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DTOK page 10! (First)(Previous)(Next)
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starsden · 2 days ago
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💜 The First of Forever 💜
Aaah, time really flies! A year later, here I am to finally share the piece I created for @klfirstdatezine 💕
I really love this illustration with all my heart. A lot of time has passed and I think I can dare to say I improved in this year, but this piece was a big achievement for me. It was a challenge, for the background mainly lol, and even tho I am well aware it is not perfect I’m still proud of it and I keep it close to my heart 💜 Thanks to @klfirstdatezine for the chance to be part of this project!
I hope you guys will enjoy to finally see the full thing 💜
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nina-rosa · a day ago
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I’m not sure about the exact definition, but a “hyperfixation” is a term used by neurodiverse people (ad(h)d or autism for exemple) for when they’re really passionate about something? Like for me it’s usually some kind of media like tv shows, animation, movies, video games, music bands… on a long time span (from 6 months to a couple of years). It’s a thing I don’t see a lot of people talking about, and I found out about it only recently (when I got diagnosed with add actually). Before that, I always thought I was a bit weird for being obsessed by something to the point where I’m thinking about it everyday all day long, but it’s actually pretty common and ok! :’D
I wrote this explanation based on my personal experience, so I could be wrong on the exact definition, please let me know if I said anything incorrect!
The years that you’ll see mentioned on top of the titles are the years I got the hyperfixation in question (and not the date of release of the media).
I only put my main hyperfixations here, but there were also a few minor ones that I didn’t include like Harry Potter (around 2011), WTC and SLG (two YouTube channels that I watched a lot when I was like 14 or something, so around 2015), musicals (around 2021)…
I’ve always felt a bit embarrassed about my hyperfixations, because some of them can be a bit controversial or because I’m scared other people might find it weird or cringe to like something very passionately? But they also hold a special place in my heart as some of them helped to make me what I am today, or just made me feel very happy. 💖
I guess the reason why I’m making this post is to talk more about this thing that some brains do, so people like me who felt self-conscious and didn’t know about this can be passionate about what they love more freely, as the famous quote says: « I am cringe but I am free ».✨💫✨💫✨
(And also just for fun, I wanted to draw again all those things that inspired me a lot)
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koogi123 · 2 days ago
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some honorary klance in honor of rewatching voltron with a friend recently :3
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one-and-lonely16 · a day ago
lance: *goes to make a joke*
the team: shut up lance
lance: i miss keith
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veracxa · 2 days ago
just imagining keith taking lance to a beach on his motorcycle.
them driving around for hours, enjoying their company and date. visiting an arcade lance loves to go to (mostly with hunk and pidge).
lance joyfully laughing, his arms tight around keiths waist while keith grins happily, his face not just red because of the outside.
at the beach, they go for a swim, splashing around, and having fun. kissing when the sun goes down. later, they also go stargazing, sitting on the top of a nearby hill, cuddled up together in a blanket they brought with them.
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I keep opening this app like the Voltron fandom is actually gonna revive
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tebsel · 7 hours ago
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I could explain every little detail, but i'll let you discover them yourself :D
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badsongpetey · 13 hours ago
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"We really shook the pillars of Heaven, didn't we, Keith?" Go watch 'Big Trouble in Little China' and tell me Lance isn't Jack Burton. Also, holy hell, I know the shirt is iconic, but I'm not drawing it again xD
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trivojol · 21 hours ago
Spider Keith🕷
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zolanort · a day ago
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@sunshine-hime behold!
(redraw of this post)
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keefsteefs · 3 days ago
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Was a lil bit bored
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imiliens · 2 days ago
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fire-of-the-sun · 2 days ago
"You speak to me of weakness? You've become nothing more than one of the witch's monsters! Does she control you as well?" - Lotor to Zarkon, 5x02
This line says a lot. Lotor telling his father that he’s nothing more than a raving monster on someone else’s leash is deeply insulting. Not only does it further exemplify just how little Lotor thinks of Zarkon, it also speaks to his contempt for Haggar as well as acknowledges just how much power she has. Lotor hates Zarkon, but he hates his mother more and sees her as the bigger threat and therefore reserves more fear and caution towards her capabilities. 
This mentality also probably contributed to his prompt execution of Narti after realizing that she was a spy for his mother. Though it would have been hard to cut down a companion so easily, in that moment, he probably saw her more as a dehumanized puppet than a person and his fear of Haggar and the potential discovery of his plans outweighed his sentiments towards his general.
Lotor considers being someone’s puppet to be a weakness. A terrible fate for one who deeply desires freedom and agency such as himself, which is why he goes to such great lengths to avoid his parent’s authority. He desperately wants a sense of control over his life and would naturally fear being used by someone else, especially Haggar. 
And that’s exactly what becomes of Lotor. 
His worst nightmare became a reality as his body was used against his will as a vessel for further destruction he didn’t concede to and then readily disposed of. He was forced to become the obedient monster - a mindless weapon - of the one person he feared and hated most. I dearly hope he wasn’t conscious enough to realize that he was her prisoner but given how he was cognizant of Allura’s presence to some degree, I kind of doubt he even had that small mercy. For him, this would truly be a fate worse than death and one he did not deserve...
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the-kittens-of-vol-tron · 2 days ago
My Sibling: Keith's dad, first name Texas last name Roadhouse
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inversidom-riot · 2 days ago
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3 NEW Sheith items have been added to my Etsy shop for preorder!
☆ His Universe Glitter Charm ☆
☆ Sheith Glitter Heart Charm ☆
☆ Requited Love Print ☆
~ Preorders will end on Oct. 10th ~
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viv-is-a-clown · 2 days ago
Log Entry #1
Am I doing this right? Mrs. McClain told me that writing down how I'm feeling and what I'm doing can help me with everyday life. It's supposed to help me deal with my emotions and it can help me remember what I did each day. Sometimes I can't recall if I've done something so this might help.
Do you know something else Mrs. McClain told me? She has a son who is interested in magic. That son also happens to be named Lance, the same Lance that I apparently saved last year. I didn't really do anything though. Shiro did most of the work. (He denies it though)
Anyway, Lance is getting to be a handful, she says. He's getting hard to deal with. He's constantly talking about how "cool" magic is and how he wishes he could practice it. Peculiar, really. By these descriptions, you would think he's maybe 8. No. He's around my age, 17 if I'm not mistaken.
He must not know that you can enchant items to aid in the casting of spells and such. In theory, it could help him practice magic. I can see that it's stressing Mrs. McClain out. She wants to support her son but that's pretty hard saying that he wants to learn magic. I figure I owe her a favor with all the bread and eggs she's brought me over the months, especially when she has so many mouths to feed already.
I might be able to take that son of her's off her hands. I'll just tell her that I need an assistant and ask if Lance would be able to help me. I'll just have him run errands and make deliveries though. I'm sure Kosmo would love a break. He usually does deliveries and errands.
I'm not cruel though. I'll enchant a hat so that he can practice magic. It won't be very useful though. I'm not skilled enough to make it very strong.
Here are the potions I made today:
Pigeon's 2 fire potions (Lord knows what they're doing with it but hopefully it isn't property damage)
Shiro's hospital's 20 healing potions (Remember, do custom needed tomorrow)
Smith's strength potion
Turner's plant growth potion
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