#obey me diavolo x reader
Sleepy Cuddles With Diavolo
Pairing: Lord Diavolo x f!reader
Word count: 2K
Warnings/contents: Fluff, fluff, and more fluff
Notes: I don’t think I really have much to say for this. I really enjoyed writing this chapter, it was so much fun to take his character and make him such a sweet and loving fiancé who’d be on your side no matter what. So, with the thought in mind, I rolled with the idea and 2k words later, here we are! I hope that you guys can enjoy this chapter! 
Tumblr media
Truth be told, the rumors were getting to you. That you were only with Diavolo because he was someone so important. That you were less interested in him and more his money, his heritage, even his body. For the longest time you laughed them off, but it seemed as the years went on they were only growing more intense.
To battle off the annoyance you felt from the constant rumors, you decided to get a job. Going from a child who had everything handed to her in the Devildom to falling for the young Lord, you’d never so much as needed to think of getting a job to make cash. But now, you simply weren’t in it for the money. Instead you were trying to appeal to the people of the Devildom. You thought that maybe if you showed yourself to the public more, if you were viewed as more than Lord Diavolo’s fiancée, that people would see you as more than a lowly gold digger who’s dried up money drove her to any length possible to continue the lavish life that she’d lived.
So you got a job at one of your favorite restaurants: Hell’s Kitchen. A constantly busy, understaffed restaurant that was always looking for new employees.
Often times you ended up serving your oldest friends; Beelzebub, Belphegor and occasionally the other brothers when they would tag along. After joining the Hell’s Kitchen team, you were surprised at how quickly everybody, even the customers, had welcomed you to what some pessimistically teased you as calling “The lower world.” However, Beel’s words were at the front of your mind when people said such things to you.
“Don’t worry about them. They don’t matter. More people here like you than dislike you.”
After a month now of working daily at Hell’s Kitchen, you’d grown accustomed to the working life; you’d grown fond of the regulars and even made friends with most of your coworkers, as fleeting as some of them may be. After some time, it seemed at the rumors were slowly dying off. That your plan to get people to realize you were in it for the long run with the entirety of the Devildom was working.
However you weren’t ready to leave the place you’d joined almost reluctantly a month ago. You felt like you were at home when you were at Hell’s Kitchen. As much as you missed getting in bed with Diavolo and instead coming home after he was already asleep, you were enjoying the time you spent with other people.
But that didn’t mean that you weren’t sometimes more exhausted than normal when you returned back to the place that you called home with Diavolo. With a yawn, you leaned back into the dining room chair and rubbed your tired eyes. You quickly opened them and sent a smile at Barbatos as he poured you a warm cup of your favorite, sweet smelling tea and set it in front of you.
“Thank you, Barbatos.”
“Of course,” he said politely. “You seem more worn out than usual tonight, if you don’t mind me saying.” You took a sip of your tea and nodded before speaking.
“Today was extremely busy and two people quit yesterday so more tables than normal were left up to me alone.”
“Is that why you had to work more hours?” He inquired as he used a feather duster on the shelf by the window, though he was clearly listening as he worked.
“Yes, that’s why I went in early and stayed late. But I don’t want to complain, I saw Beel and Mammon today as well as a few other regular customers and their families. I got some very generous tips today. I think that I’ll give them to Mammon, he’s always complaining about what he owes in debt, though I have my doubts he’d use this money to settle them and instead he’d most likely buy something that will end up laying on the floor sometime soon.” You added the last bit with a soft laugh.
“Is all of this exhaustion, worth it?” He asked, catching your attention. You sent him a confused frown.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, if you don’t mind, it seems as if you’re rather exhausting yourself further than needed for some small rumors.” With a small gasp, you opened your mouth to speak but quickly shut it. The air was thick for a moment before a familiar tone broke it.
“Barbatos is right.”
“Young Lord.” Barbatos greeted Diavolo with a smile and a gentle bow.
“Diavolo—“ You spoke, but your fiancé raised a hand to silence you and took the seat across from you.
“You’re beyond exhausted.” Barbatos grabbed another cup and pored Diavolo a cup of steaming tea before he quietly excused himself from the room. “This isn’t the same part-time gig that you told me you were looking for."
“Diavolo, you don’t understand— I’ve invested myself in Hell’s Kitchen. I know the customers, I know the chef’s— I’m one of the only servers left. I can’t leave.”
“I’m not asking you to leave. I’m asking you to take it less seriously.” You frowned lightly and took another sip of your tea.
“I can’t take it less seriously; that’s not how I know how to work. That’s not how I do these things.” Diavolo gave a soft sigh and reached a hand across the table, offering comfort for you that you easily gave into.
“Barbatos is right, my darling. You’re exhausted. You’re working long hours. I permitted this when you were only working a few hours a day to show the people of the Devildom that you weren’t simply using me to get somewhere higher,” you flushed and looked down, unaware that Diavolo had known your plot all along, “However this has gone too far. You’ve more than proven yourself.”
“I should have known that you would see right through me,” you said with a sigh.
“I hear the rumors. I see the way that you slowly started to let it in. You suddenly taking a job at Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t surprising, but I didn’t think that it would go so far.” He stood, keeping ahold of your hand and helping you up out of your chair. “Come now, my love. Let’s get you to bed.”
“Let me clean up real quick—“ You started, however Barbatos was quickly behind you gathering the cups.
“You’re going to replace me if you keep cleaning up after yourself,” he said with a small smile. “I’ll handle the cleaning tonight.”
“Thank you, Barbatos,” Diavolo spoke, gently tugging you along to the stairs to head to your shared bedroom. “Come now. Let’s get to bed.” Sighing, you followed the man with no complaint. Things were silent on your way to the bedroom. He opened the door for you, closed it behind himself, and crossed his arms while you sat on the end of the bed. “Be honest with me.” There was no strict guidelines. He knew that there was more on your mind than you were letting on. You had never known that you were so predictable in his eyes.
“I am.”
“There’s things you’re neglecting to tell me. Not hiding, not lying about, but neglecting. I’d like you to be honest with me.”
“Oh Diavolo… why do you have to know me so well.”
“In this moment, I believe that’s your saving grace.” He sent you a gentle smile as he spoke. “My love, what’s going on?” Gently, the man sat beside you on the end of the bed and placed a warm hand on your shoulder. “I just don’t think that you’ve been yourself lately.”
“I have been.” With a sigh, Diavolo stood again.
“One of these days, I’ll get your guard down. For now, come lay with me.” Your fiancé stripped his jacket off, not bothering to put it away like he usually does. Diavolo took his shoes off and pulled the thick comforter back, laying beneath the sheets on the bed and offering an arm for you as you slowly stood up. You gave in, laying on the bed with the man and moving against his side. “How was work today then? You were gone an awfully long time.”
“It was so busy,” you started, though minding your words carefully. You didn’t want to complain; Diavolo had the entirety of the Devildom on his shoulders, you felt wrong complaining about anything to him. Especially since you knew that he would only make you feel listened to and be there for you. It made you feel selfish to think about. “But it was a good day— Beel and Mammon stopped by for a little while near the end of my shift. I had a quick snack with them before they left when it was closing time. A couple regulars came in, some with their family.”
“It sounds like it was quite crowded today.”
“Are your feet tired? Would you like me to rub them for you? I can only imagine that it wasn’t very comfortable to be standing and running around all day in your work shoes.”
“I can’t complain too much.”
“You never do.”
“Well— that’s not true. I complain.”
“Very rarely.”
“There’s nothing to complain about.” Diavolo gave a quiet chuckle and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
“You always say that. You know, even optimists can have rough days that they need to complain about,” you frowned and went to speak, but he quickly cut you off “— maybe complain isn’t the right word. Maybe vent is the appropriate term.”
“I have a good life. I’m happy.”
“Then even happy people can have rough days.”
“I really don’t have anything that deserves to be complained about.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked with a small frown.
“It supposed to mean that you have the entire Devildom looking up to you and Barbatos has the future and the past in his eyes, and he’s constantly working all day long. Lucifer has his brothers that he’s always looking after and Levi and Belphegor are extremely misunderstood and they need help.”
“I see. You feel like your problems are not justifiable. Is that it?”
“No, I just… do we have to keep talking about this?” You frowned., your temper growing short “It’s been a long day and I don’t want to have this conversation.” With another quick kiss to your forehead, Diavolo spoke.
“We can talk about it later.” With a huff, you nuzzled into his shoulder.
“Will you just let it go?”
“Absolutely not.” He spoke the words that you knew you were going to hear, one’s that you already heard in your mind before you even finished your sentence. “Maybe I do have the entire Devildom on my shoulders, but you are my first priority. And if you think that life is stressful for me, you’re incorrect. I love my position. Barbatos knows that when he’s tired, he can take a break. Lucifer loves his brothers. Belphegor is growing closer to his brothers and Levi is warming up to people. Everything is okay with everybody else right now. And if everything with you is not okay, then it won’t be okay until we fix it, and that is okay.”
“I hate that you’re always so encouraging.” A laugh left the man as he rubbed your shoulder.
“No you don’t. You hate that you’re just wrong this time around.” He quickly teased you. “Now, please, promise me that you’ll open up to me soon. It doesn’t have to be tonight, maybe not even tomorrow. Maybe not even a week from now. But you can talk to me. We’re not engaged because we neglect to tell the other what tires us.”
“I don’t want to be a burden.” You spoke softly.
“Never.” He spoke in a quiet tone. “Never could you be a burden. Certainly not to me. Now ease your minds of such futile worries and rest your head on me now. Good girl. Get some rest now. I’ll be here for you whenever you’re ready to talk.”
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satans-l0ver · 20 hours
Please hear me out-, so im a plus sized gender neutral afab person who is severely touch starved like its been years homie. So how about some fluff smut with diavolo were the two of you indulge each other for the night cause, as he is the future king he probably is as well touch starved. So you both cuddle (me personally i would cry from finally being given physical affection) and the soft touches turn heated 🤤, and he just pins you down into a mating press or whatever and fills you up as much as he wishes
-🍃💨 Anon
I feel you 🍃💨 anon, the touched starved got so bad I started writing smut T_T ‘n this idea!! Whoa- I’m not even a Dia simp but- hskahsksh <3 TW/CW Gender neutral reader with a pussy, cumming inside and obviously mating press~ not beta read yet!!!
Diavolo is definitely touch starved too. Every time he has a day off, he’s spending it with you~ lounging around in bed all day, watching movies, it’s so nice! He always makes sure you both rest and recover after the long, tiring week you’ve had~
You and Diavolo are cuddling on the couch in his bedroom watching a movie when a kissing scene came on and you felt Diavolo shift a little next to you, “You ok? We can move to the bed if it’ll be more comfortable.” You offered, “No, love it’s not that I’m uncomfortable, it’s just…I can’t help but want to kiss you now~” “Just a kiss~?” your tone is light and teasing “Unless you want more~” and with that Diavolo kisses you it starts soft and slow, then he nips at you bottom lip and you gasp letting his tongue slide into your mouth. And suddenly the movie is simply background noise, as the sound of soft moans and kisses filled the room as you watch Diavolo~ the demon prince himself sink to his knees before you! The whole way down he’s placing soft kisses on every inch of skin he can reach~ when he’s finally eye level with your still clothed crotch “I think you’re still wearing too much~” he says softly, you lift your hips and Diavolo leans forward to pull your pajama pants and underwear down, then all the way off your legs “That’s better~ don’t you agree love~?” You nod, but before you can say anything Diavolo leans in again, but this time he face to face with you dripping pussy, placing one last kiss to the inside of each of your thighs he starts lapping at your pussy~ and you moan his name, “D-fuck-Diavolo~” “Breathe, love breathe I have to prepare you for my cock~” and (pardon the pun) he’s not being cocky, he knows he’s large and you’ll need all the help you can get. Slowly Diavolo slips two of his fingers into your poor pussy working you open as he licks and sucks at your clit, your moans are getting louder and he can tell you’re getting close, he pulls his face away and moves his fingers to work at your clit “Come on, cum for me~ you can do it~” and you do~ half screaming half moaning his name! As you come down from your high, you feel Diavolo’s arms around you, as he moves you both around so your body is now laying on the couch as he pushes your legs up and over his broad shoulder, “I know you’re still sensitive but I need it so bad darling~ so be good for me, yeah?” “Y-yea, wanna be good for you~” you whine out and with that he slides his cock in you~ his pace is fast and rough, he’s been holding back for so long now wanting you to feel good~ he starts shifting positions again, now pushing your thighs against your chest and leaned into you, your legs pressed all the way against your chest now, so that he hit that sweet spot deep inside you, he give you a quick kiss, then he’s back to panting above you, his thrusts becoming sloppy and uneven as he chases his high, and finally as he feels you start to cum again, and that’s the final push he needs to cum~ both of you are panting and outta breath as your high fades away……“Fuck” Diavolo mutters, as he pulls out, he sounds almost in awe as he watches his cum slowly dip out of your poor little hole~
When you wake up the next morning. The first thing you notice is that you’re snuggled into Diavolo‘s chest, all cleaned up and in one of his shirts, the second is you’re not quite sure when or how you got into his bed, but it was definitely an amazing night~
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cherrys-side-bitch · 1 month
Oh! What about the Dateables reacting to the reader who just pats their head randomly???
ℝ𝕖𝕔𝕖𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕕 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕤
Tumblr media
Gn! Reader, Fluff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Diavolo is very stiff the first few times, unsure of what to do, but as he gets used to it he begins to ease up a bit. In fact, he beings to look forward to your little head pats throughout the day, occasionally leaning down a bit in your presence so that you don't have to reach so far.
The little giggle along with the smile he lets slip out whenever you pat his head is precious.
When the touch sent a warm sensation through his body, he couldn't help but crave your pats even more, only then realizing how touch-starved he truly was.
But make sure Lucifer isn't in the general vicinity of the two of you while you pat his head, or else you'll get scolded by him for casually patting the demon prince’s head.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
Instead of finding it insulting or annoying as some might, he finds your head pats to be quite reassuring, especially after working day in and day out with nearly no reassurance. So, he appreciates this a lot more than he lets on.
When you do pet his head, a light sigh often leaves his lips as he eases up a bit from the sensation, before a small smile graces his features, thanking you before returning to work.
If he's particularly stressed, he will actively seek you out to get his head pet. It may be embarrassing, but if it eases his mind, he can't argue too much.
He doesn't mind it too much in front of others as long as he knows the individual and there aren't too many people around.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
Simeon is not used to receiving affection, so it was quite a surprise the first few times; a welcome surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.
He was aware that humans can be quite affectionate at times but he never had any touchy friends, and whenever you pat his head he feels as if he is higher than the heavens.
Whenever you pet his head it's pleasant for both of you. His hair is always incredibly soft and he's just happy to be receiving your affection.
He doesn't particularly mind if people see you pat his head, but he does get slightly flustered.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
Whenever you come up to him and give him head pats he will often tense up for a second, before he realized that it's just you. Once he recovers from the initial shock he will tease you relentlessly for your little habit.
He’ll only ever stop and apologize when you stop petting his head, wishing for you to continue.
Solomon had only realized how touch-starved he was when you got comfortable enough with him to begin acting on this little habit of yours.
By all means, pat his head in front of the others! Solomon loves rubbing it into other’s faces that he's getting your attention instead of them.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
When I tell you that Luke hates being touched out of nowhere, I mean it. Luke will get extremely upset and pouty when you pat his head without warning, telling you to warn him first. Because of this, you will always have to ask before patting his head.
Though when you do ask and he agrees Luke will get very giddy, nearly skipping off with joy from the experience. It's adorable to watch.
After a while, he begins to expect them whenever he does something special and wholeheartedly expects you to ask to pat him on the head for a job well done afterward.
If he sees you give a head pat to a demon he gets really upset.
┉ˏ͛ ༝̩̩̥͙ ⑅͚˚   ҉  ⑅͚˚ ͛༝̩̩̥͙ ˎ┉
Tumblr media
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hopeluna · 2 months
A scrunchie?
♡ Obey Me! characters when you give them your scrunchie
♡ Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Diavolo x gn!reader
♡ Genre: fluff
♡ A/N: ok I just saw this post from @protectbnhaboysatallcost and it was just too cute and I had to make a Obey Me! one <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Whats this?"
"I'm giving you my scrunchie, it means that you're mine and I love you"
Lucifer doesn't know what to say.....he's just sitting there in his office looking at the blue scrunchie that you had put on his wrist. After what feels like eternity, a small smile creeps up on his face as he chuckles while softly touching the blue fabric.
When in RAD, he doesn't even pay mind to the stares he receives. His only focus on you walking towards him, his hand outstretched with the same scrunchie around his wrist.
And in the late hours when the house of lamentation is finally quiet with everyone sleeping, Lucifer looks away from the paperwork infront him as his eyes catches the fabric still on his wrist. And an absolute lovesick expression spreads on the Avatar of Pride.
Oh Mammon thinks his heart is about to stop as he desperately tries to hide the flush in his face by exclaiming how of course you gave The Great Mammon your scrunchie, he is your first man after all. After you've left, he stares at the yellow scrunchie for a good minute before breaking out into a fit of giggle.
Mammon doesn't just wear it literally all the time, if he's in a conversation with someone, his face randomly lights up with a toothy grin as he shows the person the scrunchie, proudly exclaiming how you gave it to him.
And your heart stopped the day he burst into your room with an almost identical scrunchie in hand. Blushing furiously, he puts the scrunchie on you, demanding you wear it.
Levi's whole body freezes when you take his hand and slip the orange coloured scrunchie on his wrist. His mind has gone blank as the controller slips from his hand and clatters onto the floor. You'd think, by his reaction, that he was horrified by what you had given him.
After getting over the intial shock, he stutters out a apology for not saying anything for more than 5 minutes. His face gets even more red when you smile and peck him on the cheek. His heart feels like its going to burst out of his chest as he nervously recalls of how he saw this exact thing in an anime.
Levi rarely goes out and even when he does, he doesn't wear the scrunchie but keeps it in his pocket, with a hand over it. He feels like its something special between the two of you and will literally hiss at anyone (mostly Asmo) if they try to touch it.
Diavolo thinks- no he's sure that he falls in love with you all over again when you skip towards his desk to give him a red scrunchie. His face lights up like you have just handed him the stars and moons as he watches you slip the fabric on his wrist.
Oh he's never taking that thing off, ever. It doesn't matter to him if he is just out, or in RAD, or when he has a important meeting and Barbatos suggests that he not wear it to look formal. Diavolo will look at the butler like he's offended his universe, cause he did in a way, you are his universe.
He will most definitely get you loads of scrunchies 'cause as he says "no amount of scrunchies will express my love for you". And oh how sweet and funny it is to you and confusing for the others when they see the demon prince walk around in the halls with 5 scrunchies on his wrist.
Comments and reblogs are appreciated!! Do not repost or claim as yours though, its not cool.
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he-calls-me-kitten · 2 months
Pleasures of Royalty
Diavolo and GN!MC's secret debauchery
Tumblr media
"Di-Diavolo! Enough please!" You screamed, holding his hair in fistfuls as he relentlessly pleasured you with his mouth. Even watching his head, moving between your legs, feeling his deep breaths on your skin. All of it was driving you wild.
How long has this been going on now? Honestly you had lost track of it. Somehow you went from being his favourite human to his favourite being in all three realms.
Gentle pats on your head after exams well done turned into him grabbing your hair as he pushed his ungodly length into your mouth. Helping you clean up after intense P.E. exercises with his tongue instead of towels. His hands often slipped inside your clothes when he was straightening your uniform.
But it's not like you did a very good hiding your eagerness. Always leaning on his shoulder during group getaways. Sitting yourself down his lap to help him to paper work, when noone was around. And the one time you called him to the throne room for him to see you sitting naked on his throne, wearing his crown lopsided on your head.
He's still hasn't finished getting back at you for the last one.
"Diavolo, please, someone will hear us outside!" You whimper and shake your head. What was he thinking, trying to fuck you in the throne room like this? All the while he's kneeling while you're sitting...Barbatos and Lucifer would never forgive you.
"But you look so beautiful on the throne, my love." His kisses travelled upward, past your stomach, tracing the shape of your ribs. You turn more irresistable, the more he has you. Atleast that's what he keeps groaning into your ear as he fucks you.
"Y-you told me it was an emergency! Ahh!" His hands undid your already dishevelled uniform. "I ran here, straight from RAD...I even told Lucifer...aaghh...he said he'll join us soon-"
Knock. Knock.
"Diavolo. This is Lucifer. Are you in there?"
Diavolo looked disappointed, shaking his head as he fixed you a little. You looked panicked. There's no other exit out of this throne room. And there's no way you can face Lucifer with the amount of hickeys Diavolo has left on you.
"I'll hide there until he leaves." You pointed towards a long table with a floor length cloth covering it's legs entirely. Noone would see you until they lifted the cloth.
"Coming Lucifer. Just a minute." He allowed you time while he wore his coat begrudgingly and opened the door. You relaxed, leaning your head against one of the table legs and smiling. It was exhausting sometimes, but it was mostly fun.
Sneaking out during parties and school fests, just to embrace each other in dimly lit locker rooms and cubicles. Sometimes even in empty classrooms. Whenever you and Diavolo passed by someplace he'd made love to you already, he'd exchange mischievous grins with you.
There was about to be a brand new addition to this list of places. You tensed up hearing their voices get louder. Shit, they were right above you. You watched in horror as they sat down, their legs under the table along with you. You gravitated towards Diavolo, bumping your head against his knee.
L: "So what was the work about?"
D: "MC and I were discussing difference in cultures between the Devildom and Human realm. We are thinking of making it an extensive report and printing it in the Annual magazine."
Diavolo's sneaked his hand inside. He seeked out your face and you gave it to him. His fingers carressed your cheeks lovingly. His thumb brushed over your lips. What a tease. Well seems like you could tease him right back.
L: "Ah I see. Allow me to assist you as well. I will call Satan to fetch some appropriate books for research and I can start right away."
D: "Lucifer, really. You've helped enough with the paperwork last month. You deserve a- uh...a break"
Diavolo stammered as he realised what you were doing down there. He sat through you palming your crotch, but unzipping him and bombarding his length with your panting breath was not precedented.
L: "Are you sure? You seem rather flushed, your face is completely red. You must be tired already... perhaps I should take MC home. You need some rest."
D: "No no, Lucifer. I assure you I'm absolutely fine. Also I think I'd rather have MC here tonight."
Diavolo's fingers threaded into your hair as you choked on his length willingly. He was barely keeping it together and you were having the time of your life, tormenting him like this.
L: "Are you sure Diavolo? Sigh...alright, let me just tell MC to let you rest early and not let you stay up talking to them. Where are they?"
D: "Down...uh..down in the washroom. MC... might be a while. I'll... tell them what you said.. instead. You...really should go home and rest now..."
The moment Lucifer walked out of the door, Diavolo let out an ungodly groan of pleasure, finally releasing himself on you. You savored the feel of his cum on your tongue, dripping down your face and chin. You win.
But the victory doesn't last for very long. The next thing you know, you're naked with your wrists bound tight to the headboard of his bed as he stands there shirtless, unbuckling his belt menacingly. You close your eyes and sigh.
"Shouldn't you write me a notice of absence for tomorrow?" You already know you're not walking tomorrow. He laughs, grabbing your legs and putting them over his shoulder.
"I'll write you one for the whole week instead, MC."
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diavolosbaby · 2 months
Can I Request a little bit Agst Obey me x MC, MC is a Older sister of 7 Brothers. same in celestial war Lucifer lost Lilith but MC lost all her brother in war to. MC sometime like to say "Lucifer is better older siblings than me" Brothers Reaction :)
It's you again haha, I love seeing your asks!
MC is the oldest sibling of 7, and all her siblings died, but finds comfort in the brothers
Feat. The brothers
Lucifer, Belphegor, 
Can’t imagine how you must feel, but is glad they can provide comfort 
Deep down he feels as if this truly means you all could be a family. 
Whether its a replacement for your broken family or for his own 
Mammon, Leviathan, Beelzebub
Literally won’t ever mention how he feels about Lilith 
Just the type to invalidate his own feelings because he thinks someone elses are worse 
You’ll have to assure him it’s ok (if that’s what you want)
When you tell him he will break down and cry, why is he crying? He just can’t believe something so terrible happened to you 
Hold him close to your chest and tell him it’s ok, and that you have them 
Or just cry together, it’s good to let things out. Even better together 
He didn’t know Lilith, just has feelings towards her because of how strong Lucifer’s feelings were towards her 
Always willing to listen and vent together 
Wants to be the best family possible for you, so if someone does something even the slightest bit disrespectful or mean towards you he’s correcting it faster than Lucifer is 
Will offer to mourn with you, or be there when you visit their graves or scatter their ashes.
Literally the most exaggerated shocked face imaginable 
But for a reason, of course. He’s shocked!
Dealing with his family’s hardships while silently dealing with your own.
“Poor thing.” he thinks to himself
Can’t help but pity you more than anything, also wants to be a good “replacement family”
Will want to distract you more than talk about it
Belphegor (again)
It goes quiet for a few seconds when he’s made aware about it 
He curses himself and his family for whining about lilith all the time when you’ve lost so much more
Can’t imagine losing all his brothers, Lilith was enough to completely break him
Another one who shuts up about Lilith. Completely.
Feels like he doesn’t have any reason to be upset when you seem to be fine
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All for me?
Tumblr media
    >AFAB! Gender-neutral! Reader, virgin!reader, shy!reader, neurodivergent coded!reader, Diavolo being an ass, corruption kink, deflowering, mutual masturbation, vaginal penetration, romantic sex, dirty talk, mentions of tickling, demon form, size kink, oral, squirting, unsafe sex (condoms are great you should use them xoxo), soft!Diavolo, horns make great handle bars, fingering, finger sucking
  Your relationship with Diavolo was a slow one. You had only started daring near the end of your first year at RAD and now, in your second year, people could hardly tell that you two were dating. You were always the shy one, never really wanting to rock the boat, but the Devildom had made you slightly more confident. But still, you were never really confident in the relationship department. You'd never really dated anyone for this long, it was usually a short fling with a couple of dates then nothing. You remember never really being the most desirable person when you were in high school so relationships came second to everything else in your life. It felt strange, really, having Diavolo dote over you. He'd rarely do so in public, royal image and all that, but in private the way he'd hold you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear made you antsy.
        Diavolo never got to hold you for long, your skin would feel overwhelmingly tingly and hot from his touch. It was as if bugs made from hot irons were crawling all over your skin. You couldn't tell if it was a good or bad feeling but you did know that it was a strange and new sensation that made you want to run away. It was kind of difficult, Diavolo always wanted to hold you with your legs draped across his and your head on his chest but it almost burned to be held like that. The sadness was evident on Diavolo's face when you'd move off of his lap to instead sit next to him with his arm draped across your shoulder. The tingling sensation never went away but was lessened when you did that.
         As time went on, you noticed how much touchier Diavolo was being. His hands slid from your shoulders to your waist, his touch lingered longer, and he spoke in a lower more quiet voice so you'd lean into him. It made your body light up like a house on fire but the burning sensation still remained. This sort of love made you feel like you were wrapped in comfort but also like you needed to throw up at any second. When Diavolo was courting you, he flooded you with gifts. You felt honored to receive such attention from the Prince but also guilty from how much attention and money he was wasting on you.
        "I'm not wasting anything if it's spent on you," Diavolo had told you one day over tea when you brought it up, "but if you wish for me to stop spoiling you then I will." The sadness was evident on his face. Still, he found different ways to show his affection. It was honestly amazing how dense you were at how strong he was coming on. You thought he just wanted to make the human feel comfortable but it wasn't until you spoke to Solomon that you realized he wasn't doing the same for the other exchange students. It took Solomon to beat you over the head with a hammer, figuratively speaking, for you to realize that the Prince was in love with you.
        Your life kind of became a fairy tale. The Prince falling in love with the commoner and spoiling them with riches and attention like straight from the pages of the Grimm Brothers. Yet, you could tell that Diavolo was getting antsy. Your quiet and reserved demeanor seemed to stir something up in him. It all led to you spending the night at his castle one time. Diavolo did his best to exemplify the mood of the room with wine and chocolates and soft music but you didn't seem affected.
        "Darling," Diavolo placed his wine glass down onto the ornate coffee table next to yours. You looked up at the prince through the top of your eyelids while your head rested against his shoulder. "Are you happy?" He carefully moved his arm to wrap around your waist so your head would rest against his broad chest. The bugs returned and crawled up and down your skin with their molten feet. "Yes," you replied, "why wouldn't I be?" Diavolo hummed, pleased at your words. "I just wanted to make sure." His fingers stroked up and down your sides making you squirm at the ticklish sensation. "Hm?" Diavolo looked down at you and how you seemed to wiggle away from his stroking, "is my little human ticklish?"
        That was a loaded question. No matter how you responded you were going to get tickled. Your brain turned its gears trying to come up with an answer that could save your mortal soul from being tickled but you took too long and Diavolo went ahead and danced his fingers up your sides anyway. You jerked with laughter as your body slowly drifted off of the couch and slumped onto the floor to escape his dangerous fingers. Joy was spread across Diavolo's face at your reaction. You pouted with your head resting on your lover's knee, your cheek squished against the bone. "Sweet little thing," Diavolo chuckled, "I wonder what other secrets you're keeping from me." You leaned your head back to look at Diavolo. His heart was hammering in his chest with how innocent your looked for him. "I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries," Diavolo's hand came to stroke your cheek, "but are you a virgin perhaps?"
        Heat ran through your veins at his question. You were but you didn't know how to answer his question without feeling like a loser. Here you were, an adult virgin. "You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable," Diavolo's face softened, "but just know that I do desire you in such a manner." You could feel a lump of heat swell in your chest at his words.
        "You do?"
        "Of course," there was a purr in Diavolo's voice, "I only wish to bring you pleasure like none you've experienced before."
        You shivered at his words. "Well," you averted your gaze in embarrassment at what you were about to admit, "I've never, uhm, experienced pleasure like that before." Diavolo tried to keep the sly grin from creeping onto his face. He knew it, he could smell your virginity on your like a bouquet of roses. "You've never even touched yourself," Diavolo's voice took on a sultry tone, "not even down there?" You felt like your face was glowing with heat, "what-what do you mean?" You knew exactly what he meant but you couldn't believe what he was asking. "I mean," Diavolo guided you back up to the sofa so you were kneeling next to him on the fine cushions with your chin in his grip, "have you ever masturbated before?" You almost choked on your own spit trying to come up with an answer. "Y-yeash," you tried to say 'yes' and 'yeah' at the same time, "yes. I have. I mean, who hasn't?"
        "You've what?" Diavolo couldn't hide his teasing smile any longer. You pouted at how he was acting. "Now you're just teasing me." You tried to move away from Diavolo but a hefty hand took your in a firm grip, "I'm sorry, my love." Diavolo smiled with furrowed eyebrows, "you just looked so cute flustered like that. I promise I wasn't trying to be mean." You squeezed Diavolo's hand, "it just felt like you were making fun of me." Diavolo's face turned into one of concern, "oh darling! I promise I wasn't trying to be malicious!" He took your face in his hand, "I'm sorry for making you feel that way. It wasn't my intention." You pressed your face into his hand, the bugs continued to crawl all over you but it wasn't a bad feeling you realized.
        "My dear," Diavolo started staring into your eyes. His gaze burned but you tried not to look away. "I have to admit I had ulterior motives for inviting you over tonight." Your eyes scanned over his face in worry, what was he going to do? "I wish to have you," there was nothing but the upmost love in his eyes, "I want you to be writhing underneath me in pleasure. I want to bring you to peaks of ecstasy you never thought possible." You could feel your legs giving out at his words. You gripped the back of the sofa to steady yourself. "Me?" you asked. Diavolo tried not laugh at how cute the question was, "yes, my love, you." You couldn't hold back the whine of need that fluttered out of your throat. Diavolo's horns poked through his skin as his demon form overtook him from the sound of your needy whine. Your eyes widened in shock as you fell back against the sofa. Diavolo reached a hand out to stroke at your face, "I'm sorry, MC. You just do these things to me. I can hardly control myself when I'm around you." The nervousness began to rise throughout your body when you noticed the bulge beginning to make itself prominent behind the white piece of fabric over Diavolo's crotch.
        "We won't go any further if you don't want to," Diavolo said doing his best to control himself, "it's up to you." You nodded taking a large gulp of your own nervous saliva. "I think I'm ready," you said with your eyes never leaving the large bulge your lover held between his thighs. "You think or you know you are ready?" His eyes held a serious gaze that made you melt. He really did care about your well being. Diavolo would never go forward with any part of the relationship without you first giving your approval. You nodded, "I'm ready. But-" You tried to find your words under your lover's intense stare, "can we go to your bedroom first?" Diavolo hummed stroking the soft skin of your cheek, "of course, my dearest." Diavolo stood up, his impressive wings folded behind him while he held out a hand for you to take. You placed your own hand in his palm and he couldn't help but marvel at how small your hand looked in his mighty grip. Diavolo gingerly helped you off the couch, making sure your legs were steady enough to carry you before taking off in the direction of his bedroom.
        "My dear," Diavolo hummed pulling you closer so he could wrap his arm around your waist, "you said that you touch yourself. Might I ask how often and to what?" You groaned at his question, "that's so embarrassing!" "I just want to know so I can best please you. You don't have to answer if you don't want to." You huffed, your boyfriend was going to see all of you before you know it so why is this such an embarrassing question? "I, uhm, I don't know," you looked away from your boyfriend trying to keep your cool, "I don't really keep track." Diavolo hummed holding you closer as you both turned the corner down the hallway to his room, "and do you indulge in porn?" You held your mouth in your hand trying to find your words, "sometimes."
        Diavolo took a hold of the ornate door knob before swinging the door open and ushering you inside his luxurious room. The fourposter bed was like something out of your most extravagant dreams carved with images of dragons and monsters and adorned in silk. "Only sometimes?" Diavolo closed the door behind him, "and what do you think about when you don't watch porn?" You felt like a frying pan just hit you in the back of your head. You're now going to have to admit that you've touched yourself and orgasmed to the thought of the very demon you were about to make love to. "You," you said in your quietest voice. Diavolo smiled wickedly, "I'm sorry dear, I didn't hear you." You tried to force your voice to be louder, "you!" A chill ran through your body when you heard Diavolo swear under his breath. "I need you MC," Diavolo came up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, "I need your body to be mine." You couldn't help but rub your rear against the prominent bulge that was bumping up against you.
        Diavolo let out a low groan and held onto your hips. He started rocking his clothed cock against your clothed ass. Goosebumps rose on your skin at the way Diavolo moaned into your ear. "Would you take off those cursèd pants, my love?" Shyness overtook you once more at the thought of being naked in front of Diavolo. Humans were nowhere near as impressive as demons in their form. You wonder if he'd become disgusted with your body and change his mind.
         "My love?"
        Diavolo stopped grinding against you. He held your chin in his hand and pulled your head back so you would look at him.         "Are you okay? Do you need to stop?"
        "I just don't-" You didn't know how to explain yourself.
        "You don't want to continue?"
        "No! I do but I don't know how you'll-"
        "How I'll what?"
        "What you'll think of my body."
        Diavolo turned you around so he could better look at you. He held your face in both of his hands which managed to run the length of your head. "My sweet darling,"concern pooled in his eyes, "I love your body."
        "But you've never seen it."
        "I'm seeing it right now. Clothed or unclothed, I love your body. I love your body because it holds you and everything you are."
        Tears pooled in your eyes at how genuine his words were. Diavolo got onto his knees to better hold and comfort you. You wrapped your arms around his neck while the tears rolled down your cheeks. "I love you," you sniffled, "I love you." Diavolo wrapped his wings around your form and held you tighter. "We don't have to continue if you don't want to," Diavolo kissed your temple. "Just give me a quick second," you said wiping the tears from your eyes, "sorry for killing the mood." Diavolo continued to press kisses to your head, "you did no such thing. I want you to feel as comfortable and safe as you can with me." You pressed your hand to Diavolo's cheek and took his lips into a passion filled kiss.
        Delighted with the way you were taking charge, Diavolo kissed back with a firm grip on your hips. Your taste was intoxicating like the sweetest nectar he could find. Diavolo greedily took more of your lips into his, deepening the kiss and holding the back of your head with his right hand. You pressed your chest up to his. The feeling of bugs crawling all over you turned into a low burning heat that flooded your veins. You couldn't help the moan that poured out of your mouth and into your lovers. "My love," Diavolo spoke against your lips, "would you be so willing to strip for me?" You nodded at Diavolo's words but before you could pull away to do exactly what he asked, he held you firmly against his body. "I want you to use your words," Diavolo hummed, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. "I will. I'll-" you couldn't believe what you were going to say, "I'll strip for you." Diavolo practically purred at what you had said before letting you go. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, pulling his harem pants and the white cloth that covered his crotch down to reveal his cock. It stood at a good 9 inches with the girth of your wrist. It's head was throbbing red and leaking pre-cum like a broken fountain. His erection looked painfully neglected and he made that clear when his hand wrapped around the base and he hissed. Your eyes couldn't move away from how big his manhood was. His bottoms fell to his ankles and he unceremoniously kicked them away. A dark glint came to his eyes when he saw that deer in headlights look on your face.
        "Don't be afraid, MC," Diavolo stroked up his cock, pushing more pre-cum out of the already dribbling tip, "you don't have to take all of it." Your knees wobbled at the thought of having your boyfriend deep inside of you. Your fingers found their way to the button on your pants which you undid much to Diavolo's delight. Despite your inexperience at putting on a show of this kind for the viewing pleasure of another, Diavolo was thoroughly enjoying the way you undressed for him. Each stripped article of clothing revealed more and more of your body for Diavolo to gaze upon. He took his lip between his fanged teeth at the sight of your now nude body standing before him. His hand squeezed at the base of his cock making him groan. He did his best to hold back the cum he wanted to shoot all over your pure form.
        "Come here," Diavolo ordered releasing his cock from his death grip. You wobbly strode over to your lover who took your waist in his grip. His hands rubbed up and down your sides, massaging the fat of your hips and the hard bones of your ribs. You held your wrist up to your mouth, hushing your moans and sighs of pleasure. Diavolo held your rib cage in his hands with his thumbs pressing down on your nipples. You moaned at the new feeling of his thumbs rubbing circles against your sensitive chest. Diavolo pulled you closer until you could feel his breath against your ear. "So beautiful for me," he hummed into your ear, "I want to watch you touch yourself. I want to see how you look unraveling from your own fingers. Let me study your form as you please yourself to the thought of my cock gaping your pussy hole open." You moaned not only at his words but the way he pinched both of your nipples and pulled slightly before letting go. "Go ahead and lay up against the pillow," Diavolo held your knuckles to his lips, leaving kisses on each of the bony protrusions. You nodded before taking your leave to the other side of the bed and climbing onto the luxurious sheets and laying against the pillow with your knees to your chest. Diavolo climbed up the bed like a predator stalking its prey. The sight of him in such a state in his demon form made you shiver in what seemed to be a mix of fear and excitement.
        "Spread your legs, darling," Diavolo rested a hand on your knee while his other held his cock once again. You slowly opened your legs and you noticed the way Diavolo's eyes never left your core once you did so. Your clit was puffy and throbbing with need as your juices ran through your folds making them glisten. You were sure you were going to ruin the expensive sheets beneath you but Diavolo didn't seem to care. "Go ahead, MC," Diavolo licked his lips, "touch yourself for me." You bucked your hips against your hand when your fingers finally found their home on your neglected clit. "Dia!" You moaned out rubbing swift circles around your puffy nub. Diavolo grabbed the back of your thigh and pulled your leg back to get a better view of how your hole throbbed looking for something to plug it. Diavolo ran is large fingers around your hole, dipping the tips in teasingly just to test how tight you were. You moaned for him, your pussy making sloppy sounds as you rubbed your clit faster. "So gorgeous," Diavolo said mesmerized by how your fingers danced through your folds. His thumb held one of your pussy lips open so he could get a better look at how wet you actually were for him.
        "You," you moaned out, "you can finger me if you want." Diavolo could feel the hot blood pooling in his crotch at your debauched words. His innocent little MC was asking him, him to finger them? How could he say no to such a sweet request? Diavolo dropped your leg to hold your other pussy lip open while his other hand went to work rubbing at your throbbing hole. He ran the tip of his middle finger around the outside of your pussy hole, watching how it tried to grab onto him and pull his finger in. He then dipped a finger into you, careful not to be too forceful. The sound you made was like music to his ears. Diavolo swore he could hear a choir of angels coming from your mouth. He ran his middle finger along your gummy walls that he so longed to feel. You clenched around his finger, pulling the digit in further. Diavolo chuckled at how desperate your pussy ached to be filled. The pad of his finger ran all along your walls until he found that ribbed spot at the top of your pelvis. He pressed down experimentally causing your hips to raise and you to hump against his hand in pleasure. "Look at you," Diavolo hummed, "you're being so good." You whined at his praise while your fingers went back to work rubbing at your clit. Diavolo rubbed firm circles against your G-spot watching how your pussy throbbed and twitched in pleasure. Soon, he felt your hole tighten before a loud moan tore from your throat. Your thighs quivered and your fingers sped up chasing the highest point of your orgasm before they slowed down then stopped altogether. Juices pooled beneath your butt staining the silken sheets beneath you. Your chest was heaving from the wonderful orgasm your lover had so helped you achieve but Diavolo wasn't done just yet. He continued rubbing at your G-Spot, making you whine and twitch in over-stimulation. You pressed your hand to his face not sure if you were trying to push him away or hold onto him. He swiftly took your wet fingers into his mouth, tasting your sweet juices against your skin. Your other hand came to hold onto his horn, hoping to ground yourself in someway.
        Diavolo added another finger, scissoring your hole open before going back to abusing your G-Spot. You couldn't control how your hips twitched, bucked, and moved on their own against Diavolo's sweet torturous fingers. "Dia," you moaned out, "I have to pee!" You continued humping his fingers but despite your warning, Diavolo didn't let up. His pupils blew wide at what you had just said and his fingers worked faster. He pulled your own fingers from his mouth so his lips could wrap around your twitching clit. You yelped in sensitivity as both of your hands held, firmly onto Diavolo's horns. Your body felt hotter at the messy slurping sounds your boyfriend was making against your juicy cunt. Your body started spasming and Diavolo took that as his cue. He pulled his mouth away from your clit, holding his mouth open in front of your pussy. Suddenly a scream was pulled from your lips as juices erupted from your cunt, painting Diavolo's face in your orgasm. He did his best catching as much of your squirt as he could in his mouth but most of it landed on his face. His fingers slowed down, letting you ride out your orgasm until he pulled them out. He took note of how pruned his fingers were due to your sopping juices coating them.
        You could only lie there trying to catch your breath. Did you just squirt? Your eyes snapped open to see Diavolo's face coated in a slick liquid. "MC," he growled, licking your essence from his lips. "Dia!" You yelped, "I'm sorry I-" "I want you speared on my cock." Your abused cunt throbbed once again at his words making you twitch. "If I could," Diavolo said climbing over you, "I would have you like that all the time. Every morning I'd eat that delicious cunt until you squirted all over me just like that." "Diavolo," you breathlessly moaned at his words. His cock rested heavily against your pubic mound making you jolt your hips up.
        "Dia," you gasped, "g-give me a second!" Diavolo nodded resting his face against your neck. You could feel your juices leaving a damp mark on your skin where he rested. His firm hands gripped your hips, rubbing soft and gentle circles against your skin. Did you really just squirt? Not only that but did you really just squirt on Diavolo Prince of the Devildom's face while he finger fucked you? Your life had gotten so much more strange and wonderful since your time here. You ran your fingers through his crimson hair with your other arm draped over his shoulder. If you closed your eye for a second you could pretend that you had died and gone to heaven. Your heart rate started to steady and your cunt started to awaken once more, ready to take whatever Diavolo was going to put inside it.
        "I think-" you thought for a second then spoke again, "I'm ready to go again." Diavolo kissed up your neck, sucking in the tender skin before pulling back to look at your debauched form. "My sweet MC," Diavolo hummed before grabbing your thighs to pull around his waist, "you give me so much." You reached your hands up to wrap around his neck while his cock dragged lazily through your sloppy folds. You could feel the heat buzzing off of him like a furnace. His head caught your sensitive clit a couple times making you gasp and moan out his name. "Put it in me," you whined, desperate to finally have your boyfriend fill you. "Fuck, say that again," Diavolo cursed under his breath. You humped his manhood as it rubbed against your juicy cunt, "please Diavolo. I want it in me." Diavolo leaned down to your ear, nibbling the edge of the shell before speaking directly into it. "What do you want in you, darling?" You felt embarrassed saying it out loud but did so anyway, "I want your cock in me, Dia." Diavolo growled into your ear before pulling his hips back and easing his glorious manhood into you. Your eyebrows furrowed as your mouth gaped open at the feeling of being so stretched out. You're glad Diavolo had prepped you so well to take him. You were sure that he would not have been able to go in without a little bit of fingering before hand.
        Inch by inch, Diavolo pushed inside of you until he felt you could take no more. Your walls pulsed and quivered around his cock, sucking him in so greedily. Diavolo felt that he could die then and there and have fulfilled his life goals. He wanted to start rutting into you like a wild beast. He could imagine how your body would flop around like ragdoll around his mighty cock but Diavolo had to be careful. If he was to rough with your fragile human form he could seriously injure you. He hissed when he dragged his cock out of your warm cunt, your walls sliding along his girth so wonderfully. A soft moan of his name passed your lips while he gently thrusted back into your accommodating pussy. He held your thighs in a vice like grip, the fat squishing under his fingers in such a delicious way. Although Diavolo could never gain access, he assumed this is what heaven felt like. Your soft and pliable body laying beneath him so willing to take his cock in any way you can.
        "MC," Diavolo groaned at how you squeezed his cock, "may I kiss you?" You nodded eagerly at his request leaning your head back to open yourself up for his lips. Diavolo found his mouth against yours in a soft yet passionate kiss. He drank in every sound, every moan, every mumble of his name you'd give him. Soon, his pace sped up to a more steady rhythm of thrusting in and out of your hole. Your wet pussy made sloppy, sopping sounds with every entrance of his cock into you. Your nails dug into the muscle of his back as he pushed your legs up towards your chest in order to better angle his cock into you. Diavolo pulled from the kiss, enjoying the string of saliva that came with him and the fucked out look on your face. You were panting and moaning with your eyes glossed over with a look of lust. Diavolo took a picture of you with his mind hoping to save this moment into his memory for all eternity. "You look-" Diavolo grunted when you squeezed him just right, "you look so beautiful like this." You moaned out his name trying to kiss him once again. Instead, Diavolo dove to your neck taking the skin between his lips and sucking. He trailed kisses up and down the side of your neck, sucking, biting, then licking over where he bit.
        If you were in a less lust filled state you'd have to worry about hiding the hickies Diavolo left tomorrow but that would most likely hurt his feelings. Diavolo wanted to mark you. He wanted all of the three realms to know who you laid with and who you belonged to. He wanted everyone to know who finally corrupted the sweet, innocent human. You were finally all his now.
        Diavolo pulled back from your neck to admire the series of marks he had left. Your hands laid by your head taking fistfuls of the pillows behind you while your face was contorted into a grimace of absolute pleasure. Diavolo was torn between wishing he could show all of the Devildom how well he fucked you and keeping your expressions all for himself. He dropped one of your legs and snaked his hand to your clit, rubbing circles on the erect nub. You gasped out moans at the feeling of being both so full and so over-stimulated with pleasure. Diavolo's eyes never left your face drinking in every expression, every moan, every furrow of your eyebrows and every whine you made. Oh, how he loved when you would whimper let out from being so thoroughly fucked out on his cock.
         Diavolo gave you a sharp thrust that made your back arch and to his amazement, you managed to take all of his cock. "Look at that," Diavolo growled speeding up his ministrations on your clit, "such a greedy little hole. You took all of me like a champ." You opened your eyes to stare at Diavolo's love struck face. His eyes were now trained on where you two connected and how your pussy sucked him in.
        "Your-" you gasped out, "you're so big!" Diavolo's hips faltered for a minute before resuming their usual pace.
        "Does it hurt?"
        "It feels so good! I love you, I love you, I love you-"
        You were cut off by a sharp thrust to your G-Spot and a lewd moan leaving your mouth. Diavolo chuckled pushing both of your thighs up as far as they could go, essentially putting you in a mating press. You were bewildered by how much your body could take. Diavolo leaned into you as much as he could without crushing you. Your smaller body took him so well in ways he could have never imagined. The pleasure was building inside of him.
        "My love," Diavolo moaned into your ear making goosebumps rise on your skin, "can I cum inside you?"
        You shivered at his words and nodded. "I need to hear you say it," Diavolo kissed up your face to your temple. Your soft skin was like the very cloud of heaven under his lips.
        "Dia," you managed to moan out, "please! Please cum in me! I want you so bad-" You were cut off by a particularly sharp thrust that made you let out a sob. Diavolo would have those words replaying in his head for the next millennia.. His sweet, innocent human was under him begging for his cum deep inside their hole. Diavolo growled sinking his teeth into your shoulder while his gave one final, deep thrust. Warmth like you had never felt before pooled in your womb. Your lower body felt like it was on fire. More of his cum started spilling out as it became too much for your body to hold. You could hear Diavolo's moans through the mouthful of your skin he had in his mouth. Finally, his horns retreated back into his skull as his wings shrunk into his back.
        Your lover pulled back to look at his handy work. Your puffy abused cunt was leaking cum onto the sheets below despite him still being fully sheathed inside you. His thumb came to rub circles on your clit once more making you jolt and let out a sharp moan. Your body twitched and writhed until finally cumming around his cock. Your walls twitched and sucked in as much of his dick as it could. Diavolo shuddered at the feeling of your gummy walls constricting around him. Your poor pussy dribbled juices, too spent to squirt again.
        "Oh, my love," Diavolo purred, "you are so wonderful." He leaned down to pepper kisses across your face making you laugh. "Dia!" Diavolo pressed his forehead to yours. "You look so beautiful like this," Diavolo hummed, "I wish we could stay like this forever." Your walls pulsed around his cock making him groan. "We can," you started, "we can stay like this for a little while." Diavolo smiled at your shy expression, "you want to warm my cock for me, hm?" You tried to look away, embarrassed from his words but still, you nodded. Diavolo captured your lips in a short but loving kiss. "I wouldn't have it any other way, MC."
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kage7ama · 15 days
For the 300 followers event (if it's still open, congrats btw!) Diavolo (obey me) with a reader who's made him a flower crown, and saying stuff along the lines of 'you're already my king' (since I believe he's still Prince but I might be wrong about that)
I hope that's not too vague! Congrats again, have a good day!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭. gn!reader x diavolo
𝐜𝐰. intended lowercase, reader is a human, very soft moments, happy tears
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞. okay it's written in headcanon format but it reads like a drabble. why is everything i write so pretty :/ what happened to hcs :/
Tumblr media
—on the rare occasion that diavolo has lots of extra time to spare from his duties as prince, he likes to take you out from the castle to somewhere special, somewhere that most demons don't get to experience, let alone a human
—but this time, he wanted to experience something mundane, something so ordinary a demon would do a double take if they saw their prince doing it
—so the two of you sat in the shade under a tree in a large forest, sunlight dappling your faces through the leaves
—he brought a picnic basket with treats from barbatos, but they were left untouched as he watched you with great interest
—you carefully weaved together the stems of flowers you'd picked nearby, expertly exposing the vibrant petals while hiding the stems to make a somewhat sturdy crown
—when you finished, you turned to him and placed the crown on his head, kissing his forehead while you were at it
—"you're already a king in my eyes. no one else is as caring, hardworking, or attentive as you. the devildom is very lucky."
—lord diavolo may be a powerful demon. he may be strict with himself and his realm. he may even be a little too focused on his dreams to the point where nothing can stop him from making them a reality.
—but the ruler of the devildom shed tears at the sound of your praise
—thoughts seemed to constantly lurk in the back of his mind. was he doing everything he could for the devildom? was he doing the right thing? was everything his fault?
—yet when you said such kind things of him without provocation, simply honest and heartfelt words, he could truly believe you
—you smiled as you wiped the tears from his cheeks
—"you work so hard. let yourself take breaks. let yourself be vulnerable."
—and when he held you in his arms, he was.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© 𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞𝟕𝐚𝐦𝐚 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐. do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform.
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Like for Diavolo who wants to see you a whimpering mess when he's breeding you while praising you for taking his monster cock so well / reblog for Diavolo who does oral for his own pleasure just to hear you moan while saying that you're doing a good job cumming for him
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amberrskiies · 3 months
Can I get some soft Fluffy heacanons for Mammon, Satan, Diavolo, Barbatos, and Simeon with a sweet and honest MC who believes what they're told [as in, if Mammon being tsundere says he doesn't like them, they'd believe it]
When he learns that you believe what you're told
A/N - I love this request but sadly I don't write for Simeon due to me not being able to capture his character well! Hope you still like it with the other characters! ^^
Mammon, Satan, Diavolo, Barbatos x gender neutral reader | Separate headcanons
Tumblr media
Mammon is instantly shocked and livid the moment he learns that
He got to know this when he asked you to join him for something but when you tell him that you thought he hated him, that's when everything clicks into place
He'd notice your sad expressions at times but didn't think much on it but now he knows why
He'd go onto apologize for the things he said and will reassure you that he never meant anything bad he said to you
He really loves you but just can't get himself to say it cause of his tsundere personality
Tumblr media
Satan's pretty taken aback by the new information
He got to know this after saw how upset you looked after he made a small sarcastic comment which was supposed to be a joke
He instantly felt bad and the fact that you believe what he said was enough to make him feel worse
Nonetheless, he will apologize and tell you that he didn't mean it and it was a joke
He likes the fact that you're honest but this is something he's more concerned about and he's there to help you
Tumblr media
Diavolo took the information a little better than Mammon and Satan
He got to know it through Lucifer who found out about it after a small incident at the House
He honestly feels bad for you immediately and will engulf you in a bear hug to make you feel better
He will reassure you that whatever the brothers had said didn't mean anything and they were just joking around
He just wants to see you happy so he will help in anyway possible
Tumblr media
Barbatos was pretty much aware of it before but he wasn't so sure if he was right
But after getting confirmation from Lucifer about this, he knew he was right about his suspicions
He would invite you over to the Demon Lord's Castle and talk to you about this matter
Like Diavolo, he would reassure you and basically give you a small hug if you want it
Honesty is a nice trait but sometimes being a little too honest can hurt and he knows that very well
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Obey Me Headcanons
Topic: First Kisses
Characters: Diavolo, Barbatos, Solomon, Simeon
Warnings: Barking (from me), making out, slightly spicy
A/N: This isn’t relevant to anything, but I bet Michael is a dilf. Same with Diavolo’s dad
Tumblr media
God this man is just fhdjskalhfjds
He would (very loudly) ask you out on a date in the middle of the hallway
Once you stutter out a “yes” he’ll give you a hug, tell you to meet him after school, and trot off
You’re freaking out at the thought of going out with this absolutely meal of a man...demon
You’re obviously very nervous as he takes you around town
Worry not, he will hold your hand and make sure you’re having fun 
At the end of the night, he takes you up on that one ridge that overlooks Devildom
“May I kiss you?”
When you say yes, he’ll cup your cheek and give you a kiss
May or may not turn into a makeout session
Tumblr media
Invites you over for tea (of course)
Its comfortable being in his presence
Despite your giant ass crush on him, you never find yourself nervous or embarrassed 
He tells you of the new tea cups he got and you two are looking at them on the shelf
You reach up to grab one, but it falls
When you go to catch it, your balance goes off kilter
Before you know it, the teacup is shattered on the ground
Barbatos has his tail wrapped around you and his hands are holding your waist. His face is inches from yours
“Sorry...uh...I’ll pay you back?”
He says nothing. Its starting to get awkward staring at him and being in this position
Barbatos leans forward and kisses you
It tastes like sugar and tea. It’s warm and calming
He pulls away
“It was expensive, so that was your first installment.”
Tumblr media
I feel like he would get a bit jealous 
Here’s the scenario:
You’ve been dating Solomon for a short time. The furthest you’ve guys have gone is hand holding 
It’s lunchtime and you are eating with everyone (much to Solomon’s dismay)
Both Barbatos and Solomon brought food to share
Obviously everyone likes Barbatos’s and refuses to touch what Solomon made
When he sees you gushing about how tasty the food is, he gets insanely jealous
Just drags you away from everyone and ignores your protests
Its just the two of you now, and you’re backed against a wall
“Solomon! I was eating and talking to them.”
“I don’t care.” “What?”
He kisses you once then says “I’m going to kiss you until the only thing you can taste is me.”
Cue partially aggressive makeout time
The bell rings and he pulls away and smiles
“Hope that meal was sufficient enough.”
Tumblr media
I go absolutely feral for author Simeon that needs writing “advice”
You’re chilling in his room while he writes
He’s obviously getting frustrated
After his 15th sigh, you finally ask what’s wrong
“I need to write a short romance story, but I just don’t know how to describe the kiss scene.”
You just smirk and say “Practice.”
“What do you mean?” “Practice on me.”
His face just explodes in a blush 
You walk over to him, straddle his lap, and sit
“Is this ok?” You ask 
He stutters out “I-I guess. But I really don’t have any experience.”
You smile and say “That’s why practice makes perfect.”
He definitely knows how to kiss now 
Simeon will ask you whenever he needs help with writing
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The Obey Me Characters React to you Asking For Nudes | Pt.1
Tumblr media
Pairing: Obey Me Boys x f!reader
Notes: Have you ever played Obey Me? For those of you who have, you’ll know the characters. I started playing a couple years ago and honestly forgot about the game until recently. How could I not be reminded that I love the boys!
For the starter chapter of this new series, the characters that I will be introducing for chapter one are: Diavolo, Barbatos, Solomon, and Simeon! In the next chapter is when the Demon brothers will be introduced. 
If you want to follow the series as I create more chapters, you can follow my link to the {masterlist} for the entire series! 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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satans-l0ver · 1 month
“You know I love you right?" Diavolo asks leaning down by your ear, his breath makes your skin break out in goosebumps. Diavolo was fucking you with his fingers while his lips were pressed against your neck. not really trusting yourself to speak, you nod “Good” he said with a sweet smile before his demeanour changes completely, “Because I'm about to fuck you like I don't~” And he pulled his fingers out of you moving to undo his belt~
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sly-writings · 7 months
You run towards them then tackled them with a hug
Fandom: Obey me! Shall we date?
Pairings: Purgatory Hall + Diavolo x MC/Reader
Reader: Gender Neutral
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
Immediately notices you running towards him and prepared himself to catch you
He opened his arms waiting for you and when he finally caught you he lifted you off the ground while he laughs. He didn't even staggered back. He lets you down soon after.
“Humans sure have interesting games”
Definitely tells this to Lucifer
Now get ready for Lucifer's scolding
Tumblr media
Didn't notice you at first and he was surprised when you called his name.
He turned his head and was shocked to see you running towards him. Immediately drops everything just to catch you. He wraps his arms around you and almost lost his balance.
He lets you down and you are met with his worried expression.
“That was dangerous MC please be careful ”
I mean if you wanted a hug he'd gladly hug you
Tumblr media
Wether he catches you or not will depend entirely on his mood.
If he's feeling rather mischievous he would pretend to prepare and catch you but immediately steps out of the way once you were close.
“Oh MC I didn't see you there. Did you trip? Here let me help you”
Proceeds to tease you about it
But if he's feeling good he would wrap his arms around you. He then shifts his hold so he's now carrying you.
“You want me to let go? But you were the one who came at me first”
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hopeluna · 16 days
What makes the Obey Me! Side Characters fall in love with you a little more everyday?
I would never fall unless its you I fall into...
♡ What makes the Obey Me! Characters fall in love with you a little more everyday?
♡ Characters: Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Solomon x gn!reader
♡ Genre: fluff
The brothers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you laugh. Its a sound that Diavolo knows he can recognise anywhere, the sound never fails to make him feel all giddy and warm inside. How your eyes close slightly, your face filled with pure joy and Diavolo thinks that its the only expression he ever wants to see on you. You're happy? He's happy.
When you dote on him. Barbatos is used to being busy looking over and managing everything so when at the end of yet another tiring day, you silently take care of him, though his face remains collected with just a small smile, his heart feels like its about to explode with love.
Your kindness. Whether it be you helping him out with technology or assisting Luke with his baking, Simeon adores the way you always seem to want good for the people around you. It makes his chest swell with love and makes his mind go into a frenzy from just how wonderful you are. Like an angel, even more than him
When you get excited about something. The sparkle in your eyes and the absolute beaming smile you adorn on your face never fails to make Solomon's heart skip a beat. Just the passion in your voice and the way you're practically bouncing with joy is just so adorable to him <3
Comments and reblogs are appreciated!! Do not repost or claim as yours though, its not cool.
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teabreakpancakes · 1 month
Tumblr media
Kinktober: Day Eleven
My Reward (Diavolo x Sub GN Reader)
Tumblr media
size kink, slight daddy kink, dumbification!
Tumblr media
"My, such an adorable sweetheart I have" he praised, pressing the tips of his fingers against your sweet spot. Gold eyes gazed down at you lovingly, drinking up the sight of you being so utterly ruined with just his fingers alone.
Your pleasured noises sounded like music to Diavolo's ears, relishing in your broken chants of "Daddy" as he drove you over the edge once more.
He slowly takes out his fingers out of your hole, bringing them to his mouth. The groan that leaves his mouth reverberates in his chest, tempting him to so much more than just what he previously planned.
The demon lord cups your waist, lifting you up so you were face to face with the handsome man. Gently, he presses his lips against yours, slipping his large tongue into your mouth. You gag around the large muscle filling your mouth, sucking on it slightly.
"Dear, forgive me for this but I can't hold back anymore" he husks out, tone apologetic and yet, his lust filled eyes betrayed any evidence of remorse your lover had.
Releasing his aching member from it's confines, it stands proudly. Slowly, he slides it into them inch by painstaking inch, watching their dazed eyes roll back into their head.
A pleasant smile graces his lover's face, rubbing their tummy when Diavolo bottoms out. "I adore how you look when you're filled to the brim with me—well, I adore you no matter what you look like" he drifts off, leaning into your palm that reached out to caress his face.
Their eyes, as befuddled as they were, were filled with love along with an absolutely delectable swirl of lust. Those very eyes stared at him with such intensity no amount of emotion coming from anyone else could surpass.
"Dia, wuv youu~" they draw out almost incoherently, disoriented and unable to think of anything that wasn't about the man they loved so dearly. Diavolo smiles uncontrollably, kissing your palm. "I love you too, so so much" he whispered.
He begins to thrust into you, eyeing the expression of pure delight on your face. Apologies in advance but, you won't be able to walk for quite a while the demon muses to himself, knowing that you'll "force" him to carry you around—you don't really have to force him since he'll do it regardless.
You've been so good, you've always been good; a delight to be around, always benevolent and bright in his eyes. You work so hard, Dia can't help but regret not being to spend time with you all the time.
Tumblr media
i should def be studying but i don't feel like it rn, i'm gonna do an all nighter anyways
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