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Waking Up Next to You
Camilo Madrigal x gn!Reader
Contains: Too much fluffy stuff ♡
Sypnosis: you wake up in the middle of the night, realizing you're in your boyfriend's room. How'd you get here?
Kat: I hope I did Camilo justice here, literally hate how i'm hesitant to use any spanish words even though i'm filipino 😭
Tumblr media
Slowly opening your eyes, wait– this isn't your room. The light sound of snoring beside you led you to realize your boyfriend is right beside you. And you're in his room. Camilo's room.
Not really thinking about how you got here, you start to play with the curly little locks in his hair to pass the time. He sighs and leans into you, pretty much loving what you're doing.
You start to remember the reason why he brought you here was probably because you fell asleep during the little picnic you two were having during the day.
But as you were looking back about it, you realise, you never told your parents you were sleeping over.
It wasn't like you were planning to, yet it happened anyway.
Quietly repeating his name over and over, you try to wake up the brunette who lays beside you.
"Mi amor... Camilo... Camilo wake up." Tapping his cheek, he finally wakes, looking up at you in a daze.
"Why are you up? It's late." He grumbles, not really liking that fact that he got woken up.
"I have to go home, I didn't tell my parents I was sleeping over." Frowning at him to hurry up, already anxious about the thought of your mother being worried sick.
"Relax, relax, they know, I told them you were alseep in my room and they told me to not wake you up and to just let you sleep." Rubbing an eye as he gestures you to come back to bed.
"Come on, go back to sleep corazón." Quickly wrapping his arms around you as you nod wordlessly and nestle back into him and his comfortable bed.
Soft little moments like these make you wonder how you ended up with such a troublesome sweetheart like him.
Tumblr media
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fight for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life. Part 1
masterlist !!
A letter had arrived to inform the Madrigals of your return. Camilo is overjoyed to reunite with you.
Camilo had kept his word. Even as eight years had passed, as Casita fell and rose back again on the hill that the two of you had once ran around on, the hope that you would return never once wavered.
Although he wanted to send you letters, he didn’t know where to write to you and your father hadn’t exactly warmed up to him even after your departure. Oftentimes he would run up to him, asking for any news from you. Though Ignacio would only regard him for a moment before silently walking away. He can’t say the same for his family though. The Madrigals and the lonely widow Ignacio Castillo had maintained a friendship of sorts. Though it seemed that Ignacio hadn’t really seen him as anything but the boy that drove his one and only daughter away from him. Often frowning and leaving the room whenever Camilo entered.
He knew his reputation wasn’t exactly the best but he had tried to show the older man his good side. Often he had pestered him, helping him out whenever he could. And try as Ignacio may, he couldn’t help but admire the boy whose smile was infectious and bright.
Camilo had spent years waiting, completely unaware that he was a boy falling deeper into the depths of love. No longer was it a silly crush and it took years of your absence to realize that.
He thought that he would have to wait longer. Not that he minded waiting but the day he had been waiting for would soon arrive.
A letter had been delivered to the matriarch of the family while they were having dinner. He recognized the seal that had your father’s initials on them as well as the wax seal’s colors. He drummed his fingers on the table, fidgeting as he resisted the urge to just snatch the letter from his grandmother’s hands.
He watched with bated breath, chewing on the arepa he ate like his life depended on it as his abuela’s serious features melted away to form a warm smile. She placed the letter back in its envelope before placing her hands on the table, glancing at him briefly.
“It seems that Señor Castillo’s daughter is expected to return from after completing her studies in the city.”
Camilo choked, an unchewed piece of arepa lodging itself in his throat.
Pepa, not noticing the choking Camilo had smiled fondly. “Oh, how sweet, you’re getting all choked up.” She stifles a soft motherly laugh, knowing how Camilo had admired and loved the girl.
Most people would argue that it was puppy love and that it would pass but her son’s unwavering patience to wait for (Name) told her all she needed to know. She was blissfully unaware that Camilo was so close to seeing the light, his abuelo Pedro on the other side—
Camilo grasped onto the table tightly, turning slightly purple as he couldn’t breathe. Was this it? Death by arepas? Granted it was a good way to go but he hadn’t seen (Name) yet!
“Oh..! Ay dios mio, you’re choking!” Panic ensued as Felix had turned to his son, about to share some fatherly wisdom, only to see Camilo choking. He immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver as Pepa thundered and rained all over the dinner table.
Well, after almost having a heart attack from Camilo’s near death experience, Alma had announced that she would like to host a welcoming party in honor of (Name’s) return. Seeing as the Madrigals and the Castillos were more than acquaintances after your departure, she saw it fit to hold a party for the return of one of Encanto’s memorable citizens.
As Camilo laid in his bed, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. You were coming back. After all this time he was going to see you again.
Camilo wondered what you looked like now and as he stood up, he glanced at himself in the mirror. He combed his fingers through his brown curls, smiling at himself. He could say that he looked good. He only hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint.
The shapeshifter turned to his closet, opening it up to reveal dozens of ruanas that resembled the very same one you gave him. Said ruana was carefully tucked away. He had worn it only once and that was on the day of your departure. It had slipped off his shoulders a few times but Pepa reassured him that he would grow into it.
He went back to bed, holding the ruana close to his chest as he reminisced about his childhood with you, slowly falling asleep with a smile on his freckled face.
Soon came the day he had been waiting for. Casita was roaring with excitement, much to his sister Dolores’ chagrin. Everyone had wondered how you were after being away from Encanto. Rumors of your studies as well as your beauty buzzed around the town. Camilo had looked forward to meeting you once again, fidgeting as he kept on shifting to different people out of nervousness.
“Alright, alright, calm down. You got this.” his fingers drummed against his thighs as he tried to focus.
The welcome party had been attended by the whole town, all of its’ citizens as equally curious as he was to see or know what had happened to the little menace that once terrorized the whole town with Camilo.
“Óye, (Name’s) on her way.” Dolores whispered to her Abuela before she let out a little ‘hm’.
He stood beside his abuela, with your father on the opposite of the Madrigal matriarch. Camilo donned the exact same ruana you had given him the last time he saw you, his white button-up pressed smoothly and showed no creases. He swallowed thickly as he fidgeted with the ends of his ruana, careful as to not pick on it too much as he was afraid of ruining the gift that you had given him.
“Camilo, your girlfriend’s here!” Isabela had smirked after she had peered out on the walkway where you were escorted by a boy that looked to be of Camilo’s age, though they weren’t familiar with him. Perhaps he was an outsider that you met while studying in the city? He was tall, handsome, a mop of smooth umber locks on his head. The unknown boy’s pretty amber eyes gleamed as he smiled down at you. Camilo could feel his throat dry up and his heart clench. Who was he?
A hush fell over the crowd as you finally entered Casita’s newly built doors. All eyes on you as you made your way down the center of the parted crowd. Camilo could hear their whispers but his eyes had narrowed on the unfamiliar boy by your side. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like him. Maybe it was his overprotectiveness for his girl.. His friend showed but he was far too close for his liking. Though he tried to push the green monster that threatened to ruin his whole night. This is gonna be a night to remember. You don’t want to ruin it, Camilo hissed to himself.
As expected, everyone in town was curious to see how you had grown. Camilo had quickly turned his attention to you once he heard the soft gasps that came from the crowd.
“(Name) Castillo has returned..”
A delicate fan had hid your features from curious eyes that tried to take a glimpse of you. You were dressed in a white blouse, delicate frills on the neck with a light yellow lace trimming, your skirt was long, embroidered with pretty carnations and sugar flowers and it stopped just before your ankles. On your hair was a little bow in the color of Camilo’s ruana.
“And she’ll be helping out with the children..” One of the mothers that Camilo had been helping had gushed as you gently ruffled the curly hair of the little tyke in her arms.
“I heard she reads books.. like for fun.” One of the haughty girls your age had scoffed, rolling their eyes while her companion had gasped. “No way..”
You continued to make your way through the crowd, a space between Alma and Camilo being made for you. The boy he had been glaring at joined your father’s side. Although he was nervous, Camilo had tried his best to retain his confident smile while your father had looked on proudly. “Mija.” Your father greets you with a warm hug and you couldn’t help but return the embrace before you had pulled away to stand in between the shapeshifter and his grandmother.
“Señorita Castillo.” Camilo breathes out, unable to believe that you were actually here now. You were so close and he could feel your warmth. He could only see your eyes right now, mesmerized and getting lost in them.
He briefly wondered if you even remembered who he was. It had been years after all and no letters were exchanged to know what had happened to the both of you in each other’s absence. Anxiety filled him and he felt his palms get sweaty. Though that soon would be melted away as you turned to him with that sweet smile you always gave him when you were younger.
You lowered your fan, eyelashes fluttering prettily as you beamed up at him. “Hola, Camilo.” You greet with a soft smile, only then making your features visible to everyone in town.
Camilo Madrigal swore he could hear a chorus of angels singing as his eyes opened wide to take in all of you. His jaw dropped and he started shifting again, his familiar disfigured face staring at you in disbelief.
A soft giggle merely escaped your lips, far too familiar with Camilo’s antics to be surprised anymore. “It’s really nice to see you..” You lean close as you whisper, smiling sheepishly, cheeks heating up as you recognize the ruana he wore. "You kept it? After all these years?"
Camilo’s own cheeks felt warm as he didn’t even know where to look. Your pretty eyes or the lips he swore he could kiss forever. And he could only nod dumbly as you smiled.
However, your attention was soon captured by his grandmother who had smiled fondly, gently grabbing your shoulders as she made a welcome speech that Camilo didn’t really listen to. Something about returning, yada.. Yada.. enough about his abuela!
All he could focus on was you.
Aside from his grandmother’s speech he would briefly hear muffled snippets of conversations of both your father and said boy who he now knew as one of your friends from the capital. He heard how he had insisted on escorting you home. He had shook your father’s hand firmly, proudly smiling as he heard Ignacio’s praise of making sure his daughter had come home safely. And to that he says, really? He spent years trying to gain even a smile from the ever cold Ignacio Castillo but it was given away so freely to a stranger?
As Alma’s speech ended, she asked for the band to play some music, no doubt sparking what would be a very lively party. Although Camilo wanted nothing more but to speak with you, you were whisked away by his primas who had fawned over your outfit as well as your now grown features. They had also filled you in on what you had missed during the eight years you’ve studied in the city.
You talked animatedly, recalling all your time in the city. He would watch, mesmerized by how you had become so.. so beautiful. Though there were quirks you had retained that he remembered when you were children. He smiled to himself, sighing dreamily.
“Camilo Madrigal. The shapeshifter, right?” A voice interrupted him from his thoughts and he turned to see the very same boy that was by your side upon entering Casita. “Andres Del Pilar.” The boy held his hand out. “I’ve heard a lot about you from princesa. It is nice to finally meet you.” Andres greets with a smile that didnt quite reach his eyes.
Something about this boy had honestly riled Camilo up. He was so.. Smug. Like he was smug too but his smugness, by his defense, was endearing! Not like this.. This.. chico engreido! He could feel Andres size him up, likely to scope out the competition as Camilo shook his hand.
“All good things, I hope.” He says through gritted teeth, eyes narrowing at the nickname the boy had referred to you as.
“But of course, mi princesa speaks highly of her darling friend.” Camilo could practically hear the emphasis on Andres’ words. His princess. Not yours. He turned to gaze at you just like Camilo had. The tall boy hummed softly. “During her years in the city, I’ve been granted her gracious presence. I admire her, you see. Only a blind man wouldn’t.” Andres had shook his head. “Numerous times I have thought of asking for her hand to court..” Camilo could feel his heart stop at his words, eyes wide as he looked at Andres.
“But I intend to ask for it from her father, Señor Castillo himself.” Camilo’s blood ran cold and he swore he feel himself freeze up, nails digging in his palms at how tight he was clenching his fists.
The tall boy merely gave him a once over, huffing haughtily. “Judging by your reaction it seems she has failed to inform me that this darling friend.. Doesn’t see her as just that.” He shook his head. “Though I really don’t see someone like you as a competition. No shapeshifting could amount to the life and the riches I could give her.”
Andres turned to walk away, bumping his shoulder against Camilo harshly and watching with a snicker as the shapeshifter had stumbled back. “Just a friendly advice, from one amigo to another, si? It is best if you cease any feelings you have for her, friend.” Andres had masked the poison in his words with his flowery sentences.
Camilo’s jaw clenched and he swore if he didn’t have the patience of a saint he would’ve seen red. Andres had expected an easy win. An easy ‘I yield’ from the Camilo boy. What he didn’t expect was dark green eyes narrowing at him.
“Que gane el mejor, amigo. May the best man win.” Camilo stood tall as he sauntered past Andres. If Andres thought he was going to back down, he had another thing coming. Camilo Madrigal was going to fight for you.
Nearby, hidden by a large assortment of plants, one could hear a little ‘oooh’ as they bore witness to the scene that had just transpired. Dolores, Mirabel, and their Tio Bruno had been listening in. After making sure that both boys had left the scene, Dolores let out a little ‘hm’ before relaying what had just happened as Bruno who had been quite inspired by the display, had taken notes, invested in his sobrino’s story and inspired to make a telenovela with starring his rats. Mirabel recalled the exchange from both boys to be used as the dialogue.
“Write that down! Write that down! That was telenovela gold!”
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3
i hope you guys like the second part of the book of life series ! sorry if theres any typos 😭 im still sick but i wanted to get a fic out ! let me know what you guys think !!
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Camilo Madrigal | Noticed
Tumblr media
Part two : Part three : Part four
Request : No
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warn that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Probably gonna be a part 2
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : You noticed Camilo, properly
1046 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo Madrigal was a very hard person to miss, whether it be the antics he caused when he'd shapeshift or the way he was when looking after the kids in town, how he would be all confident and borderline cocky until he'd drop or fumble over something, and that's when you fully noticed him.
You were stopping by to give your little sister some food as she played with her friends, with, of course, Camilo watching over them. And it was when he tried to juggle the bread pieces that you caught him slip up and miss them all. He dropped the confident smile and it replaced with nervousness as he looked around to see if anyone noticed, and his eyes caught yours as you were giggling to yourself.
Quickly Camilo rushed over to you a very embarrassed look caught on his face. "You didn't see that? Right?" Camilo asked a small smile stuck on his face.
"Oh no, I totally didn't see you drop the bread. Absolutely not," You teased, a smile matching your tone. Camilo sighed a light pink blush dying the end of his nose. "I'm Y/N, by the way."
Camilo smiled properly and stood up straighter, his confidence restored, "I'm Camilo Madrigal."
"I know," You knew, of course, you knew. Who didn't know the Madrigals? But it was too cute how he introduced himself. "Well, Camilo Madrigal, I'll see you around," You smiled turning on your heel to turn in the direction of your small house. Camilo stood there completely enamored, the sun dancing on your skin, making you shine.
The second time you noticed Camilo he was trailing behind his sister, talking about chores, or something about what his Abuela was making him do. It was obvious he was trying to convince Dolores to do his work, Dolores would decline but Camilo was stubborn. When he passed the small bread shop you were helping, he shifted in Dolores making you laugh lightly. Camilo's head snapped over to you, remembering that laugh, even through the embarrassing moment, he had a day ago. Camilo smiled and waved at you while shifting back to himself, you waved back and quickly motioned him over. Camilo didn't hesitate and immediately rushed to the stall, nearly slipping as he stumbled over a rock making his face heat up in embarrassment, again.
"You're quite clumsy, aren't you?" You said in a laugh once Camilo was close enough. Camilo brushed a hand along his face trying to wipe away the embarrassment. "Here, one for you one for Dolores." You passed Camilo two Churros, watching Camilo's eyes widen in appreciation.
"Ah, gracias," Camilo smiled motioning for the girl to come over, but she stood still with a slight smile, watching her little brother fall head over heels. "I'll bring you something next time," Camilo promised his curls bouncing with as he barely could contain his excitement of free food, from someone so pretty no less.
"No need, they had too much chocolate on them anyway," You explained, they didn't have too much chocolate, but making Camilo smile with that much excitement, was too hard to resist. "Just don't try and juggle them." Camilo laughed shaking his head lightly.
"See you around, Y/N," Camilo said with a grin before he ran back to Dolores, forgetting about bribing Dolores to do his chores, a dazed smile on his face.
The third time you didn't notice him until Camilo noticed you. Camilo had finished his chores and ran off to the market, (in search of you but he wouldn't admit that). He had found you by the edge of the river, tubes of paint at your side as you dragged a brush across the canvas. He could see the light splashed of paint on your arms, some even blotted on your cheek, some part of him wanting to make a comment about how you were already a work of art but thinking it would be too cheesy. Camilo quickly bought a few sweet treats before walking over to you, "Hola Y/N."
You jumped slightly but smiled seeing Camilo standing beside you, the sun illuminating him making him glow, his curls shinning. "Hola Camilo," You said sweetly pushing your paints away making room for Camilo to sit. Camilo smiled wider sitting cross-legged next to you, close enough that the edges of his ruana brushing your shoulder. "Don't think I've seen you around this early."
"I uh, finished my chores early- here," Camilo held out the sweet treat, which you gladly took, your fingertips brushing against his knuckles.
"Gracias Camilo, but I thought I told you not to bring me something," You said slightly guilty but Camilo waved it off.
"It's fine, I didn't want to be the only one eating," Camilo joked, taking a bite of his food.
"Oh, so you planned this?" You teased dropping your paintbrush in the grass, watching a blush crawl up Camilo's neck, his eyes widening slightly. Camilo stuttered on his words, trying to make a coherent excuse, instead, he shifted between the baker, his sister, you and then finally back to himself. You took a bite of your sweet giggling slightly to yourself.
"I uh, didn't plan this, I was um- I saw you and I just wanted to say hi," Camilo mumbled trying to shove more of the sweet in his mouth, trying to save himself from embarrassment.
You laughed again going to speak but your father called to you, asking for your help, Camilo's shoulder dropped slightly, not wanting you to leave so soon. You sighed shoving your paints into the basket you bought. You grabbed the canvas and handed it to Camilo, "You can keep it if you like."
Camilo smiled, nodding enthusiastically gently taking the painting from your hands. Camilo smiled chewing his bottom lip to prevent himself from grinning like a madman, "Yeah, thank you Y/N, I'll take good care of it."
You smiled standing up to leave but stopped. You knelt down quickly, pressing a chaste kiss to his freckled cheek, feeling his face heat beneath your touch, "Adiós, Camilo."
Camilo stilled, stunned, mumbling a goodbye, watching you jog over to your family's stall. He turned his head to gaze into the water, that was it, he was in love.
Tumblr media
Request : Masterlist
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secret-ssociety · 11 months ago
Hihi!!! Can I request Camilo x reader where reader is touched starve but afraid to ask Camilo like hugs and holding hands? ALSO ALSO HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT/AFTERNOON
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x reader
Warnings: maybe a little angst, touch starvation and anxiety, small injury
A/N: You didn't specify anything about the gender so I made it neutral. I hope it's what you had in mind <3
Tumblr media
His hand was right there, you could easily grab it and appease the cold trembling on your own, but his whole family was right there, they would see if you did, what if he got embarrassed and let it go?
You two had been dating for a few weeks already and it had quickly became a routine for you to have breakfast with the Madrigals and then shadow Camilo most of the day, but as comfortable as you had grown around each other, you still couldn't work up the courage to express your affection to him the way you so badly wanted to.
Maybe it was fear of appearing clingy, or maybe it was simply something you weren't used to. Hugs, kisses or anything of the sort weren't common around your house, they were limited to congratulations given on birthdays or other celebrations on the most awkward way.
For Camilo those actions came so easily, he could cradle your face and graze your fingers without getting dizzy in over thoughts. He was so natural with it and yet you so desperately wanted more.
"Amor," Camilo called, pulling you out of your thoughts by putting his hand on your shoulder. Everyone was standing up from the table, "we have to go."
You nodded, leaving your napkin back on the table and trying not to think of the warmth that irradiated from his hand. He walked to the village with you trailing behind, your eyes once again set on his hand that moved back and forward.
It wasn't always like that, you weren't constantly craving for his touch like you were that day, most of the time you were perfectly content just having him close, but sometimes you woke up with an insatiable thirst for those moments when he layed sprawled on the grass and pulled you on top of him to cuddle. Those moments you weren't brave enough to ask for.
Submerged in a comfortable silence, you two made your way to the Gonzalez' house, a young couple who had recently had a baby and were completely exhausted, as it often happens with first time parents. Luckily for them, Camilo and you were the two most reliable babysitters in Encanto and you had no issue with having the baby for a couple hours so they could have some rest.
With a blanket, you secured the baby to Camilo's chest, making sure she was comfortable and protected from the sun, and tried not to blush at the way he gazed upon you as you did.
He liked looking at you, he wasn't too shy to admit it, he liked the frown on your face when you were focused and your expression when you were lost in thought. He knew the exact number of freckles on your face and the particular curl of your eyelashes, he knew where to find the tiny scar on your eyebrow from when you were little and had memorized the shape of your Cupid's bow. God, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
Slowly, almost timidly, he brought a hand up to your face and moved a strand of hair out of your forehead. That's exactly what you meant, his caresses were so effortless and yet they made all the air escape from your lungs. Camilo never said it out loud, fearing that it would make you stop, but he adored the way you leaned into his touch.
Contraire to your nervous assumptions, he loved touching you, everything from grazing your hand when he walked beside you to cuddling with you at night before you went home, he lived for every hug, every kiss, every waking moment when he could hold your hand.
What troubled his mind was the thought that you didn't like to be touched, or maybe not as much as he wanted to do it. You never seemed to respond badly to his caresses, but you never initiated those moments and honestly he preferred to control his urges than to accidentally trespass your personal space.
Once the baby was settled against Camilo, you both started to go wherever he was needed. Most days went by like that, you two babysitting one or two kids together while you trailed behind him to wherever he needed to go and tried to make yourself useful.
"I think she's hungry," you said when the baby started crying, growing more loud by the second despite of Camilo's coos.
"Maybe she's sick of being around you," he suggested mockingly.
"Oh, she's tied to your chest, but she's sick of being around me," you responded in the same tone.
"You're right," he nodded while still rocking the baby, "she's tired of me, so you should carry her instead."
"You could've just said you were tired, lazy," you mocked while, carefully, removing the baby from the blanket around your boyfriend, shyly grazing his chest in the process.
The baby kept crying as you walked back to casa Madrigal to make her a bottle, while you gently rocked her trying to sooth her in the meantime. Camilo stared at you the whole way, making sure you didn't trip over anything, that the sun didn't sting on your eyes.
Once in the kitchen, you both settled the baby on the dinner table, on top of the blanket and Camilo's ruana. He entertained her while you warmed the milk and the bottle, trying not to get distracted by the way Camilo talked to the baby and she somehow responded in gibberish baby talk.
But your efforts were unsuccessful.
You looked at him tickle the baby's tummy as you blindly reached out to grab the pot, placing your hand right on the hot metal instead of the handle, "ah!" You cried out, making Camilo turn into you in the initial shock and then jumping towards you.
"What happened? Let me see."
You pulled your red hand out of his reach, hiding the painful grimace on your face and the tears welling up in your eyes.
You held your hand close to your chest, it wasn't your intention to push Camilo away but your first instinct was to stop his comforting of your injury.
"Y/N, amor..." he called again, placing a hand on your arm.
"Leave me alone, Camilo!"
He stood silent for a good second, even the baby had stopped wailing for a moment. You had your back turned against him, with anger tears coming down your cheeks quietly and he feared he had broken the rule he had set himself when it came to touching you.
Still, he knew you well enough to know it wasn't him you were mad at for having gotten hurt, but at yourself, so he decided not to surpass your boundaries anymore. Instead, he filled a bowl with cold water for you to submerge your hand into, which you did without complaining.
It was a long while until he worked up the courage to approach you again, after he fed the baby and put her down to sleep in the same place on the table. This time you didn't squirm away from his touch when he grabbed your arm to have you turn around in his direction.
You avoided his eyes, but they were too busy inspecting the burn. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, the cold water had done wonders to it. He looked into your face, the tear stained cheeks and the obvious pain you had suffered, and decided to taunt his fate once more.
Softly, he brought your hand up to his lips, placing a kiss on the inside of your wrist. Once he felt you leaning into it, the way he loved so much, he traveled his kisses up to your face. He erased the path of your tears with his lips, making your breath hitch.
Camilo wrapped an arm around you, embracing you softly, and you happily melted into him, hiding your face in his chest as you whimpered softly and the tears came back to your eyes. Upon seeing your reaction, he wondered if maybe you liked his touch more than you let on, so he simply held you against him for as long as you allowed him to.
"Can we do this more often?" You were brave enough to ask, referring to the hug and the kisses.
Camilo smiled, for your question was an answer to his prayers.
"Yes, mi vida."
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fleetingvow · 9 months ago
𓏹 Fallen Debris .
Camilo Madrigal x GN!Reader
Author's Note. You guys seem to be a sucker for angst just like I am, so here you go! A little contribution to the list of Tumblr's angsty Camilo fics. I never thought I'd be motivated to write again. Even as simple as getting comments and notes really does a lot to someone, and I'm grateful for it all! I also cried while writing some of the parts so I hope that's worth it. Here's a fic made especially with love, constant repeat of dos oruguitas for setting up the mood, and tears.
Category — imagine, angst, romance.
Notes and Warnings — english not being the author's first language, second person's point of view, camilo being angry and saying hurtful words, bullying, mentions of blood.
Summary — after the disastrous dinner where Mariano and Isabella were supposed to come out engaged, you and Camilo had an extremely heated argument about Bruno after defending him causing your relationship to deteriorate completely. You were there when Mirabel and Abuela fought causing the downfall of Casita — you along with it.
And when Camilo found your unresponsive figure underneath the piles and rubbles of the fallen shelter's debris, well . . . ( 8.45k words )
Tumblr media
You didn't know how you ended up here, chest heaving filled with disdain towards the boy you used to adore in front of you. You started the day so happy. How could you end up like this? It was all joyous. The day was clear and harmonious. How did this all happen?
You frowned at the Madrigal who mirrored you.
See, you were one of the townspeople that helped with La Casita. Needless to say, you were the painter of the town. You created portraits and arts all across Encanto since you turned 10. You were an art prodigy, the star of brushes and paints. You created a special bond with Camilo Madrigal and the live house itself, and from then on, you became someone in every step of La Casa Madrigal's ground.
Camilo was so bright then. He always asked you to come over to paint this and that, to teach him how to stroke a line with a brush, how to create an outline, and finish an art with your very secret technique called showing the canvas with love and affection. He found it silly, but he never did mind.
Despite the countless paintings in his room, Camilo only had eyes for you. Only you, and nothing else. He thought you were the most priceless art he's ever seen. Your colours were so vibrant, especially your eyes. The way your creator outlined you as a whole fascinated him, he wanted to learn how to paint just so he could make so many images of you.
Everyone didn't know what to make of him when he started becoming so fond of Encanto's art prodigy. He never ended a day without mentioning you or your works. He would always say such things as, "I wonder if they were born perfect," or "The world is a better place with them around."
You heard this all from Mirabel complaining how her cousin just wouldn't shut up about you or your "flowy hair", she playfully cringed.
So, when he confessed his feelings and found out you reciprocated it, he was over the moon, so past cloud 9 that he could just die the happiest man right there and then.
When that happened, you came more often, giving excuses that you wanted to give Pepa a gift. You did, but you stayed longer that everyone thought Casita held you hostage. Kidding aside, the family loved your paintings, causing them to keep asking for more and more until you found one peculiar spot when you were examining a framed photo. Casita warned you not to go, but you were curious as to what was there.
Needless to say, you gained awareness of the purest 'missing' Madrigal living inside the walls and became the best of friends.
And when you did, you were protective and secretive of his existence just like he asked — no, practically begged of you.
So, when you were invited to dine with the Madrigals, expecting the proposal of Mariano to Isabella, you kept a few foods on your plate for Bruno to have later. He can't just keep grabbing leftovers from the kitchen counters. You looked over at Camilo who sat across from you and smiled. Much to your dismay, he did not return the gesture. Your significant other has been cold these past few days and you were not sure why.
That's when you noticed Dolores, Mirabel, and Tío Agustín acting strange. What was going on?
A few more disasters later, the truth was out and everyone was soaked with Tía Pepa's rain. Luisa's powers were gone, Isabella was angry, Camilo was a half Mariano, half baby, the actual Mariano and his concerned mother were sat there panicking, and basically everyone was out of it. All because of Bruno and his last vision. You didn't understand the reaction. You didn't know about this, but why?
"Why does it seem like you believe Tío Bruno made this prophecy? I know he could never do such a thing like this. He can only read the future, not make it. It's not his fault nor Mirabel's!" You stated as everyone looked at you, incredulous. Abuela dropped her fork at your words as if it gave so much more information than what it should have.
"Y/N!" Camilo called and frowned at you. He looked at his abuela and awkwardly let out a laugh, "I'm so sorry, Abuela. She must have eaten something."
You scoffed. How was that possible?
"No, Camilo. I don't understand why everyone seems so against him when he did nothing wrong." You continued. Pepa's cloud thundered. You slightly jumped at that. Oh, no. You were making everyone mad, but you had to defend your best friend. Your fifty-year-old best friend who spent a decade alone with his rat friends in those cracking walls, patching them as the family slowly fell apart.
"Do you know where Bruno is?" the head of the Madrigals suddenly asked.
Uh-oh. You didn't think of that. You shook your head and simply stated an apology to cover your lies. "I don't know."
"Do you know what he's like?" She asked with a stern tone, making Camilo sulk in his seat.
"No, Abuela. I'm sorry." You quietly replied as you looked down in shame.
"Then don't say another word. You were not supposed to know whatever it is that you know about Bruno. You speak as if you know him well." She stood up as Mariano and his mother stormed off. What she said next bore a hole to your chest. "And know your place in this house, Y/N. You're not a Madrigal."
She turned to Camilo who was as wide-eyed as everyone else on the table, "I will talk to the two of you once I fix this mess."
That's when everyone got out of their seats as well to get out of the awkward dining room. Pepa only looked at you with sympathy, so did everyone else, but Camilo's eyes expressed something different. His eyebrows were just a centimetre apart, his lips curled in a way that he radiated rage.
You stepped back from where you stood alone in the kitchen. The place was now silent. Everyone was out to tend to Mariano or retreat to their rooms after the catastrophe. But you and Camilo only stood there glaring at each other.
"We need to talk." He started and slightly raised his arms, his ruana wrinkling from the action. "What was that, Y/N?"
"You know I was defending your Tío Bruno, Camilo. Don't lecture me. I did the right thing, I know it."
"Did you really? Because the last time I checked that was disrespectful, and not only did you say that to my Abuela, you acted as if you knew about my family so well!" He yelled.
Silence, then, he walked out of the kitchen to go back to his room. You followed after, apologising multiple times until you reached his room and got inside, closing the door.
"Do I not know about your family, Camilo? Do I seem so naive about your history? Do I look like I never spent time to know about everyone just so I could be approved by the people in this house? Do I look like I didn't try at all?" You asked as his back faced you. "Because I did! I tried my best to please you."
"This is not about you, Y/N," he sighed.
"Then why?"
"Why what?"
"Why are we like this? Why do I not feel your support? You don't feel warm anymore and you haven't been since the past few days. What happened to you?" He turned to you once he heard the question.
"What happened to me? What happened to you, Y/N? You've never acted so recklessly before. What is it with my tío that you snapped so much like that? Do you know where he even is?"
"No, I don't!" You answered.
"Then why do you act like you do? See? This is why I don't understand you sometimes. You keep things hidden from me when you know you could trust me. Why are you being like this? I thought we're open to each other?"
"Listen, I don't know about your tio, but I'm sure that there was more to the story that everyone so much speaks of. What if Bruno was out there struggling? Have you never thought about him being alone after all this time that he left? How could you not feel sympathy for him and just fear? Do you seriously believe he makes bad things happen? Because that's ridiculous and you know it!"
He only stared at you, unable to think of something to respond. So, you continued.
"You may never know if he was out there, cold on rainy days, covering himself with his own clothes that smelled like home he always remembered being so warm. What if he had nothing to eat but scraps that he shared with his rats he called his friends? What if he missed his family? Missed Tía Julieta's freshly made arepas, Tía Pepa's rainbows and sunshine? Abuela's lessons about keeping the miracle alive? What if he had so little but still shared until he had nothing? Have you ever thought of that? All of us never knew why he left. Maybe there was a missing piece we forgot to look at. You all chose to fear him, think of him as a villain, but have you ever empathised?"
Camilo squinted his eyes at you, unsure what to make of you. The more you said something, the more he grew suspicious of you. You seemed to have been keeping so much from him and it pained him to say, he was slowly losing trust.
"Tell me the truth, Y/N." He walked closer to you, "Do you know where Tío Bruno is?"
You got intimidated by that, but you stood your ground and shook your head, "I—"
"Don't lie to me this time, Y/N."
You felt like you were shrinking as the distance got narrower. Nevertheless, you chose to hold your breath and look at him with a stern expression. Your eyes never faltered at the furious sight of the Madrigal.
This time, you were the one to step closer, stopping just a few inches in front of him, but no. The atmosphere was not intimate as it was a few months ago. There was no passion in his eyes, no love, no empathy.
Just anger.
And it tore you. It broke your heart into millions of shards, cutting through the walls of your chest. So you stood there, fighting back the lump on your throat. "I don't know what you want me to say, but I'm already telling you this and I'm not repeating it again. I don't know where Tío Bruno is."
"Then this discussion is over. I already knew the answer before you told me." He stepped back and stopped to tell you something else, "I don't think I can trust you anymore."
"So, that's it?" You asked.
"What else do you want to talk about, Y/N? It's not like you're going to be honest with me anyway."
"What is wrong with you, Camilo? You weren't like this before! What did I do wrong? Why are you being like this? You know I tried for you — so, so hard, and this is what we'll end up being?"
"Where were you the times that I needed you? Disappearing all the time. Have you heard what they're saying about us, Y/N? Have you heard how much they hated this thing between us?" He turned around to face you, nose starting to flush red, eyes getting glossy, and ears turning into a deep shade of crimson.
"Thing? This thing is what this relationship means to you? And I know. I've heard! Why would you listen?! I thought we shouldn't mind them because we have each other?! What's going on with the both of us, Camilo? Do you still feel something? Am I still someone to you? Did the words get right into your head? Because I don't understand anything." The house creaked underneath you, but you were both too into the heat of the moment that none of you decided to back down.
"Then maybe we don't have each other after all," he mumbled.
"What?" You questioned under your breath as you looked at him in disbelief. What did he just say? That was that. The knot that twined your heart in place snapped as if it dropped to your stomach, feeling the pain of what you never thought would come. Does this mean what you think it means?
Even the Madrigal himself was taken aback by what he said, but because of determination to win this argument, he stuck with it. He watched as your frown got more intense, a tear slipping from your eye that he used to cherish so much. You quickly wiped it off with your fingers and fought your desire to break down in front of him.
"I knew you were embarrassed to be with me this whole time. Of course, because you just had to be so perfect, do you?" You shrugged your shoulders in defeat, looking at him in the eyes and expressing yourself through your words. Your voice was shaking. It felt so restrained from the huge lump on your throat. "Ah, the amazing Madrigal!" You sarcastically waved your hands to mock the cheers he received outside the doors of Casita. "So alluring, so gifted, so perfect!"
"And then there's me," you continued, your arms falling to your sides. "The art prodigy who tries so hard to please everyone like a dog but with a brush, the useless child of my parents, the pity-joiner of the Madrigals. Who would believe that you dated me without explanations, right? Because I'm Y/N the one everyone should pity and at the same time, talk bad about. I'm Y/N who's an embarrassment, and a liar."
"Y/N, no." Camilo tried to walk towards you and grab your hand, but you stepped back and pulled your hand away before the warmth of his skin touched yours.
"I'll apologise to Abuela and explain for you." You turned around and opened the door, but before you left, you did one thing that made your significant other's freckled cheeks stained with tears. You swivelled and embraced him one last time, taking his hand and forcing it to open. You took the necklace made out of shells off your neck and placed it there, closing his palms once again. A hand of yours found its way to his cheek, wiping the hot liquid.
"Maybe it's not me," you finally said. "Maybe it's not me all along, and I understand."
"Please, Y/N. I didn't want it to end this way. Don't leave," he whispered and pulled you in a hug, soaking your sleeves with his wet tears. "Stay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't trust you enough. I'll be better, I promise. I'll tell them to stop. I'll teach myself how to treat you better. I'll learn for the best, just don't leave."
But you weren't sure if that was true anymore. You've felt and felt it all that you couldn't take it back. So, you pat his back, pulled away, shook your head and walked out.
By the time you did, you heard an argument downstairs. So, you went and checked it out only to find Mirabel and the head of the house fighting in the middle of their own home. The candle's bright light was slowly getting dimmer and the house creaked again.
" — but it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family!"
You watched the scene unfold, unable to speak in your state. You felt like you didn't have the right to. A few more things were said. You wanted to go and take Mirabel by the hand so you could walk out for some fresh air, but something held you back. God, why were you so scared of them?
"I will never be good enough for you, will I? . . . No matter how hard I try." A painful sensation in your chest was felt again. You concentrated your gaze on the youngest child of Tía Julieta and Tío Agustín.
"Mirabel?" You called, giving her a look to be careful. She turned to you and quickly looked away.
"No matter how hard any of us tries. Luisa will never be strong enough. Isabella won't be perfect enough. Y/N? Even if they weren't a part of us, they deserve better for sticking up to someone who needed it. And Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him. "
"Bruno never cared about this family!" Abuela exclaimed as you frowned, mumbling a sombre 'what?'. Not noticing Camilo who got out of his room once he heard the commotion downstairs. There he spotted you but looked away, trying to refrain from ever thinking of what just happened. His family needed him now.
"He loves this family. I love this family. We all love this family. You're the one who doesn't care. You're the one breaking our home." The group shook as the floor around them cracked. You were alarmed by this and quickly looked around.
"Don't you ever — "
"The miracle is dying because of you!"
You gasped and looked at Mirabel. You understood what she felt, and took the words right out of everyone's mouth. Suddenly, the ground between them cracked, snapping them into two different spaces.
"No, no, no, no, no!" Tía Pepa shouted in distress.
"Mirabel, the candle!" You yelled from upstairs and tried your best to think of a way to get there and help Mirabel, but something — someone else made it into your mind in a panic.
He must not know what was happening. Or maybe he was, and he was listening. You pitied the man, truly. You were his only friend, not knowing he had already met Mirabel and Dolores and Antonio already knew about his presence behind the walls.
"Casita, get me up there!" The girl who wore glasses went up the ladder Casita prepared from the upstairs railing.
"Be careful, Mira!" You said. Isabella tried to go after the candle just like Mirabel was, but failed once she struck a wine only for it to disappear due to the fading magic.
"Y/N, you have to get out!" You heard Pepa shout from downstairs, but you were too stubborn to listen causing Camilo to frown as you ran somewhere.
"I need a diversion! I have to warn someone about this!" You told Mirabel.
"What?! A diversion?"
"For something behind the painting!" You replied, causing Mirabel's eyes to light up, understanding what you just said.
"Be careful, Y/N!"
Well, it looked like you didn't even need diversion after all. The eyes of the Madrigals were set on your friend and that was exactly what you needed. You quickly ran towards the painting with a secret passage behind it. The rats were running out in panic.
On the other hand, Antonio pointed to where you've gone only to see you disappear behind the frame. "Where is Y/N going?"
Camilo mentally groaned. He could've known you were going to do this, but he just couldn't fathom ever losing you to this accident. So, he readied his stance and ran. Thinking you might be taking a secret passageway to the tower where the candle was placed, he aimed for it and took a big leap, shape-shifting to make himself succeed on the mission. But, the fight messed with the magic, the candle was dimmer, fallen, and the tiles were cracked. The magic was getting weaker and weaker and soon, he joined Isabella on the ground, looking at each other with worry painted all across their faces.
Mirabel however, continued to save the candle, thinking to herself that she hoped Casita would help you if had gone under bad things during your time trying to save Bruno.
"Mirabel, leave it!"
She couldn't. Before she could tiptoe to get the candle, she saw her dear Tío Bruno out and safe with a bucket over his head and a rat he considered as his only companion.
"Oh, no. Y/N." She whispered to herself, but there was no time. She had to save the miracle. She fully believed in her friend, you. You were clever in many more ways than one.
You were struggling to walk through the falling bits of the walls as you examined how ruined the passageway was to Bruno's home for the past decade. You were coughing. It was hard to see from the mist that the dust created and some of it getting in your eye. "Bruno? Tío Bruno? Hernando?!" You called out.
Your struggle kept getting worse and worse as the ground shook again but this time, more intense. The roof was falling apart above you, and all you had were your hands to cover your head. Your skin had spots of purple, cuts of red, and your heart was beating fast inside your chest. You were getting hopeless of getting out of here, but you had someone to save.
What if . . . Bruno's already safe?
The standing roof above your space cracked and creaked. You mumbled quiet no's. You were scared. There was no denying it. You were afraid if it would hurt to die, but not afraid of death itself. It was pain that you most certainly feared, and oh the things you would give right now just to feel numb.
"Camilo?!" You called in fear. "Mirabel?!" You circled in your place until you saw an open spot when Bruno must have left. You were about to head out when the roof fell, blocking your only way out. "Casita?!"
"No, no, no," you muttered over and over until you noticed a small creature crawling through a small crack. It looked up at you. It was one of those rats and it looked weak.
You gasped, "You're one of Tío Bruno's friends. The aunt in the telenovela." You gently took it with your dust covered hands, covering it protectively. "I'll get you out of here."
You squinted your eyes at the small entrance where the rat came from. It seemed to have come back for something as the crack led to the painting. You just had to remove this big wood blocking the way. Or maybe, you had to go over it. You looked up and found an open space. "Hang on tight on my shirt, okay?"
You settled it in your top's pocket and carefully made your way over the blockade, getting yourself out of the passage before it crumbled completely. And now you were standing there on the ruined second floor. The wood underneath you moved with life, "Casita, where's Mirabel?"
The wood you stepped on snapped as you whimpered, "She'll make it work, I know it."
You stepped on the stone part quickly once the wood crumbled, palming your pocket to feel the shaking creature inside. Then, you looked up to see Mirabel struggling as the tower was about to fall down. Casita was getting weaker and weaker.
You knew it could save only one of you.
Your breath hitched at the sound of her screaming. "Mirabel!"
"Casita, whatever happens take care of Mirabel, please!" The despair in your voice was enough to let your friend know what you were about to do. She looked at you in disbelief and shook her head.
"What? No, Y/N. You have to get out of here!"
The time seemed to go so slow as you looked at Mirabel probably the last time before forcing a smile to tug on your lips. You leisurely nodded your head as another tear made its way down your hopeless facade just like the materials that were once you called your second home. You raised a hand slightly, "It'll be fine, Mirabel. Just save the miracle for your family."
You knew it was the end. You knew what you were signing up for. You knew the risks, and Mirabel Madrigal had more important roles. You believe in her. You know she could do it. She was the strongest of the Madrigals, and bias or not, that's what you believed.
"Y/N! Mirabel!" You heard everyone calling and then,
"No! You can't do this. Y/N!" She protested, but it was already too late once the stone pillar that used to support the second story of the house crumbled, sending you down without support. Your body was already sore, and you would be lying if you said it didn't hurt. It hurt badly. "Y/N!"
The chair, the door, whatever it was, you saw it moving over to Mirabel to act as a shelter to protect her from the falling debris. You felt something coming to you but it soon stopped right before it could do something to alleviate the impact of the last of La Casa Madrigal's piles and rubbles on you.
The rocks, dust, woods, steels and other more things came raining down on your helpless figure, putting your hands to cover your neck and at the same time, making room for Bruno's tiny companion so it could live.
The rat squeaked so many times, syncing with the sound of your groans and the falling objects. You didn't know what it was that hit your side that it hurt so bad you couldn't help but scream. You heard your name everywhere. There were different voices in the static noise you heard. You whimpered, still feeling the urge to live, but it was all slowly fading as you felt weaker, colder, . . . numb. The last that you saw was the rat moving to your neck to squeal endlessly, trying its best to keep you conscious.
It smelled so much like dust and iron with your blood. You were scared. You were so afraid. You were helpless and in such terrible pain as you felt the weight of the debris above you. You couldn't get yourself to say anything.
Your breath was shorter, faster as if you were chasing your hope to live. You shut your burning eyes with piercing tears, but before you could think of something to do, the faces of the people that mattered to you played like a movie scene, bidding you goodbye.
Memories were rewinded, keeping you calm, not knowing it was the last of what you'd see as you felt the blood rushing in your veins slowly falter.
It was your fifth birthday when you received your very first set of art materials and your father was smiling widely, holding the warm hand of his beloved over his shoulder as they looked at their child exploring the world of imagination. You giggled as you painted a four-legged creature coloured in grey with pink tail. "Estás recibiendo pinturas por toda tu ropa, mi amor." ( You're getting paint all over your clothes, my love. ) You heard your mother chuckle.
"I heard you crying, what's wrong?" You remembered the time you were much older but still so fresh and young staring up at a doe-eyed Dolores. Then, Isabella came handing you some flowers in an attempt to make you smile at the loveliness. Mirabel lent you a hand to help you to your feet as Felix and Agustín took the canvas with your proudest painting yet from the puddles of mud. Pepa made it thunder, glaring at the children who caused the catastrophe. And there came Julieta with her arepas, giving you one so it could heal the scrape on your knee. Their abuela cleared her throat as she slowly walked towards you, "We've been expecting you, but it seems as though I need to have a word with the children's guardians in town to refrain this from ever happening again."
That's when you slowly looked up and up to La Familia Madrigal. They were caring people and had loved your art, asking you to paint them instead of using the fast method of the camera. Even Casita insisted that you paint a beautiful pattern on its ground. And that pattern that remained etched on the floor for so many years. You remembered how they all looked at you. As if you needed a careful touch of protection. As if you were a part of their family.
And what hurt the most was when you thought you fit in, when you thought you're already a part of them, you had messed up and lost the opportunity to be a true Madrigal not by name but at heart.
That's when your mind clicked on someone else. Someone who made you feel so true, as if you were the art you painted.
( Hello! Please play 'Dos Oruguitas by Sebastián Yatra' while reading this part. I promise it's what makes it more fun to read. You won't even regret it! )
You remembered the first time you ever got to say a word to Camilo Madrigal — Where the sky was clear and filled with lighter shades of blue. Where the birds flew so freely with the cotton clouds, and the sun was so bright it could turn the world into a spinning jewel. He was younger, smaller, care-free but still taller. You recalled the warmth in his smile, sending you to fall without warning. He was radiant, and you adored the way you saw him look at you. The way you met was common and simple, like any other interactions strangers have. Nevertheless, he never failed to make your hand spark. He lit up your heart with joy.
Then months passed by again, that's when you saw him brighter, clearer. Camilo Madrigal! What a name to speak like ancient poetry. His smile became wider every time he spotted you in a crowd, or was it just you? His crooked teeth a few years back became so perfect you swore you saw it sparkle. Or was it his eyes when he talked about what made his day better? You weren't sure why you felt like this, but you found it better than staring at your accomplished works.
Because he was art itself. He was the root of the trees you painted with earthly versions of brown, just like his eyes and stars of freckles that scattered across his sun-kissed skin. Every stroke, every brush, every little spray of pigment on him was perfect. He was so perfect in your eyes even despite his own flaws.
He was the field of roses and daisies. The valley of fireflies up the mountains hued with orange and purples. His words swayed you in every way just like the moment you danced under the golden light of the town. It was the necklace made with seashells that bound you together the night he held your hands and expressed how his heart beat fast whenever you were present. How he has never even ever felt that way before, or maybe that was just because you and him were young and didn't know what exactly loving was.
That necklace of seashells was the symbol of his affections to you, made only with determination and feelings that bow could never be.
Camilo wasn't like that anymore. He wasn't the same as the kid you danced with the night the moon was full above Encanto, wondering what it was like to be human and not just a celestial body peering over the darkened clouds.
He never held your hand, never looked at you the way he used to. He was a burning flame slightly fading and you didn't know what caused it, but to you, he was still as perfect. He was the world itself and you put your faith in him.
"The Madrigals only pitied them, that's why they're always in their house."
"Why would they always come? Aren't their parents taking care of them enough?"
"I heard they don't know how to pronounce 'denouement'. Maybe that's why their parents couldn't stand them."
"That's a little harsh. You should feel bad for them."
"Everyone pities Y/N, Allerà. That's why they're getting the special treatment."
"Camilo must be embarrassed to be with them."
"If only he could see how much of a mess they truly are."
You quietly sobbed at the memories. You remembered how you argued with Camilo, how he didn't even flinch to say the words you dreaded to hear. He was careless when he held you. And soon, he cried just for you. He begged you to stay, chased after you when you decided to be selfless again.
'You didn't deserve to be with a Madrigal from the very beginning anyway. What were you thinking? Did you really think you could be a part of them?'
You squeezed your eyes shut to get rid of the voices, but it was of no use. But then, it was replaced with the last of your memories.
"What happened, Antonio?" You asked the frowning boy, looking at the ground so little compared to you.
"I fought with the other kids today, Y/N. They were really mean," he explained and looked up at you as you raised his chin, smiling sadly.
"What did they say?"
"They were talking bad about you." Suddenly, Camilo walked in with a frown as he heard the response. He brought his palm to his forehead and groaned.
"They're crossing the line. I'm going to talk to them tomorrow. Don't worry, Antonio. We'll never let them say mean things to Y/N again."
"Camilo, please. Just let them be. It doesn't hurt me."
"Stop lying to me to save them, mi amor. I know how it affects you," he said and looked at Antonio, "Papa called for you outside."
And once Antonio was out of the room, Camilo rushed to you and opened his arms to bring you in closer to his chest, letting you rest your head on his shoulder. "You don't have to be afraid, Y/N. We have each other until Encanto crumbles — which will never happen, by the way, so that means forever and forever will be you and m — "
"Sh," you placed your finger on his lips and placed a small kiss on his forehead, "I'm already okay. You don't have to worry."
If only you could laugh, you would. The irony of that moment and the literal crumbling of Encanto, what a jest.
You wanted to live, but you had already lived your life. There was enough happiness and despair. You were satisfied with that. So, with the last of your energy, you smiled, embracing the fact that this was your fate. You were bound to live lifeless. And this was your peace greeting you, no matter how hard and painful.
"I'll be fine." You reassured the rat before your curled fingers slowly uncurled, your eyes closed without another sense, and your body shut down. The noises you heard were gone. The colours that flushed you to life were faint. Your body numbed, and the voices that called your name were never heard again.
Unfortunate, that's what you were.
Tumblr media
Camilo instantaneously ran across the ruined home, careless about the fact that Pepa told him not to. His heart was pounding like a constant drum. The boy's face was etched with worry as his eyes landed on his cousin who successfully saved the candle, but now there was something different about it. The light was gone.
Mirabel sobbed as Julieta ran fast to hug her. Camilo was next to consult his cousin. "Mirabel! Goodness, I was so worried. You shouldn't have gone for the candle." She squeezed her tight as she sobbed and held on to her mother.
"Mirabel, are you okay?" Camilo asked. She looked at him and shook her head.
"I'm sorry, Camilo," she said. His heart panged with more fear at her answer. A breath escaped his lips as his heart stung. He knew what she meant, but he had to be sure. He couldn't accept it.
"Sorry for what?" He questioned, but his cousin only gave him a look through her glasses, her eyes watering with tears.
The freckled boy leisurely shook his head and took a step back, not wanting to believe what her eyes told him that happened. He looked away, "No, they can't be."
"Y/N's alive, Mirabel. I know it." He said in denial as he tugged his poncho to cover himself from the cold that made him shiver but, perhaps it wasn't the cold. It was something else.
"What is it? What happened?" Pepa suddenly asked as she walked closer to place a hand on Camilo's shoulder, but he resisted, holding back the tears threatening to spill.
"Mamí, I don't see Y/N anywhere," Antonio mumbled. Felix quickly took him and turned him around so he wouldn't witness the dreaded things. He covered the boy's ear with his hand and instructed him to use his hands to block his hearing.
"Where are they?" Isabella asked.
"I don't know. They were somewhere over there, but I don't know where they ended up."
"I can't hear anything. Our powers are gone."
Agustín sighed and gave his daughter a reassuring pat, "We'll find them."
"Stay here, Mirabel. Don't move until I find something for you and Y/N."
Soon, everyone scattered around to look for the missing subject, Camilo being the first to run around and digging from all of the litters that could have possibly had you underneath. He never stopped. Even if his hands shook and weakened, he never gave up.
He earned cuts and scrapes from all of it, but he just couldn't let you be. He prayed he wouldn't find you in danger. He wished he would but rather you unharmed. He pushed through the mountains of discarded matters, chest heaving and scared of what he might find.
"Come on, come on, Y/N. You better not be — "
He wouldn't know what he would do if he ever finds you under one of these. His eyes were stinging with tears, and he couldn't even say a thing. There was a lump stuck in his throat. He swore he felt dizzy from it. The thoughts of you gone? He shut his eyes closed. No, you wouldn't end up like that. You were strong.
"Camilo!" He heard Pepa call. He turned and looked at his mother who, despite having her powers gone, somehow had Encanto's troposphere drizzling. Her eyes told him something, something he desired to be clueless off, and that's what made him look at everyone else for confirmation. Every single one wore the same solemn look which scared him.
The hairs of his body stood as he tried to blink his tears off, letting out a sob he refrained before he sprinted towards the spot where they found you. His life, the sun in his world, the tree that stood so tall in the field of his life. The only one in the billion he cared to envision his future with.
And when he saw you there, his world stopped. His steps stuttered. His eyebrows furrowed and pulled upwards to where it met at the sight. The lump on his throat only got bigger causing him to let it all out as he shook his head in denial once again, "No. Y/N!"
He rushed towards you and pushed the big chunks of wood and stone that weighed your unresponsive state. Agustín and Felix both helped the boy who desperately took the boulders off, weeping as he did so.
"It's going to be fine. I'm here, I'm here!" You were now accessible to get out of the narrow space you've struggled in. Your back was facing the grumbling sky as Pepa couldn't help herself but gasp and turn around not wanting to see how you ended up under the wreckage, cheeks wet with tears and blood as it rested on your left arm. Your free hand was embracing your cold skin but also appeared as if you were protecting something from being crushed by the weight.
He grabbed you by the shoulder and turned you around, but you were still stuck. He turned to the men, "They're still stuck — please get them out. I can't do it, I hate to — I just — " He couldn’t finish himself in between his hitching breath. It was getting harder and harder to breathe the second he processed more and more of what happened to you. He was angry, but most of his feelings were showered with grief and regret.
Once you were released, he laid your head on his lap, placing his palm on your face he used to adore. Look at how you turned out. If he hadn't let you go, you wouldn’t have suffered. "Y/N, I got you now. Wake up."
This is the part where he couldn't hold himself any longer and cried out in defeat, embracing you in an attempt to warm you. “I’m here. I was looking for you. I kept calling you. I wanted to apologise, and when I saw you go inside to do whatever it was you were so selfless enough to do, I just — I lost it.”
He shook your shoulders and brushed the strand of hair that covered your face that he held so delicately as if it was porcelain and glass all at the same time, "It's time to get up, mi vida."
It started pouring heavier rain as Camilo heard his mother weeping along with everyone else. Then, footsteps were heard appearing to have run far away. Mirabel. She must have had enough of swallowing the lump in her throat. No matter how it pained her, she didn’t want anyone to see her crying. She needed her time alone. You were her best friend. You stood by her, and you acted like her older sister even despite only being many months old. To think that she could never see you again. She whispered incoherent words.
He was getting more and more frustrated. He just wanted you back. Was that so hard? Camilo blamed the rain, the candle, anything that he could because of his fury, but what good did it do?
"Wake up. Wake up!" He exclaimed as he shook you even harder. Your eyes he was excited to see the very first thing in the morning that you came to visit his family to bring spices your parents worked hard to make never fluttered open. They were as still as your body, refusing to wake up no matter how hard he tried to bring you back. He regretted it. He regretted every single thing he told you earlier that day. He wanted to bring every word back to himself, and he would do anything just to make that happen. He would trade his soul for you to wake up and flash him that smile that never changed.
For him you were art. You truly were the most brilliant striking art he's ever seen, and out of all the paintings you made, you were the only one he never got tired of looking at. You were the landscape of his own world, the view that recharged him whenever he was exhausted from cheering people up. He didn't know what exact pigment they were but your lips and eyes fascinated him to the very core.
"Why would you come back?! Why would you risk your life? I told you. I told you to stay. If only I knew, I wouldn't have let you."
To see the colours wash away from you felt like he himself was at the verge of his death. How could he live without you? How could he get up every morning knowing that there wouldn't be a familiar knock on the door of his home? How could the sun rise if you weren't there?
The world was a black and white film before you came along and changed the way of living. Now it was back to where it had all begun, and once again, he was hopeless.
Living is not living without the person that made the gloomy days better.
"I'll do better, I swear, just come back!"
He gripped your shirt and rested his head on top of yours as the rain washed the tears away, removing the blood on your skin, and soaking every single one of you with the droplets of liquid from the sky, "Come back, come back, come back!" He whispered, his hands shaking from how his fingers clutched the fabric of your cloth.
"Remember the first painting you gave me? Remember how I clumsily stumbled and ripped the canvas, but instead of you yelling at me, you laughed and told me you could make it again? Or that time when we both stole arepas from Tía Julieta's kitchen and she chased after us with a rodillo?" He chuckled and stared at your hands, slowly twining your fingers with his. "What about living in a house together, just you and I when we grow up? What about eating and joking around, laughing until our stomachs hurt? What if having each other until — until Encanto falls apart? Come on, you have to get up. You have to wake up. Please, please, amor. I need you. I — "
"Camilo," Dolores put a hand on his shoulder as she bent her knees to sit beside him. He glanced at his sister. She squeezed him, reassuring him before her eyes mirrored hopelessness.
He did admit. He was growing tired. His eyes couldn't cry anymore. His heart broke, but nothing else came out of him, just exhaustion from being a blubbering mess.
He looked at what used to be his life and death, and suddenly, a rat came crawling on his shoulder, squeaking and pointing to his partner.
Isabella was next to sit beside him, "They must have saved this little thing."
That only hurt more. He didn't know what to do, but it wasn't out of his knowledge that he needed some time alone to himself and his feelings. He wished you were here. He wished it so bad but,
"There's nothing else we can do," Dolores whispered in a melancholic tone.
He gently rested you back to the ground, "I'll come back."
"Camilo, where are you going?"
Nowhere. He didn't know what else to say, do, or think. He was completely blocked. The boy wasn't sure if he wanted to ask for help from anyone else. He wanted to disappear. He stood up and turned around, pushing past his family to run off somewhere he could be alone.
The rat squeaked louder to get everyone's attention. Its tiny paw pointed to you as your eyelids twitched once.
Isabella turned to it, "What's going on?"
The rat squeaked again. Dolores snapped her head in its direction this time. "What?"
It pointed to you. This time it was your chest that showed signs of life, moving slightly. This alarmed the cousins, "Y/N!"
"They're gone, Isabella," Agustín sobbed.
"No. Pa, look! I think they're alive!"
Camilo turned around at that.
You wanted to live. You wanted to breathe again. What is this void? Why do you feel tired? Why does everything hurt? All you wanted was to feel alive. You were not ready to say goodbye. Not now. It can't be now. You still desired a life with the Madrigals. You want to see Camilo every single day. You want to witness every flower bloom, hear every gossip you can, eat so much you'll feel like you'll pop, watch the sun and dance under the rain, paint your family all over again. You wanted your heart to beat so fast, feeling alive than you have ever before.
You wanted to live. You needed to live.
You felt weak. What was happening? Why was it so cold? You felt your finger twitch.
Camilo's eyes widened and immediately went to you, gently pushing the women in his family aside as he walked towards you and looked at the rat with a grateful nod. "Y/N? Y/N. Can you hear me?"
You heard it, all right. But everything was muffled. Your body suddenly trembled, you felt like you bathed in a tub of Alaskan snow.
You opened your eyes slightly as it burned from the light. The static noises were back again and the pain on your back struck you with a crashing wave of displeasure. You winced, "Camilo?"
He could barely make out what you were saying, but the way your lips moved was familiar and he knew exactly what you had just said. It was his name he never thought he could hear from you again.
He smiled and hugged you tighter, "Yes, that's my name! That's exactly my name! You're awake — "
"I'm sorry," hot tears fell again as you hugged the soaking wet boy.
"It's not your fault, corazon. It never was!" He kissed your forehead once, twice, three times and more, savouring the moment that you were alive. You were okay, barely, but you were here again in between his arms.
He quickly removed his poncho and draped it over your shoulders as you were freezing cold. Suddenly, the clouds cleared up and the sky was blue again, just like the moment you and him talked for the first time.
"I thought I'd lost you. I thought you're gone and I couldn't live with myself."
Perhaps you were not unfortunate after all. Mirabel, Abuela, and . . . was that Bruno? It was! They all arrived at the right moment as they came rushing towards you once again crushing you with their embrace.
"Woah, woah, woah! Everyone take it easy on them. They're still hurt!" Camilo protectively warned as he cupped your cheek again, you leaning against his palm.
He's so young he never believed he knew what love is, but seeing you, there he knew the answer to his own question.
You were his faith and his faith resided in you. You were home. You were everything to him and not a million diamond could ever compare.
Who could have believed that out of all those artworks that you painted, whether it offends you or not, you were still the best piece of all.
You were not an artless progeny of your loving parents. You were not a fleeting belief. You were just you. Just you who completed the puzzle in his life.
And when your parents found out what happened to you, let's just say all hell broke loose. But there was nothing a Madrigal and a flawless Y/N can't resolve.
Who knew his epiphany has always been destined to be found under the fallen debris?
Tumblr media
i'm really sorry this took so much time to write and i also apologise for it being so long. but anyways, here it is! the longest bit i've ever written. i hope it reached the emotions i was going for. i got lazy at some parts, but i promise i'll fix them tomorrow. i only got to proofread half of it and it's currently 12:33 AM. my head aches and i don't know if i should get up to take medicine or just go to sleep.
moving on, i hope you enjoyed this! feel free to write down your thoughts. have a nice day! <3
Tags : @mayusenpai666 @sheer-nuisance @camilolovesroxiie @leoisgayforwriting @tigreost @goddesslilithmoriarty @ais-little-teacorner
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multificsworld · 10 months ago
But When He Walks In (I Am Loved)
(Camilo Madrigal x GN! reader)
a/n: made this thinking of my beloved cleo @camiloamor​, its kinda late but I hope this makes your day better. This isn’t the oneshot I promised you, that one comes out tomorrow! But I thought you could use some cheering up. Love u always, reni <3)
Tumblr media
Some days proved to be rougher than others. Today seemed to be one of those days, stress and a million other emotions catching up to you. You sat in a corner of your room, curled up in a ball and attempting to hold back sobs. It’d started off normally enough. You’d been following your normal daily routine, wandering around town to get chores done. 
But little things began to get to you, which was unusual for you. Maybe it had to do with the fact that there were more major things happening, things you had to deal with and move on. Lately, it felt as if everyone and everything was depending on you. And how could you possibly let them down?  You recalled the tiny things throughout the day that made you upset.
 You’d dropped a couple of fresh fruits you’d bought and cursed silently, taking a deep breath before picking them up. Then you’d been put on babysitting duty. Usually your boyfriend, Camilo, joins you in your babysitting jobs. He was amazing with children, after all. But, something had come up at casita as he had popped in quickly to tell you he couldn’t stay.
 That was another small thing that spoiled your day. You could keep going, but it would take far too much time to explain everything that brought you to your breaking point. That’s how you ended up in your current position, hands frantically reaching up to wipe your tears away. Your once steady breaths began to come out ragged, waves of stress and exhaust crashing down on you. You felt the familiar feeling of a knot in your throat, and you buried your head in your hands. 
The sound of your window creaking open makes you freeze, suddenly recalling another earlier event. Before Camilo left earlier, he’d asked if he could make it up to you. Jokingly, you’d told him he could come see you at your place. Your boyfriend took you seriously, kissing your hands before telling you to keep your window open for him. It was late, and you didn’t think he would fulfill the promise considering Pepa didn’t like him being out alone at night.
 You’d left it open regardless, silently pleading he would. And he did. Except, you didn’t want him to see you like this. You didn’t want to burden him. “Amor?” Camilo’s usually cheery tone is now full of concern as he quickly takes you into his arms. 
You allow him, your arms wrapping around him tightly, as if he would disappear when you let go. “Hey…” He coos at you, hands running through your hair as you release sobs from your body. 
“I’m sorry.” You manage to choke out, face finding shelter in his neck. Camilo cups your face in his hands, a frown on his own as he leans in to peck your nose. 
“Sorry? For what, mi vida?” He plants a kiss on your cheeks next, watching you carefully and holding you even more carefully. 
As if you were glass, and you would break at any unexpected motion. “This. I’m a mess. I know you didn’t show up expecting this. You just wanted to come and relax and now you have to deal with me when you don’t want to.” Camilo’s heart broke at your words. Sure, coming here to see you crying was not something he expected. But how could he ever just leave you here like this? The freckled boy couldn’t ever think of not wanting to be with you, even through these kinds of moments. 
“I don’t know how you could say such untrue things, cariño.” His words were serious, but light-hearted. “If you’re a mess, you're the prettiest one I’ve ever seen.” Camilo kissed your tears away, before looking you in the eyes. “Please don’t ever think I don’t want to deal with you.” His lips finally meet yours in a soft, full of love, kiss. “I’ll always be here with you. Through the ups and downs.” He stands up, offering his hand to help you do the same. Once you get on your feet, he spins you almost immediately, causing you to let out a small laugh.
 “There’s that smile.” Camilo admires, kissing you one last time. 
“You, mi amor, are never getting rid of me.”
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bandshirts-andbooks · 10 months ago
Camilo: Where are my fucking keys?
Y/N: Camilo, Antonio is around, can you say it a little nicer?
Camilo: Yeah, my bad
Camilo: May I ascertain the whereabouts of my FUCKING KEYS?!
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dead-inside-writer · 11 months ago
"Amor de mi Vida" (Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: Camilo madrigal x reader
summary: Camilo heard that Y/N had a date this Saturday.
theme: fluff and bits of angst+jealousy!
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 785
The market was full of bustling noises, barters, and people constantly moving around. It was a busy day, for another special event was coming up in Encanto.
The Madrigal family wanted to celebrate Casita coming back after its fall a few days ago. Even if Abuela Alma tried to soften her words and ways, it was hard to break old habits. She wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. However, she did include her son, Bruno, and granddaughter, Mirabel in preparing the party.
As expected, The Madrigal family was extremely busy. Running here and there, gathering decorations, and doing thousands of tasks.
Luckily, Camilo had just finished all of his tasks, and before his padre or anyone else could ask him to help or add another task for him to do, he ran to the market.
He needed a break, for four days in a row he had not seen his vida and he was getting desperate. He just wanted to feel their embrace, missing their touch and presence. Oh dios mio, he just needed to be with you this instant!
In a crowd filled with people's voices, his ear immediately perked up when they caught your voice. How could he ever miss it? It was his favorite after all.
Knowing that you were just a few steps away, a large smile find its way to his face. He turned to see you and your friend chatting away, his heart missing a beat when he saw your breathtaking smile.
Just as he was about to steal you away, something your friend said stopped him in his tracks.
"Y/N, you're going on a date this Saturday, right? Want me to help you dress up?" Your friend winked at you teasingly.
You blushed up, you haven't seen him in a while so you can't help but feel a bit flustered about meeting him, your amor.
"Oooooo with him right? That handsome guy," Your other friend nudges your shoulder, smiling mischievously.
"Oi stop or I'll smack you this instant," You let out a laugh, not noticing the boy in his yellow ruana looking at you with sad eyes.
'A date this Saturday? With who?' Camilo thought, his heart ripping as he realized what this could only mean. 'N-no way. They would never do that to me. They love me! They would never cheat on me!'
Feeling like someone was watching you, you looked around and made eye contact with Camilo. Your eyes widen, not expecting to see him in the market. Instantly, you made your way to him, leaving your friends behind.
Your friend saw who you were heading to and understood what was going on.
"See you later, Simp!" One of your friends shouted, running before you can smack them on the head.
You rolled your eyes, you were definitely going to get them later for that, but right now, there were more important matters.
You ran and hugged him tightly, placing your head on his shoulders, but stop when you realized that the boy wasn't hugging you back.
"Mi amor, what's wrong?" You looked up to him, letting go.
His eyes were hesitant to meet yours, and when they did, it was full of pain. You panicked when you see this sight. What happened? Was his Abuela too hard or-
"Date..." He murmured, his voice low.
"Date??" You repeated, confused.
"You have a date this Saturday...?" He said looking at you with betrayal, his voice almost breaking.
"Huh?? Querido, you asked me to go on a date with you after the party, remember?" You said, desperate to make the look in his eyes go away. Holding his arms, scared that he'll leave you without hearing you out.
Your tense shoulders lighten up as you see a soft smile crawl up to his face.
“I’m so sorry mi vida” Camilo immediately brought you close to his chest while playing with your hair. “I’m so dumb, I completely forgot that I asked you on a date after all the preparations for the party,”
He squeezes you tight as he says, “I… I thought you cheated on me. I know you would never do that but when I heard your friends said you had a date and I-“
Before he could ramble on, you pulled on the collars of his shirt, bringing his lips on yours. He was frozen for a few seconds, but it didn’t take him long to completely melt under your touch, holding your head to deepen the kiss.
You let go of him and gave him a quick peck after seeing his flushed face.
“I’ll never cheat on you, you’re the only one for me, amor de mi vida”
note: my first ever fanfic hereeee !! tumblr is so fun to write in. please leave a like and feel free to request some encanto fanfics from me! -din
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glendybluebird · a month ago
🌙Yin and Yang☀️
Camilo's a good dance instructor!
Guess what they're singing😜
Tumblr media
As children, they used to act out their imaginary worlds. It had been years since they started doing it again. It was kind of hard at first due to Luna's changes in personality. But bit by bit, her old self is starting to show.
This was supposed to be a mini comic, but I got busy working on some other stuff.
This other pic was from months ago.
Tumblr media
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lazuli-leenabride · 27 days ago
🎤Hair ties🦎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine: playing with the hair of the Madrigal twins.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🦎☀ • Camilo doesn't really let anyone touch his hair, well besides his mamí. But he doesn't get a choice in that one, mostly because he is a mama's boy and can't deny his mama when she asks to brush his hair for old time's sake.
🦎☀ • When you both started dating he was ready to give you the hairbrush and any hair ties he could find in Casita, Camilo might be a natural flirt but when he falls he falls hard.
🦎☀ • he sits on the floor against his bed as he reads the new comic his Papí gave him for his birthday, leaning back as you run your fingers through his curls. He practically purrs at the feeling. It relaxes him every time.
His hair is actually very smooth and barely has any knots, mostly from the trauma he gained from his mother when he was younger about not keeping his hair well-kept as she yanked the hairbrush (if you know you know)
🦎☀ • Once you finished taking two sides of his hair and pulling each side tightening the hair tie and securing the high bun, his bangs hung around his face like his Mamí. He looked to his side stretching to see himself in his mirror from his sitting position and smiled. He liked it.
His Mamí was complimentary of his new hairstyle and was pleased to match with her son she had a rainbow over her head the rest of the day.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🦎🎤 • yeah. No. He doesn't let anyone touch his hair, and practically runs from his mamá when he sees her rushing toward him with a hairbrush, "Carlos Control that hair, or I'll do it for you!"
"No! Mamá it's my hair!"
🦎🎤 • When you start dating, it'll take some time before you get the privilege of touching his hair. He will try and hint at wanting his hair played with by resting his head in your lap but angles his head so his hair is perfectly in reach and accessible if you still don't get the hint? He huffs before grabbing your hair and placing it on his head.
🦎🎤 • His head rests on your lap as you both talk about your days (well, it's mostly just him braging about all the successful pranks he pulled that day) as you play with his hair. His hair is soft but has tangles for sure, no matter how many times his mamá lectured him about protecting his hair as he slept and detangling it regularly as she ripped a hairbrush through his curls before using a mountain of products to help with the detangling process it just never stuck.
But if you take the time to detangle his hair gently with few tugs as possible, he would appreciate it even if he won't say it out loud.
🦎🎤 • He barely notices his hair is in a high bun until he sits up and his hair doesn't cover one of his eyes like it usually does. He kinda just grumbles but is too lazy to untie the scrunchie knowing he would receive an earful if he just yanked it out not only from you but from his Mamá.
His mamá is very grateful for you and your service, if she had to detangle his hair one more time she was sure to thunder from his constant disregard of her words.
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kattsukki · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I Named Him After You!
Camilo Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Contains: Antonio being the cutest, Camilo having fun with u and your new companions
Sypnosis: Antonio gives you a rather suprising present for your anniversary.
Kat: made this based off my hcs with my friend @xdyledz ! (Ps. Will proofread when I wake up later, since it's currently 5am lol)
Tumblr media
"Okay Antonio, why are we here?" You asked the excited looking boy with an amused smile, curious as to why he dragged both you and your boyfriend to his room.
"I know it's your anniversary, so I got you something." He says holding what looks to be a colourful box with... holes on the top?
He gives it to Camilo and warns him to be careful as he opens it. Pulling the ribbons apart, he lifts the lid off and— oh my god.
It's the cutest sight to see. Two chameleons that sat beside eachother in the box which was in Camilo's hold.
A gasp leaves your mouth, this was the sweetest thing that's happened today, besides the things your lovely boyfriend has done of course.
You thank the little boy for doing such a sweet thing for the both of you. Kissing his cheeks and enveloping him in a little squeeze as his older brother pats him on the head with a big smile on his face as well.
"What are you gonna call yours corazón?"
"Hm, I think Cami would would suit him just fine." You say with a little smile, it really did resemble him.
"AMOR!! HELP!!" He exclaims, running towards you.
"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT!?!" You shriek, very confused and panicked as to why he's yelling.
"Alright alright! Don't yell so much." You cover his mouth for a second as you rub his hand to calm him down, already knowing that Dolores has probably muttered a "thank you" wherever she was.
But as you still try to calm him down, your face deadpans.
"It's on your head."
"It's sleeping in your hair. You idiot."
"You know, you're giving him an awful lot of attention today." Without giving him a glance, you could tell his cheeks were all puffed up from his jealous mood.
"I'm literally just feeding him amor." You snicker at his rather sour attitude, finding it quite amusing.
Stuffing a strawberry in his mouth and placing a kiss after, "Will that keep you quiet?" You coyly say, finding the dash of red on his face even funnier.
Long story short, Antonio has made you both extremely happy with his cute little gesture.
Tumblr media
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dos-oroguitas · 10 months ago
wait for you
Tumblr media
Inspired by the Book of Life.
You and Camilo were inseparable for as long as the two of you can remember though a fateful accident and an angry father would tear the two of you apart. Camilo vows wait for you. No matter how long it takes.
masterlist !! part 2
“(Name)! Camilo!” A frustrated and angry scream had echoed on the streets of Encanto.
It was a common occurrence for the people of Encanto to hear one name after the other being yelled out followed by children’s laughter. Everyone had been used to it by now, shaking their heads as two familiar eight year old's had run by, hand in hand with one another.
The perpetrators? The trickster pair of Encanto, the infamous Camilo Madrigal and you, (Name) Castillo, the only daughter of the town’s revered tradesman as well as widower, Ignacio Castillo. The two of you had ruled the streets of Encanto with your pranks and jokes. It was an unlikely duo to be sure. Most thought of you as an angelic little girl who could do no wrong, unbeknownst to the people of Encanto, you were a menace. Maybe even worse than Camilo Madrigal whose infamy preceded his good deeds.
You two were inseparable, often being found side by side with one another. Many knew of the bond the two of you had. There was no Camilo without (Name), and there was no (Name) without Camilo.
“C’mon, (Name)!” Camilo exclaims as he pulls you to the townsquare, intent on losing the angry baker whose face was red with anger and covered with flour, chasing the two of you.
It would have been a normal occurrence had Camilo not been distracted by you. It was no secret that he had admired you, and as an eight year old boy, he thought nothing of it. Just some silly little crush that made butterflies flutter in his tummy. Just some silly crush that would have him awake all night thinking of that smile on your face. Just some silly little crush.. right? His freckled cheeks reddened as he tightened his hand on yours, giving it a squeeze as he looked back at your smiling face.
Your eyes were squeezed shut as you had laughed before your happy face had turned into one of horror and he felt you tug on his hand.
“¡Estar atento! Camilo, look out!” Before he could react he could feel himself crash into someone, ruana snagging onto a particular sharp corner of one of the milk crates in the farmer’s hands, pulling you with him and you had recognized the shouts of alarm from the local dairy farmer. Crates of precious bottled milk came toppling over and the milk had soaked the once dried path.
The aftermath was not a good one. You were both on the ground, reeling from the collision. Camilo groaned in pain, holding his head before a soft wince had caught his attention. He immediately sat up, ignoring his blurred vision, his now ruined ruana, and the pounding of his head.
“¿Estás bien, (Name)?!” The shapeshifter was by your side, helping you sit up. He grimaced at the sight before him but all he could focus on was you who gave him a toothy grin, ignoring your own pain to answer the worried boy.
“I’m alright, Camilo.” You reassure but before you can say anything more, a familiar and stern bark had made you stiffen up, freezing in Camilo’s embrace. “Oh no..” You had pursed your lips, glancing at the milk crates with the familiar brand that was embedded on the wooden grain.
‘Comercio de Castillo’ greeted your eyes and you knew you were doomed. Your father’s trade supplies. The whole lot of it now pooled underneath your sandals.
“(Name) Elena Mendoza Castillo!” You had paled, looking up to see your furious father. If he could have steam coming out of his ears you were sure he would have had it already. You hadn’t seen your father this angry before and you scrambled to stand up, grasping onto your now ruined dress that was stained with mud and milk. Shame filled you as a crowd had started to form, whispers and murmurs of gossipers filled your ears as they tried to see what had gone down.
“Papa..” You start weakly, unable to meet your father’s eyes. “Papá, Lo siento, we were just—“
“No, (Name), ¡He tenido suficiente! I have had enough!” He was red in the face. So red it put Isabela’s roses to shame.
“Señor, (Name) didn’t do anything,” Camilo starts weakly. Although he himself was afraid, he didn’t dare show it, mustering up the courage to stand between you and your father. Ignacio’s eyes softened for a moment but had hardened once more once he saw the bruises that appeared as the result of your painful collision with the crates and he shook his head. For a moment you were sure he’d just sigh again like always and then let you off but today was different. Today, it seemed like he had enough. “I was the one who bumped into the milk crates, please don’t be angry, Señor. I’m sure my abuela can do something about the–”
“No.” Ignacio was stone-faced, his tone firm as if he had settled upon something in his mind. He had ignored Camilo’s attempts of calming him down. “Tienes que parar. This has to stop. For too long I have been patient with you, mija. But no more.”
“Papa? What do you mean?” Clueless and dreading the worst, you ask.
“You are to leave Encanto. No longer am I putting up with this.. This reckless behavior. You are to attend boarding school in the city. I am no longer tolerating this behavior, (Name). Either you learn to become proper or you do not return at all.”
Camilo’s eyes widened. You? Leave? He immediately whipped his head to turn to you, your lower lip quivering as you burst into tears. Though there was little he could do as your father had swiftly picked you up in his arms, giving Camilo a look that the boy was unable to read before he marched to the direction of your home, your fists hitting the older man’s back as you sobbed and tried to reach out for Camilo.
You weren’t seen in town for days after that. Even as he waited upon your front gates with an apology he had practiced for a long while. The accident was relaid to his family and he had an earful of scolding from his mama, cautioning him of playing with you for a while as they heard of Ignacio’s scolding. The whole town had known what had gone down for rumors spread fast in a town as little as Encanto. Though that did not deter him. Everyday he had waited on the gates of your home. And everyday he would be disappointed as there was no sight of you. Today was different though, armed with flowers he had yanked from Isabela’s room, a basket of arepas from his Tia Julieta, and a chameleon stuffed toy he had made with the help of his mother, he had made his way to your home again. Only to find there was a horse-drawn carriage in front of your home.
It was only then he had spotted you, tears still streaming down your face as your father had knelt down, saying something he couldn’t quite hear. He could only make sense of a few words.
‘I’m sorry.. for your own good.. mother.. I don’t want you to end up.. same as her..”
You turn away from an apologetic Ignacio who had only sighed and gently embraced you before you had wriggled out of his grasp, clutching onto your dress as you made your way towards the carriage, not even noticing that Camilo had stood there until he said something.
You turned to look at him.
“Camilo..” Trying to wipe away the onslaught of tears that didn’t seem to stop no matter how much you rubbed, you caught his clueless gaze, smiling weakly as you spoke.
“I have to go.” The whisper made Camilo swallow thickly. “Papá wants me to learn how to be more proper.. how to be more ladylike..” He saw you grimace and stick your tongue out in distaste and if it weren’t for your departure, he would’ve laughed. He heard you sniffle before he felt you gently touching the ruana he wore. It was still ripped from the incident a few days ago.
Although he would want nothing more for you to stay, your father’s words, like his abuela Alma’s, was law. He nodded before gently pulling out the yellow chameleon stuffed toy that he had made. It wasn’t the most proper looking stuffed toy. It had mismatched stitching with different colored threads, buttons for eyes differing in size, but its eye colors had resembled Camilo’s.
You gasped as he gave it to you with a sheepish smile. “I figured, you needed a little part of town to go with you.” You held the stuffed toy close.
“Thank you, Camilo.” You murmur softly before you gently rummaged through the pile of leather chests, pulling out a white box with a yellow ribbon on it and handing it to him.
“This is to make up for ruining your ruana.”
Camilo parted his lips to say something, only to be interrupted by the coachman that took his place in front of the carriage. “Señorita Castillo. It’s time to leave.”
You purse your lips, glancing at Camilo briefly. “I have to go. Don’t forget me, okay?” You rushed past him, entering the carriage as you struggled to keep the tears at bay. Settling yourself on the soft cushions of the carriage seats, you held the stuffed toy close, intent on naming him Amarillo. Yellow as the sun that reminded you of the Madrigal boy.
Said curly haired boy had watched as you disappeared in the carriage, placing the box on the ground and carefully opening it up to reveal a yellow ruana with dark yellow stripes and chameleons embroidered on it. His eyes widened and he smiled, holding the ruana close to his chest, only then noticing the note that accompanied it.
‘If you see someone without a smile on their face, give them one of yours.’ And beside it was your name in delicate cursive swirls. ‘(Name)’
The carriage you sat in had moved, making you jerk forward and hold onto the stuffed toy tighter. Tears threatened to flow down your cheeks as you curled up against the walls of the carriage. You pulled your knees to your chest, trembling.
“(Name)..!” A shout had brought you out of your somber thoughts and you peered out the window to see Camilo running alongside your carriage. “When you come back, I’ll be sure to make you smile everyday!”
A smile graced your lips as you watched him run whilst holding his ruana close until he could run no longer. You sat back on your seat, clutching the stuffed chameleon close, a part of you knowing that you would return to the magical town of Encanto one day. And the thought comforted you. No longer did the tears come as someday you knew you would reunite with Camilo again.
Camilo still ran, his little legs burning as he tried in vain to catch up, only stopping when your carriage had left his sight and had left the town. He had sworn on that very moment that he would wait for you for however long it takes and would do right to ensure his promise to you would be fulfilled.
“I will wait for you.” He says, a look of determination on his features as he slipped the ruana on himself, smiling fondly.
For as long as it takes.
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl
so i know i said i would rest up but i couldn’t help it 😤✨ ive rewatched the book of life and thought why not make a camilo madrigal inspired fic ! let me know what you think and if you want to see more ?
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m0chaminx · 10 months ago
Camilo Madrigal | Love sick
Tumblr media
Part One : Part Three
Request : No -ish, people wanted a part 2 but so did I
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Nearly most likely going to write a 3rd part
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo is lovesick, and his family takes notice
838 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo pushed his food around. He was leaning on his hand where you kissed his cheek. He was hungry but he was way too preoccupied, he replayed the scene in his head, a lovesick smile attached to his face, unintentionally stroking his thumb across his cheek. "Camilo, are you okay?" Felix asked, bumping his shoulder against his trying to get his attention. Camilo nodded, not paying too much attention, still poking his food.
"Are you sure honey?" Pepa asked reaching for her son's hand, a small cloud appearing above her head which Felix quickly shooed away. Camilo nodded lazily again, finally picking up some food to eat.
"It's the mystery one from the bakery, isn't it?" Dolores asked making Camilo jump up, in a blink and you'll miss it shift into you before settling again, his shoulders were tense and his eyes were wide.
"No, no, no, I um, just got distracted, sorry," Camilo spoke in a hurry, shoving the food in his mouth with a forced smile.
"Smooth," Isabella spoke with a teasing smile, blowing flowers in his face, causing Camilo to accidentally swallow a few.
"Why don't you invite them over 'Milo," Julietta suggested. "It would be nice to meet them."
"I um, I've only spoken to them a few times," Camilo said slightly bashfully, shoving more food in his mouth. Isabella held in a laugh, so did Mirabel and Felix. "I'm done," Camilo said pushing away his food and jogging upstairs.
"Oh come on Camilo, it's okay!" Pepa yelled trying to her son back to the table. "Look what you've done," Pepa said slapping Felix with a piece of bread.
You walked along the river, watching in awe as Luisa moved the bridge to a new spot. Luisa spotted you and did an overly comedic wave with a smile to match, and you lightly waved back confused, until you noticed Dolores at her side pointing at you. You rolled your eyes knowing Dolores had said something about you and Camilo, and the anxiety crept in wondering what she knew, and what Camilo had told them. "Hey," A voice sounded next to you making you jump lightly. You turned to see Mirabel a very large smile on her face. "You're mystery bakery right?"
"Excuse me?" You asked confused. "Mystery bakery?" Quickly you were saved by Camilo rushing over and stepping between the both of you.
"Hey Y/N, hey Mirabel," Camilo said in a hurry before he grabbed your arm and whisked you away. "I'll explain in a sec just keep walking please." You nodded at Camilo and you both rushed until you reached the back of Casita. You waved at one of the aqua windows which waved back with a creak. Camilo finally stopped pulling you along once you reached the top of the hill. "Uh sorry for pulling you away." Camilo rubbed the back of his neck in nervousness.
"It's okay 'Milo. Do you wanna let me know why though?" You asked with a laugh. Camilo sat down in the grass, patting the grass for you to sit next to him. You sat next to him taking his hand in yours, running your fingertip along the crevasses on his palm, in a way you hoped to calm him down.
"Dolores let slip that I was talking with someone, and now my Tia wants you over for dinner, Mama is sending rainbows and sun my way like no tomorrow, Mirabel and Isabella think we're dating, and Antonio thinks he's getting a new sister," Camilo said in a hurry not noticing he laced his fingers with yours in anxiety, squeezing them every so often. You brushed Camilo's hair behind his ear letting your hand rest on his shoulder, Camilo absent-mindedly leant into your touch.
"Do you want to be dating?" You asked studying his face, tangling your fingers in his curls.
"I mean, yeah, if you want to, but I wanna at least take you on a few dates, save what pride I have," Camilo said honestly with a chuckle.
You laughed pressing another kiss to his cheek, resting your cheek against his shoulder. "Alright, what do you want to do? Unless you have jobs to do?" You asked.
Camilo thought for a moment, looking down at your linked hands. "There's a bunch of Cherry blossoms on the east end of the river," Camilo noted, bumping his cheek against your head. "I can run inside and grab some food, and have a calm first date."
"Sounds perfect," You said with a smile and a light laugh. Camilo nodded and you bushed yourself off his shoulder, and with a surge of confidence, Camilo pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose, a hand resting on your cheek, before hopping up and running to Casita, who threw the back door open for him to rush through.
You stared over the sight of Encanto, pressing a hand to your cheek feeling it heat up. You smiled to yourself a small giggle leaving your lips, you were in love.
Tumblr media
If it has a strike, I couldn't tag you
@moonchildxb @breadglasses @zukkun @leoisgayforwriting @skylarbyndomm @dai-tsukki-desu
Request : Masterlist
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luvrcami · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
✫ ∿ if you ever leave your phone somewhere he’ll take it and spam your camera roll with cute and goofy pictures
✫ ∿ when you go to his house he’ll make up excuse for you to stay like “wanna watch a movie?” or “do you want something to eat?”
✫ ∿ he loves to let you do face masks/facials on him (he goes to sleep in the process)
✫ ∿ he has a camera and likes to take photos of you, he keeps them in a notebook with little notes like if there’s a photo of you at the beach he’ll draw a little sun and write ‘lil beach trip :D’ 😭
✫ ∿ likes to bully kids on roblox…
✫ ∿ doesn’t let ANYONE touch his hair… well maybe if it’s you but still
✫ ∿ steals julietas food with Mirabel
✫ ∿ he doesn’t fully curse, he’ll say “frick” or “heck” 
✫ ∿ ALWAYS says ur mom jokes
✫ ∿ sings/dances in the shower
✫ ∿ he likes to sing when he’s by himself
✫ ∿ he likes to be the big spoon when cuddling cause he feels like you’re safe in his grasp and that nobody will be able to take you
✫ ∿ also makes deez nuts jokes (pepa gets mad at him when he does so)
✫ ∿ he’s not that short but also not that tall, y’know?
✫ ∿ mf had a fortnite phase and i know it.
✫ ∿ he’s surprisingly super smart
✫ ∿ he likes reading because when he was little pepa would always read to him 
✫ ∿ he still secretly watches cartoons (he usually watches them with u)
✫ ∿ oh he’s a hopeless romantic
Tumblr media
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caramellahoney · 9 months ago
"two birds on a wire."
genre: hurt/comfort - angst and fluff
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! reader
a/n: I suggest listening to the song "two birds on a wire." while reading :D
Summary: Camilo's best friend has always been with him through thick and thin. What if Camilo takes her for granted and nearly loses her?
Two birds on a wire
The skies turned into an orange and red hue. It was already noon, a few hours before Camilo's gift ceremony. Encanto's streets were beautiful, they always were. The city paths crisscrossed the ground in intricate patterns, flowers were spread everywhere, houses were cobbled together.
"Try and catch me!" Y/N teased, waving her arms around to lure him in. Camilo giggled and ran after her small form. A toothy grin spread across his face as his hands reached for her. He huffed and grabbed onto the girl's shirt, making her halt to a stop. The toddler cheered and threw his arms around her, smiling cheekily at his best friend.
"Gotcha!" Camilo cheered. The child’s face pinched in distress before she smiled, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Pushing him away, she started running again. Camilo gasped, eyes going wide in response, his jaw slack. Oh, it's on.
Y/N squealed when he immediately started chasing after her. They circled and ran around the fields, laughing so hard that tears had formed in their eyes.
"You can't catch me, Camilo!" She pouted her lips and stuck her tongue out at him, childishly giggling and running away afterwards. Wide grins were plastered on their faces, eyes big and bright, happiness genuine in the ways only found in children.
One tries to fly away and the other
Watches him close from that wire.
Camilo's small hand wrapped around the doorknob. He bounced on his feet in excitement as a faint glow emanated from the door. The candle burned brightly in Alma's hands, illuminating her face in an orange hue. The woman watched with a careful gaze as a mural formed on the door. Her eyes shifted to her grandson; expecting.
"What's your gift, Camilo?" He turned to face her, clapping his hands together as he turned into a carbon copy of her. Camilo playfully spun around and rapidly shifted into random villagers. Alma grinned, satisfaction running through her.
"We have a new gift!"
The room erupted in cheer and celebration. Music loudly boomed through the room, light chatter floated in the air as the atmosphere turned lively and warm.
A group of kids ran up to the newly gifted Madrigal-excitedly babbling on and on about his newfound powers. Camilo puffed his chest out, placing his hands on his hips. Pride swelled in his heart as he eagerly soaked up all the attention; unaware that a certain someone was looking for him.
A girl twiddled with her fingers, keeping her head low as she tried to push through the crowd. Unfortunately for her, everyone was packed way too tight and her little arms couldn't do much about it. Y/N frowned and gave up on maneuvering through the crowd. Instead, she moved elsewhere to get a better view of Camilo.
"Cami!" The young girl stood on her tippy toes, waving her arms around. Y/N had almost resorted to jumping up and down, but Camilo finally turned to look at her. She was fully expecting him to walk over and greet her, but Camilo just turned his back to her, continuing to entertain the surrounding crowd.
He says he wants to as well, but he is a liar
"Cami?" Confused and slightly hurt, she pressed her feet flat on the ground. A couple of kids shoved past her and she fell, striking the ground. Y/N pushed herself up, small hands tightly gripping her skirt as tears accumulated on her lash line. Her knees and hands stung, scrapes and bruises forming on the soft skin. Deep emotions swirled in her mind, emotions a child like her could barely comprehend at this age.
I believe it all. There's nothing I won't understand.
I believe it all. I won't let go of your hand.
"I'm always willing to listen, Cami." Y/N whispered, voice soft as she sat down beside Camilo. The shapeshifter merely sent her a passing glance. A deep groan escaped his lips. Camilo buried his face in his hands, palms pressed against his eyelids to prevent himself from crying. No longer than 5 minutes had passed. The whole time, Camilo was quiet while Y/N patiently waited for him to speak. Their life was much less easy-going now. Going into their teenage years introduced them to an array of new problems.
"I.." Camilo raised his head, voice raspy. "I don't know who I am." His face was quite doubtful suddenly, nearly afraid.
"Sometimes, I find myself turning into random people just so I can figure out who I am." His voice was barely above a whisper. Camilo looked up into her eyes, piercing and sharp. However, If she looked closer, she could see he was anxious, and entirely, undeniably vulnerable.
Y/N scooted forward, opening her arms and gladly taking him into an embrace. He cracked a smile, resting his head on her chest. "I'm sorry. This is probably dumb-"
"I understand it all. There's nothing I won't understand. " She cut him off, threading her fingers through his. Camilo breathed a laugh, staring at their interwoven hands.
"No matter how long it takes, I will be with you." Camilo nodded, more to himself than to her. He smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist, rubbing idly at the junction of her hip.
The two teens spent the dead of the night cuddled into each other arms, letting their worries fade away-even if it was just for tonight.
Two birds on a wire;
One says c'mon, and the other says "I'm tired"
"No! no! I'm far too tired. Alena, you can dance with him, no worries." Y/N laughs as indifferently, as politely as she can muster and shooed the two of them away. Alena flushed red when Camilo pulled her close to him, placing a small kiss atop her delicate hand. Y/N felt her heart snap, but she shook it off.
"Now I can dance with the most beautiful girl in the world." Camilo flirted, sending Alena a woozy grin and dashing off towards the dance floor. Y/N stood frozen in place for a moment, her heart twisting and ripping painfully. Nevertheless, she smiled and watched the couple dance.
Camilo stared at Alena with doe eyes, his cheeks rosy. The morena girl giggled as she was twirled around by the shapeshifter, her long ginger curls spinning around in the wind. Long lashes adorned her deep brown eyes, hints of small freckles sprinkled on her face. Y/N absentmindedly brought her hand up to her own face, tracing her cheeks lightly.
'The most beautiful girl in the world'
Y/N's grip tightened on her skirt as she forcefully broke her gaze away, finding it harder to keep herself composed. She laughs bitterly, melancholy burning inside her, consuming every inch of her body. But that was alright. It was what she was most used to, and after all, Camilo was happy.
The sky is overcast and I'm sorry
One more or one less
Nobody's worried
She glanced at the two once again before turning away, rushing out of Casita. No one would come looking for her, anyway. The party was far too big, far too many people to even notice she had slipped away. Her long skirt dragged on the cobblestone path as she trudged her way home, a stinging feeling weighing heavily on her heart.
She pressed her palm against the door to her apartment, pushing it open. An empty room welcomed her, devoid of the warmth and life she saw in Casita. The girl walked to her kitchen, throwing the cabinets open and picking up a small box that lay in the middle of her fridge.
The box was dropped on her counter and torn open. A small pastry sat inside, plain red frosting covering the chocolate cake while white cream fringed the edges. She picked it up this morning. It looked adorable to her, so she had to get her hands on it.
A flicker of a fire from a match illuminated her face in an orange glow. She brought the flame down to the small candle lodged in the pastry. Y/N smiled when a flame formed and waved her hand to put the match out.
"Happy birthday to me." After a minute or two, the girl leaned down and blew the flame out, ridding of the bright light the candle provided her. Minutes passed, and she just blankly stared at the pastry.
What now? It was her birthday, but she didn’t know if she wanted anything, only knew that she needed something.
Y/N sunk down on the counter, burying her face in her arms. The memories of what she saw earlier still stung her eyes with tears and tugged painfully at her heartstrings. The silence that rang through her apartment was deafening to her. Guess it's time to call it a day.
I'll believe it all
There's nothing I won't understand
Y/N jolted awake as her room suddenly shook, her sheets falling and pooling around her hips. She leaned over, flinching slightly when a click rung from her window as she threw it open. Peeking her head out, a strangled gasp left her lips as she saw a deep crack was wedged deep in the ground. Her eyes flickered up the hill where Casita was located. She got to her feet and grabbed a red shawl to wrap around her form.
I'll believe it all
I won't let go of your hand
Chaos was what greeted her.
"Mirabel, leave it!"
She ran into the house, nearly slipping when Casita formed a wavelike pattern to push her away. She relented and ran through the crumbling house, ignoring the cries for her.
"Y/N! Stop!" Camilo grunted as his back hit the grass. Panic immediately laced his heart when he heard his best friend's name. He scrambled to his feet, eyes wide as his heart thumped at an accelerated rate.
Two birds of a feather
Say that they're always gonna stay together
Determination was plastered on her face. Y/N was perched atop the roof, helping Mirabel up as they both tried to reach the candle. Camilo ran forward, intent on entering the house, but Casita had shut the door in his face. Shit. Shit. Shit. He was terrified and roughly knocked against the wooden door, throat stinging as he started screaming.
But one's never going to let go of that wire
"Y/N! Just leave it! Please!" Camilo sobbed, worried to death.
Shouts broke out as the ground shook harder, the house starting to breaking apart. The shapeshifter's breath hitched as Bruno's tower broke apart, heading straight towards the two girls. Y/N's eyes went wide, and she immediately pulled Mirabel down, both of them sliding down the roof and onto the ground.
She says that she will
But she's just a liar
"Casita! Please help us!" Mirabel screamed, desperate and scared. Casita quickly formed a makeshift barrier around them, using furniture to protect the two. Debris and concrete crashed around them, clouds of dust covering the environment. Y/N waited until the crashing died down before standing to her feet.
"..No.." A voice spoke, tone just above a whisper. Y/N turned her head towards Mirabel. Her friend held the candle in her hands, the flame slowly burning away. Guilt immediately appeared in Mirabel's eyes, tears running down her cheek. The girl cooed and took her friend's green glasses off, wiping away any tears with the back of her hand.
"I-I'm such a horrible person." Mirabel sobbed. Y/N furrowed her brows and was about to interject. "Look what I've done." Mirabel continued, crying heavily as she gestured around her. Y/N said nothing, had no response, and her gaze slid away from Mirabel's, landing on the surrounding mess.
"None of it is your fault, amiga." Y/N whispered, patting her cheek lightly before pulling away. She was quick to push away the surrounding barrier, struggling weakly at the metal. Rough coughs hacked through her lungs as she breathed in the thick cloud of dust.
In the corner of her eye, she saw Camilo instantly ran across the ruined home, ignoring the stray gravel that scraped his ankles. He reached for her, his arms grabbing her tight and holding her firmly against his chest. Camilo was rooted to the ground, still shaking from the sudden rush. Y/N just let him be, allowing herself to relax in his arms.
"Y/N? Are you ok? Are you hurt?" Camilo pulled away to press his hands against her cheeks, rubbing the soot off as worry swirled around in his eyes. Y/N just sighed and rest her head on his chest, rubbing soothing circles on his back.
"Why did you do that?! Dios mio, you have no idea how fucking terrified I was."
"I'm sorry, Milo. Guess it was just the adrenaline running." She spoke. He sighed and reluctantly let her go, holding her hand in his as he guided her to sit on the ground with him. A wave of dizziness washed over him, nausea still lingering in his trembling body. She frowned and slipped her hands away from his to hold his head.
"Mierda..don't do that again." Camilo rasped, voice still raw from the previous screaming. She tilted his head up to her worried face, and they both stared at each other.
"At least I didn't die?" She joked. A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest, and he bit his lip.
Camilo didn't know what came over him. It was as if his body was moving on his own, but he hastily pulled her forward, messily interlocking his lips with hers.
A startled yelp was her response, but she slowly melted into it, tilting her head to deepen the kiss. Eventually they pulled away and butterflies exploded in Camilo's stomach, his heart started beating erratically.
"I love you."
Two birds on a wire
He woke up in a cold sweat. Camilo sat up and shakily ran a hand through his curls. His eyes darted across the room, his nightmare still fresh and replaying in his mind.
"Fuck." He rubbed his eyes, raising two fingers up to massage his temple. He didn’t know if he wanted to go back to sleep or not. Another sigh, Camilo turned his gaze to his side. Y/N was clutching onto his arm, peacefully sleeping beside him. Why were they both in the same bed? Casita was still being rebuilt, and she allowed him to crash in her apartment.
A warm smile spread across his lips. He leaned down and pressed an affectionate kiss on her forehead, adjusting the sheets to go over her shoulder.
"Sweet dreams, mi vida." Camilo quietly slipped out of bed, making sure not to wake up his girlfriend. A dopey grin spread across his cheeks. Girlfriend. He liked the sound of that.
One tries to fly away and the other
He stood up, stretching his arms and hearing the satisfying crack of his sore bones. Camilo mindlessly wandered around before his eyes locked onto the reflection in front of him. He turned his eyes away, the stare of his own eyes becoming too much to bear. A mirror sat atop the her vanity, in front of it was a pastry box.
Now his curiosity was spiked. A free midnight snack? Hell yeah. Camilo trudged over and gently picked up the box, reading the label on it.
'Birthday Cake ; Chocolate flavored'
A birthday cake? Was this for someone? He doesn't recall any birthdays around this month, other than-
"Ah." Camilo winced, a frown etching itself onto his face as he suddenly realized who this was for. Guilt suddenly washed over him and he ran a hand through his bedhead, his stomach turning.
"Some kind of boyfriend I am." Camilo uttered and scowled at the mirror, his hands clenching into tight fists, nails digging into his skin. He put the box away, appetite lost.
He stared ahead of him, carefully studying the features on his face. Camilo tried to take a deep breath, but the burn in his heart wouldn’t leave him alone. Something warm slid down his cheeks when he blinked, his vision turning blurry. He lifted his hand up, fingers furiously rubbing at his eyes.
Watches him close from that wire
She says she wants to as well, but she is a liar
"Amor?" Y/N whispered. She walked towards his form, slipping her arms over his shoulders. She pressed a light kiss on his cheek, and Camilo felt his heart flutter. He melted into her embrace, enjoying the soft kisses she placed on his skin. Camilo fluttered his eyes shut and pressed his head against her chest. Her familiar heartbeat drummed against his ear. Oddly enough, it put him at ease.
"So.." She whispered, bringing her hand up to brush against his wet cheeks. Camilo turned his head, meeting Y/N's gaze with a curious expression. Her gaze had a soft warmth, not a hint of harshness in it.
"Do you want to talk about it?"
Camilo just shook his head, eyelids drooping as he suddenly felt exhausted. The girl just hummed and left it at that.
"Alright. It's far too late, anyway. Come back to bed with me?"
"Mmkay." Camilo slurred, allowing himself to be pulled away from the mirror. Y/N guided him back to their bed, her hand tightly clasping his. She would occasionally throw her head back to glance at him, concern evident. Camilo just stared back with meek and pensive eyes, swinging their interlocked hands back and forth.
She pulled him into the bed and Camilo reached for the sheets, throwing it over both of them. His head hit the pillows, and he relaxed. Y/N scooted towards him and snuggled into his arms, making him chuckle. He brushed her hair back, pressing a kiss atop her head.
Quiet washed over the two as they listened to the silence of the night. Y/N had left the window to her bedroom open, allowing the silver hues of the moon to seep in, illuminating the room in a blue haze.
The cold night gave them ever more reason to draw closer to one another, to feel the natural warmth they both had. He looked out the window to the moon that hung low in the sky. Camilo felt an overwhelming gratefulness wash over him, that he was so lucky to have this. To have her.
Two birds on a wire
One tries to fly away and the other
"Never leave me."
"I never have and never will."
- - <3 - -
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Tumblr media
𖥻 FLOWER BOY ft. camilo madrigal x gn!reader
Tumblr media
— tw/cw: none!
— synopsis: just him being a lovesick dork.
Tumblr media
Camilo watched as you happily conversed with his mother inside his home, suggesting decoration ideas for Antoñio’s incoming gift ceremony while also trying to calm the woman down at the same time.
You looked effortlessly beautiful. All he wanted to do was call you his. Though that’s to much to ask.
So with a heavy sigh, he left Casita to go out for a breath of fresh air. Walking towards the back yard of his home.
Sitting down ontop the grassy surface, he tucked his knees under his chin as he picked a flower from beside him. “Y/n loves me, they love me not, Y/n loves me...” He continued until no petals remained, “They love me not.” He grumbled, picking up another flower to try again. And again. And again.
“Okay! This is my last chance. I’ve plucked everything near me if this doesn’t work I swear!” With a concentrated look, he tries one last time.
“Y/n loves me, they love me not, they love-“
“You alot.”
Camilo froze, craining his head slowly behind him. Ultimately making him face to face with you who had bent down slightly. A small smile curled your lips as you straightened out, but not before ruffling the boys curls. “You’ve been out here for a while, Cariño. Pepa asked me to call you in for dinner.” With that, you left.
Leaving behind an embarrassed, flustered, and suprised Camilo Madrigal.
Tumblr media
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