glanced at you.
Your throat bobbed as you nervously swallowed. Nothing can top what Mammon said, not that you're trying to, but you breathed out the word just the same, though with a nervous feeling you could describe as, . . . vocal cords closing in? No, throat folding in itself, no, not that, goodness, everything about you was unpredictable around Mammon.
"My heart. Dear heart."
Perhaps you should take off points for taking inspiration from a famous human world piece of media but it is true. From the way you were pretty sure your heart skipped several rhythms of its beat less than a minute ago
If it was in a wooden box, or if it were a cuckoo clock heart, you would give him the key, in a heartbeat, no pun intended.
Well, giving the only key to a cuckoo clock that could turn faulty may not be the best idea . . .
A replica then, you would keep the new key and give him the old one.
Lost in your own thoughts, you blinked back into focus only when you heard a soft groan from the person lying beside you. You know what that grunt means. It's the same noise you make when you sometimes realize this; Mammon is so gorgeous. So beautiful, inside out, so perfect that it hurt. Made you feel so loved and so complete your heart hurt. You smiled, your hand subconsciously moving to stroke his hair.
Mammon brought up the blanket to his face, covering up to his nose and muttering into it, "No fair." He wanted to slap himself when he realized he might have sounded too much like Leviathan. He peered up from the covers to see your reaction, hands lightly gripping the blanket, ready to pull it on his face if needed to avoid further embarrassment. Levi, Levi of all people! How childish! He probably looked childish with this damn blanket too-
A smile in your eyes with a mix of equal parts amusement and adoration, and he was immediately reminded why he did it in the first place - not to expose his burning, burning cheeks. He sank deeper into his makeshift mask, so much you could only see his eyes.
"Hmm?" You titled your head with a smile. Cute snowy.
"That's much more romantic than treasure," he poked his white head out to speak more clearly.
His face fell, and you could see his momentary confidence falter and deflate into nothingness.
His eyes darted to the other side of the room as he started, "I probably sound like I'm obsessed with . . ." he was now fiddling with one corner of the blanket, picking at it, deep in thought, ". . . material stuff."
Mammon frowned, sitting up on the bed and looking at you.
"But you're the, the most precious thing in my life, so, treasure."
Then, as if he just understood what he just said, he turned speechless, with his face turned pink. The loveliest shade of pink that always bloomed on his cheeks when he blurted out something about you. Like he didn't mean to, disbelief more at himself, unsure what you would feel about it, heart pounding and face flushed from the tension in his nerves and whole body.
"I love it."
"The nickname, I love it, it's great," you say, your hands finding his and drawing short lines on his white painted nails.
Mammon finds himself at a loss for words for the third time since the past ten minutes. But he recomposes himself, closing his parted lips and giving you a reply, short yet sweet, "Yours too."
There was a slight pause, then he looked at you, nodding as if pleased with himself.
". . . We're both great. We're The Great couple."
You chuckled, running your fingers though his and closing around them to give your interlaced hands a squeeze, unable to control your giddy energy.
"But you know what?" A scheme to fluster him flashed into your mind. You can't possibly pass it up now, can you?
"Hmm?" Mammon had his eyes closed, mouth tugged into a grin, the kind of smile that is just so true you can't help but smile along.
"You're the greatest. Not just The Great Mammon, you're Mammon The Greatest."
To top it off, you pressed a gentle kiss on his side of your interwoven hands with a smug smile.
"You- I- grrr. You-" you could feel exactly how his face was shifting from the way his face was planted into your torso. You did your best to hold in your laughter at his adorable frustrated noises as to not make him even more red-faced and to your credit, you actually succeed this time.
"-my heart can't take it. It's yer fault. Now help me. Make my stupid heart calm down. You'll give me a heart attack one day, I swear . . ." he continued to mumble, voice slightly muffled from rambling into the side of your shirt and you couldn't help but laugh, fluffing up his hair to play with it in your fingers.
You were his treasure and he was your dear heart. Less than fifteen minutes in and you were already used to the nickname.
And you loved it just as much as you loved him.
Note - It's 4 in the morning, I should go to bed-No fancy words. Brain blank. Sorry if he's ooc. Please point it out kindly if he is. Gotta go. Brain mush.
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nerdy-talks · 3 months
💛 Happy Birthday to Mammon! 💛
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
💛 May the best boy have the best birthday 💛
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antiomnia · 7 days
Tumblr media
ugh I love him
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leviathans-watching · 4 months
i saw something like playing truth or dare and having to kiss the prettiest person in the room and thought you’d do this great with the om boys! thank you if you end up accepting this request!!
"kiss the prettiest person in the room" with the older brothers
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, levi x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 1k | rated t | m.list | pt 2 | pt 3
a/n: okay this was super fun to write omg i hope you enjoy. my inbos is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come say hi!!
please reblog 0-0
Tumblr media
diavolo is holding another sleepover, and you’re all crammed into one of his living rooms, sitting in a rough circle, with some on the couches, some in chairs, and some on the floor
you're on one of the smaller couches, sharing it with solomon and when the sorcerer gets this glint in his eyes you know he had something up his sleeve
“let’s play truth or dare,” he suggests, and though you suspect the game will devolve into chaos, many of the brothers are quickly on board
the game goes a few rounds before solomon calls on you. “mc, truth or dare?” 
you balk; the dare will no doubt be something intense and possibly humiliating, but choosing truth would probably be much worse. “dare,” you say, as confidently as you can
solomon grins wickedly. “kiss the prettiest person in this room.” 
you gape at him even as various protests are raised around the room. 
“no, mc does it or gets punished for chickening out,” solomon insists, and you recall the punishment, which is to buy a dinner next time you’re all out, something your poor wallet really can’t handle. 
“i’ll do it,” you say, and a hush falls over the room as they all wait for you to pick. 
Tumblr media
lucifer watches you look between him and his brothers, curiosity burning in his chest. he wants to say that you don’t have to do this, to make solomon choose something else - he should say that, but there's a deep part of him that needs to know how this will end.
you bite your lip, worrying it between your teeth and he wishes he were a better man.
lucifer watches with rapt anticipation as you stand, walking in his direction. but diavolo and simeon sit on either side, both likely candidates.
“u-um,” you say, coming to a stop in front of him! “may i?”
at any other point in time he’d be smooth, suave, but surprise has struck him dumb and he can only nod. you lean down, carefully moving closer, and lucifer knows he should shut his eyes but he can’t, enraptured by the sight of you.
the kiss is chaste and brief, nothing to write him about, but lucifer knows it’ll haunt him at night.
cheers erupt from around him as you pull back, likely embarrassed, and just look at him for a moment.
perhaps lucifer should be offended that you think he’s pretty. a thousand words have been used to describe him over the decades, but to his knowledge pretty was never one of them. but he’s rather touched instead.
you duck your head, returning back to your seat. and lucifer can hardly pay attention to the continuation of the game, too preoccupied with remembering how your breath had fanned his cheek, how your soft heat had surrounded him.
he’ll be damned if that’s his last kiss with you, he resolves, and diavolo nudges him mischievously, no doubt aware of where his thoughts have gone.
Tumblr media
mammon can’t help giving you a cocky grin, making a come-hither motion playfully. to his surprise, you actually do, stepping carefully over belphie, who’s on the floor, resting his back on the base of the couch he’s sitting on.
“not how i imagined our first kiss, but i’ll take it,” mammon says, joking to hide his nerves. he still can’t believe that you’d approached him. maybe it was because he was the safe choice.
either way, it felt like a dream come true.
“not how i imagined it either,” you say with a little laugh, and mammon short circuits, because you had imagined it too?
you lean down, pressing your lips to his, and mammon feels like all of his bones settle, like fireworks are acting beneath his skin. all-too-soon you pull away, and he can’t help but follow you before he gets a hold of himself.
catcalls and yells sound from around the room, perhaps some cries of outrage, but mammon can’t bring himself to care, instead focused on the way you still lean over at him, looking down at him with a glint in your eyes.
“nice as that was,” you say lowly, only so he can hear, “and believe me, it was nice, i’d much rather try again when we’re alone.”
a strangled noise escapes mammon and you smile, moving back to your seat like nothing had happened, like you hadn’t just turned him into a new man with a single press of your lips. god, he loves you.
Tumblr media
levi deflates when he hears the dare, knowing he’s out of the running. in a room filled with all of them, he’d never get picked. he can’t even bring himself to watch, staring at his lap.
it’s only when you cough slightly that he looks up. you rub the ack of your neck, bashful. “is it alright if i kiss you?”
“m-me?” levi asks, looking behind him as if anyone would be there. of course, there’s no one. you nod.
“i mean, as long as you’re cool with it, yeah.”
“you think i’m the prettiest?” he can’t help but confirm, and you smile a little bit.
“i mean, duh. you don’t give yourself enough credit, you know.”
you’ve got to be pranking him. except, you’re not that mean. so that would make you… serious? oh my god, he’s going to die! you think he’s pretty!
“you can, uh, you can kiss me,” he manages slyly, and you cup his face, hands warm against his jaw. he’s frozen as you lean down, eyes sliding shut. your lips finally touch his after what seems like an eternity of waiting, and levi instantly feels boneless, melting into your gentle, almost reverent touch.
you pull away, and his eyes snap open. levi stares up at you, eyes wide, and you seem to remember yourself, hands falling away from his face embarassedly. he already misses them.
the room is in a clamor but he can only think of you, only watch as you give him a little smile before returning to your seat, unable to meet his eyes for more than a few moments during the rest of the game. not that he’s able to meet yours for any longer.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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Can we get a teen mc who sees Mammon as their big brother figure?
Tumblr media
At first, Mammon would try to take advantage of this.
You are now his new sibling.
Couldn't you lend your big brother some money?
Lucifer stops this before it even starts.
Mammon wouldn't mind this at first.
He would even find it annoying how you follow him everywhere.
But as time goes by Mammon softens a bit.
He's starting to think you're cute.
Especially when you imitated him.
You have started imitating his gestures and the way he talks.
Also, you have started "borrowing" people's credit cards.
Lucifer is not happy about this.
Surely he will talk to Mammo about how he has to behave more responsibly now.
Mammon is a surprisingly good big brother.
He is really caring and encouraging.
Definitely beats anyone who messes with his smaller sibling.
I mean if it's you.
Mammon should encourage.
One of those people who shouts to everyone how great you are
Of course only when u can't hear it.
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jiyi-jiyi · 10 months
Brothers when they see Mammon holding a slipper
He immediately puts down his pen, he goes to change into his pyjamas and prepare for bed.
He is not risking his life for paperwork.
Has the most experience with Mammon’s slipper because of how he overworks himself.
Mammon with a slipper means two things, either he’s there to hit Lucifer for overworking or he’s looking for one of the younger brothers.
The amount of power Mammon has when he throws the slipper is overall terrifying.
Lucifer says that he’s not scared of Mammon but if he ever saw his younger brothers running, he’s running with them.
“What do you want- oh, would you look at the time, it’s time to go to bed!”
It’s out of character but who wouldn’t be afraid?
The second person to have the most experience with Mammon’s slipper.
Got hit before for not sleeping and staying up late playing games
Got hit for a lot of things.
It’s scary because Mammon never misses
No matter how fast Levi runs, the slipper will always hit his head
“Mam- oh no. OH NO. AHHHH-”
Favourite child number 2
Never got hit by the slipper but has come close.
Was once walking down for dinner and a slipper came flying past him. When he saw how the slipper got stuck in the wall, he swore to never make Mammon that angry.
Has seen Lucifer running away so that’s pretty funny until Mammon looked at him and asked him in the most terrifying voice on where Lucifer was.
Ratted out Lucifer many times
“Lucifer is at the attic, Levi is in the common room.”
Has been hit before but not as much as Lucifer or Levi.
Got hit for going home late
Got hit for bringing too many people home
Runs with Levi when he sees Mammon with a slipper.
It’s very scary.
Mammon never misses and his shots are always fast and dangerous.
Could kill someone.
When Mammon holds his slipper it’s like Raphael with his spear.
Could they be twins?
Was once sneaking someone home when a slipper came flying past and destroying a vase. Swore to ask for permission after that.
“Mammon…hey…I got lost in time and- NOPE NEVERMIND IM RUNNING.”
Favourite child number 3. (Luke is the first)
Never got hit but same as Satan, almost got hit.
Usually hides either Levi, Asmo or Belphie. Sometimes all three.
Casually watches Levi get chased while eating.
Has watched Asmodeus get chased while eating.
Hid Belphie
Has watched Lucifer running away from Mammon before.
Sometimes it’s like a comedy show but at home, live.
Was eating when a slipped came crashing at the table. “Where is Levi?”
Beel was forced to snitch on Levi. But can you blame him?
Mammon was basically those math questions with speed.
“Hi Mammon. I…have no idea where Belphie is…I’m sorry.”
Got hit the least. But he still got hit.
Got hit when he overslept for a brothers day out.
Got hit by accident too (poor dude, he just wanted to sleep)
Basically gets hit whenever he overslept for any important events.
Usually Lucifer or Levi picks him up and runs. Sometimes Beel also run with them, for exercise.
Pretends to sleep when Mammon has a slipper in his hand but still gets hit.
Geez, who gave Mammon such good aim?
Was sniped by Mammon when he was sleeping on the rooftop.
Usually is asleep when Levi gets chased, unless he’s involved.
Hides behind Beel most of the time and gets away with it. Why? Beel has a favourite brother pass.
“I don’t like the favouritism you display.”
“I thought the youngest is usually favoured?”
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lorkai · 5 months
Mammon, rumbling: You’re so clingy
Mc: you came into my bed???
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megantrancyfanfics · 5 months
No thoughts, head empty, just pussy drunk mammon
18+ minors DNI
Warning: fingering, cunnilingous, praise (giving and receiving) little spoilers but nothing major. Blowjob, squirting, 1 mention of a clit smack, overstimulation, Slight female dom, slight bottom mammon, but overall- Mammon is such a loud dom😩
Tumblr media
This poor demon was wrapped tightly around your little finger. The lightest make out session was enough to make him horny.
Today was no different. You were sitting on his lap, tongues exploring each other’s mouths as mammon’s hands explored your body, before finding your ass and giving it a squeeze.
He pulled away, eyes looking up at you filled with desire and lust.
“Just because you have my brothers under a contract doesn’t mean you wanna fuck them right? I’m your favorite?”
“Of course not mammon, you’re my favorite and I love you.”
His cheeks got red as he got close to your neck. He whispered out a quick “I’m your favorite because I’m your first. You’re my favorite human” before attaching his lips onto your neck: sucking, licking, and nipping at your sensitive area on your neck, leaving marks on your neck before he pulled away.
“The tips of your ears are getting red honey, are you getting horny?” The poor white haired man’s face got red as he quickly shut down your “accusation”.
“Tch! Ya think the great mammon would get horny by just kissing you? Don’t think you’re all-a-ah!” While mammon was on his tangent, you quickly palmed his hard on, which made him buck his hips up before letting out an embarrassed tch.
“No need to be embarrassed love. Do you want me to make you feel good?”
Mammon for once in his life was silent as you made your way to his ear. You gently sucked on his earlobe, allowing your tongue to every once in a while touch his ear which made him jolt. You made your way from his earlobe to his neck where you gave him the same treatment he gave you.
“Y-yer crazy if you t-think I’m getting turned on by just you workin my body the way that you a-are.” He whimpered out, which made you move away from his neck. You looked at him with half lidded eyes.
“My love, your saying one thing..” you started before you unbuttoning his pants, then slid your hand into his pants as you slowly started to pump his dick through his underwear. “But your body is saying a whole other thing.”
“Yer just teasing me.” He says before sucking in a breath when you start to rub your thumb over the slit of his cock.
“Am I? I don’t think so. I’m just trying to give you the pleasure you want.” You stated before taking your hand out, hearing a little whine of disappointment from the avatar of greed. You pulled down his pants and underwear, leaving his twitching dick out in the open. It was at that moment you noticed the precum that had started to form at the top.
“Oh my love~” you cooed as you brought your face close to his dick, your hot breath teasing mammon. “If you wanted some attention this much you could have just asked.”
“Y-yer pissing me off..I’ve never teased you for this long. If you keep making me wait I’m going to take what I want, and use what is mine until I cum. F-fuck if you cum or not I-” mammon let out a loud moan when you brought his cock into your mouth, and started to deep throat it. Mammon was quick to lace his fingers in your hair, and keep your head where it was. He loved the feeling of you choking in his dick. The way your throat squeezed around him, it was taking after your pussy that loves to squeeze him and milk him of everything he has. His eyes met your teary eyed ones. You had tears running down your face. Oh how you looked so hot with his dick in your mouth. He ran his hand through your hair, then removed it before he spoke.
“You look so pretty doll. Show me how good you can suck it yeah? Make me feel good.”
You were quick to pull up for air,then you went down to his balls. You took one in your mouth and sucked while your hand pumped his dick that was still covered in your spit.
Mammon was in heaven. He couldn’t resist bucking his hips into your hand to meet the rhythm you had made. At this point he didn’t care what you did he just wanted to feel that sweet release. Once you started hearing mammon’s whines, you left his balls alone and started to give him a very sloppy blow job. You abused his slit and head, swirling around it, then licking up his prominent vein he had before licking up the sides, then finally bringing it all into your mouth again. You never stopped making eye contact with him. You could tell by the way his chest was rising and falling he was close. Once you took him all the way into your mouth a 3rd time, he coated the back of your throat with his cum, letting out a few soft grunts before riding out his high by fucking your mouth.
When mammon stopped moving his hips, you pulled up and swallowed his cum. You went to ask if what you did felt good, but you were quickly pushed onto the bed, your skirt was flipped up, and your panties were ripped off. Mammon was very quick to shove 2 fingers into you. He knew that you got wet listening to his sounds, and sucking him off so he knew he didn’t need to prep anything other than getting his fingers wet before shoving them in.
Mammon knew your body like he knew the numbers on the back of Goldie. Once his fingers were in, he curved them up, and started to do a come here motion right where he knew you liked it: at your g-spot.
Your back arched off the bed as you cried out. Mammon was harsh with fingering you: you knew he only had 1 intention…overstimulation. You had worked on his nerves a little too much and now you’re in for a long night.
Mammon was quick to lean up and pull you into a kiss before pulling away inches from your lips. “Shhh. Be a good girl now and stay quiet until I fill you with my dick, yeah? You wouldn’t want Lucifer or anyone else to walk in on us before the fun really begins do you?”
You shook your head no, which earned a ‘hm’ of approval from mammon before he picked up the pace, and shoved a third finger in. He placed his thumb on your clit, then once he pulled you back in for a kiss, he started to move his thumb in a circular motion on your clit. He felt your insides tighten around his fingers: you were close.
You quickly pulled away from his kiss, and placed your hands on his shoulders. “M-mammon- mammon I’m close- I’m going to-” a loud moan escaped your lips as you squirted.
Mammon’s eyes went wide as he watched you make a mess out of his bed and hand. “Oh fuck that’s hot. I didn’t think you could do that.” He says removing his fingers and moving down to your pussy. He started to suck on your clit. Your legs trembled as your shaky hand laced itself in mammon’s hair, and gently gripped it.
“D-don’t be so rough please I-I’m sensitive.” You spoke between jolts.
“Don’t tell me what to do. This is your punishment.” Mammon spoke kinda harshly before he smacked your clit, earning a whimper from you.
Mammon went back to sucking your clit, until he knew you were about to cum: then he stopped.
“Please don’t stop mammon.”
“Didn’t I tell you to not tell me what to do?” He asked as he rubbed his dick against your pussy a few times before shoving it in. You both let out a moan as mammon placed your legs on his shoulders.
“Now be a good girl and cry out my name. Let all of my brothers know who you belong to.” With that, mammon thrusted into you, and watched your eyes roll into the back of your head as your mouth opened. As he fucked you as fast as he could, nothing but nonsense was falling out of your mouth. You were in so much pleasure your brain was practically mush.
“Ya doin ok? Is the great mammon fucking you stupid?” He asked with a shit eating grin on his face. All you could do is nod and cry out his name. You started tightening around him, around the same time mammon started to twitch inside you. You both were so close, both of you were a moaning mess.
“I’m going to cum.” You two said in unison as you came on his dick. Mammon was quick to pull out and cum on your breasts.
Once the two of you caught your breaths, mammon grabbed some tissues and wiped you off.
The two of you were mumbling sweet nothings to each other when there was a knock on the door.
“Hey!! My viewers want to know if you two will make a video and post it online! I think you two should make a channel- if that means y/n will do some solo stuff on there so I can enjoy too~”
Let’s just say asmo would quickly be scarred for life when mammon opened the door and chewed out his brother……….
While still completely naked.
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imatomatodealwithit · 21 days
Tumblr media
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long!
Some lil cuties
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god-complex24 · 5 months
You Mother Fuckers.
Pairing: Obey Me! x reader
Pronouns: no pronouns
Fandom: Obey Me! Shall We Date?
Quote: “What’s wrong, Mammon?”
Summary: Angry y/n.
Warning: yelling, threats?, yes.
A/n: Im really running out of ideas now.
Tumblr media
Y/n: Which ever one of you little shits decided it was a good idea to come into my room and fuck with my shit, you are dead to me.
Y/n: In fact, you are so dead to me that since I know someone is not going to confess I decided to personally make up an insult for each one of you. If you however are innocent, then you have needn’t to worry.
Levi: Wait, what?
Y/n: Levi, If you so happen to have fucked with my stuff, I hope that every anime/game you watch/read/play leaves you on a cliff hanger and doesn’t produce a new chapter/series/episode.
Y/n: Lucifer, I hope that Unfinished paperwork that is due the next day suddenly goes missing and you worry yourself into insanity.
Lucifer: Excuse me?
Y/n: Mammon, I hope that every dollar or something of value you have disappears and you are left with nothing.
Mammon: … you aren’t planning on acting on these thing, right? … right..?
Y/n: Beel, I hope that everything you eat taste revolting.
Beel: …
Y/n: Belphie, I have that every time you go to sleep you have a nightmare.
Belphie: I don’t dream.
Y/n: I hope that it starts happening.
Y/n: Satan, I hope that every book you read has an arc filled with killing cats.
Satan: Oh, my.
Y/n: Asmo, I hope your favorite eye shadow palette is used out when you really need it.
Asmo: I could just buy a new one!
Y/n: I hope it was limited edition and is now out of stock.
Y/n: Solomon, I hope every time you try to do a spell it never works, and only ends in disaster.
Solomon: Why are you so mad?
Y/n: Diavolo, I hope you never find peace.
Diavolo: …
Y/n: and Barbatos, Luke, and Simeon.
Luke, Barbatos, and Simeon: …
Y/n: I’d forgive you! I love you guys sm!! <33
Lucifer: What has you so upset?
Y/n: Someone broke my Levi Ackerman figurine.
Mammon: …
Y/n: What’s wrong, Mammon?
Mammon: .. nothing. Just, uh, it’s very hot in my room..
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gepeldebanaan · 2 months
how brothers reaction to their baby first word was "Ma-Mo.... Mamom! (Mamon)" Wonder why their baby first word was Mamon? ==> it was lucifer fault ( bc he always scream MAMOOON)
plzzzz i love this thank you😭😭😭
Tumblr media
demon brothers reacting to their baby’s first word being mammon
tw: swearing
genre: humor, lil bit of fluff at mammon’s part :}
type of writing: headcanons
Tumblr media
oh lord diavolo-
what has he done…
he won’t admit it’s his own fault, but it’s getting harder and harder the more people see the baby
his pride is hurt deeply, his name was supposed to come out of their mouth!
but deep down in his heart, somewhere hidden far away, it warms his heart a little, hearing the name
mammon is his favorite brother after all
Tumblr media
freezes at first
did he hear that correctly?????
his heart is warm and filled with joy as tears start dwelling in his eyes
lifts the creature and nuzzles into it
“that’s right, mammon is the name, i’m your daddy.”
proudly tells everyone
posts on devilgram too
you have never seen him this proud 🥹
Tumblr media
this was not how it was supposed to go!
he almost trained the thing to say henry, reading the entire lore of the tale of the seven lords to them every dAY
or at least his name….
gets rEALLY jealous, giving in to his sin
you might have to calm him down/comfort him a little
eventually comes to his senses and realizes that it’s just a baby, it’s gonna do it’s own thing
apologizes profusely to the baby, it’s his own creation after all
apologizes to you aswell, ending up in cuddles with you three
Tumblr media
you’re surprised that steam isn’t coming from his ears, and even tho you’re scared for your life, heck, the baby’s life!! you also must stifle your laugh
screams about how it’s all lucifer’s fault, and how he’s gonna teach him a lesson this time-
eventually marches of to find said demon (who is very amused to say the least)
also pays mammon a visit…
but also comes to his senses at some point, apologizing to atleast mammon (i know this is ooc but i dont wanna be mean to mammon😭😭)
Tumblr media
well- this is certainly not how his perfect planned out parenthood life was supposed to go-
focusses more on the baby tho
“you silly! - he giggled - you were supposed to say my name!”
no devilgram post for him 😢
thats kinda the only thing, he doesn’t mind that much!
Tumblr media
also doesn’t mind that much
just proud of his lil creature :}
praises them lots and send a text to mammon
actually finds it sort of funny even
“hahaha, so good!”
Tumblr media
number three of i don’t really care
just glad it isn’t lucifer’s name
overall pretty chill about
but would’ve rather had the baby say his name ofc
Tumblr media
thank you for this request and for waiting! hope u enjoy :}
Tumblr media
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obeymefictionwriting · 5 months
Brothers & Undateables React to "Love You Baby - Oops Sorry, Wrong Receiver!" Text
Lucifer: throws his D.D.D. out of the window. Accidentally hits Mammon on the head with it.
Mammon: *in a jewelry store* ya, I wanna give dis r-r-ring b-back *sobbing intensifies*
Leviathan: I KNEW IT ANYWAYS *buries himself in pillows and weeps*
Satan: "lol you are funny. now let's try again"
Asmodeus: "Nice prank, love ;) "
Beelzebub: does not want to finish his cupcakes anymore
Belphegor: LIKE I EVER CARED *sobs under the blanket*
Diavolo: "No worries, love you back!"
Barbatos: lifts. an. eyebrow
Solomon: dedicates HOURS of magic to track down the actual receiver. Probably curses him too.
Simeon: "Maybe I can become the right receiver someday soon ;)"
(no Luke here bc he is PRECIOUS)
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