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hiiii! could you write something about diavolo and his love being in a relationship but one of the other boys is a virgin or doesn’t know how to fuck, so dia invites him to watch him fuck the reader good and proper into a crying mess. basically exhibitionism and a hint of cucking? extra points if there’s a point where the boy (ie. levi or belphagor are made to suck dia’s balls at one point or they can feel the wetness from dia’s thrusts on their face because they’re made to watch closely 🫣)
pairing: diavolo x gn!reader x levi tags: pwp, smut, established relationship, exhibitionism, voyeurism, pet name, consensual, nipple play, cuckholding, spanking, spitting, dirty talk, slight degradation, darcryphila, penetration sex notes: i actually wanted to write cuckholding for kinktober but i didn't have any ideas 👀 make this my late/additional entry
your relationship with the prince of devildom was well known, there wasn't a single demon in the entire realm that didn't know of the love you two shared for each other.
levi wasn't sure what prompted him to ask the two of you for some 'guidance' in regards to his sexual life but he had thought that this was going to be the first step to his drastic change.
his knowledge to love and sex were only limited to fictional characters and as good as it sounds on pen and paper, there was only so much that could be brought to real life.
thus, he swallowed his pride and went to the most outwardly friendly and accepting couple he knew; not like he had any other who he could called as friends to help.
but this was definitely something he didn't expect.
with you saddling naked over his thighs while his back rested comfortable against the bed.
he was made to watch as diavolo ran his hand down your sides, peppering kisses along the slope of your shoulder. "before you start, you have to make sure your partner is nice and relaxed." he hums as he kneads over your waist.
levi watches as you practically melt into diavolo's touch, leaning back with a content expression as he continues to trail kisses up the side of your nape.
"it's important to read their body language, listen for what makes them feel good."
you breath hitches when you feel diavolo's fingertips ghost over your nipples, teasing over them with light touches. your back arches up to chase after the fleeting pleasure which diavolo gladly entertains, giving them a light pinch until they perked up in the air, flicking them with the pad of his thumb.
you leaned forward slightly with a gasp, whimpering softly as you reached forward to grab ahold of the headboard, you could feel levi's gaze burning through your body making your skin raise up in goosebumps.
having another pair of eyes on you made your head all fuzzier than usual, being the sole attention of the two males gave you a rush of thrill that made you wanted to present yourself even more. the need of being seen and the desire to be good for them over-wired every rational thought left in your head.
unknowingly, your hips began to move on their own, rocking down slightly against levi's erection that was pressed up against your ass.
however, you don't get very far until you felt a stinging slap against the flesh of your thighs, causing you to immediately raise your hips with a wince. "s- sorry, dia. i'm sorry..." your mumble out your apologies, unsure as to who you were even apologising to.
glancing down, you felt your heart skip a beat when your eyes met levi's, his pupils blown out with lust with his cheeks redden, blush spreading to the tips of his ears.
you felt your hole clench at the sight of him being so utterly affected by you when you had barely touched him. from the corner of your eye you could see levi's hand reaching out but was quickly slapped away by diavolo's vigilant watch.
"hands to yourself, no one is allowed to touch except for me."
the tone in his voice was a statement; there was absolutely no room for argument or exceptions of any kind.
the authority he held was not to be questioned.
seeing your partner this possessive made you even more needy, your whines breaking the silence as you reached behind to trace over your entrance with your fingertips. though this didn't last long when you felt a tight grasp on your wrist, halting your movement.
"didn't you just hear me? i said only i am allowed to touch."
he left you no time to response as the next moment, you felt his tongue swiping over your entrance. your hold on the headboard tightened as diavolo's mouth ravishes you from behind, moaning out in disappointment when he pulls back just as quickly.
he spits directly on the swell of your ass, using his fingers to spread his saliva until it covered your quivering hole before it could drip down.
"dia– dia, please. please, i need your cock. i want you to fuck me, i need–" you beg pathetically for the man, your moans getting caught in your throat the moment you felt diavolo shove his cock deep inside of you.
your eyes roll to the back of your head as your lover wastes no time before bullying his dick deep past your insides, hitting the little spot within your walls that had you screaming out in pleasure.
diavolo chuckles condescendingly as he watches as your body arch against his thrusts. "see, it's important to know what your partner likes. while some prefer to keep it soft, this one likes to be fucked like the a filthy whore, isn't that right, darling?"
"y– yes. yesyesyes dia– fuuck–" you could barely get your words out with the way diavolo was pistoning inside of you, the force of his thrust making stars dance within your vision.
your body tenses up as he expertly brings you to an orgasm, your body slumping down as the ripples of your climax waves over you. you were barely able to think clearly with diavolo showing no signs of stopping, unable to even voice out your words coherently with only little pathetic whines coming out.
diavolo takes pity on you when you were finally able to sob out pleas for him to slow down, his thrusts coming to a halt as he holds your body upright.
though you quickly learn that his vision of slowing down was just another version of making you crumble in a different way as he grinds his cockhead directly into your sensitive spot.
you quickly find tears welling up in your eyes before they spilled down your cheek from the overstimulation. your whimpers mixes in with the sound of wet squelches from his hips grinding against yours.
levi watches with heavy pants, entranced by the droplets of your release dripping down until they coated diavolo's balls which was still heavy with his cum.
diavolo hisses in surprise when he suddenly feels a hot stripe of levi's tongue lap over his sack, desperately licking up every single drop of your climax that he could steal.
your lover chuckles in contentment as he notices how levi deliberately avoids touching you directly. happy with the reassurance that the man beneath them knew of his place. diavolo starts snapping his hips once more, thrusting into your quivering hole with even more vigor.
"come on, baby. looks like our guest is a little thirsty, let him taste a bit more of you cum, he seems to be enjoying it very much."
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I saw that your requests are open and I'd like to request a short fic of trans masc mc who ends up syncing their period with a trans masc Diavolo. (I saw trans masc dia mentioned briefly in your fic "mc on her period" and it made me sooo happy! I literally do not have enough words to describe how happy it made me)
It's okay if you can't write it though. I don't mind it's completely understandable!! /G
Tumblr media
syncing periods with diavolo
Tumblr media
includes: diavolo & barbatos & ftm!mc (he/him pronouns)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list
a/n: TYSM i hope you enjoy this!! im glad you liked the prev fic!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or cleave feedback so come say hello!!
warnings: mentions of periods, cramps, eating, and medication
please reblog <33
Tumblr media
diavolo: want to come over for movies and takeout tonight?
mc: um yeah obv?? any particular reason?
diavolo: ugh i just started my period and want some company
mc: ill be over in a few :0
barbatos meets you at the door, taking your jacket.
“hello, mc,” he says with that quiet musicality of his, giving you a smile. “lord diavolo’s all set up in the main sitting room. do you need anything to eat? drink?”
“the only thing i need,” you say swiftly, “is for you to sit your butt down and watch cheesy movies with us.”
he chuckles. “alright, i’ll be along shortly.”
you make your way to the living room, where diavolo is sprawled across the massive l-shaped couch. he brightens immediately upon seeing you, giving you a grin. “and he’s here,” he says grandoisely, gesturing for you to take a seat. “how are you?”
“oh, you know,” you say with an answering smile. “ready to devour some greasy food and ice cream.”
“no, same,” he says, reaching for a stack of menus sitting on the table.“what are you in the mood for?”
while you and diavolo decide on dinner, barbatos enters the room, adding another blanket to the many already thrown on the couch. he sets a couple of bottles of water onto the coffeetable, giving you a look.
“remeber to drink water tonight too.”
“I will, i will,” you reply, touched by his chiding. “how does babylon curry sound?”
“good,” he replies, and diavolo places an order. it takes a while to decide on a sufficient movie, but once you do, the three of you snuggle together, eating chips and yes, barbatos, drinking water.
once the food finally arrives, you sent barbatos to get it, as you and diavolo are thoroughly wrapped in blankets and honestly, just not in the mood to stand. he brings it back and you both pounce.
“this seriously hits the spot,” you sigh, and diavolo makes a noise of agreement, shoveling bites into his mouth. barbatos throws him a napkin, something he accepts sheepishly. you laugh and he sticks his tongue out at you.
time passes, and your cramps come and go, abated by the medication diavolo has on hand. the movie ends, and you start up another one, but before you know it, diavolo, and, surprisingly enough, barbatos are passed out, heads on your shoulders. you bite back a smile, glad you don’t need to get up to change your pad/tampon/diva cup/etc. any time soon. maybe you’ll just go to sleep too.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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Tumblr media
The Altar - Demon Diavolo x Reader fic!
Chapter 1 is up! Minors DNI, please read tags!
"You find the source of a strange blight in your pumpkin patch. However, nothing could prepare you for what you encounter there."
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sleepykazz · 3 days
Did you get a request? It's Scenarios of Diavolo, Barbatos, Solomon, and Simeon react to their gender neutral human s/o giving them a scarf they knitted to him? It's their first time knitting so it's quite obvious that an amateur made it though. Thanks!
pairing/s: diavolo, barbatos, solomon, simeon x reader
cw: fluff, pda
note: bad grammar srry (English is not my language😭)
Tumblr media
Diavolo notices that you haven’t got out of your room since breakfast, so he decides to text you.
Diavolo: Y/N?
Diavolo: You didn’t come to eat breakfast, is everything alright? You’re worrying me.
Y/N: Im sorry, i have a lot of homework.
Diavolo: Y/N. You don’t have homework, remember? Yesterday you told me that you already done it.
Y/N: Oh.. yeah, sorry, I’m really busy doing something.
Diavolo: What are you doing?
Diavolo: ….
Diavolo: Y/N?
You turned off your phone, so you could focus on what you’re doing, well.. it’s your first time knitting isn’t it? You quickly turned on your phone, turned off the notifications and put on some music. You thought it would end really, really bad, since it was your first time knitting something, and it was a scarf since the weather in RAD was very cold. But it resulted really good!
You finished in time, you were going to open the door, the someone knocked.
“Y/N, love?” You knowed really well that voice. It was Diavolo!
“Diavolo?” You say.
“Love, are you alright? You’ve been worrying me, you didn’t reply my messages” Diavolo spoke.
“Im sorry, anyways, I got you something” You opened the door.
You showed Diavolo the scarfs. Diavolo smiles happily.
“Oh, so you spent all the day working on these? I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too! And I got one too! We could match!”
Diavolo kissed your cheek.
Tumblr media
Good luck with these one! Barbatos already knows what you’re doing LMAO. Doesn’t tell you bc doesn’t wanna ruin the “surprise” Sooo, stays away from your “space” to wait when you’re done.
Realizes that you’re been in your room more than 4 hours lol, in your room you’re knitting the scarf that you’re gonna give to barbatos, you didn’t know that if wasn’t that easy since it was your first time doing this, you’ve cutted a few times but didn’t care, you finally finished barbatos scarf, now it’s the time to do yours!
you were about to do it but you hear a knock on your door. it was barbatos.
“Y/N, excuse me but, is everything alright? You haven’t go out of your room since the past 4 hours.”
“I- im fine, Im just.. um, doing some homework!” You say.
“Homework? I helped you in the morning, and you finished. “
“Ummm, huh.. I’m really, really busy sorry!” You spoke. Continuing on what you were doing, and you finally finished. And you opened the door.
“Hey, honey, I’m sorry, I was doing something. But I got you something!” You showed barbatos the matching scarfs that you do.
“Oh, thank you, I appreciate it but you shouldn’t do it, we could just buy it” Barbatos say, he smiles happily.
Tumblr media
Like barbatos, already knows what you’re doing lol. Solomon texts you.
Y/N, come to open the door.
Tf, why are you here at 3AM 😭😭
Because you don’t reply my message and you haven’t come to see me like always. 😒
You always scare the hell out of me, I’m super busy, so enjoy being out in the cold 😜
You are so mean, you know that I have magic, do you?
Yea but whatever, I’m done, just wait.
Okay, i’ll be waiting.
When you’re finally done you put the scarf on a little box. And go out of your room to open the door, making sure to not wake the brothers.
When you opened the door you saw Solomon.
“Finally” He says.
“Shut up and take this” You say.
When Solomon opened the box he founded the scarf, in a blue color!
“You like it?! I have one too, we can match and wear it bc it’s cold!” You say.
“Yea, I like it, since when did you did this?” He said smiling.
“Thank you”
Tumblr media
You were in your room knitting Simeon’s scarf, you thought that you could do one to Luke too! White for simeon and yellow for Luke, and S/C for you (if you don’t understand that means “scarf color” it would take you more time by the way.
But you didn’t care, but when you finished you got out of your room and headed to the purgatory hall.
You were looking for Simeon, he was baking with Luke in the kitchen.
“Simeon, Luke! I ve got you two something!” You say. Luke goes to you hugging you.
“What is it?” Simeon says. You pulled out the box with the scarfs in there, and showed it to Luke and Simeon.
“The yellow one is for Luke, and the black is for you, Simeon. “
“ And the S/C? one?” Simeon asks.
“That’s mine, we can match!” You say.
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spareseratoninplz · 18 hours
Obey Me! Diavolo x reader: Sweet Treats
Tumblr media
"(Y/N), your marks have been excellent for both this quarter and last." Lucifer said, smiling happily.
"You're an exemplary student. I'm very proud." He added, his eyes curving in delight. I felt a sense of pride run through me as I smiled back.
"Th- thank you! Coming from you Lucifer, that's quite a compliment!" I said, placing a hand on my chest as I continued to smile as my cheeks lit up.
"... cute." Lucifer mumbled suddenly, but there's no way he would say something like that regarding me. Maybe I heard wrong.
"I'm sorry, what was that?" I asked, and he looked surprised before shaking his head.
"Nothing, my apologies..." He cleared his throat.
"Miss (Y/N)... may I have a moment of your time?" Barbatos asked, and I turned to him to see he was standing several feet away from us.
"Barbatos, is everything okay?" I asked, noticing how he held a handkerchief in front of his mouth and nose.
I pulled my shirt out slightly to sniff it and gave Barbatos a look. He only gave me the same smile he always did.
"Your scent does not offend, Miss (Y/N)... quite the opposite in fact... which brings me to my next question... did the young lord happen to share some of his pudding with you earlier?" He asked, and I hummed in question.
"Oh, yes. He did actually... why do you ask?" I asked, and he nodded slightly.
"You see... the young lord neglected to read the warning label before allowing you to indulge in the lunatic pudding... it has a certain... *effect* on humans." He explained, and my eyes widened as I felt a cold chill run through me.
"Don't misunderstand, please. I promise no harm will come to you... the pudding's effects... it simply increases the amount of pheromone that you put off... and makes it increasingly difficult for potential mates to maintain their composure." He explained, and I swallowed hard.
"You're saying... the pheromones I put off will make it hard for my male friends to resist me...?" I asked, and he nodded.
"Indeed... the effects will wear off after 24 hours. However-" He was suddenly cut short by Lucifer's voice, and I was taken by surprise when he suddenly wrapped his arms around me from behind.
"Ah...?" I felt my face suddenly burn hot as I brought my hands up to my face in an attempt to hide it.
"(Y/N)... you're so warm... and you smell so nice..." He said, nuzzling his face into my neck. My breathing was becoming shallow and I was feeling increasingly overwhelmed by Lucifer's uncharacteristic form of affection.
"Lucifer... I'm sorry." Another familiar voice chimed in. There was suddenly a binding purple light followed by the sound of cracking electricity. Lucifer shouted in surprise before releasing me.
"L- Lord Diavolo...!" Lucifer winced. He seemed to be paralyzed for the time being.
Diavolo pulled me into his side before glancing over at Barbatos.
"Lead him out, please." He ordered, and Barbatos simply bowed slightly before escorting Lucifer out by the arm, his eyes glued to me the whole time.
"Is... will Lucifer be okay?" I asked, and Diavolo chuckled warmly.
"Oh (Y/N)... it's just like you to worry about others before yourself... unfortunately, you're in a bit of a predicament... and I'm the only one to blame, admittedly." He said, frowning as he looked off to the side.
"It's not your fault. You were just being polite." I said, and again he chuckled.
"I'm afraid your kindness is making it even more difficult to resist you." He said, and I swallowed hard.
"That being said-" He was interrupted suddenly by the door opening, and three bodies entering the building.
"Beel, slow down!" Mammon groaned. He was being dragged behind Beel whilst attempting to hold him back by his uniform jacket. He effortlessly walked forward towards the two of us.
"(Y/N)? That incredible smell is coming from you!?" He exclaimed.
"Oh, you're right Beel!" Satan said, the slightly surprised look on his face suddenly turning into an alluring grin.
"Oh wow, (Y/N)..." Mammon gasped, not able to say much else.
"The three of you need to return to the house of Lamentation immediately. I'll be taking care of (Y/N) for the time being." Diavolo insisted, pushing me behind him.
"That's just like you, Lord Diavolo... keeping all the best things for yourself." Satan spat, crossing his arms in defiance.
"(Y/N)..." Beel groaned, clutching his stomach. He looked almost as though he were in pain trying to hold himself back. The look in his eyes made me feel horrible.
"All three of you... stay!" I commanded and the three of them froze where they stood.
"Wh- (Y/N), C'mon!" Mammon complained.
"I'm sorry you three! You're only acting this way because I ate some lunatic pudding!" I explained, and although they heard me, they still continued to writhe where they stood.
"There's gotta be something we can do! They're in pain!" I exclaimed.
"I need to get you away from here. Away from R.A.D. ... going back to the house of Lamentation is out of the question too. At least until the effects of the pudding have subsided." Diavolo said, holding his hand out towards the three men.
"Stand aside." He commanded, and all three of them were moved aside so we could run past.
We managed to make it outside as we moved closer to the city. Diavolo kept me close at his side to hopefully mask my scent as much as he could.
"If we could just make it back to my castle-" Again, Diavolo was cut short, but this time it was by me.
"ASMO, STAY!" I shouted, and he fell to the ground before he could wrap his arms around me.
"S- sorry Asmo! It's for your own good!" I shouted back at him as Diavolo pulled me away by the hand.
"There's so many of them...!" I said, my cheeks red from embarrassment as tears pooled in my eyes. A few incubi began shouting lewd comments and attempting to grab at me as they gathered around. I covered my head with my arms and squeezed my eyes shut.
There was a strong sudden current of cold air, followed by a heavy, intense heat.
"THAT. IS. ENOUGH." Diavolo spoke. His voice rang out loud and clear. Every demon and incubus around shriveled back in fear.
My hair was still slightly being blown around by the increased air current, and my eyes widened in amazement at Diavolo's Demon form.
He towered above me, his arms folded across his chest, exuding his supremely authoritative presence with a creased brow and deep frown.
"(Y/N), come here." He said, his eyes softening as he looked down at me. I swallowed before standing and taking his hand. He lifted me into his arms, and I quickly wrapped my own around his neck, clinging tightly and not daring to look down as he took off from the ground. I hid my face into the crook of his neck, and held on for dear life.
After what seemed like an eternity, we landed and Diavolo released me from his arms. We were standing on a balcony high above, overlooking the entirety of the Devildom.
"(Y/N)... are you alright?" He asked, regarding me gently.
I shook my head, squeezing my eyes shut as I tried in vain to rub away the tears that began spilling from my eyes.
"I... I'm sorry...!" I whimpered, feeling so small.
"Y- You've had to c- come to my rescue m- more than once today, and..." I swallowed hard before clutching my chest.
"I'm so sorry Lord Diavolo! I never meant to put you through all this trouble!" I cried, and suddenly was brought into a tight, warm embrace as he pulled me into his chest.
"Oh (Y/N)... truly, your heart is too pure..." He chuckled, holding me close. After a moment he used his thumb and forefinger to lift my chin up to where I was looking at him.
"Please, don't blame yourself for my mistake... after all, if I had only read the warning label, you never would have been put in this situation." I sniffled a bit as he regarded me, smiling with slightly saddened eyes.
"Unfortunately, it's not just the effects of the pudding that had everyone acting like depraved savages..." He said.
"What do you mean...?" I asked as he stepped away from me.
"Do you remember what Lucifer said when you first arrived in the Devildom?" He asked, and I thought for a moment before he answered for me.
"The humans with souls that are pure and kind are the most alluring to a demon... and it isn't your fault, (Y/N)... you're naturally kind and innocent... unfortunately, it's a demon's deepest desire to feed off of such things. It's simply our true nature." He explained, and it suddenly came back to me.
"So... I should try to be... less nice?" I asked, and again he chuckled in the endearing way that he did.
"Even if you tried to change how you act, it won't change the innocence of your soul. That's just who you are in essence... besides, I love how you are. Just as you are." He said, smiling brightly at me now. I felt my heart suddenly clench at the look on his face, and I looked away as a hot blush consumed my face.
"Oh, I'm sorry (Y/N). Did I embarrass you?" He asked, sounding amused by it.
"Why aren't you affected by the pudding, Lord Diavolo...?" I asked, and he hummed in question.
"Please, just refer to me as Diavolo when we're in private. The title Lord becomes so cumbersome after awhile..." He said, shaking his head slightly.
I lifted my eyes to look at him and he seemed to search me for something. When he couldn't find it, he smiled sweetly.
"As for your question... all I can really say is that I must be a pretty great actor." He said, rubbing his fingers through his hair.
"I've actually been finding it increasingly difficult to control my urges around you... that's why I've brought you here. You can stay in my room until the effects of the pudding have subsided." He said, and I felt a bit more comfortable having him say that.
"I'll be down the hall to the right of here if you need me." He said, waking across the room to the door.
There was an increasing warmth building in my chest, and I found myself craving his touch.
"Lo- I- I mean... Diavolo...?" I asked, biting my lip.
He turned towards me, humming in question.
"I... could you maybe stay a bit longer...? I know it's selfish of me to request more of your time when I know you're so busy, and I've already caused so much interference today as is-" I spoke. He quickly cut me off.
"You realize... the longer I stay, the greater the urge to ravage you becomes." He said, rather bluntly. It also seemed like his voice dropped an octave.
"I... I trust you, Diavolo..." I mumbled.
He turned to me, his lips pulling into a thin line as his brow furrowed.
"I don't think you quite grasp the severity of the situation you're attempting to put yourself in." He said plainly.
"I am unlike any of the demons or incubi that occupy this realm. I could have devoured you by now without having left a trace." He took my hand in his before hesitantly lifting my hand to his lips. They parted slightly, allowing me to feel the pointed edge of one of his sharp canines.
"You're protected here from all the others... but that does not make you safe." He said, giving me a look of warning that caused a jolt of electricity to run through me.
And then he smiled.
"Although... even without the effects of the pudding... you've enraptured me so..." He spoke.
He pressed his thumb against my lips before tugging gently on my chin to where I had to keep my eyes on him.
"I just want to be certain that this is really something you want." He said, his eyes searched for any sign of hesitation or second thoughts.
"I trust you Diavolo... since I came to the Devildom, you've been nothing but kind to me." I said.
"In that case, trust me when I say... it is not kindness that I am relaying at the moment..., I'm actually battling with myself within my own mind. Half of me wants to simply devour you until there's nothing left... the other half wants to rip your clothes off and devour you in *other ways*." He said, and I felt a strange tingle down deep within my core.
"I don't think I'd mind being devoured by you... in any capacity." I said, biting my lip, and his eyes widened for a moment before he smirked.
"So there *is* a bit of a naughty side to you after all." He chuckled.
"In that case... I'll savor every moment you'll allow me." His voice was lower now as he spread his arms out, allowing himself to change back into his natural demonic form.
I stretched my hand out to touch his chest beneath the center crest that held together the fur on his shoulders. With one hand, he unclipped his neckpiece and pulled the fur and chains over his head to fall in the floor to collect in a heap.
"Is this better?" He asked, his torso now fully exposed.
I gently touched his bare chest with a shaky hand, and he placed his larger warm hand over mine, holding it against him as he used his free hand to curl his fingers around the hair at the nape of my neck and pull back roughly.
I gasped as I was now looking straight up at the ceiling. I felt his hot breath on my neck, slowly moving to my mouth as he tugged a bit more on my hair. The slight pain only intensified the heat that was building inside of me.
"Last chance... just say the word and I'll stop..." He said, looking back and forth between my eyes and lips.
"Please... don't stop..." I gasped, and that was enough for him to finally press his hot and hungry lips against mine.
His hands were now gently holding both sides of my face as he feverishly worked his soft lips against mine.
My lower back hit against something, stopping me from moving any further backwards. An audible growl escaped Diavolo's throat as he easily lifted me with one arm beneath my bottom, and cleared the table behind me with the other.
Various objects clattered to the ground noisily as he replaced me on top of the table. His mouth found my neck and collarbone as his fingers, that had been trying at the buttons of my uniform shirt for a minute now, became impatient and found purchase before ripping it wide open. Buttons popped off and flew in every direction.
"This bra is really cute..." He said lowly before giving me a mischievous grin and angling one of his claws beneath the center. With a quick flick of his wrist, the garment was disposed of and I gasped in surprise as the cold air engulfed my exposed upper body. My arms folded across my chest, but Diavolo immediately moved to stop me.
"Don't hide yourself from me, (Y/N)... I want all of you." He rasped before bringing one hand to massage my breast as he took the other into his mouth. I gasped, biting my lip to keep all the sounds from escaping, but when he lightly bit down on my nipple, a moan escaped, causing my entire face to burn hot. He chuckled darkly, as I looked down at him to see he was looking back at me with a wicked look glistening in those beautiful golden eyes of his.
"You know... this castle is quite enormous. It would take quite a lot of noise coming from this room for anyone to hear." He spoke, sneakily slipping his fingers beneath the fabric of my uniform skirt, lazily dragging a sharp nail along the inside of my thigh, tearing at my panty hose as he went until he reached my most needy, still clothed, area.
"What I'm trying to say is..." He trailed off, lowering his head to be at level with my most private area. My eyes widened as his clawed finger ripped apart my underwear with one tug.
"I want them to hear." He growled. His hands seized my hips, bringing my lower half into his mouth as he began licking and sucking at the swollen, sensitive bud.
A scream left my lips before I could stop it, and my hands quickly found purchase in his hair, trying to push his head away to stop the onslaught of pleasure from causing me to find my release too soon.
My strength waned as he was far stronger than me. He only buried his face deeper into my core whilst keeping my legs spread apart and resting atop his broad, muscular shoulders. His tongue and mouth were relentless, causing my back to arch as I grabbed onto the nearest solid object, which just happened to be his horns.
"D- Diav- ah...!" I screamed out, feeling my legs begin to tremble as his nails dug into my thighs. My climax was coming, and there was no slowing it down.
"I'm coming...!" I gasped, and felt myself scream out in anguish as he removed his mouth from me entirely. My heart was beating out of my chest, and he had just depraved me of what I needed most- or so I thought.
"I hope you're ready for me." He growled. I could hear the raw desire in his tone as he stood, sliding his pants down, and revealing his full length to me. My eyes widened in surprise at the sheer length and girth of it.
"You're my first..." I whimpered, and it was his turn to stumble slightly as his eyes grew big. Just as quickly, he recovered from the shock and his eyes softened before he smiled at me sweetly.
"I'll be gentle. I promise." He mumbled, moving against me and pushing his mouth against mine as he pushed two fingers into me to begin stretching out my tight walls. My moans were swallowed up by his mouth moving against mine, and after a few moments I pulled away.
"I can't wait any longer... I need you now... please, Diavolo." I begged, and his expression softened even more as his cheeks burned red.
"As you wish." He said, moving my hips forward on the table to line himself up with my entrance. Slowly, he brought me down onto his hard shaft, the head barely fitting inside of me before I began to come undone.
He continued to slowly move himself deeper into me, encouraging me to wrap my legs around his waist as he moved to press me against the opposite wall. When he was finally sheathed all the way within me I groaned at the fullness I felt with him inside of me. It was almost shocking how I didn't even feel the slightest pain.
With my back pressed roughly against the wall, he began to thrust his hips upwards into me, hitting the right spot with each thrust. His sharp nails drug down my bag as his teeth sunk into my neck, sucking harshly at the skin. He continued to rock his hips, slowly and rhythmically into me.
After several moments I begged him to pick up the pace, and he grunted before moving us towards the bed and dropping me onto the plush mattress. Before I could ask what he was doing, or complain about the loss of contact he roughly wrapped his hand around my throat and pinned me to the bed.
"On your knees." He demanded, his voice even lower than before. I swallowed hard before nodding and turning over to get on my knees as he had ordered.
One hand came down hard on my left ass cheek as the other reached up to wrap my hair around his hand, and pull backwards, forcing me to arch my back.
"Don't say I didn't warn you." He chuckled before fully re-entering me from behind. I screamed out, gasping for air as I felt it being forced from my lungs with each hard thrust. He picked up the speed and strength of his thrusts, hitting a spot within that was causing me to see stars behind my eyelids.
I screamed his name several times, causing him to speed up with each utterance of it. I had already met my release twice more before I felt his thrusts beginning to grow sloppier.
The coil began to wind tighter and tighter within me as we both raced towards our final climax. With one final thrust, he called out my name, before pulling out and coatin my back and legs with his thick, hot seed. My body trembled as I collapsed onto the bed, there was no way I could move anymore at this point.
"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up." He spoke after a moment. I hummed in question as he scooped me out of the bed and carried me into the enormous bathroom where he drew a hot bath.
He threw a few things in that made the water a bit murky and fragrant and then offered his hand to me to help me into the tub.
"Barbatos gave me these herbs to bathe in. That help reduce fatigue and soreness..." He trailed off, watching as I sunk slowly into the hot water, sighing contentedly as my muscles relaxed. After a moment, Diavolo slid into the massive tub behind me, and began to rub something into my back with gentle care. Several minutes passed a his hands worked to clean every inch of me, and I was beginning to grow so tired I thought I might fall asleep in the tub.
Diavolo removed himself from the tub before grabbing a robe to cover himself, and then one for me as well. He helped me to slip into it, and kindly carried me back to the bed before pouring me a refreshing glass of water with ice.
"Aftercare is extremely important... especially since our anatomy isn't exactly 100% compatible..." He explained, lifting my road slightly to reveal the darkening bruises that littered both of my thighs.
"I'm so sorry if I hurt you in any way." He apologized, his brow furrowing.
"I'm okay, honestly. I can handle it." I assured, and he smiled sweetly before lying backwards, resting his head in my lap and sliding his eyes closed.
"Be that as it may... I'll be sure to have Barbatos whip you up a potion to help with any lingering pain. Also, don't worry about your classes tomorrow. I'll notify your professors that you won't be in tomorrow due to sickness." He said, I chuckled.
"Diavolo, I'm not sick." I said, and he opened one eye before flashing me a cheeky grin.
"No, but you'll definitely be sore tomorrow... especially after I'm done with you." He winked, and I felt myself smile and swallow a huge lump in my throat.
I wasn't completely sure what I had just gotten myself into, but one thing was for sure-- I couldn't be happier.
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vellatrelle · 1 month
Reposting this work for Diavolo's birthday 🎉
Tumblr media
Close ups✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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littleventcrawler · 2 months
Diavolo likes to carry you.
Diavolo loves to carry you, actually
it’s plain and simple as that. You’re human, you’re naturally smaller. He’s more than strong enough to hold you with ease, and he certainly doesn’t mind. Even if you whine or insist that he doesn’t have to, he simply smiles and kisses your nose. He’s always looking for an excuse to pick you up, even the most minor of things.
Need to reach the top shelf? He’ll help you.
Don’t want to walk in the grass barefoot but don’t have any shoes? He’s got you.
Feet hurt from walking? He’s already scooping you up.
His favorite thing is to hold you while doing mundane every day tasks, or just walking around his castle. He likes to have your legs wrapped around his waist while he bounces you just slightly, teasing you about how cute you are and how much he adores you.
The best part, though, is that when he’s done he can carry you right to bed with him.
Like my writing? I take requests! NSFW or SFW for any fandoms in my bio!
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nanawritesit · 3 months
Obey Me! Dateables Imagine: MC is kidnapped by a lower demon and summons them to come save them
Demon Brothers Ver.
Characters: Lord Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, and Solomon
Trigger Warnings: MC is tied to a chair and slightly manhandled, slightly suggestive at the end of Solomon's, mentions of choking
A/N: As soon as I saw how many people loved the version with the brothers, I knew I'd be writing a version with the side characters! I've gotten so many requests to do so, and ya know, my now dateable babes deserve the same amount of love :) I changed the scenario a tiny bit since not all of them are demons, but its the same plot line, so ENJOY!
Oh! I almost forgot, I won't be writing for Raphael, Mephisto, or Thirteen since I don't feel like I know their characters very well. I'm only on lesson 28 but maybe if I get far enough into the story I'll start including them!
You thought all of this would be over. You had been at RAD for half a year now. All the demons seemed to be used to your presence and no one had so much as given you dirty looks anymore. When you first arrived you were the target of some bullying and pranks, but after the school learned you were under the protection of the seven brothers, that ceased to exist. 
So when Judas, a popular and nice demon in your history class offered to help you study after school, you gladly accepted it. It was your worst subject, and exams were quickly approaching. He was smart, pretty, and seemed to get along well with everyone. 
That was what you thought until you woke up in a dark room, tied to a chair looking up at him, horrified. Your mind drifted back to when he offered you a drink when you first came to the study room. He must have slipped you something and then drug you off to some secluded area. 
“Why would you do this?” you demanded, tugging at the ropes that bound your fists together behind the chair. 
“Because I think Lord Diavolo’s plan to unite the three realms is blasphemous.” Judas spat back. “Humans could never stand as equals to demons, and when I’m done with you, he’ll feel the same way.”
“I’ll give you one chance.” you told him with an ice cold stare, doing an awful good job at hiding your fear. “Let me go right now and I won’t call for him.” 
Judas laughed maniacally, throwing his head back to the ceiling and clapping his hands. He then grabbed the back of your neck and forced you to look up at him. “Go ahead. I’m sure they won’t do anything. You may think that he likes you, but he only protects you out of pity.”
You gave Judas a small smirk before screaming out for your beloved.
Lord Diavolo:
"You sure about that?" a deep voice boomed behind Judas. Diavolo's enormous frame practically swallowed up the inferior demon, instantly striking fear into his heart. He was in his gorgeous demon form, which he hardly ever sported around his subjects.
Diavolo simply crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled. His calm demeanor was somehow even more terrifying than if he were acting as furious as he felt on the inside. But Diavolo was a true royal, and he knew the best way to get to this degenerate was to maintain his composure. He took slow, dignified steps towards him, flapping his huge, dark wings with each stride. He stopped in front of Judas and put one of his massive hands over his shoulder.
"Forgive me my subject, but I don't think I feel the same way as you. You see, MC is more valuable to me than the entire Devildom." Diavolo was acting very proper, but it was only because he had to keep his image as prince. "However, you did put your hands on my irreplaceable companion, who happens to be a guest in our realm. Now I can't just let that go unpunished, can I?" The smile on his face didn't drop for a second as he patted Judas on the back.
He then snapped his fingers and summoned the royal guard. The lower demon cowered in fear at the many soldiers that pointed their swords at him. He was shaking in his boots, sweating and tearing up.
"Aw, don't look so sad Judas!" the Lord laughed, "The dungeon isn't that dark and scary. In the future, I wouldn't recommend kidnapping a human that has a pact with the Prince of Hell." The smirk on his face was positively sinister. "Take him away." he ordered, and the guard immediately left the room, dragging Judas away as he begged for forgiveness.
Once they were all gone, Diavolo immediately unsheathed a dagger from his hip and cut your ropes open in one quick swipe. You instantly jumped into his arms. He was holding onto you so tight, as if he was scared you weren't going to be there if he let go. You pulled back after a while and realized that his demon form had vanished… and that he was crying.
"Dia it's alright, he didn't hurt me!" you reassured him, placing a comforting hand on his cheek.
"I'm so sorry." he pleaded, placing his hand over yours. "I told you I would keep you safe here. I failed you."
"No you didn’t, my prince." you told him, putting your forehead against his. "I knew you would come in a second. I never doubted you and I'm not going to start now."
"I love you." he whispered through a choked down sob. "I'm never letting you out of my sight MC. I promise you this won't happen again. I'll do whatever I have to do to make this kingdom a safe place for you."
That poor little demon. Barbatos was known to be the most sinister and lethal demon in the entire Devildom. Not even Lucifer entertained the idea of crossing him. After all, he had to be extremely formidable to work as the Demon Lord's faithful butler. He was used to cleaning up messes for Diavolo, and taking care of several assassination attempts before word could even reach the young prince.
At first, Barb was surprised that you had chosen him. He thought for sure that you would call for one of the brothers. In fact, the only reason he had formed a pact with you was because they were all gone on a business trip one day, and he wanted to be sure that you had protection. However, he was beyond honored that your first instinct was to summon him. He had always secretly been jealous of your closeness with the brothers, wishing he could have that kind of relationship with you. He just thought you were so nice and lovely, but he was afraid that you only saw him as a side character in your life.
The butler was absolutely enraged when he saw the lesser man gripping on your neck as if you were some toy. The glow of his dark, powerful magic radiated all around him, and in a flash he tackled Judas to the ground. He pinned him down with his knee and tied his hands behind his back. Once Judas was restricted from all movement, Barbatos chuckled in a sadistic manner for a while at the scene in front of him.
"Ah, my apologies, but did you honestly think that I would let someone as pitiful as you get away with hurting MC? Not only are they a vital part of my master's dream for this kingdom, but I care for them far too much to let you lay so much as your pinky finger on them."
Next, he leaned down to whisper in Judas' ear. "Don't fret little infidel, our fun isn't over yet. I'll be back for you in a second." Judas was banished to some other location at the wave of Barb’s gloved hand, and you never saw him again after that moment.
"MC? Did he harm you at all?" Barbatos asked as he sliced through your restraints with his tail. There was so much concern in his eyes, you were so touched.
"No, I'm alright, it was just scary." you chuckled awkwardly. You could feel your anxiety overwhelming you as the ropes fell to the ground. You were shaking and tearing up, not being sure how to handle the adrenaline rush of the situation.
He reached out a hand towards you for a second, then pulled back in hesitation.
You shouldn't indulge in their presence. He thought to himself. They probably want one of the brothers to comfort them.
His internal monologue was interrupted when you suddenly jumped up and engulfed him in the tighest embrace he had felt in centuries.
"Thank you, Barbatos. I knew you would come for me."
He was utterly frozen, totally taken aback at your appreciation. He couldn't help himself anymore and put his arms around you. He squinted his eyes at the warmth of your embrace. It felt like he belonged there, and he never wanted to be anywhere else from that point on. Maybe you did see him as more than a side character.
To Judas' misfortune, he assumed that you would call upon another demon to come help you. He didn't know that you were also close with Simeon, one of the highest ranking angels. You knew that a demon, especially one as low ranking as him, would be powerless in the presence of such a celestial being. That and, Simeon told you when you first came here that if you were ever in trouble, you could summon him.
You guys didn't have a pact obviously, but he had given you a special crystal necklace that would activate in times of extreme stress and danger, that would notify him that you needed help. He had given it to you after your near-death experience with Belphie. He didn't want to tell you for fear of jeopardizing your relationship, but he had a very hard time forgiving Belphie after that because he almost took you away from him, and... he didn't like thinking about demons wanting to kill you. He wanted to protect you and be your guardian your whole life, until you could become an angel like him. He really did like you and when he imagined his eternity, you were always there next to him.
He appeared within seconds, literally glowing with divine light. Judas was blinded at the angel's heavenly brightness, and immediately fell to his knees.
"You poor, misguided soul." Simeon muttered softly, placing two fingers under Judas’ jaw and forcing him to look him in the eye. "Going around torturing innocent humans... its not your fault you can't be as virtuous and beautiful as MC is."
"Simeon, I-" Judas began rambling, "I didn't mean to-"
"Hush now." Simeon interrupted, clearly not willing to give him the chance to explain himself at all. He leaned down to Judas' face. "I pray that you find salvation with your creator."
"No please!" Judas begged, but Simeon was already taking off his glove. He emitted an even brighter golden light from his palm, and Judas disintegrated to ash at it.
"My dear MC-" Simeon began as he rushed over to untie you. "Thank goodness I gave you that necklace. I don't know what I would have done if that monster laid a hand on you. You probably would have caught a glimpse of my dark side."
You laughed with him, taking his hand in yours. "Thank you Simeon. You always take such good care of me. I'm really happy to have you in my life."
His heart skipped a beat and he felt all warm and fuzzy. "MC... I don't have much experience with these kinds of things, but the way you keep brushing against death makes me want to confess something to you.
He brought the top of your hand to his mouth and kissed it before he went on. "I want to be with you, as more than just friends. I want to be by your side because you make me happy. If you'll have me, I'd like to be yours."
"Thank god- sorry, thank goodness." you chuckled, "I was starting to think you were never going to ask me. I've wanted you since the moment I laid eyes on you."
He laughed with you, placing his forehead against yours.
"How about an equivalent exchange? I'll belong to you and you'll belong to me. It'll be like our version of a pact."
"Simeon, if you ever call our relationship a pact, I'll tell Solomon you want him to make dinner for you." you joked, pulling him in for a sweet kiss. His soft lips pressed against yours, one hand cupping your cheek and the other squeezing your own, running his thumb along the back of it. He was smiling into the kiss, and you couldn't help but do so as well.
"Your angel pleads for your forgiveness." he beamed, looking into your eyes with such pure adoration.
You guys didn't have a pact, but he did teach you a special summoning spell to use should you ever have issues with your magic and need his guidance. He didn't anticipate that it would also be useful in emergency situations, but he was glad that he had taught you.
Solomon is the most morally grey of all the guys, so he would have a really fun time with this lower demon. His dark eyes squinted at the sight of Judas with his hand on the back of your neck. Then he held his hand out and put him in a binding spell, pressing Judas flat against the wall until he couldn't move a muscle.
Solomon strode up to him and pressed a hand on the wall over his shoulder, looming overtop of him. "Care to explain what you were planning on doing to my apprentice? I'd love to know so I can deliver a curse unto you that's befitting."
Judas was struggling against the magic to utter out a sound that would somehow save him from Sol's wrath. But it was far too late, for he had already crossed a pretty thick line.
"I can't believe a creature like you had the gall to go after the companion of one of the world's most powerful sorcerers." Solomon began, his magic causing Judas' veins to pop out along the surface of his skin. "I'm almost impressed. However, you still threatened my favorite person, and I can't have other heathens like you thinking I'm okay with that. Unfortunately I'll have to make an example of you, little one."
The sorcerer then placed his palm against the demon's forehead, delivering the curse unto him. Once he was released from the curse, he sprinted out of the room.
"Don't worry, the true effects will show up in a few minutes. After that, no other demon here will even dream of hurting you." He got you out of the chair and helped you up.
"Sol..." you began, fighting back tears as he held your hands in his own. "I don't want to admit it, but that was really scary."
"It's alright, you're allowed to be scared. In fact, you should hang onto that sense of fear down here. It means you're still human." he smiled, running his thumbs along the backs of your hands.
"Well, you're a human, and you're not scared of anything." you challenged him.
"Sure I am." he chuckled, leaning in closer to your face. "Seeing you in danger like this? That scared me."
"I don't believe you." you told him, shaking your head with a smirk.
"Perhaps this will win you over?" he asked before capturing your lips in a kiss. You relaxed into his touch, putting your hands together behind his neck, his own slipping down to your waist. You indulged in each other for a moment, then he pulled away and grinned at you. "Let's go up to my room. I'll teach you some protection spells, and if you're a good little apprentice, I'll give you a reward."
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thewritingdoll · 23 days
𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐲 𝐝𝐫𝐲 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 — 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐳𝐞𝐛𝐮𝐛, 𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐨 & 𝐦𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧
𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 ∣ smut headcanons ( minors dni ), fem!reader, grinding, dry humping, begging, ab riding, over the panty stimulation, all characters featured are 18+
𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗻𝘁 ∣ requested by anonymous. do not repost or translate. please reblog && leave feedback. thanks for reading < 3
Tumblr media
Beel always gets a little dazed when you say “Please, baby, I need you.” real sweet and straddle his lap. you’re still sleepy from a nap, clad in little more than his oversized muscle top and your panties.
like he’s awestruck; he just can’t believe something so pretty and needy exists.
“I’m almost done with these reps and then I’ll play with you after—“ he starts to say, jaw clenching as he grips the massive barbell with both hands, splayed out on the bench.
but you can’t help it, the way his chiseled form is laid out for you, and the diamonds of sweat against his temple and sparkling against the deep valleys of his abs has you purring, inching up higher on his lap, gripping his hands with your much smaller ones to hold on to the bar. you glide over his abs with ease, the firmness of the ridges rubbing through the thin, cotton lingerie to rouse your clit to life.
“Not after,” you pout, and he pauses, watching you grind into his bare torso, “now.”
at first, a cherry blush overtakes his cheeks. the visage of your arms above your head, holding on to his hands on the bar, keeping them and the barbell itself in place while your hips oscillate, dragging your core over his damp midsection until you start to soak a patch through them, and your eyes glittering with need and lust all but leaving him speechless— breathless.
“Okay.” was what he musters after a moment of awed staring, and when you mewl and snap your hips forward to ride the wave of his stomach, his own jut forward, muffling a low grunt. he must’ve been rock solid in his gym shorts by now. you would’ve bet a million Grimm that his base instincts had kicked in, and that all of the snorting he was doing as he lay back was the same reason his pupils were blown out black: he could smell your arousal and it was driving him crazy, too.
his eyeline falls to watch your grinding, becoming utterly mesmerized by the way you rock back and forth, and the damp bleeding through your panties. “You’re so wet.” he exclaimed in a breathy, half grunt, “Does it feel that good?”
and you nod, your nails biting into the backs of his hands as your pace quickens. your knees spur into his ribs, planting you firmly in place so you can strum yourself silly on his abdomen. “I’m so… so sensitive,” you whimper, rolling your body to focus all of the pressure on to your swollen, greedy clit, your eyelids flutter when it scrapes over one mountainous muscle pad, “Need— need to cum… Beel…”
“Should I—“
but you shook your head, fervent, and clamped down harder on his hands in case he tried to pull them from the bar. “Don’t,” you whine, “don’t do a thing, baby. Not a single, fucking thing.” your breath was broken into furious puffs now as you ride him, rasping your throbbing clitoris over him, leaving the sweet, addictive smell of your needy cunt smeared over his flesh. you knew he’d leave it there for the rest of the night, and his brothers would simmer in their jealousy every time they caught the scent. “I’m so close,” you urge, feeling a knot pulling tighter and tighter in your lower belly, “gonna cum all over your abs, baby.”
Beel’s eyes were wide and happy, a speechless smile tugging at his lips. you could tell by how tight the muscles in his arms were that he wanted to pull them from the bar, slide you back down to grind his cock against your soaking panties, but he doesn’t. instead, his hips rock back and forth, fucking the air in anticipation. “I wanna see…” he mumbles, fists now tight around the barbell. “Cum all over me, pretty girl.”
Tumblr media
you had been so patient all night, sitting pretty, allowing Diavolo plenty of time to tend to the needs and concerns of those who reside in the Devildom, and there had been many.
however, by the time dinner was coming to a close, your patience was wearing thin.
it was his fault, you decided, for looking so dapper in his suit— not a single hair out of place, and smelling like vanilla bean and smoke. his fault for holding his big, warm, strong palm resting on your bare thigh underneath the slit of your skirt the whole time. his thumb grazing the silken flesh he found there.
you could tell that it was his way of apologizing for so little quality time spent with you today.
maybe you weren’t being as patient as you thought, after all. maybe he could see the desire to grab him and escape every time someone called his name. maybe you were huffing, and closing your eyes to keep from rolling them.
maybe Diavolo’s gentle circles against your leg was to calm you down.
but it was doing the opposite.
because his warmth was so damn close to your treasure now, so you stealthily glanced down at it, swallowing a gulp from your glass around the growing lump in your throat.
his paw is massive, and splayed out over the majority of your thigh, so you shift in your seat, opening your legs wider.
when his hand slides closer to your core, he casts you a warning glance, but you’re already staring at him from behind the glass you sipped from, brow quirked.
Diavolo chews on the inside of his cheek, his eyeline slowly dropping downward so as not to attract the attention of the dinner guests, but they become glued to your legs as they spread wider.
finally, you slip one hand under the table and grab hold of his wrist, guiding his to your panties, pressing against the dampness of them so Diavolo can feel how warm you are — how badly you want him.
and Diavolo responds in kind, pressing his thick fingers against your sex, seeking the swollen and throbbing bundle of nerves. when he finds her, he rubs in slow, hard circles.
you’d been holding on to the desire all day and most of the night, so his heavy handed nature against your most sensitive state has you stifling a needy whimper, trying your damndest to be as discreet as possible as you arch your back and rock your hips, dragging your desperate, clothed cunt over his hand.
your nails dig into his wrist, unsure if you want to ease him into a softer rhythm or try to force him to speed up.
but, the attention he was giving you felt too good to change even an iota.
before you knew it, you were squirming on his palm, struggling to keep your eyes from crossing, coming undone in forced silence.
looking up at his countenance was a mistake, because as soon as you did, you spotted a cheeky grin tickling his tiers, gems alight, and crimson cheeks. he was all too happy to play with you under the table, right in front of his dinner guests.
he might have even considered your inability to wait any longer the biggest compliment to be paid to him.
you knew that look all too well— and you knew this would not be the last time he got you off at dinner.
Tumblr media
“What was that, baby?” Mammon crooned; a wicked smile etching his mouth upwards. oh, how he did so enjoy when you were under his thumb. “Tell me again, real clear this time.”
“Please,” you mewled, desperately arching your back off the bed, angling your core towards his. you could feel how hard the lump in his jeans was already, and you ached and buzzed and yearned for him to free his cock from the harshness of the fabric and bury it inside of you, “please, Mammon… I want your cock so badly.”
but Mammon only leans closer into your rocking, pressing the protuberance against your panties, one hand gripping the buckle on his own belt as he glances down through unruly, silver tendrils.
he wasn’t even trying to undo his fly and satiate your most primal urges, he only wanted to see how pathetic you could be for him.
“Fuck, you’re so sexy when you’re needy.”
it’s barely above a whisper, breathy and starved, and it only spurs you to rub against him more fervently, whimpering as the minimal friction teases your most sensitive section.
“Stop teasing me,” you whine, dragging your core against the thick tent wrapped in denim, brows knitting together. the fabric is so rough that the grinding sends deep jolts of fleeting pleasure straight through the nerves you’re taunting, and your fingers and toes twitch each time, muscles tightening. “F—fuck me already…”
Mammon smirks; the eager begging and the way you just have to grind against him, soaking a patch of his jeans darker than the rest that smelled just like you— marking him as yours only makes him want to torment you more.
but his greediness stands as an obstacle, too, because he’s eager to feel you from the inside just as you’re eager to take him.
“You’re so desperate,” he murmurs, watching your hips oscillate. twinkling and devious eyes flicker up to see the way your eyelids flutter when you rub the right spot, “you’ll use any part of me you can, as long as it grinds so nicely into that greedy, little cunt, huh? Like a hungry, wild animal?”
and when you nod, he scoffs— incredulous at how sultry and shameless you are.
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psychocoffeeaddict · 1 month
You’re at the RAD council meeting, your head is pounding. Why can’t these idiots make a decision for once without arguing?
Diavolo looks over to see You with your head on a desk. “MC, are you alright?”
“I’m getting a headache, I’m tired, I want to go home”, you whined.
Diavolo stands up. “Meeting adjourned!” He quickly scooped you up, heading for the door.
Lucifer glanced up in surprise “Excuse me? What do you…Diavolo come back here with MC!”
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luxthestrange · 2 months
Incorrect quotes#674 Weekend away
Mc is spending the weekend on earth, As you discuss things with Diavolo, Lucifer, and Barbatos in the demon castle you four hear from outside the castle someone screaming your name...
MamLevi,Asmo & Twins:MCCCCCCC!!!
Luci*Groans as he drinks his coffee in one gulp and tries hard to not look embarrassed*"Oh Diavolo, no"
MamLevi,Asmo & Twins:DONT LEAVE,PLEAAAASE!!!
Barb: They already started to miss you I see *Looks at you with a chuckle*
MamLevi, Asmo & Twins: WE'RE PREGNANT!!!
All but lucifer started to laugh at their banging on the castle door
MamLevi, Asmo & Twins: PLEASE WE BEGGING!!!
Mc: I'm only leaving for two days...
Luci:...every bloody time...*hides his face behind his hand*
MamLevi, Asmo,& Twins: WE'RE PRETTY SURE IT'S TRUE!!!
Tumblr media
Satan really said, "TAKE ME WITH YOU?!" Huh
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diavolosbaby · 2 months
Can I Request a little bit Agst Obey me x MC, MC is a Older sister of 7 Brothers. same in celestial war Lucifer lost Lilith but MC lost all her brother in war to. MC sometime like to say "Lucifer is better older siblings than me" Brothers Reaction :)
It's you again haha, I love seeing your asks!
MC is the oldest sibling of 7, and all her siblings died, but finds comfort in the brothers
Feat. The brothers
Lucifer, Belphegor, 
Can’t imagine how you must feel, but is glad they can provide comfort 
Deep down he feels as if this truly means you all could be a family. 
Whether its a replacement for your broken family or for his own 
Mammon, Leviathan, Beelzebub
Literally won’t ever mention how he feels about Lilith 
Just the type to invalidate his own feelings because he thinks someone elses are worse 
You’ll have to assure him it’s ok (if that’s what you want)
When you tell him he will break down and cry, why is he crying? He just can’t believe something so terrible happened to you 
Hold him close to your chest and tell him it’s ok, and that you have them 
Or just cry together, it’s good to let things out. Even better together 
He didn’t know Lilith, just has feelings towards her because of how strong Lucifer’s feelings were towards her 
Always willing to listen and vent together 
Wants to be the best family possible for you, so if someone does something even the slightest bit disrespectful or mean towards you he’s correcting it faster than Lucifer is 
Will offer to mourn with you, or be there when you visit their graves or scatter their ashes.
Literally the most exaggerated shocked face imaginable 
But for a reason, of course. He’s shocked!
Dealing with his family’s hardships while silently dealing with your own.
“Poor thing.” he thinks to himself
Can’t help but pity you more than anything, also wants to be a good “replacement family”
Will want to distract you more than talk about it
Belphegor (again)
It goes quiet for a few seconds when he’s made aware about it 
He curses himself and his family for whining about lilith all the time when you’ve lost so much more
Can’t imagine losing all his brothers, Lilith was enough to completely break him
Another one who shuts up about Lilith. Completely.
Feels like he doesn’t have any reason to be upset when you seem to be fine
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asmology · 7 months
Tumblr media
+ genre... smut with fem!reader
+ synopsis... once mc realizes what’s been happening, she decides to confront the undateables and demands an explanation as to why they used a charmed toy instead of coming to her directly.
+ tw... dubcon, toys, mentions of edging and cockwarming
+ a/n... i know it’s been long awaited, so i hope you enjoy it!! 
Tumblr media
> It isn’t so much as you who figures out that the fleshlight is hexed but the prince, himself. He ends up using it so much that he strips it of the magic hiding the curse, and then he panics. > He doesn’t know what to do. It wasn’t like he knew you would be able to feel everything he was doing. It was an honest mistake but, damn, did it look terrible on his end. So what does he do? He seeks advice from a confidant. > Barbatos gets an instant migraine whenever Lord Diavolo explains the situation at hand. Ultimately, he convinces the prince that the best option is to confront you and be honest about it. > So, he does. Of course, you’re utterly shocked that it was the Prince of the Devildom bringing you orgasm after orgasm during the night, and he apologizes immensely, swearing to never use it again. > Only... you stop listening halfway through— interrupting him to tell him that he won’t need to use it anymore, because he can have the real thing instead. Suddenly, his cheeks are as red as yours.  > You two coordinate a schedule; during the break between second and third period, you head to the bathroom and lock yourself in a stall, sending him a text to let him know you’re ready for him to use the toy. > Sometimes he’ll keep it on all day while he sits on the throne, a smug expression on his face throughout the day because he knows that you’re walking around his kingdom stuffed full of his cock.
> Like Diavolo, Barbatos’ magic is extremely powerful, and eventually the butler is able to sense that the fleshlight is hexed. He decides that its best to confront the person he’s been violating at once. > Drawing up a summoning circle, he recites a spell that ends up teleporting you to his room and when you arrive, the butler can’t seem to look you in the eye. He certainly hadn’t expected it to be you of all people. > You’re in the middle of asking him why he summoned you when your eyes land on the fleshlight sitting on the table to his right. Your cheeks flush crimson, and that’s when Barbatos begins explaining. > He glosses over the lewd parts, strictly sticking to the technicalities of the curse and how Solomon had tricked him into using it. Then, he finishes with a genuine apology, an uncharacteristically remorseful expression on his face. > Once he’s done talking, you can’t help but laugh at how ludicrous the situation is, tossing your head back and clutching your stomach. Wiping a tear from your eye, there’s a sly smile on your face as you ask him how you felt. > His eyebrows raise in surprise before a smirk tugs at his lips. “You felt... ethereal. Should I assume it feels even better in person?” It doesn’t take long for him to find out that it does.  > He reserves the fleshlight for when you act up, deciding to make you clean up the Royal Palace while he uses it. He likes watching your legs tremble as you try to dust off the shelves that are a bit out of reach. 
> It takes nearly a year for you to figure out who’s responsible for the late night sessions that left you reeling. You’re walking down the hallway of RAD when you feel something start prodding at your entrance. > Rushing to the bathroom, it’s become routine to lock yourself in a stall and cover your mouth with your hand as the phantom cock slowly rubs along your walls. It’s never hard, always gently stealing your breath away. > After it finishes, you clean yourself up and walk out of the bathroom... only to walk right into Simeon walking out of the boy’s bathroom across from you, his cheeks flushed as his eyes meet yours. > When all the pieces finally slide into place, you’re grabbing his wrist and hauling him off to a janitor’s closet so you can have a private conversation with him, demanding to know why he’s been doing this. > It’s clear as soon as the question leaves your lips that he doesn’t have the slightest clue what the hexed fleshlight truly does. He’s stumbling over his words and is visibly distressed.  > You have to beg him to look at you before you tell him that you don’t mind, as long as he’s the one doing it— which ends up causing him to malfunction even more. You shut him up with a kiss. > You end up being the primary user of the fleshlight, bobbing it up and down Simeon’s cock as you lay beside him on the bed. His moans mix with yours as your climaxes hit you at the same time.
> Solomon believes he’s performed the perfect magic trick. Not only does he get to fuck you whenever he wants, but, with a portal that allows him to view others without their knowledge, he gets to watch you too. > The only reason he gets caught is because of chance. You happened to be near his room when he was starting to use the toy, and you decided to try and find a place you could stay to wait it out. > As you got closer to his room, you could hear his moans through the door, your ears perking up at the sounds. Blinking several times, it took you several moments to realize he was grunting in time with the thrusts into your cunt. > Before you can stop yourself, you’re banging on his door, yelling for him to open up. You don’t care if the rest of Purgatory Hall hears you. Damn the sneaky bastard for pulling a stunt like this. > When he opens the door, he looks more suspicious than ever, his clothes wrinkled and breathing uneven. You don’t fall for the charming words that spew from his mouth, stomping in as obscenities fly from your lips. > You insist he throw it away, but he begs you to at least let him keep it as a prototype. It is his invention, after all. You two set up a spell that ensures he can’t use it without your permission. > Months later after you two become friends with benefits, you unlock the spell and grant him permission to use it. What a stupid decision. He immediately uses it to torture you, tying you up and edging you without having to lift a finger.
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4
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All for me?
Tumblr media
    >AFAB! Gender-neutral! Reader, virgin!reader, shy!reader, neurodivergent coded!reader, Diavolo being an ass, corruption kink, deflowering, mutual masturbation, vaginal penetration, romantic sex, dirty talk, mentions of tickling, demon form, size kink, oral, squirting, unsafe sex (condoms are great you should use them xoxo), soft!Diavolo, horns make great handle bars, fingering, finger sucking
  Your relationship with Diavolo was a slow one. You had only started daring near the end of your first year at RAD and now, in your second year, people could hardly tell that you two were dating. You were always the shy one, never really wanting to rock the boat, but the Devildom had made you slightly more confident. But still, you were never really confident in the relationship department. You'd never really dated anyone for this long, it was usually a short fling with a couple of dates then nothing. You remember never really being the most desirable person when you were in high school so relationships came second to everything else in your life. It felt strange, really, having Diavolo dote over you. He'd rarely do so in public, royal image and all that, but in private the way he'd hold you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear made you antsy.
        Diavolo never got to hold you for long, your skin would feel overwhelmingly tingly and hot from his touch. It was as if bugs made from hot irons were crawling all over your skin. You couldn't tell if it was a good or bad feeling but you did know that it was a strange and new sensation that made you want to run away. It was kind of difficult, Diavolo always wanted to hold you with your legs draped across his and your head on his chest but it almost burned to be held like that. The sadness was evident on Diavolo's face when you'd move off of his lap to instead sit next to him with his arm draped across your shoulder. The tingling sensation never went away but was lessened when you did that.
         As time went on, you noticed how much touchier Diavolo was being. His hands slid from your shoulders to your waist, his touch lingered longer, and he spoke in a lower more quiet voice so you'd lean into him. It made your body light up like a house on fire but the burning sensation still remained. This sort of love made you feel like you were wrapped in comfort but also like you needed to throw up at any second. When Diavolo was courting you, he flooded you with gifts. You felt honored to receive such attention from the Prince but also guilty from how much attention and money he was wasting on you.
        "I'm not wasting anything if it's spent on you," Diavolo had told you one day over tea when you brought it up, "but if you wish for me to stop spoiling you then I will." The sadness was evident on his face. Still, he found different ways to show his affection. It was honestly amazing how dense you were at how strong he was coming on. You thought he just wanted to make the human feel comfortable but it wasn't until you spoke to Solomon that you realized he wasn't doing the same for the other exchange students. It took Solomon to beat you over the head with a hammer, figuratively speaking, for you to realize that the Prince was in love with you.
        Your life kind of became a fairy tale. The Prince falling in love with the commoner and spoiling them with riches and attention like straight from the pages of the Grimm Brothers. Yet, you could tell that Diavolo was getting antsy. Your quiet and reserved demeanor seemed to stir something up in him. It all led to you spending the night at his castle one time. Diavolo did his best to exemplify the mood of the room with wine and chocolates and soft music but you didn't seem affected.
        "Darling," Diavolo placed his wine glass down onto the ornate coffee table next to yours. You looked up at the prince through the top of your eyelids while your head rested against his shoulder. "Are you happy?" He carefully moved his arm to wrap around your waist so your head would rest against his broad chest. The bugs returned and crawled up and down your skin with their molten feet. "Yes," you replied, "why wouldn't I be?" Diavolo hummed, pleased at your words. "I just wanted to make sure." His fingers stroked up and down your sides making you squirm at the ticklish sensation. "Hm?" Diavolo looked down at you and how you seemed to wiggle away from his stroking, "is my little human ticklish?"
        That was a loaded question. No matter how you responded you were going to get tickled. Your brain turned its gears trying to come up with an answer that could save your mortal soul from being tickled but you took too long and Diavolo went ahead and danced his fingers up your sides anyway. You jerked with laughter as your body slowly drifted off of the couch and slumped onto the floor to escape his dangerous fingers. Joy was spread across Diavolo's face at your reaction. You pouted with your head resting on your lover's knee, your cheek squished against the bone. "Sweet little thing," Diavolo chuckled, "I wonder what other secrets you're keeping from me." You leaned your head back to look at Diavolo. His heart was hammering in his chest with how innocent your looked for him. "I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries," Diavolo's hand came to stroke your cheek, "but are you a virgin perhaps?"
        Heat ran through your veins at his question. You were but you didn't know how to answer his question without feeling like a loser. Here you were, an adult virgin. "You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable," Diavolo's face softened, "but just know that I do desire you in such a manner." You could feel a lump of heat swell in your chest at his words.
        "You do?"
        "Of course," there was a purr in Diavolo's voice, "I only wish to bring you pleasure like none you've experienced before."
        You shivered at his words. "Well," you averted your gaze in embarrassment at what you were about to admit, "I've never, uhm, experienced pleasure like that before." Diavolo tried to keep the sly grin from creeping onto his face. He knew it, he could smell your virginity on your like a bouquet of roses. "You've never even touched yourself," Diavolo's voice took on a sultry tone, "not even down there?" You felt like your face was glowing with heat, "what-what do you mean?" You knew exactly what he meant but you couldn't believe what he was asking. "I mean," Diavolo guided you back up to the sofa so you were kneeling next to him on the fine cushions with your chin in his grip, "have you ever masturbated before?" You almost choked on your own spit trying to come up with an answer. "Y-yeash," you tried to say 'yes' and 'yeah' at the same time, "yes. I have. I mean, who hasn't?"
        "You've what?" Diavolo couldn't hide his teasing smile any longer. You pouted at how he was acting. "Now you're just teasing me." You tried to move away from Diavolo but a hefty hand took your in a firm grip, "I'm sorry, my love." Diavolo smiled with furrowed eyebrows, "you just looked so cute flustered like that. I promise I wasn't trying to be mean." You squeezed Diavolo's hand, "it just felt like you were making fun of me." Diavolo's face turned into one of concern, "oh darling! I promise I wasn't trying to be malicious!" He took your face in his hand, "I'm sorry for making you feel that way. It wasn't my intention." You pressed your face into his hand, the bugs continued to crawl all over you but it wasn't a bad feeling you realized.
        "My dear," Diavolo started staring into your eyes. His gaze burned but you tried not to look away. "I have to admit I had ulterior motives for inviting you over tonight." Your eyes scanned over his face in worry, what was he going to do? "I wish to have you," there was nothing but the upmost love in his eyes, "I want you to be writhing underneath me in pleasure. I want to bring you to peaks of ecstasy you never thought possible." You could feel your legs giving out at his words. You gripped the back of the sofa to steady yourself. "Me?" you asked. Diavolo tried not laugh at how cute the question was, "yes, my love, you." You couldn't hold back the whine of need that fluttered out of your throat. Diavolo's horns poked through his skin as his demon form overtook him from the sound of your needy whine. Your eyes widened in shock as you fell back against the sofa. Diavolo reached a hand out to stroke at your face, "I'm sorry, MC. You just do these things to me. I can hardly control myself when I'm around you." The nervousness began to rise throughout your body when you noticed the bulge beginning to make itself prominent behind the white piece of fabric over Diavolo's crotch.
        "We won't go any further if you don't want to," Diavolo said doing his best to control himself, "it's up to you." You nodded taking a large gulp of your own nervous saliva. "I think I'm ready," you said with your eyes never leaving the large bulge your lover held between his thighs. "You think or you know you are ready?" His eyes held a serious gaze that made you melt. He really did care about your well being. Diavolo would never go forward with any part of the relationship without you first giving your approval. You nodded, "I'm ready. But-" You tried to find your words under your lover's intense stare, "can we go to your bedroom first?" Diavolo hummed stroking the soft skin of your cheek, "of course, my dearest." Diavolo stood up, his impressive wings folded behind him while he held out a hand for you to take. You placed your own hand in his palm and he couldn't help but marvel at how small your hand looked in his mighty grip. Diavolo gingerly helped you off the couch, making sure your legs were steady enough to carry you before taking off in the direction of his bedroom.
        "My dear," Diavolo hummed pulling you closer so he could wrap his arm around your waist, "you said that you touch yourself. Might I ask how often and to what?" You groaned at his question, "that's so embarrassing!" "I just want to know so I can best please you. You don't have to answer if you don't want to." You huffed, your boyfriend was going to see all of you before you know it so why is this such an embarrassing question? "I, uhm, I don't know," you looked away from your boyfriend trying to keep your cool, "I don't really keep track." Diavolo hummed holding you closer as you both turned the corner down the hallway to his room, "and do you indulge in porn?" You held your mouth in your hand trying to find your words, "sometimes."
        Diavolo took a hold of the ornate door knob before swinging the door open and ushering you inside his luxurious room. The fourposter bed was like something out of your most extravagant dreams carved with images of dragons and monsters and adorned in silk. "Only sometimes?" Diavolo closed the door behind him, "and what do you think about when you don't watch porn?" You felt like a frying pan just hit you in the back of your head. You're now going to have to admit that you've touched yourself and orgasmed to the thought of the very demon you were about to make love to. "You," you said in your quietest voice. Diavolo smiled wickedly, "I'm sorry dear, I didn't hear you." You tried to force your voice to be louder, "you!" A chill ran through your body when you heard Diavolo swear under his breath. "I need you MC," Diavolo came up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, "I need your body to be mine." You couldn't help but rub your rear against the prominent bulge that was bumping up against you.
        Diavolo let out a low groan and held onto your hips. He started rocking his clothed cock against your clothed ass. Goosebumps rose on your skin at the way Diavolo moaned into your ear. "Would you take off those cursèd pants, my love?" Shyness overtook you once more at the thought of being naked in front of Diavolo. Humans were nowhere near as impressive as demons in their form. You wonder if he'd become disgusted with your body and change his mind.
         "My love?"
        Diavolo stopped grinding against you. He held your chin in his hand and pulled your head back so you would look at him.         "Are you okay? Do you need to stop?"
        "I just don't-" You didn't know how to explain yourself.
        "You don't want to continue?"
        "No! I do but I don't know how you'll-"
        "How I'll what?"
        "What you'll think of my body."
        Diavolo turned you around so he could better look at you. He held your face in both of his hands which managed to run the length of your head. "My sweet darling,"concern pooled in his eyes, "I love your body."
        "But you've never seen it."
        "I'm seeing it right now. Clothed or unclothed, I love your body. I love your body because it holds you and everything you are."
        Tears pooled in your eyes at how genuine his words were. Diavolo got onto his knees to better hold and comfort you. You wrapped your arms around his neck while the tears rolled down your cheeks. "I love you," you sniffled, "I love you." Diavolo wrapped his wings around your form and held you tighter. "We don't have to continue if you don't want to," Diavolo kissed your temple. "Just give me a quick second," you said wiping the tears from your eyes, "sorry for killing the mood." Diavolo continued to press kisses to your head, "you did no such thing. I want you to feel as comfortable and safe as you can with me." You pressed your hand to Diavolo's cheek and took his lips into a passion filled kiss.
        Delighted with the way you were taking charge, Diavolo kissed back with a firm grip on your hips. Your taste was intoxicating like the sweetest nectar he could find. Diavolo greedily took more of your lips into his, deepening the kiss and holding the back of your head with his right hand. You pressed your chest up to his. The feeling of bugs crawling all over you turned into a low burning heat that flooded your veins. You couldn't help the moan that poured out of your mouth and into your lovers. "My love," Diavolo spoke against your lips, "would you be so willing to strip for me?" You nodded at Diavolo's words but before you could pull away to do exactly what he asked, he held you firmly against his body. "I want you to use your words," Diavolo hummed, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. "I will. I'll-" you couldn't believe what you were going to say, "I'll strip for you." Diavolo practically purred at what you had said before letting you go. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, pulling his harem pants and the white cloth that covered his crotch down to reveal his cock. It stood at a good 9 inches with the girth of your wrist. It's head was throbbing red and leaking pre-cum like a broken fountain. His erection looked painfully neglected and he made that clear when his hand wrapped around the base and he hissed. Your eyes couldn't move away from how big his manhood was. His bottoms fell to his ankles and he unceremoniously kicked them away. A dark glint came to his eyes when he saw that deer in headlights look on your face.
        "Don't be afraid, MC," Diavolo stroked up his cock, pushing more pre-cum out of the already dribbling tip, "you don't have to take all of it." Your knees wobbled at the thought of having your boyfriend deep inside of you. Your fingers found their way to the button on your pants which you undid much to Diavolo's delight. Despite your inexperience at putting on a show of this kind for the viewing pleasure of another, Diavolo was thoroughly enjoying the way you undressed for him. Each stripped article of clothing revealed more and more of your body for Diavolo to gaze upon. He took his lip between his fanged teeth at the sight of your now nude body standing before him. His hand squeezed at the base of his cock making him groan. He did his best to hold back the cum he wanted to shoot all over your pure form.
        "Come here," Diavolo ordered releasing his cock from his death grip. You wobbly strode over to your lover who took your waist in his grip. His hands rubbed up and down your sides, massaging the fat of your hips and the hard bones of your ribs. You held your wrist up to your mouth, hushing your moans and sighs of pleasure. Diavolo held your rib cage in his hands with his thumbs pressing down on your nipples. You moaned at the new feeling of his thumbs rubbing circles against your sensitive chest. Diavolo pulled you closer until you could feel his breath against your ear. "So beautiful for me," he hummed into your ear, "I want to watch you touch yourself. I want to see how you look unraveling from your own fingers. Let me study your form as you please yourself to the thought of my cock gaping your pussy hole open." You moaned not only at his words but the way he pinched both of your nipples and pulled slightly before letting go. "Go ahead and lay up against the pillow," Diavolo held your knuckles to his lips, leaving kisses on each of the bony protrusions. You nodded before taking your leave to the other side of the bed and climbing onto the luxurious sheets and laying against the pillow with your knees to your chest. Diavolo climbed up the bed like a predator stalking its prey. The sight of him in such a state in his demon form made you shiver in what seemed to be a mix of fear and excitement.
        "Spread your legs, darling," Diavolo rested a hand on your knee while his other held his cock once again. You slowly opened your legs and you noticed the way Diavolo's eyes never left your core once you did so. Your clit was puffy and throbbing with need as your juices ran through your folds making them glisten. You were sure you were going to ruin the expensive sheets beneath you but Diavolo didn't seem to care. "Go ahead, MC," Diavolo licked his lips, "touch yourself for me." You bucked your hips against your hand when your fingers finally found their home on your neglected clit. "Dia!" You moaned out rubbing swift circles around your puffy nub. Diavolo grabbed the back of your thigh and pulled your leg back to get a better view of how your hole throbbed looking for something to plug it. Diavolo ran is large fingers around your hole, dipping the tips in teasingly just to test how tight you were. You moaned for him, your pussy making sloppy sounds as you rubbed your clit faster. "So gorgeous," Diavolo said mesmerized by how your fingers danced through your folds. His thumb held one of your pussy lips open so he could get a better look at how wet you actually were for him.
        "You," you moaned out, "you can finger me if you want." Diavolo could feel the hot blood pooling in his crotch at your debauched words. His innocent little MC was asking him, him to finger them? How could he say no to such a sweet request? Diavolo dropped your leg to hold your other pussy lip open while his other hand went to work rubbing at your throbbing hole. He ran the tip of his middle finger around the outside of your pussy hole, watching how it tried to grab onto him and pull his finger in. He then dipped a finger into you, careful not to be too forceful. The sound you made was like music to his ears. Diavolo swore he could hear a choir of angels coming from your mouth. He ran his middle finger along your gummy walls that he so longed to feel. You clenched around his finger, pulling the digit in further. Diavolo chuckled at how desperate your pussy ached to be filled. The pad of his finger ran all along your walls until he found that ribbed spot at the top of your pelvis. He pressed down experimentally causing your hips to raise and you to hump against his hand in pleasure. "Look at you," Diavolo hummed, "you're being so good." You whined at his praise while your fingers went back to work rubbing at your clit. Diavolo rubbed firm circles against your G-spot watching how your pussy throbbed and twitched in pleasure. Soon, he felt your hole tighten before a loud moan tore from your throat. Your thighs quivered and your fingers sped up chasing the highest point of your orgasm before they slowed down then stopped altogether. Juices pooled beneath your butt staining the silken sheets beneath you. Your chest was heaving from the wonderful orgasm your lover had so helped you achieve but Diavolo wasn't done just yet. He continued rubbing at your G-Spot, making you whine and twitch in over-stimulation. You pressed your hand to his face not sure if you were trying to push him away or hold onto him. He swiftly took your wet fingers into his mouth, tasting your sweet juices against your skin. Your other hand came to hold onto his horn, hoping to ground yourself in someway.
        Diavolo added another finger, scissoring your hole open before going back to abusing your G-Spot. You couldn't control how your hips twitched, bucked, and moved on their own against Diavolo's sweet torturous fingers. "Dia," you moaned out, "I have to pee!" You continued humping his fingers but despite your warning, Diavolo didn't let up. His pupils blew wide at what you had just said and his fingers worked faster. He pulled your own fingers from his mouth so his lips could wrap around your twitching clit. You yelped in sensitivity as both of your hands held, firmly onto Diavolo's horns. Your body felt hotter at the messy slurping sounds your boyfriend was making against your juicy cunt. Your body started spasming and Diavolo took that as his cue. He pulled his mouth away from your clit, holding his mouth open in front of your pussy. Suddenly a scream was pulled from your lips as juices erupted from your cunt, painting Diavolo's face in your orgasm. He did his best catching as much of your squirt as he could in his mouth but most of it landed on his face. His fingers slowed down, letting you ride out your orgasm until he pulled them out. He took note of how pruned his fingers were due to your sopping juices coating them.
        You could only lie there trying to catch your breath. Did you just squirt? Your eyes snapped open to see Diavolo's face coated in a slick liquid. "MC," he growled, licking your essence from his lips. "Dia!" You yelped, "I'm sorry I-" "I want you speared on my cock." Your abused cunt throbbed once again at his words making you twitch. "If I could," Diavolo said climbing over you, "I would have you like that all the time. Every morning I'd eat that delicious cunt until you squirted all over me just like that." "Diavolo," you breathlessly moaned at his words. His cock rested heavily against your pubic mound making you jolt your hips up.
        "Dia," you gasped, "g-give me a second!" Diavolo nodded resting his face against your neck. You could feel your juices leaving a damp mark on your skin where he rested. His firm hands gripped your hips, rubbing soft and gentle circles against your skin. Did you really just squirt? Not only that but did you really just squirt on Diavolo Prince of the Devildom's face while he finger fucked you? Your life had gotten so much more strange and wonderful since your time here. You ran your fingers through his crimson hair with your other arm draped over his shoulder. If you closed your eye for a second you could pretend that you had died and gone to heaven. Your heart rate started to steady and your cunt started to awaken once more, ready to take whatever Diavolo was going to put inside it.
        "I think-" you thought for a second then spoke again, "I'm ready to go again." Diavolo kissed up your neck, sucking in the tender skin before pulling back to look at your debauched form. "My sweet MC," Diavolo hummed before grabbing your thighs to pull around his waist, "you give me so much." You reached your hands up to wrap around his neck while his cock dragged lazily through your sloppy folds. You could feel the heat buzzing off of him like a furnace. His head caught your sensitive clit a couple times making you gasp and moan out his name. "Put it in me," you whined, desperate to finally have your boyfriend fill you. "Fuck, say that again," Diavolo cursed under his breath. You humped his manhood as it rubbed against your juicy cunt, "please Diavolo. I want it in me." Diavolo leaned down to your ear, nibbling the edge of the shell before speaking directly into it. "What do you want in you, darling?" You felt embarrassed saying it out loud but did so anyway, "I want your cock in me, Dia." Diavolo growled into your ear before pulling his hips back and easing his glorious manhood into you. Your eyebrows furrowed as your mouth gaped open at the feeling of being so stretched out. You're glad Diavolo had prepped you so well to take him. You were sure that he would not have been able to go in without a little bit of fingering before hand.
        Inch by inch, Diavolo pushed inside of you until he felt you could take no more. Your walls pulsed and quivered around his cock, sucking him in so greedily. Diavolo felt that he could die then and there and have fulfilled his life goals. He wanted to start rutting into you like a wild beast. He could imagine how your body would flop around like ragdoll around his mighty cock but Diavolo had to be careful. If he was to rough with your fragile human form he could seriously injure you. He hissed when he dragged his cock out of your warm cunt, your walls sliding along his girth so wonderfully. A soft moan of his name passed your lips while he gently thrusted back into your accommodating pussy. He held your thighs in a vice like grip, the fat squishing under his fingers in such a delicious way. Although Diavolo could never gain access, he assumed this is what heaven felt like. Your soft and pliable body laying beneath him so willing to take his cock in any way you can.
        "MC," Diavolo groaned at how you squeezed his cock, "may I kiss you?" You nodded eagerly at his request leaning your head back to open yourself up for his lips. Diavolo found his mouth against yours in a soft yet passionate kiss. He drank in every sound, every moan, every mumble of his name you'd give him. Soon, his pace sped up to a more steady rhythm of thrusting in and out of your hole. Your wet pussy made sloppy, sopping sounds with every entrance of his cock into you. Your nails dug into the muscle of his back as he pushed your legs up towards your chest in order to better angle his cock into you. Diavolo pulled from the kiss, enjoying the string of saliva that came with him and the fucked out look on your face. You were panting and moaning with your eyes glossed over with a look of lust. Diavolo took a picture of you with his mind hoping to save this moment into his memory for all eternity. "You look-" Diavolo grunted when you squeezed him just right, "you look so beautiful like this." You moaned out his name trying to kiss him once again. Instead, Diavolo dove to your neck taking the skin between his lips and sucking. He trailed kisses up and down the side of your neck, sucking, biting, then licking over where he bit.
        If you were in a less lust filled state you'd have to worry about hiding the hickies Diavolo left tomorrow but that would most likely hurt his feelings. Diavolo wanted to mark you. He wanted all of the three realms to know who you laid with and who you belonged to. He wanted everyone to know who finally corrupted the sweet, innocent human. You were finally all his now.
        Diavolo pulled back from your neck to admire the series of marks he had left. Your hands laid by your head taking fistfuls of the pillows behind you while your face was contorted into a grimace of absolute pleasure. Diavolo was torn between wishing he could show all of the Devildom how well he fucked you and keeping your expressions all for himself. He dropped one of your legs and snaked his hand to your clit, rubbing circles on the erect nub. You gasped out moans at the feeling of being both so full and so over-stimulated with pleasure. Diavolo's eyes never left your face drinking in every expression, every moan, every furrow of your eyebrows and every whine you made. Oh, how he loved when you would whimper let out from being so thoroughly fucked out on his cock.
         Diavolo gave you a sharp thrust that made your back arch and to his amazement, you managed to take all of his cock. "Look at that," Diavolo growled speeding up his ministrations on your clit, "such a greedy little hole. You took all of me like a champ." You opened your eyes to stare at Diavolo's love struck face. His eyes were now trained on where you two connected and how your pussy sucked him in.
        "Your-" you gasped out, "you're so big!" Diavolo's hips faltered for a minute before resuming their usual pace.
        "Does it hurt?"
        "It feels so good! I love you, I love you, I love you-"
        You were cut off by a sharp thrust to your G-Spot and a lewd moan leaving your mouth. Diavolo chuckled pushing both of your thighs up as far as they could go, essentially putting you in a mating press. You were bewildered by how much your body could take. Diavolo leaned into you as much as he could without crushing you. Your smaller body took him so well in ways he could have never imagined. The pleasure was building inside of him.
        "My love," Diavolo moaned into your ear making goosebumps rise on your skin, "can I cum inside you?"
        You shivered at his words and nodded. "I need to hear you say it," Diavolo kissed up your face to your temple. Your soft skin was like the very cloud of heaven under his lips.
        "Dia," you managed to moan out, "please! Please cum in me! I want you so bad-" You were cut off by a particularly sharp thrust that made you let out a sob. Diavolo would have those words replaying in his head for the next millennia.. His sweet, innocent human was under him begging for his cum deep inside their hole. Diavolo growled sinking his teeth into your shoulder while his gave one final, deep thrust. Warmth like you had never felt before pooled in your womb. Your lower body felt like it was on fire. More of his cum started spilling out as it became too much for your body to hold. You could hear Diavolo's moans through the mouthful of your skin he had in his mouth. Finally, his horns retreated back into his skull as his wings shrunk into his back.
        Your lover pulled back to look at his handy work. Your puffy abused cunt was leaking cum onto the sheets below despite him still being fully sheathed inside you. His thumb came to rub circles on your clit once more making you jolt and let out a sharp moan. Your body twitched and writhed until finally cumming around his cock. Your walls twitched and sucked in as much of his dick as it could. Diavolo shuddered at the feeling of your gummy walls constricting around him. Your poor pussy dribbled juices, too spent to squirt again.
        "Oh, my love," Diavolo purred, "you are so wonderful." He leaned down to pepper kisses across your face making you laugh. "Dia!" Diavolo pressed his forehead to yours. "You look so beautiful like this," Diavolo hummed, "I wish we could stay like this forever." Your walls pulsed around his cock making him groan. "We can," you started, "we can stay like this for a little while." Diavolo smiled at your shy expression, "you want to warm my cock for me, hm?" You tried to look away, embarrassed from his words but still, you nodded. Diavolo captured your lips in a short but loving kiss. "I wouldn't have it any other way, MC."
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leviathism · 4 months
Tumblr media
side characters x gender neutral reader
Diavolo rushes to your side. He feels so guilty that he couldn’t have caught you when you slipped. He immediately tells you that you’re off school for the week and staying at his castle to be under supervision to heal, even if it just is a sprained ankle.
He treats you like royalty, bringing you breakfast in bed and tending to every single need you have. He is just so, so guilty.
Barbatos pretends he didn’t see anything to protect your dignity, despite the loud yelling and repetitive thumps of your body slamming on each step. However, pain medication appears randomly in front of you.
Now when the two of you go down flights of stairs together, he links arms with you.
Thirteen laughs so hard that she cries. She also somehow caught a video of the last part of it and sent it to the one person who she knew could and would pass it around quickly. Asmodeus.
Your disastrous fall is documented on the Devildom Central News the next morning. There are rumors that you didn’t make it out alive. What will Diavolo do without the human exchange student? Devildom Central News is panicking for him.
However she does kiss the big bruise on your forehead to make it up to you.
Solomon takes it serious for the most part by helping you up, making sure you weren’t seriously injured, and helping take care of your bruises and aches.
For the other part? He’s relentlessly teasing you once he’s sure you’re perfectly fine. He’s merciless, even bringing it up in front of Prince Diavolo for a quick laugh and giggle.
Simeon babies you for the next three days. He cannot forget how his heart dropped and how hurt you were at the time. Devildom staircases go forever and human bodies are just so fragile.
He’s a bit worried about how you fell down but he gets over it relatively quickly when you’re back to normal. He just watches you a bit more closely to see if you’re walking fine.
Raphael doesn’t overreact at all. He helps you up, makes sure you didn’t break anything, and lets you go on your way. He doesn’t mention it to anyone, doesn’t watch you extra carefully, he understands it was a freak accident.
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leviathans-watching · 4 months
I hope you plan on adding the dateables to the "kissing the prettiest person in the room" thing! \ (•o•) /
"kiss the prettiest person in the room" with the dateables
Tumblr media
includes: the dateables x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 1.2k | rated t | m.list | pt 1 | pt 2
a/n: the long-awaited series finale!! thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come say hi!!
please reblog <333
Tumblr media
diavolo is holding another sleepover, and you’re all crammed into one of his living rooms, sitting in a rough circle, with some on the couches, some in chairs, and some on the floor
you’re on one of the smaller couches, sharing it with solomon and when the sorcerer gets this glint in his eyes you know he had something up his sleeve
“let’s play truth or dare,” he suggests, and though you suspect the game will devolve into chaos, many of the brothers are quickly on board
the game goes a few rounds before solomon calls on you. “mc, truth or dare?”
you balk; the dare will no doubt be something intense and possibly humiliating, but choosing truth would probably be much worse. “dare,” you say, as confidently as you can
solomon grins wickedly. “kiss the prettiest person in this room.”
you gape at him even as various protests are raised around the room.
“no, mc does it or gets punished for chickening out,” solomon insists, and you recall the punishment, which is to buy a dinner next time you’re all out, something your poor wallet really can’t handle.
“i’ll do it,” you say, and a hush falls over the room as they all wait for you to pick.
Tumblr media
diavolo has never played a game like this before, so he hadn’t even known such a dare was allowed! he watches you closely to make sure you seem okay with it- he really wouldn’t mind paying for the meal for you if you do decide to back out, but you seem intent on accepting.
around him, everyone stiffens in anticipation, and diavolo can’t help but be on edge too, wondering who you’ll pick. lucifer, of course, is a top contender, as is mammon, but you seem to pass over them, slowly looking around the room in his direction.
you finally make eye contact with him and he perks up, giving you a grin. would this be his chance to kiss you? he’s liked you for a long time, but has never initiated anything due to the power imbalance. but if you were the one initiating…
you stand, walking over to him.
“lord diavolo,” you say, extending a hand, “may i kiss you?”
despite himself, diavolo can feel his cheeks flushing, heat going from the tips of his ears down to his neck. he’s nervous- and excited. “you may,” he answers, hoping his voice doesn’t betray his sudden nerves. you help him stand, then lean forward.
diavolo’s eyes fall shut, and he waits, blood rushing and heart pounding. he can’t help but flinch slightly when you finally do kiss him, but before you can move away, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer. you pull back some time later, eyes bright, and diavolo can’t help but wear what is, undoubtedly, a dopey smile.
Tumblr media
barbatos has never wished so intently to know the future as he does now. but alas, he needs diavolo’s permission, something he doesn’t have.
he knows you won’t pick him- he’s long resigned himself to being a side character in your life, moral support for when you have an issue with one of the actual main characters. and he’s okay with it. serving diavolo, baking with luke, being your friend… it’s more than enough for him.
it’s more than enough for him, so why are you approaching him, looking nervous yet determined?
“the dare was to kiss the prettiest person in the room,” you say sheepishly, stopping a fair distance away from him, gaze pinned to his, “but if you’re uncomfortable i suppose i could pick the second prettiest.” your eyes dart back to solomon, who looks supremely pleased with himself.
barbatos realizes then that no one actually expects him to accept. in his eyes, he’s not a threat, not even in the slightest. maybe he should remind them that he too is capable of going after your heart.
“no, no,” he says smoothly, reaching out and pulling you closer to him. “it’s just a dare, isn’t it?”
“yes,” you say, biting your lip. you take a deep breath then lean down to him, pressing your lips to his. he wraps his arms around you, relishing the small shudder of surprise you let out, making sure to give you a kiss you’ll never forget.
you pull away from him, dazed, and barbatos can’t help but lick his lips, satisfied with the glares he’s receiving from the rest of the group. you’d picked him, so they were powerless to actually get mad at him.
Tumblr media
simeon watches how solomon grins, sure he’s got you beat. he’d confided to simeon earlier how his plan was to get you to chicken out, and while simeon hadn’t really cared about it before, he now can’t help but feel like the dare’s a little much.
but you accept, leaving everyone stunned. and waiting.
simeon knows there’s a high possibility that you’ll pick him. he’s a safe choice, for one, and angels are inherently beautiful, but whatever your reasons are, he’ll gladly accept you if you do choose him.
and it looks like you’re going to, if the way that you’re glancing at him is any indication. “simeon,” you call, “can i kiss you?”
“by all means,” he says, and you stand, walking past solomon, who’s still gaping, to him. he stands to meet you, giving you a warm smile. you smile back, looking to all the world as if you were completely at ease.
the kiss is short and impersonal, but you seem to enjoy it regardless, and simeon wonders if he can get you to redo it some other time, when you both can show less restraint. you seem to know where his thoughts are, because you wink, before turning to solomon with a challenging grin, leaving him to flop back into his seat, trying to figure out how soon he can get you alone so you can redo the kiss for real.
Tumblr media
solomon doesn’t really think you’ll take him up on the offer, so when you do, it takes everything in him to hide his surprise. well, even if he didn’t get a free meal out of the dare, at least now he can watch you attempt to pick someone while all of the brothers try - and fail - to hide their need to be picked.
you look around, as if considering your options, and to his surprise, stay seated, giving him a good, thorough look.
“i’ll do it,” you repeat, smiling almost smugly, “but will you?”
“me?” solomon echoes, amused. “you think i’m the prettiest person in the room?”
“well, yeah,” you shrug. “so are you going to chicken out?”
his eyes narrow. “not a chance.” he scoots closer to you, intent on seeing this through to the end, and you reciprocate until the both of you are a few scant centimeters apart, thighs almost touching.
“pucker up, buttercup,” you say, and solomon does as he’s told. even though you’d shown no signs of backing down, it’s still a surprise when you actually kiss him, comandeering his lips in a way that no ones ever done before. you pull away just as he’s about to get over his shock and really kiss you back, and the look in your eyes says you know you’ve won.
“i’ll get you back for that,” solomon says threateningly, and you laugh, moving back away form him as if it were nothing.
“looking forward to it, pretty boy.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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