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heartfullofleeches · 3 days
Just imagining priest reader putting down a salt circle around them so they can pray in peace for once meanwhile all the demons that have been at the church are just begging for priest reader to break the circle and let them in
Kneeling before the alter, you bow your head in prayer for another blessed day brought by your creator. The winds whip violently around you depsite every door and window being locked tight; clawing at your skin through your robes though physical embrace lies beyond reach. The ring of white surrounding you turns ashen as you utter the first word of your invocation; shadows licking the invisible barrier between you and those who see you as savior.
"Let us in.."
You pay no heed to their demanding calls as recited worship spills from your lips. It's quite strange how the damned could enter God's realm, but you weren't one to argue lest they got in the way of important verses like this. A bigger mystery was how a simple material such as salt managed to keep such forces at bay, however the holy water blessed by your own hands likely added extra strength.
For a merciful being, your actions could be described as nothing but cruel to those around you. Those who would slaughter in your name. More faithful than any religious figure. They'd bleed their own blood against the velvet floors of your chapel - all for a single kiss to your heel.
You rise as the prayer closes. The pleads of your flock scratch at the corners of your mind, but you enjoy the moment without their touch for a little long as you lean against the podium. The voices hiss as you stretch your muscles; greedy eyes fixated on the supple flesh that edges from your robes. Some edge close to tears as you offer a kind smile to your pitiful followers.
A beauteous tyrant is what they label you.
All at once, the screaming stops. A spare key in hand, your fellow worshiper walks up to the alter. They step up towards you, then take two back.
"Good morning, Priest."
"Good morning! Will you be joining us in service today?"
"Gladly, but if I may ask - can you clean up the salt first?"
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Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't find anything about whether request were open or not, but if they are can you do the gushing over their animal form with Jade/Floyd, Ruggie and Malleus (since he has referenced several times that he can turn into a dragon)? If not pls just delete thank you
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
“Ohhh My Gaaahsh! You’re a merman?! An eel merman?! Wooowww!”
“(Y/n) focus! Or you’ll lose Ramshackle forever!”
“But he’s a moray eel!”
Even after the fact he’s flattered that you were so stunned about this
If you don’t seek him out he’s seeking you out 
Like feather on a string to a cat he’ll mention something about being a moray eel or dropping a fact 
Watching excitedly as your face lights up and your face moves closer to his
You’re so adorable it's insane
Inviting you to meet up with him so you could look at his tail
Or letting you look inside his mouth at his rows of teeth
Of course it's all for a price but he doesn’t need to tell you that 
He’ll just happily repeat that whenever your friends ask why he thinks it's okay to disappear with you in the Coral Sea
“(Y/n) just wants to know more about me, what's the problem with that?”
He knows why they’d be worried but it's so satisfying to find you so excited to simply hold his tail
You’ll even let him squeeze you if it means you get to touch his scales
You’re just cute like that
He’s addicted  
It's his favorite game of watching you ignore all his red flags so you can gush over his animal traits 
“If you promise to spend that weekend camping with me, I’ll let you see a secret trait I have in common with real moray eels.”
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
That's adorable
Shrimpy likes morays!!
He’ll be curious as to why your so excited everytime he comes to play with Baby Seal or Crab or the Mackaral
And as long as he doesn’t squeeze too tight you love playing with him
“So I’ve been meaning to ask: what is it that you like so much?”
You aren’t afraid to tell him and his reaction further spurs you on
Immediately he’s carting you off so you can play with him in his mer form
You’re so excited because Morays are so mysterious
Where you’re from they’re pretty elusive so your more than excited when Floyd proudly presents his teeth
Your his favorite to play with, so don’t play with anyone else
Don’t look at Jade hang out with him
he prefers it when you don’t announce when you get handsy with him
He’s guarding your curiosity because its his you’re his
At first it's just your interest in marine life than its you simply asking how your friends are
“Oi oi I don’t like it when my Shrimpy goes explorin’. You’re not encouraging that right?! Otherwise I’ll have to squeeze all the air out of ya.”
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucci
For a while he just knows that whenever he enters the room your eyes are on him
He doesn’t have to talk to you but you notice him
He sees you look at his ears and tail 
And he figures you just want to touch them
That's cool if your willing to pay
But even if you do it doesn’t stop
Honestly he’s flattered he doesn’t have to do much to get your attention
It certainly helps when he’s busy taking care of Leona all day
So he’ll bite 
And he’s in shock when you admit how much you like hyenas
“Like you're already a team player and survival is like super important! Not to mention you are a male but your so cool and sure of yourself–”
“G-geez don’t dissect your seniors like that! It gives serious Rook vibes.”
“R-right, sorry.”
“Not exactly saying you should stop all of it though…”
He’s blushing but he’s making the most of your interest
Drinking in that smile on your face as he answers your questions
While he’s not exactly used to being the one that's glorified but he doesn’t mind it
In fact the moment he feels your attention wane he’s pulling out any and all stops to maintain your attention
“Ruggie, did you take something from my bag?”
“Shishishishi you know hyena’s are scavengers! Best you start paying more attention!”
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
This doesn’t come up casually
For the beginning of your friendship you didn’t even know his actual name
So it's more likely than not you mention it off-handedly
Once characters in books or movies or just in general is recognizable he’s keeping track
This is still so new
He doesn’t want to lose you if he reveals this part of himself
But Malleus is a stickler for correctness
So if you speak about how dragons in fiction do things and he corrects you or makes a distinction and your doubtful or just downright now believing he’ll transform
Totally dwarfing you in sheer size
Realizing what he’s done he’s fully prepared for you to gasp and runoff Not that you’d get too far
Your beam and squealing and touching him so much more
Your so adorable with your questions
Your soft little fingers running over his scales and spending all night excitedly being around him
Transforming back he relishes in the intimacy this brings
In the future he may refrain from full-on dragon form but his tail is close enough
But it keeps you close to him both as a conversation topic and as a limb that can easily pull you to his side
“Sorry to put you under the lens like this Tsuno…”
“It is not a problem. I have found that your inquiries help answer my own curiosities about you.”
He can’t be beat, he won’t be beat because who else is going to go full dragon for your mere curiousity
No one can compare especially when it comes to animal-heritage
According to you the closest that you could ever get to a dragon would be a carnivorous lizard
So aren’t you lucky that this dragon fae is swooning at the suggestion of your touch
“I would like for you to feel my horns. Please, do not be shy, this is an action instigating intimacy. Intimacy that I welcome with you (Y/n), my child of man.”
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windrsr · 3 days
Samuel (Male Yandere OC) x Gender Neutral Reader
A/N: okay so idk where the original ask for this one went because for some reason tumblr likes to eat my asks like snacks-
Samuel With A Darling Who's Afraid of The Dark
Tumblr media
•At first, it took him a second to figure out why you were clinging so tightly to him the lights went out one time. He holds you close, "oh, you poor, little thing. Are you scared of the dark? Don't worry. There's nothing here that can hurt you..."
•For the most part, he wouldn't help you get over your fear from the dark. Instead, he would use that against you; after all, he wants you to be completely dependent on him, even if you happen to be afraid. It gives him the chance to comfort you and take care of you when you're all scared and hopeless.
•Another thing he would do is use your fear of the dark as punishment if you ever disobey him or act inappropriately; he would lock you in pitch black room, no lights, nothing, even if you would beg him to let you out. When he's sure that you learned your lesson, he would hug and comfort you, telling you this is for your own good.
•When there were dark places in the house that you were too into by yourself when you needed something, he would go get it for you. But when you would refuse to let him go, afraid that he might not come back from the darkness, he chuckles and tells you to come with him, just so you can cling to him when you're in dark places.
•Many of rooms in his house have a dim light, since he knows that makes you a little uneasy. It keeps you from having a steady and clear mind, so he uses this to take care of your needs, whatever you want. "Aw, are you scared, sweetheart? It's okay. Come here, let me hold you..."
•When it comes to bedtime, he wouldn't give you any night lights. Instead, he would grab you by the hand and lure you to the bed, praising you for doing such a good job. He holds you close and you can feel hid warm body press up against you in the bed, and he kisses your head, telling you he will protect you.
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parasytte · 3 days
I Won't Share You
sorin is a name known across all the land. a great, powerful fire dragon who's stories have been told for centuries. he's seen as a beast, a being with no reason or want for anything besides riches .. until he found you.
<3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3
NAME: sorin
YANDERE TYPE: primal, possessive, protective, doting
PHYSICSL DESCRIPTION: long ruby red hair that reaches his tailbone, his hair has a few braids with small crystals/gems weaved in, fiery eyes, his tail, wings, and scales are all red, orange, and yellow, a couple scars on his back and chest, 8'0.
PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: used to be very quiet but now that he has you he's constantly bragging, confident, knowledgeable.
LIKES: jewels/riches, flying, reading, pillaging villages from time to time.
<3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3
anyone wanna guess who the song this is titled after is by
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lackinglevi · 2 days
omg i want to kiss yan coworker... idk why i just imagined a nerdy person to have so many monitors, imagine taking off their glasses while they're dumbfounded and pressing kisses against their surprised, flushed face, that usually has nothing on it at all. kiss the eye bags. make em happy. anyway I meant more like I would love to do that to them but yeah. thanks for writing such a lovely thing!!
YOU. GET. IT. being able to console nerdy yan coworker after he spotted a customer grope their hands on your lower back. stroking their hair while reassuring them nothing happened in those 5 minutes your manager pulled you into his office. leaving a trail of kisses on their neck as an apology for being gone for so long... ugh this isn't helping my day dreams.
ps. i wrote this based off my fat ass crush on my manager, manifesting a little quid-pro-quo hehe
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godnectar · 20 days
could you make more possessive pup hc? i absolutely adore the first ones! (but really i’m just thirsty for your writing cuz it’s so good-)
aww, thank you so much! i hope you like this one as well <3 click here to find part 1 ── link (from old acc).
・✶ 。゚𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐏𝐔𝐏 ; 𝐩𝐭 𝟐 ¡!
cw: suggestive/a bit of nsfw (dry humping, messy oral), possessiveness, toxic behavior, dog hybrid! yandere, etc.
Tumblr media
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who gets off with the thought of you taking full advantage of his obedience as you are his owner. he just loves with all his heart being a good pet for u <3 whatever you want or whatever you need his work is to serve.
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who has been more and more direct about his intentions with you as the days go by. why should he be subtle? he wants to be closer with you as soon as he can. expect him to be more clingy with you and jealous about your acquaintances, specially males.
"you're mine, baby, u should know that i don't like to share."
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who doesn't exactly understand how, but gets to start an official relationship with his sweet master. he swears he's the luckiest man in earth, being able to let the dudes you talk with know that you're not single anymore. feels so proud of himself, always having a smirk on his lips when u both go outside.
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who's ten times hornier than before when you finally start to reciprocate his affection. you may want to be all lovey dovey with your darling giving him hugs, head pats or even little kisses and, suddenly, his hardness would be poking your thigh out of nowhere~
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who wakes you up in the middle of the night humping against you from behind. lips parted taking deep breaths, doe eyes wide and dilated heart shaped pupils looking straight at u. tries to say something like "this isn't what it looks like" only to end up sighing defeated:
"i'm sorry, my love, but you just feel so good~ ♡"
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who would did happily in the position he's at the moment. after some time convincing you, he's now between ur sweet legs, enjoying the lovely flesh of your hips while leaving kisses in ur inner thighs <3
𖣠 POSSESSIVE PUP who adores to hear all the filthy sounds you're letting out, makes him want to keep pleasing you. with nails digging on ur waist and tongue lapping messily at your sex, baby would absolutely be able to cum on place.
Tumblr media
© godnectar 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without my permission.
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yonderly-alamort · 28 days
How about yandere pervert? ALSO CONGRATS ON YOUR 100+ FOLLOWERSS ^^
tysm for the congratulations and request, darling! i really hope you like it, 'cause this is a long one!
if you have any idea/suggestion send an ask or reqs here!
cw: dark content, perversion, kinda nsfw (subtle), suggestive, non-consented vouyerism & photos, etc.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who has been captivated by you the second he saw you. being friends since you were little kids was amazing, but staying by ur side after all these years was another total thing. and the fact that he still has your trust makes everything so much easier <3
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who loves having sleepovers with you. being this almost a tradition , something u both always did on weekends, you two weren't uncomfortable sharing the bed nor cuddling in the middle of the night, something his upper heart and lower core appreciated very much~
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who spends the night admiring you; the way you look, the way your lashes flutter every now and then, the way your back rises with each breathe, even the way your shorts move up whenever you slightly kick your legs, revealing little bits of your lovely ass cheeks.
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who swears to whoever who is up there that he doesn't have a boner, cursing on his insides whenever he feels himself twitch, everything while taking quick snaps of you with his phone and saving them in a private album he named "my darling ♡."
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who has already catched you blowing off some steam and touching yourself when you thought he was asleep. these moments were the ones he would treasure forever, that's for sure.
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who has his back facing you so you couldn't see his face of satisfaction whenever he hears your hitched, deep inhales or your adorable sounds. he didn't think he could fall even more for you, but hearing your moans and imagining all of your movements because he's not able to turn around proves the contrary.
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who promises himself that someday you won't need to do these things alone, because he will be by ur side volunteering to give you all the pleasure u want.
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who is aware this isn't correct. nothing of this is. but he will be damned if he lets you run away when you discover that your best friend, almost soulmate is a just another disgusting, fucking pervert.
𖣠 YANDERE PERVERT! who one night fucks up everything and says out loud: "the noises you make are incredible. don't cover your mouth, baby, i wanna hear you."
Tumblr media
© yonderly alamort 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without my permission.
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vaguely-yandere · 1 month
bleh, im so tired of yanderes who are just possessive, its boring me. i like it when theyre creepy. freaks. the stalkers that drool and sweat and shake when they think of you, that pant and can barely hold themselves up, that have their walls covered inch by inch with pictures of you and they fall asleep in bliss just staring at your face.
i dont want them to want me more than air, i want them to feel like crushing their own bones into a powder because their body just wont stop shaking, the feelings are just so intense that they want to break themselves open for me and moan as i get to see the deepest parts of themselves.
i dont want them to be willing to do anything for me, i want them to already do it. i want them to spend hours whispering prayers while they watch me sleep, i want them to screech and sob when they see someone else even looking at me, i want their love for me to consume them, their love to sink its teeth into their flesh and never let go. i want their love to be primal, terrifying and destructive and i want them to be addicted to it.
FUCK yanderes who just throw you into a basement and call it a day, i want this fucker to crunch down on their fingers cause i said i wanted them to. i dont want them to even second guess it. and i want them to look up at me, smiling and panting as their own blood floods out from their mouth, landing on their thighs where they kneel at my feet.
i dont want 'id kill for you' i want 'i will still be yours when my corpse is nothing but dry bones and long dead plant matter'. i dont want 'i want you' i want 'i am yours' like???? what is not clicking!!!! i wanna off handedly and sarcastically mention i want a kid and scream at them to get their ass back in the house when they run out to go get me a kid. i want their first response to almost anything to be to drop down to their knees in front of me and look up at me like i am holy.
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sugarfairychan · 3 months
Yandere doctors who give you a wrong diagnosis so that you can keep coming back to them, so that they can “check up on you more.” Who do this purposefully so that you have a reason to see them, are forced to see them. Who misses out on a doctor’s appointment when your health could be in danger? 
Yandere doctors who touch you more intimately than necessary while they check your body, whose hands wander your sides and press a little harder with their stethoscopes. 
Yandere doctors who are obsessed with your body, your anatomy. Who open you up to see your insides, to see the heart that beats so beautifully inside of you, the organ that creates a symphony inside of you. Who force you into surgical procedures for their own morbid curiousity.
Yandere doctors who put you up in a private ward and personally checks up on you so that no nurses can know then they touch you inappropriately whilst you’re asleep and drugged up. Who also do this because they don’t want anyone else to see you.
Yandere doctors who aren’t a gynaecologist but who’s ‘filling in’ for your doctor. Who’s rough with their exam, not because they want to you, their love, but because it’s taking everything in them not to throw their medical gloves off and take you there in the stirrups. 
Yandere doctors who pump you up with drugs so that you’re pliant and willing to whatever they do to you. 
Yandere clinics where the doctors and the nurses are in on it, who devote themselves to you and you alone. Getting your shots? Oh, you’re dizzy and tired? Don’t worry, darling, it’s a common side effect. Why don’t you have a lie down in the nurses’ office? Don’t worry, we won’t let anything happen to you...
Yandere clinics where nurses fight to hold your hand when you’re scared as they draw your blood. Who argue and attempt to attack each other because they want to be the one to check your heartbeat and be your personal nurse at the ward you’re in. 
Yandere clinics where a nurse secretly records your heartbeat and calls a legit staff meeting just to listen to it.
Yandere doctors who don’t hesitate to create an air bubble in one of your friend’s IV so that they die a painless death. Who will be by your side and be your support whilst you’re grieving and mourning. 
thank you @ravenlutionary for your ideas :)
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ziaron · 2 months
I can't stop thinking about soft yanderes- so here's your daily one shot <3 ~~~
CW: kidnapping, medication/pill mentions, yandere behavior, eating/food/hunger mentions, manipulation/guilt tripping, physical health, injuries/being injured,
You lazily begin to wake up, greeted by a gentle hand brushing the hair out of your face. . . Wait- hand? Jolting upwards, you see an unfamiliar man and an even more unfamiliar room. He can sense your breathing quicken as your eyes scan the room trying desperately to wake up from this horrid dream-
"Oh thank god you're finally awake! I was starting to get worried!" His kind smile and relaxed manner confused you greatly.. 'what the hell? Wait- do i know them or something? Maybe they were helping me?'
"I-im sorry but where am i? I can't seem to remember what happened? Did i get hurt or something?"
Giving the benefit of the doubt was easy since he seemed so convincingly unthreatening...
"Hurt? Ohh yeah, yeah. I found you on the sidewalk passed out! Hospital bills are super expensive and i didn't know your situation, plus i have medical experience myself- so i just brought you here!" His voice was relieving...
maybe its a bit weird that he didnt call for help but truthfully he was right. Medical bills are incredibly expensive- there would have been no way you would've recovered from such expenses. But... he seems a little young to have medical experience. 'Maybe he's like me? Had to take care of someone?' Your mind was always making excuses for others and it seems like this stranger was no exception.
You waited a bit to forge your answer, but he waited patiently and expectantly for your reply as if he was looking for reassurance.
"Thank you so much! That's honestly really sweet of you- you're right- oh my god did you know its like 10k to be taken to the hospital by ambulance!" You tried to lighten the situation and tame some of your own worries by striking up conversation with him which he happily obliged before pivoting after your stomach lets out a loud growl...
"You must be so hungry! Wait right here while i get you something to eat!" His eyes and mannerisms were beaming at this point. 'Thank god someone kind helped me... i could have been kidnapped or something!' You say to yourself, reassuring that you are in fact safe.
Your eyes wander around the room you're in... its pretty big, like- the size of a master bedroom... there are three doors; one leading out to the hallway, which the kind stranger left from; the other seems to be a bathroom, telling by the tile you can see under the door; and the other must be a closet.
'Wait- is this the master bedroom?' You get up from the bed and decide to confirm for yourself... the room is incredibly tidy, like no one uses it, but that just wouldn't make sense if it was the master? Who gives their main bedroom to a complete stranger, right?
BANG, FOOSH- the door flings open- and you genuinely jump out of the sudden noise.
A quick "whoops! Didn't mean for that to be so loud!" makes its way to your ear before dead silence. Turning to face him you can see concealed anger and annoyance, which quickly turns to suprise and concern as he notices your eyes on his.
"You shouldn't be up!" He says as he sets down the tray and oh so gently takes his hands in yours, guiding you back to the bed.
"Sorry, i don't mean to be rude or weird asking this but is this the master bedroom?" The question was innocent enough you assumed, only hoping that you didn't accidentally make the stranger uncomfortable. 'Hmm i should probably ask their name as well... just calling them stranger seems a bit rude.'
"Oh- uhh... yeah- it is... i don't use it though. Oh! Wait! Don't worry it's clean though! Its totally clean!" He waved his hands in front of you with a pitiful expression on his face, causing you to smile as he went on...
"I live here alone- but i still make sure to clean all the rooms and stuff.." his voice became melancholy as he explained... your face filling with concern as you softly pressed further.
"Alone? You seem a bit too young to own a house? Aren't we about the same age?"
"Mhm... im *(your age + 2)*... and... the house is... inherited."
You decide not to press further... 'Inherited... did his parents die or something? Or is he the grandson of some rich old guy and decided to flee the nest?' He redirected your attention to the tray of food he came in with.
"Here- I got you something easy since you still probably aren't feeling well..." cautiously laying the tray on your lap; a bowl of soup, a glass of water, and a small cup containing 2 small pills.
"The pills are for any pain, you might wanna take those first." He says... you agree and swallow the pills since you definitely don't wanna be in any pain. The soup he made seems to have cooled slightly since talking so you happily sit up ready to eat.
"Thank you it looks delicious." Your smile falters however when he's the one picking up the spoon...
"Oh no no- don't worry i can do it myself!" You say as you hold out your hand for the spoon, but he doesn't budge.
"You don't need to be embarrassed, honestly, if you don't take care of yourself you might hurt yourself again- and- i wouldn't be able to forgive myself if you got hurt because i couldn't take proper care of you!"
The ending of his response simultaneously guilted you and unnerved you. 'Maybe I'm reading into it too much? He's already done so much to help me- i can't treat him badly...! But.. this is so embarrassing........'
Reluctantly you give in if only to ease the guilt in your mind. When he hears you accept you can tell he's extatic even while trying to remain calm. Suspicion and concern floods your mind and you can feel your body rush with adrenaline. However, you refuse to make a fool of yourself if all of it really IS unfounded... I mean really-! How could you live with yourself after embarrassingly and unjustly treating someone who's only motive was to help an injured person! Even if his actions were a little ... hands on...?
You open your mouth as he gleefully feeds you. It tastes really good! And the warmth soothes your aching head all be it leaving you a bit groggy.
"Is it alright?"
"Yeah its really good~ do you cook? Or is it from a can or something?" You often speak without thinking- and are currently mentally face palming yourself as you begin to over think 'oh god what if i just made him embarrassed about it, oh no- or if it is from a can and i just cornered him into admitting it was! Or or-!'
Calmly, he responds, "Yep, i cook a lot. It's not really a hobby.. more of a necessity really."
"Ah... i see." You're relieved for a moment before it dawns on you- 'How could i be so stupid~! Really, I'm such a dumbass-' shaking your head at yourself and almost scoffing at your own incompetence, you remind yourself to ask the two questions you should have started with in the first place!
"Sorry i didn't ask this before but what's your name?"
"Oh- ummm..." he's oddly silent... as if contemplating telling you.
He finally responds with, "Luca."
"Luca? Thats such a cool name!"
"Thank you! Yours is really pretty to..." That last sentance was said a bit quieter but you quickly blushed and thanked him. 'Wait...' When did you give him your name?
'Aw hell- maybe he said that without thinking and is now embarrassed with himself! I shouldn't mention it as not to embarass him further... It's the polite thing to do!' You tell yourself, dropping that conversation but making a mental note to slip up and mention your name in conversation later so he doesn't have to ask and explain. Now, you proceed to your second important question.
"B-By the way... do you know what exactly is wrong with me? I know you said you found me on the sidewalk... did i faint or something?"
"Umm.. yeah. Yeah! You did... it was really worrying! At first i thought maybe it was heat stroke or something because of the sun- but you weren't hot so i took you here to properly take your temperature and make sure you werent going to die or something! Haha.."
"Wow... i can't believe i don't even remember anything... last thing i remember is-"
Your head feels like its being hit on both sides by a hammer or something... but the pain fades quickly, allowing you to recover.
"Oh no- are you ok?" Luca's voice is a bit robotic. It contains very little of it's former energy and emotion.
"Yeah- yeah... im... fine." You hold your head in your hands and sigh loudly before collapsing back onto the soft pillows...
Your eyelids begin to droop, and you suddenly feel the weight of your body holding you down into the mattress. You feel the soft blanket being pulled up to keep you warm, the curtains closing, enrapturing you in darkness, you hear a soft hum,
And the back of a gentle finger caressing your cheek...
"I can't believe I'm receiving your kindness... Even though i don't deserve it please, please, please let it be this way for at least a little while longer... I promise I'll take such good care of you... just- please let it stay like this."
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heartfullofleeches · 2 days
*slams fist and face and face and other fist into my bedroom wall* huhhhgnnshghhh…. HUYGGGGHHSNNNBGGGGG…. UR CAFE AU UR CAFE AYEWWWWWW!!!!!!!
what if… what reader was a little tease you know… they have such a sweet bunny baby wanting their attention all the time!! i really want to open my arms and motion for clyde to run into them and hug me but at the last moment i close them/step aside!! ohhh the look on his face would be so dejected… :3c but that’s so cute!! i’ll kiss him and hold him lots to make him feel better after!!
"Spot! Come here, boy!"
Clyde's ear twitches at your call; heart gushing at the sight of your outstretched arms. The only home more sound that his own. The start to his day had been lackluster to say the least, but seeing you was an insant mood change. He looks around, wondering if you're actually referring to him, but the reverberations of his nickname confirm the theory as just.
He shoves his coat off faster than usual, tossing it in the general direction of the rack as he hurries to your beck. He starts off slow, but as he passes the waiting booth he's near sprint, your fellow coworkers aware of his reservation and loyalty to you. Your warm smile soothes his aching soul; tarnished spirit unaware of the sinster plan hidden behind it. For now, and possibly ever- it would remain his only source of joy. The comfort from a cruel world only known in your sweet embrace. It's all he needed after a hard day-
But something he could not have.
Your smile grows wider. Clyde is left puzzled- till he nearly trips over his own feet as you step aside. You pet the rabbit's head as dejection stamps into his chest.
"Good morning!~"
Clyde's breathing becomes quicker. Not even the sound of your sweet laughter can fight the pain clawing up his neck. He leaves it out in a hyperventilating gasp; clutching his palms to his heart. It hurts so much-Why?
Deep down he knows it's just a joke, but the playful rejection is the same as tossing him out on the streets in his eyes. Casting him from the only love he's known in current times. What did he do do deserve this feeling? Did he do something wrong? He sees all the other customers of the cafe and remembers your attention is fleeting. Every second he's not here, you're catering to someone else. His comfort. His warmth. Their prize to steal. He tries to swallow the fear, but the hot saltwater pouring down his cheeks steals his motor functions away. He sobs.
Your words don't reach him at first. Shaking him gently does nothing. It's when you pull him into your arms that he begins to wail. Clutching onto your uniform and burying his face so deep in your chest it was like he was trying to break directly through to your heart.
"Master- please don't do that again! Please don't leave me! I promise I'll be good. I'll do whatever you say! Just..just.. please never do that to me.."
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Yandere Best Friend
Tw: childhood abuse, divorced parents, bullying, violence, angstt, parental neglect
ageless blogs n minors DNI blease tq <3
my masterlist
hi guys after a long hiatus i come back , coping mechanism time
i wrote this like from 11pm to 3am in a frenzy so dont exepct much , ridden wih typos, contradiction,grandma misrake and idk if the reader here is fully gender neutral or i accidentally sprinkled some afab in there
thersras like a part 2 to this so eyah stayetuned
He was there from the very beginning, that quiet boy from elementary that you shared your sandwich with when no one bats an eye at him.
He was quiet, you were considered uninteresting. Both of you are somewhat outcasts and the other children held no interest towards you and him. Perfect match for each other, instant best buddies, bonded by mutual loneliness.
Well, maybe, not instant. He was weary and so were you, it took a while before you gained his trust. He made sure you didn't stuff nasty, gritty bugs in that sandwich like how all the other kids would do. You made sure he didn't accept it just to throw it in your face.
Once it was established that you didn't add an extra ingredient and he isn't going to play bread frisbee, the door to a long and strong friendship was established. He doesn't have much to say, but he's never short on kind gestures when it comes to you. Are your bags heavy? Let him carry them, he's a strong boy; he drinks his milk and gets his healthy amount of sleep. You forgot to do your 5th grade long division homework? He is going to swap his completed homework sheets with your empty ones, he's okay with being scolded. He has some stupidly thick skin from what goes on at home.
Your yoyo is really cool, you said. You own that yoyo now. No, really, it's okay. He doesn't really need it and it made you happy when you had it in your small hands. Yes, it took him months of begging his busy, overworked, broken, divorced, struggling, knee-deep in debt dad and a couple of missed lunches to get that shiny yoyo, but he loves seeing your surprised expression and dazzling smile.
Oops, you spilled your drink all over another classmate's book, or you broke a window, or you dented a teacher's car. It doesn't matter how many people witness it, it doesn't matter what you say, he's responsible and will gracefully accept all repercussions and punishments even if that means receiving a couple more ugly bruises on his body that night.
Who doesn't like candy? He sure loves them. That's why, he uses up all his already scarce pocket money to buy you some. You protest, he's confused, don't you like candy? Yes, he knows he won't be eating a lot these few weeks because he can't afford it, but don't you like candy?
Are your hands dirty from eating all that chocolate? Here, use his white shirt as a napkin. No, really, it's okay! He's your friend, he would do anything for you... are your shoes muddy too?
Happy birthday! It's a very special day for you and him too, that's why, he saved up enough to buy you a tasty cake and a pair of beautiful promise rings made up of gold! Isn't that cool? Don't worry about how he got the money and please ignore the giant, bloodied cotton gauze on his head, please ignore his black eye, please ignore the strange burn marks on his limbs. His extra injuries are due to... him falling off a bike. You know that's not true. That's not how he got them. He is going to be really sad if you don't accept his gifts, better just shut up, smile, say thank you, kiss the boo-boos away, stuff your face with delicious cake and wear the damn ring.
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, goodbye, I love you and all the other greetings are something you hear everyday from him. Hm, the teachers are complaining that he isn't that polite to them or to the other children, all they get are silent blank stares at best, a scowl and a spitting hiss at worst.
Halloween's here, you're dressed up as a generic bedsheet ghost because its the cheapest to do. While he's dressed up as a horror movie survivor. Wow, the cuts, tattered clothes, blood, abuse marks and limping walks really sold the costume. But you and him both know very well that these aren't done using makeup or prosthetics.
You and him went on trick and treating quietly.
Aww, you both are so adorable. Candies for days. Your pumpkin buckets filled up quick, that's because your friend keeps piling his candy into yours.
Aren't chocolate bars his favorite? Yes, of course. They're so expensive, delicious and very unafforable. But why does he keep giving them to you and leaving none for himself? Because they're everyone's favorite, including yours, duh!
Such a young gentleman, he is the type to lay his coat over a puddle of water for you to cross over it.
Middle school is where children usually begin to explore the concept of romance. Maybe you saw him as a brother, maybe you weren't attracted to him at the time, maybe you wanted to put his devotion for you to the test. Whatever the reason was, you consistently friendzone him whenever he tried to court you.
But it's okay, he is willing to wait. He is willing to have his eyes sting with tears, heart broken over and over again. He is willing to grit his teeth and clench his fists while forcing a smile, watching you experiment with the idea of having a boyfriend or girlfriend with other people. He is willing to be the third wheel to every single one of your dates with other kids. Your friend is always going to be there for you no matter what, he is your unyielding safety net, he is your second choice, he is always the best alternative or default when the puppy love didn't work out. And, he found solace in that. Others come and go, he is the fucking constant.
Then, he is going to try his luck. He will do it over and over again. You're going to accept it one day.
Your friend loves flowers. He speaks the language and gives you bouquets of red roses and pink Camellias. You usually chuck it in a vase filled with water and let it wilt, they're going to be replaced anyways.
He found that the food in the cafeteria can be awful, with goopy expired milk, to half frozen pizzas, they're bound to cause some poor kid to puke their guts out later in the day. He is making sure you're not that kid, so, he dedicated what precious free time he had to hone his cooking skills. He is a busy boy, working god knows how many jobs a 12 year old can work in a day, just to fund this essential skill of his.
Middle schoolers can be so cruel, your friend may not look the most feminine, but it's the actions he does out of love that makes the children pick on him for being different. Ew! He likes flowers and cooking! Gross! Evil! Unnatural! Independent! So not Alpha!
It starts off rocky at first, bullies will sabotage him whenever they can, kick him while he's down. Ruin his stocks, call him names and vandalize his belongings, but he gets the last laugh when he makes fucking bank by selling warm, hearty, tasty meals. They're a big hit among the staff who have no time to cook for themselves and have half a brain to know eating from the cafeteria is a bad idea.
Of course, his beloved sweetheart gets to eat for free. And has the privilege to go for seconds, thirds, fourths, however much your stomach desires. Yours are always personalized to fit your palate and presented in the most appetizing way.
Soon, other children began buying his meals too. As it turns out, they fucking slap.
He began expanding, selling resold candies at a ridiculously marked up prices, but the way he marketed and packaged them, gave an illusion that he's selling a premium product. They sold out like hotcakes, while you ate wrapper after wrapper without needing to pay a single cent.
Hey, he really has a knack for business! He is raking in profits, bringing you out to eat, spoiling you with riches a self made, young entrepreneur would have, excelling in Business studies, Accounting, Mathematics and Psychology.
He began testing the limits of his trading empire, he began dabbling in service based business such as delivery, doing homework for a price, obtaining blackmail material... that is how he knew your homeroom teacher had an extramarital affair with the principal. Hmm... the principal seems to kiss his ass a lot and you get a bunch of privileges. You wonder why that happened.
His reputation grew as his shrewdness grew. Your friend was too intimidating to be bullied, as one of his business ventures includes hiring others to do some dirty work for him. You don't know the full extent of his giant conglomerate enterprise, and you don't want to know.
You remember seeing a female teacher handing him a wad of cash, her hair tousled, her clothes were messy, her lipstick smeared and weird stains were all over her body. For sure, she didn't just find it laying around in the boys' bathroom... and, there were a lot more boys requesting a bathroom break that day.
Your friend bought you the latest smartphone model on the same day too. You were disturbed with what you saw and the implications, so you asked if she even got anything out of working under him and... if she even agreed to work as... whatever she was. He just smiled, cup your cheek and told you to never, ever, ever, cheat in a relationship. Especially not with him.
He then followed up with his probably hundredth love confession for you. Which you promptly friendzone him again. Your friend would simply sigh and change the subject. Do you like your phone? He asked as you began unboxing it, the loud chatter from the mall's food court drowned the voice of doubt in your head.
His wallet is growing wider, he is growing taller, posture disciplined, voice deeper and he lost the majority of his baby fat. Giving him a sharper, meaner, leaner look, his physique is nothing to scoff at either. All those pastry batter mixing, soup stirring, skull bashing hustling and bustling sculpted those perfect abs and ass. His hair now has a healthy sheen to it since he can afford better things, his skin had no flaw and the protruding ribs on his chest is now covered up with muscular pecs.
Being pretty does have its' privileges, he observed a sale boost in his balance sheets.
Time waits for no man. Before you know it, the both of you are in Graduation togas. Smiling for the camera, you gave your friend bunny ears.
Your friend started worthless in everyone's eyes, something to poke fun at, a punching bag, forgettable and nothing serious. He transformed into this feared, revered, worshipped yet hated entity. Your friend no doubt made as many enemies as allies, that's just how it is in the business industry. Cold blooded, ruthless and absolutely bizarre to you.
He has obviously put some of the staff and students in horrible situations for his benefit and sometimes for your entertainment. They seem to genuinely see him as some sort of god, someone to cleanse them from all their sins. They... loved him. What a manipulative motherfucker.
As for you... your situation is pretty strange too. You are clearly the only person he cared about, the only person he truly ever loved and cherish. No one seem to conjure up the idea to use you against him. You seem... invisible, for the most part. And you are so grateful for that.
At least, that's what your friend wants you to think. You have no idea how many strings he has to pull to keep you safe and oblivious and innocent. You have no idea how much he had to spend to keep you pure and untainted. But, yeah. Keep believing its' due to some sort of cosmic karma system where you didn't incur any karmic debt.
It was the first time seeing his parents at this graduation ceremony, he never liked having you over at his house. They looked like how you imagined them; miserable, horrible, unhealthy and volatile. They really should not be seated next to each other, his parents looked like they're about to strangle each other and your friend at a moments' notice.
His father was smoking, plumes of grey wafted up in the open air. Ashes crumbled and dropped down to his lap. His necktie was undone and his office shirt was disheveled, much like his belt and scuffed shoes. It was a wonder how he's not escorted out of the venue yet.
His mother... she aged horribly. She looks irritated yet distant, she doesn't want to be here. Or does she not want to be with her ex husband? Maybe if they were separated by an opaque wall, the mood would be much more lifted. His mom wasn't mentioned a lot during conversations, you knew close to nothing except the fact that she gets him on the weekends.
Perhaps his mother is simply neglectful and not active, he did mention that its easier to prepare his sellable inventory during the weekends.
You're nervous to meet them, they're really unfriendly and they don't seem to care that much about their son's accomplishments.
Your friend gently wrapped his arm around your shoulders and rubbed his hand up and down your arm. As if to soothe you from the sight of his less than ideal parents.
To you surprise, he just shot them an indifferent look before leading you away. Their relationships must be unsalvageable.
The event comes to an end, your friend mingled with everyone who, the majority, had clenched fists behind their back. He then went to socialize with your parents, he knew them well and they also knew them well. Their opinions on him are lovely.
He continued his endeavors, trying out many different ventures. It was extremely dizzying with the sheer amount of businesses he had. Your friend moved out of his parents' house(s) and struggled with finding a place for a while. So he stayed over at your parents' house with you for the time being. You get to wake up to the smell of deliciousness every morning, the plants would be watered, furniture dusted, home sparkling clean. Though, he was rarely around.
Eventually, he found his footing and lived in his own place. It's a little cramped and it could qualify as a weapon of psychological warfare, but that was all he could afford at the time.
He fought tooth and nail to obtain a massive bank loan for his main business plan, he was stressing over opening his first restaurant. The logistics of it all, the raw materials, the hired help, the equipment, the advertising-- the pressure of it all was enough to break the average person, but not him. Oh, he thrived on this. He was calculating, he knew the costs, the risks and he saved up enough for a rainy day.
It took him many months, many trips to the bank, many meetings, many phone calls, emails, uncountable hours working 3 jobs a day, an eternity in the kitchen, in the sweltering heat of lit stoves heating up pots and pans, many times where he would lose his voice from aggressive marketing, persuasion, severe sleep deprivation, starvation, networking, tears, blood and sweat. There were more times than you can count with your hands that he was almost driven to insanity if it wasn't for you.
The thought of you alone was more than enough to ground him and keep his eyes on the prize, he is going to make so much money that, you and he wouldn't ever have to work ever again. You both would live happily ever after as a married couple, comfortable and never needing to worry if he could afford the next meal or keep the lights on.
That's nice. You wouldn't need to know what he went through, he doesn't want you to go through a life of hardship like how he did. You wouldn't ever need to work a day in your life.
Your friend rubbed his aching, calloused hands, ridden with cuts and scars. The golden promise ring sits around his finger, it wasn't his to begin with, he stole them from his parents when you both were kids. He found solitude knowing that your hands will never be like his, your back will not ache from overexertion, your muscles will be relaxed and your mind will be quiet, at peace. But only if he kept going. Only if he does not give up.
Everything he does, he does it for you. He thought to himself, as he rubbed his bloodshot eyes staring at the screen of his phone. It's showing that 5 more customers placed an order for his famous party platter through a popular social media app. Your friend sighed as he tucks his phone away before opening the door to his mini fridge containing all the ingredients needed for the orders. It's 11pm, he has to be at one of his workplaces at 6am tomorrow.
The day finally came where he would open the doors to his very own restaurant. There was a crowd waiting in front of the shiny, polished glass doors.
His team of service crews, cooks and baristas anxiously watched on as your friend glanced at his old, marred and cracked wristwatch. His hand was tightly gripping on the door handles as he watched the minute hand twitched. His eyes and mouth were dry, probably due to the dehydration he endured for a while now.
As soon as his accessory shows that it's time for the grand opening, he opened the floodgates.
Customers come rushing in like a torrent of water in a river. Some new, some old, some here to do their jobs as a journalist, some are his other associates, some are his estranged relatives, some are his rivals. It was an assortment of people, a mixed bag.
The Chefs are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the wait staff are serving customers left and right, bringing them to their tables. Baristas are whipping up as much drinks as they can, as perfectly as they can. Not a single foam bubble out of place, or else all those training would have gone to waste.
It was loud, busy and fiery. Chaos yet it was controlled, Disorder but it was ordered.
Your friend was leading the flow, the rhythm. The pulse of the restaurant depended on him. He made sure everything is in line, satisfaction at an all time high and disappointment non existent. He barked commands, firm and domineering, he controls the scene with an iron hand.
Waitstaff were trained to strike up friendly conversations with customers whose orders will take a longer time, to give the illusion of speed. Cheery faces, toothy smiles, giggles and laughter filled the establishment's air, alluring aroma of cooked goods filled everyone's nostrils, making many stomachs growl. It was colourful, it was tumultuously harmonic, expression of glee would made its way to the patrons' face when their dishes gets served. All the meals go beyond their expectations, in terms of smell, texture, taste and plating.
Your friend made sure that the cooling system was working perfectly, as he works in a kitchen, the easiest way to get snappy and grumpy is to be hungry in an oven. Calming music that's faintly playing in the background also helps, but its' mostly for him and the other staff. Everyone else is too occupied with their own matters to notice.
Today should be a day of accomplishment, happiness and gratitude. Why shouldn't it be? Revenue is projected to be high, profits are guaranteed and expected to go through the roof. Logically, this restaurant will be sustainable for many decades to come.
But your friend... he is getting antsy, upset, distressed, unhappy. His staff is noticing that he isn't all there, he's getting crabbier by the second. They were baffled, everything is going well, he is handling it wonderfully and the pressure is actually slightly dying down.
Where are you? He had scanned the dining area many many times now. No sign of you... but your parents were there. That somewhat calmed him down a bit, if they're there, you should be there too... right? You're probably at the salad counter or the bathroom. He anxiously massaged his hands, where are you?
He trusts his staff to handle everything on their own. He decided to take big strides towards your parents. Your friend greeted them with a warm smile, an animated Hello. Your parents mirrored him and returned the affability.
He was desperate to see you again... oh god, how long has it been since he last saw you? Hear your voice? It must have been months. As this realization dawned on him, he felt the coldest chill run down his spine.
Did he... unintentionally neglected you in the process of building the perfect life? No, that can't be. He sent you texts everyday.
He clenched his jaw and pushed his gnawing thought away momentarily. He made small talk with your parents. It was fine until he abruptly cut them off and got to the point; Where are you?
Your parents glanced at each other and a look of discomfort washed over them. Your friend was using the table to support his weight as he leaned forward. His knuckles turning white from gripping the edge of the furniture too tightly.
They're studying abroad. They said. Your friend froze in place and widened his eyes.
What? Why didn't you tell him? Why didn't he know? Why--
He hastily whipped his phone out and frantically tapped on his cracked screen.
He trembled as he realized you never received his texts, let alone read it.
Your parents explained to him that you changed phone numbers two years ago when you left to continue your studies abroad.
Two years...? Its been two fucking years?!
Your friend began hyperventilating, his face was flushed and he was gagging and gasping. No, no, no this can't be. He is nothing like his parents! You meant everything to him, he had never intend to ignore you, he had never meant to neglect you! Your friend is losing grip on himself, he is shaking like a leaf. No one paid any attention to him, as he is simply insignificant at the moment.
Please... I-I need to call them, please let me call them! He was choking on his tears that were streaming down his face, dripping onto the pristine floors below.
Your father handed him his phone, your new number already dialed.
They're probably having an exam today. Your father tried to warn your friend, but he didn't hear a word. All he could think was you.
Your friend snatched it out from his hand and made a dash past all the staff, customers, chefs...
Until he reached the back door, upon which, he exited through it.
He sobbed, pressing the device against his ear, listening to it beep indefinitely.
The call eventually dropped because it wasn't picked up. His face was scrunched and his sniffles were bouncing off the walls and green dumpster nearby.
He tried again. The call dropped. He tried again. The call dropped.
He tried again,
Your friend crouched down to the ground and pulled his knees to his chest. His cries unheard by anyone, everyone else is in the restaurant. He is the only one at the back.
The call dropped.
I'm sorry. He mumbled repeatedly to himself.
He tried again.
I'm so sorry. He sobbed much harder this time, he cradled his face in his hand.
The call dropped.
Please forgive me. He squeezed his arm, his fingernails digging into his flesh.
He tried again.
You're always my number one. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have neglected you. He drew blood from piercing his skin with his nails.
The call dropped.
I'm sorry, I was only trying to build a better life for us. He took much shallower breaths.
He tried again
I would give up everything just to hear from you again, it means nothing to me if you're not here... with me. Please, I'm sorry. He was growing despondent, desolate. He was clutching his head, a ball of quivering mess.
The call dropped.
I love you. He whispered as he broke down completely. Angry at himself, angry at the world, angry at everything. Life isn't fair. He has done everything he needed to do and yet he the only reward he ever wanted isn't granted; you. He ruined everything, all of it, all his hard work, all of it was worthless. He felt worthless. The guilt and remorse and anguish of being a neglectful friend and partner was crushing him to death.
He wasn't there at the very end.
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windrsr · 12 hours
RAHHHHH IM HAVING A MICHEAL BRAINROT. idea: micheal x experiment darling who ALWAYS cling onto him...
Micheal x Gender Neutral Reader
Tw: Possessive behavior and Stockholm syndrome
Micheal With A Clingy Darling
Tumblr media
•"Oh, you're such a cute, little thing. Look at you. So eager and aching for my touch..." He smirks. He absolutely adores you, but he uses your clinginess in the future.
•Sometimes, he'll test your patience and how long you can be without him. He'll order you to not be close to him or touch him at all, and it entertains him how he watches you wait for it to be over. He'll praise you, "you're being so good for me, precious...Keep this up and I may give you a reward..."
•He likes giving you light and teasing touches, in a way where it leaves you begging for more. But sometimes you'll get to irritated of how he would tease you, and it can't help but make him smirk. He feels like he has power over you in a way.
•The more clingy you are, the more possessive he gets. If you're spending too much time with someone else for his liking and if someone is flirting with you, he'll pull you aside and wrap his hand around your neck not enough to choke you, and he'll say, "only I can touch you, understand, pet? You're mine."
•There are times where he holds you close and coos sweet nothings. It's one of the rare moments where he's the most gentle with you. Another rare time is where he would let you hold him in your arms. He only lets you do this if he's extremely exhausted, he won't be able to even think straight from how tired he is. If you bring up how you got to hold him the next day, he'll smirks and playfully warn you not to enjoy it too much.
•Everyone in the laboratory knows you're his. He even warns them to stay away from you, and since his other test subjects are scared of him, they stay away from you for their own sake. It's difficult for you to even have any friends because everyone avoids you, but Micheal tells you that you're all he needs, as he gives you the hugs and touches that you want.
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parasytte · 3 days
I Only Have Eyes for You
laurence dyster, heir to the throne and soon-to-be king of the dyster kingdom. a powerful yet charming prince who appears to have won the kingdom's heart over at a young age. he's had people throw themselves at his feet since he was a teen, and yet the only person he's ever casted a second glance to is you.
<3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3
NAME: laurence dyster
YANDERE TYPE: possessive, protective
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: short, neat white hair, blue eyes, light brown skin, dimples, 6'2.
PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: charming, smooth-talker, quick to anger but he's still pretty patient, good at hiding how he feels.
LIKES: reading, sweets, dancing, piano, enjoys horse riding when he has the time and taking strolls in the family garden.
<3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3 - <3
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lackinglevi · 2 months
yandere!coworker when you’re out sick
Tumblr media
cw: yandere behavior, stalking, mention of kidnapping, mentions of being sick, mention of murder.
a/n: first time actually finishing something and posting it, i have no idea how to start doing this shit.
yandere!coworker . . . who just can’t help but wonder if you won’t bother coming into work today when he catches a glimpse of your heavy panting and a chilled towel placed on your pretty forehead from the camera he managed to discreetly place in the aquarium facing your bed, which is just below the window-the exact one he’s learned to expertly open and shut hundreds of times by now without so much as an offbeat breath from your sleeping form.
yandere!coworker . . . who is already hyperventilating at the thought of not being able to see the way your hips move side-to-side while walking up to greet those disgusting customers who recognize-like him-just how intoxicating you are and hope for the chance to get the cute girl’s number. he’s replaying the incident from a couple days ago in his head like a loop. you squeamishly made your way over to him from across the room that night when you knew you wouldn’t be able to get the annoying regular who insists he can "treat you right" off your tail. he’s got it handled really! he’s glad you can trust him to deal with these pesky animals. a princess like you needs to be taken care of, you just need.…him (even if you don’t see that yet), not some greasy-fingered 40-something clinging to the hem of your shorts like a child. you don’t even notice the news headline proclaiming his tragic "suicide" the following week!
yandere!coworker . . .  who wonders if he should call out from work and bring you some warm soup? would it be too weird if he showed up on your doorstep? maybe just leaving a small note that reads, "feel better my love&lt;;3 you look divine in your sleep" beside the steaming pot of chicken noodle soup and leaving it at your doorstep would suffice. crouched down on the neighbor's front lawn to ensure you got your meal, he can’t help but notice the way you still look stunning as your limping form appeared behind the keypad-locked door (he’s made sure to get the code just in case you need his help!), the ruffles on your pajama shorts just barely exposing the color of your underwear, you went with red that day. my favorite color, he thought, whether or not you made that choice knowingly, it already had a tent forming in his pants and he took mental note to snatch the pair you had on now, the next morning.
yandere!coworker . . . who can’t handle knowing whether or not your extremely high fever has gone down and spends the entirety of his lunch break monitoring you from the dozens of hidden cameras he’s managed to put in your home during his little "visits." from the way your breath quickens, to the way you mumble silly nothings in your sleep, he’s entranced (but still keeping a worried face). he records everything, not only in his mind, but on his spare flash drive while being squeezed into the bathroom stall. a so-called private moment, to be replayed only by him later on. he can’t help but think about how good he’s going to treat you the next time you’re sick. . . because you’ll be with him! his own wellbeing is of no concern to him, but just think of how much easier it would be to know you were around him 24/7. it’s much less stressful for him to know you’ll always be nearby instead of staying up for nights on end peeled behind bright monitors in a poorly lit room, which is what his routine consisted of for the past couple of months. 
yandere!coworker . . . who once he manages to get your nails to stop clawing at his arms and reassures you that you’re only in his basement for your own health (which he’s lined up with all your favorites and everything you may need down there), swears no one knows how to treat their darling better than he does, even if he’s just the dead-eyed coworker that manages to scare off most of the new customers and seems to be around you just a little too much. he can be more than your coworker. . . you'll see that soon!
wc: 711
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godnectar · 23 days
How about a yandere bully?????????????????????????????
cw: bullying, intimidation, aggression, possessiveness, toxic behavior, pet names, kinda suggestive, etc.
Tumblr media
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY who has been after you since the fucking elementary school, trying to annoy you. whether it's shoving u, getting your uniform dirty, spouting idiocy or even making comments, he always accomplished his "task".
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY who has been harassing different people before he even met you. evidently, that changed as he became obsessed with you the moment he sees you. it seemed as if a treasure had appeared in front of him suddenly, you becoming a new target for him.
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY who for years has been repressing growing feelings for you, most of them not very healthy, may i add. feeling the need to have you away but hating all the times someone else is around u. wishing for you to never interact with him again but also seeking ur attention, hoping u hate him but can never get him out of your head, etc.
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY who by getting older and entering senior year of high school has become quite "famous" among the students, but has his interest only on you. why would he be interested in extras he barely knows when he's had you for over a decade now? it wouldn't make sense, right?
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY whose pestering has turned into something akin to teasing with a bit of sexual tension. he would never admit it, but maybe you're not as horrible as he thought you were after all...
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY who at this point has set out not only to keep annoying you but also to make you fall in love with him at the same time. tremendous jewel has to end up being polished, doesn't it? and who better than him to do it?
𖣠 YANDERE BULLY who is horribly jealous of anyone who tries to get between the two of you, especially when he's already getting you in between his arms to make you his forever. he doesn't mind getting intro trouble after assaulting some asshole if he gets your kisses and attention after.
"c'mon baby, he deserved it. nobody tries to take what's mine. everyone should know that by now."
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