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creme-bruhlee a day ago
dirty perv corruption eddie hcs ?? 馃き
YESS perv!eddie my beloved (warnings for innocence kink, corruption kink, daddy kink, basic perv!eddie behavior)
Tumblr media
eddie would 100% start with corrupting you in small ways
cursing in front of you and encouraging you to do the same, and he smiles when you mumble out a little "mrs o'donnell's tests are f-fucking hard"
asking you to ditch class with him to go smoke in the woods
"eddie, we'll get in trouble!" "only if we get caught ;)"
once he knows that you'll do whatever he asks of you, he'll amp it up
"you should call me daddy. i mean, i already call you princess, it'll be funny!"
and "come sit on my lap, princess, the seat looks cold"
and you sit down and feel something hard under you but you chalk it up to being his keys or wallet or something
he plays with your skirt as you sit in his lap and he'll fiddle with the hem, flip it up and back to expose your thigh
kissing your cheek when you get up "don't stay away for too long, princess, you were keeping me warm"
and you get used to all the little touches he gives you, pats on the bum and kissies on the cheek and touching the small of your back
until he finally decides that enough is enough
during the hot summer, he'll pass you a popsicle as he smokes on his porch just to watch you suck at it, and he can't help himself
"y'know, some people like to do that to dicks"
and your face goes hot and you're like "huh?"
"suck on 'em" eddie says around his cigarette "it feels good"
"good like how?"
"well... i mean, you're too sweet for this, princess, i shouldn't tell you... but if you wanna try it?"
gets you back inside and lowers you to the floor and unbuckles his belt, and he watches the way your eyes are so greedy as he pulls himself out of his jeans
"just suck on it like it's a popsicle" he tells you "just be careful of your teeth"
grabbing your head as he sinks into your warm velvet mouth, and his stomach flexes when he feels the head of his cock touch the back of your throat
"good fuckin' girl, taking me all the way. start sucking, princess"
he cums down your throat and you whine at the taste of his thick spunk, but he leans down and kisses you all the same
"wait, don't clean up" and he bounds across the trailer to get his camera, and he snaps a picture of you with his jizz on your pretty lips "think stevie would love to see this... you should thank me, y'know. not every guy's gonna be so nice to you"
and your voice is wrecked from sucking cock, but you mumble "thank you daddy"
"see? i told you that name's funny!"
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justarandomart a day ago
omg could you draw luz amity willow and gus hugging hunter?
Tumblr media
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kimbap-r0ll a day ago
Have you played the tsum event because I plan on having the twst characters react to their tsum counterpart making a beeline for Yuu and just clinging to them, cuddling, acting extra touchy, etc. and getting flustered because 鈥渢his plush pillow version of myself is more bolder and straightforward with their feelings than me!鈥
Hi! Sadly I haven't played this one (I'm on the English version haha) but I have seen it! My character limit is only five ppl and there's more characters than five I think for the event, so I just chose five of them, hope you enjoy!
Leona, Riddle, Sebek, Jack, Epel react to their tsum versions interacting with Yuu
That little shit
He's so embarrassed by it, even though he tells himself that the tsum isn't him at all, well, it basically is. The fact that it's cuddling next to you and all just makes him want to throw it off of the school's highest tower
He blushes a bit when you tell him the tsum!Leona is super cute, and that you enjoy it's company. Of course, Leona will say that it's just more expressive than he is.
Doesn't mind the tsum that much, but he does find it a bit irritating that you tease him about how much he probably wants to hug you. Will cave in and hug you, only to find the tsum still glued to your shoulder
Similar reaction to Leona except he almost screams
Tells the tsum to get off, trying to tear it off honestly but only to get it pouting and clinging to your shoulder like it's the end of the world
Says that he's sorry for the rude behavior of his tsum, but he turns even redder than he already is when you say that it's fine, and honestly that you like how cuddly it is. Will try to stop the tsum from kissing your cheek but it fails haha
In the end he cools off a bit with the help of Trey, but he still finds himself flustered around you when you mention how you learned a bit more about Riddle through the tsum (he's touch-starved plz give him cuddles)
"I DEMAND YOU TO HALT YOUR HUGS!" he basically shouts at you and his tsum (himself?) from having some comfort ;-;
This boy loves the idea of hugging and cuddling with you, but his ego of being a tough and strong student makes it hard for him. The fact that his tsum seems to have no troubles with this makes him a bit jealous of it but also a bit relieved that it can convey his feelings towards you for him
You tell him it's fine, and that you like how the tsum is super cuddly. He gets flustered, only saying that if it makes you happy, he won't step in but you can tell he's a bit glad it doesn't bother you.
The tsum may turn towards Sebek and pull him to embrace you instead. He'll stiffly wrap his arms around you as you hug him back. He's absolutely loving this but will refuse to acknowledge he needed help from a cute bean version of him
He's a cuddly person when in privacy, but he finds it hard to convey his feelings to you sometimes. The fact that the tsum has no problem with this makes him feel a bit strange.
It's embarrassing to Jack that it tries to reach for a kiss by climbing on your shoulder and all, but when you peck it's head Jack looks away with a blush on his face.
He won't say much, but you can tell he's flustered by how bold the tsum is. The tsum may try to get Jack to kiss you as well, but Jack stammers that he's fine but you just kiss him instead. He might've almost fainted haha
He likes the tsum too, thinking it's a pretty adorable thing but he has no idea where it got all of it's courage to cuddle with you. He might thank it for giving him more motivation to give you random hugs throughout your days together
He's also pretty chill with things like pda, but he doesn't do it a lot because Vil might comment on you two. But the tsum seems to have no problems with showing pda
You throw it up in the air and play around with it, at some point you slept with it resting next to you, right next to your head. Epel doesn't get too flustered, but he does find himself feeling butterflies in his stomach when he thinks about how it's kind of like you're doing all of this with him
The bean Epel has no issue getting Epel and you two hug either. Vil might walk by and see the tsum pushing Epel to kiss you and he might find it honestly a bit cute, will tease Epel lightly about it
He likes the tsum! Nothing much more to say other than that he's glad the tsum can be bold.
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e-munson666 a day ago
What about a fluffy piece of reader gets hurt in the upside down and eddie flows them around like a lost puppy to make sure they are okay. Reader can't even open a jar without him coming to the rescue. Everyone thinks is funny so they try to screw around with eddie and do things with reader that would freak him out. Steve has to remind eddie that he saw reader kill a demogorgon with bat before. She's tougher than she looks but reader actually really likes eddie catering to her sometimes.
Yess!!! Opposite of Eddie healing, we have girlfriend reader healing. So fluffy!
Mention of injury. Eddie being the sweetest ever.
馃枻Lady Hellfire馃枻
Eddie had never been more terrified in his life than he was that night. He followed the gang into the portal because he knew you weren't going to sit back and leave your friends.
And he was right, you climbed through the gate immediately after seeing Steve and Nancy being attacked. He begged and begged you to stay put but you were already halfway up the makeshift rope.
He cursed at himself as he watched you pull your spear out and start attacking bats along side him, thinking you had gone back with Dustin.
When he watched you go down, surrounded by bats, he felt fear he'd never experienced before. You were his everything, and he couldn't lose you. He used every ounce of his strength to free himself from the demobats he was able to limp his way over to you.
As he struggled to help you, all of the bats suddenly died, falling from the sky around them and releasing their grip around you. Eddie cried as he picked you up to carry you back to the portal, vowing to never leave your side if you would just stay alive.
A month had passed since the upside down attack, and things were slowly getting back to normal. Eddie has kept his promise, taking extra good care of you while you healed from some serious wounds to your shoulder and side.
He had his own injuries sure, but he would grit his teeth through his own pain just to make sure you rested up.
The second month since the attack allowed you to finally be mobile again. Your shoulder wasn't the same but the wound in your side had almost completely healed. You were able to walk around but you were a little unstable on your feet.
Eddie followed you around everywhere you went. He was afraid you were going to fall down or need help stabilizing yourself. His arm was constantly wrapped around you, guiding you away from possible tripping hazards.
He would almost insist you didn't lift a finger when he was around him. He would make you food, get you anything you needed, drive you around, ANYTHING.
The gang had noticed how doting Eddie was being and thought it was cute. Steve liked to poke fun at him though, reminding him that you in fact were a walking badass who could put her own straw in her milkshake.
Eddie got slightly embarrassed one day when Steve made a comment about how Eddie was clingy, and when you both got home he immediately started pouting.
You sat him down and was eventually able to pry it out of him that he was worried he was suffocating you.
"Suffocate away Eddie, I think its the sweetest thing in the whole world"
And he melted into his seat as you wrapped your arms around him, kissing kis face all over. He loved when you were able to reassure him that you needed him. Because he needed you, forever, and he would fight demon bats all over again if he had to, just for you.
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robobarbie 2 days ago
all bp men are my babygirls, thank you
I had to explain to my coworker what a babygirl was the other day bc one of u people called the character based on them a babygirl. He鈥檚 still confused btw
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ask-the-face-man 2 days ago
馃幎 Here comes the 饾槪饾槹饾槹饾槹饾槹饾樅~ 馃幎
馃幎 Hello 饾槪饾槹饾槹饾槹饾槹饾樅~ 馃幎
馃幎 饾槥饾槮饾槶饾槫饾槹饾槷饾槮~ 馃幎
馃幎 There you 饾槩饾槼饾槼饾槼饾槮~ 馃幎
馃幎 You are 饾槱饾槮饾槼饾槼饾槼饾槮~ 馃幎
Tumblr media
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vendetta-if a day ago
How would the RO鈥檚, and Luka, react if while out with the MC they ran into one of the MC鈥檚 ex鈥檚 who cheated on them in the past and broke their heart?
This ends up being waay longer than I first expected 馃槄 I鈥檒l keep the answer under the cut. Let鈥檚 assume that the ex tried to speak to MC and the ROs, maybe trying to introduce themself to an RO they don鈥檛 know yet馃槅
Ash moves before you can react and sucker-punches the poor bastard. Ash crouches, glaring down at them as they grabs a fistful of your ex鈥檚 clothes before they can get away.
鈥淭hat was for what you did to MC, you piece of shit,鈥 they snarl at them, their hands started to smoke and heat up dangerously. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e lucky we鈥檙e in public space. The next time you show your ugly face around me or MC, you won鈥檛 be so lucky. You hear me?鈥
The ex can only nod in response. 鈥淕ood. Now, fuck off!鈥 Ash shoves them away before standing back up to their full height and stare in satisfaction at the ex hastily scampering away from both you and Ash.
Rin looks down at your ex鈥檚 outstretched hand as if they just offered Rin a spoiled food; they don鈥檛 even move a muscle to shake it. The moment becomes awkward as your ex drops their hand dejectedly.
Rin, however, seems unruffled by the encounter and stays as elegant as ever as they step past them, taking your arm in theirs firmly and guiding you away with them gently. Rin continues talking with you as if nothing has happened, as if the encounter with your ex is not worth the attention.
But that is far from the truth, because in their head, they鈥檝e already begun to devise a plan to make the poor bastard pay for what they did to you. Their first mistake was choosing to approach you and Rin in the first place and introduce themself to Rin. It鈥檒l be an easy thing to pull some strings here and there to make their life a bit more miserable.
They look down at the outstretched hand for a moment before reluctantly shaking it for no more than a few seconds before pulling their hand back, wiping their still gloved hand on their trousers subconsciously.
鈥淯h鈥 We鈥檙e pretty busy, so we gotta go now,鈥 Santana says awkwardly, cutting off your ex鈥檚 attempt for a conversation. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 exactly say it鈥檚 been nice meeting you though,鈥 Santana adds before turning away and gently dragging you with them.
As soon as you鈥檙e far enough, Santana stops and turns to you. Taking your face in their hand, they lean forward and give you a quick kiss. 鈥淟et鈥檚 not think or speak about that jerk anymore, okay?鈥
鈥淲hoa! You鈥檙e 鈥楶hase鈥, right? I think I鈥檝e seen you in one of my friends鈥 party before but didn鈥檛 have the chance to talk to you! Can I get a selfie, please?鈥 your ex gushes out.
Skylar keeps on smiling, but it鈥檚 more strained and mirthless; the smile not even reaching their pretty blue eyes. 鈥淲elp, no can do, buddy! I don鈥檛 do selfies or autographs with well-known assholes. Professionals have standards, you know.鈥 They send your ex a cheeky wink, before taking your waist in their arm. 鈥淣ow, if you鈥檒l excuse us, me and my lovely partner here have something else better to do.鈥
They guide you past your still shocked and frozen ex. 鈥淲ow, you鈥檙e not kidding when you told me that they look like a scumbag,鈥 they chuckle as soon as you get far enough, before turning and leaning towards you. 鈥淚鈥檓 a hundred times better looking than them, right?鈥 They bat their long eyelashes at you playfully, before puckering their lips, asking for a kiss that you gladly provide for them.
鈥淎nd for sure a thousand times a better partner than they were too,鈥 you whisper to them gratefully as they beam brightly at you.
Your uncle鈥檚 mood sours almost instantly and you can see it in the way his jaws tightens almost imperceptibly as he clenches his teeth and how his brows furrow slightly, making his glowering even more severe as he stares down his nose at your ex, who鈥檚 squirming like a worm.
鈥淲hat the fuck do you think you鈥檙e doing here, you dumbfuck? You have a death wish or something,鈥 he sneers.
Your ex stammers, trying to form a coherent response, but your uncle cuts them off. 鈥淟et me give you the most useful piece of advice a little shit like you will ever get: Every time you see me or my nephew/niece/nibling, don鈥檛 ever dare to come near us and show your pathetic face or I鈥檒l fucking shoot you myself, do you understand?鈥
Your ex yelps before turning and getting away quickly with their tail between their legs. Your uncle huffs in annoyance before turning to you, his face softens. 鈥淚f they still try to bother you next time I鈥檓 not around, just let me know. I鈥檒l make sure their parents regret ever giving birth to them.鈥
鈥淥h! MC has told me a lot about you!鈥 Your dad says in a mock cheerful voice, and even though he鈥檚 smiling charmingly, his eyes belie his cold anger. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really nice to finally be able to meet you in person!鈥
Your dad takes their hand in his, pulling them closer to him roughly and glaring down at them menacingly. 鈥淣ow, you listen to me you bastard. From now on, you鈥檒l stay away from my son/daughter/child, understand? You wouldn鈥檛 want to know what I will do otherwise,鈥 your dad says to them, his deep voice low and missing the usual warmth that you鈥檙e familiar with.
Your ex nods nervously and your dad beams, shifting back as if he hasn鈥檛 just threatened them. He 鈥減ats鈥 their back roughly a few times, their body jolts forward jerkily, almost losing their balance. 鈥淕ood. What are you waiting for? Scamper off now!鈥 He pushes them one last time and they stumble away hastily.
Your dad turns back to face you and smile softly at you, his eyes filled with concern. 鈥淎re you okay, baby?鈥 he asks you, still calling you 鈥榖aby鈥 even though you鈥檙e all grown up now. You guess you鈥檒l always be his little baby in his eyes. He ruffles your hair fondly. 鈥淒on鈥檛 think about that jerk anymore, okay?鈥
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winterscoquette 2 days ago
I want to be korean and date an idol, ik it's weird but Don't judge me, Ik your Korean, so I wanted to see what You Think, I hate being White American, we have no culture :((
LMAOOO BC WHY DID I SEE AN ASK SIMILAR TO THIS IN @theit-girl111 inbox, it's weird, i'm not judging you but it's not like you've given any valid reason on why you want to be korean, it's annoying having to be fetishised because of kpop and kdramas, we are people too, embrace your race. and even if you did have a reason, its weird to change your race , did you know that being white american will always be the standard? do you know how many poc children would cry because they wanted to be paper thin and blonde with blue eyes like those stereotypical girls in 2000s movies? lol
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silvyysthings 2 days ago
And all of this... All this pain and damaged image and reputation and hurt inflicted upon Armie and the kids she allegedly "loves" so much, just because he asked for joint custody... Hope you rot in hell, Elizabeth, and hope those little angels are taken away from your evil grasp. And also hope Armie can come back soon to acting if he wants, you've been missed big guy.
You ' ve been missed Armie 馃挋馃挋馃挋
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and I'm so furious about what they did to him, I hope they all pay from first to last
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eschercaine 2 days ago
His tunic is also unclipped.. and the chain is gone. Plus her hair is messy and his is out of the ponytail (pull back) All a very sexy just had the fuck of their life (after waiting for 10+ years) visual.
Now that you mention it...
Tumblr media
Oh, yeah. *gasps* How did I also miss that??
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errythinisblue a day ago
Please can I request a r煤ben dias blurb?? Reader has a tough day and comes home upset, Ruben looks after her馃ゲ
Aw this is so sweet! I鈥檓 literally in the mood to write something like that! Thank you 馃
Other situations.
R煤ben Dias x Y/N
Summary: R煤ben knows what to do to take care of you, when you have a bad day at work.
Warnings: none really, just some sexual innuendos.
Tumblr media
gif credits to @rubenfinity
You were sure you鈥檇 find him in there, in the gym, his natural habitat.
As soon as you opened the door, careful not to make a sound, your eyes landed on his body: he was busy doing pull ups; his upper body was covered by a green tank and he had some black shorts on, his arms were glistening with sweat and on his face you could read the usual look of determination that always painted his features.
When he noticed you, his eyes quickly moved from his reflection in the mirror to yours. He could see the pout on your face from a mile, as it was so pronounced that it was hard to miss.
R煤ben made quick work of finishing the set, and only when he was done he let his feet touch the ground. But before he could even turn around, your arms were wrapped around his waist: you leaned your cheek on his broad back, closing your eyes at the contact and relaxing into him.
鈥淏ad day?鈥 R煤ben asked, as if he could read your mind.
鈥淭he worst day ever鈥︹ you grumbled, frowning behind his back and hugging him tighter.
鈥淏abe I鈥檓 covered in sweat,鈥 R煤ben chuckled at your clingyness, his long fingers caressed your soft skin gently while he thought about what could have happened for you to be in such a mood, 鈥渨hy don鈥檛 we go and take a shower? You can talk to me about your awful day once we鈥檙e all cleaned up and in our pjs鈥︹
鈥淵ou know I don鈥檛 care about it鈥︹ your voice came out as a whine, 鈥淚 actually love it when you鈥檙e all sweaty鈥︹
鈥淚 know you do,鈥 he giggled amused and entranced by how endearing you were, 鈥渏ust, maybe in other 鈥渟ituations鈥濃 not when I鈥檝e been training for the past two hours!鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 like for you to explain those 鈥渙ther situations鈥 better鈥︹ you mused, watching as your boyfriend turned around in your embrace, standing face to face with you now.
鈥淢aybe I will鈥︹ his voice was low in your ear, causing a shiver to roll up your spine from the anticipation, 鈥淐ome with me now, let me take care of you.鈥
And you did. You followed him into your bedroom, and into the ensuite bathroom. You let R煤ben take care of you; he guided you into the shower, the warm water was cascading on the both of you making him look good enough to eat; you sighed contentedly while his hands, so big yet so delicate, massaged every single inch of your skin: starting from your scalp, working on the knots in your shoulders then down your spine; you felt like you were in heaven, his loving touch was really working wonders on your mood, and you could sense that this was R煤ben鈥檚 intention all along: to make you feel better, more relaxed and above all happier.
鈥淎re you feeling any better?鈥 R煤ben asked you while he towel-dried your hair, paying attention not to cause you any discomfort.
鈥淢h hm鈥︹ was your only response, as you couldn鈥檛 really bring yourself to speak while you were enjoying being pampered by your man.
鈥淒o you want me to blow dry them too?鈥 he proposed, standing behind you while you stood in front of the bathroom鈥檚 mirror.
The way you leaned your head back, letting it rest into his palms even more, was enough of an answer for R煤ben. He applied each and every product he saw you use on your hair, and you were happily surprised when you saw he not only paid attention to what you put on it, but he even remembered the right order of application!
鈥淗ow could you possibly remember??鈥 you asked, dumbfounded.
鈥淭he things I do to my hair鈥︹
鈥淥h鈥 it鈥檚 just a little thing, like you know鈥︹ he stopped mid sentence, thinking about every little detail he knew about you, 鈥淟ike the fact that you love a warm cup of coffee in the morning, without sugar when you鈥檝e got a headache, or the way you subconsciously pout when something went wrong at work, even if you don鈥檛 want to let the others worry鈥︹
You listened to him, entranced by all the small things he noticed about you.
鈥淚 love you.鈥 you blurted out while R煤ben was going on with his rambling.
鈥淚 love you too鈥︹ he smiled softly, while he finished blow drying your hair, 鈥淪hould we order some pizza for dinner?鈥
鈥淏ut you can鈥檛 eat pizza babe鈥︹ you pouted at him through the mirror.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna make an exception for tonight,鈥 he winked, 鈥渕y girl needs pizza, since pizza is her favourite food鈥︹ he added before he pressed a kiss on the top of your head, 鈥淪o pizza is it!鈥
鈥淚 love you so so much R煤ben鈥︹ you gently smiled at him, turning around and going on your tiptoes to peck his lips, 鈥渢hank you for taking care of me鈥︹
鈥淚 love you too,鈥 he said, bumping his nose against yours, 鈥渁nd I love taking care of you even more鈥 now come on, let鈥檚 go and order that pizza.鈥
鈥淧lease, I鈥檓 starving!鈥
鈥淚 know amor, I know鈥︹
鈥淒o you reckon you could explain those 鈥渙ther situations鈥 to me once we had our dinner?鈥 you mused, spurred by his portuguese words, your greatest weakness.
鈥淚 suppose so鈥︹ he whispered while he tucked your hair behind your ear, 鈥淏ut I will explain them to you once we鈥檒l be done with your skincare okay?鈥
鈥淚 think we can skip my skincare for tonight鈥︹ you looked at him with your best doe eyes, biting the corner of your lower lip, 鈥淲e could probably skip dinner too as far as I鈥檓 concerned鈥︹
鈥淒on鈥檛 tempt me鈥 we have to eat.鈥
鈥淲e could order dinner once we鈥 you know鈥︹ you proposed while your hands slipped under his white t-shirt.
鈥淲ell those 鈥渙ther situations鈥 are pretty urgent indeed鈥︹ he countered, 鈥淚 think the sooner I show them to you, the better it is鈥︹
鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 agree more鈥︹ you whispered against his lips, before he took you in his arms and closed the bedroom door.
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creme-bruhlee a day ago
Tom hcs pls pls pls!
tommmmyyyyy my babiest boy
Tumblr media
i hc that he likes to cook, he just has limited space in the trailer
when he's got a full kitchen, he's a whiz and can cook really well
but the trailer only gives him the appropriate room to make pasta and that's about it
but you know that the pasta is good
he has a little tray on the windowsill with rosemary and basil growing and he always tries to dress up his pasta with it
that being said, he eats like a monster
i mean, we've ALL seen the spaghetti sandwich he ate in that scene, he makes really nice food and eats it like
tommy. baby. why.
he gives amazing cuddles and he loves giving cuddles
he loves being big spoon and being able to feel you pressed right against him
smelling your hair and squeezing you
but he also likes being little spoon
he loves when you hold him and kiss the back of his head
he could fall asleep just like that if you're holding him
his job seems like it can be pretty physical at times, so i imagine he probably likes when you dote on him when he gets home
if he got a cut of a splinter at work, you're cooing at him and telling him to sit down so you can fix him up
or if his shoulders hurt, rubbing his shoulders and kissing his cheek
"my big strong man, doing all this work"
he melts whenever you call him yours, my baby or my man, that tiny show of ownership is so cute to him
he does it to you too, my darling and my love
after ruth, he's a little messed up by her and needs to always be sure you're his, and you're happy to oblige him
when he's fucking you and grits his teeth and goes "mine", you just have to kiss him, sweet boy
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monstersandmaw a day ago
Fun fact! The "smell of the rain" most people recognize is called petrichor (peh-tri-kor) and it doesn't come from the rain, but rather, the flora. Trees and grass and such excrete this oil designed to protect it from sunlight, and when the rain falls it washes that away so the plant can absorb the water better. That oil is what that smell is, which explains why you can't smell it in more barren or industrial places. Science!
I toyed with whether to include that or not in my answer, but I鈥檓 glad you added this, Anon, thank you. I love that its etymology basically 鈥榬ock blood鈥, though ichor is divine in nature.
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kimbap-r0ll 18 hours ago
Can you do the same thing you did for Jack, Idia, Leona, Riddle in the other reading about the ghost groom but with Diasmonia. If you can鈥檛 do all four then just Lilia and Sebek is fine!
Hello, thank you for the ask! I had a lot of fun with the last one, I hope you enjoy this one as well!
Diasomnia (separate) reacts to their fem!s/o with a ghost groom
He's surprised at first at why you aren't in Ramshackle during the late night. But then Grim runs to him telling him what happened, Sebek is following behind Grim and shouting the same thing. Apparently you were about to be sprited away by a ghost groom of some kind.
The fae prince won't take this lightly. Though most may think he's pretty chill, when it comes to someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he's a bit possessive. The entire school will feel a certain rumble and Malleus basically runs to wherever you could be. He finds you soon enough at the dining hall, a wedding dress and all.
"I'm sorry, but what are you doing trying to take my rose?" Malleus says in a calm yet terrifying voice, his eyes are glued on the ghost groom who looks angry that someone interrupted the wedding ceremony. You're just happy to see Malleus again, but in the back of your mind you can't help wonder if he's going to overblot :/
The ghost and the fae are about to duel it out (and potentially destroy the entire school grounds) but then a bridesmaid ghost jumps in between the two of them and cries for mercy. "We just want to see the prince happy for once, please let him at least get this chance," the maid said. But Malleus wasn't having it :/
Thankfully, the groom was moved by the maid's courage and quickly called the marriage off. The wedding ceremony was instead held for the groom and the maid, who was just overjoyed by the situation. You snuck next to Malleus who looked relieved that you were alright, but you could also see a blush creep up his face.
"You look beautiful," he commented, a small smile playing on his lips. Dang it, he beat you to making the partner flustered. The two of you share a waltz at one point in the night, it's quite magical. You're just happy Malleus is with you and he's feeling the same way (also dreaming of what kind of a wedding you two will have)
He thought it was a prank when Grim and Silver came running to him about you being abducted by a wedding-frenzied group of ghosts. But after attempting to call you a few times, he realized that yeah, maybe you really were about to die
He decides to look at the dining hall first, remembering what happened between Eliza and Idia the last time something similar occurred. Turns out he was right, and you were standing at the front of the aisle with a terrified look on your face. You looked like you were about to cry, and he was not having it!
"You all won't mind if I interrupt the wedding, right?" Lilia hung upside down right in between you and the ghost, scaring the both of you. He jumps down and keeps you behind him as the ghost was about to attack.
"What are you doing, trying to steal my future wife?" the ghost shouts. "Excuse me, but you're the rude one, spirited creep," Lilia taunts back, only escalating the tension. Before the ghost can land a blow on Lilia and before Lilia can shoot some magic, a maid throws herself before the ghost and gets hit instead! You make a loud gasp and the ghost prince himself shouts the maid's name. The maid thanks the ghost prince for everything, but that now her time is almost over. "N-no, please, don't leave, you're the one that's been with me since forever," he cries, and with a simple kiss it was clear that there was some kind of true love's magic going on.
This helped kick you out of the bride position as the maid and the groom instead got married. The party still went on, with Lilia and you happily congratulating the newlyweds. Lilia gets pulled to sing some songs too at some point haha.
But Lilia can't help stare at you for most of the night. You looked stunning, just ethereal with the way the ornaments were placed in your hair, the way the dress hugged you, etc. "Did I mention how cute you look, love?" he says, placing a hand in yours. You blush as he laughs at how adorable you look being flustered.
He's sleeping when Grim runs and basically jumps on his stomach. Silver yelps and shoots up from his bed, looking around dazed at the crowd that's in his room. "...What?" he then gets a bunch of people yelling at him that somehow you were about to be spirited away in some ghost marriage. Oh. That.
Though people thought he might go back to sleep, he bolts out and just runs to the dining hall. He knows that the hall is likely where the ghosts would want a ceremony, thus rushing there. He was right, and he saw you in a beautiful dress. He almost forgot he was on a mission to save you because of how much he loved how you looked haha
He runs but is confronted by the guards of the ghost prince. "Move, I need to save my love," Silver says in a stern voice. You shout his name in joy but the groom looks at Silver with disdain. "Your lover?! What imposter are you!"
Silver manages to fight off some ghosts but help is quickly found in the form of Sebek and Lilia. Silver runs to the front of the aisle to save you, but before he can continue (and before you can kick the groom in the face) a maid runs from out of nowhere and tackles Silver. "There! You can now kiss her, my lord! Please, I just want you to be happy!" the maid shouts, but her eyes look sad. Thankfully, the groom caught on after a few minutes of struggling from you and Silver.
"No, I think I know who loves me and who I love back," he suddenly says. Silver and you pause, staring at the guy. He then declares that the wedding shall instead be between the prince and the maid, to which all the ghosts (and students) rejoice. Silver sighs, saying what a pain this prince was.
The party goes on but you just take Silver's hand and leave early. "I know you want to go back to bed," you laugh. He nods, but he keeps his eyes glued on you. You look beautiful. He hopes that he can dream of you two having your own wedding tonight, but until then, he just happily strolls through the hallways with you in hand.
People were looking for Sebek but Sebek was already looking for you haha. He realized that you weren't at Ramshackle because he didn't see you in the hallway at 6:32:42 pm. Grim and Crowley are shocked at Sebek's preciseness and keenness, but Lilia just says he's the same as ever.
Sebek basically runs around the whole campus before stopping by at the dining hall, seeing a flood of ghosts and students there. To make matters worse, you were at the front of the dining hall with a wedding dress, in front of a ghost! He blushed at how beautiful you looked, but he quickly pushed his way to the front, quickly dodging all of the ghosts that tried to stop him.
"CEASE THIS FOOLISHNESS! LET HER GO!" Sebek booms at the ghost, causing both you and the groom to flinch at Sebek's intense aura. "And who may you be, green bean?" the ghost retorted, an annoyed expression on his face. "G-green what?! No matter, I am Sebek Zigvolt, and the beauty standing next to you is my partner!"
Both the groom and Sebek weren't having it with each other. There was absolutely no way to convince either party to give you up, so there was a brawl that was started. The two of them were shooting magic at each other until a maid jumped in between the two of them and told them to stop, saying it was pointless to fight like this. She explained the ghost prince's dilemma and how much it would mean for her and the other ghosts to see him happy again. Thankfully, this was what moved the ghost prince's heart.
"No, you're wrong, I don't want to marry that human," the prince says, cutting off the maid's argument against the ever-so adamant Sebek. "I want to marry you," the prince placed a hand on the maid's. After that, the wedding between you and the ghost was called off and instead it was between the maid and the prince. You were relieved, and so was Sebek, with him giving a proud smile at you.
"I'm just glad you're safe," he says when you two are together. "B-but I also wanted to s-say you look beautiful in that dress," he stammers out a bit later. "Aw, thank you, my handsome," you smile at him, making him blush even harder. He can't help but imagine you two getting married, and just how enchanting you would be there too. But before he can get carried off, you and Sebek return back to your respective dorms.
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bradshawsbaby a day ago
So, I know you mentioned it took Mrs. B about a year to get pregnant with Goose and in the ultrasound story she said she was relieved to finally be pregnant. Did Mrs. B and/or Bradley ever worry that they wouldn鈥檛 be able to have children?
Mrs. Bradshaw definitely started to get a little nervous/stressed out when she realized getting pregnant wasn鈥檛 as easy as she had always assumed it would be. In my headcanon, she and Bradley got married in February and were pretty much actively trying for a baby from that point on. She finally got pregnant with Goose at the very end of November, and realized she was pregnant in December, a few weeks before Christmas.
Both Bradley and Mrs. Bradshaw wanted children very badly, so it was hard for her that it wasn鈥檛 something that happened right away, despite how much they were obviously trying. There were definitely some tears shed over negative pregnancy tests before she finally got that first positive one.
Bradley was always extremely supportive though. He knew deep down that it was going to happen for them. He was constantly reminding Mrs. Bradshaw not to be so hard on herself. It was Bradley鈥檚 idea to stop worrying so much about ovulation cycles and to just make love when they felt like it鈥攚hich was pretty much all the time anyway 馃槈 And obviously it did happen for them鈥攖hree times!
Just like with the stories of Mrs. Bradshaw鈥檚 perinatal anxiety, I wanted my stories of Mrs. Bradshaw鈥檚 pregnancies to be realistic and showcase the reality of some people鈥檚 experiences. Just as I have friends who struggled with perinatal anxiety, I also have friends who didn鈥檛 get pregnant as quickly as they would have liked/on the timeline they wanted. I think when it comes to stories about pregnancy, it鈥檚 easy to think that it always happens so immediately, but that鈥檚 not the case for a lot of people.
Anyway, that was a very long-winded response, but thank you for asking! 馃槉
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robobarbie 2 days ago
Getting my first bank card. Gonna slap the Quiddies on it if they鈥檒l allow it
Holy shit based
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ask-the-face-man a day ago
Looks like your other self, @bettertwin1, is sick with something. Anything you might be able to do to help? Hope he鈥檚 okay.
"Oh no, he's sick????? Well, I better send him my best jokes for entertainment! Theres nothing better than a good ol'neon Leon classic!"
Tumblr media
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