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luxthestrange · 23 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#259 Barb gonna snap
Barb: Tonight, one of you will betray us...
Luke: Is it me, Daddy?
Barb: No, it’s not you angel~*Kisses his cheek*
Silv: Is it me, Mr. Barbatos?
Barb: It’s not you either child*Smiles at the older one*
Lilia: Is it me, Barbie?
Barb, mockingly: Is IT mE Barbie?*Saw that Lilia STILL made the group dinner even when he got told...NOT to do so*
Tumblr media
Silv*Picking Luke up* Time to call Mc/Yuu...
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optimisticstudentangel · a day ago
Side characters’ reaction to you getting drunk
Warning: use of alcohol. no Luke. 
Gender neutral reader 
Summary: you are drunk. i wish i was too. May write second part, with drunk side characters 
It was one of Diavolo’s never-ending parties. And as always it was a lively celebration that RAD hold. You thought about it a lot, but why exactly every social gathering in RAD has a demonus or some kind of alcohol? Isn’t it a little dangerous? Especially if it makes demons behave in more aggressive way…
But you don’t really have to be a worrywart. You’ve got bunch of demons, angels and a human, that were willing to save you if something happened.
Anyway… This time you were able to indulge in this kind of fun as well. Demonus doesn’t have any effect on a human, which is a little sad. But hearing your complaints about this problem, RAD’s student council members decided to get some beverage for you. Several bottles will surely be enough, right? And it is a special occasion too…
So you have a one glass… and then another… and then a little more… And now you are drunk. Oh to be so happy like you are right now. You are a giggling mess, but you are so funny like that.
Demons around you encourage you to have even more alcohol. They invite you to dance with them, to have a chat, to go some places, where no demon brothers will interrupt their fun.
And you laugh, you are going to agree to anything right now. Every offer will get an yes from you.
Luckily Lord Diavolo comes to rescue you. He sees their ulterior motifs and he is not letting anything bad happening to his human.
-          MC, come join my company, - he says. And of course demons that were previously surrounding you, disappeared. You smile and go to Diavolo.
He took your hand and led you to his room. This state of yours was for his eyes only. No other soul can see you like that.
Some part of him found you adorable when you were under alcohol. You became more frank with your words and feelings.
-          Diavolo, I loooove you sooo much, hehe. Give me your attention, will you? You are so busy with your work, it makes me sad and irritated, - you whine. Diavolo chuckles at your honest wording.
-          Well now, now, my dearest. No need to get upset about it, right now we’ve got all the time to make it up to you, don’t we? Let’s spend the night to the most of it!
Lord Diavolo send him to the human world to buy good quality liquor. Future king liked to test-taste new things for diversity. And he also liked to share the experience with his friends.
Barbatos poured some alcohol on your glass, and offered you the snacks he made himself.
You sipped a little, and tried to hold yourself properly in front of everyone. You didn’t want to disappoint Barbatos, because he would scold you aftermath.
But even so, the fact that you drank a little didn't save your situation. The strength of the alcohol was too much for you to bare. Your body and your movements have become relaxed and slow. With a bleary eye, you started looking for the figure of Barbatos.
- Barbatooos, where are you? I need you right now, - some of the demons sitting next to you laughed a bit. Other nobles looked at you with judgement, and whispered about your poor manners.
Despite this, as soon as Barbatos appeared in your field of vision, everyone calmed down, and room became silent.
-          Yes, darling. What it is? – he smiled at you with consolation.
You became a little needy, asking him for a kiss. Everyone including Lord Diavolo stopped eating, and focused all the attention on you two. You waited for Barbatos, he wouldn’t ignore your request, right?
He stood silently, and then shook his head and grinned.
- All right, if that’s what my darling asks for, then so be it, - the demons were looking at both of you, waiting for Barbatos' actions. They could not believe that a butler could afford such a thing in front of a large crowd.
He took your hand and left his kiss there. You certainly wanted a lot more, but do not forget that Barbatos is not going to arrange such a show in front of the friends of the future king.
-          Don’t worry darling, we will continue a little later. Now I have to take care of other duties.
The wizard invited you over. He wanted to share a present from his incubus friend with you. It would be nice to steal you from the brothers for one night, wouldn’t it?
So you came, and both of you decided to just chill and have a calm night.
He asked you about the latest news, about how Lucifer was doing, and you told him about everything that happened recently.
He poured liquid into your glass and you quickly emptied it. Which one is it? Were you counting? Your cheeks were becoming red and your mind was as empty as your glass.
-          Hehehe. Is alcohol started kicking in? We should have made a bet, for how long we can stay collected. But alas I poured most of the beverage to you. Ahahah, it’s not bad though, seeing you tipsy is an interesting sight…
-          Whaa… - didn’t you notice that he didn’t drink any of the liquor?
-          I know it may seem a little suspicious to you, but don’t be afraid, there is nothing bad. Only my magic… But isn't it fun? We now have more opportunity to extend our enjoyment.
-          What was in there? – you asked.
-          It’s a secret, at least for now… you will know later~
Your angel invited you to a bar so that you could forget about your duties for a while. You both dressed up in your presentable clothes. Simeon booked a table in advance, so you just sat down on your reserved seat.
Calm music was played, demons cooed with each other, so, to say the least, there was a stormy life around you.
The waiter came to give you a menu and started offering you something that you might have liked.
-          We'll have a bottle of wine for now, please, - Simeon said. “My love don’t rush with your choice, we have a plenty of time on our hands” – angel said.
The waiter brought you your wine and you decided to drink a little. After a couple of glasses, you felt how confident you were becoming. It would be stupid to just sit still, at such moments it is necessary to create chaos and problems for others.
That's why you asked Simeon to come out and dance with you. He liked the idea, he's always for having fun with you.
The angel took your hand and placed it on his shoulders, meanwhile his hands were on your waist. You moved to the rhythm of the song, dancing slowly and mesmerizing other demons who were looking at your side.
Because of the alcohol, you were staggering, so you had to hold on to your partner more tightly. He noticed it and grinned.
-          Did my little lamb had too much? Hahah, you look so cute right now, I can’t hold myself from kissing you, - he admitted.
He pressed your body closer to his so that you could use him as your support.
-          Can’t wait to until the evening when we will be alone. So that I could shower your body with my kisses.
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Hi! May I have Barbatos with fluff prompt 10? Thank you! I’m in love with your blog! 🫶🏼
⌜ Barbatos ⌟
10. “There’s a spider in the shower!”
warnings: gn! reader, spiders.
Tumblr media
"You can shower in here," Barbatos guided you to the bathroom, his usual smile on his face. "I'll be nearby, in case you need anything. Please, take your time." With that, you enter the bathroom, and get ready to take your shower. It was all going fine and well until— Barbatos could hear a loud screech coming from the bathroom!
"Ahhhh!" You scream clutching your towel to your chest. You had turned on the water, gotten undressed, and only when you fully pulled back the curtain to step into the shower did you see the giant spider. Barbatos slams the door open, looking around for the threat, but when he sees none, he looks towards you.
"There-" You point to the shower, and Barbatos finally sees the problem, "There's a spider in the shower!" You cry out, Barbatos bites back an amused chuckle and steps towards the shower, whilst you cower behind him.
Barbatos nonchalantly captures the spider in his gloved hands, holding it away from you. "I've got it now." He says, "I'm sorry about-" You press a kiss to his cheek, managing to stun him for a moment, but only a moment. "What was that for?"
"Because, because you saved me from that thing." You hissed, glaring at his hands. He looks at his hands that hold the spider. Maybe he should release a few spiders here and there if it means he can play hero and gain a sweet kiss from you— although he has a feeling you'd catch on sooner and later, and he'd regret it.
"I see," He mumbles, a small genuine smile growing, "Very well. I'll finish 'taking care of' this spider. Enjoy your shower, alright?" You nod, and with that, Barbatos leaves, but not without a quick peck to his lips this time.
Tumblr media
﹙ thank you for reading! have a wonderful day! ﹚
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nanawritesit · 2 months ago
Obey Me! Dateables Imagine: MC is kidnapped by a lower demon and summons them to come save them
Demon Brothers Ver.
Characters: Lord Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, and Solomon
Trigger Warnings: MC is tied to a chair and slightly manhandled, slightly suggestive at the end of Solomon's, mentions of choking
A/N: As soon as I saw how many people loved the version with the brothers, I knew I'd be writing a version with the side characters! I've gotten so many requests to do so, and ya know, my now dateable babes deserve the same amount of love :) I changed the scenario a tiny bit since not all of them are demons, but its the same plot line, so ENJOY!
Oh! I almost forgot, I won't be writing for Raphael, Mephisto, or Thirteen since I don't feel like I know their characters very well. I'm only on lesson 28 but maybe if I get far enough into the story I'll start including them!
You thought all of this would be over. You had been at RAD for half a year now. All the demons seemed to be used to your presence and no one had so much as given you dirty looks anymore. When you first arrived you were the target of some bullying and pranks, but after the school learned you were under the protection of the seven brothers, that ceased to exist. 
So when Judas, a popular and nice demon in your history class offered to help you study after school, you gladly accepted it. It was your worst subject, and exams were quickly approaching. He was smart, pretty, and seemed to get along well with everyone. 
That was what you thought until you woke up in a dark room, tied to a chair looking up at him, horrified. Your mind drifted back to when he offered you a drink when you first came to the study room. He must have slipped you something and then drug you off to some secluded area. 
“Why would you do this?” you demanded, tugging at the ropes that bound your fists together behind the chair. 
“Because I think Lord Diavolo’s plan to unite the three realms is blasphemous.” Judas spat back. “Humans could never stand as equals to demons, and when I’m done with you, he’ll feel the same way.”
“I’ll give you one chance.” you told him with an ice cold stare, doing an awful good job at hiding your fear. “Let me go right now and I won’t call for him.” 
Judas laughed maniacally, throwing his head back to the ceiling and clapping his hands. He then grabbed the back of your neck and forced you to look up at him. “Go ahead. I’m sure they won’t do anything. You may think that he likes you, but he only protects you out of pity.”
You gave Judas a small smirk before screaming out for your beloved.
Lord Diavolo:
"You sure about that?" a deep voice boomed behind Judas. Diavolo's enormous frame practically swallowed up the inferior demon, instantly striking fear into his heart. He was in his gorgeous demon form, which he hardly ever sported around his subjects.
Diavolo simply crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled. His calm demeanor was somehow even more terrifying than if he were acting as furious as he felt on the inside. But Diavolo was a true royal, and he knew the best way to get to this degenerate was to maintain his composure. He took slow, dignified steps towards him, flapping his huge, dark wings with each stride. He stopped in front of Judas and put one of his massive hands over his shoulder.
"Forgive me my subject, but I don't think I feel the same way as you. You see, MC is more valuable to me than the entire Devildom." Diavolo was acting very proper, but it was only because he had to keep his image as prince. "However, you did put your hands on my irreplaceable companion, who happens to be a guest in our realm. Now I can't just let that go unpunished, can I?" The smile on his face didn't drop for a second as he patted Judas on the back.
He then snapped his fingers and summoned the royal guard. The lower demon cowered in fear at the many soldiers that pointed their swords at him. He was shaking in his boots, sweating and tearing up.
"Aw, don't look so sad Judas!" the Lord laughed, "The dungeon isn't that dark and scary. In the future, I wouldn't recommend kidnapping a human that has a pact with the Prince of Hell." The smirk on his face was positively sinister. "Take him away." he ordered, and the guard immediately left the room, dragging Judas away as he begged for forgiveness.
Once they were all gone, Diavolo immediately unsheathed a dagger from his hip and cut your ropes open in one quick swipe. You instantly jumped into his arms. He was holding onto you so tight, as if he was scared you weren't going to be there if he let go. You pulled back after a while and realized that his demon form had vanished… and that he was crying.
"Dia it's alright, he didn't hurt me!" you reassured him, placing a comforting hand on his cheek.
"I'm so sorry." he pleaded, placing his hand over yours. "I told you I would keep you safe here. I failed you."
"No you didn’t, my prince." you told him, putting your forehead against his. "I knew you would come in a second. I never doubted you and I'm not going to start now."
"I love you." he whispered through a choked down sob. "I'm never letting you out of my sight MC. I promise you this won't happen again. I'll do whatever I have to do to make this kingdom a safe place for you."
That poor little demon. Barbatos was known to be the most sinister and lethal demon in the entire Devildom. Not even Lucifer entertained the idea of crossing him. After all, he had to be extremely formidable to work as the Demon Lord's faithful butler. He was used to cleaning up messes for Diavolo, and taking care of several assassination attempts before word could even reach the young prince.
At first, Barb was surprised that you had chosen him. He thought for sure that you would call for one of the brothers. In fact, the only reason he had formed a pact with you was because they were all gone on a business trip one day, and he wanted to be sure that you had protection. However, he was beyond honored that your first instinct was to summon him. He had always secretly been jealous of your closeness with the brothers, wishing he could have that kind of relationship with you. He just thought you were so nice and lovely, but he was afraid that you only saw him as a side character in your life.
The butler was absolutely enraged when he saw the lesser man gripping on your neck as if you were some toy. The glow of his dark, powerful magic radiated all around him, and in a flash he tackled Judas to the ground. He pinned him down with his knee and tied his hands behind his back. Once Judas was restricted from all movement, Barbatos chuckled in a sadistic manner for a while at the scene in front of him.
"Ah, my apologies, but did you honestly think that I would let someone as pitiful as you get away with hurting MC? Not only are they a vital part of my master's dream for this kingdom, but I care for them far too much to let you lay so much as your pinky finger on them."
Next, he leaned down to whisper in Judas' ear. "Don't fret little infidel, our fun isn't over yet. I'll be back for you in a second." Judas was banished to some other location at the wave of Barb’s gloved hand, and you never saw him again after that moment.
"MC? Did he harm you at all?" Barbatos asked as he sliced through your restraints with his tail. There was so much concern in his eyes, you were so touched.
"No, I'm alright, it was just scary." you chuckled awkwardly. You could feel your anxiety overwhelming you as the ropes fell to the ground. You were shaking and tearing up, not being sure how to handle the adrenaline rush of the situation.
He reached out a hand towards you for a second, then pulled back in hesitation.
You shouldn't indulge in their presence. He thought to himself. They probably want one of the brothers to comfort them.
His internal monologue was interrupted when you suddenly jumped up and engulfed him in the tighest embrace he had felt in centuries.
"Thank you, Barbatos. I knew you would come for me."
He was utterly frozen, totally taken aback at your appreciation. He couldn't help himself anymore and put his arms around you. He squinted his eyes at the warmth of your embrace. It felt like he belonged there, and he never wanted to be anywhere else from that point on. Maybe you did see him as more than a side character.
To Judas' misfortune, he assumed that you would call upon another demon to come help you. He didn't know that you were also close with Simeon, one of the highest ranking angels. You knew that a demon, especially one as low ranking as him, would be powerless in the presence of such a celestial being. That and, Simeon told you when you first came here that if you were ever in trouble, you could summon him.
You guys didn't have a pact obviously, but he had given you a special crystal necklace that would activate in times of extreme stress and danger, that would notify him that you needed help. He had given it to you after your near-death experience with Belphie. He didn't want to tell you for fear of jeopardizing your relationship, but he had a very hard time forgiving Belphie after that because he almost took you away from him, and... he didn't like thinking about demons wanting to kill you. He wanted to protect you and be your guardian your whole life, until you could become an angel like him. He really did like you and when he imagined his eternity, you were always there next to him.
He appeared within seconds, literally glowing with divine light. Judas was blinded at the angel's heavenly brightness, and immediately fell to his knees.
"You poor, misguided soul." Simeon muttered softly, placing two fingers under Judas’ jaw and forcing him to look him in the eye. "Going around torturing innocent humans... its not your fault you can't be as virtuous and beautiful as MC is."
"Simeon, I-" Judas began rambling, "I didn't mean to-"
"Hush now." Simeon interrupted, clearly not willing to give him the chance to explain himself at all. He leaned down to Judas' face. "I pray that you find salvation with your creator."
"No please!" Judas begged, but Simeon was already taking off his glove. He emitted an even brighter golden light from his palm, and Judas disintegrated to ash at it.
"My dear MC-" Simeon began as he rushed over to untie you. "Thank goodness I gave you that necklace. I don't know what I would have done if that monster laid a hand on you. You probably would have caught a glimpse of my dark side."
You laughed with him, taking his hand in yours. "Thank you Simeon. You always take such good care of me. I'm really happy to have you in my life."
His heart skipped a beat and he felt all warm and fuzzy. "MC... I don't have much experience with these kinds of things, but the way you keep brushing against death makes me want to confess something to you.
He brought the top of your hand to his mouth and kissed it before he went on. "I want to be with you, as more than just friends. I want to be by your side because you make me happy. If you'll have me, I'd like to be yours."
"Thank god- sorry, thank goodness." you chuckled, "I was starting to think you were never going to ask me. I've wanted you since the moment I laid eyes on you."
He laughed with you, placing his forehead against yours.
"How about an equivalent exchange? I'll belong to you and you'll belong to me. It'll be like our version of a pact."
"Simeon, if you ever call our relationship a pact, I'll tell Solomon you want him to make dinner for you." you joked, pulling him in for a sweet kiss. His soft lips pressed against yours, one hand cupping your cheek and the other squeezing your own, running his thumb along the back of it. He was smiling into the kiss, and you couldn't help but do so as well.
"Your angel pleads for your forgiveness." he beamed, looking into your eyes with such pure adoration.
You guys didn't have a pact, but he did teach you a special summoning spell to use should you ever have issues with your magic and need his guidance. He didn't anticipate that it would also be useful in emergency situations, but he was glad that he had taught you.
Solomon is the most morally grey of all the guys, so he would have a really fun time with this lower demon. His dark eyes squinted at the sight of Judas with his hand on the back of your neck. Then he held his hand out and put him in a binding spell, pressing Judas flat against the wall until he couldn't move a muscle.
Solomon strode up to him and pressed a hand on the wall over his shoulder, looming overtop of him. "Care to explain what you were planning on doing to my apprentice? I'd love to know so I can deliver a curse unto you that's befitting."
Judas was struggling against the magic to utter out a sound that would somehow save him from Sol's wrath. But it was far too late, for he had already crossed a pretty thick line.
"I can't believe a creature like you had the gall to go after the companion of one of the world's most powerful sorcerers." Solomon began, his magic causing Judas' veins to pop out along the surface of his skin. "I'm almost impressed. However, you still threatened my favorite person, and I can't have other heathens like you thinking I'm okay with that. Unfortunately I'll have to make an example of you, little one."
The sorcerer then placed his palm against the demon's forehead, delivering the curse unto him. Once he was released from the curse, he sprinted out of the room.
"Don't worry, the true effects will show up in a few minutes. After that, no other demon here will even dream of hurting you." He got you out of the chair and helped you up.
"Sol..." you began, fighting back tears as he held your hands in his own. "I don't want to admit it, but that was really scary."
"It's alright, you're allowed to be scared. In fact, you should hang onto that sense of fear down here. It means you're still human." he smiled, running his thumbs along the backs of your hands.
"Well, you're a human, and you're not scared of anything." you challenged him.
"Sure I am." he chuckled, leaning in closer to your face. "Seeing you in danger like this? That scared me."
"I don't believe you." you told him, shaking your head with a smirk.
"Perhaps this will win you over?" he asked before capturing your lips in a kiss. You relaxed into his touch, putting your hands together behind his neck, his own slipping down to your waist. You indulged in each other for a moment, then he pulled away and grinned at you. "Let's go up to my room. I'll teach you some protection spells, and if you're a good little apprentice, I'll give you a reward."
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keigosmelody · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚✧ warnings . . . somnophilia, sleepy sex, fem-bodied reader, endearment names, groping, fingering, dry humping/grinding, cockwarming, oral sex, slight choking, tongue-fucking, vibrator usage.
˚*・༓☾ featured . . . diavolo, lucifer, barbatos, belphegor, mammon, beelzebub, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, simeon, solomon, and a bonus guest …..
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐕𝐎𝐋𝐎 who drags you from your deep sleep, his thick cock stuffed into your slippery folds, careful at first not to wake your pretty sleeping figure. seeing your eyes blink awake with an innocent expression only made him throb harder for you, large hands encasing around your hips, a handsome smile spread across his lips as you turned to him. “awake now, beautiful?” he asks, bringing in your face for a kiss, knowing he’s not done with you just yet this morning. “it’s a beautiful morning…why don’t we start our day right?”
𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐅𝐄𝐑 who gropes your ass while you lay on top of him, pressing you subtly against his newly forming erection, the same dark smirk on his face. he can feel every single hitch of your breath as you struggle to maintain your asleep state, the warmth of him making it tempting not to make any noise. he can feel his blood pump faster each time you knowingly grind yourself softly over his bulge, the sleepy façade beginning to fall from him the more your desires caught up with you. seeing your eyes slowly blink awake, he smiles at you, admiring the cute sight of you. “good morning, love.” he says, kissing you firmly.
𝐁𝐀𝐑𝐁𝐀𝐓𝐎𝐒 who is so mesmerized by your asleep state, that he can’t help but touch you. his hands run all over you gently, soft to the touch. he knows well how to handle you with care, especially in the way his fingers pump in and out of your pussy, curling against your soft g-spot. he can practically feel your neediness even when you try to hold back. you make it so impossible for him to do the same as he kisses you, smiling at your nearly full awake expression as your eyes flutter open. “good morning, my darling. slept well, i hope?”
𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐆𝐎𝐑 who’s hand is crudely shoved down the front of your lace underwear as he sucks and nips at your neck. even if he himself is half asleep still, he has no problem waking you up with a bit of excitement. his fingers dance tenderly over your clit, his free hand massaging at your breast as his lips suck at your neck teasingly. his tongue occasionally swiping over your soft skin, causing you to shudder. he always knew teasing you until you were finally awake was his favorite, and this time was no different for him. he loved seeing the sleepy confusion on your face as he kissed you. “sorry, did i wake you?” he says teasingly before kissing you again.
𝐌𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐎𝐍 who plays with your breasts as you sleep, his kisses trailing all over and around your neck, leaving all sorts of marks. he gets harder at the noises you make, your relaxed figure rubbing against the protruding spot in his boxers. his teeth sink into his lip the more you press against him, tempting him to take you right then and there. feeling his bulge against your ass made you only want to tease him more, pressing yourself against him a little harder. he decided to let it go this time, but he would let it be known you weren’t going to hear the end of this for a while once you were both fully awake.
𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐙𝐄𝐁𝐔𝐁 who sneaks himself beneath you while you’re sleeping, mouthing and lapping at your soft pussy as you squirm in pleasure. your whines only drive him further, occasionally sinking his teeth into your plush inner thigh, grip on you almost prompting bruises. his tongue retracts in and out of you, making your grip on the sheets beneath you harder. he doesn’t stop until he knows he’s had his fill of you, your taste being his biggest craving since the night time. he then curls back up next to you as he was before, pulling you close to his chest, falling back asleep with you once more.
𝐋𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍 who doesn’t always like waking you, but there are some times where you’re just too irresistible where he can’t help himself. of course, the million times you’ve told him you’re alright with it, he never went through with it until now. his touches are light to start, then they transition to harder grabs and rubs against your breasts and thighs. the little moans and whines that begin to escape you only drive him further, even kissing your neck and your lips, beginning to awake you. he smiles nervously at your tired, hazy expression. you pull him in for a kiss, cupping his face tenderly. “don’t be shy, sweet boy,” you giggle flirtatiously, the blush furiously spreading upon his cheeks in response to you. “you can keep going. we’ve got all morning.”
𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍 who will touch you all over when he knows you want it, causing you to shiver with your eyes still sealed shut. your legs spread so conveniently made it so easy for him to pleasure you as you slowly awoke, his fingers retracting and entering your softness rhythmically. watching you squirm and writhe more and more told him to keep going, kissing you all over while his hands continued to roam over your delicate figure. the wetness from you creates webs in between his fingers, pulling them out just to lick it off his digits with a smug look on his face whilst looking down at you. that same look of hunger clearly signified he only wanted more of you, which you were more than willing to give for the rest of that morning.
𝐀𝐒𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐔𝐒 who is usually a tease at any time of the day, kisses you all over when he first sees you stir within your shared bed in the early hours of the morning. his lusty nature seemed to intensify in his half asleep state, biting and sucking gently at all parts of you, especially your nipples. this behavior carried on until your panties were fully tossed to the side, his fingers buried deep inside you while his lips exchanged hot kisses with you. he finds himself deeply amused at how earnestly you drool for him as he pleasures you, your taste continuing to keep him enticed. he smirked at you, head obviously full of ideas in all the ways he could take you. but, he continued to silently kiss you, not saying a word. after all, spoilers were never fun.
𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐎𝐍 who starts off your morning together holding your small vibrator against your bud on it’s lowest setting, bulge placed against your backside firmly, free hand rubbing your breast teasingly. he knew very well that you’d wake up almost instantly. even for an angel, he knew just the right ways to tease you enough to get you riled up. even in the early hours of the morning. as you finally awaken, he gives you that same promiscuous smile as he often does when you look needy. “good morning, lovely.” he says, pressing a kiss to your lips, caressing your face tenderly. “i hope i didn’t wake you too harshly, but you know i can’t get enough of you.”
𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐍 who wakes you up with tender, deep kisses. however, those kisses eventually go lower, and lower…until he reaches your soft folds. his tongue slithers over your opening, before filling your tightness without hesitation, causing your head to throw back. your moans are absolutely intoxicating to him, only driving him further to pleasure you more intensely. he pulled back only to warn you. “don’t be too loud now, your moans are only for me to hear tonight.” he hums, smiling charmingly at you once again.
𝐌𝐄𝐏𝐇𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐒 who is so gentle to wake you, kissing and caressing you with softness and little loving whispers here and there. he loves how you almost immediately awaken at his touches, breaths soft with hazy whines as he kisses you all over. his strong hand wraps gently around your neck as his erection presses against your bare pussy through the thin cloth of his undergarments. he can feel you pulsing with need for him, almost making him weak. but, he knows you like it deep down when he teases you, so he only continues, eager to watch how far he can push you until you crack beneath him.
Tumblr media
© hotlinetakami 2022. do not copy, steal, translate, use, share or repost on any other site.
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jinkicake · 19 days ago
Needy Touches
You get affected by the gold hellfire newt syrup ((or,,, you get affected by an aphrodisiac kekeke)). 
Barbatos, Lucifer, Mammon x Reader
A/N: this came from a long line of word vomit -hence the double luci mention bc i could not figure out how i wanted to write this-.... i also tried writing a version where the reader eats enchanted pudding but i didnt finish it soooo perhaps ill post that later.... i just desperately needed barbatos smut
WC - 2.2kish
SMUT // NSFW ((reader w a pussy lol))
The loyal servant smells you before he sees you. His eyes widen as his entire body flushes with an untamable heat. Why do you smell so sweet? Within his chest, his heart thrashes against the confines of his ribs. The air becomes thick with flavor and Barbatos can barely think under these tense circumstances. 
“Please, I need you,” From where you call just outside his door, Barbatos is quick to invite you inside his room. He slams the wooden door closed before pushing you up against it. His forked tail instantly wraps around both of your ankles and pins you firmly in place. The demon isn’t sure what has affected you like this but he can tell that your hormones must be getting the better of you. 
You’re nearly panting under his touch and he hasn’t even done anything drastic to you yet. 
“It hurts, help me please,” Your begs start to become incoherent as you focus on undressing your lover, you find your way underneath his dress shirt and nearly moan at the feeling of his abdomen under the pads of your fingers. “fuck me-”
Barbatos is a level-headed demon, not much can throw him off track. There is supposedly nothing that can throw him off track. Well, nothing except for you. This shouldn’t, and doesn’t, come as a surprise to him. Of course, a human is the thing to push the obedient demon over the edge. 
He drags you across his room, pushing you until you reach his bed. Barbatos is the first to fall back against the mattress but he quickly pulls you on top of him and into his lap. His sturdy hands rip down your pajama shorts and his finger comes into contact with the thin essence covering your thighs. 
“Use me,” Barbatos orders, he reacts all too quickly as the only thing keeping him from mounting you like an animal is the promise of your cunt on his face. “beloved, please.” He doesn’t have to tell you twice as you move up his body within seconds and don’t hesitate to sit on his face. You don’t have the time to feel embarrassed when your body is burning up inside. 
“Oh!” You squeak as his tongue quickly runs up and down your slit before wiggling into your entrance. Barbatos has a monster of a tongue and he makes use of it to fuck you. He’s trying with his entire being to get as much of your taste on his tongue as he possibly can. His mind is torn between giving you your pleasure and hogging it all for himself. 
Your cunt tightly squeezes around his muscle while your hips rut against his face, perfectly aligning your clit with his nose to get just the right friction. It’s all so messy and sloppy, nothing like what you’re usually used to with Barbatos. But, you can’t get enough of it. His fingers dig into your thighs to help you move against his face, back and forth until you’re squirming and aching all over him. 
He’s determined to see you spent tonight, utterly used with nothing left to give. Barbatos is a greedy demon and he burns with intense pleasure to see you satisfied. 
“You drank the hellfire wine, didn’t you?” Lucifer glares down at your trembling form and his intimidating stance almost makes you start to drool. There is nothing more attractive right now than Lucifer with his large arms crossed over his thick chest. Your thighs press together painfully at the sight. 
The older demon sighs, he can smell your arousal leaking out of you in buckets. It’s affecting him terribly but by some miracle, he has been able to hold it together. 
“I informed you beforehand what that syrup does to humans, must you ignore every warning I provide you?” Lucifer grunts at the headache taking the forefront of his brain, he can’t focus with your scent hanging heavily in the air. All too quickly he comes aware of just how sweet you smell. Despite the lecture on his lips, he gets distracted by the thick tears pooling in your eyes.
The sight nearly causes the old man to coo. 
“My dearest love, you just want to be fucked, don’t you?” He murmurs as he takes you in his arms, his hands grab ahold of your biceps and pull you into his chest. “How badly do you need me?” In this moment of desire, Lucifer needs to hear how you ache for him. His poor, sweet human. 
“So badly, Luci,” You moan the nickname and claw at his abdomen, desperately trying to get rid of the clothes still adorning his body. “fuck me, please.” Begging becomes second nature as you plead and plea with all your might. You might end up succumbing to your knees as you focus all your energy on praying for this one thing. 
Lucifer’s pretty patience snaps at your devotion. 
He can’t decide between fucking you exactly how you need or letting you take what you need.
“Will you ride me until you’re satisfied or do you wish for me to fuck you until you can no longer speak?” His fingers squeeze your hips almost painfully, forcing your hips to grind against his own. Your head falls back with a moan and Lucifer wets his lips at the sight of your bare neck on display. 
“I need you to fuck me, Lucifer.” You plead and before you know it, he has you bent over his table. 
Lucifer makes quick work of finding a pace that satisfies your desires. He thrusts in and out of your tight cunt quickly, but it only makes the burning fire inside of you even hotter. His grunts and the sounds of your skin slapping against each other have you gasping out for air. You pathetically try to meet his thrusts but are unable to keep up with his fierce pace. 
Within the handful of minutes Lucifer has been fucking you, you’ve already convulsed around his cock twice. Your body keeps making work of searching for pleasure, and it seems that with each orgasm your desire for Lucifer only becomes stronger. In the back of your mind, you can hear exactly what you need, you yearn for Lucifer to find his release. You cum again to the mouthwatering idea of the demon finishing inside of you and then licking it out. You need it and you’re determined to get it. 
“Lucifer, cum in me,”
Mammon isn’t really sure how his night got like this, you in his lap mewling and begging for his attention. But, he isn’t necessarily complaining about the situation either.
“Hey! Watch where you’re touching!” He squeaks as your wandering hands travel lower and lower across his abdomen, no doubt in search of his belt. “What is up with you today?” Mammon swallows deeply as he takes a closer look at you, there is an intense heat radiating off your body as you practically shake in his lap. The demon would be a fool not to see the flush dusting across your face that spreads to the tips of your ears. “(Y/N), are you okay?”
Concern takes over him as he tightly grabs your shoulders and forces you to face him. He’s your first after all, your wellbeing means more to him than any other demon in Devildom. Mammon nearly kicks himself for not taking note of your current state earlier. In the midst of his mental scolding, you moan at his strong touch. It’s quiet and barely slips past your lips but’s more than enough to catch on Mammon’s ears. 
His entire body twitches with need at the sound. A primal need to take care of his human, to satisfy his human, to please his human. 
Mammon’s mouth runs dry as he looks you over again. This time he notices how you’re subtly grinding on his thigh, he feels the damp patch growing against his thick pants. He’s hard in an instant. 
“You’re-” He pauses, swallowing shortly to rethink his words. “you’re leaking?” You momentarily freeze at this and the demon cringes at himself so hard that his entire body falls back against his sofa. 
Thank god, you’re too far gone in your own pleasure to care.
“Mammon, help me, it burns-” Your cries fill his concerns up sky high and the demon has half a mind to go and grab his older brother because Mammon knows nothing about the human body. The second born hates to see you in pain and harming you even more is the last thing he would ever want. “stop thinking and fuck me!”
“Huh?” Mammon stops in his panic and freezes all over, he doesn’t move an inch as you throw his belt across the room and yank his pants down his muscular thighs. He lets you take what you need, watches with an intense desire as you flip your skirt up and grab ahold of his excited cock. 
The demon ends up moaning louder than you once you start to fuck him, bouncing in his lap to satisfy your own needs. Nothing about this is for Mammon and the demon loves it. 
“More, yeah like that,” His hips squirm under your touch, bucking up to meet your own pace while you dig your nails into his shoulders. 
“This is about me, Mammon,” You breathe into his ear, whimpering at the feeling of his hands migrating down to your ass. The demon finally gets an ounce of control as he helps you bounce in his lap, angling his cock inside of your tight cunt to make you see stars. “you’re here to help me.”
The secondborn wouldn’t have it any other way.
Lucifer (the original thing i wrote for him hehehe,, i didnt think it was smutty enough so i rewrote it -and honestly, i just might write an entire thing for this because lucifer is so hot-)
“What is wrong with you?” Lucifer bites as he glares down at your trembling form. Had this been any other occasion Lucifer would have taken you to the closest private space available to fuck your brains out but, he isn’t blessed with that luck today. The demon castle is currently filled with far too many people and it would be near impossible to sneak away. He can’t understand why you’re acting this way. You’re practically trying to jump him amongst all these demons. 
Lucifer narrows his eyes at you before taking a subtle whiff of your scent and just the slight inhale causes his entire body to stiffen as he instantly feels all the blood in his body rush into his boxers. How on earth did he not notice it before?
“You need to be fucked, don’t you?” He coos into your ear as he tightly wraps his large hand around your wrist. Lucifer drags you out of the ballroom, ignoring every person who tries to stop him. He brings you to an empty hallway before ushering you roughly into an old abandoned room filled with trinkets that haven’t been touched in centuries. You’re not too focused on anything other than the demon in front of you. “Let me guess, you drank the hellfire wine, didn’t you?”
You nod eagerly and try to ignore your guilty conscious, ignore how you messed up the evening. 
“Dearest, you know what that does to humans. I warned you beforehand.” He starts a lecture, one that you know could go on for hours but you don’t have the hours to wait, not when you’re working up a sweat and your thighs have begun to tremble. There’s a wet heat aching between your thighs and you only become more and more uncomfortable as time goes on. 
“I didn’t know what it looked like!” Your eyes pathetically fill up with thick tears and Lucifer nearly awes at the sight. It seems he’s being too hard on you. 
“Calm down, my pet.” He quietly murmurs against your forehead as he steps closer to you, placing either of his hands on your biceps. “You just want to cum, don’t you? You need release so badly, poor thing,” From his words alone, you swear you could cum. All over again your body starts to tremble. “I’ve got you, human, I’ll give you exactly what you need.” 
When Lucifer promises something, he always delivers. 
His clothes are discarded in seconds and you’re sure you zoned out all the way until he pulled you into his lap and lined his cock up with your entrance. You don’t remember your own clothes coming off or how he got to sucking on your breasts so earnestly. All you can focus on is his hard cock now fully inside of you. Your movements are messy and rushed, you take full control as Lucifer leans back in the leather chair. 
You’re bouncing thoughtfully in his lap, loudly mewling and moaning at how full you feel. The entire time since you got your hands on that wine, you’ve been on edge. Lucifer can bring you bliss within seconds but you know that tonight, it won’t be enough. You’ll have to use him the whole night until you’re both utterly spent, until you’re forced to be peeled off of his cock.
Anticipation grows in Lucifer’s stomach with a smile on his lips to match, oh he’s looking forward to this. 
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ventisslut · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I- ?!?! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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simping-overload · 3 months ago
RAMBLES ∘ I absolutely love writing these! Enjoy! Also word of the wise don't put discord links in posts it'll make the post not appear in the tags 😭,
join my discord pls,(it won't let me hyperlink-) https://discord.gg/3vnp4KkzAg
APPEARANCES ∘ zhongli, diluc, kaeya, venti, kazuha
TAGS ∘ fluff, accidental smothering, touched starved diluc, clingy venti, kaeya has nightmares,
BLOG DISCLAIMER ∘ ヾthis is a multi fandom blog that is designed for mlm/nbmlm identifying readers! so if you're female or fem alligened(she/her, she/they) please do not follow or interact with my mlm/nbmlm related post!! you will be blocked if you do not heed this warning
Tumblr media
ZHONGLI, is the true definition of a heatbox, considering him being a dragon it is no surprise, likes sleeping in his half-dragon form with horns and tail out. subconsciously wraps his tail around your waist or leg and holds you close. he likes facing you, so he has access to your face to touch and kiss. He often wakes you up with morning with a kiss.
Tumblr media
DILUC, is probably the most touch starved man in Tyvet. He's a very busy man not often allowing himself the pleasure of a relationship. So being with you unlocks a new side of him wanting to have physical contact 24/7. Sometimes when he holds you, and is a sleep he just kinda smothers you, if you hold him he will soak your physical contact up, basically becoming a content blob of jelly
Tumblr media
KAEYA, just like his brother he adores physical contact with you. He doesn't mind what postion you two are in as long as your touching him in some way or vice versa. Likes to tuck himself into your side laying his head on your chest, listening to your heart beat, for him it's such a.. grounding and comforting sound.  it brings him great comfort after nightmares aswell.
Tumblr media
VENTI, is a very clingy God, holding on to you like a baby koala to its mother. No matter how strong you are you will not be able to pry him off of you. Often just drapes his body over yours like a damn cat(oh, the irony), completely ignoring the fact that you're in the middle of something. Often lays directly on top of you head tucked into your neck with drunken giggles.
Tumblr media
KAZUHA, loves being held, may it be holding him against your chest trapped in your embrace or spooning him. he doesn't believe he'd ever be this content or happy in a very long time. Soaks  up your warmth like it's his life source. Having love physical contact with you like the others he would just love to be in your arms for the rest of his days.
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asmos-pet · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
+ genre... smut with fem!reader
+ synopsis... once mc realizes what’s been happening, she decides to confront the undateables and demands an explanation as to why they used a charmed toy instead of coming to her directly.
+ tw... dubcon, toys, mentions of edging and cockwarming
+ a/n... i know it’s been long awaited, so i hope you enjoy it!! 
Tumblr media
> It isn’t so much as you who figures out that the fleshlight is hexed but the prince, himself. He ends up using it so much that he strips it of the magic hiding the curse, and then he panics. > He doesn’t know what to do. It wasn’t like he knew you would be able to feel everything he was doing. It was an honest mistake but, damn, did it look terrible on his end. So what does he do? He seeks advice from a confidant. > Barbatos gets an instant migraine whenever Lord Diavolo explains the situation at hand. Ultimately, he convinces the prince that the best option is to confront you and be honest about it. > So, he does. Of course, you’re utterly shocked that it was the Prince of the Devildom bringing you orgasm after orgasm during the night, and he apologizes immensely, swearing to never use it again. > Only... you stop listening halfway through— interrupting him to tell him that he won’t need to use it anymore, because he can have the real thing instead. Suddenly, his cheeks are as red as yours.  > You two coordinate a schedule; during the break between second and third period, you head to the bathroom and lock yourself in a stall, sending him a text to let him know you’re ready for him to use the toy. > Sometimes he’ll keep it on all day while he sits on the throne, a smug expression on his face throughout the day because he knows that you’re walking around his kingdom stuffed full of his cock.
> Like Diavolo, Barbatos’ magic is extremely powerful, and eventually the butler is able to sense that the fleshlight is hexed. He decides that its best to confront the person he’s been violating at once. > Drawing up a summoning circle, he recites a spell that ends up teleporting you to his room and when you arrive, the butler can’t seem to look you in the eye. He certainly hadn’t expected it to be you of all people. > You’re in the middle of asking him why he summoned you when your eyes land on the fleshlight sitting on the table to his right. Your cheeks flush crimson, and that’s when Barbatos begins explaining. > He glosses over the lewd parts, strictly sticking to the technicalities of the curse and how Solomon had tricked him into using it. Then, he finishes with a genuine apology, an uncharacteristically remorseful expression on his face. > Once he’s done talking, you can’t help but laugh at how ludicrous the situation is, tossing your head back and clutching your stomach. Wiping a tear from your eye, there’s a sly smile on your face as you ask him how you felt. > His eyebrows raise in surprise before a smirk tugs at his lips. “You felt... ethereal. Should I assume it feels even better in person?” It doesn’t take long for him to find out that it does.  > He reserves the fleshlight for when you act up, deciding to make you clean up the Royal Palace while he uses it. He likes watching your legs tremble as you try to dust off the shelves that are a bit out of reach. 
> It takes nearly a year for you to figure out who’s responsible for the late night sessions that left you reeling. You’re walking down the hallway of RAD when you feel something start prodding at your entrance. > Rushing to the bathroom, it’s become routine to lock yourself in a stall and cover your mouth with your hand as the phantom cock slowly rubs along your walls. It’s never hard, always gently stealing your breath away. > After it finishes, you clean yourself up and walk out of the bathroom... only to walk right into Simeon walking out of the boy’s bathroom across from you, his cheeks flushed as his eyes meet yours. > When all the pieces finally slide into place, you’re grabbing his wrist and hauling him off to a janitor’s closet so you can have a private conversation with him, demanding to know why he’s been doing this. > It’s clear as soon as the question leaves your lips that he doesn’t have the slightest clue what the hexed fleshlight truly does. He’s stumbling over his words and is visibly distressed.  > You have to beg him to look at you before you tell him that you don’t mind, as long as he’s the one he’s doing it— which ends up causing him to malfunction even more. You shut him up with a kiss. > You end up being the primary user of the fleshlight, bobbing it up and down Simeon’s cock as you lay beside him on the bed. His moans mix with yours as your climaxes hit you at the same time.
> Solomon believes he’s performed the perfect magic trick. Not only does he get to fuck you whenever he wants, but, with the portal that allows him to view others with their knowledge, he gets to watch you too. > The only reason he gets caught is because of chance. You happened to be near his room when he was starting to use the toy, and you decided to try and find a place you could stay to wait it out. > As you got closer to his room, you could hear his moans through the door, your ears perking up at the sounds. Blinking several times, it took you several moments to realize he was grunting in time with the thrusts into your cunt. > Before you can stop yourself, you’re banging on his door, yelling for him to open up. You don’t care if the rest of Purgatory Hall hears you. Damn the sneaky bastard for pulling a stunt like this. > When he opens the door, he looks more suspicious than ever, his clothes wrinkles and hair disheveled. You don’t fall for the charming words that spew from his mouth, stomping in as obscenities fly from your lips. > You insist he throw it away, but he begs you to at least let him keep it as a prototype. It is his invention, after all. You two set up a spell that ensures he can’t use it without your permission. > Months later after you two become friends with benefits, you unlock the spell and grant him permission to use it. What a stupid decision. He immediately uses it to torture you, tying you up and edging you without having to lift a finger.
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5
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leviathism · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
side characters x gender neutral reader
Diavolo rushes to your side. He feels so guilty that he couldn’t have caught you when you slipped. He immediately tells you that you’re off school for the week and staying at his castle to be under supervision to heal, even if it just is a sprained ankle.
He treats you like royalty, bringing you breakfast in bed and tending to every single need you have. He is just so, so guilty.
Barbatos pretends he didn’t see anything to protect your dignity, despite the loud yelling and repetitive thumps of your body slamming on each step. However, pain medication appears randomly in front of you.
Now when the two of you go down flights of stairs together, he links arms with you.
Thirteen laughs so hard that she cries. She also somehow caught a video of the last part of it and sent it to the one person who she knew could and would pass it around quickly. Asmodeus.
Your disastrous fall is documented on the Devildom Central News the next morning. There are rumors that you didn’t make it out alive. What will Diavolo do without the human exchange student? Devildom Central News is panicking for him.
However she does kiss the big bruise on your forehead to make it up to you.
Solomon takes it serious for the most part by helping you up, making sure you weren’t seriously injured, and helping take care of your bruises and aches.
For the other part? He’s relentlessly teasing you once he’s sure you’re perfectly fine. He’s merciless, even bringing it up in front of Prince Diavolo for a quick laugh and giggle.
Simeon babies you for the next three days. He cannot forget how his heart dropped and how hurt you were at the time. Devildom staircases go forever and human bodies are just so fragile.
He’s a bit worried about how you fell down but he gets over it relatively quickly when you’re back to normal. He just watches you a bit more closely to see if you’re walking fine.
Raphael doesn’t overreact at all. He helps you up, makes sure you didn’t break anything, and lets you go on your way. He doesn’t mention it to anyone, doesn’t watch you extra carefully, he understands it was a freak accident.
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b-achiras · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬: lucifer + barbatos + beelzebub
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: afab!reader, monster fucking, vaginal sex, rough sex (w/lucifer), wing pulling, tail fucking, slight neglect kink, cunnilingus, horn pulling
Tumblr media
lucifer likes to fuck you hard and rough. you need to grab on to something to keep yourself steady. usually you grip the bed sheets or hold on to lucifer’s shoulders as he abused your tight pussy. it was only by accident that, when lucifer had his wings out while fucking you, that you grabbed his wings instead and tugged at the feathers. that immediately makes lucifer moan loudly. he’s embarrassed for only a moment that stimulation to his wings earned such a reaction. when he recovers, his gaze turns dark as he returns to his previous harsh pace. “pull my wings again” he orders. “harder this time”.
we’re always talking about tail fucking with leviathan but let’s not forget that barbatos also has a tail. usually he’s too busy serving his young master to pay attention to you. it pains him because barbatos genuinely does enjoy taking care of you so he has to go to desperate measures to make you feel good. he’ll be making tea, cleaning, or organizing diavolo’s paperwork. at the same time his tail his reaching over to where you sit, not too far away from him, pumping itself into your hole. it feels so good that all barbatos can hear as he does his duties is your moans. it makes him want to get things done quicker so he can focus on you entirely.
you didn’t realize how sensitive beel’s horns are until he’s eating you out. he’s devouring you so vigorously that you need to ground yourself. typically you find sanctuary with your hands in his finger locks but because he’s in his demon form, you accidentally grab on to his horns. beel’s immediately grunting when you give them a tug and pull him in closer to your cunt. “keep doing that” beel tells gruffly, as his cock twitches in his pants. “keep pulling my horns while i eat your delicious pussy”.
Tumblr media
2022 © httphaitani — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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luxthestrange · a month ago
Incorrect quotes#674 Weekend away
Mc is spending the weekend on earth, As you discuss things with Diavolo, Lucifer, and Barbatos in the demon castle you four hear from outside the castle someone screaming your name...
MamLevi,Asmo & Twins:MCCCCCCC!!!
Luci*Groans as he drinks his coffee in one gulp and tries hard to not look embarrassed*"Oh Diavolo, no"
MamLevi,Asmo & Twins:DONT LEAVE,PLEAAAASE!!!
Barb: They already started to miss you I see *Looks at you with a chuckle*
MamLevi, Asmo & Twins: WE'RE PREGNANT!!!
All but lucifer started to laugh at their banging on the castle door
MamLevi, Asmo & Twins: PLEASE WE BEGGING!!!
Mc: I'm only leaving for two days...
Luci:...every bloody time...*hides his face behind his hand*
MamLevi, Asmo,& Twins: WE'RE PRETTY SURE IT'S TRUE!!!
Tumblr media
Satan really said, "TAKE ME WITH YOU?!" Huh
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
I hope you plan on adding the dateables to the "kissing the prettiest person in the room" thing! \ (•o•) /
"kiss the prettiest person in the room" with the dateables
Tumblr media
includes: the dateables x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 1.2k | rated t | m.list | pt 1 | pt 2
a/n: the long-awaited series finale!! thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come say hi!!
please reblog <333
Tumblr media
diavolo is holding another sleepover, and you’re all crammed into one of his living rooms, sitting in a rough circle, with some on the couches, some in chairs, and some on the floor
you’re on one of the smaller couches, sharing it with solomon and when the sorcerer gets this glint in his eyes you know he had something up his sleeve
“let’s play truth or dare,” he suggests, and though you suspect the game will devolve into chaos, many of the brothers are quickly on board
the game goes a few rounds before solomon calls on you. “mc, truth or dare?”
you balk; the dare will no doubt be something intense and possibly humiliating, but choosing truth would probably be much worse. “dare,” you say, as confidently as you can
solomon grins wickedly. “kiss the prettiest person in this room.”
you gape at him even as various protests are raised around the room.
“no, mc does it or gets punished for chickening out,” solomon insists, and you recall the punishment, which is to buy a dinner next time you’re all out, something your poor wallet really can’t handle.
“i’ll do it,” you say, and a hush falls over the room as they all wait for you to pick.
Tumblr media
diavolo has never played a game like this before, so he hadn’t even known such a dare was allowed! he watches you closely to make sure you seem okay with it- he really wouldn’t mind paying for the meal for you if you do decide to back out, but you seem intent on accepting.
around him, everyone stiffens in anticipation, and diavolo can’t help but be on edge too, wondering who you’ll pick. lucifer, of course, is a top contender, as is mammon, but you seem to pass over them, slowly looking around the room in his direction.
you finally make eye contact with him and he perks up, giving you a grin. would this be his chance to kiss you? he’s liked you for a long time, but has never initiated anything due to the power imbalance. but if you were the one initiating…
you stand, walking over to him.
“lord diavolo,” you say, extending a hand, “may i kiss you?”
despite himself, diavolo can feel his cheeks flushing, heat going from the tips of his ears down to his neck. he’s nervous- and excited. “you may,” he answers, hoping his voice doesn’t betray his sudden nerves. you help him stand, then lean forward.
diavolo’s eyes fall shut, and he waits, blood rushing and heart pounding. he can’t help but flinch slightly when you finally do kiss him, but before you can move away, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer. you pull back some time later, eyes bright, and diavolo can’t help but wear what is, undoubtedly, a dopey smile.
Tumblr media
barbatos has never wished so intently to know the future as he does now. but alas, he needs diavolo’s permission, something he doesn’t have.
he knows you won’t pick him- he’s long resigned himself to being a side character in your life, moral support for when you have an issue with one of the actual main characters. and he’s okay with it. serving diavolo, baking with luke, being your friend… it’s more than enough for him.
it’s more than enough for him, so why are you approaching him, looking nervous yet determined?
“the dare was to kiss the prettiest person in the room,” you say sheepishly, stopping a fair distance away from him, gaze pinned to his, “but if you’re uncomfortable i suppose i could pick the second prettiest.” your eyes dart back to solomon, who looks supremely pleased with himself.
barbatos realizes then that no one actually expects him to accept. in his eyes, he’s not a threat, not even in the slightest. maybe he should remind them that he too is capable of going after your heart.
“no, no,” he says smoothly, reaching out and pulling you closer to him. “it’s just a dare, isn’t it?”
“yes,” you say, biting your lip. you take a deep breath then lean down to him, pressing your lips to his. he wraps his arms around you, relishing the small shudder of surprise you let out, making sure to give you a kiss you’ll never forget.
you pull away from him, dazed, and barbatos can’t help but lick his lips, satisfied with the glares he’s receiving from the rest of the group. you’d picked him, so they were powerless to actually get mad at him.
Tumblr media
simeon watches how solomon grins, sure he’s got you beat. he’d confided to simeon earlier how his plan was to get you to chicken out, and while simeon hadn’t really cared about it before, he now can’t help but feel like the dare’s a little much.
but you accept, leaving everyone stunned. and waiting.
simeon knows there’s a high possibility that you’ll pick him. he’s a safe choice, for one, and angels are inherently beautiful, but whatever your reasons are, he’ll gladly accept you if you do choose him.
and it looks like you’re going to, if the way that you’re glancing at him is any indication. “simeon,” you call, “can i kiss you?”
“by all means,” he says, and you stand, walking past solomon, who’s still gaping, to him. he stands to meet you, giving you a warm smile. you smile back, looking to all the world as if you were completely at ease.
the kiss is short and impersonal, but you seem to enjoy it regardless, and simeon wonders if he can get you to redo it some other time, when you both can show less restraint. you seem to know where his thoughts are, because you wink, before turning to solomon with a challenging grin, leaving him to flop back into his seat, trying to figure out how soon he can get you alone so you can redo the kiss for real.
Tumblr media
solomon doesn’t really think you’ll take him up on the offer, so when you do, it takes everything in him to hide his surprise. well, even if he didn’t get a free meal out of the dare, at least now he can watch you attempt to pick someone while all of the brothers try - and fail - to hide their need to be picked.
you look around, as if considering your options, and to his surprise, stay seated, giving him a good, thorough look.
“i’ll do it,” you repeat, smiling almost smugly, “but will you?”
“me?” solomon echoes, amused. “you think i’m the prettiest person in the room?”
“well, yeah,” you shrug. “so are you going to chicken out?”
his eyes narrow. “not a chance.” he scoots closer to you, intent on seeing this through to the end, and you reciprocate until the both of you are a few scant centimeters apart, thighs almost touching.
“pucker up, buttercup,” you say, and solomon does as he’s told. even though you’d shown no signs of backing down, it’s still a surprise when you actually kiss him, comandeering his lips in a way that no ones ever done before. you pull away just as he’s about to get over his shock and really kiss you back, and the look in your eyes says you know you’ve won.
“i’ll get you back for that,” solomon says threateningly, and you laugh, moving back away form him as if it were nothing.
“looking forward to it, pretty boy.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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lovries · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring. the dateables (diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon). (the brothers version)
summary. whilst staring at his face, you've come to the conclusion that he has a very cute face— and of course you have to let him know.
warning. gn! reader, these might be a little ooc but idk.
Tumblr media
꒰ ♡ ꒱ ─── DIAVOLO
Diavolo couldn't help but notice, a chuckle leaving his lips as he sets down his tea cup. He now matches your stare playfully, grinning when you bashfully look away. He laughs boisterously, "I win!" He declares, before settling down. "Now, would you like to tell me what's got you staring so hard?" He teases.
"You've got a cute face," You mumble out, and although he hears you, he can't help but tease you some more.
"What was that?" He cups his hand around his ear, making a show of leaning in to try and hear you better. You sigh, rolling your eyes. He's not sure what he's excepting, but you leaning in close to his ear, and whispering your answer to him was not it.
"I said, you've got a cute face." Your hot breath against his skin sends a shiver down his spine. He lets out a breathy chuckle, pulling away from you. He's surprised you made him blush so hard— close, intimate proximity was something he was a stranger too, yet it came so easily to you.
Seeing him blush fuels your own confidence, and you smirk, leaning against your palm. "What, don't tell me you didn't know?"
"Well, I don't think people often use 'cute' with me..." He trails off, calming his racing heart and getting his bearings back. "But I don't mind if its you." He finishes with a wink.
꒰ ♡ ꒱ ─── BARBATOS
Barbatos is observant, he knows that you're staring at him, but he doesn't say a word as he continues to whip together the ingredients. Your lovesick gaze isn't something new, when you think he's not looking, you often gaze at him like such, still this is the first time you voiced your opinion.
"Barbatos, you have a very cute face."
Barbatos is thankful for being able to quickly recover from anything, because if you had noticed the way his stirring had paused, or the way his knee's nearly gave out, he's sure he'd be done for. He remains cool, despite the mess in his mind.
He gives you a sly smile. "Me?" When you nod, confirming your words, he chuckles. You really are most amusing. "Thank you." He sets down the bowl, turning his back to you to grab some other ingredients (and to get a moment of reprieve from your passionate gaze).
"Your welcome," You hum, and finally break away from his figure, sneaking a taste of the creamy mixture. "Hey, Barbatos... You know you already added the egg, right?" You say, noticing him holding another egg from your peripherals.
"Ah, it seems you are right..." Whilst you chuckle at his little blunder unknowingly, he begins to grow concerned on just how much a flustered mess you could truly make him if you tried.
꒰ ♡ ꒱ ─── SIMEON
You were having a movie night with Simeon, wanting to show him some of your favorite human realm movies, but it was hard to focus when he just looked so radiant. You didn't mean to stare, but his laughter and smiles at the movie was making your stomach do flips. It wasn't long until he glanced over at you, and noticed you were staring.
"Is everything alright?" Perhaps it's some sort of angelic power, but you feel to the need to confess the truth of your reason for staring.
"You know, Simeon, you have a very cute face." After the words left your mouth, only then do you realize what you said. You try to act unphased though whilst secretly hoping for the earth to swallow you up whole.
The movie continues on in the background as Simeon gazes at you lovingly, a sheepish smile on his lips as he speaks, "You think so? I find your face very cute too," Simeon turns back to the screen, a content smile settled on his lips. "Shall we continue watching the movie?"
"Y- Yeah, yes, let's do that." However it was very hard to focus when his hand found yours under the covers, intertwining your fingers together.
꒰ ♡ ꒱ ─── SOLOMON
Solomon felt more like he was being threatened rather than admired, feeling your sharp gaze on the back of his head. He glanced around, trying to see which demon was trying to mark him as prey, when he found it was you that was staring at him. He raised a brow, before looking forward at the teacher. He pulled out his D.D.D. and sent you a text that read 'are you confused by the lesson?'
To which you reply, 'No.' and then shortly after, 'Your face is cute.'
You watch as Solomon checks your message before he has to stifle a laugh. He was the cute one? He glances back at you again, and you wave to him. He chuckles to himself, amused by you once again.
'It is, isn't it? Would you like to see it up close?' He sends yet another message, and when you check it, the bell rings. You don't reply, instead tucking your D.D.D. in your pocket. As you look up, however, there Solomon is, a smug smile on his lips.
"Well? Is it better up close?" He asks. You look over his face again, before frowning.
"Hmm... Maybe I was wrong?" Whilst anybody else would get huffy at your teasing jab, Solomon lets out another laugh, he always finds you so charming.
"You really don't hold back, do you?" You just hum, thinking that he really is cuter up close though.
Tumblr media
﹙ thank you for reading! have a wonderful day! ﹚
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kaeyats · 3 months ago
SAGAU,, the archons read your fanfiction
inspired by this imagine by @anemoarchonhoe. your self-indulgent genshin fanfiction starts spawning in teyvat as holy scripture. even more embarrassing is that your acolytes treat it like records of your past lives.
reader's gender is not specified, as with most of my works. requests and imagines in my ask box are appreciated, but will take a while. :D
warnings: cursing, lots of innuendos, humiliation lol
Tumblr media
you didn't know what to expect when you stepped inside the wangsheng funeral parlor to visit two of your favorite genshin impact characters. however, amongst the many possibilities in your head, it was not this.
morax, or zhongli as he liked to call himself these days, sat in complete silence, investing all his attention and senses into the book he was currently reading. he hadn't even noticed your presence in the room which was entirely unusual for him as one of your most attentive acolytes. but you didn't find yourself minding as much as you thought you would, especially when zhongli was making such.. intense facial expressions every passing second.
"oh, how scandalous.." he quietly mumbled to himself. if there had been any background noise at all, you wouldn't have heard it.
"'li? are you perhaps reading a light novel?" you finally spoke out, after probably watching zhongli read for 20 minutes. you tried preventing your laughter when the former geo archon jumped at the realization of your presence, but alas, it was too unusual of a sight and you couldn't help but laugh out loud.
"ah, i apologize for not noticing you sooner, your grace. i was simply investing myself in your scripture."
"it's fine, really. what do you mean by 'my scripture' though? i don't recall writing any holy bibles." you observed the book in his hand, the blank cover a lot more interesting with the newly given context.
"i meant the records of the previous lives we've shared. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that i acted the same way i do now. although i must say, i didn't expect you to be so nervous to approach me."
"the what-? wait, let me read that." zhongli offered you the book, complying with your every command like he always did. without wasting another second, you read through the pages, your stomach dropping as you realized what he had been reading.
"you- you weren't supposed to see this!" you choked, face contorted into a look of humiliation and shock.
"oh? i truly do not mind. in fact, i feel flattered to have been chosen by you in my past life as a mortal."
zhongli continued, the more he spoke, the more you wanted to melt into a muddle and disappear from the face of the earth. "as for the more intimate moments, i also do not mind, though i never imagined myself to be so... rough. if it is what you find pleasing then i do not mind trying again in my current form."
if you didn't feel embarrassed a few moments ago, you sure were now. curse you modern au zhongli smut!!
Tumblr media
hanging out with ei was always a pleasant occasion. yes, the god was ignorant to the running trends of teyvat and even more so to the trends of earth, but that was the appeal of it. you found her ignorance to be quite charming in a way. it didn't take away her competence as a god and it definitely didn't make her any less intimidating, but you found it refreshing (and hella hilarious).
in inazuma, your godly existence was never neglected. everytime you stepped out of the crux into inazuma, there would already be all kinds of decorations in the streets with dozens of guards waiting by the harbor and hundreds more people anticipating your arrival. today wasn't any different as you stepped into the harbor, only one key detail, ei wasn't there.
the thought had you dizzy in worry. she was usually so.. commited to you. and that sounded self-centered as all hell, but it was simply the truth. ei was the embodiment of consistency and loyalty, so it shocked everyone when she wasn't in the harbor to welcome you. you wasted not a second and headed straight for the grand narukami shrine.
you found yourself in the plane of euthymia for the very first time, stunned as to how massive it looked in real life. "i'm not angry or anything, but it was very out of character of you. is there anything wrong? are you fine or...?"
"no, everything is fine, your grace. i just do not wish to hurt you any longer. the guilt of my actions have finally settled in. and i can not feel any more remorseful than i do now."
"hurt me? when have you ever-"
"i have read of what i have done in the previous life we have shared together. my actions were absolutely preposterous! i wouldn't have chosen anyone over you, especially since we spent so many years growing up with each other." you could say nothing at the face of ei who truly sounded hurt and looked like was distressed beyond words.
"ah fuck, this is about the fanfics again, isn't it?"
safe to say, ei went from crying mess to blushing mess when you explained to her that the book she was reading was simply but a fictional story you wrote back then. and yes, you spent about 30 minutes explaining to ei that it was like a light novel because that's the only basis she had for such things.
Tumblr media
you were out on a friendly date with kaeya and rosaria inside the angel's share that night. you were still wary of drinking anything with alcohol, scared of confessing anything about any of the genshin characters that you might regret. so you settled with drinking grape juice instead and still had a merry time with the two troublemaking alcoholics. the atmosphere around you was still a bit tense though, the people of mondstadt still not used to your casual behavior while being the all-creator. all eyes were on you and you felt it.
in a quest to break the tense atmosphere, venti hopped on top of a table (despite diluc's angry protests) and plucked his harp with a gentleness that was out of character for the bard. for the first time that night, the attention left you you and all eyes were on the anemo archon.
your relief hadn't lasted long though because the tale that venti told that night, was eerily similar to one of your 5wirl fanfiction. he sang of the creator, specifically using your given name, pining for himself in another life, one in which he had been a famed idol of some kind. he sang of the details of your inappropriate endeavors, repeating in his lines how much you enjoyed the many uses of his mouth.
sooner and later, kaeya started laughing and wheezing like a mad man, hitting your back in a teasing manner and rosaria looked at you with a smirk and a teasing glint in her eyes. but what annoyed you the most was the green bard who looked absolutely smug as he winked at your blushing face.
"fuck it, pass me a bottle of dead after noon, charles."
as soon as he finished his song, you dragged him out of angel's share, already a bit tipsy on the strong alcohol you had started drinking ever since he started exposing "holy (unholy) scriptures" to the rest of the world. you looked absolutely agitated, but venti couldn't erase the smile on his face. as you two left, the whole room snickered and smirked with knowing looks on their faces.
Tumblr media
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the-ghost-of-panda · 3 months ago
What I Headcanon the side characters do when you receive flowers from a secret admirer when you're dating them.
When you came to him with a grin on your face holding flowers. He was so happy to see you, let alone with a beautiful smile gracing your equally beautiful face. At first, he thought the flowers were for him until you asked if they were from him. He still held a smile, even though it secretly crushed him. Now the nagging questions were lingering in his mind. Who exactly was bold enough to send you flowers? Didn't the said admirer know that you were his?
"You really didn't send them?" You inquired.
Double checking that the bouquet of gorgeous yet haunting flowers in your grasp wasn't from Diavolo. It made your heart sink in a way. Because you loved Diavolo and he had been known to give you flowers before. Yet, in the same note now you were curious as to whom had gifted them to you. All that was on the bouquet when you had walked into your room at the house had been a small enveloped card with your name on it. Inside the card had read A bouquet of beauty for an equally beautiful human.
"Did you receive a note or anything?" Diavolo questioned folding his arms across his chest with a look of concern.
"Yeah, actually..." You trailed as you held out the small textured card towards Diavolo.
Diavolo hummed as he furrowed his brows. Gently taking the card from your outstretched hand. When he read the scripted letters that were neat yet slanted in a fast scribble. He found he had magically incinerated the card and flowers out of jealousy. You gasped, and Diavolo's golden eyes widened.
"Ah, I'm sorry ______. I hope you aren't hurt or upset." He apologized with a frown his hands out at his sides.
"It's alright, I'm fine, I didn't need them anyway." You remarked, failing to hide just a hint of disappointment.
It's not like the fire hurt, it happened so fast that all you felt were the flowers crumbling in your grasp. All that remained was a pile of ash on the floor between you two.
Diavolo wasn't sure why he had done that almost instinctively. Or why he felt a strong urge to seek down whoever it was trying to win you over. It wasn't as if it were your fault that you had admirers. He just wished the others knew to stay away. Diavolo knew one way he could keep them away. However, he wasn't sure you were ready for that step in your relationship with him.
When you received a beautiful vase with flowers you immediately thought they were from Barbatos. The colors specifically reminded you of him. When you asked if he had time to spare so you could see him. He immediately replied saying he had made some time for you.
However, Barbatos hadn't expected when you arrived in his room to be holding a gorgeous vase filled with flowers. A card tied meticulously with a ribbon. He held his usual expression not giving away anything. Even though on the inside he was already plotting on who was going to be his latest tortured victim for choosing you as their object of affection. Didn't the denizens of the Devildom know that you were forbidden? Didn't they know that you were already taken? How many times would he have to go behind even his Master's back to threaten those who sought out to claim you as theirs?
"Barbatos, these are absolutely beautiful!" You beamed.
He couldn't resist your absolute delight. His heart beat faster. You were far more lovely than just a vase of flowers. He hummed.
"Well, I wish I could say they were from me." He confessed.
He watched as your expression fell. "You mean..."
He shook his head. "I'm afraid not _______. "
You swallowed as you glanced down at the gorgeous flowers in your hand.
"Please, allow me," Barbatos spoke.
Your eyes flit to Barbatos as you saw his hands outstretched towards the vase. You handed it over to him.
"Thank you, my love." His gloved hands touched yours as he took the vase from you. He walked over and sat them down for now. Before returning to you.
"I'm sorry." You spoke softly.
You knew he had to be upset, even though he didn't show it. You knew it had to bother him knowing that another demon gave you flowers when it hadn't been him. You had just carelessly believed they were from him because you were dating him.
He smiled as he placed his gloved hand on your cheek. His thumb caressing your cheekbone.
"You don't have to be sorry. This isn't your fault. It seems you captivate everyone whom you meet." He explained.
You smiled briefly as Barbatos leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on your lips. You felt your warmth spread across your face. When he pulled away, his hand fell from your face.
"I'm sorry to cut this short. But I'm afraid I do have some things to do." He explained.
You nodded. "Alright, are we still on for our date tomorrow?"
He chuckled. "Of course, I'm looking forward to it."
You gave him a hug before you left. When Barbatos knew, you were out of earshot. His demon form flickered out, his tail wrapped around the vase as he glared at the flowers. How dare a demon even try to take his love away from him? He erased it from existence, just like he was planning to do to the demon which gifted you the item.
You had caught Simeon before he left to go back to Purgatory Hall. He turned and smiled upon seeing you.
"______, how nice to see you." He chuckled.
"Yeah, I wanted to say thank you for the flowers. They are gorgeous!" You explained.
He knit his brows in confusion before his eyes widened with surprise.
"What flowers?"
Your smile dropped from your face. You could have sworn the flowers were from Simeon.
"______, did someone give you flowers today?"
"Well yeah, I thought they were from you." You confessed.
Simeon felt a familiar rage bubbling up inside of him. He just grinned.
"Is that so...?"
You swallowed. You knew Simeon was mad. "You know they weren't that pretty. I'll get rid of them."
He pulled you into his arms and held you. You tensed at first before you relaxed into his arms. Simeon placed his lips against the shell of your ear.
"No need to lie now, ____. Don't worry. I'll take care of them for you." He whispered.
You shivered the way he said that. You weren't sure if he meant the person who gave them to you or the flowers.
He was on his way to pick you up for your date. However, Solomon noticed a demon walk up to you, and his eyes widened. Solomon watched in shock as said demon handed you a bouquet of flowers. His eyes narrowed as he had fully expected you to reject the entity in question.
When you didn't, without a second thought, he appeared in front of the bastard hitting on you. You gasped.
"Solomon." You whispered.
Before you knew what happened, Solomon had pulled his arm back and punched the demon square in the jaw. The demon groaned, surprised the sorcerer even had it in him to punch him.
Solomon furrowed his brows. "If I catch you around again, I'll make sure to permanently fix the situation." He threatened as he pulled you close to his body.
The demon scoffed as he narrowed his eyes at the sorcerer. He knew Solomon's reputation and didn't really want to have to deal with a specific demon that he held a pact with.
"Whatever." He huffed as he sulked off.
Solomon turned to see you had dropped the flowers. Relief washed over him as he crushed the petals beneath his shoes. He cupped your face with his hands and crashed his lips against yours.
You had almost forgotten why you were even standing outside from the intensity of his kiss. Slowly pulling away, you opened your eyes as you met his gaze.
"Let's go on our date now, shall we?" He grinned.
You nodded, as you slipped your hand into his. You felt bad Solomon had seen the whole thing go down before you had a chance to reject the demon. Solomon seemed to be okay now, but you had never seen him so worked up before.
Solomon realized maybe he overreacted. However, he couldn't stand the thought of a demon flirting with you, let alone gifting you with flowers. His knuckles throbbed from striking the demon on the jaw. Still, sometimes this pain was necessary to remind him that he was still human. The only other thing that made him feel this alive was the love he held for you.
He was waiting for you on silent street where an all-night parfait shop resided. He was about to text you asking where you were when he caught the sight of you out of the corner of his eye. His eyes widened when he noticed you had flowers. When you flung yourself into his arms, he was happy to see you, but he was confused about why you had flowers. If he didn't give you flowers then, who had been the one to give them to you?
"______, I was getting concerned you took longer than expected."
"Yeah, I'm sorry, I found these flowers when I went to get ready for our date. It was so sweet to surprise me." You explained.
He closed his eyes and sighed. "I didn't though."
"What?" You asked surprised.
Raphael opened his eyes with the same sullen expression he always held. Except now, it seemed he was even more upset than usual.
"Let's just go instead." He remarked as he glanced around the area.
He wasn't sure who did it, but he was going to make sure it didn't happen again.
"I'm sorry Raphael."
He shook his head as he took the flowers from your grasp. The worst part is whoever gifted them to you knew your favorite color of your favorite flower. He tossed them into the street as they scattered onto the road from the sidewalk. You couldn't blame Raphael for wanting to get rid of them. Still, it was sad to see your favorite flower be ruined by passing vehicles.
Raphael held open the door to the shop for you. He gave you a sympathetic look. "I'll make it up to you."
You gave him a smile as you nodded walking into the shop. Raphael gave you a smile in return. However, once you walked past him that smile soon faded. He locked onto a demon that seemed to be glaring at him from a block away. Furrowing his brows he whispered a few words before smirking. The demon in question was stunned when spears rained down out of nowhere right in front of him almost striking him.
Raphael caught up to you right as you sat down at a table. You had no idea what had just happened. As Raphael sat down across from you and beamed. You were a little suspicious, but it was always wonderful to see him smile.
You excitedly bounded into his office. His eyes were wide with the strange high pitch noise that seemed to have emanated from you somehow. Though as much as you had startled him with your excitement he thought it was rather cute.
"Mephisto! I can't believe you gave me flowers!" You gushed.
Running over to his desk chair as you flung yourself onto him.
He laughed as he was caught off guard, wrapping his arms around you. That was until what you said fully registered with him.
His eyes narrowed. "Did you just say flowers?"
You pulled away enough to meet his glare. You knit your brows together with a frown.
"Yeah, you mean it wasn't you?" You questioned.
You frowned when you saw Mephistopheles was pissed at you. As if it was your fault.
"Well, I'm sorry, I have a secret admirer, you bastard. I'm disappointed they weren't from you!" You exclaimed.
He sat you firmly on his desk by your hips as he stood to his feet. He pointed his finger at you, ready to say something when his notification chimed on his D.D.D.
"Don't move." He demanded.
You rolled your eyes at his bossy attitude. He walked over to the coffee table and grabbed his phone. Unlocking the screen he narrowed his eyes.
"What the hell does he want." Mephisto grumbled.
You raised a brow as you turned to see what he was grumbling about. Mephisto opened the message and raised his brows as his eyes flit to yours. You arched a brow in response to his look of surprise. Before Mephistopheles aggressively sent what you could imagine was several angry emojis. Then he threw his phone down on the couch before he stalked over to you. Your heart pounded as he quickly grabbed you and held you over his shoulder. You gasped in surprise.
"Mephistopheles!" You exclaimed.
"Shut up! I'm settling this once and for all that pompous bastard. Who does he think he is trying to put moves on my human." He ranted.
When Mephisto made it to the student council room he kicked open the doors. Diavolo and Barbatos stunned at the surprise intrusion, but not Lucifer. Lucifer held a smug look as if he was expecting this.
"You think it's funny to send another demon's partner flowers? Huh? Let me tell you something Lucifer! _____ doesn't love you. Stop sending my human gifts thinking you can steal ____ away!"
Lucifer laughed. "So you ran all the way to tell me that?"
You couldn't believe Lucifer was being so smug about this. When you knew what Mephisto had in mind.
"No, I came to do better than that." He remarked. Holding up a finger before he set you down to your feet.
In an instant, he dipped you back into a passionate kiss. It didn't matter how often he had done something similar to piss off Lucifer. It still managed to take your breath away.
You heard a few pencils snapping. No doubt from Lucifer and Diavolo.
When Mephisto pulled you back up, your face burned with embarrassment. Now it was Mephisto's turn to hold the smug expression. He grabbed your hand as he pulled you out of the room.
"Come now, _____. We have a long night ahead of us." He spoke for added fuel.
"Can I kill him?" Lucifer hissed through clenched teeth.
"I'm afraid not Lucifer, it's best to just grin and bear it." Diavolo confessed with a chuckle. Even though he was trying hard not to allow such an act to bother him.
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