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leavesandflowers · 2 months
MC to Diavolo: "Tell Lucifer I'm not talking to him."
Diavolo *nodding*: "Lucifer, MC isn't talking to you."
Lucifer: "I'm right here I can hear."
MC: "Tell Lucifer that I won't speak to him unless he apologises."
Diavolo: "Ok, Lucif-"
Lucifer: "I heard!"
Diavolo: "What did you do?"
Lucifer: "I...-"
MC: "He said.. *sniffles* he said I wasn't allowed to pet Cerberus's belly..."
Lucifer: "He isn't a puppy! He's a three headed monstrosity!"
Diavolo: "..."
Diavolo: "MC, tell Lucifer I'm not speaking to him."
Lucifer: *Shaking his head and crossing his arms* "Honestly why do I even bother talking to you two."
Barbatos: "... Well you're not as they both aren't currently on speaking terms with you."
Lucifer: *Huffs & leaves*
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belphego-or · 3 months
when you wander off in public part 2 gn!reader
DIAVOLO is almost as bad as you. if barbatos is busy and diavolo invites you out, it's hard to wander off when he drags you behind him, store to store, laughing at cute plushies and funny t-shirts that barbatos would never let him buy.
the only time his grip on your wrist loosens is when he's paying at the counter, insisting the cashier take his grimm and he shouldn't get things for free just because he's the prince of devildom. "right, mc?" he says, looking over his shoulder to where you should have been.
he's quick to panic, and starts wandering about looking for you himself. he's calling your name, looking like a lost puppy and the way he gathers attention to himself, it's not hard for you to find him first.
BARBATOS already has to deal with the wandering prince diavolo, so he's well prepared. he suggests you link arms, a smile that doesn't reach his eyes when he insists that you should. you're not wandering away from him any time soon.
although, if you happen to enter a small store, he lets you wander about as much as you want as he buys his tea and items diavolo had asked for. he always knows where you are, and what you're doing.
"are you ready to go?" he asks, appearing beside you the minute he's done at the counter. he's like an overbearing mother, but you have enough dignity to not let him put a child leash on you (even if he wants to).
SIMEON is used to losing luke whenever they’re in the towns of devildom, but he’s not prepared for when you wander off on your own accord. he thinks he’s lost you just like he’s lost luke, but unlike leaving luke to fend for himself, he looks for you.
“excuse me,” he says to a pair of demons. “have you seen a human about this tall,” he motions his hands, “and this wide?”
they point him in your direction, and he sees your face pressed up against the clean glass of a store.
he lets out a light chuckle when he approached you. “so this is where you’ve been?”
SOLOMON thinks it’s endearing, watching you in amusement as you advert your attention somewhere else, and silently walk off. he’ll trail behind you, never letting you know he was there, observing your every move.
"if you wanted something, you could have just asked," he says, looking over your shoulder. "i don't mind buying you it."
he smiles when you flush a pink, and stammer out that no, you were just looking, and he can't help himself from buying whatever had gotten your attention anyway, only if you let him cast a spell on it.
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notpikaman · 9 hours
Tumblr media
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nerdy-talks · 3 months
I live for lowkey yandere Diavolo ૮꒰ ˶• ᴗ •˶꒱ა ♡
click for better quality
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lushfa · 4 months
Tumblr media
dia makes me giggle like an insane person I like him a psychotic amount
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OBEY ME: MC sending them dirty pick up lines
This include obey me boys except the angels baka another - 1000 na naman ako sa langit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: Credits for the cute chibi demon brothers goes to sora, you can check his twitter acc (sora🌻🐰:@comms)
Also forgive me if i made some mistake but anyways i hope you enjoyed this
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Private Meeting
Diavolo x reader.
Genre: Smut
A/N: another piece written for one of my friends. Reader is female. Warning for brief mentions of breeding. Read at your own discretion.
The slow ticking of the clock feels ten times louder today. Diavolo almost feels irritated as the deep silence,  the scraping of his pen against the paper and the noise coming from the clock combine in an uncomfortable symphony.
Then again, perhaps it's not the atmosphere in his office that irritates him. To be completely honest, he has been feeling like this for a while. And how can you blame him, when he has barely had the time to be with you?
He loves the seven brothers, he really does! They are his dearest, and dare I say only, friends... but recently his patience for them has been slowly thinning. Why must they always be in his way whenever he wants to spend time with you? Of course, it's only natural. He gets very little notice whenever he's free from his royal duties, and by that time the brothers already have you roped in one of their plans. He understands, he is not angry... but oh, the burning envy.
Perhaps that's what made him act so rashly today. It was truly a display of foolish behaviour from him and for a moment he wondered if he made the right choice. He didn't come any close to answering that question, but he settled on realizing he really doesn't care if it was a smart choice that a prince like him should make. It's the choice he wanted to make. And he made it.
He knows he shouldn't call you in his office all by yourself. People talk... and, plus, he knows he probably made you feel anxious by being so demanding about your presence before him. But he couldn't help it anymore, he had to see you. And maybe... he knows just how to make you forgive him.
Right at that moment he hears a knock at his door. The sound almost completely shutting up the annoying cacophony that was drilling his brain a moment prior. He knows it's you. He recognizes even the sound of your knocking. Just how much time has he spent focusing on you and all those little details that make you so perfect in his eyes? He couldn't tell.
"... MC. Please come in. And shut the door behind you, would you?"
You do as he says. Anxiety rising once again as you hear his rumbling voice. He sounds so serious... it makes you wonder if you did something wrong. You barely take one step inside the dimly lit office before he raises his gaze towards you and fixates it on your eyes.
"Turn the key, MC." He specifies with a clear voice. He follows your every movement as you backtrack and lock the door.
Now you turn to look at him again... and you slightly relax. Yes, he's tense, but he doesn't seem to be angry. You've learnt to recognize most of his emotions in a matter of seconds. Impressive, considering you get to spend much less time with him, compared to the seven brothers. That's an ability you both share, among other things.
He sets his pen on the table and leans back against his chair. Golden eyes still fixated on you.
"... Come here." His calm voice makes you move almost like by magic. You reach him in a few strides. The quiet of the room is now making you feel uneasy and tense... or maybe it's the way Diavolo is looking at you. You stand at his side and look down at him as he reaches for your hand and places a soft kiss to your knuckles.
The touch of his lips is caring and intimate... Now you think you know what this meeting might be about.
"I'm sorry for calling you here like this, my precious little crown jewel... I was simply missing your company. The brothers have been taking up all of your time lately..." You give a slight chuckle at his whiney voice. When you first met Diavolo you didn't think that the crown prince of the Devildom would be so utterly adorable. It's quite charming.
"Please allow me to keep you here for a while..." He nuzzles his face into your soft hand. "We'll just come up with an excuse later, okay? Please say yes..." He mumbles as he slowly pulls you down onto his lap. And... how can you say no to him while he keeps begging you in a low voice as he trailes warm kisses along your neck? Moreover, you have missed him too. You would say yes regardless.
A small, but most excited smile graces his handsome features as soon as you give him a nod.
"Oh how I've missed you, my beautiful gem~." He leans in to kiss you, slowly and sweetly as he holds onto you tightly, almost as if to make sure you wouldn't just disappear right then and there.
You make yourself comfortable in his lap and return all of his affection. It's crazy how small you can feel when you're in his arms. I mean, the demon is massive. Even bigger than Beelzebub, and he is a behemoth.
Your train of thought gets interrupted as you notice a change in pace. Diavolo's kisses are becoming hungrier, greedier. You can barely keep up with his enthusiasm, but you don't stop him, caught up in the moment yourself.
His large hands start roaming all over your soft body, indulging in every single curve they find... and that's when you feel something stiff pressing up against your back. How did things escalate so quickly? You let out a few whimpers as you feel Diavolo making his way up your uniform skirt.
"This is okay, right darling? I'm sorry, I've been wanting you for so long... I can't hold back anymore. I keep seeing you walking around town with the brothers while I'm holed up here... I want you all to myself now.~" He gives a light nibble to your ear as he pulls your thighs apart and sets them on top of his parted legs... locking you in place. His fingers pull your damp panties to the side and start drawing slow circles around your clit.
He knows exactly where to touch you to work you up slowly and give you long minutes of searing hot pleasure before he decides it's time to bring you over the edge.
"You're soaked my dear... you missed me too, didn't you? Of course you did. Hells, you're always making me act irrationally.~" His sharp teeth leave a mark on your neck as he bites you. He picks up the pace with his fingers, slowly pushed to the breaking point by the intoxicating scent of your arousal. The further you two go... the harder it's becoming for him to keep a grip on himself.
He can feel you coating his digits with your sweet honey as you moan sweetly in his lap and that's enough to make his mouth water and to snap the last threads of his patience.
With a low, deep growl he rips your panties off of you and lifts you up enough to unzip his pants and free his hard, throbbing cock.
"Hah... need to... feel you right now.~" He manages to mumble before he lowers you down on his dick, filling you up completely with a low groan. You don't think you'll ever be completely used to his size... but you're not exactly complaining either.
He lets you lay your back against his chest as he starts thrusting hard, fucking up into you while his hands busy themselves with the buttons of your uniform top. Soon enough you feel the air hitting the bare skin of your chest.
"Beautiful... my beautiful MC. So perfect for her prince.~" One of his hands squeezes your chest greedily while rubbing a finger against the hardened nipple. He can never get enough of you, of your body, of your soul. You really are his precious jewel, the most important thing in his life. He must keep you all to himself like any dragon would do with their rare treasure. Guarding you jealously.
His pace quickens fast. You can clearly tell he's losing grip on his self-control. You've learnt to recognize the signs. His body is warming up and his laboured breath is coming out in little puffs of smoke behind you. And the nails gripping at your body tightly are slowly becoming sharper and pointier. Only you can do this to him... render him completely out of control. He might be the one making you see stars with every thrust right now, but he's completely at your mercy. Always was, always will be.
"Hells... I'm so close. I'm gonna cum, love~! You'll let me breed you, won't you~?? Let me fill you to the brim, teasure~!" You can barely let out an affirmative squeak as he hammers inside you at full force.
"Fuck, I love you so much MC~!!" He exclaims as he gives a hard, deep thrust and starts spilling himself inside your tightening walls. For a moment you see pure white, as one of the best orgasms of your life washes over you. It's enough to make you scream and curl your toes.
You both keep still for a while, trying to regain control over your senses as you fill the room with soft panting. You can feel his warm, creamy cum slowly leaking out of you despite him still being buried deep inside your hole.
"My love... my queen...~" He whispers into your ear. His voice full of love and devotion. "Are you feeling okay? Did I hurt you anywhere...?" He checks up on you as he always does, worried he might forget just how strong he is and go too far with you. But you shake your head, easing his worries immediately. He could never hurt you.
"... I'm glad~." He leaves a feather-like kiss on your neck... and in a moment you can feel his hands gripping at your hips firmly.
"Because that was not nearly enough to satisfy me.~" He says as he gets up with you and makes you lay your hands flatly on his desk. His chest pressed against your back as his hips give a little, light thrust inside your overflowing pussy.
You can feel your legs getting weaker at the thought of what's about to go down.
Maybe... not seeing each other so often is not such a bad thing, if this is the result when you finally get to be together.
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beelscustard · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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scarlett-vixen · 7 months
“Mammon is a major simp for MC!” You cry. “Lucifer simps for MC if his brothers aren’t around!!” You say. You’re both right, but consider this: ALL the brothers and side characters simp for MC in their own little ways. I firmly believe all these idiots are madly in love with this dumb little human they have and would do literally anything for them.
Tumblr media
*This does not include Luke, he’s not in love he just thinks they’re neat.
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liyacreate · 9 months
Dateables reacting to MC's thirst trap
Warning: Slightly suggestive content
Brothers ver.
Dia was just about to message you to ask you out for tea at his castle when one of the GCs he was in started to go haywire with the messages. Curious what made his friends so talkative that day, he checked it out. It was a video of you going from your normal outfit to a transition of you with red lighting and a hot outfit befitting of royalty.
He was very fascinated by it. Don't get him wrong, he thinks you're absolutely hot. Which is why he'll ask you to help him make a thirst trap of his own when you come over for tea. This is your chance to have Diavolo wear all the outfits you imagine him in in your fantasies much to Lucifer's dismay.
It was Diavolo that showed the pictures of you in a maid dress/butler outfit to Barbatos. It was when he was pouring a cup of tea for his master. The pictures temporarily caught the butler off guard that he had almost overflowed the cup. Almost. As he is after all one hell of a butler, he regained his composure and masked his flustered state with a small chuckle. Perhaps you should show off that outfit to him in person. He might give you some hands on advice on how to properly be a maid/butler.
Solomon had gotten a hold of one of your thirst traps through... connections cough Asmodeus cough. They were pictures of you with edited effects that made you look like a bad ass hottie.
Probably the least fazed about it. You wouldn't have been able to sense that he had seen it if it wasn't for the teasing he did. Would offer to help you make your thirst traps next time by using magic for the effects. Although if you let him, he'll use his magic for something a bit more intimate.
Simeon was in the middle of talking with Luke when his DDD kept on going off. He had to pause his conversation to check if anything bad happened to cause a spike in his notifications. He didn't expect a video of you in a demon outfit that barely covered your body dancing to a not very church friendly song.
His eyes widened upon seeing you in promiscuous clothing. So much so that Luke got worried and wanted to see what exactly got the older angel so shocked. Simeon was thankfully fast enough to block Luke's gaze from his screen and promptly turned it off. He refused to answer the cherub despite his pleas. Simeon will try to keep calm but you can see the soft pink of his cheeks when he's talking with you. How could a human give such unholy thoughts to an angel.
Simeon's fatherly instincts kicked in just in time and he was able to get a hold of Luke's phone before he was able to open the gc. The small angel was thankfully saved from your chaotic horny ass. Safe to say some people who accidentally sent the thirst trap to the GC Luke was in had been rightfully scolded.
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Is he....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Edit 2:
Honestly though something I think a lot of people forget (myself included) is that canonically neither Lucifer or Diavolo are straight. And I'm 100% sure the only thing stopping them from actually being a canon couple is the fact that OM! is a dating sim for MC and Diavolo & Lucifer need to be single for that
Edit 3:
By @spaceinvader-danimator
• "You forgot the part where Lucifer (out of nowhere) tells the player that Diavolo likes to bathe under the moonlight. That was the wildest, most unprovoked sentence to come out his mouth."
I didn't know this help😭😂😂😂
• In s2 when Mammon & Lucifer were arguing Simeon got them to stop by mentioning MC's reaction to them arguing to Mammon & Diavolo's reaction to Lucifer
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obeymezine · 3 months
Tumblr media
✨ A body has been discovered!
Whose was it? Or more importantly..who did it? 👀 Screenshot the image above and unlock the answers to your Devildom murder mystery!
And don’t forget to reblog or reply with your results, so we can see how your story played out 😈
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notpikaman · 9 hours
Tumblr media
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leavesandflowers · 3 months
MC arriving in devildom and being introduced to everyone: "Ok let me get this straight. First; You take me from my home and all my responsibilities. Second; You make me live in this big fancy house.... For free with food and expenses paid for. Third; My 7 roommates are all beautiful men. And fourth; My only tasks are... And let me get this right... Watching and coordinating dance battles between you all?"
Diavolo: "Yes. That's correct"
Lucifer: "Any objections?"
MC: "Oh no, none at all thanks."
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belphego-or · 1 month
Can you do the mc being afraid of Belphegor with the other other characters?
mc is afraid of belphegor (dateables -minus luke) gn!reader tbh ? this is kinda ooc i think ? i havent written for the dateables in so long ......... and i havent played the game in like a month so im rusty HAHAH but sorry feel free to ask me to rewrite it ;;;
commission me!
DIAVOLO, airheaded and carefree, can have his serious moments, too. He assures you that nothing would happen to you - you would be safe under his protection, after all. He insists you come live at the Castle if it get's to a certain tipping point you can't even be in the same house with Belphegor - even if his others brothers are around. He holds you tight, cradles you close, and promises you that you'd be safe for your remaining time in Devildom.
BARBATOS, as always, is calm and collected. He tells you rationally that the Young Lord and Lucifer would never let anything like that happen to you again, and when you cling to his sleeve and shiver whenever Belphegor meets your gaze, he feels burdened by being slightly disturbed. His normal routine and chores are clouded with thoughts about you - how are you feeling at RAD? He knows you share a class with the youngest. He wants you happy, he wants you to live in the Devildom without fear - why must this nuisance ruin it? He easily discards it when your watery eyes meet his, and he gently brings your head to his chest, a "There, there," falling from his mouth.
SIMEON tries to be kind, he does. But when he sees you avoiding being in the same room as Belphegor, your lip bitten to the point your skin breaks whenever you're in close proximity with him - his heart clenches. He knows what Belphegor did was awful, despicable, unforgiveable - but was it really Simeon's place to shun him? He shakes his head clear of his moral compass, and places a warm hand on the small of your back, guiding you out of whatever room your in and distracting you with something else. He finds himself with a smile not meeting his eyes whenever he interacts with the youngest Avatar.
SOLOMON is cheeky, but he's not outwardly hostile. He pulls merciless, childish pranks on Belphegor, offering and urging you to join in and sighs and shakes his head when you decline. He sees him buy his lunch from the canteen, and he discreetly curses it when his eyes droop and he dozes off on Beel's shoulder. He steals his blazer whenever he falls asleep in an empty classroom, shooting you a charming smile when he shamelessly throws it out the second story window. When you frown, and question if you're going to get the blame for it, he cups your face, and tells you not to worry - you look better with a smile, after all.
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lilitheart · 2 months
Tumblr media
fortunately MC was not kidnapped by diavolo and the gang
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obeymepolyenby · 3 months
It annoys the hell out of me how light they make Diavolo, so have this! (May have been done already, I'm not sure!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Pretty boi
summary: in which, you're asked who you thought was the prettiest boy and not even a second later you respond with his name. unknowingly leaving him a flustered mess.
Starring: Diavolo and Leviathan
"so who do you think is the prettiest boy in RAD?" asmo asked teasingly, quite hoping it's gonna be him
"the founder" you firmly said as if it was a fact
"what?" asmo raising a brow
"what?" you doing the same thing
"you're being biased, you know" asmo pouted
"biased how" you chuckled
"you say he's pretty just because you have a total crush on him" asmo reasoned
"haha no, he is pretty, regardless of my affections for him" you stated
While bickering back and forth with asmo, both of you failed to realize you're chatting in the balcony at the castle of the person in question
Lord Diavolo and Barbatos seems hesistant to open the door leading to the balcony as it would be quite embarrassing to enter
"shall i open it now my lord?" barbatos inquired, hands still on the doorknob for the past 5 minutes
"not yet"
"how about now?" - barbatos asked again after a minute or so
"no, not yet" Dia answered
"My lord, if were gonna wait until the blush on your face disappears before we enter, I'm afraid the tea will have already gone cold" Barbs stated with a firm voice but a teasing look
"... let's just go back, i can't face them" Dia says completely red
There is currently an event in RAD
As a way to reward the students in finishing the exams, a sports festivals was held with your suggestion
What's a sports festival without a race and there is no way you are not gonna participate even though your opponents are demons
Are you familiar with the race in which in between races you take a piece of paper from a basket, read and take a person from the crowd that best represent the words written in the paper and finish the race together
Yep, that's the game you're participating now (i don't know the name)
You're in position, waiting for a bang to officially start running
Once the race started, you ran as fast as you can but compared to the others you're like a snail
Nevermind the speed, you are about to grab a paper from the basket and read what's written
"Prettiest person you know"
Your eyes scanned through the audience and disappointingly not finding the demon you're looking for
No choice
"LEVIATHAN, COME TO ME!!" you shouted at the top of your lungs, summoning the demon from out of nowhere
The moment levi appeared in front of you, you had the audacity to show him a toothy grin, grabbed his hand and yell run
Levi was more than disoriented. But nevertheless ran
It took him a few seconds to register he's in a race.
He was quick to notice how you guys were losing. Thus he quickly took matters in his own hands, scooped you bridal style and finished the race in first place
"Leviii we won!" you cheered hugging the life out of the demon, not minding how levi has become
"So what was written in your paper miss? " the announcer asked from the microphone
You were quick to unlatch yourself from the blushing tomato and grab the microphone to answer enthusiastically
"THE PRETTIEST PERSON I KNOW" you cheered, loud enough for the whole venue to hear
There was a momentary silence and eyes were drifting between you and the Avatar of Envy
After hearing that, Levi malfunctioned and became beet reed from ears to his entire face, covering his mouth which was attempting to form a squiggly smile
The crowd cheered loudly and the brothers did not miss to add a comment
" good for you leviathan" from satan
"awee how cute" from asmo
"congratulations levi" from beel
"don't turn into a tomato" from mammon
"breathe levi" from belphie
"prepare for cpr, belphie" from lucifer
"hell no" - belphie
A/N: I have been inactive for soooo long but I'm backkkk
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