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Young Julieta, holding a rock: Agustín just gave this to me and said, "I feel like you deserve the moon but all I can give you is a rock."
Young Pepa: If you don't marry him, I will.
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partywithponies · 11 months
Can we appreciate Agustín Madrigal? His daughter is just like "hey dad I just broke several rules, nearly died, stole a thing, now the house is falling apart and the entire town could be in danger and it might all be my fault", and he doesn't even get cross for a moment, he's instantly like "okay we can fix this we just have to hide this, let me help you hide this. nobody needs to know".
One of his daughters could be like "dad I killed a man" and he'd just be like "okay sweetie don't panic I'll help you hide the body".
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beeyoungkah · 8 months
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more Agustín x Julieta 💕
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madrigals skintone reference
ok so i’ve been. struggling with their skin tones and a mutual of mine responded with some flat colors on my other blog
anyway i went ahead and eye dropped their skintones from each as best i could and this is what i got
they’re a little varied in each but i hope this at least gives a good idea of where to aim for in terms of tint and undertone
Tumblr media
(the reference images ⬇️) (badly put together in a collage bc i didnt want to post like 5 pictures)
Tumblr media
but ye i hope this helps !
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kinschi · 9 months
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Drunk Madrigals redrawn as pictures of me of my friends
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cwgl418 · 10 months
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Julieta & Agustín💙
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disneh · 1 year
I would like to take a moment to talk about the color coding of the Madrigals
Tumblr media
Either I’m reading way too much into this or the creators of this film are genius:
I love how Pepa’s side of the family (Pepa, Félix, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio) is dressed in warm tones (oranges and yellows), and Julieta’s side of the family (Julieta, Agustín, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel) is dressed in cool tones (blues and purples)!
And Alma is dressed in a maroon-ish tone, which makes her stand out being the head of the family
Also, Bruno (not pictured) dresses in green because he is the brother of Julieta and Pepa, therefore a mixture of the blues and yellows of both sides. His color also stands out from everyone else, being cast out of the family.
I’m not sure if there is any meaning to the individual colors, but I think it’s such a cool detail! (Or I am reading way too much into this)
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Little Encanto Details From The Books, Part 2!
I was blown away by the response to my first post about this! (Read the first part here!) I went back through the two books and wrote down every tiny thing I could find. I think I won’t have any more until Disney releases a new book about Encanto, which hopefully they’ll do soon!
• Pepa and Agustín call Mirabel “Mira.”
• Bruno, if not the rest of the family, is Catholic (he crosses himself when meeting Antonio’s jaguar.)
• Abuela is considered the heart of the Encanto.
• Casita grows and expands to fit all the family members.
• Agustín and Félix are very close and are constantly talking.
• Isabela sometimes thinks it would be nice if she didn’t have a gift.
• While they’re both twenty-two, Isabela is older than Dolores.
• Antonio snores.
• The last time Abuela hugged Mirabel was before her failed Gift ceremony.
• The roof is Mirabel’s favorite spot in Casita.
• Casita likes being touched.
• Agustín is a pianist.
• Isabela always carries a handkerchief.
• After Luisa got her gift, she spent the rest of the night doing tricks with it for the townspeople.
• Luisa doesn’t care what she wears as long as it’s comfortable.
• Isabela drinks café con leche.
• Luisa’s ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.
• The man who told Luisa that the donkeys got out is named Señor Rendon, and he’s described as “sometimes careless.”
• Three other townspeople are named Señora Ruiz, Señora Flores, and Señora Uriarte.
• Luisa never took naps before the events of the movie, believing that “nighttime is for sleeping, daytime is for getting things done.”
• Casita is very gentle when playing with the younger Madrigals.
• Isabela never gets in trouble.
• Isabela thinks Mirabel and Camilo are too old for toys.
• Abuela and Señora Guzmán have a somewhat tense relationship- described as a “battle of politeness.”
• Mirabel’s palms sweat when she’s worried.
• Luisa loves bright colors.
• Mirabel sneezes around things like sand or dust. Or salt.
• Félix rarely worries about anything.
• Isabela has a pond in her room filled with water lilies.
• Camilo and Pepa are both able to pick up and carry Antonio. Antonio especially likes to ride on Pepa’s shoulders.
• Isabela never wears her shoes on her bed.
• Luisa has panic attacks.
• While Isabela doesn’t love Mariano, she does hope to marry someday.
• Abuela secretly thinks Mirabel is a lot like Pedro was.
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sketchnwhatevr · 8 months
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A bunch of @incorrectmadrigalfamilyquotes doodles yet again lol
These are too fun to do
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adorasgayass · 11 months
"Not all men" you're right, Félix and Agustín Madrigal, the ideal husbands, would never do this
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beeyoungkah · 8 months
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k-chips · 9 months
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For this:
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