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🌙Yin and Yang☀️
Camilo's a good dance instructor!
Guess what they're singing😜
Tumblr media
As children, they used to act out their imaginary worlds. It had been years since they started doing it again. It was kind of hard at first due to Luna's changes in personality. But bit by bit, her old self is starting to show.
This was supposed to be a mini comic, but I got busy working on some other stuff.
This other pic was from months ago.
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Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Tumblr media
Request: Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Prompt: None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo really wants to see your long hair
507 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo always loved your hair. Whether it was how the brown had tinges of gold running through it or the fact you tied the bottom of your braids with blue and yellow lace or the one that most people noticed, how your hair was mere inches from dragging on the ground. He wanted to ask you to take it out, he wanted to see all your hair as it curled, he wanted to see how long it really was. He never asked though, he thought it would be too weird.
So Camilo sufficed for imaging what it looked like as you both sat on his bed in boredom. You guys wanted to go about town, maybe even explore the edges of Encanto, but god it was so hot outside. Camilo thanked the stars his room was cool, but he still tossed his ruana to the side, sitting in just his white buttoned shirt.
You let out an overly dramatic sigh catching Camilo's attention. You were twisting the overgrown hair of your fringe, having an inner debate with yourself. "Wanna help me with something?" You asked, meeting Camilo's eyes.
"Yeah," Camilo said putting his guitar he was lazily strumming, just off to the side to lean in his bed. "I'm so bored I think ill do anything." You laughed pushing yourself off the bed to sit on Camilo's floor, resting between his legs.
"Can you help me take my hair out?" You asked leaning your head back to look up at Camilo, who bent his head to lean over to meet your gaze. "It's getting to frizzled, and I wanna put some string through it thins time."
Camilo nodded taking a hold of the left braid, slowly undoing the tie. "You know, I've never seen you with your hair down," Camilo said matter of factly. You turned around to face him with a confused look.
"Really? I swear you have," You spoke suspiciously. Camilo shook his head, taking the tie from you so he could put them on his bedside table. "Why haven't you asked to see my hair then?"
"I thought it would be weird," Camilo stated honestly, gently raking his finger through your braid, slowly letting it fall free. "Hey Y/N, you look great and all, but take your hair out," Camilo spoke in a weird voice making you laugh. Camilo laughed softly as well, making sure not to tare your hair.
You raked your fingers through your hair faster than Camilo did and with the combined effort, your hair was free in a matter of minutes. You stood up, shaking your head, letting your wavy hair fall over your shoulders and drag a few inches along the floor.
Camilo smiled looking at you brush your hair with your fingers. "So? What do you think?" You asked suspiciously, eyeing Camilo who took a pile of your hair to play with.
"I think you just more perfect, perfect-erre," Camilo declared stumbling on the last word. You laughed lightly hopping into bed beside Camilo, your hair flying everywhere.
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Request : Masterlist
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Edit: After so many likes (thank you) in so short time. and requests of you. here the masterlist for upcoming parts:
Betrothed to Another
So i was wondering... Camilo and the reader are older. In their twenties and you got engaged but not with him.
Camilo hates it. You will be married with some douchbag. After all the years you know each other. You are both now in your twenties.
The whole village celebrate the engagement. With a big celebration in town. Tables, food. Any other time he would love it! But not today.
He adores you since you grew together after you made friends with Mirabel. You visited her often in casita. First he thought you don't like the jokes. But then he broke your ice and your burst in laughter. You tried always not to laugh because it was loud and with all of your heart. not gracefull but so true.
Camilo found his way behind a fabric of the deco. Like open tents to spend some shadow . He shapeshift into your fiance.
A big one like Mariano with brown hair. Green eyes. "Ugh. I don't know why! He doesn't even brings Y/N to laugh!" Camilo murmurs.
"I am Hernandez. I am sooo strong and read a lot." Camilo plays with the body. Stretching the mussles like he was in a theathre.
"Here you are!" Camilo stops in his action. The back to you. "Your mother searched you everywhere. Come on!" you sound and smile at him as he turn around.
Camilo still your finance chuckles chought a little. He couldn't react fast enough as you reached and kissed him.
He froze as Hernandez till he finally melts into your fingers which laying on one cheek. He lighlty kisses you back. Striking with one hand in your hair. the other on your hips.
"Mi amor." he whispers in the kiss and shapelifts back. You feel the diffrence but you first didn't care because it just feels better. Soon you notice the change in seconds you head back. Looking in the kind eyes of. "Camilo!" you whisper and ingor the feeling to punch him.
"Uhm." he begins. He doesn't want to release you. And you don't push him back. There is a feeling you just feel at his side.
"Here are you two! Hernandez, don't let me..", Mirabel interrupts you as she push away the fabric, thinking it was you and Hernandez.
Camilo steps away from you as soon he heard his cousin. He is rubbing his neck till she comes near and find you both. So he smiles at her.
Mirabel looks at you both.
"I helped with the earrings. One got stuck on the fabric", he explaines. "Yes. It really hurts. Whats the matter Mirabel?", you asks and go to her to company her to the other.
He looks after you and whised he wouldn't have done it. His heart only hurts more. "Yeah. Your Oh-i-am-so-well-read-boyfriend waits!", he shouts and you glance over your shoulder to him to threw a sad gaze on him.
After many requests:
Part 2
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𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 | 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
p : camilo × fem!reader | g : fluff, humor, e2l!au, baker!reader, florist!isabella | w : cursing, mentions of food
a/n : look, I just want to squeeze Isabella and camilo into the same fic somehow because I love them both gosh I wish they had more development I love their relationship but hehe told u I have a camilo brainrot <3 enjoy <3
Tumblr media
"ugh, Isabella!"
you sighed, rubbing the sweat off your forehead as you approached the little stall of plants that Isabella ran, panting.
"have— have you seen— wait, give me a minute—"
you exhaled, exhausted, resting your arms on your knees, "have you seen camilo?"
she tilted her head and shrugged. "you haven't?" you asked, standing up properly again. the heat was scorching, and the wafting scent of berries and flowers from her stall smelt so irresistible. A glass of berries and lemonade would be so good right now.
"what happened?" she asked, and your eye twitched.
"what happened?" you almost yelled, making people around the street stare, "that little brat ate all the sugar donuts I baked, and didn't even give a penny!"
Isabella rolled her eyes, scowling, "I literally hate him, but I think he ran in that direction," she pointed ahead, "not so sure, though."
"thanks, Isabella," you smiled at her, grabbing her hand in impulse as a gesture of gratitude, "you're a tru— wait..."
you looked down at her fingers, white and snowy, "why is there powdered sugar on your...fingers?"
Isabella cleared her throat, before snatching her hand away, "uh, I just remembered I have a...uh, parcel to, uh, pick up...yeah."
"bye!" she made a run for it, her flowy hair curled with by the second in the wind and her flowy summer dress folded and grew to form a yellow poncho you were a bit too familiar with. you ran after Isabella, or now, a boy in his true form. he turned around and ran backwards, giving you his signature grin, as of to say, "catch me if you can!"
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Mírame bonito
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x oc
Warnings: none
Summary: Camilo learns that there is one thing messier than being in love with his best friend: realising that he is
A/N: Writing this I started imagining Antonia and Camilo signing together to you're gonna go far, kid by the offspring and I swear that if I had the slightest bit of talent, I would draw it
Tumblr media
[ 6 ] [ 8 ]
It would be wrong to assume Camilo was the kind of kid that enjoyed going to school, the ordeal was as boring as it was annoying, but there was one thing that he hated more than going to school itself: how late Antonia always made him.
She was usually a really timely person, showing up at the indicated hour for everything unless something completely out of her power delayed her. It was Camilo who, on the other hand, had to be instructed to arrive places earlier to have him get there on time.
But school, school made the roles reverse. Antonia was so careless with the entrance hour, she made Camilo stress over not being there in time.
And she couldn't even blame her delay on Mateo, because the kid was standing beside him, chatting away with Antonio while the older boy scratched his eyebrow compulsively.
"Mi vida, please!" He pleaded trying not to sound angsty, making the two young boys stifle their laughs on their forms not very subtly. "What are you two laughing at? You're going to be late too."
"When your vida comes down," Mateo ignored his question, printing a mocking tone into the nickname, "will we have to ignore that you look at her pretty?"
Camilo arched an eyebrow, taken back by the question. "Look at her pretty?"
"Like papá looks at mamá." Antonio explained.
He felt a rush of blood coming up from his neck at the comparison. When Félix looked at Pepa it was like the world stopped spinning, it was more of a gaze, an urge nurtured by some sort of romantic obsession, like the smallest glance at her made him fall in love all over again, he had grown up seeing that look.
It would be a flat out lie to say there wasn't something special in the way he looked at Antonia, a particular glint, Camilo knew that, but to say that it was the same look his dad gave his mom was a lot. He looked at her like someone looks at their best friend.
"Camilo, I can feel your exasperation from my room," Antonia said with mockery, coming down the stairs with a bunch of clothes hanged on her forearms. Alright, maybe he looked at her like the pretty girl that happened to be his best friend.
Antonia always wore a white top and the colours of her skirt were usually warm, with special occasions when the fabric of it had beautiful patterns that resembled fish or flowers. She had a particular skirt that Camilo liked with fish that looked like flowers with long petals which she wore for birthdays.
The kids' snickering made him aware that he was staring at Antonia, who seemed to be oblivious as she placed all the wool clothes carefully in a basket, while thinking of the skirt she wasn't even wearing that day.
"Can we go now?" He ushered.
"Yeah, yeah," she brushed off, "hold this." She instructed handing him her bag with school supplies, which he hanged on his shoulder without complaints as she settled the basket on top of her head. "We have to leave these with Claudia." He was tempted to first name her out of stress. "It's on the way!" She said feeling his eyes on her.
"It's not," he muttered but followed her still.
Balancing the basket on her head with one of her hands, she offered the other to Mateo, who happily grabbed it, holding his notebook and pencil on his other arm. Antonio held out his hand for Camilo to grab as well.
The youngest Madrigal had never been one to walk around holding hands with anyone other than Pepa, except for when he was scared, but since he had catched on how often his best friend held his sister's hand, he had started to ask whichever sibling or cousin was near to hold his hand as well. No one ever refused.
For Antonia, the endeavour was quite endearing, although Camilo knew the significance behind it was different for each kid. With Antonio, it was just a soft expression he had picked up from his friend's routine, but with Mateo it was more on account of that argument that often surfaced on the family: the fact that he considered his sister to be a third parent.
Sometimes he wondered if they had always been like that, if Antonia had always perched Mateo up her hip and if he had always waited for her confirmation upon everything their parents said, or if it had started after they all fell sick during their journey to Encanto, when the girl had assumed the weight of her family over her shoulders.
Both options resulted foreign to Camilo, he couldn't remember a single occasion when Dolores had been responsible of him the way Antonia was always of Mateo. He would never so much as suggest that Carlos and Anastasia weren't good parents, but never would he undermine his friend's role in Mateo's care either.
He felt a tug on his hand and emptiness a few seconds later as Antonio ran into his classroom with Mateo following, barely saying goodbye before breaking the hold on his palm. Although ‘hold’ was merely a saying on their case.
Maybe Antonio's hands were too small, maybe Camilo's were too big, but the ‘hand holding’ always consisted of Antonio wrapping his hand around Camilo's index and middle finger while he somehow added his thumb to the equation.
"Your hands are ridiculously big." Antonia stated as soon as he brought up the subject.
Arching an eyebrow, he raised his open hand for her to measure hers against it. It took her a few seconds to understand what he wanted, but finally brought her hand up to his, making sure their palms were lined up. Without warning, Camilo felt the same blush creep up his cheeks upon the feeling of her hand pressed against his.
He gulped somewhat subtly, trying to calm down the fire beneath his skin, and fixed her fingers to line them up with his own. Between her tailoring, her mother's obsession with cleaning and her occasional harvesting with her father, Antonia's schedule didn't run short on manual work, so her hands weren't exactly small, but Camilo's were almost two inches bigger.
Antonia looked at him, the words ‘told you so’ written all over her face, but he remained silent. Not only did he not want to admit his hands were significantly big, her dark eyes had a bad habit of entrancing him. Never in his life he had seen eyes as dark as hers, so black the pupil nearly seemed to melt into the iris.
Mirabel plopped down on her seat, cutting off the moment, and panting from exhaustion. Soon they would be finishing school and Mirabel wanted to help as much as she could on her last year, it was like she provided the intention for school that Antonia lacked. Not long after, the teacher walked in the room and all conversations were cut short.
Camilo really wanted to honour his routine of trying sort of hard to pay attention to whatever topic the teacher was rambling about, but the children's assumption had pulled him into a train of thought he had no hope getting off of. Suddenly he couldn't help but call himself out in the way he got lost into his best friend.
In a matter of two hours he became aware of all the things he unconsciously knew about her, like the exact place she parted her long curly hair and the average length it must have when it was wet, which was probably a little more than Isabela's, or the exact positioning of the five moles across her face and the different shapes they would form if he connected them all.
He just stared at her, rather stupidly, rather shamelessly, stared into the apparent obliviousness of the girl being stared, enraptured in all the smallest things he usually overlooked. The way she readjusted the pencil on her hand every once in a while. How her feet shifted following an imaginary beat. When she stretched, the curve of her neck. The slip of her spine.
"What is it, Camilo?" She finally asked, acquiring some colour on her cheeks.
How had he always been trapped in such a longing for her and only now there seemed to be an awareness of it? So many things he wanted desperately to describe, only to find himself wordless.
"You got a booger." He responded nonchalantly, looking back to the front.
Her hand quickly flew up to her nose, only to find he was lying. Trying not to laugh, she reached out to him and playfully pushed his shoulders several times, until he finally grabbed her hand, holding it silently.
"Camilo, that's my hand."
"Not anymore."
"I need it to write."
"Learn to write with your right hand like a normal person."
Softly, she started to squirm her hand away from his hold, but he didn't let go. It was true that he wanted to annoy her, but God, did he also love holding her hand. Finally, she wrapped her hand around his index and middle finger, making him laugh.
Oh, the bickering that awaited for his friends to grab a hold of him, he knew their eyes were laid on the two of them, as they did with every contact between them that looked out of the ordinary. Camilo was the object of their derides since Antonia's first day of school, when they were commenting how attractive they found her and he frowned lightly at the discussion.
That moment came as soon as recess started, when his friends approached them and, after greeting Antonia with the peculiar smile all the boys in their grade had for her, they stole him away. As soon as they were a few feet away, the mocking commenced.
By then, it was already something of a ritual: they would start bombarding him with sarcastic questions in which they referred to Antonia as his girlfriend or his beloved, if they were feeling particularly scathing, they would throw ‘the wifey’ in there. Then it would become even more straightforward, endlessly teasing him about the infatuation he always denied.
"She's my friend." He would always say.
"I'm your friend, too." Pablo responded once. "Kiss me, Camilo." He puckered his lips and made the false attempt to kiss him.
He would usually let them get ahead for a while before mocking them back, putting his shape shifting abilities to use and turning into them, a teacher or sometimes their own parents. Once he turned into Nico's father, who he only knew in pictures, and said "see? This is why I left you and your mom."
They all laughed for about fifteen minutes, Julian even started hyperventilating, but he still promised not to do it again.
Today, however, was different. His three friends took onto his seriousness pretty quickly, their efforts to pull any information about his crush out of him became more pulsing and Camilo would have found it all quite funny if only he had a way to explain why he was so absorbed in her, if only it was simply a matter of ignoring them knowing that he had answer.
"Why don't you just tell her that you're in love with her?"
"I'm sure she already knows."
That answer left his mouth before he had any time to think it through, he stared into pure nothingness processing his words and even his friends stared at him in shock. They weren't actually expecting him to confess, much less so bluntly.
Was he in love with Antonia? It was a rather stupid question given that he had just answered it, but still he needed to ask it again. Thinking back on it, he shouldn't be surprised, from their first conversations when he was helping nurse her back to life he had been aware of the way he gravitated towards her.
Still, the realization that he did in fact look at her like Félix looked at Pepa struck him.
The three boys in front of him looked at each other awkwardly, unsure of what to say next, there seemed to be no appropriate response to what had just happened and Camilo's lost stare into the wall wasn't helpful.
Finally, it was Julian who spoke. "You really think she knows?"
And there was the second, equally confusing part of his statement. Had it been simply a defensive way of answering? No, he meant it. Not only that he was in love with her, but that she knew it.
If any of them said they were unaware of the especial fondness they had for each other, one they didn't have with anyone else, that person was to become a liar. Camilo had always been perfectly aware of the peculiarity of their friendship, the distinctiveness of their affection and he knew so did she, it wasn't too crazy to assume that Antonia knew of his love for her.
He shrugged. "Yeah."
Pablo looked out the window, to were Antonia was happily dancing with Mirabel in what seemed the rehearsal of a civic act that had turned into a small party, for the drums that were only used on such occasions marked the beat the two girls stomped the floor to under the flow of their skirts. "Do you think she loves you, too?"
Camilo sighed, his eyes now fixed on the floor. He didn't know. The idea didn't seem that absurd to him, although perhaps he was just fueling his desires, nurturing his love in the possibility that she reciprocated it. "Maybe." Was all he could say.
taglist: @mcueveryday @sylum @solikeapparently @7seabear7 @zzokks @ranzieboo @im-sidney
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camilo x y/n
Tumblr media
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Some .3. Unfinished work and doodles
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Satisfied, camilo madrigal
Foreword. The artist.
traducido por @secret-ssociety
The Encanto village was hidden among the enormous mountains that stood tall and proud, hoping to reach the clouds. There was always a monotonous peace, guarded by the families that piled up in the little houses in the middle of the beautiful valley, which was splattered by lakes, harvest fields and animal nests.
Colorful homes were squished one next to the other, painting a wonderfully chaotic picture in the midst of wilderness. Animals hid in the large trees and only the meek ones settled among humans, accepting food and shelter.
The cobbled streets were always filled with excited children and working adults. The tired yet easy faces melted into the warm weather the community had been blessed with. Greetings flew from one side to the other given that, being a small town, everyone knew each other.
That morning, with the sun peeking behind the mountains from the east, only the most eager early risers, those who laboured, walked down the street exchanging 'good mornings.'
Only one person seemed to be in a rush at such ungodly hours of the morning.
"You need help with that, Lita?" Señor Jorge, a salesman, asked upon seeing the young girl run with a large basket in her arms and the crowds opening for her passing.
"Worry not, señor Jorge!" She replied with a smile, not turning around for him to see it. Her steps were quick and she nearly lost an espadrille on the way.
Her great brunette curls bounced over her shoulders, barely held by a colorful kerchief that she squeezed over her head, making her big brown eyes visible, as well as her tanned face covered in sweat.
Underneath the staircase that squirmed through the streets, as creeks do around the diverse little houses, Lita had to raise the basket, packed with different things, in her arms to fit between the uneven walls.
The rims of her green skirt grazed the walls and, as soon as she was able to cross, she skipped the two steps that led to the small door, the one that had a little panel with her last name embroidered in big capital letters.
Lita had to knock with the tip of her beige espadrille and, with a crackle, she entered the wool scented house, although the smell was hidden beneath coffee and freshly baked cookies.
"Sorry for the delay!" Lita came into the living room with a grin but stopped, as if she had been struck by lightning, when she saw who her grandmother was eating breakfast with. "Señora Madrigal?"
Alma Madrigal. The matriarch of the Madrigals, the family that had founded Encanto and, simultaneously, had kept the town safe with their miracle.
The woman had a strict aura. It was impossible not to straighten the shoulders in her presence.
"Pimpollo!" Nona's sweet voice allowed Lita to breathe. Her eyes quickly traveled to her grandmother, that smiled warmly at her.
She knew that Nona —whose actual name was Susana, and señora Alma were long time friends, but they seemed to be so different it sometimes surprised her. Sometimes, Lita preferred to think they weren't acquainted.
"Sit, sit! We were discussing some clothes business," None gestured her skinny hand to the chair at the head of the table where Lita was usually placed.
She rested the basket on the floor, given the table was full of breakfast plates, y slid to the head of the table.
Clothes. Discussing clothes was the usual with Nona because, after all, it was how she made a living. She made the clothing for most of the landholders and was always busy with requests.
"It's good to see you, dear," Alma greeted Lita when she sat.
"It sure is!"
"I don't see you much around town," the woman lightly said.
That's the idea, Lita thought of saying, but she simply shrugged and brought the cup up to her lips to avoid having to say something.
It wasn't that she didn't like the Madrigals, in fact, Lita held them in high regard. They were a very loved family and Lita was grateful for their constant care for the town.
When she was younger, she hung out a lot with Camilo and Mirabel, both the same age as her, and they all entertained themselves getting on the eldests nerves. Luisa, Dolores and Isabela hated them back then.
With the years, everything changed.
Camilo claimed his gift and he simply became more requested around the village. Mirabel, despite not having a gift, exploited herself to help others. And the rest of the family also had a great issue with helping people.
Lita had to refuse Luisa lifting stuff for her, tell Isabela she didn't need her to grow flowers on her tiny garden, decline Julieta's food over a cut, keep herself from answering when Pepa asked her what weather she desired that day, make herself deaf to Dolores trying to tell her things she had heard about her and deny Camilo from following her around.
She loved them all dearly, but she hated to see their sad faces when she refused her help and decided it was better to stay away. Lita wanted to do her own stuff. She didn't want to rely on Luisa's strength o Julieta's food.
It always felt like they were being used, like they were merely tools.
Lita had stopped talking to them when she'd turned fifteen and now at seventeen, she was comfortable on her own routines.
"Alma is making some arrangements for her birthday," Nona informed her.
Lita was slightly confused, Alma's birthday was not close. It was at least four months away.
"Turning seventy five is not an everyday occurrence, is it? I want to plan everything out before my family gets a chance to. I have a few ideas." Alma said with a smile. "As I was telling Susi, I want matching clothes for the whole family."
Unbeknownst to her as to why they were telling her that, she nodded.
"I am so excited about dressing them all!" Nona exclaimed, softly patting Alma's hand, which was resting on the table. "Con lo bonitos que son todos."
"Only to my best friend I can trust such an important job," Alma admitted, making Nona blush, "that's why I wanted to talk to you too, Angélica."
"Lita," she clarified, "call me Lita."
Alma seemed unsurprised at the request so, calmly, she nodded.
"I've been told you're a magnificent drawer, Lita."
Lita had to keep herself from looking to the right, where her Nona was seated, and shoot her a look that yelled treason.
She didn't talk about her drawings. It wasn't per se a secret, she just didn't bring it up, so it was very surprising that someone as busy as Alma Madrigal knew such a simple thing about her.
"I'm not that good…"
"She's being humble!" Nona squeaked over Lita's voice. "Let me look for some of her stuff."
Lita pursed her lips once again when Nona got up and disappeared down the hall mumbling she clearly couldn't hear from the distance.
Now she was all alone with the Madrigals' matriarch, a woman that used to inspire terror into Lita when whe was a kid, and she didn't understand how her friends didn't tremble in her presence.
"Why—?" Lita had to cough at how high pitched her voice had sounded. "Why are you interested in my drawings?"
"Do you remember the mural we have at home? I'm not sure if you do, I haven't seen you around our casita in some time…"
Lita remembered. It was some sort of family tree, but if she wasn't mistaken, it only got to Alma's triplets, Pepa, Julieta and Bruno. The grandkids were missing.
"I remember."
"I'm glad," Alma sang, "it needs some updates and I always wanted to renew it now that the children are with us."
Lita nodded.
"And I heard so much about your drawings. I thought maybe…"
"I found some!" Nona exclaimed, appearing back in the living room with a great amount of Lita's drawings, which she always left around the house.
Alma seemed very interested as she reached out to grab the papers, looking inquisitively at them.
Lita, who at some point had stopped feeling nervous, was now feeling really curious at the possibility of Alma asking her to paint the new mural.
She thought about it. It would be a great growing opportunity, she would have a lot of space to paint in, but at the same time, it meant talking to her old friends.
When was the last time she had talked to a Madrigal? Yes, three months ago, with señora Pepa.
She hadn't said much, though.
"This one is particularly beautiful," Alma noted, causing Lita to raise her eyes to the drawing on her hands.
It was a few months old, but it was pretty. It had been at the last party that had been celebrated in town and the Madrigals, like always, had lit up the place. She had decided to draw her favourite part of the family.
Pepa and Félix were holding little Antonio in their arms while, behind the toddler, Camilo extended his arms to the side dramatically and beside him, Dolores with her floating over her ankles.
The five of them were dancing surrounded by little specks of light and had only a grey blemish for background.
"You're good models," Lita admitted with rather little shame.
Alma smiled proudly.
"This only certains my decision," the woman chanted, with eyes full of love pouring into the drawing. "Lita, dear, would you like to draw the mural?"
Lita couldn't miss the excited squeak that her Nona emitted, but she only pursed her lips.
In her mind there were only old memories of Camilo and Mirabel playing. Her fingers got tangled in the tiny yellow ribbon on her wrist.
"Yes, I would like that very much." Lita answered and saw as the two women sighed clearly relieved.
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‘Love is an Open Door’ 🌸🧡
ft. Oc Sofia Mendoza!
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Tumblr media
And again the stuff with my character.
Camilo feels sympathy for Teodoro, but is afraid of being rejected, so he decides to take a risky step - pretending to be Isabela. At first everything goes smoothly and they get closer to Vargas, but there is not much romance. Then Camilo begins to show his feelings as vividly as possible. At first, Teo does not understand the hints, but then Ruben tells him directly that Isa * is in love with him (so the spirits whispered). Then the elder brother Vargas goes to Madrigal to clarify the situation. He finds the real Isabella and begins to explain himself frantically: "I'm sorry, I don't want to spoil our relationship, but I don't love you, I like someone else, so let's stay friends." Isa at first does not understand at all that this youngster imagines himself, but remembers how she saw her own double, and realizes what is happening.
Isa: You don't need to explain yourself to me * pulls Camilo with vines * but to him. Or maybe you should say something, Camilo?
* Ruben knew perfectly well (thanks to the spirits) that Isabela was actually Camilo, so he hoped that his brother would run to confess his love for the real Isa, so that he could gloat later
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👑Papa's little princess👑🧡💛✨Camilo and Paulina✨💛🧡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo is very close with his daughter Paulina. When she was a baby, he used to turn into her a lot and play with her. So much so, that some people actually thought Paulina had a twin sister. Their bondings included styling each other's hairs, performing/acting, hoarding food, and pulling a few pranks here and there.
However in terms of seeking good advice (very emotional moments) and help with homeworks, Paulina always turns to her mom.
Camilo is terrified of what Paulina's "rebellious phase" would be like.
Though it appears that her personality is a carbon copy of her father, that's not entirely the case. Alora/Luna also had a mischievous side, especially as a kid. Which is picking locks, escaping, hiding "disappearing", and tracking people down.
(references found on Google)
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Camilo Madrigal | Adorable
Part one : Part two : Part three
Tumblr media
Request : No
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Part 5 maybe?
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo takes you on a town date, before showing you the sunset from Casita's roof
1099 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo tugged you along, his fingers laced tightly with yours. "Where are you taking me Cami?" You whined, but your smile held no grievances. Camilo hushed you still pulling you along. "Wait, wait seriously Cami."
Camilo stopped, turning to make sure he wasn't hurting you, but you spun him back around, pulling yourself on his back. "Ugh! Why?!" Camilo groaned still smiling. Camilo hooked his hands around your legs letting you get comfortable to piggyback ride him.
"I will not be lugged around blindly," You said in defense wrapping your arms around Camilo as he started to walk, surprisingly effortlessly. "Unless you want to tell me, and I'll get off."
"Besides this being the most adorable thing ever," Camilo teased with a joking smile. "It's a surprise Amour."
"Amour?" You asked softly, your face heating up in embarrassment. Camilo stumbled on his words but relaxed when you pressed a kiss into the curls on his head. "You're adorable, pétalo." Now it was Camilo's turn to blush, subconsciously tightening his grip on your legs.
Camilo spent the day dragging you around town, spoiling you with gifts and food. Every time you tried to but Camilo something, he was quick to jump in a get it instead. "Seriously?" You asked in disbelief as Camilo bought yet another trinket for you, this time a small glass chameleon necklace.
"Yes I'm serious, I want to spoil you," Camilo said in genuine happiness. You shook your head, still smiling softly. You and Camilo stepped away from the store, allowing people in and out. "Help me put it on?" Camilo nodded, moving behind you to clap the necklace together. Camilo smiled pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. "Wait I got something for you."
"What? Why? I'm meant to be spoiling you?" Camilo asked watching you dig into the small brown bag of goodies.
"Just take it," you spoke handing Camilo a purple leaf and flower pendant and chain. Camilo smiled taking it out of your hands. "Do you want me to help you put it on?" Camilo nodded spinning around so you clip the necklace together. "We should put your hair in a bun."
"Uh, well talk about it," Camilo said with a teasing smirk. Camilo grabbed your hand again, running his thumb across your knuckles. "One more place, Amour. Then we can go to Casita, you can see the sunset from the roof."
You made the long walk up to Casita, Camilo insisted he get you one final gift, which you reluctantly took (But it was the most adorable tiny chameleon plushie, so it wasn't so reluctantly). Camilo helped you climb to the top of Casita, to sit on Bruno's tower. "Are you sure this is safe?" You asked taking a seat next to Camilo.
"Promise, Casita's got us, just in case," Camilo said confidently, even getting a promising tap from the tiles. You nodded but still scooted closer to Camilo.
"Hey, I have a question," You stated getting Camilo's attention. He hummed as a way to let you keep talking. "Do you still have the painting?"
Camilo nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah, I put it above my bed," Camilo declared with a large smile. "If that isn't weird."
"No no, it's cute," You said reassuring him. Camilo sighed in relief, letting his head relax enough to fall against your shoulder enjoying how warm you were, a comforting difference to the chilled wind. "We should've grabbed a blanket." You thought out loud.
"I can go grab one, ill only be a minute," Camilo offered, looking up at you still rested on your shoulder. You nodded and Camilo stood up, he paused for a second before quickly slipping his ruana off. "For while you wait," Camilo said slipping the yellow poncho over your head. Camilo flashed one last smile before Casita helped him off Bruno's tower.
You hummed in satisfaction snuggling in closer to Camilo's ruana. You stuffed your face in the poncho inhaling Camilo's scent; bakery goods, green tea and sunflowers. "I grabbed some pillows as well," Camilo announced tossing up a couple of pillows, before pulling a thin yellow blanket up with him. You reached over grabbing the pillows, setting them up behind you. Camilo sat next to you throwing the blanket across your laps.
"Oh! Do you want your ruana?" You asked ready to take it off but he stopped you.
"No, you can keep it, I have some spare ones," Camilo said softly. "Plus, you look unbelievably adorable." You smiled bumping your shoulder against his. Camilo chuckled lying back against the pillows, you flopped next to him, lacing your hands together.
"You're pretty," You said suddenly while staring at Camilo's face. You blushed to turn away awkwardly but Camilo pulled you back.
"No! I wanna be pretty!" Camilo complained pulling you against his chest. "I'm Y/N's pretty!" Camilo grinned happily, holding you tight against his chest, pressing quick kisses into your hair.
"Milo!" You complained turning around and knocking your head against Camilo's chest. "You know, I don't think I've gotten a kiss today." Camilo hummed pressing his forehead against yours. "Would you like one?" Camilo asked teasingly.
"Yes please," You smiled. Camilo brought his hand to your cheek, pulling your face up to his, kissing you sweetly. Camilo broke the kiss, his grin making you pull back. "Do you want to be my boyfriend Camilo Madrigal?"
Camilo smiled even wider (if that's even possible), pressing fast kisses all over your face. "Yes, yes, yes," Camilo repeated, lightly squishing your face in his hands. "Oh my god, your adorable." Camilo kissed you again holding your hands tight. Casita tapped the tiles making Camilo sit up, "Not now Casita."
"Y/N," Dolores said peeking her head up. "Hello, I'm sorry but your fathers looking for you." You nodded brushing off your clothes.
"Want me to walk you back?" Camilo asked helping you stand up. You shook your head adjusting the ruana.
"No it's okay, but I'm helping out at the stall tomorrow, if you wanna stop by," You offered as Camilo helped you off the tower.
"Definitely," Camilo said with a nod. Camilo walked you to the doors of Casita pulling you to the side. "Figured Mi Familia wants to meet you before they see me kiss you." Camilo pulled you into a kiss quickly after.
"Ai, your so dramatic," You mumbled before pressing a quick kiss to Camilo's nose. "Bye, Camilo Amor."
"Adiós Mi Vida," Camilo called after you, watching you walk away.
"Mi Vida, huh?" Dolores questioned, a smug look on her face. Camilo scoffed, walking past her and up the stairs.
Tumblr media
Request : Masterlist
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Betrothed to Another Masterlist
Tumblr media
Camilo x engaged!Reader
No Smut, because Camilo is in the movie a minor. Even if he is older in this Story!
Request by 2 lovely anons. ❤
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Finished 09.06 2022
Taglist: @cralaaa @tigreost @emberlei @0zero0-0 @solarbxby @dearestjules @chloewayne13 @astreankitsune @bluebreadenthusiast @paint-bucqets @seggsyswagger @marauderssub @mayusenpai666 @sukunas-left-nut-sack @rosiefaerrie @sleepyb3ars @yoursimpingfan
@sssummer20 @kijjthr @moradromeda @simpsilky @hiroyuki27 @0ctobersharks
Just tell me, if I should tagg you, so you didn't miss a new part or upcoming Camilo Writings.
If there are Problems of taggin you, i will set you at the list anyways and send it as message! :)
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𝐡𝐚𝐳𝐞𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐣𝐚𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞 | 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
p : camilo × fem!reader | g : fluff, humor, bsf2l!au | w : none
a/n : camilo brainrot that's it leave me alone 😡 also tagging simp @radiorenjun lol
Tumblr media
"so, y/n, what do you think if we get out of here and...y'know, leave the party for a little while, just you and me?"
"damn, Camilo, I thought you'd never as— UGH! god, no, no, no."
camilo madrigal, professional shape-shifter and (self proclaimed) comedy genius, paced around the room, shifting between his original appearance and your own, mimicking your voice along as he planned his confession to you for the 19th time that day.
He just couldn't place his finger on what emotion your vivid features would shape to represent when he did confess, and it was no doubt that every grandkid in the house knew what he was planning.
camilo bit his tongue and glanced towards the clock, where he eyed your favorite white jasmine flowers that he (or maybe isabella) had grown for you.
if he had the courage, he would have confessed two months ago, when he started to truly fall for you and your unmatched colors. Although he could appear exactly like you, with your soft hair and with your delicate features, there was no way he could imitate the warmth behind your eyes, or the grace that your smile held, or the gentle aura that radiated off you that caused him to slur his speech and forget what he even looked like.
he groaned, rubbing his face with a stupid smile on his face. He could almost hear casita's tiles and door hinges sigh with disappointment.
"what?" he looked at the window panels, shrugging, "never seen a smitten guy before?"
casita clicked it's tiles.
"oh yeah, go confess to her then!"
the windows made a slick, shuddering noise. Camilo gasped dramatically.
"I do have game! You see those flowers? I knew her favorite flowers! How dare you!"
The door made a creaking noise.
"Dolores did not tell me that!"
the tiles shuffled and shifted on the floor, causing camilo to lose his balance and fall flat on his behind. "Ow! Okay, okay, casita, fine! She did tell me, what about it?"
casita exhaled in triumph. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and camilo stood to his feet, fixing his hair, when you poked your head in, your hair braided with blossoming jasmine. You smiled at the sight of him, opening the door a bit more to reveal your slightly embroidered dress.
"dolores said you'd be in here," you skipped over to him with a present in your hand, "I got you a little something, camilo."
ah, shoot, did she hear me? he thought to himself. Isabella must've invited you hours before the party were to start, now that you were finally back home.
the fresh perfume of the jasmine in your hair took roughly two seconds to fill the room. Your warm fingers grazed ever so slightly against his as you handed him his present, the glittery hue from your strawberry gloss illuminated your smile.
shoot, he was down bad.
"camilo?" you asked, waving a hand in front of his eyes, "are you okay?"
"yeah...yeah!" he pushed the present on his bed, "y'know, you didn't have to, y/n."
"I wanted to, I mean, dolores' big party!" you said with a smile, "congrats for her engagement!"
he scratched the back of his neck nervously and grabbed your hands gently, walking towards the door while trying to hide his burning cheeks, "sheesh! It's hot in here, isn't it, y/n? let's get out of here!"
you laughed as he dragged you out, the door automatically shutting behind you with a soft click, "but camilo, it's november!"
"and?" he narrowed his eyes to you, hands on his hips, "are you questioning me right now?"
"what if I am?" you asked, the corner of your mouth tugging into a little smile, "did I offend the mighty camilo madrigal?"
"terribly, terribly!"
"good," you dusted your skirt and walked down the stairs to where Isabella was decorating with fresh flowers, while camilo followed you behind, protesting.
"you can't just walk away from me!"
"I just...did."
"but you can't! it's forbidden!"
"gosh, get over it, you big baby!"
"what did you call me?"
Isabella interrupted the both of you with a little cough, raising an eyebrow at camilo, to which he shot back a piercing stare, much to your confusion.
"stroll with me, y/n," she said with a small smile, slipping her fingers in your own, and stealing you away. "sure."
you glanced back at camilo, who was staring at the sky and balling his fist, as if he was saying, "curse you, universe!!" you only laughed at the sight and shook your head, looking back at Isabella.
"been a while, y/n" she gave you a smile, patting your arm, "where were you?"
"duty calls," you laughed, "talk about art school."
"camilo won't leave by your side, now," she rolled her eyes as she picked out a speck of dust from your hair, "you know, you're all that's on his mind."
"you exaggerate too much," you clicked your tongue.
"no, it's true," she said. What's with that sly grin if hers? "He probably hates me for taking you away."
you looked behind her to see camilo stepping on the same flowers that were laced into Isabella's hair, ripping them to shreds. You blinked at her.
"what did I say?"
"funny, you two," you grinned, crossing your hands, "what are you up to, huh?"
"you'll know, y/n," she said, pushing you towards camilo, "you'll know."
"hey, what are you doing?"
"I gotta go, uh, grow some flowers, see you!"
isabella scuttled away, leaving you alone in the room. Camilo kicked the crushed flower behind a pillar, hands on his hips, "you didn't see anything."
the evening strolled on, and the little party finally started. you found yourself spending most time with camilo, dancing and skipping behind giant vases and hiding away from the crowd as he disguised as Antonio, getting a stash of treats from the kitchen.
It was like time went by too fast when you were with him, like it didn't make sense how hours were passing by like minutes. it didn't make sense how you'd just focus on him for a second, feel yourself in the moment, only to glance at the clock and notice that another thirty minutes had gone by. It didn't make sense how the crowd was blurring around the two of you, and the sounds were fading into the distances as your giggles echoed in the hallways, and it certainly didn't make sense why you felt your heart beat so fast as you looked at his cheeky smile and his hazel eyes, glittering at you.
"thanks," he sighed, when the party had finally ended. you two were sitting on the rooftop, gazing at the stars and eating a bunch of sweets that you two had stolen earlier. You turned your head, wiping the powdered sugar off your cheeks, "for what?"
he looked at you, tilting his head. a strand of your hair had come loose, falling over your face. he bent closer, tucking it behind your ear, "for spending time with me tonight."
"oh, come on," you laughed, hitting him on the arm, "whats that you gotta thank me for?"
he shrugged, looking down at you.
the time was literally perfect, there wasn't a soul in sight, the night was calm and still, and you looked as pretty as you could ever, even if your hair were messed up and even if your make up had faded. The stars shot their glow onto your features, so carefully sculpted like you were some sort of fragile, glass statue.
so, why was he still afraid of confessing to you?
"camilo, are you okay?" you asked inching a bit closer, "is there something on your mind?"
"oh, no, uh," he looked away, fingers playing with his curls, "it's nothing."
just as he was about to muster up the courage to say the three words, you interrupted him with a sigh.
"well, it's getting late, y'know," you cleared your throat, "it's almost past midnight, I have a busy day tomorrow."
"oh." damn, camilo, you seriously blew it tonight.
"I'll see you tomorrow, then?" you asked with a smile, dusting your fingers. Camilo only responded half-mindedly, as if he was thinking about something else.
"yeah... tomorrow."
"oh, and yeah," you bent closer and grabbed his collar, giving him a kiss on his cheek, "thanks again for tonight."
camilo blinked, mouth hanging open in shock as you slid down and made your way into the house. The wind was cool, and it was literally November, but that didn't matter because the heat was rising up his cheeks rapidly, his heart beating in a frenzy. He slowly lifted up his fingers and touched his cheek, as if he was in some sort of trance.
"she kissed me..."
then, the realization struck, and the adrenaline pumped through his veins.
last he remembered that night was shape shifting uncontrollably at an incredibly fast speed, recalling the time he spent with you, and his favorite, your kiss, as your image burned permanently to his mind.
“just friends” don't exchange kisses.
Tumblr media
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rosestar722 · 10 months
The Day I met you [Camilo Madrigal x reader] Part 2
Hi dearies! If you didn't read Part 1, I suggest you go read it because a big part of the story is based on Part 1.
Chapters: Part 1, Part 3, Part 4
Topic: Camilo Madrigal x reader
Warnings: Camilo's eyes being opened, Camilo finally meeting Y/N
Notes: This part is where Camilio finally meets Y/N when he realises that Emilia's a bitch. This takes place after the movie, a year or two. Stay tuned for Part 2!
Prologue: A month after the dinner, Emilia and Camilo are officially together, much to their parents' delight.
They were happy together, and frankly, everyone thought that this pairing was made to be.
Come think of it. A Madrigal and a Vanće.
The pefecto match, even better than Dolores and Mariano.
Too bad fate didn't think so.
After 6 months of seeing each other, Camilo started to notice something.
Some changes.
Emilia had started to change.
Instead of being as nice and polite to him, she now treats him like someone lower than her.
He no longer felt close to her, only taking her as something that's appeared in his life.
The kisses were empty, and every minute they spent together was thinking about something else.
Their relationship no longer had any warmth.
A fire that was being extinguished, bit by bit with each passing minute.
No matter how much he told himself it was still the Emilia that he knew, a small voice always told him something else.
That the Emilia he was now facing wasn't the Emilia he once knew.
She was already someone else.
'Maybe it got to her head? Or is it that I mistook her for something else?' He would think when he was alone.
He couldn't bring himself to tell his mama y papa. They were so happy with him and Emilia being together, he didn't want to ruin it.
But he knew that this empty relationship couldn't last forever like this.
One way or another, he would break.
Fall under the pressure that fate has bestowed upon him.
He wasn't Luisa. Or Mirabel. Or Isabela.
He couldn't handle the pressure.
"Camilo?" Emilia called, temporarily stopping his train of thought.
Mustering the best smile he could give, he replied,
"I need to go to the L/N's panadería to get some sweets for Ezperanza's wedding next week, can you help me get them?"
"Sure." He shrugged. He was already used to Emilia sending him on errands.
Before leaving her house, he stopped.
"You haven't yet told me what to buy," Camilo said.
"Seriously? Didn't I tell you?" Emilia says with a roll of her eyes.
"You didn't." He says firmly.
Rolling her eyes once more, she handed him a piece of paper.
"Here. It's a list of the stuff we need to buy."
Wordlessly, he turned around and walked out the door out to the bustling streets, leaving Emilia with a confused look behind her.
'He's been acting strange lately. Does he know about it?' Emilia thought.
'Whatever. He's not smart enough to find out.' Brushing it off, she turned on her heel and sauntered back into her room.
If she had known that this errand was going to tear their relationship apart, she would have done it herself.
But what is done is done, and can never be undone.
Camilo walked down the streets of Encanto, looking for the bakery that Emilia said.
It was a well-known shop across Encanto, but he's never been there before, so finding it will take some time.
Looking down at the list that Emilia gave him, Camilo wandered around the streets.
'A paper bag? What does she need that for?' Camilo wondered.
Still looking at the small piece of paper, Camilo didn't see the girl in front of him, and only realised when he had crashed into her.
She dropped everything she was holding, some of the boxes tumbling helplessly on the road.
"Dios mios, I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, bending down to pick her stuff up.
"No, I should be the one that's sorry. I bumped into you after all." Camilo apologised profusely, helping her pick her stuff up.
She couldn't help but raise her eyebrows a bit.
"Your family is really one of a kind, aren't they?" She said with a small smile.
"Aren't we all the same?" Camilo asked, confused by her remark.
"You are truly one of a kind." She remarked. "Thank you for your help."
Turning around, the mysterious girl started to walk away, back to the ocean of people.
"Wait!" Camilo reached out to grab her wrist, refraining her from walking away.
"My name's-" He started to say but was cut off.
"Camilo Madrigal. Everyone knows." She said with a glint in her eye, tugging her hand from his grasp.
"If you know my name, shouldn't I know yours too?" He asked, still not letting go of her hand.
"Why do you want to know?" She asked, confused. 'Why would a Madrigal want to know my name?'
"Because why not?"
"And what if I don't want to tell you?"
"I'll find out then." He promised.
She kept her posture and a small smile, pretending not to be affected by him, but on the inside, her smile could light up an entire city.
"Please?" He begged, giving her the puppy-dog eyes.
She thought for a bit.
"Y/N. Y/N L/N." She said, pulling her wrist from his grasp and turning back to the ocean of life.
Camilo watched her disappear amongst the crowd, suddenly overcome with a feeling he hadn't felt in months.
YAHOO! I FINALLY GOT THIS DONE! [Ok, that was me on hype]
Anyways, how was it? Like I said before if you notice any problems contact me right away and I'll fix it up. Love you all!
Word Count (Only for story): 801 words
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