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thingsoverheardatua · 2 days ago
Kaminari: Okay, in my defense-
Bakugou: You have no defense! You’re an idiot!
Kaminari: That was a big part of my defense.
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dailykrbk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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drunk-cryptic-witch · 2 days ago
Bakugo: *screams*
Y/N: *screams louder*
Kirishima: Should we stop them?!
Kaminari: Nah
Sero: We wanna see who wins
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katanaski · a day ago
Denki who everyone sees as a klutz. An ordinary guy who befriends you even if you don't like him and flirts with everyone even though he has only had one meaningful relationship on his life. Denki who knows he'll never be able to be a leader like Katsuki or smart as Deku or strong like Kirishima nor as natural charming as Sero but tries regardless. Denki who keeps telling everyone he's a good dancer but gets dismissed everytime,thought of nothing special. Until he gets plastered one day and tired of being treated like the runt of the group shuts all of them up by showing them he's got something the rest do not. He starts breakdancing in the middle of Sero's laminated kitchen floors- where the boys have gathered up for drinks. He's not a leader like Katsuki but the way his body moves commands attention just like the blonde. He's not as strong as Kirishima but the move he does next requires a level of fitness and flexibility Kirishima lacks. And he's not the sweet talker Sero is but his heart swells with pride when he catches your eyes on him and only him. Denki is not who you think he is,leaves you wondering- what else is he hiding beneath that fake smile of his.
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chiasa-art · 2 days ago
This was for a collaboration I did with a group on instagram 💛 It was about characters of bnha celebrating "el dieciocho" 🇨🇱 uyuiii
Shinsou: Who told me to go out with him? *question that does not wait for answer, he love him anyway, but he's frustrate with so much energy*
Shinsou: I bet he falls
spoiler: Denki fell and he lost his drink
(Sorry if there is any mistake, English is not my first language)
Tumblr media
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dogwaterdish · 23 hours ago
Kirishima: Do you think different paints have different tastes?
Kaminari: They do.
Bakugou: ...Why did you say that with such certainty?
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saturnsbluestar · 2 days ago
at the end of every week, you can always expect to find a messily folded piece of paper set gently atop your school room desk. it’s filled with haphazard doodles and mismatched hearts. everything that made denki think of you that week. furiously scribbled in flowers and his cutely drawn sun.
always accompanied by the thoughts of you that cloud his mind. how pretty you hair looked one morning, or how your smile and light giggle rang through his head all day, making him drowsy up until he was able to see you again.
words crammed against one another saying ‘i love you’ and ‘you’re so beautiful’. and somewhere in there you always manage to find the familiar ‘how did i get so lucky with someone as special as you?’.
you can’t help yourself but let out a subtle sign of content, a small smile overtaking you features as you scan through the whole document.
his dorky grin and the way that he rubs his neck when he gets nervous around you, even after years of dating. it’s something you never thought you would be able to experience for yourself. being able to feel so loved by someone like him.
soft with every touch in the way that he promises you eternity. something that you wouldn’t give up for the entirety of this world.
Tumblr media
all content found on this blog belongs to saturnsbluestar ! please do not copy my writing or repost it onto any other websites. remember that plagiarism is illegal and a crime !
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AU Where Midnight Takes Denki For A Work Study
Midnight would be a great teacher for Denki. Canon doesn't exist in this house.
@king-switch @kawarchive @anxiouslyangsty13
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kurapika-r · a month ago
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BNHA Boys Wallpapers | My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Colorspread
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thingsoverheardatua · 15 hours ago
Ashido: Having trouble figuring out who Bakugou’s BFF is, huh?
Kirishima: It’s me.
Kaminari: It’s me!
Todoroki: Me?
Midoriya: It’s probably not me.
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ghostdoctor · 2 months ago
This friend group <3
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ramen-lord-baku · a month ago
I gave hagakure some clothes, she deserves it
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piebaldpins · 10 days ago
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New pins are in! 😭 I love them all! I’ve gotta grade and then ship out preorders but I’m hoping to have extras in my shop before the end of the month!
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zoepillustrationoff · 11 months ago
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Little trio having lunch notepad collection
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tired-biscuit · 7 days ago
𝗟𝗼𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗹 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗾𝘂𝗶𝗿𝗸 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗱
Tumblr media
𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗱𝗲𝘀: katsuki bakugou, denki kaminari
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 18+ mdni, fem!reader // oral (m!receiving), deep-throating, messy blowjobs, mentions of drool/spit, facial (bakugou). established relationships, they're aged up.
Tumblr media
Getting off your birth control leaves you feral.
Bakugou – slightly confused but nevertheless thrilled by the urgency you exhibit – isn’t quite sure what’s gotten into you as he watches you drool on his dick, looking all snug between his thick thighs when he comes home from work that night. 
Tugging him by the hand as soon as he had stepped foot through the front door of your shared apartment, your perplexed boyfriend hadn’t been even given the chance to kick off his heavy combat boots before you had come running in your adorable pyjama set and socks, colliding straight into his rather startled embrace.
Now, his gauntlets lay abandoned on the floorboards beside the small pile of clothes which you’ve practically torn off of your body in meek attempt of getting yourself naked for him as quickly as possible. Kneeling before him, you’re completely bare whilst making eye contact with the most lust-blown eyes he’s ever seen you own. Your cheeks turn hollow as you suck him off like you’re the thirstiest bitch he’s ever had the pleasure of encountering.
That turns him hot and bothered, but he knows better than to say it out loud. You’re acting like a little whore, licking and swallowing down his salty pre-cum like it’s a delicious treat, and it makes his skin pull taut and his body temperature rise until he wants to tug at the stretchy spandex of his hero suit like a madman. 
But instead of doing that, and thus risking tearing the fabric, he slides his gaze along the arch of your exposed spine; bounces it along the curves of the two plush hills that form your tight peach, which he likes to spank oh, so very much.
Your skin is glimmering with sweat in the mellow light of the TV you were watching just before he had arrived. So pretty.
“Fuck babe,” Katsuki mutters, voice low and raspy – so, so tired, “somebody needs it bad, huh?”
All you do in reply is take him deeper into your mouth; warmth and wetness embracing his sensitivity in an instant. It makes him hiss through gritted teeth, rosy lips pursing when your tongue starts to twirl over the swollen cockhead.
Katsuki sinks deeper into the decorative cushions of the couch, pushing the mask from his eyes and up onto his forehead with one terribly sluggish movement. Spikes of ash blonde bend underneath it as he breathes in deep and sighs. The bruising ache that riddles his entire body persists to linger long after work, but he allows himself to relax by sheer will. 
He’s finally home, spending quality time with his girl. It’s about damn time, he deserves a little break like this one.
Though, he should give you something in return. Right?
When he reaches out and runs his gloved fingers through your hair, you suck him even harder as a reward. Warm spit gathers at the corners of your lips, making them glisten. 
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. He loves how much you love him. It’s so evident, there are literal hearts in your eyes. The pure shitshow that are your hormone levels right now are making you insane in your horny little brain, and it suits him just fine.
All eagerness and urgency to please your pro hero after his tiresome patrol; you’re dragging your pink tongue along the throbbing vein on the underside like a hungry kitty laps at a bowl of cream. He can’t tear his tired eyes off of you. You’re just so nice to look at; slutty and yearning for his cock like that.
But god-fucking-damn it, he’s ready to bust the fattest nut when your lips leave him and you take a deep, shuddering breath that nearly sounds like a little gasp. Your mouth – that sweet, wonderful mouth – wraps around one gloved digit and sucks. Nips. Teeth clench lightly and tug. Until the leather slides off and the calluses on his hand scrape your cheek instead. Skin to skin contact.
If it were anyone else, you’d be worried about germs on the damn thing. But it’s Katsuki fucking Bakugou’s glove you’ve just taken the liberty of putting in your mouth. If you wanted to, you could eat a damn meal off of it, it is in fact that clean and you both know it.
However you; you are nasty. As the leather falls onto the floor with a silent thud, you pucker your lips and spit right onto his fat cock, fingers wrapping tighter around the already slick base. You start to pump: up and down, up and down, up and down – tits bouncing with the movement, hands looking so fucking small compared to his intimidating size.
He’s so red in the face. He can feel the tingle of heat, and he hates it, because now you muse when you look him dead in the eye. And holy shit, the smirk that ghosts over your lips makes him want to smash his head against the wall like the angry bull that he is.
You just provoke him in the worst possible way; provoke him in the best way. It’s no wonder he plans to marry you someday. But judging by how you’re acting right now, he guesses that the baby will come first.
“Look at you,” you taunt him like you’re reading his mind, smiling that tricksy grin that makes his heart want to roar. “Somebody needs it real bad, huh?”
Oh, you little minx.
“Shut the fuck–hah...” He blinks when you grip him tighter and palm him faster, the bridge of his nose scrunching in annoyance whilst he attempts to gather his wits and thus clenches his thighs. He’s so tired, he can’t hold on for much longer. It’s been nearly ten minutes, the time isn’t his best one but fuck it. He’s fucking drained, all right?!
Well, not fully drained yet. But he’s about to be.
“Gonna cum for me?” Your eyes are so glazed as you say it. “Gonna cum for me real good, big boy?”
“Y-yeah.” His exhale is painful as it lodges in the back of his throat, the stutter that had just left his mouth making him see red. He’s going to lose it, he wants his control back. A snarl forms as he grits out, “That is, if you go fuckin’ faster... C’mon, hotshot. Pick up the pace.”
Before you can retaliate with what he guesses is yet another witty remark, he wraps your hair into a tight knot around his beaten-up knuckles and tugs it harshly before he shoves you down. Head pusher, that’s what he is. He’s all fake arrogance despite breaking apart, thumb stroking your cheekbone as he holds you down, down, down – makes you choke.
His hips buck upwards now, nice and steady. He’s fucking your mouth just like you wanted him to as the blazing heat inside his stomach goes loose and he loses himself as a result. And for fuck’s sake, somehow, during all of this, he manages to lose control of his quirk, too. 
Sparks dance atop his broad palm when he releases the makeshift knot of your hair and cups your hot, tear-stained cheek instead. It tickles as it grazes your skin, the heat completely bearable but still hot enough to leave you startled.
It starts to burn rather quickly.
“Babe, no, no, no–” Katsuki grits his teeth, sucking in a sharp breath, “Wait a fuckin’ sec, dumbass!” 
It’s all bark, you yank your head back the moment the sparks touch you for a second time around, and he can’t stop it. It’s too late.
There’s no explosion as his toes curl in his boots and he cums; of course there isn’t, just thick ropes of white. He can handle his quirk just fine, even if the rein sometimes slips from his hands at vulnerable times like these. But there is something else, though.
A facial.
It is an accidental one, to be fair. Still, accident or not, you don’t look happy.
“Sweetheart,” he pants, reaching out. His palm still feels warm from the quirk as the scent of caramel promptly fills the room.
The glare you point at him is nowhere near as sweet.
“Ki, you fucker! You got it into my hair!”
Tumblr media
Denki zaps you the moment his dick winds up inside your warm mouth.
The poor man just can’t help it. Even almost a year of steady dating is not enough to get him used to being spoiled by a pretty girl such as yourself. Watching you in all your glory is everything he could have ever wished for, and it makes him so fucking sensitive and dumb in the brain that it’s no wonder his quirk went berserk in mere minutes.
Shit. His quirk went haywire.
The realization actually hurts him more than it hurts you.
The little gasp you voice when the faintest hint of electricity flashes over your cheek as he caresses it in an attempt to soothe you, is enough to make the pro hero begin to drown in pure, relentless panic. Now, the flash of white-hot pain brings tears to your waterline as it lingers on your skin. It doesn’t ache all that much, but instinct prevails and you flinch despite not wanting to.
You can feel it in your teeth.
“Fuck, I-I’m so sorry!” He’s barely keeping his eyes from rolling into the back of his skull as concern falls over his sharp features when the realization strikes as quick as his quirk did. “Did I–... Did I hurt you? Does it hurt…?! I’m s’sorry!”
He’s babbling and slurring on his words because your mouth is once more full of cock despite the initial surprise; plush lips wrapping around the head that’s causing him so much trouble. You’re that adamant on making him cum and he’s just so dumb. It’s lovely, especially as you kiss his dick and mumble out a determined, “Mm-mm.”
Denki isn’t convinced, not even when you offer him your best efforts.
“You sure? Wouldn’t it be better if I checked…? Yeah, I should check, shouldn’t I?” His pause only makes his worries grow even more profound. It’s cute but agitating; the way he’s literally talking to himself and losing focus whilst you're attempting to make him relax. “Lemme check.”
“Mmh- It’s fine, you didn’t even zap me all that much, c’mooon!” Pop! – a groan is voiced in protest from your side as you part from him fully with an audible noise and a long string of glimmering saliva that is stubborn at keeping you connected to him no matter the stretch and the vacant space in-between.
Staring at it, the glare you fix for him now makes the yellow in his eyes all the softer. He feels so appreciated because of how badly you wish to please him, he really does, but he just can’t concentrate if there’s even the slightest chance out there of him causing you harm.
Not that he could concentrate at any other given matter. He is buzzing all over as he grips your face to check for any signs of injury and thus leaves you burning in his wake; you can hear the hum of his immaculate power inside your ears.
Up-close, it is frightening. Thrilling. It makes adrenaline course your very blood.
Every touch makes you shudder. The voltage that’s still present isn’t nearly as high as to be considered deadly, but it is potent enough that it makes his hair stand up. It aims towards the ceiling as lightning weaves through every vividly-blonde strand.
Watching him in literal awe, he looks like he’s sunk underwater mid-air. How peculiar. Enticing.
Glowing, your boyfriend's skin is riddled with sparks that crackle and remind you of the static you used to collect on old television screens when you were a child. The entire room feels too small as his overwhelming presence begins to pour in and overtake the room. He’s just so full of life that it’s scary in a way; especially because it seems that he doesn’t realize how strong he actually is.
Pure energy runs through his veins and turns you alert. Turns you needy and horny for more, because he’s like a deity in your eyes, no matter how much he stumbles over his words and how wide his eyes get in concern.
Seconds pass. He’s breathing so hard it’s funny in a way. A chuckle slips out and he follows suit.
It turns into a groan rather fast when you lean down to please him again. Kisses travel along the length of his cock, wet lips pressing small, lovely affections that make him twitch all over as heat begins to pour inside his belly.
“C-cutie, I-...” His voice breaks before he can say anything more. He’s breathless.
“Shh. Focus, dummy.”
You can feel the hint of electricity again as it kisses your tongue when you take him back in. It turns you numb; makes you yearn for more. Thoughts become blurry, saliva turns runny. Even your eyes are rolling back as you feel the lightning fill the hollow of your bones.
His spine goes rigid when you fully commit to making him spill, but he still runs his fingers through your hair so gently it makes your heart flutter. His moans fill the room. Nothing but breathless, hot whines and incoherent curses that stick to the ceiling.
Every smooth flick of your tongue rolling against his sensitive tip is heavenly. Goddammit, just seeing you on your knees – utterly naked and looking up at him through tear-riddled lashes – is heavenly. He’s ready to bust a circuit, quite literally. Especially when you push further down and take him in, in, in, without him even having to ask for it.
Minutes pass. Up and down, in and out. He’s deep in your throat, bulging against your skin and inching closer to your heart with every bob of your head. Oh, what a delight that is.
But it’s a problem, too. Keeping his consciousness sticking together while you’re going down on him is a task that proves to be awfully troublesome for a ditzy man like Denki. The last two brain cells he owns are skipping out of his brain with a quick ‘See ya.’  as your throat tightens around him and you suck even harder.
He hopes they’ll come back after he cums and you wipe your mouth clean.
God knows he could use them.
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