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Some green Isabela AU designs
Here are golden child Dolores, green Isabela, and kinda-green Mirabel!
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gamerbearmira 3 days
Dog Anon. Mirabel and Antonio
Mirabel stood in silence in Casita's courtyard, she knew she'd seen the cracks, the cut on her hand was proof, but they somehow disappeared, the worst part was the look of disappointment she had received from her Abuela, who had dismissed her concerns and even implied she was drunk in front of the whole encanto, she was 15! She couldn't just go back to the party after being humiliated like that, it was one of the few times in her life she was glad to be ignored as everyone else went back to celebrating Antonio's new gift, leaving her alone to sulk in peace.
Once she got an arepa from her mom to heal her cut, Mirabel sat at the bottom of the stairs to think, her Labrador, Milagro, resting his head on her lap to try and comfort her, "what happened Milagro? I know I saw those cracks, you saw them too right?" The dog barked in response, Mirabel couldn't speak to animals like her primo could, but the dogs had always had a special connection to their owners, and Mira could tell he was in agreement, "what am I supposed to do? If Casita and the miracle really are in trouble, I have to do something."
"And I can help"
Mirabel jumped up at the sound of someone else's voice and turned around to see her younger cousin standing behind her on the stairs, "Antonio? What are you doing here? You should be in your new room celebrating your new gift" Mirabel forced a smile on her face, she didn't want to ruin Antonio's celebration (again) by making him worry about her, it was his night.
"I snuck away when I heard about the cracks" Antonio replied, Mirabel's face turned downcast, which didn't go unnoticed by Antonio, "the dogs told me, they said they felt weird right before you came rushing in, they can tell something is going on with the magic and I know you wouldn't lie" Mirabel looked up at Antonio with a weary look, a look that made Antonio sad, he knew she must've been hurt that no one believed her, even though he had no idea way they didn't, Mirabel never lied.
"you believe me?" Mirabel asked, Antonio nodded, "of course, you're my favorite prima and you love our family, you'd never lie about the magic being in danger, and the dogs know something is wrong, they can feel it" Milagro barked in response, "Milagro says he felt it too, he said he felt weird when the cracks formed, he knows it has something to do with the magic" Antonio beamed as his prima's face relaxed into a relieved and grateful smile, he knew Mirabel often pretended to be happy and smile when she really wasn't, he never understood why though, so he was happy when he could tell her smile was genuine.
"thanks Antonio" "so where do we start Mira?" Mirabel's face scrunched up in concentration, "something is definitely going on with Casita and the magic, Casita, do you know what's happening?" A nearby windowsill lifted up to mimic the appearance of a shrug, the house's way of saying they didn't know, Mirabel sighed, "well, something must be causing this" Antonio looked up at his door, "maybe it has something to do with my new room, it happened right after I opened my door"
Mirabel immediately shook her head, no, her primo didn't do this, she refused to believe it, "no, all the other gift ceremonies went well without any problems, even my gift ceremony went fine even though I didn't get a gift" Mirabel furrowed her brow as she looked up at her own door, it never made sense why she didn't get a gift, she had a door, and a dog just like everyone else, but unlike the others, her door didn't show anything about a gift or power, like Isabella and her flowers, or Pepa and her weather, it was just her.
Milagro barked once again, causing Antonio to direct his attention towards him, "you're right, Mira, Milagro says the cracks were pretty loud, he thinks Dolores might have heard something" Mirabel smiled and nodded, "you're right! Dolores hears everything, if anyone has any idea what's going on with the magic, it's her" Mirabel looked back up at Antonio's door, where it sounded like the party was beginning to die down, "it's late, and Dolores is probably overwhelmed by all the sound right now, you should go back and enjoy your party, we'll ask Dolores about the magic tomorrow"
Antonio nodded but looked up at Mirabel with an almost sad look as he reached out to jer, "only if you'll come back with me, I don't want to have my party without my favorite prima" Mirabel teared up as she took Antonio's hand and began walking up the stairs with him, Milagro jumped up as he barked once again, which caused Antonio to stop in his tracks, "what? Why didn't you say anything before? I can't believe it! Abuela was so pushy I didn't even notice! Come on Mira" Antonio began to pull Mirabel along towards his room, Mirabel gave him a confused look, "what's going on?" She asked, Antonio looked up at her, almost as if in offense, "Mirabel! Why didn't you tell me you were left out of the photo!?" Mirabel's face fell as Antonio hugged her tightly, "I'm so sorry Mirabel, Abuela gathered us up so fast for the photo that I didn't even realize you weren't with us, come on, we have to take another photo"
Mirabel fought hard to keep the tears at bay as Antonio practically dragged her back to the party and called for the family to take another group photo, "but Antonio, we already took a family photo" Abuela said, but Antonio scrunched up his face in anger, "the last photo wasn't any good, Mirabel got left out, we need to take another one" Many of the family members' eyes, including Abuela's, went wide with the realization that Mirabel wasn't in the photo they took earlier, Julieta and Agustin immediately went to Mirabel's side to apologize and insist that the photo needed to be redone, even Isabella couldn't keep her annoyed expression when she realized her sister had been completely forgotten, Mirabel muttered a quiet thank you to Antonio as she took a spot in between her parents, with Milagro at her feet. "La Familia Madrigal!"
Nah but like he's a real. For this whole thing. He not only supported her and believed her (he had no reason not to, and neither did the other family, but that's another discussion). But he also made them retake the picture. And thank God he listened to the animals, but even then, he'd probably believe her regardless, lets be real 馃槶馃槶
And I HOPE. The family feels bad. Like seriously. Who does that, that's so messed up. Even if she opted out, that's still pretty messed up. Watch one of them go through an album or look through the pictures in the halls and realize how few Mirabel is actually in. And they realize that Antonoo had to point it out. Like.
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Bffr 馃え
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his forever young wife
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More Pirate Queen Pepa 鈥榗ause I鈥檓 a little smitten馃彺鈥嶁槧锔
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renrenlady 1 year
Imagine Mirabel going behind the walls in order to get answers from Bruno just like in the movie and at one point she just sees a pile of teeth in the corner and she freezes because it鈥檚 a pile of teeth and this is the ensuing conversation:
Mirabel: 鈥︹︹铆o Bruno?
Bruno: Hm? Yeah?
Mirabel: What the fuck?
Bruno: Huh?
Mirabel: No actually w h a t the fuck?
Bruno: What are you pointing at- OH! Oh that yeah :)
Mirabel: ???????Why????
Bruno: Ever heard of a tooth fairy kid? You鈥檙e looking at 鈥榠m.
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glendybluebird 1 month
Hamilton x Encanto 馃馃暞锔忦煄湪
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I had a long hamilton concert in the bathroom earlier馃ぃ馃毧 I wanted to doodle some more scenes but I was tired and needed rest.馃槍
Dolores鈥檚 personality matches Eliza and Isabela鈥檚 Angelica鈥檚, but Angelica and Dolores鈥檚 story arcs are similar.
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k-chips 17 days
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It鈥檚 that time of the year! The time where I take old (very old and random) doodle I made and actually do something with them! XD
Just saying, this was supposed to be for Father鈥檚 Day 馃拃 lol
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jopatrx 3 months
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Julieta: Ay, mija you are ever so tall! It only seems yesterday when you were only To帽ito's size.
Luisa: You'll make Isa remember her despair mam脿.
Julieta: Oh, I feel the same way. *laughs* You know, you always wanted to be carried back then. We were practically attached to the hip.
Luisa: *laughs bashfully* Mam脿, not so loud.
Julieta: So what? You're still m铆 beb茅 even though you can carry me now.
Julieta: You can tell me anything, m铆 flor.
Isabela: I just don't see myself to be worthy of the miracle, mam谩. I feel like I haven't done enough.
Julieta: You have done your best, mija. You don't need to try so hard. You are enough and I am so proud of the woman you have become.
Isabela: ....what if I don't want to be the person that I am now, mam谩...
Julieta: Isabela, I loved you the moment I knew you were coming into my life until I first held you in my arms... and I love you now, and nothing in this world can change that.
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So I finally found caps that I could fuse to make my desperation come to life! Here's another round of Mam脿 Julieta content! Pardon my English hehe
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carlaerosie 11 months
Isabela: I hate capitalism. It鈥檚 a rigged system that keeps us poor. You shouldn鈥檛 need to have three jobs just to afford the basic necessities
Isabela playing monopoly: sorry, if you wanted to win you should鈥檝e tried not being poor
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Is it villain bruno au? Medieval crazy uncle come to protect his niece with a with similar powers as his? Fantasy kingdom au? Dark something?! I don鈥檛 hecking know! But sometimes you just gotta DRAW LIKE A MANIAC DAMMIT!!!
(btw this was partly inspired by @c-rose2081鈥榮 fic Golden Halos. The setting is different but their powers pretty much the same)
Umm..yes..hello? @c-rose2081 just聽 wrote a one-shot of this and I鈥檓 sharing it in this post as well because it鈥檚 so frickin GOOD:
@c-rose2081 asked:This was loosely inspired by your most recent art of Bruno with a sword. Couldn鈥檛 help myself :) Up to you if you鈥檇 like to share it! I just thought I鈥檇 share it with you 馃グ鉁
鈥 Bruno knew the night she was born that Princesa Mirabel Valentina Rojas Madrigal was a gift from the gods. Unlike her sisters and cousins, who had been born within the safety of alabaster stone pylons, and in the presence of trained nursemaids draped in maroon and gold silks, Princesa Mirabel had no such luxury. Unlike her sister Isabela, who鈥檚 head was christened in rosewater the minute she was birthed, or Luisa who was immediately coddled in the finest of linens to warm, Mirabel was handled by a woman who鈥檚 name Bruno could not even recall, and had callouses across her flat palms. The infant was a bloody, whining, squirming thing; hardly elegant nor godlike. And rather then clean ivory walls burning lightly with incense cradling this new babe, she was born in a crooked old barn not far from the trade road, where the scent of animal and rainstorm tainted his nostrils raw. Yet Bruno, high Prince of Encanto, son of Queen Alma and subsequent heir to the throne, couldn鈥檛 have care less. He was enthralled by the baby, and held his sister Julieta鈥檚 hand as she struggled through labor far from the comforts of home. And though she was settled now, her glistening collar dabbed at by a young boy no older then 7, she smiled at the sky as her grip released. No doubt silently thanking whoever looked down upon them for bringing her third daughter into the world without fail. 鈥淗ealthy,鈥 the woman said 鈥 the same who鈥檚 hands were still bloodstained up to her elbows, 鈥渁 beautiful girl, your highnesses.鈥 And Bruno hesitantly extended his arms to hold the babe, wrapped so haphazardly in burlap cloth that was harsh against his smooth, unblemished palms. Yet as Bruno pulled her close to him, staring down at a face that so reflected that of his eldest, kindest sister, his heart was set alight with a new, protective fire. When his other nieces and nephews had been born, it had been quite sometime before he was allowed to meet them. And it was all very staged, like he was made to wait with the rest of the kingdom to see for himself the new addition to their family line. Even now they seemed so distant from him, running about sections of the palace dedicated to their godly gifts, and their learning. But here, under a dark, drizzling sky, he held his smallest niece for the first time on his own terms, and knew that she would be his world. The babe was perfectly imperfect, and Bruno knew that she would be spoiled rotten. He would do everything in his power to make it so, and already his head filled with the extravagant gifts with which he would shower her. How many golden laid toys, silk gowns of blue and white, and stitched animals with sapphire eyes he would so willingly lay down at her feet. For Bruno had no children of his own. No heirs, much to the displeasure of his Mama. But Bruno was a scholar by trade; an educator and a speaker of words. He was hardly a Prince at all, and had little care for love when his sisters were far better suited to taking the throne one day. But perhaps, this little one could fill the hole he didn鈥檛 even realize had been in his heart for so long. 鈥淚 give you my sword, mi sobrinita,鈥 he mumbled, feeling the hilt still strapped at his side, 鈥淚 swear myself to it,鈥 And, as though hearing his words for herself, Mirabel opened her eyes for the first time. And for a second of pure wonder, they shone the brightest of sunshine golds before fading back into the warmest, richest brown, 鈥測ou will be a wonder, mi Princesa,鈥 Bruno rasped, running a square finger across her cheek as she stared up at him intently, 鈥渕i Mirabel,鈥
It鈥檚 so beautiful.. 馃ズ
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prophetic-hijinks 5 months
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I am convinced that Bruno should never be in charge of first impressions
Next comic: Bruno continues to be bad at first impressions
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gamerbearmira 3 days
Another cart incident鉂椻潡鉂
Idk I wanted to write angst for Mamabuela, and what better than to put Mirabel in the same accident that her mother and father were in.
Perfect <333
Les get it
The family didn't know how to react when it happened. Not any of the grandparents, not the warm couple, not Bruno and certainly none of the kids. It happened so fast. Too fast. It was a repeat. It looked exactly like that day 11 years ago. It happened in the same square too. Thanl God most of the family was in the plaza at the time, who knows what would've happened of they weren't.
Mirabel was handing out food. Her tia usually was with her along with little Antonio, but she had left for a moment to go help Camilo get some couple off his back---they trying to dump their kid on him, despite Camilo himself barely being 11. Antonio was sitting down next to Mirabel playing with his toys, while Mirabel handed out food to the (seriously) injured.
She hadm't been paying attention, really. Maybe if she had, it wouldn't have happened, but she certainly didn't blame Antonio. Nor did she blame herself or anyone else for it. She had just been too careless, that's all. It was an accident, right?
Antonio had stood up and walked around the stand, something he had been doing simce he learned. Mirabel handed him a bu帽uelo, and patted his curls, which he enjoyed. What she didn't see was him walking off. She had busy scolding the same blacksmith who always came back with sevetheburns from working a little too close to the fire.
When someone yelled 'Cart!' she hadn't given it a second thought. But when someone yelled something about a small boy in the way she looked down and saw Antonio wasn't there. Doubling back, she saw Antonio waddling towards Pepa, and the woman was sprinting towards him. Other family members were moving in as well but...once Mirabel saw the cart barreling towards him, she realized that Pepa, nor anyone else would make it in time.
Dropping the food in her hand, Mirabel ran towards the toddler. She managed to scoop him up but hadn't been able to move in time. Cradling her body around the boy, the cart slammed into her.
Once the cart hit her, she tightened her grip on Antonio. She felt a stinging pain in her arm but ignored it as she rolled across the dirt. Once she stopped Antonio rolled out of her arms, wailing for Pepa. He didn't really seem worried over his own scrapes and bruise, seeing that he was just pointing at Mirabel, who lay limp on the ground. She had splinters on her arm and part of her leg that the cart hit, and a head injury from when she hit the ground. Red covered the top part of her shirt, and her glasses were cracked.
Immediately, there was screaming. Miravel could vaguely see several family members surrounding her, many of them crying. She muttered something, but none of them probably heard it. Her abuela, tia and tio Bruno had been crying particularly hard; she could heard a mix of her mothers name and her own name. Her fathers' parents looking ditressed beyong what was probably normal, and it looked like her Abuela Hortencia had some of the food from the stand in her hand.
"Mirabel keep your eyes open!" Alma cried, while the others fretted over her. Mirabel blinked for a moment, but she felt tired. She wanted to do what her abuela said but she was so tired.
"Lo siento," Mirabel mumbled, closing her eyes.
K time to leave <333 I'll be answering some asks later, hope y'all enjoyed this <33 This isn't contributing to the story, I just wanted to write something sad lmao
oh the au is by @longliveninokuni btw 锛(鈮р垏鈮)锛
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blednokrov 11 months
In your AU, what things change in the Madrigal Family dynamic?
I don't like posting text only, so here are AU's basic designs as a bonus!
Tumblr media
The main factor that defines how family dynamics in this AU differentiate from canon is that Alma and Pedro process their trauma in absolutely different ways. It comes from both the difference in their personalities (though I mostly made up Pedro's personality myself, I like how he turned out to be) and the difference in the experience itself. How was it different? Well, we'll find out...
Tumblr media
The main problem with Pedro is his guilt complex and how it makes him feel the constant need to redeem himself, to make up for what he had already failed once - protecting the loved ones. But could it be that while trying to protect, he ends up hurting?
Tumblr media
That while struggling with his burden of guilt, he taught his family the same unhealthy patterns?
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leesbian42 11 months
au where mirabel do get a gift when she's five except it's just. being able to die and come back (and when she's dead she can kinda talk to others who's dead)
it's been fucking up Bruno's visions for a WHILE like he's just seen like 50 different ways Mirabel dies and he KNOWS it's all Correct but that's IMPOSSIBLE and he's just been really freaked out bc he thinks his gift is broken (and then the entire family freaks out too bc Bruno is freaked out)
and then Mirabel's ceremony happens and she just immediately passes out (dies) and everyone just absolutely PANICS like it's biggest chaos and panic the entire village has had (in a while or ever)
and then after a few minutes, Mirabel gets up as nothing and just "i talked to abuelo Pedro! he said I died! isn't it cool??' and everyone just. PANIC CONFUSION
meanwhile or a while later Bruno just goes 'oh. so that's what the visions meant. huh. wtf-'
and OF COURSE Mirabel constant plays the I Died card or "hey remember that time I died?" and you have to guess between like 20 different times just THAT YEAR
the entire thing would be chaotic as hell with angsty and/or crack and i just think it's really hilarious lmaoxbxjdbf
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acewithapaintbrush 11 months
I know it is canon that Pedro died back then.
But even after watching Encanto the first time I found it noticeable that we never really see what ultimately happens to him.
Yes, we see him walking up to those soldiers but then we immediately see Alma do her light show and then the hills grow and cut her off from the river and she looks at that closing gap almost like she hopes to see him.
Now, imagine!
Imagine a Pedro, hurt, almost dead, but surviving, somehow escaping their pursuers through his own kinda miracle.
Imagine his recovery being long and hard, not quite knowing what happened but knowing that the path is gone, and knowing that his Alma would have come looking for him if she was still alive.
So they must be dead.
Imagine him growing old and mourning his family, going to that river every year to pay his respect.
Imagine him 50 years after that fateful night, going back to that river and there is the path again, a gap in the hills.
Imagine him walking into the valley, finding a beautiful little village, a kind of place his Alma and him have always dreamed of finding after their escape.
Imagine him meeting people and them telling him about a magical family that lives there.
Familia Madrigal.
Imagine him hobbling up to that house, his walking stick in his hand, sweat on his brow, heart racing.
Imagine him reach that house and seeing...
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