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Happy national pink day
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lani sketches <3
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MHA characters reacting to "What do you think wackus bonkus?"
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hi! i saw that requests are open, and i was wondering if i could get headcanons for ochaco, momo, and mina (separetely) with a fem!reader who doesnt like her body? like shes always comparing herself to people she sees on the streets or online, and one time they get caught looking in a mirror and saying "ugh, no curves..."
ty in advance! ^^
Almost same as me but I just make jokes about it instead lol
Ochako, Momo and Mina with S/O who doesn't like her body
Reader here is female
Ochako Uraraka
She's often flustered over the thought of you. Even though she should be over the awkward phase by now.
But she can't help it, she doesn't want to seem like a pervert even though it's just her thoughts and she doesn't act on it but she really pays attention to the way you look... And she loves it.
So she was shocked to hear you don't like it. To her you look really mature and elegant (and if you're tall that's even better).
She could understand it though, not because she didn't find it attractive but she didn't live under a rock- she knows the beauty standards.
While she can't say she's not attracted to those features, she's more into you than she will be into a lady with the so-called perfect features.
She's focused on helping you with your body issues but she doesn't know your mind better than you do. So she simply asked what would make you feel better and you can start thinking from there together.
Momo Yaoyorozu
Comparing yourself to everyone really worried her. As someone who struggles with similar habit she can tell how harmful it is.
What she saw you sigh as you looked in the mirror she decided to take that opportunity to talk to you about it.
Curves or not you were beautiful to her. What other girls had didn't matter to her. She knows it's easy for her to say considering her beautiful body but she really means it.
And since you like comparing yourself so much there are a lot of beautiful models that have little to no curves.
While you do have the right to be insecure it's her job to show you her perspective.
Mina Ashido
She often looked at pretty ladies just like you, she looked at you. And she couldn't stand you comparing yourself to every other girl you saw on the internet.
So she played the jealousy card. She said that she doesn't like much the fact that you look at other women and that she wants you to stop.
She knew it wouldn't solve the problem but perhaps it could help a little.
Whenever she gets a chance to she always praises your body. It's beautiful and she needs you to realize that.
And she's very insistent on it. You tell her that you don't like that part? Oh she will get pouty and argue for as long as she needs- she won't give up.
~Mod Tsuyu
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the only mha characters that matter
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hallowinspirit · 2 months ago
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07 - 30
Shout out to this ✨Queen✨💖💕🎀💮 Words are not enough to describe how much I love her 💗🌺
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lips-stained-blood-red · 11 months ago
Kirishima: Anyone d-
Kaminari: Depressed?
Sero: Drained?
Mina: Dumb?
Bakugou: Disliked?
Kirishima: -done with their work... what is wrong with you people ...
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afterhourswjay · 6 months ago
Mina and Momo (separate) with a Male!S/O who has a wolf quirk?? Like he has heighten sense’s and all, but he also has a pair of wolf ears, a tail, and sharp teeth (like Kirishima’s), he’s also kinda hairy and has a stubble (which he refuses to shave, he also has long hair. He is also kinda tall too (like a bit taller than Shoji)
I absolutely love this idea! Buff hairy wolf boyfriend? Yes please!! He's just a bit less hairy than Jurota Shishida {Beast} of Class 1B and stands at 6'5, which is about 2-3 inches taller than Shoji. Also, I wanted to try a Headcannon + short drabble style of writing. It was really fun, and my good friend @liv-loves-mic s writing style actually inspired me! I love what they write, so I wanted to try to imitate the style. Also also, @dynacats cuz you said you wanna be pinged when I make stuffs :)) I hope everyone enjoys this this has been sitting in my drafts for almost three weeks, send helppp xD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mina Ashido x Werewolf quirk! Male!S/O
- you and mina have been friends since middle school - or rather, mina had latched onto you during middle school, and since you didn't have the heart to push her away, had warmed up to her rather quick - i imagine that you always wear earplugs to protect your hearing, especially when you're sparing with your classmates - you and mina tag-teamed for the entrance exam. her acid mixed with your quick reflexes & heightened senses made you quite the force to be reconned with - while you work pretty well solo, you excel in working in a team... specifically with mina, but with anyone really - since you have pretty long hair (maybe about the length of urarakas hair), long enough to be braided into short braids. mina loves brushing and styling your hair - she also loves giving you head massages, being careful to not bump your ears too much - you two probably help each other with your face care - she likes looking at your teeth. since they're not quite canine, but not quite human, their interesting to look at - i'd like to imagine that you got thick nails. kinda like some dog nails, where you have to use a dremel tool to file them down, the same has to be done to yours. despite how tough they are, you like to have nicely manicured nails. not too long, not too short. the downside is that they grow back real fast ---
You were in the dorm kitchen, getting breakfast made for you and Mina. Since she almost always tended to sleep in as long as she possibly could, despite needing to clean her face and apply any makeup, you decided that you'd just take over making breakfast for the two of you. Today, that consisted of making cheesy scrambled eggs and some toast, with whatever jellies were deemed worthy for consumption. You were just finishing up when you heard the soft footsteps of your girlfriend entering the kitchen.
"Baaabe, my loving boyfriend, have to leave my side so early?" Mina whines, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she leans her cheek against your shoulder. "Ooh, what'd you make this morning??"
You let out a quiet chuckle as you maneuver around her, grabbing the plates of food as you go. "I made scrambled eggs with cheese, and toast. Would you please bring any jellies you want to the table? Also, what do you want to drink? Water, juice, milk, or something else?"
"Water is fine. And I hope that strawberry jelly is ok?" Mina sets the jelly jar on the table near your guys' food before turning to get the silverware and napkins as you poured some drinks for the two of you. While you guys eat, you two finish up the last few math problems you need to do before you finish getting ready for school, and head out after cleaning up your breakfast dishes
Tumblr media
Momo Yaoyorozu x Werewolf quirk! Male!S/O
- momo is super interested in how your quirk works. she's smitten pretty quick, but she's also able to remain professional in the way she acts around you - you two had met just about when your first class happened. you really, really struggled to not chase the ball every time it got chucked - you and momo are a really good stealth team. you're able to use your senses to track down anyone you need to get close to and momo's able to create a device that will trap them. my thoughts are, like, during team building exercises or something - you and momo are both very studious. while momo's strong suit is math and science, yours is language (specifically english) - between momo, bakugou, and you, none of your classmates are gonna fail any of their classes - sometimes you'll lay on momo's bed with her while she's studying or doing her homework and you'll lay your head in her lap. whenever she's not writing something down, she'll brush her fingers along your stubble. she likes the way it feels against her fingers, and she finds that it helps keep her from studying herself into a frenzy - you tend to help her take breaks while studying. it won't do her any good to study for 5 hours at a time while also forgetting to eat and hydrate
You couldn't help to practically fall asleep on Momo's lap. She's been gently running her fingers along your exposed cheek and jaw. You check your phone and realize she's been studying for several hours already.
"Hey, Momo? Let's take a break and go get some food, yeah?" You say, gently removing yourself from Momo's lap. She glances up from her books at you as you look at your phone.
She lets out a sigh, and reluctantly closes her books. "I guess I have been studying for quite a while. Would you like to make something together or would you rather walk to one of the closer restaurants?"
"Why don't we order in? That way we don't have to sit in a noisy restaurant, and we could watch some movies while eating." You look over at Momo as you talk, bringing up the menu for one of her favorite place to eat. "Here, why don't you choose what we order, and I'll go grab some movies from my dorm room."
She gives a soft hum as you run off to your room to gather some of you guys' favorite movies, grabbing mainly comedies. When you arrive back to Momo's dorm, you smile softly to see her napping. Perhaps you'll wait a bit before setting everything up
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elaineiswithyou-blog · 2 months ago
Class 1a as circus characters
Ring Leader: Personally, I think Bakugou would absolutely kill it as the ring leader, and the fans would enjoy him and his energy a lot. He runs the show and the acts, but let's be real, Iida would probably help out with a lot of the backstage stuff
Acrobatics: When people think of acrobatics, I think a lot of people think of girls, but honestly with ojiro’s martial arts training and his tail, I think he could do some really interesting tricks
Aerial silks: Sero, I mean, his quirk is literally dangling from tape all day; you don’t think he could do that with silk?
Clowns: Denki, Kirishima, and Mina. They’re the class clowns, and it’s the same thing in the ring and out of the ring
Fire Performer: Todoroki.
Juggling: Uraraka. If she ever needs just a second longer she could just use her quirk to slow the fall and catch it before continuing her act.
Animal Taming: Koda. He wouldn’t ever actually whip the animals because he is too shy and gentle to do it but he could make them do really cool tricks
Tightrope Walking: Aoyama. He has the perfect balance to do something like this.
Strong Man: Sato. Just fuel him up on a bunch of sugar and you’re good to go.
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dekusleftsock · 2 months ago
Mina Ashido is probably one of the most interesting in 1-A (aside from the mc’s and ochako) and she’s often glossed over for it. Like I don’t mean her as a person is glossed over, definitely not, this fandom fucking LOVES her but not for the reasons I’m thinking of.
So let’s talk Mina Ashido
Tumblr media
From the start we’re repeatedly shown that Mina is an outgoing, bubbly person that helps drive the pot along (horikoshi’s words, not mine) as he likes using her to get the class to actually do things. Deku is a bit timid to actually drive the plot sometimes which is why ochako and Mina are often there.
Now, Mina is a beacon for general character growth. She’s used in kirishimas story as someone he looked up to and thought he could never pass. Repeatedly showing her popularity and likeness to other people, which he never had. He saw how brave she was and was mad at himself for never being able to be in the same situations she was. And when he got to UA her and him have kinda kept their distance mostly. Probably because Mina wants to keep kirishimas hair secret lol. She is generally a very positive person in a lot of peoples lives.
Now here comes in the elephant in the room: izuocha. I almost feel like her being so obsessed with them is born out of jealousy. She wishes she could be in the same spot as ochako, but ochako isn’t even IN THAT SPOT! Or rather she wasn’t until Mina pushed that! And notice Mina asking “who is it??? Iida or midoriya??” And Ochakos thoughts go to deku. But this isn’t love. It never was, from day one it was pure admiration. And she only really had these “feelings” when deku ended up acting very heroic and cool. So, when she’s handed a label by someone who’s her friend, she puts two and two together.
But Mina is projecting her fantasies of a high school crush onto her. Ochako doesn’t have a crush for anyone just as much as Mina doesn’t. They are parallels, that’s why both of their “themes” are pink. A lot of people think Mina is on the aroace spectrum, and while I love that hc I don’t know. Maybe she is, Cupioromantic people (like myself) can definitely be that way. But I feel like narratively, she isn’t. I think she just simply doesn’t have anyone in her class to feel that way about. She has a career and a war to fight. She doesn’t have time
She is the perfect side character. That’s it. She’s awesome. I love her so so so much and space girls as a ship is one of my favorite urakaka ships (aside from togachako lol)
Tumblr media
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obsidiots333 · 3 months ago
Mina: “villain, three o’clock” bitch the hell does that even mean
Mina: I barely know my right from my left, do I LOOK like I know what that means?
Mina: stop wasting our time and tell me to go fuck myself lol
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cjs-51703 · 5 months ago
Mina: How did none of you hear what I just said?
Kaminari: I've been zoning out for the past two hours.
Sero: I got distracted about halfway through.
Bakugo: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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gothictrashcandiii · a year ago
Bakusquad Band AU
*Not my artwork* if you know the artist let me know so I can credit them please
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Band AU short fics feat. scenarios with each member x GN! Reader
Characters: Katsuki Bakugou, Eijiro Kirishima, Mina Ashido, Denki Kaminari, Sero Hanta
Warnings: Eijirou’s and Bakugou’s gets spicy sry not sry, making out, groping, and allusions to sex, I got carried away with Mina’s oops Mentions of cheating, swearing, a lot of angst
a/n: I wrote Sero as tri-lingual in this one, so he can speak japanese, spanish, and italian specifically for the song that I picked
Bakugou Katsuki(drums & backing vocals) Song: Can You Feel My Heart-Bring me the Horizon
The last thing you had expected to do tonight was attend a concert. but after your best friend busted down your door with two new outfits in one hand, and two tickets in the other, you knew you couldn’t argue, they were too far gone.
you had spent at least 20 minutes for info your way to the front on the pit in an attempt to see the band. your friend couldn’t stop gushing about how hot the rhythm guitarist was, but the second you got to the front, it wasn’t the guitarist the had caught your eye.
You scanned the members, landing on the rhythm guitarist for a split second before your eyes stopped on the drummer. He was gorgeous, a thin sheen of sweat coating his skin, stray ash blonde hairs sticking to his forehead as he mercilessly beat the drums.
He was scanning the crowd with a smirk gracing his lips, loving the attention from all the fans, until he spotted you. He was dumbstruck, almost losing his rhythm. Your eyes seemed to sparkle as you stared at him and smiled when your eyes met. He winked before reluctantly breaking eye contact.
The concert ended a little too soon for your liking. reluctantly beginning to file out with the rest of the crowd after the band had disappeared into the back
just as you and your friend were about to exit the venue you heard someone call out behind you
“Oi!”you turned, meeting a familiar pair of crimson eyes. “H-hi.” you spoke meekly looking up at the handsome blonde, you weren’t expecting to actually meet the drummer you down the entire concert fawning over, it was like you forgot how to function
he smirked at your nervousness and leaned down to whisper into your ear. “I saw you staring at me in there sweetheart.”
“o-oh yeah um about that, I was just-” He cut you off mid sentence with a chuckle. “don’t worry baby…” he spoke before leaning in close to your ear again placing a gentle hand on the small of your back. “I couldn’t take my eyes of you either.” a chill shot through you body as you melted at his words and into his touch
“How ‘bout you come backstage with me sweetheart? I promise i’ll show you a good time.” he offered with a devilishly handsome smile. Gently nodding you head you bagan to follow his guidance as he pushed you through the crowd. the second you made it backstage he was on you. he trailed sloppy kisses all over your collar bone and neck before meeting your lips. “I’m gonna make you feel so good you’re gonna forget your own name sweetheart.”
Eijirou Kirishima(lead guitar & lead vocals) Song: Sexy Drug-Falling in Reverse
It had been a long summer with your boyfriend being gone so often. Most of his time was spent in the studio rehearsing and recording. but it was these moments that made it all worth it
You stood just off stage watching them preform from the sidelines. as much as you wanted to focus on the music, you simply couldn’t take your eyes off him
you had always praised Eijirou’s singing voice, always begging him to sing you to sleep, but something about watching him preform sent chills up your spine every time. He looked so beautiful, so deep within the music.
You began singing along with the music and it was almost as if he heard you because the moment you started he turned to meet your gaze. your e/c eyes meeting his intense crimson, his pupils were blown wide as he stared at you screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs
the predatory look in his eyes and his deep voice sending a heat wave straight to your core and a chill up your spine.
It was like he could read your mind smirking at you, and flashing his sharp teeth. He let go of his guitar, grasping the microphone and making a show of grinding up against the stand. Another wave of heat shot straight to your core, causing you to clench your thighs together
he saw this and his smirk got impossibly bigger, letting go of the microphone and picking up his guitar as he continued the song
After his little display, it felt as through the show was going on forever. The constant throbbing between your legs only getting worse with every teasing motion he made.
when the show finally ended he rushed backstage, as soon as you were within reaching distance he grasped your wrist, pulling you flush to his body and bringing your lips to his for a sloppy, passionate kiss. he was breathing heavily and grasping your hips so tight you were sure you’d have bruises.
he moved his hands down to quickly grope your ass before moving down farther to grab the back of your thighs. He lifted you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist and began waking you back to his dressing room. “God the things i’m gonna do to you Pebble…” he whispered huskily in your ear, nibbling gently as you ground your hips against his. “well don’t keep we waiting baby.”
Mina Ashido(keyboard & backing vocals) Song: Misery Business-Paramore
It had been a long time since you and Mina had had a fight, usually any issues were quickly resolved, but that wasn’t the case this time.
you were in the front row, right in front of your girlfriend, she looked off, and you knew it was your fault. you hated fighting, because she would yell for a little bit and then give you the cold shoulder until she felt like you had suffered enough.
she kept meeting your eyes for a moment before rolling them in the other direction. and damn that stung. you had told her about a girl in the pit that had pushed up against you and began making out with you during the first set. although she had seen the whole thing. and to her it seemed like you were kissing back.
during the break she had grabbed you and pulled you behind the curtain. “What the fuck was that y/n?” you didn’t think she had seen you so you were stunned. “Mina I-” She interrupted you abruptly. “Cut the shit y/n, I saw you making out with that bitch in the crowd, I thought we were serious.” you knew you had to fix this “Mina we are, I promise I didn’t kiss her back, she forced herself on me!”
“But you didn’t push her off if you either.” she spoke quietly. “Mina! Come on it’s time for the next set!” Kaminari called. She turned and walked away without another word. “Mina! Wait, we have to talk about this!” but she just kept walking.
The song was almost halfway through and you could see tears gathering in her eyes as she sang with a new intensity. you could feel your heart break, what had you done?
She looked directly at you with tears welling up in her eyes, singing the lyrics directly to you. she was going to be heard even if her heart broke in the process.
Second chances they don’t ever matter people never change
Once a whore you’re nothing more im sorry that’ll never change
And about forgiveness we’re both supposed to have a exchanged
Im sorry honey but I passed it up now look this way
Well there’s a million other girls that do it just like you looking as innocent as possible to get to who
they want and what they want is easy if you do it right
well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse
You began crying along with her, had you really hurt her that deeply? you were hoping, praying you could fix it, like you always do, you couldn’t live without her, she was your world, your heart. But as if to prove your thoughts wrong she looked down at you with nothing but hatred in her eyes. you had hurt her for the last time
Denki Kaminari(rhythm guitar & backing vocals) Song: Bad Girls Club-Falling in Reverse
You and Denki were in an on and off fuck-buddy relationship until today, he had told you he wanted to be more just before he went on stage. You wanted nothing more than to be in an exclusive relationship with the sweet rockstar, but the thought about being in the spotlight simply for being in a relationship with the handsome boy, kept you from giving him a straight answer before he had to go out and preform.
He was so confused, he was sure you felt the same way, so why didn’t you scream yes and jump into his arms so he could twirl you in a circle while placing a gently kiss on your lips like he had planned? did he completely misread the situation?
He kept looking back at you with a nervous look, he just wanted to have you all to himself, and you not giving him a straight answer was making him uneasy. Were you going to reject him? he didn’t think he’d be able to handle you seeing other people, that was his worst nightmare
You were struggling because you loved Denki so much but you were scared, what if his fans hated you? what if he broke up with you and you were only seen as his ex for the rest of your life?
Thoughts plagued your mind as you overthought, until you heard his song start, his voice was perfect, but he looked so sad, you never wanted to see that look on his face again
he could feel your eyes on him, causing him to turn and looked at you, hurt still evident in his eyes. You couldn’t take it anymore, you looked at him as adoringly as you could before mouthing an “I love you.”
he understood immediately, a wide smile breaking out across his face. It was like a switch flipped as he began singing with a new passion, so intense and filled with so much love it made your heart swell, you really did love him.
Sero Hanta(Bass guitar & backing vocals) Song: ZITTI E BUONI-Måneskin
The guitar began tearing through the speakers in the venue, you didn’t think anything of it until you saw the bass player hand off his bass to the keyboard player, moving to take the lead singers place.
you were confused for a moment until you heard him begin to sing in a different language, it sounded so beautiful. He was looking through the crowd with a big smile, until his eyes landed on you. He didn’t take his eyes off you as he sang the chorus
you never thought you could be so aroused by someone singing in a different language, he was gorgeous, had a perfect smile, and he could speak and sing in different languages, he was perfect
he winked at you as he continued the song, it felt like he had put you in a trance.
Sero stared into your eyes, he could see the lust clouding your eyes from here, you were so beautiful, and he was sure you wanted him too. He tried what Kiri had done to tease his lover, putting on a show as he screamed the lyrics, he ground against the stand before dropping down with his legs spread wide before standing back up with a wide smile
He smirked as he saw the growing blush across your cheeks. he was about to take a huge risk but it was gonna be worth it. He shot out his tape, yanking you up on stage. you let out an involuntary squeal as you went flying up into the stage. He pulled you flush to his body with a large hand splayed across the small of your back as he continued to sing
You couldn’t help the smile that broke out across your face as he got closer to you. the song was ending and this was his chance, he was gonna make sure you didn’t forget him. He quickly smashed his lips against yours and you eagerly complied, parting your lips ever so slightly to deepen the kiss.
You could hear squeals and cheers in the crowd as the two of you continued for as long as you could before pulling back breathlessly. “Wow…” was all you could seem to muster, causing him to chuckle before looking into your eyes. “You wanna go out to dinner some time Cariño?” he spoke gently. “I would love to,” you answered with a wide smile “but first…” you spoke, placing both hands on his cheeks, pulling him closer, your warm breath fanning his lips, “another kiss.”
This is kinda trash but I made a playlist for Band AU Bakusquad and I couldn’t resist writing about it
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originalbnhascenarios · 3 months ago
Can I ask for fluff number 6 with Mina and a somewhat emotionless boy please.
Okay but that's a really fun dynamic!! I really like it!
6: Proposal with Mina and her not very emotional S/O
Reader here is male
Although you and Mina were complete opposites, you were also in love with each other.
You loved making her happy, you were never familiar with most feelings... But she introduced you to all of them.
Most highschool sweethearts don't stay together for long. You are a huge exception to this. You went through so much together and you felt like you couldn't love anyone else.
You knew she's the one. You made each other feel special in different ways and you couldn't get enough.
As you weren't too expressive each romantic gesture from you made her heart skip a beat.
In the end you decide to surprise her with a little something... And that something was your oath to stay with her forever.
You decided to be blunt. A nice date and a simple "Will you marry me?" without a strong face expression.
She made up for it as she didn't know if she was going to cry or not. She was smiling widely and saying "yes" over and over again almost like she thought you couldn't hear her.
Although she's the type who likes grand romantic gestures, the simplicity of your proposal was just so you that she wouldn't have it any other way.
~Mod Tsuyu
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kirirua · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
grocery shopping and walking home
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bakubub · a year ago
Best friend rigs the Secret Santa for Bakugo and yourself to get one another...
A/N: Hi everyone!! Here is an earlier than expected part 3 of this random Pinterest prompt (find part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE). Ended differently than I expected, and even includes a snippet of Mina's POV. Enjoy <33
Warnings: Some low level swearing, SFW, very miniscule amount of reader flinching from Bakugo's overall aggressiveness, and accidental pain infliction from Bakugo onto reader.
Word Count: 2.7k (I really do not know so don't ask how)
Tumblr media
Stupidity isn't typically one of my traits.
In fact, when watching sappy romance films with my friends, I'm often the first to call out the evident stupidity of the main character for not being able to tell that the love interest CLEARLY likes them back. Now, staring at the ceiling of my dorm, I wonder if I am that main character, or if I'm just an incredibly self-centered person for even thinking this could be a possibility.
Bakugo... Liking me back?!
It genuinely seems way too good to be true.
But why else would he be looking at me like that?
I sigh as I unlock my phone yet again and psycho analyse the photo Mina took earlier this evening. Eyes flickering to the screen, I realise that it was taken 7 hours ago, and yet I am still here, lying on my bed, thinking about all the possible reasons why he could have been looking at me in the exact way I've caught myself looking at him.
Maybe he saw the reflection of someone else, whom he actually likes, in my eyes?
Is that even possible?
Mina, Kaminari, Kirishima, Hagakure, Shoji were all there too...
Getting up from my bed and chucking on a long hoodie over my pyjamas, I stuff my feet into slides I use for around the dorms and make my way downstairs.
Maybe he likes Mina, and gets all weird around me because in one way or another I'm always next to her.
Or maybe he likes Kirishima. Isn't he like the only person in our class he kind of tolerates? Now that I think about it, they would make an awfully cute couple, what with the whole friends to lovers trope-
"Move it, dumbass," Bakugo's rough voice jolts me out of my thoughts. Quickly registering that I almost bumped into him, I mutter a quick apology and flush red before walking around him and to go dig through the kitchen cupboards for some sort of comfort snack.
What are the chances that on the one night I can't bear to see him, he comes out of nowhere? And I'm in my embarrassing pajamas- the long straight leg pants with little fairies and unicorns all over them! Shouldn't he be asleep anyway?! It's nearing 2 in the morning...
"Why the hell are you awake?" His voice causes me to jump, once again jolting out of my thoughts.
"Why are you awake? Don't you go to bed at like 8?" I ask, refusing to take my head out of the cupboard to look at him.
"Couldn't sleep," he mutters, his voice seeming to have come closer.
I peek out of the cupboard, only to see him staring at the floor with a blush on his face.
Why, why, WHY is he blushing again?!
I calm my breathing in a feeble attempt to slow the erratic beating of my heart as I open another cupboard, standing up on my tiptoes to see. Zoning in on a box of crackers on the very highest shelf. I begin to climb in order to reach it, before seeing a hand reach over my head to grab them.
I lower my knee off the bottom shelf as I register Bakugo's body and the heat he radiates as he stands right behind me, his exposed muscles flexing right next to my face as he reaches for the box. The familiar scent of burnt sugar fills my senses as he looks down at me for the second time tonight, before proceeding to step away, taking his delicious scent and my delicious snack with him.
"I- Hey! Those are mine!" I say, watching him open the packet and chuck one of them in his mouth.
Without even looking at me, he walks out of the kitchen, going to sit in the common room.
Huffing, I follow him, planning to snatch the box out of his hands and make a run for it. As I near him, he abruptly turns around, his energy immediately changing from easygoing to agitated, grabbing my wrist and coming incredibly close to my face.
"What are you doing?" I ask, slightly breathless, looking anywhere other than his lips.
"If you want the crackers, then fight me for them," he demands, voice low and laced with venom. My eyes flicker to look at his, and the sheer desperation I see throws me off a little. "Fight me, and then we'll both know that I'm stronger," he says, his hand holding my wrist tighter.
"Right now? Everyone is sleeping. What brought this on, anyway? We already know that currently, you're physically stronger," I state, narrowing my eyes at him. His physical test scores were higher than mine, though the same cannot be said for the written exam scores.
"I know that, dumbass! But somehow, every time I'm around you, I feel weak. My heart rate speeds up as if I've run one too many laps, my hands sweat more than usual, my breathing becomes uneven, hell, I feel like this even when you're not around! What is this, some sort of weird side effect from your quirk? It gets stronger and stronger, day by day, and it won't stop! I'm not strong enough to make it stop, to get my body to stop reacting the way it does. So, right here, right now, I challenge you to one final fight. I win, and you stop doing whatever this is!" Panting, Bakugo looks at me with desperation and anger, his voice rising higher and higher as his grip on my wrist becomes tighter and tighter.
Blinking at him, I feel my face go hot, my ears burning as I feel as though my heart was going to beat itself out of my chest to smack some sense into him.
"ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!" He screams, causing me to flinch at the sudden sound.
I shake my head slowly, beginning to speak, "Bakugo, I... My quirk doesn't have that kind of side effect," I say, watching his reaction carefully.
"What do you mean it doesn't have that kind of side effect? HOW THE HELL DO YOU DESCRIBE THIS THEN, HUH?!" He yells again, gesturing aggressively at his chest with the box of crackers clutched tightly in his other hand.
"Bakugo, let- let go of my wrist." I say, the pain of his tight grip having escalated.
Silent for once, he lets go, backing away to sit on the couch we had fallen asleep on last time we were here together.
"Bakugo, I'm not saying you do, but you're- you're describing-" I gulp. How the hell am I supposed to tell him that he's describing exactly how I feel when I'm around him? Feeling hot tears collect in my eyes from the complete and utter frustration I feel, I blink them away, refusing to cry in front of someone who values strength above all else.
"I...Um," My voice shakes as I look down, rubbing my hands over my face, "I don't know. Maybe you're just overworking yourself..?" I suggest weakly, looking at him cautiously.
Staring intently at the floor, Bakugo silently stands up, leaving without a word.
Releasing a shuddering breath I didn't know I was holding, collapsed onto the couch he just vacated, finally letting the tears fall.
He likes me back, but he won't even acknowledge it.
"Next period Midnight will go over this in more detail..." Aizawa continues, his voice lulling me to sleep, my head nestled on the nest my folded arms create on my desk. Nodding off into dreamland, I'm jolted awake when something hits my back.
Turning around with half lidded eyes, I look to see Kirishima pointing to the floor, where a scrunched paper lay.
I pick it up, opening it under the table inconspicuously, and read his message,
What happened to you and Bakubro? You both look dead
I raised my eyebrows at his perceptiveness, glancing toward Bakugo, who looked like he was struggling to stay awake, with dark circles and bags under his eyes. I quickly look back down at my table when I see his eyes flicker towards me.
That was close.
I sigh, writing that I had no idea why Bakugo was tired but that I couldn't get much sleep last night, and threw it back to Kirishima when Aizawa turned around.
Sighing once more, I pick up my pen and lazily flick it again and again, watching the hypnotising way it circled around my thumb and came back to rest between my fingers.
Maybe I should tell Kirishima about what happened, if only so he can break it to Bakugo that he apparently has a crush on me, but it seems a little... Intrusive and rude to just tell someone else about his personal problems.
Then again, I don't know how else to help him... Unless I tell him myself. Mina is a massive advocate for this option, but I just can't tell him face to face.
Maybe I should message him about it?
Wanting to scream on the top of my lungs out of frustration, I gather my things after Aizawa finally dismisses us and go out for lunch with Mina. Having already filled her in first thing this morning, she just patted my back and entwined her arm with mine as we walked towards the cafeteria.
"So, hate to ask this question when you're in such a shitty mood, but have you decided what to get him yet?" Mina asks, looking at me sympathetically.
"Nope. I haven't even thought about it since you last asked." Grabbing our food and sitting down, we continued chatting about what she was getting Kirishima.
"I'm thinking of getting him a headband to wear while working out to mop up his sweat and stuff but I'm still not sure," she answers, lowering her voice as the boys approach.
"Hey girls," Kaminari says, sitting right next to me.
"Hi boys," Mina answers, swiping a chip from Kirishima's tray.
I look up to see Bakugo looking conflicted about sitting down, and look away, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable because of me.
"Whatcha doin' Kacchan of the Bakugos? Sit down!" Kaminari calls out, patting the seat in between us.
"Yeah Bakubro, what are you waiting for?" Kirishima adds.
Sighing heavily, he reluctantly sits, facing away from me.
Hyper focusing on my food, and zoned out of the conversation, I eat about half of it before my eyelids get heavy once more. Leaning slightly on Mina, I fall asleep, hoping to catch a quick power nap.
Mina's POV
I look down at my best friend, eyebrows scrunched and her eyelids fluttering slightly as she falls asleep. The eyebags under her eyes are bigger than usual, and her dark circles are only getting worse as the day goes on. Looking over at Bakugo, I catch him glancing at her, a, dare I say, worried expression on his face, and I get a wicked idea.
Mina Ashido, you absolute legend.
I gently lifted her off me, and rested her against Bakugo, who turned back towards Kaminari for some absurd reason.
I watch him stiffen as he feels her weight on his arm, and then literally witness him adjust her so she's comfortable.
I quickly take out my phone when he turns back around, acting annoyed to the boys but when he looks at her, the soft look that shines through his eyes is unmistakable.
Snapping a few photos of them, this time my phone on mute, I can't stop smiling as he checks on her every few minutes to make sure she's still comfortable.
This blind, blind boy.
I'm so excited to see what he's going to get her for Secret Santa.
It better be worth my efforts to rig that stupid name drawing.
Christmas morning, back to your POV
Fidgeting with the red bow of the present I diligently wrapped, a smile comes onto my face as Mina nears me in her red Christmas get-up.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS BESTIEEEE!!!" She screeches, running towards me with her arms held out. I laugh as I get up, running to meet her half way.
This was the 5th time today that we wished one another a merry Christmas. Now, at the Christmas party we all arranged, it only makes sense to say it again.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO, MINA!" I squeal, hugging her tight.
"Is that the gift~" She asks suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows. I nod in response. Since the freak sleeping incident (what is it with me and sleeping incidents?!) in the cafeteria, I made a conscious effort to avoid Bakugo for the rest of the week, which wasn't difficult since it seemed he was doing the same.
Mina made it clear that she didn't approve, but it was just too awkward.
Especially when sitting with the whole group at lunch, I couldn't just pretend he hadn't confessed his attraction to me, however oblivious he may be.
And now, today, I had to give him his gift.
That damned gift.
"C'mon!" She exclaims, before rushing to wish our other classmates a merry Christmas. Smiling slightly, I do the same, hugging everybody and eventually all gathering to exchange gifts.
I take a deep breath, as I approach Bakugo, who has no Christmas apparel on whatsoever, and hold out the wrapped gift to him. He looks at me with a stubbornly expressionless face, before handing me the present he held in his own hand.
Furrowing my eyebrows, I take it, astonished that we had somehow gotten each other. I turn my head to see Mina staring at us with the most giddy expression, watch her wink at me and immediately know exactly what happened.
She rigged the Secret Santa and didn't tell me.
Glancing at the blond boy in front of me from the corner of my eye, I see him tear open the packaging to reveal my gift. I see a flicker of confusion in his features as he realises what I got him.
I got him two books. One was a recipe book for the spiciest dishes around the world, and the other was 'Having a Crush for Dummies'.
Putting my hand over my mouth to hide my laughter, I watch his eyes widen as he looks around to make sure no one saw, stuffing the second book back into its packaging, and proceeded to look like a confused puppy. In the midst of his confusion, Mina takes advantage and plops a red Santa hat on his head with a little red explosion instead of a white fluff on the end.
He looks up at me through his hair which was now hanging low over his face because of the Santa hat, and stares at me in complete and utter shock.
How cute.
Without thinking, I take out my phone and snap a photo of him, which seems to jolt him out of his state.
Laughing, and definitely not ready to face him after two consecutive incredibly bold moves, I literally run away, losing him in the midst of all of our gift exchanging classmates.
Out of breath and panting, I sit down to finally open my gift, to find a new novelty Christmas mug packed snugly inside the box.
It was the bottom half of a green elf, with feet underneath that the mug stands on, encased in red Christmas shoes with pointed up toes and a little bell on each foot. The actual mug is striped white and green with 3 gold bells lined at the front, and a small red collar painted on the rim.
Unable to keep my grin off my face, I look up to see Bakugo watching my reaction to his gift.
Hesitating for a second, I damn it all to hell and get up, wrapping my arms around his neck. I feel him immediately stiffen but lean into the hug a little, though still not lifting his arms to hug me back.
"Thank you for the gift. I love it," I say, backing away and giving him back his personal space.
Flushing tomato red, he scratches the back of his neck, "tch, of course you do. I picked it," he states, before turning around and walking towards our friends.
I smile behind him, sporting a little bit of a blush of my own.
"Oi, dumbass, are you just going to stand there all night?" He yells, turning his head slightly to look back at me.
Laughing, I jog to catch up, and we make our way over to Kirishima and Mina, whom were also exchanging gifts.
At least he knows that he likes me now.
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