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glendybluebird · 3 days
Happy 1st Anniversary Encanto
Tumblr media
Sorry, late upload. This was supposed to be ready by November 24th but I got a bit too busy and this piece took me forever to finish. My tablet broke and I just draw with my phone and finger.
Some of the characters may look off, but that’s probably just because I no longer have the time to fix the rest of my errors. Still hope you guys like it though! If you wanna see the speedpaint, it’ll be available on tiktok soon.
If you guys wanted to download this image in high resolution, you may check it out in my Ko-Fi page.
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oku-eysa · 9 months
Tumblr media
dos oruguitas, enamoradas
inspired by Jin Kim's concept art of Alma and Pedro from 'The Art of Encanto'
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It would be so weird to be a normal villager living in the encanto during the few days we see in the movie.
Mirabel yelling about the house cracking and the candle almost dying, then everyone finding the house intact
Luisa was probably seen sobbing while running home when she noticed that her gift was weakening
Mirabel starts asking around about Bruno, people share their petty annoyances but don't think much of it
Standing outside Casita during the engagement dinner, thinking everything's going fine, then looking inside to Pepa making a raincloud, Antonio's animals going out of control, Casita cracking like Mirabel said, and Mariano having a broken nose (plus more of Luisa sobbing)
The magic is strong! Everything is fine! We are the Madrigals!" (door slam) "MIRABEEEEL"
Gossiping about what could've possibly happened at the Madrigal/Guzmán dinner, then cacti suddenly erupt from everyone's porches while the sisters everyone could've sworn hated each other whoop and play on the roof with Señora Perfecta Isabela™ loving to be an absolute mess
Casita crumbles to the ground, one of the roads breaks in half, one of the mountains splits, and Mirabel goes missing
Alma and Mirabel coming back on good terms, dragging along the estranged and missing-for-years Madrigal uncle everyone had petty annoyances about
Deciding "fuck it, this family has probably had a weirder couple of days than we have, we might as well help them rebuild after everything they've done for us"
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keeperofthebees · 11 months
Bruno wants kids. Always has. He watched the younger kids run around in the town, making sure they didn't hurt themselves. He saw it happen before it did. Not because of his gift, just common sense. Running around in the rocky paths, going up the steep hills, climbing the trees. And he helped be careful, or he took them to Julieta when they got hurt. When he carried a sniffling child and told them it would be ok and they calmed down and, for once, someone understood he didn't want to do wrong, he wanted kids.
Bruno wants kids. But he's not married. No one wants to marry him. Pepa and Julieta have been married for a while, them and their husbands try to help, but there are some things you can't fix. You can't fix people. You can't fix a personality. You can't fix a gift. He appreciated them trying, he did. But if no one wanted to be with him, there wasn't much he could do about it.
Bruno wants kids, but kids don't want him. He tries to talk to them, interact, try and be nice, but they all run away from "creepy Bruno". Their parents have told them he's a jinx, or a bad person, or whatever they've come up with in their heads. If he can't even get a few 5 year olds to talk to him, how is he gonna deal with his own kid?
Bruno wants kids, and his sisters have them first. Two girls, a few months apart, named Isabela and Dolores. Bruno was the last person allowed to hold the girls every time, but he didn't care. They were perfect. He was allowed to babysit Isabela with Agustín while Julieta slept. Pepa wouldn't let him near Dolores, which was fine. After a while, Abuela didn't let him near Isabela either. Which was fine. Because Luisa was born a little while after, and he could spend as much time with her as he wanted. He couldn't wait to have kids of his own.
Bruno wants kids, and kids want prophecies. His neices decided they did, anyway. He was nervous, because why wouldn't he be, but he accepted. Three prophecies, that's all. Luisa was first, and he saw that she would get a new dress. She was happy. Next was Isa. She would get the life she wanted and her powers would grow stronger. She was happy. Then was Dolores. The man she loved would be betrothed to someone else. She wasn't happy. She wasn't mad either. She didn't really understand, which was fine. As long as she wasn't mad.
Bruno doesn't want kids. By the time Mirabel and Camilo are born, he's given up on it. Pepa grants him the honor of holding Camilo this time, which he takes gratefully. Abuela isn't at home when Mirabel is born, so he's the third person to hold her, after her parents. She's a little small, he thinks. But she's perfect. They both were. He babysat them together sometimes. They loved each other, and said they were twins. They might as well have been. Bruno watched how close they were, how happy they were that he was there, and he cried.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He'll never have any. Not if Abuela would treat them like this. You can't meet people in the walls, anyways. If his kid ended up without a gift and they got the same treatment as Mirabel? He wouldn't stand it. He couldn't. He can't stand it as it is. Every time Mirabel is upset he has to cover his ears and try so hard not to listen. He's a coward. He can't believe himself.
Bruno doesn't want kids. But he keeps a little hope, once Antonio is born. Both Félix and Pepa are 45. So is he. It's not too late, then. He can't hold him, he knows that, but he sneaks into the nursery at night sometimes. Just to look. To introduce him to the rats, and to his Tío Bruno, that he will only meet under the cover of the night when everyone is asleep.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He's a bit busy nowadays, what, with the family, and the house, and he's doing prophecies again. He doesn't have time. There are enough kids in the house. Isabela and Dolores are old enough to marry and have kids of their own, he can't have kids now. But when he watches Antonio talk to the rats, enthusiastic and listening to whatever they say, he can't help but feel a pain in his chest.
Bruno doesn't want kids. But he likes them. He plays soccer with the kids in town. He gives them prophecies. He talks to them, tells them stories, helps them out sometimes. One little girl asked for him to braid her hair, so he did. Before she ran off to play, she said "thank you, Tío Bruno!" and Bruno froze. Other kids started calling him that as well. Adults started after a while. He's not "creepy Bruno" or "the one we don't talk about". He is Tío Bruno.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He already has them.
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k-chips · 11 months
I really don't know why people think the whole family was a bitch to Mirabel...
Exept for Isa and Alma no one else was harsh to her. Literally no one. They never expressed any discomfort or hatred towards Mirabel
Julieta and Agustin clearly support her, Luisa deeply cares about her, Antonio ADORES her.
Pepa and Felix have a good relationship with her and we see that because she wasn’t scared or intimidated when she asks them about Bruno, she’s confident enough to ask "uncomfy" questions and Felix literally started talking about Bruno's vision because he wanted to warn his niece.
And don't even try to tell me that "But Pepa was angry at Mirabel after the dinner!!11!" thing because you would be confused and stressed out as well in her situation
Dolores trust her so much that not only she tells Mirabel the truth about Bruno but also her situation with her unrequited love.
And Camilo never showed to have anything against her. He was always his funny and caring self and he's very cautious with Mirabel in WDTAB
So yeah, I really don't see where this "The whole family has always been toxic and harsh to Mirabel" came from
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popv44 · 6 months
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh OH MY GOOOOOOOSSSHHHH FHFDUXRKRHZ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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galactic-bi-cat · 10 months
Tumblr media
Bruno coming out of the destroyed Casita to shame Abuela (for being unfair to Mirabel)
based on "Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind" by Jean-Léon Gérôme
Tumblr media
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random-cryptid · 10 months
My Encanto Headcanons!
(Mostly about the triplets cause they’re living in my mind rent free. I’ll be adding more when I came up with them.)
Julieta’s hands are worn out and full of scars and burns from cooking, not because she doesn’t want to heal herself but because she doesn’t have time to stop and do so (as a professional baker I say this from experience), and when she has time, she’s way too tired to eat anything.
Also because Agustín sometimes is the one that heals her the “non gift” way. She’s not gonna say no to her man, in fact she finds it cute.
When Pepa blushes she creates fog. The more embarrassed she is, the more fog she produces.
Julieta is one of her main sources of embarrassment. She will squeeze Pepa’s face and call her every single pet name related to the weather (“mi sol, my sunshine, my little ray of sun, my summer rain!”) she can think of.
Julieta LOVES embarrassing her loved ones by showing them how much she loves them (the kitchen scene). Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly intentionally when it’s her siblings.
Thing is that it has the same effect for her. Most of the time Alma or Agustín would to the same to her and she will get full red and cover her face. Cue to Pepa laughing in the back while Bruno smiles.
Félix calls Agustín “Agus”.
The triplets would do slumber parties when they were kids, and now that Bruno is back and have more time for themselves, they’re starting to do them again… husbands included.
“If any of you kisses I’m throwing myself off my tower”. He says it jokingly but he also means it.
Pepa’s room either looks like the disney version of the Mount Olympus (basically made of clouds) or like that one valley with the little cottage from Howl’s Moving Castle. Basically an open space to let her feelings set loose without hurting anyone.
Julieta’s room probably looks like a lab, so she can experiment with different recipes (women in stem 😃👍🏻).
After the film timeline she started hanging out with her girls and niblings. She would teach Isa about plants and their properties while Isa would teach her about exotic plants. They would sit and paint the flowers they discover.
When she was a kid, Dolores would feel overwhelmed by the sounds, so Pepa would sit beside her without saying a word and lend Dolores her hands so she would have something else to focus on. Dolores would do the same if her mom is feeling anxious.
On an attempt to spend more time with her children and grandchildren, Alma starts hanging out with them.
Thanks to Antonio being the mediator, she ended up befriending the butterflies. Toñito would explain and show her the different types of butterflies that exist.
Bc of that, sometimes Alma would go out to the streets while being followed by several butterflies. The townsfolk would look at her in awe, for it’s definitely an angelic view.
Alma would talk about her life to the butterflies, but mostly about her children. This lead to the butterflies posing on the triplets at random times. If Toñito is around he would say “they like you! Abuela talks a lot about you!”. Julieta would be so honoured, while Bruno would be like ☺️ and Pepa would be on the verge of crying. They didn’t expect her mom to talk about how much she appreciates her family and even less her children. Pepa would rush to hug her mom.
When they were teens, Julieta would pass out in the kitchen from exhaustion, so Pepa would always check on her and carry her to her room while Bruno would be following behind.
Agustín and Julieta declared to each other at the same time. It was early in the morning, and Pepa and Bruno were looking from a distance. Needless to say that morning a rainbow painted the encanto’s sky.
Julieta’s hair started greying prematurely, around her mid 20s.
Julieta's love language is words of affirmation, Pepa's is physical touch and Bruno's is quality time.
Felix's love language is also physical touch and Agustín's is acts of service (even though y'know... He's accident prone. He's trying his best alright?)
Alma's is quality time, always has been, but the trauma she was carrying made her unable to actually do so. That's why she tried to compensate it by hanging out with everyone in the family.
She even made a schedule so she won't leave anyone behind. And yes, it does include Felix and Agustín too. If they have to do any chores, she'll help them out in any way she can. If not, she just chills with whoever she's hanging out with (see the butterfly headcanon from above).
Agustín would play the piano for her and Alma would sing along. Surprisingly, she has a really good singing voice.
So does Julieta.
Julieta would sometimes start singing while cooking and if Agustín is passing by, he will just stay on the doorframe until she notices.
Needless to say, she gets really embarrassed when someone hears her sing.
Alma used to sing lullabies to her children when they were kids (I believe that Dos Orugitas is, in fact, a song that exists within the Encanto universe. I mean that this is one of the lullabies Alma would sing to her children).
Julieta would also sing this song to her kids and her sister's kids when they had trouble sleeping. She has a really soft and soothing voice so it definitely works wonders.
The years prior Mirabel's ceremony, Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel would go to sleep to Julieta's room, so you would see them (Agustín included) all sleeping together in the same bed, cuddled up.
Agustín sticks out his tongue when he's concentrated, so sometimes you will see him playing the piano and going >:b. Same with Mirabel.
As she gets older, Julieta starts wearing glasses. She doesn't heal her own eyesight bc she likes matching glasses with Agustín and Mirabel.
Feel free to draw (or write) any of these if you want, and if you do, please tag me!!! I would love to see it!
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lyanhwa · 9 months
Alma: Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone, alright?
Pepa, Julieta and Bruno: Yes, ma.
Alma: Okay, I need you to swear.
Pepa: Fuck.
Alma: Swear, as in promise.
Pepa: Oh.
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encantotime · 10 months
Abuela: I raised a perfectly sane and helpful family.
Mirabel: You have another family we don’t know about? 
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oku-eysa · 9 months
Tumblr media
ay oruguitas, don't you hold on too tight
here's a scenic version of my alma and pedro illustration
inspired by Jin Kim's concept art of Alma and Pedro Madrigal from 'The Art of Encanto'
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carlaerosie · 10 months
just Félix vibing with Abuela to make your day better
Tumblr media
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regiagguzma · 10 months
Abuela: Okay, Bruno, let's get this over with.
Bruno: Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Most of it, self-inflicted.
Abuela: But you didn't even have a vision or anything!
Bruno: I don't need to, it's written all over your face.
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k-chips · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Random angst thing I made? Without any context? 100% self indulgent? Yes.
Some sad snow moment for you
+ flat colors
Tumblr media
I… I just love to draw her side so much…
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angeleila · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A joke for a joke :D
I haven't decided on Luisa, so she's just resting somewhere nearby
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mmollymercury · 10 months
Tumblr media
Someone please stop me-😭😭😭
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