#agustín's such a sweetheart
Félix: Go over there and tell Julieta you think she's cute! What's the worse thing that could happen?
Agustín: She could hear me.
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ringringimdeadhere · 11 months ago
No but like, if they ever make the Encanto series they really need to explore more about Camilo and his own issues, very heavily (they need to compensate the lack of his character in the movie alright I dont make the rules)
And I think the best way to do it is by having him go through the transition of the new family dynamic after the movie and not knowing how to deal with it. (Yes the shapeshifter has trouble adapting to new stuff fight me)
He was always the smooth, relaxed, rebelious funny guy of the family Madrigal, and knew exactly how to imitate and copy everyone around him. He was the perfect chameleon ready to lighten the mood.
But now, everyone's personalities have shifted a lot, and he doesn’t know how to mimic them like before.
Luisa now relaxes a lot more, even goes to play and talk with the children of the village and making friends her age too. Isabela is now the rebellious of the family and goes around no longer as a model of perfection, but just as an adventurer ready to learn what many other plants could she create.
Dolores no longer feels pressured to be the one listening to all of the people's troubles and struggles, she can now focus on herself and on her new relationship with Mariano; she doesn’t really pays attention and just talks really smoothly and passionate with her amorcito. Mirabel went from outcast to towns favorite really quick, teaching them how to fix dresses and ruanas, how to make plushies and so on, she is now the beacon of the fun times for everyone.
Julieta and Pepa are more vocal now about their own emotions. Julieta now leaves the cooking to Agustín and then she adds the magical touch. Pepa's storms are actually manageable since she doesn’t bottle up her emotions anymore (Felix couldn't be more delighted about his love's new freedom).
Tío Bruno went from mysterious and terrifing to actual sweetheart, and its a whole new person Camilo hasn't seen enough about to actually know him.
He isn't the true copycat of anyone. everyone changed so quickly that everything he learned about their mannerisms and personalities doesn’t matter anymore.
Neither he is the most relaxed, the most rebellious, the smoothest or the funniest of the family Madrigal.
What exactly is he now?
Has he spend so much time learning about others interests and clicks, that he totally forgot to find his own unique self?
(If anyone has a fanfic about this or wants to write it Im begging send it straight to me so I can get some of that fan content por favor)
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dollmoth-productions · 10 months ago
Yan encanto family with villain (cuz why not? Or normal if dont write villain reader) reader whos a power like naagin (a person who can shape shifting into a snake)
I could not find any good GIF so I hope this is good
Tumblr media
The darling is more mischievous than evil
💙 Isabella is very showy for you she especially loves it whenever you do turn into a snake she purposely likes to put you in the sun on one of her many plants so you will heat up she thinks it's absolutely adorable when you are completely healed up you normally try to leave her room and she usually just try to stop you by putting a Vine around your leg sometimes even with thorns
💙 Maribel does get tired of your shenanigans because of your constant pranks or lack thereof which means you're planning but she truly does love you even though sometimes it becomes too much when her jealousy does show
💙Julieta and agustín are more of the sickly sweet pipeline she will make you food and maybe when you're even in your steak from catching mice for you even though you don't really eat sometimes the food is even poison so you are too sick to take care of yourself. Agustín is accident-prone as you see but that doesn't change the fact that he cares about you he's a lot like his wife in some ways maybe less obsessive so he commonly just plays the piano for you even if you're crying after a punishment or chained up by Casita
💙Luisa very strong but very dangerous it's coming for you even if you try to leave the 
Casita tries to force you to stay here but if you ever follow the rules and play nice 
she's an absolute sweetheart a darling even but it doesn't help because she's the strongest she's often the one that has to bring you home even if you try to Slither away she holds you down by the neck or where she believes your neck is
❤ Abuela it's probably the most tame but also the most dangerous to make angry she is a lot more less stressful on you than the others but that comes with more helicopter parenting if you ever are close to window she's always three feet away if you ever try to get out of the Casita she's always two inches away she's the most dangerous to make angry because she will make sure you get punished
💛Pepa  and Felix the helicopter parenting was Abuela then they are complete watch dogs always watching you always checking up on you always making sure you're okay and that would be nice but wasn't every 5 minutes it comes to the point where you sometimes even hide but they normally know where you are they think it's absolutely adorable that you can transform into this think even more when he tried to bite them normally that leads to Pepa thundering through even though Felix is more laid-back here does have his limits his limits come whenever you try to escape and he doesn't the Show punishment but he does give you a firm talking to where he threatens to break your legs
💛 Dolores the person who can hear everything is possibly the only chance that you'll ever be to normalcy you were never able to truly Escape her she can hear you slithering away she can hear you whenever you stub your toe and you swear and beneath your breath and you expect the girl who knows everything about everyone to actually help you because they might understand you but nope you have to stay here it's scary.
💛 Camilo the light-hearted jokester you have lost all hope of anyone ever letting you escape which also lead you to be kind of depressed and sad so Camilla was there to always cheer you up which was usually than my mocking the victims that they've usually got done rid of he loves it whenever you turn to snake whenever you're scared because it really depends on your mood what type of breed you are she does miss your shenanigans with him whenever you would prank people with him but it's safer for you to stay here and not do anything too dangerous
💛 Antonio he's the less of your worries he doesn't even understand his feelings on the matter he understands you whenever you turn into a snake so that's good or he even lets you pet his pet Jaguar so you would feel better watch me yet again he doesn't really allow you to escape but you can easily overpower him because of how young he is but you would never hurt him if you were given the chance he's the lesser of two evils
💚 Bruno is definitely more of a danger for you he will start doing his Visions again especially when he's accepted back in the family so he can see if you would ever escape so he can plan it out normally the family gives you to him whenever they have to do their normal chores so it's definitely an uphill battle with you and him his hugs are so crushing and tight that you commonly can't even escape and you even fall asleep in them they're not even comforting anymore they're more dangerous especially after you tried to escape multiple times he hate it whenever you turn into a snake he's scared that you might hurt his rats so he often punishes you so you won't really turn into a snake as much otherwise he's completely calm
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ginnyweatherby · 5 months ago
Thinking a lot about the "Chores" scene today and how badly I wish it was kept. There's just so many good parts to it.
Mirabel in her adorable little overalls. I might draw her wearing these:
Tumblr media
Agustín calling her "sweetheart" as he comforts her:
Tumblr media
Félix and Agustín's little butt wiggle as they make the beds:
Tumblr media
Mirabel dusting Félix's face with the feather duster because he scares her:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Félix: we can go anywhere! Dolores' room, Antonio's room, Abuela's room...
Agustín: not Abuela's room.
Félix: nooooot Abuela's room!
Tumblr media
Félix calling Pepa "mami":
Tumblr media
Agustín playing guitar:
Tumblr media
and making these faces at Félix:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
not to mention all the Oscar/Bruno backstory and the heartbreaking "I wish I was dead" reveal.
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hourglass-dreams · 3 months ago
Rating the Madrigal simps on how much they scare me.
Alma simps: 10/10 first off, I don't think you exist but also, it feels like you're crushing on your own grandmother and it's... I'm just gonna leave it there.
Julieta simps: 1/10 you guys are adorable. That's it
Pepa simps: 7/10 unproblematic and wholesome but I feel like you would beat the shit out of someone
Bruno simps: 6/10. I fall into this category XD but some of you guys take it to the next level. Either we're a bunch of whump lovers or horny freaks.
Isabela simps: 7/10 I also fall into this category💖 you guys are fucking awesome and badass but you can be so mean at the same time.
Dolores simps: 2/10. Your queen is always being villanized for no damn reason and I'm tired of it too. You guys are so damn sweet, you mind your business.
Luisa simps: 2/10 I haven't seen any one of you cause problems and I love that about you. Besides some of you making Luisa a walking stereotype, the majority of you are chill. 💖
Camilo simps: 9/10. Unless you are a minor I do not want to see you sexulaizing this 15 year old or I and a lot of other people will break your knee caps. You guys will literally rip someone apart if they say anything against Camilo and there's a lot of you.
Mirabel simps: 2/10. again. If you're not a minor, I will come for you. Besides the gross ass shipping some of you do (this goes for all of the characters) you guys are so chill and unproblematic. I don't see a lot of you but when I do, it's always someone being a sweetheart and I love that 💖
Agustín and or Félix: 1/10 you guys are just here for a good time, nothing wrong with that. You don't cause harm.
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zafirosreverie · 9 months ago
Por amor al arte (Julieta x Fem!Reader) part 13
Tumblr media
part1 < > next
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You took a deep breath as you walked carefully through the cemetery, carrying a bouquet of daisies. You were always filled with a strange peace when you came here as if the souls of the departed were greeting you on the way to the cold cradle of your child.
You weren't always alone, there were often a few other people visiting their dead. You just didn't expect to see her. You didn't know if you should interfere, not wanting to interrupt her moment with Agustín, but from the way her hands dug into the dirt and the heartbreaking movement of her shoulders as she cried, you knew you should at least let her know you were there, just in case she needed something.
"Luisa?" you said, approaching slowly.
The young woman froze for a moment before turning her head slightly to look at you out of the corner of her eye. You could see how she was trying to wipe her tears away, but her hands were dirty and she only managed to stain her face. You tried not to wince too much at the frustrated moan she let out.
"Here" you told her, offering her a handkerchief
“T-thank you”
You nodded and squeezed her shoulder lightly before taking one of the daisies and threading it through her braid.
"I'll be over there if you need anything, sweetheart" you smiled at her and walked away.
Luisa sipped a little and followed you with her eyes. She was confused. She didn't use to come to visit her father's grave because she didn't want anyone to see her like that. It was true that there weren't many people who took advantage of her gift anymore, but that didn't mean that her image of a strong woman who endured everything had dissipated. Even when she accompanied her sisters or her mother, she would always remain silent, holding back her tears.
The first (and only) time she had come alone to cry, a few people had come up to her. Some looked at her with pity and others as if she was being dramatic. She hated that they made her feel bad about missing her father as if she should be over it by now. That's why she hadn't come back until that moment when she couldn't stand the sadness anymore.
She had been thankful that the place was half empty and she didn't think much of it as she fell to her knees and let her tears flow freely. But she didn't expect you to find her. Since that conversation with Dolores about her mother's new feelings for you, Luisa had run away from you a bit. It wasn't that she didn't like you or anything like that, it was just that it was difficult for her to fight with so many feelings inside her.
On the one hand, she wanted mom to be happy, she wanted her to smile again like she used to. But it was too painful to think of someone else hugging and kissing her that wasn't her father. She forced herself to remember Isabela's words: “just because she loves someone else doesn't mean she’s going to replace dad” she had said “her heart is big enough to love us all” her sister had promised.
And she didn't doubt it, but her real concern was something else: if they managed to get you together...would you love them as Agustín had? You were a wonderful mother to Eliza and you got along very well with Isabela, but what about Mirabel and her? Would you love them too? She was afraid to think that the answer was no.
And yet, here you were, offering her the chance to come to you if she needed anything, but without pressuring her. You had not seen her with pity or annoyance, but with understanding and compassion. You had even given her one of the flowers that she now saw were for your son. And you offered her the option to approach you if she wanted to.
Luisa didn't know when her mind made the decision, but she stood up and slowly walked towards you. She didn't know if you had really meant it or if you were just being nice, but looking at her father's grave had suddenly become more difficult and she realized that she didn't want to be alone.
You blinked as a figure approached you and were surprised to see Luisa standing a few feet away, fiddling with her fingers as she stared at the ground. She looked like a little girl who didn't know how to ask her mother for something and you couldn't help but smile at her.
"Hello" she said awkwardly, "c-can I…can I sit with you?"
She looked almost cute with the way her cheeks flushed and looked away as if waiting for you to reject her. Sweet girl.
"Of course" you told her
Luisa looked at you in surprise, but she moved closer to you anyway and sat up when you patted the ground next to you. She didn't miss the fact that you never stopped smiling at her. It wasn't a fake smile as if you didn't really want her there but you were being polite, but it was really a warm smile that invited her to find comfort in you. It reminded her so much of her mother's smile.
You two were silent for a while until you gently took the girl's trembling hand. You knew that she might be feeling a bit uncomfortable, but you would at least try to calm her down a bit. You knew how much it hurt to be alone here.
"How do you do it?" she asked you, at last, subconsciously squeezing your hand a little
"What thing?" you asked, stroking her knuckles with your thumb.
"...come here" she whispered "I...I've seen you come here often...sometimes with mom...how do you make it not hurt so much?"
"It always hurts" you admitted
Luisa finally looked at you, her brows furrowed in confusion. You just smiled at her again and moved a little closer to her, thankful that she didn't back away. The difference in height was almost comical, but she was still a lost child.
"It always hurts to come here" you repeated "...but it would hurt more not to"
She looked at your son's grave for a moment. She just couldn't understand how you could take so much pain, how you could look at that little mound of dirt and not cry. Maybe it was because you were older, maybe because you were a mother…maybe you were just stronger and braver than she would ever be. And for some reason, that made her want to cry again.
"I'm a failure, right?" she whispered. She had no intention of saying it out loud, but she did and you heard it.
"What?" you frowned “Of course not. What makes you think that?"
You were more than ready to go kick some ass if you had to. You knew a lot of people had said horrible things about her when she had no powers, and even now, people would sometimes complain that she wouldn't do as much for them as she used to (seriously, why the hell did they have donkeys if they didn't know how to keep them in their damn stables?!). If someone said something to make her think she was a failure, you were going to break bones and tell Julieta so she wouldn't heal them.
"You come here so often" she told you "...you lost a son and yet you can come almost daily without crying...I couldn't even stay by my father's grave for more than a few minutes without feeling suffocated"
She didn't want to cry anymore in front of you, she really didn't! But then you stood up so you could wrap your arms around her and it took her by surprise. When someone hugged her, they would usually pull her down, almost never trying to move to get on HER level. Only her parents had. And the way your hand undid her bun to free her hair and run your hand over her scalp, finished breaking her reservations.
You were surprised when she buried her face in your stomach and squeezed you tighter, but you managed to keep your balance and let her cry freely on you. It also didn't go unnoticed by you that playing with her hair seemed to help her calm down a bit. Like mother like daughter, huh?
“You shouldn't compare your pain with others’ ” you said softly “Maybe I lost a son, but you said goodbye to your father and neither loss is worse than the other. It's not selfish to feel pain just because you think others have it worse."
"But I'm supposed to be the strong one, I'm supposed to take more"
“No one has the right to ask you to endure more than you can, Luisa” you scolded her softly “No one can tell you how much or how long you can cry. And that doesn't make you any less strong. You are braver than you think."
The girl sobbed more and she squeezed you a little harder, maybe a little too much. It was a bit painful, but you didn't complain. Besides, she seemed to remember that she had her powers back and she loosened her grip on you after a few seconds.
"It doesn't feel like that." She shook her head.
“Mi vida, the bravest and strongest act you can do is to let yourself feel” you whispered into her hair, holding her tightly against you “It takes a lot of strength to get back where you know you'll hurt. And lots of love"
"What do you mean?"
"Why do you think the pantheon is almost always empty?" you asked “Precisely because it hurts. It hurts to have to deal with feelings, pain, sadness. It hurts to remember. It hurts so much more when the love is still there. And not everyone has the courage to face it... but you do. You did it, you are here because the love for your father is stronger than the pain.”
Luisa seemed to process your words as you continued stroking her hair. She had never seen it that way, she thought that crying for him after so many months was something that made her weak. But you made her feel that that wasn't the case, that it was okay and not stupid and for her own good, she was willing to believe you.
You could feel the moment that she really understood your words when her shoulders stopped shaking so much and her breathing began to regulate. She didn't pull away from you right away, but you were fine with that, you just continued to gently scratch the back of her neck, giving her the time she needed to feel a little bit better. 
“...you know” you began tentatively “a while ago I composed a song for Daniel…on behalf of the twins but…he doesn't deserve it. It's yours if you want it."
The girl in your arms thought about it for a moment. She didn't understand why would you give her something so personal, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't curious. So she lightly nodded, still not letting go of you.
"Today I have to tell you dad, that time will not change anything, we will always be together" you began to sing softly "Today I have to tell you dad, I love you, more than anyone, and when I'm by your side all the fear is gone"
Luisa gasped silently. How was it possible that without knowing you before the accident, you could describe so perfectly what she felt for her father? What kind of magic did you have?
“I'm going to grow to your great size” you continued, making her laugh lightly as you ruffled her hair in a soft tease. “And the world I'll see as you do. I will understand you much more and better, and in life I will win”
She finally pulled away from you when you finished singing. She was grateful that you shared something so cute with her and she couldn't help but smile when she realized that the memories of her father weren't so painful anymore.
"You're right" she told you "Daniel didn't deserve it"
You laughed and wiped her cheeks with your thumbs, not caring that your shirt was soaked with her tears. In a merely instinctive act of motherhood, you leaned down to place a soft kiss on her forehead. To Luisa's surprise, it actually comforted her, it felt like a true kiss of motherly love and she knew in that instant that her fears about you were unfounded.
"...can you walk me to daddy's grave?" she asked nervously
"Of course" she answered almost immediately, offering her a hand.
Luisa was surprised, but she quickly stood up and took your hand, letting you guide her to Agustín's grave. When you didn't let her go or show any signs of leaving her alone, she knew that yes, if the plan worked and her mother was going to love someone else, she was more than happy it was you, because it was obvious that you would love her and her sisters and she couldn't ask for more from life.
Julieta tag: @emril-osvigne @smolgayhooman
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carlosfruitsnacks · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
very slow when it comes to understanding how to play
will always ask questions midway during a round
"you are saying that I can place a card with a different color as long as it's the same number?"
gets mad when you place block & skip on her
always forgets to say "uno!" whenever she's down to her last card lmao
you have a huge chance of winning against her
Tumblr media
understands the game quickly and is the best
is terrifyingly calm, unpredictable, and strategic
she plays for fun <333
"let's play again sometime ^-^"
your chance of winning against this woman is low asf
Tumblr media
predictable because of the weather (a rainbow forms when she gets good cards, a thunder cloud when it's bad)
forms a motherfucking hurricane when you drop a +2 or +4 on her
sometimes forgets to say "uno!" when down to her last card. gets mad and thunder roars
a raincloud forms above when she loses, it will get sunny when she wins (she'll jump around and scream in joy too)
average player, your chance of winning depends
Tumblr media
slow at first but is very fun to play with!
sometimes tries to cheat when he's got no choice lmfao
"Ey, wdym I can't drop a different card?"
is indestructible when has power cards
your chance of winning is average
Tumblr media
understands the game but kinda sucks at it lol
clumsily holds his cards, you can literally see his whole deck lmao
a pretty chill and fun player ngl
"hey let's play one more round :)"
your chance of winning is high
Tumblr media
poor baby loses like 10846 times the first time, take it easy he's still adjusting
it turns into a 180 once he gets his head on the game
"it's your turn [Name] >:)"
definitely taunts you bc it's part of his strategy to get you annoyed so you drop the wrong cards
if left will no choice, he'll use his future vision to predict what card you are about to drop next
will apologize when he beats you like the sweetheart that he is
your chance of winning is prolly around 0000000.1% lol
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becstuffs · 3 months ago
Using the Encanto characters, Tag your Mutuals/Tumblr Blogs that remind you of each of the Madrigals (E.G. *insert Tumblr Blog here* reminds me of Mirabel for their positivity and cheerfulness, ETC)
unexpected question, but i love it anon.
before i start: mutuals that i didnt add, feel free to send me an ask asking what character you remind me of because i couldn't squeeze everyone in and i would love to do it for all of you :)
@lunamadrigal is julieta madrigal, because they're genuinely amazing and the MOM of this entire fandom hehe
@tttoluca and @glitternightingale are both mirabel because they're absolute sweethearts, and are like... the perfect sprinkle of every emotion in the world
@rats0ut they're the strong one. they're not nervous. definitely LUISA MADRIGAL. so supportive, so good, and heck they're more of luisa post-movie because they bETTER BE TAKING BREAKS
@omgcheez bruno. have you seen this man? he's literally bruno. looks and personality wise
@lizzywrites1 post-movie isabela, so badass so cool, genuinely amazing :)
@encantoartdump bestie over here, is antonio, because they're an absolute cutie who's always thinking of others <3333
@julietashealing-child COFFEE KID. PUMPED JUANCHO!!!! They're always hitting us with those awesome short-fics through their anons, definitely pumping all of us up in the process
@delisae is camilo madrigal, so cute, and they're very expressive in a good way <3
@9fe2bf abuela alma. ur old. JK !!! since i have your discord i can see you are stern and serious when you have to be, but also a very loving person on the inside <3
@h-theartist dolores!!!!! you are the best matchmaker in EXISTENCE and i feel like dolores is a good matchmaker :)
@itscosmicnerd agustín madrigal <3 so supportive of your mutuals, and other people's art, and in the same time you have amazing art. my senses say.... i heard you trip over yourself /lh
@caramella116 pepa!!!!! your emotions are very fricking strong, and you give me cool person with a short temper that you can control vibes :)
@azucareraart idk how you'll feel about this character... but mariano. in my opinion, you are just the coolest person ever with a heart of gold :) you love. thats it. you love everyone except a%%holes (you would kill for dolores) 
@immabethehero and @mmollymercury both of you. ur félix. for sure. you're so sweet, and your support for everyone is equal in a way that makes everyone feel loved if you get it? *holds you both* you two for sure can protect yourselves, yet everyone wants to protect you and hold you close.
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encanto17 · 11 months ago
What about headcannons of how the Madrigals would deal/help with the power of granting wishes at a price, not out of greed but as requirement for the power to work, like a eschange of gifts.
Oh, I love this idea!
Some HCs/fanfic inspo about how the Madrigals use their gifts in the town after the movie
Mirabel, being the one "without a gift" (but arguably having the most common sense) is kind of a go-between for the people who want favors and the Madrigal family
The one big rule is that no one can ask Bruno for visions. Nope, none at all. Not only do people often not like what they hold then get upset about it, but it's really hard for him
Antonio, being the absolute sweetheart that he is, doesn't ask for anything. However, if someone talks bad about his family or animals- or if they break the one big rule- he no longer will offer translations
He also helps do Luisa's prior role sometimes- he rounds up animals with just a few words
Luisa and Camilo have become partners in entertaining the kiddos of the town. Neither of them really like to use their gifts to help the adults of the village- especially Camilo- but they love working with the little ones
Luisa kinda functions as like a jungle gym- kiddos like to hop on her back for rides around town
Even though she prefers to work with kids, she does still help the adults around the town too, under the condition that they don't pressure or rush her too much
Camilo has become a bit of an entertainer as well. He shapes into absolutely anyone and everyone- except "Scary Bruno"
On the other hand, Isabela would much rather be with the adults than the kids, especially the older adults. She likes to make them flower gardens, sure, but her favorite thing to grow now are bonsai
She no longer does any sort of decorating for people, except for those that she's close too. Her gardens and bonsai are more like presents for the elderly of the village
Dolores has decided that her gift causes a bit too much drama to be using it freely. She doesn't really "require" anything in exchange for her services, but it has to be of good intentions
However, she does like to sometimes listen to some tea, but she keeps it to herself- and her family
Julieta gives out food a few times a week, so that she could have some breaks
However, in a dire emergency, she'd still, of course, make something
For Pepa, she's never really used her gift for others, but the climate has gotten a lot better since they changed their way of doing things. She is a lot happier, so therefore the weather is better
Félix and Agustín like to help their family out as much as possible, though it doesn't always go so well
Alma is learning to accept her family's gifts as well
The other major rule is that the family comes first. They take care of their family before they take care of the village. The village is now ok with it, even though they weren't always
They do work to use their gifts to take care of the family, but still the rule about Bruno applies
They are all learning to like their gifts as they are, and not need validation from others
I hope that was what you were looking for! thank you for requesting!
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gamerbearmira · a month ago
A whimpering sound woke Agustin up. How long have they been asleep for? He'll figure that out later, was someone upset?
He fumbled to grab his glasses on the bed. Once he finally found them, he turned to look at Antonio. The young boy seemed to have fallen off his lap and was spread out over Mira's bed. He was covered in the many stuffed animals he brought in here. He was still lightly snoring.
After making sure Antonio wasn't in any distress, Agustin looked sadly to his other side. He knew what's happening.
Mirabel's head was buried in his shoulder with what felt like wet spots forming on his shirt. Her hand was untangled from her blankets and was digging into his vest.
Another nightmare. She's been having them constantly ever since she got sick. Sure nightmares aren't uncommon, but the ones she having have never been seen before. She can't even talk about them without panicking there that bad.
Agustin quickly picked up his daughter and placed her in his lap. He started rubbing her back and quietly hummed a tune he heard Julieta sing to all their children. It always seemed to calm them down.
"Tio?" Agustin looked over to see the young boy rub his face sleepily. His eyes widened as he looked at Mirabel. "Is she ok? Is she having bad dreams again?"
Agustin nodded slowly, continuing to hum. Antonio put his hand on Mira's arm and rubbed it, trying to match what his Tio was doing.
Mira pushed her head deeper into her father's chest, her crying was getting louder.
"Mirabel cariño, it's alright. You're safe. Wake up." Agustín spoke just loud enough for both of them to hear.
Mirabel's grip loosened slowly. She picked her head up slightly to look at both of them. Agustín pulled her closer to hug her. Antonio moved his hand up to her face to wipe her tears away.
He started whispering a song she always sung to him. Mira smiled slightly as she cuddled closer to both of them.
Cariño = Sweetheart
I will sob over them. This is so cute, Agustín, my beloved <333
Me blasting Umbrella (K. GNU) and rethinking everything after reading to this:
Tumblr media
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hlootooart · 8 months ago
My Encanto Headcanons Pt. 1
Some headcanons to post while I work on my fic
Camilo is a total sweetheart under that “lil sh*t” guise.
A total crybaby in his early years.
Growing up, he and Mirabel had a totally cutesy relationship with him being the more wholesome one, and Mirabel a bit more of a troublemaker.
Mirabel is his favorite relative but would never admit it out loud (Dolores knows though).
It took Pepa and Felix a while to convince him Mirabel was his cousin not his sister when they were little.
They were nicknamed “The Twins” growing up.
After her failed gift ceremony, he stayed in the nursery with her until she felt better.
He feels a little guilty to have a gift right before Mirabel didn’t.
Camilo’s face in the movie isn’t his birth one. (This was actually discussed with Jared Bush on Twitter in a deleted concept for the climax when everyone’s powers stopped working.)
When he saw how popular he was with his reconstructed face, he wore that for the public, and eventually around the house.
He only shows his true face to his parents and Mirabel (the people he’s closest with). But he’s also shown it to the rest of the family obviously.
His parents, especially Pepa, are concerned about this.They fear he won’t remember his original face and get stuck that way. Even they’re starting to forget...which is BAD.
When he gets in trouble with his dad, depending on what happened, he’ll try to make him laugh to get out of it. But sometimes it backfires.
He’s the most respectful to his mom. Not only because of her powers, but because he genuinely doesn’t want to see her upset.
He will gag if he sees his parents being lovey-dovey.
He frequently annoys Dolores as little brothers do, but when things are genuinely bad or uncomfortable for her, he’ll try to cheer her up.
He’ll even let her talk it out if she feels like it. Though he blanks out a bit.
He totally uses his gift for Bruno’s telenovella plots. A literal one-person show. He’ll even get Mirabel and Dolores in on it if he can.
His favorite stories involve lots of action with his drama.
He rambles when he’s nervous.
He’s terrified of clowns.
Felix was a bit slimmer than he was in the movie back then.
He fancied himself a stud (and he was) but was still a respectable dude.
He and Agustín met in their late teens/early 20s when the latter’s family first arrived. They became fast friends.
Their first encounter involved Felix helping Agustín outrun an angry donkey and it’s owner, only to run into a hive of bees. Agustín was slightly traumatized but Felix couldn’t stop laughing.
Their relationship can be summed up as “Agustín gets into trouble/hurt, Felix helps him out while laughing”.
Felix has always been laid back. He’s the sort of guy who could put out a house fire while jamming to music.
He was a bit of a practical joker back in the day. Nothing super elaborate or harmful, just enough to get a chuckle out of people.
He even managed to get Alma laugh a little bit.
He fell in love with Pepa during one of storms.
He decided to marry her after seeing her smile and hearing her laugh.
He’s a bit of a cheapskate, always wanting to get the lowest price on something. He’s a pretty good haggler as a result.
He likes to fix things himself. They end up looking weird and low-budget, but somehow still work.
Bruno is fit as hell and always was. We’ve seen him parkour and not to mention dance surprisingly well in the movie.
My dude had plenty of experience from outrunning bullies or avoiding people in general.
When Bruno was still the golden child, he was a tiny bit more of an extrovert, just a little. He’d even dance in public on some rare occasions.
This guy could be a threat if he seriously wanted to.
He has odd sleeping habits and crashes in the weirdest places/positions.
While he didn’t tag along per se with Felix and Agustín, they were still pretty close.
Though one of the reasons why he didn’t was because of an “incident” they dragged him into.
He still refuses to talk about it, but apparently it was the funniest thing Felix had ever been a part of and Agustín can’t apologize enough.
Every rat has a name. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
You can tell which are his favorites by how long their names are.
Only certain ones can be stars in his shows. He likes to use “cameos” and “surprise appearances” of certain ones.
Dolores’ favorite is Señora Valentina Lucretia Rosalina Menéndez.
Autographs include their pawprints with their names scribbled next to them.
Bruno does more kid-friendly shows for Antonio, but his gift makes things confusing as the rats say different things than Bruno.
He’s a legitimately good writer and storyteller. His acting not so much.
Julieta’s healing powers work via intentions (as Jared Bush hinted at) but she also has to have a little bit of knowledge of what’s really going on. That’s why internal things tend to be tricky. Someone could have chest pains, and she may only heal a symptom of a bigger issue.
Her power can also be overridden by the patient’s. If they find they don’t want to be treated (which begs the question why they’d see her) then the gift won’t work. Her power is very much rooted in love and care, so it can’t be forced if the receiver doesn’t reciprocate.
Julieta also can’t heal what’s already lost (just like you can’t in real life). Amputated limb? Sorry buddy, that’s gone for good. But she can heal whatever damage or pain it’s causing.
She has the most patience of anyone in the family.
Julieta tends to be a workaholic due to the nature of her gift.
She denies her own well-being a lot and gets stressed out at times.
When stressed, her gift doesn’t work as well and would require more food than usual.
She blames herself at times, when her gift hits a boundary it can’t cross, or if she doesn’t reach a patient in time.
Being the oldest and most mature of the triplets had unique pressures of it’s own growing up, which only was made worse when she got her gift.
She likes to sit and have tea with Luisa on the rare times she’s not busy. She hopes it’ll relax her.
She feels a bit distant from Isabela which makes her upset.
She can relate to her a lot.
Since Agustín’s family is from the city (Bogotá apparently) he makes references to a lot of things that the people of the Encanto probably wouldn’t understand. Like certain types of technology and famous people. Luisa in particular loves to hear about it. Isabela does too and sometimes fantasizes about leaving the Encanto to go see it.
He’s very concerned about Julieta’s well-being, especially after a long day of work. He offers to help in anyway he can to reduce her stress.
He offers her plenty of emotional support and a listening ear so she let out her pent up emotions.
He’s concerned about all his kids’ welfare, but admittedly Mirabel’s more due to her treatment of not having powers.
He loves his daughters and dotes on them excessively. He totally spoiled them when they were younger, much to Julieta’s dismay.
When Isabela was born he held on to her for like an hour straight.
He totally has embarrassing stories on all his kids.
He was a partial stay-at-home husband when Julieta was out healing in the beginning of their marriage.
Things became more balanced after Isabela was born.
He has many silly nicknames for his daughters, Isabela having the most
His favorites include: Sra. Gruñona, Muerda Mucha, Princesita, and Mi Queridísima Amorcita. She hates them to no end.
Luisa loves hers though. Her favorites are Lulu and Muñequita.
Some days he looks at Mirabel and think, "Wow, she’s my daughter.”
Other days he thinks, “Wow. She is my daughter.”
He insists he’s a handyman, but often leaves things worse than they started with.
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sailorwritesstuff · 11 months ago
family interviews with Mirabel
Mirabel (a bisexual): a six pack or a dad bod?
Luisa (Also a bisexual): neither
Mirabel: neither?
Luisa: I like them skinny and scrawny.
Mirabel: skinny and scrawny?
Luisa: skinny and scrawny.
Mirabel: Camilo are you smart?
Camilo: *high asf* yes!
Mirabel: What kind of water is in the ocean?
Camilo: spit water.
Mirabel: spit water??? I... Good job Camilo.
Mirabel: Are you smart?
Isabela: Yeah...?
Mirabel: If you were born 10 years ago how old would you be today?
Isabela: 12.
Mirabel: ...
Isabela: 22 take away 10...thats 12.
Mirabel: What can you buy with your body count?
Felix: What could I buy?
Mirabel: yeah.
Felix: like maybe a Happy meal?? i dunno.
Mirabel: MARIANO! MARIANO! rate my fit.
Mariano: rate your fit?
Mirabel: Yeah on a scale from 1 to 10.
Mariano: its like a...its like a 4.
Mirabel: *Glares intensely* ...I should slap you for that score.
Mirabel: hey mama
Julieta: hi sweetheart
Mirabel: mama It's pride month and all three of your daughters are gay. how do you feel about gay rights?
Julieta: I'm into it. *thumbs up*
Mirabel: so iconic.
Mirabel: hey Papa!!
Agustín: hi Mira
Mirabel: Why can't cinnamon get wet
Agustín: because... science?
Mirabel: It's hydrophobic
Agustín: It doesn't like gay people?!
Mirabel: Antonio are you smart?
Antonio: yeeees
Mirabel: What do bugs eat?
Antonio: chicken nuggets and grapes!
Mirabel: chicken nuggets and grapes?
Antonio: *smiling* yeah!
Mirabel: ...sounds like a balanced diet to me...
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animationmovieshipps · 10 months ago
Always and Forever
Chapter 12:
"You know, I think I overreacted a little in the room." You murmured, already feeling completely better being snuggled comfortably against her body, as if she were a soft bed, while one of her arms hugged you and her other hand ran through your hair.
"Overreacted? Why?" Your girlfriend asked, before giving you a kiss on the top of your head and resting her chin on it.
"I had said that she had ruined my day, which is not at all true. I had such an amazing day and such a joyful start to the night. Saying that, it made me feel like your efforts to make me happy were of no use." You confessed.
"Oh mi amor, don't feel that way." She said as she hugged you even tighter, her voice so sweet you felt like if you ran your finger along the inside of her mouth, it would be smeared with honey. "You were very upset about what happened, I don't blame you, I would have the same reaction as yours. I will be really sad if you let it spoil the rest of your night, today is such an important date in your life, cherish it."
Even after so much time of friendship, love and complicity, you were still surprised at how Luisa always knew what to say. You broke away from the embrace, to look at your loved one and rejoice in how lucky you were to love her with all your heart.
"I adore you so much, princesa." You whispered, bringing your hand up to her cheek and caressed it affectionately, smiling as she returned the gaze.
"Mi corazón..." She whispered back, before leaning in and pressing her lips against yours.
You ardently kissed her back, your hand wrapped around her neck and trying to pull her even closer.
Now without all that insecurity floating around in your mind whenever you two made out, you've realized how silly you've been. How were you so apprehensive about something that made you feel so happy?
Meanwhile, outside the house, your parents were arguing with each other.
"Seriously, why did you had to ruin our daughter's special day?" Your father asked, completely indignant and angry at the memory of you crying when in that very moment you were feeling great happiness.
"Manuel, what did you want me to do when I saw her exposing herself to shame in front of all those people?" She argued.
"She wasn't exposing herself in any way, they're not like you. I was hoping you'd come because you wanted to be a better mother to her!"
"I'll never be a better mother than I am now, I worry about her, which you don't!"
"Why the hell don't get into your thick head that our daughter is fine and you DON'T have to worry about her?" He yelled loudly. He had never yelled at his wife before, but at that moment he couldn't take it anymore.
Consuelo remained silent, knowing that nothing would be resolved if she answered him, the discussion would just continue.
"Alright, let's go home and talk better there..."
"No, you go home, I'll go check on my daughter." He replied, for the first time not kissing her goodbye.
She was shocked by the cold way Manuel treated her. But even so, she held back the tears that wanted to escape her eyes and started walking back home.
You decided to go back to the party, being confused to see a very different environment than the one you were in when you went to your room. They were so happy, but now they were sitting or lying down and despondent, as if they were at a wake.
Upon noticing your presence there, they soon turned their attention to you, asking several questions at the same time and you couldn't understand any of them.
"Guys, one at a time." You said between laughs.
"Are you okay, hijita?" Your father asked looking worried, holding your hands in his.
"This is so cute guys, but I'm feeling really good, don't worry about me." You answered.
"It's like asking us to stop breathing and you know it very well." Agustín said.
"You all are sweethearts, I really love you all so much." You said with a smile.
"Well, you know, without the birthday girl, there's no fiesta." Antonio said, approaching you with an adorable shy smile and holding out his hands with a pink flower for you.
You felt your heart overflow with so much sweetness. You knelt down and picked up the flower, before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Soon after, he went to Luisa.
"Prima, am I allowed to dance with her?" He asked her.
"I don't know Tonito, she's the one who knows." Luisa replied with a smile.
The little boy turned to you and before he asked, you held him in your arms, holding one of his hands, while the other he held on to your shoulder to keep from falling.
"Please music!" You gladly requested.
Dolores, who was standing by the phonograph, nodded and turned the crank. The music started playing again and you danced with Antonio, who was amused when you twirled him in your arms.
Luisa watched delightedly how you had fun with her younger cousin, until one of her uncles also invited her to dance.
She chuckled as he approached her already sporting his dance moves.
"Oye sobrina!" Felix greeted her happily. "Would you do me the honor of this dance?" He requested, reaching out for her.
"It would be a pleasure, tío." She replied, placing her hand under his and the two joined the other couples in the dance space.
The rest of the night was more enjoyable than you thought it would be, you all had a hell of a time, dancing, talking, playing games and gorging on food.
When it was time to sing the song and cut the cake, you were surprised to see how big it was. It was the biggest birthday cake you ever had in your entire short life. Julieta explained that it was tradition to make the cake the ideal size to fit the candles of the birthday person's age.
After eating cake and talking some more, Isabela soon noticed that you looked a little uncomfortable, despite trying to hide it, with all that delay in their coming home.
"Family, friends, I think it's late and it's time to go home." She said with a smile on her face and putting her hands together.
You just smiled at what she said, but in the inside, you made a big effusive celebration.
"I think you're right, hija." Julieta said. "Mira, Bruno, can you help me get the dishes to take home?" She asked her youngest daughter and brother.
They both nodded and went to the kitchen.
"Guys, no need, let me wash..."
"No, it's no use insisting, the birthday girl won't do anything today!" She said in a stern voice. You didn't even make the effort to argue with her about it, you didn't want a big pile of dishes in the middle of your plans for that night.
They now left your house without you having to say goodbye at the door, they were used to it.
"Well amor, I think it's time for..."
"No." You said, interrupting when you saw that Luisa was saying goodbye to you to go home. "Stay with me today, please." You requested in a sweet tone of voice, holding her hand and looking her in the eyes.
She smiled at you and took you in her arms, wrapping you in an affectionate hug.
"Since you want to, I'm not going anywhere today." She replied, before giving you a kiss on the cheek.
Before leaving, Isabela and Mirabel made thumbs up signs for you, you smiled and you repeated the gesture to them.
"Uhh what's this about?" Luisa asked.
"Oh, it's nothing, mi amor." You replied, before approaching and giving her another hug, a sigh left your lips as you felt the heat of her body. "If I could, I would never let you go."
"And I would spend all day kissing you." She said sweetly and bent down, but before she gave you a kiss, you turned away from her.
You wanted her to save her energies for the rest of the night.
Luisa was confused by your rejection of her affection, you just blew her a kiss and went to your room.
"... I don't understand, did I do something wrong today?" She asked, as you lit the candles in the lamps, lighting up your room.
"No, why do you think you did something?" You asked, going to your closet and pulling out your prettiest nightgown, quickly hiding it so she wouldn't see it.
"I don't know, you just walked away when I went to kiss you, you've never done that before." She answered.
You went to the bed and sat beside her, took her hand in yours and kissed her.
"Corazón, why would I be mad at you? Especially after today. All I can say is that you had a surprise for me and... I have one for you too." You replied, hoping she would understand.
She continued to look at you with that same confused expression, until, after a few seconds, she gaped and her eyes widened as her reasoning finally gave her the answer.
You giggled at her reaction, it was so cute you felt like biting her.
"I'm going to take a shower and I'll be right back, I love you." You said, before giving her a quick kiss on the lips and ran to the bathroom, laughing excitedly.
Even after having witnessed everything with her own eyes, Luisa still couldn't believe it was true, but at the same time she felt like she was going to explode with happiness.
"I can't believe!" She exclaimed happily. "I can't believe it." She repeated, this time in a whisper. "I can't believe it!" She exclaimed again and jumped on the bed, laughing with glee like a child given a candy.
After getting out of the shower, you put on your nightgown. You had never worn that one before because you thought it was too over the top with all that lace, but you liked it more than you expected how you looked dressed in it in front of the mirror.
After admiring yourself a little more, you quickly combed your hair and sprayed some perfume, afraid your girlfriend was starting to get impatient.
"Okay, it is time." You said, before taking a deep breath and slowly reentering the room.
Luisa was reading a book, but clumsily put it aside when she noticed her presence. The gleam in her eyes resembled the innocent look she had when the two of you first met, mixed with the passion that had come over the years. Or maybe it was there all along and only recently discovered.
You tried to act sexier, but ended up acting like a shy and scared animal, your hands clasped together and smiling shyly.
As you walked closer, you ended up tripping over one of your shoes and nearly fell over. You tried to act like nothing had happened and laughed nervously, earning an amused laugh from her, but soon she was back to admiring you.
"What?" You asked, looking away and scratching your arm.
"I'm just stunned, because I've never seen such a beautiful woman in my life before." She whispered and then growled, making you laugh.
"Oh no, you're just being nice." You said, as you sat on your side of the bed.
"I'm serious, I think you're really beautiful. Do you doubt it?" she asked, leaning over and kissing you on the cheek.
"No cielo, I trust you, the problem is with my confidence in myself." You replied, as you reached out your hand and gently ran your fingers through her locks of hair.
She looked at you and your eyes met, completely lost in each other's gaze as your instincts kicked in and slowly took over your actions. Your hand came down and touched her shoulder, slipping inside her shirt and touched her skin.
Noticing your notable nervousness about taking the initiative, Luisa wrapped her hand around your wrist and held it, making your fingers curl under her grip. You gulped and felt your heart pound so hard it would bolt out of your chest as she guided your hand lower and placed it on her left breast.
You slowly opened your fingers again and held it in the palm of your hand, then wrapped it in a shy grip and gently brushed one finger over the prominent nipple showing through her blouse.
You lifted your gaze to look at her, enchanted by the expression on her beautiful face, she looked a little nervous like you, but at the same time she was ecstatic by your actions. Your cheeks flushed heavily, there was nothing in the world you wanted to do but kiss her.
You stood up, brushing the tip of your nose against hers so she would look at you.
Your eyes met again and happy smiles spread across your faces as her arms roughly pulled your body closer and your mouths touched again.
Your arms wrapped under her arms and hugged her back, desperately tugging at the fabric of her blouse as you two kissed with intense desire, eating each other from the inside out.
Almost out of breath, you took your hands lower and pulled the blouse that part of it was inside her skirt. She broke way from the kiss, but you still didn't pull too far away, your hands resting on her waist. She grabbed the edges of her blouse and undressed.
You looked on fearlessly, admiring how unique but at the same time perfect the shape of her body was, her skin looked beautiful lit by the lamps. The bra seemed to perfectly flatter the shape of her breasts, but what you wanted most was them out of your way.
"Ay Luisa." You sighed passionately, wanting to kiss her feet.
She looked as touched as you made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. You leaned against her hand as she brought it up to your face and caressed your cheek.
"Are you sure you really want to do this?" She muttered.
You turned your head to the side and kissed her palm.
"I've never been so sure what I want in my life. I love you so much." You said softly. "But... I don't think I know exactly how it works."
Luisa just smiled and gave you a tender kiss on the forehead.
"It's okay, I'll teach you." She whispered, so sensually husky it sent shivers on every inch of your skin.
You remained still, as she carefully took off your glasses and put it on the little desk on the side of the bed.
You leaned down and pressed your lips together in another passionate kiss, as you slowly laid her down on the mattress.
It was just the beginning of the happiest night of your life. You finally understood that phrase they always said: "To love at all is to love entirely".
No matter how many times your mother tried, you loved her and you would never give up on her.
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artistmarchalius · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I love this movie, every time I watch it I see something I haven’t seen before.
Agustín, my man, sweetheart, you’re putting the tile in upside down! He’s accident-prone but he means well.
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lilyclawthorne · 10 months ago
After Luisa got her door
Agustine being a proud Papa: Well done Champ! Give me a hug!
Julieta: Agustine no!!
1 sec later.
Julieta force feeding her husband arepas: you got to let her adjust to her powers.
Completely crushed Agustine with sleeping Luisa on his lap: Sorry, I was just so proud of my baby.
You just know that for weeks after her ceremony Agustín is coming to his wife even more often than before which she didn’t even think was possible. And it’s happening a lot because Luisa is totally a daddy’s girl, so she’s probably hanging around him a lot while she’s still learning. (Also because the only chore we saw Agustín doing was chopping wood which is more physical labor, which is probably the kind of work they may have started her out with yknow?)
And oh man, Luisa is such a sensitive sweetheart, and I can only imagine even more so as a kid so she’d feel absolutely awful every time it happens, but Agustín is always right there to reassure her and tell her it’s okay and that she should never feel terrible for her strength.
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ashrambleworld · 10 months ago
I know everyone wants more of Familia Madrigal and Encanto in general, including myself. So because Disney is Disney and I don't know if they'll ever do it, I wanted to pitch my own version of what that show could be. LONG POST AHEAD:
First, the show is more like "Slice-of-Life" like. No more big adventures or high-risks. Just some good-ol' Familia Madrigal and their very unique life after the events of the movie.
Every episode would focus on a member of the family, and of course their relationships with the family and the town itself, but each one stands alone with it's own little story by itself (BONUS POINTS if each episode gets to have their own song...)
Now, a run through the few episodes I've been thinking about and basically have a complete plot:
Luisa's Episode: We start like it's a normal day. She wakes up very early and starts her intense workout and positive reaffirmations because YEAH! Luisa is going to crush today! She gets out of her room and gets ambushed by her sisters and cousins. Mirabel asks her "You know what day is today??" all excited and giddy, so what Luisa just goes "Ah, sure. Today is Friday because I have to help Mr. González with his house and I promised Mrs. Sánchez that I would help her with her crops I would usually do more things but I'm trying to, you know, keep it light." and everyone else is like "... Luisa... It's your birthday.". So they literally try to spend the entire day trying to get Luisa noT TO WORK, LIKE AT ALL. Of course that leads to some shenanigans like... Realizing they need 3 or 4 people to move the piano and even if Luisa offers to do it they're all like "NO IT'S YOUR DAY. YOU RELAX" But at the end, she really does appreciate everything her family does for her and just being able to hang out with them is more than enough.
Isabela's episode: You know how in the book, Isabela kinda wishes that her gift was a bit more useful? so let me introduce an original character to the series right here. An apothecary, this girl comes and wanders into the Encanto when the mountain breaks, and she's honestly just lovely and searching for new plants to research. Of course all the town finds her interesting but they once meet and their both like omg. Because one can grow plants and the other can tell her everything that some of them can do and wow. And of course, she's the only one that never knew her as "The perfect Isabela" so she finds a lot more trust there. I just want Isabela to have a friend whom she can be herself with. Also imagine her getting her hands on the dirt, high pony tail and ready to work.
Julieta's episode: We know she's a sweetheart and maybe the mother a lot of us would love to have, but what I bet we don't see is how much time she spends in the kitchen, tiring herself because she cooks for the family and she's basically the only doctor in town. And maybe we even see her trying to relax a bit only to be interrupted by idk... "Julieta? Mr. Ramírez just had an accident while riding his horse" and she just has to go take care of that. Maybe the town is just realizing "omg we only have one doctor and even her powers are not guaranteed all the time like that time the miracle went out." so she teaches Isabela and this new character so they can also be doctors in town. Then we see her teaching Agustín, Mirabel and Camilo how to cook so she doesn't have to cook all the time by herself (The sole idea of a scene like that has ENDLESS comedic potential), but at the end of the day, she's finally not the only one having to bear all those burdens by herself so we see her finally sit down and cuddle to her loving husband in peace.
Dolores' episode: Look, I want to see Dolores in her ZONE with her super hearing. She's just walking around town when a crime happens (Nothing too bad just... Idk, someone took the reverend's wig or something) and Dolores is SET on finding the culprit, and the episode is set like a mystery thriller, Sherlock Holmes-y, where hearing one testimony leads to another and another and probably Camilo asks her at some point if she isn't overreacting but of course not she's DOLORES MADRIGAL and will get to the bottom of this. Maybe the leads are all pointing at one of her own family! Could she dare betray them and hand them to justice? Or could this be the end of the invincible and incorruptible Detective Dolores Madrigal?
Camilo's episode: Like c'mon, the guy's 15, edgy and can shapeshift. We HAVE to have a teen crisis episode here. But let's not rush into negative territory I think we can make it so it's actually a pretty heartwarming episode. He spends the episode searching for something to do because... "Well, when people don't need him to be anyone else what do they need Camilo for?" We see Camilo trying art, sports, music and more and with all those things, a different version of Camilo appears, bonus points if Mirabel joins him while he tries everything but she stays as herself all the time just to emphasize Camilo trying to fit in. In at the end of turns out that Camilo is loved just as he is and he doesn't have to be anyone else.
Abuela's episode: Man, I just really want Abuela's episode to be like Iroh's tale in Tales of Ba Sing Se in ATLA. Abuela runs her errands in town, helping the people and basically showing us that she's the leader in there for a reason (Yeah, yeah, maybe she was kind of the problem in the movie but by the way we see her run the town, she's pretty good for a governess I would say) she buys some stuff like some pretty flowers and a few snacks, passes by a family playing with their children... We see her in the end, approaching the river we saw at the end of the movie (You know, where Pedro... Met his tragic end) she sits down, brings out her basket, lights a candle and we ACTUALLY hear her sing Dos Orugitas while she's getting chocked up. She finishes, opens her locket and says, "Ay mi Pedro. Te extraño tanto. Happy Anniversary." AND THERE. WE ALL CRY A LOT.
Mariano's episode: YES. I'm giving Mariano an episode BUT HEAR ME OUT OKAY. Mariano is trying to make a surprise party (maybe even engagement party, who knows) for Dolores. There. That's it. On the surface it sounds like a pretty dull plot. But you're forgetting something. Mariano is trying to prepare a surprise for tHE ONE PERSON IN TOWN THAT HEARS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING. And he's going to need the help of everyone in Familia Madrigal to make this work. Just imagine how that first conversation would be like: He is hiding behind a bush and goes "Psst... Mirabel I need your help." Mirabel is all like "Wtf Mariano what are you doing in there what do you want" and he just goes "Actually we have to travel to the other side of the town for me to tell you so..." Yes. It's a disaster. Yes, Dolores almost discovers them a lot of times and of course... Yes... It all works out in the end.
Episodes I've been thinking about but don't have there quite yet:
Mirabel's episode: She has a new room! No more nursery for her. But when trying to decorate it, everyone tries to decorate in their way and gives her totally polar opposites tips so at the end it all looks like a franken-room but turns out Mirabel LOVES it that way. Maybe end it with her taking her picture with her door so it can be displayed in the mural of pictures that Abuela has with everyone else and their doors.
Bruno's episode: First of all I want to have a dinner scene here because I want to watch Bruno's plate in the table with everyone else's. Oh I don't care how to make that scene fit. IT WILL FIT IN THERE. Also, like cmon, we cannot let Bruno's CLEAR interest in theater go to waste. And I'm thinking imagine him telling a story to Antonio, Mirabel, Camilo, Luisa, Dolores and Isabela. One he made up as one of his telenovelas while living in the walls. And he gets sooo in the mood and has everyone so into it. Ah, I wanna see some wholesome Uncle Bruno. (Also, please, a cameo from Jorge who makes the spackle)
Antonio's episode: I could watch Antonio play with animals all the episode, but you know what sounds like something a little child could do? A show. He sees his uncle Bruno's kinda trained rats and goes... I'm gonna make a show with my animal friends. They even team up and of course because it's Uncle Bruno and Little Antonio everyone is like "Oh what a silly little game" BUT DO THEY MAKE A SHOW.
Pepa's episode: Very hot day. Everyone is fanning themselves, and super tired to do anything. Even Luisa is like "Nope, can't work today because of the heat" and everyone just looks so defeated. Get this... Pepa makes a waterpark for the entire town. And with the sun hitting so hard and Pepa's rain, the entire town fills with rainbows.
Agustín and Félix's episode: Yes I want those two together because we've seen in deleted scenes how they help around the house a lot, cleaning sometimes. And I would just LOVE to see them just like that. Treat it like a comic-superhero duo episode but it's just this two dads cleaning around, having THE time of their lives while dancing and singing their hearts out. And with Félix's carelessness and accident-prone Agustín we see Casita saving them quite a lot of times. Maybe them even trying to include Bruno to their boys club idk, sounds so cute.
And WELL the possibilities are ENDLESS. Maybe even some stories about little Pepa, Bruno and Julieta or little Isabela and Dolores or chaotic kid duo Mirabel and Camilo. Ah, I just really wish we had more Familia Madrigal content🥺✨
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