cha-c-san 12 hours
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Gender thoughts with no satisfying conclusion :l聽
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doughnutwolf 2 days
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A future I hope to see
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vociferans 3 days
random thought but i remember back in like. elementary? i used to think about like what i would be like as a boy and my conclusion is that i'd just be the same regardless, and didn't understand how people would see themselves differently cause to me, even back then, i knew that regardless of my gender i would still be me.
it was incredibly bizzare to see that there were actual terms that defined it, but one of the first things i saw before seeing a label in relation to that was like, those old tumblr reblog chains where it's just the same person in different clothes that were feminine, masculine, and also gender non-confirming and how that was so mind blowing to me bc i could just do that too.
yeah, i strictly go by he/him but gender-wise it's a mix of all sorts of labels, gnc, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, voidpunk, flux, neutral, nonbinary, etc., they're all me. oddly enough, i don't really see myself as trans because i've always been like this. i've always been myself, and i've always been confused as to why only certain people can wear certain things. i'm not cis either because that's woefully inaccurate, since i don't identify with one simple thing that other people may percieve me as.
generally speaking, i don't like having my gender be defined because to me, my gender is just myself, and that's what makes me queer.
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soong-type-delta 12 hours
aptobinary trans people: brothers and sisters, men and women, transfems and transmascs
also aptobinary trans people: how dare you not identify as trans? you just have internalised transmisia and think that transness is bad and wanna distance yourself from us
yeah no. i've just been signalled many times by so many trans people that you all don't want me/us around. the only thing i'm distancing myself from is exorsexism. you can't walk around acting like we don't exist and then get mad when we say we aren't part of your community.
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freneticsir 2 days
may I offer you a couple of colourful solo arts with my lovely dorks Isay and Zack ~
馃尭馃尭馃尭 2020 馃尭馃尭馃尭
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currently I鈥檝e got totally consumed by building Sirises (my closed specie which Isay belongs to) so I can鈥檛 finish the post about Isay鈥檚 polyamory family right now 馃槄馃挦 but! I have something MASSIVE I鈥檓 currently working on in terms of Sirises and rly hope to release it soon 馃ゲ馃檹馃挦
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comforttoyy 2 days
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my little body would look so good being gripped and handled by you~ 鈾
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raspberryroo1312 5 months
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catpop12343 8 months
Reblog to give a trans girl a really cool sword
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mywitchcultblr 6 months
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I'm still in the closet and still doesn't have money to escape from this place, but celebrating pride in secret. Okay to reblog
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sparklemaia 7 months
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file under 鈥渘o gender, just vibes鈥
(also, bbys, you have a right to bodily autonomy, make yrself at home in your body however that looks for you, gender is a choose your own adventure and I鈥檓 rooting for you, ily)
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thefrogginbullfish 7 months
"A is for Ally"
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(and by 'ally creating erasure of actual lgbtqia+ identities', I mean a is for asshole)
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gender-luster 8 months
new pride flag for the people who don't know how to respond when asked about their gender identity/pronouns
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kenochoric 5 months
hey just so you know, if you're a detransitioner, i love and support you. if you thought you were trans but ended up being cis, i love and support you. if you were taking HRT but decided to stop for whatever reason, i'm here for you. if you're detransitioning for any reason, you are valid. being a detransitioner does not equal being transphobic, all it means is that you are detransitioning or detransitioned. that is it. you are not an enemy.
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themothgalaxy 9 months
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Reblog if your blog is a safe space for these identities: agender, demiboy, demigirl, genderfluid, non-binary, and transgender!
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genderpunks 6 months
shoutout to transfem people who aren't trans women, and transmasc people who aren't trans men! your identity is distinct and you deserve to be recognized in your own way
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luciaeverblack 13 days
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Repost if your friends are gay nerds like mine are
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