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H h h
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Drew Peach this weekend!!! 馃挄
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Is this movie Mario and Peach dynamic? 馃憖
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Super Mario RPG (Square - SNES - 1996) 聽
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He's a plumber, and he have his Plumber's tools ! 2nd trailer was awesome, what can I say ? The Mario fan that reside deep in my soul is really happy with this. And we got more Luigi ! Just have little time to make a little something with him (Took me some time, compared to the first one Movie fan art). (Sorry, My rhythm in drawing is practically destroyed recently, I hope things will eventually got better on my side...) Nintendo and Mario movie (c) Nintendo and Illumination. Artwork made by me
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Coffee time doodles of the he
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so glad we鈥檙e getting monster fucker representation with luigi in the mario movie
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Hello everyone! There is a sale today on Society6!聽
Prints and stickers are 50% off!聽
聽If you ever wanted some of my prints or even stickers, now is the time to get some and save some money!聽
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Ah, NPC houses. The houses where you wonder where they actually live xD;;聽
Click HERE to check out more Paper Mario 64 comics!
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So I was watching a walkthrough of Super Mario Odyssey earlier today, and one scene in particular really caught my attention. When our hero temporarily takes over Bowser's mind with the help of Cappy to escape the crumbling level with Peach, we see how he almost becomes him in a way. And this gave me an idea.聽
What if Bowser intentionally switched bodies with Mario? What if, aided by Kamek's dark magic, the Koopa King found a way to impersonate his enemy in an attempt to discard him for good and rule over the Mushroom Kingdom in a more insidious, calculated way?聽
Would Peach still recognize her dear friend somehow?...
A personal take on the classic "Beauty and the Beast" genre. 馃槈
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24-7fandombrain 14 hours
My only guess at what's going to happen in the Mario movie is that in the climax, Mario is going to be standing over Bowser, ready to deliver the finishing blow, but then Luigi will throw himself between Mario and Bowser and yell "Stop!" or "Wait!" or something like that.
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Taming a Koopa King.
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You want more Dimentio art?
Well uh too bad ^^"
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So been thinking about Bowuigi and Dad Luigi.
Luigi where other villains try to threaten him and then they鈥檙e being stared down by all the Koopa kids ready to murder and then try to walk away and walk straight into Bowser.
Him teaching the kids go karting or introducing them to Yoshi/ the Yoshi鈥檚 (Just the Koppa kids riding throughout the castle on Yoshi鈥檚 as Kamek tells them to stop eating the guards!鈥) him teaching the kids how to use the power ups.
Next time Mario runs into the kids during one of Bowsers scheme he鈥檚 pretty shocked. Turns out star power ups terrifying when you are not the one using them.
Bowser still kidnapping Peach but instead of elaborate wedding plans they鈥檙e just having tea and she鈥檚 helping him plan the next date with Luigi.
Peach: You know you could always just invite me over.
Bowser: But where鈥檚 the fun in that?
Also just...聽 a Luigi鈥檚 mansion plot where Luigi goes on holiday with the kids (Bowser鈥檚 late arriving last take over scheme ran long) King Boo manages to capture Luigi and is like 鈥楩INALLY I WIN I...WHY ARE THERE 8 FERAL CHILDREN HERE?
Professor E Gadd barely gets to explain anything the kids just scoop up the vac and all the equipment and run headfirst into the ghost hunt. He鈥檚 just running after them to give them the other attachments/power ups鈥檚 and PLEASE DON鈥橳 BREAK MY EQUIPMENT!
Just the Koopalings being the ones doing the ghost busting to rescue their Dad/Dad鈥檚.
They claim it鈥檚 the best vacation ever.
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Guess I鈥檒l post the top half of this馃ぁ
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