stilesisbiles · 2 days
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Gay cardinals 🏳️‍🌈 + an intersex cardinal 💜💛
Happy Holigays 🌈
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1dinodaily · 1 day
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11/30/22 California Condor
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autisticgayplushie · 3 days
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I've been packing puppy kickstarter rewards and some of the puppies ears are all flopped over in their bags and it reminded me of blues clues. so I wanted to doodle a few of the puppies in the blues clues style for funsies :3
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badlydrawnmp100 · 24 hours
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happy mob miercoles eveyroene
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southeastsappho · 1 day
Chronically ill black lesbian has 6 days to pay remaining medical bills before collections.
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(Pic of me at work being the cutest HR on earth for attention)
I have 6 days to pay the last of my medical bills or they're sending it to collections despite the fact I've been paying on it monthly and multiple times a month at that. Yall please help me out. Like I will even give someone the account number to pay it outright if they don't trust anything else. But they just sent me another notice and I cannot deal with a hit on my credit when I'm hoping to refinance my car and get a lower payment on it.
PLEASE help I'm begging yall to show up for a black lesbian rn. I work all the time, ive been abused and impoverished since BIRTH. I've done what they said, put myself through college, got a job but unfortunately, a years long abusive relationship, multiple hospital stays and just general bad luck under capitalism has fucked me up financially for YEARS. But I have to fix my health. Reproductive healthcare is a race issue. Black women suffer disproportionately in medical care. I live in the deep south as a black lesbian with a trans girlfriend. We get shafted over and over in this state and world but keep perservering and working and trying. I have multiple chronic illnesses that I could no longer ignore. I need help.
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vnmo: Serena-Manning
cshapp: $sailorsylvie
DM for hospital acct# to pay off directly
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robogrind · 2 days
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Something i did for pride month 2022 !!
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cerulean-city-gym · 2 days
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fortunelowtier · 1 day
Saw this tweet on twitter and honestly there's so many jokes to be made if you know anything about world history, so lets just start with some 
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So for starters, Kratos was a Spartan general. the Spartans, historically, were some of the gayest sons of bitches in history, with a majority of the Spartan army likely being bisexual, if not 100% gay. Another thing to note is that the Greeks, unlike people in modern society, likely didn't have words for liking the same or different genders, they wouldn't even know what “gay” meant, because they saw it as just “love”
and that's just the start, (this is a gross oversimplification so forgive me if this isn't 100% on point) the Spartans also believed that sleeping with other men made you manlier, ergo a better soldier, it was also seen as a show of superiority to sleep with another man, as since women were seen as less virtuous than men (though don't let that fool you, women were still just as if not more respected than the soldiers in some cases), sleeping with a man would give one a sense of superiority.
In fact some Spartan leaders often had to force men to have children with women, not due to homophobia, but because such a large portion of the Spartans were into men that some of the leaders were afraid of the birth rate dropping, leaving them open for an attack due to not enough soldiers
There was even an entire battalion in the Spartan army led by the general Pelopidas, dubbed the “Sacred Band of Thebes” or “The Army of Lovers”, an elite unite composed of 150 gay male couples. A unity that remained undefeated for 40 years between 378 and 338 BCE, until at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE against the combined forces of Alexander the Great and King Phillip II of Macedon, they fell together, around the same people they had been fighting side-by-side with for 40 years. The aftermath of the battle left even Alexander himself mourning, the ferocity and unity of the army impressing him, seeing and respecting them as quote “valiant warriors”
This deteriorated very quickly from being about God of War but TL;DR, not only would Kratos not give a shit about Atreus liking men, Kratos himself has probably fucked men at LEAST once before in his life
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cursedluver · 2 days
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CMYK version of my tiger sword design !
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days
i wish queer spaces were in less pain.
i know why they are. but even the in-person queer community i tried to go to was just full of suffering.
and they didn't attack or belittle each other there like i see in online spaces. but they were still so sad and suffering and full of hate and pain and..... where's the queer joy? why can't we just have happiness?
it feels like every time i see someone celebrate a personal victory, someone who's suffocating in anguish will cry out "this isn't fair. stop pretending everything is ok. some people aren't ok."
and i feel for them. i wish they were ok and i see their pain. but it is so frustrating and so depressing and miserable to see people suffering everywhere i look.
i wish i could just... be happy in peace sometimes. i cannot bear the world's suffering at every corner at every moment. i want a space where i can say "i was happy today, i'm glad to be queer" without being scared and sad for the people who don't have that.
and i know the real answer is to keep it to myself. if i don't want to hear the world's suffering, why ask the world what it thinks? but i crave community and i just want to find people like me to share happiness with.
and it feels like every time i see someone celebrate something, it causes someone else so much pain and makes them feel talked over and unseen.
i don't want my joy to suffocate anyone, but i want to be happy. i want to feel like indulgence isn't some kind of grave sin, like i can just embrace joy. i just wish there were less misery and hate in the world i guess. i wish queer spaces were in less pain.
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🎄NEW Christmas ornaments!🎄 Show off your pride or your geeky side. They also make great stocking stuffers for your favorite people 🎅🏼
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wrenwrabbit · 2 days
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Dragonflight pride flag because there are so many queer characters in this game and it is giving me life 🥰
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cocopudu · 4 hours
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STAR5 is a group of queer nerds 🌟
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kenochoric · 1 day
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[ID: A 7-striped pride flag that goes from dark brown, to lighter brown, to very light yellow, to light green, to mid green, to dark green, to mid brown. In the center of the flag, there's two orange mushrooms, with the one on the right being much larger than the one on the left. End ID]
Woodsgi: A gender related to mushrooms growing inside a thick forest, and the function of mushrooms within the ecosystem. It is tied to to decay, and the way that mushrooms play a role in breaking down other parts of a forest so that it may begin to grow anew. It can additionally be related to mushrooms growing in a forest from a visual or aesthetic sense.
Part of @tangymogais coining event! I got @raw-wheat :) I hope you like it!
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ageofconnor · 1 day
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sapphire-society · 2 hours
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‪Our team has decided to take part in promoting Warrior Nun by curating a series of promo posters, stay tuned‬
‪Keep streaming Warrior Nun on Netflix‬
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