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Mirabel: Looking back, I have no regrets.
Bruno: You should.
Bruno: You really should.
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donthugme1mscared · 9 months
Kokushibou X Child!Reader
Warnings: Death, angst without comfort, hints of wholesome sibling-like-bond, grief, Kokushibou crying, blood, some cursing
A/N: Remember that this is all platonic! Also this is my first time writing and I had this idea in my mind all day long! So please enjoy <3 This is a repost btw bc I accidentally deleted this some time ago and it’s also edited.
Tumblr media
Imagine Kokushibou’s expressionless expression as he looks down over your little corpse. Your eyes that were so filled with love and naivety are replaced with fear, terror and indecision. And when he takes your bony body in his arms, he accuses himself. He blames himself for not being able to protect you. That he couldn't comfort you when your last few seconds passed by. That he can no longer see how you ran to him at night with teary eyes while telling him between sobs that you had a nightmare. Kokushibou misses taking your tiny hand in his.
Kokushibou misses hearing your giggles and laughs.
Before you met him, you strolled in the deep night around and meet him out of pure coincidence. The Upper Moon 1 expected you to scream and run away
Just like every frail human being did
But that never happened. Instead you smiled at him and exclaimed with wide eyes how beautiful he looked.
It was a weird feeling. A compliment thrown at him so carelessly.
And he never planned on taking you under his wing. He took you in because he saw him in you.
His brother.
A nostalgic breeze washed over him as if his head was smashed in the ocean. You wore his brothers face. The face he despised so much. As if the heavens self send his long dead brother in a different way back to him. But why did he pick you up then? Who knows..
The first thing you did was ruffling his hair that apparently in your view was fluffy and soft. Kokushibou would never under any circumstances admit that it was a nice feeling.
A nice feeling since hundreds of years.
So when he came back to the home where you were hidden in warmth and joy he didn’t expect you to be gone. He expected you to greet him with half sleepy eyes, a blanket sprawled over your back. If he wasn’t home he would most likely find you slumbering in your futon. Sometimes you even prepare dinner for the two of you. Kokushibou loved to make dinner with you. He may was a man-eating creature but he still ate the nice food you both prepared.
The fresh smell of pure blood lingered in the air. A bad feeling gloomed in his mind.
He never ran so fast.
Kokushibou knows your smell. It was so sweet that it was aggravating. Sweeter than any sweets that were so well sold in the markets. And purer than any drug
could be. So it wasn’t difficult to find your long dead body sprawled out on the cold ground. Raindrops flowing down on the cold skin that used to be so warm. And of course the blood that hasn’t dried fully yet.
Kokushibou was holding your body as close as he can to his chest. One hand supporting your legs, the other hand laying it’s fingers on your head back. Your face was half pushed into his chest.
Six eyes lost several tears. One after the other. Again and again they fell on your cold face that will never again radiate that innocent smile that he has always loved so much, despite claiming that he hated it. And the tears won’t stop. New ones are replacing the dried ones.
Kokushibou already knew who has done this to you. God he knew it. And he swore to kill them. Vowed in your honour, defense and purity that he’ll avenge you.
He swore to tear the bastards to pieces who did this to you. The bastards who made you feel this pain. The bastards who dare to call themselves the Pillars.
Your lifeless expression haunts him to this day. It hurts him to think about the confusion you felt when they stabbed their filthy swords into your belly and up to your chest. How terrified you must have been. How you waited for him to arrive and save you from these.. monsters just to be forced to face the fact that he’ll never come in time. It hurts.
He never thought nor did he realise how he deep down cherished those simple, bland, yet meaningful memories that soon will turn into a meal to pacify his desire to hold and see you again.
But he likes to think that you’re somewhere.. better. Somewhere warmer and more comfortable. Somewhere where hate doesn’t exist. Somewhere where war doesn’t exist. A place filled with sweetness.. He never questioned what you were doing on your own at night. That night when he met you. All he knew was that somewhere in the Universe, you’re safe and free.
And he will avenge you. No matter what. Even if it would cost his life.
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coffeepancakes · 6 days
The Batboys and Their Nails
Gets his nails manicured even if he doesn’t get them painted
Red. Of course.
And black too for the more dreary moods
Some cute imagery (cartoon animals, hearts, sparkles)
Doesn’t really do “classical” nails or solid colors other than red and black
Shorter gel nails
Had an obsession with stripe prints a while back
Colorful with lots of patterns
Loves artsy prints and drawings
Centers his nail theme around holidays or events coming up
Has long nails that he’s proficient with
Matches his outfits to his nails for as long as he has them
More classical nails
French tips more often
Doesn’t really experiment with colors
Sticks to nude pinks and black and white
Very business chic
Been in a couple magazines featuring his nails
Only just started to do his nails
Raised with the belief that boys can’t do nails so he isn’t too confident yet
Mainly only does solid colors
Does his own since he’s too nervous to go to a salon
Researches how to do nails extensively before actually doing his own though
Mostly nicely manicured dark blue nails
Went through a black French tip phase
Mostly gets his done by Alfred (it’s their father-son bonding time)
They do their nails together at the Manor every blue moon while watching a movie they’ve put on a hundred times
Alfred always gives a disapproving look at anyone who gets too close to the carpets with polish
He has acetone on hand (literally) in case of emergency
Dick always tries to convince Damien to put small polka dots or hearts or flowers or etc on his
Jason always does red, just to get a complaint out of his brothers
Tim finishes first and (tries) to get some WE work done
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almightytuba · 1 month
Used an incorrect quote generator to do some CR drawings because I hit an art block, my brain is fried (think; egg) (i am egg)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Interviewer: What's your most cherished memory?
Antonio: [looks at his family and smiles]
Antonio: I heard a dog laugh once.
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Dolores, in denial: Mariano doesn't have a crush on me.
Mirabel, taking off her glasses: Here.
Dolores: Wh-
Mirabel, putting them on Dolores: For you to see more clearly.
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Antonio: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
Mirabel: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
Luisa: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
Bruno: My will to live! I haven't seen this in 10 years!
Camilo: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Pepa: Mental stability, my old friend!
Julieta: Guys, could you lighten up a little?
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Bruno: Thought I was meowing back at my cats for the past hour. Turns out it was just me and Camilo meowing at each other from different rooms in the house.
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Isabela: Here's a fun Christmas idea: we hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it!
Luisa: Isabela, no.
Camilo and Mirabel: Mistlefoe.
Luisa: Please stop encouraging her.
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Mirabel: Just be casual. Try some light flirting.
Mariano: I can do that.
Dolores: Nice work! High five!
Mariano: [intertwines their fingers]
Dolores: Wh-
Mariano: I'm in love with you.
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Mirabel: Do you think we went overboard with the party decorations?
Camilo: Nah, it's cool.
Luisa: The backyard is on fire.
Isabela: Aesthetic.
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Mirabel: Can you tell me where I can find Tío Bruno?
Dolores: Yeah, for sure. You go down a secret passage behind a portrait, you turn left, you look for a broken down, stressed-out middle-aged man looking like he's functioning on two hours of sleep and one working brain cell, and you follow him.
Mirabel: And he'll take me to Tío Bruno?
Dolores: That is Tío Bruno.
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Félix to Julieta: Okay, now observe.
Félix: EVERYONE, The floor is lava!
Luisa: [helps Isabela, Mirabel and Antonio onto the counter]
Camilo: [pushes Dolores off the sofa]
Félix: As you can see, there are two types of people.
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Mirabel: [having a breakdown]
Bruno: Hmm. I never thought I'd have to say this.
Bruno: But there is only space in this family for ONE unstable family member.
Bruno: And I've held that title for a very long time so you are going to have to get it together.
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Luisa: Mami, do you know how long it takes until you start hallucinating from sleep deprivation?
Julieta: I think-
Bruno: Seventy-two hours.
Julieta: ...How do you-
Bruno, staring into empty space over the rim of his coffee cup: There's a clown behind you.
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Antonio: I need you to check under my bed for monsters.
Bruno: Look, kid, I appreciate your confidence in me, but if there's a monster it's gonna kill us both.
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