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Curb every neurosis, you'll barely notice
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You’re wonderful and you deserve to exist.
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I want Kan to walk back into Cafe for All with Thua and hold his hand without panic in his eyes and for Thua to smile at him as he places a softly spoken order and squeezes their hands together.
I want Thua to walk into Cafe for All with Kan trailing behind him and to order for both of them and then grab his elbow to pull him to a table and for neither of them to be afraid of anything.
I want Ayan to walk into Cafe for All and greet P'Golf and wave to Akk already at a table and sit across from him so they can link their fingers and smile.
I want Akk to walk into Cafe for All with Ayan holding his hand and hold his head high and order for both of them without hesitation and to know he doesn't need to stare at anyone.
I want The World Remembers to come into Cafe for All and know that tomorrow is already better somewhere.
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The day I decided I didn’t deserve to suffer anymore was the day I started living again
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whats the secret to enjoying life?
Accepting that everything is flawed, and enjoying things regardless.
Here's the thing: My house is, objectively, kinda shitty. It's 121 years old and it hasn't been maintained the best. It is very, very easy to let myself focus only on all the negatives and needs-done in this house, but if I do that, I will be miserable. Me being miserable will not get any of that done faster or better. Instead, I chose (and it is a choice) to focus on the good parts of it: it's MINE! No one can stop me from painting it funny colors, and the kitchen is huge, and I finally have a dedicated studio space. I'm working on a painting and I seem to only be making it worse, not better, but luckily I have tons of time to keep trying to fix it, and painting is fun to do! A friend bailed on me for a trip up north, which makes me the only single person going, but that's okay because everyone going is a great person, so I'll have a nice time regardless.
There are days that I am miserable and things seem pointless. I take those days as they come and do my best to perform happiness anyway, because letting misery dictate my actions will only make me more miserable. There are times I'm too tired for that, but to the extent I am physically and mentally able, I demand happiness from myself. Sometimes it's not real, but we are creatures of habit. We learn the actions we repeat, until mimicry becomes genuine response.
I used to respond to a lot of things with anger, just as a knee-jerk reaction. It wasn't good. I had to learn, consciously, to not do that, to take the anger and set it aside, even when it was a valid reaction, because it wasn't helpful. It took me a long, long time to learn to control my anger, and I still work on that daily. But I have improved--anger comes to me rarely now. Likewise, control of my sorrow is a lifelong battle.
Life sucks. Things are going to go wrong, and stuff you were excited about is not going to go the way you wanted it to. It's fine--healthy, even--to take a minute to mourn for disappointed expectations and loss. But if you stay in that feeling, all you will be is unhappy.
I will be happy. I will choose to be happy, over and over again until the stubborn grinding machine of my brain accepts that misery is no longer the first choice.
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PSA, if you're not 18 yet, there's still SO much you can do during Election Season. Like...
🇺🇸Volunteer to be a poll worker (some states only require you to be 16)
🏳️‍🌈Research & know the candidates
🏳️‍⚧️Encourage others to vote on issues that will affect YOU and your friends!
🇺🇸Be someone's "accountability buddy" to make sure they vote
🏳️‍🌈Volunteer on a local campaign (school board, city council, mayor, state legislators) to start learning about the process!
And if you are 18? *deep breath* REGISTER NOW!
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am i too late? part 1- remus lupin
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 - remus and Y/N have been friends for years at Hogwarts despite their houses being mortal enemies. Remus is kind to them, and never once has been anything but, even though his friends dislike her solely because of the fact that she’s a Slytherin (she’s growing on them though. Slowly). Everything has been fun and sweet between them. She’s his friend, and he’s hers. Sorta. There is one problem that comes between them - Y/N is in love with Remus. And she finally says it.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 - angst
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 - young!remus lupin x slytherin!fem!reader
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 - language, angst, name calling.
credit goes to @ssoulstealer for the amazing plot! ily <3
read part 2 here!
Tumblr media
It truly was the oddest and most shocking sight to have a Slytherin and Gryffindor being friends. The two houses were mortal enemies by default, and nearly every Slytherin and Gryffindor disliked each other for their own specific reasons. Some coexisted with each other, some downright loathed the other. But Remus and I weren’t even in the middle. We were friends.
That’s what you become when you both are introverts being dragged to parties by your extroverted friends and only feel like sitting in the corner while they get plastered drunk and make out with random people.
I had seen Remus around from the first year, and may or may not have had the biggest crush on him ever since then for numerous reasons. It was just polite waves and smiles from him in the beginning which I was surprised at with him being a Gryffindor and I a Slytherin, but hey, I wasn’t complaining, it just meant that I had good taste.
We became actual friends in the fifth year when we would sit down on the same worn old couch, not feeling like dancing and acting like idiots like the other people at the parties, and just would talk about books and classes, until the conversations slowly got deeper and soon casual conversations delved into things that we were afraid even telling our close friends.
The smiles in the hallways became more personal and familiar, and eventually we stopped just being the friends that would only talk at parties, and instead became the ones who would sneak out of our rooms and talk walks around the grounds and looked at the stars, talking about everything and nothing.
This continued for three years as we were already in our last year, our friendship only growing stronger and stronger, but not quite developing into something more.
Even though I wanted something more than the hugs and smiles, and instead wanted the forehead kisses and longing stares.
Despite James, Sirius, and Peter hating the fact that their dearest friend actually was associated with a Slytherin, they didn’t entirely loathe me. It more like a subtle dislike for the house I was in, and technically me as a person, but it wasn’t all that bad.
Except for their annoying behavior when Remus and I are just trying to help each other with studying.
“Moony, do you need us to drag her away from you? It absolutely must not be fun having a snake wrapped around your leg all the time.” James sauntered up with Sirius at his side to where Remus and I were sitting under a giant oak tree that shielded us from the overwhelming sun.
I let out a long and very annoyed sigh as Remus and I shared a look before he rolled his eyes. “You know we’re friends, James, it would be polite to not call her a snake and act like I’m a prisoner.”
“But you practically are!” Sirius whined and threw himself against the oak tree to escape the sun, but he accidentally purposefully stepped on my notes.
“Fuck off, Black,” I swatted at his feet until he finally moved off my crinkled papers.
“Did you hear that, Moony,” he cried out dramatically as I fussed over my papers and tried to smooth them out. “They were mean to me!”
“Maybe because you deserved it.” Remus deadpanned. Sirius flopped down on the other side of Remus and pouted.
“Says the asshole who just stepped on my fucking notes.”
“Are you going to fail the class, is that why you’re acting extra bitchy?” James put both hands on his hips in a power stance in front of us as Remus threw his head back against the tree and mumbled curse words under his breath.
“Are you acting extra immature and dickish because Lily just rejected you again?” I eyed him as his mouth opened and closed like a fish. His gaze was repeatedly thrown between us and Lily who was storming away books clutched to her chest with Marlene trailing behind her and flipping James off in the distance.
Sirius cackled in my ear (which earned him a light slap on the cheek from me). “For once the snake says something good,”
“You never say anything good and yet you open your mouth all the time, Black,”
Remus huffed a laugh from next to me, which always brought a smile to my face. There was never a time where it didn’t.
“Ok did you two actually come over here with a purpose or is it just your useless existence?” I questioned as I threw down my notes and pen, knowing that I was better off studying alone at this point.
Sirius wiggled down from his sitting position next to me to clasping his hands behind his head and lying down. “We were bored,”
“Well maybe you should put your boring free time into actually studying for this quiz,” Remus copied his position as James sat down in front of us, leaning back on his arms.
“Do you not know the definition of ‘boring’”, Remy?”
“This is why you’re single.”
James and Sirius spoke at the same time. Remus looked like he was trying to determine if he could give two separate dramatic eye rolls for both of their insults. I laughed, earning a ghost of a smile from him.
“Says the one who still can’t get Lily,” Remus retorted with an easy smile.
James gasped as if Remus just let his dog shit in his shoes. “I have been trying everything! Being a twat, being nice, being flirty, buying her flowers, everything!”
“Have you tried being more likable?” Sirius spoke from next to me, his eyes still closed and unbothered. I nodded in agreement.
“I’ll have you both know I am possible the most likable ones here so fuck all of you,”
I got up and dusted my uniform off. “Ok since you both rudely stopped mine and Remus’ studying session, I am going to leave you all and actually get some work done,” I gathered all of my materials as Remus also got up. “There is no way I’m going to stoop down to both of your academic levels and get a shitty grade.”
“I’ll come with-“
“It’s quite alright,” I stopped him. “I just want some alone time and I’ll let you all hang out, I’m fine.” I tried to make my smile genuine, but I honestly just wanted to spent more time with him. But he needed his time with his friends, and I wasn’t quite at that point in the group where I fit in effortlessly and where they were comfortable with me.
James and Sirius eyed me, their faces blank but their eyes glimmering with something a little different.
“Are you sure? We weren’t done with studying yet,”
“Remus, I’m totally fine,” I laughed and lightly pushed him. “I’m serious, you guys haven’t gotten in your daily time of being idiots. I’ll just do a bit more studying and then we can talk later.” I slowly backed away.
Remus looked torn, but that beautiful slightly crooked grin of his that I loved slowly appeared. “Ok, but we will talk later,”
“Wow, you’re like obsessed with me or something,” i cheekily said.
“Shut up,” he laughed that airy and lighthearted chuckle of his that I loved just as much as his smile.
James’ and Sirius’ eyes never left me as I turned away, uncharacteristically serious and calculating, boring into me.
I tried to walk away as casually as I normally do with them still boring into my back, but I couldn’t stop that fear creeping into me.
Did they see that I smiled at him with something too different than innocent love?
Two hours had passed and I was finally confident in all the studying I had completed. Well, that was partly the reason, the main reason being that my brain felt fried and I was just ready to go find Remus again.
Going to his dorm was my first idea - we always hung out there, preferably alone so Remus could get some time away from James and Sirius for a change while they were off making horrible decisions and James trying to win over Lily with Sirius in the background cheering him on (for the thousandth time).
James was the one that seemed to be liking me slightly more than Sirius was. I had my notions that it was just because James was an idiot with strange prejudices and a “i’m Gryffindor so I’m the best house” demeanor, while Sirius’ hatred ran a little deeper than the clashing differences between the two houses.
My pondering thoughts were immediately cleared when I realized I had already walked the whole way to Remus’ shared dorm with Sirius, James, and Peter. A smile instantly adorned my face as I crept closer to the door.
“You’re so blind, Remy. How can you not see this?” My movements came to an abrupt stop as I heard James’ exasperated scorn.
Thank god for the smooth stone floor tiles and no creaky floorboards as the two bickering boys weren’t yet aware I was there.
“I honest to God have no clue what you are talking about,” my brows furrowed at Remus’ annoyed voice. What the hell were they even arguing about this time? They never argue seriously like this.
“We’re just trying to open your eyes, Remy,” Sirius’ voice chimed in. “It clearly isn’t fair to her, no matter her house and her abominable personality, we’re not cruel.”
“Well you clearly are since you’re playing this cruel joke on me,” Remus snarled. “You’re just trying to separate us, aren’t you? I can’t believe you’re this pissed about me being genuine friends with a Slytherin.”
My eyes widened and my breath hitched in my throat. Were they actually talking about me?
“Well that’s not how she sees you two! She doesn’t see you as just a friend!” James shouted.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Remus panted. “How can you even know? You avoid her like the plague except for when you feel like annoying her.”
“We can tell because of the way she looks at you when she thinks no one is looking.”
The room became so silent I could hear Remus’ quiet breathing. The silence was suffocating. I could feel tears pricking at my eyes and the familiar feeling of wanting to empty my stomach slammed into me.
I wasn’t ready, this wasn’t the time, it shouldn’t have been like this-
“She always manages to find you in a crowd and across a large room,” my ears strained to hear James’ quiet and now soft way of speaking, like trying to calm down a frightened deer.
“She looks at you like James looks at Lily.”
Please no.
I heard Remus suck in a big breath of air, and he was thinking what I was thinking.
James loved Lily despite his incessant pleas for her to love him back. There was no denying that the intensity of his stares at her could light a hundred candles.
“This isn’t fair to her, and you know it. I don’t know if you have just been denying the fact that she clearly loves you more than a buddy way, or if you seriously are that oblivious,” James coaxed. “But you need to evaluate what you’re going to do next with your relationship with her.”
I waited so impatiently for Remus’ reply, or even a tell that he heard James that I didn’t even register the sounds of footsteps walking to the closed door. I backed up quickly and looked frantically for an escape, or a hiding place, or even a fucking room to duck into but I was too late to escape the door opening.
Sirius and James emerged from the room, heads bowed until they shot up at the sight of me. Their eyes widened like saucers as they realized I had heard everything.
“Y/N?” James breathed out, and Remus’ pounding footsteps came too fast around the doorway for me to even think about turning and running.
He was disheveled, his hair spiking up in all different directions and messy from raking his hands through his mop of air. His fingers picked at his oversized brown sweater, a tell that I could clearly understand. His face almost looked desperate, and I hated that bright and flaming hope in my chest that maybe, just maybe, he would confess in a dramatic declaration of love that movies always showed with romantic piano music in the background.
But there was no piano.
And there were no requited feelings.
“Can I talk to you?” He breathed out.
James and Sirius discreetly made their leave, but not without sending me a sympathetic glance as they both passed me that I hated them for, even though i knew it was irrational, I blamed it on them.
I head just barely moved in a nod, and I was following him through the doorway. God I would follow him anywhere. I just wished he would follow me everywhere back.
The gap between us was large, and the room that once wrapped me in a sense of clarity with the oversized sweaters and soft rumpled bedsheets had never felt so stifling.
He rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet as his fingers played with the sleeves of his sweater. “So you heard everything-“
“It’s true,” I blurted, and I hated those two words when I saw his sharp intake of breath and sad eyes. “I do care about you more than a friend.”
I braced myself for the inevitable rejection, but that flaming hope in me still stayed. How stupid.
“You’re my friend,” he timidly started. My eyes glazed over with tears that wouldn’t fall. “and I don’t want to lose you.” He choked.
That flaming hope in me was now in ashes.
I shook my head and the movement caused a single tear to plop onto the floor, making his eyes screw shut. “I can’t keep doing this, it isn’t fair to me and it isn’t fair to you. I can’t keep being your friend because I think that if I did…… I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. We need space for me to stop loving you.” My voice shook with each word that slowly killed me inside to even say.
His knuckles were white was clutching his sweater so hard, and I wanted it to be my hands that his were clutching because I couldn’t stand that heartbroken look on his face like he just had his heart ripped out when really it was mine-
His eyes timidly met mine, glossy like mine. “I understand. I…….. I don’t want to cause you any more pain. I want the best for you even though we can’t talk anymore, but I know you will get it.” His lips quivered, and they just reminded me that he’s not mine to comfort anymore, it would just hurt us both.
I nodded robotically and looked down at my shoes. “Thank you. Really…. thank you for everything.” And I meant it. I just wished it didn’t hurt so much to say.
And I turned and swiftly walked out of the room and wished so badly he would grab my arm and twirl me to face him before he kissed me and told me he felt the same.
But that never happened.
I walked out of his life and I walked back into my world without a boy with scars littering his face and fluffy hair and shy grins.
I would just have to deal with that.
The days without Remus passed slowly.
I saw him in the halls, in the Great Hall, in the classrooms, basically fucking everywhere and I couldn’t escape him.
I wasn’t sure which was better though - living a life without ever seeing Remus, or being tortured day after day by seeing him.
Studying was harder without him there, and it was hard to get used to no more nightly sneaking out and looking at the stars.
I watched him from afar. For weeks his grin was nowhere in sight, large dark bags under his eyes and sweaters that hung on him more. But day by day, he slowly, so slowly, got better, and that grin adorned his face again as he laughed with his friends. Sometimes he would catch my eye with a hopeful glimmer, and I would turn away like a coward.
But it was too painful for me to hold his eyes and pretend that not talking to him didn’t rip my heart out. I was okay with being a coward for now, as long as it meant less pain.
Someday though - someday I would be able to hold his eyes and send an easy and genuine smile that told him “i’m ok now” and slowly talk to him casually, distant friends - ghosts of what we once were to each other. But it all would be better.
I would just have to wait out the pain.
that was my first fic for tumblr! i know it was sad and it wasn’t a happy ending, but dw there will be one in the next chapter! i will release it soon, and i will also be releasing more fics for the marauders and other fandoms so stay tuned if you want more!
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When things are rough, I like to imagine what future me would say to current me.
I made a post a few hours ago talking about how my new school is very racist and homophobic, and I deleted it shortly after posting because I realized it was a rant that didn't really help me or anyone else.
I feel lost now, but when I think back about where I was a few years ago, I've already come so far. I didn't know that it was possible for me to exist as I am - and be proud of it - so however discouraged I feel now, I have to remind myself that it will get better.
Sending love to all the struggling people out there.
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my-secret-neverland · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Testosterone saved my fucking life.
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Be kind to someone today.
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Y'all I'm getting a lot of questions as to my manifesting journey and how I got where I am!
So here you are, my loves <3;
From the beginning of lockdown in the UK (~March 2020) I was in a shitty place. My grades were literally dead on the floor, my self esteem was grim, my body was weak and sickly. I was miserable. I wasnt taking care of my body, and, unfortunately, it was showing.
Fast forward to Febuary 2021. I found about the law through a one-off link on shifttok. I had been trying to shift for 3 whole years (!) at this point with no results. I started reading about the law, and I was sceptical. I was fearful. I was frustrated. Who wouldn't be? I was living in a world that seemed so hopeless, so bleak as to give me hope and then deny it. I had already 'failed' at shifting.
At least, that's what I assumed. I followed the random link to @divineangelbee's page and browsed through it, not expecting much. Then more blogs. And more. @sexydreamgirl, @pl6netgirl, @carmensapientia, @cinefairy, etc. on Tumblr of all places, telling me that the impossible was reality. Changing appearances, predicting the future, manifesting things out of nothing. Serious whiplash. Cognitive dissonance. Was it a cult?? Was it some random stoners who believed that their visions of dancing unicorns were the one true reality???
I looked into it. Of course I did, I was curious. I was hooked on the possibility. Science didn't align with these incredible claims, reality didn't work like that. These people were mad! But if these people were convinced of their 'power', then I might as well be mad with them. What did I have to lose, right?
So, I tried it.
I tried again.
I was sad, I was angry, I was confused. Why did the people online have these delusions? It didn't work for me, why should it work for them? What were they thinking? What's wrong with me???
I, Auriela, am naturally a very stubborn person; and I'm proud of it now, because I know that without it I would have never persisted in this worldview. I would never have even dreamed I'd be where I am, physically and mentally, today.
So, knowing that I'm a stubborn bitch, and refusing accept defeat, I fully committed myself in this side of Tumblr. I spammed blogs' asks. I drowned in success stories. I wallowed in my own failures then kept coming back and persisting without even realising that I was doing it all so well.
I followed all the blogs I could find. I turned to subliminals which I didn't even believe worked. I looked up guided void mediations, again which I didn't believe worked.
I was basically frothing at the mouth for results to appear. Anything, anyone, any sign that I was doing it right or wrong. And it was hard, too hard. It took energy out of me that I didn't know I had, and I fully advise everyone who's reading this to briefly stop for a moment and relax, let everything release. Your mental health should. not. suffer. as a result of trying so desperately as I did.
It took time reluctantly invested into myself. It took patience. It took genuine persistence in the face of my depressing circumstances. And, unlike most blogs on here, I didn't have a eureka moment where I saw a particular quote or post and everything snapped into place. It was a gradual build up of knowledge, trust, love, self-soothing, tears, and determination. And I'm proud of that. Everyone's journey is different. <3
I have never been to the void. I've shifted once, by accident. I'm still clumsy and forget things and spiral once in a while because I'm dramatic like that. I still have have far to go, so much to see. And I love myself so much, so differently from early lockdown Auriela. I'm still human, I feel emotions, and I just happen to have an innate ability to change my reality. I did not manifest an entirely new life with a snap of my fingers. I did it with hope.
tldr; I got a bit carried away with this post 🥲 it's been such an extreme emotional journey and I'm so proud of myself for remaining throughout the ups and downs. Just know that you are wonderful as you are. You don't need to be perfect to be God.
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Personality quiz I made <3
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I want it to be you, but I just don’t think you want it to be me
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